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speaking about all things Jazz, the Nerve Centre and the scene


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It’s another very busy month ahead in Derry~Londonderry, starting with the Derry Jazz and Big Band festival from the 30th of April, and we will do our best online and through social media to keep you guys posted throughout the festival. It’s possibly the busiest festival of the year in regards to the vast amount of events planned over the four days, so we will be spoilt for choice with what to see. Also, at the start of this month, the GOONS are playing the Nerve Centre on Friday, 1st for what will surely be a cracker of a gig. So whatever you’re up to this month, make sure to check out the website, for all the latest information in music, theatre, dance and art. Ed

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avid Lyttle has been involved in music from the age of eight, and now at the tender age of 30, he has amassed a wealth of experience spanning every genre of music as a musician, songwriter, producer, composer and record label owner. With the Jazz Festival just underway, we caught up with the Nerve Centre’s Musician-in-Residence for a chat about the local scene all things music.

Have you seen a progression in the music over the years since coming to Derry? I’ve been coming here for near enough 10 years now, a lot of festivals in the beginning, and I played Sandinos a lot too. I played the Jazz festival every year and I was involved in the University of Ulster and even then I could see that there was a healthy amount of festivals taking place and that there were a lot of musicians and also people coming to gigs, which may seem like a normal thing for a city the size of Derry, but I think it’s miles ahead of most cities it’s size. For example, in 2013 during Culture

year, even from the outside I could see that there was a lot of stuff going on, but I was wondering ‘are people actually coming out to it?’ but they were. One week you could go and see the Dalai Lama, or Bruno Mars and the next the London Philharmonic which is amazing! And the energy hasn’t dropped either. My impression is that people actually care about the arts here, from bigger events I went to and even going into a smaller place like Bennigans and seeing the response from people there.

So you’ve recently been appointed Musician-in-Residence at the Nerve Centre... how’s it going so far? It’s been going great and I’m having a great time. I’m working with some local musicians who I’ve known for a few years, so we’re writing together which is very much a collaboration as we’re coming at it from different angles. Everyone from the up-and-coming singer songwriters to the more established songwriters, and a broad range of acts and artists as well.

That’s what I’ve noticed about your albums, you like to involve a lot of genres... Very much so. I was pretty much a pure Jazz musician for the first five years of my adult career but I realised that there’s lots of other things I like as well. I’ve realised that I can collaborate with different people from Hip Hop, from Soul, from Pop music, from Dance music and still do something that’s personal to me. And that’s what music is about, and also how music evolves. You have recently released your third album, titled ‘Faces’, do you still get nervous prior to the release of your music? No, I wouldn’t really. You create an album that you feel represents you at that particular time, and I would only release an album that I am truly happy with. Ultimately, if you are getting to the stage of release and you’re nervous about how it’s going to be perceived... that’s not what music should be about. You hope that people will buy into your music because they know that you believe in it and

Photo by Adam Patterson

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7 they like you, and that your not just trying to appeal to them. If you can drive around and listen to your own album and be happy with it and like it, that for me is success. I have met so many musicians that are under pressure from record companies. They’re not at the stage where they can say ‘I want to do this’ so they end up putting out an album that they’re not happy with, whereas if you’re an independent like myself (David is founder and owner of Lyte Records), yes, I have to pay for my own album which is challenging especially if you’re quite ambitious in the type of album that you want to do, but ultimately, I can do want I want. Yes it would be nice to have someone pay for the whole thing, but at the same time I wouldn’t feel comfortable sending my songs off to the label and asking ‘what do you think?’. Do you think that the Jazz scene in Northern Ireland has progressed over the years? I would like to say yes, it’s great, because I’m from here, but I don’t know. I spent a lot of time in the early days doing gigs in Belfast but it was always very difficult. At that time it was me and a guitarist called Mark McKnight who were the main guys in Northern Ireland and we were bringing in a lot people from places like New York to play with us, and we were playing every week. But we always had fairly short lived residencies in town, which might last for six months. But

it was still great fun. That’s the nature of the music if you play locally. Ultimately, somewhere like Edinburgh or major cities like London and New York have a massive population, so that if a small percentage want to go out and hear live music, and then a percentage of that then want to hear jazz music... you can sustain a few clubs. But even some clubs in London will struggle if it’s not a big artist. But then again, here you have Bennigans where John Leighton runs a Sunday night Jazz club, which I play when I’m around. It’s great and has a wide demographic of people from students to older people, and he’s been able to sustain that for over a year. How did the idea of launching your own label come about? I wasn’t really planning on setting up my own label, I was just wanting a structure for own my music, and it just happened fairly organically. I put out my first album on Lyte Records which was just a name at that point, then I released another one... then, someone who’s album I actually played on asked could I do the same for them. All that time I was learning new things and building connections. But we have about thirty albums which have been released in the last six or seven years, which is good. It’s impressive for a small independent label like us. Each album that comes out builds the reputation of the label and the connections the label has within the music industry.

David’s first engagement as the Nerve Centre’s Musicianin-Residence will be during the Jazz Festival on May 1st as keynote speaker and performer at the Outerwest Jazz Academy in Foyle and St Mary’s College. David is also playing at the Playhouse on Saturday May 2nd with tickets priced at £6.

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derry jazz & big band festival 2015 Thursday, 30 April Monday, 04 May

The Derry Jazz and Big Band Festival has become one of the biggest dates on the City’s calendar, and seems to be getting bigger year after year. Now over four days, the festival attracts musicians and tourists from all over the world and not only brings a much needed economic boost to the City, but also plays host to some of the finest Jazz and Blues musicians. This year’s marquee performer is Jazz musician Jamie Cullum, who has had a hugely successful career and has collaborated with some of the biggest names in music. Running from Thursday, 30th April to Monday 4th May, there will music everywhere throughout the city, from the famous Derry bars, to the Richmond centre steps.

friday - Performances from 6pm onwards GERRY BRADLEY & JOAN TALBOT @ The River Inn - Admission:Free Time:6pm CAFE JAZZ PROJECT @ The EvergladesAdmission:Free Time:6pm MIDNIGHT BLUE @ The Collon Bar Admission:Free Time:7pm CALGACH SINGERS @ Foyleside Food Quarter - Admission:Free Time:7pm NOELLA HUTTON @ Timberquay Admission:Free Time:7pm KASHMIRE KROWS @ Anchor Bar Admission:Free Time:7pm JIM MCDERMOTT & FRIENDS WITH JUNE GRANT @ Maldron Hotel Admission:Free Time:7pm BLUEZ KATZ @ The metro Admission:Free Time:7pm JAYDEE BRASS BAND @ Millenium Forum, Outside - Admission:Free Time:7.15pm PAUL MCINTYRE TRIO WITH SPECIAL GUESTS GAY MCINTYRE AND STELLA BASS @ The Playhouse - Admission:£6 Time:8pm CHARLIE WOODS @ Bennigans Bar Admission:£15 Time:8pm THE CLAMEENS @ Masons Admission:Free Time:8pm EDDIE BRESLIN @ Gasyard Drum Admission:Free Time:8pm THE PRIESTLY QUINTET WITH BRIAN PRIESTLY @ Waterside Theatre Admission:£6 Time:8pm VICTORIA GEELAN @ Jazz Supper Club, Encore Brasserie - Admission:£25pp Time:8pm

RICKY COOL AND THE IN CROWD @ City Hotel - Admission:Free Time:8.30pm RONNIE GREER TRIO @ Downeys Bar Admission:Free Time:9pm CAT SCRATCH FEVER @ Lyric Bar, Maldron Hotel - Admission:Free Time:9pm GERRY BRADLEY AND THE JOAN TALBOT QUINTET @ The Everglades Admission:Free Time:9pm GERARD IZ @ Masons - Admission:Free Time:9.15pm JIVOHOLICS @ The Magnet Admission:Free Time:9pm JUSTIN BLACK @ Custom House Admission:Free Time:9.30pm PHYLLIS CURRAN @ White Horse Hotel Admission:Free Time:10pm THE COUNTERFEIT BLUES BROTHERS @ Da Vinci’s Hotel Admission:Free Time:10pm CARMEN GHIA & THE HOTRODS @ Gweedore - Admission:Free Time:10pm BOURBON SWING BAND @ The Monico Bar - Admission:Free Time:10pm DECLAN MCLAUGHLIN & THE HI FLATS @ The Phoenix Admission:Free Time:10pm MIKE WAGNER BAND @ Collon Bar Admission:Free Time:10pm PORTABELLO @ O’Diochans Admission:Free Time:10pm DD & THE DELTA BOYS @ Anchor Bar Admission:Free Time:10pm LEE HEADLEY BAND @ The Cosh Bar Admission:Free Time:10pm

REBECCA HARKIN @ Grand Central Admission:Free Time:10pm OO BOP SH’BAM @ AOH Admission:Free Time:10pm WILD @ Bentley Bar Admission:Free Time:10pm KINGS OF RHYTHM @ Gasyard Drum Admission:Free Time:10pm DOUGIE BRESLIN @ Badgers Admission:Free Time:10.30pm GRAINNE DUFFY BAND @ Sandinos Admission:Free Time:10.30pm KING RAT @ The Rocking Chair Admission:Free Time:10.30pm LO-MINOR @ Masons Admission:Free Time:10.30pm WIDE MOUTH FROGS @ The Derby Admission:Free Time:10.30pm THE ROARING FORTIES @ The Dungloe Bar - Admission:Free Time:10.45pm THE HITMEN @ Tracey’s Bar Admission:Free Time:10.45pm THE SKA BEAT @ The River Inn Admission:Free Time:11pm SENSATION @ The Argyle Arms Admission:Free Time:11pm RICK SWANN @ Grand Central Admission:Free Time:11pm BLUE KATZ @ Jacks Bar Admission:Free Time:11pm LES SWINGING LOVERS @ City Hotel Admission:Free Time:11pm JOHN LEIGHTON TRIO @ Bennigans Bar Admission:Free Time:12am LADY J @ Masons - Admission:Free

9 Saturday - Performances from 6pm onwards BLUE NOTE JAZZ DUO @ Grand Central, Downstairs Admission:Free Time:6-8pm DECLAN MCLAUGHLIN @ Masons Admission:Free Time:6pm THE 4 OF US @ Nerve Centre Admission:Free Time:7pm BLUE KATZ @ Timberquay Admission:Free Time:7pm JIVEOHOLICS @ The Metro Admission:Free Time:7pm KINGS OF RHYTHM @ The Dungloe Admission:Free Time:7pm JP MAC - THE JOHNNY CASH TRIBUE BAND @ Masons Admission:Free Time:8pm AN EVENING WITH ANNE TREACY, FAMILY AND FRIENDS @ Holywell Trust Admission:£10 Time:8pm CAMILLA GEORGE @ Bennigans Admission:£10 Time:8pm DAVID LYTTLE @ The Playhouse Admission:£6 Time:8pm FIONA TROTTER BAND @ Maldron Hotel- Admission:Free Time:8pm SARA WATKINS, SARAH JAROSZ & AOIFE O’DONOVAN I’M WITH HER’ @ An Culturlann - Admission:£15 Time:8pm PORTABELLO @ City Hotel Admission:Free Time:8.30pm CARMEN GHIA & THE HOTRODS @ Maldron Hotel - Admission:Free Time:9pm LES SWINGING LOVERS @ Downeys Bar Admission:Free Time:9pm PHYLLIS CURRAN @ Custom House Admission:Free Time:9pm

STEPHEN HORNER @ Don Bar Admission:Free Time:9pm TERENCE MORRISON @ The Everglades Admission:Free Time:9pm URSULA MCHUGH @ Jazz Supper Club, Encore Brasserie - Admission:£25pp Time:9pm A TRIBUTE TO FRANKI VALLI & THE FOUR SEASONS WITH ‘THE OTHER GUYS’ SUPPORT FROM MIRENDA ROSENBERG @ Da Vinci’s Admission:£10 Time:8.30pm THE STARS OF THE COMMITMENTS PLUS SUPPORT @ Corinthian Ballroom, City Hotel - Admission:£15 Time:9.30pm BLUE KATZ @ Anchor Bar Admission:Free Time:10pm JIM MCDERMOTT & FRIENDS FEAT JUNE GRANT @ Grand Central, Downstairs - Admission:Free Time:10pm JOHNNY QUIGLEY BAND @ The Monico Bar - Admission:Free Time:10pm KING RAT @ The Bentley Bar Admission:Free Time:10pm LIVE WIRE SOUL CLUB @ Sandinos Admission:Free Time:10pm MARK BLACK & THE TRIPS @ Collon Bar - Admission:Free Time:10pm MIKE WILGAR BAND @ The Park Bar Admission:Free Time:10pm PALAIS SWING BAND @ Waterfoot Hotel - Admission:Free Time:10pm PETER PRICE @ The Grand Central Admission:Free Time:10pm RICKY COOL & THE IN CROWD @ AOH Admission:Free Time:10pm

RED STRIPE BAND @ Gweedore Admission:Free Time:10pm THE SKA BEATS @ The Cosh Bar Admission:Free Time:10pm WILD MOUTH FROGS @ The Phoenix Bar Admission:Free Time:10pm WILD @ The Magnet Admission:Free Time:10pm NIALL GALLAGHER @ Badgers Admission:Free Time:10.30pm BOURBON SWING BAND @ Tracey’s Bar Admission:Free Time:10.45pm HECTOR’S HOUSE @ Jack’s Bar Admission:Free Time:10.45pm SPANGLES @ The Rec Club Admission:Free Time:10.30pm REBECCA HARKIN TRIO @ The Derby Admission:Free Time:10.45pm JIVEOHOLICS @ The Dungloe Admission:Free Time:10.45pm KINGS OF RHYTHM @ Derry City Social Club -Admission:Free Time:11pm LEE HEDLEY BAND @ The Rocking Chair Admission:Free Time:11pm CASSETTES @ Masons Admission:Free Time:11pm CAT SCRATCH FEVER @ The Argyle Arms - Admission:Free Time:11pm JIVE ACES @ City Hotel Admission:Free Time:11pm DERRY SOULSEEKERS @ O’Diochans Admission:Free Time:11pm THE ROARING FORTIES @ The River Inn Admission:Free Time:11pm JOHN LEIGHTON TRIO @ Bennigans Admission:Free Time:12am

sunday - Performances from 6pm onwards BLUE KATZ @ The Rocking Chair Admission:Free Time:6pm HARRY CONNOLLY BAND @ Maldron Hotel - Admission:Free Time:6pm MIDNIGHT BLUE @ Collon Bar Admission:Free Time:7pm OO-BOP-SH’BAM @ The Dungloe Admission:Free Time:7pm PALAIS SWING BAND, WITH ALLEGRI CHOIR @ The Everglades Admission:Free Time:7pm THE SKA BEAT @ The Bentley Bar Admission:Free Time:7pm MARTELLO JAZZ BAND @ The City Hotel Admission:Free Time:7.30pm THUMPIN’ JELLYFISH @ Gweedore Bar Admission:Free Time:7.30pm LO MAJOR @ Masons Admission:Free Time:7.30pm JOHNNY QUIGLEY BAND @ Badgers Admission:Free Time:7.30pm DANA MASTERS AND THE LINLEY HAMILTON BAND @ The Millennium Forum - Admission:£16 Time:8pm DENNIS ROLLINS @ Bennigans Admission:£15 Time:8pm RONNIE GREER BLUES BAND @ Cosh Bar - Admission:Free Time:8pm DERRY SOULSEEKERS @ The Everglades Admission:£5 Time:8pm TOM HARRISON @ The Playhouse Admission:£6 Time:8pm THE RUMBLE CLUB FEAT CARMEN GHIA & THE HOT RODS @ Sandinos Admission:£8 Time:8pm

LEE HEDLEY BAND @ Downeys Admission:Free Time:9pm MINDBENDERS @ The Gweedore Admission:£2 Time:8.30pm BOURBON SWING BAND @ The Grand Central - Admission:Free Time:9pm DJ SILVER FOX @ Sandinos Admission:Free Time:9pm MANOUCHE SWING, JAYDEE BRASS BAND, JIVE ACES @ DaVinci’s Admission:£10 Time:8.30pm RICKY COOL & THE IN CROWD @ Maldron Hotel - Admission:Free Time:9pm BULLRUSH @ Don Bar Admission:Free Time:9pm RUTH JAMES @ Custom House Admission:Free Time:9pm UNDER THE BROADWALK - CELEBRATING 50 YEARS OF THE DRIFTERS WITH THE MIAMI SHOWBAND @ City Hotel Admission:£12 Time:9.30pm TIMELESS @ The Derby Admission:Free Time:9.30pm MARK BLACK & THE TRIPS @ Tracey’s Bar - Admission:Free Time:9.45pm THE ROARING FORTIES @ City Hotel Admission:Free Time:10pm THE SKA BEATS @ Pitchers Admission:Free Time:10pm CRADLEROCK @ Masons Admission:Free Time:10pm THE YETIS @ The Gweedore Admission:Free Time:10pm THE WEEKENDS @ O’Diochans Admission:Free Time:10pm

WIDE MOUTH FROGS @ The Anchor Bar Admission:Free Time:10pm MARK C @ Park Bar Admission:Free Time:10pm MIKE WILGAR BAND @The Metro Admission:Free Time:10pm THE RED STRIPE BAND @ Da Vinci’s Admission:Free Time:10pm JOHNNY BORRELL @ Nerve Centre BLUE KATZ @ The Magnet Admission:Free Time:10pm CAT SCRATCH FEVER @ The Dungloe Bar - Admission:Free Time:10pm JIVEOHOLICS @ The Bentley Bar Admission:Free Time:10pm KING RAT @ The Phoenix Bar Admission:Free Time:10pm LES SWING LOVERS @ The Monico Admission:Free Time:10pm OO-BOP-SH’BAM @ Ice Warf Admission:Free Time:10pm REBECCA HARKIN TRIO @ Collon Bar Admission:Free Time:10pm FIONA TROTTER @ Grand Central Bar Admission:Free Time:10.30pm SENSATION @ Rocking Chair Admission:Free Time:10.30pm THUMPIN’ JELLYFISH @ Jack’s Bar Admission:Free Time:10.30pm THE EUPHONICS @ The Cosh Admission:Free Time:10.30pm WILD @ Argyle Arms Admission:Free Time:11pm TOM HARRISON @ Bennigans Admission:Free Time:12am

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365 sparks ...daveit ferris

Daveit Ferris doesn’t do things by halves. Musician, songwriter, singer, poet, producer, graphic designer, web designer, videographer, entrepreneur… he’s a busy man. Daveit first arrived on the music scene back in 2004 as founding member and lead singer of ‘The Mascara Story’ who, in 2005 were named Kerrang! magazine’s ‘Unsigned Band of the Year’. Their first, and only single ‘This is not a bruise’ reached an impressive number 10 on the BBC UK Rock Chart, with the video for the single also being aired on Kerrang! TV. Daveit has been no stranger to hard work and dedication. In 2008, he produced and released nearly 100 songs within the first year of going solo. He has since had eight books of poetry published, and has been working on two novels in between times which he hopes to have published by 2016. In late 2011, Daveit created the popular Northern Ireland music website, which he dedicated a lot of energy to and ran it’s day to day operations before having to ‘cut it free’ in order to have the time to truly commit to 365 Sparks. But it was in October 2013 after a near death experience that his latest project ‘365 Sparks’ was truly born. Daveit had developed Supraglottitis, which is basically when the epiglottis at the base of the throat swells into a ball and blocks the airwaves completely. As Daveit lay in his

hospital bed recovering, he realised that all of the many hundreds of creative projects that he had worked on wouldn’t have seen the light of day had he died. At first he thought of releasing one song or EP per week, but then he remembered that he had previously purchased the domain name, just a few weeks prior to the incident with the intention of doing something consecutively every day for a year. After that, everything just fell into place. We caught up with Daveit to find out more about ’365 Sparks’. On average how long would you say you have spent on each song, from the initial conception to the moment it goes live on your site? Well, I guess it’s important to remember that these songs were recorded in 2014 but are being released in 2015. Last year there were songs that literally took from 6am until 10pm to write and record and there were songs that were written and recorded by 10am. I was always ready to work all day but some songs just happened faster than others. It was always my plan to Mix and Master each song on the day of their release in 2015 so that I’d be able to effectively approach each with a fresh set of ears and almost be a ‘first time’ listener for the first time. Daily in 2015 is still quite time-consuming with the mix/master component mainly but also all the other things;


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handwritten lyric scans, the daily webpage, video, the artwork, graphics and 1000 other small things that have to happen to keep it ticking over. What’s been the overall reaction to your project? It’s been really positive and that’s filled me full of confidence that I’ll bring forward. The idea itself was always going to challenge a few folks perceptions about music and the release frequency; but I think most people have been enjoying getting a daily dose of sound. With the modern day attention span in mind; I’m pretty happy to see the same faces coming back day after day to listen to the new songs as well as seeing some new faces ‘binge listen’ to like 50 tracks in a row! Pretty amazing. How would you describe yourself?

musician, producer, designer... all of the above? Honestly, the word I tend to use these days is simply ‘creative’ - and I hope that doesn’t sound too arrogant. There are other creative roles that I’ve been developing slowly behind the scenes, so if I keep tacking on roles to ‘Musician / Songwriter / Producer’… it’s just going to look daft! If it involves coming up with something from thin air; then I’m totally into it and I’ll try it as a way of expressing myself further. Music is obviously my strong suit and my main love, but I have an interest in all things relating to creativity. We all like to put a label on music, if pushed, what would you classify your own musical style as? I’m a little stumped with this one because this music isn’t a coherent collection of songs at all. There’s really

blaring and screaming rock/metal but there are also very gentle acoustic moments. I’ve always been equally split down the middle with adoring upbeat rock like Greenday and more low-key stuff like Ryan Adams - so I think my style falls somewhere in the middle. I’m hooked on strong vocal melodies and I think that’s probably the strong part about my songwriting. When I bring this music live, as a band, it’ll be the rockier components for sure. If you had to pick one song so far that has given you most enjoyment to create, which would it be? Probably ‘Be My Radiator’ - there was just something magic that happened on that day and I wish I knew the formula because I’d repeat it! It was a completely beautiful blur from the moment I came up with that title


in the morning until I was having my first listen to the finished song in the late evening. There was absolutely no second-guessing and everything just trucked along at a frantic pace. The song I ended up with completely encapsulates the kind of sound I want to bring forward; upbeat, to the point and full of huge vocal hooks. It’s a true project of dedication and passion, and also very time consuming... any regrets on committing to one song every day? Definitely not! I knew from the getgo that it’d be horribly stressful and that I’d frequently long for the sound of silence, but I wanted to do something on a grand scale and I saw this as the absolute pinnacle to attempt. I wanted to ensure I gave myself no room to slack and I wanted to ensure I was writing every single day - so a

‘song a week’ wouldn’t have challenged me enough. This might sound corny, but I honestly can’t imagine doing anything better with my time than writing and recording music. Have you any idea when you’re planning to take the project on the road? Perhaps this will show my over-optimism with my work.. But I had hoped to be rehearsing by mid-year. However, that’s definitely not going to be possible now as there’s just so much more daily work than I’d imagined. 365 Sparks is definitely a two year commitment when I assumed it’d be a 1.5 year commitment. So whilst I’m a little held back in that regard, I never wanted to rush the live aspect either. It’s so vital for me to find the right people to help me bring this music live because I won’t be stepping on a stage until I feel there’s something special

happening. If 2015 has brought 365Sparks... what can we expect next from Daveit Ferris? 365 Sparks really has cemented my adoration of writing and recording music, so I’m going to relentlessly pursue getting into those two fields [writing songs for other artists and also recording musicians in my home studio]. I actually have been working with a Finland-based label whose two current acts will be releasing singles in the summer that I wrote. Personally, 2016 will see the release of my 9th and 10th poetry books and my first novel. I have a crazy idea that I’m kind-of looking into, but it’s reliant on a few things coming over before I can talk about it - you’ll be the first to know! >> You can check out Daveit’s 365 Sparks at

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ublin duo Hudson Taylor continue their Irish and UK tour by bringing their foot stomping tunes to the Nerve Centre this month. The Irish brothers, Harry and Alfie, have followed on from their successful EP releases with their debut album ‘Singing for Strangers’. Their folk infused melody pop… or rockabilly rock, have been a massive hit across the country ever since appear-

ing on our radar with their acoustic sessions which received over 3 million hits on YouTube. Having been highly influenced by their mum and dads record collection growing up, the pair draw inspiration in particular from Simon and Garfunkel, Crosby and Stills and Nash. “We write stomping folky pop songs because, after all, we have to keep people’s attention,” says Harry. “We want to be able to

look back in a few years’ time and be proud of our songs,” adds Alfie. The lads have a dedicated following and are headlining their some of their biggest venues yet such as London’s Shepards Bush and the Olympia Theatre in Dublin. “We want to be known as a live band,” says Harry. >> Hudson Taylor play the Nerve Centre on Friday, 29 May at 7pm. Tickets £15.40

#DerryLive #LoveTheArts


he History Boys, named the UK’s favourite play in 2013 by the English Touring Theatre, will make it’s way to the Millennium Forum this month. Having opened at the National Theatre in London in 2004 to sellout audiences amid rave reviews, it propelled several of it’s original cast, such as James Cordon, Dominic Cooper and Samuel Barnett to stardom. Now, with a new touring produc-

tion, Alan Bennett’s The History Boys is back. Set in the north of England in the 1980’s, The History Boys follows a group of students as they prepare for the Oxford and Cambridge entrance examinations under the guidance of their three teachers, who each have contrasting teaching styles. Their eccentric English teacher, Hector, is at odds with Irwin, the young supply teacher who has been hired to introduce a more ruthless


teaching approach, whilst their headmaster is only interested with results and is obsessed with moving up the academic league table. The History Boys has won over 30 major awards, including the 2005 Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Play and the 2006 Tony Award for Best Play. >> The History Boys runs from Wednesday, 13 May to Saturday, 16 May at the Millennium Forum with tickets from £16.50.


16 theatre,dance & verbal arts with Paula O’Brien

Wilde Without the Boy

Sunday, 03 May

Friday, 08 May

A Night of Mediumship Waterside Theatre Tickets:£13 Time:7.30pm

Paula O’Brien brings you the very best of psychic talent with her amazing grasp of bringing people through from the other side. Note: This performance is experimental/investigational. There are no guaranteed or certain results and the show is for the purposes of amusement/entertainment

The Playhouse

Admission:£11/£8 Time:8pm Performed by Gerard Logan (Olivier Nominee) A dramatisation of ‘De Profundis’, the bitterly passionate letter Oscar Wilde wrote to his lover, Lord Alfred Douglas, from his cell in Reading gaol. Two years previously, Wilde had been imprisoned for gross indecency. Brilliant, loving, witty and passionate, Wilde Without the Boy is a glimpse into the humbled, bruised, loving soul of one of the greatest geniuses ever to have lived. Suitable for ages 14+

The History Boys

Millennium Forum Wed, 13 May to Sat, 16 May Tickets:from£16.50

Voted the nation’s favourite play, Alan Bennett’s multi award-winning The History Boys is set to return for 2015, touring the UK in a major new production opening at The Millen-

#DerryLive #LoveTheArts

Alice presented by ZoNa Dance

Millennium Forum Saturday, 09 May

Time:7pm - family tickets available

Alice... and her adventures in Wonderland is based on the novels of Lewis Carroll and will be an original telling of the much loved stories. Complete with wild and wonderful characters, ballet, contemporary, hip hop, tap dancers and aerial artists. Come tumble down the rabbit hole with our exciting production of ALICE. nium Forum on Tuesday 12th May 2015. Winner of both Laurence Olivier and Tony Awards, the play follows a group of quick-witted pupils at a northern grammar school as they prepare for their Oxbridge exams under the guidance of three eclectic teachers. Set in the 1980’s, these bright but unruly sixth-formers are determined to get to grips with all things sex, scandal and scholarship - in a pursuit of knowledge which would teach even the most street wise of audiences a thing or two.

An Evening of Stories and Nostalgia

Puss In Boots

Waterside Theatre Tuesday, 12 May

Time:10.30am & 6.30pm

Millennium Forum Friday, 13 March

The Adventures of Robin Hood Waterside Theatre Wednesday, 13 May

Would you trust a talking cat?! You never know, he might turn you from a pauper to a prince just like the hero of this story, brought to vivid life on our incredible sloping stage by Patrick Lynch from Cbeebies.

Time:10.30am & 7.00pm

With exciting swordplay, fast action, catchy brand new sing-along songs, puppets and humour, The Adventures of Robin Hood will delight children aged 4-9 years and their everyday heroes!

Time:8pm Tickets::£10

Television broadcaster Joe Mahon will introduce this evening of song, music, readings and sketches commemorating the life of the late Annesley Malley. Annesley, who did so much to preserve the history of the city and its surroundings, was an expert on genealogy and ancient maps. Top musicians, singers and actors will bring us a flavour of the city Annesley loved in an evening promising great entertainment. All proceeds to providing benches in the Playhouse and St Columb’s Cathedral in memory of Annesley Malley

17 The Elves and the Shoemaker

Walking to The Ark by Carlo Gébler

Tues, 19 May - Wed, 20 May

Wed, 27 May - Sat, 30 May

Millennium Forum Tickets:£6 /£4

Meet Herman and Daisy. They want to make shoes for your feet. But they owe so much money they barely can eat. Don’t worry though, because magic is always just around the corner. The Elves are here to help! And sometimes the answers are right above your head. Fidget Feet’s The Elves & The Shoemaker is immersive storytelling with music and aerial circus for children aged between 4-8yrs and their families. There is no stage, you will join them inside their workshop and actually help them to make the best pair of shoes ever made.Herman, Daisy and the Elves need you!

The Playhouse Admission:£15/12

The mid 1660s, Charles II is the king of Britain and Ireland. Thomas Whitney, a professional soldier in the Irish army, fathers a child by his mistress, Martha. Twenty-five years later Colonel Whitney finds himself inside Derry during the 1689 siege when his son, a Jacobite, arrives in the city, a prisoner. In this brand new piece, Irish writer Carlo Gébler explores both the horrible choices wars force individuals to make, as well as the ingenious way Whitney and his son, Nicholas, manage to make common cause.

Old Bob’s Tale

EchoEcho Dance Theatre Fri, 29 & Sat, 30 May

Time: 8pm Tickets: £16 A STORY OF IMMACULATE PERCEPTION. TOLD IN WORDS AND MOVEMENT BY STEVE BATTS - WITH MUSIC ENGINEERED BY DANNY O‘REALLY & BARRY DAVIS Old Bob’s Tale is a one man show written and performed by Steve Batts. The show was premiered in May 1997 in The Playhouse before touring in Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and the Middle East. After a brief appearance in December 2014, Old Bob will return by popular demand.

Riuchi The Tale of the Ancient Lights

Waterside Theatre Saturday, 16 May

Time:3pm & 8pm Tickets:from £5 A search for destiny in Asian Legend. This poignant story is told through the skilled movements of the artist. The piece is a non-narrative 45mins show which embodies beauty and poetry, enacted with a deft combination of Circus, Magic and Dance. Through the use of

MAMMA MIA! The Smash Hit Musical


Waterside Theatre

Thurs, 04 June to Sat, 05 June Time:7.30pm Tickets:from £7

Three interwoven stories unlock the frustrations and passions of characters struggling with their bank balances, their histories and their own sense of self. A coup in a foreign country half a century ago, a disability that leaves a woman speechless, and a sex addiction that’s destroying a relationship link three characters in a carefully crafted story about lives and loves and the social systems they have come to depend upon. What is left to lose? What is left to gain? And when will equality and justice truly be served?

modern LED Technology the solo light performance awes and stuns, inviting the audience away to another land, in another time. This atmospheric multidisciplinary piece is suitable for all people of all ages. “An intriguing synthesis of technology and a skilled and imaginative performer .If light and electricity were to take on anthropomorphic forms; they might look like Asian performer Riuchi’s hands”. Irish Times ***

Horrible Histories

Millennium Forum

Millennium Forum

Tues, 07 July to Sat, 11 July Tickets:from £24.50

Tues, 09 June to Sat, 13 June Tickets:from £8.50 We all want to meet people from history. The trouble is everyone is dead! So it’s time to prepare yourselves for HORRIBLE HISTORIES live on stage! Using actors and stunning 3D special effects, these two World Premieres - GROOVY GREEKS and INCREDIBLE INVADERS – are guaranteed to thrill you and your children. Historical figures and events will come alive on stage and hover at your fingertips!

MAMMA MIA! is the ultimate feel-good musical! Set on a Greek island paradise, a story of love, friendship and identity is cleverly told through the timeless songs of ABBA.

18 art

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19 Dr.Sketchy's



r Sketchy’s was formed as an alternative drawing movement in 2005 and has since taken the world by storm. Life drawing classes traditionally involve a nude, or semi-nude model concentrating primarily on body and form, however, Dr.Sketchy’s takes life drawing to a new level. The movement was created by artists Molly Crabapple and A.V. Phibes in a dive bar in Brooklyn New York, with the aim of taking art out of the classroom and adding glamour in the form of burlesque babes, roller derby girls, drag queens, fetish models and also dancers. Dr.Sketchy’s has truly blossomed and can now be found in over 100 cities throughout the world, with Sandinos the new home to the North West’s first Dr.Sketchy’s Anti Art movement. The monthly event will be hosted by Derry branch founder Stephanie Gaumond, who describes herself as ‘artist and lover of all things eccentric’ and promises an evening of art, games, prizes, drinking and great craic. “When many artists think life drawing, they think of sterile rooms, bad lighting, and bored, silent, models with nary a hint of personality. Dr. Sketchy’s AntiArt School is here to change all that” she says. “The idea to bring Dr. Sketchy Anti-Art School here was quite simple in that I was looking to go to a Dr. Sketchy’s event because I am fairly new in town and it is something that I enjoy going to because I tend to meet a lot of great people at them. I’ve been to Dr. Sketchy’s events in two other cities in different parts of the world and have found them to be great fun filled with wonderful people. When I saw that there wasn’t a branch here, I thought I might start one up myself” Stephanie told Derry Live List. “The main website (which is worth checking

out, has a link to start your own branch, so I filled out a written application, presented references and then was interviewed with Molly Crabapple” (founder of the Dr. Sketchy’s empire) she says. “I’ve had a good amount of interest so far and it has been very positive. The folks who have been to a Dr. Sketchy’s event elsewhere tend to be the most excited simply because they understand what the events are (which she says are kind of hard to explain), but I’ve had a lot of excitement from artists who are up for a life drawing event that’s less academic and more ridiculous”. Dr.Sketchy’s welcomes all calibre of artists, ranging in technical ability... there’s no discrimination here. But can we really expect from Derry’s first Dr.Sketchy’s night? “Everyone can expect to bring their favourite medium (charcoal, pencil, watercolour, or even a digital drawing device is welcome she tells me) and sip drinks while the costumed life model does timed poses. In this way, it’s like any other classical life drawing class. There will be a variety of poses starting from multiple one minute poses to up to possibly twenty minute poses. In between the poses we will have a variety of ridiculous prizes for the best, worst, funniest, and most creative drawings during the poses. The most technically accurate drawings are rarely the winners. It’s just a night to indulge in some creativity and good company in a non judgemental atmosphere. If you haven’t drawn from life before this is the best way to give it a try!” So come May 17, grab your pencil (or charcoal, or tablet...) and make your way to Sandinos for what will undoubtedly be an evening to remember.

20 art

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Maiden city ink international tattoo convention 2015



orthern Ireland’s biggest tattoo convention is back for its fifth instalment and will take over the Everglades Hotel on May 8th. The three day event offers the opportunity to get tattooed by award winning artists from all over the world, specialising in styles from portraiture to old school. With over 2000 people expected to attend, event organiser Zac Deeney (owner of Skin Art Tattoo & Piercing on William Street) is well aware of the convention’s popularity, “it is getting bigger every year” he says, “but larger exhibition venues are needed in Derry for such things, but we try to bring the city quality artists so people can see there’s more to tattooing than just black tattoos.” “We have nearly 50 tattoo artists working this year, even one of the artists has

travelled from New York to attend” says Zac. To avoid disappointment, potential customers are urged to book appointments prior to the event by contacting the artists through the links on or the convention’s Facebook page. When asked who would be the most sought after tattooist, Zac told us “the most popular would be Thomas Pollard and Gari Henderson for realism tattooing, but there are some really good artists tattooing all styles from traditional to Japanese to dot work so every style is catered for the ink collector.” So, weather you want to show off your own ink, or to finally take the tattoo plunge, the Maiden City Tattoo Convention will be worth visiting. >> The Convention runs from Friday, 8 May to Sunday, 10 May at the Everglades Hotel. Admission £5, pay at the door.

gari henderson Gari works out of Northside Tattooz and is based in Newcastle. With his appointment book only opening twice a year, he is a well sought after tattooist. Gari specialising in “black and grey realism, and brightly-coloured new skool.”

thomas pollard Thomas works out of SkinYard tattoo studio in Southend, and is no stranger to the tattoo convention circuit. Specialising in photo realism and portraiture, Thomas has been tattooing since 2008.

22 art

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By Shannon Yee eassembled’ is the work of playwrite Shannon Yee, and is an immersive, audio-based dramatic installation about her experience of nearly dying in 2008 from a rare brain infection and the subsequent process of trying to put her life back together with an acquired brain injury. Since moving to Northern Ireland from New York in 2004, Shannon has been writing numerous plays and in 2014 became one of the Mac’s Hatch Supported Artist. This provided her with the opportunity to develop ‘Assembled’ and the facilities in which to run a focus group in the MAC’s Den space. Shannon invited neurosurgeons, arts practitioners, and brain injury support providers to come along and lay down in hospital beds to experi-

ence sections of Reassembled, and was overwhelmed by the positive feedback. From April to December 2014, ‘Reassembled’ went through a lengthy development process as over 75 people from the medical, arts and community voluntary sectors heard sections and provided their feedback in small focus groups. The audio-based artwork is Shannon’s interpretation of what it was like for her to descend into coma from her rare brain infection, her brain surgeries, and then her subsequent rehabilitation. The audience experience Shannon’s artwork individually via headphones while laying on a hospital bed wearing eye masks, and let’s listening feel like they are inside Shannon’s head and experience her journey of

emotion, humour and above all, hope in dealing with her brain injury. Now, 2015 will see ‘Reassembled’ brought to theatres and gallery spaces across Northern Ireland, and used also as a training tool for biomedical professionals to experience. On Thursday 14th May at 7.30pm there is also the opportunity to attend a free talk from writer Shannon Yee and Paul Stapleton, the sound artist who helped create ‘Reassembled, Slightly Askew’. The talk will cover the development of ‘Reassembled...’, as well as Shannon’s own medical experiences which led to the creation of the piece in the first place. >> Reassembled, Slightly Askew By Shannon Yee as at the Playhouse and runs from Monday, 11 May to Friday, 15 May at 1pm, 6pm & 8pm. Tickets cost £5.

23 art exhibitions & projects coming up in may BOM

performances at W139, Amsterdam and Via Farini, Milan. Her new exhibition titled ‘BOM’ consist of performance, video, sculpture, and drawing, many of which are on display for the very first time and accompanying the exhibition are various workSat, 28 March to Sat, 16 May shops, screenings and performances. “The works in BOM have their begin£:Free Entry nings in the artist’s recent experience of searching for wolves in the French Amsterdam-based Irish artist Bea Mcmountains with a camera. Although Mahon’s new exhibition is currently on wolves are not directly represented in display at the CCA Derry-Londonderry. the exhibition, both the experience of Bea has established herself as a sucanticipating their encounter and the cessful contemporary artist, and has mythological history of these animals exhibited throughout the world. Most recently she has had a solo exhibi- serve as structuring principles for the artworks.” tion at the Salzburg Kunstverein and

Bea McMahon CCA

Arpilleras Journey’ exhibition

Tower Museum

Art Class... Amanda Jane Dr.Sketchy’s Anti Graham: Art School Back Alleys Sandinos

Waterside Theatre

Sunday, 17 May

Fri, 06 March - Sat 02 May

Tues, 14 April - Mon, 11 May

£:Free Entry

£:Free Entry

Admission:£5/£3conc Time:6pm

The unique collection, which includes embroidered wall hangings made by women in Chile, is to have a new permanent home as part of the archive and museum collection of Derry City Council. The collection known as ‘Conflict Textiles’ was collected and curated by Roberta Bacic, a Chilean woman living in Northern Ireland, who has been working with the museum staff since 2008. It includes a selection of arpilleras stitched appliqué wall hangings from Chile.

Back Alleys revolves around the urban landscape, the artworks document emotive and dramatic visions that are accurate recollections of private worlds, which are challenging, funny, intriguing and disturbing at the same time. The works bring into focus the contribution that back alleys make to the social experience of childhood, creating an energy that is both engaging and thought provoking.

Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School is a little New York art event that became a movement. Started in 2005 by artist Molly Crabapple, the concept is simple. Artist’s draw glamorous burlesque dancers, compete in contests, and win wacky prizes. The monthly sessions will feature burlesque babes, roller derby girls, drag queens and fetish models, along with contests, prizes and alcohol galore.

24 theatre

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The Tale of the Ancient Lights Riuchi is the alter-ego of performer Guillaume Cousson, who’s story is told through movement and light in this solo non-narrative piece. Heavily influenced by Asian art and Japanese manga whist growing up, Guillaume self-trained as a hip hop and contemporary dancer before discovering circus through juggling in 2003. Guillaume brings the character from his imagination to life with Riuchi and draws upon all his artistic influences in his latest performance ‘The Tale of the Ancient Lights’. With the use of LED technology, Riuchi is the combination of LED light, martial arts, dance, magic and circus. It invites the audience to part take in a journey with the performer to a magical eastern land through the tale of struggle and triumph. >> Waterside Theatre: Saturday ,16th May. Tickets for 8pm show £9/£7 Conc. Matinee show 3pm £7/£5 Conc. £18 family for matinee. Magazine [May Edition] Magazine [May Edition]  

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