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Printed issues are available for $10 locally or online. For a full list of retailers, please visit Denver Style Magazine is operated locally by Denver Style Magazine, LLC, an independently owned and operated publication located in Denver, CO. Although some parts of this publication may be reproduced and reprinted, we require that prior permission be obtained in writing. Denver Style Magazine is available for purchase in select salons, boutiques, specialty stores, and studios throughout the Denver Metro Area, and is available for free in local hotels and visitors centers. Please visit for a location near you, or contact if you would like copies placed at your business. We do not necessarily endorse the views expressed in the articles and advertisements, nor are we responsible for the products and services advertised. We welcome your ideas, articles, and feedback. Visit to learn more about our staff, contributors, community events, and localized branding solutions. Denver Style Magazine, LLC is located in The Studio Denver at 4950 Washington St. Suite 200, Denver, CO 80216



Celebrate the journey of personal style with Editor-in-Chief Heather Okimoto, trend contributors, style influencers, designers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers in the third issue of Denver Style Magazine. Photos by Kayla Gravin @kradixphoto4

Denver Style is defined by the places you’ve been and the opportunities in front of you. Our style is unique and represented individually. Not by a parameter, city line, or trend. While we may be on a perpetual journey of learning from our growing residency, Denver will never be ‘like anyone else.’ Colorado is unique and beautiful in its landscape, and the same holds true to the individual style of citizens that are proud to call this not quite mid-western, not-so-west coast state home. We’re the place making 14ers look glamourous. The entrepreneurs, style influencers, bloggers, designers, and boutique owners in this issue have all taken their own journeys to discover their personal style that represents who they are, right now. Their journeys have included personal hardships along with great triumphs. These bright personalities and charming businesses are our neighbors, friends, and places you want to call ‘yours.’ They are moms, hair stylists, desk workers by day, and designers by night. This is what Denver’s stylish community is really wearing, because they chose it. They are the voice of their own style, and represent their individuality through the boutiques that line our streets, and designers that fill our loft spaces.

“Fashion is the journey we take to discover our personal style.”

This autumn, the mountains are not just an athletic escape. Getaway on a shopping journey of a different kind to the small towns that are making a style statement with their affordable, city relatable boutiques and restaurants that you’ll be driving back for. Whether you’ve winded your way through trends, defined and refined your taste to reach your stylish destination, or still use fashion as your playful medium, Denver Style Magazine is here to voyage with you.

Bon Voyage and Stay Stylish, Heather Okimoto Editor-in-Chief

-Heather Hat & Sweater from Whorl Shop, Necklace & Sunglasses from Frinje, Laser Cut Leggings by Peach & Pepper Apparel, Swimsuit by Ultrakini, Earrings by Native Clutter


BOARDROOM BLUES Denim now has a head seat at the boardroom table, and Cloth & Man’s Colby Marks is giving the modern business man tips to dominate the style scene in and out of the office space. Written by Colby Marks, Cloth & Man @clothandman

Photos by Brien Excell Hollowell @brienhollowell

Renovated lofts with drafting desks, street food inspired restaurants and corner offices with bicycles for doorstops; these are the new workplaces of Denver. The rules of business fashion are being rewritten by the generation that turned the chat room into the boardroom, for a world where the office is everywhere. The biggest rule change of them all is that the pant that was once reserved for weekends only is now the fresh prince of Monday: denim. No boutique in Denver understands the evolution of urban chic better than Matthew Brown and the crew at Fancy Tiger Clothing. As a mainstay in the South Broadway scene for a decade, Fancy Tiger has set the standard values for Denver boutiques.

“Dress up a great pair of jeans so it’s worthy of any morning meeting or nighttime reservation while still having cash left for the tip.” Denim is returning to its original indigo roots with the higher quality weaves of a century ago, but tailored to a modern fit. A dark, classic indigo provides a timeless palette to build any great dressed-up look. This pair of unbranded jeans features selvedge construction and a deep indigo wash that will only look better with age. For fall and winter, keep tones dark and deep, then use pattern and texture to build depth in your look. Versatility doesn’t come any easier in fall than with a well fitted charcoal blazer. This one from Civil Society features a vintage inspired knit texture and modern slim fit that trims the waist and arms while leaving that all important room to move in the shoulder.


Layered plaid shirts add an element of outdoorsy flannel. It is very Colorado, yet its crisp cotton construction and skinny collar make it great for adding a tie. Cotton bow ties are a great alternative to a traditional stuffy satin necktie and most importantly,

“Don’t always try and match the tie to your shirt. Pick a contrasting color and pattern that creates a harmony.” Try adding an extra layer between your shirt and blazer, like a cardigan or vest. You can stumble upon some killer finds cruising discount racks when it comes to vests, as many people skip on them when buying a suit. It seems that shoemakers these days are charging more and more for every little buff, scuff, scrape and detail a factory machine adds to make a pair look more authentic. True Love shoes and accessories on South Broadway isn’t buying in. They know that a stylish pair of shoes should complete an outfit and not force you to desperately go cheap. Hats are staying trendy this fall and winter for both gentlemen and ladies. Men often grumble, “I’m just not a hat kinda guy.” True, most hats can look downright silly on most guys. But, all it takes is one to add much needed variety to your wardrobe. The whiskey brown tones of a wool felt fedora blend effortlessly into any fall outfit, and the great people at Goorin Bros. on Larimer Square do all the work to help you find the lid that will cap off your new look for fall. Giving denim the credentials to pass as dressed-up requires an ensemble look to earn the respect of a tailored suit. Layer dark textures with minimalistic pops of color onto fitted selvedge indigos, and let it do all the hard work for you. Life is lived better when dressed well.

-Colby Shop Colby’s Look “Dean in the Butcher” Hat, $150, Goorin Brothers

Weekend Offender Checked Shirt, $78, Fancy Tiger Clothing

Unbranded 11oz Japanese Selvedge Denim, $112, Fancy Tiger Clothing

Union Studio Metals Ring, $66, Fancy Tiger Clothing

Civil Society “Cordoba” Blazer, $148, Fancy Tiger Clothing

Pocket Square Clothing “Wilson” Bowtie, $58, Fancy Tiger Clothing

Neves Leather Belt, $112, Fancy Tiger Clothing

John Varvatos Linen Blend Vest, Colby’s Own




Owner, Whorl Shop + Imprints //

@whorlshop //

Boutique owner and fashion designer, Megan, is creating a whirlwind in the Denver fashion scene. This young business mogul is providing simple, classic, and structured styles through her locally produced Imprints line, while managing the place to find your stylish imprint, Whorl. Written by Samantha Brewers @sj_breww Photos by Brandon Dougherty @b.p.dougherty

Your twenties are supposed to be the best years of your life, right? At age twenty-three, Megan Timlin, also known as “the original Whorl girl,” has taken this statement to a whole new level. Having a natural entrepreneurial spirit, she established a fashion boutique in the heart of LoHi, eager to make her mark on the fashion community. Hence, the name Whorl – “a type of fingerprint, represented by the mark that we leave our customers. More importantly, the mark they leave on our store.” Using Whorl as an outlet, she brings the big cities right to your doorstep by carrying designers from Paris, LA and New York. “Simple, classic: two words, that’s what it is,” said Megan. Why is she so hooked on classic neutrals and elegant simplicity? “My inspiration comes from big cities… I see it, I feel it; it’s in the air, it’s the people.” Also recognizing the talent that fills our own city, she carries talented local designers that complement her style and mission. Megan’s advice for young entrepreneurs?

“Don’t let anything hold you back.” Megan recently graduated from Colorado State University where she studied apparel merchandising. She interned alongside the phenomenal Brandi Shigley in Denver, and continued learning the industry with several internships in New York. “I experienced everything from planning fashion shows, social media marketing, and now I tie it into selling clothing,” said Megan. As if we weren’t already impressed with this go-getter, she recently launched a new private label, Imprints by Whorl. See it in stores today!



ANNE FANGANELLO Owner/Designer, Anna Festa


Denver fashion designer, Anne Fanganello of AnnaFesta, found her passion at an early age. Kicking down every obstacle in her path with her vibrant personality and strong-willed mentality, she found herself living the dream in Denver. Women have curves, and Anne embraces this through her designs; this fashion designer specializes in making women of all shapes and sizes feel confident and beautiful! Written by Samantha Brewers


Anne Fanganello is a hot pink crayon in a box of neutrals. Her vibrant personality can be seen in the form of clothing through her fashion line, AnnaFesta. Every journey begins with a first step. Learning to sew from her grandmother was all it took to spark Anne’s creative nature. After falling in love with the trade, she attended a fashion design high school in Denver, and was on her way to study in Florence by her sophomore year. She worked nearly every fashion related job imaginable, climbing all the way up to COO of Zac Posen. Sometimes on a winning streak, life tends to throw curve balls. At the age of 33, Anne was diagnosed with breast cancer, spinning her journey back to Denver. Luckily, cancer stood no chance! During this time, Anne experienced a drastic change in body type, leading to a deep realization for a void in the Denver fashion market. Where was the quality clothing for women with a few more curves? Anne struggled to find anything up to par, and being a talented fashion designer turned out to be an excellent trait for the situation. The outcome of an extremely tough period in her life turned out to be the beginning of a new era: AnnaFesta. She carries sizes 2-28, specializing in styles for women with a few more curves. Her mission is to bring joy and confidence to women by providing fun, quality clothing. Here is a little piece of advice to get you better acquainted with the designer herself. “Go a little crazy. Life is not fun if it’s boring. You want to have excitement in your lives – so, splash lime green paint on it and jump in with two feet. If you get your hair wet, oh well! Maybe you’ll get a new hairstyle out of it.”

“Keep moving forward. If you don’t like something... turn left!”



TEEN THROWBACK TAKEOVER Although the post-millennial generation missed out on the decades that transformed fashion, the style resources available today make for a whole new level of creativity. Watch this teen defy her own decade with a bit of inspiration from the past!

Written by Penn Beldock @teenfashiontakeover.denver

Photos by Tara Polly Photography @tarapollyphoto

Hair & Makeup by Cristela Muniz @cristelam

Because I was born in 2001, I missed out on the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s. This disadvantage has left me stuck trying to figure out what to wear in this new millennium! Designers pull inspiration and designs from previous decades, and the 1970s are a perfect example of that. The teen icons that were around in the ‘70s would have loved the wild fringe trend found in local boutiques today. Fringe detail down the arms of a black dress is fabulous on its own, or can be taken to a whole new level by accessorizing for the perfectly updated ‘70s look. The 1980s had many fashion forward women that are still inspiring our fashion choices today. I used some hard-to-forget ‘80s rockers as my guide. My updated look includes a chic black dress simply paired with peek-through pumps. A rock-ready necklace and pink clutch for a pop of color are the right additions to the chic and comfy look. An edgy leather jacket and boyfriend jeans are the perfect pieces to complete the grunge look of the ‘90s. The rest of my “bad biker girl” vibe is achieved through chunky accessories, biker booties, and ‘90s inspired sunnies. I may not be dancing to “Shake Señora,” but I will “Shake it Off” in this fly number!

“You will find yourself addicted to loving these chic throwback looks!” Throwback your space and find vintage inspired pieces, or redesign, re-upholster, and reimagine furniture and accessories for your home at RE-For Your Home.







Channel your inner Woodstock fashionista with fringe!

Simple-chic meets classic-rocker in this stylish ensemble.



A little bit of leather adds the perfect touch of grunge to any outfit.

Shop Penn’s Look Fringe Dress, $63, Pink’s Straight from LA

Long Fur Vest, $52, Pink’s Straight from LA

Long Sleeve Black Dress, $38, Fab’rik

Pink Clutch, $62, Fab’rik

Burgundy Floppy Hat,, $32, Pink’s Straight from LA

Gold Hoop Earrings, $22, Fab’rik

Long Beaded Necklace, $26, Fab’rik

Black Mesh Pumps, $32, Fab’rik

Silver & Turquoise Necklace, $19, Pink’s Straight from LA Boyfriend Jeans, $53, Pink’s Straight from LA

Criss-Cross Top, $37, Pink’s from LA

Black & Gold Sunglasses, $18, Fab’rik

Embroidered Leather Jacket, $68, Pink’s from LA

Black Booties, $42, Fab’rik 08


MOUNTAIN BOUND Follow our Editor-in-Chief on a 3-town mountain getaway with tips on where to stay, shop, eat, and a guide to make packing a little easier.

Written by Heather Okimoto


Photos by Kayla Glavin, Kradix Photography

@kradixphoto4 //

Denver is the city of multi-taskers. Our residents take on many jobs, ideas, and endeavours. We are a city where business is our pleasure. Our mountain escapes are quick getaways for the active extremists, along with those looking for a quick getaway. So when was the last time you got away to shop? Rethink your autumn and winter shopping spree and head to the mountains. Indulge in exquisite accommodations while shopping at boutiques to fill your closet without emptying your wallet, and take some time out for yourself to soak in mineral filled water in this quick mountain-high shopping staycation getaway. This quick mountain getaway can be done in parts or in 30-hours. Our Vail location is majestic and right in the center of town with accommodations that are perfect for the ultimate entertainment getaway. See a movie and have dinner served right at your seat. Discover a surprise at Matsuhisa, just down the elevator from your exclusive private residence for the night at the Solaris Vail. After a quick night and a morning of shopping, you’ll need time to relax on the way to your Aspen getaway, and Glenwood Springs provides the perfect mountain town stop along the way.


VAIL Denver to Vail: 97 miles, 1 hour & 45 minutes || Glenwood Springs to Vail: 61 miles, 1 hour || Aspen to Vail: 102 miles, 2 hours

Resorts can sometimes feel like rushed relaxation, but these Vail picks are proof that your getaway can be productively relaxed. Indulge in a private residence that you can ‘live-in’ while you shop, eat, and drink your way through the village. Stay Here: SOLARIS VAIL 141 E. Meadow Dr. #1000

Shop Here: SKIPPER & SCOUT 141 E. Meadow Dr. #106

Shop Here: BLITZ BOUTIQUE 242 E. Meadow Dr.

The Solaris Vail is the home you’ve always dreamed of. Each modern mountain residence offers guests unparalleled service and offerings that aren’t available at standard hotels. Custom skis or golf clubs upon arrival? Done. Schedule an in-room massage, head downstairs to experience melt in your mouth sushi at Chef Nobu’s, Matsuhisa, or grab dinner and a movie at CineBistro all within the complex of your personal residence. The exclusive security of Solaris Vail ensures the serenity of your getaway through resident-only elevators and personal staff who anticipate the needs you didn’t know you had. You could really get used to this.

Is your tot sporting a top-knot? Complete her rock princess look with handmade tulle skirts and glittered puffer jackets to keep warm. Pick up locally written and kid illustrated book, Eli and Mort’s Epic Adventure Vail for fun interactive kid-friendly experience...on your next trip.

Satisfy your style craving with one-of-a-kind items, shop through stunning gowns, and find the unique piece to complete your wardrobe in this locally owned boutique. For over a decade, Blitz has provided locals and visitors the most current looks from international designers and personal styling from their knowledgeable, stylish staff.

Shop Here: FRINJE BOUTIQUE 172 East Gore Creek Dr. Women of all generations, sizes, tastes, and style preferences will find denim, leggings, statement pieces, accessories, and footwear to stylishly update their wardrobe... affordably. This is the boutique for the ladies. Can’t make it to Vail? Shop their Larimer Square location for even more selection.

Get this: locally made, one-of-a-kind Evoke Women’s leather purse

Drink Here: 10TH MOUNTAIN WHISKEY & SPIRIT 286 Bridge St. 10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirit is the type of small, cozy place you’d expect to find the mountains, but hardly come across. The wood is dark, the people are jolly, and drinks are stiff. 10th Mountain tasting room mixes up cocktails using their locally distilled whiskeys, moonshines, infused vodkas, and bourbons to keep any signs of frostbite at bay. With over 300 locations outside of Vail to buy or try, you’ll be making 10th Mountain your personal ‘well.’ Try this: Pickle Vodka

Eat Here: YELLOWBELLY 2161 N. Frontage Rd. W #14 This is not your _________’s fried chicken. It’s better. And better for you. Yellowbelly has perfected naturally gluten-free fried chicken that is succulent without being greasy. But the real magic is in the sides. It’s where you’ll meet roasted beets, kale and brussel sprout salads, alongside macaroni and cheese. Don’t worry, we consider shopping an athletic activity. Try this: Fried White with Magic Sauce WHAT TO WEAR: Layer your look to keep warm in the morning, and lose the layers as the sun starts to beam across the valley. Keep each layer stylish on its own by sticking to one color palette and adding hints of color with accessories.

Other Vail Valley Picks Perch, Vail

Colorado Ski Museum, Vail

bol, Vail

Designer Furs, Vail

Betty Ford Alpine Garden, Vail

La Cantina, Vail

Alaskan Shop, Vail

Eat! Drink!, Edwards

Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea Co. , Vail

Matsuhisa, Vail

Brush Creek Dry Goods, Edwards

Luca Bruno, Vail Village 12

GLENWOOD SPRINGS Denver to Glenwood Springs: 157 miles, 2 hours & 45 minutes || Vail to Glenwood Springs: 61 miles, 1 hour || Aspen to Glenwood Springs: 41 miles, 1 hour The Colorado mountain town of Glenwood Springs, has seen travelers and seekers of it’s magical waters since the 1800’s, and now caters to a young generation while respecting the history of the old. Relax Here: IRON MOUNTAIN HOT SPRINGS 281 Centennial St. After sitting vacant for almost 20 years, the newly renovated Iron Mountain goes beyond relaxation haven. Start your escape in the spacious bathhouse. Ditch your denim for swimwear and fill up with water at the bottle refill station before you restore your body in one of the eight iron-rich mineral filled hot spring pools that sit alongside the roaring Colorado River. The Sopris Cafe serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks poolside. Yes, hot tubs, pizza, and mimosa’s are in your near future.

Eat Here: CO RANCH HOUSE 704 Grand Ave.

Shop Here: BLEU DOOR BOUTIQUE 313 8th St.

Take your trip downtown and refill at Co. Ranch House. This once family owned Italian restaurant has been transformed into an authentically local eatery that attracts tourists and keeps the locals coming back. The locally sourced and seasonally changing menu features mouth-watering entrees, appetizers, salads, sandwiches, drinks, and desserts that fill your tranquil body and warm your soul. Order the Bloody Mary with house-made mix, pickles, and an elk jerky stick for the perfect pick-me-up.

Get a head start on your holiday shopping at this gift and jewelry boutique. The extensive selection of scarves, sunglasses, fashion earrings, purses, hats, and accessories is your one stop shop for all the ladies young and mature, on your holiday list. Shop from local artists, including Bleu Door Studio jewelry designs by owner, Dawn Cleveland. Wear your art with a Poiesis Designs laser cut necklace and pick up something plushy for the little one in your life.

WHAT TO WEAR: In the Water Get modesty when you want with a modifiable swimsuit by Ultrakini. The reversible bikini top includes magnetic tankini extender that doubles as a mini sarong giving you endless opportunities to stylishly soak. In Between Soaks: Stay warm and wrapped up in a bold aztec printed kimono-cape. The blanket-like fabric is elegantly warm for cool tip-toes between pools. Around Town: Keep it simple and comfortable in detailed leggings and a simple tunic. Cover up any fly-aways with a chic fedora.

Roaring Fork Valley Glenwood Hot Springs Pool, Glenwood Springs

Italian Underground, Glenwood Springs

Elizabeth Dean Boutique, Glenwood Springs

Book Train, Glenwood Springs

Rosie’s Little Bavarian, Glenwood Springs Bellini’s Fashion & Beauty, Glenwood Springs Vampah Spa & Vapor Caves, Glenwood Springs Glenwood Canyon Brewing Co., Glenwood Springs 15

The Hotel Colorado, Glenwood Springs Johnson Park Mini Golf, Glenwood Springs Smoke Modern BBQ, Basalt The Goat, Carbondale Roaring Fork Beer Company, Carbondale Bonfire Coffee, Carbondale

ASPEN Denver to Aspen: 207 miles, 4 hours || Vail to Aspen: 102 miles, 2 hours Glenwood Springs to Aspen: 41 miles, 1 hour The drive to Aspen winds you through majestic forests and takes you to small town that is warmed by the residents of this world-class destination. The cosmopolitan restaurants, shoppings, art galleries, and activities will make you re-think city living.

Style: O2 BOUTIQUE 500 West Main St. & 605 East Cooper

Stay: THE LITTLE NELL 675 East Durant Ave.

Eat: ACQUOLINA 415 E Main St.

Shopping is a full body experience and the owners of O2 are on a mission to take care of your mind, body, and spirit with their full service experience. Give your body the grounding it needs with a Basic Flow Yoga class and rejuvenate your skin with a post-workout facial at the O2 Studio on W. Main. Re-outfit yourself and get dinner ready with fashionable pieces from O2 Boutique on East Cooper. Don’t let the long drive get in your way of your Aspen fashion dreams, shop O2’s globally contemporary collection in Denver at the Cherry Creek North store.

Aspen’s only Five-Star, Five-Diamond hotel sits at the base of the Silver Queen Gondola, making this ski-in/ ski-out resort the ultimate landing hub for your fall and winter sport excursions. The amenities at The Little Nell include exclusive guest opportunities like sitting shotgun on a Mountain Grooming excursion, bike rentals during the warm months and private car service to local shopping and hotspots. After you and your bags have been picked up, unwind at Chair 9 for the country’s best Apres Ski/Shopping lounge and sip until you’re ready to call it a night.

This is more than just Italian food. Acquolina is an experience. The chefs and owners know the importance of ingredients and only use high quality products that result in exceptionally delicious food. With the largest Italian wine collection and Colorado’s most extensive liquor selection, Aquolina passionately pours and mixes the drink of your dreams alongside appetizers, salads, pastas, and desserts that will keep you returning during your stay and beyond. Take your Acquolina experience home with locally bottled balsamic vinegar.

WHAT TO WEAR: Keep your daytime look chicly comfortable and turn up the heat for dinner. Don’t get un-stylishly caught in the cold. Stay warm and rent an antique fur through Pretty Bride Shop to fit right into the internationally friendly town.

In the Aspen Area Aspen Brewing Company, Aspen Gorsuch, Aspen The White House Tavern, Aspen

Testosterone, Aspen

Ice Age Discovery Center, Snowmass

Hotel Jerome, Aspen Wheeler-Stallard Museum, Aspen

Meat & Cheese, Aspen Ashcroft Ghost Tour, Ashcroft Snowcat Dinners at Cloud Nine, Aspen Snowmass


Caribou Club, Aspen

John Denver Sanctuary, Aspen

HOPS Culture, Aspen

Maroon Bells, Aspen 16


DSM COMMUNITY There is no right or wrong when it comes to style. We are not defined by our fashion choices, but are given the opportunity to express our individuality through personal style. This season, Denver Style Magazine collaborated with local stylish influencers, bloggers, designers and business owners to feature their individual style and personal fall favorites.


Southwest Kimono, $96, Peach & Pepper

Shawl, Meraki Moon Necklace, Sneerwell

Custom T-Skirt, $50 Good Energy Threads

CAT GOLDEN The Resource Girls







STREET STYLE Photos by Brandon Dougherty @b.p.dougherty

Makeup by Dorota Misiak + Pretty Bride Shop @makeupbydori




Guns & Roses T-Skirt, $50 Good Energy Threads

Leo Shirt, Paige Boutique Clutch, Common Era


Hair by Kim J. Beauty + JessaLynn Henderson

ROBIN MARTIN Frannie Pantz @franniepantz

ALIA NICHOLSON Good Energy Threads @goodenergythreads


吀唀䔀匀ⴀ匀䄀吀 ㄀㄀ⴀ㜀 匀唀一 ㄀㄀ⴀ㘀 䌀䰀伀匀䔀䐀 䴀伀一䐀䄀夀

㌀㌀㈀㘀 吀䔀䨀伀一 匀吀⸀ 䐀䔀一嘀䔀刀Ⰰ 䌀伀䰀伀刀䄀䐀伀 㠀 ㈀㄀㄀



Patterns & pops


Whorl on wheels


Patterns & Pops is an online and mobile boutique - sweet treats for your closet, all under $100. To find our schedule and check out our style, follow us on Instagram!

Whorl On Wheels aims to bring a refined collection of women’s ready to wear pieces, accessories and home goods to the Denver community. We focus on bringing good things to great people, emphasizing on style that leaves a mark.

Love free movement

Denver Street boutique


Love Free Movement is a traveling art boutique specializing in unique and handmade items where every purchase benefits a good cause. Join the movement that’s bringing local products and nothing but good vibes to the streets of Denver.


The Street Boutique is a Fashion Truck selling fashionable, moderatelypriced women’s clothing, jewelry and accessories across a variety of styles. Find us all around town from LoDo to RiNo, Wash Park to LoHi, Stapleton to the DTC! Want us to come to you? Schedule a ladies shopping party or lunch time office stop today!


BAKER IN BETA From Midwest plains to the enchanting Rocky Mountains, Denver local, Kimothy Pikor, found her heart in a neighborhood full of history and spirit. The neat rows of victorian houses maintain a sense of old character, while the transition of new shops, restaurants, and activities provide a splash of spunk to the changing Baker personality.

“Oh, Baker. How gritty, vibrant and seedy you are. Which is why I just can’t quit you.”

Written by Kimothy Pikor

Photos by Tess Polivka & Kimothy Joy




I moved to Denver from Ohio six years ago. Much like observing a younger

The residential area in Baker is one of the most historic, nostalgically

sibling or close friend come of age, I’ve rooted for this city and it’s

charming neighborhoods in all of Denver, as 80 percent of it was

never let me down. I’ve continually been delighted, surprised, and proud.

developed by 1900. The Victorian homes, with their colorful exteriors, doors, and shutters, are Baker’s own version of the San Francisco painted ladies.

Having lived all over town from RiNo to City Park, my favorite, hands down,

Inside you’ll find an exuberance of character with exposed brick interiors,

is Baker, which is the area bound by West 6th Avenue, Broadway Street,

wood floors, and unexpected spiraling staircases.

Mississippi Avenue and the South Platte River. Ch-ch-ch-changes… (As an aside: I think David Bowie would feel right at Baker’s cup runneth over with hipness and variety. This has got to be one of

home in my hood) As Denver continues to lure in mass transplants because

the best shopping and dining districts in Denver. One can find nearly every

duh, it’s Denver, Baker is also affected by the continual progression towards

type of cuisine, shop, bar, and service stretching across Broadway alone.

gentrification. Yet it still manages to maintain its attitude and spunk, sort of

You can start your night out at ethereal, Aspen-filled, Beatrice & Woodsley

like the baby of a family who perpetually refutes full on adulthood.

for high end cocktails, take a jaunt over to Blue Ice bar for salsa lessons, then end up drinking $3 “you-call-its” at Barry’s on Broadway over a game

Alas, Baker, don’t you let them change you too much.

of Skee Ball. The myriad of music venues in the area influences the

You just keep doing YOU.

kaleidoscope of street fashion. Destinations like the Hi-Dive, Mutiny Information Cafe, and Buffalo Exchange attract a punk rock, hipster crowd, while restaurants like Gozo, Lena, and Cho77 draw in posh, conservative date-goers. 21




Style: FANCY TIGER 55 Broadway St

Goods & Gifts: IRONWOOD 14 South Broadway St.

Fancy Tiger Clothing is a boutique that I would recommend to the refined, minimalist hipster friend visiting from a coastal city. You know, the guy or gal who has an appreciation for sophisticated basics. The space exudes a calm and clean aesthetic with meticulously curated small batch, independent lines from local, national and international designers.

Get swept away in Baker’s lush, modern gypsy oasis that is Ironwood. This space is ornately cluttered with curiosities, plants, eclectic housewares, geometric glassware, terrariums, and more. Framed art and cases containing pinned butterflies line the walls, creating a vibrant mosaic. Alas, Ironwood is a unique Baker destination worthy of your attention.

Style: RELEVANT GOODS 250 Broadway St #100 A

Coffee: METROPOLIS 1 S Broadway St

Stop into Baker’s new kid on the block shop, Relevant Goods, for a taste of easy breezy LA style. Think Bohemian Coachella influence, floppy hats, and cozy, geometric patterned sweaters. Mingle over wine and enlightened conversation at their monthly events that include open houses and trunk shows. Goods & Gifts: LOWBROW 38 Broadway St. LowBrow doesn’t take itself too seriously and either should you. This shop is a breath of fresh air reminiscent of kitschy Tokyo shops where you’ll be delighted and surprised to find unique items such as Burt Reynolds coloring books, Japanese influenced accessories, and art supplies. Goods & Gifts: DECADE 56 S. Broadway St. Anytime I’m in a bind and need a gift, I wander over to Decade and am never led astray. They keep the inventory fresh and rotated frequently. There is something for everyone here as they carry retro and modern speciality items for men, women, baby, and home. My inner francophile especially loves the various sections reserved for Parisian goods and housewares.

Self-described as “hipster approachable”, this low key coffee shop is the local hot spot for remote work sessions, coffee dates, and unpretentious, solid caffeinating options. Their cold brew is a great summertime choice and I cozy up with a cappuccino paired with my best friend/laptop during the colder months. Metropolis keeps it all in the Broadway ‘hood’ with side dishes consisting of Maria’s Empanadas and pastries like strawberry pop tarts from Sugar Bakeshop. Eat: GOZO 30 S Broadway st This Spanish/Italian-inspired eatery is my favorite happy hour spot, especially during the summertime, when the garage doors are opened allowing for great people watching. This is my favorite happy hour in Baker, which occurs 4-6 pm daily, and my go to’s are the house white wine, the warm orange and thyme olives, and buratta. Just go here and thank me later.

Other Baker Gems See: SPACE GALLERY


Goods & Gifts: HOPE TANK


Happy Hour: CHO77






LESLIE CLAY Owner, Fab’rik Denver //

@fabrikdenver //

Leslie Clay, owner of Fab’rik Denver, provides locals with runway styles at affordable prices. In addition to her brilliant contribution to the Denver fashion scene, she also strives to empower women through her business.

Written by Samantha Brewers @sj_breww Photos by Brandon Dougherty @b.p.dougherty

Opening a business doesn’t just happen over night. It doesn’t happen on a whim, and it certainly doesn’t happen easily. The recipe for success is an idea mixed with a dash of determination and hard work. Leslie Clay had it all right. Lucky for us, we now have Fab’rik! Do you fall in love with runway styles, wishing they wouldn’t break your bank? She agreed with this statement, and solved the problem by opening a stylish, affordable women’s boutique in Aspen Grove lifestyle center. Fab’rik has locations nationwide, and thanks to Leslie, Colorado is now included!

“I had the drive to own something of my own.” Inspiration can come from many places. For Leslie, credit goes to her husband as her constant source of encouragement. “He is always there when I need him, and doesn’t hold back. He doesn’t always sugar coat things,” said Leslie. She recognizes the challenges that come along with owning a business, and chooses to push through, rather than surrender. Leslie takes great pride in the team of women she assembled to represent Fab’rik. “The most rewarding part is working alongside the women I’m with every day, and teaching them to support and empower each other,” she said. Positive attitudes and support among coworkers can go a long way. The warm atmosphere, genuine team of women and fabulous clothing are three of many incentives for Denverites to make the short trip to Littleton for a day of shopping!



ALLISON RUCHABER Owner/Designer, Peach + Pepper Apparel //

@peachandpepper // peachandpepperapparel.

Local fashion designer, Allison Ruchaber’s soft boho flair translates into her line, Peach and Pepper that is specifically designed for comfortability and style. This ‘EntreMom’ doesn’t let the daily duties of motherhood hinder her style and desire to provide beautifully affordable pieces to other women. Written by Samantha Brewers

@sj_breww Photos by Brandon Dougherty @b.p.dougherty

Allison Ruchaber is the beautiful heart and soul of Peach and Pepper Apparel. This former journalism student, current fashion designer is proof that dreams can always come true if you put in the work. Her interest in fashion blossomed during her teenage years, giving her the base which would eventually build her future. She may not have formal training in fashion, but her sense of style and knack for fabrics say otherwise.

“It’s the way you put things together and the way you present yourself.” Allison is all about providing beautiful, comfortable products at affordable prices. Her fabric philosophy places comfort in a high ranking on the scale. Whether it’s leg warmers, scarves or kimonos, Allison wants your Peach and Pepper original to give you a pop of style with comfort you won’t want to take off. Allison describes her style as eclectic, currently hovering around the ‘70s. She enjoys a bit of boho flair, and translates this through her products. An exciting element of fashion for her is seeing how each individual styles their clothing. “I want everyone to love the pieces they buy, but I want them to make them their own,” said Allison. She enjoys seeing the originality that shines through each person. Using a great quote, “Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it,” she elaborated, “It’s the way you put things together, and they way you present yourself. I think it comes from your personality.” Allison’s mission is to promote the love of life and style. She believes that everyone has a little peach and pepper in them!


Meet the style influencers that don’t follow rules or trends. Watch their personal interviews about individual style at


ALL P H O T O G R A P H Y B Y : A U T U M N C U TA I A , @ A U T U M N C U TA I A P H O T O H A I R : J A S P E R M O O R E , @ H A I R B YJ A Z Z YJ AY H A I R A S S I S TA N T: S K Y E I N M A N


The notion of approachability within the fashion industry, particularly surrounding the development of personal style often appears to hold considerable weight among designers and fashion lovers alike. The creation of style philosophies typically derive from the stories we tell ourselves, as well as our relationships with clothing, our bodies, identity, and others. Denver may not be the quintessential fashion capital, but it definitely houses innovative, authentic, and stylish individuals, who easily represent a balance between trendy, modern, and functional. Whether it embodies classic silhouettes or explicit sexiness, Denver style has developed itself through the lens of many shared and individual experiences. Style is a subjective experience, and must be provided the space to allow others to explore without worry of fitting in adhering to current trends. Each featured individual selected their own wardrobe and gave us their personal style philosophy. The vivid personalities displayed on each page all play an important role in the makeup of the fashion community here in Denver. Allow these bold styles and inspirational words of wisdom guide you toward your own philosophy. Style for ALL encourages you to be yourself, no matter who you are.

MADDIE HAENEL Transgender Designer @mdhaenel

“Style is being in touch with who you are and bringing it out through how you dress.” Shop Maddie’s Look 29

Style Rack Wine Cardi, $40, Whorl Shop

Elan Sweater Tunic, $80, Whorl Shop

LA Made Legging Pants, $42, Whorl Shop


Events & Real Estate Executive @afeinst21

“My philosophy is to keep it consistent so it doesn’t take too much time in the morning. I have a uniform.” Shop Andrew’s Look Similar styles can be found at Sully & Co., The Garment District and Players Clothing Co. 30


President, The Scarlett Headers @therippinkittin

“I prefer things I can wear on and off the bikeanything that has a dual purpose.” Shop Shelby’s Look 31

Killy City Too High Waisted Denim Jeans, $128, Fancy Tiger

Curator Black Dancer Top, $64, Fancy Tiger

LA Made Cicletta Leather Jacket, $438, Fancy Tiger

JASPER MOORE Hairstylist


“There’s nothing too outrageous; there’s nothing that can’t be done. There’s no wrong or right, and that’s what’s amazing about fashion.” Shop Jasper’s Look Wild Flower Button Up, $109, Spruce

Cuffed Chino Pants, $60, Spruce

Lord & Lady Co Skinny Tie, Spruce

Domenicus Belt, $30, Spruce

Paratrooper Boot, $169, Spruce



Blogger & Stylist, Wicked Digs @wicked_digs

“In high school, I was always getting made fun of for wearing items that were seen as weird. Embracing fashion at such a young age inspired me to be bold today.” Shop Shayla’s Look Union Mercantile Vintage Jacket, $65, Goldyn 33

Oak Oversized Hoodie Vest, $145, Goldyn

Shana Mote Gion Pant, $145, Goldyn

Elliat Great Wall Pant, $116, Ily | Iley

One Ivory Militare Top, $89, Ily | Iley

Illsteva leonard II Sunglasses, $260, Goldyn

ZALE HASSLER Musician & Artist @eyeseeseye

“People overdress themselves or use fashion as protection, rather than a positive way to stand out. I don’t overthink; I just do.” Shop Zale’s Look Similar styles can be found at Jiberish, Berkley Supply and Spruce. 34

CHERRY POP POP POPPINS Burlesque Performer


“Style is your own interpretation of art on your body. It is an outward expression of your inner experience.” Shop Cherry’s Look 35

Poppy Red Caftan Dress, $228, Anna Festa



“Developing a personal style should not be difficult. Rather than a pressured, negative experience, I believe in keeping it simple.� Shop Jill;s Look BB Dakota Vegan Leather Jacket, $86, Inspyre

Hommage from Los Angeles Crop, $38, Inspyre

Haute Made Lace Midi Skirt, $32, Inspyre

Multi-diamond Drop Necklace, Multi-diamond Drop Earrings, $32, Inspyre $18, Inspyre





Your Guide to Giving Local

You’ve been good all year. Here are the gifts your friends, family, and personal wardrobe need to be stylishly ready for the New Year.


For Your Bff

Bitches Love Tote Bags, $15,Craft Boner @craftboner

For Your Dad

Blue & Orange Ankle Socks, $12, Dapper & Dame @dapperndame

For Your Boyfriend

Leather Screw Card Holder, $40, Willow @willowboulder

For Anyone You Love

Dioramas starting at $15 , Miniatures for a Modern World, @miniaturesforamodernworld

For Your Sister

Home is Where the Sweatpants Are, Prints starting at $8, Craft Boner @craftboner

For Your Brother


For Your Grandma

EARTH concerta body butter, $36, ZENTS @zentsofficial

OG LoHi 15 Beanie, $24, Jiberish @jiberishlohi

For Yourself

“Vapor” Earrings, $34, Native Clutter @nativeclutter


Star Necklace in 14k antique-plated yellow gold with diamond, $435, Blackbird and the Snow @blackbirdandthesnow

Duluth Classic Wool Roll-Top Scout Pack, $260, Spruce @sprucemen

Building Block Box Bag, $445, Goldyn




Park Portfolio Pack, $395, BAREMADE, 39


Veiled Beanie, $46, Anna Festa @annafesta

Active Capsule Knitted Vest, $125, Spruce, @sprucemen Imprints Maple Cape Top, $127, Whorl Shop


Onesie, $60, Funsies Onesies @funsiesonesies


Kolia Black Leather Jacket, $1760, Goldyn, @shopgoldyn

Funnel Neck Poncho, $224, Never a Wallflower @never_a_wallflower

Eye Mask, $29, Violet Hour Fashion @violethourfashion

Men’s Leather Motorcycle Jacket, $650, Erico Motorsports @ericomotorsports 40


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DSM COMMUNITY Here are some more local beauties showing off their personal favorites! Street style has no boundaries, and we love witnessing personal expression through fashion. From untamed fringe to casual chic, each ensemble is an individual, creative masterpiece. These familiar faces are all a part of your Denver fashion community!

Faux Fur V Shrug, $108 TurtleLux Tee, $118 Victorian Fringe Lace Pencil Skirt, $159.00 Swing Coat, $382 Black Veiled Beanie, $36.80 All Anna Festa






KRISTEN CLOUGH Sparkle Style Shine @sparklestyleshine


STREET STYLE Photos by Brandon Dougherty @b.p.dougherty

Makeup by Dorota Misiak + Pretty Bride Shop @makeupbydori

Hair by Kim J. Beauty + JessaLynn Henderson



Pants, Blackberry Maverick



CHANNING MORRIS Blue Mountain Belle @bluemountainbel

CYNARRA TWEED @narra_tweed



STYLE FROM AFAR The dynamic duo blog teams don’t let a silly miles get in the way of sharing their style. It just means a bigger audience. Check out blogger teams that are separated by states - not by style.

Written by Cat Golden //

@theresourcegirls //

As if having your BFF living a thousand miles away isn’t hard enough, imagine your BFF is also your business partner. Seem impossible? Not for these three sets of best friends who share the same blog, love for life, fashion and each other but just live states apart. The Resource Girls, Pair of Heirs, and Darling be Daring are each blogging pairs that have one half of their dynamic duo in Denver and the other half in another state. While most people are dumbfounded as to how these ladies do it, it’s become part of their everyday lives, and one they love. Although being apart is difficult, these girls view living in different cities as an advantage. They can cover multiple fashion trends that relate to different parts of the country. When one Target is sold out of something the other friend can check her Target. They can wear the same outfit on the same day and not be matching. Living in different time zones has its perks too - your BFF can tell you who gets kicked off The Bachelor first, can post on Instagram before you’re even awake and can tell you if the semi-annual sale is worth going to this year (but let’s be honest, when isn’t it worth going to?). The key is positivity! The same is true in blogging and in life - nothing goes how we plan, everything takes longer than expected and sometimes you just can’t fix a bad hair day. Let’s be honest though, some of our best days involve things we never planned, there’s no reason to be in a hurry half the time anyways, and a bad hair day every now and then just lets the world know these girls aren’t perfect (just in case anyone was wondering). While all three of these blogs embrace slightly different fashion styles and trends,

“The same is true in blogging and in life - nothing goes how we plan, everything takes longer than expected and sometimes you just can’t fix a bad hair day.”

the uniting factor is that all six of these ladies believe in being the best version of you. In a world where it’s easy to go with the flow or tame your personality, we dare you to be yourself and let your true colors shine. We can promise this piece of fashion advice is timeless and won’t be going out of style. 45

DARLING BE DARING Desire & Jolene || @darlingbedaring Darling be Daring is made up of Desire, in Denver, and Jolene, in Los Angeles. These darlings met in college and quickly bonded over their closets and love for late night food runs. The rest is history. They have since remained friend, and turned blog partners even after Desire moved to Denver this past January. Darling be Daring is not only a collection of outfits and fab fashion, but also a glimpse into their lifestyle. Even living states apart, these two gals are trying their hardest (and in our opinion succeeding) to be boss ladies. Desire and Jolene embrace the fact that they live in two different states. Although it can be hard, they also say the distance is incredibly inspiring. Since they are in two different places, they have two different perspectives. They split up Darling be Daring by the days of the week and topics. This allows each of them to work on as much of their personal strengths in their individual communities as possible. Each girl works on her own posts and then discusses them each week during their phone date. They do weekly work talks and then a different day is dedicated to weekly FRIEND talks over wine and giggles. They both are self-proclaimed “girly-girls� so girl time is a necessity. They try their hardest to embrace all the ladies in their respective communities and their readers to empower each other in all that they do. Darling be Daring comes down to the idea that you always need that one person to DARE you to do more, because no day should be a waste of perfectly good lipstick.

THE RESOURCE GIRLS Cat & Lauren @theresourcegirls The Resource Girls were born after years of hard work, a few challenging life lessons and a little bit of fate. Cat and Lauren met in the dorms their freshman year of college, and now, twelve years later, are still best friends and business partners. These girls grew up learning hard work is what gets you where you want to go. They gained insight on how to be the best versions of themselves. As their thirties were quickly approaching (a little too quickly if you ask them) they realized they were bursting at the seams, wanting to share all they had learned in their twenties and would continue to learn in the years to come. Lauren is a lover of do-it-yourself everything and Cat has been a workout guru for years. With that as their base as well as the same love for fashion and finding a good deal they quickly came up with the five “F’s” that make up RG - Fashion, Fitness, Finance, Food and Friendship. As Resource Girls, they believe that you can look your best, feel your best and be the best version of you without spending a fortune or compromising who you are. Cat lives in Denver and Lauren lives in Indiana, so they quite often hear the question, “How do you make your website work?” The Resource Girls believe their long distance relationship is what makes them unique and different in the huge world of blogging! In their minds, it gives them two different audiences, two different perspectives and best of all, their content can be shared even quicker thanks to living in two different places. They use Google Drive to save all their photos, write all their posts, and make their to do lists which they can both edit, see and share. Google Calendar keeps them up to date on upcoming posts, as well as what they both have going on in blog life. The Resource Girls admit there’s usually not a day that goes by where they don’t have either a call, text, snapchat or email from one another updating each other on business life and where they’re at in their blog life’s to-do’s. The biggest key to their success is being intentional. They believe this not only in their business life together, but in their friendship. They’re intentional about seeing each other, even if it’s only twice a year, making the most of each trip and implementing a work/life balance when they’re together. Both these Resource Girls work full time in helping professions outside of the blog, so they are always intentionally encouraging each other when bad days hit, or sending each other a Starbucks gift card when one of them is feeling overwhelmed. Being intentional is not only how they stay so connected as friends from states away, but what has made their business relationship work too. Sending an email, a text, or a care package (which usually always includes their latest sale find) in the mail are all the ways they keep their spirits connected. They feel being intentional will not only make your business venture better, but it will help you be a better friend, help you achieve any goal you set your mind to and most importantly help you be the best version of yourself - which is what The Resource Girls are all about!

PAIR OF HEIRS Hannah & Morgan || @pairofheirs Although they were both born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Hannah and Morgan didn’t met until three years ago at a church community group. They immediately bonded over their shared passion for fashion and their faith. They wanted to start a fashion blog with an added spiritual component, and so Pair of Heirs was born. Hannah and Morgan share the same dedication to style, encouragement, authenticity and beauty. After Hannah moved to Denver this past year, the thought never occurred to them that they wouldn’t be able to make their blog work. While it was easier to blog when they lived in the same city and could use G-chat while at their desks all day (shhhh, don’t tell) they are making things work states away. They still talk every single day whether it be about life, their friendship, their favorite trends, or their blog. What makes Pair of Heirs unique is how they flawlessly intertwine fashion and faith. All of their posts revolve around an inspiring message that they then relate to whatever they’re wearing. For example, they have a post titled “Cut It Out” that features a beautiful shirt with cut-outs, but then relates to things they’re trying to let go of in their life. Or a post titled “All Tied Up” that showcases a long grey tie-dye dress and addresses how to handle life when you’re all “tied up” in multiple situations. Genius! The photos and images of the clothing these girls say is just for aesthetics and we have to say they’re doing a darn good job. Hannah is a free spirit and more “go with the flow.” While Morgan is very put together, analytical and polished. They view these differences as strengths, never weaknesses. Just like some readers are goal-oriented or go with the flow, orderly or chaotic, posh or whimsical, they believe these differences are to be embraced. There is truth, timeless fashion and loads of positivity when hanging out with the Pair of Heirs. Prepare to be inspired.


DENVER STYLE EVENTS Your fashion, style, and beauty destination. Mix with fashionable friends, grow your business, and be the first to know.

mark your CALENDAR November 16th - Industry Monday & Intern Summit

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December 2nd - Social Media for Brands Workshop

December 10th - Holiday Market & Mingle

December 14th - Industry Monday



BOUTIQUES Denver’s most comprehensive list of fashion, style, and beauty brands, boutiques, style professionals,and fashion influencers. AILLEA BEAUTY Beauty Boutique || Larimer Square @ailleabeauty ARMITAGE & MCMILLAN Menswear Boutique || Platte St. @armitageandmcmillan ASPEN WHITE Women’s Boutique || Online @shopaspenwhite BERKELEY SUPPLY * Menswear Boutique || Tennyson @berkeleysupply BILLIE Women’s Boutique || Online @shopbillie BLITZ BOUTIQUE * Women’s Boutique || Vail BLEU DOOR BOUTIQUE * Women’s Clothing || Glenwood COMMON THREADS Consignment || S. Pearl + Boulder @commonthreadsconsignment DECADE * Goods & Gifts || Baker DAPPER & DAME * Women’s & Men’s Boutique RiNo & Mobile Truck @dapperndame DENVER STREET BOUTIQUE Women’s Boutique || Mobile Truck @denverstreetboutique FAB’RIK DENVER * Women’s Boutique || Littleton @fabrikdenver


FANCY TIGER * Men’s + Women’s Boutique || S. Broadway @fancytigerclothing FREE RANGE VINTAGE Vintage || RiNo @freerangevintage FRINJE * Women’s Clothing Larimer Square, Beaver Creek, Vail @frinjefashions GOLDYN * Women’s Boutique || Highlands @shopgoldyn GOORIN BROS * Hats & Accessories || Larimer Square @goorinbroslarimersquare HAILEE GRACE * Women’s Boutique || Larimer Square @haileegraceboutique ILY || ILEY * Women’s Boutique || Highlands @ily_iley INSPYRE BOUTIQUE Women’s Clothing || LoHi, Cherry Creek, Southwest Plaza + Park Meadows @inspyreboutique IRONWOOD * Gifts & Homegoods || Baker @ironwoodcollection JIBERISH * Menswear || Platte St. @jiberishlohi LORE DENVER Accessories & Home ||Online @loredenver

LOVE FREE MOVEMENT Women’s Boutique || Mobile Truck @lovefreemovement

RUSTIC THREAD Women’s Boutique || Highlands @rusticthread

LOVE HARPER Women’s Boutique || Online @loveharperboutique

SHEA BOUTIQUE Women’s Clothing || RiNo @shopshea

LOWBROW * Gifts & Homegoods || Baker @lowbrowdenver

SKIPPER & SCOUT * Children’s Clothing || Vail @skipperscoutvail

MANOFATTO Handcrafted Giftboxes || Online @manofattohomemade

SPRUCE * Men’s Clothing || Tennyson @sprucemen

NORTH X SOUTHWEST Women’s Boutique || Online @nxsw

STARLET BOUTIQUE * Women’s Boutique Highlands + S. Broadway @starletboutiques

02 ASPEN * Women’s Clothing || Aspen + Cherry Creek @o2aspen

STRUT Women’s & Shoes Boutique || Highlands @strutdenver

PAIGE BOUTIQUE Women’s Clothing on S. Pearl @paigeonpearl

TRULY BOHOTIQUE Women’s Boutique || Golden @truly_bohotique

PAISLEY AND PARK Women’s Boutique || Online @paisleyandpark

VELVET WOLF Women’s Boutique || Littleton @velvetwolfboutique

PATTERNS & POPS Women’s Boutique || Online + Mobile Boutique @patternsandpops

WHORL SHOP * Women’s + Mobile Fashion Boutique Highlands @whorlshop

PINK’S STRAIGHT FROM LA * Women’s Boutique || Bonnie Brae @pinksdenver

WILLOW * Women’s Boutique || Boulder @willowboulder

RELEVANT GOODS * Women’s Boutique || Baker @relevantgoods


REVERIE LIVING Women’s Boutique || Highlands @reverieliving



DESIGNERS 50 DRESSES Clothing Designer @50dresses

BOOTAY BAG * Subscription @bootaybag

MOUNTAIN MOON TEES Clothing Designer @mountainmoontees

TALIEMAY JEWELRY Jewelry @taliemayjewelry

5280 SHIRT SHOP Clothing Designer @5280shirtshop

COFI LEATHERS Leather Accessories @cofileathers

NATIVE CLUTTER * Jewelry @nativeclutter

TYES BY TARA Accessories

ANNA FESTA * Clothing Designer @annafesta

CRAFT BONER * Homegoods

NEVER A WALLFLOWER * Clothing Designer @never_a_wallflower

ULTRAKINI SWIMWEAR* Swimwear Designer @ultrakini

AS JEWELRY DESIGN Jewelry Designer @jewelrybyas

FUNSIES ONESIES * Clothing Designer @funsiesonesies

PEACH & PEPPER APPAREL* Clothing Designer @peachandpepper

VICTA DESIGNS Clothing Designer @victadesigns

BAREMADE * Leather Accessories @baremade

GOOD ENERGY THREADS * Clothing Designer @goodenergythreads

PHLIGHT KREW Clothing Designer @phlightkrew

VIOLET HOUR * Clothing Designer @violethourfashion

BLACKBERRY MAVERICK * Clothing Designer @blackberrymaverick

HIM CLOTHING * Menswear Accessories @himclothingllc

RELEVANT REUSE Jewelry @relevantreuse

BLACKBIRD & THE SNOW * Jewelry Designer @blackbirdandthesnow

HIPPO KISS CREATIONS Jewelry @hippokisscreations

RINGPOCKET Jewelry @ringpocket


JILL CARTER * Stylist @jillcarterstylist

NICOLE TOLEDO Makeup Artist @nicoletoledomakeupartistry

BRANDON DOUGHERTY * Photographer @b.p.dougherty

JUICED TO GO MOBILE STUDIO Henna & Facepainting @juicedtogo

NOAH BERG PHOTOGRAPHY Photographer @noahbergphotography

BRIEN HOLLOWELL * Photographer @brienhollowell

KRADIX PHOTOGRAPHY * Photographer @kradixphoto4

PRETTY BRIDE SHOP * Makeup Artist + Bridal Rentals @prettybrideshop

MAKEUP BY DORI * Makeup Artist @makeupbydori

THE STUDIO Office Space @thestudiocorp

MEGAN CARY ARTISTRY Makeup Artist @megancaryartistry

TARA POLLY PHOTOGRAPHY * Photographer @tarapollyphoto

CRISTELA MUNIZ* Makeup Artist @cristelam JASPER MOORE * Hairstylist @hairbyjazzyjay


For easy online access to all brands listed in the resource guide, scan the QR code using your smart phone or visit 52


BEAUTY BRANDS & SERVICES AILLEA BEAUTY Beauty Boutique || Larimer Square @ailleabeauty

GLOW FOR A CAUSE Luxury Body Products || Online @glowforacause

GLO MINERALS Makeup + Skincare || Online @glominerals

NATIVE NECTAR BOTANICALS Herbal Health & Beauty Remedies || Online @nativenectarbotanicals

SALONS, SPAS & WELLNESS THE BARRE CODE Barre Fitness || Downtown @thebarrecode

BEAUTY LOUNGE Specialty Spa || Lone Tree @BeautyLounge

BLISS SKIN CARE & MASSAGE Massage + Skin Care || City Park

LE CHIC LASH BOUTIQUE Lash Extensions + Skin Care Greenwood Village @lechiclashboutique

PILATES OF CHERRY CREEK Pilates Fitness || Cherry Creek @suppilates1

UBER CHIC SALON Nails + Waxing + Skincare || Edgewater @uberchicnailboutique



9TH & AURARIA * @9thandauraria

CLOTH AND MAN * @clothandman

PAIR OF HEIRS * @pairofheirs

TIME TRAVEL BLONDE @timetravelblonde

AMBER BUT BETTER @amber.butbetter

DARLING BE DARING * @darlingbedaring

PIN’S PLACE @pinsplaceblog


AMONG THE COLORS @AmongtheColors

EMILY’S FOOTPRINTS @EmilysFootprints

THE RESOURCE GIRLS * @theresourcegirls

TEEN FASHION TAKEOVER * @teenfashiontakeover.denver

THE ANNIE ISSUE @anniemescall


SHANELL LANER @shanelllaner

WICKED DIGS * @wicked_digs

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Denver Style Magazine Issue No. 3  

Denver's fashion, style, and beauty resource featuring local shopping, style influencers, entrepreneurs and the Mile High's only interactive...

Denver Style Magazine Issue No. 3  

Denver's fashion, style, and beauty resource featuring local shopping, style influencers, entrepreneurs and the Mile High's only interactive...