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Cheuk Lui 2019 Industrial Design




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BS in Industrial design

Lifeguard/swim instructor

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San Jose State University 2017 - Present San Jose, CA

Language English Cantonese Mandarin

Highlands Recreation Center Jun 2016 - Jul 2017 San Mateo, CA

Team Member JOANN Fabrics Jun 2018 - Present

Interest Auto Racing Swimming Making Videos Taking Photos

Digital Sketching Solidworks Analog Sketching Rendering CAD modeling Photoshop Keyshot Illustrator InDesign Model Making Laser Cutting

Email Instagram @dennis_lui_design Phone +1 (650) 450-6608

About Me Hello, my name is Cheuk Lui, I’m a 2nd-year industrial design student at San Jose State University. I’m born in Hong Kong and moved to United State in 2010. Since I was little I always have a huge interest in new technology and cars. I found out about industrial design the 10th grade of high-school year, and I fell in love with the major. My idea of becoming an industrial designer is to design effective products with minimalistic design aesthetics while giving the user great experiences.

Table of Content Design Projects

OXO Lantern

SRT Bike

Mouse Redesign


A Night light that protects you. Inspire by OXO.

A sports bike inspired by the Dodge Viper.

A Mouse for gamers and professionals alike.

Rectilinear made with 3 blocks and directions.



Egg Protector

Additional Work

Curvilinear with 2 cuts.

Form concept with a sense of Speed.

Build an egg protector with limited resources.

Different Sketches & Projects

OXO Lantern A Night light that gives you a sense of safety and protection.

OXO Lantern Solving The final Night Light is for people often work and stay up at night. The light gives a comfortable feeling walking at night without distraction to others.

Why night light is important? Many people like to work at night, and only have a vision of couple feet away. It is very difficult for a person to walk in the house without lights on. Our phone would be stationary and charging.

Concern For People With Nocturia Nocturia is a disorder and a condition where a person wakes up during the night because of the need to urinate. For people who have Nocturia, it is hard to wake up and walk to the bathroom.

Understanding Brand OXO company goal to make everyday chores simple. They design all their product with ergonomics in mind. They design there tools with a universal balance ergonomics idea with a modern aesthetics.

Exploration Sketches I started the sketches with interesting shapes and the OXO ergonomic features in mind. The design starting to become smaller and slimier as I go though mock ups and sketches.

Refinement Sketches The Final design came down to concave and convex. Concave design was chosen because of the curve of humans hand is more concave then convex.

Night Light Process The Night light is modeled in SolidWorks. Body is printed from Resin Printer. Rest of the parts are printer with PLA 3D printer.

The shapes and form are very basic following the universal philosophy behind the OXO brand. All forms are tested with users to make sure it is not too big nor too small.

To made balance of ergonomic and design. The final design made the top higher radius to the bottom, the decision is to make sure users uses less grip strength holding the light.

OXO Lantern Scenario The OXO Lantern blends into your everyday life. The design reflects the simplicity of OXO.

Place it anywhere

Just Lift when you need it.

Final Development The Final Shapes is tested to be universally fitted. The shape is concaved to fit the hand comfortably.

Rubber Coated Soft Plastic

Stainless Steal dial

Stainless Steal Charging Dock

Features OXO Lantern The OXO Lantern does not have any button, and just pick up for easy convenience. Double layered design to reduce blindness

Brightness Adjustable Dial

Magnetic Charging Station

The OXO Lantern is a night light with no inconvenience, with a Concave design gives users a comfortable grip.

Bike A Race bike design from the ground up in SolidWorks.

SRT Bike Inspiration This Bike is inspired by the 24 hr Le Man’s race, as well as the Dodge Viper GTS-R le man race car.

I’m interested in cars since I was little and 24 hr of le man is one of my favorite race in the world, because of its teamwork and dedication.

One of my favorite race cars is the Dodge Viper SRT and It is what my bike is inspired by.

SRT Bike Sketches Before I got the Viper idea, I started off designing the bike from other race cars, and it narrows down to the final design today. (All sketches are done in Autodesk Sketchbook Pro)

SRT Bike Measurement The Bike was measured based on my size and height with “race� spec tuning.

SRT Bike

The side Curve design combine with a muscular fork, inspired from the front end of the Viper.

The Bike is painted with Viper red and gunmetal gray color as an accent. SRT and Dodge logo also apply to the Bike, to represent the GTS-R race car.

This Bike Project is the first time I use SolidWorks. This has become my favorite project so far, as well as the interest of using SolidWorks.

Mouse Redesign A Mouse for gamers and professional alike.

Redesign Inspiration This Project let us chose 3 different product for us to redesign. Between Mouse, Rotary Tool, Game Controller.

This project I chose mouse to redesign. As a gamer myself I always dislike the “Gaming� aesthetic look and feel of gaming mouses.

The goal is to create a mouse that combines the professional and the gamers alike. By designing a mouse that blends in with public places as well as giving gamers a mouse that satisfies them outside of their own gaming machine at home.

Redesign Sketches I started sketching with generic mouses and lead to interesting ones. While I was closely inspecting the interior of the Mercedes I realize that the use of high quality materials really Compliment the car. I started sketching with the materials used in mind and apply to the final design.

Redesign Mock-ups The Mock up process when through testing and analysation from different users hands. All mouses have titled bodies and streamline design to complement the concept of my mouse.

Redesign The Komfort Stealth The Final design of this mouse consists of aluminum, leather, and gunmetal. I created a perfect mouse that satisfies gamers and professional alike. The seamless ambient light gives the overall design a luxurious look. The mouse is also titled at 30 degrees to give the hand a comfortable grip.

The Komfort Stealth Features

Diamond-quilted Nappa leather Hand pick diamond-quilted leather fitted for spreading pressure for the comfort of your palm.

Three Programmable Buttons You can configure the controls to make them to do exactly what you want. Smooth Side-to-Side Scrolling Scroll side-to-side in documents or zoom in and out of photos and spreadsheets with a flick of your finger.

Every aspect of the The Komfort Stealth design meets users’ demands for comfort. Whether you use a claw grip or palm grip, the shape provides lasting comfort for long and intense working or gaming sessions.

Hand-Sculpted for Comfort A perfectly sculpted, handcrafted shape supports your hand and wrist in a comfortable, natural position.

Subtle RGB Customization Customize your colors with immersive subtle RGB backlighting and nearly unlimited lighting adjustability.

The Komfort Stealth Exploded view The Komfort Stealth is wide enough to install two double A battery to give a 2-year long use.

The Komfort Stealth Process The modeling process was very difficult, the mouse itself is detail sculpted that has to be carefully sand off without ruining the overall design.

The Model started as a hard pink foam and hand sculpted from the mockups and final render.

It primer and painted, then 3D printed smaller parts.

The Komfort Stealth Scenario The Mouse fits into all types of working environment. It gives the spec of what gamers need without the “gaming� aesthetics.

The Komfort Stealth gives the design a very professional appearance while having RGB integrated on the side of the mouse. The soft leather on the back gives users hand a comfortable grip.

Rectilinear Concept Rectilinear made with 3 blocks and directions.

Rectilinear Concept The final Rectilinear have a very dominant side, with a directional look.

The Rectilinear initially had a concept from modern buildings and muscular vehicles. The Rectilinear Gives a floating feel to the overall shapes inspired by today modern buildings. The Rectilinear also have a directional feel from a vehicle.

The Rectilinear also able to stand vertically as also represent the idea of floating modern buildings.

The Rectilinear project is my first project at SJSU ID program. It might not be the best project I’ve done but it was a start of something I wanted to do.

Curvilinear Concept 2 side cuts from a wooden block

Curvilinear Concept This curvilinear was hugely inspired by famous race track and the blade runner police spinner.

The curvilinear shows my huge love with blade runner and racing. The design had a side cut of the police spinner. The top has the outline of Circuit de Monaco.

The Curvilinear overall give a very speedy look and the curve looks clean yet complicated.

The Curvilinear is my second project at SJSU and it is my favorite concept project. The outcome of the concept form when better then was expected.

Speedform Concept A Form Represent Speed!

Speedform Sketches This Speedform project taught me draft angles and the emotion of speed. After the sketches, we need to make a mold for the final.

The overall shapes are referenced from the Japanese Speed Train and the front is referenced from the eagle.

Egg Drop Project Build a egg protector with limited resources.

Egg Drop Development The Egg Drop team project gave us very limited resources to create a product that protects an egg from multi story high. (Teammate: John Pham / Sabrina Shall)

This Project uses Adobe Illustrator then uses laser cutter to assemble the final product.

The Project gave us cardboard, some Popsicle stick, straws, strings, and cloth, to create an egg protector

Egg Drop_ing The testing went very well and pass all the height that were tested compared to other teams.

Egg Drop How-to

Open the box and place the egg in.

Close the lid and good to go.

Additional Work Some outside drawing

Here are some sketches and renders that I sketch and render whenever I’m free. I constantly practice to maintain myself and boost creativity and confidants.

Thanks for reading.

Dennis Lui (650) 450-6608

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