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Orlando Private Detective Agency and Investigators If you look in the phone book, or online, for private investigators orlando or a private detective agency in Orlando, Florida, you might be surprised at the variety of ads that you see. These guys (and sometimes ‘gals’ too!) do a lot that doesn’t fall within the typical stereotype of a ‘private snoop’ skulking around with a note pad and a magnifying glass. Actually the Orlando market for private investigators and private detectives is typical of the country at large. Let’s look at some of the lesser-known things they can do. •

Process serving

Personal delivery of Summons, Subpoenas or other legal documents

Tracing down debt absconders

• Technical surveillance countermeasures (AKA: electronic countermeasures ECM in the US Army) •

Corporate due diligence and anti-fraud investigations

Computer forensics (determining what was done on a computer)

Process serving is a key but no-doubt boring component of most legal matters. Somebody has to do it. It’s not uncommon for Sheriff’s Department officers this task but, again, private detectives are often hired to do it too. Nowadays the debt collection agency business is booming. Most of that work is done via the phone but when large amounts of money are involved creditors will often hire a private detective agency or investigator to do it.

White collar crime is part of the social landscape nowadays and very often, in such cases, computers are involved. That kind of sleuthing takes a very specialized skill but is, nevertheless, a form of detective or private investigation work. Another very sensitive type of modern-day investigative work is due-diligence investigations related to very large, corporate mergers, acquisitions or securities sales and/or purchases. Just as you might do a title search when buying a home, corporations need to be sure they’re doing everything legally and investing money based on accurate facts. Of course, the old fashioned type of detective still exists. Unfortunately, divorce is a very common legal proceeding today and most divorces are going to involve some degree of investigative work. A substantial part of that work can be done online but, especially in cases involving infidelity, some personal sleuthing is often involved too. Detective and private investigation work in a big city, like Orlando, is a little different than in a smaller town. In a small town, investigative work is often more casual and interpersonal. Everybody knows everybody else. But in a larger city, there’s more bureaucracy involved although a good Orlando private detective will still have his or her network of contacts from whom they get information they need. Anybody can hire private investigators or a private detective agency Orlando but originally, back in the early days of the profession, detectives and investigators were the types of professions only used by companies. In fact, often they were even used as armed guards…e.g. The Pinkerton Detective Agency in the US. Pinkerton of course has evolved a lot as a company. The first known private detective agency was “Le Bureau des Renseignements Univeersels pour le Commerce etI’Industrie” in France, started in 1883 by Eugene Francois Vidocq, a former French soldier. From there, the profession moved to England and eventually made its way to America. Today, in Orlando as well as elsewhere, it’s one of those professions that most people never think about, but appreciate when they do need them. For More Information About Orlando Private Investigators Visit

Orlando Private Detective Agency and Investigators  

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