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Aim: To have a design and copywriting skills needed for a succesful advertsing series.

Give with love

address line 1


address line 2

Absolutely Charming

address line 1


address line 2

Solution: I chose to create a series of advertisements for an upper class jewellery shop. the black backround gives it an elegant touch and the catchy quotes match the pictures!

Aim: To design a series of drink labels for a series of 3 types of drink. Name of series - Boost, Company - Schweppes, Target audience - mainly youth.

Solution: I created a simple yet effective design using bright colours and pictures to attract buyers.

Aim: To create an interesting design out of 1 letter.

Solution: These designs show how one can create funky or classy designs using only 1 letter! Just make sure to choose a font which lends itself to fun!

Brief: To familiarize the student with the layout and design skills needed to work in an existing grid and style, in a limited time period.

Brief: To familiarize the student with the design skills needed to design a grid, conceptualise and layout a creative magazine spread and typeset text on a professional level.

Aim: To create a dynamic and successful CD jacket and to explore the design and layout of the accompanying small-sized booklet (text for booklet provided).

Solution: I chose a title and designed a cover, cd and info booklet based on the theme of the title and meanig of the words. The colours and pictures chosen all lend toward the feeling the music portrays.

Aim: To create a logo for 2 given companies and then create business cards , letterheads and envelopes for the company.

Superst rs kids sports club

Mulberry House Durham Road NE8 4LJ 0800 800 8888

Solution: This logo is for a kids sports club. Shown above is writing paper and the back and front of the kids membership cards.

Aim: To create a logo for 2 given companies and then create business cards , letterheads and envelopes for the company.

Solution: This is for a company which provides education in financing for all ages. A smart yet attractive logo together with the details of the business creates a perfect card to hand out!

Aim: To Create a 10 step strip of one color blending to white, one color blending to black, one color blending to grey. Repeat with that same color’s complement color & 4 analogous colors.

Assignment 8

8 Assignment Assignment 9

Assignment 9 Assignment 8













Assignment 9

Solution: I chose pink as the initial colour and then went on to make this nice square design using the various other colours.

Aim: Creatae 3 identical composition/arrangement of shapes, each one using one of the 3 color relationships; monochromatic colors, complementary colors & analogous colors.

Solution: These designs encompass the single and repeated squares of colour to create effective pieces of stationery.

Aim: To design (a series of ) book covers.

Solution: I chose to use a series of books on therapy using live illustrations which have become distorted. The backround adds an office-like depth to the cover.

Aim: To create a multi page brochure/folder. There are different types of brochures; Corporate, product, service, institutional/eductional and self promotional brochures.

Solution: This is a leaflet style brochure for a dance and drama school for kids. The soft colors lend a friendly touch to the clean layout of each page!

Aim: Choose different words and write the word in a way which describes itself using mainly typography.

Solution: By writing in in a creative way, i am conveying a deeper meaning to the understanding of the word.

Aim: To create a folded leaflet and professional level typesetting for a menu. Also to take into account the restaurant’s ambience and decor, to match the style of the design and typography with the ‘design’ of the restaurant MAIN COURSES All main courses are served with a choice of potatoes, salad or vegetables Mixed Grill


Sausage, Steak, Chicken, Lamb, Turkey, served with grilled tomatoes, onion rings and breaded mushrooms.

8oz Sirloin Steak


8oz Rump Steak


cooked as you like, served with grilled tomatoes, onion rings and breaded mushrooms.





w ice ith a Plaved w er



o on lm Salm

Sa ched a

ar ap

a in ck do ved


r se




it wh

£9 e win

Butterfly Chicken Breast




Tender succulent Chicken, served with a choice of sauces.

5 0.9 d

dry £1 ce an d H ck, u . ha rie ddo sa wit auce n F Ha m s ed Pa -fried roo erv ream sh n ,s Pa mu t libut ard c ith t ved w libued Ha must u a o H ach ain Tr , ser d Po olegr n ille tio wh Gr rfec ole o pe Wh d t



Tarragon & Mushroom, Pepper, Chasseur, Diane or Mushroom, perfect to complement your steak.

£1 r.


bu erb

Choice of Sauces

5 0.2

a ys


Cooked to your liking, Served with grilled tomatoes, onion rings and breaded mushrooms.


. uce


d in

e erv

12oz T-Bone Steak .95





a &g ine


SE S Ch pin RT oc na S ola ke B te r ma s B £3rand lt, ru Se .5 y S ha lee ze rve 5 na lut dw pF an Le ith lor dh m a Se en on ss on ey ort tin ras rved Ta wa ed e pb wit rt fe g

cooked as you like, served with grilled tomatoes, onion rings and breaded mushrooms.



Hunters Chicken


Chicken breast, topped with onion & dill, surrounded with a smokey BBQ sauce.

Chicken a la King


Breast of Chicken in a creamy white wine pepper sauce, served with rice.

Whole Grilled Trout

ille Gr on. lem


Grilled to perfection, served with mushroom sauce and lemon.

Mignons of Lamb with a Redcurrant and Rosemary Sauce £9.95

.25 £3 me hy hT











on ag wit .40 arr red £3 ou av .40 le fl £3 UP shro ab O t .00 S u il ge £4 as dM Ve 5 of Wil ek dB m m a 4.7 Le an a e £ d o e r an Cr 3.40 at bC o r m t e o £ a T .00 hH ot st 5 it P a £ w of of Ro rb en c te ne He ick arli lou lien Ch 0 ith Ve dG Ju ed le w £5.0 an ith ok ab an éw Sm et Be eg mm V ite o h n a ns W ne Co les a f r b e r Be geta dite Ve t Me as ns Ro to ou Cr om


Tender picees of rump steak, braised in a rich tarragon and red wine sauce with sliced onions and mushrooms.



£ ped p 5 to .9 et e, 3 we uc £ ,s tt . t le ead 5 p ho r .4 r h ris n b y 3 it c t w S ay us w £ nd 5 of o a ed d br .9 EE D t cr ns rv be h 3 & io a wit se TR thea ho £ arlic n 5 o on d s, g h .4 EN p of ith h ve it a 3 om is r w w h £ ro er h f , se d 5 it ou ved h e w s e p c .2 S er d p mus att fre auc rli l op . e 7 a v t a S r P nt s £ d g s e er W ped p in ais sh ule rlic rs n, s is de p sk n Fi ucc ga cr . ea o yon omwra ce pe ke r e t a h o p S it c a a i ic h ,B hr filo sau D f Ch it sau w ns ot m gs ki p c us y, ur s ed w BQ en t o S d rli Rin M risp so ck s o frie ga n om at B C nd hi ea nio at eep ith ro , co ith a C br ise d a ot d w 2 s, O sh ms ed w us ate nn P wo rved r u r o o v o i T e M hro er fo pe ic co ay s s er Dip el y m ed us b, D Spic ive tt en ad n m um la k ch re to cr P Chic . B ut ead B r bo us oms b m io o o c r C eli ush D M . oll

TIME OUT Portobello Steak






r, ee 5 B .2 t 5 1 oo er .2 R lit 1 5 p, 1 .2 -U .) 5 1 .2 , 7 oz 5 2 si 0 .7 ep 2 2 P ( t le el .00 ie tt nd 4 KS si, D ) Bo 0 fa N in e ot .0 Z ep lic RI in 0 f) P 1 a D or (P S e ec or e e) da g n t t y, /D So ra la hi ar na o l O W r on oc gu a o h e rd C Te (R ed ha ot C (R ee so H o t, s in off es lo re C cc in er sp W pu M E t, se s ne ou s H Gla er o ab gi C ri G

Tender pieces of Lamb, gently braised in a red wine and redcurrant sauce flavoured with rosemary, thyme and juniper. Garnished with button onions and mushrooms.

rs ela err h tos ies dou Mo ble an Va nac ds cre n orb am po illa B o ets ,c un an d c ean die ake ice d le Ho , w -cr ild mo serv t A be eam, na rry ed pple nd £ com laye wit fre 2.9 po red h C La sh Ch te, 5 b ust ttic crè etw o ard Da co me ee or e Pie rk B lat n ang Cre r mo elg e am lais ich c £4 uss ian Ma e and ho e, se Ch co .95 fre oco rqu la t sh on e te Le fru a ru late m se m it sa m-s ou Tan on lad yru sse £2 and gy Le Bru p so laye .9 ho mon lee ake red 5 t cru so d sp wit nch rbet Pa on h wh y c con ge. s it £ eC ara A li sio ho 3.9 me trastin g cola lise fin ht t n Fr te 5 s d to g with u a ma hed ngy it B p. a la nd wit pas av yer arin h a sio a of sw . slic n fr rois Cr eet £2 e o uit e top .95 fs m cre pes pin tra ous p g S wb se juli es s u err on z en ne urro ett y, a s o un kiw bis e f le ded St i fr cuit £2.9 mo uit b b Lay raw np ya an ase 5 e d ee zes , mo rs of berr l. ty uss spo y o ran top e ng & C pe e so ge dw sa ake ham ith uc £2 d w pa Ice stra e ith g co .9 wb nt (3 Cre a c ne 5 e a h rr B dif inin am ies fer am pag ask g &d en eco ne et t fl syru rate avo p & £3 dw urs van .9 ith to pip illa 5 ch ed oo me se rin fro gu m) e.

Solution: TIME OUT is a casual, fun-like restaurant, mainly catering for the younger generation. The vivid colours reflect the chilled atmosphere and great service of the eatery!

Sara Bowdon portfolio  

Sara Bowdon portfolio

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