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Bathrooms International 4 Pont Street London SWI X9EL Tel. +44 (0) 20 7838 7788



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"Dahlia" & "Pomme" Collections

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The ultimate finishing touch for yachts

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16 Quinta Essentia by Italian Sea Group 22 Elixir by Amels 32 M/Y Ability by Designer Touches Ltd 40 HondaJet by Honda Aircraft Company 48 Designers Profiled

Couture outdoor fabrics and furniture, handmade cushions and throws for yachts and marine

58 Galaxy of Happiness by Latitude Yachts

HCI Interiors, Studio 249, 22 Notting Hill Gate, London, W11 3JE 07941 986 988 |

74 Wider 150 by Wider Yachts

66 131 Yacht by Sunseeker

82 Four Seasons Private Jet by TAG Aviation


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By choosing Heirlooms, you can be sure everything from your table and bed linens to bathrobes and towels meets the most exacting standards. Yours – and ours.

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LIMITLESS JetVision. No need to touch down to catch up. Jet Aviation puts Completions in your control with the launch of JetVision. The revolutionary project management app gives Clients limitless virtual access to their aircraft from Request For Proposal to in-service… wherever they are in the world. That means unprecedented, accurate 3D visuals from the earliest stages of Design and Engineering — before the first part is even built — to on-demand progress reports, images, video, and more to keep you in the loop at all times. And when the aircraft is in service, continued interior maintenance and spare parts support are all just a click away.

Jet Aviation Basel - Completions Center CH-4030 Basel-EuroAirport Switzerland +41 58 158 4111

This month, we have once again been speaking to key figures in the yacht and aviation industries about the components used within projects we feature, their thoughts on current trends and future developments in design; you will find Designer Endorsements on page 10 which looks ay key design components, and Designers Profiled on page 48, which this month focusses on yacht design. Looking ahead to 2017, we will be increasingly focussing on key products, new ranges, ideas and innovations and welcome input from the entire design community to help us present the most spectacular design schemes to our readers. Elsewhere, you can find yacht projects from The Italian Sea Group on page 16, Amels on page 22, Designer Touches on page 32, Latitude Yachts on page 58, Sunseeker on page 66 and Wider Yachts

on page 74 along with aviation projects from HondaJet by Honda Aircraft Company on page 40 and Tag Aviation on page 82. It is always exciting to see the entries received for The International Yacht and Aviation Awards, and I cannot wait to begin looking at some of the entries in more detail in the coming months, along with the new product categories we have launched. The awards have grown each year since they were launched and I can see already that next year will be no exception; the support we receive from the yacht and aviation industries is fantastic and the number of enquiries we now receive from new companies, who have been referred by other entrants, is testament to the strength of these awards in the industry. If you are interested in participating in next year’s awards, please call 0044 (0)1244 346 347 to request information on categories, availability and how the awards work. Until next month, Joanne

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Designer Endorsements... the products and services you must have Aircraft Interior Products Aircraft Interior Products (AIP) is the premiere American carpet manufacturer and provider of quality aircraft interior products and finishes. By blending tradition with innovation, AIP provides uniquely inspiring ideas and products to their customers. With the recent acquisitions of a hand-tufting mill and a dye house, AIP is able to increase the bravado of any aircraft interior. These artisan carpets are among the most diverse of luxury custom carpets available in aviation. The first collection from the hand-tufting mill is called Symphony. These carpets are made from 100% Laneve™ wool and feature American-grown Mohair, a diamond among fibers, certain to impress. Mohair is among the rarest of luxury fibers. The strength and sheen of Mohair is comparable to silk. The fibers have a soft and luxurious feel. It is exceptionally easy to maintain and clean. The fiber itself is stronger than steel of the same diameter and handles wear with amazing resilience due to surface smoothness and elasticity. Mohair also has many of the same attributes of wool such as flame resistance, sound absorbency and natural insulation properties. Aircraft Interior Products creates the world’s most desirable aircraft interiors.

Holland & Sherry The Holland & Sherry Embroidery Collection combines fine handwork and state of the art instruments to produce designs unparalleled in beauty, sophistication, and craftsmanship. Conceived and crafted by designer Nicolas Chambeyron, this mindful assemblage of historic motifs and original modern designs, utilizes the couture for interiors as has never been done before. The embroidery atelier in Bavaria, Germany underscores Holland & Sherry’s commitment to innovative, custom, vertical production. The concept of creating patterns both contemporary and classic has always been a guiding principle for Holland & Sherry and Nicolas Chambeyron. In many instances, more traditional motifs are paired with innovative new techniques to create designs that are ultimately timeless. The innovative, avant-garde patterns of the “Modern” collection are a testament to technique over tradition. Cutting edge technology and bold design combine with unexpected material choices to create updated, thoroughly original designs. This is where the couture roots of their company are on full display. In addition to custom embroidery, Holland & Sherry has developed collections which range across product categories from fabric, rugs, wallcovering, trim, leather, hardware and lighting. Every item they produce reflects their core values of quality and craftsmanship, in keeping with what Holland & Sherry started 180 years ago.

10 Luxe Et Al

Holly Hunt New Fabric – Ecriture Holly Hunt is synonymous with style and quality and leads the interior design in luxury home furnishings. Her Great Outdoors Collection of weathered textiles is a casual and sophisticated collection of fabrics with outdoor performance characteristics that are inspired by an authentic linen-look and feel. This timeless collection highlights the many nuances of Holly Hunt neutrals and showcases fundamental weaves for any indoor or outdoor space. Ecriture, designed by Christian Astuguevieille, is a striking, reversible canvas offered in fresh, bold colours for indoor and outdoor use. This upholstery-weight fabric is fade-resistant to sunlight, chlorine resistant and bleach cleanable. It is available in nine different colours and made with 100 % Solution Dyed Sunbrella® yarns.

IDAIR – Inflight Entertainment, Communications and Cabin Management Systems Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, IDAIR develops, manufactures and supplies highly customisable Inflight Entertainment, Communications and Cabin Management Systems for VIP aircraft. Since its establishment in 2011 IDAIR has installed or is currently installing on the following aircraft platforms: A320, A330-200, BBJ1/2, B747- 400, B747-8 and B777-200/300. The latest being a B787 head-of- state aircraft. The IDAIR system provides seamless solutions; each designed to meet the individual needs and technical requirements of the VIP customer. The systems include functionalities and equipment for control: of all cabin functions via tablets and control panels with a customized Graphical User Interface (GUI), full cabin media distribution with on-demand and broadcast content, studio approved and DRM compliant customized media packages, auxiliary media connections, surround sound, cabin monitors up to a size of 65”, VoIP in-seat telephony, moving map applications and lighting controls including mood lighting with various customised lighting scenarios. The Global Communications Suite has been installed on most of IDAIR programs, which includes mobile GSM telephony, broadband connectivity and IPTV with near global coverage. Using synergies with the parent companies, IDAIR is able to provide worldwide support as well as engineering and certification assistance to ensure a timely delivery of the systems and an easy entry into service.

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DKT Artworks Limited DKT was formed in 1979 by arts graduates Niki Davies, Steve Keeling and Sean Trowbridge who were excited by the potential they saw in the decorative arts. The early 1980s were a period of re-emerging interest in this field, with DKT very much a part of the revival. They won their first overseas contract in 1981 and opened their first workshop in 1984. They went on to consolidate their on-site expertise and considerably develop the studio aspect of their work, taking on contracts from around the world. As other talented artists and craftspeople joined them, they developed into the much larger and adaptable workforce which remains the essence of the DKT model. Acknowledging this, in 2013 they changed the official company name from Davies Keeling Trowbridge Ltd to DKT Artworks Ltd, representing a current team of around 35, with in-house expertise spanning painting and sculpture, industrial design, carving, restoration, gilding, textiles, signwriting, specialist decoration, graphics, management and CAD. DKT Artworks have also, essentially, built up valuable associations with likeminded, quality conscious companies in the overlapping fields of manufacturing, technology and crafts, which have greatly enhanced their scope and capabilities making them truly a Unique Creative Resource. DKT Artworks are returning to Monaco Yacht Show this year, once again showcasing the broad-reaching response to design concept realisation for which they are known. Fronted by a pair of beautiful verre églomisé panels, their stand will also display free-standing artworks, a triptych mosaic and a new piece of sculptural furniture. They have also been collaborating with Italian lighting company, Cantalupi, who will be displaying on their own stand a large artwork, a development of DKT’s layered, mixed-media technique exploring the effects of variable lighting. DKT will be on stand QAA32 in the Antoine 1er A tent, and, for the first time, they will feature a video of their London Studio, as well as comprehensive supporting images and samples.

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Aeroglass by Aviationglass & Technology Aeroglass – World’s Only Certified Ultra-thin, Lightweight Glass for Inside the Cabin Up to 50% thinner and 25% lighter than traditional polycarbonate products, AeroGlass products are highly robust as well as scratch and UV-resistant. Creating the ultimate on-board experience inside business and commercial aircrafts, AeroGlass delivers superior optical quality via crystal-clear (99.9% transparent) panels and mirrors. Cost of ownership and maintenance are significantly reduced due to the product’s high level of durability and resistance to scratching when cleaning and handling. The patented AeroGlass is the creation of AviationGlass & Technology, a certified supplier of the global aviation industry, specialized in the research, development and production of mirrors, transparencies and ornamental glass panels for aircraft cabin interiors. The company has a state-of-the-art production facility located in Voorthuizen, Netherlands. The company recently announced that it is enabling greater on-board personalization with its unique, multi-color printing technique that digitally embeds and seals text as well as images inside its laminated AeroGlass Mirror. This eliminates the risk of print being scratched off or fading away. AeroGlass Mirrors are also available in any colour or shape and can be combined with integrated, touch sensitive lighting. The AeroGlass Lighting Mirror has a translucent coating, that when combined with lighting components, provides an enhanced reflection quality compared to polycarbonate equivalents. The mirror has passed all required burn and impact tests as well as thermal shock and pencil hardness tests.

Photo credit Mark Damon Las Vegas, News Bureau Courtesy of Zodiac Aerospace

Left: Jesurum Jesurum was founded in Venice in 1870 by Michelangelo Jesurum and is now a point of reference in the international market for exclusive household linen for the home, yachts and private jets. The range called Himalaya, which as the name suggests, has a thin metallic line which resembles both snowy mountains as well as the shiny surface of the unapproachable ice covered peaks. Stylish and refined with a strong personality, this design embodies simplicity without being banal. The collection in all of its forms for table, bed and bathroom portrays at its best a very personal approach to style and elegance that this historic brand has embraced since 1870, treasuring the refined spirit of Italian culture and tradition. As customer needs have evolved, so have the products, which have managed to stay ahead of the times by maintaining the same attention to detail in a contemporary style. Environmentally aware, Jesurum uses natural fibres such as linen and cotton, which guarantee high quality raw materials, enhance the hand-crafted execution of the products and bear witness to the years of experience and extensive knowledge of fabrics and yarns. Everything is made exclusively in Italy.

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Townsend Leather Company Inc Townsend Leather has long been an industry leader and Preferred manufacturer of high-performance leathers for the leading Aviation OEMs as well as the residential, hospitality and luxury yacht markets. Their design and manufacturing capabilities allow them to have complete control over yield, quality and adherence to strict testing while offering a wide range of in-stock and custom colours, finishes and embossings. Pinnacle Cowhide is one of Townsend’s newest luxury leather offerings, available in seven in-stock colours as well as additional made-to-order colors. Pinnacle Cowhide will generally run 1.1 – 1.3mm in thickness and is aniline-dyed cowhide with a resilient protective finish. It also features a beautiful, embossed rounded grain for outstanding wear and great cutting yield. Pinnacle Cowhide is the perfect leather for durability and performance combined with a soft pleasing hand and can be customized to meet project requirements. Townsend Leather have a passion for their products, for luxury, and for design. Their design-driven philosophy allows them to offer creative and innovative leathers along with virtually unlimited opportunities for customization. Manufacturing leather in up-state New York, their leather craftsmen have more than 40 years’ of experience and strive to provide top-of the-line leathers that are as unique as each of their customers.

HCI Interiors HCI Interiors London are more than just yacht decorators; this eponymous soft furnishings company offer a very personal service capturing the unique design style of a yacht, the personality and a vision of what’s inspires the owner; the way the rich palette of details can make the perfect finishing touch, influencing mood and complementing lifestyle; such as these stunning hand painted leather cushions. They create one off pieces for yachts: handmade custom couture cushions and throws which can be bespoke embroidered or enhanced, for example by metallic inlays, and use vivid outdoor upholstery fabrics with 365 days a year usage and tailored fitted upholstery. HCI has a highly experienced team which can create Sunburst pleated and fabric walls using textiles complying with international marine standard; including bespoke fabric panelling, drapery, studded leather wardrobe doors and metallic wall-coverings. All is made with exclusivity in mind and a close attention to detail. HCI sources an exclusive collection of Europe’s unique lighting, rugs and furniture designers offering the finest design mixes of luxury interior furnishings. HCI have been supplying bespoke upholstered luxury furniture, flame retardant fabrics, soft furnishings and speciality wall-coverings to the most discerning and experienced interiors professionals market for almost 20 years – from residential to large scale commercial and hospitality projects.

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An outstanding all-aluminum hybrid superyacht, a symbol of the highest European quality and innovation techniques Quinta Essentia by Italian Sea Group

16 Luxe Et Al

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“ One of Quinta Essentia’s luxuries has to be her beach deck. The entire full beam aft section of the lower deck has been dedicated to wellness and watersports. ”

With great pride the Italian Sea Group have launched their largest motor yacht yet, Admiral’s new 180-foot Quinta Essentia. The yacht’s naval architecture was by Dutch firm Vripack, which worked with Dobroserdov Design to create a very progressive-looking profile over the full-displacement hull. Entirely made in aluminum, she boasts a gross tonnage of 870 GT. The owner, an experienced yachtsman, mandated a greener machine than his previous superyachts, so the shipyard went to all-aluminum construction to save on weight and added an advanced dieselelectric hybrid propulsion system. The system integrates two traditional diesels with electric motors connected to variablespeed generators. The powerplants, one of the most quiet and fuel-efficient propulsion systems in yachting, delivers a top speed of 16 knots but will cruise at 15 knots in comfort, with a range of 3,500 nautical miles at 12 knots. In battery/electric mode, the onboard noise and vibration levels are minimal. Traditional yachts often have formal salons and cabins that are hardly ever used while at the same time there is limited space for different types of entertainment on board. In search for efficiency QUINTA ESSENTIA’s owner created a smart layout with four different types of activity on the four decks where all space on board is used in the optimal way. The owner appreciates space. QUINTA ESSENTIA has a volume of 873 GT, 25% more than her Dutch competitors. The high volume translates not only in more square meters but also in more deck heights. The yacht features huge open and covered deck areas, which balance the space for a relaxed and informal lifestyle. When sitting aft on the main deck, the Owner and Guests can enjoy a large lounging area overlooking a huge pool. The engine room has been moved to the centre of the yacht to create a vast wellness/spa area on the lower deck aft, which features steam room, sauna room, treatments room, relaxation room and side balcony. The wellness/spa area is directly connected to the swimming platform aft.

20 Luxe Et Al

Above, on the upper deck, lies the lofty main saloon with an indoor/outdoor area for alfresco dining. The top deck presents a spacious gym with massive windows and a Jacuzzi to relax outside. One of Quinta Essentia’s luxuries has to be her beach deck. The entire full beam aft section of the lower deck has been dedicated to wellness and watersports. Here guests will be treated at the on board massage room, sauna and hamman. After which, guests are lead onto the 45 square metre swim platform where sunloungers and cocktails await. Quinta Essentia’s professional crew are on standby with an array of water toys and fun activities for the entire family. A custom tender was designed to match the style of Quinta Essentia and safely transport her guests in luxury to port. The tender is launched through a hull opening forward on main deck. The yacht is equipped with Auxilia Hybrid System and zero speed stabilizers which can operate when the yacht is anchored, and a touch and go helipad. The yacht features both open and covered deck areas, all quite large, that work with the interior to give an informal, relaxed sensibility to the exterior. Quinta Essentia features an interior designed by Michela Reverberi, who described the ideas behind the design. “The Project was conceived from the Owner’s desire to build a boat that could evoke all the characteristic elements of Tuscany, a place that the Owner particularly loves; he has a property in Tuscany, where they produce wine and oil. The input was to evoke in the Project suggestions of that country and activities related to country side life. “The project offered a big challenge, considering the difference of the two natural elements to take into consideration, earth and water, and the unusualness of their combination. I have not emphasised the idea either of ​​the difference, or the break between the elements, but rather the possibility of co-existence.

“From this consideration, we searched to find a key to access these elements in the marine world and its current aesthetic and cultural configuration that did not lead to the distortion of the element of the sea, but instead, that allowed the coexistence of these two giant protagonists of nature, the sea and the countryside. The project has also had to take into consideration a further Owner’s expectation, which is the representation of the four natural elements of which the boat, as a whole and in its synthesis, should comprise of, but then in addition it adds a fifth element — “quinta essentia”. The design started from the choice of atypical elements to be used, identifying a few of them that were able to maintain and ensure a highly significant meaning: The wine, the glass, the movement that creates the liquid in the typical gesture of the taster when you spin it before tasting it, grapes, vine leaves in their full range of colours available in the different seasons, the colour of the earth, the sky. Some elements were used studying their movement, and not according to a merely reproductive representation. Looking for the suggestion that the stylized image proposition can provide: the wall of the staircase contains within it the pattern and colour of the representation of the movement of the wine in the glass, which was exaggerated to become a marine wave. The expectations and desires of the Client have been addressed and resolved by the adoption of unexpected viewpoints reaching a balance of style with unique solutions, sophisticated and innovative.” The yacht accommodates twelve Guests in six suites, convertible lower deck staterooms may be converted from four to six cabin layout. With accommodation for 13 crew members, Quinta Essentia can provide a perfect yacht charter experience. The result aboard Quinta Essentia is an interior décor that is surprisingly feminine and delicate for a yacht with such a sporty exterior profile.

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Latest design from the Limited Editions AMELS 180 Elixir by Amels

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ELIXIR is the latest incarnation of the successful AMELS 180 design. ELIXIR is the perfect showcase for the successful AMELS Limited Editions range, as she was delivered in June 2016 only 8 months after the papers were signed and completed to the incredible high standards and expectations of the Owner’s considerable level of customisation. The AMELS Limited Editions project meant the Owner was able to create the very personal and characteristic yacht he wanted, but much more quickly than a full custom build. AMELS delivered ELIXIR with absolute top quality, on budget and more than a week ahead of schedule. With the Owner on board, ELIXIR spent her first summer season cruising the Mediterranean. The superyacht is also available for charter with Y.CO.

“ The AMELS Limited Editions project meant the Owner was able to create the very personal and characteristic yacht he wanted, but much more quickly than a full custom build. ”

The Owner collaborated with exterior designer Tim Heywood and interior designer Laura Sessa to create ELIXIR’s holistic design full of eccentric contrasts: dark meets light; masculine worldliness meets curvaceous elegance; relaxed comfort meets clean contemporary style. The faultless application of jet black gloss – extremely challenging to perfect – around the superstructure contrasts with the natural tone of the oyster white paintwork. The look is completed with the gleam of stainless steel railings and aft deck pillars, plus black sun awnings and uprights. ELIXIR boasts magnificent outdoor spaces, with a huge Sun Deck at 25 metres long (82 ft) and a luxury space of 155 square metres (1,668 sq ft). Guests can enjoy the large and beautifully integrated 3,000 litre Jacuzzi on Sun Deck, or dine in the cool shade of the Bridge Deck aft. After relaxing in the Beach Club and sauna, the generous swimming platform provides the perfect moment for a dip in the water. Despite the short timescale, Laura Sessa created an ambitious interior design of changing moods and perspectives with a high degree of customisation in the lighting and loose furniture. Sunlight reflects in high gloss materials and sculpted crystal, ensuring the interiors are bright, airy and connected to the sea outside. Velvet and silk fabrics are

30 Luxe Et Al

shining and luxurious. Organic forms and intriguing symbolic patterns add mystery. “We want to give the guests a different impression in different spaces on board the yacht,” Laura explains. “The range of textures, the patterns of foliage, mother of pearl and marble, were part of this scope. The contrasts of light and dark woods, bleached maple to ebony Macassar, make the interiors very scenographic.” At the entrance to the Main Deck saloon, the cabinet with backlit onyx was specially designed for the Owner, serving as a bar for guests. On Main Deck port and starboard folding balconies open up for an al fresco dining feeling and uninterrupted views of the sea. Captain Simon Ladbrooke, Owner Representative: “Looking at the quality of the interior, the finishing and the workmanship, I have a very critical eye and it’s just faultless, it really is. It’s quality that I can appreciate and understand. There’s been a great, great team working on this project.” The stunning 77 square-metre (828 sq ft) Owner’s Suite on Main Deck includes a spacious stateroom, Owner’s office, and private lounge with an exclusive folding balcony to bring in the cool ocean breezes and enjoy the relaxing sound of the sea. Built with the AMELS 180’s proven finesse, ELIXIR is exceptionally smooth and comfortable at anchor and underway. She is also a true ocean-going yacht, with excellent seakeeping behaviour and stability, plus solid steel construction from the centre of Dutch shipbuilding excellence. Simon continues, “On both sea trials, we arrived back at the shipyard early because all the tests had been carried out and completed without any issues at all. The vibration and the decibel level tests in all the guest and crew areas were well under what was stated in the specifications.” ELIXIR combines sophistication, expansive deck areas and enviable functionality for unparalleled luxury yacht charters.

Destined to create the world’s most beautiful bathrooms

Mayfair I Knightsbridge I Battersea I Wandsworth I Clerkenwell I Kent I Sussex I Surrey For enquiries please call 0333 011 3333 ‘At Home Design Service’ available see website for details

Interior Renovation of Iconic Yacht M/Y Ability by Designer Touches Ltd

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Luxe Et Al 33

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Luxe Et Al 35

36 Luxe Et Al

Luxe Et Al 37

Designer Touches Ltd has recently completed the interior renovation and re-fit of the Ability Group’s flagship vessel, the M/Y ABILITY. The 41.4 meter luxury super yacht, formally owned by the fashion designer Roberto Cavalli, has been listed as one of the top 10 most iconic celebrity mega yachts and for the first time in its history is available for private charter. The new owners of the M/Y ABILITY commissioned the leading Surrey based interior design firm to undertake the project of a major interior refit, to ensure that the ABILITY is ready to charter.

“ The yacht features several fabulously elegant entertaining spaces including a state of the art cinema room located on the top deck, perfect for entertaining guests. ”

The brief included the desire for the interior to be sympathetic to the yacht’s history and previous owner’s flare for design. Mary Georgiou, Founder and Principle Designer at Designer Touches said “The ABILITY is sure to stand out from the crowd. Working closely with its current owner, we used a couture pallet of taupe and greys ranging from muted dove grey to dark and more intense shades to provide an injection of drama and atmosphere. We combined this pallet with opulent leathers, to provide texture, animal prints and natural fabrics to create a lavish yet elegant and tasteful interior, worthy of the yacht’s history and status.” The focal point of the yacht is the main saloon which encapsulates the ultimate sumptuous finish, with many of the key pieces of furniture within this room being sourced directly from Roberto Cavalli’s furniture range, creating a luxurious space to relax and unwind after a day of sailing. The magnificent master suite is truly fit for the glamorous guests that will be onboard, and is a spectacular highlight of the interior design scheme. With its full height suede panel headboard, large gold gilded feature lamps and luxurious studded cream sofa from the Roberto Cavalli home collection, it provides an opulent oasis for guests to retreat to. The cabinet doors have been upholstered in grey-brown shagreen leather for an injection of impact and texture and finished with beautifully crafted gold handles. The master bedroom ensuite includes design features that pay homage to the yacht’s former owner, including the unique serpent wall lights. The beautiful cabin interiors were inspired by the colour pallets and prints seen in Roberto Cavalli’s latest catwalk collection.

38 Luxe Et Al

Textured animal print wall coverings and furs were combined with dazzling metallic fabrics, a favoured combination of the designer, providing a fashionable yet elegant environment in which to unwind. The rooms are complemented by the sleek upholstered bespoke designer cabinets and statement headboards. The yacht features several fabulously elegant entertaining spaces including a state of the art cinema room located on the top deck, perfect for entertaining guests. The design of this room utilised intense dark shades of black and gold to create an atmospheric space. The main deck features an informal day time eating area but is transformed with its use of rich elegant fabrics and fur throws into a spectacular backdrop for al fresco evening dining and entertaining space, with spectacular views onto the ocean. Designer Touches was formed in 1999 and is headed by principle designer Mary Georgiou, when discussing this project Mary said, “We were excited to be working on such a unique project and collaborated closely with the current owner when designing this mega yacht, whose brief required the interiors to be sympathetic to the yacht’s history and status. The vessel was previously owned by Roberto Cavalli who hosted many A-list celebrities onboard. For the first time in its history the yacht is available for private charter and the current owner wanted guests to experience the opulence and elegance associated with this iconic vessel.” “We had fun with the design and used a couture colour pallet, inspired by the catwalk, of taupes and greys ranging from muted dove grey to dark and more intense shades to provide an injection of drama and atmosphere. We used key pieces of furniture in each area that pay homage to its previous owner and combined this with opulent leathers and faux fur to create a lavish yet elegant and tasteful interior.” Since it was established Designer Touches has expanded into a highly reputed interior design practice specialising in luxury residential and commercial projects in the UK and abroad. Their design approach is a combination between luxurious style and effortless elegance.


40 Luxe Et Al

The culmination of decades dedicated to making Honda Aircraft equal in the ranks of serious business jet manufacturers HondaJet by Honda Aircraft Company

Luxe Et Al 41

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Luxe Et Al 43

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Luxe Et Al 45

After decades of hard work Honda Aircraft Company announced that the HA-420 HondaJet had received final type certification from the United States Federal Aviation Administration on December 8, 2015. Honda Aircraft Company delivered the first HondaJet on December 23, 2015, just two weeks after receiving the certification. The aircraft is certified for single pilot operation. Michimasa Fujino CEO of Honda Aircraft Company first sketched out the design for the HondaJet in 1997. The Honda Aircraft Company was established in August 2006 with the responsibility for Honda’s overall airframe business strategy and the further development, sales promotion and production of the innovative HondaJet. The first conforming HondaJet flew in December 2010. This has been long dedicated process.

“ The HondaJet design incorporates a number of innovations that were developed through extensive research conducted by Honda. ”

Fujion’s vision was to produce an aircraft under the world-renowned Honda brand, with an over-the-wing mount for the jet engines. This new configuration would provide a quieter cabin and better performance. Another benefit of having the engines mounted on the wings is that the HondaJet has an exceptionally large luggage compartment for an airplane in the lightjet category. As with the production of the parent company’s automobiles, sophisticated automation was involved in the production process, which translates to consistency across the product line. The HondaJet design incorporates a number of innovations that were developed through extensive research conducted by Honda. These include the patented HondaJet Over-The-Wing Engine Mount (OTWEM) configuration, Natural Laminar Flow wing and nose, and composite fuselage structure. These advanced technologies allow the HondaJet to achieve the highest speed (420 knots at FL300), highest altitude (43,000 feet), and best fuel efficiency (approximately 15 percent for a typical mission) in its class. A patented Over-The-Wing Engine Mount (OTWEM) configuration was developed using advanced concepts in aerodynamics and design simulation. The OTWEM configuration eliminates the carry-through structure of conventional fuselage-mount designs, allowing for greater use of fuselage space for the cabin and external cargo areas. The configuration is also designed to reduce cabin noise. By optimisation of the design and placement of the engine nacelles, the HondaJet OTWEM configuration actually exhibits less drag at high speeds than conventional “clean wing” designs, contributing significantly to the aircraft’s superior performance and efficiency. A Natural Laminar Flow (NLF) wing and fuselage nose were developed through extensive analyses and wind tunnel

46 Luxe Et Al

testing. These designs help achieve lower aerodynamic drag at high speeds together with a high lift coefficient. An advanced, composite fuselage structure, consisting of a unique combination of honeycomb sandwich and stiffened-panel structures joined using a patented integral cocuring process, reduces weight for optimal performance and payload capacity, while also reducing manufacturing complexity. Honda partnered with Garmin to develop the first highly customised and highly automated avionics suite. HondaJet has a sophisticated flight deck with three 14-inch landscape displays and two touchscreen controllers that allow pilots enhanced navigation, flight planning and system control. Basic Design Specifications: Maximum Cruise Speed @ FL300 420KTAS (483 mph) Maximum Cruise Altitude FL430 (43,000 ft) Pressurization (Differential) 8 psi Range Performance: NBAA IFR Range (4 occupants) 1223 nm Rate of Climb 3. The passenger cabin of the HondaJet got equal attention from designers, and they made maximum use of the space available. While the normal number of occupants is six, one of them the pilot, a seventh sidefacing seat can be installed opposite the main entry door. To add some utility to this seat, when the cabin door is closed, one of its steps cleverly folds out to make a table for the sidefacing passenger. The luxurious cabin provides exceptional legroom, dimmable windows, an optional cabin management system and more. Honda Aircraft expects the most popular configuration to be the executive version, with leather seats and an under-seat storage drawer. The main cabin area, a 12.1-foot-long space that provides plenty of room for passengers and has the club seating arrangement giving ample legroom. The enclosed lavatory is far superior to that of many light jets, some of which section the toilet area off with a simple curtain. While the HondaJet’s lavatory is not huge, it provides complete privacy, a basin with a faucet activated by a motion sensor, and two skylights providing natural light and a unique perspective of the skies above. The business jet is fast becoming a common tool for business people. In particular, the small business jet that is more efficient in operation is expected to become more popular. Market surveys and focus-group interviews, conducted in five major cities in the United States, show that demand for comfort, in particular, a large cabin, as well as high fuel efficiency are critical to the success of small business-jet development. The HondaJet is designed to satisfy these needs, and the result is an aircraft whose exterior and interior are not only stunning but also highly intelligent.

Demain se dessine aujourd’hui Tissus d’ameublement & accessoires de décoration

Designers Profiled...

48 Luxe Et Al

We continue talking to key figures about their current projects, ideas, trends and their thoughts on the future of design.

Style Luxe Bible Et Al 49

Andrew Winch Founder, Winch Design

What projects are you currently working on? Currently the company has several yachts being delivered, two planes which are in the process of being completed and architectural projects in destinations as far flung as Cape Town, the Seychelles and Montenegro. In the latter, we are working on an iconic yacht club at Portonovi, a new 60-acre luxury resort and super yacht marina. What projects have you recently completed? Winch Design is known as one of the leading international design studios in the world. With recent project completions including the interior design of the 74m Amels motor yacht Plus Ultra, the interior design of the largest volume yacht ever built, the iconic 156m motor yacht Dilbar and an expansive city penthouse apartment inspired by the Art Deco era. What companies have you worked with for the above projects? Companies we have collaborated with on several projects across all three departments include David Linley and Thomas Mercer Where do you feel super yacht design is going in terms of interior schemes? Super yacht design is becoming more focused on integrating interior and exterior living spaces. The focus on having a large beach club and spa area creates a great feeling of openness inside the yacht, maximising the space. Along with glass and material technology advancing, the structural constraints are becoming less, leading to more interesting ways of designing spaces and combining areas. Are there any key design directions you would like to discuss? For us, the most important direction in terms of design is that creating the perfect environment for our client’s lifestyle is the priority. Clients increasingly want all of their surroundings, whether it’s a yacht, plane, home, private office, helicopter etc created exclusively for them and with the same level of design and attention to detail. We are increasingly being asked by clients to

create several projects because they want a seamless transition from their home in one country to their private plane, to their yacht and on to another property. We are currently also looking at designing a bespoke car, train and even a bicycle! Trends going forward? As super yachts continue to grow in size, so too do the possibilities for palatial private spaces, spas, balconies, gymnasiums and secluded spots where one can focus. Cinemas of the highest quality are becoming significant, both internally and on deck. Impressive personal zones will continue to push limits from snow rooms to private pool decks that transform into sports courts. Anything is possible for the future to create truly unique and innovative spaces that meet the owner’s wishes. PYC (Private Yacht Compliance) regulations are dictating interior finishes so all materials and finishes have to be carefully selected to comply with this. What are your favourite recent schemes please describe key elements. We don’t have a “house style” at Winch Design, so every scheme is a favourite because we are creating something unique for each client. For me, the marriage of form and function is something I believe we do very well and those elements are my favourites, because we make the impossible a reality. What product companies have you worked with that you would be happy to recommend to other designers? We work with so many different companies and craftsmen around the world who excel in their respective fields. Our teams travel extensively to find the absolute best, the unique and the unusual so our address book of contacts is sizeable and it is not something we share! Any final thoughts? Our clients are our greatest inspiration. We strive to achieve design excellence by creating designs that are majestic, timeless and truly unique, whilst exercising a design insight that extends to 360 degrees.

50 Luxe Et Al

Marcelo Penna Founder, Marcelo Penna Yacht Design

What projects are you currently working on? As new build, we are working on a 65M traditional Phinisi and a 50M traditional Dhow, a 66’ fast composite sloop and a 43’ motor boat. As refit projects, we are working on a complete refit of Mirabella III (a 42M sloop), an interior refit on Nero (a 90M motor yacht), and Talitha (an 80M motor yacht). Regarding interior design projects, we are working a new build 59M motor yacht and an 80M VIP lounge on a supply vessel. Our engineering division is now working on two 60M multihull projects as a multipurpose vessel and yacht shadow. What projects have you recently completed? We have recently completed a new top deck for Talitha, honoured with the Best Refit Project 2015 by the International Superyacht Society, and Lamima, a 65M Phinisi built in Indonesia and completed in Bangkok. What companies have you worked with for the above projects? Marina Barcelona 92, Futurnautic, Serviyates, Italthai Shipyard and the support of the Cluster Náutico de Barcelona, grouping all the local marine companies and professional offers to work together. Where do you feel super yacht design is going in terms of interior schemes? To more liveable spaces; still luxurious and very well finished, but more focused on the ability to really live on board with less ostentation. Are there any key design directions you would like to discuss? I do not really think in key design directions; we use to work with very different customers, different cultures, different points of view, different approaches. We work with all of them, and we sincerely enjoy this variety. Trends going forward? Comfort, design, simplicity, as it is on land. What are your favourite recent schemes? Please describe key elements. The recent ones are very different, but the key common elements are serene atmospheres, true relaxation and comfort. What products/services could you not live without when designing? Natural materials, craftsmanship. Any final thoughts? The best is to achieve these goals with any style, any size.

Luxe Et Al 51

Vittorio Garroni Carbonara President, Garroni Design What projects are you currently working on? We are currently working with Jeanneau Leaders: fast motor boats and yachts, and Jeanneau NC Class: sedan motor yachts. We are also the architects for some Jeanneau Sun Odyssey Deck Saloon sailing yachts. Besides Jeanneau and Prestige, Garroni Design works also for Cruise and Mini-Cruise Vessels design, for custom yachts and superyachts.A major project right now is a project with the worldwide Hotel Yachts organization. For 25 years, Garroni Design have been the leading architectural designers for several brands of the French shipyard Bénéteau Group, including Prestige Motor Yachts and Prestige Yachts. What projects have you recently completed? Two new Prestige motor yachts have been introduced in the market in the last months: the Prestige 680 and the Prestige 630, the smaller brothers of the Prestige 750 and winner at the IY&A 2015 Awards. A number of Leaders, fast motor yachts, have entered the market during last 12 months: Leader 36, Leader 46 and the Leader 40, 2016 model. Regarding custom yachts, the Margot Sailing Yacht 45m is actually under completion and the Lucy 30m Sailing Mini-Cruiser is under development. Other projects are still confidential. What companies have you worked with for the above projects? For all the serial boats we currently work with the various Bénéteau Group production plants all around Europe; most of them are along the French Atlantic coast but others are in Poland

and, in Italy, there is the Monte Carlo Yachts shipyard producing some of the PRESTIGE Yachts. For Margot SY the Polish Conrad Yachts shipyard was involved.

Where do you feel super yacht design is going in terms of interior schemes? Superyacht ownership is more and more demanding, not in terms of seagoing qualities but in terms of operational flexibility. As an example, the extreme destinations are becoming so popular that ice-class or capability of bearing ice-toys are now a must for the new concepts; doesn’t matter if realistically the yacht will not exceed the Mediterranean.

Are there any key design directions you would like to discuss? The owner of our current project is always dreaming in excess: any inspiration urges new fancies that the designer must turn into constructive reality. Usually it turns into an exciting adventure but sometimes imagination exceeds feasibility.

Name five key themes to consider when approaching design in 2016 and beyond. Identity, style, function, technology, and satisfaction.

And key trends that we should be aware of? Communication: design, to be successful, should sail on a strong media identity.

What are your favourite recent schemes? Please describe key elements. I love simplicity either for the outward appearance and for the interior ambience. The real capability is to keep the simplicity even in a complex or complicated organism. What products/services could you not live without when designing? The environment of my design studio, the people and the ambience. Most of my crew, including my son Camillo, grew with me while I was teaching yacht design at the University; after so many years we are totally and completely a team, and the newcomers quickly absorb such an atmosphere. My office is located in an historical garden: I couldn’t create it, but I selected and shaped it. Any final thoughts? Do you know why sea cruising is becoming more and more popular? As you leave the mainland you also disconnect from life’s problems and you can enjoy the real pleasure of relaxation. Designing boats and ships is closely aligned to cruising. /

52 Luxe Et Al

Joyce Clear Founder, Clear Yacht International What projects are you currently working on? Interior upgrades for 155’ Sailing Vessel “ƎPIC!”, a Holistic performance-based Yacht/ Ship Design, Build and Certification Program focused on efficiency assessment, sustainable innovation, health and well-being, and best practices Consultant project with cruise ship industry to integrate/adapt “ƎPIC!” into current design and construction approach Fine art consulting and procurement for a 40M Motor Yacht What projects have you recently completed?

Conceptual design of Hybrid Water Limo for a Florida based company Conceptual design for repeat client of a 30 Meter (100’) Blue Trawler 8500 Sq Ft Residence in USA (Complete Interior Design and Art Consultancy)

What companies have you worked with for the above projects? - Numerous companies supplying sustainable luxury design materials - Global artisans/craftsmen for one-of-a-kind creations and collaborations - Bill Prince Yacht Design - International WELL Building Institute Crestron / AVIA - Art galleries and auction houses Where do you feel super yacht design is going in terms of interior schemes? I believe we will see a shift in design that appeals more and more to the Millennial mindset reflecting a fusion of Sustainable Luxury®, cutting-edge technology, health and well-being, efficiencies, and innovative products and practices. A focus will also be placed on the highly personalised experiences that single use or multi-purposed interior spaces can offer occupants – feeding the mind, body and soul. Design aesthetics will be streamlined, uncluttered, and supportive of health optimisation while still exemplifying a luxury lifestyle, but in a more relaxed manner. Advanced technologies and alternative propulsion systems will yield greater efficiencies, energy capture and additional space for activities and accessibility to the water.

Sustainable Luxury® is a trademark of Clear Group International. Are there any key design directions you would like to discuss? There are certainly a few: We approach interiors from a transformative perspective by physically and aesthetically converting a space that serves one purpose and experience into another. Trends going forward? Clear Yacht is the only design firm in the yachting industry with accreditation in the WELL Building Standard™, the world’s first evidence-based system that places human health, well-being and performance at the centre of design. It is scientifically proven to enhance the performance, productivity, nutrition, fitness, mood, sleep patterns and overall health of humans. Biomimicry is our inspiration as it is an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies. We are always looking to work with companies that are creating new products, processes, and policies — new ways of living — that are well-adapted to life on earth over the long haul. The integration of Art into the interior is something we focus on at the concept level, and not as an afterthought. There are applications of Art that transcend décor, transforming common elements into functional, impactful and experiential works of art. “Sustainability” is a real buzz word in the yachting sector today, however it has been widely instituted on land based projects for over two decades. When Clear Yacht speaks of sustainability, we think of it as the “highest level of luxury living”, and have incorporated it into the foundation of our yachting projects for the last eight years as well as our residential projects for over 15 years. We take a holistic approach to sustainability, not only including the environmental aspect of design but also the elements of health and well-being, efficiencies, exceptional materials, extraordinary creativity and design, craftsmanship, durability, quality and cost effectiveness.

I believe we will see a more holistic approach to overall yacht design that includes an understanding of the operational profile of the vessel, responsible fabrication, smart and future-proof systems for pollution and other environmental controls, and alternative propulsion options. In addition, designers, engineers, and architects will need to take into consideration the desires of the new generation of yacht owners, particularly around vessel features that allow for exploration and accessibility to new and enticing locations like Blue Parks and protected areas.

What products/services could you not live without when designing? - Custom, one-of-a-kind design elements - Nature as design inspiration - Innovative and sustainable luxury products and services - Books and travel of foreign countries and exceptional experiences - Rhino 3D Modeling and Rendering Software Adobe InDesign Software Suite

Any final thoughts? Interior design does not occur in a vacuum and it is an integral part of all construction projects with a focus on raw materials, systems, processes and products. The reason we are so impassioned by sustainable design is because it is a new way of thinking that yields the most advanced and innovative solutions. It balances luxury lifestyles and everyday living with both human and environmental health, and it begins with an understanding of how every choice affects where we all live and play.

I believe there will also be a greater regard for the health and well-being of the crew and occupants overall, implementing scientific and performance based solutions and efficiencies.

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Fiona Barratt-Campbell Founder, Fiona Barratt Interiors and FBC London

What projects are you currently working on? -

Large Residential Estate in Kent Large Commercial Project in Hong Kong Large Residential Project in Yorkshire Large Residential Project in Beirut

What projects have you recently completed? - Large apartment in London - Large Townhouse on Chelsea Embankment - Mews House Development What companies have you worked with for the above projects?

Icon Connect – AV specialists De le Cuona FBC London 1st Dibbs Holland & Sherry Dedar

Trends going forward? Creating a home from home by continuing to layer textures and finishes. I think this adds depth to a yacht/boat which in many cases can feel sparse and unintentionally minimalistic, therefore cold regardless of the weather outside! What are your favourite recent projects? I have great appreciation for the interior design industry and fellow interior designers, the great thing is we are all different! I especially like a project I have just worked on in Moscow which pushes textures to a whole new level incorporating prints and patterns of various leaves in cast iron and cabbage impressions in bronze patina! And now a little about you The car you drive BMWi3 – an electric car

Where do you feel super yacht design is going in terms of interior schemes?

Your favourite restaurant Zuma in Knightsbridge

Pairing down, like a home/residence, varied materials, layered textures mixed with clean lines. Giving a homely environment in a marine surrounding.

Best way to relax Out in the Northumberland countryside with my family

Are there any key design directions you would like to discuss? Design is definitely heading in a more convenient direction, convenient for the consumer. Ensuring everything is easily accessible in their comfortable living environment.

The place that gives you inspiration Northumberland Ideal holiday destination The Caribbean The perfect drink A glass of red wine in front of a log fire.

54 Luxe Et Al

David Tydeman, CEO Marcus Wright, Lead In-House Stylist Oyster Yachts What projects are you currently working on? David: Oyster currently has 5 yachts in build: 3 more Oyster 825’s like Maegan, a special enlarged saloon 885-08 and the first Oyster 118. All are very different interiors, bespoke for their owners with all their styling and interiors being developed by Marcus working with the clients. What projects have you recently completed? David: Oyster 885-04 & 07 and the first two Oyster 885’s to be built with a Raised Deck, both styled internally by Marcus. What companies have you worked with for the above projects? Marcus: Generally we handle most things in house, working closely with our partners for things like upholstery in order to keep abreast of trends and new materials. For the larger projects we do occasionally work with lighting consultants, acoustic specialists and the like. This additional input, and lessons learned in the bespoke superyacht world, tends to come in very handy throughout the range and we find many of the desirable qualities of our larger boats trickle down to the entry level Oysters. Where do you feel super yacht design is going in terms of interior schemes? Marcus: It seems as though Owners are keen to have a sanctuary from the heat of the midday Caribbean sun, with the increasingly popular placid schemes of muted and somewhat de-saturated base colours (often livened up with judicious use of accent colours in loose items of upholstery). The move towards these calm and almost bleached moods mean we are often asked for special wood finishes, and this represents a particular challenge to our joiners and finishing departments; increasingly the trend has been towards non-natural wood colours with pale driftwood like finishes being particularly popular. The problem is that trees don’t actually grow in those colours! We will always use the finest quality natural timbers and veneers, and have invested a great deal of time in achieving some beautiful limed finishes which knock back the full intensity of the wood colour while enhancing the natural beauty of the grain, and we are satisfied will

meet our standards and can confidently offer with the Oyster warranty. Owners are keen to achieve a more domestic standard of living when afloat. We carefully source high quality materials which would look more at home in a boutique hotel, but will still stand up to the rigours of passagemaking on a serious bluewater yacht; long gone are the days of vinyl covered seats just because they need to cope with wet oilskins! And on the larger yachts, this move towards ‘high end residential’ design tends to see feature items of furniture appearing to be freestanding rather than built-in. Are there any key design directions you would like to discuss? Marcus: More and more Owners are asking for a more bespoke yacht, with greater choice and more opportunities to customise. It is a rewarding challenge to design a range of ‘standard Oyster yachts’ which can then be tailored to suit an individual. Owners are much more design aware and want to be able to select a variety of interesting fabrics and finishes, specify particular fittings and adjust the layout to suit their family’s needs. As we design and engineer the yachts fully in 3D aerospace engineering software, and cut all the joinery with the latest computer controlled robotic machinery, we are able to move quickly to vary the stock design a great deal to fully satisfy a discerning yachtsman’s particular requirements. The same can be said for the interior design itself; with a little fine tuning and careful material selection, a model in our range must be able to satisfy customers with traditional ‘seamanlike’ values one day, and then still appeal to an enthusiast of ultra rigid minimalism the next. Trends going forward? Marcus: We see movement towards much lighter, thinner elegant sections in contemporary furniture design, items being very clean, minimalist and thin edged with very rectilinear forms, contrasted by more informal and softer looking upholstery. It’s crucial that we carefully distil these design elements into something which is practical, safe and robust enough for life afloat without losing those aesthetic qualities. We have a tremendous reputation for serious goanywhere yachts for proper sailors and cannot just blindly follow fashion.

What are your favourite recent schemes? Please describe key elements. Marcus: My favourite yacht so far has been Maegan; she’s probably the yacht I’d buy for myself! It was a particularly satisfying project as she was designed in conjunction with an Owner who is very much a design fanatic herself with a very focused view of where we were going; so under a very watchful eye and a tight brief, it was always going to be a highly successful project. The fact that she has been nominated for an interior design award is a testament to the success of this collaboration. The yacht has a very coherent scheme throughout in horizontally grained quarter sawn limed oak, with a walnut contrast band detail and an unusual but strikingly clean quarter sawn walnut sole. The bulkheads are split at dado height with white painted panelling to keep the cabins and corridor light and airy, with white leather upholstery in the saloon having the same effect. In order to avoid it all getting a little too white, we used a taupe lining material for the central overhead panels in the saloon and in the hull sides. It is all set off with carefully selected (expensive) rectangular light fittings which help to emphasise the minimalist feel without becoming overly hard or industrial looking. A key feature which was highly successful was the sliding partition and flush stowing door between the galley and saloon; the Owners are very social people and were keen that the galley became part of the entertaining space, rather than being ‘crew only’, however, it is easily closed off for more formal dining. What products/services could you not live without when designing? Marcus: Tracing paper and Magic Markers for a quick sketch; it’s far too easy to worry about the millimetres in accurate CAD design work before getting the overall concept clear in your head, and one can end up getting lost in a bit of ‘watchmaking’ in a little corner instead of dealing with the bigger picture.

Luxe Et Al 55

Katharina Raczek Founder, Katharina Raczek Design (KRD) What projects are you currently working on? Our sea department is working on a refit, while two new builds are in the planning stage. I can´t talk too much about it but one is an explorer yacht which is a new challenge since I have never been involved in the new design of an explorer yacht and I look very much forward to it. An explorer is quite masculine and more robust maritime vehicle which needs to reflect in the interior. At the same time the interior of a yacht is a refined luxury space. It will be an interesting liaison. At land we are currently working on a great office space with 1450 sqm. The style and details have a strong design language unusual for an office and I enjoy the work a lot. It won’t be finished until 2017.

Trends going forward? I don´t believe in trends in all disciplines of high end interiors. The clientele becomes more and more exclusive. This is obviously recognisable in the design as well. In yachting we are talking very often about prototypes and therefore uniqueness is desired in which its centre is always the individual. For me, a client’s personality is the ultimate inspiring power for each project and design. What are your favourite recent schemes please describe key elements. I personally love strong pattern, very often seen in colour. It is so much more dynamic and is the best fun!

What projects have you recently completed?

But then I admire it the most if it is only tone on tone, matt and glossy, subtle.

At the beginning of the year we finalised the refit works on a +100 m explorer. We kept its iconic design soul and added new ideas to the original DNA.

What product companies have you worked with over past projects that you would recommend?

Furthermore we delivered a summer residence in Cannes - light and airy reflecting a reduced South of France style with strong perspectives and contrasts accompanied with an amazing view to the bay. The last completed project was a villa with a wonderful architecture from 1867 in the most beautiful area of Hamburg. Its interior colour shades graduate from a strong dark grey through taupe to oyster against the crisp clean white of its incredible stucco and wood works. What companies have you worked with for the above projects? Fitz Interior GmbH is a family owned interior outfitter in the South of Germany with whom I have already worked on several stunning and award winning projects. Yacht Art Management is my trusted partner for any art projects on sea. The unusual combination of their team covers every aspect of art on vessels. Where do you feel super yacht design is going in terms of interior schemes? I think that we become more and more independent of schemes. But I strongly believe in concepts and always make sure that this conceptual approach applies on each of my projects, harmonising with everything from the overall interior architecture through to the custom furniture down to the smallest detail.

That is a hard question as they are many! I enjoy the impeccable style of Tai Ping Carpets. The design team always surprises with wonderful new ideas and their know how allows them to support each designer to execute their custom work. Perennials fabrics are incredibly and unusually soft when it comes to outdoor fabrics. I adore their pattern and colours! Lang Raumausstattung from Hamburg are doing an amazing job when it comes to custom upholstery furniture. Again they have a deep understanding of craftsmanship. Photo credit: Peter Neumann

And now a little about you: The place that gives you inspiration Nature! The sky in all its colours, the smooth air and the smell of an early summer evening in South of France or a walk in the intense green of the “Virgin Forest” in Northern Germany, a forest which my great grandfather founded and hasn’t been manmanaged for over 100 years. It is very mystic with fallen trees overgrown with moss and fern. And of course the atelier of my boyfriend Astor Milan Salcedo is a tremendously inspiration – he is a true colour virtuoso! You can dive into the paintings and their layers and layers of paint.

Photo credit: David Churchill

Final thoughts or words of wisdom By doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of others.

56 Luxe Et Al

MEMORIES IN THE MAKING. DREAMS PERFECTED. Oyster yachts, over forty years of British craftsmanship, quality and pride. Join our club of over seventy yachts who have circumnavigated the world.









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Call us on +44 23 8083 1010 Email us at

The World’s Largest Composite Trimaran Galaxy of Happiness by Latitude Yachts

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When the news got out about the launch of two futuristic super-yachts resembling a spacecraft from a Hollywood blockbuster, it spread among the social media networks like wild fire.

“ They have no analogues in size – they are the biggest composite trimarans in the world. ”

The company responsible for this ambitious project is the Latvian based shipyard Latitude yachts whose philosophy is based on their genuine drive for fulfilling people’s dreams. They have been creating ships since 2006, hiring up to 600 people, including subcontractors personnel. Today the company has a team of more than 200 employees. The shipyard is certified by the Latvian Maritime Administration, the quality assurance meet the ISO 9001:2008 standard. They specialise in high-class shipbuilding, using aluminium, steel and composite materials. The naval architecture and dramatic, futuristic, sleek sliver exterior design of the project was the responsibility of Coste Design & Partners. Lead by Jean-Jacques Coste, Coste Design & Partners have been at the forefront of the luxury yacht catamaran market, boasting unique expertise in the design and construction of some the world’s largest carbon fibre luxury sailing catamarans. The company’s designs are born of the enormous experience in all fields of catamaran conception, building and sailing. The interiors were designed by Latitude Yachts and Jean-Jacques Coste. Galaxy of Happiness’s interior configuration has been designed to comfortably accommodate up to 6 guests overnight in 3 cabins. She is also capable of carrying up to 6 crew onboard to ensure a relaxed luxury yacht experience. Motor yacht Galaxy of Happiness is equipped with two engines of aggregate capacity of

64 Luxe Et Al

5200 HP and due to applied technologies and multi-hull form is capable of a top speed of greater than 28 knots, and comfortably cruises at 20 knots, emphasising its unique character. She can carry around 18,000L of diesel on-board in her fuel tanks. Her water tanks store around 5,000L of fresh water. The project had a development time of nearly 30 months and culminated in a dual launch of the 53 metre trimaran superyachts Galaxy and Galaxy of Happiness in Riga on the 10th May 2016. They were then delivered to the new owners in the UAE. “These two yachts mean two years and five months of intense, complicated and very interesting works”, said Valdis Irbe, the coowner of Latitude Yachts. “This was a great challenge for me and I was brave enough to agree to bring this project to life. I would like to thank the customer for giving his credence and opportunity to carry out this project of immense complexity, which applies the highest standards from the world of exclusive yachts. Now we have launched the super-trimarans, built from composite materials. They have no analogues in size – they are the biggest composite trimarans in the world. It is a truly proud moment for our company, for each member of our team and for me personally.” This year at The Monaco Yacht Show 2016 Latitude Yachts not only had its own booth to represent the abilities of the company, but also showcased Galaxy of Happiness, which drew a lot of attention from the visitors and potential customers. Galaxy of Happiness also received a “Most Futuristic Design” award during the Cannes Yachting Festival earlier this September.

FUTURE of EXCELLENCE Interior Design | Yacht Design | Carpentry | Custom-Made Furniture | ReďŹ t and Repair Face the challenge! Dare to realise your dreams... Take advantage of the latest technological advances in yacht-building and interior woodworking artistry at the place where even the most complex and sophisticated tasks are executed in a well - organized and responsible manner, making ship-owners’ dreams a reality.

Tel: +371 26588994 Email: Luxe Et Al 65

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The Epitome of Everything That is Sunseeker 131 Yacht by Sunseeker

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The tri-deck Sunseeker 131 Yacht epitomizes everything that is Sunseeker. Accommodating up to twelve guests in sublime surroundings, the sheer scale and layout of this immense yacht is awe-inspiring. Expertly finished using ultra-modern materials and techniques, the 131 Yacht is one of the finest examples of modern day superyacht building. The main deck features a lounge, separate dining area and full galley; while on the upper deck can be found the sky lounge, cocktail bar and access to the skydeck; where comfort and lavishness reach new levels. As impressive out in open water as it is in the harbour, this icon of design is unlike any other.

“ The first four of these stunning yachts have already been sold to clients from the US, Turkey, UK and Hong Kong, underlining the strong demand and global appeal we’re seeing for this exciting new evolution in design. ”

The 131 Yacht was the largest model ever to make its debut at The Boat Show 2016, London, and appeared alongside a stunning collection of other Sunseeker models ranging from 50 feet upwards. Demand for the 131 Yacht has already been extremely high with the first five already pre-sold to customers around the globe. All five boats are already in build at Sunseeker’s facilities in Poole, Dorset. The design of the yacht is one of sumptuous quality and attention to detail, optimised in the design quality that has gone into this innovative new take on Sunseeker’s proven superyacht platform. A standout feature is the addition of feature glass in the Master Stateroom, Saloon and Upper Saloon to create a light filled relaxed, comfortable and enjoyable environment for owner and guests. The 131 Yacht enables its owner to tailor every element of the interior design and layout to their personal preferences via Sunseeker’s unique ‘Bespoke’ service. Standard guest configuration is for ten guests in five cabins, with scope for up to 12 to be accommodated depending on the layout and options selected. New exterior deck arrangements use

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deep lounge style seating to provide the ultimate in comfort for owners and their guests. In addition to this, the external Skydeck and Upper Deck Aft Cockpit have been lengthened by approximately two metres creating additional deck space, accommodating new bar and seating layouts and extra features including a fridge, ice maker and sink. Lower down, the spacious garage can accommodate a tender of up to 6.0m in length plus two PWCs. Based on the classic Sunseeker deep V hull, this large tri-deck yacht is equally comfortable operating at 10 knots for an extended cruising range of 1,500 nautical miles or at 23 knots for ultimate performance. Build time for each new 131 Yacht is around one year, with capacity in place to have up to five yachts in build simultaneously. Sean Robertson, Sales Director at Sunseeker International said of the new launch: “It’s set to really build on the success of our proven 40 Metre Yacht platform, adding more technical innovation, more advanced features and contemporary layouts that can be tailored in every way to meet the needs of our most discerning customers. “The first four of these stunning yachts have already been sold to clients from the US, Turkey, UK and Hong Kong, underlining the strong demand and global appeal we’re seeing for this exciting new evolution in design. Investment in new product is at the heart of our business with this 131 Yacht being one of four new models in the 2015/16 model year.” The 131 is one of four superyachts that Sunseeker is due to launch in 2016 and the British yacht builder is hiring more than 100 new workers to support the introduction of these new models. The Poole-based builder celebrated the delivery of its 100th yacht over 30 metres at the Cannes Boat Show in September 2016. Worldwide Showrooms New York London Moscow Amsterdam Dublin Geneva Barcelona

Enhanced Contact with the Sea Wider 150 by Wider Yachts

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Established in 2010 by Tilli Antonelli, founder and former President of the well-known Pershing yacht brand, Italian-based WIDER was born from a passion for performance and innovation. The company prides itself on focusing on ergonomic, cutting-edge design. The WIDER 150, a sleek, modern, avant garde tri-deck super yacht, constructed entirely in aluminium, the elegant silhouette of the WIDER 150 was created by Fulvio De Simoni in collaboration with Tilli Antonelli and the in-house WIDER design team. The interior design was the work of IdeaITALIA. The WIDER 150 is unique in her ability to provide a number of luxury features only usually found on a larger vessel. She boasts three spacious decks for guests to enjoy. She has a 90-meter-squared beach club, a 7-meter swimming pool and a 32-foot tender, among other impressive amenities. The WIDER 150 is able to accommodate up to 11 guests. A 5-meter-squared master stateroom with a 4-meter-squared sea terrace is located on the main deck; four additional guest staterooms are located below deck each with an en-suite.

“ The WIDER 150, a sleek, modern, avant garde tri-deck super yacht, constructed entirely in aluminium... ”

Continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces was an issue of the utmost importance and the interior areas were managed more freely, focusing on attaining the greatest integration between the yacht and the surrounding environment, with a style that follows no fashion trend, characterised by clean lines and taut, smooth surfaces. The master suite, featuring large windows drawing in a huge amount of natural light, can be split into two separate areas by closing a sliding partition. Aft of the owner’s cabin, a studio/lounge area benefits from a beautiful fold-down terrace overlooking the waves. The elegant, contemporary interior includes furniture and leather supplied by Poltrona Frau. Founded in 1912, Poltrona Frau are a supplier to some of the leading car and aviation brands and have earned a reputation for their exacting quality standards. The company uses a unique 21-step leather tanning process where the full-grain leather is dyed through, so a surface scratch won’t reveal a lining underneath. 95% of the company’s products are made by hand. All Wider projects feature a moment of design magic and on the 150 a section of foredeck raises up at the touch of a button to become a light yet robust roof protecting a properly equipped lounging area. The massive skylounge will be a favourite place for guests to enjoy. The interior is contemporary and luxurious. A balcony forward from the master stateroom is located on the main deck and sea-level balconies open around the swimming pool at the

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transom. Good spatial planning like this is a feature on the Wider 150, from the open-plan saloon on the main deck to the saloon on the upper deck. The WIDER 150 has a state-of-the-art bridge with full ECDIS and a push-button system to provide wrap-around controls for the captain. She offers diesel-electric propulsion combined with Azimuthal pods; WIDER is the first shipyard to offer the benefits of a full diesel-electric system in this size range. The WIDER 150 also has the ability to run solely on battery power for a full night or whilst utilising the beach club, ensuring no noise, vibration smoke or smell. Since energy is carried by cable to the Azipods there was no need for a large engine room amidships. On the Wider 150, by splitting the technical areas between the bow and stern, 25 per cent more space is left for the guest cabins and the yacht can host a 9.7 metre tender in the stern garage. The generator room is at the bow and the battery packs are astern in two compartments on either side of the tender garage which, once the tender is out, becomes a swimming pool surrounded by a beach club which is unique for its peculiar opening system. A side opening has been excluded as it would not have been as reliable being from the transom, this also achieves the idea of having a great saltwater swimming pool protected from any danger in the middle of the ocean. On each side, fold-down balconies connected to the stern platform double the available space at sea level. Palagi Marine Lights provided bespoke interior downlights designed in cooperation with the shipyard, the requirement was a spotlight that was not visible during the day. Therefore the design was finished in different colours perfectly matching with ceiling panels and the fine materials that had already been chosen by the shipyard designer. The exterior lighting was also provided by Palagi Marine Lights, the decision to use them was based on their basic design and perfect light blade effect. The use of aluminium helps to lower the vessel’s environmental footprint and it can be repeatedly recycled. It also provides greater freedom during construction as it increases the opportunity to customise and considerably shortens production times. From the beginning, the project included a tender matching the yacht’s style and spirit. The Wider 32 superyacht tender was conceived as the Wider 150 took shape and it is as extraordinary as its mothership. Twin 260hp MerCruiser engines allow a top speed exceeding 37 knots, while the exterior styling by De Simoni leaves you in no doubt that this design has been produced to impress and perform.

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Beyond expectations in Premium World Travel Four Seasons Private Jet by TAG Aviation

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This project, created by the Four Season Private Jet by TAG Aviation, in partnership with TCS Expeditions, features exterior and interior design from Factorydesign. For more than 20 years, TCS and Starquest have provided the experience of a lifetime for their guests by providing the ultimate in service, comfort and convenience by flying direct and landing as close to destinations as possible. To date, they have operated over 200 expeditions to more than 150 destinations, making them the world leader in private jet travel. They work with some of the world’s most distinguished universities, museums and cultural organisations — National Geographic, the Smithsonian Institution, Harvard Museum of Natural History and more.

“ There are, at minimum, 21 hotel-trained crew and staff on board each Four Seasons flight, including three pilots, two engineers, a “journey manager” (travel coordinator), a concierge, and an executive chef. ”

They supply the industry’s most experienced and professional staff, including a physician and a chef, as well as guest lecturers accompanying them on every expedition. With decades of experience and an incredible wealth of expertise, they know what it takes to go above and beyond expectations in premium world travel. TCS and Starquest Expeditions have recently signed an exclusive partnership with the Four Seasons Group to provide additional round the world tours for high net worth customers combining business jet travel with exclusive hotels and reports. TAG Aviation have created a bespoke and unique B757 200 ER to raise the standard of the aviation product to compliment these trips. UK based Aerocare provided a major part of the cabin upgrade work. Within the cabin they provided the sidewall and window reveals, electrical/avionic harnesses for passenger seating and modifications of the cabin oxygen PSU modules. They provided the complete interior and exterior lavatory module redesigned to corporate specifications to include new vanity and Corian sink unit, carbon face door and amenity panels with anodised bespoke capping, and all LED lighting including mirror backlight and ‘return to seat’ legends. They completed the refurbishment of the complete flight deck and security door.

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The interior was completely refitted by Factorydesign, transforming many aspects including the 233 standard-size seats to 52 bespoke lie-flat seats in a 2-by-2 configuration. Each new white leather seat, designed by Italian craftsmen Lacobucci, stretches 6.5 feet, with ample aisle and legroom, and offers 78 inches of personal space. Similar versions are also found aboard Lear, Gulfstream, and Cathay Pacific jets, and they slide smoothly and quietly from sitting upright to lying flat at a touch of a button. Tray tables are topped in dark shellacked wood, with a roomy surface that can easily handle a heavy laptop or formally set, threecourse meal. Against the white of the plane, the wood gives the interior a kind of highspeed yacht ambiance. Overhead bins are nearly double their original size, now fitting 189 bags, but take up less headspace by tucking up into the crown of the fuselage. A new bi-color LED lighting system reflects off the state of the art galleys, creating a clean, calm mood with violet, warm white and soft blues. Four Seasons has been offering private jet experiences with TCS since 2012, but this is the first private jet fully branded to the resort company, giving them much more control over service and logistics than they had chartering other people’s planes. There are, at minimum, 21 hotel-trained crew and staff on board each Four Seasons flight, including three pilots, two engineers, a “journey manager” (travel coordinator), a concierge, and an executive chef. A physician and a photographer also come along, when adventurous itineraries—such as diving the Maldives’ coral reefs or game watching in the Serengeti—require it. This reconfigured Boeing 757-200ER, in its new shade of metallic black, has truly revolutionised the in-flight experience. This specially commissioned Four Seasons Jet is designed to apply the famous service standards of Four Seasons hotels at 35,000 feet. Customer feedback after first trips is exceptional; this is the best looking B757 ever built.


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At Embraer, we find inspiration in the greatest of challenges. The creation of entirely new aircraft, and categories. And the inclusion of technology previously unavailable in aircraft this size. The better way. The efficient way. The unconventional way. You see, we’ve never been ones to settle for the status quo. And we’re looking for those who share a similar mindset and are willing to act upon it. Because we believe for those who do — doing the impossible is just the beginning.

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