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2011-2012 Basketball Preview

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With the women’s team looking to be a force in the Big East and the men’s team looking to rebound from a rough season, the freshmen on both squads will be called upon to fill big shoes and build a lasting foundation. See page 4

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2 The DePaulia. November 7, 2011

DePaul Men’s ‘11-12 Schedule 11/11/11 11/14/11 11/24/11 11/25/11 11/27/11 12/01/11 12/05/11 12/07/11 12/10/11 12/14/11 12/17/11 12/21/11 01/01/12 01/05/12 01/08/12 01/10/12 01/14/12 01/17/12 01/22/12 01/25/12 02/01/12 02/04/12 02/06/12 02/11/12 02/15/12 02/18/12 02/20/12 02/25/12 02/28/12 03/03/12

vs. UT-Pan American vs. Mississippi Valley State vs. Minnesota TBA TBA vs. Mississippi vs. Milwaukee at Loyola-Chicago vs. Chicago State at Northern Illinois vs. Arkansas-Pine Bluff vs. Cal Poly vs. Syracuse vs. Pittsburgh at Villanova at Seton Hall at Louisville vs. Georgetown vs. USF at Rutgers vs. St. John’s at Cincinnati vs. Marquette at Notre Dame at Connecticut vs. Louisville at St. John’s vs. Providence at West Virginia vs. Seton Hall

Men’s basketball Big East rundown

8:00 p.m. 7:30 p.m. 1:30 p.m. TBA TBA 8:00 p.m. 7:30 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 7:30 p.m. 4:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. 11:00 a.m. 6:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. 7:30 p.m. 6:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. 11:00 a.m. 6:00 p.m. 11:00 a.m. 8:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m.

2010-11 record: 26-9, 11-7 Big East (t-6th) Head Coach: Mick Cronin (6th season) Key Players: Yancy Gates (F, 11.9 ppg), Cashmere Wright (G, 8.9 ppg)

2010-11 record: 15-17, 4-14 Big East (14th) Head Coach: Ed Cooley (1st season) Key Players: Vincent Council (G, 13.7 ppg), Gerard Coleman (G, 10.3 ppg)

2010-11 record: 32-9, 9-9 Big East (t-9th) Head Coach: Jim Calhoun (26th season) Key Players: Jeremy Lamb (G/F, 11.1 ppg), Shabazz Napier (G, 7.8 ppg)

2010-11 record: 15-17, 5-13 Big East (13th) Head Coach: Mike Rice (2nd season) Key Players: Gilvydas Biruta (F, 9.6 ppg), Dane Miller (F, 9.2 ppg)

2010-11 record: 7-24, 1-17 Big East (16th) Head Coach: Oliver Purnell (2nd season) Key Players: Cleveland Melvin (F, 14.3 ppg, Big East ROY), Brandon Young (G, 12.6 ppg)

2010-11 record: 21-12, 12-6 Big East (t-3rd) Head Coach: Steve Lavin (2nd season) Key Players: Malik Stith (G, 3.3 ppg)

2010-11 record: 21-11, 10-8 Big East (8th) Head Coach: John Thompson III (8th season) Key Players: Jason Clark (G, 12.0 ppg), Hollis Thompson (F, 8.6 ppg)

2010-11 record: 13-18, 7-11 Big East (12th) Head Coach: Kevin Willard (2nd season) Key Players: Jordan Theodore (G, 11.0 ppg), Herb Pope (F, 9.8 ppg)

2010-11 record: 25-10, 12-6 Big East (t-3rd) Head Coach: Rick Pitino (11th season) Key Players: Kyle Kuric (G/F, 10.8 ppg), Peyton Siva (G, 9.9 ppg)

2010-11 record: 10-23, 3-15 Big East (15th) Head Coach: Stan Heath (5th season) Key Players: Augustus Gilchrist (F, 13.4 ppg), Jawanza Poland (G, 9.1 ppg)

2010-11 record: 22-15, 9-9 Big East (t-9th) Head Coach: Buzz Williams (4th season) Key Players: Darius Johnson-Odom (G, 15.8 ppg), Jae Crowder (F, 11.8 ppg) 2010-11 record: 27-7, 14-4 Big East (2nd) Head Coach: Mike Brey (12th season, Big East Coach of the Year) Key Players: Tim Abromaitis (F, 15.4 ppg), Scott Martin (G, 9.7 ppg) 2010-11 record: 28-6, 15-3 Big East (1st) Head Coach: Jamie Dixon (9th season) Key Players: Ashton Gibbs (G, 16.8 ppg), Nasir Robinson (F, 9.4 ppg)

2010-11 record: 27-8, 12-6 Big East (t-3rd) Head Coach: Jim Boeheim (36th season) Key Players: Kris Joseph (F, 14.3 ppg), Scoop Jardine (G, 12.5 ppg) 2010-11 record: 21-12, 9-9 Big East (t-9th) Head Coach: Jay Wright (11th season) Key Players: Maalik Wayns (G, 13.8 ppg), Mouphtaou Yarou (C, 8.4 ppg) 2010-11 record: 21-12, 11-7 Big East (t-6th) Head Coach: Bob Huggins (5th season) Key Players: Kevin Jones (F, 13.1 ppg), Darryl “Truck” Bryant (G, 11.3 ppg)

Women’s basketball Big East rundown DePaul Women’s 2010-11 record: 9-20, 2-14 Big East (15th) Head Coach: Jamelle Elliott (3rd season) Key Players: Kayla Cook (G, 8.1 ppg), Jeanise Randolph (F, 7.6 ppg)

2010-11 record: 13-16, 6-10 Big East (11th) Head Coach: Phil Seymore (7th season) Key Players: Tiffany Hurd (G, only played one game due to injury), Teya Wright (F, 9.0 ppg)

2010-11 record: 36-2, 16-0 Big East (1st) Head Coach: Geno Auriemma (27th season) Key Players: Bria Hartley (G, 12.4 ppg), Tiffany Hayes (G, 13.7 ppg)

2010-11 record: 20-13, 11-5 Big East (4th) Head Coach: C. Vivian Stringer (17th season) Key Players: Monique Oliver (F/C, 10.9 ppg), Khadijah Rushdan (G, 11.8 ppg)

2010-11 record: 29-7, 13-3 Big East (2nd) Head Coach: Doug Bruno (26th season) Key Players: Keisha Hampton (F, 16.0 ppg), Anna Martin (G/F, 10.8 ppg)

2010-11 record: 22-11, 9-7 Big East (9th) Head Coach: Kim Barnes Arico (10th season) Key Players: Da’Shena Stevens (F, 11.8 ppg), Shenneika Smith (F, 12.2 ppg)

2010-11 record: 24-11, 9-7 Big East (8th) Head Coach: Terri Williams-Flournoy (8th season) Key Players: Sugar Rodgers (G, 18.7 ppg), Tia Magee (F, 8.2 ppg)

2010-11 record: 8-22, 1-15 Big East (16th) Head Coach: Anne Donovan (2nd season) Key Players: Kandice Green (F, 11.5 ppg), Jasmine Crew (G, 11.6 ppg)

2010-11 record: 22-13, 10-6 Big East (6th) Head Coach: Jeff Walz (5th season) Key Players: Monique Reid (F, 15.5 ppg), Shoni Schimmel (G, 15.1 ppg)

2010-11 record: 12-19, 3-13 Big East (13th) Head Coach: Jose Fernandez (12th season) Key Players: Andrea Smith (G, 16.5 ppg), Andrell Smith (G, 8.3 ppg)

2010-11 record: 24-9, 10-6 Big East (5th) Head Coach: Terri Mitchell (16th season) Key Players: Sarina Simmons (F, 7.5 ppg), Katherine Plouffe (F, 6.5 ppg)

2010-11 record: 25-10, 9-7 Big East (7th) Head Coach: Quentin Hillsman (6th season) Key Players: Kayla Alexander (C, 14.8 ppg), Iasia Hemingway (F, 12.7 ppg)

2010-11 record: 31-8, 13-3 Big East (3rd) Head Coach: Muffet McGraw (25th season) Key Players: Skylar Diggins (G, 15.0 ppg), Natalie Novosel (G, 15.1 ppg)

2010-11 record: 12-19, 3-13 Big East (14th) Head Coach: Harry Perretta (34th season) Key Players: Laura Sweeney (F, 11.5 ppg), Lindsay Kimmel (F, 10.2 ppg)

2010-11 record: 14-17, 5-11 Big East (12th) Head Coach: Agnus Berenato (9th season) Key Players: Ashlee Anderson (G, 5.2 ppg), Leeza Burdgess (C, 3.6 ppg) Cover photo by Grant Myatt

2010-11 record: 24-10, 8-8 Big East (10th) Head Coach: Mike Carey (11th season) Key Players: Asya Bussie (C, 8.2 ppg)

‘11-12 Schedule 11/11/11 11/12/11 11/12/11 11/18/11 11/19/11 11/20/11 11/27/11 12/03/11 12/07/11 12/09/11 12/11/11 12/13/11 12/16/11 12/19/11 12/22/11 12/31/11 01/03/12 01/07/12 01/14/12 01/17/12 01/21/12 01/24/12 01/28/12 01/31/12 02/05/12 02/08/12 02/12/12 02/18/12 02/21/12 02/25/12 02/27/12

TBA vs. Saint Mary’s Consolation Game Championship Game vs. San Diego State vs. Portland at Hawai’i at Northwestern vs. Loyola vs. St. John’s vs. SIUE vs. Tennessee at Princeton vs. Arizona State at Illinois State vs. Southern Illinois vs. Northern Illinois at Georgetown at Providence vs. Pittsburgh at USF vs. Connecticut at Rutgers at Seton Hall vs. Louisville at Notre Dame vs. Villanova vs. Marquette at West Virginia vs. Syracuse at Louisville vs. Cincinnati

3:30 p.m. 6:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 11:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. 11:00 p.m. 2:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 12:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 12:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 2:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. 12:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 1:30 p.m. 3:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. 11:00 a.m. 7:00 p.m.

Basketball Preview. November 7, 2011. The DePaulia 3

Cleveland Melvin - F #12, sophomore

PPG RPG APG 14.3 5.0 0.7

— The Men’s Squad —

The reigning Big East Rookie of the Year and only unanimous selection to the conference ’10-11 All-Rookie Team, Melvin has become the Blue Demons go-to player. The Baltimore native uses his length and athleticism to slice to the basket, which he will complement with an improved outside game. The sky’s the limit for this swingman.

Jeremiah Kelly - G #11, senior

Brandon Young - G #20, sophomore

Kelly is one of two seniors with Krys Faber this year and will contribute his veteran leadership to the young squad. Always a perimeter threat with his streaky 3-point shooting, Kelly plays in control with poise, and is one of the Blue Demons’ most consistent players at the off-guard position.

PPG RPG APG 7.6 2.2 2.9

PPG RPG APG 12.6 2.4 3.7

Tony Freeland - F #22, junior

Joe Belcaster - G #5, junior

Donnavan Kirk - F #23, sophomore

Krys Faber - C #33, senior

PPG RPG APG 9.6 5.0 0.8

PPG RPG APG 0.2 0.0 0.0

PPG RPG APG (Miami) 2.7 1.6 n/a

PPG RPG APG 7.0 5.3 0.5

Worrel Clahar - G #0, junior

Charles McKinney - G #32, freshman

PPG RPG APG (Ala.) 13.3 3.9 7.0

PPG RPG APG (HS) 12.7 4.7 n/a

A member of the 2011 Big East All-Rookie Team, Young is a natural playmaker, as evidenced in his Big East freshmen-leading 3.71 assists per game. Young has worked diligently in the offseason on his shooting, which should round out his offensive game nicely. Look for Young to be one of the conference’s best standout guards this season.

Derrell Robertson, Jr. - F #12, sophomore

PPG RPG APG (HS) 21.0 11.0 2.0

Montray Clemons - F #35, freshman

PPG RPG APG (HS) 20.0 15.0 n/a

Edwin McGhee - G #2, sophomore

Moses Morgan - F #15, sophomore

Jamee Crockett - F #21, freshman

PPG RPG APG 0.6 0.2 0.4

PPG RPG APG 5.1 1.8 0.8

PPG RPG APG (HS) 22.0 7.0 n/a

Men look to improve Big East reputation

By CHERYL WAITY Sports Editor

On paper, last year’s Blue Demon season might not look like much. The team went 7- 24 for the season and 1-17 in the Big East conference. Their lone Big East win was against Providence with a narrow 79-76 victory. They averaged 64.5 points with their opponents averaging 78.9. But that was last year, the first full year under new management. Are the men ready and where they need to be to successfully keep rebuilding the program under coach Oliver Purnell? “I think so, but we have to play to see,” said Purnell. “The big thing is to get better every year. It’s that simple – when you’re building a program you want to get better every year.” The biggest hurdle thus far in the year is the loss of players to injury. On top of freshman Macari Brooks transferring out of DePaul, junior forward Tony Freeland will be out for the season due to a shoulder injury and freshman forward Montray Clemons is sidelined with a knee injury.

Above: Coach Oliver Purnell Right: Moses Morgan “I think we will be better but now we have to go out and show that,” said Purnell. “And hopefully we can keep this thing pieced together from an injury standpoint to show that.” The bright spot for the Demons is their returning squad of sophomores and


seniors, particularly Brandon Young, Jeremiah Kelly and Big East Rookie of the Year Cleveland Melvin, who will all play

pivotal roles in the Demons’ season. “We need every one of them because we’re a little bit shallow now,” said Purnell.


4 The DePaulia. November 7, 2011

Bruno a amend thei to fit into t possible. “There’s needs to be were the b school, and relatively a the college has a syste in preparin the rest of the court. “By ov feel we’ve ing here a know that through the where we a now.” One wo many bette basketball players app coaching s prepare the Megan Hersey pro Ill., is than has at DeP college lev “High s ball are rea es and tea well,” said a lot over adapt to th so far.” As for team, Rog both benef spent with Demons. “All the us some mini-talks before practice, tellin do,” said Jenkins. “Yesterday they were w that we do before games, and also told u Coach is yelling at us when we’re out the Rogowski, like Jenkins and Hrynko, undefeated season at home, going 17-0 la Arena. To do so, she knows she and the r listen to the older players’ advice and foll “All of the veteran players have show and have taken us new players under th us,” said Rogowski. “They’ve really been The men, too, will be relying on new t “It’s really important that the newco Head Coach Oliver Purnell. “They bring leticism and enthusiasm. They’re anxiou those are great traits. With our style of pr offense, we need a lot of players. The men’s roster has been stretched th

Big f irst impressions By JULIAN ZENG and CHERYL WAITY Sports Editors

Both the men’s and women’s basketball teams have found themselves dealing with their roster as a revolving door that never stops spinning, and in the upcoming 2011-12 season the teams find themselves with a lot of new talent in their freshmen. For head coach Doug Bruno and the women’s basketball team, vacancies have inevitably opened in the roster, losing starting point guard Sam Quigley and starting center Felicia Chester. Deirdre Naughton, another valuable asset to the team, will be missed as an energy scorer off the bench. Though all three players had different contributions on the court, one trait they each had was leadership. “Sam, Felicia and Deirdre were all great leaders, and they need to be replaced,” said Bruno. “Sam was a great lead guard, and right now Brittany Hrynko and Chanise Jenkins are looking like the two freshmen that are going to have to replace her.” Hrynko, a Philadelphia native and former teammate of senior

Keisha Hampton’s at George Washington Carver High School, understands the impact Quigley had as floor general last season. “My personal goals this year are to be a leader on the court and I guess fill the spot that Sam left,” said Hrynko. Her focus is on offense, but she understands she has to “do well on defense” as well. At this point in the season, however, nothing is for certain when it comes to who gets to take off their warmups first for tip-off. Jenkins, a Whitney Young product from Chicago, is another confident point guard ready to compete. “I want to make it to the NCAA tournament and be Big East Freshman of the Year this season,” said Jenkins. Though Hrynko and Jenkins are two self-assured personalities, Bruno acknowledges the learning curve each new player faces when coming from high school to Division I basketball. “You don’t know one freshman’s adjustment to Division I basketball to the other. Sometimes there’s a confidence that needs to be acquired and you can’t inject confidence,” said Bruno. “That positive confidence has to evolve, and at the same time you can’t let complacency slip in.”

also noted how players must ir play styles and mentalities the team dynamic as best as

’s a lot of adjusting that e done. All of these players best on their teams in high d high school basketball is a much slower game than e game,” said Bruno. Bruno em that he feels works best ng his team, marrying it with the pressures they face off

verloading the freshmen, I had better success at teachat DePaul. This lets them they have to work to break e burden, and that’s exactly are with the freshmen right

ould be hard-pressed to find er head coaches in women’s than Doug Bruno, and the preciate the work he and the staff have already put in to e young team. Rogowski, a first-year oduct from Prospect Heights, nkful for the opportunity she Paul and eager to play at the vel. school and college basketally different, but the coacham have prepared us very d Rogowski. “We’ve worked the preseason to learn and his level, and it’s been fine

veteran leadership on the gowski and Jenkins have fitted from the time they’ve the more experienced Blue

e veteran players have given ng us what they expect us to walking us through the drills us not to be surprised when ere.” , wants to match DePaul’s ast year at McGrath-Phillips rest of the freshmen need to low their lead this season. wed great leadership so far heir wing and really pushed n great with helping us out.” talent heavily this season. omers do play a role,” said g us some talent, some athus to play and I think all of ressure defense and pressure

hin a bit to start the season,

Basketball Preview. November 7, 2011. The DePaulia 5

due to both injury and student-athlete transfers to other schools. Michael Bizoukas asked for a transfer and was granted it in April, so he will not be returning for his senior season. Junior forward Tony Freeland has been sidelined for this season due to a shoulder injury. Though two transfer students, Donnavan Kirk and Worrel Clahar, will be in the mix, the three freshmen will still be playing key roles for the men’s team. Despite bringing in five, the team is down to three freshmen due to injury and eligibility issues — forward Jamee Crockett, guard Charles McKinney and center Derrell Robertson, Jr. They all know what their roles will be. “Bring a lot of energy to the team and not do anything outside of my game, that’s what Coach told me,” said Crockett. “Bring a lot of energy and boost them a little bit.” “You just got to work hard every time you step on the court or the weight room or the track,” said Robertson. “You just got to run hard to be prepared mentally as well as physically.“ But, like Bruno mentioned, it’s more than just the play on court that has to be prepared for. “Just managing time and staying healthy,” said Crockett. “At home you get home cooked meals, but you have to know what to eat, certain diets to manage yourself.” Like the women, the freshmen have found mentors in their older teammates to help them through the transition both on and off the court. “I talk to JK [Jeremiah Kelly] a lot,” said McKinney. “We’re in the gym at night a lot shooting around and he tells me, you know, be patient, don’t rush so much. Just let my game come to me instead of rushing and trying to do too much too fast.” Robertson has also found guidance from Kelly both on and off the court. “On the court it’s a new system you learn from high school and they push you and tell you it’s going to be hard but you have to keep going,” said Robertson. The leadership of veteran players is going to be crucial for the young team and luckily, the older guys remember what it was like to be a newcomer. “I just tell them to stay focused and don’t get too down on yourself if you make a mistake early in the year because it’s a long season,” senior guard Jeremiah Kelly said. “With a long season in college it goes up and down when you’re a freshman. Just stay focused and have a positive mindset.” And when you have last year’s Big East Rookie of the Year on the team in sophomore Cleveland Melvin, of course there are some major goals, but some personal ones as well. McKinney is looking forward to playing some high school teammates when the Blue Demons meet Georgetown and St. John’s. Crockett, who has his eye on Melvin’s Big East Rookie of the Year title, has a different way of looking forward to games. “They should be looking forward to playing us,” said Crockett. “We’re not looking forward to playing them because they have to play us too.” For the men, this group of newcomers is a step closer to the building up of their team and the ultimate end goal of competing for a national championship. No doubt this is a goal all teams shoot for year in and year out, and the DePaul Blue Demons are no exception. The freshmen contingents on both the men and women’s teams are young, hungry and chomping at the bit to get this season underway. “We’re all young so we have a lot to learn,” said Crockett, “but in the future it’s going to pay off a lot.”

Group photo by Rachel Metea

GRANT MYATT | The DePaulia

Left: Megan Rogowski Middle: Charles McKinney Right:Chanise Jenkins Opposing page:Freshmen pose for a group shot.

In their own words These Blue Demon newcomers have some major goals for themselves this season

“They expect me to play hard defense, hard nose and come up with everything on the glass.”

“I just want to make an impact on the team and help them as best as I can, in whatever way possible.” “I want to be Big East Freshman of the Year and make it to the NCAA tournament.”

“[I want to] probably get a starting spot by the middle of the season” LISA ARMSTRONG| The DePaulia

6 The DePaulia. November 7, 2011


"Women’s basketball” continued from page 7 prominent role inside.” Harry, a junior, has two years of experience learning from Chester, and should be a formidable post player. The other departed starter is Quigley, who was a model of consistency at point guard, will be missed for her passing, shooting and generally solid all-around play. Her backups were Threatt and Juergens, who brought great energy off the bench. Finally Naughton, who battled injuries throughout her career, was a valuable leader and scorer, always ready to make a key play. Losing these players was inevitable, so now the team will look to its more experienced players to step in and make an impact. While senior Keisha Hampton, the team’s All-American leader, and junior Anna Martin will be the most invaluable to the team’s success, veteran role players like seniors Deanna Ortiz and Maureen Mulchrone and sopho-

more Jasmine Penny will be just as important. “I think the impact Deanna, Maureen and Jasmine have to have this season is huge,” said Bruno. “All three of these players have contributed to some of the success we’ve had, and yet they need to step up their games and consistently contribute this season. “Deanna’s going to be in that role of helping to replace Deirdre, and Maureen and Jasmine are going to be in that role of trying to replace what Felicia brought for us inside.” The significance of senior Taylor Pikes also cannot be ignored, yet the team will need to wait at least a couple months to benefit from her services, as she is out with a knee injury. “We really miss Taylor Pikes greatly,” said Bruno. “She’s our best rebounder and just a great all-around player. She would have been a starter for sure if she

was healthy. I expect her to probably be ready by the first of the year, in time for the start of the Big East season.” The veteran players along with the newcomers will need to work together as a cohesive unit to match and perhaps surpass the success of last season’s squad. To do so, someone will need to step forth to assist the coaching staff to lead the team. Bruno called the process of players moving into leadership roles on the team a “work in progress.” “You want to demand that somebody leads, you want to require someone to lead, but that’s a natural process within a team that has to evolve,” he said. Regardless of how the women’s basketball team comes together in the end, expectations are high for this program used to a history of winning.

continued from back page

"Roommates” continued from back page sick of each other, they play against each other in separate rooms. When it comes to living with a teammate, the female players had similar experiences. Maureen Mulchrone and Deanna Ortiz have known each other since high school and have gotten even closer through living together. Mulchrone said it’s hard to get sick of each other when you don’t get to really talk during practice. “It’s nice to come home and be able to have real conversations that are not just about basketball.” Ortiz agrees and said, “You get to know each other personally as well as on the court and it helps to build team chemistry.” But, like most college living situations, it’s not all fun and games. The worst part for Mulchrone is shower time. “We all get out of practice at the same time and there is only one shower. Late nights are worst when all you want to do is go to bed, but you have to wait.” Ortiz also hates shower time, but doesn’t feel like she’s in the room enough for anything to go wrong. When she is home, she said it’s nice that she doesn’t have to worry about a roommate wanting her to do something. “We all have the same schedule so we also understand that when we finish practice we are tired and just want to relax,” said Ortiz. When the girls aren’t

Taylor Pikes like everyone else on the team and that is one of her goals. “ I wat to get back in shape, get in a starting spot and becoming the same player,” said the 6’ 2” guard. But until then, Pikes has some leading to do. The women’s team has five new freshman this season, including three freshman guards. “I’m trying to push them because I know if I’m not ready to go they’re going to need to step up,” said Pikes. The Blue Demons don’t plan on sliding this year after their trip to the Sweet 16. The stakes

are just as high and the goals just as lofty. Emphasizing the need to defend their home court and winning games the Demons have their sights on the NCAA tournament—which will be hosted at the Sullivan Arena. “We want to make the sweet 16 on our floor, that’s the least we’re going to settle for,” said Pikes. And is she confident that they can do this with such a young squad? “We’re going to try,” she said. “They’re going hard every day, I have faith in them and when I return I’ll have a lot more faith.”

"Men’s basketball” continued from page three

Moses Morgan( right) and Brandon Young(above) also share an apartment and the court.

relaxing or waiting in line for the shower, they spend a lot of their dorm time playing an arcade basketball game. Ortiz loves it because it adds a different type of competition to their living situation. No one at DePaul can argue against the fact that athletes travel in groups. However, it doesn’t bother them that their friendships may be limited. Moses Morgan said, “We’re with our teammates all day, every day, and I don’t really have a problem with it. I have friends, but most of them are based around the team.” Mulchrone and Ortiz from the women’s team said that bond doesn’t come from



living together as much as it does from being in the athletic center constantly. Ortiz said, “I’m not in the room enough to feel secluded. We are always over here (at

the athletic center). Everybody is constantly in the weight room, or the gym, or study hall and I think that’s where that bond happens.”

“But from every one of them [returning players] we’re expecting career best years and the reason we’re expecting that is because this is their second year with us.” The two transfer students on the team, forward Donnavan Kirk and guard Worrell Clahar, will also play a unique role in between the veteran leadership and the freshman newcomers. “I kind of look at them like freshman, because this is the first time they’ve been with us,” said Purnell. “But those guys are older. They do have more experience playing and they come with a basic basketball experience now so they need to bring that to us.” The men themselves know the talent the Big East has to offer this year and know what they will have to bring to be successful. Kelly, a senior, feels last year gave him a lot more experience and depth as a player.

“In the Big East you can’t win with five players, six players – you need to have at least eight to 10 players,” he said. “Right now we feel comfortable with at least ten players out there and we’re going to look forward to making it happen.” And Kelly is right. This year the Big East is a formidable force in the 2012 college basketball landscape with five teams ranking in the AP top 25 and six ranking in the USA Today/Coaches top 25, not to mention the NCAA tournament champ, UConn, looming on DePaul’s schedule. “Every game is a big game in the Big East, I’m looking forward to all of them. When you’re in college every game counts, you know? Only 64 teams make it to the playoff so every game counts,” said Kelly. “You have to treat every game like it’s the championship.”

Basketball Preview. November 7, 2011. The DePaulia 7

— The Women’s Squad — Anna Martin - G #5, junior

Keisha Hampton - F #24, senior

PPG RPG APG 15.7 4.9 2.6

The accolades for Hampton are too numerous to name. The All-Big East first teamer and gold medalist with the USA Women’s World University Games team, is the Blue Demons’ best scorer and all-around player. Her size and skill with the ball are hard to match, which should help the senior contend to be the Big East’s Most Outstanding Player.

PPG RPG APG 10.7 2.1 2.7

Taylor Pikes - G/F #2, senior

A consistent scorer, Martin makes smart plays with the ball and fits in well with head coach Doug Bruno’s system. Martin uses her quickness to find open space on the floor, allowing her to pull up for a jumper or drive to the basket. Recipient of DePaul’s Pat Ewer’s “Unsung Hero Award,” Martin is a valuable asset to the women’s team.

Though sidelined with a knee injury until early January, Pikes will have no problem returning to boost the starting lineup with her rebounding and offensive efficiency. Last season’s Big East Sixth Man of the Year, Pikes is a hard-nosed perimeter defender, an important accompaniment to a team of competent scorers.

PPG RPG APG 7.7 6.2 1.8

Karima Gabriel - F #25, freshman

Brittany Hrynko - G #12, freshman

PPG RPG APG (HS) 16.8 n/a n/a

PPG RPG APG (HS) 19.1 0.6 0.5

Jasmine Penny - F #31, sophomore

Maureen Mulchrone - G/F Kelsey Reynolds - G #33, senior #20, sophomore

PPG RPG APG 2.6 1.8 0.3

PPG RPG APG 1.3 0.9 0.4

Megan Rogowski - G #21, freshman

Chanise Jenkins - G #13, freshman

Alexa Gallagher - F #3, freshman

Katherine Harry - F #51, junior

Deanna Ortiz - F #34, senior

PPG RPG APG (HS) 24.8 n/a n/a

PPG RPG APG (HS) n/a n/a n/a

PPG RPG APG (HS) n/a n/a n/a

PPG RPG APG 6.8 6.2 1.6

PPG RPG APG 4.0 2.1 1.5

PPG RPG APG n/a n/a n/a

Photos courtesy of the DePaul Athletic Department

Blue Demons look to stay a force in the Big East

By JULIAN ZENG Assistant Sports Editor

Although their season ended sooner than they would have liked in the Sweet 16, the DePaul women’s basketball team put forth a special 2010-11 campaign they could hang their hat on. The team’s final loss came at the hands of the Duke Blue Devils (No. 6 ESPN/USA Today, No. 6 AP) in the NCAA Semifinals, but the Blue Demons (who finished No. 7, No. 6) accomplished plenty along the way. The team’s achievements read like a roll call: Their 29-6 record was the program’s best through 35 games, and highest win total of any team in DePaul’s history. Their Sweet 16 appearance was the program’s second ever, and first since the 2006 season. Most noteworthy was their undefeated 17-0 record at McGrathPhillips Arena, capped off with a

70-69 stunner over Notre Dame in the regular season finale. In the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament, their ninth straight appearance, DePaul first topped No. 14 Navy, then finished off No. 6 Penn State on PSU’s home court in come-from-behind fashion, before eventually bowing out to Duke. The breadth of the team’s performance was due in large part to the efforts of its five seniors: Felicia Chester, Sam Quigley, Deirdre Naughton, China Threatt and Jennifer Juergens. Chester, the team’s starting center and eventual WNBA draftee, was a powerhouse on the low block, and was a consistent threat from in close. Head coach Doug Bruno relied heavily on Chester for close baskets, defense and rebounding, but knows who will be her replacement. “Felicia gave us a great inside

Above: Coach Doug Bruno Right: Keisha Hampton scored eight points against St. Xavier this past weekend. presence,” said Bruno. “Now it’s looking like that responsibility will fall to Katherine Harry, taking a more



Basketball Preview. November 7, 2011. The DePaulia 8

The Cleveland Show

By MICHAEL COLLINS Contributing Writer

Some secrets are just too good to be kept. For DePaul’s 2010-11 Big East Rookie of the Year, Cleveland Melvin, the word is out and the bulls-eye has been firmly affixed. There will be no sneaking up on anyone this year and Melvin, a 6’8” 205-pound forward, has spent the offseason improving his game in anticipation of opposing teams’ heightened attention. His injured thumb is “one hundred percent” and he’s been working on his outside game. Melvin concedes that DePaul’s team is young and that presents its challenges. He’s been asked to step into a leadership role and he relishes that opportunity. “Coach Purnell has been a great leader and has asked me to keep the younger guys together and focused and to play harder this season, because it’s going to be tougher than last year. “I know a lot of teams are going to come at me with different looks and stuff and that I just have to adjust my game accordingly.” Melvin said. “I know I’m going to play a lot more minutes and I’ve been trying to stay in great shape for my sophomore season.” When asked about whether certain Big East Teams bring out the best in him,

he says that great defensive teams like Georgetown certainly pique his interest. He dropped 29 points on them last New Year’s Day. “They’re big and physical and you definitely get up for them,” Melvin said. Melvin set the DePaul freshman record with a .522 field goal percentage, eclipsing Mark Aguirre’s .520 mark set in 1978-79. Basketball is a numbers game and Melvin will certainly be scrutinized on this year’s stats. When asked about the NBA lockout and its effect on his future, Melvin demurred, “I hope it drives more fans into seeing DePaul basketball games and for right now I’m focusing on winning more Big East games.” DePaul was ranked 59th in attendance in the NCAA last year with an average of 8,451 fans per game. The Blue Demons were 1-17 in the Big East last year, so this year will be an opportunity for the Blue Demons to improve in all regards. Again, all eyes will be on Melvin to see if he can rise to the occasion and help DePaul accomplish this goal. The Baltimore native says that Chicago has shown him “great love” and that the Big East is the toughest conference there is, and is certainly more physical than the ACC. Melvin is now a marked man. It’s up to him to decide whether that mark is an exclamation or a question.


Cleveland Melvin was the Big East Rookie of the Year last season.

Pikes battles back Senior will soon return from a knee injury By CHERYL WAITY Sports Editor


Mulchrone and Ortiz are good friends both on and off the court.

On & Off

Basketball roomies spend a lot of time living and working together By KATE OLERICH Contributing Writer Although there is no official policy stating that DePaul athletes must live together, in most cases they do. They are able to give each other the type of support that non-athlete students may not be able to provide. But, with so much time spent together as teammates, it would seem that sharing a living space as well could create potential problems. If someone is a good player and friend, but a bad roommate, that frustration could manifest itself during practice or games. However,

here at DePaul, athletes seem to actually prefer it, and some didn’t even realize that it wasn’t a requirement. Blue Demon men’s basketball players Brandon Young and Moses Morgan love living together. Young said, “we get to grow as teammates and learn more about each other, you know, just having the trust of what’s mines is yours is helpful.” Although Young and Morgan said they don’t have any problems living together, some of their teammates do. Morgan said, “It really depends on who the person is, because some of the guys on our team have really bad hygiene.” When the team isn’t in class, on the court or avoiding a shower, they find new ways to interact to keep things fun. The men enjoy playing video games. Though they never said they get

See Roommates page 6

Watching your team play a Sweet 16 game without you might upset a lesser player, but it only motivated senior guard/forward, Taylor Pikes. The Chicago native saw her post-season cut short when a recurring injury took her out of the second round of the tournament in the first half of the Penn State game that acted as a gateway to DePaul’s meeting with Duke in the Sweet 16. “I was real upset,” said Pikes. “I was very upset because I knew I played a big part in last year’s team and them out there playing and me not being on the court it was hard.” Pikes was named the Big East sixth player of the year. Pikes was a major contributor to the success of the Blue Demons last year. She appeared in 35 games with two starts, averaged 22.1 minutes in Big East games, led DePaul with four double-double games and ranked 13th in the Big East for rebounds in conference games. The Blue Demons fell to Duke in the Sweet 16 last year and that’s where Pikes work began. “After that game was over it was motivation for me to push myself hard this summer,” she said. “I pushed myself as hard as


Taylor Pikes ended her season last year with a knee injury. I could.” Pikes plans to be back on the court by late December or early January—just in time for Big East play, but there’s season before that to be concerned about. “We really miss Taylor Pikes

greatly; she’s our best rebounder and just a great all-around player,” said Coach Doug Bruno. “She would have been a starter for sure if she was healthy.” These leaves Pikes vying for a spot amongst the starters just

See Pikes page 6

Stepping Up: The DePaulia's 2011-2012 Basketball Preview  

The DePaulia's 2011-2012 DePaul Blue Demons men's and women's basketball preview.

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