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Summer 2013

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Green Special Events

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Putting a New Spin on Recreation


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Recreation & Parks Association

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2013 Board of Directors

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Executive Committee

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President: Mark Sexton (p) 803-329-877 (f) 329-8786

Past President: Joe Ross (p) 843-389-27856 (f) 667-0934

President Elect: Don Shuman (p) 864-676-2180 (f) 288-6499

Central VP: David Linder (p) 803-329-5672 (f) 329-5677

Vice President: Jeff Metz Eastern VP: Callie Wise (p) 843-280-5605 (p) 803-642-7652 (f) 293-2051 Secretary: Jessica Campbell (p) 803-642-7648

Southern VP: Jason Woodrum (p) 843-884-0832 (f) 884-0254

Treasurer: Eric Stewart Western VP: Chris Barrineau (p) 864-862-4675 (p) 864-343-6353

City of Dillon Outdoor Trail System................................................ 10 5th Annual City Cup Corporate Fitness Challenge.......................12 Putting a New Spin on Recreation...................................................14 Four New and Exciting Wellness Programs....................................16 Impacting Long-Term Health........................................................... 18

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ELM Branch: Tom O’Rourke (p) 843-762-2172 (f) 762-2683

SCAP Branch: Johnny Davis (p) 843-784-5136 (f) 784-5172

EMB: Shaniqua Simmons (p) 843-740-8505 (f) 745-1057

Student Branch: Pam Davis (p) 864-467-8008

PRM Branch: Jon Woodsby (p) 864-595-5356 (f) 593-5363

Green Special Events in the City of Charleston.............................. 7

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SCRPA EXECUTIVE STAFF Executive Director: James E. Headley

Membership Services Coordinator: Melissa Williams

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by Jim Headley and Mark Sexton

The Association Report

In our profession, as we plan programs and services, we recognize one season moving into another. While the weather may be a bit unpredictable, one thing we do know for certain is that summer is around the corner. School will be letting out, summer vacations will be planned, and the general assembly will be leaving Columbia. In regards to the association, each of our branches, committees and districts have had the opportunity to meet and host successful educational opportunities. We will have several regular events cranking up in the fall. The Annual National Playground Safety Inspectors Course and Exam September 11-13. The 10th Annual golf tournament will be held in Orangeburg on October 6. Finally, you won’t want to miss the Annual Conference hosted by our sister state, North Carolina, in Raleigh November 10-12.

identify why you need to become and renew your membership (IE benefits). We need to continuously display why and how your association works for you. The other issue is simplifying how to become a member and the process involved. The process will be resolved by the new website and its functionality. The “how to” is one that we will consider and bring to you the membership to vote on in the fall.

Another constant in our profession that we all are familiar with is change. Our jobs and our profession seem to be changing on a daily basis. There are always new issues, challenges and successes. Your association is not and should not be adverse to change either. We asked past and present SCRPA members through the membership satisfaction survey what it is that you value as a service, how successful we are at providing that service, and for any other suggestions regarding the association.

On behalf of your board,

Our membership views the most important service as identified by the survey responses as education and training. Your board has decided to have the Executive Level Management Branch devise an educational agenda that will help meet your most pressing educational needs in a thoughtful and planned manner. This will take a while to fully integrate, but will lay out an educational agenda that you will be able to plan and budget for year in and year out. One last issue that this board and some previous leaders have identified (again supported by your comments and the survey) is the manner in which our membership dues are structured. To that end, an ad-hoc committee has been established. There were two immediate things that surfaced. First and foremost we needed to

Mark & Jim

Reaching full potential. One client at a time. Parks &tion Recrea

S in the Park. Experience EVENT

order by date. are listed in events. Activities advance registration. for these one-day activities requiring Please join us is available for Online registration

20th Annual

Kiwanis Kite

Tennis Block


your lawn lunch, bring flight. Pack a picnic the kites take chairs and watch and fly it with kite Or, bring your Kite Society. the Minnesota members of p.m. 19, Noon - 4 Ave. S. Saturday, April Park, 3400 Louisiana Louisiana Oaks



no registration

Earth Day and


Arbor Day Open



a variety Ages 6 and up Rotate through benefits of tennis. from the U.S. Tennis Experience the run by a professional or use one of ours. of fun lessons racquet Bring your own Association. will be awarded. Door prizes – 1 p.m. 17, 11:30 a.m. Ave. S. Saturday, May courts, 3110 Xylon Aquila tennis Activity # ____ Free May 12 Registration deadline:

All ages


Park & Run

s Special Event

A few things that the board and staff had previously identified (and was supported by the survey) were the web site and the ability to have agencies have one person (designated by the agency) to sign up individuals for workshops, events and their membership. The board at its April 10 meeting approved a 3 year contract with a new company to host our web site and manage the membership database. Some of the new abilities include viewing previous paid and unpaid invoices, returning to print invoices, editing events you’ve signed up for, and printing and paying individual invoices. A fresh new look and feel will also be incorporated into the site. We know that there may be a few bumps along the way, but we are confident these changes will address and meet your needs.

Your state association has a sound membership, a valuable and active volunteer base, and a sound financial footing. SCRPA continues to be strong only because of your support. We thank you for your input and the continued opportunity to serve you and the profession.

Fun Runs

youth All ages y run or try the for a 5K family-friendl along paved city trails Come join us travel le.” Both courses at the Veterans’ Memorial “Almost-a-Mi before finishing support the St. and around lakes All proceeds a in Wolfe Park. Registrants receive Amphitheater Scholarship Fund. generously sponsored is Louis Park Youth & bag. Park & Run Center, Excelsior T-shirt and goodie Heart and Vascular Bank. Independent by Park Nicollet Club and Citizens Grand, Sam’s 18 Sunday, May at 8 a.m. begins Registration $5 per person Activity # ____ Almost-a-Mile a.m. 9 at Starts of race / $18 on day $15 in advance ____ Open House 5K Activity # Mother’s Day by a paid adult) at 9:15 a.m. 5K run starts must be accompanied and plant All ages (children Monterey Drive the nature center plants Bring her to race day Wolfe Park, 3700 her on a spring 8:45 a.m. on Celebrate Mom! home. Lead wildflowers. Registration deadline: flowers to take a pot 36 ofThe Rec in search of beautiful spring Come and hunt world. Center scavenger is out of this style. a sundae that is open-house Treat her to special day. Program enjoy Mom’s p.m. 11, 1 p.m. - 4 Sunday, May W. Franklin Ave. Center, 8300 Westwood Nature / $5 (non-resident) (resident) person $4 per is filled Activity #____ when program Registration deadline: • www.stlo

Louis Park the as you celebrate Aquatic Park ways with a live raptor to learn simple Get face to face with local organizations Make a difference by Earth. Visit planet. musical impact on our to make a big litter. The interactive or picking up planting trees will be performing. with Rachael” stick around group “Kidtime a lunch and p.m. provided. Bring Truth” at 12:30 Refreshments of “An Inconvenient This event is cofor a showing on page __. See movie descriptionManagement. by WasteHills sponsored noon 22 Westwood Ave. 26, 10 a.m. AprilCenter Nature Saturday, 8300 W. Franklin Nature Center, Westwood Hills required registration no Free

St. ages All18

SOUTH CAROLINA .org www.stlouispark

recreation &

Experience N RECREATIO in the Park.

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Summer 2013 • SOUTH CAROLINA Recreation and Parks 5

Daniel Island


Triathlon The City of Charleston Recreation Department on Daniel Island offers one of the most unique athletic opportunities for children ages 7–14 in the Lowcounty. Every year approximately 100 participants come out and compete in our Daniel Island Kids’ Triathlon, which takes them on a swim, bike, and run race around the island neighborhoods. This year, our 8th Annual Daniel Island Kids’ Triathlon took place on Saturday, June 8, 2013. Working closely with the Daniel Island Property Owners Association as well as the Daniel Island Neighborhood Association and numerous sponsors, we promote an event that is typically only offered to adults. The Daniel Island Kids’ Triathlon was created as part of a healthy kid’s initiative to keep our children active by offering activities they may not have been introduced to previously.

Our goal is to provide an outstanding triathlon experience for our participants and an event that promotes the importance of being healthy and physically active, while having fun, to Charleston area youth and families. In the past this event has even drawn participants from the non-profit group, Louie’s Kids, which helps fight against childhood obesity. This community oriented special event encourages neighbors and friends living around the race route to come out and cheer on the participants as they race by on bikes or on foot. Participants are divided into age and gender categories, 7–10 year old girls/boys and 11–14 year old girls/boys. The 7–10 year olds begin with a 100 meter swim at the Daniel Island community pool, transition to a 2.4 mile bike ride through the Daniel Island neighborhoods, and finish with a ½ mile run

6 SOUTH CAROLINA Recreation and Parks •

By Chrystal Reed Cit y of Charleston

loop back to the pool. The 11–14 year olds begin with a 200 meter swim, transition to a 5.5 mile bike ride, and finish with a 1 mile run back at the pool. Our major partner, The Daniel Island Property Owners Association, provides the pool for the participants to swim in as well as the triathlon transition area and venue for the awards ceremony at the conclusion of the race. Every child that participates in the triathlon receives a race tee shirt, participation medal, and race bag. Many of our participants continue to participate year after year looking to improve their personal time or just to challenge their friends and neighbors. Now going into our 8th year, we are very excited in the direction this event is heading and the very positive impact it has had on our community.

n e e r G

In meetings with the event coordinators, we also recommend as much as possible and where it’s practical, for the events to provide refillable water bottles. This is still a work in progress but is an ultimate goal in the future. Our public water company (Charleston Water Systems) helps out by providing a water buffalo for free to support these events.

s t n e v E l a i c Spe in the City of Ch

Our small (less than 500) events are quickly moving to the same requirements and once 2013 is complete, every annual event will have had at least one cycle through with the new Green initiatives that the City is working towards.


By Stella Fruit, Facility Supt. City of Charleston Recreation Department

Our committee, along with the City’s support, is working diligently to ensure that festival goers see a Charleston that is both beautiful and green!

The City of Charleston has a Special Events Committee (coordinated through the Recreation Department) that reviews and permits requests for Special Events/ Festivals held throughout the City. This committee has representatives on it from several Departments (Recreation, Parks, Police, Traffic & Transportation, Cultural Affairs, Tourism and Planning, Preservation & Sustainability) as well as support from the ADA, the Fire Marshal’s office and the Fire Department. Our job in reviewing all of the permits throughout the year (2012-over 400 reviewed) is to ensure coordination between all City resources, safety for participants, livability for our residents and businesses, tourism promotions AND work towards a “Green” City. For the past 4 years we have focused on our medium (over 500 people) and major events (over 1000 attendees), moving to make their events as green as possible. They are required to provide a detailed recycling plan which often includes composting and the use of recyclable and/or biodegradable products. Our own Keep Charleston Beautiful program and Charleston County Recycling are available for events to provide guidance in recycling and portable bins that can be loaned out for events. All recyclables and trash accumulated must be removed by the vendor at the end of their event thereby ensuring they leave a clean park!

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Summer 2013 • SOUTH CAROLINA Recreation and Parks 7

Choosing a path to

Fitness City of Myrtle Beach – Pepper Geddings Recreation Center BY Anna Beth Doig City of Myrtle Beach

8 SOUTH CAROLINA Recreation and Parks •

Fun, community, and fitness are the themes of the “Choose Health and Fitness” Programs. Now in its 8th year, the eleven week “Choose” program consists of 4 different options for helping individuals to achieve their fitness goals. Choose to Lose (73 participants) Participants are weighed and measured weekly during the competition and are assigned to a team. Weekly team meetings are punctuated with recipes for healthy eating, exercise tips and encouragement. At the conclusion of the program, awards are given for individuals and teams based on weight loss percentage. Total pounds lost: 642.2 (Average 8.8 pounds/person) Total inches lost: 225.0

Choose to Move (68 participants) Participants in this program attended 4968 fitness classes or personal workouts throughout the program averaging nearly 7 workouts per week. More than half of our 2013 “Move” participants were 60 years or older and thrive on the social as well as fitness opportunities that exist during this program. Choose to Train (19 Participants) Participants in this program are looking for a more challenging workout where a “boot camp” fitness model is used. A standard fitness test was administered and the participants averaged 15% more fit than at the beginning of the program. High scores from 2013: 62 pushups in 2 minutes, 73 setups in 2 minutes, 2 mile run in 14:44 minutes. Choose to Swim (24 participants) This inaugural year proved to be very successful promoting weight loss, fitness and strength in the pool. One of the top weight loss participants in the entire program was a swimmer who lost 25 pounds during the 11 weeks.

Participants in the strength track swam more than 25 miles per person during the program as well. The Choose Program has many facets: weekly meetings, competition, variety, coaching and instruction, community events (Heart Walk, Can Food Drive), additional fun events, newsletters, and prizes, etc. These components make the “work” in working out a little more fun. Participants simply love the camaraderie and social aspect of the experience. Recognizing the rise in childhood obesity and sedentary lifestyle, we had been exploring ways to bring children into this program. This year Fit Kidz was born. These kids are learning the value of exercise by learning what to do and how to do it in a way that is exciting. Attendance has been excellent and the variety of games and workouts help the kids find enjoyment in what they are doing. Thirtythree children ages 10-12 participated in the introductory program. Fit Kidz was so successful during the introduction that we continued the program through the spring and have it scheduled for the fall.

Summer 2013 • SOUTH CAROLINA Recreation and Parks 9

The City of Dillon Wellness Center

Outdoor Trail System

By Bridget Elvington, City of Dillon

Recently celebrating its sixth year anniversary, The City of Dillon Wellness Center added a new dimension to the exterior of the facility. The City of Dillon Wellness Center is a $5.2 million dollar, 40,000 square foot indoor fitness and sports facility. The interior of the Wellness Center features a fitness center, a walking track, multi-purpose meeting room with a catering kitchen, conference room, and a gymnasium. With so much to offer inside the facility, the City of Dillon realized there is a lot of unused green space outdoors and the community could benefit from exercising outdoors. The City of Dillon started planning for the outdoor trail at the beginning of November 2012. A landscape architect completed a rendering proposed to display the half mile trail designed to be interesting with ups and downs, curves, and a foot bridge. Due to costs, crush and run ($3,500) is the current surface rather than asphalt. Crush and run is the layer that goes down before asphalt.

Therefore, as future budget allows, asphalt will be added (approximately $50,000). The crush and run surface is ADA compliant and is suitable for walking, running and biking but not skating. The total cost of the outdoor trail was approximately $12,000. There are designated spaces around the trail for outdoor exercise equipment to be added in the future.

resulted in eighteen light fixtures. The Yellow Jessamine Garden Club, Dillon Kiwanis Club, The Dillon Garden Club, The Glove and Trowel Garden Club and the Dillon Lions Club donated benches for the trail. In the interest of protecting and preserving the natural environment and its inhabitants, future outdoor projects will be built around the natural environment that already exists.

The outdoor trail meanders around the grounds of the City of Dillon Wellness Center and passes through five educational nodes: Woods Edge Node I, Open Field/ Meadow Node II, Rain Garden Node III, Edible/Pollinator Node IV and Native & Introduced Plants Node V. Fifty-eight canopy trees were planted around the trail that included Live Oak, Red Maple, Crape Myrtle, Magnolia, River Birch, Black Gum, Pond Cypress, Golden-Rain Tree, and American Hornbeam. The City of Dillon worked with Progress Energy to determine the number and placement of lights as well as costs which

The outdoor trail offers another dimension to the Wellness Center and an outlet for outdoor exercise for the community, resulting in health benefits. Research has found that outdoor physical activity boosts mental health, lowers stress, and decreases tension, confusion, anger and depression. The City of Dillon plans to expand the outdoor trail and give the community more ways to improve their health and have fun doing it outdoors.

10 SOUTH CAROLINA Recreation and Parks •

Sports are not Just for Kids

BY Rachel Joffe City of Charleston

Sports are not just about winning and losing. They are not just about building character and teaching discipline and teamwork. They are part of our culture and shape our community. Just think of what one game can do. It can bring people together and give them something in which to believe. Sports have been known to be an escape from reality in times of crisis. Society needs that stability in a world of constant change. Sports are filled with excitement and unpredictability. As kids, sports are for fun. It’s a chance to hang out with friends and be active. Everyone dreams of going back to their childhood and reliving the carefree and simple times of meeting friends at the ball field for a pick-up game or joining an organized soccer league to meet new people and have fun. And with obesity becoming a growing concern in our society, specifically with adults, it is becoming more important for people to stay active into adulthood.

a healthy lifestyle. With Mayor Riley’s new Lighten Up program and the many resources available to its residents, Charleston is a great place to get fit and have fun! The City of Charleston is on its way to becoming a healthier, more active community.

The City of Charleston’s Department of Recreation offers many different programs at economical prices for adults to engage in. Our programs include flag football, softball, and ultimate frisbee in different competitive levels during the fall and spring months. We also offer men’s and women’s soccer year-round including an indoor soccer league during the winter months. In addition, the City of Charleston’s Department of Recreation offers other adult programs in tennis, golf, and swimming. All of our programs offer our residents simple, yet fun ways to stay active and healthy. Our community of participants is very diverse. Some players are seeking to continue with a passion they have participated in since childhood. Other players are searching for new challenges and opportunities, and hoping to attempt a new sport of their choosing. Some love being competitive in a positive way, and others just like to get away from their hectic life for one night to enjoy an active night under the lights with friends. For some, it’s about making them feel happy on the field or court. For others, such as women, it provides them with the only opportunity to play their sport past college. No matter what the reason, The City of Charleston has many opportunities for people to get fit through the Department of Recreation’s many programs and events. These opportunities are available to adults, as well as youth, through our sports leagues, golf/tennis programs, and special events. The City of Charleston also has community partners such as schools, fitness facilities, and non-profit organizations that provide residents with the proper resources to maintain

Historic 4th Ward Park Featured in Landscape Architect magazine

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Summer 2013 • SOUTH CAROLINA Recreation and Parks 11

5th Annual

City Cup


Fitness Challenge By Jessica Campbell City of Aiken

The City of Aiken PRT Department held its City Cup Corporate Fitness Challenge in May, in celebration of the National Employee Health and Fitness Day on May 15. Administered annually by the National Association for Health & Fitness, NEHF is a national health observance, created to promote the benefits of physical activity for individuals through their work site health promotion activities. This was the 5th consecutive year of offering the City Cup Corporate Fitness Challenge, with more participation from local companies, along with more events being offered. 12 South Carolina Recreation and Parks •

The corporate challenge allows people to get involved as a participant, team cheerleader, volunteer, or team captain. The games are an excellent way to get motivated about an exercise program, lose weight, or change in lifestyle. Also, it’s a great way to begin new friendships within a company or strengthen current ones by competing in a wide variety of events against other area businesses. Participants this year included UPS, Bridgestone, URS, Aiken County, Security Federal, MOX, City of Aiken, SCDOT and SCANA.

Events run from 6 to 9 p.m. over three consecutive days and include co-ed basketball, a free throw competition, table tennis, disc golf, tug-o-war, walking, shuffleboard, horseshoes, 2 mile run, volleyball, 3-legged race, racquetball, sack race, relay race, tennis, pickleball, bocce ball, cornhole, and ladderball. Most are set up in a bracket format and companies receive points based on participation or where they place in the standings. At the end of the event, an overall winning company is determined and they are awarded the “City Cup” trophy. The trophy is then engraved with their company name

and the year, and is kept at their place of business until the following year in which it is then returned to be handed off to the next winning team. This program meets the needs of the City of Aiken’s long-term goal approved by City Council of promoting healthier lifestyles within the City of Aiken. It ties in with our staff wellness program, and coordinates with local businesses to help with their employee wellness initiatives. A little friendly competition within the workplace can go a long way to motiving employees towards better health!

Summer 2013 • SOUTH CAROLINA Recreation and Parks 13

n o n i p S w e Putting a n

n o i t a e r c e r unty r, Charleston Co By Tracey Mose ion iss Comm Park & Recreation

As the age-old saying goes, two heads are better than one. Collaboration often produces amazing and bountiful results. The Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission (CCPRC) and two local special interest groups put their heads, hands and hearts together to develop two new awesome recreational features in the Lowcountry. Best of all, they used existing park areas, did not require a large capital outlay, and they reach out to new groups of people in the community. Every day more wheels are spinning at Wannamaker County Park (WCP) in North Charleston. CCPRC staff and a local club took a gamble enticing a new demographic with a mountain bike trail through an undeveloped area of the park. The creation of the Wannamaker North Trail became a labor of love between CCPRC staff and a local mountain bike group, Lowcountry Fat Tire Freaks. Since the “Lowcountry” has no mountains (or even hills), the various elevations of man-made

14 South Carolina Recreation and Parks •

trail elements became an instant hit with the sport’s enthusiasts. The trail takes very little maintenance and its users take pride in its upkeep. With the success of the WCP mountain bike trail, CCPRC ventured out on a similar approach at James Island County Park (JICP). Staff, along with the Charleston Disc Golf Club, designed a new 18-hole course for an area of the park rarely visited. The design incorporated portions of an old trail system used in a former Challenge Course, which facilitated the project’s completion. As with the development of the WCP mountain bike trail, the construction of the disc golf course was made possible with the assistance of dedicated, local volunteers. The official grand opening of the new disc golf course occurred in April, at the park’s East Coast Paddlesports and Outdoor Festival. Since that time, the course has buzzed with activity, with the first month tracking over 300 players. The course is challenging, but that is part of its draw. The trail winds through dense vegetation, opening up at two holes overlooking the Stono River marsh. JICP General Manager Randy Woodard refers to # 9 and #11 as the “signature holes” because of their amazing views. Conversely, the hole in between the two is the course’s only par 4, and it is referred to as “The Beast.” These two recreational products are the result of successful partnerships – fine examples of combining creative vision and hard work to benefit residents and visitors for many years to come.

Summer 2013 • SOUTH CAROLINA Recreation and Parks 15


NEW & exciting

wellness progra m s

16 South Carolina Recreation and Parks •

BY Teresa Simmons City of Florence The City of Florence Recreation Department is getting heart rates up in the Pee Dee area of the great state of South Carolina through training, learning new skills, sharing fun and creating new friendships; each now known to improve health and wellness at every age. Four exciting wellness programs that encourage education, fitness, socialization and understanding are taking place this spring and summer. The South Carolina Senior Sports Classic took place at Francis Marion University and other local venues in May. Participants 50 years and older will participate in athletic and social events including bingo, bocce, triathlon, golf, swimming,

tennis, pickle ball, archery, cycling, track and field, and dining and dancing the night away! Some athletes have registered for the games each year since 1985, when retired Harlem Globe Trotter Fulton Hines (now deceased) and Debbie Wall (former Recreation Manager for the City of Florence) put their collective energy to work. This annual event provides a competitive and recreational experience focusing on the importance of regular exercise and socialization. The National Trails Day 5K Run/Walk and Kids Trail Dash, promoting family fitness and getting out in the fresh air to enjoy nature, was held on

Saturday, June 1, 2013. The event began at the Rail Trail behind McLeod Fitness Center. Usage of this great trail encourages healthier, more mobile lifestyles in an outdoor environment that promotes walking, cycling and connecting people. Young parents, athletes and wanderers were invited to run or walk through the woods to celebrate National Trails Day. The American Double Dutch League World Invitational Championship will be held at the Sumter Civic Center June 1415. Double Dutch fosters health and wellness through jump rope activities. The mission is to reduce childhood obesity and diabetes as well as to encourage team work and good sportsmanship. Athletes, parents and volunteers are preparing for the International Children’s Games to be held August 14-19, 2013, in Canada. The ICG offers athletic games and social events for children 12–15 years of age with a plan to foster cultural

acceptance, understanding and diplomacy. Representative athletes from Florence have attended previous games in Plock, Poland (2002); Graz, Austria (2003); Cleveland, Ohio (2004); Covington, England (2005); Bangkok, Thailand (2006); San Francisco, California (2008); and, Athens, Greece (2009). This year’s “Team Florence” includes Evelyn Mims Weldon, Delaney Jo Huddleston, Emily Francis SantiAnna and Logan Michelle Hewitt (gymnastics); Sherman Delean Augustus II, William Patrick Green, Jared Cameron Zernikow, Nicholas Kashawn Covington, Dominique Small, Nicholas Reid Livingston and Wayne McAlister (basketball); Magan Kimberly Head and Zoe Elise Cauthen (tennis); and Antonio Bernard Dinkins, Jr., Noah Tre’von Durant and Osei Nathaniel Stewart (track). Each of these events promotes family, friends, fitness and fun through education, wellness and understanding among all people.

Summer 2013 • SOUTH CAROLINA Recreation and Parks 17




By Tom Bell City of Rock Hill

By Linking Programs with Policy and Environmental Changes It is no secret that the “Palmetto State� ranks in the top ten for high incidence of obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. For many Parks and Recreation professionals who still believe that leisure services can save the world, conventional wisdom has taught us that we can design a program to address any issue. However, when serving on a community health coalition, leisure professionals may learn that conventional wisdom along with

traditional programs can give way to policy and environmental change strategies. Community health coalitions made up of diverse agencies, organizations and concerned citizens are forming across the nation to push for policy and environmental changes that support active living, access to healthy food and tobacco cessation. A growing body of research suggests that policy changes and environmental

18 South Carolina Recreation and Parks •

improvements have a broader and more lasting impact on the overall long term health of a community as opposed to a one time program that has a shorter term impact on the individual level. Think of all the health fairs, zumba and other exercise programs, cooking classes, and sports leagues that have been offered in the past twenty years-- yet rates of obesity and chronic disease among youth

Students participate in a pilot bicycle safety program at the Giordana Velodrome. The goal is to integrate bicycle safety into physical education curriculum across the school district. This initiative is a collaboration among Eat Smart Move More York County, Rock Hill Parks, Recreation Tourism, the Rock Hill Bike Club, and Rock Hill School District 3.

Participants from three school districts in York County attended a School Trails workshop to learn about the logistics and health benefits of providing active learning environments. Funding for this workshop was provided by the Healthy South Carolina Initiative.

and adults have continued to rise. Leisure service agencies who serve on community health coalitions play a vital role in the fight against obesity and chronic disease but it requires looking beyond a single program or special event when aligning leisure programs with the mission or action plan of a broader community health movement. Instead of thinking of how a program can affect a participant’s personal health, think of how a program can impact the health of the greater community by supporting a new policy or environmental change. For example, to raise awareness for complete streets policies, offer a bike safety program combined with a “handlebar” assessment that identifies where environmental improvements can be made. Share citizens’ findings with transportation planners to initiate the development of bike/ped policies that make walking and biking safer for all users.

Instead of offering a nature program to a single school group, engage teachers and school administrators by facilitating a school nature/fitness trail workshop for the entire school district combined with a school site visit to highlight the health impact environmental changes like school site trails can have on students, faculty, and the surrounding community.

Programs will always play an important role in our profession and in the lives of those we serve. However, by finding ways to integrate and align leisure programs with health policy and environmental change initiatives, we can open the door to new funding sources and partnerships while having a lasting impact on the health and quality of our community for generations to come.

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