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C u s to m e r C a s e S t u dy

Xerox solution improves print and fax

efficiency by 30% for a leading provider of Debt Management Solutions

Company Profile

Established in 1997, Debt Free Direct has a commitment to providing completely free and easy access to independent, best advice for every over-indebted consumer who calls. It helps individuals find the best solution to their debt problems, based upon an analysis of their particular financial circumstances. Financial information on an individual is first processed through a computer model developed by Debt Free Direct (the Best Advice Model) before a suitable solution is recommended for particular financial circumstances. The company is unique in the marketplace because rather than selling specific products, its core philosophy is to provide best advice to all consumers requiring help.

The Challenge To help a rapidly expanding company manage the printing of its key documents.

THE Solution

Working together... getting results.

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A range of Xerox WorkCentre multifunctional products integrated with Captaris Right Fax.

The Results • • • • •

Greater productivity and control with the integration of a fax solution High quality printing, copying and faxing Quick and efficient turnaround of key quality, high volume documents Print cost reduction Cost control, with a simple easy to manage all inclusive contract, allowing flexibility for further change

Xerox DocuColor 250

C u s to m e r C a s e S t u dy

The Results Debt Free Direct upgrades to a new Xerox Solution in all their departments, from print room to office, with Document Express Ltd. The Challenge The expansion and continued success of Debt Free Direct has led to a triple challenge. It needed to: •

Implement a PC/Server-based fax solution to allow it to control costs, improve efficiency, eliminate the loss of fax information and reduce hard copy paper documentation

Install productive, reliable, high volume printing machines capable of managing the ever growing volume of key critical documents

Adopt a simple, flexible contract that can adapt and change with the demands of the business, and that would also allow the company to manage costs and provide true re-allocation, both internally and externally.

The Solution In September 2006, Debt Free Direct decided to upgrade all of its copying, faxing and printing equipment with a Total Xerox Reprographics solution from Xerox Premier Partner Document Express Limited. Document Express analysed the company’s situation in order to address its key concerns resulting from its ongoing success and rapid growth. As Debt Free Direct’s existing printers were unable to cope with the production of its key critical quality volume documents, without which the business could not operate, Document Express recommended the use of a number of new Xerox multifunction devices, including 2 x Xerox 7132, 1 x Xerox 7245, 1 x Xerox C35, 9 x Xerox 238 and 4 x Xerox 4110. The use of Captaris Right Fax is also enabling Debt Free Direct to have full control over its fax documentation, so there are no misplaced or lost documents, and the company has effective mechanism for the archive and retrieval of faxes. While Debt Free Direct needed to improve its current situation it also needed to do it within budget, and with a contract that not only gave it future flexibility, but also provided clearly visible, future control of its ongoing costs. This was achieved through the use of a simple, flexible contract that has no rental and is based on a copy charge only. This reduces the number of invoices to administer and allows you to establish exactly what each print costs.

The new Xerox solution allows Debt Free Direct to get on with sustaining and growing the business, as it no longer has the printing bottle necks that were a major hindrance to business performance. The new Xerox equipment can not only cope with the volume of work it has to do, but it also means there are less breakdowns at key times and the equipment is at least 30% more productive. The Captaris Right Fax solution enables Debt Free Direct to fax documents and receive faxes direct to its PCs, just like receiving or sending e-mails. This automation allows it to respond to customer faxes immediately, via the Microsoft Outlook window, as they appear on screen, instead of sitting in an in-tray. Faxes are also now stored on the company’s server, so they are easily accessible with a simple click of a mouse and no longer lost, because they are automatically archived electronically. The new all inclusive contract enables Debt Free Direct to manage and control its costs simply and effectively. With the new contract it does not pay separate lease and service costs, but instead pays one cost, based on the volume it expects to use. This is an ideal solution for the business as it now knows exactly what each document costs and can cross charge internally or externally if need be. The new contract is not a fixed term contract, but based on the volume of prints it does. Previously, even though the machines could not cope with the increase in print volumes and where becoming unreliable and problematic, the company could not change its machines as it where tied into a fixed term contract, which would have been very costly to break. As the new contract is based on volume of prints done, the more prints that are done the shorter the contract is, so Debt Free Direct can upgrade to the latest equipment without paying any penalty charges and without having to keep problematic machines beyond their useful life. This is a perfect solution for Debt Free Direct due to its substantial, year on year growth.

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