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corporate package

239 Westin Ave Westmount, Qu ebec H2V 1K9 Tel - 514.322.8 988 Fax - 514 .322.8977 h.c


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Brief: Design a logo and corporate package which convey a message of professionalism as well as a high-tech feel. Solution: The cool colours, as well as the rounded curves give a high tech feel, while maintaining a professional look. T - 514.322.8988 F - 514.322.8977 E -

Brad Ashford, Programmer

IT and custom software

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book covers

Brief: Create a series of book covers, each with a distinct look, yet clearly a series. Solution: Each book features the colours and famous landmarks of the country it represents, while keeping to the same design.

play posters

wine label Brief: Create a modern and attractive wine label, while maintaining a somewhat vintage look, for a series of wines. Solution: A sleek label with modern typography in an attractive series of colours using pictures which give over the vintage feel.

stationary set Brief: Unique design was created from scratch in several colors, using the given color palettes.




cd design

dvd cases Brief: Create a group of DVD cases for an ongoing series of lectures, which would promote interest, clearly be a series, yet have some variety. Solution: The gate representing the name of the lecture, is the common factor, while different images and color schemes create a unique feel to each lecture.

advertisement campaign Brief: Design a series of ads for Chapters, a chain bookstore across Canada, to promote reading.

Solution: The attractive design portrays reading as exciting and adventurous, clearly a series, yet different enough to create an element of interest.

The world at your fingertips

The world at your fingertips

The world at your fingertips

Hundreds of stores across Canada

Hundreds of stores across Canada

Hundreds of stores across Canada

Hundreds of stores across Canada

Hundreds of stores across Canada

Hundreds of stores across Canada

advertisement campaign


folder design

Brief: Design a folder and information pamphlets of the various services offered by the bank, to be given to potential customers. The design should be friendly and confidenceinspiring and appeal to a wide variety of people.

Plan Your Retirement

journey. Maybe they put off thinking about retiring, or they stash a little money away but never really consider how much they will need to live comfortably. While more than half of Canadians (58%) say that saving for a comfortable retirement is one of their long-term goals, 71% have no specific financial plan for how they hope to achieve those goals.

Solution: Sticking to the green color of the bank, the design is fresh, different and appealing, and talks to all age groups.

Questions to ask yourself If you haven’t yet done any retirement planning, here are some of the first questions you should

What will your retirement look like?? Take the first step to planning for your retirement. Think about what it might look like. Here are five questions to ask yourself.

consider. If you are nearing retirement age, you’ll want to think carefully about all of these.


new h year brings As a student, eac demands wether you`re and responsibilities student or ergrad, college a university und onal degree. essi graduate/ prof g working on a your changin keep on top of to how e’s Her the way. g alon ds financial nee

ments can start as early as 60, and Old Age Security payments begin at 65.

e of Credit TD Student Lin your needs at

that fits ’t line of credit education doesn Find a student d that higher give , we understan know that. To Canada Trust nt, you already Being a stude Stucome cheap. customized our we’ve nses, your expe help you need you a hand with you can get the Credit so that s and living dent Lines of s as tuition, book cost of such thing to cover the expenses.

Take the next step Based on your current income and your answers to the questions above, you should be able to estimate

» Would you like to stop working completely?

le visit our you are eligib .com

trust www.tdcanada

how much more or less you’ll need to live the life you want after you retire. Enter this information in the RSP Contribution Calculator to help determine how much you need to save each month, starting



To find out if website at

Perhaps you will want to divide your time between


do volunteer

way to solve found a new You may have ing within an problem work a community ion; you may p or organizat r existing grou d new. Eithe bran something have started you. from eager to hear way, we are

your vacation home or downsize to a smaller place?

your retirement could easily last 20 or 30 years or

rships TD Schola for school

a TD in mind. With ned with you s to solution desig can have acces A customized of Credit, you Student Line : Canada Trust get much more also l you’l need. But the money you fees. or annual Prime » Pay no monthly equal to TD e interest rate, doesn’t » Get a competitiv variance rate Good news: the variance rate. you graduate! after t limit). ase incre approved credi nt (up to your amou any 12 months » Withdraw ents for up to monthly paym » Pay interest-only l. schoo est-only after your finish after the inter hly payments . » Enjoy low mont years to repay with up to 20 grace period, n Machine y through Gree » Access your mone Web ent, Easy Direct Paym ABMs, Interac telephone bank ing, EasyLine Internet bank branch. Canada Trust and at any TD ing, cheques

» Where will you live? Do you plan to stay in

adians are living longer. With increasing life spans,

own business, or

istent coning and cons Your outstand of your improvement cerns for the for you eligible could make community, cost of your to cover the a scholarship y education. post-secondar


Canada and another country.

» How long will your retirement last? Can-

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to be precise Up to $70,000 who has made g Canadian If you’re a youn unity, we want in your comm a difference for Scholarship you. The TD to hear from rds students rewa p Leadershi Community in many areas n leadership who have show the up, onmental clean including envir and the fight social justice, promotion of just a few. poverty, to name against child

to school, do volunteer work, devote more time to

will the mortgage be paid off? Will you move to

55. Keep in mind that Canada Pension Plan pay-

part-time basis or as a consultant or teacher.

thing Pack some

look like? Will you travel, engage in hobbies, return

your current home? If you currently own a home,

working; then again, you may be ready to stop at

Some people choose to continue working on a


Once you’ve finished working, what will your days

money you will need.

of 65, or you might feel this is too young to stop


» How would you like to spend your time?


your family? Your choices will affect how much

» At what age would you like to retire? You

may wish to aim for the traditional retirement age


ans Student Lo


One of the mistakes that a lot of Canadians make is not planning that

now. For more information about preparing for your retirement, visit

ing Smart Sav

savearly to start It’s never too e. Plan now for ing for your futur ayears after gradu your life ten be ple, and it will tion, for exam o or to buy a cond much easier wanted. ys alwa e new car you’v

Start fifinancing your


short term Start Save for the gs goal, and by setting a savin s. it in small stage work toward help you get These tips will there faster. a matic Open up Make it auto t nt that you won’ savings accou o-day expenses. need for day-t l, regular Then make smal atically, so you deposits autom yourself first,” essentially “pay other bills come before all the in. ble two-step Here’s one possi TD Canada savings strategy Trust can help


TD Mutual Funds


TD Mutual Fun

ds believes in a disciplined and methodical appr oach to investing .It is the foundati of everything on we do and the best way in whic create long-term h we can value for investor s. When you invest in TD Mutual Funds, you can be confid ent that you’ll have access to the perso nalized assistance or information you need to make the right choic es for your invest ment portfolio. A strategic lineup


funds. TD Mutu al Funds builds core funds for you to build strong portfolios. Our famil y of more than 60 mutual funds provid es a variety of fund categories, which are outlin ed below.

TD Mutual Fund builds core funds for you to build

strong portfolios .

of select mutu




Money Market Funds Enjoy stability, liquid ity and interest income

Income Funds Take advantage of income with some growth potential

Balanced Fund s Benefit from income and growt h potential » Growth Funds Harn ess growth opportunities in North Amer ica » Global Funds Lever age the growt h potential of world markets



Sector Funds Diversify by investing in speci fic industry

It’s so easy to invest - why not start today?


Index Funds Bene fit from low cost and potential tax efficiencie s.

» »

Open an accou nt online today Discuss your invest ment needs with a knowledge able TD Investment Servi ces Mutual Funds Representa tive at a TD Canada Trust branc h

Personal Ser vice and Advice

When you invest in TD Mutual Funds, you’ll have acces s to the personalize d assistance or inform ation you need to make the right choices for your investment portfo lio. Speak with a TD Investment Servi ces Mutual Funds Representative today to find out how funds from one or more of these asset classes can help you build an invest ment portfolio that’s right for you. Call EasyLine at 1-866-5678888 to speak with a TD Investmen t Services Mutu al Funds Representative .

Through TD Wate



Ask your TD Wate rhouse Private Investmen t Advisor or TD Waterhous e Financial Planner for advic e on investing in TD Mutual Funds

Enjoy the conve nience of automatic invest ing. Open a PreAuthorized Purch ase Plan today .

tops program Brief: This project involved design and layour of a children’s safety program, including the original creation of the cone mascot.


My Sparkling Qua

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My Sparkling Q ualities B”H

Topics On Pe


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M.Ed. • Weissman

What three words give

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ad ted trus

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u? r yo ult fo

How would

that make

. S . P . O T.

you feel?

©TOPS 2010

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Red Flag or Green Flag?

ation lying situ h a bul ps: throug these 5 ste FLOAT on ng the pers by usi

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stopg p Hel llyin ! bu OW N

e:” ssag “I me .. d) I feel. wor of it. feeling ure (Insert


ng). n... feeli whe ed the t caus wha (tell .. t ld like. I wou t you wan ). ty, ead Universi wha inst man Ph.D o State (tell pen ps. Colorad Toni Zimmer s’ WorkshoFamily Studies, to hap Children ment and Human

©TOPS 2010

Now it’s your turn. Draw your own picture.




ol childre

ho entary sc m for elem on progra . nti Ed ve . re M on/p man interventi Mrs. Raizie Weiss om An abuse s@gmail.c psprogram to l: ai Em

corporate package back


Brief: front Create a logo and corporate identity representing an environmentally friendly and professional company.


Edward BarnettPresident

433 Pines Ave

Solution: H2X 9N7 The green colour and clean design convey an environmentally concerned feel. 433 Pines Ave Westmount, QC

Westmount, QC H2X 9N7



514.466.2666 Edward BarnettPresident

Edward BarnettPresident 433 Pines Ave


Westmount, QC

H2X 9N7


433 Pines Ave Westmount, QC, H2X 9N7

433 Pines Ave Westmount, QC, H2X 9N7

433 Pines Ave Westmount, QC, H2X 9N7

433 Pines Ave Westmount, QC, H2X 9N7 433 Pines Ave Westmount, QC, H2X 9N7

433 Pines Ave, Westmount, QC, H2X 9N7 433 Pines Ave Westmount, QC, H2X 9N7

514.466.2666 • •

433 Pines Ave, Westmount, QC, H2X 9N7 • 514.466.2666 • •

Brief: Design a poster for an exhibition of famous graphic artist Neville Brody, imitating his distinctive style. His Style: Brody revolutionized the idea of typography as a graphic element, by using it as a key element in his designs. He broke many of the set design rules, creating excitement and new ideas in the graphics field. Solution: An exciting design, using typography in an unconventional manner reminiscent of Brody’s style.

Design Ex hibition T h e li fe a n d w o rk o f N e v il le B ro d y


typographical poster

P a la is d e s c o n g rè s d e M o n tr é al 15 9 ru e Sa in t-A nt oi

ne Ou es t Mo nt ré al

ww w. co ng re in fo @ co ng re

sm tl. co m

sm tl. co m

51 4- 87 1- 81


"We are so obsessed w the Net an ith technology d we forget that message... the imag ne to We be ableit anythinog,do our softwaand helps us re believe we can... Bu t must m ve we beyondot 'how' to he re consider t 'wh he at' and th 'why e '..."

PHOTO MANIPULATION/CORRECTION Brief To combine two pictures Brief of a boy before and after To combine two pictures his upsherin Brief: of a boy before and after Combine two pictures of a boy before and after his haricut. his upsherin

Brief To combine two pictures of a boy before and after his upsherin

photo manipulation/correction

Brief Brief Combine several photos Combine several photos Brief: in one smooth backdrop, Brief in one smooth backdrop, Fix some blemishes on the baby’s fix some on face.Combine severalblemishes photos onto Combine several photos fix some blemishes on one smooth backdrop baby’s face in one smooth backdrop, baby’s face fix some blemishes on baby’s face





Brief Brief Combine several photos Brief: several photos Combine Combine several photos to createto create one portrait Brief toone create one portrait portrait. Combine several photos to create one portrait


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Adina Ribiat portfolio  

Adina Ribiat graphic design portfolio