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Dermalogica’s MyMarketing Program makes communicating to your new and existing clients simple and cost effective, providing an excellent opportunity for business growth.

MyMarketing guide

MyMarketing guide how does it work? Each time you place an order for Dermalogica products from January 1st to December 31st, you earn 10% of your pre-tax purchase total in MyMarketing dollars (including paid Opening Orders). For example – if you place an order totaling $1,000 (excluding tax), you will bank MyMarketing dollars to the value of $100. At the start of each year, on January 1st, your MyMarketing account balance will be zero. You have a full 12 months, until December 31st, to build you’re MyMarketing account balance. The balance accrued in any one calendar year must be used within that calendar year. However, Dermalogica will give you 15 months – until March 31st of the following year – to submit invoices to receive reimbursement. Once all the outlined steps have been followed and requirements are met, your Dermalogica account will be credited with 50% of the advertising cost (pre-tax). The amount of the credit will also depend on the balance of your MyMarketing account and what has been accrued up to that point. For example – if 50% of the cost of your approved advertisement is $1,000 and the balance of your MyMarketing account is $500, the maximum amount of $500 will be applied as a credit on your Dermalogica account.

what type of advertising is covered? 1 2

Print Advertising: Choose a publication that suits your target market and your price range, from a community newspaper / magazine, to a nation-wide newspaper or magazine. Mail outs: Utilize one of the postcard templates available on the Online Business Centre or design your own. Both postage and printing / purchasing of mail-outs are eligible for reimbursement, and will be based on the reimbursement guidelines. Pre-approved postcard designs pulled directly from the Online Business Centre and used as a mail-out, both postage and printing will be covered at 50%. In order to receive 50% off postage, a Canada Post paid invoice must be sent in with the MyMarketing Submission documents. The Skin Reporter may also be sent to your database with 50% of the postage costs covered by MyMarketing dollars.


Radio: When advertising on this medium, Dermalogica needs to be mentioned at least twice audibly. Dermalogica must be the only brand advertised, mentioning products and/or treatments. Pre-approved radio scripts are available on the Online Business Centre in the “DOWNLOADS” section.


Email Blasts: Email blast templates are available on the Dermalogica Online Business Centre. Dermalogica will not cover the costs of creating an email blast or the cost of internet usage, but will cover the cost of sending out email blasts.


Online Advertising: Online Advertising is eligible and reimbursed based on the guidelines outlined in this document.


Select in-house marketing and display materials: Dermalogica will cover the cost of selected in-house marketing and display materials and must be pre-approved. Selected materials include posters, signage, and other items that be reviewed on a case by case basis. For reimbursement, a photo will need to be supplied.


Dermalogica Design Centre: When using the Dermalogica Design Centre ( to print marketing materials, you are automatically qualified to claim 50% of the printing costs, provided you have the dollars in your account.


Dermalogica will not accept any materials with other product company mentions, or materials that discount Dermalogica products. MyMarketing dollars cannot be used to cover the cost of creative design, printing of business cards, printing of brochures/menus, samples, website set-up and other support materials.

MyMarketing guide

what is not covered?

what are the MyMarketing reimbursement levels? To be eligible for 50% reimbursement, all MyMarketing items must include the Dermalogica logo and skin centres must choose to do one of the following:


Choose from one of our pre-approved templates that have been designed and are available on the Online Business Centre; Customize with your logo and skin centre details (please note: the assistance of a graphic designer may be required).


Design your own material. These pieces must be designed to be complementary to the Dermalogica brand imagery and terminology, and at least 50% of the content and images must be dedicated to Dermalogica skin treatments and Dermalogica retail products. The promotional message cannot mention another product line, or treatments supplies by another company, or discount Dermalogica retail products in any way. (Materials custom designed will not be accepted without pre-approval.)

steps to follow when putting together MyMarketing advertisements: 1

Determine the type of advertising you would like to do Consider your target market, location, and research what’s available in your area. Contact sales representatives regarding frequency discounts; ask them about special editions, etc. Beware of ‘last minute’ specials/deals offered in publications you wouldn’t normally consider. Establish your goal while considering the four core principles of why to advertise / promote – gain new clients, retain clients, increase retail or introduce one of Dermalogica’s core experiences – Face Mapping®, Skin BarSM or MicroZone®

Here are a few examples: • Want to draw in higher-end clients into your skin centre? Send a postcard through Canada Post to target an affluent postal code in your area. This information can be found on the Canada Post website or by calling their toll-free number. • Want to promote a gift with purchase? Call newspapers in your area and ask about availability and rates – national newspapers often have province only editions that offer reduced rates. Ask for statistical information to ensure you’re communicating to the right target market. • Want a unique approach to attract clients? Try a radio advertisement – contact local radio stations and inquire about their rates. Log onto the Online Business Centre and download a pre-created radio script. • Excited to share the Dermalogica experience with your new and existing clients? Download and customize the Face Mapping® ad-slick from the Online Business Centre and place an advertisement in a local publication of your choice.


Develop the Artwork

There are three options when creating artwork: Log onto the Online Business Centre ( and view the artwork

option templates available. Use one of the pre-approved templates – download it and, customize it with your A logo and skin centre details (the assistance of a graphic designer may be required).

MyMarketing guide


Here are a few samples of what’s available on the Online Business Centre: 1535 Beachey Place | Carson, CA 90746 job #



Derm Poster 22” x 29 1/3” upc




InDesign CS5

4480 trim size

final size

22” x 29 1/3”


22” x 29 1/3”


05.02.11 | SW


07.21.11 | SW


full bleed
















Vendor may not make changes to the art provided without written approval of the Creative Department

new sheer tint spf20 new cover tint spf20

ultrasmoothing eye serum Tough on lines. Easy on the eyes.

The skin health experts at Dermalogica have uncovered advances in cosmetic and skin health technology to develop new Sheer Tint SPF20 and new Cover Tint SPF20: multifunctional products with advanced formulas that provide lasting coverage for a smooth, even finish – all while delivering superlative skin treatment and protection benefits.

sheer tint spf20 A lightweight tinted skin treatment ideal for a natural, makeup free look and more even skin tone.

cover tint spf20 A creamy, hydrating, medium to full coverage foundation that delivers a flawless look and perfected skin.



Which product is right for you? Visit us today to try new Sheer Tint SPF20 and Cover Tint SPF20!


Now available at:

online business centre: how to log on and navigate Log onto the Dermalogica Business centre to download pre-created artwork; ad slicks for magazine and newspaper ads, email blasts, postcards for in-store handout and mail outs, display sheets, merchandising schematics, posters, logos and general product images. Use the pre-created artwork as-is, or take inspiration and create your own marketing pieces. If you choose to create your own, all artwork must be pre-approved prior to being used and covered by MyMarketing dollars. Follow these steps to find the Online Business Centre and find pre-created artwork online:

step Go to and 1 click on “FOR PROFESSIONALS”

step Click on “business centre” in 2 the bottom right hand corner

step Enter your account number and email 3 address to log-in. note: if you do not have an email address on file, contact customer service or your business consultant, requesting that an email address be added.


MyMarketing guide

step There are now two options: 4 a. click on “DOWNLOAD ARTWORK” and a drop down menu will appear that allows you to choose from artwork categories; display sheets, eblasts, ad templates, posters, etc.


b. view the “WHAT’S NEW” section to choose from our most recent marketing materials.


step Click on the artwork to view available materials. To 5 download, click on the blue title below the artwork.

When prompted with the file download click “save” and choose a location on your computer. Once the download is complete, the file is ready to print or alter.


w to vie twork clickilable ar a av

click to do


Log onto the Dermalogica Design Centre ( and view the

option artwork templates available. Use one of the pre-approved templates – customize it your logo and skin B

centre details, choose the quantity to print, approve and pay for the artwork online and have it delivered to your door.

dermalogica design centre: how to log on and navigate step Go to and click on 1 “New User? Register Here”. Once you’ve registered, you will be directed to log-on or directed to the design centre homepage. The homepage allows you to place new orders, view your shopping cart, view your orders and change your profile information.


the left hand side and choose the specific type of item; display sheet, poster, postcard, etc.

select page numbers to view available artwork

MyMarketing guide

step Click on “place new order” and click through the pages 2 to view available artwork, or scroll through the menu on

click and choose based on type of artwork

printing options and costs will be noted on the top of the page

step After you choose the artwork and you will be directed 3 to the “customize template” screen that will allow you to add your logo, address and other details. Once you are finished click on the “save and continue” button at the bottom of the screen.

click on the red boxes to choose customizable areas preview and approve the final artwork

step Preview the final product, choose your print quantity / 4 cost option. Click on the “add to shopping cart” button at the bottom of the screen.

note any special artwork requests (these may be subject to additional costs)

choose the print quantity / cost options

step Confirm your order, 5 your shipping details and proceed to the payment page.

Note: The Dermalogica Design Centre is run and managed by a third party. Should you experience any problems or have further questions, you can contact the design centre directly at 212.504.2950 or


Design your own material. Pieces must be designed to be complementary to the Dermalogica brand

option image – use product images, elements from the available templates, the Dermalogica logo, as well as C

terminology. The promotional message cannot mention another product line or treatments supplied by a company other than Dermalogica. In order to receive a 50% reimbursement, the Dermalogica logo must be used and be the same size as your skin centre logo.


MyMarketing guide


Approval Pre-approval is required for all pieces wanting to be covered by MyMarketing. Please allow extra time in your deadlines for the pre-approval process in case of any modifications that need to be made. Once you have your final proof, send it to the marketing department via e-mail, fax or mail: Marketing – MyMarketing 300 – 720 King Street West Toronto, ON M5V 2T3 Phone: 416-368-2286 – press 6 Email:


Printing Once your advertising has been approved by us, you are ready to send it to print. When you receive the invoice for the advertisement, mail out, etc., you must pay the invoice in full, and send a copy of the paid invoice along with an original copy of the advertisement in order for the credit to be processed. Please include a picture or cutout of the advertisement within the publication; we will not accept just the printout of a final proof.

some do’s to keep in mind Remember that anything you advertise or mail out is a direct reflection of your skin centre. This will attract new clients and keep current clients coming back with special offers and incentives. Here are some do’s to keep in mind when putting together your MyMarketing materials: P

Do double check spelling


Do use Dermalogica terminology We DO say We do NOT say skin therapist esthetician skin treatment facial treatment center salon necessity luxury, indulgence or pampering skin health beauty premature aging wrinkles hyperpigmentation age spots Speed Mapping®, Face Mapping® product recommendation Skin BarSM retail counter


Do use the


Do use your business consultant as a resource for advice


Do use the Online Business Centre for templates and ideas. Download display sheets, merchandising schematics, email templates to send to your existing client list, and so much more.


To receive further information regarding the Dermalogica MyMarketing program and to answer any further questions please contact: Marketing – MyMarketing 300 – 720 King Street West Toronto, ON M5V 2T3 Phone: 416-368-2286 – press 6 Email:


My Marketing Guidelines  
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