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陳 玟 廷

PROFILE Name : Chen,Wen-Ting Age : 27 Birth : 11, April, 1990 Nationality : Taipei,Taiwan E-mail : Phone : +4915732841296

E D U C AT I O N 2016-2017 ESMOD Berlin International Academy of Fashion Master of Arts, Sustainability in Fashion 2011-2014 Fu-Jen University Bachelor of Textile & Clothing Design, Fashion Design Section 2006-2010 Wenzao Ursuline College of Language Diploma of Associate of Arts in German with a minor in English

EXPERIENCES 2018 Steinrohner Design Internship in women’s wear 2017 Driving Sustainability Fashion Show, American Women’s Club x Volkswagen Group Designer of fashion show 2016 Cooperation Project with MANUFACTUM Designer of Active Wear + Beneficial Deisgn 2014-2015 BOU by DEM inc. Product Management in Men’s ready-to-wear Designer Assistant in Men’s ready-to-wear 2013-2014 PREFER by World Link International Corp. Ltd. Designer Assistant in women’s ready-to-wear

AWA R D S 2014 Phonenix Cup Ningbo International Fashion Design Grand Prix : Prize of Best Style 2013 Taiwan Fashion Design Award : Finalist Award 2013 Global Han Couture Design Competition : Finalist Award 2013 Fu-Jen University Graduation Award : Honorable Award 2013 ECLAT Eternity Dseigner Fashion Competition : Finalist Award 2014 Taipei In Design Topdesigner Competition TV Show : Finalist Award

L A N G UAG E S K I L L Chinese : Mother Language Taiwanese : Mother Language English : TOEIC 825 German: Zertifikat Deutsch C1

S O F T WA R E S K I L L Photoshop : Premium Illustrator : Premium Microsoft Office : Premium

P E R S O NA L S K I L L Design Concept Development Pattern Design Draping Sample Making and sewing Embroidery Technical Drawing Graphic Design Photography Tea Ceremony Chinese Caligraphy Writting

FAC E S O F T H E U N D E RW O R L D 2 0 1 7 M A G R A DUAT I O N P R O J EC T

Recapture the traditional value into modern form

PROJECT DISCRIPTION This project is about understanding sustainability of the ancient Chinese Philosophy, Daoism, and building a sustainable high-end brand by practicing Dao. The ancient Chinese philosophy Daoism proposed the idea of ‘The unity of man and nature’ . It combines the aesthetic and the environment by designing a harmonious surrounding environment. The concept of Daoism is circular; instead of a product being abandoned after its first use, every product is designed to have several life cycles, similar to how nature is designed to have an afterlife. Therefore encouraging customers to become more thoughtful and responsible, while enhancing the emotional relationship between products and consumers. The garments are produced locally in Taiwan using 100% recycled PET material. This supports small-scale tailoring studios and promotes the traditional craftsmanship of Taiwanese embroidery. The project intends to promote interaction between cultures and inspire people to give equal emphasis on humanistic spirit and scientific development to create a sustainable future.

The aesthetic inspiration of this collection comes from a Taiwanese folk culture “Guang Jiang Shou.” Guan Jiang Shou belong to the polythetic Taoist religion. They are described as the underworld police or the bodyguards of gods. In using visual references from the Guang Jiang Shou, we seek to act as guards of tradition and culture. While the whole world is marching into the future towards globalization and focusing on developing new technology, Hidden in corners and crevices of communities around the world are stories and traditons, which deserve to be remembered and valued.

Guang Jiang Shou

Justice “Everything in the world is different species, use different form exist in the world; in fact that everything are the same in the way of Dao, living circulating in a life cycle, whatever is great or small.� Zhuangzi

The spirit of artisan A good design is not just about using luxury materials,but more about awaking the soul of materials by the hands of artisans. This is the spirit of artisan.

True self “ Without other, there is no self. Without self, there is no other ; Without self, no choosing one thing rather than another� Zhuangzi

Freedom At times be a snake, at times be a dragon, without desiring to solely be either. At times rise, at times descend, only taking harmony as your standard. Zhuangzi

Compassion “Having compassion, I can be brave. Having frugality, I can be generous. Not daring to put myself ahead of another. I can rule myself.� Dao De Jing Chapter 67

Circularity “There was something formless and perfect before the universe was born, exist before heaven and earth, it was and formless, standing alone and undergoing no change. I do not know its name, I named it Dao. Dao is circulating and changeless, reaching far and remote; Return is the motion of Dao. Man takes his law from the Earth; the Earth takes its law from Heaven; Heaven takes its law from the Dao. The law of the Dao is it’ s being what it is.” Dao De Jing Chapter 25

Equality In the light of Dao, objects and man are neither noble nor mean.

CITY MONK 2 0 1 6 M A N U FAC T U M x AC T I V E W E A R

Medition of fast fashion ; A ceremony of dressing

PROJECT DISCRIPTION For this project my research question was: what are the responsibilities of the manufacturer and the consumer? Compared to earlier times, the way people look at cloth now is very different. For example, in the 18th Century, every European woman spent a large amount of time every day putting a corset on. In ancient China, people wore many layers and cherished their garments like important property. Today everything is changing in part due to fast fashion. Using Buddism as a framework I seek to answer the question of what is the responsibility of us in the new generation? The Buddhist approach to life is one of balance and a search to only to take what is needed. I find this to be a challenge and inspiration towards reducing waste in the fashion industry. In this project I try to create a Buddhism-inspired ordering system in which the company only manufactures a garment after it has been ordered. This system enables manufacturers to be more sustainable in their production and also raises the consumer's awareness of their role in over-production. This places a responsibility onto the customer by mandating that unless a garment is ordered, it is not an existing object on this earth. I sought with the design of this collection to share the beauty of Buddhism and breathe a slower tempo into the pace of production. I see this slower rhythm as a sort of ceremony of cloth-wearing. To put on a garment can be an act performed slowly, one that the individual devotes time to. In this way fashion takes on the role of meditation guide. Allowing for the manufacturer and the consumer to slow down and think or re-think.

R E V E R S E T H E L U X U RY 2 0 1 6 U P C YC L I NG P R O J EC T

Redifining the value of materials

PROJECT DISCRIPTION How to make a sustainable brand? Does every luxury boutique has to be made by higher-priced materials? In this experiment I focused on using reused and abandoned material to create a luxury boutique. The kinds of materials chosen are not typically considered fit for use in fashion design. Since the materials chosen are meant to be thrown away, the material was not easy to sew and frequently looked cheep. My goal with this project was to change the initial negative recognition of these throw-away materials and point out that there is a way to make room for further sustainability in high fashion.

As a substitute for costly leather, I chose to work with bubble wrap. This material proved challenged and demanded much time and experimentation. There was a satisfaction in spending time and effort hand-crafting something that is meant for the trash. The time spent added a value and visual richness to the finished work that I am proud of. This project enabled me to understand that any material has the potential to become a valued and valuable product. material: bubble wrap paper, pull tab


Finding the harmony between hard and soft

C U LT U R A L I M A G I N AT I O N 2 0 1 5 P E RS O NA L P R O J EC T

Looking for the young spirit from tradition

PROJECT DISCRIPTION In this project I combined Taiwanese traditional culture with street fashion. The garments were created using a number of different materials such as wool, fur and chiffon. My goal for this project was to inspire more Taiwanese young people to appreciate the beauty of their history. In Taiwanese temple celebrations, there are many traditional dances,such as the Eight Infernal Generals ,Dragon and the Lion Dance. According to legends, the Eight Infernal Generals are bodyguards of the gods ; the Lion and Dragon are the rides of the gods. People in Taiwan believe that these dances have a strong power to clean diseases from the earth, blessing people’s health and bringing luck for the whole year.


Sc ulpting the animal form with textile

PROJECT DISCRIPTION 《The last unicorn》is a fantasy novel written by Peter S. Beagle and published in 1968 by Viking Press in the U.S. It follows the tale of a unicorn,who believes she is the last of her kind in the world and undertakes a quest to discover what has happened to the others. The story is full of bravery, hope, loneliness and fighting fears. Every character represents a different type of person, and all have both light and dark sides to them. These dark sides are what the characters must fight against and rid themselves of." "For my project, I selected the six main characters who inspired me: the Unicorn, the Princess, the Magician, the Skeleton, the Red Bull and the Black Witch. I sought to represent their emotions and experiences through design and fabric and also imitating their physical qualities - such as bones, muscles, and blood - through texture, dyes, and structure.

The Last Unicorn Collection Name_The unicorn Material _ neoprene / chiffon

The fabrics are chosen to imitate the beauty of ancient greek Sculpture.

The Last Unicorn Collection Name_princess Material _ neoprene / chiffon / pleats

The Last Unicorn Collection Name_magician Material _ neoprene/chiffon/pleats

This garment is created by differfent techniques, such as : digital printing,machine embroidery and hand embroidery.

The Last Unicorn Collection Name_skeleton Material _chiffon / pleats / leather

The Last Unicorn Collection Name_red bull Material _ chiffon/pleats

The Last Unicorn Collection Name_Black Witch Material _ neoprene/pleats/leather

Design is a practice of being honest in front of the world .