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Resumes from staff •

Michael Gull

Brad Rhoda

Richy Lynn


Brian Newman

Jack McDonald – grad – little coaching

Hank Van Dyk – grad (ag) – sincere, honest, very shy, not naturally outgoing - he was a farmer before, parents have diary farm in Idaho

Jerry Parker – maintenance supervisor – Grad – works with guys a lot. Knows guys better than anyone up there. Understands mindset of guys and what theyare going through. Angle of what are they thinking – what are you trying to accomplish.

Mike Morgan – FA – grad



Dave Sterner


Rob Wolf

Help understand this is a holistic program.

4229 Impact on program. Even small crew. Potential program issuesor that individual’s program. Having crew for 5 days at a time would change dynamic at farm during that time. Seeing how things are edited and who has final cut on show. Would be controversial with staff members. Need to show them the benefit of doing something like this.

Seasonal aspect of operation. During fall festival, it is crazy and hectic. Tough to have another thing going on. All consuming to operate festival.

There is no way they can do it from Nov 1 – April. Not a lot going on outside. Work is in barns. They would be looking for things with the guys. Would have to be spring, summer, fall activity to work. Fall festival is more involved in community in agra business. We would need to hire staff to help during that time if filming during this planning.

Goals are first that guys in rehab program comes first with everything we do up there. The animals are a tool to help the guys with that. Giving them responsibility, love. Animals are used for to be benefit to the community – maze and pizza farm. Activities to promote outdoor health – bring people in to see what we do. Care for respect and enjoy the animals that guys have provided.

Animal Planet – if they are going to cut out the Christian part, we are not interested. Whole philosophy is human beings have been marginalized as worthless – b/c of addictions, choices, family lifes – don’t feel like they are part of society. They use to put minds out of the misery of where they are at. It doesn’t matter what society says. God has a plan, he loves you and we help them find the plan. That is the key to everything we do. It would be negative for us if you edit out Christian part. If they keep it in, it would be great to show how animals and man can work together – how god created both of them. Rehab comes by living with each other.

What do they want to promote? Animals, men – interaction between

We have goodwill in western slope. That’s how we operate and survive. Anything that would be negative to that – can be real but not dramatized.

Episode on why we do not do haunting. Why we enjoy animals in ag business. We want to connect people with nature. Men separated from society –get them to interact with people again.

Manage which guys would be good for the project and maximize what is really happening with the guys.

Trying to heal the land in different areas. Strategy of how we farm, rotational grazing, rotate crops.

Can we show the pizza farm – richy – check schedule- end of month. Pictures of harvest farm/pizza

PR - Hygiene Items Urgent Need 2011  

DRM is in need of hygiene items for the homeless.

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