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June 2013

But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:13,14 (NIV)

“I really enjoy listening to Tom in our classes. These classes are focused on God, and it's gotten me into the Word. He has a lot of insight, and the way that he talks really puts things into perspective. Now, I read my Bible every night,� says Rebecca.

Tur ni n g i t A r ou n d

While in the program, Rebecca gets space at the shelter to call her own. Though her goal is to save enough to find an apartment, she's made it homey in the meantime! At the age of 15, Rebecca was kicked out of her her habits. She spent her 20s working various jobs, parents' home in Fort Collins. High school was moving from place to place and sleeping on the emotionally challenging, and she acted out by streets when necessary. She got married, had two stealing their car to run away. This began a threechildren—both of whom she decided to give up for year cycle of foster homes, correctional centers, and adoption—and suffered through the tragic suicide treatment facilities. “I think of her husband. “I was really excited to everything went wrong hear what the focus of the Rebecca had finally when I was emancipated Steps to Success program was— reached a breaking point. from the system. I got an giving people hope and getting After spending nearly half apartment in Sterling, CO. them back on their feet in a of her life on the streets Christian environment. I had no one out there… and doing drugs, she no friends, no experience decided it was time to move on: “I thought, ‘What is ever living by myself, no transportation. I lost my it going to take for me to be successful and be happy job at the local McDonald's. I met some people who with myself?’ Nothing was working. I had so many used meth, and it became an all day, every day thing,” dead end jobs that didn’t pay well. I lost hope that I remembers Rebecca. would ever have a house. I saw that people who had This was her first introduction to hard drugs, and an education were more successful. And I thought it stuck. She was only 18 years old, and her social school would help me stop my addiction.” circle quickly filled with people who encouraged

Fr om t he C EO Dear Friends, It is not easy to turn a life around. It is a lot like trying to turn a huge ship in the ocean— it takes some time. To begin a life change, it takes someone like Rebecca, featured in this month’s Changing Lives, who says, “I do not want to live like this anymore.” At the Mission, we then try to offer a little bit of hope, a glimmer of what life can be like when the ship turns. Often, hope is a new word for the people who come to us for help. Their stories are difficult, and frequently filled with horrible circumstances and a lot of bad decisions.

Through our Steps to Success program, we offer folks a new way to think about their future and the purpose that God has for them in this life. Please continue to join us in prayer, as volunteers and as donors, while we strive to change lives in the name of Christ and help those who come to us to “turn it around.” God Bless,

We do not dwell on the bad decisions or on where the blame Brad Meuli, President/CEO should go, but instead, we share the good news of Jesus and Denver Rescue Mission/Fort Collins Rescue Mission his incredible forgiveness. We can all appreciate being forgiven.

Turning it Around...continued

She remained through the transition to Fort Collins Rescue Mission: “I was really excited to hear what the focus of the Steps to Success program was—

Events Coffee Shop Fundraiser Tuesday, June 25th 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Come out and meet Director Jim Carmack and Assistant Director Tom Konstanty at the Human Bean Coffee Shops! Jim will serve at the shop on 821 N. College Ave. and Tom will serve at 1822 S. College Ave. Thanks to the Human Bean Coffee shop for donating 10% of their proceeds to FCRM! Changing Lives is a news publication of Fort Collins Rescue Mission. Director: Jim Carmack Director of Communications: Christine Gallamore Designer: Rachel Vigil Writer: Rachel Greiman 316 Jefferson Street • Fort Collins, Colorado 80524 • 970.224.4302

giving people hope and getting them back on their feet in a Christian environment. I think that the program's really good; it does good things. I had the desire to better myself so the program has been a great experience for me.” “Without Fort Collins Rescue Mission, I would still be using, and I wouldn’t be in school,” explains Rebecca. She is focused on saving enough money to get a place of her own, and is excited about taking more classes and giving herself a chance at a more stable life! To post a note of encouragement for Rebecca on the Mission's Facebook page, visit

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So she took a leap of faith and enrolled at Front Range Community College for the fall semester of 2012. The first couple weeks were very difficult for her, and she considered dropping out. She was living with friends, away from community. In October 2012, she decided to come to the former Open Door Mission and stayed there while taking classes. “I came because people were doing drugs out there. I needed to get away, and I stayed because I wanted to get on my feet,” says Rebecca.

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Tur ni ng i t A r ou n d

Rebecca’s story is not an easy one to tell. It’s riddled with loss, heartbreak, feelings of abandonment, drug use, and homelessness. Remarkably, she’s overcome a lifetime of trial and found the motivation to turn it around.

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Fort Collins Rescue Mission June 2013  

Fort Collins Rescue Mission serves the hurting and homeless in northern Colorado. Learn more and give a charitable gift today!

Fort Collins Rescue Mission June 2013  

Fort Collins Rescue Mission serves the hurting and homeless in northern Colorado. Learn more and give a charitable gift today!