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JULY 16, 2010 • ISSUE 28


Jason Derulo at the Morongo Resort Casino

Photo by Cathy Jardine

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Bank fees you should stop paying BY STAFF If you’re tired of getting nickeled and dimed by your bank, it’s time to switch. “Stopping useless fees forever is a smart way to make your money go further,” says J.J. Montanaro, a certified financial planner with USAA. If you’re paying these five fees, it’s time to look for a bank that doesn’t charge them.

1. Overdraft fees New legislation requires financial institutions to notify customers of their options on overdraft fees. Some banks - like USAA - have eliminated overdraft fees on ATM and debit transactions entirely.

2. ATM fees ATM fees may seem nominal, but they can add up quickly. Take advantage of fee-free, cash-back options offered at grocery or convenience stores when making a purchase, or switch to a bank that reimburses you those fees.

3. Check fees Switch to paying bills electronically. This usually fee-free service allows you to pay bills anytime and anywhere without paying for checks.

4. Minimum balance fees Your bank may require a minimum balance in your account - charging a fee for slipping below. Side-step this by carefully matching your situation with the account requirements. For instance, look for an account that waives fees for directly depositing your paycheck, or find an account with no minimum balance requirement.

5. Fine print fees Are you charged a fee for monthly account maintenance? Does that monthly paper bill cost extra? It pays to sweat the small stuff and fully understand what your bank is charging you.


Desert Local News July 16, 2010


Energy, LTD.

Cool Centers open throughout Riverside and San Bernardino Counties Public Service Announcement RIVERSIDE, CATemperatures are expected to exceed 100 degrees throughout Riverside County and residents are encouraged to take precautions. The heat warning is in effect for all areas throughout Riverside County. Temperatures are expected to remain high through the weekend. Cool centers are now open county-wide. Residents should check with their local cool center for weekend hours. Pet cool centers are also open in Banning. People with the following symptoms should try to remain in a cool place and drink water to prevent dehydration: · Headache · Dizziness · Weakness or muscle pains · Nausea and vomiting The heat advisories and cool centers are services offered by the Community Action Partnership of Riverside County, Riverside County Department of Public Health, Riverside County Fire Department, Volunteer Center of Riverside County and the American Red Cross. For The Coachella Valley and Palo Verde Valley areas, Cooling Centers will be at: The Blythe City Hall, Blythe Community Center, Ripley Community Center, Mesa Verde Community Center, DHS Boys and Girls Club, DHS Senior Center, North Shore Yacht Club, Mizell Senior Center,


To the First Tee Coachella Valley Junior Tournament. Seventeen juniors ranging from age 6 to age 14 were present. Raffle prizes were awarded to each of the participants.

Wind Is Our Friend Eisenhower Hospital, James O. Jessie Community Center, Palm Springs YMCA, Joslyn Senior Center, Thermal Senior Center, Palm Desert Community Center, Coachella, Indio and La Quinta Senior Centers. For the Morongo Basin, the Hi-Desert Medical Center will once again serve as a “cooling station” for the Morongo Basin in the event of excessive heat or should Southern California Edison experience power outages during the summer. Cooling stations are air-conditioned facilities where local residents may go for temporary relief from extreme heat. The cooling station at Hi-Desert Medical Center is in the cafeteria of the main hospital building, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Cooling Centers will also be open at: The Town of Yucca Valley center, Twentynine Palms Library and Senior Center, Yucca Valley Senior Center and Library, Joshua Tree Library and Community Center, Landers Community Center and Reach Out Morongo Basin

Desert Local News July 16, 2010


The First Tee Coachella Valley Charity Tournament Story and photos by Lauri Hirth

Jackson Alegre, Owen Alegre, Jacob Olivos

EthanGomez,KevinAscate,ChaseEvers,Adam,Co. On Friday and Saturday, June 25 and 26, The First Tee Coachella Valley hosted to the First Tee Coachella Valley Junior Tournament. Seventeen juniors ranging from age 6 to age 14 were present. There were three different age groups, with first-, second- and thirdplace trophies awarded in each of the boys’ and girls’ divisions. Each participant also received a medal for participation in the event. The $40 entry fee for the 18hole, two-day event was donated back to the First Tee Coachella Valley to help fund the program. Pat and Cindi Powers hosted the barbecue held on the last day of the tournament at the conclusion of play. Pat Powers was instrumental in insuring that all the food was donated, as well as gathering prizes for the raffle. The First Tee Executive Director Glenn Miller was on hand to present the winners with their trophies and medals. 4

Special thanks go to Tarrie Co, Pat and Cindi Powers, Power Awards and all who helped to make the two day event a huge success.

1st Place – Adam Co (64) 2nd Place – Chase Evers (70) 3rd Place – Ethan Gomez (80) AGE 13 – 17 (BOYS) Division 1st Place - Kevin Ascate (74) AGE 9 – 12 (GIRLS) Division 1st Place – Madison Vance ((85) AGE 8 and Under (GIRLS) 1st Place – Aiyanna Co (80) 2nd Place – Avalon Woodward (94) 3rd Place – Jordan Banks (98) AGE 8 and Under (BOYS) Division 1st Place – Owen Alegre (103) 2nd Place – Jacob Olivos (105) 3rd Place – Jackson Alegre (106)

Age 9-12 (BOYS) Division

For more, go to www.PalmSpringsGuides.Com

Raffle prizes were awarded to each of the participants and the donations were given by TFTCV family members as well as local businesses. Desert Recreation District General Manager Stan Ford welcomed each of the participants after the two-day tournament. Tarrie Co, volunteer and parent to two juniors in the program, was the host and coordinator of the tournament. Co was instrumental in getting the medals and awards for the winners of the tournament and the raffle. The kids had a blast, although the temperatures rose to a bit uncomfortable. Miller was said to promise the tournament next year earlier in the day!

Desert Local News July 16, 2010

Mauricio Alvarez, Will Carrick, Ben Huxtable

Preston Powers, Madison Vance, Nick Isra, Kevin Rowe

The team ~all photos by Lauri Hirth Desert Local News July 16, 2010


KC and the Sunshine Band at the Morongo Resort Casino this Friday, July 16 at 9:00 P.M. Box Office 6

951-755-5391 Desert Local News July 16, 2010

An interview with Harry Wayne Casey “ KC” STORY BY LISA ROBYN LAWRENCE

What brings a Miami boy to Morongo Casino Resort? Well for KC it was the decision to either go to the Caribbean or come to the Palm Springs, desert area. “We decided to spend our time in the desert this year, we love it, we are having such a great time.” KC told me. I had a few questions for him and here is how the interview went.

Q: So tell me are you in the midst of a tour and is Morongo part of a tour?

A: “We do shows all year long…usu-

ally it is just part of our weekend… I love it here.”


: Do you have ties to the Coachella Valley?

A: “I have friends who live here

which are kind of almost like family… I’ve been coming here for the last few years.”


Tell me a little bit about your history with music. How old were you when you know that music was your life?

Q: Was your family musical? A: “My family was musical but I don’t think that we got a piano until I was in my early teens. My family has always had pianos in their homes. I remember going over and banging on their piano and stuff… I can remember all my life always being around a piano or music. “


When did you decide that you needed to have a band? A: “Well…I went in and recorded a record using studio musicians. Then when they wanted to put the record out they said ‘well what name do you want to put on here…?’, “I said well we’ll call it KC and the Sunshine Junkenu Band… I didn’t really have a band. I didn’t have a band until I needed a band. So the name was created and there wasn’t really a band. So they made me KC and the Sunshine Band but there was no band… I was the band.”


A: All my Life. Q: What was your instrument of

Do you have any specific charities that you support or are affiliated with?

A: “I picked the Piano.” Q: At what age did you start (play-

causes. I donate to the SPCA, whenever there is some tragedy I send some money. We really support the Diabetic Foundation, my mother was a diabetic and my aunts were too, I give to a group called ‘Here’s Help’ in Miami (an alcohol and drug abuse



A: “For as long as I can remember.”

A: “I donate to a lot of different

Desert Local News July 16, 2010

help foundation that helps addicted teens), also an AIDS organization, so there are a lot of different places that I assist. There are so many good causes that need help and it is hard to isolate just one so I try to give a little bit to everybody.”


Is there anything that you would like our readers to know about the upcoming concert that you are going to be giving?

A: Well it is high energy…I play all of my hits and then some. It’s a production show and it’s going to bring a lot of memories back to people from my hits of the 70’s and 80’s and (we play ) some new ones. It’s a good time show and it is non- stop! I have a lot of fun doing it and from what I see the audiences all have a lot of fun being there!”

Don’t miss KC and the Sunshine Band at Morongo this Friday, July 16 at 9:00 P.M. For more information about KC and the Sunshine Band go to his official website, HYPERLINK “” For more Morongo Entertainment go to HYPERLINK


Today’s technology can help make weight loss easier BY STAFF

Many of us want to embrace a healthier lifestyle, but are looking for some assistance to keep ourselves on track. Luckily, with today’s technology, there are resources online and offline that can be used to help us stay motivated and track progress. Take advantage of your smart phone. Weight Watchers offers an application for iPhone and iPod Touch users. All users of the free app can view recipes and articles, create shopping lists, learn to make smarter food choices with interactive cheat sheets, and much more. And if you’re following the popular weight management plan and subscribe to Weight Watchers Online or Weight Watchers eTools, the iPhone App lets you access your plan information and track your food and activity from wherever you are - at a restaurant, in the grocery store, on vacation or just out running errands.


“As mobile technology advances so do the tools that help enhance your healthy lifestyle, making it easier for you to keep track of your weight loss no matter how busy you might be,” says’s Editor-in-Chief Theresa DiMasi. “These tools help you make healthy choices and help you stay on track which can make a significant difference in your success.” Track with a variety of tech tools. Along with making better food choices, many factors can help you achieve healthy, sustainable weight loss including exercise and sleep. Keeping track of calories burned is easier by using a pedometer that can monitor how far you’ve walked or run. Sleep is also an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and can play a crucial role in weight loss. There are a number of high tech products on the market today that can monitor your sleeping patterns, helping gauge your sleep qual-

Desert Local News July 16, 2010

ity and pinpoint the factors that affect it. Virtually connect with like minded individuals. Social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, offer the opportunity for millions of users to connect with each other based on similar goals and interests including healthy living. Companies like Weight Watchers also have robust, interactive social networking sites. Weight Watchers Community site lets users connect with other people in their quest to better health, and exchange motivational wall posts with friends. The site also offers many challenges, insights from bloggers, and encouragement for anyone striving to live a healthier lifestyle. To learn more about Weight Watchers, visit Courtesy of ARAcontent

Holistic Gynecology, what’s that? By Allen Lawrence, M.D. of www.HolisticGynPS.Com The world is steadily changing around us. Up until just the last decade or so, women were more than satisfied with the delivery of women’s health care as dictated by their doctor. Many women did not know there were any women’s health and wellness alternatives available to them. Today, things have changed. Women have matured and are no longer willing to simply take a prescription or undergo surgery as their doctors order them to, without first getting more information. Today, more women want to have a say in their health care. Women are considerably more knowledgeable and in charge or their lives and health than their mothers were. Today women want to have questions answered and not by another question. They want their doctor to give them information and to only tell them what to do, when they ask for advice. When women

need more information about their health concerns and conditions, they want real answers. Holistic health care operates differently than your mother=s health care did. The goals of holistic health care are simple:

1. Natural treatments, little or no prescription medications, unless there are no other choices or as a last resort. 2. Surgery only when

there is no other choice, and it is absolutely necessary.

3. The health goals are set by the woman herself, and not by the doctor. 4. The doctor/patient team works together to create a plan to establish attainable goals for prevention first, and treatment or surgery, only when or if, it is necessary.

Rather than using prescription medications first, holistic care implements diet, lifestyle changes, patient information, education and natural treatment recommendations as first line prevention. Prescriptions and/or invasive medical treatments, should be considered only, if and when, they are necessary to treat severe or unresponsive medical conditions that are problematic or may become problematic, if not dealt with immediately and appropriately may worsen. Holistic gynecology covers the full range of women’s needs in relation to their reproductive system such as treating vaginal infections, gynecologic conditions, annual pap smears, breast cancer prevention and detection, contraception and the treatment of PMS and menopause with bio-identical hormones. Holistic care goes much further and extends into prevention of all illness and

Desert Local News July 16, 2010

health conditions including stress, heart disease, high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke prevention, gastrointestinal problems, weight management, thyroid disease or deficiency, in addition to anything that creates a health problem or that undermines a woman=s ability to live a quality life. Obviously, there is much more to women’s health care and the construct of holistic gynecology. For more information and other articles on this subject, go to our website www.HolisticGynPS.Com and read more on what you can get from Holistic Gynecology. Dr. Allen Lawrence is associated with Preventive Medicine Clinics of the Desert, located in Palm Springs at 2825 Tahquitz Canyon Way, Suite B-200. For an appointment if you have a gynecologic issue or wish a second opinion, call 76-3204292.





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CALL FOR MORE INFO: 760-449-8235 10

Desert Local News July 16, 2010

Desert Hot Springs Chamber 2010 Board Installation BY STAFF Desert Hot Springs, Ca - 7/15/2010 - The Desert Hot Springs Chamber Of Commerce installed the following people to the Executive Committee: President, Russ Augustine, Home Inspections by Russ Augustine, Vice President, Dan Anderson, Keystone Law Offices, Secretary, Linda Stevens, Desert Regional Medical Center, Treasurer, Jack Becker, Connect The Dots and Past President, Eric Pontius, Playoffs Sports Bar. September 15th will be the formal installation luncheon for the newly elected Board Members, David Peet, Totalmarketing Partners, Linda Stevens, Desert Regional Medical Center and Dan Anderson, Keystone Law Office. The Installation Luncheon will be held at the Miracle Springs Resort and Spa, 10625 Palm Drive at 12 noon. Tickets for the event which will also honor our Citizen of the Year, Ron Gilbert, NonProft Business Person, Mary Prado of Food Now and Business Person of the Year, Bruce Abney, El Morocco Inn & Spa are $25.00. Featured speaker is Tony Clarke from the Wellness and World Music Festival scheduled for Oct 9-10. Interested parties in attending the luncheon should contact the Chamber office for reservations at 760-329-6403 or register and purchase online at www. or by clicking on the event on the calendar.

Desert Local News July 16, 2010



Do your homework on insurance

BY STAFF ARA If you or your child is collegebound this fall, don’t forget to review your insurance. Meeting with your insurance agent now could save you money and headaches in the future. Here are three questions to ask, according to Charles Valinotti, senior vice president of QBE Regional Insurance.

1. Is your daughter considered a “resident of the household”


under your policy, even though she’s moving out of your house?


Is your son’s dorm an “insured location” under your policy? Most standard policies cover 10 percent of your contents value for items located at another insured residence - is that enough to cover the student’s possessions?

married or your son drops to part-time student status and continues to reside away from your home, how does it affect their insurance coverage? For vehicle coverage, Valinotti recommends asking about discounts for good grades, leaving the car at home or changing from a “primary” to “occasional” use driver.

3. If your daughter gets

Desert Local News July 16, 2010

The work starts when the job search begins BY STAFF ARA A record number of people are looking for work these days. If you’re not one of them, chances are you know someone who is. An Employment Situation Summary, issued June 4 by the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, reported 15 million people were unemployed in May. That’s a 9.7 percent national unemployment rate, which has changed little since the beginning of 2010. These frustrating economic conditions make it easy to get discouraged. For anyone feeling stalled in their job search, a few simple steps could put the wind back in their sails. Chasity Trzop, director of Career Services at Brown Mackie College - Louisville, supports and guides graduates through their search for employment. “When I talk with students who are discouraged, the first question I ask is, ‘What are you doing?’ Nine times out of 10 they’re on the computer,” says Trzop. While the computer can be instrumental, a good job search utilizes additional tactics. “The computer is a passive job search. You are one of a thousand online, with about a 10 percent chance of getting an interview if you have done nothing face-to-face with the company. You must get out and interact with people,” Trzop says.

Treat a job search like a job. Trzop reminds graduates that searching for a job is a job, and should be treated as such. A good rule of thumb is to do 10 things each day in support of your job search. “Five of those things can be done online, like finding and applying for jobs, and writing e-mails to strengthen your career network. The other five things should be personal contact with people who may be able to help. Get up and meet with people face to face,” says Trzop.

Join professional associations. Students at Brown Mackie College

- Louisville learn early during their academic program the importance of building a professional network. They are encouraged to join student clubs and professional associations in support of their major. The affiliations are helpful in securing an externship, and indispensable when searching for employment. Attending association functions puts you in front of people who may be hiring. “No one knows how wonderful you are if you’re hiding behind your computer,” Trzop says. “Go to events, and carry your resume with you.”

Volunteer to apprentice without pay. Volunteering to work without pay can go a long way toward finding a job. “Offer your service to someone in the field you want to enter. Ask if you can shadow him or her for a few days,” Trzop recommends. “Who wouldn’t want free labor? It’s no skin off your nose if they say no.” Trzop has seen many students gain on-the-job experience this way. Several proved to be so useful that the company created jobs for them.

Volunteer for community service. Make productive use of your time. “Volunteer for any type of community service that interests you,” Trzop says. It provides numerous benefits. It gets you out of the house and introduces you to new people. “You never know when you’ll meet someone who may be hiring. The experience also looks great on a resume, and can fill gaps in employment,” she says. Desert Local News July 16, 2010

Use the phone to your best advantage. Trzop tells graduates to keep in touch. After meeting people in the industry, call them to solidify the relationship. Ask for information on which companies may be hiring. “Make excuses for calling,” she says. “If your profession requires certification, call your contacts when it comes through.”

Social websites aren’t just for small talk. “More and more people are turning to social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn in their search for employment,” says Trzop. “The websites make it easy to connect with others who share your interests.” Brown Mackie College - Louisville has even begun to use LinkedIn to find intern candidates and promote internship fairs. Now you are armed with specific knowledge on how to conduct your job search from a career service professional. “Keep a positive attitude and do the legwork that will put you out in front of people,” Trzop says. “I tell our school’s graduates, ‘School is boot camp. Now go out and be a soldier.’” Courtesy of ARAcontent



Structuring Your Business - Partnerships

Some tips on how to structure your business (focusing on partnerships) By Thomas A. Grossman, Professional Law Corporation DO YOU WANT TO DO IT ALONE? One of the first things a business person needs to do is decide if he (or she) wants to form and operate a business by himself (herself), or with other people. If you are able and happy to operate a business by yourself, that’s great. You still, however, may want to use a fictitious business name, or form a corporation, to take advantage of, and protect, a business name.

YOU MAY ALREADY HAVE A PARTNERSHIP Many people who are currently operating a business with one or more other persons, are unknowingly operating the business as a general partnership. Here is the test: If one or more other persons operates the business with you, or if you have filed a fictitious business name statement showing two or more “owners,” then you are operating as a general partnership. Even though you may not have a partnership agreement (either written or verbal), the law will treat your business as a general partnership, if two or more people own and/or operate the business. In California, we call this a “de facto partnership.” The existence of a general partnership has important consequences for each person involved. For example, the actions of general partners in a 14

business are governed by the law of “agency,” which means that each partner is the presumed agent for the other partner. Thus, as an example, if your partner leases an expensive copier for the business without your knowledge, both you and the partnership are also liable for payments on the lease. This may be so, even if the copier was not leased in the business name. Whether you knew of, or approved, the lease is irrelevant. You are, under the law, obligated on that business debt, because your associate had the authority to bind the partnership (and thus you) to business purchases and contracts, such as the lease.

GET IT IN WRITING The best way to protect yourself is to understand your rights and obligations. And, the best way to do this is to have a written partnership agreement, preferably drafted with the help of a good lawyer. If your partner happens to be one of your best friends, then you definitely need to have a written partnership agreement. The worst partnership battles develop between friends and family members, because they don’t think they need to go over the details. They trust each other, so why waste money drafting a partnership. However, each partner may see his duties and benefits differently than the other partners. This problem may not surface for

years. To prevent this from happening, you should always have a written partnership agreement. The written document is important because it reflects a true agreement (terms that each side understands and approved). A verbal agreement usually gets either forgotten, or re-worked in the mind of the partners, as the circumstances change. But the written document remains the same. Also, the process of forming a partnership with the help of a good attorney, will flush out the areas of disagreement, that you don’t even know you have. It will also specify the details of ownership, obligations of the partners, split of profits, transfer of rights, and the process of dissolution. If you are forming a business with one or more other people, you may also want to consider utilizing a Corporation, Limited Partnership, or an LLC (Limited Liability Company). They provide certain protections from liability that general partnerships do not. I will discuss those in my next column. In the meantime, when it comes to business, it is wise to remember the words of my good friend, Inspector Clouseau: “Suspect everyone, and trust no one.” For more about Structuring your Business advice by Thomas Grossman, go to www.PalmSpringsGuides. Com or http://desertadr. com/index.html

Desert Local News July 15, 2010

How do you know if your dog is too hot? Written by Palm Springs Guides Staff Writer It would really be nice if you could simply ask your dog, “Are you to hot?” You can do that with people, but children and dogs either do not know or cannot answer to tell you, so as a responsible pet owner, it is up to you to recognize the signs that your dog (or cat or other pet) is too hot. Tips to avoid overexertion and heatstroke in pets: 1. Work up slowly to exercise fitness. Make exercise a regular part of your dog’s daily routine. 2. Exercise your dog early in the morning or late in the evening, when it is hopefully cooler. Avoid the midday heat, as it can be a killer. 3. Offer small amounts of fresh cool (not iced) water, frequently. Encourage your dog to drink, make it a game, if you need to. Don’t let him play, if he is not drinking. 4. Use a hose, let your pet swim in a lake, or pool (if you do not have either buy a kiddie wading pool and fill it daily with fresh water Get your dog to be thoroughly wet before you walk or run him. The evaporation that is created will help keep him cool and safe. Always, be sure to wet all layers of your dog’s coat, especially double-coated breeds, such as retrievers, for maximum cooling. 5. Watch your pet for signs of tiring and too much panting. The panting tongue out too far will indicate break time. 6. As you walk or play, make sure you know where there are sources of water and shade. The use them liberally. 7. If your dog is allowed to come in and out of the house during the day, both of you may love them having their own kiddie pool in the yard. 8. Be mindful of pad burns on hot pavement and metal surfaces. If your dog looks uncomfortable pick them up or get them off of the hot pavement, on to grass, as soon as possible. 9. Never, never, leave your dog alone in a parked car. This is very dangerous. Temperatures can rise as much as 20 degrees in as little as 10 minutes and dogs die regularly from this poor treatment.

Here Are the Signs of Heatstroke in Pets Dogs and cats have little choice when it comes to keeping cool in summer heat. Recognizing the signs of heatstroke will allow for prompt treatment. Time is always of the essence when treating this condition. The progressive signs of heat stroke include, but are not limited to: • Body temperatures of 104110F degrees • Excessive panting • Dark or bright red tongue and gums • Sticky or dry tongue and gums • Staggering • Stupor • Seizures • Bloody diarrhea or vomiting • Coma • Death If you suspect heatstroke in your pet, seek veterinary attention immediately! If you can’t do the following: • Find some shade. Get your pet out of the heat. • Offer cool water, not ice water, to cool your pet. (Very cold water will cause constriction of the blood vessels and impede cooling.) • Wet your dog down, wrap the dogs feet and head with wet towels. Do not aid body cooling if your dog’s temperature is below 103 F degrees as some animals can actually become hypothermic, too cold. • Only offer ice cubes for your dog to lick until you can reach your veterinarian, DO NOT FORCE ice or water to your pet.

lems for yourself and your animal is to prevent heatstroke from occurring in the first place. If you are unsure of what to do to prevent heatstroke in your dog talk to your vet and have a plan in mind before taking any chances.

Remember, the best way to avoid probDesert Local News July 15, 2010


ACT for MS

Jazz It Up, With Bill Marx

Mission Hills Country Club Rancho Mirage

Story by Lisa Robyn Lawrence Photographs by Allen Lawrence Sunday night, the place to be was the Mission Hills Country Club to “Jazz it up with Bill Marx.” This was a fundraiser for ACT for MS nonprofit organization. In addition to the great jazzy tunes provided by Marx and his musicians, there were fantastic silent auction items, some spectacular jewelry items for sale and a delectable dinner array of terrific food. For the added enjoyment of all in attendance, a most talented magician, Jordon Hahn, whose hands were much quicker than our eyes, strolled from table to table amazing the folks and causing outbursts of delighted squeals and laughter.

Jacqueline Bachar and Gloria Greer

This was truly a “Fun-raising” event that will benefit ACT for MS and all that they provide for their clients and our community. ACT for Ms’ website states that they are “dedicated to improve the quality of life for those in our community coping with MS.” They touch the lives of many people affected by MS and improve their quality of life on a daily basis. ACT for MS founder Gloria Greer was radiant with pride this evening. Event Chairwoman and board member Lori Segal warmly greeted everyone with her friendly staff of Anne Harpenau and Amy Zendle. Elaine and Jim Conway (treasurer) were enjoying the great music with table mates Julie Miller, Betty Barker, with Barbara Marx and Lori Segal. The radian, co-president of ACT for MS, Lori Garthwaite, was there with her camera-shy husband David and a table full of good friends, Bill and Darlene Brodovsky, and Lisa and Jack McLaine. Shelly O’Donnell, John Bayless and Jacqueline Bachar shared some food and fun.

Anne Harpenau, Lori Segal(Event chair), Amy Zendle (welcoming the guests)

Great music, good company and delicious food, in a beautiful setting, helping our community, it doesn’t get better! For more about the ACT for MS fundraiser at Mission Hills Country Club, go to


Desert Local News July 16, 2010

Jack McLaine, Bill & Darlene Brodovsky, (Camera -shy) David & Lori Garthwaite &, Lisa McLaine

Bill Marx and his musicians

Elaine Conway, Jim Conway (Treasurer), Julie Miller, Lori Segal, Betty Barker, Barbara Marx

Shelly OยนDonnell, John Bayless, Jacqueline Bachar

Bill and Barbara Marx Desert Local News July 16, 2010

Jordon Hahn, magician 17

Jason Derulo ~photo by Catherine Jardine 18

Desert Local News July 16, 2010

Jason Derulo – a cutting edge musical talent

Story by Lisa Robyn Lawrence Photographs by Catherine Jardine Friday night the Vibe night-club at Morongo Casino was on fire with talent and excitement. KISS-FM 102.7 sponsored Jason Derulo as the headlining act. A relatively new talent, Derulo, is making his mark fast and furious with 3 consecutive singles in the top 100’s. The club pumped with the energy of some great Pop/Hip Hop/R&B sounds spun by DJ Love Machine while the crowd waited for the show to begin. Chris Martinez, from KISS-FM, welcomed everyone and introduced the opening act, Auburn and her

Sponsored by KISS-FM 102.7 Vibe Nightclub, Morongo Casino Resort

dancers to the stage. The crowd ate up her performance of her song, “La La La”. She is hot and so are her dancers. They brought incredible energy and excitement with their sounds, moves, their look and talent.

song. Everyone rushed the stage to get closer and dance along with Jason’s music. Jason had the sounds and the moves. He even ripped off his tee shirt and hurled it into the riotously excited audience. The excitement was palpable.

Chris Martinez introduced the MC for Jason Derulo, songwriter, record producer, singer, Kara DioGuardi. She gave an energy packed introduction to Jason Derulo and the energy rose to a frenzy, screams so loud you almost couldn’t hear the opening

Kara took the stage and sang her song “Summer.” She even sang a duet with Jason that blew everyone away. During the performance of his smash hit and title song of his album, ”Ridin’ Solo”, Jason invited an adoring fan, Stephanie, up on the stage. As he sang

to her she was shrieking with delight. She even had a brief dance with Jason while he finished the song. Derulo followed that whole scene with some more of his hits,” Love Hangover” and “In My Head” then he amped it up even HOTTER with a blazing hot cover of Justin Timberlake’s “I’m Bringiin’ Sexy Back” that drove the crowd’s fever to a spike. Grover and Eric along with “Big Al” said that tonight was “some pretty good entertainment.” Grover’s favorite song was, ” Ridin’ Solo.” Can’t get enough of a good thing, everyone wanted more.

Grover, Eric and “Big Al”

~photo by Catherine Jardine Desert Local News July 16, 2010


July 2010

Desert Hot Springs Senior Center 11-777 West Dr. Desert Hot Springs, Ca. 92240 760-329-6411 ext 210 Monday 8:00a Wii 10:30a Arthritis Exercise $2.00 members $3.00 nonmembers 11:30a Lunch $3.00 donation requested Tuesday 8:00a Wii 8:00a Spanish Class  8:30a Chair Massage donations appreciated 9:00a Blood Pressure 9:30a Fun Singing 10:45a Tai Chi $2.00 members $3.00 nonmembers 11:30a Lunch $3.00 donation requested 11:30a Hidden Harvest July 13th 12:00p Pinochle Wednesday 8:00a Wii 8:00a Paralegal Services by appointment First and Second Wednesday of the month 9:00a Mahjong Chinese Tile Game 10:00a-12:00p Secure Horizon Representative July 21st 10:00a Line Dancing $4.00 members $5.00 nonmembers 11:30a Lunch $3.00 donation requested Thursday 7:00a Tops 8:00a Wii 10:45a Tai Chi $2.00 members $3.00 nonmembers 11:00a-12:00p History of the Coachella Valley Presentation 11:30a Lunch $3.00 donation requested 12:00p Pinochle no charge 3:00p-5:00p Desert Hot Springs Library Reading Program for school age children Friday 8:00a Wii 10:30a Arthritis Exercise $2.00 members $3.00 nonmembers 11:30a Lunch $3.00 donation requested New!! 5:30p-7:00p Ballroom Dancing


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Fully Air Conditioned Salon • Open 7 days

Hair Salon

Women’s,Men’s and Children’s Hair Cuts, Facials,Updo’s,Highlights,Wax, Shampoo Set,Hair Color & Touch-up.


Walk-ins or Appointment

Stylist for 15 years • Men’s cut specialist Openfade 7 days a week

12106-APalm Drive, Desert Hot Springs, CA (Next to Thai Palm Restaurant)

Desert Local News July 16, 2010


Big Plans For Cabot Museum, Parks, To Be A Part Of Master Plan BY STAFF DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CAA study session/special meeting for the Desert Hot Springs City Council took place on Monday, discussing items to include in the city’s Master Plan.

Debbie McGowan



The Miracle Hill Committee team recently traveled to the Las Vegas area to see the Red Rock Visitors Center and the Preserve. During the presentation, Jay Bauer, a hired consultant, gave a power-point, showing the concepts. Among his ideas were to link the city of Desert Hot Springs to the natural environment and connect to the Joshua Tree National Park. Also, talks about preserving the Cabot’s Museum, making a more permanent Visitor’s Center and to create a small auditorium. Plus, creating a home for the Desert Hot Springs Historical Society and creating a public park and spa. The costs of providing these new improvements total about $105,000,000. Mayor Yvonne Parks mentioned that if the city partners with the Water District, the Palm Springs Unified School District and the Bureau of Land Management, this could all be possible. This recommendation will later be brought back to the

Desert Local News July 16, 2010

City Council at a later date for discussion and adoption before it becomes part of the General Plan. Councilman Karl Baker believes that the proposal should be broken down into separate pieces so that it’s easier to understand and would easily be approved. For the upcoming Civic Center, councilwoman Jan Pye, City Staff members Rudy Acosta and Martin Magana also went to Las Vegas to attend the International Conference of Shopping Centers to meet with possible investors. Acosta stated that plans for the future Wellness Center, which includes the future Boys and Girls Club are close to completion. Within the coming weeks, all parties will review of all the plans before it goes out to bid. As for the Parks Master Plan, Phase two is complete. Phase three includes more community input and surveys and Phase four will begin on July 20th before it goes to the city council in October to review and vote for. This will all be a part of the General Plan. Finance Director Jason Simpson will be looking into the increasing of Development Impact Fees to help finance the park projects.

From The DHS City Manager’s Desk To Yours BY STAFF

DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CAThe Hacienda Hills project will begin construction this month in Desert Hot Springs. The builder got the permits back in June. Also, permits were issued for the new Borrego Community Health Foundation clinic to be located at 12-520 Palm Drive. During the last City Council meeting in June, they approved a contract with Greg O’Sullivan to prepare application materials for an Enterprise Zone. Staff is working with Palm Springs and Cathedral City to review the establishment of boundaries for the zone. Once the boundaries are established, the consultant will obtain approval from the State Department of Housing and Community Development. A total of eight businesses received business licenses from the city of Desert Hot Springs within the past week. The downtown façade projects are coming along as planned, as Phase II and Phase III have begun con-

DHS City Manager Rick Daniels struction and demolition as of June 14th. Demolition is near completion and footings for new facades are being dug to install steel columns. Individual projects are budgeted at $300,000 and are allocated to complete Dr. Lau’s office, Larry Grotbeck’s business, Paul Pacera’s business and the Capri. The Jewish Temple building is scheduled for demolition on the week of July 12th. A total of 14 homes have been purchased and Neighborhood Stabilization Program funds are now allocated. Contracts for the rehabilitations of five homes are in process. Plus, there are 244 applications to date. 35 have been approved and 15 are under construction. Staff has selected two contractors project manager a portion of the grants. The contracts will go to the agency board at the end of July. The city has so far hired 20% of local employees and purchases for the contracts in the draft stage. The Workforce Development Center is

scheduled to open in the Fall of 2010. Staff prepared a grant for $500,000 to fund a substantial rehabilitation program. Staff has worked with the Police Department for a Community Oriented Policing Services program and a Secure Our School grant proposal in the amount of $140,800 to provide cameras at the high school and at the middle school. Plus a grant has been submitted in the amount of $32,241 to cover police overtime costs. Police have handled 806 incidents, which include 14 misdemeanor arrests, 17 felony arrests, 43 traffic stops with 25 citations, 129 patrol checks and one DUI arrest. Code enforcement has issued $1,400 in administrative citations, received $1,275.09 in fees collected from fines, about $10,400 in foreclosure penalty fines issued and $14,617.50 collected. The amount of cost recovery received is $10,405.84 and the demand for payment is $9,459.36

Desert Local News July 16, 2010



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    

  

 

                   Desert Local News July 16, 2010



Twentynine Palms Tables Art In Public Places Ordinance


TWENTYNINE PALMS, CAWith a 3/2 vote, the City Council voted to table the Art in Public Places ordinance Tuesday night, after nearly an hour-long discussion over the details. Planning Commissioner and Public Arts Committee Chair Chuck Caplinger gave a presentation explaining how other cities have Art in Public Places programs intact. He recently went to Boulder City, Nevada and took photos of what he had observed and presented them to the council. Despite his efforts to convince council members to approve the ordinance, Mayor Steve Flock and Councilman Steve Spear both stated that timing had a lot to do with their decision not to support it at the moment. Mayor Pro Tem Jim Harris has observed people posing next to the large 29! Statue upon the entrance of the downtown area. “It really says something about our community. I think it’s important,” he said, when it comes to the importance of artwork in the city. Spear added, “It is true that art attracts tourism. I question the principle of a city moving down a path requiring the developer to spend their money to place a piece of art, even if the art is more expensive than the fees.” 26

Desert Local News July 16, 2010

Issues concerning the passage of the ordinance also involved public safety fees as well as concerns that citizens may grow tired of the artwork and want something else in place. Also, maintenance fees must be funded through a special account, and if those funds exhaust, the city would have to pay for any art maintenance through the general fund. The schedule of fees require the adopting of a code in this case. The Planning Commission was first introduced to the concept of an amendment to the City’s Development Code regarding Art in Public Places at a joint Study Session and then a Public Hearing, both held on April 20, 2010. As was noted within the report for the April 20th meetings, the Commission was well aware of the community’s reputation as an “Oasis of Murals” and for being an art friendly and supportive community. With Tuesday’s decision, the council will send the ordinance back to the Public Arts Committee for a revision. Throughout the city of Twentynine Palms, there are many painted murals alongside historic buildings, in addition to large sculptures along Highway 62.

Pat Meagher to Address Citizens of Morongo BasinCandidate Aims for U.S. House of Representatives

SUNNYVALE GARDEN SUITES HOTEL Phone: 760.361.3939 Toll Free: 877-411-3939 Fax: 760.367.1839 73843 Sunnyvale Drive,Twentynine Palms, CA 92277


JOSHUA TREE, CA -Democrat Pat Meagher returns to Morongo Basin Sunday, Aug. 1 to address the citizens of Morongo Basin at 2 p.m. at Bruce’s Coyote Kitchen located at 6162 Rotary Way in Joshua Tree. It will be the third trip here this month for the 41st Congressional District candidate. The event is free and open to every citizen in Morongo Basin regardless of party affiliation. Pat Meagher has been crisscrossing the 41st District listening to people’s concerns and sharing his legislative priorities. The number one directive for anyone representing this constituency has got to be getting people back to work says Meagher. Part of his plan to do that involves restoring health to small businesses because, he says, they will be the primary source of new jobs

in the coming recovery. A career teacher and political organizer, Meagher spent the last six years as principal of Fontana Adult School. He recently gave up that position in order to devote undivided attention to the 41st Congressional District. Meagher lives in Forest Falls with his wife Trish. Together, they raised nine children, seven of which were adopted and two of whom served in Iraq and Afghanistan. More about Pat Meagher, his background and positions, can be found at www.patmeagherforcongress. com. To hear Pat Meagher’s 2 p.m. address Sunday, Aug. 1, follow the signs from Twentynine Palms Hwy. and Rotary Way to Bruce’s Coyote Kitchen. For more information, call 760-367-9621.

COMPUTOR ZONE COMPUTER SALES • PARTS • SERVICE We fix all Brands Desktops & Laptops

56830 29 Palms Hwy. Yucca Valley, CA. 92284 760-365-ZONE (9663)

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Surprising facts about staying hydrated in summer’s heat BY STAFF Record temperatures bring disturbing news reports of heat related deaths and the familiar calls to seek shade, limit outside work and drink large quantities of water. But experts caution water alone may not be sufficient and could actually increase your risk of severe heat related injuries. According to Dr. David McCarron, adjunct professor at University of California Davis, “You must also replace the sodium and potassium along with the water. This is why athletes drink sports drinks like Gatorade, rather than just water. Replacing water without sufficient sodium can quickly produce hyponatremia, a potentially fatal condition,” says McCarron. When the body loses electrolytes, typically from perspiration, over-rehydration with only water will produce hyponatremia which is a true medical emergency. Hyponatremia symptoms are similar to those of heat exhaustion and heat stroke and can often be overlooked. Symptoms range from mild to severe and can include nausea, muscle cramps, disorientation, confusion, seizures, coma and death.


To avoid this condition, medical authorities advise marathon runners to consume extra salt and this advice should also be considered by those exposed to excessive heat. Salt is critical in maintaining hydration. The proper balance of electrolytes in the human body is essential for normal function of the cells and organs. Electrolytes help to regulate cardiovascular and neurological functions, fluid balance and oxygen delivery. In 2007, a 28-year-old mother of three died from hyponatremia hours after competing in a Sacramento radio station contest to see which contestant could drink the most water without urinating. A few years ago, a 21-year-old student died of water intoxication during a hazing incident. He had been forced to drink from a five-gallon jug of water that was repeatedly refilled. He soon collapsed and had a seizure. Fraternity members didn’t initially call an ambulance. By the time they did, it was too late. He was pronounced dead a few hours later.

Water intoxication is more commonly seen among athletes, usually extreme athletes, but older individuals are also at high risk for several reasons. Their kidneys are less efficient at conserving salt when the body is stressed and common medications such as diuretics greatly increase that risk. That is why during severe high temperatures, news accounts most often refer to elderly victims of the heat. Although most hyponatremia victims may not have obvious symptoms, severe hyponatremia is a medical emergency that calls for immediate treatment. The low sodium level is restored to a normal level by gradually and steadily giving sodium and water intravenously. Milder cases can be handled by administering of salt and fluid replacers by mouth. The next time the local meteorologist recommends cranking up the air conditioner and drinking a lot of water to beat the heat, remember that doctors recommend also cranking up your intake of electrolytes, particularly sodium and potassium. Courtesy of ARAcontent

Desert Local News July 16, 2010

How to answer job interview questions and be prepared

BY STAFF Job interviews can be filled with anxiety if you are not prepared for the questions and the answers. Preparing for your job interview is a lot more than updating your resume and getting a haircut. Doing your homework is critical to your success, says Jodi Berkshire, assistant director of Career Services at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. No one can anticipate every question an employer might ask, but you should be prepared to gracefully handle the most commonly asked questions.

1. “Tell me about yourself.” This is a great place to insert some of your sterling qualities and accomplishments and make sure that they dovetail with the requirements of the position for which you are interviewing. 2. “What do you know about our company?” Any interviewer will expect that you have researched the company. That means that you should know their website inside and out. Have you Googled the company? Have you read any recent articles about them? 3. “What are your strengths?” Here is your chance to sell yourself. Don’t be afraid to let them know what a great addition you’d be to their company. To learn more about The Art Institutes schools, visit www.

69730 Highway 111 Rancho Mirage, CA 92270-2874 (760) 324-3800

Desert Local News July 16, 2010


Arizona Man Found Dead Swimming In The Colorado River BY VICKI LAWSON EARP, CAAn Arizona man was found dead as he was attempting to swim across the Colorado River between Earp and Parker north of the Highway 62/California Avenue bridge on Thursday. Earl Lee, 51, was caught in the current and he began to struggle. The current forced Lee down river and he was unable to remain above water. Lee’s friends were able to call for assistance. The San Bernardino County Sheriff along with

Colorado River Indian Tribe, “CRIT” Fire and “CRIT” Fish and Game officers responded to the incident. A Medical Helicopter also arrived to assist with the search for Lee. The Helicopter located Lee’s body in shallow water, approximately 1/4 of a mile from where Lee entered the water. The Helicopter directed emergency personnel to Lee, who was pronounced dead at the scene. The San Bernardino County Coroners office are conducting an autopsy to confirm the cause of death.

Mobile Home Fire Kills Cats, Injures Owner BY VICKI LAWSON

TWENTYNINE PALMS, CAOn Tuesday afternoon at around 12:15, the Twentynine Palms Fire Station downtown was notified of a fire at the Desert Pines Mobile Home Park located in the 6800 block of Adobe Road. Fire personnel responded right away and found the mobile home on fire. Firefighters were able to rescue a 53-year-old man and take him to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center right away for burn treatment. However, his cats were killed in the fire, which is now deemed to be suspicious. Fire damages so far total about $25,000. It was extinguished in a little over ten minutes and no other mobile homes were destroyed.


Pit Bulls Must Be Spayed Or Neutered in San Bernardino County BY LESLIE ANDREWS SAN BERNARDINO, CASan Bernardino County Supervisors on Tuesday approved an ordinance that makes it mandatory to have pit bull dogs spayed or neutered throughout unincorporated areas of the county. Under this new law, all such dogs must be fixed if they are four months of age or older or their owners will be fined $100. This ordinance was introduced in the wake of several pit bull attacks throughout the Inland Empire in 2009. Meanwhile, in Desert Hot Springs (Riverside County), their Public Safety Commission last Thursday discussed the topic of pit bulls during their meeting. Commissioner Russ Martin asked if other cities in the Coachella Valley had ordinances that regulate these dogs. In all cities in Riverside County, there were two fatal dog attacks where one was caused by a pit bull and the other was by mastiffs. San Bernardino County had seven cases. Already, all dogs must be licensed and if one is found to be hyper-aggressive, Animal Control may put it down. Also, Riverside County mandates fixing for all breeds of dogs, period. License fees for a highly dangerous dog could total about $250 and must be microchipped. Also, Animal Control could mandate the owner to buy liability insurance for this type of pet. Dog licenses are $8 for altered pets but will be raised to $100 for unaltered ones starting this year.

Desert Local News July 16, 2010

Woman Found Dead In DHS Hotel Pool BY VICKI LAWSON DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CAA woman who was using a pool at a Desert Hot Springs spa was found dead on Tuesday at around 3:22 in the morning. At the hotel, located in the 68-000 block of Club Circle, police responded of a report of a person who had been found at the bottom of a pool. Upon arrival, they found a female lying at the bottom of the pool motionless. The 49 year old woman, visiting from Los Angeles, was pronounced deceased at the

scene. The unidentified woman was a guest at the hotel. After an initial investigation the death appears to be accidental however autopsy results are pending. The next of kin has been notified. The Desert Hot Springs Police Department is asking anyone who possibly has information about the above incident to please call with the information at (760)3292904.

Deputies Apprehend 29 Palms Man For 24 Car Burglary Incidents BY VICKI LAWSON TWENTYNINE PALMS, CAGeorge Vaughn, 19, was arrested on Tuesday after he was traced to at least twenty-four incidents regarding vehicular burglary throughout the city of Twentynine Palms. Between Friday of last week and Tuesday, the day of Vaughn’s arrest, several cars were ransacked and items have been stolen. On Tuesday alone, there were twelve break-ins caused by Vaughn. After being sought by San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Deputies, they

found Vaughn at a home on the 6200 block of Cahuilla Avenue and also found a stolen sword and two stolen I-Pod Nanos. Deputies are trying to notify the owners of these stolen items. If you are one of the victims of these incidents, you are urged to contact Detective Thornburg at (760) 3665735. Vaughn is currently being held at the Morongo Basin Jail in Joshua Tree on numerous charges of theft and possession of stolen property.

Desert Local News July 16, 2010




Desert Local News July 16, 2010

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Desert Local News June 16, 2010 Edition  

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