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“In the spirit of enabling design, we strive to create in our own foundry and design studio the absolute best architectural hardware and lighting in the world.” – SA Baxter

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THINK LIFESTYLE Award-winning design, breakthrough innovation and highest availability ensure you can enjoy greater comfort and luxury with Airbus’ range of VIP helicopters.

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With Awards Season almost upon us, this is the first of two issues we have dedicated in part to The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2017. Over the next two issues we shall be taking a closer look at shortlisted projects for this year’s awards. As you will be aware, all shortlisted projects are posted online and voted for by yourselves and design professionals over a four week period each April & May. The result of the voting last year was more than 10,000 individual design professionals viewing projects, considering design schemes and taking the time to vote in every category. We feel this process is not only fairer, more objective and certainly more democratic than a panel of five or six industry professionals placed as judges, but more than this it is without doubt an

excellent PR opportunity for all shortlisted companies. Our aim, at it has always been, is to reach out to and engage as many design professionals as possible and allow the wider yacht and aviation world to see, explore and cast their opinion on projects. It is an exciting and rewarding process. However this issue is not solely about The International Yacht & Aviation Awards; an integral part of Luxe et al is concerned with design projections, innovation and the direction of design, so we have asked designers this month for their personal endorsements, the essential key pieces that they recommend this season and going forward. Until next month Joanne

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THE ULTIMATE INDULGENCE FOR EXCLUSIVE INTERIORS. GILLIAN WEIR With an already established business designing, sourcing and supplying interior accessories to the super yacht industry, Gillian Weir and her team understand luxury. This background knowledge has led to them to specialise in the finest fibre in the world, cashmere. Each bespoke throw, blanket, bedcover and cushion from Gillian Weir is beautifully soft and luxurious. Custom made to each client’s specification in precious pure cashmere or blended with silky soft bamboo, hand dyed, hand woven and hand finished to perfection… These really are items to be treasured. Every step of the process is customisable, allowing the client to create their perfect accessory for each and every interior scheme. With Gillian Weir’s large colour palette of 45 shades, there is almost certainly always a colour to suit. Plus if the perfect shade required is not available then colour matching to a fabric swatch, pantone or RAL colour is no problem at all. Most of the looms used are just less than three meters wide and so can create blankets to fit perfectly on the biggest of beds. In this much bespoke world of luxury nothing is standard and so being able to create throws that drape perfectly over the edge of any size of bed is always possible.

14 Luxe et al

With a large portfolio of weave designs and three weights to choose from, it is possible to create a fun relaxed throw or a classic beautiful winter weight blanket for a sumptuous night sleep. The finishing touches really enhance the piece and enable the creation of a completely unique finish. If the client is looking for relaxed, rustic finish there are eight gorgeous tassel designs to choose from. If a smart, sleek luxe look is the intention of the design then a silk border may be recommended. Gillian Weir believes that there is nothing like their fabulous cashmere binding for a more natural, contemporary style. This really is the ultimate indulgence for exclusive interiors.

THE ELEGANCE OF 18TH CENTURY CHINOISERIES FROMENTAL Fromental makes the world’s most beautiful handmade wallpapers. Combining the finest skills together with luxurious fabrics they create contemporary, timeless interiors. Informed by a variety of art forms and styles from across the centuries, Fromental creates unique new designs that are at once fresh, timeless and elegant. Their collection of bird and flower chinoiseries aspires to retain the elegance of the 18th century designs whilst bringing something new to a traditional aesthetic. The chinoiseries include both classic and contemporary interpretations of the genre, available in over 60 standard colourways with 7 background styles, all of which can be customised either in part or whole. Giving breadth to the collection, Fromental offer both flamboyant, vibrant combinations of colour in addition to more muted, monochromatic schemes. The design layouts are available in varying densities, ranging from intensely detailed, luxuriant

gardens in full bloom to pared-down, elegant and understated backdrops. Fromental pioneered the technique of embellishing traditional hand-painted chinoiserie with fine silk embroidery, taking an already supreme decorative form to new heights of opulence. Their 20th century panoramics comprise more contemporary, nonrepeating compositions. Hand-painted with optional touches of embroidery, the wallpapers are available in a range of colourways on silk backgrounds. Again, every Fromental wallpaper is made to order with the pattern redesigned to perfectly fit the client’s space. The composition, colours and techniques are tailored to meet individual requirements. Supremely elegant and beautiful, the Prunus wallpaper is painted in an ‘unconscious’ style. The blossoms are painted and embroidered onto a variety of plain and striated silk backdrops. The stark angular style of the tree is contrasted by delicate embroidered blossoms in the Cherry Blossom scenic.

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ENTERING INTO THE WORLD OF LUXURY HAND-TUFTED CARPETS SYLKA CARPETS Since its launch in 2012, SYLKA has continued to innovate and develop its range of luxurious carpets to ensure the needs of its discerning customers in the yacht and aviation industry are met – and often exceeded. This year is no different and the firm is preparing to launch SYLKA HandTufted, which offers the same wonderful lustre as its current collection, but with the ability to create completely bespoke one-off designs, to suit a wide range of applications including, super yachts, luxury boutiques and high-end hospitality venues. Specified and endorsed by internationally-renowned boat builders and interior designers, SYLKA has gone on to be used in a number of projects and last year alone was fitted in numerous yachts over 55 metres. SYLKA Hand-Tufted, created by highly skilled artisans, is an exciting new departure for the award-winning firm. Created using the second generation of NuSilk fibre, SYLKA’s specially developed thread, SYLKA Hand-Tufted offers a deep luxurious lustre, while being easy to maintain and clean, anti-allergenic, hardwearing,

16 Luxe et al

resilient to sun damage and enjoying zero fibre-loss – making it ideal for aviation and marine environments. SYLKA has seen phenomenal growth in the last few years, winning favour as one of the world’s top carpet brands, while its new Marine Division in Palma, Mallorca has seen growing interest in its diverse collection. Distributed worldwide from facilities in the USA, London and Mallorca, SYLKA’s collections come in a variety of natural shades to compliment any living space.


Since 1724 Preciosa has strengthened and deepened its knowledge of the characteristic properties of crystal glass to a masterly perfection. Preciosa still preserves the tradition of a manufacturer using a high proportion of manual work. The combination of the highest craftsmanship‘s standards and unique technical knowledge make Preciosa one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fine glass. Preciosa is a top designer and manufacturer of a wide range of breath-taking lighting objects with respect to the special requirements present on board – unique chandeliers, wall lights, decorative objects, floor or furniture inlays, and various solutions for columns and balustrades. Challenging sea conditions pose no limits to ambitious light projects when you have an experienced team of skilled designers and design engineers, support of the best technologies, and the luxury of having it all under one roof. Moreover, each light installation has to pass the four-level safety tests; from testing the computer software, verifying the quality

of the construction, durability of materials in salty chamber and ensuring the fixtures can withstand any sea route. Projects for private luxury yachts speak for themselves; one of the references belongs to the longest super yacht in the world – luxurious Queen Mavia. In addition to this, Preciosa collaborated on the interiors of other luxury ship – Seven Seas Explorer. In cooperation with world-renowned architectural interior design company Tillberg Design AB, Preciosa created the bespoke lighting installations for the central rooms and ceiling solutions for the adjacent corridors.


This grand, five-star establishment is famed for its much frequented bar which influential writers have flocked to over the years to discuss their latest musings, alongside society men and women, JIM THOMPSON looking to escape the bustle of New York, London or Paris. Negresco encapsulates a generation of well-seasoned travellers, who would Dreams luxury, have equally felt atof home at Jimcosmopolitan Thompson’s dinner table.

summertime-living inspire Jim

For his first outdoor collection for Jim Thompson, Ou Baholyodhin Thompson’s latest outdoor collection, has returned to nature and a vacationing lifestyle for inspiration. This transpires through the vivid exotic colours, representative of tropical which takes its name from the island life; and the unique and contradicting landscapes, the essence resplendent Hotel Negresco, of which have been captured and transformedlocated into sturdy dualpurpose fabrics. The joys of travel are also a key source of influence, in the fashionable French Riviera. alongside the fascinating, vibrant and sublime aesthetics we uncover as curious travellers. This grand, five-star establishment is famed for its much frequented bar which influential writers have flocked to over the years to discuss their latest musings, alongside society men and women, looking to escape the bustle of New York, London or Paris. Negresco encapsulates a generation of well-seasoned travellers, who would have equally felt at home at Jim Thompson’s dinner table. For his first outdoor collection for Jim Thompson, Ou Baholyodhin has returned to nature and a vacationing lifestyle for inspiration. This transpires through the vivid exotic colours, representative of tropical island life; and the unique and contradicting landscapes,

18 Luxe et al

 Negresco demonstrates that opulent outdoor fabrics can be created without compromising on quality or style, made evident the essence of which have been captured and from the luxurious outdoor velvet and the bold colourways andThe transformed into sturdy dual-purpose fabrics. prints manifested sumptuous, durable textiles. The fabrics joys of on travel are also a key source of influence, featured in alongside this collection have been specially and some the fascinating, vibrant treated and sublime have been created using high performance, Dralon acrylic aesthetics we uncover as curious travellers. yarns, to guarantee the highest durability. This collection comprises a refined selection of clean, classic, and easy to useoutdoor contemporary Negresco demonstrates that opulent fabrics designs andcan colourways. be created without compromising on quality or style, made evident from the luxurious outdoor velvet and the bold colourways and prints manifested on sumptuous, durable textiles. The fabrics featured in this collection have been specially treated and some have been created using high performance, Dralon acrylic yarns, to guarantee the highest durability. This collection comprises a refined selection of clean, classic, and easy to use contemporary designs and colourways.

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EXPERTS OF LUXURY DAHLGREN DUCK The Dallas, Texas-based Dahlgren Duck & Associates, DDA, has developed a 30-year-old business supplying major aircraft OEMs, completion centers and yacht manufacturers with an extensive offering of the finest crystal, china, flatware, linens, and amenities, as well as customized services, to meet any space or style. Not only is DDA experts of luxury and unmatched in service, but also personal purveyors of product who carefully strategize and consult to enhance an overall vision: always at the forefront of design and committed to responding to the demand for modern luxury. DDA provides consultants who work alongside design teams to define and realize the unique styling of hundreds of interiors by procuring the finest products and patterns from top luxury brands. Several luxury brands for china include Hermes, Bernardaud, and Dibbern; for crystal, Baccarat and Saint-Louis; flatware, Christofle and Robbe & Berking; and linens, Rivolta and Cottimaryanne. These are just a few of the finest brands in the world that make up dozens of vendors in its portfolio. DDA has fostered these relationships for the past thirty years so diligently that many times, the vendors 20 Luxe et al

(many who are namesake, heritage brands), have developed special pieces to meet aviation/yachting needs and requirements, from personalizing dimensions of a crystal wine glass to adapting lead times and adding logos. DDA also offers a bespoke design division which is the crown jewel of the business. It is comprised of a network of project consultants, artisans and boutique craftsmen who are eager to bring the extraordinary to life for the word’s super elite. Many of these items include objets d’art fashioned from an inspiration or vision, or working with a luxury brand to personalize a specific piece. This division requires deep knowledge and imagination.


CHRIS EITEL DIRECTOR OF DESIGN AND PRODUCTION VLADIMIR KAGAN DESIGN GROUP Is the Superyacht/Aviation market an integral part of your business/large percentage of your market? It is a relatively small but growing percentage of our business. Many of our residential clients are investing in the Yachting industry, therefore we have recently seen an increase of our products into this market. I have even recently designed a custom sofa for a new yacht interior. How long have you worked in this sector? About three and half years, if I include my apprenticeship with Vladimir. What other sectors do you work in? We are beginning to explore more in lighting with Holly Hunt and have completed works of what we consider to be ‘functional art’ through galleries such as the Carpenters Workshop Gallery and Ralph Pucci. If able, please give details of your recent interesting projects and your direct involvement/participation in these projects. My most recent interesting project would probably be the Annecy Collection for the Carpenters Workshop Gallery. However, sparing the details, I am working on the first new collection since our merger with Holly Hunt – so be on the look out for that. Please talk us through your process of design, build and application for your products, where applicable. After a spark of inspiration, I always start with very rough, loose sketches, to flush out the idea I am having.

From there it’s a process of defining proportions, function and beginning details. This happens through a variety of different methods that is often a mixture of CAD and physical modelling. After a series of prototyping and adjustments we are able to proceed with the manufacturing of the final product.

DESIGN THAT HAS NO REGARD FOR LIMITATIONS VLADIMIR KAGAN DESIGN GROUP The GiGi Chair is among the designs Vladimir Kagan devoted himself to through the final years of his life. It is one of the last Kagan designs guided by Vladimir through its inception, development, and completion. Appropriately, it is also the first design to carry the input of Chris Eitel, Vladimir’s longtime apprentice and head of design at VKDG. This single chair is the culmination of 3 years of development that traces a significant chapter in the history of Kagan designs. It encapsulates endings, beginnings, and what comes next from the Kagan aesthetic.

What do you feel separates you as a company from your competitors? I would say the quality in which our product is built - especially in our upholstery lines. We refuse to sacrifice comfort for look….it must have both. Working within the Superyacht/Aviation sector must be different than domestic and commercial markets, have you found this to be the case? Any nautical requirements such as special fabrics or material usage are generally decisions that are specified by the Interior Designer or Architect. So as furniture designer for these projects, I find that Super yachts are very comparable to the residential and commercial markets that I design already for. Please describe any relevant technological advancement that may have influenced/ affected your work in recent years. I am of the younger generation of designers that exist today - who have embraced the technologies such as robotic CNC routing and 3D Printing. These forms of rapid prototyping, and the advancements that they have made, will only increase as a means of how we produce and design products in the future.

The most iconic Vladimir Kagan designs are also Vladimir’s earliest; many of his signature pieces grew out of the first 5 years of his design practice. Recognizing this, he returned to the beginning—sculptured wood frames, organic lines, and the essence of what people recognize as “Kagan-esque” features. This time, having reached a level of prestige in the design world, Vladimir approached the challenge of producing a new chair by disregarding limitations in production and instead simply creating. When envisioning the GiGi Chair, Vladimir put aside his long time mantra “form follows function” to focus solely on the aesthetic outcome of the chair. The frame developed as a work of sculpture, curves revealing themselves with a stroke of the pen. In the GiGi, traces of iconic Kagan designs can seen—the Walnut frame creates flowing lines reminiscent of the Contour Lounge Chair, the tripod base fans out like the Unicorn base, yet there is something peculiar about the GiGi Chair. Its seat is low, so that the frame surrounds one, with lines that curl away in subtle and unexpected ways.

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Sarp Yachts, proudly owned by the Kanatli family, has founded one of the largest and most modern shipbuilding facilities based in the Free Zone of Antalya in South Turkey. It is specifically designed for the new construction and refit of luxury motor and sailing yachts up to 80m in length. Complementing their in-house design team, Sarp Yachts works with the world’s most renowned designers. For their latest project they collaborated with Italian based award winning design firm Hot Lab to create the new 63-metre oceangoing concept, a full displacement yacht called Aouda 63. Auoda 63 is a balanced true explorer vessel with masculine exterior design and an incredibly original, organic, warm yet luxurious interior. Sharp and elegant proportions designed from architectural and functional concepts: a true way of being an explorer vessel with a strong contrast between functionality and pure forms of beauty. The design was inspired by military vessels’ elements, which were then translated into new modern design features. Whilst these vessels provided a strong influence, some other details are typical of a modern motor yacht, such as the master suite volume, completely dedicated to the owner, offering the entire foredeck for owner’s exclusive use. Auoda 63 indulges its owner with huge exterior spaces and the use of the interior decks has taken a rather unique direction. The interior design gives more space to the dreamlike aspect of the human mind, smooth whitish and golden tones are predominant, with just a few accents of dark-brown glossy ebony surfaces. The real soul of this yacht comes out, being fully absorbed by the surrounding environment, such as using patterns on walls and on flat panels to recall the ocean reefs just beneath the surface, the

28 Luxe et al

glossiness of all white ceilings perfectly mirrors the outside blue tones of sea and sky. The design surprises and delights in every detail providing all the necessary and custom requirements at this range. Its capability to navigate in any condition is immediately apparent, its exquisite design elements then have the profound effect of elevating it from an explorer vessel to a true contemporary yacht. Auoda rises over four decks with an 11-meter (36.3-foot) beam. She sleeps 12 guests in six luxurious staterooms across three levels. The full beam owner’s suite is located on the upper deck along with two VIP staterooms and three guest cabins on the lower deck below. The master suite is the pinnacle of the interior design scheme. The 5-metre rectangular pool on the bow which can be accessed from the master suite has been ingeniously designed to appear to flow directly into the room. The views from this cabin are breath taking and are matched by the luxurious interior details that have been envisioned for this space - Sahara Noir marble, gold leaf, striped Delabrè brass and white walnut woodwork are some of the prominent high-end materials expected to finish the master suite. The external space is equal in its impressive utilisation with the entire bow dedicated to relaxation and swimming providing enough space to set up loose outdoor furniture. On the aft upper deck, there is a touch and go helipad but when not in use with can be fitted with outdoor furniture to allow guests to relax comfortably. All exterior decks are fitted with sunpads or oversized settees in some areas. Glass is extensively incorporated into the design not just for the windows but also for the bulwarks, this choice will allow the preservation of the clear sightlines outward from the interior spaces. A large beach club comes complete with its own bar and an expansive bathing


platform with the transom door folded down. The sunken foredeck area features a family-sized swimming pool and deck space to lounge the day away in an intimate setting. This project has been imagined as a whole, the exterior and interior gel together their contrapositions in a smooth and soft way, because they create a natural dialogue with each other. The key has been developing the yacht not from the outside in, or from the inside out, but together, at the same time, following a completely opposite yet perfectly balanced design. The exterior design succeeds in being strong and light at the same time, with its pure geometric surface treatment and its colours. This ensures that the yacht integrates with the surroundings perfectly, not because its presence is inconspicuous within its environment but rather that it achieves a bold sense of belonging to the sea. This concept is not just an exercise in blue-sky thinking, the reality can be made possibility with a 28-months construction time being suggested. Construction would be using a steel hull and aluminium superstructure to LY3 and ABS standards. Power will come by a pair of CAT 3512C marine diesels each with around 1,500 horsepower rating. Top speed should be in the region of 16.5-knots with a range of 4,000 nautical miles at 12-knots. Sarp Yachts pride themselves on seeking innovation and their ability to fuse luxury with interior craftsmanship and complex exterior engineering. Their yachts are designed to have a timeless appeal and deliver to each proud owner an iconic vessel. Auoda 63 is a concept that achieves these objectives.

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A BEAUTIFUL BLEND OF CLASSIC AND CONTEMPORARY Jet Aviation Boeing 787-9 Private Jet Design Concept

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Luxe et al 35

For the Limitless project, it was the first time the design was conceived directly alongside the Engineering process, the teams working together to create an accurate 3D visual representation of a working VIP aircraft interior.

They are an approved service centre for Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Dassault, Embraer and Gulfstream aircraft. In addition to jet aircraft repair station ratings by the FAA (#QV1Y440K) and the EASA (#CH.145.0232) they also hold approval certificates of 17 other national aviation authorities.

The final design was a harmonious interaction between validated engineering specification and visionary design. The traditional angular shapes of Arabic architecture were integrated into modern screens separating the Master bedroom and dressing room, and the guest dining and lounge spaces. Either transparent or translucent, they provided both decoration and privacy, a 21st Century solution inspired by ancient design.

Jet Aviation are celebrating shortlisted success at The International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2017 in the category of Private Jet Design Concept with their project Boeing 787-9. The Boeing 787-9 and Airbus A350 Limitless were designed for a Middle Eastern client– with an interior that was far from classic. Elisabeth Harvey of Jet Aviation was responsible for the interior styling and interpreted the brief with the choice of traditional geometric shapes and tessellating patterns which were integrated throughout, but re-interpreted in a new, modern way. Classic materials had to be combined with innovative new fabrics and furnishings, crafting an interior that was both a comfortable and beautiful home, and a working business space. Inspiration came from residential design, contemporary but liveable, comfortable but aircraft compliant. Every design that the Studio works on is envisaged with the aircraft in mind. This means a full understanding of, and respect for, all certification and engineering requirements, designing within these parameters from the outset. As a Design Studio within a Completion Centre, Jet Aviation has 40 years of experience with these requirements, and direct access to engineering and certification teams.

36 Luxe et al

The layout was required to accommodate both private a guest spaces, with room to relax and work within the same flight. At the front of the aircraft, a master suite comprised of bedroom, bathroom and dressing room, while aft, a guest space incorporated dining, cinema and work spaces. The latest technology was seamlessly flowed into the design, from induction chargers in the nightstands to a digitalised library. And for the ultimate relaxation after closing a deal, a personalised cigar humidor was inserted. The client had requested a classic design with a contemporary twist, and this brief was in evidence throughout the aircraft. Traditional wood veneer was contrasted with a textured leather weave on the sideboards, while a deep pile carpet featured metallic loops, a subtle shimmer that represented a completely new interpretation of traditional metal plating. The brief was for something that felt like a home and office, seamlessly integrated with the latest amenities and technologies; induction chargers, a digital library, a cigar humidor and a private cinema – 30,000 feet in the sky.


Based in Basel Jet Aviation have almost half a century of experience. Their worldrenowned maintenance and completions services also include extensive avionics, engineering, refurbishment and paint capabilities.

Renderings by ACA Advanced Computer Art GmbH

LIMITLESS One of a kind, every time

Visionary or timeless, bold or subtle; the world’s most exclusive members’ club or a sanctuary from the world below: each Jet Aviation Completions interior is a finely hand-crafted representation of an individual idea. Full-height showers, interactive table tops, flexible open plan spaces and innovative seating or lighting solutions, beautifully complemented by fine fabrics, richly-toned wood veneers and bespoke detail. All expertly integrated into an airworthy interior.

Jet Aviation Basel CH-4030 Basel-EuroAirport Switzerland +41 58 158 4111 Luxe et al 37

SAILING YACHT WITH AN ELEGANT, REFINED AND TIMELESS DESIGN CNB 76 Built Exclusively for Owners with a Passion for the Sea

38 Luxe et al

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42 Luxe et al

Luxe et al 43


CNB was founded in 1987, and is owned by French group Beneteau. They divide their portfolio between yachts and superyachts. Their definition of a superyacht is not based on size but rather exclusivity, a one-off production. The CNB 76 is the vessel that bridges the gap between the one-off concept and the semi-customised yacht, and is celebrating shortlisted success at the International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2017 in the category Sailing Yachts under 40 metres. CNB Yacht Builders are internationally recognised for the exceptional quality of its luxury superyachts, and have launched over 90 boats. With a length of 76 feet (23.17 metres), the CNB 76 is an elegant boat that due to its intelligent naval architecture, the work of Philippe Briand, is efficient, comfortable, trouble-free to handle. It glides through open waters of any type with ease, due to its careful weight distribution and its magnificent proportions and lines blend harmoniously with the sea. The CNB 76 represents the first step into the super sailing yacht world. The CNB 76 embodies the shipyard’s will to develop a large, luxurious sailing yacht which would be the perfect transition between CNB’s one-off and semi-custom yachts. Seafaring, elegant and functional, the CNB 76 is built in composite and her hull and rigging are those of a 21st Century yacht. This Philippe Briand design truly symbolises the yard’s convictions which have not changed: “a CNB must be bewitching, reassuring and exalting: a yacht designed to go far, whose only limits are the ones dictated by practical seamanship”. The strengths of Jean-Marc Piatton, Interior Designer, were to give to the layout of this yacht the ability to manage a dedicated crew quarter with all the fundamental areas of the yacht as the saloon, the VIP cabins and the owner’s suite. Indeed, on this size of yacht, the crew need to have the maximum of

44 Design Et Al

pleasure at work to offer the best to the owner and guests. The crew quarters are designed to allow duties to be carried out without any imposition to the privacy of the owner or guests. It is easy to do it on a 100-foot yacht and more complex on a 70 foot. Whilst the practicalities of the design are paramount, the interiors also provide absolute true luxury for owners and guests who have a passion for the sea and are connoisseurs of good taste. The utter beauty of the interiors can be fully appreciated as the area is flooded with natural light from the large windows, indeed, with a truly panoramic view, the sea can be viewed from everywhere in the salon. The different internal spaces are well separated but still integrated in a whole design: crew quarter and galley, saloon, VIP cabins and owner suite. The luxury finish has been achieved by using high-end products such as her wood work which has been completed throughout in Mauka, a dark stained oak veneer protected by a matt varnish with an open-pore finishing on the partition walls. This varnish protects the wood while preserving a very natural aspect since one can see the structure of the wood and feel the fibre to the touch. A light oak veneer has been selected for the floors. In the saloon, a double telescopic table has been designed to turn the large table into two separate coffee tables with adjustable height. The saloon and cockpit are equipped with a Bose audio system. The saloon has a TV on elevator that emerges from the TV stand and can be swivelled for a better angle of view. A TV is also included in the owner’s cabin. The kitchen is fully equipped and includes two fridges, two deep freezers, a microwave oven, induction cookers, a convection oven, a dishwasher, combo washer drier and a wine cooler. Most of these domestic appliances are Miele-branded. Timing-controlled towel drying heaters have been installed in all bathrooms; the owner’s bathroom is equipped with TECMA high-end toilets.

The external space provides further pleasure with a large versatile cockpit lounge which has a large sofa to starboard and a table and another sofa to port with a retractable bimini for shade. There is also a tender garage with easy access and a giant swimming platform. The spacious foredeck also provides ideal space for sunbathing. CNB aims to maximise accessibility to the super sailing world and its success is profound with 18 CNB 76 vessels sailing around the world with owners from USA, Australia, Asia, and Europe. The CNB 76 is the perfect balance for an owner who desires a seaworthy sailing yacht with all the comfort onboard and a real crew quarter. The design is the perfect combination between space, light and areas that provide different functions, true luxury on a boat built with the capability of any ocean-going adventure, to sail with complete peace of mind.

Clar!s, image builder - Photo Nicolas Claris


At CNB, every one of our owners is unique. Just like our boats. Our expertise, development tools and passion bear witness to this. From semi-custom to one-off, throughout construction, on delivery and on the world’s Seven Seas, the owner is always supported by our teams… and has been for over 30 years.


A NEW UNDERSTANDING OF TRAVEL Lufthansa Technik Make the Human Experience the Focus of this Unique Design.

46 Luxe et al

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An innovative design to meet the demands of VVIP customers; privacy for valuable family time, connectivity in regard to all communication channels and a comprehensive approach toward health and well-being. At EBACE 2016, Aircraft Interior Architect Michael Reichenecker unveiled his brand-new Airbus A350 VVIP interior concept for Lufthansa Technik, called ‘Welcome Home’. In his unique cabin, he is placing the human being in the center of the story and emphasises a comprehensive approach towards health and well-being on-board. The cabin promotes flexible areas for privacy or valuable family time and provides super connectivity in regard to all communication channels. Lufthansa Technik have been shortlisted for Private Jet Design – Concept Award in the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2017. Taking into account the often extremely tense life styles of its VIP customers, the ‘Welcome Home’ concept has been consequently optimised to offer a perfect ambience for recreation and relaxation whilst travelling. Travel time should become quality time. Mr. Reichenecker notes that for many VIP customers time is a rare commodity and family is immensely important. A demanding lifestyle that requires frequent travelling and constant high attention to business and other topics must be balanced by valued family time and relaxation in a healthy environment. The ‘Welcome Home’ concept strives to fulfill these different aspects.  “The idea is meant to be much more than just a healthy surrounding in an aircraft. The goal is to create a flying experience that lets you arrive more relaxed and strengthened than when you started the journey”, commented Mr. Reichenecker. Environment and materials, food quality, relaxation and noise, smell and other factors have an impact on how passengers feel. So, taking into account the specific requirements Lufthansa’s customers have, it was decided that

50 Luxe et al


the design solution must result in a combination of features that can all potentially cater to a higher sense of well- being. Consequently, the first design priority was to move away from the ever adding of box type rooms and instead to create more flexible areas that can be opened and combined for better social interaction and closed for full privacy if so desired. Located in the most favourable area in regard to noise and aircraft movement, the front part of the aircraft, the “Family Flex Area” facilitates a large and airy private space comparable to an expensive hotel suite. An office within this area focuses on private conversations or interactive video conferencing, allowing the VIP to place themselves in the midst of their staff whenever required. The guest lounge entertains with a cinema size screen and offers a new lighting approach. In the designer’s patent pending new “Living Lining” concept ceilings and walls themselves turn into lighting elements. Dedicated areas such as the ceiling over the dining table can be specifically lit up, while other areas are moodily dimmed down. Imitations of clouds can be depicted, even animated, and aside of pre-sets any individual lighting requirement can be reproduced. ‘Welcome Home’ also sets new standards regarding healthy on board food preparation. A new induction platform has been integrated and allows for fresh food cooking on board. The all-in-one solution includes a power unit, an exhaust fan, and a special cover, which ensures that pots and pans remain in place even during turbulence. In the AFT of the cabin a large SPA area has been introduced which welcomes guests with a humidifying water feature and otherwise offers a relaxing steam bath, a massage shower, and a massage table that may also double as a passenger transport unit (PTU) if so required. Top sound quality and individual lighting let guests immerse fully in a deeply relaxing surrounding.

The whole cabin comprises about 270 square metres (about 2,900 sq ft). Even though the design was originally developed for an A350 cabin, the flexibility of the concept allows the adaption to other wide-body aircraft, too. The leading idea that air travel should be as relaxing, or even more than on the ground has doubtless been the key aspect of this concept. Mandatory elements that stand responsible for wellbeing such as higher air humidification, healthy food, the possibility to seclude to a quiet pod, have been consequently introduced into the design. Ultimately, and particularly in any aircraft, design must synchronise with technical aspects in order to result in a great solution. Lufthansa Technik believe, at least to a point, they have been able to accomplish that with this concept. Michael Reichenecker initiated his concept by an in-depth survey regarding the requirements of potential customers as well as the design possibilities of the specific aircraft model. The abundance of space and a more convenient cabin air pressure led to the understanding that health and well-being of the passengers should be the defining feature of the concept. So he really placed the human being in the center of the story. Lufthansa Technik believes that with this concept they have taken a first step into a different understanding of what air travel can be. Rather than enduring air travel as a mere necessity to get from A to B more quickly, they want to open up possibilities to see it more as a continuation of a healthy life style. Ultimately, they believe that what they discovered here should be implemented in any long haul travels including space travel.

Luxe et al 51

52 Luxe et al

100-FOOT YACHT LUXURY, SMALL BOAT INVESTMENT Nordhavn 96 Lacey Kay - Mega-Yacht Styling, Luxury, and the Capability to Travel the World, all Within a Manageable 30 Metres

Luxe et al 53

54 Luxe et al

Luxe et al 55

56 Luxe et al

Luxe et al 57

Lacey Kay has mega-yacht styling, luxury, and the capability to travel the world, all within a manageable 30 metres. PAE are celebrating shortlist success at The International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2017 in the category Power Yacht over 2540 Metres Award. The owners of this yacht previously owned a Nordhavn 76, which has exceptional global-cruising capabilities. The client wanted a boat that could host more friends and family, with added interior and exterior entertaining areas, an additional VIP stateroom for guests, and an enhanced Master Suite. Jeff Leishman and his team created a world-class cruising vessel of exceptional quality and capability, with a luxurious interior that mimics those of mega yachts for the highest level of comfort imaginable, no matter how remote their itinerary, and a boat that is still able to be managed with no – or minimal – crew, She is based on the hull of the very successful Nordhavn 86, and incorporates a 10-foot cockpit extension that allows for space bumps in several areas of the boat including below decks in the crew area and lazarette; at main deck level in the cockpit and saloon; on the pilothouse deck the upper master stateroom; and an even more capacious fly bridge. Fuel capacity remains the same, although slight gains in fuel burn are likely due to the N96’s longer water line. Displacement also stays virtually the same. This new model was achieved by the relatively easy procedure of extending the mould of the Nordhavn 86, PAE use this method as it is an efficient way to give a customer the additional space they are seeking without the drastic cost of building an entirely new hull. Nordhavn has employed this method of thinking with several of its other models including the N52 (based on the N47 hull), the N60 and 63 (based on the N55 hull), the N68 (based 58 Luxe Et Al

on the N64 hull) and the N76 (based on the N72 hull), and the approach has been a hugely successful one. The Nordhavn 96 makes it possible to have access to the luxuries of a 100-foot boat at a smaller boat investment. The saloon and galley measures 43 feet in length and the combination of wheelhouse, captain’s cabin and sky lounge measure almost 34 feet in length. She includes a vast, full-width owner’s suite in addition to the captain’s cabin, three guest staterooms with ensuite heads, plus the spacious crew wing which comprises a roomy cabin and head aft with exterior entrance. A laundry and utility room are also provided. The luxurious and functional interior was created by Scott Cole and is finished with fine hardwoods, walnut wood panelling, beautiful mouldings and raised panels combined with stone floors, granite countertops, the finest hardware, lighting and fixtures. The flybridge on Lacey Kay features a superyacht spa pool and cocktail bar, while the foredeck is dedicated to tender storage, with enough room to house a Caribe RIB and a centre console tender. Nordhavn’s favourite aspect of the project was achieving the owners’ desires for an upper-level master suite spanning the full deck’s width, including a private, walkout aft deck/balcony; and a full-width VIP guest cabin forward. The heavy full displacement hull has a sea kindly motion and stability to maintain comfort in even the roughest conditions that the yacht will routinely encounter. The added range will allow extended cruising time in the most remote areas of the world with concern for fuel. The yacht’s hull design, combined with the lush interior, means staying on board for any length of time under any conditions is a pure pleasure. In this project, as in all of their projects, PAE recognized how much design and thought goes into the creation of a semicustom/custom yacht. There are so many aspects to consider from the capability and safety of the boat, to meeting the owners’ specific criteria and making sure engineering and aesthetics harmonize with each other. In Lacey Kay, they have clearly met objectives and exceeded expectations.


Pacific Asian Enterprises (PAE) has expanded the Nordhavn line with the addition of the Nordhavn 96. The 96 bridges the gap between the 86 and the Nordhavn 120-foot megayacht. The second hull in the 96 series of explorer yachts has been launched and named Lacey Kay. The 96.98ft Nordhavn 96 expedition motor yacht was built by Nordhavn in China at their Xiamen shipyard, she was delivered to her owner in 2016.

A picture is worth a thousand words…

a Nordhavn is worth millions of miles. With millions and millions of miles logged, Nordhavns not only go the distance, they have achieved more circumnavigations and ocean crossings than all our competitors’ models combined. From our smallest ship to our newest and biggest Nordhavn 120-foot super yacht, each design has proven to safely and comfortably deliver its owners to the furthest corners of the planet. All those miles require a lot of time spent at sea. So we’ve made Nordhavns as luxurious and comfortable inside as they are capable of cruising the globe. Exotic stone surfaces, the finest hardwoods, highly-considered layouts and a smooth steady ride make your Nordhavn feel like home no matter where you happen to be. Visit to learn more about the great distances Nordhavns have covered.

For information, visit or contact us at

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FORWARD THINKING, INNOVATIVE AND PREMIUM ‘AFRICAN-NESS’ Standard Bank - The Library at OR Tambo International Airport

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62 Luxe et al

Luxe et al 63

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Luxe et al 65

The need for the new airport lounges was identified through extensive research that was undertaken to see if what was on offer met the needs of travellers. Standard Bank then looked at their views and used the research results to develop lounge concepts that met the travellers’ requirements for convenience and access to WIFI and power points, as well as premium food and beverages whilst travelling. The impetus behind this research was the fact that Standard Bank have about 5,600 customers visiting the airport every month, this became an exercise in necessity. As travel is a key lifestyle experience in the lives of Standard Bank’s Private Banking customer, Standard Bank felt that outsourcing this experience to a third-party lounge operator diluted the private banking experience into one that is mass and mediocre. And so to address this vital issue Standard Bank South Africa has designed and built three of its own airport lounges at OR Tambo International airport in Johannesburg. The Interior Designer on the project was Callie van der Merwe and the interior styling was the responsibility of Yatish Narsi and Callie van der Merwe. Each lounge is different both from a design point of view as well as the desired customer experience. The Library is the lounge experience created on the far and quiet side of the domestic airside terminal, so it is a little bit of a walk for passengers to get to. In a world consumed by an ever-increasing digital pace, the Library lounge is a throwback to a slower tangible time. Standard Bank wanted to create the sense of calm that is experienced at the New York Public Library amidst the rush and chaos of New York City. To this end, the thinking was to combine a best in class library and art gallery with bespoke food, wine, and whiskey experience. The Library hosts a collection of rare, first edition and other curated reads. This is operating as a full-service library with check in/out options. This design outcome is the result of a perfect combination of designer, client, supplier partnership where a great deal of time and effort was dedicated to defining and solving the exact client and end-user needs. Asking the right questions and solving the right problems.

66 Luxe et al

Standard Bank were both proud and excited to announce the opening of three exclusive lounges at OR Tambo International Airport – an oasis of comfort and relaxation created to elevate the travel experience.


Standard Bank are celebrating shortlist success at The International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2017 in the category of Airport Lounge with The Library. Alongside this lounge are two further lounges. The Café Blue is designed to deliver a café style, pre-flight experience. This airport lounge offers complimentary deli style meals and drinks on the go, a chance to recharge electronics and access free Wi-Fi offering the traveller a brief pause before catching their flight. The Connection Hub is built for convenience and is open to all domestic travellers moving through departures. Standard Bank’s aim was to make the African airport experience premium again by designing an airport lounge based at OR Tambo International Airport. The design ethos had to be to create a tangible experience that demonstrates the forward thinking, innovative and premium ‘African-ness’ of Standard Bank. They approached the project with the committed intention of breaking the convention of a traditional ‘airport lounge’ and move to develop a range of aesthetic experiences, connecting the various parts of real estate in the airport, this would result in making the experience of travelling premium again. The premise for the design was based on the opinion that flying has become incredibly ubiquitous, and thus has traded utility for delight. The experience is efficient, geared to volume and has lost its sense of the individual. Gates, seat allocations, parking levels and the like, every touch point has reduced travellers to a number. The measure of the success of this design for the Domestic Lounge will be to re-introduce a sense of belonging and humanity to an otherwise processed efficiency over humanity space. With the understanding that Standard Bank cannot control large portions of the experience for obvious reasons, the designers believed that with the right interventions, timed and placed correctly it is possible to make their customers feel ‘special’ and taken of care of. The team decided that thinking outside the confines of the given sites would allow them the latitude and freedom of thought to propose interventions that are ‘timed’ and placed perfectly.

ANNIKA SVORE WICKLUND (ASW) Director of Interior Design - Greenpoint Technologies

CHRISTINE HADLEY (CH) Director of Marketing - Greenpoint Technologies Tell us a little about your background (education, experience etc.). ASW: I am a Seattle native, and my family spent many summers and vacations travelling abroad. My childhood was influenced by a few female designers in my family – including my great aunt who worked as an Interior Designer for American Embassies in Pakistan, Hong Kong and Paris. Her stories, taste and design aptitude inspired me to dream bigger! For college, I moved across the country to Colby College in Maine where I double majored in Mathematics and Art, before finishing my NCIDQ Credation back in Seattle. I’m now approaching 13 years at Greenpoint and we’ve completed many fascinating VIP airplane projects! CH: I have been part of the Greenpoint team for over a decade, working in both sales and marketing. Prior to Greenpoint, I worked for a couple of Greenpoint suppliers as well as the Boeing Company. This offered good insight to Greenpoint’s culture, products and passion of the team – which are all elements I value today. Greenpoint embraces a continuous improvement and learning culture. As such, I recently graduated with an MBA from the University of Washington in June 2016. What projects are you currently working on? ASW: Our current focus is delivering the Crystal AirCruises 777, engineering an esteemed 787, and we are in the design development stage for two additional 787 VIP interiors. CH: Greenpoint Marketing is preparing for business jet shows in China and Europe, with a special focus on Crystal AirCruises’ upcoming delivery this summer. Stay tuned, it will make history!   What projects have you recently completed? ASW: Also entered in these awards is the SkyBlue 787-8 – the world’s first V-VIP 787 to deliver. Greenpoint is proud to be the completion center to deliver that project. Additionally, we designed and delivered the world’s first V-VIP 747-8 interior completion in 2014.

68 Luxe et al

CH: Corporately, we delivered the first V-VIP 787-8 which displayed at EBACE 2016. The static display was a historical event for Greenpoint and our partners; Kestrel Aviation Management, Pierrejean Design Studios and Boeing Business Jets. The entire team pulled together to successfully display the world’s first V-VIP 787-8 in Geneva, Switzerland. The 787 debut was covered by over 60 news sites. What companies have you worked with for the above projects? ASW: Greenpoint worked with Kestrel Aviation Management and Pierrejean Design Studios to deliver the world’s first V-VIP BBJ 787. We could not have been more pleased with the interior! Prior to the 787, our inhouse design team completed the world’s first 747-8 interior design independently.   What do you feel separates you as a company from your competitors? CH: No other completion center embodies the Greenpoint Team, our knowledge and experience with Boeing aircraft, especially the 787, and our team’s “Code of Conduct” which fuels passion and humility to deliver excellence.   Do you have any predictions for upcoming trends/design directions? ASW: Interior design is trending toward modern, clean and functional schemes. Clients want the advanced technology and performance of their cars and office spaces, with the warmth and intimacy of their homes and yachts. It’s an interesting balance between each of these sectors. We strive to achieve adaptability in our interior designs, and ensure the scheme is both modern and timeless with an element of surprise. Please describe any relevant technological advancements that may have influenced/affected your work in recent years. CH: The technological advances of the 787’s composite structure and electrical, software driven system. This new technology drove our team to learn, innovate and embrace a new way to perform completions. Lessons learned from our first

787-8 are being applied to Greenpoint’s additional 787s as well as other models. What do you feel are the biggest challenges the private aviation industry will have to face in the future? ASW: As new products, design trends and technology emerge, it takes time, research and qualification to finally install and certify these features onto our client’s aircraft. To be prepared, aircraft designers need to be far ahead of trends and advocating for these features early. Our team spends a lot of time researching, proactively building mock-ups and diving into how things will work differently in flight. CH: Annika said it best. Staying ahead of new technologies and adapting them for use during flight.   What are your favourite recent schemes please describe key elements. ASW: I have been drawn to more unconventional schemes recently. In following fashion trends I love the current play of lacework, feathers and gold threading. In architecture, I am drawn to the undulating, dramatic, organic forms. I would love to see more playful, bold designs in aviation aligned with high end luxury.   What products/services could you not live without? ASW: We like to explore new materials with each product. However, we remain consistent with certain materials we know will perform well and look beautiful. For example, leather, veneer, metal, marble and granite. There are many ways to manipulate these materials differently to create a modern feel. What are your current plans for 2017? ASW: We are developing the interior design schemes for our two (2) recent V-VIP 787 interior completion contracts. In addition, we’re monitoring quality fit and finish on the V-VIP Boeing 777-200LR interior completion for Crystal AirCruises, as well as our second V-VIP 787-8 interior completion.


Tell us a little about your background (education, experience etc.). As a musician and architect my life has always revolved around art and creativity. Surprising to some, however, seems to be that my more than 20 years of international experience as an accredited architect and real estate developer have taught me the numbers side of the business. Project developments and building have honed my ability to plan and implement on budget, on schedule and in the required quality and not least to finance projects and manage teams and stakeholders. At Lufthansa Technik I am able to apply my background to the benefit of the most demanding clients. Please give us a brief overview of your submission for The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2017. The ‘Welcome Home’ concept has been developed for the A350. The goal is to create a travel experience that lets you arrive more relaxed and strengthened than when you started the journey. But the concept goes beyond the health and well- being aspects. For many VIP customers time is a rare commodity and family is immensely important. The innovative design thus addresses privacy for valuable family time and connectivity in regard to all communication channels. What is the purpose of the design (planned build, design exhibition etc.)? The purpose of the design is to showcase how a healthy and balanced lifestyle can be maintained on an airplane and how cabin design can contribute to that. The concept was initially introduced to the public at EBACE 2016 and has ever

since been received with great interest by the media and most of all, by some of our most distinguished customers. The goal is to be able to implement some or all of the concept’s key elements into an individualized and custom built VVIP cabin. What are the key elements of the design? The ‘Welcome Home’ design concept includes the following key elements: One: A flexible VIP area, with Master Bedroom, Master Bathroom and VIP Lounge that allows for seclusion and can easily be transformed by large sliding doors into a lofttype social space. Two: A dedicated, center positioned office space, suited for confidential communication or video conferencing while offering great views into the cabin. Three: An integrated cinema lounge with an oversized curved monitor. Four: An open bar style kitchen that allows for fresh cooking. Five: A grand SPA and relaxation area with steam bath and massage facilities. What companies have you worked with for the above project (if any)? So far we collaborated with ACA for the renderings and with AIRBUS for technical aspects regarding the A350. Is there any reason you choose this project in particular to enter into the awards? Clients are looking for innovative solutions away from the beaten path, I believe with the ‘Welcome Home’ concept we deliver just that. What do you feel separates you as a company from your competitors?

Lufthansa Creative Design is part of Lufthansa Technik AG and the market leader in VVIP cabin design. Lufthansa Tecknik stands for one-stop service for all kinds of technical services, including cabin products, for commercial and VIP aircraft and is based in Hamburg. For in-flight entertainment, lighting concepts, medical care or seating configurations, with its unique capabilities as an innovative development, production and maintenance organization gained from six decades of experience in day-to-day operations, the Hamburg-based company has set itself the goal of becoming the world’s top address for new cabin innovations. Do you have any predictions for upcoming trends/design directions? Anything is possible in bespoke client driven cabins. On the other hand, as a new generation of customers enters the market, they bring fresh general requirements. The advent of the sharing economy influences VIP cabin interiors. The design needs to appeal to certain common preferences of an audience vs. an individual’s taste. Implementing scalable business models in VIP cabin design can also result in lower costs and a shorter down time. I am looking forward to addressing this exciting market as well. Please describe any relevant technological advancements that may have influenced/affected your work in recent years. At EBACE 2016 we have presented the A350 concept utilizing virtual reality technology. For the first time customers have been able to easily experience an interactive cabin walkthrough merely by using a 3D headset.

Luxe et al 69


Tell us a little about your background (education, experience etc.).

What is the purpose of the design (planned build, design exhibition etc.)?

I earned my interior design degree from the Savannah College of Art & Design, and over the past decade I have had the privilege to design within a diverse range of sectors, including residential, commercial, exhibit, institutional, hospitality and, now, aviation.

The project was the design for our new four-living-area Gulfstream G650ER, Gulfstream’s flagship aircraft. The aircraft is one of our demonstrators – it serves as our main G650ER for air shows and client demonstrations throughout the world. Our goal was to showcase the flexibility of the G650ER cabin, its multifunctionality – both as an office in the sky and home away from home – and its individuality.

I have spent the last five years, here at Gulfstream, working directly with our clients to design detailed concepts for their G650, G550, G450, G280 and G150 interiors and overseeing those completions to delivery. Recently, my role has transitioned to research and development at Gulfstream. In my new position, I help innovate interior design solutions for our current and future Gulfstream products, as well as explore benchmarking opportunities that will continue to allow Gulfstream to be recognized as the leader in business aviation. In addition, I guide the overall design direction for our entire demonstrator fleet. Please give us a brief overview of your submission for The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2017. Our submission focuses on a Gulfstream G650ER with four living areas. This is the first Gulfstream corporate demonstrator that features this configuration, and we wanted to create a cabin design that allows a seamless transition from work to dining, entertainment and rest through four distinct yet analogous zones.

70 Luxe et al

Business aviation has a multitude of benefits that gives passengers an advantage, from immense time savings to speed, comfort and schedule control. All of these naturally led us down the path of basing our concept on the game of chess. The strategic importance of owning a business jet can be correlated to the wise strategy, consideration, confidence, analysis, foresight – planned for as skillfully as a chess game. What companies have you worked with for the above project? UTC Aerospace Systems, Scott Group, F/ List, Tapis Corporation, Garrett Leather, Townsend Leather, Hermes Home Fabrics by Dedar, Rogers & Goffigon, de Le Cuona, Sandra Jordan and Dahlgren Duck & Associates. Is there any reason you chose this project in particular to enter into the awards? The G650ER is our flagship aircraft, and the four living areas featured in this design showcase the unparalleled comfort and flexibility of this aircraft. We created a compelling interior with high-contrast

elements and the hand-crafted details that Gulfstream is known for, including quilting and stitching details on our upholstery. What do you feel separates you as a company from your competitors? Gulfstream’s interior design team has created thousands of unique interiors for clients around the world. We work closely with our clients to tailor the interior, which is, of course, an extremely important aspect of the aircraft. Our Interior Design team brings in a wealth of education and experience that allows us to offer one-of-a-kind design elements and a wide range of ideas that marry depth and practicality. These designs are implemented with custom materials that include hand-tufted carpets, high-end fabrics and custom-made leathers. We then expertly elevate these details with quality finishes and Gulfstream craftsmanship. We are proud to offer our clients the knowledge of worldwide design and an understanding of how it functions within the aviation environment. What are your favourite recent schemes please describe key elements. Gulfstream Interior Design takes great care to know exactly who our clients are and their preferences. We also want to simplify the sometimes overwhelming task of narrowing down their design desires into a cohesive aircraft cabin. To that end, we have developed five prevalent and distinct design aesthetics that serve as launch pad for their personalized designs. Of those, the three most prevalent aesthetics are Sport, Layered and Classic.


Tell us a little about your background in design (education, experience etc.). I joined Mecaer Aviation Group (MAG) in 2011, to create the MAG Design Studio and select the amazing team of designers together with whom the MAG Design Studio won the Red Dot product design award in 2014, the Design et al Yacht and Aviation award in 2015, and again the Red Dot product design award in 2017. MAG design studio creates VVIP style designs for helicopters and business jets cabin interiors, and recently concept designs for yacht interiors. Prior to MAG, I started as a structural engineer in an international design consultancy (ARUP), after studying Engineering and Architecture. I then held various roles in project management and business development in significant projects (airport terminals in Europe and Asia, luxury shopping malls in EMEA, Art Museums, etc), working with top architectural firms. Please give us a brief overview of your submission for The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2017. The idea for the “Santorini” Concept for a 60m yacht interior was born from a collaboration with Marco Casali – TOO Design, who is the designer of the yacht exterior and the naval architect. In line with recent interior design trends in which natural stones and metal surfaces are the protagonist, we aimed to develop a

concept which I like to call “earth-borne”, with a strong link with nature. For this purpose, we took inspiration from the Greek Island Santorini, rough and magnificent island made of volcanic lava, and we created an interior with a strong personality, precious and essential. Where do you feel aviation design is going in terms of interior schemes? I see a variety of design approaches. On one hand style designers are moving towards seamless lines and shapes, emphasizing the quality of materials and luxury details, on the other hand there always has to be an awareness of the final customer’s lifestyle and needs. This usually translates into a highly customized interior in terms of finishing choices, materials coupling, style solutions. Very decisive customers would ask for a translation of their signature style from their jet to their helicopter. Name five key themes to consider when approaching design in 2017 and beyond: In no particular order: • Artificial Intelligence, nano-technologies and manufacturing 4.0: in 10 years’ time the manufacturing of every item we design will be approached in a totally different way • Always design for the customer needs • Design for comfort: a good balance of various aspects. • Keep an eye on design communities and on similar markets • Be faithful to your essential design philosophy. Trends and new ideas are only inspirational, they cannot drive the design.

What are your favourite recent schemes? Please describe key elements. I am recently very inspired by Michele Bonan’s interiors. If you could offer one piece of advice when it comes to design schemes, what would it be? For both designers and perspective buyers, the main aim would be to create an atmosphere which is congenial to the customer, a place of beauty and comfort, a place where you want to come back to. Please describe any relevant technological advancements that may have influenced/affected your work in recent years. I am definitely into industry 4.0 and understanding how this will change our work and the society. MAG has launched its own 4.0 project and working towards implementing it. What are your current plans for 2017? The MAG design studio is currently working on several medium size helicopter refurbishments and new projects. We are also developing two new jet concepts for EMEA customer’s proposals. We have partnered with a Fashion designer, to bring new inspirational trends to our work.

Luxe et al 71


Tell us a little about your background (education, experience etc.). I have always been creative from a very young age, where I used to sit in my room for hours on end drawing and learning how to play the guitar. My creativity developed into a love and passion for art and design and I attended Kingston University where I achieved a BA Hons degree in Fashion. That is where I began my career and established an award winning luxury designer label sold internationally in top boutiques and stores. After the arrival of my 2 sons in the early ‘90’s, I then turned my creative attention to interior design, which was a much slower paced industry than fashion, and which suited me at the time, being a Mum with 2 boys to look after. Designer Touches was launched, and I embarked on my passion of turning houses into beautiful homes. In 1999 I was given the opportunity to work on the full design and execution of a new build mansion, and at that point, Designer Touches turned a corner! I am extremely proud of how the business has grown and where we are today with many of my clients returning year upon year, which is the biggest compliment I could receive. Please give us a brief overview of your submission for The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2017. We recently completed the interior renovation and re-fit of the Ability Group flagship vessel, the M/Y ABILITY. The 39.6 meter luxury super yacht, formally owned by the fashion designer Roberto Cavalli, has been listed as one of the top 10 most iconic celebrity mega yachts and for the first time in its history is available for private charter. We worked closely with its current owner whose brief included the desire for the

72 Luxe et al

interior to be sympathetic to the yacht’s history and previous owner’s flare for design. Therefore, we took inspiration from the catwalk and used a couture pallet of taupe and greys ranging from muted dove grey to dark and more intense shades to provide an injection of drama and atmosphere. We combined this pallet with opulent leathers, to provide texture, animal prints and natural fabrics to create a lavish yet elegant and tasteful interior, worthy of the yacht’s history and status. What is the purpose of the design (planned build, design exhibition etc.)? The purpose of the design is an interior renovation and re-fit, to ensure that the ABILITY is ready to charter. What companies have you worked with for the above project? We used numerous suppliers for this project including, key pieces from the Roberto Cavalli home collection, Eichholtz, and Zinc to name a few. Is there any reason you choose this project in particular to enter into the awards? We entered this project in particular into the awards as it is such an iconic vessel, previously owned by Roberto Cavalli who hosted many A-list celebrities onboard. When designing the interiors of this mega yacht we wanted the guests to experience the opulence and elegance associated with the vessel’s history. With my background within the fashion industry we were the perfect interior design studio to take on this project. We took inspiration from the catwalk and closely followed trends and colour pallets which we incorporated into our designs. We used iconic pieces

of furniture in key areas from Roberto Cavalli Home collection that pay homage to its previous owner, creating a lavish yet elegant interior. What do you feel separates you as a company from your competitors? At Designer Touches we try to offer a little more attention to detail and we always put the customer at the heart of everything that we do. We really try and understand how they will use and live in the space that we are designing and ensure that our designs are not just beautiful but practical for everyday living. Our design process is collaboration with the client and we do not rest until they are 100% happy with the result. With my experience in the fashion industry we also follow the design industry extremely closely and try to be at the forefront of the latest trends and newest materials on the market. I also bring a key technical understanding to the table with my experience in property development, from commercial developments to residential new builds. This is enhanced by working alongside onsite contractors on a daily basis. Do you have any predictions for upcoming trends/design directions? In the recent trade fairs that we have attended we have seen many designers use reflective surfaces within their designs, including coloured glass, mirror and pearl. This has been used across wallpaper coverings and furniture design. These materials take advantage of natural light and make even the smallest of spaces feel bright and airy.


Tell us a little about your background (education, experience etc.).

What do you feel separates you as a company from your competitors?

Began working in marine design in 1982. Attended the Yacht Design Institute and graduated in 1988. Began designing Nordhavn Yachts in 1988 starting with the iconic first Nordhavn model, the N46, and have been doing so ever since with designs ranging from 35 feet to 135 feet.

Our ability to conceive, engineer and build the yacht in-house; and the immense amount of experience and commitment that exists in our company: in almost four decades, PAE has maintained the same ownership team, the same naval architect designing and the same factories building our boats. Much of our staff – from project management to marketing – have been with the company for about 20 years.

Please give us a brief overview of your submission for The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2017. We have submitted a 96 foot expedition yacht with emphasis on world cruising in remote locations. The interior design was done by Scott Cole of Ardeo Design in Seattle, Wa. What companies have you worked with for the above project? Ardeo Design, South Coast Marine Yacht Building, Alcom Marine Electronics, ABT Hydraulics, Caterpillar Is there any reason you chose this project in particular to enter into the awards? It is the most gorgeous Nordhavn 96 we have designed to date and perfectly combines design quality, integrity and capability with the owner’s objectives, tastes and style.

Do you have any predictions for upcoming trends/design directions?

impact that these yachts tend to evoke. What products/services could you not live without? 3-D design software, computers, Phil Arnold my engineer What are your current plans for 2017? Working on a new 40 meter design for an existing client who is considering moving up, along with various other smaller projects that are in the works. And now a little about you:

More fuel efficient propulsion systems along with more eco friendly materials.

The car you drive: Ford F150 pick up truck.

Please describe any relevant technological advancements that may have influenced/ affected your work in recent years.

Your favourite restaurant: Los Olas in Carlsbad CA.

3-D modelling has been the biggest advancement which has allowed us to visualize every aspect of the yacht’s interior and exterior and give our clients the understanding they need to be comfortable to move forward on a project What do you feel are the biggest challenges the superyacht/aviation industry will have to face in the future? Limited mooring facilities and rising fuel cost. Also the negative environmental

Best way to relax: Surfing, Golf, Off-roading. The place that gives you inspiration: Any beach Ideal holiday destination: Whistler Mountain, BC for skiing. The perfect drink: Margarita or a good Vodka Martini. Final thoughts or words of wisdom: Never think there’s nothing more to learn.

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OCEANIC SERENITY MAG Design Studio Diversify their Expertise

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MAG Design Studio is the Mecaer Aviation Group in-house design studio. Based in Rome, they are fully integrated with MAG’s manufacturing and completion units. They are internationally renowned for creating style designs for Corporate, VIP and VVIP helicopter interiors. They combine MAG’s solid background in design and manufacturing with Italian creativity and passion for style. In collaboration with Rome based yacht designer Marco Casali - TOO DESIGN, MAG Design Studio have created a concept yacht interior for the D-D 60, the Santorini project. MAG Design Studio are celebrating shortlisted success with the project in the International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2017 in the category Concept Yachts over 40m. Reminiscences of Greek islands breeze and Santorini volcanic lava are to be found in this new and unique interior design concept by MAG Design Studio for the 60 Metre Yacht.


The key signature design influences of the project were strong volcanic surfaces and the forcefulness of natural colour, setting the mood of an earth-forged looking interior, both precious and essential. The main and upper decks are connected by a double height void with an ample spiral staircase winding around a central elevator, creating an open space with double height glazing that provides a full view of the horizon. Three different external areas and two terraces create a strong connection with the sea while maximizing guests’ pleasure with both an aft pool and spa. The bow area is fitted with a touch-and-go helipad that transforms into a flush deck terrace with a hidden pool.

The use of deep blue hues in the Master Cabin inspires an overwhelming feeling of oceanic serenity. For this yacht interior concept, MAG Design Studio had set a design brief based on a recently MAG delivered helicopter project which was to serve as a super-luxury tender for a motor yacht. The rotorcraft’s color scheme and general interior mood tuned in a blue shades palette, a fresh feeling yet elegant interior, inspired by marine colors. For the yacht, this has been mated with dynamic and strong metal tones to resemble the unique beauty of a harsh and strong environment where crystal clear waters and colorful barren lands were shaped by the irrevocable fury of a volcanic event.

80 Luxe Et Al

This design approach aims to create unexpected perspectives and to replicate nature in its richness of materials. The ultimate technological amenities are integrated in the design. MAG Design Studio is delighted that this project has been shortlisted for The International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2017 as he believes that this is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the design’s attitude to breaking the rules and experimenting with new kind of shapes and spaces. Complying with an initial brief, MAG Design Studio have created all the furniture to look and feel both fresh and earth-borne. Studies on the surfaces, on the colours and especially on the metal finishing have rendered the final Santorini mood. The interior is exceptionally elegant, thanks to the wide views and unique furnishing. But it is also cosy, thanks to the warm tones of the metal finishing. The freshness of the sea breeze flows directly in the materials and colours of the interior, as a continuum.

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LIGHT, BRIGHT, TRANSITIONAL DESIGN FOR THE UNIQUE VIP TRAVEL EXPERIENCE The Crystal AirCruises 777-200LR designed by Greenpoint Techologies.

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Greenpoint Technologies is a premier Business Jet Completion Centre providing turnkey VIP interior completions for private individuals, corporations and Heads-of-State. They encompass all disciplines in-house including interior design, engineering, program management, manufacturing, installation, certification and postdelivery support. They are now celebrating shortlisted success at the International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2017 in the category Private Jet Design - Concept with their project Crystal AirCruises 777-200LR Interior. The Crystal AirCruises 777-200LR will be the world’s most spacious, luxurious private jet offering around-the-world trips to exotic locations. The goal for this project was to create a luxurious interior in line with Crystal’s established brand, designs and mission to redefine luxury travel. The design process began with an ergonomic study which translated into the floorplan layout, designed to meet Crystal’s desires and requirements. Greenpoint designers studied the design themes present on Crystal’s newest cruise ships for a consistent theme and collaborated with the Crystal design team to determine the most functional and aesthetic interior. The close collaboration between the Greenpoint and Crystal design teams resulted in a relatively quick design process. There was not a large number of iterations, but rather variations in detail and an evolution of one theme over the course of a few months. The final interior design is a direct result of Greenpoint Technologies and Crystal AirCruises’ collaborative interior design expertise, combined with validated engineering and certification. Crystal’s brand is light and bright, a more transitional design theme compared to traditional earth tones common in VIP aviation. The lighter colours, with

88 Luxe et al


accents of blues and teals, are modern, inviting and blend nicely with Crystal’s spirit of travel. Guests will enter the aircraft at door 2LH and may veer left to enter the bar and lounge. The lounge is an expansive social area featuring a focal bar to gather around, sofas, custom coved ceilings, and dining tables for 24 guests at each sitting. The stand up, full service bar is a key feature with beautiful marble veneers, coloured LED lighting and the signature Crystal AirCruises logo. Coloured accent and wash lighting scenes can be set to enhance any ambiance, from dining to entertainment and socialising. The vision is for guests to feel the comforts of a hotel with a main lounge to eat, mingle, work or relax. The interior features high-end fabrics and materials including quilted leather for seating, soft mohair on the sofas as well as a mix of reflective, shimmer materials and highly durable, stainresistant whites, which make the space feel bigger and brighter. As guests move aft to their seats, they will notice hand tufted carpet with a soft, plush feel and vibrant design, extra-wide aisles and a ceiling modified for extra height and space. Passenger seating is customised for supreme comfort, featuring luxury lie-flat seats arranged in a staggered 2x2x2 configuration to accommodate guests travelling in pairs. Custom Welsh handcrafted leather sleepers provide optimum comfort in both lie-flat and upright seat positions. Each seat features customised privacy surrounds, a four-way adjustable headrest, individual storage ottomans and personal in-flight entertainment systems with large 24” high definition monitors. Lavatories throughout the interior have been customised to feel residential and modern, with stained grey veneer oak cabinetry, large mirrors, updated vanity lighting and premium lavatory fittings to ensure a refreshing journey. In the

very aft of the aircraft, the crew and chef will be busy preparing meals and pulling wine from the dedicated wine cellar, a beautiful compartment filled with crystal glass storage, wine racks and a chiller. Greenpoint’s favourite aspect of the project was the refined, residential feel that has been achieved, within such a large Boeing 777 wide-body airplane, it is truly unique. Guests will receive the comfort and stability of a wide-body, with the personal space and intimate feel of a boutique hotel. The social lounge with sofas, dining tables and stand up bar is simply unheard of in this industry. The interior will urge guests to meander, visit with other guests and discover each social setting. The design offers excess space for guests to travel comfortably and relax, wander, socialise and dine. This unique interior design concept will come to life on Crystal AirCruises’ VIP Boeing 777-200LR aircraft. The aircraft is customised to the highest standards of aviation design and will be a game changer for the luxury air travel industry. The strategy was to embed Crystal AirCruises’ value and culture into the interior design of the aircraft and every detail has been evaluated to fit the luxury brand. The aircraft is on schedule to redeliver on-time for its maiden voyage in late 2017. Annika Wicklund, Greenpoint Design Director explains, “From the beginning, Crystal AirCruises embedded the vision of providing the ultimate experience and luxury of travel for its guests. We teamed closely with Crystal AirCruises’ design team to understand their ship designs and brand value, and while pulling similarities we embraced the company’s unique experience in flight. I believe guests will enter and feel excitement, refinement and ultimate care”.

Living in the sky Feeling at home while travelling: Exclusive cabin interiors for helicopters and jets

THE JOY OF THE JOURNEY EXCEEDS THE ARRIVAL AvA Yachts Concept Kando to Become Reality

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Established in 2005, Turkish based AvA Yachts is a naval and engineering company comprised of a group of highly experienced naval architects with more than 20 years experience in yacht design and engineering. Their portfolio is made up of an impressive range and variety of vessels including luxury motor and sailing yachts, long range explorer yachts, wooden and steel structure Turkish Gulets, aluminium and GRP passenger boats. AvA Yachts are based in the Antalya FreeZone, Turkey, the mega yacht building centre of Turkey. With vast investment and a prime location, they has become the perfect choice for yacht building investment offering well established infrastructure and logistic support for constructing, transporting, and launch.

The interior and exterior of each new AvA Yacht is designed by their own in-house experienced engineers and creative stylists. They have highly specialised experience in designing special marine vessels, high performance yachts, high speed passenger ferries, patrol boats, amongst others. The philosophy behind their engineering design is low resistant, high performance hull form, whilst the interior and exterior design is aimed at modernity and relevance. With environmental impact at the centre of their processes, their designs aim to reduce fossil fuel consumption and thereby CO2 emissions using the latest technology, analysis tools, scientific techniques, computer software, tanks tests and trials. Explorer or expedition yachts are known for their longer-range cruising capability compared to the other conventional motor yachts. They are designed to carry maximum amounts of fuel, even though the volume of space that is reserved for the storage of fuel results in a compromise in the amount of accommodation space available and results in the yacht having heavier displacement. This compromise is acceptable when it allows the guests to cruise longer voyages, as long as the design of the yacht still provides maximum comfort. This is the key factor in designing an explorer yacht. Explorer yachts enable the owners to sail across oceans and travel to wherever they wish. It’s the freedom and the adventure that makes explorer yachts so appealing.


34m Steel Hull Aluminum Superstructure Explorer Motor Yacht - KANDO is 34 metre motor yacht, constructed of high grade steel hull and aluminum superstructure. KANDO features 4 decks and is a long-range explorer motor yacht which is currently being built by AvA Yachts in its yard located at Antalya FreeZone / Turkey for a Norwegian client who has a great appreciation for yachting and the yacht building business. The exterior was designed by Naval Architect Mr. Atilla Kucukdiker, the owner and managing director of the company. The interior is being designed by the inhouse team in leadership with Ms. Rumeysa Aris. KANDO offers 5 double guest cabins including a full beam 27 sqm owner’s cabin located at the fore main deck with wide windows providing sufficient illumination as well as a 48 sqm lounge at the main deck and a 48 sqm lounge on the upper deck with full height, side window glasses. Both lounges are

94 Luxe et al

designed with curved, polished stainless steel framed automatic sliding doors. In both the interior and exterior design, AvA Yachts in-house design team have utilized a very modern, creative and functional style. Wider windows and consequently more illumination to the interior spaces was one of the key elements of the project. The interior can only be described as impressive. High gloss finished American Walnut in combination with high gloss finished Wenge and dark leather furniture is used in the interior alongside satin wenge flooring mixed with carpet and off-white upholstery. They blend harmoniously and create a soft-contrast ambiance. Every single element has been specially arranged with consideration for their effect and functionality, with excessive adornments being unnecessary for this classic finish. KANDO’s owner is thoroughly delighted with his new vessel, having already owned five previous fast yachts over the past 10 years, he has realized his frustration at being restricted with the length of voyage he was able to undertake. Based on this new requirement he decided to opt for an explorer yacht with lower fuel consumption, higher fuel capacity and consequently higher cruise range. ‘My new yacht KANDO has enough high fuel and fresh water capacity and offers better seagoing ability and better seaworthiness because of its displacement hull. That will allow us to start dreaming about cruising oceans. Its bigger anchor and longer chain will allow us to stay at anchor in any bay we wish, compared to the high-speed GRP yachts. And, these types of boats can be designed specially to the demands, needs and requirements of the owner. These boats can carry bigger size tender boats than standard built GRP yachts.’ KANDO will be equipped with VolvoPenta commercial marine engines, full set of Furuno navigation electronics, Sleipner bow and stern thrusters and fin stabilizers and Kohler marine generators. She also offers a jacuzzi at the flybridge, transformer swimming platform and wide exterior seating and sunbathing areas. She is classed by B.V., charter yacht, unrestricted navigation and MCA compliance. Delivery is set for spring 2018. AvA Yachts are celebrating shortlist success at The International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2017 in the category Concept under 40m.



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Now Elan Yachts are celebrating shortlist success at The International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2017 in the category Sailing Yacht Under 40m, to be held in May, in Venice.

102 Luxe et al


After many years in design and development the eagerly anticipated performance cruiser from Elan Yachts set new standards in the cruising yacht segment when they launched the new Elan GT5 at Salon Nautique de Paris on December 3rd 2016.

The GT5 offers a premium lifestyle on a higher volume yacht, based on the Elan award winning performance hulls, with a deck saloon and enhanced cockpit to give a truly luxurious performance cruiser. The GT5 is designed with a short-handed crew in mind, making it easy for a crew of two to handle the yacht easily. The halyards and sheeting are controlled from the helmsman’s position, which keeps the cockpit clean of all lines, ensuring the utmost in comfort and safety on-board. The Launch of the new GT Series begins with the GT5, which is based on the award-winning Elan E5. This yacht will bring the true meaning of Gran Turismo to the yachting world, a Performance Grand Touring Yacht. She has all her control lines led aft for the helmsmen to handle without even moving forward, leaving a clear and uncluttered companion way, ensuring easy handling for shorthanded sailing. The cockpit is a space for entertaining and relaxing with its dual table system, option of convertible sun bed and ample storage. The decks are clear and easy to move around, continuing the commitment to a safe and easy to handle cruising yacht. The sleek lines that you have come to expect from Elan, give this yacht the final overall appearance that is a “head turner” in every port visited.

the design of the yacht. This innovative saloon also features an adaptable table, which can comfortably accommodate six persons using additional seats that are stowed under the table, whilst the table also transforms into a very comfortable double berth.

The GT5 is a unique yacht in this size range with a radical new interior dedicated to this vessel, the result is far more comfortable, luxurious cruising yacht. Great emphasis has been placed on the interface between the exterior and the interior with the inverted saloon arrangement which sees the saloon immediately adjacent to the cockpit. This arrangement gives the saloon the maximum spatial benefit by making best use of the beam. With the raised coachroof the 180 degree panoramic windshield made of tempered glass offers stunning views from the saloon area and allows it to be bathed in an abundance of natural light. The window in window option along with two hatches and a large central hatch, offers optimal ventilation when at anchor, without compromising

A clean deck ensures fast and safe passage forward, and enables plenty of sunbathing area with dedicated cushions on the foredeck.

There are optional layouts that offer up to three double cabins and two heads configurations. The main head features a modern sink with corian counter top and a separate shower stall. The comfortable forward cabin offers the option of a second head making it an en-suite. The aft cabin offers ample headroom, intimate lighting, as well as plenty of wardrobe space. The standard interior is handcrafted using natural oak veneer and solid wood lipping and door frames, other wood options are available for a customised design. The GT5 cockpit is designed for enjoying time with family and friends, offering ample seating area and different innovative cockpit table options converting the seating into a sunbathing lounge. There is a standard or large swimming platform and options for the cockpit galley to feature a fridge, grill and other amenities common on much larger yachts.

Elan Yachts is a Slovenian-based global producer and its boatbuilding tradition began in 1949 with kayaks, canoes and small boat production made of waterproof wood. Their commercial success came in the 1950s when a large number of small crafts were exported to the United States. It was the introduction of the revolutionary material reinforced polyester which became the turning point in Elan’s history. Now benefiting from collaboration with Humphreys Yacht Design and Volvo Ocean Race 70 yachts designs, Elan Yachts produce some of the most competitive sailing yachts available today.

The Beardmore Collection est. 1860 made in england since 1860 Luxe et al 103

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SPEED AND GRACE PAIRED WITH STYLE AND COMFORT Innovation and Excellence Have Taken Flight in the Gulfstream G650

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Gulfstream have delivered the G650 ER, a jet that flies at more than 92 percent of the speed of sound for thousands of miles with fly-by-wire precision. With the G650’s long, unfettered wing, Gulfstream have redefined how air flows over an aircraft wing, creating a highly efficient airfoil that delivers speed and an incredibly smooth ride. That same design innovation created a quieter, roomier, more adaptable cabin teeming with advanced technology, and they are celebrating having been shortlisted for the Private Jet Design Award in the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2017. The Gulfstream G650 ER cabin design creates a seamless transition from work, dining, entertainment and sleeping through four distinct yet analogous living areas. A game of chess inspired the interior for this particular Gulfstream G650 ER, which is used as a corporate demonstrator for the company’s sales team. Like winning a chess match, businesses require strategic advances to succeed. Creating an interior environment that supports the key elements of business, from productivity to innovation, yet also encourages rest and relaxation, was critical to the interior design. The theme of chess is interwoven throughout the four living areas of the cabin — the galley, conference and dining area, entertainment/presentation den and

110 Luxe Et Al

sleeping area — via a number of carefully curated design elements, including; highcontrast detailing of Quarter Walnut and Quarter Black Composite Ebony veneer; the repetition of geometric shapes and patterns, from the hand stitching in the seat upholstery to the custom carpet weave; and the accessories and accents reflecting contrasting tones and geometric shapes evocative of the chess board. These design elements are supported by interior innovations that optimise cabin comfort and productivity. Passengers can stay connected through satellite communications and high-speed internet, hold important business meetings, enjoy a meal, relax or sleep. The cabin is designed to allow passengers to feel refreshed when they arrive at their destination, with quiet cabin sound levels, 100 percent fresh cabin air, industry-leading cabin altitudes and 16 Gulfstream panoramic windows that supply an abundance of natural light. Through the combination of creative design with technological acumen, the G650 ER cabin illustrates the important relationship between structured and artful thinking. The result is not only a serene and productive environment in which to do business and relax but also a manifestation of a strategy for success. Gulfstream’s favourite aspect of the project was the use of contrasting veneer species and finishes emphasising and complementing the architecture of the hand-crafted cabinetry. All of the living areas are multi-functional and flexible and thereby support a multitude of uses. The second living area, for example, features a comfortable sofa across from a credenza housing a 32” monitor. This space can make an effortless transition from a place to relax and watch a movie to an informal presentation suite that encourages discussion and collaboration. The sleeping area can serve as a private conference room and, once berthed, a place to get a good night’s sleep in preparation for a productive day upon arrival. Gulfstream aircraft are considered vital business tools by those who use them, thanks to their safety, technology, performance and cabin environment. The G650 ER interior emphasises the benefits of business aviation through the flexibility and continuity of the living areas and a design theme evocative of the chess board and the strategic thinking it requires.

At a long-range cruise speed of Mach 0.85, the Gulfstream G650 flies 7,000 nautical miles/12,964 kilometers nonstop with eight passengers. Los Angeles to London is more than 30 minutes faster and New York to Tokyo almost an hour closer compared to other large-cabin aircraft. The G650 ER makes once-distant cities all part of a day’s work, and with the lowest pressurised cabin altitude of any business aircraft, passengers arrive feeling refreshed and ready for whatever opportunities lay ahead.

Find us on...

F.H.Lambert Limited Watford West Works, 85a Hagden Lane Watford. Hertfordshire. WD18 7UA. UK.

+44 (0) 1923 229 444

+44 (0) 1923 255 717

A NATURAL AND IMMERSIVE SENSORY RELATIONSHIP WITH ONE OF NATURE’S GREATEST GIFTS – THE SEA Arcadia 85S – Special Edition Superyacht Designed to Satisfy in Style and Substance

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Their fleet is a series of fibreglass yachts ranging from 85 to 115 feet, with new plans to increase the size to over 155 feet. They have created a fleet that will satisfy the most demanding owners, in terms of both style and substance. Quiet, functional and easy to manage boats for a simply unique yachting experience. Arcadia Yachts has delivered the Arcadia 85S, a special-edition superyacht with a skylounge-style fly deck, and are celebrating shortlist success at the International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2017, in the category of Power Yacht 25 – 40m. Arcadia 85S is designed to be a family yacht, which combines different exterior functions – over two decks, giving guests more possibility to spend time together. While interiors profit by the advanced aesthetic sensation of “open space” and closer contact with nature thanks to the full floor to ceiling windows. The exclusive layout and the incredible living concept are the result of a real construction revolution: the linear design of the superstructure and the vertical line of the bow allow a better use of every single available internal and external space, with a living capacity much higher than other yachts of the same size. The uniqueness of Arcadia’s project is finding in the design a solution to integrate solar panels into a yacht with navigation performance. Like other builds from Arcadia Yachts, Arcadia 85S is an eco-conscious ship. Although it is powered by twin diesel engines, it can also operate on solar power. Solar 118 Luxe et al

panels fitted to the top of the ship can power the yacht’s refrigerators, lights, electronics, and other systems, thus reducing its carbon footprint. Arcadia Yachts have used the most advanced technological research and the best Italian creativity to generate innovative and efficient solutions that define a new “sustainable” frontier in yachting. The double glazing solar panels integrated within the superstructure ensure maximum comfort whilst recharging the batteries and powering all utilities and services on-board. The advanced semi-planing hull which allows efficient performances, together with the very light superstructure in aluminium, significantly reduces weight and fuel consumption and related running costs of its low power engines. Arcadia 85S hull #1 has also improved her soundproofing capacity index, replacing the PVC, for the fore part of the hull, with Balsa core sandwich structure. One of the most unique features on this special edition is a new sky lounge concept, convertible into a sheltered third-deck, completely closed and protected by 360 degree openable windows that can be raised up to meet the hard-top, exactly as it happens for a car. Therefore, the whole upper deck area becomes much more flexible and usable with any weather condition, being air conditioned in very hot climes or bad weather, or left open and aired if needed, as per any traditional sky-lounge. On the third deck are fitted the wheelhouse, a lounge with sofas and coffee tables, wetbar and, externally in the aft, a sun deck. The main saloon can accommodate up to eight guests, while four sumptuous cabins are positioned on the lower deck. The onboard tender garage can house a 13-foot tender and a personal watercraft. The key idea to the design was to improve the living space of the A85 project and increasing at the same time the convertible use of the sky lounge area. Delivering a natural and immersive experience in nature is part of the Arcadia brand philosophy. With a clear will to let people on board really feel the environment with sight, olfaction and touching the natural breath of the sea. The pleasure of being immersed in the most beautiful sceneries that nature can offer is achieved by the breathtaking view from the entire living area thanks to wide and unique panoramic windows. Very comfortable sailing thanks to the special marine features of the semi-displacement hull and complete soundproofing. A true feeling of peace as the generators shut down and the energy

In mythology, Arcadia represented an idyllic place where men could live in perfect harmony with the Spirit of Nature and other people around them. Italian based Arcadia Yachts has chosen to be inspired by these ethical principles in order to build boats that will provide a new way to experience the sea, with innovation and ethical values to the fore. They believe that sailing is a privilege that should be experienced without ostentations, rushing or any kind of waste. Their philosophy to ship building is to create a vessel on which to enjoy the sea whilst respecting nature and the economic value of every single action. Their creations are a real commitment made of style and substance. The process of their “ecological dream” takes place in three different key steps: starting from the ECOTHINK philosophy to ECOTECH innovations, up to a new onboard experience, ECOLIVING, allowing the full appreciation of the experience of life at sea.


from the sun is absorbed by the solar panels. An unprecedented sensation of liveability provided by the distinctive design of the superstructure and the voluminous hull which guarantees a habitability of the highest class. Total privacy ensured by fast-gliding Filtravedo sun screens. Perfect continuity between interior and exterior design, expressed through wide panoramic windows and a cockpit of surprising size: a true patio over the sea, which offers a comfortable and sheltered outdoor living. The furnishings are designed by the best-known brands of “Made in Italy”, and present a sober and sophisticated style of the highest quality. All of this translates in to “a yacht in perfect harmony with nature” without ever compromising on style and living standards. Arcadia Yachts is of the most innovative shipyards in the sector and has rapidly established itself worldwide, by producing yachts with reduced environmental impact. They believe that passion for the sea alone is not enough. To build efficient and reliable yachts, great experience is required more than anything else. Arcadia Yachts is the result of a new vision conceived over time by a team with a consolidated professional experience acquired whilst working for some of the most prestigious Italian Shipyards. The “green” approach that Arcadia Yachts has managed to bring into the nautical sector through an idea that has combined together “luxury” and “ethical sense”, appreciation and respect for the environment, has allowed their customers to enjoy the sea in a more free and responsible way.

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Luxe et al - The Awards Issue - Part One  

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Luxe et al - The Awards Issue - Part One  

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