Reversal Ritual

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Reversal Ritual is a group exhibition organized by gallery directors Willem Molesworth

and Vincent de Sarthe. The show addresses the concept of “carnivalesque” developed by 20th century literary critic Mikhail Bakhtin as it pertains to artwork created by an emerging generation of young Chinese artists today. In reference to the comically festive events depicted by 16th century novelist François Rabelais, Bakhtin asserts that the carnival was an expression of an alternative world liberated from the social, political, cultural and religious structures of the time. His concept, often considered as a utopian antidote to repressive forms of power, serves as a celebration of the possibility for change, however transitory in nature. The exhibition aims to highlight how several young Chinese artists have begun to express themselves through similar means in reaction to the newly established order of Chinese society. The show features multiple site-specific installations as well as participatory artwork.


由德薩畫廊兩位總監Willem Molesworth與Vincent de Sarthe聯手策劃的群展《儀式逆 轉》將在全新的藝術空間揭開序幕 。本次展覽參照了二十世紀俄國文學評論家米哈伊 爾·巴赫金(Mikhail Bakhtin)受到十六世紀法國小說家弗朗索瓦·拉伯雷(François Rabelais)筆下趣怪節日活動啟發而發揚光大的「狂歡荒誕」(carnivalesque)概念, 認為充滿著幽默、諷刺、怪誕的嘉年華在傳統上代表了一個從當時的社會、政治、文 化、宗教權力結構中解脫,繼而短暫建筑出來的「另類世界」(alternative world)。這 次參與《儀式逆轉》展覽的藝術家將會以米哈伊爾·巴赫金這個帶有烏托邦思想的論述 作為基礎,透過同樣荒誕的手法回應正在急速發展成形中的新中國社會秩序。



Liang Ban exhibits three video works in the show that engage viewers and asks them to dig deeper into cultural phenomenon and global issues. Fitting Room (2016) is played on an iPod and transports viewers to an uncomfortably intimate scene where the artists changes his boxer briefs from a German flag to an Italian flag. The work questions if identity can be changed as easily as a pair of underwear. March (2013) features a trombonist playing a marching tune who marches down an upwards-moving escalator. Through this absurd, wasted effort Liang Ban questions the purpose and function of celebration, particularly within Mainland China where western instruments like the trombone are associated with military parades. Model (2014) is a three-minutelong video that features the artist posing for a class of sculpture students. In the last seconds of the video, Liang Ban hurls the football in his hand through a window. A comment on educational systems, the piece also references a 1940s image of the President of the United States Ronald Reagan posing for a sculpture class as the embodiment of the ideal male physique.

梁半的視頻延續著與觀眾的互動性,同時引發人們對文化現象及全球問題的深入思考。由iPod播放 的《更衣室》(2016)記錄著藝術家從印有德國國旗圖案到意大利國旗圖案內褲的更換。 如國旗 所帶有的政治及符號性,這件作品所似乎審問著,是否更換個人身份猶如更換內褲一樣簡單。《進 行曲》(2013)記錄的是一個吹著進行曲踏著節奏的人在扶手電梯上逆行。透過呈現這個看似可笑 及無用的行為,藝術家對這樣存在於中國大陸的形式主義產生了質疑。在《模特》(2014)這個三 分鐘長的錄像中,藝術家梁半扮演著雕塑課上的人體模特。在影片的最后一秒鐘,梁半將手中的球 用力投擲與窗戶上。除了對學院派刻板教學模式的批判,錄像中藝術家舉球的靜止畫面參考了1940 年美國總統裡根年輕時站在一群上雕塑課的學生中當人體模特。



2014 Single-channel video 03’00” Edition of 4 + 1 A.P.


2014年作 單頻道錄像 03’00” 版數:4 試版:1


Fitting Room 2016 Single-channel video 00’28” Edition of 4 + 1 A.P.



2016年作 單頻道錄像 00’28” 版數:4 試版:1


2013 Single-channel video 02’00” Edition of 4 + 1 A.P.


2013年作 單頻道錄像 02’00” 版數:4 試版:1


You Better Watch Out 2017 Sponge balls, PVC plastic, inflatable snow globe, IP camera system 218 x 330 x 260 cm


2017年作 海綿球、PVC 塑料、充氣雪地球、IP 錄像系統 218 x 330 x 260 釐米

Through a playful use of childhood themes, Mak Ying Tung utilizes colorful balls spinning around a giant snowglobe to pull viewers into You Better Watch Out (2017). Although the artwork at first seems to be a humorous spectacle, canny viewers will notice QR codes among the piles of sponge balls and by taking the initiative to scan one of these codes will trigger the final element of the artwork. Once scanned, the QR codes bring viewers to a live-stream video of themselves looking at their phones, standing in front of the artwork. This installation contemplates not only everyday objects and materials, but highlights the troubling duality between contemporary modes of entertainment and the growth of surveillance states across the globe. 麥影彤利用一個巨大的彩色雪花球,表現出俏皮的童話主題,題目叫《You Better Watch Out》 (2017)。看到作品第一眼可能會覺得充滿幽默感,發現海綿球中夾雜著一些二維碼,而觀眾可以 通過手機掃描來觀看作品的最終形態。掃描後,觀眾會在現場直播中看到觀看作品中的自己。這個 裝置不僅考慮了日常生活中的物品和材料,更強調了在全球閉路電視的增長下與現代娛樂的衝突。


Sound of Music

2017 Dual-channel video, audio set, red carpet, gold drapes, foam lettering, LED lights, disco ball Dimension variable Unique


2017年作 雙頻道錄像、影響器材、紅色地毯、金色布幕、 泡沫刻字、LED燈光、迪斯可球 尺寸可變 獨版

Mak Ying Tung’s Sound of Music (2017) invites the audience to sing Karaoke parodies of iconic Canto-pop and Christmas songs. It evokes memories of a now faded Hong Kong experience and through audience participation challenges the notion that art is only intended to be viewed. Each Karaoke song is re-written in English with lyrics that challenge the status quo of contemporary artists and the current art ecosystem. This idiosyncratic humorous expression, highlights a sentiment of powerlessness felt by many contemporary artists and individuals across the globe. 麥影彤的第二件裝置《音樂之聲》(2017),邀請觀看者來到舞台演繹改編過歌詞后的粵語金曲。 這些經典的旋律以卡拉OK的形式呈現,它不僅喚起了人們對香港黃金時代的記憶,同時通過邀請人 們親身體驗,觀眾不再隻是觀看,而是成為作品的一部分。被改編過后的英文歌詞探討著藝術家與 藝術圈的關系, 這些帶有調侃性質的歌詞傳遞出藝術家在藝術圈生存的無力感使得參與者產生感情 上的共鳴。



How to Position myself in Hierarchy of Art 2016 Karaoke video 04’06” Edition of 4 + 1 A.P.


2016年作 卡拉OK 影片 04’06” 版數:4 試版:1

I Am Not An Artist and I Am An Artist 2016 Karaoke video 03’43” Edition of 4 + 1 A.P.

2016年作 卡拉OK 影片 03’43” 版數:4 試版:1


Art Art Art 2017 Karaoke video 01’59” Edition of 4 + 1 A.P.


2017年作 卡拉OK 影片 01’59” 版數:4 試版:1

Who Doesn’t Like Galleries 2017 Karaoke video 04’23” Edition of 4 + 1 A.P.

2017年作 卡拉OK 影片 04’23” 版數:4 試版:1


When You Do It, Leave Some of the Pig Ass 2015 Cutting board, tambourine, motor, silicone 30 x 40 x 60 cm each


做點離開豬屁股的事 2015年作 菜板,鈴鼓,電機,矽膠 30 x 40 x 60 釐米 (個)

Tong Kunniao’s When You Do it, Leave Some of the Pig Ass (2015) is a grotesque, yet festive installation. Pigtails that have been rendered in life-like silicone dance in circles and slap into tambourines once a viewer enters the space. These reanimated creatures only perform when there is an audience and thereby question the purpose of not only live performance, but also creativity at large. 童昆鳥於2015年所創作的《做點離開豬屁股的事》是一件奇異荒誕卻又同時帶有節慶氣氛的裝置。 每當觀者一靠近此作品,這件利用特殊材料所仿真的 “豬尾巴” 便為之起舞的轉圈擊打鈴鼓。這 些可復甦的生物隻有在當觀者接近時才會被重新賦予生命力,從而置疑在現場表演的目的上怎樣去 拓展藝術家的創造力。


Artists Can Tell (2016) is a bar installation combined with interactive performance by Wang Xin.

Artists Can Tell

2016 Table, chairs, signboard, LED lights, custom bottles, Kool Aid, vodka 240 x 210 x 210 cm

2016年作 桌、椅、招牌、LED 燈、自製酒瓶、酷愛飲 料、伏特加 240 x 210 x 210 釐米

In this work, artists other than Wang Xin are invited to perform and interact with visitors. These artists act as bartenders at the “bar” area and serve clients with a selection of 30 different bottles which each have a unique theme about the art world labeled on them, such as “How galleries choose artists,” “How to network at an art fair,” and “What makes artists special.” Not only does the piece contemplate the existence and significance of the art world today, it also asks, “Is the relationship between artists and art lover the same as the relationship between bartender and bar-goer?” Artist Can Tell 可以說是一個結合互動演出的酒吧裝置藝術,在這作品中會邀請黃欣以外的藝術家來 與訪客進行互動, 這些藝術家會扮演成調酒師為客戶提供30種標籤著不同標題的酒,當中有“畫 廊如何選擇藝術家”“如何與藝術博覽會交往?”“什麼使藝術家特別”等,除了這些基本問題之 外,同時間更表達了“藝術家與藝術愛好者之間的關係與調酒師和客人的關係是否一樣?”




2014 Fiberglass, wood, metal, motor, mixed media (2 parts) 225 x 100 x 100 cm each

2014年作 纖維玻璃,木,金屬,馬達,混合媒介 (2 個部分) 225 x 100 x 100 釐米

The slowly spinning cowboys in Xin Yunpeng’s 20140128 (2014) are reminiscent of classic Hollywood Westerns. The dynamic between the cowboys is a meditative one, but eerily revolves around a physical threat—guns cocked and ready to fire. In the room of mirrors they not only threaten each other, their reflected images take aim at almost every corner of the room and pull the viewer into a constantly shifting dynamic. Viewers might stumble upon the thought, can all of the relationships we share with each other be summarized in this way? 辛雲鵬的作品《20140128》(2014)中兩個牛仔舉槍決斗的雕像,它們被相對的放置以構成二元有 機的整體。這種類型化的畫面讓人不難理解其戲劇性的特征——來源於美國西部電影中的畫面。而 它們下方緩慢轉動的底座破壞了這種戲劇性,似的它們之間的舞台擴張到與觀眾的關系上,隨著兩 個具有沖突性質的雕塑人物不間斷的鏡像旋轉,關系也在從對立變化為孤立。然后,回到戲劇性的 原點再被這循環地運轉打破。 此房間喚起觀眾針對我們之間所共享的關係提出具有創造啟發性的疑 問。






Liang Ban was born in Guangxi, China in 1985. He attended the Guangxi Art Institute in Nanning, China, from which he graduated in 2010 with a B.F.A. Liang Ban works across video, installation, photography and painting and has participated in numerous domestic and international exhibitions. Liang’s art practice can be described as a tomb raider who excavates the essence of the subcultures, generic imageries, fictional legends and any other relevant information that can be pulled from our universal conscious. He uses this information to connect with a personal and/or socio-political tragedy, which results in wonderfully dramatic creations. Liang’s concise art approach imbues his artworks with undeniable creativity and imagination, which invites viewers to face the often challenging issues found in his work.


Liang Ban currently lives and works in Beijing, China.

梁半,1985年出生於中國廣西,2010年畢業於廣西(南寧)藝術學院雕塑系。 個人創作軌跡觸及錄像、裝置、圖像、繪畫等綜合藝術形式,曾多次參加國內外展覽。他的工作方 式有點像失聯的掘墓者,在現實的真空中漫無目的地將各種亞文化、泛圖像、偽傳說等有待考証 的信息從普世意識形態中抽離出來,然后將其連接到個人和社會政治的悲劇中,使信息成為不可知 的“劇場”。實踐過程中簡潔地將詩意和想象填滿作品,並喚起觀眾對各種現實遭遇的共鳴。 梁半現生活工作於中國北京。



De Sarthe Gallery Liang Ban b. 1985 in Guangxi, China 2010

B.F.A. Sculpture Department, Guangxi Art Institute, Nanning, China


2011 2010

Not Only a Taoist Troublemaker!, Zajia Lab, Beijing, China Line 1, Beijing Subway Line 1, Beijing, China



Solo Exhibitions 2016

De Sarthe Gallery

Jimei x Arles Nomination Award Art Sanya Hua Yu Youth Discovery Award

Landscape Browser, curated by Bao Dong, de Sarthe Gallery, Beijing, China Slightly Confused, Taikang Space, Beijing, China Game, A-4 Contemporary Arts Center, Chengdu, China

Group Exhibitions 2017


Digital Samplers or a New Generation Deep Dive into Internet Superposition, The Galaxy Museum of Contemporary Art, Chongqing, China Accessing the Memory, I: project space, Beijing, China Reversal Ritual, de Sarthe Gallery, Hong Kong Liang Ban/Ye Funa–Self Created Universe, Klein Sun Gallery, New York, USA Inception, Fifth Art Sanya, Sanya, China Position Fixing, Arte Place at the Guangzhou Opera House, Guangzhou, China In the Dimensionality, Between Art Lab, Shanghai, China Pixel Park – Contemporary Video Art Exhibition, Shanghai Jing An Sculpture Park, Shanghai, China The Image Expression in the Art Practice of the New Generation, Xi’an



2013 2012

Museum, Xi’an, China Turning Point: Contemporary Art in China Since 2000, Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai, China Ghost in Flash, Taikang Space, Beijing China GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL, Goethe Institut, Beijing, China Live At, Intelligentsia Gallery, Beijing, China Figure – Image – Drawing and Subject, Tsinghua University Art Museum, Beijing, China Olhares Interiores, Macao Museum of Art, Macao, China Elixir of Life, Mastio della Cittadella, Turin, Italy Polyphony II – Ecological Survey of Chinese Art – Beijing, Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing, China Wu Qing, Gland; Tou Ming Gong Fang; We Wanted to Have a Space so There Will be a Space, Beijing, China A Room Not of One’s Own, Space Station, Beijing, China Individual Growth – The Momentum of Contemporary Art, Shijiazhuang Art Museum, Shijiazhuang, China Contemporary Art and Process of the Society, Circle Art Center, Shenzhen, China @me, Hong Kong Contemporary Art Museum, Beijing, China Living


Being, Songzhuang Art Museum, Beijing, China


De Sarthe Gallery

De Sarthe Gallery

梁半 1985年出生於中國廣西省





集美・阿爾勒提名獎 三亞藝術華宇青年藝術獎

个展 2016

《風景瀏覽器》由鮑棟策展,德薩畫廊,北京,中國 《輕微腦震盪》,泰康空間,北京,中國



連展 2017

《數字採樣者:或處於網絡態疊加中的新世代》,星匯當代美術館,重慶,中 國 《無法兌現》,I: project space,北京,中國 《儀式逆轉》,德薩畫廊,香港 《梁半/葉甫納-Self Created Universe》,凱尚畫廊,紐約,美國


《不隅之間》,第五屆三亞藝術季,三亞,中國 《活的》,智先畫廊,北京,中國 《定位》,三玄社美術館,廣州大劇院,中國 《维度间》,Between Art Lab,上海,中国 《像素公园》,静安雕塑公园,上海,中国 《新一代藝術實踐中的影響表達》,西安美術館,西安 ,中國 《轉向——2000 年以來的中國當代藝術》,上海民生現代美術館,上海,中 國 《閃靈:攝影之後》,泰康空间,北京,中國 《GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL 》,德國文化中心-歌德學院,北京,中國



2013 2012

《活的》,智先畫廊,北京,中國 《圖-像——製圖與主體》,清華大學美術館,北京,中國 《以身觀身》,澳門藝術博物館,澳門,中國 《長生不老藥》,都靈圍城博物館,都靈,意大利 《復調II--中國藝術生態調查・北京站》,南京,中國 《吳清》,分泌場;透明工坊;我們說要有空間於是就有了空間,北京,中國 《一間不屬於自己的房間》 ,空間站,北京,中國 《個體生長:當代藝術的動力——巡展第二站》,石家庄美術館,石家庄,中國 《藝術與社會進程——中國當代藝術文獻展》,圈子藝術中心,深圳,中國 《@me藝術展》,香港當代美術館,北京,中國 《生物

2011 2010



《不是吃素的!》,雜家藝術空間,北京,中國 《1號線上》,北京地鐵一號線,北京,中國


Mak Ying Tung was born in Hong Kong in 1989. She graduated from City University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor’s degree in Critical Intermedia Art in 2013. Mak’s works mainly focus on installation, performance and illustration. She considers about the important properties of everyday objects and materials. Interested in finding something rare in the minutiae of life, she reconstructs the objects and situations to create an aesthetic experience that is bound by the dualism of humor and inquisitiveness for the 80-90s post Internet generation. Her purpose does not prompt to make the audience to merely laugh but also to explore spaces and possibilities of addressing the contemporary concerns, as well as to attract the viewer’s attention of what lies underneath the surface of their surroundings.


Mak Ying Tung currently lives and works in Hong Kong.




麥影彤創作包括裝置、行為表演以及插圖,把物件變得多元化。她喜歡在生活細節中找到有興趣和 罕見的東西 。經過重組日常物品和材料,創造出弔詭又令人好奇的作品。她的概念大大顛覆了作品 原初的形式和功能,同時又保留了種種離奇和古怪的作風。主題滲透著一種屬於89年代的互聯網主 導的思維方向。例如去透過幽默的表達方式和出其不意的手法, 顛覆觀眾對日常事物事物根深蒂固 及先入為主的看法。她的作品不僅是有玩味的元素,正正是從當代議題的特徵中探索空間出各種不 同的可能性。 麥影彤現生活工作於香港。


De Sarthe gallery

De Sarthe gallery

Mak Ying Tung b. 1989 in Hong Kong



BA (Hons) Creative Media, School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Solo Exhibitions 2017 2016 2014

COMEINSIDE: EAT ME, PingPong 129, Hong Kong COMEINSIDE: BABY SHOWER, Gallery Exit, Hong Kong Art-It, HOCA Foundation, Hong Kong Almost Empty, Gallery Exit, Hong Kong Fotanian Open Studios, Hong Kong

2012 Funny Stationery, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, Hong Kong Group Exhibitions 2017 2016




Reversal Ritual, de Sarthe Gallery, Hong Kong Marching in Circles, Long March, Beijing, China Artists’ Film International, Whitechapel Gallery, London, United Kingdom COME INSIDE Autograph Signings, OCAT, Shenzhen, China Bori Bunder, Sir JJ College of Art, Mumbai, India A Man Who Doesn’t Celebrate His Birthday, Clark House Initiative Mumbai, India Bori Bunder, VT Station Platform B, Mumbai, India Performance with C&G @ LUNG CHING Game Zone, Cattle Depot Artist Village, Hong Kong Pop-up Shop: Conversations | ruangrupa: Toko Pura-Pura, Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong Fashion ID, K11, Hong Kong MaD The Free Markerteers Singing Performance with C&G, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Hong Kong The Second CAFAM-Future Exhibition: Observer・Creator – The Reality Representation of Chinese Young Art, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, China Sparkle! Regarding Lightness: On Life’s Way, Oil Street Art Space, Hong Kong Under the Influence, Floor 5 1/2, Hong Kong After/Image, Studio 52, Hong Kong The Second CAFAM-Future Exhibition: Observer・Creator, K11 Art Mall, Hong Kong Glossy! Shiny! Fertility!, StarProjects, Hong Kong Artistic or Autistic – The Seventh Annual Exhibition, Inside Out Art Museum, Beijing, China Shampoo Whatever #1, The A-lift Gallery, Hong Kong


2011 2010

Regarding Lightness- The Weight of Lightness: Bio-gravity, Oil Street Art Space, Hong Kong BOING!, Osage Gallery, Hong Kong SOFT OFF (but I love it when your mouth is a little shut), ltd los angeles, Los Angeles, USA SCM Annual, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, Hong Kong Cool Kids, Lane Crawford, Hong Kong Media Art & The Environment : The Desert Metropolis, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, Hong Kong House of Sound, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, Hong Kong Best Before, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity, Hong Kong Micro Narratives: Invented Time & Space, Blue Room, Hong Kong

Awards 2013

Creative Media Award – School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong

Artist Residencies 2016 2014

Bori Bunder @ [En]counters 2016 - Hong Kong X Mumbai Art Exchange Project, Mumbai, India Inside-Out Art Museum, Beijing, China


De Sarthe Gallery

De Sarthe Gallery

麥影彤 1989出生於香港




《媒體藝術&環境:沙漠城市》,邵逸夫創意媒體中心,香港 2011


《吃掉我》,Ping Pong129,香港 《BABY SHOWER》,安全口畫廊,香港





《Almost Empty》,安全口畫廊,香港 《伙炭藝術工作室開放計劃》,火炭華聯工業中心,香港






《微叙事: 一簇索引, 滿地熒光 錄像投影裝置》,Blue Room,香港




《House of Sound》,邵逸夫創意媒體中心,香港 《此日期前最佳》,兆基創意書院,香港



《Cool Kids》,連卡佛,香港


流動倉庫@ [En]Counters 2016 — 香港 X 孟買 藝術交流計劃,孟買 ,印度 中間美術館,北京,中國

《儀式逆轉》,德薩畫廊,香港 《原地前进》,长征空間,北京,中國


《Artists’ Film International》,白教堂畫廊,倫敦,英國 《COME INSIDE 簽名會》,OCAT,深圳,中國 《流動倉庫》,JJ 藝術學院,孟買,印度 《一個永遠不會慶祝生日的男人》,Clark House Initiative, 孟買,印度 《流動倉庫》,Platform 8,孟買,印度 《濃情酒館》,牛棚藝術村,香港

《Toko Pura-Pura》,亞洲藝術文獻庫,香港 《時尚. I.D》,K11 藝術空間,香港 《MaD 創不同,維港耀歌聲 X C&G》,香港文化中心,香港 2015

《第二屆 CAFAM 未來展——創客創客·中國青年藝術的現實表徵》,中央美 術學院美術館,北京,中國 《火花!之於那微不足道:止於廣闊》,油街实现,香港 《Under the Influence》,五層半,香港 《After/Image》, Studio 52, 香港 《第二屆 CAFAM 未來展:創客創客》,K11 購物藝術館,香港 《光滑!明亮!缤纷!》,StarProjects,香港


《第七屆 “天真者的藝術”》,中間美術館,北京,中國 《Shampoo Whatever 藝術小組聯合展覽》,提.藝廊,香港


《之於那微不足道- 重讀簡歷:藝術家生命之描繪》,油街實現,香港 《BOING!》,Osage Gallery,香港 《SOFT OFF (but I love it when your mouth is a little shut)》,ltd los angeles,洛杉磯,美國 《SCM 年度展》,邵逸夫創意媒體中心,香港



Tong Kunniao was born in 1990 in Changsha, Hunan, China. He graduated with a BFA in the Sculpture department of the China Central Academyof Fine Arts in 2015. His body of works are vary as paintings, kinetic sculptures, and installations. One salient characteristic of Tong’s works is the assemblage of found objects, mass-produced commodities and/or recyclable materials to convey a subversive sense of humor that responds to contemporary Chinese society. The uncanny feeling generated upon viewing Tong’s work is a visual corollary of his distinctive absurdist vocabulary. His art is not only concerned with meaning, but also strategically plays on the confrontation between logic and material in a more relaxed, yet seemingly nonsensical manner. Tong Kunniao currently lives and works in Beijing, China.


童昆鳥出生於中國湖南長沙。2015年畢業於中央美術學院雕塑系第三工作室。 利用現成物組合,大規模生產的商品或可回收物料來傳遞顛覆性的幽默感,以回應當代中國社會是童 昆鳥作品的一個顯著的特性。他以看似無厘頭的方式,有策略性地輕鬆玩弄邏輯與材料之間的對立。 童昆鳥的作品其獨特的荒謬感,使人們在觀看時會在視覺上產生不可思議的感覺。 童昆鳥現生活工作於中國北京。


DE SARTHE GALLERY Tong Kunniao b. 1990 in Changsha, Hunan, China 2015

B.F.A. Sculpture Department (Third Art Studio), Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China

童昆鳥 1990 出生於中國湖南省长沙 2015

Solo Exhibitions





Dreaming an Earth – Tong Kunniao Solo Exhibition, Platform China Contemporary Art Institute, Beijing, China Why Don't You Eat Stinky Tofu?, Nicodim Gallery, Los Angeles, USA Tong Kunniao Solo Exhibition, Platform China Contemporary Art Institute, Beijing, China

Group Exhibitions 2017 2016 2015


Reversal Ritual, de Sarthe Gallery, Hong Kong OverPop, Yuz Museum, Shanghai, China Relocation Jubilee, Platform China Contemporary Art Institute, Beijing, China Wizardly Spaces, Onehome Art Hotel, Shanghai, China Finding Friends: Discover Young Artists, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China The Start of Long Journey – 2015 CAFA Excellent Graduation Work Exhibition, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, China My 2014 CAFA Sculpture Exhibition, Art Channel, Beijing, China THE REALM OF ADVAITA – Annual Nomination for Students of Contemporary Art Academies, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China The Second Tomorrow Contemporary Sculpture Award, Sichuan Fine Art Institute, Chongqing, China CREATIVE M50 ,M50 Art Space, Shanghai, China




My 2014 CAFA Sculpture Exhibition – Best Work Award CAISSA Rising Arting: The Realm of Advaita - Most Popular Award The Second Tomorrow Contemporary Sculpture Award CREATIVE M50 Grand Jury Prize Da Yun Sculpture Creation Award Collecting Notice


《夢地球——童昆鳥》,站台中國當代藝術機構,北京,中國 《你為什麼不吃臭豆腐》,Nicodim 畫廊,洛杉磯,美國 《童昆鳥個展》,站台中國當代藝術機構,北京,中國

聯展 2017





《遷禧》,站台中國當代藝術機構,北京,中國 《神奇的空間》,萬和昊美藝術酒店,上海,中國 《找朋友:藝術櫥窗》,今日美術館,北京,中國 《千裡之行-中央美術學院畢業展》,中央美術學院美術館,北京,中 國


《「我的 2014」中央美術學院雕塑系年度創作展》,通道畫廊,北京, 中國 《凱撒藝術新星-「思無界」》,今日美術館,北京,中國 《明天當代雕塑獎》,四川美術學院雕塑系展廳,重慶,中國 《M50 新銳藝術家年度展》,M50 美術館,上海,中國

获奖 2014





「我的 2014」中央美術學院雕塑系年度創作展最佳作品獎 凱撒藝術新星-「思無界」最佳人氣獎 明天當代雕塑獎最佳作品獎 M50 新銳藝術家年度展評委會大獎 大韻雕塑創作獎最佳作品獎


Wang Xin was born in Yichang, Hubei, China in 1983. She graduated from China Academy of Art with a B.F.A. in 2007 and graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (M.F.A.) in 2011. Wang Xin is also a certificated hypnotist mainly focusing on exploring the creative ways to use hypnosis in art. Her works mainly take the form of installations, moving images and new media. Unconsciousness, art world systems and post-human are key features in her art creation. She frequently uses language and signs to challenge the status of the artist and the functioning of the art market today. Her interactive installations beckon the viewers and hypnotize them into an otherworldly realm. The impact of her bold slogans provides a satirical reading to her own position and relation to the art world, as well as to a larger extent. Thus, since 2014, Wang has cooperated with Imago Kinetics and found the 8HZ Hypnosis Lab in Imago Kinetics’ Art Center in Hangzhou. Wang Xin is the founder of “The Gallery” project, which is an alternative art space/system.



Wang Xin currently lives and works in Shanghai, China. 王欣在1983年出生於中國湖北省宜昌。她分別在2007年與2011年畢業於中國美術學院新媒體係學士 學位以及芝加哥美術學院電影、錄像、新媒體和動畫系碩士學位。 作為一位公認的催眠師,王欣的創作具有某種使人著迷的力量令人能夠產生較強烈的情緒反應。裝 置、影像及新媒體是王欣作品的主要形式;潛意識、藝術生態系統及后人類則是她創作的主要特征。 王欣作品裡展出的夸張口號和利用語言的標志來挑戰當代藝術家的地位以及藝術市場的運作狀態。 她的互動裝置吸引著觀眾,並將他們催眠到一個世界的境界。她的突出口號在某種大的程度上奉送觀 眾們一個諷刺角度閱讀她自己與藝術節的地位以及關系。2014年,王欣與《想象力學》在中國杭州想 象力學藝術中心創建了《8赫茲催眠實驗室》。同時,王欣是《這個畫廊》一個另類展覽空間項目的 創始人。 王欣現工作及生活於中國上海。


De Sarthe Gallery

De Sarthe Gallery

Wang Xin b. 1983 in Yichang, Hubei, China 2007 2011

B.F.A. China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China M.F.A. School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, USA

2012 2011

Solo Exhibitions 2016 2015 2014 2013

Every Artist Should Have a Solo Show, de Sarthe Gallery, Beijing, China 8 HZ Hypnosis Lab, MoCA Pavilion, Shanghai, China Memento Mori, Mustard Seed Space, Shanghai, China The Gallery, C-Space, Beijing, China Let’s Play in the Name of Art, Antenna Space, Shanghai, China


Group Exhibitions 2017






Reversal Ritual, de Sarthe Gallery, Hong Kong .com/.cn – Co-presented by KAF and MoMA PS1, K11 Art Foundation, Hong Kong Second Shenzhen New Media Art Festival, Shenzhen, China Ninth Solana Light Festival, Yang Art Museum, Beijing, China Take Me Out, Chi K11 Art Museum, Shanghai, China Castle, Jia Yuan Hai Art Center, Shanghai, China Standing by Themselves: China Now, de Sarthe Gallery, Hong Kong WE: A Community of Chinese Contemporary Artists, Chi K11 Art Museum, Shanghai, China Art in the City Festival, Shanghai, China Off the Shore, M Art Center, Shanghai, China Between Two Waves – Holographic Creation in Shanghai, Korean Cultural Center, Shanghai, China Absolute Infinite Game, A4 Contemporary Arts Center, curated by Fu Xiaodong, Chengdu, China Middle Ground, C-Space, Beijing, China No Apple No Show – Part II, We Gallery, Shanghai, China Second “CAFAM Future” Exhibition: Observer-Creator – The Reality Representation of Chinese Young Art, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, China Poems on the Wall, Mustard Seed Space, Shanghai, China Now You See: New Chinese Video Art from the Collection of Dr. Michael I. Jacobs, Whitebox Art Center, New York, USA Chinese Visual Festival, Anatomy Theater & Museum, King’s College London, UK A New Museum’s Coming!, V-Art Center, Shanghai, China Art That Hells – Elle’s 25th Anniversary Special Project, V-Art Center, Shanghai, China The Sun, V-Art Center, Shanghai, China SIMP Project 1.0, Meihe Yuan, Hangzhou, China The Garden of Forking Paths – Exploring Independent Animation, OCAT,

2009 2008



Shanghai, China Machine Vision, V-Art Center, Shanghai, China Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennale, OCT Creative Park, Shenzhen, China Go Back to Future, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China Musrara Mix Festival, Jerusalem, Israel End to End, New Media Art Show, Harvestworks Digital Media Art Center, New York, USA N-Minutes Video Art Festival: Urban Skin, Shanghai, China Beyond the Body – Contemporary Image Art Exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, China Get It Louder, Sanlitun SOHO, Beijing, and 800 Show Creative Industry Park, Shanghai, China Reflection of Minds – MOCA Shanghai Envisage, Museum of Contemporary Art of Shanghai, Shanghai, China Use the Hands do the Job, Shift Space, Shanghai, China More than Nothing, Epson Imaging Gallery, Shanghai, China Itchy – Young Artists Group Exhibition, BizArt Center, Shanghai, China Undefined Error, Yuanfen New Media Art Space, Beijing, China Comedia, ifa Gallery, Shanghai, China Spade, T-Space, Beijing, China Walk or Fly, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China Student Exhibition of New Media, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China Pierre Huber Creation Prize Nominees Exhibition, BizArt Center, Shanghai, China What is the Time?, Greek Art Center, Shanghai, China Art Warming, Shanghai Duolun MoMA, Shanghai, China It’s All Right – Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hu Qing Yu Tang Museums, Hangzhou, China



Pierre Huber Creation Prize Award of Excellence


2015 2014 2012-2013

Openspace Bae A.I.R. program, Busan, South Korea Imago Kinetics Lab, JNBY Art Center, Hangzhou, China The Swatch Art Peace Hotel Artist Residency, Shanghai, China


De Sarthe Gallery

De Sarthe Gallery

王欣 1983年出生於中國湖北省宜昌 2007 2011

中國美術學院新媒體系獲本科學位,杭州,中國 芝加哥藝術學院電影、錄像、新媒體和動畫系獲碩士學位,芝加哥, 美國

《太陽展》,視界藝術空間,上海,中國 《新譜計劃》,天鴻美和院藝術發展中心,杭州,中國 《曲徑通幽獨立動畫作品展》,OCT當代藝術中心上海館,上海 《機器視覺》,視界藝術空間,上海,中國 2012

《首屆深圳獨立動畫雙年展——心靈世界:作為虛擬藝術工程》,深圳華僑城創 意園,深圳,中國


個展 2016



《八赫茲催眠實驗室》,MoCA 藝術亭台,上海,中國 《我們是將要死去的》,芥菜籽空間,上海,中國

2014 2013

《這個畫廊》,C-空間,北京,中國 《樂園:自由的游戲#1》,天線空間,上海,中國

《照夜白》,Vanguard 畫廊,上海,中國 《2011 Musrara Mix 藝術節》,耶路撒冷,以色列 《終點到終點》,Harvestworks 數字媒體中心,紐約,美國 《城市的皮膚 —— N 分鐘錄像藝術節》,上海,中國


《弦外 —— 當代影像藝術展》,上海當代藝術館,上海 《2010 大聲展》,北京三裡屯SOHO和上海八百秀創意園,上海,中國 《心境 —— 上海當代藝術館文獻展》,上海當代藝術館,上海,中國 《用手稿》,懸浮@老碼頭,上海,中國


《嘸啥啥—王欣/梁月新媒體展》,愛普生影藝坊,上海,中國 2017 2016




《.com/.cn》-由 KAF 和 MoMA PS1 聯合主辦, K11 藝術基金會,香港






《黑桃》,T 空間,北京,中國

《使我行動》,Chi K11 美術館,上海,中國

《叠化 —— 中国美术学院新媒体系学生作品展》,杭州,中国


《皮埃尔 于贝尔奖提名展》,比翼艺术中心,上海,中国

《我們——一個關於中國當代藝術家的力量》,Chi K11 美術館,上海,

《几点了 —— 京沪杭三地影像互动艺术展》,苏河艺术中心,上海,中国


《升温 —— 新媒体艺术家展览》,多伦现代美术馆,上海,中国 2006


《離岸》,M藝術空間,上海,中國 《對流——全息的上海創作實錄》,韓國文化院,上海,中國


《絕對無限的游戲》,由付曉東策展,A4 當代藝術中心,成都,中國


《中間地帶》, C-空間,北京,中國


《用戶展——第二部》, 我們畫廊,上海市,中國




Openspace Bae 駐地藝術家,釜山,韓國

2014 2012-2013

江南布衣“想象力學實驗室”駐地藝術家,杭州,中國 斯沃琪和平飯店藝術中心駐地藝術家,上海,中國

美術館,北京,中國 2014



《Art in the City Festival 》,上海,中國 2015


《恃,寫在百牆上上》,芥菜籽空間,上海,中國 《現在你看,邁克·雅各布斯收藏中國影像藝術展》,白盒子藝術中心,紐約, 美國 《華語視像藝術節》,倫敦國王學院,倫敦,英國 《夜潭 - 動漫美學雙年展》,上海當代藝術館,上海,中國 《工具展》,視界藝術空間,上海,中國


《Art That Heels – 2013 ELLE 25周年特別項目》,視界藝術空間,上 海,中國



Xin Yunpeng was born in Beijing, 1982 and graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2007, specializing in sculpture. His artworks range from video and performance to site-specific installations in mixed media. Through creating experiences that are both familiar and foreign in a confined space, Xin’s work inventively anticipates and questions interpersonal differences in society. A central element in his creativity consists of implementing political and psychological metaphors in art, which blend together and become a set of collaborative entanglements expressing the dilemmas of living in a communal reality. Whether it is adjusting the physical dimensions of a space, creating interactive installations, or appropriating found objects Xin Yunpeng’s art activates a form of thought that requires spectators to contemplate psychological strategies in terms of our environments.


Xin Yunpeng currently lives and works in Beijing, China. 辛雲鵬1982年生於北京,2007年畢業於中央美術學院。其作品涉獵多種藝術形式,包括錄像、表演 及綜合媒體的場域特定裝置。 通過創造某種熟悉即陌生的體驗在一個受限的空間內,辛雲鵬的作品針對社會不同的差異提出具有 創造啟發性的疑問。 他的藝術創作涵蓋了政治與心理實踐的隱喻,亦在特定環境中用逼真的手法將 其融合聚變以看似虛構;無論是與空間維面積大小的調整,或有關互動型裝置作品的創作或是對實 體物件的利用,辛雲鵬的藝術實踐觸發了觀者依據環境所採取心理策略的一種思維。 辛雲鵬現生活工作於中國北京。



De Sarthe Gallery

De Sarthe Gallery

Xin Yunpeng b. 1982 in Beijing, China 2007

B.F.A. Sculpture department (Third Studio), Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), Beijing, China


Solo Exhibitions 2016 2014 2013

2011 2010

all men are created equal, Hunsand Space, Beijing, China Good News and Bad News, Inside-Out Art Museum, Beijing, China I Don’t Know Where to Take You Yet, A4 Contemporary Arts Center, Chengdu, China Hello, World, Look Art Space, Beijing, China Take Care, Chun Cui Art, Beijing, China 51 m2: 8# Xin Yunpeng, Taikang Space, Beijing, China

Group Exhibitions 2017 2016

2015 2014






Reversal Ritual, de Sarthe Gallery, Hong Kong This Future of Ours, Red Brick Art Museum, Beijing, China Exotic Stranger curated by Bao Dong, Galerie Paris-Beijing, Beijing, China China Whispers: Recent Works from the Sigg & M+ Collections, Kunstmuseum Bern, Bern, Switzerland DRUG, Hunsand Space, Beijing, China Live At, Intelligentsia, Beijing, China Polyphony II – Ecological Survey of Chinese Art, Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing, China Nihilistic Belief, Antenna Space, Shanghai, China A Room Not of One’s Own, Space Station, Beijing, China Too Smart to be Good? The 7th A+A, PIFO New Art Studios, Beijing, China You Are Damn Wrong, Rice University, Houston, USA @me, My Own Visibility, Shijiazhuang Art Museum, Shijiazhuang, China Groundwork Community, Taikang Space, Beijing, China ON|OFF: China’s Young Artists in Concept and Practice, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA), Beijing, China Sensation, OV Art Center, Shanghai, China Listen, 798 Art District, Beijing, China The Girl, Xi Wang Art Museum, Beijing, China XXX – Next 10 Year of Contemporary Art, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China Image, History, Existence – Taikang Life Fifteenth Anniversay Art Collection Exhibition, National Museum of China, Beijing, China 51 m2: 16 Emerging Chinese Artists, Taikang Space, Beijing, China It’s All True, Morono Kiang Gallery, Los Angeles, USA I Am Here Beside Kai Tak Waiting for You!, 1a Space, Hong Kong The Market – I’m, Beijing Center for the Arts, Beijing, China


Move, Morono Kiang Gallery, Los Angeles, USA Our Maps, Google Map; IONLY; Li-Space, Beijing, China Poetic Graces, Sand factory at the west side of Nai Xin Cun Kou, Lai Guang Ying North Road, Beijing, China Blank Making Life, Inside-Out, Beijing, China Hey Market, Songzhuang Art Museum, Beijing, China The Market Summer 2009 – In the Making, Beijing Center for the Arts, Beijing, China Domino Plan in the Space, Chen Ling Hui Contemporary Space, Beijing, China Rave Forum, Li-Space, Beijing, China Carry on Items, Oriental Vista Gallery, Shanghai, China Spectacle – To Each His Own, MOCA Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan Domestic Anchor, Vanessa Art Link, Beijing, China

We Shall Overcome, Li-Space, Beijing, China First Exhibition, Li-Space, Beijing, China Hunting Birds, Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing, China The Borders of Utopia, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China


My Seven Days, Osage Gallery, Manila, Philippines Trust the Future, TS1 Art Museum, Beijing, China ¥%⋯⋯@¥!#饿¥日, Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing, China


De Sarthe Gallery

De Sarthe Gallery

辛雲鵬 1982出生於中國北京




《親年藝術市集──我是》,天安時間當代藝術中心,北京,中國 《Move》,Morono Kiang 畫廊,洛杉磯,美國 《Our Maps》,谷歌地圖;東方視覺“嘿!社會”;荔空間,北京,中國


《風流藝術展》,奶西村口西側沙廠,來廣營北路,北京,中國 《空白展 2009 制造生活》,中間藝術館,北京,中國

個展 2016





《我還不知道將你帶到何方》,A4 當代藝術中心,成都,中國

《嘿市—發現當代藝術新價值》,宋庄美術館,北京,中國 《2009 BCA 夏季藝術市集──全手工》,天安時間當代藝術中心,北京,中 國 《空間的多米諾計劃》,陳綾蕙當代空間,北京,中國

《Hello, World》,地一現場,北京,中國 2011



《51 m2: 8# 辛雲鵬》,泰康空間,北京,中國

《談話就是運動》,荔空間,北京,中國 《隨身攜帶》,Oriental Vista 畫廊,上海,中國 《各搞各的》台北當代藝術館,台北,台灣 《內在支柱》,華藝莎藝術中心,北京,中國






《第 1 展》,荔空間,北京,中國






《中國私語──烏利・希克與 M+希克收藏展》, 伯爾尼美術館,伯爾尼,瑞


士 2015



《相信未來》,TS1 美術館,北京,中國 《¥%⋯⋯@¥!#餓¥日》,當代唐人藝術中心,北京,中國

《活的》,智先畫廊,北京,中國 2014

《復調 II──中國藝術生態調查-北京站》,南京藝術學院美術館,南京 《相信是空無一物》,天線空間,上海,中國 《一間不屬於自己的房間》,空間站,北京,中國 《聰明壞了──A+A 第七回展》,偏鋒藝術空間,北京 《錯的是你》,萊斯大學,休斯頓,美國


@me 能見度,石家庄美術館,石家庄,中國 《基礎部》,泰康空間,北京,中國 《ON|OFF──中國年輕藝術家的觀念與實踐》,尤倫斯當代藝術中心,北 京,中國


《藝用情感》,世界藝術中心,上海,中國 《傳說》,798 藝術區,北京,中國 《有個姑娘》,睎望藝術館,北京,中國


《XXX──下一個十年,今日美術館,北京,中國》 《圖像歷史存在——泰康收藏展》,中國美術館,北京,中國 《51 m2: 16 位年輕藝術家》,泰康空間,北京,中國 《這一切都是真的》,Morono Kiang 畫廊。洛杉磯,美國 《我喺啟德機場你話我知!》,1a 空間,香港



DE SARTHE GALLERY hong kong 香港黃竹坑道21號環匯廣場20樓 20/F Global Trade Square, 21 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong T. +852 2167 8896 | F. +852 2167 8893 | E.


北京市朝陽區草場地藝術區328-D 100015 328-D Caochangdi, Chaoyang District, 100015, Beijing, China T. +86-10 8418 2441 E. 56

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