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MARKETING PROPOSAL Presented Exclusively for Tim Clark by DLP Marketing

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TIM CLARK MARKETING STRATEGY PURPOSE At DLP: We know marketing. We know real estate. We have an innovative approach and know how to position your new community for maximum exposure. We will collaboratively create the strategy for you and create top of mind awareness and to become the most desirable agent of choice for people who are looking to live in or around Aspen. We will facilitate in creating the strategy as well as fostering the implementation. Traditional print marketing with direct mail postcards, preview event invitations and event potential creation of magazine to have at your sales office and mailed to homes. Digital marketing to include social media organic and paid ads, search engine marketing and email marketing to Realtors and interest list. We want to let everyone know that you are the best resource to help them buy or sell real estate because you are, ‘Aspen’s Very Own’. By educating and raising awareness the strategy will consistently drive traffic to you. Ultimately this well-executed marketing strategy will maximize exposure to result in income through home sales.

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TIM CLARK MARKETING STRATEGY MARKETING STRATEGY There are four areas of marketing that are most critical for exposure and driving traffic: Google search, direct mail, digital newsletter and social media. One of the most important areas to to be visible is with search engine inquiries for any relevant keyword combinations, here are just three keywords: homes, Aspen, 81611. As you can see below, our research shows that current visibilty for the Frias site is below the fold and for your website we would want to do ads for the most common keyword phrases. The best placement would be for the website result on the first page above the fold.

Direct mail marketing is essential for a comprehensive marketing plan. Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) through the USPS is one of the most cost effective resources for blanketing the surrounding area with a campaign. Below shows the routes surrounding Aspen as well as some of the demographics of the residents.

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TIM CLARK MARKETING STRATEGY One of the great things about sending out direct mail via EDDM is that we can cover an entire neighborhood. We can send out to one or multiple different routes and there is no fuss of having to update mailing lists.

According to, millennials, generation x and baby boomers spend significant amounts of time consuming online content (20+ hours per week). We want to utilize this data to connect with our target demographic of men and women in Aspen plus surrounding areas in Colorado and those looking to potentially move to these areas. We want to produce content and postings that will get them to dream about their future. To dream and know that it is a reality and they can find their dream home in Aspen with the expertise of Tim Clark.

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Digital emails to your database is an important part of any marketing plan. We recommend monthly eblasts to go out to your current rental database. We want to re-brand you and make sure that they know that you will sell their home or you can work with their friends and family to help them get into their dream home in Aspen.

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TIM CLARK MARKETING STRATEGY BUDGET You have many options for your marketing budget depending on the number of impressions you would like to make. We recommend layering marketing to be present for potential buyers for the most influential mediums to create traffic like direct mail, digital and specific newspaper placement. For example below are some budget options for direct mail to 81611 and the surrounding areas.

Ultimately we will collaborate with you to provide a marketing strategy that has the right coverage for the right results. We strongly suggest combining direct mail marketing campaign together with digital marketing for the greatest impact.

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COMPANY INFORMATION DLP Marketing 5635 N Scottsdale Rd, Suite 170 480-460-0996

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Tim Clark Marketing Proposal  
Tim Clark Marketing Proposal