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JAVEA Issue Nº 159

March 2013

Mayor meets Facebook Friends Official Report Dear Facebook Friends, It is a real honour for me to be with you here today in the Parador. I really appreciate your coming along, and giving me this opportunity to meet you and listen to your questions and suggestions. Some of you will be wondering why I wanted to have this meeting with my English Facebook Friends, and why I wanted to meet a group of residents with whom I only have virtual communications, and who may have some controversial questions. The answer is clear, direct, and simple … A mayor should be close to all the citizens of his town, and when I say everyone I am talking about those born here, those from other parts of Spain, European residents who have decided to spend their well-deserved retirement in this wonderful town, those who have decided to look for work and fulfil their lifelong ambitions, and also those who just come to spend their well-earned holidays with us.

have my limitations when I speak … but I am persistent and continue to learn. I hope soon to have improved my English, and I want to stress that my colleagues help me personally with my communications to provide a better service to you all. I think we've created a good communications system and most importantly, we have managed to conBecause of this, when my schedule allows, I never tact and connect with you. miss the opportunity to attend all the events to which I am invited. Because listening, replying and Now I would like to introduce my English speaking standing side by side with the people of my town is team who help me with my communications in something which enables me to develop policies English and my English Facebook page. which are more relevant and realistic. First of all may I present Doris Courcelles who is the Councillor for Services, the Environment and I also wanted to be with you today so that you can Beaches. She often provides me with answers to meet three people who help me with my communi- your many questions. cations in English, because as you can see I still continued on page 4


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EDITORS DESK Well it would appear that there are a lot more readers of the Grapevine now that it is free once again. this will please our advertisers. February has been extremely cold this year and March doesn’t seem to be any better so far. I came to Spain for the sunshine, where is it ? The lightning last week was quite scary and a little too close for comfort. Our house was struck about 12 inches away from me. My poor cat nearly had a heart attack and jumped about ten foot into the air, I wasn’t far behind. The electric meter now looks like a Salvador Dali picture, black and melting. We called Iberdrola who sent out an electrician within half an hour and the electricity supply was re-connected within an hour, very impressive!! I’m sure the weather will improve soon, the first day of spring is only 2 weeks away. Don’t forget Mothers day is on the 10th of March this year and the Parador are having a Woman in Business club trade fair on the same day. The clocks spring forward on the last Sunday of March which I believe is also Easter Sunday. The 24 th of March is the date for the ISVH Easter market which will be held at the rear of Casa Pepe Balcon al Mar. Usually worth a trip out. We are really pleased with the response to the new look Grapevine, we have lot’s of really nice e,mails. Thank you. As you know our advertising rates are now incredibly competitive so if you have a business or service to advertise send us an e.mail and we will design something for you. Business cards and visiting cards are now at the lowest price ever at only 12 euros for one hundred. Have a good month, as always T.T.F.N. Sue.

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DORIS Courcelles. Buenos Dias, Good Morning, Bonjour, Guten Morgen, Yes, my name is Doris and I am Belgian (a Flemish mother and a Walloon father!) but have lived 35 years in Xàbia, If you really want to know my age, I can confess that I have just celebrated my 60th. I have a son of 30, who also lives here which means that I am used to facing up to the generation gap! During these years I have seen many changes and met a lot of people of different nationalities, this is the opportunity we have in Xàbia we can travel, learn a lot of languages, mix cultures and traditions without even leaving our town!!!


forefront of politics. But I am one of those people who believe in politics, politics in capital letters, in politics which puts the citizen first, in politics as a service to others. When I took on the responsibility as mayor I did not know exactly what I would find, but it was clear from the start that I had to do three things, work, work and more work. The three political parties who formed the coalition government in Xàbia, the PSOE, Xàbia Democratica and Ciudanos por Jávea, put together a team of serious and responsible people, and maybe my coaching experience helped me. Each councillor was given the area of responsibility, where they could best contribute their personal knowledge and experience and through this, work with much more enthusiasm. And I believe I was right.

When José asked me to join his team, I didn't hesitate and here I am quite proud to sit next our Mayor……. The problem (if there is one!) is that I am in charge of a department which is more involved in complaints, criticisms, requests and daily jobs rather than in exciting new initiatives. Mind you, after 5 years, I am quite used to it and I wish to take this opportunity to highlight and show keep doing my best to please all our citizens. my appreciation and respect for all the work that is being carried out by the 11 councillors who form JOSÉ. the government team, and especially my sincere Now I would like to introduce Mayka who in addi- appreciation for the work of the two party leaders tion to being my secretary at the Town Hall often with whom I govern, they are Oscar Anton and Juan directs your messages and questions to the depart- Ortolá. ments who can best answer your questions posted on Facebook. Our first major objective was to make our Town Hall, more approachable, more transparent, more MAYKA. helpful, a Town Hall for all the citizens of Xàbia. Good morning everyone, my name is Mayka and as the Mayor said I am his secretary and try to keep For me, as I said earlier, a citizen of Xàbia is not just track of his very busy and crowded agenda. one born here, but also all those who one day, for Although I was born in Matamoros, in Mexico; my one reason or another decided to come and live grandfather and my mother were from Xàbia, and I here. have lived here for more than 40 years, so my heart belongs to Xàbia… I am proud to be the mayor of a town where around I have always worked with the public, in Estate 90 different nationalities live. I have always seen Agents, as a hotel receptionist, in Tourist Offices, this as an opportunity and it makes us better as a and as a Tourist guide. I just love helping other peo- society, more open and more tolerant. ple. I do my best to follow up all the questions asked on José’s Facebook, so please if any of you Now is not the time for grand public works, it's the need any help, I’ll be very happy to attend to your time for our people. Our obligation as a local govcalls or visits to my office. ernment is to make life easier for our citizens. We have achieved between us and I repeat between us, JOSÉ. Finally I would like to introduce George many successes in these 18 months of government, Thomas, who helps me in improving communica- which are difficult to summarize, but I will give you tions with our foreign residents. He is also the a few examples. President of our local branch of the PSOE my political party; he is the first foreigner to be elected to In terms of infrastructure we have carried out the this post in the whole of Spain. As he did much of largest operation ever made in our town by repaving the work with me on the presentation he will assist 26 (twenty six) kilometres of roads including many with the commentary. streets in urbanizations. GEORGE. Thomas Good morning, Buenos Dias, Guten Tag, Bonjour. I am originally from Scotland but have worked and lived in a number of countries across the globe, including Spain where I spent 1 year in Madrid and 4 years in Barcelona. I have lived for 14 years in Xàbia and have been a friend of José’s for around 8 years.

After nearly 30 (thirty) years of waiting, we are renewing the Paseo del Arenal. We are also building a very low cost bus station, which was the project most voted for by citizens in a participatory budgeting session. We have made an attractive new entrance to Xàbia, and completed many smaller works.

A multilingual Citizens Advice Bureau has been JOSÉ. opened; where you can process virtually all Town Thank you George. The first slide explains the prin- Hall procedures, payment facilities, etc cipal objectives I set out as my electoral programme. I have been a relatively short time at the These are difficult financial times and we have drastically


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reduced expenditure and budgets in the Town Hall, Q and A and with the cost controls in place we hope to end Key Questions submitted by FB Friends the year on a positive note. We have developed a strategic plan containing twelve action points which are already under way. Our commitment to citizen participation has been clear, and so we have created bodies such as municipal councils for town planning, tourism, trade, culture, agriculture and even a children's committee, by which even the youngest of our citizens has a voice in the Town Hall.

Rob Jones asked whether there were any plans for additional football pitches in Xàbia due to the large number of children who like to play football.

José This is an interesting question, unfortunately in the last 20 years there has been no medium or long term planning for our sports infrastructure. It is true that we need more soccer fields and other facilities, as the Palau d'Esports has become too small for all My office in the Town Hall is always open to any sports. We are studying the possibility of a new citizen who wants to come to explain their prob- football field next to the current one. As soon as we lems, make complaints or proposals. have more news we will inform you. In one year alone my diary had around 1800 (one thousand eight hundred) entries. Lynn Cobb asked when the new library would be opened in the Port. As you know I use Facebook to explain the day to day events of my work and to keep the public José The completion has caused us many problems informed of all kinds of issues. As you can imagine not everything is perfect. We because the contractors did not meet their commitwould like to go faster to resolve the many issues ments. After many negotiations and penalties outstanding for the past 20 years. There are some imposed on the company, we finally reached an Within a few weeks the outstanding things which we honestly wish would function in a agreement. work will be completed and the library ready to better way. So we will continue fighting and work- open. ing to improve every day, and I apologize if sometimes we fail, but I guarantee that we will learn Several FB Friends have asked about the major from our mistakes and put things right. works on the Cami de Cabanes. A new roundabout and a supermarket? I am convinced that Xàbia has much more to offer. In addition to its natural charms, its sun, its light, its José sea, its people, we want to add better and more I have been able to resolve the problems with the effective services, be prepared for the challenges Alicante Diputación, enabling the completion of that we face every day and offer a better quality of this project, with the roundabout being constructed life for all who live here and for those who choose at no cost to the Town Hall. The construction of a supermarket is in an advanced stage creating more us as their holiday destination. than 40 jobs. The opening, and completion of the I am convinced and sure that we will reach our roundabout are scheduled for June. objectives, but I'm also sure that if we did not have such impressive human resources at our disposal it Any news about the renovation of the Central Cinema in the Pueblo? would be much harder to achieve. José The cinema has been closed for many years and with no project for future development. Now as a deputy in the Alicante regional government, I have been able to have the refurbishment project included in the plan of work and services of the Alicante Provincial Government. And now George will continue with the slide pres- We will receive a grant of €600,000 (six hundred entation. We will finish with some questions we thousand euros) for the repairs to this landmark cinhave received, and then you are welcome to have a ema, which will then become a venue for cultural coffee. activities of all kinds, with seating for 300 people. Work, humility, enthusiasm, passion, effort and conviction this is the formula which motivates me. The road on this journey isn’t flat but full of potholes but I hope that I can count on your help too. Thank you very much.

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Dear Grapevine Friends, This month I thought I would write about our local champion David Ferrer, especially as he is now promoting Xàbia tourism, and has recently had the Paseo del Arenal named after him, now known as Paseo del Tenista David Ferrer.

known as “Ferru” to his good friends. David began playing tennis early, following in the footsteps of his older brother, Javier (a former Spanish junior champion, a successful teaching pro, and currently the director of the Ferrer Tennis academy in Xàbia). David’s parents Jaime and Pilar still live in Xàbia. Just like his two sons, Javier and David, Jaime loves sports, especially tennis and football (he also follows Valencia C.F). In his free time, he likes to play tennis at the Jávea Tennis Club. Pilar is currently a teacher in Xàbia at the Trenc D´Alba. Both her sons also studied at the school (David was an honours student). She loves spending time with her grandsons, Xavier, 5 and Lucas, 1, and of course, she enjoys watching tennis, especially when David plays! From an early age, David demonstrated his trademark tenacity and drive that have become his calling cards on the ATP Tour. He moved to Gandia at age thirteen, followed two years later by a move to Barcelona having obtained a sports grant from the Catalan Tennis Federation. He then spent nine months at Equelite, Juan Carlos Ferrero's Academy in Villena, before moving back to Xàbia. David turned pro in 2000, and is now beginning his 13th year on the ATP tour. He is known to wear his opponents down with unrelenting strokes, footwork and as Roger Federer says the “best service return in the game.” He has achieved a career high ranking of 4 in the world and has earned over $17million dollars in prize money. He has also been a fixture in Davis Cup play, having played in 14 ties and helping Spain win 3 of their 5 titles. David is coached by Javier Piles whom he considers a second father.

In 2013 following the continued absence of Rafael Nadal from the ATP Tour, David became the Spanish No. 1 for the first time in his career, re-entering the Top Four in the world rankings on January 28, 2013. In February 2013 David won his second tournament of the David is a close friend of mine and I value not just his season by defeating Stanislas Wawrinka 6-4, 3-6, 6-1 to successfully defend his Copa Claro title in Buenas success but his unfailing support for his home town. Aires, the Argentine capital. To date he has won 20 singles titles and 2 doubles titles. Defending his title in Acapulco on March 2nd, David was defeated by Rafa Nadal. In his usual genuine spirit, David stated after the final ‘If I’m going to be beaten I would prefer it to be Rafa’. Off–court, David is passionate about football and basketball and supports Valencia FC. In addition to sports, he loves cooking and reading and hangs on to every book he has ever read. He regularly visits Xàbia and often holds tennis workshops for local children.

David was born in Xàbia on April 2, 1982, and is affectionately


Doris Courcelles

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campaign. I was fortunate to come second. I was invited along with a number of other top entrants and parents to attend a meeting at the town hall. All the best posters were on show, and the actual winner had her poster made up and they were put up all over the borough. I wondered if this might not be an idea for the "poo" issue here. The children could be taught about the dangers and unsocial issues and the heavy fines imposed if you are caught...they can have their own poster competition and exhibition of pictures. They are the next generation and will be educated about this problem, and hopefully will pass the message on to their elders. I am sure such a worthy cause could have a lot of media coverage and bring this issue to the forefront with minimal cost to the town....possibly even going on to a national campaign. I really think that this is a superb idea. No doubt Empar Bolufer, the councillor of Education and Cesc Camprubi in charge of the “childrens’council” will be pleased to help me with this initiative….. If you have other solutions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me:





March already! When Jose Chulvi met his “Facebook” friends the other day, a lot of general and local problems were exposed by the attendees. Of course, the dogs´“poo” issue came up in the meeting. I really hope that the citizens of Jávea will remember me for other reasons when I retire but at the moment this subject seems to be my essential connection......... Fortunately, some helpful people are trying to find solutions. That is the case of Moira who wrote this mail to the Mayor: “I have a dog, and walk mine daily....I also carry poo bags to clean up after him, but I know people are very lazy and it is a terrible problem around here. Even around the Arenal school by the children’s play area at the back of the As the Mayor said at the Parador meeting, foreign resischool. dents should play a greater role in the future development Years ago when I was at school my local council had a of our town. Another question was raised: what are the competition. The subject was getting children to use the facilities for foreigners who want to learn Spanish or to teach their own language in Jávea. The first option is the zebra crossings. All the schools in the borough were asked to get children to submit drawing for a poster EPA (school for adults), where proper teachers help you to get by in “Cervantes” language. The second option is to integrate the conversations program called “hablemos IN T E R N & más” or “let’s talk”. For this, you can apply at the Social Services Department next to the Plaza de la Constitución, the Centro Salud. There, Paola will direct you to Removals, Storage behind the different level teams. This project started a few years ago and has had a lot of success. Believe me, it is also a & Shipping REMOVA good way to make friends! If you want to help people to Local, National and International Moves learn English or German, do you know that Creama has courses thanks to the help of voluntary foreign wRegular Spain/NorthernEurope organized residents? By the way, the people at Creama tell me they w15 yrs on the Costa Blanca are in need of more teachers of English. If you feel like it, don’t hesitate to contact them. Creama offices, which are wEconomic Removals now situated on top of the “Portal del Clot” parking in the wHourly Rates same building as the Help Desk office and the department wSingle Boxes to a Full House of Services, Environment and Beaches…… As I said at the beginning of this article, we are already in March and wFully Insured ….. expecting a lot of fiestas. We will start with San Jose wStorage Facilities in Spain on the 19th. (Oh! Yes, take a note: the Town Hall and wHandyman Service Banks will be closed on the 18th too). Then Easter will be coming and San Vicente a week after. Have a look at the Experts on Worldwide Shipping & Customs Clearance list of events and you will be sure that it will be impossible Guido Renskers to get bored in Jávea. Until next month! C/ Antonio Buero Vallejo No. 6 03730 Javea Alicante, España

661 986 451

Doris Courcelles, councillor for “services, environment and beaches” was born in Belgium and studied at a French university. She speaks Castellano, English, French, Dutch, and German and is still trying to improve her Valenciano. As a consequence, she knows many residents and societies of Spanish and other nationalities here in Jávea. She moved to Spain in 1978. She has a son aged 29 and can empathise with parents in a foreign country.

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Agenda 21 is a non-political process whereby inhabitants of a town can have a say in the long-term sustainable development of their community. Jávea has been part of this UN initiative since 2004, but as proceedings are mostly conducted in either Castellano and Valenciano, the authors decided that as more than half the population of Jávea consists of expatriates, it would be useful to set up a Wiki website to disseminate information in English. This column is a summary of recent events. For more information and up-to-date news, please visit; http//

Compiled by Chris Betterton-Jones and Tim Ladd Xàbia hangs on to 3.6 million loan In December, the Town Council decided to return a 3.6 million loan it had received from the Ministry of Industry and Tourism to fund the setting up of the Portal del Clot municipal building and works on the Frechinal gully, the idea being to reduce interest payments, since the money was not being used. However the council has now reversed its decision because they have discovered that returning the loan unused will incur higher payments than if the loan were used, and moves to lease out portions of the Portal del Clot building have been unsuccessful. In meetings with the Ministry they raised the possibility of extending the works period by two years, and allowing flexibility in splitting the money between the two projects. They'll be taking a fresh look at the Clot building, especially now the town is reducing costs by moving its offices out of rented buildings. Bird monitoring hit by cutbacks It has been 18 months since the Office of Migratory Species (OEM) closed its doors as a result of budget cuts. The closure means that in all this time nobody has been managing information about birds that live, breed or fly through Spain, or coordinating the bird ringing program, not to mention the bat and tortoise monitoring programs. The system is vital to international scientific activity, and its voluminous database of nearly seven million notes affords insight into the movements of birds, their exposure to climate change, causes of mortality, population evolution and dispersion - this latter phenomenon being essential at times of pandemics such as bird flu.

The Town Council has agreed to leave the "Mediterranean House", a body which was incorporated in 2009. It was was the brainchild of former Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos It was set up to direct or focus studies and work in the Mediterranean area and was formed by central government, the Generalitat, and the municipalities of Alicante, Benidorm and Javea. The latter two were set up as subsites and pledged to support the 5% of the cost. This meant that Xàbia paid €400,000 between 2009 and 2010, with very little return, only receiving support for a Turkish film festival, bloggers conference and one Jazz concert and having a very low profile in the group's publicity. The new Xàbia administration decided to stop payment in 2011 and 2012 (which saved 260,000 euros), and has now formally left the consortium. Claims for overpaid IBI rejected by the Cadastre General Directorate. Residents of Javea have received another setback in attempts to claim money overcharged in municipal taxes resulting from the application 2005 property values. The cadastral office has rejected all 4000 or so applications received en-mass. Now, all taxpayers who want to recover those overpayments must apply to the civil courts, with the cost that entails. In this situation, the Town Council governing team led by José Chulvi has decided to sit down with lawyer Juan Martin Queralt, who has defended municipal and by extension, residents' interests in this matter, to decide what strategy to take. Water mains repairs to cost at least €600,000

"Xàbia al Plat" - culinary tour from 4th till 14th Repeated blowouts along the water mains between March Cami Cabanes and Xàbia International College leave only one solution, replacement of the entire 40 year old The Asociación de Restauradores de Xàbia (ARX) stretch of pipe. The main problem is that water has to revealed details for the fourth edition of the popular be lifted 70 metres to serve Balcon al Mar creating a 'Xàbia al Plat', a culinary tour promoting local cuisine pressure of 7 kilos and hence increased chances of which features several of the many great restaurants in leaks. It will cost at least €600,000 to repair the pipe (2 Jávea which takes place between 4th and 14th March. km, at a basic 300 euros per metre). The contract will ARX president José Manuel Piña explained that rice have to be put out to tender because of its high cost, and will be the common link in all the special menus being the money required is double that invested by Amjasa offered by more than a dozen venues, an ingredient in repairs last year which is another headache. The which, in addition to the fresh fish from the bay, forms Amjasa management is currently deciding what to do. an essential element of the local cuisine of Jávea. Xàbia leaves Consortium




For more information and up-to-date news, visit; http// and the workgroups' multilingual website:


SPANISH EXPLAINED by Teacher Writer Cathy Perez Pinto CATHY: Buenas tardes a todo el mundo. (Good afternoon everybody.) ¿De qué pensáis hablar esta tarde? (What are you thinking of talking about this afternoon?) JANICE: Bueno, en esta época del año la gente empieza a pensar en donde van a ir de vacaciones y pasa tiempo planeándolas. (Well, at this time of year people start to think about where they are going to go for their holidays and spend some time planning them.) JANINE: ¿Adónde van los españoles para veranear? (Where do the Spanish go for their Summer holidays?) CATHY: A los españoles les encanta Andalucía. (The Spanish love Andalucia.) Ocupa el primer puesto entre los españoles como lugar de vacaciones. (It occupies first place among the Spanish as a holiday resort.) Cataluña ocupa el segundo puesto y el tercer puesto es para la Comunidad Valenciana. (Catalunya occupies second place and in third place is the Valencian Community.) Lo que queda claro es que, en cuestión de turismo, los españoles optan por conocer su propio país antes que desplazarse al extranjero. ( What is clear is that, as far as tourism is concerned, the Spanish opt for getting to know their own country before going abroad.) La mayoría de los viajes realizados el año pasado perteneció al llamado “turismo interior.” ( The majority

of all trips carried out last year belonged to what is known as “internal tourism.”) HEATHER: No me extraña en absoluto. (It doesn’t surprise me at all.) Tienen todo aquí. (They’ve got everything here.) Por eso vienen tantos turistas a España. (That’s why so many tourists come to Spain.) Por eso estamos aquí nosotros. (That’s why we are here.) PHELAN: ¿Cuando los españoles salen al extranjero, adónde suelen ir? (When Spaniards go abroad where do they normally go?) CATHY: Cuando los españoles toman la decisión de marchar fuera, en la mayoría no lo hacen muy lejos. ( When the Spanish take the decision to go abroad, the majority don’t go very far, on the whole.) Gran parte de las salidas se realizan a países europeos. (Most journeys are made to European countries.) Francia sigue centrando la máxima curiosidad, seguida por Portugal y en tercer lugar Andorra, con su paraíso de las compras. (France continues to excite the most interest, followed by Portugal and in third place Andorra, with its shopping paradise.) En cuanto a países no europeos, se produce un empate entre los Estados Unidos y países de habla española como Cuba, Méjico, Santo Domingo y Argentina. ( When it comes to non European countries, there is a draw between the United States and Spanish

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speaking countries like Cuba, Mexico, Santo Domingo and Argentina.) NIGEL: ¿Qué modo de transporte prefieren los españoles? ( Which form of transport do Spaniards prefer?) CATHY: Para desplazarse los españoles prefieren poner manos al volante. (The Spanish prefer travelling by car.) El autocar sigue en importancia, a continuación se sitúa el avión y después el tren. (The coach follows in importance, followed by flying and then the train.) Sin embargo, esto está cambiando gracias al AVE, el tren de alta velocidad. (However, this is changing thanks to the AVE, the high speed train.) Cubre varias rutas ahora y es muy rápido, puntual y sorprendentemente económico. ( It covers several routes now and is very fast, punctual and surprisingly reasonable.) MAISIE: ¿Es Benidorm popular como lugar de vacaciones entre los españoles, o no? (Is Benidorm a popular holiday resort among the Spanish, or not?) CATHY: Con la llegada de otoño, Benidorm es un sitio

muy favorecido por españoles jubilados de toda la península; en especial los que viven en climas algo menos suaves que el nuestro. (With the arrival of Autumn, Benidorm is a favourite venue for retired Spaniards from all over the peninsula; especially those who come from somewhat less kindly climates than ours.) Aparte de su clima tan extremadamente favorable, Benidorm ofrece a los visitantes innumerables actividades, programadas por la dirección de los distintos hoteles. ( Apart from her extremely favourable climate, Benidorm offers visitors innumerable activities, organized by the management of the various hotels.) Incluidas en estas actividades son bailes, clases de gimnasia, partidas de cartas, itinerarios turísticos y culturales, excursiones a las tiendas y espectáculos. ( These activities include dances, keep fit classes, card games, touristic and cultural trips, shopping trips and shows.) Bueno; os deseo a todos unas vacaciones muy agradables y hasta la próxima vez. (Well; I wish you all a very happy holiday and until next time.)

Make Thursday Special Why not drop into Place4Friendship Right next to Javea market for a free cup of coffee, tea and homemade cake. Browse our bric a brac, craft, nearly new clothes and book stalls. Open 10.30am – 1.00pm every Thursday We are near the top right hand corner of Javea market, looking towards the Montgo. Go slightly up the hill and turn first right into Carrer Favara. Part of Javea International Baptist Church

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T HE GRAPEVINE, March 2013

ROUNDABOUT CHARITY SHOP JAVEA Spring is just around the corner and we commence our first newsletter of 2013 on a positive note after another successful year helping various charities/good causes. This joint effort between our volunteers, customers and visitors to the shop have made it possible for donations to be made to the following :- Cancer Care, " Help" of Denia, The Balcon El Mar Voluntary Firemen, (Special Clothing/Boots). EMAUS Children's Clothing and The Mosaic Ministries in Javea. All of these charities were extremely grateful for these donations and they thanked everyone who helped in any way for their contribution Many thanks to all from the helpers at the shop. Next a reminder that our annual Easter raffle which commenced Wed. 6th March will be ongoing until the draw takes place on Wed. 27th March. Once again there will be a number of good prizes to be won. The shop will be closed Easter Monday 1st April. It will remain open as usual Monday to Saturday 10.00hr. to 13.30hrs. on all other days over the Easter period. We will be accepting summer clothing as from Tuesday 2nd April. If you feel that you could spare one morning per week to help please call into the shop and ask for details. Thank you all once again for your continued support

Business Cards OFFER Full Colour-Design Included 100 single sided 12€ 200 single sided 18€ 500 single sided 36€ Delivery 9.50€

JetWash 2 Tú Mobile Car & Boat Valeting Using only the finest Autoglym products imported from the UK. A simple wash and vac or a full showroom finish. Very reasonable rates At home, work or the golf course Whilst you play! Boats cleaned in or out of the water.

Power Washing Pool Coronations , patios, paving, printed concrete etc High petrol powered commercial machine. Pool Coronations from € 50 (Javea area) References and reccomendations on request.

Call Clive on: 625 397 209


LOS DELFINES Avenida del Pla165 ( opposite Mas Y Mas ) Established 30 years

All YOUR CLEANING NEEDS Service Laundry Villa Turnarounds Dry Cleaning & Leather Carpets-curtains-Duvets Restaurants & Bars dirty



Tel:- 96 647 1594


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Healthcare Information provided by the British Consulate Healthcare Team Many people are now finding that they need to prove that they are eligible to receive treatments and health care from the Spanish system with Portal del Clot office, Avda Amanecer 2 (Clot parking) e-mail: Tel: 96 5790500 Ext: 1316 the backing of the UK health service having contributed to that system in the UK before coming to live in Spain. Pensioners may need to provide a certificate known as an S1 form obtainable Declaration of Worldwide from the International Pensions Centre (IPC) in Assets held outside of Newcastle. Here are some useful addresses, Spain telephone nºs and e-mail addresses to obtain information: A law was passed in November 2012 requiring International Pension Centre, Tyneview Park, RESIDENTS to declare the Newcastle upon Tyne, NE98 1BA value, as at 31st Tel: 0044 1912187777 e-mail: December 2012, of all assets owned by them located outside of Spain. The If you have worked and contributed to the UK obligation also applies to any such assets sold during the year social security system over the last three tax years, you may have the right to a provisional 2012. Assets are declared in three different groups: a) S1 form. This form is issued by the Overseas Healthcare Team (OHT) in UK. Bank and Financial Accounts, b) Investments, ISAS, Bonds, Trusts, QROPS, Annuities, certain Life Insurances, c) Properties owned Overseas Healthcare Team, Room M0135, Durham House, Washington, Tyne & Wear, abroad. NE38 7SF It is only necessary to submit a declaration if Tel: 0044 191 218 1999 the TOTAL in any one of the three groups is e-mail: more than 50,000€ per person but there are heavy Short visits to Spain are covered by the fines for failing to make the declaration and for European Healthcare Card (EHIC) issued in UK. If someone finds themself in the situation undeclared pieces of information. that they need medical care and do not have an This tax declaration will normally be due EHIC card, they can contact the Overseas between 1st January and 31st March, but, this first Healthcare Team and obtain a Provisional year, the declaration should be submitted between Certificate (Certificado Provisional de Repuesto). 1st March and 30th April.

HelpDesk for Foreign Residents

FACT FILE: Number 19

The Help Desk is organising a talk on the above subject to be held on Friday, 22nd March in the Casa de Cultura (Plaça de Baix 6, Jávea Pueblo) from 1800 hrs to 2000 hrs. Gloria Diego (LexTax Consulting) and Christina Brady (Blacktower Financial Management Group) will give the talk in English but Gloria will be able to answer any questions that may be asked for any Spanish members of the audience.

The details of the special team dedicated to Healthcare issues at the British Consulate are as follows: Tel: 902109356 e-mail: Online: " H e l p for British Nationals" – "Living in Spain" – "Access to Healthcare".

As with previous talks, please reserve your seat by sending an e-mail to the Help Desk at the Working together with Jávea Town Hall, the following address: as soon British Consulate will come to Jávea and give a talk on Healthcare issues in April. Date and venue as possible. to be confirmed.

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Cannot get BBC2 after 6pm, cannot receive BBC3 or BBC4 Want to use the IPlayers to catchup on programmes you have missed. All this for only 10 euros/month. No contract, no setup fee. If you are not 100% happy then simply cancel your subscription at any time.

. y bu

e b ry


u o y m e o .c for

T L k A I u . TR

u 4 tv

w w

w t i s i V Visit or call Derek on 96 579 2649

The Cobblers Shop has moved See map below



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Glamrox, beautiful jewelry from the white coast of Spain ....unique, exciting designs with a palette of fabulous colors inspired by the landscape, culture and dazzling blues of the mediterranean sea. Glamrox Jewelry....a statement of lifestyle!

Glamrox Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Parties Hold a jewelry party in your own home and receive a free crystal gift worth 25 euros plus earn an extra 10% commission on all you sell.

Cava and nibbles provided free of charge. Javea Denia Moraria Calpe and all surrounding areas covered. Call Maxine @ Glamrox for details on 620653537

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Computer talk telephone: 644 46 41 49

Hi Everyone! To end the info about how to proceed to turn our Windows 8 off, here is another method that also applies to former versions of Windows operating systems. All you have to do is follow these 7 steps: 1. Go to the desktop. 2. Right-click an empty part in it, and then click New and then on Shortcut. 3. The Create Shortcut window will appear and on the Location of Item box, type: shutdown.exe-s-t -00 and then click on Next. 4. Type a name for the shortcut, Shut Down for example, and then click on Finish. 5. You can choose another icon for the icon that looks more like the task we have just created; for this, rightclick the icon and click Properties. Now select the Shortcut tab and click Change Icon. From the window of icons, select one that you find appropriate for the Shutdown shortcut and then click on OK and again in the OK button of the created shortcut properties. 6. Now it looks like we want it to, proceed to Rightclick on the shortcut and select Pin to Taskbar. 7. Right-click the application, select the Pin, and should have been visible to the right of the Metro screen. Then just click and drag it where ever you want it. Well, for the last posts we have been learning a little about Windows 8 and these tips should be more than

enough to allow you to start working with your operating system. Obviously there are many more capabilities and features, but I do believe that the best way to get on well with your Windows 8 version is to continue from here discovering yourselves which of them can make computer life easier for you, therefore I will end this series with one that enables you to create a picture password to secure your system; for this you choose will choose image, then draw on it in a combination of taps, lines and circles which will only allow someone who can reproduce this pattern to log on to your session. For this, press and hold your Win key and then the I letter on your keyboard, then select More PC Settings, Users and finally select Create a Picture Password to give this a try (this option may be only accessible in some versions of the Operating System). Well, so far Windows 8 has performed quite well for us, right? But what if you find it won't boot at some point? Well if you feel brave enough to tamper with the basic configuration settings yourself, then you now have to press Shift+F8 during the launch process to access its recovery tools. With this you will get access to the Troubleshoot menu, and from here to the Advanced Options. Starting from this point you'll be able to try the Automatic Repair tool, which may fix

your problems by itself. But what about if you don’t succeed and the system still misbehaves? Then the same menu enables you to use the last System Restore point, tweak key Windows Startup settings, and even open a command prompt if you'd like to troubleshoot your system manually. If that all seems like too much hassle then the Troubleshoot menu's option to 'Refresh your PC' may be preferable, because it essentially reinstalls Windows 8 but keeps your files, and might fix many of your issues. But if it doesn't then there's always the more drastic 'Reset your PC' option, which removes all your files and installs a fresh new copy of Windows 8. You don't have to access these features from the boot menu, of course. If Windows 8 starts but seems very unstable, then open the new Recovery applet in Control Panel for easy access to the Refresh, Reset and other disaster recovery features. Well, I hope you’ve found these introductory posts to Windows latest Operating System useful and that those of you have a copy installed on any of your devices continue discovering the large list of changes, features and capabilities of

Windows 8. We will continue exploring and commenting info about computers, their world, news and updates, but no more of Microsoft’s base software until we receive any news of the substitute of this advanced system, which seeing how fast everything moves in this world, surely won’t be very long from now… Please find our contact details on our advert in this edition; in case you have any questions or queries, we can assure a quick and professional reply. If these queries are of general benefit, we will post the reply on further editions of the Grapevine so they can be for everybody’s benefit. Also, please visit our new Facebook page, where we will try to keep you all posted on latest news about computers and the world around them. Here is the link: ages/Valencia-Javea/JPGAsistencia/1215141978777 46 you will find a link to the Grapevine’s website too, where you’ll find the latest edition for online reading. Back to work till the next post! Until then, keep clicking!!


What’March s cooking in

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Chicken and Mushroom Risotto

Aldea felina is a charity registered in Spain to shelter, feed and re-home cats abandoned in the Denia area. Our helpers all work on a volunrary basis We have a variety of feline friends, old and young, waiting to be adopted. All adult cats are blood tested, wormed, vaccinated and sterilised and the kittens wormed and vaccinated. If you can give a loving home to any please call Lynda on 648100629. We also require short-term foster homes, teaching the young to interact with people or to bring an ill cat to full health. If you can help, please contact us on one of the numbers above.

This chicken and mushroom risotto recipe is a hit with every family. Serves 4. Ingredients:

CAT OF THE MONTH Merci was found in the street under a car trying to give birth, unfortunately her kittens did not survive . She is now in good health and is a very affectionate, gentle and quiet little cat longin g for a new ho me . DOB 01/07/2009 . castrated and Vaccinated. If you want to adopt Merci, or any of our other cats, please call Lynda 648100629 . We Need Your Help! We are always in need of people to help out at the centre. If you have a few spare hours one morning per week and would like to spend them caring for young kittens, or would be prepared to help cover for sickness and holidays at the centre please call Lynda.

2 tablespoons of butter 3/4 lb of chicken breast, boneless skinless and cut into cubes 1 small onion, thinly sliced 1 medium carrot, thinly sliced 1 cup of long-grain rice 1/2 lb of fresh mushrooms 1 can of chicken broth 1/2 cup of water 1/2 cup of frozen peas Cooking Instructions Heat a large saucepan and melt half of the butter over a medium heat. Saute the chicken breasts in the pan, until browned, making sure to stir often. Remove and set it aside. Using the same saucepan, melt the remaining butter over a medium heat and saute the onions, mushrooms, carrot, and long grain rice, until the rice is brown. Stir regularly. Add the chicken broth and water to the mixture, stirring occasionally and bring it to boil.

Donations Donations are most welcome as one-off gifts or regular payments. Lynda can provide you with the relevant information or see our new website Every little helps.

Reduce the heat, cover the saucepan, and let it simmer for about 10 or 15 minutes, making sure to stir it sometimes.

We’d also like your bric-a-brac, books and unwanted gifts, to sell in our charity shop at Els Poblets, close to the (well signposted) veterinary clinic. Open Mon to Sat: 10-2.

Simmer for another 5 minutes or so, until the chicken breasts are no longer pink, the rice is tender, and the liquid has been absorbed. It may need more then 5 minutes to make sure the rice is tender.

Now you can add the peas and the chicken which you had set aside.

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and try it. Main menus at €49.50 (7-courses) and €70 for the 9-course one. XÀBIA al PLAT - A festival of excellence at €30 pp Tel : 96 508 4440 / With the usual minimum of advanced notice (we E-mail: Reservations : / received news of this on Sat. 2nd March) a gastronomic Website: week has been announced from 4th - 14th March with some 13 participating restaurants many of whom feature English language films in Jávea puerto have on our listing. resumed. These include : BonAmb, Calima, Mezquida, Parador, La Perla de Jávea, La Renda, Los Remos de la Nao, El Rodat & Sur (at Granadella). During this "festival" these restaurants are offering a marvellous bargain of their best dishes at an all-inclusive price of €30. See details of these establishments in the listing below. Best to book. APRIL 4th : THE NEXT ENGLISH TEA at the JÁVEA PARADOR will be on Thursday 4th April 2013 at 16:30h. Let us remind you, please, that this excellent and very successful event was full in February (max. 40 people). It can therefore be said to have become a well establish fixture so the word has really got around the community. It is enjoyable and the food is wonderful ! This is a regular event on the first Thursday of every month (excl. July/August). The hotel offers perfectly made tea (incl. Earl Grey) as well as cucumber sandwiches, delicious scones (with clotted cream and red jam) and carrot & walnut cake and a glass of Cava to finish. A delight. Yes, readers .... this is a triumph and all for €10. Because the teas have been so successful it remains essential to book [96 579 0200]. Make up a small group - and book early.

TOP OF JÁVEA'S CLASS - for all true Gastronauts ! Restaurante BONAMB : Dutch owned, this restaurant (formerly Giardino, at the Tarraula roundabout at the end of Cabanes and the beginning of the Benitachell/ Golf Club Road) has opened recently after a complete retransformation with beautifully laid out gardens and terraces. This is the most important gastronomic investment in Jávea - ever - and it really puts Jávea on the map completing the triangle of world-class restaurants formed by Quique Dacosta (Denia) and Casa Pepa (Ondara). I was both charmed and enchanted by my visit. Reports are consistently excellent. The new lunchonly Menu-del-día is €24 (soup, apéritif, choice 4 starters, choice 4 main courses, choice 2 puds plus glass of house wine) sounds like a terrific bargain so do go

JÁVEA : CINEMA JAYAN - special offer (dinner + ticket on Tues - Wed - Thurs at 18:45h for only €14) : The excellent Restaurante LA RENDA is right beside the Cinema Jayan and offers a pre-performance menu del día including your cinema ticket for €14 (which means, on a Tues or a Wed., a meal will cost you €8 !). This newly and beautifully appointed restaurant offers some some serious, adventurous and very creative cuisine. To take up this offer you must book. Tel: 96 579.3763 / E-mail: N.B. To find out what film is showing, go to : click English "English version". IN A CLASS OF THEIR OWN (from €35+ per head) Restaurant ATALAYA : On the right side of Jávea's Arenal beach (above Scallops). This restaurant serves creative dishes of superb quality and many have asked why it has only recently joined the list. The reason has been some of the most offensive/loud muzak of any restaurant in the area (and even if turned down, most ungraciously, they soon jacked it up again - three times on one visit). However recent reports suggest they may have begun to understand how clients have been offended by the noise for we are told that on recent visits there was none !! So we are pleased to acknowledge their excellent culinary skills with the proviso that we hope that common sense has now prevailed here and that clients are now spared the (previous) infernal noise ! Tel: 96 628.9666 / f. / Web: Restaurante LA BOHÈME (Jávea, Arenal beach front) : This restaurant (and Los Remos de la Nao, Le Gourmand, Mira Jávea & Atalaya) are the best French styled restarants on the Arenal beach front. Fine tapas, superb steaks. Menu del dia €15.95. Consistently excellent reports throughout the summer but comments reveal this is an expensive place. Parador end of Arenal promenade. Tel : 96 579.1600 / open daily. / Restaurante LE GOURMAND : This excellent restaurant reopened in mid-December at the former premises of < 121 > on the Jesús Pobre road. Six of us enjoyed a wonderful meal there on 31st December and we


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remain of the opinion that Benjamin's move away from front-line tourism (at Arenal) will enable his reputation better to spread through the resident community and especially to offer their excellent creative French-based cuisine to the Montgó area and Jesús Pobre. Despite the recession there are still good things happening and in the 3 months since they opened good reports have been numerous and consistent. Muzak is low and always reduced on request. Tel: 96 628.9686 / E-mail :

Restaurante CALIMA (Jávea port, Avda. de la Marina Española - pedestrianized seafront). Next to Piri-Piri and recently refurbished. Marvellous, imaginative and sometimes rewardingly experimental. Jazz on Thurs. Menu del dia €11.95 (Mon-Sat) but Sun. €13. Tel : 96 579 4821 / open daily. Email:

Restaurante LA PLAZA No.6 : (in the "triangular square" (sic) opp. Humpty Dumpty). All-year-round successful and delightful German-owned establishment offering excellent international cuisine (but can include the excellent Wiener schnitzel !). A favourite with residents in tranquil surroundings. Menu del dia €11 (midday) & €19.00 evenings. Kitchen open till 23:30h. Live music one evening a week. Tel: 96 646 2314 /f. Monday / / / E-mail:

Restaurante LOS REMOS de la NÃO (Jávea, Arenal beach front) : French owned and was probably the best of all the Arenal beach restaurants although there are recent reports of improved standards they have proved short-lived (poor service). Lies at the extreme right hand end of the bay on the edge of the large car park overlooking the beach. Fish a speciality. Great views. Menu del día €15 (Sunday €20). Best to book. Tel : 96 647.0776 / f. Tues.

Restaurante CHEZ ANGEL (Jávea Arenal - close to Humpty Dumpty on right after Arenal traffic lights). Brasserie style. Excellent meat - absolutely the best Châteaubriand in the area (with Masena at No. 2 !). Restaurante MASENA (Jávea) : Wonderful Cous-Cous. Serves copious vegetables. Attracting regular clients of all nationalities this has Menus del dia c.€16.00 & €25.00. been the most outstandingly successful restaurant of Tel : 96 579.2723 / f. Tues [ no web site found ] 2012 by virtue of a consistently high standard of cooking and (if there were another award) for the best Maître Restaurante LA COCINA : leaving Jávea port towards D in the area; Valentino leads a team offering impecca- the old town - on the corner of the last of row of shops ble service. These comments reach us from a wide cir- before petrol station. This restaurant is being talked cle. Their muzak is always low and is often turned off on about all over the Jávea community (and is runner-up request - thus improving the atmosphere and comfort of for the Grapevine Restaurant of the Year 2012). The the guests. Go to the end of Cami Cabanes (behind food is truly excellent, well presented and served with Barclays) and immediately left onto the Benitachell charm and shows great flair. Adventurous regional (Golf Club) road. Beautifully appointed Belgian-owned Spanish & international cuisine. Remarkably sensible restaurant with a stylish air of Mexican decoration. prices and a fascinating and very honestly priced wine Menu del dia €17 (but not Sundays). This superb list; it is also a challege but do not be intimidated as you restaurant is busy all the year around ! If you want to will receive good advice if needed ! Quality wines also available by the glass. Evenings only. know the reason, go and try it ! Booking essential. Tel : 96 579.3764 / f. Tues Web : http://www.restau- Tel: 96 579.5140 (f. Sunday & Monday) / Web: / E-mail : Xabia/Masena/

Restaurante SOFIA'S : Avda. del Pla 20, Jávea. Really delicious and excellently prepared food. This restaurant had not featured on this list for a few years due to its over loud muzak but an accommodation has been reached and a simple request will now see it turned down (or even off !). The Menu-del-día is one of the best, cost/quality, that we know (about €16.50h with a glass of wine - but available Thursday lunch only. High standards pervade all their dishes and the restaurant is beautifully appointed. Easy parking. Tel: 96 646.2903 / Open 19:00 - 22:30h / f. Sun/Mon : Web: Restaurante TOSCA (Arenal beach, on the bridge overlooking the creek and close to Jávea Parador); Creative cooking. Approx. Euros 35.00. Excellent Menu-del-día 17.90 Euros. Muzak here can be irritating (they say they play it to cover the noise from the kitchen !). You may BYO - but corkage is €9 !!!! Tel : 96 579.3145 / f. Monday midday / Web: nte-Tosca-105829-0.html

Restaurante LA RENDA : Jávea Port, right beside the Cinema Jayan. Beautifully appointed restaurant with some serious, adventurous and very creative cuisine we even found Sweetbreads on the menu. Menu del día €12.50. Live music on Friday. Muzak turned off on request. Tel: 96 579.3763 / E-mail: N.B. This restaurant offers a bargain pre-cinema special menu from 18:45h (Mon-Thurs) at €14 which includes your cinema ticket ! See details above. FAMILY RESTAURANTS / GOOD & RELIABLE (Euros 20 - 35 per head) Restaurante AUSTRIACO (CLOSED ??) & Bakery (Jávea; Arenal beach front). We are hearing that the Austriaco restaurant has closed and has been sold BUT that the bakery will remain open so that, for now, superb bread/croissants are stll available from 07:00h daily. A top choice for breakfasts. (Another source of very excellent bread is the expensively-priced Saladar Supermarket). We hope to be able to provide more reliable information next month. Tel : 96 647.1004 / open daily /

Page 18 Restaurante BACCHUS (Jávea) : Wonderful quality, Swiss owned. Cook your own (superb) steak on stone. Pinosol-Cansalades road. Must book. Menus-del-día from €15 (W/ends €18). Tel : 96 647.3096 / f. Mon. / m Restaurante L'ÉCHALOTTE : Jávea Costa Nova, beside the tennis club just before the La Guardia cross roads. International cuisine of excellent quality with covered terrace behind. Their Xmas day lunch was reported as being really excellent. Good parking. Tel: 96 647.3364 / [ no web site ] Restaurante EL GAUCHO : This recently re-opened restaurant along the Jesús Pobre road continues to receive much praise (especially their meat quality). It comes under the management of the excellent Pizzeria Pepa (at Arenal). A very worthwhile restaurant for all and esecially for the residents of Montgó. Tel: 96 646.1338 / Restaurante LUNGO MARE (Jávea, Arenal beach front) : Magnificent Italian restaurant - beware large portions (some can be shared !). Beware muzak can be bad ! Nearly always full so best to try to book. Tel : 96 647.1196 / open daily / Web :


Restaurante PIZZERIA PEPA (Jávea: Arenal beach front, nr. middle). Spanish; excellent value, swift service. Pizza takeaway. VERY efficient, popular with good atmosphere; muzak low; must book ! Menu-del-día €16. The best quick-service "family" restaurant at the beach. Tel : 96 579.2572 / open daily / Web Restaurante EL RANCHO : Cta. Cabo de la Nao (between the German clinic & Saladar SuperMarket). Another recently reopened restaurant ! A young British couple (Simon & Danielle) have taken over and added, recently, a French chef to make the 3-chef team. Well appointed and in delightful surroundings. Now the food can be taken seriously once again. Current reports and very good and consistent showing that the team is now settled. Menu-del-día (€13.95). We think you need to book (especially for Sunday lunch). Good parking either side of main road. Tel: 96 577.1126 / f. Sunday p.m. & Monday. E-mail: / Web : (under construction)

Cta. Cabo de la Nao Restaurante MEZQUIDA : Main road from Jávea towards Arenal, on right side, just after Iceland round(between Aldi and Saladar supermarkets) about on left but before Sol-Mar offices. Good ambience/very popular Spanish 'family' restaurant. Serves 96 577 11 26 the best Arroz negro (a delicious rice and squid dish) that we know of. Good prices, superb meat, spotless & email: mostly muzak-free. Delightful, large and musak-free terrace. Menu-del-día €16. Tel : 96 579.3620 / open daily / Restaurante LA RUSTICA (Jávea - Cami Cabanes) : Excellent (Belgian) cuisine, lovely situation/terrace Restaurante NESFOR : Cta. Cabo de la Nao-Pla 25. (Menus-del-día €14 & €16). Poor muzak (sometimes Re-opened by the same family after 14 years this restau- too loud and "thumpy"). Take road to right of Barclays, rant has immediately impressed. A lunch visit (we ate à right at roundabout; it's along on the left after the first la carte) proved excellent. New parking area at the burmp. back. Tel : 96 577.0855 / f. & Mon / Tel: 96 646 3872 / E-mail: / E-mail: / Web : Web : (under construction) JÁVEA's TOP MENUS DEL DÍA [ between €14 - €20 Restaurante LA PERLA de JÁVEA (Arenal beach : full details in text ] front, right hand side). Menu-del-día €14. Consistently good reports all through the summer and recent com- Many restaurants are now producing menus-del-día of ments confirm their standards. Tel : 96 647 0772 / open such outstanding quality that we thought it best to recogdaily / Web: nise their achievement in listing them here. Fuller details in the main text. Restaurante PIRI-PIRI : Excellent/imaginative (copious) 'tapas'. Widely praised and popular with residents. Amarre 152 - Masena - El Rancho - Parador (€33) On the port's pedestrianised sea-front, leading from the - La Perla de Jávea - Piri-Piri bridge. Arrive early for lunch, but best to book. La Plaza - Los Remos - La Renda - La Rustica Excellent Menus-del-día €11.50 (w/ends €13.60). Sophia's (Thurs. only) - Tosca Charming host & very professional - one of our favourites If you wish to be sent John Deacon's full restaurant Tel : 96 579.4745 / f. & Mon (closed early New listing, covering the Marina Alta, mail to : Year).


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Lencería Susan Lencería Susan U.K. Branded underwear in large range of sizes.


Tel: 96 579 21 34 Mob:676 861 963 e-mail Facebook Plumber Paul

Tel: 965 792 134 Mob:659 546 533

climate control, cd player, cruise control, electric windows and mirrors, electric heated seats, leather interior, adjustablesuspension, alloy wheels,silver. EUROMART CARS 627 845 586


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all our Customers

Enquires call Roy Spain +34 96 505 8557 +34 690 650 962 UK +44 (0)845 527 2648


Mr OvenKleen The professional domestic oven cleaning service ‘putting the sheen back into your oven’

Ovens, Hobs, Extractors, Microwaves, Ranges & BBQ’s

672 771 357 e-mail:

2004 Volkswagen Touareg 4.2 V8 13,995€

Painting & Decorating Exterior & Interior Work Undertaken

Established on the Costa Blanca since 1989

10% Discount with this voucher Top quality work at reasonable prices


Peter Ayling. Tel: 96 646 0933 Mob: 616 375 608

966 472 142 or 646 115 473

C/Cabo de La Nao 163


Vittorio Russomanno has been building a reputation in Javea over the last 5 years, as a first class, reliable and honest mechanic. Always happy, a man who enjoys his work. He has been in his new premises at C/Cabo la Nao 163, opposite Mas y Mas, for 1yr, and wishes to thank all his customers for their loyal support, and wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Why? For one thing, while those little beach bars can be perfectly charming for a day or two, they'd never keep us mentally engaged much longer than that. And no matter how tasty those "cold ones" are, can you imagine how much more our waistlines might expand if downing them were our only pastime? A Warm Beach or Cool Mountain Hideaway? By Suzan Haskins

And then there's the fact that my husband doesn't care much for sand that gets in every crevice. We both loathe mosquitoes. And neither of us can tolerate heat and humidity for long stretches of time.

You can study all the collected data, analyze real estate statistics, crunch the cost-of-living numbers, study weather patterns and more...but nothing surpasses your gut instinct when it comes to choosing a place to live.

A week of water fun in the sun is one thing—and we still love our beach vacations, for sure—but we've grown to love the warm days and cool nights of equatorial mountain climates.

And believe me, your gut can change—especially as you get older. If you are at all close to my age (suffice to say I remember the Beatles), you surely already know this: your needs and interests expand right along with your waistline.

Long-term happiness for us means living in a city or town where there is plenty to keep us busy and where the climate is more suitable to our maturing lifestyle. (It helps our self-esteem, of course, that in the mountains we can eschew skimpy bathing togs for jeans and Tshirts that better hide those ever-growing waistlines.)

For instance, back in 1997, when my husband, Dan, and I were first married and first started thinking about living overseas, we pored over every issue of International Living and we read every International Living e-postcard. We compared and contrasted, planned and dreamed...Certain we would live in an exotic tropical destination, we wanted it to be relatively close to family and friends back home in the States, who promised to visit often. Cost of living was important, of course, as it still is today. But far more important to us now is convenient access to quality (and yes, affordable) medical care. Over a decade ago—when we were in our mid-forties— we didn't think much about that.

In hindsight, too, we've learned that once you get settled in, many of the things that you thought would matter greatly don't matter nearly as much as you thought they would. Sure, it's a great bonus that in Ecuador, where we live, our monthly utility bills—water, gas, and electric—rarely amount to much more than $25. And that's spring, summer, fall, or winter. And I love it that for $2 I can buy a hearty, full meal...including beverage...or take the bus two hours south to Quito. We've settled in with good medical service providers. We now have doctors, dentists, pharmacists, administrative assistants—and one excellent health insurance advisor—who know all about our physical status, issues and quirks.

And that brings me to the single issue that matters the Instead, we were all about sunshine, warm weather and most when choosing a place to put down roots: commubeach bars where we could while away the hours watch- nity. ing the sun set over the surf while digging our toes in the sand and hoisting a cold one. This is how we spent our Having lived in seven different communities in four different foreign countries, I have some expertise in this. More than scenery or weather or cost of living or anything else, the game changer that most affects the success of your move overseas is the friendships you make. Fortunately, it's easy to make friends when you're an expat. You can't help but stand out, after all. The locals will be curious about you and ask you all sorts of questions. (Show them photos and explain why you're there. A photo of your U.S. home buried under an avalanche of snow is a good ice-breaker...pun intended.) And you'll have loads in common with your kindred fellow expats—despite your apparent differences. Wouldbe political foes back home become fast friends overseas. Same for those of different age groups or economic status. In an expat community, you're all in the same boat. You learn from each other, depend on one another, and more than anything, you tolerate uniqueness and respect one another for the decision you made to try out expat life. vacations, after all.

So here's my best advice: Once you've weighed all the factors that are most important to you... beach vs. mounBut as the old adage goes, life is what happens when tains, city vs. village, cost of living, health care, and so you're busy making plans. And life isn't a constant vaca- on...go one step further. Stand in the town plaza and tion. check your gut. If you get a warm little tingle about the people who live there—both local and expat—you've So except for half a year spent high on a hill above San found your spot. Juan de Sur, Nicaragua that came with a forever view of the Pacific Ocean, we never have lived on a beach. And Website: we probably never will.



Kennel Talk

Asociacion Protectera de animales de San Antonio

The APASA Javea dog refuge provides accommodation for over 200 abandoned and stray dogs . APASA is proud of its reputation of never putting a healthy dog to sleep. The APASA centre can be found behind the Tormos garden centre, off the Cami Cabanes in Cami de les Sorts. For further information, please ring Nicole: 96 646 3976 or Maggie: 96 574 4449.

PIVO, male Shelter since 26.07.2012 Podenco, DOB 15.02.2012 – 52 cm Somebody threw a Podenco over our fence and suddenly Pivo had joined our community of abandoned dogs. He is a young boy, very shy but friendly to other dogs. He likes to play and to run about. Pivo likes his life here, where he has dog friends and gets food on a regular basis. Meanwhile we can even say that he walks well on the lead. JOSEFINE, female, Shelter since 14.03.2010 Belgian shepherd Mix, DOB 15.03.2009 – 55 cm This friendly female was found in a riverbed not far from the shelter. She was almost starved when she was brought in and we had to immediately feed her. We just thought that she was pregnant but then we realised it was just the food that had made her a large belly. Josefine likes everybody and she is always in the mood for a joke. If there is something to be stolen or to be hidden it will always end up with Josefine being the “guilty” one. Who has the time to take care of an active female dog should decide in favour of Josefine. It would be ideal if there were a sportive family because she needs much agitation. SATCH, male, Shelter since 30.03.2009 Terrier Mix, DOB 08.08.2004 – 50 cm Satch is an example of a new way of getting rid of unwanted dogs. He was simply tied to the front of a bar with a bag of all his belongings, i.e. his blanket, bowls and his papers, and then he was left alone. Some incidents are simply unbelievable! The owners of the bar brought Satch to our shelter and they were very upset. In the meantime we have learned that his owner has left the country and travelled back to England.

Satch behaves friendly and is obedient like a good dog. We all wish that we will soon find responsible people who will give him a new home for the rest of his life, because this is what he really deserves.

Page 21

CAROL, female, Shelter since 04.07.2012 Terrier Mix, DOB, 15.04.2012 – Puppy Carol is a sweet little thing. She was found all alone on a street. She is a very playful and friendly dog of small size. She keeps playing happily with all her friends in the puppy house. But of course she would prefer living in a family, so why do you not come here to have a look at her. APASA FORTHCOMING EVENTS March 17th. SPRING FAYRE AT CARRASCO, JAVEA. APASA will have a stall at this event. 11am – April 7th ILFACH GOLF DAY. The Ifach golf club are kindly hosting a golf day in aid of APASA. Please contact them directly for details .96 April 11th. TRIP TO GANDIA CENTRE AND THE ONDARA CANDLE FACTORY. Enjoy a morning shopping at leisure in Gandia then on to the candle factory at 3pm. Coach will leave Moraira 9am. If there are sufficient requests we can pick up at Javea. €12. Reservations Sue 96 5741668. March 22nd FASHION SHOW AND LUNCH AT MICHETA RESTAURANT, MORAIRA. Enjoy a 3 course lunch with wine followed by the latest fashions from LONDON BOUTIQUE.€18. Reservations Sue. 96 5741668. DIARY DATES WITH MORE DETAILS TO FOLLOW April 25th TRIP TO THE HOYA DE CADENAS WINE ESTATE VALENCIA AREA. We have not finalised this so more details to follow. It can include a tour round the estate and lunch is available at €10. If you are interested please phone Sue on above number. We will e mail again with final details and price. June 1st Annual Ball at Salon de Canor. June 28th Evening BBQ with the OK Band at Font Santa.

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THEATRE BOTTOMS UP The Javea Players are delighted to welcome Terry Dean (remember Canterbury Tales) who will be directing an exciting and very different show that he has devised. “BOTTOMS UP” tells of the fortunes and misfortunes of a group of Shakespearian rustics get their chance at the “big time”, performing for a Royal Wedding in 1595. Verse, song and dance will make this a riotous show with lots of laughs.






At Javea Players Studio April 15-20 curtain up 8 pm. Tickets 7€ call 96 579 4937 or If you wish you may enjoy a pre-theatre Shakespearian dinner at La Cocina Restaurante in Javea for 15€ for 2 dishes, 3 dishes 19€. To see the special menu go to and click on Javea Players . Dinner reservations 96 579 5140 or



THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION. Please visit for further information.

Our end of season sale starts Monday 25th March and will be on for two weeks. Therefore, we will not be taking ANY items in for sale on commission from Monday 18th March until Saturday 30th March inclusive. From Monday 1st April we will be taking items in again for sale on commission but will only take clothes that are suitable for the spring/summer. DONATIONS GRATEFULLY ACCEPTED AT ALL TIMES

Jávea Handy Man

A new socket, an outside tap, a garden wall or a new fence, painting, patio cleaning & jet washing, flat-pack assembled, shelving, guttering, pool pumps & filters repaired, serviced & sand changes, remote-control garden lighting schemes .… etc. etc. Reliable, conscientious, trustworthy and very reasonable rates! No obligation quotes with a fixed price. Numerous references and recommendations available. Tel: 625 397 209


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Event 2


Richard Pollock Consultant Electronic Engineer Event 1

We were asked to visit a Satellite System that was producing intermittent loss of sound and vision, I was told that over the years several Satellite Installation Engineers had been called in and no one had been able to correct it. During our visit it was explained that the whole system had been tested several times and indeed a replacement LNB had also been fitted on suspicion that this was the problem,however the fault still persisted. I too made a thorough test of the system and I am afraid I too drew a blank. We were on the point of leaving when the Clients wife returned home after a shopping trip, as she slowly came down the drive our customer went out to lend a hand to bring in the a large box of groceries.

My attention was quickly drawn back to the Television and I noted both sound and vision had disappeared! At this point our Customer returned and noted we had lost sound and vision, he asked if the car could be interrupting the signal somehow and I assured him that as the Satellite Dish was some 25 metres away and was also pointing in another direction this was impossible. To prove the point I asked the Lady of the House if she would reverse the car back down the drive to the gates and again return back to the Villa. She kindly obliged The problem was when we attempted to tune in any of and during the reversing the sound and picture returned ! the Satellite Receivers we could never get a total run through of all available stations on any band, even some My attention then drawn to the route the signal feed of the stronger signals were missing and indeed the coaxial cable took from the Satellite Dish to the Lounge, attempt to make sense of anything fell on stony ground. our Client was not sure of the route and so we had to trace the cable run and this brought us to a Flower Bed The Satellite Dish farm was mounted on a Wall on an and Rockery, the tube then disappeared under the drive and only came up directly under the Lounge window. area of flat roof which made examination of the system We took a chance and cut the feed cable as it emerged very accessible. When I examined the system connec- out of the Rockery and pulling out the existing cable tions in details I was very surprised to find that a series into the Lounge, replaced it with the temporary replaceof Diplexers (Diplexers are intended to join in signals ment, sound and vision was restored! that are not operating in a near range!) had been used resulting in a miss-match with various frequencies Growing in confidence we suggested an alternative merging with others and of course sending the various route and we carefully pulled out the suspect cable,only signals into all sorts of strange configurations. All of this to find that there was very little movement, we could was fed into a single down lead and this was the clue ! only assume that somewhere under the drive the cable was trapped, we tested the cable with the car still in This property consisted of a very large House with the place on the drive and this indicated a short circuit. Job grounds on a slope in all directions meaning that a very Done ! I was very fortunate that the Lady returned or I long ladder would be required to run a series of down too would have missed the problem. leads to the respective Satellite Receivers. I think this is why the Installers of yester year had taken the easy way For those requiring further information please check out out and converted all to a single down lead. At the my Web Site. I always try and reply to your via e-mail, Satellite Receiver end of things this answered the ques- however some of the more complex problems without tion why hidden underneath a shelf was a patchwork of conducting a â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Field Testâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; which involves a home visit and of course conducting a series of test it is impossible diplexers taking a feed from the solitary down lead in an to reach a conclusion. attempt to supply the three receivers with suitable signals. We were called in to investigate reception problems that had been going on for several years. The system comprised of three Satellite Dishes, the first was a one metre aligned to Astra 28.2 degrees SSE, the second 80 centimetre was aligned to Astra 19 degrees SSE. however it also included a second LNB mounted on a plate to recover signals from Hotbird at 13 degrees SSE and finally an even smaller type aligned to a local Beam !

With the Clients consent all the diplexers were taken out of the system and each satellite Dish had its own down lead using CT100+ high quality down leads. This cured all the complaints at a stroke and the Client could switch from any of his various systems knowing that he was receiving best possible reception.

For those requiring further inforRichard Pollock B. Ed I. Eng FIEEIE mation, please check out my Web Consultant Electronic Engineer Site. I will always try and answer Formerly Lecturer in RTVE at Bradford College your problems via e-mail, however with some of the more complex Telephone 670 362 395 (Monday Friday 10 AM to 6 PM) problems, without conducting a e-mails to 'Field Test' which involves a home visit and of course conducting a Web Site at series of test it is impossible to reach a conclusion.

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Hectic Lifestyle - Jávea !! When most British expats come to the Mediterranean, it is because they want to improve their quality of life, be healthy, live longer, eat better, enjoy the sun, the sea, the people, the views and maybe to get a better work life balance… where work is still on the agenda… So it completely defeats me why I never seem to have time to put the grand plan into operation. There are moments when I would like to have two minutes to be bored. This week has been going to meetings, committees, seeing people, creating websites, club meetings, arranging meetings, editing, writing, phoning and emailing - it was a shock to go outside, yesterday and realise how warm the day was, let alone how beautiful everywhere looks now that spring is taking hold! It is worrying to realise how much happens in Jávea, music, art, clubs, social groups, politics, charities, fundraising, working it never stops - I sometimes wonder if any one in Jávea actually sleeps! Even those who claim to be retired clutch diaries and have to worry about events that clash! 5Ws Magazine continues in good form on - I won’t feel too guilty promoting it at it is free and online - and is full of great articles with stunning photos - so we are very proud of it (MABC sponsors it). I just hope that I will get some time off soon to be able write more antiques articles for it! On which subject - don’t forget that it is the Antiques Fair at Canor at Easter. Mark you, work isn’t all bad - two of my meetings this week were with authors - Norman MacRitchie Reeeley whose exciting new book features elsewhere in the Grapevine and Karla Doracas, whose revolutionary ‘Flaxalicious’ recipe book is about to go into print - and as Karla brought samples - I am so grateful that she cooks low-calorie cakes (I ate everything)! At one of the meetings we sorted out the entire year’s agenda for Javea Conservatives Abroad which will shortly be published on the website. But I do need to get out more! In keeping with that thought - and in the hope that members of Marina Alta Business Club feel the same - we will continue to move at least one of our meeting locations each month as we explore Jávea - March’s first meeting of the month was at Time Bar in the Pueblo - Denia’s meeting on the 15th is at our regular location Haweli’s - for our locations - please check our website. If you are in business, why not come to a meeting? You never know where it might lead… Gaile Griffin Peers, MABC Club Manager - and To find out more, about Marina Alta Business Club ring 966461913 or contact me on


Craft Corner Decoupage Easter Eggs

With Easter fast approaching now is the time to start decorating your home for the festive period. Decorating eggs is an easy craft that can be enjoyed by all ages. To decorate your own eggs you will need: Sharp scissors Paintbrush Paper napkins, decoupage paper or decopatch paper PVA glue Eggs Firstly you will need to remove the inside of the egg as you only need the outside shell. How to Blow Out Eggs 1. Pierce both ends of a raw egg using the tip of a paper clip or a sharp-edged knife. Twist gently inside the holes to widen them slightly, make the bottom hole a bit larger than the top. You will be able to cover these holes with your paper at the next stage. 2. Poke a toothpick into the larger hole; pierce yolk, and stir. 3. Hold egg, larger hole down, over a bowl. Blow air into egg until all the contents are out of the shell. Rinse egg with warm water; drain. Blow air

Page 25

into the egg again and leave to dry. Once the egg is thoroughly dry you will then be able to decorate it with a medium of your choice. Paper napkins Find a napkin design that can be re-purposed for Easter. Trim loosely around the designs on your custom 3-ply paper napkin using sharp scissors. Separate printed top layer; you only need to use the top layer. Apply a thin coat of PVA glue to the egg with a small paintbrush. Apply your cutout design to the egg and smooth the surface with a brush. Leave to dry and then repeat the process adding designs as desired. Apply PVA glue with a medium brush to entire egg to varnish and seal the napkins, leave to dry. Decoupage paper There are a variety of papers available with beautiful Easter and floral designs to choose from. Once you have chosen your design cut out the individual components and apply to the egg in the same way as you would if you are using napkins. Decopatch paper is applied in the same way as the paper napkins. It comes in a variety of patterns and designs that are applied in the same way as with napkins. Samantha and Sally would like to wish all of their customers and readers a very Happy Easter. At Fiesta Crafts you will find everything that you need to complete your Easter craft projects. You can find Fiesta Crafts at Local 22, Moreras del Saladar, Avinguida del Pla, Ctra Cabo La Nao, Javea , 03730. Telephone 966461788.


965796846 10.00 -12.30 Mon - Sat

Our counsellor Margaret Lewis is quilified in general, marital and crisis counselling and terminal illness and bereavement counselling, Margaret also has the experience of being a qualified nurse. This service is free of charge and strictly confidential and is available every Tuesday morning at our Javea Park Centre by appointment but other times and home visits are also readily available. We offer a full support network to anyone affected by cancer.

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with Dr Christoph Semler

Dr. Christoph Semler qualified as a doctor at the University of Frankfurt and then specialised in General Practice in the UK. He is a Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners, holds a Diploma from the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, a Diploma in Child Health Surveillance. He opened his private practice in JĂĄvea in 2001. Dr Semler is fluent in English, Spanish and French and has a working knowledge of Dutch. Dear doctor, my question for you is regarding my blood pressure. I used to take medication back in the UK because it was too high. Then we moved here, I did not bother to register with a spanish doctor and more or less forgot to continue taking my usual medication. Since my wife reminds me frequently to have it checked I have been to the chemist lately on a few occasions. They tell me it is a little bit too high and recommend I see a doctor about it. Do I really need to take tablets if it is only a bit too high? Can I not try something else first?

Dear Brian from Benissa, there are things you could try first, indeed. But I will mention this right from the start: high blood pressure is a serious matter and not to be taken lightly. It will not go away by moving from the UK to Spain. Nor will it disappear if you decide to ignore it. So, on

a more Friendly note, what can we do? Most people do not like taking tablets, so it is reasonable to look for alternatives. Unfortunately you are a bit short on further information about yourself. So what I write now is generic advice, aimed at anybody in your position. Firstly and most effectively, try to lose weight. Somebody who is overweight will be able to lower their blood pressure simply by losing weight. How much the pressure will drop depends on the amount of weight lost. But is almost guaranteed that by dropping weight your blood pressure will also drop. Secondly, find out wether salt has an influence on your blood pressure. It was long believed that everybody´s blood pressure would automatically go up with more cooking salt being consumed. That is where the often heard advice comes from that you ought to lower cook-

ing salt consumption when you blood pressure is high. We now know that this is not a general a rule. People react very differently to salt in their diets. Only one way to find out: stop adding salt to any dish and see what happens. That means cooking potatoes and pasta etc. Without any added salt. Taste will be affected, no doubt. But since we almost always add some processed food ingredients to whatever we cook at home, salt and taste will come from the processed food. Tomatoe sauce is one example. If the change in taste is too unbearable, try adding some black pepper or some dries green herbs. Soon you taste buds will get used to feeling less salt going by them and readjust. Also, tasteless food helps lose weight. Thirdly, drink less alcohol. Try none at all and watch how your blood pressure readings go down. And the last on a list of good pieces of advice is to exercise more. In particular cardiovascular exercise helps lower blood pressure. Directly because by exercising you lose weight. And indirectly because your cardiovascular system learns to relax with regular exercise. It should be three weekly sessions at least, each lasting half an hour. Some power walking, riding the bike or swimming are good examples of cardiovascular exercise that will

help. Weight training does not enter here. I know, this all sounds a bit dull. But it is even duller to suffer the consequences of high blood pressure, which are heart attacks, strokes, heart failure and kidney failure to name a few. Furthermore it is a good idea to buy yourself a blood pressure monitor. Preferably one that measures on your upper arm. Start doing some regular monitoring, a few times per day to get an idea how bad the situation is. Then do implement the above mentioned changes in your livestyle and keep on monitoring your blood pressure. Reading of about 140/80 mmHg and less are good and acceptable. I thing the biggest benefit will come from regular exercising. No need to exaggerate, we do not want to win the Iron Man competition. All it takes is regular moderate cardiovascular exercise, three times per week if possible.

OPENING HOURS Monday - Friday 0900 - 1300 . 1600 - 1900 Apointments: 96 646 3912 Emergencies: 648 779 659

Dr Semler will be happy to answer your health mail in the next issue of Grapevine.


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Balcon al Mar Rastro de Pascua Domingo, 24 de marzo 2013 De 11.00 a 17.00

Centro de ISVH / Rest. Casa Pepe Parrillas, Bebidas y Tartas de la Casa están disponibles

Oster-& Flohmarkt Sonntag, den 24.März 2013 von 11.00 bis 17.00 h

Centro de ISVH / Rest. Casa Pepe Grilladen, Getränke und selbstgebackene Kuchen warten auf Sie

Easter Flea Market Sunday, March 24th 2013 From 11.00 to 17.00 h

Centro ISVH / Rest. Casa Pepe Grills, drinks & homemade pastries all available

Todo dinero a/Der Erlös geht an die/All proceeds to

BOMBEROS Voluntarios 40 Jahre

40 Years

ISVH 40 años

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CHAD'S QUIZ RATING 0-5 Some learning to do. 6-10 You're getting there. 10-15 Join a quiz team. 16-20 You should be on T.V.

Across 1. Game drops space camp for mob (6) 5. A very soft insect to come (8) 9. Emit or break free of (5,3) 10. Quickly agile (6) 11. Martin's carriage (6) 12. Search engine holds lot and time when soaking up (8) 14. Even state rooked when setter paid no attention (1,5,6) 17. Behavior modification for air (12) 20. Ace, e.g., for a mother's spice (8) 22. Hostels drop hopes' ends and gain number for lodging (6) 23. Biked north to ask for leniency (2,4) 25. Without space, caregiver might have overwhelmed them (8) 26. I am Luke, 'e decided, though a disease (8) 27. If went west before building when angled (6)

Down 2. Tree and animal find retreat (6) 3. Liberal woman tended (11) 4. Pay given on windy Mount Leem (9) 5. Pleasant with a loud tale (7) 6. Piebald infused with measure of love (5) 7. Hear mantra as measurement (3) 8. Pass and the queen make kitchen utensil (8) 13. Negligent without an idea (11) 15. Sounds like a light reason for a musical theme (9) 16. Pay attention to the bean tone (8) 18. Express surprise with two mothers (2,5) 19. Record keeper on a jacket (6) 21. Angry in the morning at brothel keeper (5) 24. Drop doctor from liquid when dark (3)

1. Which river flows through the Grand Canyon 2. Which two countries are connected by the Khyber Pass? 3. Valentia Island is off the coast of which European country? 4. How many points of the compass are there? 5. With which countries does Spain have a land border? 6. What is the currency of India? 7. How many avenues radiate from the Arc de Triomphe? 8. In which country is Dubrovnik? 9. In which group of British Islands would you find the port of Sullom Voe? 10. Which is the largest country through which the equator passes? 11 Which German statesman was known as the Iron Chancellor? 12. Which U.S. artist was famous for his unique drip painting? 13. Who was the 16th president of the U.S.A.,assasinated in 1865 14. Who was the field marshal who commanded the 8th army during the Battle of El Alamein? 15. Which celebrity chef who has appeared in Hell`s Kitchen and Kitchen Wars was born in Leeds? 16. Which Italian explorer had ships named Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria? 17. Which English explorer popularised tobacco in England and ia credited with planting the first potatoes in ireland/ 18. Who had chart hits which included Annie`s Song and Rocky Mountain High? 19. Which English actress, married to Tim Burton starred in A Room With a View and Fight Club? 20. What connects the answers?

LAST MONTH'S ANSWERS Sonny and Cher) 1. Apple 11. 4 2. Edward Lear 12. Libya 3. Haiti 13. Lake Superior 4. Kidney 14. G.I. Joe 5. Strasbourg 15. Nicaragua 6. 373k - kelvins 16. Venezuela 7. The whip 17. Argentina 8. Red 18. 7 19. 20 9. Bushido 10. I Got You Babe (by 20. 7


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WORD SEARCH Cheese Word Search Boursin
















Parmesan Cantal Fetta Pecorino Cheddar

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Local Club Directory The Marina Alta Business Club The club meets twice a month in the evenings. All nationalities welcome. Meetings conducted in English. Contact Gaile on 96 646 1913, email Javea International Magic Club For more information please call 627 046 897 or 96 579 2808. Royal Air Force Association. The North Costa Blanca Branch meets at Los Arcos Restaurante, Pedreguer (N332, west side) on the second Monday of each month at 12:00 to 13:00, followed by lunch. We have nearly 140 members, who enjoy friendship, help and support with RAFA; and we always look for new members who have, or have not, served in the RAF. For more information, visit or call 966 430 215 Toscamar Tennis Friends Join us for a friendly game of tennis on Mondays and Wednesdays 10.00 12.00 at Ciudad Toscamar, Javea. Just turn up or ring Christine on 96 649 3900 Costa Blanca Yachting Association The CBYA welcomes all boat owners; We meet every week, please our for details & location of the meeting website Costa Blanca Astronomical Society Meets on first Tuesday of every month at 4 p.m. in Montgó Visitors Centre in Dénia. For details and directions call Ed Morley on 96 574 4612 or e-mail Scottish Country Dancing Enquiries please call 96 645 6881. Stamp Collectors/Philatelists/Postcards Meeting - 2nd & 4th Monday of every month at Marples Bar, Avenida La Fontana , Arenal at 10.00. For more details please call Derek Guyett on 96 579 5499 or Dave Anderson on 96 647 6034 The Firs Nursery Mother & Toddler Group Every Monday from 14.00 - 15.30. Children aged from 18 months to school age. Call 96 647 2929 for more information. Backgammon Club We meet on Mondays at the Grand Cafe residential Toscamar at 20.00. For more information please call Steve on 96 647 1708 or 635 377 335. Javea Netball Club Playing Wednesdays, 20.00 - 21.30 at L'Ancora Playa Tennis club. contact Anita on 96 647 2169 or 660 782 165.

Javea Al-Anon Support Group The Al-Anon group for friends or relatives of alcoholics to share their experiences. No membership fee. Call 96 646 3689. Expatriate Ostomates of Spain EOS Contact Cynthia on 96 646 0063. MABS Cancer Support Group Jacqui 96 579 4083 or 686 305 006 Brenda 678 843 666 Valencia area Cynthia 652 835 063 Kirsten 646 865 308 Rian 619 876 062 Stress Busting Yoga Club in Javea Yoga for beginners. We meet Tuesday at a house on the Jesus Pobre Road. For more infomation call Maria Palomar on 96 646 0851. Art Clubs Art Clubs which are for Oils, Watercolurs, Pastels, Acrylic & now meet in Javea at ArtyFacts, Denia, Cumbre del Sol & Benimeli. Call Lesley Clark 96 579 4462 or email Wall Hangings and Rug Making Club We meet every other Tuesday in Javea from 09.30 - 12.00. Contact Amanda on 639 987 301 or email Art Centre Association - Javea Subjects available are: - Painting in Oil, Acrylic, Watercolour, Pastel, Drawing, Mixed Media, Portraiture, Creative Textiles and Restoration of Porcelain. Join in at any time. Come and visit the Art Centre, we can fax, E-mail or post you info: and a map, or for more details phone:- Lorely Griffiths, Javea – 96 647 20 49. E-mail: Patchwork/Quilters Group meet Wednesday 10.00 - 13.00 at the Centre Public Formacio e Persones Adultos in Javea, Calle Ramon Llido, Javea. Contact Debbie on 96 579 0086 Javea Public Lending Library Borrow books in English from Javea Public Lending Library, FREE! The English section is open every Tuesday and Saturday morning between 10.00 - 12.00. The Javea Public Library, Calle Mayor 9, Javea Pueblo, the old town. Javea Public Lending Library: Contact Alma Dorndorf on 96 646 3262 or 636898162 Javea International Civic Society Enquiries to Jeni Jackson Phillips 96 579 0470, 619 270 493. Javea School of Bridge and Social Club Edifico 80, Avenida Tamarits.

Tel 96 649 1539. Crochet & Soft Yarn Club Meets fortnightly in a private house in Javea. Contact or phone 96 579 4462. Taoist Tai Chi Society of Javea New instrucors, new space. Beginners welcome anytime Monday and Wednesday 11.30 at Danza Ronda Sur (near paint shop in old town) Info 649 161 290. Javea Bridge Club Avdna de Paris 2. or call Margaret on 96 579 3413. Javea Book Circle We meet on alternate Tuesdays at 19.30 for 19.45 at the Centro Social, behind the Centro de Salud Contact Eleanor Joy on 96 647 2876 UFO Discussion/Research Group We meet on the first Friday of every month at 10.00 for 10.30 start in the Social Services Centre Javea. contactPresident, Jeanine El

Khouri. 965795148 or Christine Newton 618111376. Group e.mail

The Javea Branch of the Royal British Legion meet every 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month. We start our meetings at 11.30am but most people start arriving at 11.00am to have a coffee etc, before we commence our meetings. You don't have to have been in the services to now join the Legion, anyone can join or come along and see what we do. We have a great social programme thought out the year, so come and join us, you will be most welcome. Make your self known to Pam and Roger. Javea Whist Club Javea Whist Club meets every Monday and Thursday (7.45 for 8 p.m.) at L’Ancora Playa at the Arenal to play progressive partner whist. All card players welcome particularly at the Thursday session when the numbers are lower. Women in business club Monthly Business Meetings open to all members and non members, but you must be a WOMEN THIRD MONDAY OF THE MONTH JAVEA - L'Ancora Tennis Club Time: from 2pm to 4pm Location: L'Ancora Tennis Club The Javea Players produce 5 plays a year at Gata theatre and in their own Studio theatre. Cine evenings and socials. New members welcome,contact Gerald on or 96 647 2876

Costa Blanca Anglo Spanish Association We enjoy meetings and trips to further our knowledge and understanding of Spain; its history, geography, culture and institutions.New members are welcome. Visit the web site on or email the secretary on Peña Javeamigos The international supporter's club and now the primary source of information for CD Javea. For more details, see Benitachell Christian Fellowship Sun. 11am in the Arts Museum Tel David Newman 650738638 Ray Davies 96 649 4036 New Country Linedancers Line Dancing classes every Thursday at Socco on the Arenal Beginners: 7.00 - 8.00pm Intermediate: 8.00 - 9.30pm For further information phone David on 96 647 0632 ARNAAP Association of Royal Navy, Army and Air Force Personnel. If you enjoy lunching in congenial company join us. It is not essential to be Ex-Service, just like minded. Call Susan on 966 404650, or Costa Blanca Male Voice Choir rehearse every Tuesday 7-9pm, at Bar Mediterraneo, Teulada. New members always welcome, no experience necessary. Come along and give us a try! Tel: Mike Evans 965744577 or go to our web site: Arsenal Costa Blanca Supporters Club, meet every match day at Cheers Bar, Javea Port under the archway. All club matches are shown live. If you live in or around Javea or are just visiting and would like to renew or start your support for the club, come along. All will be made welcome, young or old. Any further information, e-mail, Bob at Crib Club every Thurs 8pm at Bombers Bar in the Port If you would like your club to be included , please contact us at or tel: 610 206 042


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Grapevine Services Directory INTERNET UK TV Watch TV on your computer Check it out at

Javea Plumber General Plumbing & Heating Bathrooms & Kitchens

Tel: 616 300 950






Tel: 96 579 21 34 Mob:676 861 963



ork scratchings

Supplied to supermarkets Bars etc

Javea Park

Javea Park

Special Offer (Mon. Only) Mini Facial Just €6.00 When you present this voucher

Pensioner Special €8.50 Saturday 9.00-3.00pm Fri. Mornings Gents toenails cut From €5 to €12

662 164 653


666 116 078

676 081 925



SEE MAIN ADVERT ON PAGE 27 Avenida de Ondara 11 03730 Javea

Tel. 968 972 470 634 335 444 - 08458672906


SEE MAIN ADVERT ON PAGE 19 646 115 473


Based in Javea Available for Removals/Deliveries/Airports/ Driving/Labouring/Ikea... etc

John 691 279 555 Hourly Rate or Fixed

Cars Wanted Top Prices Paid

627 845 586



See Page 23

Spain +34 96 505 8557 +34 690 650 962 UK +44 (0)845 527 2648

POOL RE-GROUT Quality results at a competitive price. Call for a no obligation quote

Tel: 625 397 209

Mr OvenKleen The professional domestic oven cleaning service ‘putting the sheen back into your oven’

Ovens, Hobs, Extractors, Microwaves, Ranges & BBQ’s

672 771 357 e-mail:

easy flatpax



Specialising in extensions, underbuilds, conversions, terracing, reforms, roof repairs etc etc. for more info

Telephone John Bridges on 966 471 030 mob 696 824 785

Painting & Decorating Peter Ayling. Tel: 96 646 0933 Mob: 616 375 608

Groups in Javea and Orba Call Sheena on 965 584 298

We bring IKEA to you! we make it so easy we shop for you we deliver to you we also assemble for you. 96 647 0770/647 790 340

ADVERTISING WORKS If you are reading this then you already know!! If you would like to have your business featured here then contact Derek on 96 579 2649

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Concerts Costa Blanca presents in association with the charity TODOS JUNTOS JÁVEA & the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía (Valencia Opera) the first night of a new production of MOZART’s ETERNALLY POPULAR

DIE ZAUBERFLÖTE The magic flute - La flûte enchantée

Saturday 6th April 2013 at 20:00h Grazia Doronzio - Daniel Johansson - Mandy Fredrich - In-Sung Sim Loïc Félix - Jinkyung Park - Maria Kosenkova - Marina Pinchuk Conducted by : Ottavio Dantone After this performance - and all included in the price of your ticket - there will be a full cava buffet supper during which we shall be joined by the superb chorus of the Valencia Opera who will sing 3 or 4 famous opera choruses for us.  We hope - as for Tosca last year - that the Zauberflöte artists will join us for a drink !  With the excellent cooperation of the Box Office of the marvellous Valencia Opera House this will bring to a happy conclusion a truly memorable evening after which Concerts Costa Blanca will be able to pass, to our collaborators - the charity TODOS JUNTOS JÁVEA - a substantial payment destined to assist the poor of Jávea.


If you are visiting Denia hopspital and are not a confident Spanish speaking person - help is at hand.

Amongst their many local services, the Help organisation of Denia man a special desk situated on the left of the main reception area from 1100 to 1400 Monday to Friday. If you have a definite appointment and feel you may need the assistance of an interpreter, call the “HELP” desk in advance giving the necessary information: date, time, SIP number, department, etc. but please allow as much time as possible. The direct line to the hospital desk during Help working hours is 96 642 9346. There is no charge for this service and it is at the discretion of the patient whether they choose to make a donation to the HELP organisation. Also see web page:


Tickets at €125 (incl. bus & refreshments etc.)


Based in Javea Available for Removals/Deliveries/Airports/IKEA/ Driving/Labouring/Brain surgery/Rocket Science etc WƌĞŵŝğƌĞ͗sŝĞŶŶĂ͕ϯϬƚŚ^ĞƉƚϭϳϵϭ͕dŚĞĂƚĞƌĂƵĨĚĞŶtŝĞĚĞŶ͘>ŝďƌĞƩŽďLJ͗ŵĂŶƵĞů^ĐŚŝŬĂŶĞĚĞƌ΀WƌŽĚƵĐƟŽŶ͗dĞĂƚƌŽZĞŐŝŽĚŝWĂƌŵĂ͗^ƚĂŐĞĚŝƌĞĐƚŽƌ͗^ƚĞƉŚĞŶDĞĚĐĂůĨ΁

John 691 279 555


DIE ZAUBERFLÖTE will be given (in English) by John Deacon on March 28th at 19:00h at the Dance Café in Toscamar, Jávea Those booking to attend the opera are invited to an audio/video (BluRay) introduction to Die Zauberflöte where highlights from the excellent Covent Garden production will be shown on large screen with excellent sound.

This will be followed, about 20:15h, by a fund-raising dinner.

CAR RENTAL Looking after our clients now for more than 20 years Fast & efficient collection / drop off at Alicante & Valencia airports No hidden top up charges waiting to surprise you on arrival

We share the premises with JAVEA AUTO SALES NEW … we can take your car for its ITV – home collection available

The cost will be €20 incl. wine, water & coffee.

Autos Javea RENT - A - CAR

Menu choices will be sent out to those reserving a place for this function.

Tel:- 96 579 0163 Mov:- 650 109 571


Artist of the month

by Linda McGillycuddy B.B. King, blues guitarist and singersongwriter and has been ranked by.Rolling Stone magazine at No. 3 of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time. He is considered one of the most influential blues musicians of all time, earning the nickname 'The King of Blues'. Since he started recording in the 1940s, he has released over fifty albums, many of them classics. He is famous for performing tirelessly throughout his musical career appearing at 250-300 concerts per year until his seventies. Over a period of 64 years, King has played in excess of 15,000 performances. He was born in 1925, on a plantation in Mississippi, near Indianola. In his youth, he played on street corners for dimes, and would sometimes play in as many as four towns a night. In 1947, he hitchhiked to Memphis, to pursue his music career. B.B. stayed with his cousin

Bukka White, one of the most celebrated blues performers of his time, who schooled B.B. further in the art of the blues. B.B.'s first big break came in 1948 when he performed on Sonny Boy Williamson's radio program on KWEM out of West Memphis. This led to steady engagements and the "King's Spot," became so popular, it was expanded and soon B.B. needed a catchy radio name. What started out as Beale Street Blues Boy was shortened to Blues Boy King, and eventually B.B. King. In the mid-1950s, while B.B. was performing at a dance in Twist, Arkansas, when there was a fight and a kerosene stove was knocked over, setting fire to the hall. B.B. raced outdoors, and then realized that he left his beloved $30 acoustic guitar inside, so he rushed back into the burning building to retrieve it, narrowly escaping death. When he later found out that the fight had been over a woman named Lucille, he decided to give the name to his guitar to remind him never to do a crazy thing like fight over a woman. Ever since, each one of B.B.'s trademark Gibson guitars has been called Lucille.

Page 33

Many of King's early recordings were produced by Sam Phillips, who later founded Sun Records. B.B. has developed one of the world's most identifiable guitar styles. He borrowed from Blind Lemon Jefferson, T-Bone Walker and others, integrating his precise and complex vocal-like string bends and his left hand vibrato, both of which have become indispensable components of rock guitarist's vocabulary. BB King has mixed traditional blues, jazz, swing, mainstream pop and jump into a unique sound. Some of his biggest hits include ‘Paying the Cost to Be the Boss’, ‘The Thrill is Gone’ ‘How Blue can you Get’ (which has the unforgettable line, I gave you seven children, now you want to give them back?) and ‘Everyday I have the blues’. He loves collaborating with other musicians and some highlights for me are the songs ‘When Love Comes to Town’ with U2 on their Rattle and Hum album, and the full album he did with Eric Clapton ‘Riding with the King’. But for many fans, his 1964 album Live at the Regal recorded in Chicago remains the favourite. King is an FAA licensed Private Pilot and frequently flew to gigs, but stopped flying around the age of 70 because of his diabetes. His favourite singer is Frank Sinatra. In his autobiography King speaks about how he was a "Sinatra nut" and how credited Sinatra for opening doors to black entertainers who were not given the chance to play in "whitedominated" venues; Sinatra got B.B. King into the main clubs in Las Vegas during the 1960. I was fortunate enough to meet BB King after one of his concerts and he very kindly signed his autobiography for me, and gave me one of his signature Lucille guitar badges. He is a man of immense personal warmth and charm and his concerts were and continue to be legendary and have to be experienced to be fully understood.

Simone, the mother-in-law comes home and finds her son-in-law furiously packing his suitcase But what happened, Manu? What happened? I'll tell you! I sent an email to my wife saying that I was coming home from a trip today. I got home and guess what I found? ... My wife, yes my Marie, with a guy in our marital bed! This is the end of our marriage, I will leave forever! Calm down says mother-in-law! There is something odd about this story. Your wife would never do such a thing! Wait a minute, I'll check what happened. Moments later, Simone is back with a big smile "So I told you there must be a simple explanation ... Marie did not receive your email! ...

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A NEW Author in Javea About the author: Reeley

Norman MacRitchie

unknown element, within the Scottish Highland mists Following family tradition, he was originally destined to predetermining the destiny of three young boys? be an engineer in the shipyards of the River Clyde in Scotland. A chance meeting on a rain filled winter´s The year is nineteen hundred and eighty-five. One year evening with an old school friend changed the direction after the bombing of the Grand Hotel in Brighton which of his life forever. He defied his father; quit his `secure´ almost wiped out Margaret Thatcher´s entire Cabinet, the IRA have an opportunity for another spectacular engineering apprenticeship to train to become a Chef. As well as enjoying the creative but high-pressure world atrocity. of the kitchen, he re-discovered the joys and satisfaction . of education, and became a Senior Lecturer in a College The Cold War is still at its height. NATO is about to of further education. His underlying ambition however, launch the biggest ever, Europe-wide, Soviet Attack War was to open a family-run Bistro-style restaurant in the Simulation. Based at Faslane, in Scotland, HMS manner of the French or Italian model. He quit his job in Resolution, one of Great Britain´s Polaris Ballistic the College and opened his dream Bistro-Restaurant Missiles Nuclear Submarines, has a key role in the War near to the Royal Navy Clyde Submarine Base, which Games Simulation. quickly obtained a reputation far beyond the local area. In nineteen-ninety, the family moved to Spain, buying a The convergence and crossing of the life paths of three Hotel and Restaurant in the beautiful seaside town of young boys, born on the same day, but thousands of miles apart, provides the conduit for a joint ETA and Javea, on the Costa Blanca. After retiring, Norman has enjoyed travelling around Provisional IRA attack with Global peace implications. Europe in his old campervan, written travel articles, Malevolent Karma. This is a very human story of love, dabbled in local politics and amateur sculpture. manipulation and betrayal wrought by cynical adults Malevolent Karma is his first novel. upon the innocent naivety of innocent young boys.

Malevolent Karma

Out in April 2013

What are the elements that dictates one´s destiny? Is Malevolent Karma will be out before the end of April there room for speculation, that some higher force 2013. It will be available in English and Spanish. directs our fate? Could there be something, some


True Stories from British Hosp. Glasgow. Hospitals 2.. At the beginning of my 1.. A man dashes into the shift, I placed a stethoA&E dept. and yells, 'My scope on an elderly and wife's going to have her slightly deaf female baby in the taxi'. I grabbed patient's anterior chest my stuff, rushed out to the wall. 'Big breaths,' I taxi, lifted the lady's dress instructed. 'Yes, they used to and began to take off her underwear. Suddenly after be,' replied the patient. protests from the lady I Submitted by Dr. Richard noticed that there were Barnes , St.Thomas's, several taxis ??? and I was Bath. in the wrong one. 3.. One day I had to be the Submitted by Dr. Mark bearer of bad news when I MacDonald, St. Andrews told a wife that her hus-

Page 35

band had died of a massive myocardial infarct. Not more than five minutes later, I heard her on her mobile phone reporting to the rest of the family that he had died of a 'massive internal fart.' Submitted by Dr. Susan Steinberg, Royal London Hosp.


'The patch.??? The Nurse told me to put on a new one every six hours and now I'm running out of places to put it!' I had him quickly undress and discovered what I hoped I wouldn't see. Yes, the man had over fifty patches on his body! Now, the instruction 4.. During a patient's two includes removal of the week follow-up appoint- old patch before applying ment, he told me that he a new one. was having trouble with one of his medications. Submitted by Dr. Rebecca 'Which one ?' I St. Clair, Norfolk General

Page 36

The Constant Traveller: Cat sitting in theWest End of Glasgow.

We were quaffing a bottle or two of Rosé in La Siesta with our friends when they began describing the couple who were now sitting in their very nice home in the West End of Glasgow looking after Molly the moggy. Describing the couple who seem to pass most of their lives touring the world looking after pets of all kinds, the suggestion was made that we could volunteer to look after Molly while they go off on an anniversary cruise or something. La Gina immediately put up her hand “Yes please!” Spraying a mouthful of Rosé over the audience, I objected: Are you joking? Three weeks in Glasgow in November? Do you know what happens in Glasgow in November? It rains, it´s freezing and there´s nothing to do! I know. I used to work and live there…believe me I know, and it´s so good, that I haven´t been back in Glasgow for twenty years. Despite leaving Alicante in twenty-two degree sun, and landing into a “I told you so” ten degree rainy Glasgow Airport, it only took a couple of days for


me to accept that I didn´t know. Glasgow is fantastic, and the West End of Glasgow, vibrant, cosmopolitan and beautiful! To begin with, let´s get the weather conditions out of the way. The weather was wonderful….three days of mainly light rain, the rest of the time lovely brilliant sunshine in a clear blue winter sky, which made it cold of course, freezing at night actually, but bearable. Molly´s mansion was located in the Park Circus area of Glasgow, absolutely ideal for walking into the city centre, or the West End area, the subject of this article. The West End of Glasgow encompasses the area around Byres Road, Hillhead, Glasgow University and Kelvingrove Park, which houses the beautiful red sandstone, Spanish Baroque style Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. It´s the most visited Art Gallery in Britain outside of London and entrance is free. The impressive French, Flemish and Italian Renaissance and Impressionist collection complements the Scottish Artists room, and Salvador Dali´s Christ of St John on the Cross, is a must see although it´s position in the Gallery doesn´t really do it justice. There is a nice restaurant downstairs, in what used to be storage and archive space. Grab a table overlooking the park, the outlook is lovely. At one o´clock each day there is an organ recital in the main hall in easy view of

ART CLASSES IN MORAIRA AND JAVEA New art classes based at Cafe del Mar, Algas, Moraira and the Javea Arts Centre Association.

Mondays and Tuesdays a.m., Javea. Tuesdays and Thursdays p.m. Cafe del Mar. Classes to suit all abilities from total beginners upwards.

Call Ingrid on 672 587 956 (after 28th Feb) or email on for more details.

the coffee shop. A five minute walk up through the park takes you to the University of Glasgow Campus. Founded in 1451, it is one of Scotland´s four ancient universities. Strolling around the Gilmorehill Campus, there is an eclectic buzz and ambience in the neo-gothic cloisters, as twenty odd thousand students mill around or purposefully walk to and from their lectures. With so many young people around, it is no wonder that there is a positive plethora of bars and restaurants in the area catering to their cosmopolitan and diverse tastes. Around the corner from the Student´s Union in Gibson Street, one in particular deserves a recom-

mendation. Voted last year `Best Restaurant(under 35 pounds)´, `Best Wine List´ and the Ìnspiration Award´ by the industry professionals, Stravaigin scores in every way; food, service, wines, décor and ambiance all at a very reasonable and affordable price. Going back up and over Gilmorehill, we come to Byers Road, the natural hub of West End social life with its unspoiled red sandstone facades hosting such a diverse

In the event that Molly is booked up, here is a petsitting website: National Association of Registered Petsitters:


Jávea U3A

Page 37

Walking The group was shocked by the sudden death of member Dana Polanska, who passed away in Dénia Hospital on February 16 following a brain haemorrhage. She was 57 years old. Dana and her husband, Albert, had recently joined the U3A Jávea and were keen members of both the health walking group and the intermediate group. Dana had made a number of friends and will be sadly missed. Some of her fellow walking group members attended her funeral in Denia.

JAVEA’S deputy mayor Oscar Anton, pictured, gave an interesting talk to members of the Javea U3A at the February general meeting. His informative speech received warm applause from the audience when he explained that, by prudent spending cuts and savings by councillors, the Town Hall had managed to overturn an €8m deficit and was now in the Not Just Folk Music Club black. Members enjoyed yet another rip-rousing evening at the Inn on the Green in Javea in February when the familiar favourites were joined by guest Pam Dentith, who was over from the UK, and who went down a storm with the audience. There was also a debut performance by association president Peter Allin, whose Africaana-inspired ditty earned laughter and enthusiastic applause – hopefully there will be repeat performances to follow! The next club night will have a country and western theme.

Curry Club Asian food enthusiasts have been turning on the heat with more meals at members’ homes during February and March. This month’s theme is Bengal cuisine. New members are welcome – contact group leaders Dodie and James Hodgkinson through the website or at the open meeting at the Parador.

Major projects to improve the town and continue to attract tourists were ongoing thanks to grants and investment. He said that the current Arenal facelift, due to be completed by Easter, was being paid for by grants from the provincial government and had cost the local council nothing. Discussion Group Oscar said that the council was committed to other projMembers enjoyed a very interesting and informative ects for 2013 and was confident that outside investors discussion in February on 'The European Union', ably would recognise the potential and add their support. inspired by guest speaker George Stevenson, who was formerly an MP in the House of Commons and in There will be no speaker at the next general meeting of Europe. Javea U3A, at the Parador Hotel on March 27, as it will This month members were debating 'The Leveson be the annual meeting when the new committee will be Enquiry, does it go far enough? And will it be acted installed following voting by members. upon?' Any U3A member interesting in joining the group can May Ball contact leader Gill Birch at Tickets are on sale for this, the main event of the year, to be held at Salones Carrasco in Javea on May 17. The event will begin at 7pm and after a reception there will Foodies be a three-course meal and dancing to the sounds of Another group on the rise is the increasingly popular popular local group Strikland and the music of Heat Foodies, whose March meeting on the 21st is going to Radio DJ Eric Taylor. Tickets will be on sale to membe a demonstration of bread making, given by member bers at the March and April general meetings or by Anne Muir, who used to be a professional baker and emailing patisseriera. The meeting was being held at Le Gourmand, at its new location on the road between GROUP NEWS Javea and Jesus Pobre, starting at 11.30am The May meeting is to take the form of a day trip to

Page 40

T HE GRAPEVINE, March 2013

Alicante - to the market, principally - but with time to SCHOOL - 1957 vs. 2012 find a recommended restaurant to indulge in a hopefulScenario : ly authentic Spanish lunch. Contact group leader Gillian Johnny and Mark get into a fight after school. Breen at for details.

Friends of Avinenca The next Friends of Avinenca field trip is on March 25, which will be a visit to the Santa Pola area to learn about the Flora Micro Reserves. On April 19 members will be visiting the Vulture Reintroduction Centre near Alcoi followed by a look around the old town. More information, registration and payment details can be found by on the website or by contacting group leader Paul Pruden.

History Larry Sherrington gave an excellent presentation on the history of British India at the February meeting. The next meeting is at the Casa de Cultura at 12.30pm on Monday March 11 March when Cheda Panajotovic will give a talk on “The Causes of the First World War”. To learn more or to have your name added to the group’s emailing list, contact group leader Peter Atkinson on

Mahjong Twenty-eight members from the Javea and Moraira Mahjong groups celebrated the Chinese New Year of the Snake at last month’s meeting when they met at El Jardin Chinese restaurant for a meal and games. After dinner, there was a testing quiz about China, which was won by a Jávea team. Any member interested in playing Mahjong should get in touch with group leader Kay Thomas on

1957 - Crowd gathers. Mark wins. Johnny and Mark shake hands and end up best friends. 2012- Police called, and they arrest Johnny and Mark. Charge them with assault, both expelled even though Johnny started it. Both children go to anger management programmes for 3 months. School governors hold meeting to implement bullying prevention programmes. Scenario : Robbie won't be still in class, disrupts other students. 1957 - Robbie sent to the office and given six of the best by the Principal. Returns to class, sits still and does not disrupt class again. 2012 - Robbie given huge doses of Ritalin. Becomes a zombie. Tested for ADHD – result deemed to be positive. Robbie's parents get fortnightly disability payments and school gets extra funding from government because Robbie has a disability. Scenario : Billy breaks a window in his neighbour's car and his Dad gives him a whipping with his belt. 1957 - Billy is more careful next time, grows up normal, goes to college, and becomes a successful businessman. 2012 - Billy's dad is arrested for child abuse. Billy removed to foster care; joins a gang; ends up in jail. Scenario : Mark gets a headache and takes some aspirin to school. 1957 - Mark gets glass of water from Principal to take aspirin with. Passes exams, becomes a solicitor. 2012 - Police called, car searched for drugs and weapons. Mark expelled from school for drug taking . Ends up as a drop out. Scenario : Johnny falls over while running during morning break and scrapes his knee. He is found crying by his teacher, Mary. She hugs him to comfort him. 1957 - In a short time, Johnny feels better and goes on playing footie no damage done. 2012 - Mary is accused of being a sexual predator and loses her job.

* Javea U3A member Krystyna Stefanczk is appealing She faces 3 years in prison. Johnny undergoes 5 years of therapy and for fellow members to help a sick 7-year-old girl by col- ends up gay. lecting plastic bottle tops, which can be recycled and Did you realise just how stupid we have become ? raise much-needed money for the cause. Krystyna explained: “Apparently little Noa was born normal, but became disabled following medical treatSpecialising in extensions, underbuilds, conversions, ment. She lives in Calpe, but her grandparents live in terracing, reforms, roof repairs etc etc. our apartment block. So please remember, keep saving Quality workmanship by reliable all those plastic tops!” experienced craftsmen. Many Bring your plastic tops to the next open meeting at the satisfied customers for references Parador on March 27, from 10am. See for more info * Javea U3A now has 1,300 members and 53 groups! If Telephone John Bridges on 966 471 030 mob 696 824 785 you would like to join or find out more information, visit the website at



WHATS on in

JAVEA Lincoln O.V. Biography · Drama · History· 150 min +7 Thursday 7th 20.00 Tuesday 12th 20.00 Wednesday 13th 20.00 Thursday 14th 20.00 Mon 11/3/2013 20:00 h. Cinema Jayan El Seté Segell Cinema Club. The Master. Lancaster Dodd, a brilliant intellectual with strong convictions, creates a religious organization which became very popular in the USA in 1950. Freddie Quell, a young vagabond, will become his right-hand man. However, when the sect triumphs and begins to attract fervent followers, Freddie begins to have his doubts. Original Version subtitled in Spanish. Mon 18/3/2013 20:00 h. Cinema Jayan Cine Club El Seté Segell Beasts of the Sourthen Wild. Hushpuppy is six years old and lives in the swamp lands of the Mississippi River. Her mother disappeared long ago and her father is always on a drinking binge. The little girl manages to grow up surrounded by half-wild animals. When a storm causes the water level to rise, Hushpuppy discovers that everything that she knows is about to fall apart. In order to save her world and her father, she must learn how to survive a catastrophe of epic proportions.

Page 39

Mon 25/3/2013 18:00 h. Casa de Cultura

Retirement Home, who is very famous according to r u m o r s . Reginald, Wilfred and Cecily end up in a state of shock when they discover that the new resident is Jean, their former colleague in the quartet which they Music. Guitar Audition. By once shared. Jean abandoned them Students from the Xàbia to become a soloist and he also sepProfessional Music Conservatory. arated from Reginald. Will the old wounds be healed and will they be 20:00 h. Cinema Jayan able to celebrate a gala together? A new member is about to be Original Version subtitled in admitted into a Musicians' Spanish.

Javea Grapevine March 2013  

News, politics, information

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