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120 Years of Service

January 2013





POWERFUL Photo by Bethanny Tarantino

He gives power to the faint, and strengthens the powerless. Isaiah 40:29 NRSV









“My life has turned into a powerful life. All I want to do is live for Him. He is not condemning me. He forgives me.” – Fedline, 20

Photo by Bethanny Tarantino

Fedline doesn’t have a middle name. But the other mothers who live with her at Champa House decided she needs one: Joy. Through much sorrow, she’s maintained an unspeakable joy.






Born in Haiti, her parents decided finally make friends at school. But that a better life waited for her in her world became wrapped up in America. When she was 15 years old, keeping these friends, and she often they packed up her belongings and abandoned her beliefs to fit in: she had no choice but to move. Her “I thought, ‘This Bible isn’t doing parents had made arrangements anything for me.’ I put it away. I for her to live with her brother put my faith in my friends,” says and his young family. Fedline. Her brother noticed the changes in her lifestyle, and their She attended high school, and relationship quickly worsened. though she met a lot of new people, “He wanted me out of the house. she failed to find friends. She got One day, I came home and the lost in a new culture and language. locks had been changed on the She remembers reading her Bible door,” says Fedline. every night to combat loneliness: “I read it. But I wasn’t really getting Shortly after, Fedline discovered what I needed.” She felt distant she was two months pregnant. from her brother and had no one She had no money, no job and to talk to, no one to teach her hadn’t even graduated from high about being a teenager. school. She started staying with friends, moving from place to place: After being in Colorado for over “I was homeless, but I never had a year, Fedline was ecstatic to to sleep on the streets. But when



Photo by Bethanny Tarantino


people found out I was pregnant, they weren’t as willing to help. It was only God. He worked everything out and found me places to stay.” On a Saturday night in June, Fedline decided she was not going to have the baby. On Sunday she went to church and received prayer. On Monday she changed her mind: “I was terrified. I thought, ‘What is the next step? What is the plan here?’ I didn’t know the answer to those questions but I was going to keep my baby,” she says. Fedline lived with a friend during and immediately following her pregnancy. She had no idea how to take care of or provide for her baby. Her French teacher had become a close friend and knew there was a

place Fedline could live that would teach her everything she needed to know about being a mother: Champa House. She took her to Champa House for an interview and Fedline was accepted into the program. She moved in on June 6, 2011.

Fedline’s daughter, Angeline is almost two years old. She chose that name because she believes Angeline is her angel sent from God.

When Fedline speaks of her past, her eyes stay down, fixated on her fingers as she recalls some difficult memories. She says, “I guess I was just surviving.” But when she speaks of moving into Champa House, her eyes lift and greet the room. She says: “When I came here, somehow, God changed me inside out. I started to pray that He would point me away from the darkness and into the light. Before Champa, I was powerless. Now I feel powerful. I don't put my faith in other people; I put my faith in God." Fedline has completed classes, become a Dental Assistant and started a job at a local dentist's office. She is even learning how to drive. She has successfully completed three of the five phases in Champa House’s program and hopes to graduate by June. Fedline speaks boldly about plans to go back to Haiti and help her country one day. She talks about going back to school to study medicine. But more than anything, she wants to be a good mother and follow the Lord’s plan for her life: “My daughter comes first. I’m waiting on God to tell me what to do.” “Champa House was the first place I learned that I needed a personal relationship with God. That will always stay with me,” she says. To post a note of encouragement for Fedline on the Mission's Facebook fan page, visit

Program Director Amy Fletcher (left), says: “Fedline has a joy and a dedication to God that I rarely see. I think it is that joy that has gotten her through a lot of the tough stuff. She knows that the Lord is going to take care of her and bring her through it."

From the CEO Dear Friends, I am thrilled to share some exciting news with you! Responding to the community’s request for assistance in meeting the needs of the homeless in Fort Collins, and believing that God has called us to do more in this geographical area (‌to whom much is given much is required. Luke 12:48b), Denver Rescue Mission has acquired the assets of Open Door Mission. The ministry will operate under the name Fort Collins Rescue Mission. We are excited, humbled and honored to undertake this opportunity to help the homeless and hungry in Northern Colorado. As you know, over the last 120 years we have been meeting the needs of the poor and homeless in Denver. We have also been working diligently in Northern Colorado for more than twenty years, helping men rebuild their lives at Harvest Farm in Wellington. Our first priority at Fort Collins Rescue Mission is to make sure warm beds remain available for the homeless (we now operate half of the available shelter beds in Fort Collins) and meals for the hungry continue being served. Our hope is for this new location to become a gateway to our New Life Program at Harvest Farm, and to ultimately help people become productive, selfsufficient citizens. We believe forming effective community partnerships are necessary to do this, and we are committed to collaborating with local human service agencies, businesses, neighborhood groups, and government officials to ensure the needs of the homeless in Fort Collins are being met. We look forward to working diligently and prayerfully to help the homeless in Northern Colorado, and we deeply appreciate you partnering with us, as together, we Change More Lives in the Name of Christ! God Bless!

Brad Meuli, President/CEO

DRM Annual Turkey Drive The Denver community donated an amazing 17,847 turkeys to the Mission during our annual turkey drive! Thank you so much for helping us provide 14,000 turkeys to more than 100 organizations and churches in Colorado this holiday season. We so appreciate every individual, business, church, and organization who helped us reach our goal!

The Great Thanksgiving Banquet Thanks to your support and our generous sponsor, Sheridan Ross P.C., the Mission gave nearly 400 men, women and children a place to dine and enjoy a Thanksgiving feast this year. On Wednesday, November 21st, the Lawrence Street Shelter hosted a fantastic event, complete with music and festive decorations. Honorary guests Governor John Hickenlooper and Mayor Michael B. Hancock put on their aprons and greeted every guest with a smile and a plate of food. More than 50 volunteers helped serve meals and distribute new hats, gloves and scarves. CenturyLink also gave the gift of connection, providing free long-distance phone calls for anyone in attendance. Thank you to the many people that made this possible!

Thanksgiving Banquet-In-A-Box Many volunteers helped distribute 767 Thanksgiving food boxes to low-income families on Tuesday, November 20th. The event would not have been possible without Cloud Peak Energy generously covering event expenses, and Altus Traffic donating their time and energy for our safety needs that day! Ponderosa High School's National Honor Society filled the boxes with all the Thanksgiving essentials: cranberry sauce, vegetables, potatoes, yams, pumpkin pie filling, stuffing, and of course, a turkey. Thank you for joining us in serving our community!

Mission Events


Presidents Day Event Friday, February 15th The Lawrence Street Shelter For more information, contact Alexxa @ 303.313.2427.

Community Events

Making a Difference Over the Airwaves Our gratitude goes out to 106.7 KBPI for partnering with the Mission last fall.

6th Annual Turkey Chase, Presented by Grandma’s Frozen Noodles A big thank-you to our presenting sponsor, Grandma’s Frozen Noodles, and to Two Roads Charter School for hosting the 686 Runners who joined us this year in Arvada on November 22nd. 3 Sons Italian Restaurant hosted a dinner for 25 runners the evening before the race to join runners and DRM staff in fellowship, and to help with the carb-loading!

What Will Your Legacy Be? A gift through your will ensures a legacy for those who come to us in the future for a second chance. Join us in our great commission to return the poor and needy to society as self-sufficient, productive community members.

Legacy Giving Donors, Bill and Patty Sharp

• Name the mission as a beneficiary of your life insurance, pension plan or retirement plan. • Make sure you have an up-to-date will or living trust that reflects your charitable intentions. • Think beyond cash—you can make a gift of stocks, real estate, insurance policies, and personal property. If you have not yet created your legacy, we can help. Visit: to learn more.

Alice Cavanaugh 303.313.2487



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Lawrence Street Shelter Emergency care: meals, overnight shelter, free health care, food box and clothing distribution. Champa House Residential facility offering long-term help toward self-sufficiency to single mothers with dependent children. Harvest Farm Long-term New Life rehabilitation program, farming and ranching operation, food and clothing distribution, and Fall Festival.

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The Crossing Long-term New Life rehabilitation program, transitional program for New Life graduates and homeless families, temporary housing for interns and visitors. Ministry Outreach Center Administrative and warehouse facilities; food, clothing and household goods distribution. Family Services Transitional program; assistance for permanent housing; mentoring for homeless working families, seniors and refugee families. Global Ministry Outreach Consultation, resources and support to city/rescue missions around the world.

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Changing Lives January 2013  
Changing Lives January 2013  

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