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Limousine bus service for parties: Enjoy the incredible amenities A limousine bus is a huge motor vehicle generally modified from a conservative bus which is purely used for leisure purposes like birthday parties, celebrations etc.Limousine bus is otherwise known as a party bus. Limousine bus service for parties is available in all the cities in the Greater Toronto Area. Its name is derived from the name of the region “limousine” in French. Initially, limo or limousine was a covered vehicle with the driver’s seat open. The meaning was derived from a covering which the inhabitants of the limousine region used to wear at that time. Features of limousine bus service Generally, chauffeurs drive all the party buses. A chauffeur is a person who is engaged to drive a traveller motor vehicle, specially a lavish vehicle like limousine or sedan. The seat capability of the bus can vary from 10 to 50 passengers. The service provides an enormous facilities like  Upgraded electrical systems  AM/FM stereo with CD player  Luggage partitions  Back-up cameras  Disco lights  Restroom  Power door locks and windows  Americans with Disability Act (ADA) equipment  Disco lights etc Party buses are not only limited to bachelorette parties, weddings, personalised drop offs, round trips to casinos, pickups at various bars, nightclubs, city tours but also used for long tour and events at least for a week. Different forms of limousine bus Australia, USA, Canada, UK are the famous countries for limousines. A wide variety of limousine bus services for parties are available like 

Double Decker Party Bus: Mega Liner - These can accommodate around 65-70 passengers for a party like nightclub.

New Jersey Party Bus: - This is a new party bus which can easily accommodate 50 passengers. It is furnished with stand up bar, 2 mini bars, and 2 vizio big screens TV’s, 60,000 BTU roof air conditioning unit and many more.

Craftsmen Luxury party bus:-It can take up 45-50 passengers in a nightclub. It consist of a 42”LCD TV along with dance poles and optical fibre lighting.

VIP Party Bus:-The passenger capacity here also is maximum 45-50 in a night club with a terrific sound system and a VIP room.

Krystal Limo Party Bus: - The seating capacity ranges from 25-33 passengers with all the luxuries and comfort.

Tiffany “Transformer” Party Bus: - It can accommodate 30-40 passengers. Sitting arrangements can be done according to your requirements.

Krystal Shuttle Bus: - Seating capacity is 25-33 passengers.

Double Decker Hummer: - Accommodates 14-18 passengers.

You can rent Limousine bus service for parties easily on online. As compared to other bus services, limousine provides the best price with all facilities which are liked by all the people. The leading party bus in Toronto does their best to meet the customer’s expectations. The designer limo is positioned as one of the top 100 fleets in Canada. So it’s the time to disco and make a memorable night with your friend’s.

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