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Monday February 22, 2021


Lecture and A Aw wards Event 2021 Professor Phoebe A. Haddon

He ali ng

Ho p & e

March 2, 2021 11:00a.m.-12:30p.m.

Chancellor Emerita, Rutgers University-Camden Past Chairr,, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia a

Guest Emcee: T Ta amara Banks

March 3, 2021 5:00-6:30p.m.

Rac chel B. Noel N

Hope and Healing Panel of Eq quals

Distinguished d Visiting Professorship 40 Y Ye ears of o Honoring Rachel Noel

Past and Present Noel Professors Phoebe A. Haddon Dr. Philip Hart Aishah Shahidah Simmons Hon. Wilma J. Webb Hon. Wellington E. Webb Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry Judi Hampton




Products and


Get the facts about the COVID-19 vaccine. AARP has the latest information.

AARP is working to protect Americans 50+ by making sure you have the latest information you need about the COVID-19 vaccines and the distribution plans in Colorado. Find out who’s eligible for the vaccine, when and where vaccines will be available and what you need to discuss with your doctor before you decide. Just visit our website to get the most up-to-date information available about your vaccine options.

Learn more about COVID-19 vaccine availability and distribution at aarp.org/covaccine facebook.com/aarp.colorado | @aarpco | aarp.org/co

Paid for by AARP.

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COVID-19 is real and sprea ading!

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Eye Sore Scrap Removal a

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Lakewood, Colorado

EQUIT YY,, DIVERSIT Y & INCLUSION RE R PORT CARD COMPPAANY//OWNER/OPERAATTOR: (SAMPLE) DEMONSTRAT ATE YOUR COMMITMENT TO EQUITY, Y, DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION IN THE COLORADO CANNABIS INDUSTRY BCEI is your equiity voice ffo or Colorado’s ’ Cannabis Industry. y. Our mission is to promote the growth of a safe fe, meaningfu ful and fair cannabis industry. y. W Wee promote sensible equiity, y, diversiity and inclusion policies and programs to maximize the responsible growth and development of Colorado’s cannabis market. BCEI strives to promote and engage equiity eff ffo orts in all industry sectors including: ownership, community relations, a employment, biotechnology, y, cultivaattion, manufacturing, finance, retail, security, y, industrial hemp and consulting services. Colorado is the epicenter of one of the most significant markets in the United Stat ates. Our legislat ative leaders, decision and policy makers are relying on our industry thought leaders, equity experts and communiity ffo or best practices and common sense solutions ffo or the cannab abis landscap ape in Colorado. The BCEI Equity, y, Diversity and Inclusion Report Card is an equity tool that a will be utilized to measure the cannabis industr y’s and owner/operaattors commitment to equiity, y, diversity and inclusion in Colorado.

MAIN ANALY LYSIS Measure Equity, y, Diversity and Inclusion opportunities and relat ationshiips between the Cannabis industry and Black businesses as well as citizens in the growth of the Cannabis industry in the Stat ate of Colorado



BLACK OWNERS OR OWNERSHIP OPPORTUNITY (Black Ow wner(s) in Company Ownership Group)


BLACK EMPLLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES (Hiring & Promoting P of Black Employeess)


BLACK BUSIN NESS/VENDOR RELAT ATIONSHIPS (Dollars Sp pent Doing Business with Black k Businesses & Vendors)


BLACK MEDIIA BUYS AND PLACEMENTS (Advertisin ng Dollars Spent & Placementss with Black Med dia)


MUNITY INVESTMENT & BLACK COMM SUPPORT PA PAARTICIPPAATION (Corporatee Sponsorships/Donations/Contrributions to Black Community Organizations and Programs)


BLACK EQUITTY MEMBERSHIP SUPPORTER (Financiallly Supports the Mission, Vision n and Agenda of the Black Cannabis Equity Inittiative)


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Denver Urban Spectrum WAG - Weekly Advertiser Guide February 22, 2021  

See what's happening in the Mile High City!

Denver Urban Spectrum WAG - Weekly Advertiser Guide February 22, 2021  

See what's happening in the Mile High City!