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My Grandmother used to say, "You can't be a success, until you help other people be a success". That's my life's work. As an entrepreneur business leader and a marketeer, you have to be resourceful, creative, a tenacious problem solver with a commitment to move all aspects of your business forward, with a healthy dose of flexibility and humor. I help people find their own version of drive and success with the programs and methods I offer. All content is relevant, relatable and customized for you and your organization. Outcomes are customized and your results are guaranteed. Visit for more information or to book as your next keynote or company training program. Thank you for your interest!

Your “Imagine If’s” Do Have a Solution Imagine if…You could make more time? Imagine
 if…You felt at the top of your game (most of the time, everyday)? Imagine if…You knew where you were going instead of living on auto-pilot? Imagine if…You could be more organized, more relaxed, and less rushed? Imagine if…You had all the business, and happy clients you wanted? Imagine if…Everyone in under your guidance, in home, at your Company got along better? These things you can have, and achieve. It just takes a fresh approach, connecting to your drive with some new insights and ideas that are backed with a map or plan to get there. Let’s take this drive, this journey together and create the success you desire. Why Denise DiGrigoli ? When you meet Denise you’ll see why people find her engaging, real, energetic and relatable. She lives her life with a deep sense of purpose and makes it her mission to share her knowledge to help others succeed. Raised in the country hills of the Berkshires in Massachusetts, helping her Grandmother in the family business, an automotive sales and service company, Denise grew up with old-fashioned family work ethic and values. Her education and career aspirations landed her in the big city. Denise’s skills in dealing with all types of clients in the family business allowed her to meet each challenge with the creativity needed to problem solve and the tenacity to achieve the goals she made, with a healthy dose of reality and resiliency, and sense of humor along the way. Regardless of age or industry, Denise is relevant and knows how to connect in and bring her audience along. She is excellent at tailoring her presentations specific, in context, for the results her clients are seeking and for the audience she is working with. Denise’s enthusiasm is contagious. DiGrigoli is authentic and her stories are inspiring and practical, delivered with wit and wisdom. With over 25 years both as a business owner and a senior marketing executive, in the creative and hospitality industries, you’ll find Denise is a super innovational person. A savant in Entrepreneurialism, Creativity, Sales Effectiveness, Client Relations, Motivation and Mindful Personal Development, Denise helps other succeed with drive, passion and a refreshed approach. Denise DiGrigoli’s messages resonates beyond the stage.You can expect her to deliver tangible takeaways that are easy to implement and produce sustainable results. Everything is CUSTOMIZED for You. Outcomes are typically fined tuned to the actual audience and needs of your program of choice. Here are a Few of the Learning Outcomes You’ll Experience: • Methods of refection and self-awareness to increase creativity, confidence, reducing stress and increasing your ability to make better decisions • Thinking strategically, not just tactically • Ideas for shifting and re-framing perspectives to ignite change • Lead from a point of mindfulness for better results in work and home life • Learn to accept yourself and others differences to create more inclusion and foster creativity

Denise’s Topics and Programs that Will Help You Include: SELF AWARENESS, SELF DISCOVERY & CREATIVITY and LEADERSHIP FOR INDIVIDUALS / PERSONAL & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT / CORPORATE WELLNESS / UNIVERSITIES and PLACES OF RETREAT / DESTINATION SPAS My Daily Drive Method (MDD) - Renew & Refresh in 9 minutes a day (Denise’s Exclusive Method based on her top selling book.)

My Daily Drive Method (MDD) - A More Creative You in just 9 minutes a day Family Business Leadership, Positive Living Keeps on Giving! FOR LEADERSHIP & TEAMS Discover U: Greater motivation, drive productivity and organization in under 9 minutes a day Inspired U: The Mindfully Self-Aware Leader Driven U: Do it Like an Entrepreneur. Creative thinking and Resourcefulness There’s Just NO Time! These 5 things will make you more time, please use wisely! The New Road to Sales; Connection, Clarity and Quality Learn how to watch and respond to clues that will help you become a more trusted adviser. Perennial Workforce; 3 Ideas You Can Use to Prosper in Today's MultiGenerational Work Force I’m NOT Creative! Discover the Amazing Creative You. Access to Problem Solving, Innovation and Stress Relief FOR YOUR MARKETING How to Create a Campaign to Win Awards That Boost You and Your Team Just the Right Dose: Don’t Overload Social: Your On-line Personal and Professional Brand Face to Face & On-line Traction; How to Engage Authentically, Off and On-line for Results Discover U: Start Me Up! Build Your Business. The 9 things you need to do to get your business going. Branded Environments; How Specific Visuals Aligned with Your Brand Become the Real Company Asset (without saying a word) FOR UNIVERSITIES & SCHOOLS How to Make More Time in under 9 minutes a day Yes, You Can! - Learn How to Release Anxiety & Find Your Version of Happy Discover U: Greater motivation, productivity and organization in under 9 minutes a day Connected in Cursive; A Technology Needed to Succeed; Improve Thinking Language and Memory with your cursive and doodling. An updated approach in thought formation.

Move them Forward! For your next keynote or workshop  
Move them Forward! For your next keynote or workshop