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I am a young student who just graduated a year course on interior design, studied under Design Alive. During the course of the year, we covered many concepts such as: 

     

Interior Design History Sketching & Hand Rendering Drafting Perspectives Drawings Elevations Floor plans, Lighting Plans, & RCP Color theory & Elements of Design

Throughout the year, we used these different concepts to design and produce our projects.

Table of Contents   

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Sketches & Hand Rendering: pg. 4 Perspective Drawings: pg. 5 Project #1- Homework Café: pgs. 6-9 Project #2 – Doctors’ Office: pgs. 10-15 Project #3 – Family Hotel Suite: pgs. 16-20 Final Project – Reconstruction of a Two Story House: pgs. 21-30



Project #1- Café

This homework café is located on a college campus in downtown Montreal. It’s purpose is to provide students with a quiet place to work with help when needed, and at the same time a place for delicious refreshments.

Homework Café

Bubble Diagram Program: Entrance Food Display & Service Desk –8’ x 12’ 3” Homework room – 9’ 7” x 12’ 3” Tutors Table – 11’ x 3’ Eating Area – Four round Tables 2’ 6”, Bench 8’x 2’ with two round tables 2’ Restroom – 5’ 3” x 5’ Kitchen - 11’ x 8’ Computer Room – 11’ x 13’ 3”

Homework CafĂŠ

Floor Plan

Homework CafĂŠ

Material Board

Project #2 – Doctors’ Office

The Medical Center This office is located in a downtown area of Boston. The office is shared by two doctors who have been in the business for a long time and are well known. They practice pretty much independently, but sometimes consult with one another. They are supported by one secretary. The office provides a very warm welcoming and calmness to the patients when walking into the green, colored waiting room with soft burgundy chairs. The kids corner is the perfect spot for children to play while waiting for their appointment.

Doctor’s Office

Floor Plan


1. Waiting Room – 250 sq. 2. Reception Desk – 90 sq. feet; 3. Doctors’ Office (2 of them) 250 sq. feet 4. Kitchenette –150 sq. feet; 5. Storage/Supply Room- 40 sq. feet 6. Bathroom – 60 sq. feet; Wheelchair accessible 7. Mechanical Closet – 30 sq. feet

Doctor’s Office

Rendered Floor Plan

Doctor’s Office

Kitchen Elevation A



Doctor’s Office

Reception Desk

Doctor’s Office

Material Board

Project #3 – Family Hotel Suite

Family Hotel Suite In On The Water, a famous and luxurious hotel located in the Lake District, is an optimal choice for families to stay during their visit to England. Its peak season is during the summer months when tourists and families from all over come to visit the country. The hotel’s scenic location, next to the water invites visitors to pick this hotel over any other. The beautiful accommodations along with the great service makes our family suites the perfect choice.

Hotel Suite – Floor Plan

Program: Entry hallway: Approx.: 90 sq. ft. Living room: Approx.: 300 sq. ft. Master bedroom: Approx.: 400 sq. ft. Bedroom: Approx.: 300 sq. ft. Bathroom: (full) approx.: 70 sq. ft. Kitchenette: approx.: 126 sq. ft.

Hotel Suite – Lighting Plan

Rendered Floor Plan

Material Board

Living RoomKitchenette

Master Bedroom

Children's Bedroom

Final ProjectTwo Story House

The house consists of two floors with a private office. The goal of this beautifully decorated home is to provide its residence with both ample space for family life, hosting company and at the same time a private office with it’s own entrance. The gorgeously decorated front lawn will gravitate its visitors to come inside and visit this warm and cozy home.

Final Project Main Floor – Floor Plan

Final ProjectSecond Floor – Floor Plan

Final Project- Main Floor Rendered Floor Plan

Final Project- Second Floor Rendered Floor Plan

Interior Design Studio


Entrance Hallway

Master Bedroom

Family Room

Yehudis Alon Interior Design Portfolio  

Graduate of the Interior Design course

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