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“In the spirit of enabling design, we strive to create in our own foundry and design studio the absolute best architectural hardware and lighting in the world.” – SA Baxter

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“Designing a space is more than an art... it’s psychology and science!” Cinzia Moretti

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Yves Delorme Couture

A Couture collection of seven luxurious bedlinen designs, developed by the Yves Delorme Design Studio; offering bespoke designs and services. Yves Delorme - 158 Walton Street, London SW3 +44(0)20 7589 4033 Harrods - Knightsbridge, London SW1X +44(0)20 7730 1234 ext. 3955

With spring issues comes new light, new hope and new ideas; for consumer titles this means an increase in interest, new home projects, house moves and major re-modelling projects, so in this sense the season really is one of re-birth. For those of us who work in the industry, projects are 24/7 for 12 months of the year, however I feel there should remain a nod to the season that energises us both spiritually and physically after a long cold winter. This month we are embracing global design in all its beauty,

wonder and sheer diversity, taking a look at projects shortlisted for The International Design & Architecture Awards 2019. We are looking at everything from lofts to farm houses, city living to country piles. Over the coming months we will be looking at more shortlisted projects in greater detail and talking to the designers, who right now are shaping the future. Unti next month, Joanne

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“One of the most successful elements of the

design is how the home takes full advantage of the site by focusing on indoor/outdoor living.

Located on the La Jolla coast, California and inspired by the client’s 160-foot private yacht, Lucas Design Associates created a home with multiple outdoor living spaces perfect for entertaining. Centred around a 50-foot wall that opens up the entire main floor of the home to breath taking oceanfront views, the spacious residence acts as a sanctuary for the client. LDA incorporated a sunken seating entry area, an outdoor dining terrace and a lowered oceanfront pool and seating area to maximise exterior space and create seamless indoor/outdoor living within this coastal, modern home. The 8,500 square foot home has four bedrooms and seven bathrooms. Simple, bold lines, textural materials and custom furniture create a warm, inviting and causal yet sophisticated living experience. A self-made entrepreneur, the owner of the property spends his summers in Europe but this home in La Jolla is his primary residence. He has embarked on multiple building projects from other residences to a custom 160-foot yacht and is design and construction savvy - to say the least. His experience in construction, depth of knowledge, and style pushed the design of this home. His ultimate goal was to create an escape for his family and friends -- a place to enjoy the ocean, and each other, in a private, relaxing setting. The residence is perfect for hosting gatherings and spending afternoons on the terraces and is one of the few homes on this part of the coastline with access to a small, private sandy beach. One of the most successful elements of the design is how the home takes full advantage of the site by focusing on indoor/outdoor living. While in the neighbourhood setting, the house maintains an elevated sense of privacy

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both when you’re inside of the residence and when you’re enjoying the outdoor areas due to thoughtful architecture and design decisions. The design is successful because of its discipline to a limited palette. For a home of its size, it maintains unity through a restrained use of material changes and an emphasis on quality of materials and construction detailing. The blurring of lines between furniture and architecture creates a more interesting and dynamic use of spaces as well. Two defining design elements of this project include the 50-foot sliding glass wall and the teak built-ins inspired by our client’s yacht. These features, along with the various outdoor living spaces and pool overlooking the ocean, offer a connection to the coastal setting. Numerous custom pieces were designed and made for this home. LDA collaborated with several local craftsmen from Urban Hardwoods, Mayer Designs Inc., Village Interiors, Custom Woodworks Inc. & BC Custom Upholstery to create customised furniture and soft goods to emphasise luxury and comfort for the client. Most notably are the flame sprayed nickel panels by Mayer Designs Inc., the heat textured metal panels by Flying Anvil Studio and the custom suede/leather master bedroom wall by BC Custom Upholstery. LDA collaborated with Sutherland to design The Gallery Table, featured on the outdoor dining terrace as well. Inspired by minimalist sculpture, this exterior dining table features an interesting blend of teak, stone and metal. The sectional sofa, lounge chairs and barrel chairs were created by A.Rudin, a Los Angeles-based family-owned business fabricating custom furniture of exceptional quality and comfort,

where dedicated craftspeople maintain a tradition of fine craftsmanship, using old-world skills elsewhere forgotten, to produce custom furniture and interpret classic seating to suit personal tastes and today’s interiors. This project has recently seen Lucas Design Associates shortlisted in several categories in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2019, to be held in London in September. Speaking about their awards submission, David Lucas, Founding Partner and Creative Director of LDA said “This award submission process has given us time to reflect on what a special project this was, both in its complex challenges and in the design solutions we incorporated. This project would not have been possible without the close collaboration between our design firm, House Design Architects, Hill Construction Company and the many local craftsmen who contributed numerous bespoke elements to this private residence”. When discussing the importance of the Awards David added, “We feel the International Design & Architecture awards are important because they showcase innovation and diversity in design and unite the global design community. These prestigious awards offer a fantastic opportunity for global recognition as well as unparalleled exposure for designers from around the world. We are honoured to be considered for these awards and believe this is an important opportunity to not only highlight our team’s accomplishments and further establish our position in the design industry but also to recognize the hard work and dedication of the many local craftsmen in our community who helped turn our designs into realities”.

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“This project showcases many bespoke elements using a theme of brass hardware, richly stained woods paired with honed marble throughout.

This project features the elegant style and bespoke details - both designed and created by Hedgeford & Berkley. The client wanted to bring in the feel of a luxurious, big-city lounge to match their stunning pool and garden views. From top to bottom, the designers wanted to bring in the functionality that would make this space work on a daily basis, with an elegant style to elevate those weekend dinner parties. They were asked to turn an old kitchen layout, where appliances couldn’t be opened at the same time, to effortless movement around the space while entertaining. The house remodel was designed around maintaining the views of the client’s garden and lagoon-like pool to create the perfect inside/outside connection. The natural light that floods the house was used to set the stage for the impressively rich cabinetry that spans over 6m without looking daunting. Hedgeford & Berkley wanted to set the precedent for luxurious home design in what some people still think is a small town. Hedgeford & Berkley took on the restructuring of the main floor which involved a 12m steel beam being lifted into place to open up the living and kitchen areas. They were brought in for their fascination and obsession with construction and design details to lay the foundation for seamless finishes. They oversee the restructure planning and full project executions to maintain tight reigns on the fruition of design details. The marble countertops and backsplashes used an integrated brass inlay, bespoke designed as well as custom made anodized aluminium kitchen hardware for longevity and maintainability. The hardwood floors were refinished and mated seamlessly to groutless marble 26 design et al

floors, laid in a French pattern with alternating sizes. The marble floors were then hand grinded and honed to create a smooth, flat transition between the tiles. The rear slabs behind the living room built-in cabinetry were large, thin format making them fragile and difficult to work with. The designers had to create a strong backing and on-site cutting table to work with the product without breaking it. All trim was custom designed and made for the home to ensure its one of a kind feel was maintained. Several colours from the Cera Gres tile series were combined in the powder room to create the strong but not overpowering presence. Hedgeford & Berkley worked with several sizes and colours and combined them to create a marriage of tones and textures. The metal work in the kitchen was hand made by a local metal shop and then sent to an anodizing company for colouring. The kitchen was first designed, and manufacturing drawings scrutinized to create precise metal pieces to be integrated into the cabinetry. This project showcases many bespoke elements using a theme of brass hardware, richly stained woods paired with honed marble throughout. Hedgeford & Berkley maintained easy, everyday movement by disguising a secret door leading to an appliance scullery and main hallway through the kitchen. Refinishing the original oak floors and creating seamless transitions to the groutless, marble floors were important details kept at the forefront during construction. Things were taken a step further by honing the floors by hand to create a flat finish that was luxuriously smooth. The Philips hue lighting system was used throughout to create ultimate lighting control from anywhere inside, or outside the house. At Hedgeford & Berkley, they work tirelessly to create layers of beauty from room to

room whether it be in the pinstripe brass details of the countertop or the multi layers of glazing used on the kitchen cabinets, we want to see beauty through and through. Engineers at heart, Hedgeford & Berkley prioritise function, maintainability and smooth mechanisms. They also crave creating spaces that can transform moods when stepping into them so there is a constant iteration and balance between beauty and function. Hedgeford & Berkley wanted this family to be able to gather together and feel comfortable watching television on family night while feeling the space was sophisticated and luxurious to bring their friends over for dinner and drinks. The Fitzwilliam project has recently seen Hedgeford & Berkley shortlisted in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2019 within several categories. Speaking to Martha Huk, Founder of Hedgeford & Berkley, she said “These awards keep us dreaming and striving to be top in our field. They have the intense potential to pivot our company from being a young, three-year start-up to being recognised by top performing peers and craftsmen in our field. It is our chance to be seated among the best of the best and that is a moment that makes all the tireless nights, the pushing against the grain, worth it.” She continued, “We are so grateful to have a platform that allows likeminded people to gather together and become inspired by each other’s work. We are constantly pushed to create thoughtful designs that inspire others to feel happy so that they can go forward to inspire others as we have inspired them.”

As Chief Engineer of Hedgeford & Berkley Build and Design firm, Martha pairs high-calibre construction with exceptional design to create stunning, bespoke spaces. “We work with visionaries and specialize in transforming spaces through a unique capacity in engineering and design. We work with those who want more from their residential or commercial build. We deliver bold, inspired spaces. If you’re interested in exploring a collaboration with us, let’s talk.” Martha Huk — Hedgeford & Berkley

A boutique renovating experience

75 Wellington Street, London, Ontario, Canada, N6B 2K4 +1 519-709-2368

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Moretti Interior Design were hired to complete a full refurbishment of a four storey Victorian house to create a new and contemporary family home in West London. The brief was to design a contemporary space with elements of a Nordic and Mid-Century style for a family of four. The client wanted to keep the external clean lines of the typical Victorian feature but to adapt that to their own style. The idea was to create an airy spacious home with neutrals walls and add interest with pops of colour and different textures throughout.

“For Cinzia design is

art, psychology and biology together. This is why she has started Bio-Design, taking inspiration from Biomimicry.

Moretti Interior Design, a West London Interior Design studio believe that interior and architecture should work naturally around the client and not vice versa. Recognising that each project is an individual expression of the client’s unique personality and understanding their values and artistic preferences it is essential for the team to create personalised interior designs that are comfortable, eco-friendly and reflect modern lifestyles. Cinzia Moretti, Creative Director of Moretti Interior Design, holds a BA (Hons) in Design and Innovation and a Diploma in Interior Design. She started her career while still at college, where her talent was spotted during a famous world design fair. Cinzia has designed high-end interiors for over a decade in the UK and overseas. Her approach to design is very distinctive, she uses environmental psychology and colour psychology to help clients to design their dream home.

For Cinzia design is art, psychology and biology together. This is why she has started Bio-Design, taking inspiration from Biomimicry. The holistic approach of Design begins when delving deep into the heart and soul of their clients to learn as much as they can about their personality, values and beliefs, which can then be expressed visually and creatively. For this project, the house needed to be both practical and stylish at the same time. The core of the house is the kitchen, where the client wanted to have a wide space to entertain people during parties and at the same time a space for the kids to play. The client wanted also to show his wine’s collection and be able to drink

34 design et al

with his friends like they are in a wine bar. For this reason, a specific wine room with marble worktop, stools and a clear glass door have been designed in order to create a feature space inside the house. Moretti Interior Design added some colour to construction beams, that appeared a constraint at the beginning of the design, but instead become a feature and an integrated part of the interior scheme. The reception room colour scheme was inspired by a client painting and the aim of this space was to integrate the contemporary look with some Mid-Century furniture; a space where to relax in the evenings and weekends. Upstairs, for the client’s master bedroom, a walk-in wardrobe was designed to be linked with the colour scheme downstairs. Moretti Interior Design’s favourite aspect was to be able to merge the client’s different personalities and create places where they can each enjoy their separate hobbies but also areas dedicated to spending time with the family, such as the kitchen. The design works so well because Moretti Interior Design have transformed the space making it interesting, airy, spacious and stylish. A lot of glass and natural light has been added in order to create contact with the environment. The corridor that links the first floor to the second one has been kept all in glass in order to allow the outside view to be part of the design. The success of this project has seen Moretti Interior Design shortlisted in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2019. When discussing the awards with Cinzia, she told design et al “The International Design & Architecture awards are important as I think it is part of a designer’s journey to be recognised and appreciated for the input that we have in people’s lives”. Both luxurious and relaxed, the subtle but exquisite finishes, made to measure bespoke furniture and carefully considered lighting in this refurbishment, have created truly peaceful spaces.

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“All of the built-in furniture and some of the

This typical style Farmhouse on acreage, set in the rolling hills outside Heidelberg, Germany, was bought by the clients to live in the next phase of their active lifestyle; gardening, enjoying nature and walking their dog in the beautiful wooded hills. The house had been rebuilt 20 years ago from the ground up, to replace the rotten timbers and decaying clay plaster, but the interiors left much to be desired. They wanted a complete overhaul to transform this house into their desired home. The clients wanted an interior that was durable for the country, elegant, yet understated and had a touch of the Hamptons, using as much ecological materials as possible plus all the modern conveniences of a new home. Jannet chose to modernise the interiors using natural organic materials with simple lines, keeping true to the structure. She wanted the modern interiors to give the feeling of being handcrafted. The total interior was gutted to make way for new pipes and electrical. A new stairway in a traditional land house style was rebuilt to replace an ugly metal stairway. A gallery was added in the living room to add space for a bookshelf to be reached through a small spiral stairway. All the exposed timber was whitewashed to get rid of the heavy darker oak feeling. Sandblasted French limestone was chosen to use throughout for its durability and give a light elegant feel. Grey washedoak wood flooring was used in the living room and upstairs. Jannet designed a crisscross of wood planks and limestone in the winter garden to connect the wood floor in the living room, with the limestone in the kitchen and front hall. Some walls were finished in shiplap panelling reminiscent of the Hamptons and to add warmth to the northern walls. The walls were finished with a new coat of clay 42 design et al

plaster and distemper paint. The walls in the bathrooms and kitchen were finished with a colour in the plaster and a durable, water resistant finish. All of the built-in furniture and some of the hardwood furniture pieces were designed by Jannet herself to give a cohesive whole to the design. Simple yet interesting pieces, that were to function for the owner’s specific requirements. To soften the hard edges, upholstered furniture in natural linens were used throughout. Carpenters from the Czech Republic worked round the clock on this project to fit every piece of wood. They installed the solid wood kitchen from Neptune, added pieces to flawlessly fit with it as well as produce, cut and install the stone countertops and sinks. A stone mason laid the 300 m2 of Limestone and cut and fit it into the wood squares perfectly. Plaster artisans used their skills in the clay walls and special finishes in the kitchen and bathrooms. All the lighting is handmade bronze by Authentage Lighting. The Authentage collection guarantees timeless, atmospheric lighting in a classy style. The features are made according to traditional methods but fitted with the most modern technology. In turn, the design reflects clean lines or components from the past. The 7-meter-long stair pendant fixture, the Bellefeu, is made of 24 hand-blown organically shaped energy efficient bulbs. An absolute mood creator based on special LED lighting in candleholders made of real wax. The warm LEDs have a perfected control. This provides a flickering light, identical to real candles. The superior colour rendering ensures that everything illuminated looks delightfully tasteful and colourful. The key aspect of this project was breathing life back into this old home.

hardwood furniture pieces were designed by Jannet herself to give a cohesive whole to the design.

Some of Jannet’s favourite aspects of the project were designing the winter garden flooring, used to combine the limestone and oak flooring, as well as the pendant design for the new stairway. The design worked so well as Jannet remained sensitive to the historic value of this house, the interiors needed to be authentic. Using natural organic materials is how this home would have been furnished in the past. Even though understated, the interiors still have that “wow” affect! Old and new are perfectly combined. Jannet Butzinger Innenarchitektur have recently been shortlisted in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2019 with this project. Speaking about this Jannet said, “Through the new Media our profession is growing rapidly, not just regionally but into a world community. I feel these awards bring this sense of being a global citizen and a member of this larger community together. Showing respect for the variety of design projects that designers in different parts of the world create is not only exciting but honours the multicultural diversity we have bringing our world together, which in this day and age is even more important”. The authenticity of this design, the understatement and being sensitive to the historic value of this home, and not trying to create something it is not, works well into the environment. This is a country home that is elegant yet understated where the owners can feel completely comfortable and secure while admiring the charming surroundings.

Lighting - Luminaires - Verlichting Belgian Design

Authentage aims to bring timeless, attractive lighting in a classy style. Due to the different materials such as aged brass, brushed nickel or chrome, lighting can be used in homes with a classic, country, modern or even minimalist style.


@authentage_ofďŹ cial

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“This design works well due to the compact and efficient circulation taking full advantage of the split-level design that the site necessitated.

Located in Snowmass Village, Colorado USA and evoking mid-century American modernism this 5-bedroom, 6-bathroom split level home provides the perfect family- friendly mountain oasis. Positioned on the corner of a switchback in the quaint mountain town of Snowmass Village, just outside of Aspen, Colorado, the home is oriented to take advantage of the 270-degree uninterrupted views the site offers. Wedged into the mountainous landscape, the form follows the slope of the site, with the back façade opening up to the views of the Continental Divide, while the front views embrace the ski area. Exclusively designed by KA Designworks, The Snowmass Terrace Residence was widely appraised by the design world at The International Design & Architecture Awards 2018 in London, where the firm claimed the Residential £2.5-5 Million (Property by Value) Award at The Hurlingham Club. Founded by Kenneth Adler, AIA in 2006, KA Designworks is a young and growing architecture and interiors company based in the Roaring Fork Valley, just outside of Aspen, Colorado. With 20+ years of experience in the AEC industry, Ken has an extensive background in residential, hospitality, and commercial design. With dozens of new homes and remodel projects running the entire spectrum of scope and budget, they have a wealth of experience in guiding the client through the design, permitting, and construction process. Kenneth Adler is a licensed Colorado architect, well known for his ability to facilitate visualisation of the design process. Ken effortlessly engages and involves the clients to best understand their needs and desires. As a renowned expert and speaker on the incorporation 50 design et al

of BIM (Building Information Modelling) into the design process, Ken has applied this knowledge to his firm in order to dramatically reduce production times, solve problems and put out “fires” throughout all phases of the design and construction process. Ken holds a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Virginia Tech, and is a member of AIA. He founded KA Designworks in Aspen in 2006 and brings unbridled enthusiasm and a wealth of professional experience to every project he takes on. Loving nothing more than hearing a client rave to others about how thrilled they are with their new build, he is dedicated to innovation in design and technology, and to building successful client relationships that stand the test of time. When discussing the Awards Ken explained “We are a firm that believes in pushing our designs and using architectural products in new ways. As designers we can lose our creativity in the comfort of doing what we’ve done before, and the International Design & Architecture awards are an inspiring source of new ideas on a global level”.

is both a functional and visual feature of the space. The furnishings and decor were selected to evoke the mid-century American modernist ideals that inspired the design. The lowest level offers privacy with three ensuite bedrooms and a cosy family room space complete with wet-bar. Two of the bedrooms provide walk out access to lower patio that includes intimate seating areas surrounded by native vegetation. The main level is public and open, with a guest master discreetly located down a quiet hallway. The kitchen with flatpanel cabinets, dark wood cabinets, quartz worktops, stone slab splashback, integrated appliances, light hardwood flooring and grey worktops is large contemporary. The generous kitchen, living, and dining room space boasts high ceilings and soaring rooflines, with large openings to the views and an outdoor living space beyond. The entire upper story is dedicated to the master suite complete with an ensuite bath, master closet with laundry chute, and a large private deck, all buffered by a home office complete with views.

Reflecting on this project Ken said his favourite aspect was the soaring roof-line of the great room which helps connect the multiple levels of the home, drawing one’s eye upward towards the views and lending a sense of grandeur to the master bedroom located on the top level.

This design works well due to the compact and efficient circulation taking full advantage of the split-level design that the site necessitated. This afforded more of the limited square footage to living space. Additionally, all rooms were laid out to maximize views.

The floor plan of this 5-bedroom, 6 bathroom single family home pays homage to the familiar split-level layout, utilising the spatial and functional benefits, but with a luxurious and contemporary spin. The three levels of living each have distinct purposes and are easily accessed through the centralised vertical circulation that

Stepped into the hillside, the sloping roofs of the structure emulate the surrounding mountains and are oriented to maximize the views. The subdued material palette takes it cue from local earth and rock.

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“A thoughtfully planned kitchen with a timeless, contemporary

Built in 1910, this traditional tudorstyle home was ready for a more current kitchen design. An addition to the home 14 years prior brought an interesting bay window to the kitchen area. The new kitchen was planned in this bay window. Looking to keep the aesthetic timeless and fresh, clean white lacquer cabinets were planned with elegant walnut accent. The home has original rift cut white oak panelling in the front entry of the home. The new walnut specified in the kitchen design pulled this original oak design element together with the new walnut adding a cohesive feel when passing through the spaces. This kitchen, built in to a bay window, has excellent flow. The centre island provides seamless circulation and ease of use from the cooktop to the fridge to the wall ovens. It is unusual to find a kitchen built in to a bay window, but it is amazing how much interest this element of the home’s architecture contributes to the feel inside the kitchen. There is ample counter space, but it does not present as long and unobstructed. The angles add function, interest and uniqueness to the design. This kitchen opens on to an adjacent family room that is heavily used by the homeowner. The white cabinetry does not detract from the furnishings in the family room, the kitchen design speaks softly in the open space, but for the walnut accents in the kitchen that add a hint of interest and weight to the space. This walnut accent is repeated in the adjacent family room which adds continuity to the design of both spaces. The custom feature panel of walnut and brass inlay was crafted by a local woodworker associated with the cabinet maker. All design details were planned 58 design et al

by Sara Bederman Design, including the details of this panel. Burnished Brass cabinet pulls and knobs were manufactured by Water Street Brass in Lakewood, NY. Water Street Brass manufactures solid brass decorative hardware for cabinets, doors, and windows. The passionate team of designers and artisans have worked to develop a line that embodies harmony of form, function, and deep devotion to beauty. The Hudson Collection featured in this project boasts clean lines and sleek designs that complement any contemporary or transitional décor. All hardware is finished to order by some of the most talented artisans in the industry. Sara Bederman Design is a full a Toronto design studio devoted to creating luxurious, harmonious and comfortable residential living environments for clients in Toronto, New York City, Long Island and beyond. Principal designer Sara Bederman draws inspiration from finely woven textiles, the natural splendor of wood and intricate design details spotted on her travels — she lives and breathes design. Sara and her team balance refined design with the practical aspects of daily living to create bespoke interiors that truly showcase the essence of each client’s individual style. Through superior communication, and project management, the Sara Bederman Design experience is collaborative and straightforward. Sara completed her formal training in interior design in Toronto and soon after relocated to Chicago, where she worked for a full-service design firm. She continued her design education on the job while sourcing in the exclusive showrooms in The Merchandise Mart and exploring the design-rich surroundings of the city. Sara’s work at the firm focussed on space

aesthetic enhanced by exciting bespoke design details.

planning, design concept development, finish specification and client relations. Her passion for design extends to exterior living environments and she has consulted on several residential landscape projects. The redesigned kitchen at Robinwood has recently seen Sara Bederman Design shortlisted in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2019, to be held in London in September. Discussing the awards with design et al, Sara said “As the International Design & Architecture awards captures talent from across the globe, the awards offer an incredible opportunity to learn from peers from around the world that I would otherwise not be familiar with. Bringing global design projects on to a level playing field is an exciting way to show that despite the location of the project, all design can be looked at through equal criteria”. The design team’s favourite element of the project is the custom walnut and satin brass accent panel. Sara explained “It was hand crafted by a local artisan and it came out beautifully”. This panel is visible all the way from outside the front door of the home. It is sculptural and architectural, simple yet elegant. It creates a beautiful sight line. The luxury of this kitchen is found in the simplicity of design. There are a number of interesting design details, but all of them speak softly and elegantly, creating an interesting space the inspires the eye to move around to take in and appreciate each detail offered. A thoughtfully planned kitchen with a timeless, contemporary aesthetic enhanced by exciting bespoke design details.

4515 Gleason Road • PO Box 463 • Lakewood NY 14750 Phone: (716) 763-0059 • Toll Free: (855) 664-4321 • Fax: 716-763-6043 •

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“Ana Engelhorn is a residential London-based interior

designer whose ‘rough luxury’ approach emphasises natural elements and rich textural sensations with a modern twist.

This 430 m2 Farmhouse located in Palamos consists of two 16th century watchtowers and a 17th century building which was fully restored to its former glory. The towers were used as warning towers for the Castle of Calonge in case pirates were spotted coming from the sea. The Farmhouse is therefore a national treasure and building work was only allowed in the main building without touching the two towers.

The building was taken back to its bare bones and fully restored, the flooring, ceiling and plastering were removed from the walls to reveal its natural state. 18th Century flooring was imported from the UK for suitability. Stone floors downstairs and antique oak floors upstairs. Both floors have floor heating, so no radiators are visible. The ceiling is wooden beams with re-used ceramic tiles, just as it would have been in the 17th Century.

The 17th century Catalan Farmhouse had gone through various restorations since its existence and the brief given to Ana Engelhorn Interior Design was to bring it back to its origins.

The entrance area leads to a large open kitchen with a central island. Ana Engelhorn’s aim was to make it the focal room of the house and for it to serve as a meeting point where the whole family could congregate, cook and socialise together. The dining area is small but cosy, right in-front of a huge fireplace and with a beautiful view to the Garden.

Ana Engelhorn is a residential Londonbased interior designer whose ‘rough luxury’ approach emphasises natural elements and rich textural sensations with a modern twist. Born in Switzerland, with Spanish and German roots, Ana incorporates her interests in international travel and art into her work. She loves sharing her energy and ideas on how to live better with the old, the renewed and the new to create fresh, timeless interiors her clients feel at home in. Ana Engelhorn’s goal was to restore the building to its former glory by giving it back its original materials, its high ceiling and large airy rooms that would bring the sweeping Spanish countryside views indoors. Though the house is very big, a preference was given to big rooms rather than a lot of rooms. The result was an elegant but homely three-bedroom house with a study, living room, kitchen/dining room and three bathrooms (including two ensuite).

66 design et al

Right next to the kitchen-dining area is the living room, probably the largest room in the house and situated next to the guest bathroom. The latter features a roll top bath, based on a classic 18th-century design known popularly as a bateau bath. Retaining its elegance across the centuries, it is a shape that fits perfectly into traditional or contemporary bathroom schemes. The family living in the property only required 3 bedrooms which meant that the upstairs was for the parents only, providing the opportunity to make an open plan bathroom with a lot of space. A ball & claw feet bath is situated in front of a large window, in the middle of the changing area, next to an antique sofa. Completed by a classic bath and shower mixer bringing together elegance and functionality. Its chrome finish, which

adds bold contemporary touches and creates an elegant marriage between antique charm and modern luxuries, nods to the double vanity basin suite and a floor-mounted heated towel rail. For the decor, antique furniture was sourced from the UK and Spain that befit a historic European farmhouse. Bold, contemporary touches, such as chrome bathroom fittings and modern artwork, bring the look into the 21st century, creating an elegant marriage between antique charm and modern luxuries. Any design that goes back to its roots should work well and here it really did. By opening up the rooms and taking away the fake ceilings, an air of calm and serenity has been brought back to the house. There were many artisan skills required for this project who specialised in these types of buildings. Ana Engelhorn told design et al “This project will always take a special place in my heart as it was lengthy and hard work, but the outcome was even better for it”. Ana Engelhorn Interior Design have created a three-bedroom house full of original materials and historic features, emphasising the property’s high ceilings to create large, airy rooms that bring the sweeping Spanish countryside indoors. The Catalan countryside and the Costa Brava coastline itself are dramatic, wild and beautiful. The farmhouse benefits from a view to the sea and is surrounded by trees. With its natural stone walls and its restoration back to its former glory, it blends in effortlessly.



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“Amy Kartheiser Design believe the combination of

A modern loft, in Tribeca, NYC, that is housed in an old manufacturing building. Amy Kartheiser Design were commissioned to transform the space in to an elegant contemporary space for the well-travelled owners. This 4000-square-foot Tribeca Loft is located in the landmarked Grabler Building. It was built in 1896 and was occupied by Grabler Manufacturing Company, a pipe fitting maker. The building was converted into condominiums in 2001. The owners of the loft are both international lawyers and global travellers. Amy Kartheisers Design’s first directive was to design a home that was modern, chic and sophisticated, yet liveable. The second directive was to make sure the owner’s artwork was seen and able to be enjoyed, as they are collectors from both their travels and galleries, and many of their pieces had been sitting in storage for years. This project uses the architecture well, playing feminine against masculine. Sofas and coffee tables reiterate the curves of the windows, while the leather daybed suggests the strength of the columns that run the length of the apartment. The palette is soft and pretty, reflecting the sky views. The “art wall” in the Living Room was created by Amy Kartheiser Design. The wall was painted white and Amy Kartheiser Design commissioned white lacquer shelves and iron stands, from a local art installer, that would showcase the pieces both as individuals and as a group. The refined furnishings work with the primitive, ethnic art - one enhances the other. 74 design et al

The art placement was in fact a poignant aspect of the project for Amy. She explained “This was the key element for the client, and I believe we not only met their expectations, but exceeded them. Working with a seasoned art installer was also key. We worked very well together, and he was able to bring our vision of where all the art should be placed, and how, to life”. Amy also added, “The art installer for this project was instrumental in making this project work. He made all of the floating shelves and all of the iron stands, per our specifications, for the art pieces. He also worked tirelessly to hang 250 lb. mirrors and paintings to drywall, etc. Had we not had such a professional to work with, this project would not be as complete.” Amy Kartheiser Design has recently been shortlisted in the City Space and Interior Design Scheme categories in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2019. Speaking about the awards, Amy Kartheiser said “Design is visual and transcends all languages and culture. The International Design and Architect Awards bring together people from all over the world with one common language in mind - design. It is important to gather people of a similar passion to exchange ideas, share creativity and to promote innovations, not just locally but globally. To have the International Design and Architect awards host this event to bring us all together is highly commendable”, she added “This is the first project Amy Kartheiser Design has submitted to the International Design and Architecture awards. We are thrilled to be considered for the 2019 awards. We hope you enjoy this project as much as we enjoyed designing it.”

femininity and masculinity in the design is a wonderful balance in this home and helps bring the project together.

Amy Kartheiser has an eye for detail, layering and combining traditional and modern in a serene palette. She creates inviting, personal, and liveable environments by collaborating with her clients on a shared vision, delivering a project that is on time, on budget, and beautifully functional. Amy grew up with design in her blood. Her mother was an interior designer and as a child Amy would sit in her mother’s office as she was pulling together projects for clients. Amy would spend hours scouring through design magazines at an early age and eventually began to design her own bedrooms. Amy has a background in business, which gives her a unique skill set to manage her client’s projects with white glove customer service. Her design process is: listen, design and followthrough. Good design is really about understanding a problem, or a goal. While designing this particular space Amy Kartheiser Design focused on the bigger picture of the design and the specific goals the client had for the space. They also made sure that no details were spared. Amy Kartheiser Design believe the combination of femininity and masculinity in the design is a wonderful balance in this home and helps bring the project together.

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“This space was designed as a warehouse. In this new

A former car dealership was integrated into a new condominium building as part of Washington, DC’s 14th Street revitalisation, an area that had become depressed after the riots in 1968. This warehouse space provided the setting for an open loft apartment for the owners of an international art collection. Undertaken by Washington based Ernesto Santalla, widely renowned architect and interior designer, a dysfunctional condo in a former industrial building has been transformed into a modern oasis, a second home for a busy international couple. The existing industrial elements have been exposed, celebrating the history of the space. What was formerly a chopped-up and segmented space has been opened to the expanse of industrial-style factory windows, bathing the space in natural light. Designated spaces are defined with furnishings, as opposed to walls. Throughout, custom furnishings and storage keeps clutter out of site. Special care was taken to ensure sprinkler heads, audio-visual and electrical wiring, and switching were invisible, creating a flawless environment. The plan was straightforward. A large volume of space for living, sleeping and working organised along an expansive window wall, flanked by the entry, kitchen, walk-in closet/dressing room, bathroom and utility room. Careful planning and execution of the scheme required that all of the infrastructure be kept out of sight. There are no unwelcome wires, pipes, or switches. The heating and ventilation are handled with one duct. The lighting is almost not there. The infrastructure is seamlessly integrated. The goal was to make it appear like nothing was done, at the service of the largest asset: light-filled open space. The apartment is the full

82 design et al

iteration, the space is a sophisticated apartment dwelling that celebrates light, openness and an extraordinary art collection.

width of the building and overlooks the busy street below. The wide expanses of windows are uncluttered and at night, the space glows.

off-the-shelf closet organization from the Container Store. The sleek bathroom space is bookended by a frosted glass water closet and a dark tiled shower.

All of the interior surfaces and custom cabinetry are the same white colour, which together with the dark brown hickory flooring, clear and frosted glass, white quartz countertops, and grey porcelain tile, complete the material and colour schemes. Richness is given by a play on textures. White surfaces range from smooth lacquer to rough concrete; the wide plank flooring has all the natural unevenness of the species; the custom cowhide area rug provides small scale detail and spans the entire colour scheme from white to black.

The client has residences around the world and uses this one when on business in Washington, DC. For a couple on constant international travel, the opportunity to have another place to call home was just as exciting as being able to create a space to showcase part of their growing art collection. Pieces from their art collection were selected for this space and the design of the space was driven by the placement of the art. A contemporary style, with varying textures and a neutral backdrop to allow the art to be in the forefront. Works from Keith Milow, Yubi Kirindongo, and Philippe Zanolino are featured prominently throughout. These museum quality pieces are at home amidst contemporary furnishings selected for functionality, comfort and aesthetic appeal. The finished result is understatedly elegant and equally dramatic.

A Divider, housing both the media center and platform bed, separates the living space from the bedroom, without creating a barrier. The media center, custom designed by Studio Santalla allows for the Television to be concealed when not in use. A comfortable black leather sectional from B&B Italia sits atop a custom designed mosaic cowhide area rug. Though few, the iconic furnishings provide soft relief from the industrial space. A custom, eat-in kitchen integrates the appliances and the cabinetry, keeping messes out of site. The sleek workspace provides a home for a sculpture from Keith Milow. A space-defining wood and glass desk provides a workspace for two, and a pedestal for a bold sculpture from Nelson Carrilho. A massive painting from Keith Milow provides a stunning backdrop to this home office. The large walk in closet includes a counter for folding clothes. The custom minimal cabinetry has been designed to house

Recently shortlisted in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2019 in the Cityspace category, Ernesto Santalla, President of Ernesto Santalla PLLC told design et al “The International Design & Architecture awards provide a global platform for designers and architects worldwide to showcase their work. The awards provide a view into the state of the Art of design.” This space was designed as a warehouse. In this new iteration, the space is a sophisticated apartment dwelling that celebrates light, openness and an extraordinary art collection. What had previously been at odds, was brought together with grace.


Throughout my career I

have observed the way we relate and respond to design. Similar to language, design shapes our reality.


I am equally interested in the

design of a city, the composition of a building, the structure of a chair, the shape of a garment, as I am in a perfectly crafted sentence.

Ernesto M. Santalla AIA LEED AP

3144 Dumbarton Street NW, Washington, DC 20007

+1 202-965-1284


We take a look at some of the projects shortlisted for The International Design & Architecture Awards



The designers who are shaping the hospitality sector and the hotels that employ them



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I am really pleased to bring you another back to back issue of Hotel et al, the title that concentrates solely on design and inspiration for hotel and hospitality schemes and therefore, we feel, needs a defined area away from the residential projects of design et al. Over the coming months, in the run up to The International Hotel & Property Awards 2019 which will once again be held in Capri at the end of June, we shall be giving you an insight into some of the projects shortlisted this year. We will be talking with the designers and architects who are quite literally shaping the future of the leisure industry on a global level. In doing so we are clearly offering ideas and design schemes that can be inspiring for all sectors but we will also be discussing technological advancements and their role in design over the coming years. Hotel et al will be a regular part of design et al for the coming months, so sit back and take a look at a little of what the world of hotel design has to offer. Until next month Joanne


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“The project shows how success can be achieved by having a

Positioned atop S Maison, a high-end retail complex on the edge of Manila Bay, the visually striking Conrad Manila offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of Makati. The luxury Presidential Suite poised on the top floor is comprised of spacious open-plan living, dining, bar/ lounge, private study, wrap-around deck with infinity pool. Master suite and guest suite with spa bathrooms. In only a short time, the hotel has become an architectural icon with the silhouette of a massive ship outlined dramatically against Manila Bay. At about 1,000 sqm., with an even split between the interior and outdoor spaces, the two-bedroom suite’s design was inspired by high-end super yachts and spectacular sunsets. Exclusively designed by Michael Fiebrich Design of Singapore, the hotel’s General Manager, Harald Feurstein said that the team had “matched the element of waves and the colours of a perfect sunset that we have before us every day,” in their design. Recently shortlisted in The Hotel & Property Awards 2019, Tonya Burke, Director of Michael Fiebrich Design commented “The Awards provide a unique platform that promotes the sharing and appreciation of our industry and our work, which is paramount to all our success and growth as designers. It makes us all better designers to see and be inspired by what our peers are achieving”. The project shows how success can be achieved by having a strong concept inspiration and a clear narrative. Michael Fiebrich Design’s initial concepts and design directions drove all aspects of the design from the nautical inspired architecture to the streamlined details, flowing layouts and the colour and

14 Hotel et al

material palette driven by the ocean vistas. The artwork collection was carefully commissioned by Filipino artists, including dramatic sculptures by Sam Penaso, to support the suite colour palette and bring a regional touch to the glamorous interior. Conrad Manila is a master in the art of the dramatic reveal. There is a wow factor as it unfolds its space for the first time, when the lobby elevators open and guests are directly confronted by views of Manila Bay through the glass walls and double-height ceiling. The presidential suite reveals itself with the same flourish. In the foyer, there is a second door which, when opened directs the eyes to the blue waters of Manila Bay on a sunny day with the boats and ships languid on the surface. After taking in the amazing view, the open layout of the suite, the walls, the materials and construction of the sofas give the feeling of being inside a yacht. For the team at Michael Fiebrich Design, the panoramic rooftop views of the Manila Bay, was not only a favourite aspect of the project but influential as it drove their selection for colour palette, materials and layout. The prismatic sunset views over the bay provided the inspiration for the fabric and custom carpet palette, with a vibrant but sophisticated colour scheme of sunset golds, coppers and coral tones blended with soft sky blues and silvers, used to punctuate the shimmering, subtle tones of the architecture. The suite has a master bedroom with large walk-in closet and makeup area, a guest bedroom, study, a pantry, three bathrooms, dining area for 10, a bar with seating, and an unbelievably expansive

strong concept inspiration and a clear narrative.

patio with a swimming pool. Even the bar inside mimics the lines of the hotel’s exterior architecture. The living room, dining room and the bar are in one elongated space, where the nautical elements in the design can be fully appreciated. There’s an abundant use of lacquer finish, polished metal, marble, rounded forms, smooth textures and fabrics, and lines that are reminiscent of super yachts, from the windows to the louvres and the sofas. Technology was also a big part in the suite’s design. Intelligent panels on the walls control everything, from the temperature to the sound system, curtains, and the dramatic lighting designed by DJ Coalition, Bangkok. Reflecting on the project, Tonya said, “Truly bespoke interior architecture, detailing and material palette make this Suite one of the most unique and inspired spaces we have had the privilege of executing”. The suite was described by the General Manager as “the crown jewel of the hotel”. Polished modernity and soft glamour marry beautifully in this exclusive Penthouse Suite, inspired by the iconic, nautical-inspired architecture of the Hotel and the vistas over Manila Bay. Sweeping lines and flowing forms expressed in both the interior architecture as well as the layout, gently guide the eye towards the expansive terrace and panoramic ocean views, ensuring continuity from the indoor spaces to the outdoor. Executed in glossy figured sycamore, lacquer and nickel combined with embossed leather and silk wall panels, the space provides the feeling of being aboard a sumptuous superyacht.



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“The design works so well by truly moulding itself to the

site and using the best features of the location to provide the installations services in an exceptional environment.

A spa laid on the banks of the St. Lawrence River evokes, by it geometry, the harbour history of the site. The concept of this project is based on the intention of underlining the nautical history of the site. The layout of the spa installations is cast on the footprint of the old harbour wharves that once formed the banks at the shorefront, creating volumes, alternating between full and empty. This architectural ensemble is then deposited on a site decomposed into layers descending towards the river, recalling the historical layers that form the memory of the place. The site is divided perpendicular to the river by buildings, quays, terraces and basins. This fragmentation allows for the offering of different experiential zones while maximising access and views to the river down below. The materiality of the facades, made of greying wood and black metal, evokes port landscapes and the spirit and history of the place. The interiors were designed using the same sources of inspiration as the ones used for the architecture, mixed with the existing aesthetics of the Strøm Spa brand. The colour palette is in harmony with the environment and the materials used are natural, and in certain instances, inspired by the River and the maritime history of the site. For example, the reception desk made of Corten steel, reminiscent of cargo ships, which was chosen for its warm rusty aspect that creates an interesting contrast with the modern and clean lines of the space. The use of pebble stone on the floor of the entrance is also linked to the sea, bringing to mind their traditional use as boat ballast. The light, whether natural or artificial, has been studied and treated as an essential element, its balance being essential to create the desired warm, soothing and zen atmosphere. Overall, the interior design developed for Strøm Spa Old Quebec is turned towards the exterior, its general environment and completely rooted in its history. The integration of the installations to the site is, by far, what makes this

24 Hotel et al

project exceptional. By its overall layout and buildings that favour various and exceptional views of the St. Lawrence River and its surroundings, Strøm Spa Old Quebec brings to its users a truly exceptional experience of what can be described as ‘being one with nature’, while enjoying all the luxurious amenities offered for the intended goal of catering to body, soul and mind. The design works so well by truly moulding itself to the site and using the best features of the location to provide the installations services in an exceptional environment. The architectural design positioned the elaborated spa programme, so it imprints on the historical profile of the site, for example the quays and harbour profile. The volumes were then opened and articulated in position on the different strata’s that mark the character of the site, on a slow descent towards the River and therefore favouring the views. The interior design, kept simple and clean, favours neutral colours and natural materials. It is equally used to underline the same design principles and intents than the ones used in the architecture. The result are spaces that are designed to serve the true purpose of the spa, favouring the wellbeing of the end-users. The contemporary architectural style of the volume is in continuity with the adjacent building made of glass and wood. The green roofs complete the project to match those of the neighbouring interpretation centre and blend with the site. Viewed from Cap Blanc, the project is seen to be in continuity with the Bassin Brown developments. In addition, the lot being located at the end of the Promenade portuaire du Foulon and the Promenade Samuel-De Champlain, the contemporary architectural style has been favoured in order to harmonise with all neighbouring components. The use of local resources and trades has been favoured for this project. It is interesting to underline that due to the very specific environment, the special conditions present in the installations (humidity, water, salt, etc.) and design elements, the trades and specialists hired for the design of this project have had to push the limits of their experience and

try experimenting with new materials or processes in order to achieve the desired effects. The Strøm Spa Old Quebec project has seen Strøm Nordic Spa shortlisted in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2019. Speaking to Guillaume Lemoine, CEO of Strøm Nordic Spa about the Awards he commented, “We believe that the International Hotel and Property awards represent a remarkable opening to the world of architecture and design. Design is an essential part of the experience of any institution, it is what transports the user from the beginning to the end. This is why architectural elaboration is at the heart of Strøm Nordic Spa’s approach. In addition to being both an inspiration and a reward, this type of competition has a significant impact on the international scene. Aiming to promote international development and the recognition of a strong presence in architecture and design, Strøm Nordic Spa is deeply stimulated by this type of initiative”. Strøm Nordic Spa’s approach to design is part of a cultural perspective aimed at enhancing natural resources. By placing Strøm spas in nature, the characteristics of the territory are connected with the architecture so that the former participates in the latter, in order to achieve a true symbiosis between the natural environment and the built environment. The lines between the inside and the outside are blurred, and the Strøm experience is lived in a succession of spaces where natural light, vegetation and visual contact with the distant horizon accompany the client and allow them to disconnect from the urban hustle and bustle. The spa experience is all about sensations, hence the importance of choosing the materials that the customers touch, they walk barefoot on and sit and relax on.

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Hotel et al 31

“Creating a ‘wow’ effect for guests through all of the senses. The design, uniqueness and warmth of the staff transcends guests experience to a different dimension.

Hotel TwentySeven, is a warm and opulent 16 suite sanctuary in the heart of Amsterdam, where no detail has gone unnoticed. A ‘6 star’ timeless haven of luxury in the heart of city, offering only the best of the best in every sense. The exceptionally bold design, attention to detail and level of service is unprecedented in The Netherlands. Created as a true dream hotel for its guests.

craftsman in a small village to recreate the exact colour, style and shape of the original tiles.

The hotel is comprised of Suites, 16 in total. TwentySeven offers endless service possibilities at the highest level with a personal approach only a boutique hotel can offer. Every inch, every surface, every corner is ordained in the finest, the richest, the most surreal design and atmosphere imaginable. All 6 senses have been dreamed out in extraordinary detail. Every material, fabric and concept has been curated by award winning Dutch Designer Wim van de Oudeweetering and Cris van Amsterdam. Together with the top visionary Dutch hotelier Eric Toren. For this dream team the attention to detail is paramount and never done before in Amsterdam. The monumental building TwentySeven is carved into, is a turn of the century building from the time of the industrial revolution. While keeping intact the original framework, TwentySeven has created a modern luxurious dream within a capsule of timelessness. The owner, designers and architects keep the focus on preserving the original old-world beauty of the building while creating a completely modern and innovative luxury hotel.

From the new terrazzo floors with stone from Rome, to the elevator doors finished with cherry, alder and smoked oak veneer, inspired by the movie The Godfather, with a pattern that is a derivative of the stained glass from the stairwell.

“It is an honour, and at the same time a responsibility, to give a monumental building from 1913 a new purpose and function. The rich history of the property offers so many aspects and points of inspiration that our task as designers is to make careful and conscious choices. The building leads us, we take guidance from the building to create its new role”- Cris van Amsterdam, Designer. Very consciously, pure materials have been chosen, solid oak for all the frameworks and panelling, natural stone from Greece for the floors and bathroom elements. Replicas of original details have been created in the stairwell and atrium, tiles have been recreated by a special 32 Hotel et al

The whole building has been respectfully renovated, including a new roof of slate, the copper dome on the tower has been fully renewed with new copper, even the original golden ball has been recreated on top of the peak. Nothing has been left untouched.

The main stairwell and the layout of the suites around the atrium make a perfect layout and had to carefully be recreated to fit the original style of the building. The atrium has been re-opened so natural light can enter from top to bottom, original light coves which had been covered over the years have been re-opened for unique lighting effects. When the sun goes down the atrium area is illuminated by a customised hanging light sculpture flowing from the skylight down through the core of the hotel 3 floors down. Every surface of TwentySeven has a unique touch, from the smooth completely Onyx golden bar coming from the middle east, to the texture of the unique and alluring wallpapers woven with silk and copper. Wallpapers created by the finest design houses of Europe many created with the fine silks. One of these suppliers was The Sign, based in Switzerland, they provide exclusive luxury wallcoverings for the world’s top designers and architects. Their collections feature a broad palette of styles from striking statement pieces and sparkling glamour, to understated naturals and sophisticated classics. Matched with their fabric collections, their wallcoverings give designers the power to create a truly immersive luxury experience, enveloping any space in 360 degrees of creative vision. For extra visual pleasure, the finest art collection by Koster is on display throughout the hotel and available for private viewings. The design is bold yet with natural tones. The designers saw it as a warm blanket that would cover the guests in each of

the suites but also the entrance, the bar, the reception, the Restaurant and private chefs’ room and the separate VIP lounge just next to the bar where guests can relax if they don’t wish to be in the bar or restaurant. Every vantage point through the entire hotel and suites has rich dimension and intrigue. Never done before design really puts guests into an unforgettable and alluring atmosphere. Every seat in the bar and every seat in the restaurant has grand views over Dam Square. With high ceilings and high windows, the views are unobstructed and bring a lot of natural light to every room of the hotel. This planning was done very consciously to create the ultimate guest experience. Every suite follows suit, all with exceptional views over the heart of the city. Some suites have huge round windows which were part of the original design. In some of the suites the floor was raised in order for guests to be able to enjoy the view from their deep lush velvety couch without having to stand up to see the sites. The designers have found the right mix of luxury supported with the latest technical capabilities. The materials used are of very high standard and the details are exceptional. The best craftsmen and professionals facilitated the project. Nothing has been left to chance and they pulled out all stops to create the right atmosphere. Hotel TwentySeven has been shortlisted in The International Hotel & Property Awards 2019. When asked about their awards submission, Eric Toren, Hotel Owner, said “As a new hotel with such a strong focus on specialised design and unique experience we felt this was a perfect synergy to be recognised by this prestigious award organisation alongside many remarkable projects. To be recognised on this high level is a wonderful recognition of the work and attention to design detail that has gone into TwentySeven”. Creating a ‘wow’ effect for guests through all of the senses. The design, uniqueness and warmth of the staff transcends guests experience to a different dimension.


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