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The DLP Report for REALTORS 6 Marketing Mistakes No Realtor Should Make Ever wondered what your marketing strategies say about you and your business? Learn how to put your best face forward by avoiding these common mistakes. Mistake #1: Leaving a not-so-great lasting impression. You’ve just met potential clients and as you leave them you slide them your, um, not-sogreat marketing brochure. The photo is old, the style seems dated, and well, it just doesn’t seem to cut it anymore. Sound familiar? Fast fix: Update your marketing pieces with a custom-made Agent Presentation. We can create a first-class brochure that introduces you and your team and leaves a lasting impression of which you can be proud. After all, potential clients shouldn’t be impressed by you and then feel let down when they review your materials after you’ve left. That’s just confusing and ending on a bad note. Make sure your marketing tools are as upscale and professional as you are, and you are sure to get the listing. Mistake #2: Being forgettable. Nobody wants to be forgotten. But for a Realtor, it’s a sin. After all, you depend on people remembering you to sustain your business. But how will homeowners remember you when it’s time for them to sell or buy a home? The key after your great first impression is to stay in touch with top-notch marketing materials. Your professionalism and impressive reputation can only be communicated through quality marketing. Fast fix: Don’t let your marketing be run-of-the-mill. Make it spectacular. Get the right tools to stay connected and always be remembered. Our high-quality marketing pieces will help keep your name at the top of your clients’ lists when it comes time to sell or buy real estate. Our signature Magazine-Style Newsletters demand attention, demonstrate your expertise and allow you to be viewed as the obvious go-to agent for the specific neighborhood or price point you’re targeting. Mistake #3: Letting potential clients wonder if you’re up to the task. Buyers and sellers have many options for a Realtor. They want to work with someone that is professional and has the expertise and know-how to successfully lead them through their next transaction. Do your marketing materials meet up to these standards? Do-it-yourself brochures and drop-in photo direct-mail pieces just don’t come close in look or effectiveness to high-end, professional marketing pieces.

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Fast fix: Hire professionals who know how to get the look and feel you want in your marketing materials. After all, you know real estate, not necessarily design. Graphic artists and copy writers know how to present you in the best possible light. Don’t try to do it all yourself or your marketing strategies may fall short and impede you from winning business. Mistake #4: Having a mismatched online presence. Clients appreciate you and your marketing pieces. Great job! But then they Google you and what they find online doesn’t jive with what they’ve already seen. Ever had that experience? It’s not a good one. If you don’t have a matching professional presentation on the web, you’re missing a big part of the puzzle. Don’t let this confusion happen to your potential clients. Fast fix: Make sure the same upscale image you present in print matches up with what clients will find online. Our impressive full-color Magazine-style Newsletter is available for clients to view online, as well. You can even send out our materials as e-newsletters, staying in touch via email. That way there is a seamless presentation of all that you and your company offers. The last thing you want a homeowner to think is “Why doesn’t this Realtor have their act together online?” Because what they think next will be, “How will they handle representing my home online?” You want all your fronts to be covered and that is what we can offer our clients. Mistake #5: Appearing not to know your market. Sure, potential clients understand that you’re a good Realtor. But what they want in a listing agent is someone who knows the market inside and out—an expert in the area and even in their specific neighborhood, if possible. Yes, it is possible. Fast fix: Tailor your research on your specific target market and learn everything there is to know about sales and real estate in the area you want to “own.” Then dazzle potential clients with this information to seal the deal. Our annual Metro Phoenix Economic Snapshot brochure provides current information on the economic climate of our area and presents you as the expert to turn to for all the local real estate news and trends. Mistake #6: Not showcasing a home the way the owners want. When someone sells their home they want the presentation to be of a certain caliber that matches the stature and elegance of their abode. As their Realtor, you don’t want to disappoint them with shoddy listing flyers or postcards. After all, it’s all about hype. Fast fix: Showcase homes in a high-end marketing piece that homeowners and potential clients will be proud to show their family and friends. Our Magazine-Style Newsletters and glossy postcards are top-notch marketing pieces that speak volumes about the home that is being listed. When the homeowner is assured their home will be represented well, they are much more likely to seek you as their Realtor. And when a buyer sees a home being featured in such a manner, they are more likely going to want to view and purchase that home. Kudos to you!

PUBLISHER’S MESSAGE Desert Lifestyle Publishing produces a suite of marketing tools for REALTORS that are likely the most effective advertising you’ll have ever experienced. You

have two bi-monthly publications to choose from, and one annual report, each offering relevant and targeted editorial for homeowners. These beautiful, upscale, Magazine-Style Newsletters impress readers time after time. And, because your face or message is often the first thing readers see, they are more likely to think of you first when they need a real estate agent. Contact us today to arrange a brief consultation. We will help you create an effective marketing strategy to make this a great year for your real estate business.

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Six Marketing Mistakes No Realtor Should Make  

Marketing tips for the real estate industry

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