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issue 12

Rob The Witch Necronomicon

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May 2 issue 12

//Company info// DEMON Reports, Belgrade, Serbia,

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n the new issue of magazine you will read a interview with Canadian blackened death metal warrious Necronomicon, about the band, their new album, and their plans for the new concert’s and the future. You will be enchanted by the Power of the Symphonic and Folk sound, a live report’s of the Legendary Finnish Folk pagan metal warrious Ensiferum, Italian Symphonic metal masters FleshGod Apocylpse, and great Danish Melodic Death metal band Heidra, amazing concert by metal music giants. You wil be reading top latest news about underground and famous metal bands. Underground vs. Famous metal bands column, taking about the true meaning of metal music, and the truth about underground metal scene, and famous metal bands. Round 2, The album review battle, you will read about Amon Amarth, Artillery, Ragnarok, Necronomicon vs. Cretura, Abysml, Apylon, Nazghoul. Enjoy reading our magazine.

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Abysmal Growls Of Despair Between My Dead Cretura Fall of the Seventh Golden Star Apylon The Third Chapter Nazghoul Cahaya Gelap Dari Timur

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Amon Amarth Jomsviking Ragnarok Psychopathology Necronomicon Advent of the Human God Artillery Penalty by Perception Whispered Metsutan - Songs of Void

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The power of symphonic and folk sounds Heidra, Fleshgod Apocylpse, Ensiferum


Necronomicon Rob The Witch Its about how human beings should wake up and open their eyes to see that we are one with everything


One on one whit demon

Underground vs. Famous metal bands



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About the demons We are a non-profit organization. We created this magazine because out of love for metal music, we wont are readers to have a guality time reading our magazine, and also to enjoy our blog, reviews, interviews. We bring metal to you in our own style.

he demons

Sapron M

y name is Vladimir Cincović. Sapron as the name I chose because is about a demon that is itself a mysterious guardian of truth, forests and animals, This blog was created out of love for music, because I deal with a lot of music, and I love a lot metal music, and I write a lot. I decided with my girlfriend Ajatara to create this blog. I write because, I want people to see what I see myself in the music, and that readers have a complete feeling of reading my reviews, columns and so on, I want readers who are not familiar themselves with metal world to understand that metal is a superior and quality music, as well as those who listen to metal to throw a complete atmosphere of metal, and that among other things,

inprove my texts, and to make them more interesting and special, as well as for metalheads, and for those entering the world of metal. My favorite genre og metsl is black metal. These genre is the only genre that can convey the truth about evil and darkness, in the right way as the only alarm consciousness through the influence of Satanism, the evil and everything else. My main goal is to attract people to metal music, and that people get better information about metal music. This blog will bring you that. Of course I’ll always wish that the readers to have a properly understanding of the music, and to accept it.

Ajatara M

y name is Jelena Indjic and I chose the name Ajatara, because it is a demon that has the most influence in my creative work. I’m a designer and photographer on this blog. Music has always been an integral part of my life

so this is only one way to expression myself. I hope I have managed to graphically follow the of text my boyfriend Sapron and that we continue to receive your support unselfishly. THANK YOU


Amon Amarth-Joms

1.First Kill 2.Wanderer 3.On a Sea of Blood 4.One Against All 5.Raise Your Horns 6.The Way of Vikings 7.At Dawn’s First Light 8.One Thousand Burning Arrows 9.Vengeance Is My Name 10.A Dream That Cannot Be 11.Back on Northern Shores DEMON REPORTS

Album Review:

Rating album


Rating cover


10 of 10




egendary Swedish Viking metal band realied the album.This abum is a ultimate viking metal masterpiece.

n this album it can be heard this smashing metal sound that made this album godly and powerful, also this is a special guest on the album, and it’s Legendary German heavy metal singer Doro Pesch.


his duet song with Doro made this album more special.Doro represented her unigues on this album,with her vocal, the song is amazing, their vocals are perfectly fitted with each other.


ehnical compliance is brought to ideal, acoustic is great, production is awesome.This album has this powerful viking sound, as all of Amon Amarth albums, but their is something different to their sound here on the album, but not so different from their previous albums,it’s more melodic. his album will take you to a world of paganism,war, tradition, death.


mon Amarth has been for years the one and only ultimate viking metal band.This band are the Godfathers of viking metal, their are the true warriors of North, creating insane divine music, with the help of god’s on their side, the album is a true viking metal masterpiece in the best way.



1.Dominance & Submission 2.I Hate 3.Psychopathology 4.My Creator

5.Infernal Majesty 6.Heretic 7.Into the Abyss 8.The Eighth of the Seven Plagues 9.Lies 10.Blood 11.Where Dreams Come to Die




amous Norwegian black metal band realised the album.This album is a very special and unique black metal album, and very different from the classical black metal albums. n this album it can be heard the influence of melodic death metal and melodic black metal music combined with the modern and old school black metal sounds, and it’s integrated phenomenally with the hole album.


echnical compliance is brought to ideal, acoustic is great, production is awesome.This album will drag you into the darkness,ocultism, hate,death,chaos, apocypse. he vocal is very unique, and different from other black metal vocals, and clean vocal is great too.

agnarok is a band, that has that special musical vibe, which they represent in their music, and that made them who they are today on the black metal scene, one of the best black metal bands on the black metal scene. This band is a ultimate insane metal band, with awesome metal music in the best way.


Album Review:

Rating album


Rating cover


10 of 10



1.Into the Descent 2.Advent of the Human God (The Heart of Darkness) 3.Necronomicon - The Golden Gods (The Blood of Ages) 4.Okkultis Trinity 5.Unification of the Four Pillars 6.Crown of Thorns 7.The Fjord 8.Gaia 9.I Bringer of Light 10.Innocence and Wrath (Celtic Frost cover) 11.Alchemy of the Avatar


dvent of the Human God F O T

amous Canadian blackened death metal band realised the album.This album is unigue, as the band itself, great metal album by awesome metal musicians. n this album it can be heard the influence of symphonic music, making blackened death metal, a symphonic blackened death metal, also integrated phenomenally with the hole album. he symphonic music is in some moments very melodic,well of course there is a influence of melodic music with syphonic music, but not in the large extent, this is pure blackened death metal with the influence symphonic music.


ymphonic music is so well balanced with the blackened death metal, that it’s sounds evil and raw as the blackened death metal. Tehnical compliance is borught to ideal, acoustic is great, production is aweosme.


n in this album it can be heard a cover of the legendary metal band Celtic Frost and the song is called “Innocence and Wrath’‘the cover has a better production of course, the original song is too old, but the original song and the cover are the same, great awesome cover.


his album has a strong massage, lyricks are great,everything is in place on this album.

his album will take you trought a jorney ride of ocultism,death,d estruction,chaos, apocylpse. Necrocomicon is the band that is unigue, and they have their own style of metal music, because of that they became, very famous band in the black metal scene and also in death metal scene.


his band is a pure blackened death metal band, with the sound of destuction and doom, coming to take over the world with this album, blackened death metal music in it’s true nature and form. DEMON REPORTS

Album Review:

Rating album


Rating cover


10 of 10


Artillery- P Percep

1. In Defiance of Conformity 2. Live by the Scythe 3. Penalty by Perception 4. Mercy of Ignorance 5. Rites of War 6. Sin of Innocence 7. When the Magic Is Gone 8. Cosmic Brain 9. Deity Machine 10. Path of the Atheist 11. Welcome to the Mind Factory


Penalty by ption


egendary Danish thrash metal band realised the album. This album is a kick ass apocalyptic trash metal album, the album demostrates the true power of thrash metal. n the album it can be heard this raw trash metal sound with awesome solos, that are so amazing, that you can fill that clean and raw power through your own bones. he vocal is very good, it’s like the vocal and the music are the one with another. This album is one of those albums, that are badass thrash metal, so perfect and brutal. ehnical compliance is brougt to ideal, acoustic is great, production is awesome. This album will take you to a world of death,apocylpse,chaos, destruction,pure trash metal power. rtillery is the band, that has a unigue thrash metal style to it’s music, it’s raw, it’s brutal and insane trash metal music, because of this, the band is one of the best known thrash metal bands. This band is a ultimate thrash metal arrmagedon, that will blow your mind with the true essence and power of trash metal music, in the best way. DEMON REPORTS

Album Review:

Rating album


Rating cover


10 of 10


1.Chi no Odori 2.Strike! 3.Exile of the Floating World 4.Sakura Omen 5.Kensei 6.Our Voice Shall Be Heard 7.Tsukiakari 8.Warriors of Yama (instrumental) 9.Victory Grounds Nothing 10.Bloodred Shores of Enoshima


Whispered - Metsutan Songs of Void


innish epic melodic death metal realised the album. This album is a very strange but unigue album, with the influence of japan folk music.

n this album it can be heard the complete domination of melodic music, various melodic music, created melodic music chaos with the influence of japan folk music, this album is strange in the good way, the solos are amazing, they are fas, loud and insane in a good way.


ehnical compliace is brought to ideal, acoustic is great, production is awesome. This album will take you to a world of war,destruction, death,tradition, apocylpse, chaos. hispered is a band that is so special and unigue in every way, that you have the feeling, when you listen to their music,that you enter in another world, in a few moment’s. This band is something unigue and special, with awesome, strange and insane melodic death metal music in the best way.


Album Review:

Rating album


Rating cover


10 of 10


r i a p s e D f O s l w o r G l a m s d a Aby e D y M n e e w t e B 1.Misanthropy 2.The End of Previous Life 3.New Begining 4.The Feast 5.Wake Up




rench funreal doom one-man metal band realised the album. This album is a ultimate doom metal album, with full experience of death and darkness.


n this album it can be heard a lot of influences, and those influences are the influece of atmospheric,psyhodelic,melodic music combined with this strange dark, horror and evil sound, all of this things are integrated phenomenally with the songs themeself and with the hole album.

his album will take you to a world of depression,evil, darkness,doom, death, chaos, apocylpse. This album has this weird evil dark sound that makes it sinister and evil in every possible way.


bysmal Growls Of Despair is anonymos band that desirves a lot of attention of public and listeners. This musician is a ultimate funeral doom metal musician, he created the most evil metal sounds in the best way.


ehnical compliance is brought to ideal, acoustic is great, production is awesome. DEMON REPORTS

Album Review:

Rating album


Rating cover


10 of 10


f o l l a F

a r u t e r C r a t S n e d l o G h t n e v e S e th

1.Past, Present & Future 2.Reign of Terror 3.Grand Warfare Through Dark Ages 4.Voices of Hunger 5.Funeral Roses 6.Northern Winds 7.Pray for a Brighter Tomorrow 8.Nür lyset dør 9.At the 11th Hour 10.The Pale Horseman & the Hunter of the Sky 11.The Last Song of the Earth



ymphonic extreme Norwegian metal band realised the album. This album is very special and unique album, with very different Symphonic metal from the ordinary Symphonic metal music.

n this album it can be heard the influence of black,gothic,death and melodic metal music, and it’s integrated phenomenally with the symphonic music, of course with the songs themeself’s.combination of symphonic metal and black metal, created the symphonic black metal of course, but this is different, this is a new kind of symphonic black metal music, with modern approach, and the symphonic music has the lead here on the album, the black metal follow’s it, but there is melodic metal and death metal making this album more unique and specific creating a supreme metal genre with the lead of symphonic music.


he female vocal is awesome, in the combination, with black symphonic, expectaly with the black metal influence, it sound’s strange, but in the good way, the male vocal has in some moment’s pure black metal vocal and vibe to it, and in other songs it’s blackened death metal vocal, this vocal is awesome and very special and unique, and goes along with female vocal perfectly.


his is basically a symphonic metal band, who combined the influences of other genres, so perfectly and,balanced them in the most genious way.Technical compliance is brought to ideal, acoustic is great, production is awesome.This album will take you to a world of sadness,depression,death,chaos,apocalypse,paganism,tradition.


retura is anonymous band that deserves a lot of attention of public and listeners. This band is a real powerful and great metal band, with most beautiful and special metal music, that needs to be heard. DEMON REPORTS

Album Review:

Rating album


Rating cover


10 of 10


Apylon The Third Chapter

1. Storm the Gates 2. Battle Melody 3. Far Away 4. Fears of a Warrior 5. March to Drina 6. Apylon



erbian-Austrian one-man black metal band realised the album. This album is a pure black metal album, with true dark black metal sound to it.

n this album it can be heard the influence of atmospheric and acostic music, that is integrated phenomenally with the hole album.Also on the album it can be heard the instrumental serbian traditional music, that is so well presented that goes along with the story of the album completely, in the best way.


ehnical compliance is good, so is the acoustic and the production is awesome.

his album will take you into the place of nostalgia, war, darkness,coldness,death,chaos, apocylpse. Apylon is anonymos band that desirves a lot of attention of public and listeners. his musician is a brilliant great black metal musician, with awesome black metal music, that is a true form of black metal in the most best way.


Album Review:

Rating album


Rating cover


9,8 of 10


1.Cahaya Gelap Dari Timur 2.Cengkraman Dewi Kegelapan 3.Asa Terakhir Diujung Senja 4.Api Dendam Hiasan Gelap


Nazghoul Cahaya Gelap Dari Timur I O T T N

ndonesian black metal band realised the album.This album is a true black metal album, in it’s true evil black metal form. n the album it can be heard the chaotic sound, that has this dark and evil vibe to it, this sound represents black metal in it’s true form. ehnical compliance is good, it can be better, acoustic is great, production is awesome. his album will take you to a place world of darkness, coldness,evil,death,chaos,apocyplse.

azghoul is anonymos band that desirves a lot of attention of public and listeners. This band is a ultimate black metal band, with the true power of black metal.


Album Review:

Rating album


Rating cover


9,8 of 10


Reminder - One Month Away - May 6-8 - Shredmonton 2016 Fest & Conference W/ Dying Fetus, Goatwhore

Prairie Fire Events Ltd is proud to announce its full line up for the official Farmageddon Open Air indoor sister festival SHREDMONTON Metal Festival and Conference taking place from Friday, May 6th to Sunday, May 8th.

Featuring over 20 bands over the course of 3 days at The Starlite Room and The Brixx Bar and Grill (same building), as well as a multi-room industry based conference located at the Shaw Conference Center. The full line up consists of an ultra heavy hitting bill that includes headliners Dying Fetus, Acacia Strain, Jungle Rot, Black Crown Initiate, Goatwhore, Finnish power metallers Thunderstone along with some of Western Canada’s best including Disciples of Power, Planet Eater, Scythia, Tylor Dory Trio, Every Hour Kills among many more! Plus clinics by Tylor Dory (Tylor Dory Trio), Tim Waterson and panels at the Shaw Conference Center on recording, photography, video production, publicity, media relations, journalism, and concert promotion / talent buying for festivals / venues with music industry professionals from across Canada (full conference schedule and list of industry reps here)... More on: Source: Asher Media Relations


Diabolical Funeral: Check Out The Video For Diabolical Ritual EPK: http://www.sanguefrioproducoes. com/bandas/Diabolical+Funeral/14 No more waiting! Finally the Black Metal band Diabolical Funeral released on the official channel of Sangue Frio Produções his first music video. Titled “Ritual Diabólico” the video was recorded and produced by Andrei Ruan Souza (Hateful Warfare) and counts on the special participation of Dian Carlo on drums. Check it: “Ritual Diabólico” will be present in the new album titled “A Ceia Negra” planned for the second half of 2016 and will be released worldwide bySangue Frio Records. To check out all the videos released by the production, visit:

Register on the official channel of production and receive all video clips, lyric videos and singles in your email: http://ções Contact for concerts and advice: www. Related Sites: hellto666?fref=ts bandas/Diabolical+Funeral/14 Source: Sangue Frio Produções


Suicidal Angels Lyrics Abstract And MysteriVideo Image Of The ous Eclipse On Balkan Serpent Tour 2016

Legendary Greek trash metal band realised the lyrics video of the song ‘’Image of the Serpent’’ from their upcoming album ‘’Division of Blood’’, which will be realised in 27th may via NoiseArt Records. Enjoy this video, and this crushing thrash metal song.

Slovenian instrumental metal band Abstract and blackened death metal band Mysterious Eclipse are on the Balkan Tour in Serbia and Bosnia and Hercegovina.Support the bands in Serbia and Bosnia and Hercegovina. Here are some links to Abstract full album and Mysterious Eclipse song.Enjoy the videous.

Calgary Metalfest Announce Headliners Annihilator, Exciter (Original Lineup), Razor, Sacrifice Big Nate Productions and Hubb Music Proudly Present CalgBig Nate Productions ary Metalfest V! A Historic Night of Canadian Metal! On September 17th, 2016 at Flames Central, international touring act ANNIHILATOR will perform a blistering 75 minute set, their first show in Western Canada since 1993. Also appearing, will be

the recently reformed and original lineup of speed/thrash metal pioneers EXCITER, their first Western Canadian performance since 1985. The show will be opened by thrash veterans RAZOR and SACRIFICE. More on: Source: Asher Media Relations


h p m y s f o r e w o p he and folk


he Legendary Finnish viking-pagan folk metal band held the concert with for the first time In Serbia Belgrade, with another metal legends FleshGod Apocypse which is there second time in Belgrade to held the concert.They held the concert in the theather hall of Dom Omladine. Approuching the Dom Omladine it can be seen, that there were fans outside the bulding, and inside the building waiting for there favorited bands to start playing.Every band started in time, which is suprising.The fans entered the hall, waiting for the show to begin.


he first support act was Denmark epic folk power black metal band Heidra and this is their secong time in Serbia Belgrade,the hall was almost empty sadly. They got on the stage, and they begin playing in very possitive and furious style. The crowd was screaming, headbanging, enjoying the show in every possible way.The band were in the good mood. The singer thanked the, Serbian singer Zoran Sokolovic from Infest, for welcoming them in the Serbia, aslo the singer and the guitarist thank the audience for being here, and that this is there second time in Serbia Belgrade.They continued playing in good mood, and the crowd was in the very good mood, under the influence of melodic music trance. The band left the stage, and they were satisfited.



he secong support act was Legendary Italian symphonic death metal band FleshGod Apocylpse. Their entry on stage was very interesting, special in theatrical manner, the female singer was first step into the stage with the sitck and the mask, looking so mysteriously and evil. She was something special. Then the other members of the band got on the stage with her, And the show began, as announcement for teatrical metal madness to begin. There where ovations, screaming, the fans falling in trance, haedbaning, most pist. Band played songs form their last album King and there older songs. The lead singer of the band, thank the audience for being here on the concert, and said that this is there second time in Belgrade Serbia, after six years. He told the public they can do better, in raising the atmosphere and supporting the band on the scene. With the bottle of wine, he asked the audience,fans to do a Death Wall, they got histerical, and all of them did the the Dead wall,crushing there bodies into one another. The band was very powerful on the stage, the acoustic of the hall made the sound more crushing and more loudher. The band left the stage. The fans were very satisfied, and happy.


inally it came the time for the legendary Finnish vikings to ger on the stage. They got on the stage, the crowd

went the at every magic every the au being fans w were madn bres w fans g The s before a few Army songs the fa be se time o as the ily.Thi of the band this co the tru tle wit gods. power



honic s d n u o s k

crazy and there were ovations, tmosphere was beyond crazy, and ybody was in the great mood, the cal viking atmosphere hypnotized yone in the hall. The singer greeted udience, and thank the fans for g here.The concert continued, the were hadbanging, dancing, there most pits, crowd diving, completely ness in the good way. The memwere in the great mood, the made go crazy, and made them happy. singer announcement every song, e they were playing it, they played w songs form there last album One Man, and they played there older s.The Ensiferum got off the stage, ans were in complete trance, it can een on there faces, that they had a of there life, smiling they went home, e night they will not forget so easis band showed way they are one e best viking bands other there, this is a ultimate viking metal band, with oncert they proved, way they are ue viking warriors, going in the batth they gitars, with the help og the . Amazing concert, in true viking er in style.

Rating concert: 10/10






Rob The Witch Necronomicon


Its about how human beings should wake up and open their eyes to see that we are one with everything 1. When The Necronomicon started, and how the band was created? That’s a really long story so i ll try to make a short version here. Let say that i started the band in 1988 in my home region in the north(Saguenay) , i wanted to do something that was my own and not like all musicians in the region were doing , meaning playing cover songs from Metallica & co. to have contract to play in bars, It was a really hard time to get musician to start something original. We got into playing shows in 1990 after recording a self rehearsal tape to help us to promote the band . After been invited to do a series of shows a bit everywhere in the province here, we recorded our first demo tape (Morbid Ritual) in the winter 1991 and released it in 1992 independently. From that point , we sold 3000 copies without any promotion or support from any label, just by playing concerts around our province and getting interviews in small underground fans zines. By the end of 1993 we moved the band to Montreal where since we are living, after some time to re-install our personal life and finding the proper studio to work, we went to expend our routing to the entire country and later crossing borders and ocean to play everywhere we can. I am the only original member of the band.

2. What do you think of the progress of the band? Well it have been really hard for us compare to a lot of artiste . I think its pretty hard for any Canadian band since we dont have the proper industry to push

the metal bands. I think than now Necronomicon is doing better than ever. But even so, if we were in a country where the industry is more preset it would be much easier. Its not be as fast as i would of like , but at least we are going forward with every year that pass .

3. Is Advent of Human God different for your other realises? Its pretty much in the same vein of what we have been doing since Pharaoh of Gods, i could even say since The Silver Key EP , but we have more the means now to accomplish what we want to do compared to back in the 90’s where technology and money also , was preventing us to push to the level we wanted. Beside that it always been the same focus and idea as to know where we are going with our music.

4. Your latest album, has a strong massage, What can you tell me about it? If i make it short, its about how human beings should wake up and open their eyes to see that we are one with everything. To reconnect ourselves with the great all and by doing so re take our rightful place in the creation in perfect balance with nature an also the energy that drive the entire universe to become gods that we really are.


5. How does the song The Fjord fit into the concept of the album?

7. Which bands inspired you to create music?

I doesn’t , its one of the exception. That song is about where i come from , the great northern fjord of Saguenay. I had the feeling to write about that for my people there and also for me and my drummer Rick, who come from there too.

Well at the start it was Celtic frost , Bathory , Venom but also other artist that are not metal at all. With time of course we went to develop our own thing, most of the time the music come by itself so i dont have to look too far . But when i need and if i want inspiration i listen to my own music , our previous records.

6. What do you think about todays metal scene? I’m not really aware of whats been going on these last 15 years or so, at one point i was not listening any metal for pretty much 7 to 8 years, when i do listen to metal its more vintage stuff from the 80’s. But it seem like music today became soulless and over technical, its like people are trying to prove who’s the biggest masturbator of them all. Music is supposed to be about passion and not technique. If it was so, Celtic frost would of never been a legend like they are.

8. There is a German trash metal band also called Necronomicon, Did that make problem to the band,and did the public compared you with this band,because of the same name? They tried to create legal problems i have been told, i dont know if its true, and i met them once , let says one of them was a jerk , the singer was a bitter men but i’m sure in another context he is probably a nice guy. It happened once or two that someone wrote to us saying change name , but we found out


it was directly connected to them. Also we have some problems to find a EU touring agency due to the fact that Necronomicon is a bunch of drunks creating problems supposedly ……we found out that was an error, they mixed up the bands, of course we received apologies but anyway.

fix our agency problem. Our previous agency is not doing Black/death metal anymore, so be a little more patient. Be sure visit us on Facebook and get “Avdvent of the Human God” here:

9. What would you say to your fans, 10. What are your plans for the fuDo you have a plans for new concerts? ture? Yes we are working on it right now and US and Canadian tour should be announced , hopefully, next month. As for the EU , i know we have not been there in 3 years now , but we have still yet to

Probably a new video clip in the next months are so and maybe start writing new songs already. But for now the priority will be touring.




or the begging of this colunm, I must say that the metal scene is divided. The thing about the underground metal bands, that never get a chance to show themeself’s properly, it was always like that since the biggening of metal itself, but where the famous bands always famous, there were underground too, they had the the passion about music, they loved what they were doing as a underground bands, but money changes all. In 21century there are so many underground bands, and there are a lot of famous bands, the problem here is that the same famous bands forget to be good, like Metallice, Megadeth, but Megadeath in some moments in their carrer, they have they sound and style of music as at the beginning of band, but they still can suprise you, but is it enough, in todays metal scene, when extreme famous bands are becoming copies of themeself’s, without creativity. It’s time for the new bands, for the new metal legacy, but there will be always a problem, every band is a sold out when they become famous, the fans of think they are awesome, they are the best, but no, there are even better bands.


amos metal bands is all about entertainment, not about music. They have there legions of fans, that will follow them forever, but is this the point, is music just a act or the perfomans, or is it just that thing that awakens the best in all of us.Underground bands are the fans themeself’s of metal like their fans too, they enjoy their music, and they want to drawn a specific group of people like them to listen to them. The point is where did the passion for real and awesome music went, is all just a show, and perfomans, is all about looks, but not music. Music will overcome everything the power of music is strong, that it can overcome everything.


nderground bands,Famous metal bands does it make the differens, we all love metal. The 80’s showned that music is just music, the metal in the 80’s was the same to all. There were no various genre of music like today, it was just fucking heavy metal. Metal music is the music of the gods, someone said long time ago. Metal is just pure awesome music, that brings people together, not dividing them. I think we all need to support metal us music, not looking at it, is this is underground of the commercial famous metal band. Hail the metal no metter what it is.


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