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Model, Tess Vigil - owner of 50 Dresses by Tess


Discover the fashionable influencers making a big impact in our expanding city with Editor in Chief, Heather Okimoto, in fourth issue of Denver Style Magazine. Photo by Jackie Cooper


Denver, your style is insatiable and we just can’t get enough. You are the reason we produced three magazines, five industry meetups, six resourceful workshops, twelve community mix and mingles and

“ are the reason Denver Style Magazine celebrated our First Birthday in January. Thank you.” The mission to be Denver’s fashion, style, and beauty resource is at the core of every entrepreneur we meet with, image we post, event we host, and the astounding growth of Denver Style Magazine’s local following, readership, and turnout at local events gives us every reason to keep producing. So we will. In this issue we introduce you to stylish natives and local residents that have their finger on the pulse of Denver’s style scene including Denver’s First Lady, Mary Louise Lee. The sassy firecracker keeps it classy for city events, but always stays true to her personal style. Denver Bronco’s Super Bowl 50 Champ, Chris Harris Jr., shared what he wears off the field and how to score his winning style. Remnants of the Wild West and and industry manufacturing can still be seen in the facades of buildings around Denver and to the west, but business are occupying vintage spaces in modern ways to produce merchandise that makes its way around the world. Issue number four takes a deeper look into the products generated in Denver and the people producing them. With the expansion of transportation outside of Denver, the opportunity to discover, explore, and shop at local boutiques, salons, and studios is becoming a lot more accessible making our little big city a lot less small town and much more metropolitan. The resources available to our residents, experiences available to our visitors, and adventure that awaits continues to attract the young and mature creating a melting pot of beautiful styles and unique characters that we look forward to celebrating for many more years to come. Cheers, Heather Okimoto Editor in Chief


KELSEY BIGELOW Director of Operations @kelseybigelow

SAMANTHA BREWERS Editorial Assistant @sj_breww

CHELSEA SHERMAN Blog Editor @nattiel

CAILYN MACDONALD Events Coordinator @cailuil

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F E AT U R ES 08

Denver Generated Why Local Companies Are

20 34

Choosing to Produce in Colorado Bringing Sassy Back Denver’s Fashionable First Lady Simple Underdog Style Off the Field Style with Chris Harris Jr.


02, DSM Community Street Style 42 Denver’s Fashionable Street Style 32

Influencers Share Local Spring Style Shopping Staycation: Little Main Streets


Big Style in Little Towns The Resource Guide Denver’s most comprehensive list of fashion, style, and beauty brands, boutiques, style professionals, and fashion influencers.



DENVER STYLE MAGAZINE COMMUNITY STREET STYLE Denver’s fashionable influencers sharing their local spring street style. Photos by Gina Khrestov, GaleRisa Photography


Watch behind the scenes videos at

Featured on These Pages Sarah Bruss Robert Kross @rtk1220 Danielle Greco @according2dblog Aaron Rodriguez @blankcanvasfashion Kynsi Saye @kompass.apparel Patty Sanz @pattysanz Raeann Langas @raeannlangas Maria Delgado @mafe_delol

LADYLIKE LOCAL BEAUTY Refine your ladylike beauty routine with tips from Makeup Artist and resident DSM Beauty Contributor, Nicole Toledo Written by: Nicole Toledo, Model: Karly Porter

@nicoletoledomakeupartistry || Photos by: Jackie Cooper @the officialkarlyp || Styling by: Aaron Rodriguez



Ready to bid adieu to cold weather and winter hues? So am I! Let’s bask in springtime’s mile high sun and update our makeup bags with long-lasting, easy to apply, local beauty finds that won’t have you tip-toeing into savings. To keep the skin fresh and natural, start with a mineral based foundation, cream blush with a subtle highlight, and add light contouring to create dimension. Brows continue to be a strong seasonal focus, so keep them full and defined. See a specialist if you don’t trust yourself. Try these simple beauty tips below for a springtime ladylike refresh and share your fresh makeup face with me by tagging #dsmbeauty. - Nicole Toledo, DSM Beauty Contributor




Save the smoky eye for the holidays and start with a neutral shadow in the outer corners of the eye.

Play with pops of color along the lashline in electric blue, gold, or camo green for a glimmer of something different.

Apply eyeliner from edge to edge with the thinnest line at the inner corner of the eye and the thickest line toward the outer edge.

Lips Line the lips with a shade as close to your lip color as possible.

Apply lipstick with a lip brush for a more even application.

Use a brush and powder to clean up uneven edges.

Apply gloss for bold, long lasting, kissable lips.


Flirt with Falsies

1 5





Long Wear Lacquer 1. Bat Like A Lady

2. Smooth Lines

3. Pucker Up

Try these lightweight silk cruelty-free lashes from local company Battington Lashes. Each pair can be worn up to 25 times and provides a proper amount of glam or day or night.

These pencils glide on with an even application, and contain anti-aging ingredients to keep your lines smooth and youthful. Available in five colors.

For spring, give your lips a pop using this long wearing duo. Both feel comfortable on the lips, not dry or sticky. $24 - 26 $15 $18 - $25

4. Multi-Tasker

5. Shape Your Face

Depending on the shade you choose, this multi tasker makes for a perfect cream blush, bronzer, or highlighter, which is oh-so-perfect for dry Colorado skin.

Contouring and highlighting doesn’t have to be daunting. An all-in-one kit makes it easy to sculpt and brighten your skin.

Ilia Available at AILLEA Beauty $34 $36

Try These:

Other products used to create Karly’s bold ladylike look: Osmosis Brow Gel, $25 Osmosis Matte Collection Eyeshadow Palette, $53

To see the Step-by-Step for this boldy simple spring look, watch the tutorial at

OUTERWEAR AFFAIR The patterns, shapes, and textures that are making a play into men’s spring style. Photography by Noah Berg Photography,


ET CK JA 54 1 IR EN r $ UV nve SO De SY air US Aff ST mily Fa

AIL HT FI S 0 BE ir $16 RO NE Affa ZA mily Fa



CK JA R TO 5 IA 16 AV ir $ EP ffa DE ly A 10 mi Fa


T IN PR SE 60 RO $1 H ir IS ffa BL y A PU mil Fa




k ora 0 An t $10 nim es De SN W DV

p -U

t ke c Ja

m ar W tic 0 en 15 th t $ Au es A W NB VSN D

ie od Ho ic 99 et hl e $ At ruc Sp

et ck $265 Ja ly lyt pp pp Su Su ey ey Gr rkel Be

20 st Ve $2 le orts xti Te rsp go oto Rin co M Eri

ket le Jac s $400 Texti Kent otorsport M Erico



How the design and production industry within the Mile High City are keeping true to their roots. Written by Jordan Jackson


As our growing mecca continues to make waves in the fashion and makers markets, more and more companies have committed to consciously designing and producing right here in Colorado. These pioneers within the industry are not only bringing quality clothing, accessories and items to local shoppers; they are spear-heading the economy within the style commerce, providing industry-specific opportunities and unique resources within our landlocked state.

While commendable, there are certainly challenges. As any innovator will note, going against the norm isn’t necessarily the easier path. However, through commitment to valued results and the drive to put Denver on the map, these five entrepreneurs give us insight into why creation in-house and more importantly, in-state, is the optimum way to get quality goods in the hands of Colorado’s savvy consumers locally and around the world.

DEN V E R D E SIGN I NC UB ATOR Located in the downtown neighborhood, Denver Design Incubator (DDI) is on a quest

DDI can proudly state that they are succeeding in their mission. The community is

to build new jobs, specifically dedicated to supporting and growing the sewn

growing in direct parallel to Denver’s apparel industries. As a nonprofit, the only

products industry in Colorado. Why was such an organization planted within our

challenges they face include a need for assets. Further donations and more

beautiful city? It was simply due to demand. DDI is Colorado’s first and only

volunteers will always be a factor in keeping momentum behind this innovative and

fosterer of fashion, focusing on entrepreneurial education, and turning creative ideas

one-of-a-kind institute. They encourage anyone with a passion for fashion and a

into successful and sustainable businesses.

desire for helping people to join them in elevating Denver as a hub in the sewn products sector.

Creative people thrive in Denver. The DDI is a perfect match for our slew of crafters, storytellers, and makers who continuously have their hands in a number of arenas. DDI helps hone these creative innovations, bringing each of them to fruition. In a city that is filled with movers and shakers, there was a need for added workshops, shared spaces, and most importantly, mentors. City dwellers are welcome to tap into this resource, building upon an already established fashion knowledge base, taking their craft to the level of a successful business enterprise.


2040 Clay St. Denver



MIL E H IGH WORKS H OP In a colorful state of big ideas and fervent go-getters, Mile High WorkShop

In this bubble of awesome Colorado conceptions, the obvious issue at hand is

offers production services to brands that desire their creations to be locally

higher costs. Mile High WorkShop is proud to pay their employees a

made. As Director of Operations, Jeremy Katz explained, “We believe

livable wage in addition to resource and support. This of course results in high

Colorado, and Denver in particular, is the perfect location for production in the

prices to their customers. However, due to lower MOQs

United States. Outside of New York and LA, there are few hubs for cut and sew

(Minimum Order Quantity) and shipping costs, the organization believes it can

assembly across the county. We believe we are geographically

ultimately compete with manufactures overseas. With more and more

favorable and can produce at a lower cost than competitors on the coasts.”

consumers conciously demanding ethically and locally made products there is much hope in the future for the empowering space.

Being in Colorado is important to Mile High WorkShop. They are enthusiastic about building a manufacturing industry within our home state, not only to create jobs and skills for members of our community, but to also add intrinsic value and pride to the products coming from our local manufactures. And why not? Colorado is an active lifestyle brand in itself. What’s better than an item made by Coloradans, for Coloradans, and in Colorado?

© Preston Utley


1515 W Thomas Ave. Englewood



A NNA F E S TA Meet AnnaFesta, a self-proclaimed curvy collection for women. Their mission is to

yard’ so to speak, all of the little details can be seen and felt right in front of me.”

make females feel confident in beautifully fitting, body enhancing, and top-notch clothing. Best of all, their brands are 100% deliberated and constructed

This attention to detail and persistency to keep AnnaFesta local is admirable, but still

right here in Colorado. When Anne Fanganello first created the AnnaFesta

hosts its share of challenges. The designer continually chips away at the barriers her

collection in 2010, she sent her first cutting to New York City and immediately follow-

team faces. For instance, even and if an employee does not know how to run a ma-

ing made a point to start looking for local resources. For three years she worked with

chine or utilize a tool, Fanganello takes time to teach verses heading outside of the

her team of cutters and sewers to develop the skills needed to

Denver community. She understands that people want to work and that people want

create a garment that was sewn professionally. As Fanganello states “I am very strict

to be proud of what they do. This results in great clothing and a great community.

about finishing techniques, as I will only put my label on items that I am proud to sell with high quality materials and professional finishing.”


5893 S Sherman Way Centennial



Which just might be why creation in Colorado is so key. The designer has her hands and eyes on each piece throughout the entire process. Photos and emails are not a necessity to the brand; the team can call on one another at any moment with questions or concerns, giving each bit of clothing the attention it deserves. “I strive for perfection in every single product that we make. By having the facilities ‘in my back

© Hardy Klahold


Created from a growing a seed of desire to construct something themselves, Topo

which may be why each of their products acts as the perfect and durable sidekick to

Designs has honed in on the Colorado lifestyle, directly mimicking it in their bags

any Rocky Mountain adventure.

and apparel. Producing in state was always a part of the game plan. As Topo Designs Marketing Manager Becky Day stated, ”We honestly started fairly naively and just

One thing they don’t adore about keeping Colorado roots? High cost, which has

assumed that we could find someone in our backyard that would be able and willing

become the trend for other nearby creators. Topo Designs experiences raised wages

to do production for a small company. Only now do we realize how lucky we were that

working in the US versus Asia. However, they take this challenge head-on and

we were able to find a sew shop that was trying to get started at exactly the same

translate their story directly to the each customer. Meaning, there is no grey area

time we were. So just by chance, we were able to initially work with with small runs

as to why the end result is more expensive upon purchase. Their products are a love

and help each other build our businesses together.” She also explained that a

story to our fair state. A quality piece made close to home encourages the birth of a

deep-rooted Colorado history in outdoor bag production gave them insight to the

new system and that is extremely exciting to their entire team.

industry through folks who had worked in it for years.

As plain as it is to see, community comes first. Working in Colorado has always been top priority to Topo Designs. A big part of why the business began was to build a brand based upon where they live and how they go about making things. The close proximity to production also allows for regular face time and a very hands-on process,


2500 Larimer St. #102 Denver



WINTER SESSION “Home Sweet Home” is a phrase that runs deep for the faces behind Winter Session. Presented with the choice to relocate elsewhere in the city of Chicago or make the big move across the country back to their home state, the husband and wife team took a leap of faith and moved their functional, high quality, unisex canvas, and leather carry goods to Colorado. At that time their production outfit was small, allowing for flexibility to plant roots just about anywhere. Winter Session chose Denver because of their established connections in the city and to take advantage of the resources and infrastructure that the community had to offer.

When asked how important producing in Colorado is to their company, co-owner Tanya Fleisher responded, “Although our brand has its own identity that is not dependent on our location, being based in Colorado (and specifically Denver) has certainly helped to define the way we talk about our products and the visual representation of our brand. We are inspired by the active, dynamic lifestyle that exists here and in turn, we try to design our products to fit this lifestyle — one that is balanced between work and play, home life and travel, city life and mountain adventure.”

Luckily for their brand, not many obstacles stand in their way. Winter Session has much praise for the team at Ralph’s Sewing where they frequently source machines, parts, and sewing notions. They currently make everything in house and humorously note that the biggest craving they face is getting outside in the sunshine instead of staying in to work. But let’s face it, that might just be true for everyone living in this gorgeous place.

It takes notable courage to choose the path less travelled, but as demonstrated by this select group of Colorado companies the journey and final product definitely make the hardships worth while. This is an exciting time for creators and innovators across the city in art, design, and especially the revival of small-scale manufacturing. The industry revolution is among us; it is the perfect time to purchase Colorado made.


2952 Welton St. Denver


© Brad Torchia




evey k


Evey K Fashionliner is a chic mobile boutique that carries unique fashions, accessories and gift items from across the globe. Evey K was a brick and mortar for 12 years in Cherry Creek and Lowry carrying up and coming designers.The Fashionliner is a mini replica of her boutique except it’s on wheels with the ability to share her favorite finds to many markets all around Colorado. Come Shop the truck to experience the Evey K experience!

Acey designs: street chic @streetchicmobileboutique

Our boutique on wheels is a fully equipped, full service fashion experience found on the streets of Northern Colorado and Denver Metro area. We offer one of a kind collection of women’s fashions for the trendy and chic at affordable prices. Book us for your next event or private party and we’ll bring what’s right now, right to you!

Dapper & Dame


Womens | Mens | Kids Styling | Online | Parties | Local Delivery A mobile fashion experience for everyone, anywhere.

Denver Street boutique


The Street Boutique is a Fashion Truck selling fashionable, moderatelypriced women’s clothing, jewelry and accessories across a variety of styles. Find us all around town from LoDo to RiNo, Wash Park to LoHi, Stapleton to the DTC! Want us to come to you? Schedule a ladies shopping party or lunch time office stop today!

HELLO, DENVER! Ruby Jane Denver Highlands featuring Free People, Black Swan,White Crow, Level 99 and Dolce Vita



© www.Robins.Photography

© www.Robins.Photography

© www.Robins.Photography

© Meredith Harris Photographers

BRANDI SHIGLEY Written by Kelsey Bigelow

The Denver fashion community can’t be spoken about without the name

The process for a new designer looking to start or grow their business in

drop of Brandi Shigley. The animated, high-energy Fashion Denver

Denver is not as lonely or confusing as it was when Brandi began on her




owner and community pioneer has had a front row seat to the

own. “We now have resources available that can take designers from idea

transitioning fashion industry in Denver for over 15 years that all began

to design, production, and distribution, right in our backyard.” We owe a

with purses. In 1999, Brandi began producing purses in her living room

lot of this to the pioneering of Brandi Shigley and Fashion Denver, which

and was at the cutting edge of the e-commerce boom. In addition to

plans to stay a part of the industry for many years.

attracting media attention, Brandi sold her bags in boutiques around the country and was the third listed website on AOL’s search engine for

Fashion Denver’s upcoming Spring Fashion Camp, summer market, and


happy hours where local can learn about the fashion community are all in the works. Brandi says

Seeking a change, Brandi moved to Southern California and worked for an action sports company before returning to Denver. The move and opportunities to experience tools and resources available on the west coast sparked the inspiration to create Fashion Denver. Since beginning Fashion Denver in 2004, Brandi has continuously shared her lessons with creative entrepreneurs, produced workshops, fashion markets, and held a retail space in the Golden Triangle neighborhood. Brandi’s motto of

“We will continue to grow and evolve as our city changes, but always keep our mission at the forefront, to connect our local fashion community through fashion events and business development..” Fashion Denver

“Do what you love. Love what you do.”

has helped countless entrepreneurs and designers start their business on the right foot. Brandi has two pieces of advice for creatives: “surround yourself with others that support your dream and step back and evaluate your dream”. She says that “it’s easy to get swept away in the romanticism of our dreams and it’s important to spend our time on what our heart and soul are truly passionate about.” After re-evaluation of some big dreams, Brandi says she’s realized “Ah...actually, that doesn’t sound like something I would like to do.”

© www.Robins.Photography


CHICIBIKI Written by Kelsey Bigelow


ChiciBiki (pronounced “sheekie beekie”), better

becomes a night time commitment.” That’s not to

known as B.K. Turner, is a salon owner turned style

say blogging isn’t a welcome and important

blogger. B.K.’s love of fashion began at a young age

commitment for B.K. “Blogging has morphed from

while attending fashion shows at the local

being a creative distraction to an important

college in Germany. At the age of 18, she was

balancing force in my life. I play so many roles for

scouted for a runway show and signed with a talent

others during the day: being a mother, a wife and

agency. B.K. attended college in Denver earning a

a business owner. In a way, I felt I was sacrificng

degrees in Psychology and Political Science before

a big part of my own identity and I struggled with

opening her salon.

that. Blogging gives me a sense of fulfillment in a selfish way. It is something that is entirely mine.

UberChic Nail Boutique is an eco-conscious

Strangely, this narcissistic form of self-care helps

beauty salon in Edgewater, specializing in natural

me care for others better.”

nail care, waxing and skincare services. The salon is a family affair, with B.K.’s sisters managing daily

B.K.’s roles outside of blogging have changed her

operations and her mom helping out on the

style over the years. “I have learned to dress

weekends. The interior of the salon was designed

comfortably without sacrificng style being a mom.

and styled by B.K. and reflects her personally

You don’t have to look frumpy just because you are

elegant style. Clients often asking about B.K.’s

chasing after a toddler or have a baby

stylish picks provided her with the opportunity to

attached at your hip. I just know not to put on my

share her personal style and favorite items through

best clothes. Chances are high they will get

a blog. “Blogging brings everything full circle for

covered in sticky stuff.” Her personal style of

me. I realized being creative is what I truly and

minimalist sophistication is simple but

passionately enjoy”, and it’s apparent at ChiciBiki.

“depending on my mood I add a little boho or rock


n’roll. I love combining different styles and have no shame mixing high-end with cheap or the latest effortless. A simple white T-shirt is something

your brand and grow it continuosly. It helps to find

I could never give up.”


style with vintage so long as it looks

being a blogger. “In both worlds, you have to build a niche and excel in it.” Being involved in the local community is also key for both projects.

Being a blogger in Denver means a young and

“Collaborations with other bloggers and

growing scene. “This makes us exciting. In my

businesses is a great way to get exposure. Denver

opinion, it leaves a lot of room for

has an awesome fashion blogging community that

experimentation and innovation. Denver attracts a

is inclusive, welcoming and encouraging.” There are

diverse crowd but at the core has a laid back and

differences to both projects as well. “As a

positive vibe. The whole Denver scene is

business owner, you are responsible for so many

exploding and bloggers are contributing to this

other people - employees, clients, investors. As a

phenomenon in a major way.”

blogger, it all comes down to you.” Being the only one calling the shots can be difficult at times. “There is a lot of planning and © Noah Berg Photography

time investment that goes into a blog. The blog

© Noah Berg Photography

© Ash Taylor


© Noah Berg Photography

B.K. finds many similarities to owning a salon and

© Noah Berg Photography

© Ash Taylor



S T O N E D Make a rocky statement with mystically inspired pieces from local designers and Denver boutiques. Photos by: Noah Berg Photography





2,3 5 4


14 7 9







1. WATERCOLOR STONE PRINT Adventurous Hearts $10


11. WHITE DRUZY CUFF Apricot Lane Centennial $30

2. ICE QUEEN CROWN Stacy Sterling Jewerly $78


12. CHEWBEADS NECKLACE Reverie Home $38


8. DRUZY RING Common Era, $24

13. HAIR PINS Pink’s $12

4. STONE CUFF Common Era $14


10. DRUZY BAR PENDANT Common Era $50

5. GOLD STONE CLUTCH Velvet Wolf $54

10. GOLD CUFF WITH SILVER DRUZY Apricot Lane Centennial $24


Make all your druzy dreams come true. 1. AMETHYST GEMSTONE CANVAS DENY Designs $24 2. DRUZY TRIANGLE CUFF Harper Made Jewelry $34 3. WHITE DRUZY CUFF Apricot Lane Centennial $30






The new Neckwear.

4. STONE CUFF Common Era $14 5. GOLD CUFF WITH SILVER DRUZY Apricot Lane Centennial $24

2 5


4 1 3





Written by Kelsey Bigelow


The fashion landscape of Denver transforms into a visceral, sharp and

Denver’s own expression and identity has surprised Joe. “It’s a city

sexy scene through Joe Friend’s camera. Joe has been working full

with a wealth of talented designers and builders. The city supports a

time as a professional commericial and portrait photographer since

thriving culture of local boutiques, fashion trucks, bloggers,

2014. Originally from New Orleans, he was infatuated with the

influencers and more. It’s not all Chacos and Patagonias.” As for Joe’s

mountain lifestyle and made his way west to Boulder in 2010. Joe

personal style? “When I’m on set, I usually wear all black

began his craft while studying Graphic Design at Rocky Mountain

- black jeans, a black v-neck shirt and black shoes, usually Chucks or

College of Art & Design and honed it as many photographers do by

Supras. I love me some hightops.”

“reaching out to all of my good looking friends and asking them to model for me.” His current client list includes musicians, yogis,

Being a professional photographer means also being “a good

fashion brands, models and more.

businessman, marketer, advertiser and networker. The most humbling thing I’ve learned is you don’t have to be a good photographer.” Joe

Joe’s original influence of 35mm black and white film is seen in his

estimates about he spends about 20% of his time actually

style that is both delicate and gritty, blending West Coast and

photographing and the rest editing and doing administration work.

urban influences with a sense of Southern charm and hospitality, all

“Just like any professional career, photography is a business and there

the while maintaining an underlying human element. Motion and

is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that people take for granted.”

emotion are found in the “unintended moments” Joe works hard to

It also means blending personal aesthetics with client

capture while on a set. “The moments when the model’s guard is

visions. “In the beginning, you shoot whatever people want. You have

completely down, when she or he might not necessarily be paying

to, especially while you are defining your style and figuring out your

attention or when they are in the moment - I think that split second is

niche.” Now that Joe’s been working with clients for a time, he finds

the most real, the most captivating and the most interesting.”

the recipe for successful image creation is to work with brands that align with his own style and embrace his creativity.

One of Joe’s most ambitious projects to date is his “Moving Portraits” series. The series is a collaboration with filmmaker Nick Friend.

This marrying of styles between photographer and client can be

Street style photographs and cinegraphs of strangers the brothers met

difficult. Success can be found when a photographer learns to be

in the New York City streets show an intimate and genuine view of

business savvy. “You have to market yourself as a brand. There are

personal style amidst the nonstop vibration of a city landscape. “It has

plenty of mediocre artists that have success because they’ve

been, par none, the most rewarding and exciting project that I have

mastered the business side of the industry. On the other side, there

ever done,” says Joe. “After just a brief three day visit to New York

are even more talented artists that will be forced to abandon their

City, both of us knew we had unexpectedly produced some of the best

dreams because they refuse to embrace that part of the profession.”

work in our portfolios.” The ultimate goal is to visit cities worldwide

For his journey, Joe is content to say “You can always do better, work

to capture the “unique identities of the people living,

harder and go further.”

dressing and existing in diverse communities. It is our dream to connect with individuals, communities, companies and brands that showcase a unique sense of fashion, expression and identity.”

Joe Friend Photography


MATTHEW MORRIS Written by L’Erin Stortz

Matthew Morris, a Colorado

building that sits glamorously tucked

native, with a background in

away at 13 S. Broadway and created a

sculpture, design, and detail, found

home for his team.

his favorite medium in beauty. Matthew began his career as

Matthew Morris’ career, rapid brand

a makeup artist, but naturally

progression, and reputation in the

transitioned into hair styling as the

industry are based on solid talent,

demand for his highly celebrated

but also a team effort. “If you want

work increased. Artistry defines Mat-

to go fast, go alone. If you want to

thew, educating inspires him, and

go far, go together”, perfectly

hair is his passion.

summarizes Matthew’s theory on growth and team values and he





enjoys when clients visit the salon

Morris Salon is nationally

asking if ‘Matthew Morris is a real

recognized as part of the top salons


in the United States and has grown classic beauty, technical



excellence, and healthy hair, it was

Now offering skin care services, the

only natural for the world renown

continually growing Matthew

luxury haircare brand, Kerastase, to

Morris Salon and Skincare brand

see partnership opportunities with

now employs 85 employees at the

Matthew. Along with creating the

South Broadway and River North Art

Kerastase T.E.C.H. team, he is also

District locations.

the Global Master K Artist





Striking a balance that keeps

around the world and sees

Matthew inspired and moving

designing hair as an artform, an

forward is the culmination of

inspiration for individuality.

opportunities that he’s has had the pleasure of working on over the past

Denver’s growth is becoming a

ten years to create a dynamic and no-

metropolitan mix of styles and

table career. In addition to appear-

Matthew Morris’ continued travels

ing on Bravo’s reality show, Shear

provide him with the inspiration to

Genius, Matthew, has styled hair for

remain at the forefront of

numerous New York

progression for the next ten years.

Fashion Week Shows and is invited back regularly as a stylist for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Matthew is the recipient of the North American Hairstyling Award for Editorial Stylist of the Year and the first ever Men’s Hairstylist of the Year Award.

Schedule Your Appointment Matthew Morris Broadway 13 S Broadway

“The trust I have from my team in me as a visionary is priceless”, and Matthew has big visions. Matthew’s career high is having the opportunity to build people and his team says his most memorable moment over the past ten years was the purchase of the flagship

Matthew Morris Rino 2644 Walnut St @mmsalondenver


With a deep understanding of

hairdressers to two locations in


from one small salon and a few




P H O T O G R A P H Y : M O L LY S E E L I N G , C E D A R H O U S E P H O T O G R A P H Y, @ C E D A R H O U S E P H O T O S T Y L I S T: H E AT H E R O K I M O T O , @ H E AT H E R O K I M O T O


Mary Louise Lee: Colorado native, long-time actor, accomplished musician, and Denver’s very own First Lady. Denver Style Magazine sat down with the fervent woman on top to get the scoop on her favorite things in the Mile High City, how she develops her personal style, and the many ways she’s improving our local arts. HAIR AND MAKEUP: ASHLEY SMITH, @ASHLEYSMITHBEAUTY WRITTEN BY JORDAN JACKSON, @DENVERSHEWROTE

DSM: You have lived in Denver your entire life. How has the neighborhood you grew up in changed?

MLL: Yes, I grew up in Walnut Hill near 30th and Milwaukee, not far from City Park. People may not call it that anymore, but it is Walnut Hill to me. The neighborhood has changed a lot over the years, Colfax has improved and new stores and restaurants are popping up all of the time. But, one of my favorites is still over there, Welton Street Café. The city as a whole has changed and we just keep moving. More working opportunities are going to be humongous for the economy with more and more large companies coming here. Even culturally and in the arts, Denver is growing. DSM: What neighborhood do you believe will see improvement next?

MLL: I think there will be big growth in Globeville, it’s just time. The community needs improvement and it’s so close to downtown. I

I also wear suits. And of course there are the dinners where I get to wear gowns, but even then, I still have to be me. As a performer, it’s very flashy, very big. I have performance hair; you can catch me with a long ponytail on stage. I am also all about wearing big pieces of jewelry. I love bracelets and statement rings. I also feel sexiest in clothing that drapes and goes off of the shoulder. When I am performing, I wear anyhing that flows nicely on my body. That makes me feel sexiest. And finally, when I am a mom, it’s sweats all the way. I am in sweats probably the majority of my life, which I enjoy. I like being in t-shirts and baseball caps. DSM: Now that we know your different styles, what are some of the different things your family likes to do together?

MLL: Honestly, we just love to be at home. My children are performers in their own areas, so we are all busy. With crazy schedules, it is just nice to spend time with one another, laughing together.

would love to see a grocery store in that area. DSM: What about dining out? Where are your DSM: You mentioned that Denver’s fine arts are growing also, would you like to talk a little bit about that?

MLL: Absolutely. I am an ambassador for the arts, but I am really an ambassador for local arts. We have to grow our own here. That’s one reason I started the foundation (Bringing Back the Arts), to enhance our kids through the arts. Even if they don’t make it a career, I want them to know about it and appreciate it. Everywhere I go I tell people about our city’s art programs and opportunities. From our museums, galleries, the Performing Arts Complex and even the little bitty theatres that we have all around town, there is just so much. DSM: How is your foundation, Bringing Back the Arts, providing specific opportunities for Denver kids?

MLL: Our arts, our cultural community in Denver, it’s gotten so big and I am proud to be a part of that. The Bringing Back the Arts Foundation is my mission to restore art programs in Denver Public Schools. We even have an internship program that gives high school students opportunities that they may not have been offered before, or even had in their schools at all. We want to give them the training they need. Together, interns and intern sponsors who participate in the Bringing Back the Arts internship program will help pave the path to the growing local creative economy. DSM: What further avenues would you like to explore within your foundation?

MLL: I would really like to provide training and art classes in local rec centers just to reach more kids. We want this to be accessible for everyone. DSM: In addition to leading your foundation, you also wear many other hats. How does your personal style change from Mary Louise Lee the performer to being a mother and also Denver’s First Lady?

MLL: When I am First Lady I don’t consider myself conservative, but I do style myself to look classic, yet sexy. When I am at a function I will tone back the jewelry and opt for some pearls,

favorites spots in Denver?

MLL: Ocean Prime. It is one of my favorite restaurants. That’s a good date night place for Michael and I too. Like I said, we both have funky schedules, but that’s one place we love. I also love El Noa Noa on Santa Fe. DSM: We are also eager to know about your shopping habits. Where does Denver’s First Lady go for some retail therapy?

MLL: I should just say Denver, because I love to shop and I really do shop all over. But, if I had to choose, I would say Northfield is one spot that I really love. Great shops and a great nightlife; there’s just so many options. DSM: We also know that you have deep roots at the Denver Performing Arts Complex and that you adore this cultural icon. What are you most excited about for the proposed changes happening there?

MLL: I am so excited about the opportunities for local artists to do their work in that space, as well as bringing in more awesome entertainment and diversity from around the country to our city. Juggling it all with a sparkling personality and standout style, First Lady Mary Louise Lee is a positive representation of how beautiful confidence can be. In her final remarks during the interview she encouraged the entire Denver community to learn more about her foundation, Bringing Back the Arts, and to visit one of their many student competitions happening throughout the year. She also noted that her favorite feature to flaunt was her smile, another example of just how pleasantly poised she truly is.

Shop Mary’s Look

Sweetheart Tee, $72, Twist & Shout Skirt, $118 Belted Cape Coat, $163, Slick Trench, $295 Anna Festa Beaded Necklace, $80, Snake Satchel, $425 Suede Ankle Strap Pumps, $65 Nude Ankle Pumps, $65 Common Threads Consignment Illesteva “Boca” Sunglasses, $220 Goldyn







Stand In Style

Photos by: Noah Berg Photography



8 7. 18� PILLOWS DENY Designs $45 each


8. INDIGO LEATHER TRAY Armitage and McMillan $70





Give Tie Dye a Try

Stylishly take tie dye to a new level this season with ombre inspired prints that are perfectly boho

1. TUNIC Sous Le Lit $68

4. BLUE TUNIC Reverie Living $10

2. HALTER DRESS Velvet Wolf $40

5. OMBRE TOP Common Era


6. STANCE SOCKS DVSN West Starting at $15



Arm Candy


9. CROSS BODY FRINGE BAG Reverie Living $158 10. CINCH BACKPACK Reverie Living $196



Using beads and feathers, craft your own boho accessory to break free from winter’s grasp with DSM’s DIY Contributor Cat Golden Written by: Cat Golden, The Resource Girls,


Photos by: Noah Berg Photography


This time of year has us thinking all things sunny, bright and free. We’re shedding our sweaters, putting away our jackets and looking for any excuse we can find to be outside. It’s safe to say we are definitely embracing our inner flower child and obsessing over all of the hippie inspired fashion we’re seeing everywhere. We’ve noticed hair flair clips popping up at local boutiques and music festivals around town that have us craving a little more of a carefree vibe. If this kind of style makes you a little nervous or you’re wanting to branch out, start by creatinh your own piece of boho flair in six simple steps. Throw some extra hippie love into an everyday look by making your own accessory. We love the idea of being wild and free. Who can’t use more of that in their life? These hair clips remind us that some of the best days are those

“Make this unique, personalized hair accessory for less than ten dollars!” carefree, wind in your hair, nothing scheduled days. So, clip in that bad boy and embrace your day!



- Cat Golden, DSM Do-It-Yourself Contributor

Shop Cat’s Look: Tie-Dye Tunic Top, Fab’rik Denver Arrowhead Necklace, Never A Wallflower


• Leather Cording: 36” to 48”, Any Color • Feathers of Your Choice • Beads of Your Choice

• Thin Gold Wire • Hair Clip • Hot Glue Gun or Any Kind of Craft Glue

Step One

Step Two

Step Three

Cut the leather cording in three equal pieces, each 12”-16” in length.

Pop your hair clip open and insert all three pieces of leather cording into the clip. (A little can hang over the top, you will cut this off).

Cut 12” of wire thread and insert through the two holes on the hair clip.

Step Four

Step Five

Step Six

While holding the clip firmly in one hand, tightly wrap your wire around the leather cording until there is no wire left.

Personalize! Add beads or braid your leather cords to make it your own.

Add your last bead and secure a feather to the end of the cord with hot glue. Slide the last bead over the top of the feather to hide any glue residue. Add a little extra glue inside the bead to secure.


It’s getting easier to make your way into Denver, but it’s also making it easier to get out. Take a trip to these bikeable, rideable, driveable little towns that have big shopping possibilities waiting to be discovered. Written by Heather Okimoto


Photos by Kelsey Bigelow


Dust the snow off your car or dirt off your bike, because Arvada, Golden, and Littleton, are just about 12 miles or less outside of Denver city limits. These little Main Street destinations are perfect for a springtime stroll or meetup with your pals. We have the list of boutiques that make a difference, new places for a sip, and shops to satisfy your self-gifting needs.




West Main Street, LITTLETON Historic Downtown Littleton sits along West Main Street in Littleton, Colorado and quaintly hosts locally owned boutiques, co-working spaces, livestock trading, and cozy places to grab a drink, all in the center of town. Join in on small town family fun during Littleton’s Annual Block Party or Turkey Leg & Wine Hoedown and keep it local during the town’s sponsored Small Business Saturday. The Town Hall Arts Center sits at the center of the Historic Downtown Littleton Shopping District, producing main stage musicals, comedies, concerts, and theatre education programs for kids and adults.

Shop Here ANGEL CONCEPTS FINE GIFTS 2510 W. Main St Shop from this specialty gift store and your purchase transforms lives. All fine artwork, jewelry, home and gift items that are sold provides a retail skills training program to struggling, disadvantaged women enabling them to build their capabilities and self esteem.

DETAILS BOUTIQUE 2359 W Main St @DetailsBoutique The store for every woman. From blouses and denim, to necklaces, purses, and shoes, good luck trying not to find one or five things that you’ll need. Secure that perfect gift for your bestie or host a girls night out at this trendy boutique with styles that look great on the outside to make you feel good on the inside.

THE PAPER CHANDELIER 2370 W Main St. @thepaperchandelier

VELVET WOLF BOUTIQUE 2550 W Main St @VelvetWolfBoutique

A style savvy consignment boutique with high end goods and complete re-wardrobing services. Make an appointment to consign your items and swap them out for something more appealing. Perfect for spring closet cleanouts.

A staff and editor favorite, shop from locally designed jewelry, runway styled dresses, and girly graphic tees to make your Saturday mornings stylish and chic. Visit the Wolf Pack at their second location in the highly anticipated Stanley development later this summer.

GENERAL STORE 45 2479 W Main St.

General Store 45 is the storefront of Workhorse 45, a small-but-mighty branding group with a brilliant eye for design. The General Store has the life items you need, want, and didn’t know you should have.Find an eclectic selection of kitschy gifts or sit for a snack and people watch at the street facing counter tops.

Also Check Out • Buttercup Junction • Jake’s Brew Bar • La Vaca Meat Co. • Soignee • Spur Coffee • The Chocolate Therapist

Washington Avenue, GOLDEN If walking down Washington Avenue feels like the Wild West, that’s because it once was. Sitting at the base of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, Golden, Colorado, is ‘Where the West Lives’. It’s not hard to imagine horses hitched in front of the saloons and brawls in the streets, but this bustling city with old town feel is more than a facade. Small businesses are supplying locals and visitors with hand crafted goods, luxurious products, and handpicked shopping experiences in whimsical stores. Sneak in some shopping before your next brewery tour at these fun, affordable boutiques and smart shops.

Shop Here BABY DOE’S 1116 Washington Ave.

MOUNTAIN GYPSY 1111 Washington Ave.

A gathering place for all women to enjoy, Baby Doe’s friendly staff, quality clothing, and handmade accessories, make this shopping destination a must. The carefully selected inventory is unique and provides options to women of all sizes and style preferences.

SPINSTER SISTERS 908 12th St. @SpinsterSistersCo

Twirl your way into Mountain Gypsy for eclectic, free-spirited, affordable fashion. A one-stop shop for boho style festival flares, kimonos to complete your look, and suede fringed purses to keep it all stylishly together.

TRULY A BOHOTIQUE 801-B 14th St. @Truly_Bohotique

The Spinster Sisters’ flagship is the perfect place to pamper yourself in over 30 “flavors” of soaps, salves, lotions, and scrubs to wash away winter skin. Visit the second microsoapery location at the Backyard on Blake in RiNo neighborhood.

Also Check Out

LUCKY STAR RANCH 700 12th St. Suite 120

• Golden City Brewery

Just off of Washington St., Truly A Bohotique is the beautifully curated genius of three lovely ladies whose style is organically infused into affordably timeless dresses, blouses, and accessories offered in this fashion forward store.

Inspired by the old Wild West? Fill your home with western inspired blankets, art pieces, and sculptures. Find one-of-a-kind Southwestern rings, necklaces, and bracelets or consign your sterling silver at Lucky Star Ranch to make room for more.

Grandview Avenue, ARVADA Denver’s suburbs are seeing rapid growth and with a new RTD stop scheduled to open later this year, Olde Town Arvada’s about to see a lot more foot traffic. Get to know the small town shops and tasty eateries that line the streets of the olde town with the water tower.

Shop Here CARLY’S BOUTIQUE 7401 Grandview Ave @CarlysBoutique

The mother-daughter owners of Carly’s know that shopping is therapy and they’ve converted the Victorian home into a shopping mecca and healing arts center with unique items you can’t find anywhere else.

D’LOLA COUTURE BRIDAL BOUTIQUE & STUDIO 7550 Grant Place @DLolaCouture Make your designer dreams come true with runway ready couture looks or create your own custom gown at the bridal and design studio with gown architect and seamstress, Deedee Vicory.

LOVELY BOUTIQUE 7405 Grandview Ave. @lovelyboutiquearvada

Also Check Out • The Bluegrass Coffee & Bourbon Lounge

Fresh inventory makes its way into Lovely Boutique regularly giving you every reason to stop in. Stock up on locally made body products and hand-picked fashions to fill your wardrobe

• The Rheinlander Bakery • School House Kitchen and Libations

• Gold Mine Cupcakes • Golden Moon Speakeasy • Pangea Coffee Roasters




Score big with Super Bowl Champ Chris Harris Jr.’s simple style suggestions.

© Max Ralston

Written by Heather Okimoto


Chris Harris Jr. plays a fast game on the field as Cornerback for the Super Bowl 50 Champion Denver Broncos, but keeps his personal style stylishly comfortable off the field. The soon to be dad of two beautiful girls says that he’s lucky to go to work in sweats but always chooses fabrics and materials that feel good against his skin, a fashion standard his mom taught him while growing up. The story of being an Underdog is one that Chris knows well, and through his personal foundation, the Chris Harris Jr. Foundation, he’s able to teach the lessons he’s learned to local kids. Chris strongly believes that

“Every underdog deserves a shot at success.”

Chris hosts a free Underdog Football Skills Academy in Denver while taking the time to talk about the ups and downs in life and connecting with local youth. Football is all about being part of a team and when asked what piece of the uniform makes him feel most part of the Broncos, Chris resolutely explained,

“When you put on the helmet with the Bronco, it’s about everyone coming together , playing for one helmet.” While Chris plans on saving his Super Bowl ring for special nights out in silky shirts, his AFC Championship ring is the perfect accessory for an everyday look. When he’s not in sweats or on the field, Chris says that “being well dressed is very important no matter where you go. It makes you feel good and like you’re going to get something done.” Chris Harris Jr. Foundation


Check out the simple stylish pieces Super Bowl Champ, Chris Harris Jr., is updating his spring wardrobe with to get things done.



SHERMAN KNIT Family Affair $48



V.S.O.P THOR TEE Family Affair $40



Prep your bike and update your look with these pedal ready tips from DSM’s Teen Contributor, Penn Beldock. Written by Penn Beldock,,


Photos by Noah Berg Photography,,


Spring is here and it’s time to cruise around town. I pulled my bicycle, ‘White Lightning,’ out of the garage and picked up the tips to getting ready to ride. Pedal preparation is key and Gregory at Chocolate Spokes in RiNo, suggests checking your ride for all the little details to ensure your safety on the road.

Pedal Preparation

• Tire Inflation

• Chain Lubrication • Adequate Safety Lighting • Bolt Tightness

Now that your ride is ready, it’s time to get yourself looking good too. Mix and match indigo colors and shapes to create a layered look that can easily transition on and off your bike. Break up the blue on blue by adding a patterned shirt or



bright colored accessories

“Create a stylish and comfy ensemble by jumping into spring’s fashionable trend, denim.” Ride around with some key accesories to personalize your look. Throw in a small cross body bag so you aren’t lugging around a heavy backpack everywhere you go. Chicly protect your eyes and wear a watch to make sure you’re not late for your very important date.

“Pack all the necessities and keep things neat in a bike-ready bag.” - Penn Beldock, DSM Teen Fashion Contributor

Stylishly Accessorize Sunglasses, $12, Scarf $16, Tassel Keychain, $12 Blog Ideas Notebook, $15, Velvet Wolf Boutique Bicycle Buttons, $1, Multi-Tool Pen, $3.75, Pocket Tin Speaker, $25, General Store 45 Span Day Pack, $159, Topo Designs

Don’t Forget Bike Bell


Water Bottle

Shop Penn’s Look Denim Cinch Jacket, $45 Cuffed Drawstring Denim, $85 Patterned Tank, $26 Available at Pink’s Denver

Get more on ideas on what to fill your bag with at

Denver’s Premier Beauty Bar The Best Blow Outs, Nail Services, Eyelash Extensions, Makeup Application and Spray Tans Parties, weddings, and the everyday need to be pampered.

Life might not always be glamorous, but you should always feel glamorous.

OILED OVER Replenish, relieve, and scent your skin with nature’s hydrator. Photos by: Noah Berg Photography


Slick Finds ZOE ORGANICS BABY OIL Vert Beauty $18


FULTON & ROARK SOLID COLOGNE Armitage & McMillan $42




HEADACHE RELIEF Moon Dance Botanicals $12



PERFUME IN “POSSO” osmia organics $44

TEA TREE PRE-SHAVE OIL The Famous Beard Oil Company $12.99

OL’ 55 BLEND BEARD OIL The Famous Beard Oil Company $14.99

“IMMUNITY” OIL Native Nectar $15



A mineral rich soak that eliminates toxins.



Awaken your skin with fresh garden roses. WHOLE LOTTA ROSES PROBIOTIC MASK R.L. Linden $54


B B Photos by: Noah Berg Photography



Scrub away winter skin and hydrate with products that refresh and renew. @noahbergphotography

Make your own mud mask. DEAD SEA MUD MASK Velvet Wolf $20

Sip or soak this herbal beauty tea! MRS. TILLY ROSALIE’S BEAUTY TEA R.L. Linden $24


Also Try

Do It Yourself

Body Scrubs 101 Class with Chatti Brown of Remy & Rose May 12th, River North Workshop


BODY POLISH Remy & Rose $22


BRIGHTENING POLISH glo therapeutics $44










DENVER STYLE MAGAZINE COMMUNITY STREET STYLE Denver’s fashionable influencers sharing their local spring street style. Photos by Gina Khrestov, GaleRisa Photography

Featured on These Pages Madelyn Hadel @barelylunar

Kristie Norden @kristieproperties Brittany Rowan @vodkaandbirthdaycake DJ Close @douglaseclose Randall Hartman @curioushorhay Kassidy Foster @kassfoster Kelsey Fagan @lovelykels Caitlyn Fagan @caitlynfagan Kristen Clough @sparklestyleshine



Denver’s most comprehensive list of fashion, style, and beauty brands, boutiques, style professionals,and fashion influencers.



BOUTIQUES ACEY DESIGNS Women’s Clothing || Mobile Truck @streetchicmobileboutique

ECCENTRICITY Women’s Clothing || Cherry Creek North @eccentricitydenver

LORE DENVER Accessories & Home ||Online @loredenver

AILLEA BEAUTY Beauty Boutique || Larimer Square @ailleabeauty

EVEY K Women’s Clothing || Mobile Truck @eveykboutique

MELROSE AND MADISON Women’s Clothing || Highlands and Platte Park @melroseandmadison

ARMITAGE & MCMILLAN Menswear Boutique || Platte St. @armitageandmcmillan

GOORIN BROS Hats & Accessories || Larimer Square @goorinbroslarimersquare

DENVER STREET BOUTIQUE Women’s Boutique || Mobile Truck @denverstreetboutique

INSPYRE BOUTIQUE Women’s Clothing || Highlands, Southwest Plaza, Park Meadows, Cherry Creek @inspyreboutique

DETAILS BOUTIQUE Women’s Boutique || Littleton @detailsboutique DVSN WEST Men’s Boutique || Cherry Creek North @dvsnwest

INTRIGUE BOUTIQUE Women’s Clothing || Sunnyside/Highlands @shopintrigueboutique

ORA et LABORA COLLECTION Clothing Designer @OETFLCO PINK’S STRAIGHT FROM LA Women’s Boutique || Bonnie Brae @pinksdenver RATIO CLOTHING Men’s Clothing || Highlands REVERIE LIVING Women’s Boutique || Highlands @reverieliving

RUBY JANE | VALLEYGIRL BOUTIQUE Women’s, Shoes & Homegoods Boutique || Highlands, Avon, Breckenridge, Edwards @rubyjane.valleygirlboutique RUSTIC THREAD Women’s Boutique || Highlands @rusticthread SOIGNEE ELEGANT ATTIRE Women’s Clothing || Littleton @soigneeattire SULLY & CO Men’s Clothing || Jefferson Park @sullyandco VELVET WOLF Women’s Boutique || Littleton @velvetwolfboutique

DESIGNERS ABBY SPARKS Custom Jewelry @theabbysparks

EISENTRAUT JEWELRY Jewelry @EisentrautJewelry


ANNAFESTA Curvy Clothing Designer @annafesta

HI LITTLE ONE Children’s Tees

PEACH & PEPPER APPAREL Clothing Designer @peachandpepper

BECKONS Organic Cotton Yoga Clothing

MOUNTAIN MOON TEES Clothing Designer @mountainmoontees

ULTRAKINI SWIMWEAR Swimwear Designer @ultrakini


THE SUITCASE BLONDE @thesuitcaseblonde

VODKA AND BIRTHDAY CAKE @vodkaandbirthdaycake

THE CASHMERE GYPSY @brittanypillard

THE RESOURCE GIRLS @theresourcegirls

WITH LOVE LILY ROSE @withlovelilyrose


TEEN FASHION TAKEOVER @teenfashiontakeover.denver

For easy online access to all brands listed in the Resource Guide, scan the QR code using your smart phone or visit


BEAUTY LOUNGE Lone Tree www, @beautylounge

ELLA CRESS SKINCARE Wheat Ridge @ellacress_skinshop

GLOW for a cause @glowforacause

BATTINGTON LASHES LoDo @battingtonlashes

BROWS ON UPPER 15TH Highlands @browsdenver

GLAMOUR BAR DENVER Golden Triangle @Glamourbardenver

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES A BIT LOVELY Interior Design & Styling @abitlovely

JACKIE COOPER PHOTOGRAPHY Photographer @jackiecooperphoto

NOAH BERG PHOTOGRAPHY Photographer @noahbergphotography

CEDAR HOUSE PHOTOGRAPHY Photographer @cedarhousephoto

KELLEY SCHEI STUDIO Artist @kelleyscheistudio

RUSTIC + REFINED Event Planner @vodkaandbirthdaycake

CREATE SPACE ORGANIZING Professional Organizer

NICOLE TOLEDO Makeup Artist @nicoletoledomakeupartistry

TALYAH EDEN STYLING Stylist @talshooster

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