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PICTURES OF POWER 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

What do the selected pictures say about power? What is minimalized (or not seen) in these pictures? Compare different artists views of the same subject matter? Does genre change the message? What does the picture say about the age from which it comes from? What does parody pictures do to message?

T.R. and POLK How do the artists compose these pictures? What effect does it have on the viewer?

FATHERS and SONS: How can images suggest the inner character traits of the subject matter?

LINCOLNS: How can images be propagandic?

CAMPAIGN POSTERS: Are campaigns a form of propaganda? If so, how are they? If not, how do they differ?

VAN BUREN and CLINTON: Compare and Contrast the genres (styles) of the two

KENNEDY and JOHNSON: Discuss the historical context of the pictures, the mood, and the message of these pictures.

REAGANS: How are these images different? How are they the same?

PRESIDENTS IN MILITARY UNIFORM: How does body position, clothing, and head position, and facial expression create an image of power?

The OBAMAS: What effects does the different genres have on the mood created by the piece?

Consider these images: The Obama Hope is mimicked. What does mimicking do for the images that reference the original picture?

CONNOTATION: How is a Positive or Negative message sent through images?

The RUSSIAN GENERALS: Images of celebrities are superimposed over the uniform and backdrop of numerous Russian Generals. What effect does this have? What is the message being created through this?

Presidential gallery  
Presidential gallery