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INTERIORS | FURNISHINGS | PROJECTS Though relatively new as an interior design partnership, Keir Townsend have already amassed a prestigious portfolio of residential and commercial work including the highly acclaimed Novikov Restaurant and Bar in London’s Mayfair. Their projects are at the forefront of high end interiors providing a handpicked selection of exclusive furniture, flooring and lighting that has been sourced from all over the world. Most of the pieces are bespoke and many are made to Keir Townsend’s own designs. The international team is 8-stong today and comes from different cultural and creative backgrounds, but what unites them is the drive to deliver aesthetic and inspiring spaces that bring joy into people’s lives.



The Aria Side Table


Craftsmanship. Redefined.

Waxed Architectural Bronze Temple Glass Trifurcated Top

15 Editorial 16 Design et al Recommends 20 Mayfair Townhouse by Katharine Pooley


30 Private Residence, London by Honky


From Douglas Design Studio +1-416-538-4692

40 Grand Grade II Listed Townhouse, Belgravia by Laura Hammett Ltd 50 Home Cinema 60 5 Minutes with Georgina Turvey

Designed and made in France

LONDON SHOWROOM 4 Pont Street London SWI X9EL Tel. +44 (0) 20 7838 7788



in F ra n c e

2015 THG - Photo Didier Grieu

60 an s


"Beaubourg" Collection


016 -2


Bath & Art de Vivre

Designed by you Made by us By choosing Heirlooms, you can be sure everything from your table and bed linens to bathrobes and towels meets the most exacting standards. Yours – and ours.



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A Passion for Excellence

contents Handcrafted mosaic in gold tesserae and semiprecious stones

62 Private Residence, London by Amelia Carter

designed and produced in our London studio.

70 Central Park, Shanghai by David Chang Design Associates 80 Kitchens


86 The Mount, Surrey by Consero

Specialists in the design and production of bespoke artworks and decorative finishes. Murals & Trompe l’Oeil · Sculpture & Bas-Relief · Stucco & Special Plaster Handcrafted Mosaics · Verre Églomisé · Illuminated Artworks · Paint Finishes Architectural Gilding · Antique Effect Mirrors

96 Bathrooms 104 Westbourne House, London by Stiff + Trevillion



tel: +44 (0) 20 8682 8460

114 Awards News



5 R F F R % R U J K H V H



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85 %

Annual subscriptions are available in the UK for ÂŁ30, and can be ordered by telephoning 01244 346 347. International subscriptions vary by country please either call +44 1244 346 347 or email: stating your full address for a subscription quote.


If you would like further information regarding online subscriptions/ pricing please contact us using the above telephone number. Design et al ISSN 1750-8851

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An elegant art deco interpretation, ready for immediate occupation.

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It is refreshing to see design on a global scale each month and indeed more than that each day as projects are submitted for The International Design & Architecture Awards and land on my desk in some format most days. The breadth and scope of these design schemes are as varied and different as they are inspirational and in some cases thought provoking.

unfortunately do not make it to publication, but this month we have brought together a mix of winning projects, from the recent International Design & Architecture Awards announced at the end of 2015, new design schemes and projects shortlisted for 2016. It is a vibrant and eclectic mix of projects from throughout the world, our aim to celebrate diversity in design, energy in the world in which we live and offer an insight into some of the most exciting current schemes. Best,

Some of these schemes end up on the pages of design et al, others


Luxe Et Al 15

design et al Recommends

Sylka SYLKA™ is one of the leading luxury faux-silk carpets currently available. Emanating luxury and quality, SYLKA™ uniquely combines the delicacy of natural silk with outstanding durability to create a truly outstanding collection of rugs and carpets that are perfect for use in home interiors, yachts and commercial uses such as corporate venues, hospitality, exhibitions and luxury hotels. SYLKA™ uses innovative NuSilk™ fibres that make SYLKA carpets and rugs easy to maintain, anti-allergenic, hard-wearing and resilient to sun damage, while still retaining the luxurious look and feel of pure silk. The range of natural shades perfectly compliment any interior space – from luxury penthouses to super yachts. As well as offering close fitted carpets, they also offer bespoke rugs that can be made to any size, using leather, faux leather, linen or cotton. SYLKA designer rugs are produced by highly-skilled craftsmen who use fine marquetry work to produce a look and finish that is unrivalled. Since the launch of SYLKA™ in 2012, their reputation has gone from strength to strength. SYLKA is so well regarded that it has been rolled out to many of the luxury boutiques within Harrods over the last year, consolidating an already strong relationship with the store that dates back a number of years.

16 Design Et Al

Fade Wallcovering by Phillip Jeffries Now in its third decade, Phillip Jeffries has emerged as the industry leader in hand crafted wallcoverings. Today, Phillip Jeffries Ltd. stocks more than 1100 natural wallcoverings including Japanese Paper Weaves, Gold Leaf, Grasscloth, Hemps, Silks, Linens, Granite and Raffia as well as many unique hand crafted specialties. Artistry meets innovation at Phillip Jeffries. Its “Fade” wallcoverings depict layers of horizontal brushstrokes digitally printed on textured hemp, paper weave and silk. A beautiful watercolour mural is the source of inspiration behind this gorgeous and unique wallcovering, “Fade”. The look of hand painted ombré brushstrokes is achieved with a new digital printing process which allows for an intense marriage of multiple tones and sets the wallpaper apart from others. Layers of colour come together in seven multi-tonal hues full of depth and dimension. Uniquely printed on a selection of natural grounds mixing old-world craftsmanship with new-world technology, Fade is what statement walls are made of. The gorgeous abstract watercolour print has millions of hues to play up any design and can work well in many different applications. The “Fade” Collection is available in seven distinct palettes and can be used to transform any home.

Design Et Al 17

Pendolino Maggiore Chandelier The Pendolino Maggiore, designed and created by Rocco Borghese Chandeliers, is an absolutely stunning, bespoke Murano glass stairwell feature, perfect for any home or venue. This chandelier is created in intricately hand-blown Murano streamed glass. A wonderful accent in the feature, the glass is detailed with lines that not only enhances the piece itself but transforms interiors with captivating streams of sublimely refracted light. The striking clear glass design is made up of tiers in random length droplet pendants, beautifully interspersed with a subtle yet exhilarating mix of frosted glass droplets. This sensational lighting feature has no metal frame to detract from the brilliance of the glass as each individual blown glass pendant is delicate enough so that the entire body of the chandelier can be suspended using clear wires. The absence of a metal frame in the meticulously designed piece not only adds interest and looks absolutely exquisite but also addresses constraints regarding the weight of a large chandelier and makes the Pendolino Maggiore Chandelier an ideal showcase for their unique bespoke service. Headed by Rocco Borghese, the designer distingué, Rocco Borghese Chandeliers are able to execute to the finest specification of clients’ requirements, whatever they may be - in this case for an impressive yet refined lightweight stairwell chandelier.

Lelievre Forming a bridge between tradition and modernity, this collection of fabrics is a combination of elegance and artistry. The eye is invited to pause, discover and contemplate away from the pressures of everyday life. The fabrics are inspired by nature following the example of Japanese craftsmen who maintain a privileged relationship with time and the elements. The design and construction of the fabrics echo sophisticated ceramics, prints, traditional weaving and calligraphy with singular beauty giving way to the unexpected. These precious fabrics reveal a rich palette of designs, fine structures and subtle light reflections. They mark a return to the decorative arts, the ‘savoir faire’ of craftsmen and the imaginative flair of the designer. The influence of the Milky Way and ceramics provided inspiration for this fabric. 
Between heaven and earth this jacquard visits the elements for a surprising design. A metallic weft yarn creates textural relief on the surface while another shows the motif in a color. Three sophisticated variations for use as curtains, wall panels or accessories. Combining the different silk weaving techniques, Lelievre use both traditional hand looms and computer-controlled mechanical looms, enabling the company to create contemporary designs on demand as well as replicating designs from thirdparty documents or from the company’s own vast collection of historical archives. 18 Design Et Al


LONDON’S BEST KEPT SECRET Vist our showroom today for a complete interiors solution Made to measure furniture in a timeless signature style, paired with handpicked home accessories.

4-5 Roslin Road, London, W3 8DH

20 Design Et Al

Design Without Compromise Mayfair Townhouse by Katharine Pooley

Design Et Al 21

22 Design Et Al

Design Et Al 23

24 Design Et Al

Design Et Al 25

26 Design Et Al

Design Et Al 27

Katharine Pooley creates sumptuous, inspiring interiors for the most discerning clients. Her refined yet eclectic aesthetic has earned her a position as one of the most sought-after interior designers in London and commissions for landmark commercial and residential projects around the world. An innate sense of adventure has defined Katharine’s life and shaped her design philosophy. Katharine is an intrepid traveller and has visited more than 150 countries. However, what may come as surprising is the fact she has summited many of the world’s highest mountains, driven a team of dogs on a sled to the North Pole and crossed the Sahara on horseback, so one begins to form a picture of a truly original and adventurous interior designer as she uses all of these unique adventures in her thought for design. Her unrivalled personal and seamless service is characterised by charm, humour and an obsession for detail. Katharine and her talented 20-strong team deliver projects on time and within budget, without ever compromising on craftsmanship or style.

“ the client wanted the restoration and reinstatement of the architectural detailing, achieved sensitively, but with a contemporary finish overall. ”

She believes in ‘design without compromise’ for her top-end clients. Her work is faultlessly chic and ultra luxurious, teamed with state-of-the- art technology and design aspects. Katharine and her design team were briefed with the complete renovation of this 11,000 square ft Grade II listed property in the heart of London’s Mayfair from former office block to a complete family residence. In particular, the client wanted the restoration and reinstatement of the architectural detailing, achieved sensitively, but with a contemporary finish overall. Being a Grade II listed property, the brief stated that it was important for the design to respect the classic, period detailing but to also be workable as a family residence. Katharine was therefore inspired to use a fresh, light palette and contemporary furniture and accessories in order to complement the traditional detailing. This rare gem of a property in the centre of Mayfair consists of 7 floors of property, including a basement and a roof terrace. The redesign included extensive building works and project management with features including a glass lift shaft, several bespoke chandeliers, hand painted and embroidered wallpapers and complete designs for all spaces, including 7 bathrooms and a white onyx spa. The glass lift shaft running through the six floors of the property, elegantly connects the floors with a skylight at the top which beautifully floods the period staircase with natural light. The design works so well because it seamlessly blends a modern,

28 Design Et Al

contemporary finish with the traditional, classic architectural details of this Grade II listed building. The client also had an interest in one off, collectable pieces so the Katharine Pooley Ltd team also commissioned bespoke lighting, sculptures and artwork such as the Niamh Barry sculpture and the huge ombre crystal chandelier undulating through the entrance hall to truly bring the project together. Hand painted cherry blossom chinoiserie wallpaper in the dining room picked out the exact hue of a blue agate stone centered in an inlayed marquetry star burst on the dining table; an exceptional piece in terms of both craftsmanship and originality. In the main drawing room lapis scagliola coffee tables were commissioned to Katharine’s design and beautifully simple and understated Quartz crystal chandeliers softly light the detailed mouldings on the listed ceiling above. In a ground floor reception room Grade ll listed dark oak paneling was completed refurbished and juxtaposed with a stunning geometric chandelier, wall lights and monochromatic fabrics. A particular favorite in this room were the staggered black shagreen hexagonal tables designed by Pooley herself. The brief also called for the extension of habitable space to add value to the property, this was achieved with the addition of a roof terrace, ground floor terrace and an additional habitable space to the basement. Included in this space was a gym, spa and private treatment rooms all clad in white onyx, Thassos marble and bleached Scandinavian timbers. This gave the homeowner a free space to relax and feel as if they were elsewhere than home to escape from reality. This was an important returning client for Katharine Pooley who is short on time and spends a great deal of time abroad, therefore asked that the design team handle the entire redevelopment on their behalf. The entire property was designed and executed from start to finish by our team of in house project managers, interior architects, interior designers, landscape designers and stylists. Pooley stated , “My favourite aspect of the project was the precision engineered glass lift shaft running through the six floors of the property with a skylight at the top which beautifully floods the period staircase with natural light. Or in house interior architects ensured every detail was considered in its design and the resulting shaft has a beautiful sculpture quality unlike anything else I have seen in a private home in London.”

Design Et Al 29

Re-Creating Beauty Private Residence, London by Honky

30 Design Et Al

Design Et Al 31

32 Design Et Al

Design Et Al 33

34 Design Et Al

Design Et Al 35

36 Design Et Al

Design Et Al 37

Honky is a multi-disciplinary, award winning architectural and interior design practice based in London. Founded by Christopher Dezille in 2001, Honky’s creative team is committed to providing a service with the capability to offer exceptional design solutions including interior architecture, finishes specification, interior design schemes and interior styling and installation. Specialising in concept design, Dezille has led Honky to reputable success for over 10 years. Chris’ career in interior design extends over 25 years. Whilst the majority of his work is focused in Central London, he has undertaken private and commercial projects throughout the UK and internationally. Creativity, professional expertise, subtle refinements and ultimate perfection are the key elements of all of his designs. Recognised as one of Britain’s 100 Best Designers, Dezille continues to appear regularly in the national press and interior publications.

“ A muted light colour palette was used with fine ebony wood, antique silver finishes and luxurious tactile fabrics to enhance both the heritage and modernity of the building itself. ”

Whether furnishing a private residence, development specification or show home, their use of bespoke wall features, soft finishes and lighting ensures that the desired result can be achieved without compromise; the best possible design solution is individually created for every project. Honky believe that the design process is a dialogue; an active, two-way conversation between Honky and their clients. From the initial meeting, the design team strive to develop and nurture this relationship, ensuring that communication is clear, regular and understood by both parties. They deliver on time and on budget, while continuing to push design boundaries further and further with each new project. So when it comes to Christopher Dezille and the Honky design team, no project is ever too big to conquer. Retaining an historic fascia, the interior of this substantial Hampstead residence was completely designed by Honky. The beautiful private residence, located in prestigious Hampstead, London, was a project that commenced in 2010 and involved the major redevelopment and substantial expansion of an existing 790 sqm period property increasing in size to 1440 sqm. The original house posed a number of difficulties and as a result with the exception of the front facade was completely demolished. Working with the architects, Honky was appointed as interior architects and was responsible for the entire internal detailing and finishes specification in re-creating the beauty inside this home. The brief was to create an elegant interior to complement the traditional period features of this refurbished £3.2m property. A muted

38 Design Et Al

light colour palette was used with fine ebony wood, antique silver finishes and luxurious tactile fabrics to enhance both the heritage and modernity of the building itself. Family was at the forefront of the design overall. The furniture and finishes had to compliment the grand architectural details and yet still feel like a family home. While still being classical, they were careful to ensure the design was family focused. This allows a growing family to move freely between these areas. This is particularly highlighted on the basement floor, where an impressive pool area encompasses a large swimming pool, changing rooms and wellness spa. The pool sits next to a casual sitting room and extends from the house out to the garden with arched glass doors that create an inside/outside feel to the space. The basement also houses a Cinema Room with ample cloud-like seating, where a beautiful Agate wall punctuates the plush bar area giving the considered mix of luxury and practical design all in one space. From a quirky homework room to a formal gentlemen’s study, everybody has their own uniquely designed space as well as many multi functional communal areas. The gentlemen’s study is definitely a favourite aspect of this project with its key features really standing out in the design. Honky designed and commissioned a large bespoke library wall with built in bar for entertaining and a hideaway. Closed storage was integrated into the unit and the doors, which were panelled in differing matt metals, created a decadent Art Deco feature. The Honky design team believe that this particular design worked so well because it perfectly complimented and tempered the architecture without losing any grandeur throughout the home. Feature formal rooms offer opulent entertaining space and sit comfortably next to family orientated spaces as well as the cohesion with the rest of the home. Key suppliers such as Weldon, Bill Cleyndert, Holly Hunt, Archer & Smith, B&B Italis, Decorus, Tom Dixon, Brabbu, Cameron Broom, Philip Jefferies, Tom Kirk, Armani Casa, Interni Edition and Sofa & Chair Co. all contributed to complete this home. Dezille said, “Design is a massive part of my every day life both in and out of the office, it permeates my entire being, and is with me in the decisions I make, and how I view everything around me. It’s the constant sound track to my life.”



Bespoke British Lighting

A beautifully designed light fitting is among the most important details when delivering a truly inspired lighting scheme. A client will not compromise when in comes to the detail and design features of a truly exclusive project. This is why, for the last 20 years, The Light Corporation has been designing and hand_building lighting products of the highest quality to be installed in some of the world’s most exemplary Homes, Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and even Super Yachts. Our elegant products are designed and built in England with a primary focus on efficiency, functionality and simplicity. They are quite simply the best lighting products money can buy.

T: +44 1 442 216 200 E: W:

40 Design Et Al

Contemporary Yet Classic Grand Grade II Listed Townhouse, Belgravia London by Laura Hammett Ltd Winner of the Residential ÂŁ10 million plus Category at The International Design & Architecture Awards 2015

Design Et Al 41

42 Design Et Al

Design Et Al 43

44 Design Et Al

Design Et Al 45

46 Design Et Al

Design Et Al 47

Many designers dream of being gifted complete creative control of a project in order to fully realise their dynamic vision. London-based firm Laura Hammett were granted enviable freedom when they were commissioned to complete a contemporary and historically accurate refurbishment of a 4,600 square foot five storey grade II listed, six bedroom townhouse in Belgravia. The brief also called for the addition of a new extension which had to be in-keeping with the original building. For this development the design team were in full control of the implementation and completion of this project. However the client was the main focus of the design decisions, whilst the prime central London location dictated a level of luxury needed throughout. Laura Hammett’s signature style and elegance infused every aspect of the design whilst the project was executed in such a way as to ensure the chic and contemporary motif worked in harmony with the house’s substantial heritage.

“ The team ensured extensive, detailed research informed each aspect of their designs in order to ensure that all changes and additions were historically accurate to the property’s Regency past; from the cornices, to the fireplaces and ceiling roses, and all in accordance with the Listed Building Consent. ”

The aim of the project was to create a classic yet modernised and updated interior which maintained the traditional sophistication of the property’s period features. The team ensured extensive, detailed research informed each aspect of their designs in order to ensure that all changes and additions were historically accurate to the property’s Regency past; from the cornices, to the fireplaces and ceiling roses, and all in accordance with the Listed Building Consent. Fortuitously during the initial demolition and redesign, the property’s original door was uncovered. So unique and authentic was the design, Laura Hammett’s team replicated it for all the interior doors which provided an artistic point of reference for the history of the building throughout each room. The dining room concept is traditional and formalised, using rich grey silk wallpaper from Brian Yates to cocoon the room with rich dark brown timbers. A soft elegant neutral blue fabric is used as an accent on the dining chairs and a leading edge on the curtains which adds luminosity to the room. Additional accents of gold are used on the tableware from Harlequin and sculptural consoles from Porta Romana. A bespoke Serip chandelier and artwork from Ben Lowe brings a fresh and contemporary feel to the room. Dark chocolate stained herringbone flooring is carried throughout the formal rooms, creating continuity whilst allowing each room a distinctive character. Such statement flooring brings a feeling of solidity and permanency to the design, reminiscent of the longevity and lasting nature of architecture and design of the Regency era. Architecture was then considered an investment of great importance, thus it is endearing to see such considerations within this example of Laura Hammett’s work.

48 Design Et Al

The contemporary yet classic design is prevalent in the full-floor master suite which is a sanctuary of calm. This serenity is achieved using muted tones and texture rather than any pattern. Silk wallpaper from Stark and a half height four-posted bed, which Laura Hammett designed especially for this room, provides grandeur without being too imposing. A bevelled mirrored wall is installed behind the bed to bring even more light from the Regency windows and again continues the luxurious feeling. Polished nickel accents add modernity which is juxtaposed against the textures of shagreen on the bespoke bedside tables and mother of pearl lamps. The stand-out feature of this imposing space, however, is the bespoke-designed bed linen from London-based firm L&B. L&B offers the widest range of high quality bed linens in London. With dozens of designs created in house and almost limitless bespoke options, you are sure to find the right option to suit any project. With a wide range of accessories from one off sculptures to cashmere throws perfect for dressing any home, they were the ideal choice for a project of this size and substance. The master bedroom flows through imposing double doors into a dressing room and follows onto a very grand ensuite. The bathroom features calcatta oro marble with grigio belliemi on the floors. A statement selenite crystal chandelier is hung above the standalone bath, adding drama which is balanced with curtains, rather than blinds, creating softness and glamour. The new extension to the rear of the property affords a more modern design, with the kitchen and family room being notably more contemporary than the rest of the house. The monochrome kitchen features both high gloss and satin finishes on the dark grey veneered units creating a layer of texture, with a calcatta orro worktop and a greyed mirror splashback. A modern limestone staircase with a frame less balustrade leads down to the family room below where the more current style continues. The family room is bold and informal as a contrast to the formal drawing room. The colour palette is rich navys, deep greys and a strong thread of colour throughout with a bold amber/gold tone. A main feature in this room is an ombre sofa which adds a playful feel. This is a truly impressive project on account of the depth of detail to have informed each aspect and the artistic marriage of traditional and contemporary features. This home is warm, liveable, stately and impressive in both architecture and design but Laura Hammett’s team have embellished the best aspects with astute design choices and luxurious fixtures which help create a unique and timeless home.

L&B offers the best and widest range of bed linens in London. With dozens of designs created in house and made in our own workshop in France. You will find a wide range of vintage and contemporary furniture, accessories to cashmere throws, perfect for dressing any home.

6-7 Motcomb Street, London, SW1X-8JU | Landline: +44 (0) 207-838-9592 | For trade enquires please contact:

Home Cinema

50 Design Et Al

Finite Solutions The client wished to create a stunning home cinema room for the whole family to enjoy. The system was to deliver exceptional audio visual performance with the focus being on truly excellent audio reproduction for enjoying music, especially for music DVDs and Blurays. The system was also to cater for 3D content and allow enjoyment of numerous sources of media – Sky HD, Blu ray, DVD, Kaleidescape movie server, Apple TV, CD, Sonos and games consoles. Simple intuitive control of the system and the cinema room’s lighting was also a key requirement. The look, feel and overall aesthetic of this room was of paramount importance to the client. Fabrics, finishes, colour tones and lighting effects were all to be considered to deliver their dream cinema room. Measures to isolate the audio produced by the cinema system from the surrounding rooms was also very important to the client as there were bedrooms above and a lounge adjacent. The key aspect of the project was creating a truly amazing cinema experience, in terms of both the physical aesthetics and the picture and sound quality, within the given room and designing this around certain aspects of the space which could not be changed.

Design Et Al 51

NV Integration NV Integration worked closely with the design team to specify products that were powerful enough to fill the large space, yet conscious of the high-end interiors. They achieved this by selecting equipment that could become completely invisible when not in use, or blend with the scheme of the room; such as the speakers and subwoofers from Meridian Audio, which are all RAL colour matched to the nearest wall surface. A high-brightness Runco projector was specified, designed to work in ambient light conditions yet provide a stunning image onto the 3 metre screen. The screen, which dynamically changes the aspect ratio with motorised masking based on the users desired viewing content also uses acoustically transparent woven fibres, allowing the full range of the speakers to be heard, yet concealed behind the screen when in use. Home automation and lighting control systems allow the theatre to be seamlessly operated from intuitive controls, or iPad app. Simply pressing ‘Watch Movie’ will lower the projector and screen, turn on devices and slowly fade the lights as the film begins from the Kaleidescape movie server; allowing the user to relax in the sumptuous interiors and become totally immersed in the action. The theatre was designed in accordance with THX standards, meaning the screen size, brightness, and noise levels are to the recommended best practices.

52 Design Et Al

54 Design Et Al

Gosling The inspiration for the design was to create a super yacht feel with subtle lighting, light and dark, shadows, atmosphere and movement that is in essence two different spaces, a family room and at the press of a button a cinema with stadium seating. The design is light years away from a dark imposing cinema. The highly technical, futuristic automation enables the room to be bright and airy, with a feeling of space, grandeur and theatre. The room takes on an entirely new atmosphere at the touch of a button when electronically the room is transformed. The room opens and closes like the iris of the eye creating a mysterious vision, the low table sinks into the floor void and the sofas move horizontally toward the screen. From under this position, stadium seating raises up. The cinema screen measures 150 inches. A fitted screen and credenza cabinet was made in Harewood to house the cinema screen, with inset 20 mm coining lines in nickel. The deco rug, designed by Tim Gosling, represents the sound and radio waves of the BBC during the 1930s. The acoustic walls are made from a composite material, which combined with the fabric and blinds makes the space entirely insulated. The cinema has a unique outlook across the stunning sculpted garden.

Design Et Al 55

NR Group The brief was quite different from the normal home cinema experience often found located in basements of large homes. An established Luxury Developer who has created a stunning seven bedroom home perched high in the world renowned St Georges Hill area of Surrey, discussed with NR Group the use of an L Shape room located next to the main entrance. This project was particular different from the cinema norm as there is no fixed seating and no padded sound proof walls. Instead this space has large and bright sofas combining cushions with vivid colours and with windows also giving natural light, this room has a feeling of warmth. An important design and feature of this room is a large bar area which makes for the ultimate in home entertainment. Through personal experience, the design team has created a fully functional family room that can be enjoyed by children during the day and also a very social and interactive home cinema experience where a Bombay Sapphire or two can be enjoyed whilst enjoying the latest movie. The exquisite attention detail from subtle diffusers, artwork and detailing that NR Group have shown in this room make for a refreshing and colourful addition to the typical home cinema experience and certainly go beyond the boundaries of expectation.

56 Design Et Al

Design Et Al 57

Marshall Hurley The brief was to create a cinema that mirrored the feel and detail of a UK supercar factory. The curves in the ceiling are picking up on the aerodynamics found to be used for car air flow. The detailing of the hand stitched walls was matching the stitch found in top supercar interiors and the roof light with remote control blind was designed on a sun roof found on a supercar. The roof light ceiling at the top of the cinema to the ground was an impressive 5 metres high. The grey suede interior on the walls complimented the wide plank oak floors and the detail and state of the art high end equipment tied in with Marshall Hurleys – built to endure ethos. Aesthetically the cinema had to look stunning but it had to also be state of the art with the technology used. The custom made acoustically transparent screen was large for a home cinema, it measured in at 5 metres wide by 3 metres high. The HD/3D Epson projector was top of the range and there was a full 7.2 surround sound cinema system with 2 in wall subs, 9 seat shakers and an additional 4 extra ambiance speakers hidden behind the fabric walls. The seats are remote reclining and the cinema system was fully integrated via the home control network as was the rest of the 5 storey house offering integrated satellite tv, digital media players, dvd’s along with lighting & heating control.

58 Design Et Al

Taylor Interiors This home cinema project is part of a stunning villa in the exclusive Andalucía mountain area. The cinema was meticulously designed by Taylor Interiors to meet the client’s specification for the highest level of technical advancement and sound quality, married with highly bespoke design features. The result is a futuristic and luxurious space, which is stylistically glamorous while offering the highest level of comfort. The black leather seats, there are 7 in total with 5 singles and a double, are fully motorized to fold down to a flat position. The lighting is the defining feature. It has been carefully curated to allow the viewers to become immersed in the cinematic experience. The room, located in the basement of the property, can be lit in a choice of eight colours (pink, red, green, lime green, blue, turquoise, light blue and white) to create unique atmospheres and to match the mood of the film. The space provides the highest standard of acoustics and sound quality in home cinema design, kitted out with cutting-edge Bang & Olufsen speakers and an additional subwoofer under the Anamorphico, SS screen. The entire room was insulated with acoustic foam and LED lights to illuminate dramatically against a grid formed of fine wenge.

Design Et Al 59

5 Minutes with Georgina Turvey Company Position within Company

How would you describe your personal interior design style? Because of my foundations in architecture (excuse the pun) my interior design style is driven by the function and form of a space and how light, circulation and sight lines are influenced. When this is established, I apply fresh colour palettes, natural materials and textures, aiming to retain a common thread throughout a scheme. My projects tend to have industrial elements mixed with classic features. We work a lot in period properties in central London, and its important to me to stay true to the architectural language of the building. My office is in the heart of Soho, and I am deeply concerned about the gentrification and sterilisation of the area. My work is definitely influenced by that quintessential London style.

Name five key themes to consider when approaching design in 2015 and beyond

• • • • •

Sustainable and as ecologically minded as possible Natural textures Eclectic kitchens and joinery Design informed by the architecture it inhabits Functional and stripped back

In what direction do you feel that design is moving towards in a general sense? I think interiors are getting less whimsical or ‘themed’, and are striving to keep things integrated and true to the architecture they inhabit. This means that hopefully they will remain installed for many years. It breaks my heart when you see skips throughout London, full of brand new kitchens and slabs of marble.

If you could offer one piece of advice when it comes to interior design schemes, what would it be? To revisit the brief again and again which then informs the way the scheme develops. A lot of clients need to be interviewed on the way they live, what’s important to them, and what they really want, not what they think they should want! It is also important to view a project as a whole, with a common language, this gives projects a strong identity.

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PEEK Architecture + Design Director and Architect

What projects are you currently working on? I currently finished working on Margaret Thatcher’s former house in Belgravia, along with Leconfield who did an amazing job. We extended the mews and reconfigured it throughout, its been quite a journey. We have ongoing projects with our long-standing clients, which we thoroughly enjoy. They include basement extensions and large lateral apartments. We’ve also got a few new build projects. One is a mansion of Georgian proportions in Richmond, in Surrey, it has literally fulfilled the dream of a girl who years ago dreamt of being an architect! Over the last few years we have expanded into a ‘one stop shop’ for clients who want one point of contact for everything from planning, to joinery design and interiors. Our portfolio now holds a wealth of joinery and fit out works and we even go so far as designing bespoke seating and tables. Each project is unique for us, so the styles are varied depending on the architecture and the client. What are your aims and goals for the next twelve months? Apart from my usual aim for striving for that perfect work / life balance (has anyone achieved that yet please let me know?!) I am of course looking forward to the completion of our current projects. I am currently at the feasibility stage of some interesting developments which I hope come to fruition. One of them is for a high-end retirement complex, and it turns out surprisingly, that this market want modern minimalism more than others, which will be an exciting challenge. We’re also developing some bespoke furniture pieces, light fittings and designs for ironmongery. When carrying out extensive research we frequently find that certain products simply don’t exist, it would be great to create a line of products, which reflect our practice’s developing style. Your most treasured possession? – my Takamine Guitar Your favourite holiday destination? Morocco and Cornwall Your favourite restaurant / bar? Sam and Eddie Hart’s Quo Vardis on Dean Street, it’s a home from home! If you weren’t a designer, what would you be? A music producer.

“My office is in the heart of Soho, and I am deeply concerned about the gentrification and sterilisation of the area. My work is definitely influenced by that quintessential London style.� Luxe Et Al 61

Durable Elegance Private Residence, London by Amelia Carter

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Amelia Carter Interiors is a London-based company that offers tailor made services in Interior Design, Interior Architecture, Home Styling and Interior Consultation. Amelia Carter established the company in 2011 with a commitment to designing elegant and individual interiors that reflect her clients’ lifestyle. The Canadian born designer has honed her skills with more than 10 years’ experience and is now supported by a skilled team of designers and architects. Through working with a select and trusted network of craftsmen and suppliers, the Amelia Carter design team deliver bespoke interiors with an emphasis on durable elegance which they define as a balance between beauty, comfort, value and practicality. They pride themselves on breaking the conventional moulds with interesting fabrics, adventurous colour palettes and bespoke furniture pieces designed in-house, to deliver exceptional style and originality.

“ The end result of working closely with the client and carefully considering all of their requirements is a highly efficient home, that is durable for children, elegant for adults and practical and loved by the whole family. ”

This large Family House was redesigned to accommodate a young, growing family who enjoy spending time with their children as well as entertaining friends and family. It was really important for the client to have multi purpose zones in the house and well thought out spaces that their family could grow into without having to make any expensive changes. The design team designed each of the principal rooms to include several, be child friendly while also being elegantly furnished. The formal sitting room has a small dining area which can be used for games nights, children’s homework or intimate dinner parties or luncheons. Another example is the wall of joinery in the children’s’ playroom. Currently it includes a TV area as well as a small stage with curtains for children’s’ performances or for hiding away to read behind. However, this space was have designed so that a few simple changes mean it can easily accommodate a double bed where the current stage is and that the TV and pull out toy boxes can be removed to allow a desk/study space for one of their children as they get older. In both of the kids bedrooms as well as the guest bedroom, robust fabrics were used and sophisticated colours schemes that will allow the entire family to enjoy the furnishings for a longer time. Anything that was very child specific was avoided as so often children can be fickle about what they like. This simple consideration means that the rooms grow with the children. In fact, they are currently moving the youngest from the nursery into the guest bedroom which was designed with this change in mind. The only thing that needed adding were some wall stickers to add some playful pattern to the space.

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The final consideration which is typical of most of Carters’ projects is practical storage and having a place for everything. In order to achieve this and satisfy the clients requirements they undertook a full inventory of their old house and ensured that each item had a new home. This included custom designed drawers in ‘her’ home office that would accommodate rolls of wrapping paper and ribbon. ‘His’ office had cleverly designed pull out book cases on a recessed floor track, that revealed the eaves storage behind. Even the eaves were divided in to Long term and Short term storage. The end result of working closely with the client and carefully considering all of their requirements is a highly efficient home, that is durable for children, elegant for adults and practical and loved by the whole family. As for the rest of the home, the kitchen, sitting room and dining room were originally on the ground floor as one open floor plan space. The client required an isolated kitchen and a formal dining space separate from the sitting room. To achieve this, the design team moved the kitchen and formal dining room into the lower ground floor, where there was an unnecessary reception room opening to the garden. With these rooms downstairs they were able to dedicate the ground floor to the formal and informal sitting rooms, as well as an office for the client. This allowed the client to keep an eye on children while also sitting at her desk. The first, second and third floor were fully redesigned as well. They turned the previous owners office into a single bedroom for guests/packing space (for a family who travels a lot). The second floor is the children’s, including two bedrooms and playroom which has been designed to become a third bedroom if needed. The third floor is an office and entertainment space for the client’s husband. Throughout this home, Carpets from Borderline CPS were used to bring the design together closely. “I have worked with Amelia for almost 10 years to date. Throughout this time she has been nothing but a complete professional, her ideas and inspirations stem from impeccable creativity” said the managing director of CPS, Steve Farrell. The combination of gorgeous antique pieces and contemporary furniture as well as the colours throughout the entire home are favoured by the owner and Carter herself. When they redesigned the house, the flow improved due to a lot of structural changes that they made which ultimately brought all the pieces in the home together. Each room leads beautifully on to the next. Even the children’s bedrooms have a feeling of elegance, whilst being designed with durable materials.

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The Very Best in Global Design Central Park, Shanghai by David Chang Design Associates Winner of the Residential $1-2.5million Category at The International Design and Architecture Awards 2015

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The winner of the 2015 Residential £1-2.5 Million Award in the Global Interior Design Category was David Chang Design Associates’ Central Park Project. Completed in 2014 the Central Park town house is located in Shanghai’s Jiading district. The lavish design is distributed across all four floors of the substantial residence. The vibrant metropolitan design incorporates inspirations from contemporary city chic to the eclectic Asian art scene. A truly stylish but entirely unique project which impressed not only the client but thousands of voters and the International Design and Architecture Awards Shortlisting panel.

“ Despite being a contemporary, city-based property, the design is reminiscent of classic aristocratic residences and fine, five-star hotels; such is the finished, polished nature of this design. ”

From the outset this design invokes impact, the entrance foyer is decadent and epicurean. Lavish marble challenges typical design convention by utilising multiple shapes, tones and textures. Sea-greens, ambers, brass and earth tones inform the hallway’s unique arrangement. Rich toned ochre-black cabinets host vibrant floral displays and unusual, intriguing sculptures. The stunning space also features neoclassical columns and Arabianinspired lattice work; the effective and stylish combination of which enhances the visual sense that the entire home’s design has been inspired by a global narrative; thereby a reflection of Shanghai itself. The foyer is designed in such a way as to frame the in-view living and dining areas which gives the house an immediate sense of spaciousness and inviting openness. The living room benefits from a 6.5m high ceiling which emphasises the property’s sense of grandeur and nobility. Despite being a contemporary, city-based property, the design is reminiscent of classic aristocratic residences and fine, five-star hotels; such is the finished, polished nature of this design. The living space is furnished with Chinoiserie inspired coffee table and chairs, whilst the panelled mirrored wall feature above the imposing fireplace further enhances the ambience of refined, stately elegance. This extraordinary town house is decorated with jade marble on the geometrical floor pattern to reflect the touch of colour and texture of the East. The visual impact was greatly displayed by the defining application of colours and texture. Lush, deep pile rugs and rich, tactile fabrics bring a captivating sense of comfort to each room. The soft furnishings perfectly compliment the solid, masculine nature of the property’s prevalent marbles, metallics and mahogany fittings. The intelligent use of chenille, velvet and fur fabrics ensure the space remains homely and inviting. A variety of animal print fabrics are used within the design to create a bold and signature statement. A traditional Louis XV style chair, upholstered in audacious leopard print, sits proudly at the writing bureau in the master suite whilst a cow-print rug adorns the floor of the dressing room. Such

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brave and modern design choices ensure the interior aspect of the home does not feel stale or sterile; this is definitely a fun space with plenty of personality to be enjoyed by the bright, spirited owners. The master suite takes influence from a presidential or penthouse suite in one of the city’s finest hotels. Comprising two individual ‘his and her’ walk in closets, an independent living room, generously sized bedroom area and grand ensuite. The sleeping area benefits from natural light radiating from ceilingto-floor length windows whilst intelligent lighting installations bring a luminous harmony to the space after sunset. It is entirely evident that the David Chang Design Associates’ team have been meticulous in their approach to every aspect of this project. The overall impression of this expansive townhouse is one of glamorous indulgence yet lively and liveable. Each room is gifted its own personality and style features whilst the complete design expresses continuity and balance. Just as the entertainment and social spaces combine aspects of artistic flair and practical functionality, the kitchen area is the epitome of this concept. Very much a show kitchen, the midnight marble and muted-grey bar chairs enhance the room’s ambience of showstopping entertainment. The central island is reminiscent of Asian restaurant’s with their emphasis on flair and performance during food preparation. The sleek and highshine design of the work surfaces give a dazzling, multi-dimensional appeal whilst the incredible waterfall style chandelier is a decadent jewel in the kitchen’s substantial crown. The motif of adornment is prevalent within each room. The home’s many furnishings act like jewellery, enhancing the project’s majestic appeal. David Chang’s use of metallic tones across the residence gives the sense of abundance and esteemed taste as an extended compliment to the successful, business minded clients. This incredible project showcases the very best in global design. The quality and finesse of both the design itself and the fine furnishings together with David Chang’s shrewd implementation of artistic elements combines to create a home of substantial style and substance. This project reflects the new contemporary metropolitan life of Shanghai where Western and Eastern styles have synergised for a smart, sophisticated and creative impression. This home is one which repeatedly draws the eye and much admiration so it is perhaps no surprise that it was selected as the winner of a prestigious International Design and Architecture Award this year. With an ever expanding client-list and genuine creative flair, it is likely that David Chang Design Associates will go on to collect many accolades in the near future.

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Above: Private Residence by Middleston Bespoke The inspiration for the design was to create an intimate family kitchen for two keen cooks with a large family. They wanted it to be the heart of the home creating zones to cook, eat and live in but also feel open plan . The kitchen is a free flowing space with elegant, characterful cabinetry. Middleton Bespoke are inspired by classical, fine English cabinetry and at every stage are meticulous about the detail. This means they are able to create such honest, handsome kitchens. The client’s favourite aspect of the kitchen is the bespoke secret door to the housekeeper’s pantry. As a functional, fun element to avoid a clash of further door joinery detail, the bespoke secret door is disguised as a cooks bookcase. In this area the counter tops are made from beautiful old reclaimed timbers to allow for a more forgiving informal aesthetic. The design works so well as it has dedicated destinations for food storage, crockery storage, food preparation and food presentation. As well as a concealed back kitchen. This functions beautifully for times when it’s just the homeowners or under greater demand when the whole family are around.

Right: Dark Apartment in Warsaw by ExitDesign EXITDESIGN created this stunning kitchen in a dark apartment with art deco with fully automated details. The kitchen in this apartment is also designed with luxury furniture, unlike more simple kitchens that only prepare food. The main element in this project is the 3 m wide wine-cooler with a intricate and fine collection of best wines from all over the world. This particular wine-cooler separates the kitchen from the corridor and leads to private area and the pool. One outstanding feature in the kitchen is the specially designed lamp that hangs over the counter made from chromed steel and hand made glass. All of the kitchenware is hidden in high gloss walnut veneered cabinets with art deco details. The counter is made from Ner Assoluto granite, and walls are finished in a fine silk wallpaper. This space, overall, is more made for luxuriating with wine and socialising rather than for the practicalities of preparing huge meals.

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Maximalist Modern Kitchen by Design Intervention Design Intervention is an international design studio based in Singapore, helmed by partners, Nikki Hunt and Andrea Savage. Over the past few years, their work has won awards and accolades across the full spectrum of the design field including, retail, leisure, architectural , product and interior design, firmly establishing themselves as one of the leading design studios working in Asia today. One of their newest projects, a maximal modern kitchen for a couple that love to entertain. The client’s wanted a kitchen that was as glamorous as they were yet, smart enough to entertain in at all times and functional for a couple that also likes to stir up a meal. The roots of this design are derived from a traditional finish, and proportions have all been reinterpreted to create this thoroughly modern space. The designers’ favourite aspect of this project is the vibrant blue Venetian plaster on the ceiling, as it refreshes the whole room and combines everything together. The intricate design of this kitchen works so well as it fully reflects the personality of it’s owners; stylish but approachable, fun yet elegant and a little bit of the unexpected all in one.

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Contemporary Hornchurch Kitchen by Definitive Interior Design The brief for this beautiful, Essex based kitchen was to overcome a major flaw in the construction. A long and narrow extension needed to be reconstructed to create a stylish, functional family kitchen and dining area with an exciting lighting plan for parties and entertaining guests. White gloss cabinets were mandatory and the space needed to be practical for family get togethers, children’s tea parties and the family’s huge dog running in and out from the garden. The client discovered his lateral extension had been built 3m deep instead of 4m and was advised by three kitchen designers he would be unable to install an island, top of his wish list, in his kitchen plans. Presented with this dilemma, the DI design team proposed reversing the standard ‘cabinets around the perimeter’ kitchen layout with the installation of 3.2m double sided island in which to house the appliances, pan storage and a bank of floor to ceiling cabinets across one wall to optimize vertical space. In addition, they proposed breaking up the expanse of white gloss with the bank of metallic grey cabinets to create a striking contrast and installing beautiful silver quartzite riven slate on the floor for both their hardwearing practicality and stunning appearance. Furthermore, they designed the bespoke dining table with a complimentary Quartzstone top and polished stainless steel legs to perfectly fit the space for family gatherings.

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Richmond Townhouse by Congdon Brown This particular brief was to convert the basement of a derelict townhouse in Richmond, into a kitchen diner with utility rooms and adjoining cinema with direct garden access. The clients asked to create a space where the kitchen had the atmosphere of the Victorian/Regency era but yet the conveniences of a modern contemporary open plan kitchen. The client wanted several walls to be removed to create the feeling of an open plan living space and bi-folding doors to be installed with direct access to the garden. This would allow the kitchen to be extended into the garden on hot sunny days. They also wanted to retain a period atmospheric feel to the kitchen and adjoining areas by using detailed traditional joinery and flagstone flooring juxtaposed against an industrial feature light hanging over the kitchen island. The design team were then asked to include gadgets from contemporary kitchens such as a Quooker tap, wine fridge, Insinkerator and an American style fridge with a water cooler and ice cube making facilities. As this had to all be concealed, they placed them behind a period facade. They worked with the clients to create bespoke bi-fold cabinetry, which maximised the amount of storage space available up to the ceilings but could also be pulled across to hide all of the contents of the kitchen cupboards. This concept is very modern, as it is the ability to hide clutter, but creates an illusion of a period kitchen from the outside. Due to the North facing aspect of the kitchen the design team added bright task lighting, which was complemented with traditional period lanterns, and chose a modern palette of pale colours, which still had a period feel to lighten everything up.

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Outstanding luxury kitchens, fitted furniture and architectural joinery for the finest homes worldwide. | +44 (0) 845 371 2420

Created with Passion The Mount, Surrey by Consero

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Consero is a luxury developer, project manager and design house that creates exceptional private residences in the world’s most exclusive addresses. Multiaward winning across a portfolio of luxury properties valued at over £1billion and located at the very best addresses in central London and the Home Counties, Consero London is owned by founders Robert Osborn, Steven Glover and Director Jason Lawrence. Their clients value their discretion and exceptional personal service. Created with a passion, every Consero London project combines architectural beauty, exclusive locations, uncompromising quality and attention to detail. Their international team of highly skilled, in-house design and interior professionals will deliver the vision of the project from inception to completion with the utmost care.

“ The Mount is the vision of years of careful planning and design and the result sets a new standard for luxury living in Surrey ”

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Their newest project, The Mount, is a six bedroom luxury home located in the prestigious Oxshott Crown Estate, Surrey. With Oxshott being centrally located to close by transport links, great schools and universities, it is a desirable area to live. . The A3 is only a short drive giving access to London, the M25 and Heathrow and Gatwick international airports. With the estate in the area ranging from £3m up too £10m, it’s a wealthy man’s playground. The Estate backs onto the Princes Coverts, 864 acres of protected woodland, and is a popular location for wealthy individuals and notable residents. This 12,000 sq ft. mansion is set on just over an acre of land, gated and well maintained landscape grounds. The Mount is the ultimate family home, combining luxurious high specification interiors and technology with practicality.

This is evident upon entering the property in the form of the crafted bespoke balustrade that wraps around the curved stone staircase framing the beautiful crystal chandelier cascading through the double void. What was very important to the brief was the balance and flow of the property cohesively. From the entrance hall access is gained to the principle rooms such as the dining room, drawing room, study and kitchen. This allowed the designers to position the intimate family areas such as the media room, swimming pool, jacuzzi steam room and changing rooms bar within a more private setting. The swimming pool and jacuzzi steam room was equipped with spa-like facilities such as a ceramic non-slip floor, marble tops and glass mosaic tiles. The house is incredibly peaceful. It has a great sense of calm and flow from the internal spaces leading out onto the surrounding landscaped gardens. With family orientation being a key factor, The Mount has been designed with bedrooms throughout each layer of the floors, each complete with en-suite bathrooms and bespoke built in wardrobes, and a selection of which includes a Juliette balcony. Within the house is also the VIP suite, included with a large terrace offering views across the rear gardens and an ensuite bathroom, complete with a marble top bath. As for the teenagers, the home was completed with a games room on the second floor equipped with a snooker table, games console, play space and a TV escape.

The design brief was to create a generously proportioned luxury, high specification family home with extensive leisure facilities all around. The space offers versatility to work as a family home and for those who like to entertain guests. Upon arrival, guests are greeted at the secure gated entrance driving onto the granite block driveway entering up to a 3 car garage.

Robert Osborn, Founding Partner at Consero London, said, “We have designed The Mount as the ultimate family home, combining luxurious high specification interiors and technology with practicality. Classic and contemporary designs have been blended to appeal to the high net worth purchaser who require a family home and an entertaining space. For example, the beautiful kitchen features a separate family room, which is ideal for children to relax, but there is also access to the formal dining room via an adjoining door, allowing food to be served with ease in a formal setting.”

The exterior was set to have Georgian detailing and although classical features have been carried through to the interior in relation to proportion and the overall space, the general treatment is contemporary. It was requested that Consero Design create a refreshing new palette moving away from the cream and glitz of what has been seen before. One of the important requests was to incorporate external key detail through into the interior.

“The Mount is the vision of years of careful planning and design and the result sets a new standard for luxury living in Surrey,” said Steven Glover, co-founder and director of Consero London. “The Oxshott Crown Estate is renowned as one of the Home Counties most desirable addresses for the super rich and we expect that the mansion will appeal to those looking for a country home which has been finished to the highest quality.”

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Grade II Listed Mansion House by MDesign London This exquisite master bathroom forms part of the master suite, seamlessly blending the finest materials with impeccable design. As with the house as a whole, the brief for the master bathroom was to exceed luxury; creating a bathroom of the utmost grandeur that is exquisitely designed and intricately detailed, echoing the drama of the master bedroom. The rich marbles create a contrasting backdrop for the unique feature wall with its beautifully inlaid trio of metals. Refined Lalique taps and accessories add the finishing touches, complimenting and harmonising all elements. The masterpiece of the bathroom is the bespoke blossom tree design feature wall. The design is set into Italian white marble using a specialist molten metal inlay technique. By indulging in a combination of stunning textures, colours and patterns it creates a lavish and arresting scene. The master bathroom epitomises the dramatic nature of the design throughout the master suite whilst maintaining an individual opulence.

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Serene Stone Sanctuary by Hayslip Design It was important when designing this rustic, yet contemporary, master bathroom that it be complementary to the overall style of the ranch, which includes exposed structural beams, reclaimed materials, indigenous pecan and mesquite woods and locally resourced stone. Conceptually, this area acts as an interactive space between the home and the private outdoor garden. Indoor and outdoor showers, as well as a fireplace built into the wall above the bathtub, were created to enable the homeowners’ enjoyment in both the summer and winter. It was important to have a comfortable, serene area – including a large soaking bath, double showerheads and body jets, and double vanities (the outdoor shower is accessible through the glass wall on the back of the indoor shower). An exterior shutter drops down to create privacy for the exterior glass wall enclosing the shower. A niche adds space for the clients’ antique bluebonnet painting collections, which are casually stacked on the narrow glass shelves. The clients also have a passion for collecting rare stones, including turquoise, which gave the inspiration for the aqua toned marble counters, offset by grey limestone flooring. This jewel tone palette was successfully distributed throughout the rest of the home and a touch of turquoise plays as a theme throughout the ranch.

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Grove House by Cave Interiors The brief was to return this house to its former glory as a single family dwelling, and crucially to re-plan the spaces and restore all its original features as well as adding all the mod cons to bring it into the 21st Century. This badly neglected house was brought back to life after being carved into offices in the 1960s, and restoring the original glamour and elegance was very important. It was crucial to recreate the original grandeur with regards the space-planning and design of the master en- suite and to see it transformed was particularly thrilling. The wow factor for the master en-suite was a must, with luxurious sanitary ware, fittings and materials. Traditional/original styling was paramount so as to fit in stylistically with the period of the house, whilst still maintaining a style that would appeal to the incoming buyer. By re-planning the entire master suite, incorporating and matching the original and listed paneling and cornicing from other areas of the house, the scheme of the bathroom now flows beautifully through from the master bedroom and dressing room. This, along with the bespoke mirrored vanity unit made to Cave Interiors exacting design, traditionally styled sanitary ware, polished cast iron bateau bath, calacutta marble tiling fitted flush with the plastered walls, topped off with the beautiful antique crystal chandelier all gave this space the wow factor the client was after.

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Private Residence by Rosa May Sampaio Rose May Sampaio is an interior designer with experience of over 22 years in the Brazilian market and projects also developed in Argentina. One of her latest projects is this bathroom in a private residence in Sao Paulo This particular project was a unique one for the Rosa May design team. The brief was to allocate the space and combine a big bathroom with a closet and a small gym. This would act as a space where one would spend a lot of time to relax and escape. The walls were painted in a burnt concrete style and the floor was made of antique demolition wood. The ceiling was covered to represent a tent in grey and white fabric, with a touch of red, also used in the red leather that covers both the bicycle and the pilates apparel, the seat of the bicycle and the pilates machine. The curtains also have a touch of red, combined with off white linen. As for the bathroom lightning, it was designed by international designer, Ingo Maurer.

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Lennox Gardens by London Land Interiors This elegant remodelling of an apartment in Lennox Gardens has been tailored with luxurious finishes and elegant furnishings in pale natural tones and textures; providing the basis for an uncomplicated living space. The brief was to simplify the layout and maximise the feeling of spaciousness. The designers had to fit a generous master suite with dressing room, a smaller guest suite, a guest cloakroom, an open plan living/ dining area with small but fully equipped kitchen, and as much storage as possible, into 120sqm. The team selected finishes that are warm, creamy and matte in accordance with the client’s wishes for a simple and honest approach. All marble finishes are honed; the rubbed down Venetian plaster in the living room is tactile and velvety; and all lacquered joinery is finished in a matte, warm white. Natural brushed oak floor boards and a beautifully simple light Emperador marble fireplace complete the scheme. Bathrooms clad in silver Travertine with mirror polished stainless steel accents add a sophisticated edge.

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Axor Citterio E Axor Universal A c c e s s o r i e s

T h e E S S E N C E o f L U X U R Y. A bathroom collection and a range of accessories that enhance everyday life, as well as the bathroom itself.

Contemporary Residential Development Westbourne House, London by Stiff + Trevillion

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“ The original building was very much of its time, brown brick and brown glass, but, although the architects have kept its structure, it now looks like a new building. Westbourne House now provides a range of well proportioned and carefully planned apartments and was created in collaboration between Stiff + Trevillion and their client, the Alchemi Group. ”

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Stiff + Trevillion are a well-established West London practice, having a strong reputation for elegant and sophisticated architecture. Collaboration is at the heart of the practice’s ethos. From the development of the brief and initial scheme with the client, to the delivery of the project with the design team, they work together to create ultimate masterpieces. They focus on the design of buildings and interiors and whilst the majority of their commercial and residential work is in London, they carry out projects across the UK and overseas. In particular, they have built a good reputation and working relationships with central London Boroughs such as Westminster City Council, Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, City of London and Southwark. One of their latest projects, Westbourne House, is situated in Bayswater within the City of Westminster. This pre-existing 1970’s office structure hasd been identified by the council as a negative building within the Westbourne Conservation Area that detracted from its appearance. The existing ground floor elevations provided minimal active frontage and its public realm had been poorly designed, offering little quality for usage. Now, it is an exclusive development, with only 20 apartments, including a truly stunning split-level penthouse and boasts 24hour concierge service, underground parking for residents and substantial outdoor areas, courtesy of private balconies and terraces.

There were many points considered when planning this development. The primary considerations were to provide a more suitable building for the setting and to enhance and repair the townscape of the area. The energy performance of this much-needed residential accommodation has been dramatically improved and it has a strong sense of presence. The project has been sensitively improved and it now contributes to its context and site history. The combination of the hand made bricks and the hand made faience work give the building a real “crafted” quality. The original building was very much of its time, brown brick and brown glass, but, although the architects have kept its structure, it now looks like a new building. Westbourne House now provides a range of well proportioned and carefully planned apartments and was created in collaboration between Stiff + Trevillion and their client, the Alchemi Group. The result is a highly contemporary, yet timeless living space that captivates the imagination and encapsulates the heritage and personality of the surrounding area. The solid design principles and meticulous attention to detail ensure the development is crafted to exacting standards to meet high expectations, with unique and desirable features. Worldwide Showrooms New York London Moscow Amsterdam Dublin Geneva Barcelona

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Bracken Lodge by London Furnishing Company The beautiful project started as a redecoration of the first floor rooms and grew into a complete refurbishment including extension. The client had lived in the property for a few years and the layout and decor no longer fulfilled their needs. Therefore, the aim was to create light, spacious and practical living areas that didn’t compromise on style. The Company decided to create a large kitchen and dining area to make the house feel lighter, with the addition of a formal dining area for 14 people. This would be a beautiful new introduction to the home itself and create a more open floorplan. TV cabinetry and storage were built into the walls which added texture and easy storage areas. The final design consisted of pale grey oak floorboards in the main reception room; this finish followed through to all the internal doors and wardrobe doors on the majority of the first floor. The client was really happy with this finish as it instantly created a much lighter feel but also gave warmth to the house. This gave the basis for the colour palates they used, all designed to compliment each, which the client loved as it gave a flow to all the rooms the house. Despite using lots of neutrals, they added lots of details through subtle change of materials and feature items such as chandeliers and artwork. The client chose this design as it created a very elegant interior, with lots of thought to family needs with plenty of built in storage, all cleverly concealed with beautiful finishes to allow the house to maintain a sophisticated and stylish feel. Within the entire project, the key highlights of the home are the leather panelled wall in the reception room with a secret door to the swimming pool, and carved suede panelling in master bedroom. This allowed for the home to incorporate a unique touch, unlike the rest of the homes in the area.

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Townhouse – Drayton Garden, by Taylor Interiors Yvette Taylor is the inspirational founder and Creative Director of award-winning interior design practice, Taylor Interiors. Though based in London, she has worked as widely as Geneva, Verbier, Mallorca, Marbella and Munich and has successfully completed over 80 luxury interior design projects. Taylor Interiors have worked on endless projects in the design industry, although this project demonstrates their true capabilities. Taylor Interiors were appointed to completely refurbish this unique five storey townhouse in Kensington, London, which consists of four bedrooms and a small outside space. The designers were given a substantial brief to renovate this home, which included the stunning drawing and dining room which has a 3.7 m high ceiling. The previous living space was completely demolished, only leaving the existing fireplace. With a 3.7 m high ceiling, there were no chandeliers in the room. The main goal was to implement the design scheme with the use of a rich and exceptional bespoke chandelier that was installed to illuminate the oval dining table which seats ten guests. The chandelier consists of 270 hand blown glass elements and is made from five distinct glass colours and weighs 300kg in total. The beams and ceiling above had to be reinforced to allow for this installation. Above the large central coffee table hangs a square mirror panel from which small crystal stars flow. This creates a magical atmosphere at night. The full length French windows are dressed in luxury curtains made of silk fabrics with bold embroidery and embellished with velvet pelmets in rich turquoise tone. And as for the existing fireplace, the design team replaced it with a new one made entirely of sandstone to really bring the interior colours all together. This room is used in the most practical way. It offers a large dining table to entertain ten guests and when entertaining the same number of the guests can sit around the central coffee table. The bold curtains with pelmets bring so much life into the room through their colour and beautiful floral embroidery, and this is also repeated on the table runner. The true master piece of the room is a Jessica Zoob abstract painting named ‘The One’. Design Et Al 115

Holm Oak by Oakeve Interiors Set in the midst of a beautiful home, located in Buckinghamshire, Oakeve design team transformed a lavish living space. The client brief was to achieve ‘one large entertaining space’ between The Drawing Room, Bar Area and Dining Room, whilst creating an aspirational and opulent finish. This was achieved by having the same interior decor and colour palette - that of subtle taupes interjected with an accent amethyst hue and by incorporating and designing a few ‘unique and bespoke’ items of furniture within the scheme. The use of high gloss Sycamore veneered furniture sourced from Italy was complemented by luxurious purple velvet armchairs and deep, cosseting sofas, manufactured in Britain. The Casamance, Effervescence wall covering was chosen to provide a luxurious, reflective texture and was utilized on opposite walls of the co-joined Drawing and Dining Room, ensuring light from the French doors and bay window was reflected to provide the impression of light and spaciousness. The drapes and blinds from Osborne & Little, are a two-tone satin damask with a silky appearance. Pelmets were utilised to soften the window treatments and add a traditional elegance and indulgence to the room. Atmospheric lighting was critical within the design for this entertaining space and was achieved by using various Lutron circuits with a specified lamp circuit and introducing designer lamps. Porta Romana Crystal Strata lamps with rectangular amethyst velvet shades were chosen for their delicate design and luxurious finish, complimenting the soft limestone fireplace, thus creating a visually striking feature upon entry.

116 Design Et Al

Luxury Condo by Douglas Design Studio The project is an Art Deco style condominium, where traditional comfort meets modern convenience. Emphasis was placed on craftsmanship, artistry and the finest quality materials. Located in the museum district of Toronto, this 4,000-square-foot condominium is situated in the cultural epicentre of the city. With an affinity for the 1920s Art Deco period, the owners have a sophisticated and refined style. The concept was to incorporate the clients love for the period into contemporary living. The result is a blend of traditional comfort with modern convenience, executed at the highest level of luxury. Everything in the space is optimised for functionality, using only the finest quality of materials. Unique wall finishes include goat-skin tiles, top-stitched leather, Venetian plaster and stone slab. Each room was considered structurally which draws the eye to main focal points. This is evident in the barrel-vaulted hallway and the oval-vaulted living room ceiling. Special features include a custom oval shaped living room and designed polished nickel and stainless steel dining room doors with grill pattern over glass that opens from both sides for easy maintenance. The closet is special as it opens up to reveal a hidden office. There is also a custom designed powder room vanity, which is intricately built using carved marble legs and glass finials held through tension. Another key feature is the eglomisĂŠ fireplace surround with art deco motif, hand painted by a local artist, in the master bedroom.

Design Et Al 117

Hotel Riechshof by Joi Design JOI-Design’s renovation of the Reichshof not only reinstates the impressive grandeur of the city’s beloved but worn landmark, it also launches the European debut of Curio - A Collection by Hilton. The designers aimed to highlight the hotel’s preserved Art Deco era details like its marble columns, timber paneling and copper detailing, restoring them as needed in a manner suitable for this listed building. At the same time, they have modernised the infrastructure to international standards by discreetly integrating the latest technologies so that the hotel is equipped for the future. The result is a new contemporary style that meshes harmoniously with the lobby’s Art Deco features. The hotel was to be Hilton’s first Curio in Europe, and as such the designers were guided by this relatively new brand’s premise of celebrating each property’s distinct identity and local charm. In creating the European flagship for Curio, JOI-Design has established the benchmark for the brand’s standards. Despite the massive impact upon construction and costs incurred by JOIDesign’s proposal to completely reconfigure the lobby of The Reichshof, a designated historical monument, the designers could ensure the project stayed within budget since they had been given an overall figure for the renovation of both public areas and guest rooms. Careful financial management meant the quality of lobby’s design was not compromised.

118 Design Et Al

Al Hamidieh by 4 Space Interiors Al Hamidieh Restaurant is a 4900 Sq.Ft Syrian cuisine restaurant, located in the heart of Dubai Downtown. The interior concept originates from Al Hamidieh Souk, the largest bazaar street in the old city of Damascus – the oldest continually inhabited capital in the world. The design embraces the traditional atmosphere with modern ambiance to meet the clients wants and brief. The client wanted the space to echo the feel of the traditional alleyways of old Damascus. Metal arches, Jupiter Temple columns, black basalt floors, traditional exotic colour schemes, Brokar Fabric and rustic materials were all used, encompassing different elements of the streets but with an overall modern ambiance. The Arabisk inspired patterned metal sheets used in the arches over the interior space, act as an imitation of the original design of the old souk of al Hamidieh. Openings in the arches allow flow through the space and refer to the openings in the original arches that allowed the light to enter the Souk thus imitating the style in a contemporary and functional way. For the floor finishes, the same black basalt floors were used as that in the ancient Bazaar.

Design Et Al 119

Double Tree Hilton by Space Designers and Architects The main concept of the hotel was to design modern, elegant and exciting spaces. Therefore each area is designed to be exciting and one of a kind. The lobby welcomes you with an attractive atrium that continues upward centrally along 6 floors. Room doors face the main corridors that are surrounded by a geometric metal mesh faรงade that gives a different experience to guests on each floor. Two ends of the lobby are covered with geometrical bronze sculptures along with the smooth vertical gardens. Furniture and lighting choices along with the different textile usage bring a warm and elegant atmosphere to the main space. The conference floor is a continuation of the lobby concept, yet guests experience an even more tranquil atmosphere on this floor. With a stylish reception and flexible meeting rooms with high tech facilities, the conference floor aims to fulfil the high demand of conference/ball rooms in Istanbul. The roof floor includes 4 exclusive suites with living rooms and private terraces and an attractive roof top bar. The concept of this floor is not as energised as the lobby, but still includes similar elements that fit the atmosphere. The spa floor presents a totally fresh experience. On this floor, similar geometries with softer materials and colours are used to create a more relaxing and elite environment.

120 Design Et Al

La Reunion – Restaurant by Michelle Hilton Design This interior design and transformation project of the iconic “Rockmount” Restaurant’s former staff quarters on the first floor of this listed building, has been transformed into a ”high style” restaurant in Guernsey, Channel Islands. The designer created a stylish, up-market destination restaurant and bar design including terrace areas for RW Randall seating for 90 covers, overlooking coastal views. The approach Michele Hilton Design Ltd wanted to illustrate were the seating arrangements which were oriented to benefit from ocean views and featured bespoke curved dining benches. Loose furniture was employed to maximise versatility and private parties. The palette of understated glamour features greys, golds, ochre and pearl inspired by Guernsey’s skyscapes, westerly sunsets and marine lichen. Michele Hilton Design Ltd clad the interior shell in Victorian-styled wall panelling and textured vinyl seagrass wall covering to exude luxury and recall the property’s former heritage. The flooring finishes featured stonewashed timber plank, mosaic tile and Bolon vinyl textile laid to a bespoke “wave” pattern. Antiqued brass, mother of pearl mosaic tiles, and matte gold plaster “impasto” finishes added a luxurious patina to the bar frame. Layered lighting featured iconic fixtures from Niche Modern. Bespoke furniture lent a nod to regional sea-life through scalloped fluted benches upholstered in shagreen textures, mohair or coral patterned velvets and teal passepoil. Michele Hilton Designs Ltd was the sole Guernsey interior design firm pitching against London firms for this project.

Design Et Al 121

Home Cinema by Janey Butler Interiors Janey Butler Interiors is a UK based Architectural Interior Design Practice, offering a unique approach to discerning clientele throughout the UK and beyond. The company is led by Design Director, Janey Butler, and with her team of Designers, Architects, Engineers and Suppliers based in the UK and Europe. One of her newest projects is this stylish Cinema Room/Lounge. It is fully integrated with Crestron, Lutron, Kaleidescape and Apple TV Home Automation systems. The home automation system controls the Audio, Visual, Lighting, Heating, CCTV & ceiling recessed curtains. Recessed 85� 4KTV and ceiling drop down 12 ft Cinema Screen with plastered in the wall invisible Amina speakers and Future Automation Projector. The design includes dimmable John Cullen Ceiling Lighting and pressure sensor stairwell lighting. As well as beautiful elegant Ochre design Seed Cloud LED Lighting sculpture pendant and stylish original contemporary artwork. Thus creating a welcoming lounge / home cinema room experience combining elegant calming colours, luxurious fabrics, and the most up to date modern day Home Automation Technology. The design works so well due its inviting space which oozes luxury with gorgeous soft furnishings and colour schemes combined with the most up to date home automation technology. This makes the interior space a totally luxurious inviting environment to enjoy, entertain, relax, unwind and admire. 122 Design Et Al

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