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Seventy-nine men were added to the charter rolls of the Fraternity at the Michigan Tech Chapter installation on the weekend of May 9-10. Pictured here with the installation team are all who were in attendance at the ceremonies. The installation team was led by Robert A. Dahlsgaard, Jr., Bradley '63; and included Craig A. Ferguson, Michigan State '70, who conceived the idea of an MTU chapter; Province Governor Wade E. Waggener, Wisconsin '81; and executive director Butler.

<=The Presidents GReport Dear Brothers, It has now been nearly 30 years since I first became associated with Delta Upsilon. During these three decades I have heard the cry "Wolf!" many times. Grim predictions concerning various social developments were said to spell "the end of the fraternity movement." Everything from drugs, to Hippies, to the egalitarianism of liberal schools, to the decline of college enrollments, to the Viet Nam war were all said, in turn, to sound the death knell for fraternities. Frankly, I never believed the doomsayers and the current revival which the fraternity movement enjoys has verified my faith in the vitality of the North American college fraternity. There is on the horizon, however, a threat which even I, the eternal optimist, firmly and fully believe has the potential for the total destruction of all that we know and love in the fraternity world. That threat arises out of several concurrent developments in our society:

1. The growing social intolerance for excessive alcohol consumption and, in particular, drunk driving. 2. The recent continent-wide movement to raise the lawful drinking age to 21 years. 3. The growing legal trend to hold hosts, sponsors of parties, and suppliers of alcoholic beverages liable for damages and injuries caused by drunk guests (especially guests who are underage). 4. The current fad among some fraternity and sorority chapters to hold "open parties" to which hundreds of students and others are invited, often in exchange for a fee which includes alcohol provided by the chapter (chapters that do not have and could not obtain licenses for the lawful sale of liquor). 5. The current trend among college administrations toward absolute intolerance of so-called student high jinks, particularly those carried out by youngsters found to have been in a drunken stupor.

6. The chronic recurrence of hazing among undergraduates (despite every fraternity's strongest efforts to eradicate it forever), a practice made especially lethal (sometimes literally) when coupled with excessive alcohol consumption. 7. The litigious nature of modern society. Because of the obvious and enormous risks resulting from the combination of these factors, many chapters are finding that they cannot obtain liability insurance - at any price. One of our chapters, actually one of the lucky ones which was able to buy any insurance at all, found that its three million dollar umbrella policy was reduced by the carrier to one million and that the premium was raised to $15,000 for the first year and, if renewed at all, the chapter was advised that the premium would be at least $20,000 for the next year. No chapter budget can absorb such costs. (Continued on next page)

OFFICERS President The Honorable Terry L. Bullock, Kansas State '61 (Vice Chairman) Judge of the D istrict Court Shawnee County Courthouse

President's Report

Topeka, Kansas 66603 Chairman of (he Board Edgar F. Heizer,Jr., Northwestern '52 Dover HOllse South Shore Drive Tucker's Town, Bcnnuda

The implications for the future are clear. Under present circumstances most chapters either cannot obtain or cannot afford appropriate insurance coverage. Even the general fraternity faces this risk. Although Delta Upsilon has not as yet had a substantial claim, we are advised of one judgment against another fraternity, its chapter, its members, its alumni corporate board, and its general fraternity, in excess of twenty million dollars, No fraternity can survive such an uninsured loss. Can Delta Upsilon in particular and the fraternity movement in general survive this current · real threat to its very existence? In my opinion. the answer is yes, but only if certain somewhat drastic and immediate steps are taken at the international and local chapter level to prevent the type of loss which could destroy our future. Again, speaking only for myself, I believe that the following is urgently required:

Vice-Presidents William D. Greenberg, Western Ontario '73 P.O. Box 38 I, Station Q Toronto, Ontario M4T 2M5 F. Thomas McMahon, Syraclise '52 Syraclise China Corporation P.O. Box 4820 Syracuse, New York 13221 Richard A. Moran, Rutgers '72 Regis McKenna, Inc. 1800 Elnbarcadero Road Palo Alto, California 94303 Edwin T. Mosher, San Jose '52 16350 Ridgecrest Avenue Monte Sereno, California 95030 Secretary John R. Hammond, DePauw '50 431 E. Hanna Indianapolis, Indiana 46227 Assistant Secretary John W. Cowie, Bradley '74 7220 N. Aud ubon Road Indianapolis, Indiana 46250 Treasurer David A. Venard, Bradley '77

Park'\~lo~ar!}~ ~~~~~r~~e~~~npany Harwood Heights, Illinois 60656 Directors Robert A. Dah11::~~~ Jr., Bradley '63

1515 West 22nd Street Oakbrook, Illinois 60521 .(1986) Gary J. Golden, Rutgers '74 2:l00 Algodones, NE Albuquerque, New Mexico 87112 (1986) H. KarJ Huntoon, Illinois '72 1610 Fifth Avenue Moline, Illinois 61265 (1987) Maurice S. Mandel, Chicago '55 14 Hillside Avenue Pt. Washington, New York 11050 (1987) Richard M. Schooley, San Jose '86 634 South II th Street, #3 San Jose, California 95112 (1986) Past Presidents Horace G. Nichol, Carnegie '21 Charles D. Prutzman, Penn. State '18 Henry A. Federa, Louisville '37 Orville H. Read, Missouri '33 Charles F. Jennings, Marietta '31 W. D. Watkins, North Carolina '27 O. Edward Pollock, Virginia '51 Herbert Brownell, Nebraska '24 J. Paul McNamara, Miami '29 Executive Director Wilford A, Butler. CAE

Le~re:~~ib. C~:;~i~ant Quarterly Editor W. A. Butler, CAE, Western Michigan '61 Assistant Editor J0 Ellen Walden Design Consultant J . L. LeMaster, Oregon State '48 Official Photographer Ed Lacey, Jr. Advertising Representative ParQuil Associates, Ltd. 341 Elm Avenue Bogota, N I 07603 (20 I ) 343-7766

DELTA UPSILON QUARTERLY, a publication of the Delta Upsilon Fraternity, founded in 1834, Incorporated, DU Officers 36110 sm MASTER DU$$$$OFFI 06-17-86 10-05-23 December 10, 1909, under laws ofthc State of New York. Delta UpsiJon International Fraternity Headquarters, P.O. Box 40108, Indianapolis, Indiana 46240. Headquarters is open frolll 9:00 to 5:00 p.m., E.S.T., Monday through Friday. Telephone 317-875·8900. DELTA UPSILON QUARTERLY (USPS 152-900) is published in January, April, July and October at 8705 Founder~ Road, Indianapolis, Indiana 46268. The subscription pnce (checks and money orders shou ld be made payable t? Delta U.psilon Fraternit}') is $3.00 a year in advance; smgle copies 75¢ . ?cnd changes.of address and corresp'ond~nce o~ a busmess or edltonal n~ture to. Delta .VP~l~~~O~raterlllty, P.O. Box 40108, Indlanapohs, Indiana Sec~~d-class R~stage ~aid at Indianapolis, Indiana and

:~~~;~~~~al mailIng of ces.


T. M. Registered U. S. Pat-

1. Our chapters must immedi-

ately: a. Terminate the practice of having "open parties," b, Cease to dispense alcohol in any form, whether paid for by the consumer or offered without charge. e. Adopt the Delta Upsilon dry rush program which eliminates the consumption of alcohol at all rush functions. d. Totally abolish hazing in every form. e. Implement alcohol awareness programs and otherwise encourage temperance among those few who are legally old enough to drink, £. Adopt a philosophy that "we are our brother's keeper," under which brothers and sponsors of fraternity activities would become sensitive to the needs of one another and aggressively intervene to prevent brothers from imbibing to excess and driving drunk , 2, As a general fraternity we must clearly proclaim that the frater-

nity was never intended to be a tavern , If any of our chapters are in that business. they must get out of it. 3, As a general fraternity, we must return to the time when the fraternity was the home of mature scholars, leaders for a troubled world. 4. In the reasonably near future, the entire fraternity must eliminate the use of alcohol, especially for those underage (into which category virtually all of our undergraduates fall), in the chapter house and on chapter premises. If there are those old enough to drink and who desire to do so, it could be sensibly done elsewhere. If the foregoing suggestions are implemented swiftly, again in my personal opinion, we can not only save Delta Upsilon and the fraternity movement, but I also predict we will find chapter houses in better repair, scholarship going up, and the level of maturity and leadership among our undergraduates likewise rising dramatically. I urge all of you to thoughtfully consider these suggestions and, in your various roles as alumni, as advisors, as chapter leaders and officers, to act without delay.

~ /

.~ Terry L. Bullock President

Delta Upsilon Quarterly July 1986

Volume l04-Number 3

Table of Contents

Page DU Newsmakers ...... . .. . ....... . . 42 Chapter Newsletters .. . .... . , . . . . . . . 43 News of The Villages .. . .. . . , . . . . , .. 52 Comment on Fraternity. . . . . . . . . . . .. 53 President's Club Honor Roll .. .. .... 54 Vital Statistics . .... . ........ , . , . . . .. 56 On the cover: St. Louis Centre is the result of more than a decade of planning. Covering two city blocks, this urban shopping center which opened in August 1985, is just a few steps from the Sheraton St. Louis, site of the 152nd Delta Upsilon Leadership Conference and Convention, August 21-23,1986.


CD G[J GNewsmakers

- took over the firm in 1984 there has been renewed emphasis on research and development, and diversification.

T. D. Stenglein Chosen through the Campus Commentary to be on an all-fraternity football squad is Thomas D. Sten'g lein, Colgate '86, In his threeyear career, he is Colgate'S all-time leader in passes caught in a game (12) , in a season (67), and in a career (144) . Tom is also the all-time leader in yards receiving in a season (1,184) and in a career (2,532); all-time leader in touchdown passes caught in a season (13) and career (29). His 1985 post-season awards included first-team ECAC Division I-AA All-Star for second straight season; first-team GTE Academic All-America; and first-team Associated Press All-America for second straight season.

James D. Knupp, Jr., CIC, Kansas '65, has joined Crum & Forster Managers Corporation (Ill.) and International Surplus Lines Insurance Company as assistant vice president of underwriting. He will be responsible for the supervision and underwriting of errors and omissions insurance products. Gregory P. Denk, Kansas State '69, has been named Chairman of the Board and President of Kitchell Contractors, Inc., Newport Beach, California. Denk has been with Kitchell for 14 years and for the past four years served as California Division vice president. Bruce W. Little, McGill '56, has been appointed to the Board of Directors of Maclaren Industries Inc. and to the position of President and Chief Executive Officer.


Matthew S. Pasha, Northwestern '87, was a contestant in Students Against Multiple Sclerosis' "Rock Alike" lip-synch contest and appeared on MTV : Music Television. In late March, in a ceremony at Fort Leavenworth, William T. Thompson, Northwestern '43, received the actual medal symbolizing an award granted some 42 years earlier. The Croix de Guerre, the highest military award given by France, was granted by the French Ministry of Defense for his bravery during World War II while attached to the French Resistance. Robert H. Croak, Oklahoma '63, has been named president of the First National Bank of Mid-West City. He joined the bank on a full time basis in 1964 and was formerly the executive vice president. Charles H. Evans, M.D., Ph.D., Union '62, was presented the Commendation Medal of the United States Public Health Service at the annual National Cancer Institute awards ceremony for 1985 . The award was in recognition of the discovery in his laboratory of a new immunologic hormone which has been named leukoregulin, which inhibits development of cancer cells and the proliferation of fully developed cancer cells.

D. Steven Collins, Iowa State '78, has been promoted to vice president and management supervisor at Martin-Williams Advertising in Minneapolis. President and Chief Executive Officer of Staodynamics, Inc. is W. Bayne Gibson, johns Hopkins '50 . Staodynamics manufactures TENS, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation devices, and NMES, neuromuscular electrical stimulation devices. Since Gibson

In August, 1985 Peter McDonald, Miami '52, retired from Firestone after 28 years there designing tires. His second career, unplanned, is in tire forensics, and his assistance in tire footprint identification has assisted law officials in solving a number of crimes.

Peter McDonald DELTA UPSILON QUARTERLyojuly, 1986


Ghapter ~ctivities GReview oJ~

ALBERTA Patrick S. Bieleny, President 11020 86th Avenue Edmonton, Alberta T6G OW9 The past semester was an excellent one for the Alberta Chapter. We hosted our first regional leadership seminar in over 30 years, which proved to be a great success. House renovations included a new coat of paint for the interior walls and this summer the exterior of the house will be painted. The spring semester saw us maintain our standing as the top sports fraternity on campus. ALUMNI EVENT: Alumni golf tournament planned for July-August. Initiates: Bruce Alton, Brad Clough, Darren Durstling, Paul Gregory, Jason Hoy, Scott Kilburn, Gary Konrad, Richard Lee, Al Minty, Sean Wright:

Initiates: Kevin Timmons, Joel Vigniroli, Kevin Craddock, Mike Burtner, Mike Garabedian, Robert LeVac, Eric Jensen.

BAYLOR James E. Girards, President Box 102, Union Building Waco, Texas 76703 While maintaining our outstanding GPA, we are currently improving our intramural program. Additionally, we approach our spring retreat, and DU Classic, alumni golf tournament with great enthusiasm. We are improving communication with the Baylor administration, and as always, e~oy their continued support. ALUMNI EVENT: Homecoming, November 8.


ARKANSAS Jeffrey C. Pickels, President 10 North Garland Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701 Because of the hard work of the members, our house is one of the cleanest on camplls. Officers worked hard establishing their offices and high goals, and the goals have been reached. We pledged eight men in the spring and summer rush is in full swing. Membership morale is very high and we have made some great strides at Arkansas. Now we look to the future with an attitude of success. Initiates: John Glassford, Paul Long, Scott Taylor, Steven Dubriski, Tom McCollough, Brian Malkmus, Terry Benham, Rodney Domrase, Jeff Pickels.

Edward G. Matus, President Bowling Green State University Bowling Green, Ohio 43403 During the term we put our records on the computer; had a very successful alumni newsletter, BLUE & GOLD; were strong in

intramurals and had a trouble-free philanthropy. Ten men were initiated in February. ALUMNI EVENT: Homecoming, October 26. Initiates: Craig Davic, Jeff Caudill, J. R. Suppes, Dave Wick, Thomas Buckley, Eric Reinoehl, Mike Corrigan,JeffWallery, Bob Bender. '

BRADLEY Kevin C. Cohan, President 1318 West Fredonia Peoria, Illinois 61606 We have reconstructed our chapter relations office and rush format. Chapter financial records have been computerized, and the 1986 RLS hosted by our chapter was a success. We were the Greek-Week champions for the seventh year in a row. ALUMNI EVENT: 40th Rho Delta/35th Bradley Chapter anniversary, October 9-11, formal weekend/anniversary celebration at the Pere' Marquette Hotel, Peoria.

ARLINGTON Geoffrey J. Brock, President P.O. Box 191113 UTA Arlington, Texas 76019路0001 We had a 28-man pledge class in the fall. Our haunted house philanthropy project was a success as was the springfest, all-Greek party. Exterior of the house was painted. Our chapter leadership continues to improve.


Arkansas - Robert Paxton participates as one of the team member$ in the Greek Olympics at which the chapter placed third over all. .



Initiates: Richard Lyons, Beau Sessions, Matthew Hale, Doug Ciota, Robert McAndrews, Richard Podgorski, Brian Pokorny, Richard Cronholm, Brian Sandberg, John Sullivan, Charles Brace, Todd Smith.

BROWN Robert T. Chamberlain, President P.O. Box 0833 Brown University Providence, Rhode Island 02912 The Brown Chapter is excited to be reaffiliated with Delta Upsilon. We are reestablishing our house corporation and we are working to reinvigorate our traditionally strong alunini relations. Fund-raising for house improvements i~ another top priority. ALUMNI EVENT: Homecoming in October.

BUCKNELL F. Douglas Barnes, President Bucknell University Box C-2789 Lewisburg, Pennsylvania 17837 We increased our community activities by hosting neighborhood children for the day at Christmas and Easter. Rush went exceptionally well with 27 new pledges, and we are presently ahead in the intramural race, defending our first place title won last year. Scheduled house improvements include new dining room ceiling and painting the pillars and front porch. We hope to raise over $2,800 for the March of Dimes through our Demie Play. ALUMNI EVENT: Homecoming, October 14', 12:30 p.m. at Bucknell University. Pledges: Sten Ankarcrona, Bryan Aprahamian, Richard Arentzen, Roger Ball, Timothy Burkett, Michael Cattano, Ralph Cavaliere, Carlos Fernandos, Robert Follansbee, Timothy Gianettino, Matthew Johnson, Nathan Johnson, John Kolasheski, Robert Matuschek, Robert Meinert, Scott Paris, Gregory Prime, John Rigney, Bryant Smith, George Trenchard , Craig Vosburg, Garry Wasko, Thomas Whiteford, Gregory Why, Nicholas Wodtke, Harrison Willcutts, Terry Fetterman.



Jonathan T. Marom, President 5031 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213 Renovation of the basement is complete with the completion of the fall pledge class project. Our community service project went very well with full brotherhood participation in a Villages-supported shelter. Participation in the Greek system increases with Brother Bonvissuto becoming IFC president. ALUMNI EVENT: Homecoming, October 17-18. Initiates: Shawn Ash, Scott Bale, Victor Banko, Douglas Carey, David Chamberlin, Brian Davidson, Todd Donmoyer, Michael Frank, R. Patrick Garrett,Jeffrey Haag, Peter Hill, Robert Kissell, Kenneth Minor, Brendan O'Connor, Paul Paridon, Gregory Phillips, Danny Rossi , David Rykaczewski, Gregory Schooley, Theodore J. Theodorsen, Andre Urbanski. .

Andrew L. McMullen, President 1012 University Avenue Boulder, Colorado 80302 We have revamped our social program and have upcoming philanthropies with Chi Omega and Pi Beta Phi. Morale of the initiate class is high, with excellent performance in intramurals and maintenance of one of the highest GPA's on campus. ALUMNI EVENT: Homecoming in October. Initiates: Michael Anderson, Brian Cook, Timothy Fawcett, Gregg Godde, Edwin Hooper, Patrick Hoza, Kurt Joehl, Aaron Lesser, David Johnson, Blake Morrison, Robert Moss, David Redford, Richard Roy, David Schroeder, Mark Trujillo, Bill VanLeeuwen.

CENTRAL MISSOURI Timothy L. Shatto, President Unit G, Fraternity Complex Warrensburg, Missouri 64093 We initiated two actives in January and have started on summer rush . In indoor soccer, we took fourth place. We would like to hear from our alumni so we will have current addresses for the alumni newsletter. Our housing is now in South Todd Hall. ALUMNI EVENT: to be announced in newsletter. Initiates: Milton Fenske, Richard Queen.

CHICAGO Gary D. Levenson, President 5714 Woodlawn Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60637 We are rushing people starting in the winter as opposed to the spring. An alumni directory is being compiled and quarterly newsletters are being sent. House repairs continue. Initiates: Greg Benz, Steven Kreisler, Demetrios Markopolous, Steven Palmer, Daniel Sakura.

CLARKSON CALIFORNIA Joseph A. Franklin, President 2425 Warring Street Berkeley, California 94704 Spring '86 saw the completion of our house construction including our new basketball court. The Brothers of California thank house corporation president Bob Meyers, and the other California alumni who contributed their time toward the renovation of the oldest chapter on the West Coast. Further plans to restore the Bumming Room (library) to its original condition are in the making. Results of the inmember/outmember softball game: Inmembers 32; outmembers 3. Initiates: Nick Aretakis, Kent Hamilton, Mark Whitehouse, Mike Bayless, Chris Shea, Cam King, Rich Smith, John Lavin, Jeff Ward, Tim Reynaga, Mike Barsi,Joon Park, Mark Linzy.


Matthew J. McDonell, President 30 Elm Street Potsdam, New York 13676 We finished second in the men's overall Ice Carnival competition and again have the best hockey team on the ice. Nearly $3,000 has been raised for the Bill Swann Memorial Fund, named for our cook who passed away in February. We are checking into re-insulating the house, and making plans for the 25th anniversary. ALUMNI EVENT: 25th anniversary alumni weekend, July 11-13. Initiates: Kevin Claypoole, Nate Buck, Chris Crunden, Joel Ward, John Young.

COLGATE Erik M. Rosenmeier, President Box 1077, Colgate University Hamilton, New York 13346 No report received .

COLORADO STATE David C. Edmiston III, President 200 East Plum Fort Collins, Colorado 80521 We are proud to have recently purchased our house and to have also completed major renovations over Christmas break. With the brothers doing most of the work, our house has been modified from apartment style living to traditional fraternity style. Improvements include a greater capacity with common areas such as a formal dining room, living room, chapter room, and lounge. We have increased our involvement in campus wide Greek organizations induding two offices on the IFC council. ALUMNI EVENT: September 13, Plum Street Review. Initiates: Doug Beck, Andrew Lewis, Abe Aleman, Rick Schineller.

CORNELL Edward C. Utz, President 6 South A venue Ithaca, New York 14850 We are enjoying better relations with the community and the University. Greg Axenroth is the IFC president. ALUMNI EVENT: Homecoming - see football schedule. Pledges: Mike Barone, S. Brickley, Mark Burden, Joe Catone, Dave Dase, Larry Delaney, Rich Desa, Dave Farris, Tim Foster, Dean Lamar, Steve Lutz, Mike Milmoe, Solomon Pugh, Wayne .Romano, Jack Ryan, Aaron Sumida, Matt Schultz, Joe Toscano, Marc Warrington, Rex Wempen, Bill Young.

CREIGHTON Warren C. Hayes, President 318 North 33rd Street Omaha, Nebraska 68131 In addition to a major house imp'rovement project in the fall, we are bettering alumni relations and community exposure. We are more diversified in rush and our philanthropic projects with other Greeks on campus. ALUMNI EVENT: September 12 , alumni field day at the house, 7:00 p.m. Initiates: John Beckman, Dan Dalby, Kyle Kryger, Dave Leach, Kevin McCabe, Troy Mercer, Casey Winston, Peter Knapp.




Angelo J. Loumbas, President 626 East Seminary Street Greencastle, Indiana 46135 We have a successful pledge program and have increased our involvement in campus activities and charitable causes, including The Villages. Our reunion celebrating receiving the Presidents Award for Excellence was a success. ALUMNI EVENT: Old Gold Day in October. Initiates: Gregory Bingaman, Phil Danen, C. Grabow, Jeff Harmening, Matt Hodge, Mark Long, Jeff Mara, John O'Connell, Bryan Poynter, Bryce Stewart, Steve Ward, Brad Wilson, C. Woods.

J. Stephen Theall, President Hamilton College Clinton, New York 13323 We have an excellent pledge class this year. Several improvements have been made to the house including installation of a new fire alarm system, plastering and painting the walls, and continued improvement of the appearance of the house. ALUMNI EVENT: Homecoming. Initiate: Lee MacCleod.

FLORIDA Joseph L. Amos, Jr., President 1814 West University Avenue Gainesville, Florida 32603 Awards won were Buddy McKay for Fraternal Excellence and Dan McCarty for Outstanding Service . About $2 ,000 was raised for charity through "Grand Slam." A new sign has been built in front of the house. Out of 32 fraternities, we placed 3rd in academics. ALUMNI EVENT: Homecoming, October 10-12. Initiates: Tim Burch, Mike Caravetta, Dan Carlson, Sean Carpenter, Matt Corey, David Crounse, Norm Cuadra, Jim Daniel, Joe Delaney, Bob Hanson, Dan Hutchins, John Kirk, David Kloske, Rick Marshall, Curtis Reddecliff, Brett Samuel, Joe Saviak, Steve Spates.

FRESNO James A. Page, President 5241 North Maple Avenue, #306 Fresno, California 93740 We are increasing brotherhood and unity by involving everyone in the decision making process . We are becoming more involved in IFC and Greek community in general, creating a positive community image. A program has been started to visit child cancer victims in a local hospital. ALUMNI EVENT: Homecoming, alumni tailgate in October. Initiates: Mike Withycombe, Ryan Mikocasik, Craig Saunders, Mike Ethridge, Rod Teeter.

GEORGIA TECH Laurence R. Murray, President 154 Fifth Street, Northwest Atlanta, Georgia 30313 This year we have enjoyed a successful homecoming, a large initiation class, and scholarship awareness. We honored accomplishments of individuals at the Winter Formal. Initiates: Steven F. Scherock, Scott W. Paulsen, Troy H. Guthrie, Kevin E. O'Connor, Jay D. Kennedy, Christopher S. Cooler, Richard L. Stern, David M. Eoll, Ricky G . Seymour, David D . Lassater, David A. Carmichael, Peter R. Grella, Donald G. Coleman. DELTA UPSILON QUARTERLY oJuly,

HOUSTON Robert G. Haws, President 5012 Calhoun Houston, Texas 77004 We had extensive participation in campus politics and activities with several members on the senate. We have recently constructed fencing for crowd control and a backyard patio is presently under construction. Our 10th annual "John-a-thon" (the most successful fund-raiser on campus) is on the way to becoming one of our best ever. ALUMNI EVENT: alumni/undergraduate all-star baseball events, July 12-15; Peter Ueberroth has been invited to speak. Initiates: Jim Hillman, Mario A. Grimaldo, John M. Brokaw, James C. Liller.

ILLINOIS Robert J. Spiller, President 312 East Armory Avenue Champaign, Illinois 61820 We are the 1M volleyball champions and fielded teams in basketball, waterpolo, ice hockey and indoor soccer. We had a 35team campus-wide charity basketball tournament, a blood drive and community cleanup in the spring. Our 3.914 路GPA was 14th among 56 houses. The spring alumni reunion was a success as was the all-house seminar at which wediscussed our strengths and weaknesses. ALUMNI EVENT: Homecoming, October 18. Initiates: Andy Kurkulis, Brian Steck, Tom Juffernbruch, A. Swartzbaugh, Wade Warthen, Matt Gloss, Chris Tuveson, Michael Foster, Michael Seymour, Karl Johnson, Dave Hecht, Pete Marcy, Martin Plesh, Todd Boak, Joe Crowley, Dave Vickery.

INDIANA Richard M. Levin, President 1200 East Third Street Bloomington, Indiana 47401 We were paired with Delta Delta Delta this year in the IU Sing and gave another strong performance. We recently finished second in Greeks in swimming and are in the top third in intramurals. Our .recent house retreat in Jasper, Indiana, was 'a success. House membership is over 110 again this semester. We are looking forward to hosting the Provinces 5, 6 and 7 RLS in February, 1987. ALUMNI EVENT: Football homecoming at the chapter. Initiates: Chris Angelino, Baird Campbell, Steve Hawks, Dave Heller, Matt Litzler, Jeff Miller, Carl Peterson, Dan Robb, Mark


Ross , Matt Sauter, Troy Bontrager, Kevin Caldwell.

IOWA Edward W. Speer, President 320 Ellis Avenue Ames, Iowa 50010 The chapter is running very smoothly this semester. The DU's have been hard at work rushing new men and we have been \Yorking on a good summer/fall rush program. In the house we have just recarpeted the hallways and the house director's room. This summer we plan to panel the hallways. Overall, things are good in Iowa City. ALUMNI EVENT: Homecoming, at the house, date to be announced. Pledges: Phil Ramirez, Mike Hensley,Joe Vargas, Joe Robinson, JoeC;;os.sleman, Eric Steger, Kenny Seghal, Dori Kisela, Tim Meyers.

IOWA STATE Howard D. Anderson 117 Ash Avenue Ames, Iowa 50010 We again are leading the Greek system in philanthropy projects by raising over $5,000 for the Diabetes Association. We won 3rd place for our musical skit in the University Variety competition and our pledge class won 3rd place in the homecoming fireup skit competition. Our GPA hilS improved to 13th place from 27th place. We are especially excited about the work Brothers Ed Soenke '66 and Herb Neubauer '67 are doing in raising money to finance a Memorial Social Garden in memory of Bill Ahlers '67 who was killed in an auto accident last year. ALUMNI EVENT: October 4, homecoming banquet at the hou'se, and dedication of William Ahler Memorial Social Garden . Initiates: Marty Ballou, John Casey, Dan Cosgrove, David Drake, Jeff Geier, Greg Graham, Mark Grethen, Rick Haupt, Brian Jenkins, Chris Jensen, Mark Leuer, Todd Mitchell, Rob Morton, Joel Peterson, Mike Pigott, Wade Squiers, Bob Swenson.

JOHNS HOPKINS Michael A. Moffa, President 4220 North Charles Street Baltimore, Maryland 21218 We took the largest number of pledges on campus for the first time in over a decade. By this spring we will have painted the outside of the house and are looking into installing storm windows; all from alumni funds which are very much appreciated. Relations with the administration and our neighbors have improved significantly. An updated alumni address booklet is almost complete. Pledges: Tom Ayres, Brian Becker, Jon Budelman, Dan Bunker, Greg Characklin, Jim Comolli, Chris Daly, Jeff Darland, Scott Fitzgerald, Lloyd Gilbert, Jeff Gold, Mark Goldberg, Melvin Harrington, Curtis Houghland, Dave Kramer, Phil Micale, Bob Mitchell, Jaan Naktin, Robert Panten, Eric Pifer, Bart Polacsek, Craig Schwitter, Noah Rosenberg, Jerry Sewack, Hani Shalabi, Scott Summit, Jeff Taylor, Scott Tourtellotte, J im Zavell, Ketan Patel.


KANSAS David Y. VanBuskirk, President 1025 Emery Road Lawrence, Kansas 66044 In February we successfully hosted the RLS for Provinces 8 and 9. Our basketball team is undefeated and defending its "Hill" championship. Over $2,000 was raised for The Villages and plans are underway to follow-up on work done there. As in the past 10 of 11 years, we were again chosen to participate in the Rock Chalk musical variety show. Only six shows are chosen to be in the final production. We were paired with Kappa Alpha Theta. Twenty-three of 27 fraternities were represented , :~t the IFC meeting held at our house r1!cehdy: Initiates: Christian Ablah, Scott .Andrews, Jim Gibson, Scott Hale, Pat Johnson, Larry Lawrence, Ron Lawton, Cam Reed, John Schneider, Jeff Thulin, Blake Wells, Pat Zeka;

KANSAS STATE David L. Grover, President 1425 University Drive Manhattan, Kansas 66502 We won the Directors Award for Excellence for the second consecutive year. Our academic and intramural standings are the highest- they have been for several years. Addition of a chapter computer has been an asset in many ways. Excitement is building among undergraduates and alumni for the 30th anniversary celebration. ALUMNI EVENT: 30th anniversary celebration weekend of October '18 at the Cotton Club in Manhattan.KUfootball, dance, banquet and other activities are planned, Initiates: Timothy B. Ulrich,JohnS. Gray, Michael T. Lechner, David S: Alstaq, John T. Bullock, Henry J. Weichman, Todd F, Shutts, Ronak\ B. Gfeller, George E. Hess, Michael W. Martin, Scott R. Hamilton, David W.Johnson, Devin D. McMill~n, Michael.R Sharpe, Leland C. Kreigh.

LAFAYETTE Thomas J. Irwin, President P.O. Box 4014 Easton, Pennsylvania 18042 We had a successful fund drive for restoration of the house. The living room and dining room have ' been redecorated and there is new furniture, We have organized a Red Cross blood drive , ALUMNI EVENT: Homecoming in October. Pledges: Mark Allen, Tyrone Cabalu, Paul Cha Fong, Dave Greenberg, Matt Greer,Jason Landry, Ken Londoner, John Steinhouse.

LEHIGH Stephen R. Apa, President Lehigh University Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18015 Our fraternity academic rank advanced ten positions and we were voted "most improved" intramural team. ALUMNI EVENT: Lehigh/Lafayette football weekend. Pledges: John Masonis, John Carl, Robert Varano, Marc McGowan, Brad McGowan,


Gregg Wolfson, John Gorman, Kent Weaver, Ken Hemmer, Gary Nelson, Chris Muir, Steve Thompson.

LOUISVILLE Jeffrey J. Traczewski, President Belknap Campus University of Louisville Louisville, Kentucky 40292 We have made hou'se improvements in the kitchen and bathrooms, and have a new house stereo for the living room and basement. Our "su'itcase party" was a success; we are the undefeated 1M basketball champions and have a new outdoor basketball court. ALUMNI EVENT: Homecoming in October. Initiates: Andy Beck, Eric Demyan, Luis Gaye, Brian Fallon, Kenneth Handel, Steve Plomchok, Tim Rutledge.

MAINE Scott D. Hall, President 130 College Avenue Orono, Maine 04473 As this is being written, projects include a "fall fling" wi~h Big Brothers/Big Sisters and an event to benefit the Heart Association in March. A continued effort to improve our pledge program has pl'oven!successful. House improvements continue with work on the living room, chapter room and cellar. ALUMNI EVENT: Homecoming, November 12. Initiates: Ti'm Hooper, Todd Guite, Sean Kincaid, Stc::ven Bodie, Mark Springer, Mathew Bourassa, Steven Mathews,'Steven Lavighe, Scott Bunting, Michael Keggleman, Douglas Fitzgerald, Jon Morrison, J. Colin MacKenzie, K. C. Ouellette.

MANITOBA Thomas E. Kumka, President H2 Wilmot Place Winnipeg, Manitoba R3L 2Kl Successful wi:re our, undergraduate-alumni broombali tournament and racquetball tournament. Forty children attended our toboggan and weiner roast with the Big Brothers Association of Winnipeg. Our chapter currently enjoys a strong brotherhood, ALUMNI EVENT: September 16, smoker at the house; November 6, Founders Day. Initiates: Jeff Chappel, Jack Duarte, Drew Fenwick, Ian Kroll, Andrew Maslyk, Darrell Spilchuk, Daniel Boone.

Pledges: Jeff Weisner, Joe McGuire, Dan Passerella, Rick Robinson, Alex Pelicutis, Tim Grubert.

MARYLAND Dean V. Mauro, President #6 Fraternity Row College Park, Maryland 20740 We have regained the support of our alumni to a great extent and once again have a viable alumni corporation which plans to cooperatively help run the undergraduate chapter. We initiated 14 good men in the fall and have recently acquired 10 pledges. Our social and philanthropy calendar is filled to capacity with at least one function each week. ALUMNI EVENT: October II, tailgate and homecoming game II :00 a.m.; formal dance 8:00 p.m. Initiates: Nestor M. Benavides, Edward J. Buzzanco, Timothy Gillespie, David Guilieri, C. David Hoffman, William Monsueir, Gregg Ockun, Paul Morris, Donald D. Waite,s, John Schmitt, Eric Wisler, Earl Yale, Da,dq Zorn, Jeff Denman.


Ro~ald t. Manning, President 778 North Pleasant ' Amherst, Massachusetts 01002 We participated in the Fort River Project, helping build a playground at the site of an elementary school. There was a substantial improvement in the GPA of the newest pledge class and overall in the chapter. An alumni fund has been established to help finance house improvements. Completed improvements include painting the dining room, house insulation, an exercise and weight room, and new doors. We made it to the quarterfinals' iii 1M football. ALUMNI EVENT: Homecoming in October. ' Initiates: James Moore, Rick LaCasse, James O'Brien, Christopher Krause, Warren Belanger, James Petterson, Brian Ellis.

McGILL John G. Wheeler, President 522 Pine Avenue West Montreal, Quebec H2W 186 One of our special projects is collecting clothing and food for the Old Brewery Mission, a place of shelter and help for some 3,000 men annually.

MIAMI MARIETTA William J. Bower, President 223 Fourth Street Marietta, Ohio 45750 We are going from college owned housing to a new leasing program, and I"\ave voted to r~turn to the fall semester early in order to make improvements to the house and grounds. We actively participate in IFC and have bettered our Greek relations with social functions . ALUMNI EVENT: Homecoming reception, formal, BBQ in October.

Michael J. Toma, President 400 East Vine Street Oxford, Ohio 45056 We purchased a pool table, painted the front of the house and the pillars, and reseeded the yard. In Delta Gamma's Anchor Splash we won the spirit award for the seventh time in eight years. A brother was recently inducted into the Order of Omega. ALUMNI EVENT: Homecoming, September 27 . Initiates: Russ Burton, David Sauer, Steve Varga.





John A. Campbell, President 1331 Hill Street Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104 Goals of the term were (1) increasing membership, (2) strengthening the brotherhood, and (3) increasing contact with alumni. We el'1i0Y increased visibility on the campus through social and philanthropic events. Plumbing in the second and third floor bathrooms has been renovated. ALUMNI EVENT: Homecoming, September 17, at the chapter house, 10 a.m. to 6 p .m. Initiates: Gordon Bourdic, Tony Campana, jay Freid, Chris Helzerman, Tal Kiani, Mark Leimbach, Ralph Shin, Mike Walby.

Glen A. Martin, President 711 Maryland Avenue Columbia, Missouri 65201 In March we sponsored an Easter Egg Hunt for 50 underprivileged children, and in April sponsored the 37th annual Campustowne Races, proceeds of which go to the American Cancer Society. We have published two alumni newsletters and a personal mailing to alumni. The executive council has been realigned and the pledge education program improved. ALUMNI EVENT: alumni board financial report and elections in September. Initiates: Scott P. Goddard, Bruce R. Bartlett, David E. Venezia, Andrew J. Watt, Christopher J. Stecher, Todd A. Dietrich, john C. Bridges, john D. Laseter, Andrew E. johnson.

Charles R. Lane, President 407 East Rosemary Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514 We-have a very good rush program which resulted in a pledge class of 16. Our pledge education program is also good and improvements have been made in our successful social program. There has been an increase in the efficiency of house finances and an improvement in the appearance of the house itself. ALUMNI EVENT: October 17, homecoming cocktail party, 9:00 p .m. at the house. Initiates: Mike Bellamy, Drake Berryhill, Will Henderson, Mitch johnston, Ty Lowry, Toby Moore, Rich Peccie, Mike Taylor, Mike Tester, Brandon Wells.

MICHIGAN STATE Darryl K. Vennard, President 427 M.A.C. Avenue East Lansing, Michigan 48823 We have the fifth highest GPA out of 35 fraternities with seven Brothers having 3.0 or better. Our basketball team made the playoffs for the first time in six years. We have a better sense of unity and pride, and are more accepted and respected in the Greek system. Our new pledge education program is working extremely well. ALUMNI EVENT: Reunion for Brothers from classes of 1961-1963. Initiates: Tom Hernandez, Craig Livingston, Dan Zakerski, Craig Russel.

MICHIGAN TECH Mark P. Brinker, President 206 Second Stree,t Houghton, Michigan 49931 May 9-10 was a super weekend as we initiated more than 75 men and were installed as the newest chapter of Delta Upsilon. With the continued growth of our chapter and the actual installation there has been lots of enthusiasm on the Michigan Tech campus. We wish to thank our alumni for all their help and support to reach this goal. We are making plans now for our continued growth this next year.

NEBRASKA John A. Cheloha, President 1548 Vine Street Lincoln, Nebraska 68508 Twenty-two out of our 29 pledges were initiated .., We won the outstanding philanthropies award, the homecoming yard display trophy, and placed in the top one-third in academics. Parent involvement is increasing and appreciated . ALUMNI EVENT: Homecoming, October 18,5:00 p.m . at the chapter house. Initiates : Ron Aerni, jeffrey Dempsey, Mike Florea, Michael Derr, Brian Furgason, . Nathan Geisert, Michael Hagemeister, Scott Hiatt, Roger Hodges, Greg johnson, Matt Krumwiede, Kevin Kuhlman, Wayne Lallman, Shawn Luetchens, Scott Mazour, Scott Morris, Dan Nuckolls, George Rapp, Mike Shamburg, jeffrey Stafford, Sam Sidner, Randy Stejskal.

NORTH CAROLINA STATE Anthony Capra, President #3 Maiden Lane Raleigh, North Carolina 27607 In 1984-'85 we placed fourth in the Caldwell Cup competition and second in fraternity intramurals. For the fall of 1985, we placed second in fraternity GP A and fourth in IFC food drive competition. ALUMNI EVENT: Homecoming in the fall. Initiates: Doug Bell, Robert Broome, Greg Cranford, Doug Hahn, Steven Hamlin, Michael Koury, David Lynch,john Liles, Mark Magnarella, T. B. Moore, Alan Paternoster, Lee Parker, Walter Peel, Bryan Roberson, Troy Scoggins, john Scott, Scott Shankle, Drew Stanley, jay Wrenn.

MIDDLEBURY Xavier E. Pelaez, President 136 South Main Street Middlebury, Vermont 05753 No report received .

MINNESOTA Mark J. Schroer, President 1112 Sixth Street, S.E. Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414 We participated in Greek Week and have improved our relationship in the Greek system through involvement in formal exchanges and other IFC-Panhel events. We survived another quarter of financial difficulties. Impro"ements in the physical plant continue. Initiates: Doug Neyland,john Hale,james Kaump, Andy Piotrowski. DELTA UPSILON QUARTERLY-july,

North Dakota State :..- For the campus ice sculpture contest the members made a DU duck.



NORTH DAKOTA Robert Winter, President 505 Princeton Street Grand Forks, North Dakota 58201 We regained our position as the academic leader on campus. Recently we initiated 15 quality men. Purchase of a printer has stepped up our conversion to the PC by all offices, especially in the area of finance. The haunted house service project was a great success and we have scheduled our second 10K run for the spring. ALUMNI EVENT: October II, 25th anniversary, homecoming. Initiates: Mike Davies, Randy Eastland, Jeff Endres, Dan Gausted, Scott Geisinger, Pete Hyjek, Steve Kuhlman, Dan McDonald, Mike Simley, Jeff Whalen, Steve Winter, Mark Haley, John Martin, Rick Young, Todd Kohner.

NORTH DAKOTA STATE Timothy D. Peiler, President 1420 12th Avenue, North Fargo, North Dakota 58102 Membership has increased to 28 with the addition of five initiates and eight pledges. Alumni relations have improved by involving them in summer rush , writing a pledge manual, and alumni functions such as our recent ski trip. Our constitution has been revised. Parents Day in February was a success. We have completely computerized most of our record keeping and accounting systems. ALUMNI EVENT: July 25, summer rush outing. Initiates: Greg Funk, Dave Fredrickson, Scott Molander, Kelly Bloom, Keith Scunburg.

NORTHERN ILLINOIS Evan M. Nosek, President 1114 Blackhawk Road DeKalb, Illinois 60115 We won the NIU president's award for excellence in community relations and alumni programs, and are ahead in Greek Week competition . Our rush was successful, and our campus relations have shown growth. We have completed many house improvements including painting, basement redecoration and outdoor repairs. ALUMNI EVENT: 20th anniversary event and pig roast in July; details to be announced. Initiates: Joel Brown, John Cordigan, Rich Davis, John Devers, Vince Gaglia, Paul Henry, Mark Jurney, Paul Kaufman, Dave Kreeger, Tom Lavellee, Scott Levy, Mike Lyons, Shawn Mathers, Tim Moss, Dave Ochab, Chris Pettenon, Eugene Pullano, Dan Ruhl,Jim Shannon, Ken Sine, Andy Singer, Joe Sopiarz, John Spiller, Rober Tallitsch.

ALUMNI EVENT: alumni summer golf reunion; golf tournament held at Gates Park in Waterloo. Initiate: Steven K. Duggan.

NORTHWESTERN Jeffrey E. Kwatinetz, President 2307 Sheridan Road Evanston, Illinois 60201 We raised a considerable amount of money for MS in our rock-a-like fund-raiser. Our treasury is completely computerized now. At least one event was held with each of the 13 sororities on campus. Six DUs were appointed as committee chairmen, out of 12 , for NU Mayfest celebration. We are the second largest house on campus with a full capacity 76 members. Initiates: Kelly Blair, Tony DiFalco, Dave Pokorny, David Sack, Kenji Oyasu, Robert Zielinski, Doug Waddell, Steven Miller, Bryan Merrill, Greg Harwood, Roy Chagra, Paul Frank, John Cummins, Keith Steussi.

OHIO Patrick R. Delaney, President 10 West Mulberry Athens, Ohio 45701 We have a newly installed scholarship program . All house teams in winter sports have made the playoffs. Our dining area has been remodelled. Initiates: John Ferris, Craig Griffiths, Jeff Hammill, Tom Johnson, Jim Keefe, Barry Mullaney, Erich Mutchler, Bryan O 'Donnell, Steve Schmitt, Bill Sodoma, Brock Onal.

OHIO STATE James P. Black, President 240 East 15th Street Columbus, Ohio 43201 We raised money for the Diabetes Association and fully participated in community service projects. The entire chapter by-laws and standing rules were revamped . Improvements were made in the budget and the books, and accounts receivable were lowered. ALUMNI EVENT: October 25, homecoming. Initiates: John Snider, Criss Clum, Fred Shrimp, Roger Back, Jim Busher, Dave Wood.


OKLAHOMA STATE Douglas P. Beall, President 311 South Hester Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074 We have had a good semester and have already begun to work on our goals with some degree of success in the short time since setting them. We are improving our alumni relations by having a different alumnus attend chapter meetings each week. We initiated 16 quality men including our first direct legacy, Eddie Scott Callison, whose father helped to found the Oklahoma State Chapter. ALUMNI EVENT: The Wailing Moose, September; Homecoming, October. Initiates: Jay D. Bryant, Brian K. Goforth, Darin T. Riddles, James D. Whitney, Gregory E. Stockard, Carlos A. GarciaMoral, Darin B. Sharp, Darron R. Replogle, Travis P. Roth, Eddie S. Callison, Russell K. Myrick, George M. Parrish, Steven L. Walker, Richard C. Peterson, Daniel L. Bigbee, Michael S. Miller.


NORTHERN IOWA Lawrence A. Leininger, President 1927 College Street Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613 We appointed an academic advisor, Lou Cassi. Spring rush was comparatively successful and the pledge class was very successful. Chapter offices were reorganized, especially that of the vice president.

OKLAHOMA George H. Noland, II, President 603 West Brooks Norman, Oklahoma 73069 The Oklahoma Chapter continues to excel academically, intramurally and fraternally. We placed first in grades out of 26 fraternities, and our football team was allcampus and fraternity champions. Our Runto-Dallas philanthropic activity raised $5,000 for the Leukemia Society. Brother Jeff Swearingen was elected Undergraduate Advisory Board representative for Province X. ALUMNI EVENT: Founders Day Banquet, November 8. Initiates: James K. Cooper, William R. Hauser, David M. Raizen, Thomas L. Loafman, Ronald F. Thomason, Thomas M. Rogers, Jay A . Doudican, E. Mark Sarinopoulos, Phillip E . Morris, David J. Knowles, Rustin S. Polk, Ronald L. Riggs, Jeff Watts, Jeffrey N. Timberlake, Michael A . Jones, Carl J. Lieber, Todd D. Bechtel, David J. Biechler, Gene J. Eisenmann, Jack E. Savage, Pat S. Robison, Bruce A. Simmons, Jimmy Black, Jason Rainey, Greg L. Shamburg, Christopher L. Burke, Jim W. Studebaker, Darrin S. Goralczyk, Michael P. Galligan, Charles B. Phillips, Darin M. Corbett. .

Oklahoma - These brothers were initiated into the chapter at ceremonies held in February.

Michael A. Brown, President 235 Northwest 25th Street Corvallis, Oregon 97330 We rank sixth in GPA ; gained 8 new pledges through informal rush; initiated 17 men in winter term; and had a successful homecoming for alumni. We dedicated the Bar-B-Que to Dot and Jim Fielder for their outstanding service as house parents and cook for eight years. ALUMNI EVENT: Tentatively scheduled for November I at M.A.C. Club in Portland after the OSU-UCLA game. Initiates: Glade French, Greg Gossling, Ron Devera, Jeff Weir, Wolfgang Scharzenberger, Dan Sosnouske, Tom Price, Brian


Wilken, Chris Kollas, John Hopp, Matt Hinds, Matt Roberts, Kelly Grant, John Reynolds , Matt Goergen, Bill Wells.

PENNSYLVANIA STATE Stephen D. Balliet, President 229 Locust Lane State College, Pennsylvania 16801 Jeff Schrock, Jeff Lentz, Phil Galewitz and Henry Carl all participated in the IFC dance marathon, the largest student-run philanthropy in the country. The money raised is donated to children with cancer at the Hershey Medical Center. We had an Easter Egg Hunt with Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Centre County. Parents Day was celebrated the weekend of initiation. ALUMNI EVENT: alumni organizational meeting, second week of July. Initiates: Richard Esposito, George Giannopoulos, Christopher Keifer, William Klein, Clement Purcell, Michael Socash,John Walk, Donald Walters, Jeff Dunkleberger, Josh Schwenk, Joe Snyder, Frank Martocci, Robert Lucianni.

PURDUE John C. Calhoun, President 1290 State Street West Lafayette, Indiana 47906 A great showing in the Delta Gamma Anchor Splash with first in spirit and fourth overall. PUR-DU newsletter is a success. The back patio is complete with a new barbecue and privacy fence. We are getting more involved on campus and in all Greek activities. ALUMNI EVENT: Homecoming, October 4. Watch for summer edition of PURDU. Initiates: Bruce Benson,Joel Brown, Brian Crutchett, Kevin Fitzgerald, Rob Jacobs, Dave Lanman, Pat McDaniel, Dave Selig, Kevin Walsh.

Edward J. Pollner, President 66 College Avenue New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901 We have finally raised our cumulative academic average to meet University standards (2.545). We have completely redecOl'ated the living room and plan to finish the new TV room this semester. There are also plans for a community service/fund-raising weekend this semester. Initiates: Tim Donovan, Edward Marquez, Chris Cerrigone, Fred Ferraro, Joseph P. Drago, Brad Fish, Rey Reduce, James S. Dunne, Rich Lewis.




Michael J. Navrides, President 282 South 10th Street San Jose, California 95112 Our strongest spring rush ever produced 15 great pledges. We hosted the RLS which was a great success. Among those attending were Judge Bullock, Bill Butler, Ed Mosher and Rich Moran. In April we held our first annual DU "hair-cut-a-thon" to raise funds for The Villages. Our already strong scholarship program is being strengthened with GPA incentives and a new test file. Congratulations to Jeff Kaneko who is SJSU's homecoming king. ALUMNI EVENT: September 20, Stanford vs. SJSU tailgate. Initiates: Jose Andalis, Jim Burton, Shirden Flanders, Tony Goulart, Jonathan Gonzales, Gary Jones, Dave Kirkpatrick, Tim Orozco, Shane Ryken, Amadeo Sison, Ty Swanson.

Robert M. Davenport, Jr., President 553 Mayfield Avenue Stanford, California 94305 After about a ten year interim, we have begun to renew strong ties with ali Stanford DU alumni. We continue to shrink the Stanford administration vs. Greek system gap. As this is being written, an alumni gathering is in the planning for spring 1986. Initiates: Tom Diliberti, John Lane, Rob Lowe, Troy Dittock, Dave Supple, Ted Muftic, Chris Thompson, Scott Hartman, Steve Gilland, Ken Kolderup, Greg Gamble, Kevin Knowles, Andy Beyer, Greg Ocasek, Brian Protiva, Robert Savala.

SOUTH CAROLINA J. Darrell Williams, Jr., President Box 85128, Russell House - West Wing University of South Carolina Columbia, South Carolina 29208 Our chapter has the highest GPA on campus. We hosted our first regional leadership seminar which was a success. A new pledge manual is in use. Our fourth annual sorority softball tournament was enjoyed by all who attended. ALUMNI EVENT: August 2, alumni drop-in at the house. Initiates: Robert M. Alford, David Chappell, Paul Crawford, Rodney Ellisor, Mark E. Lanier, Robert McDowall, Chad Poteat, Stephen M. Roddey, Marty J. Willaby.



Bradley A. Becker, President 5606 Hardy A venue San Diego, California 92115 We are strong in sports achievements and hope to win the Sports Banner this year. Our GPA has improved and we hope to continue improving it every semester. We are increasing our community and campus involvement.


Brent A. Rentschler, President 204 North University Street Vermillion, South Dakota 57069 During the term we worked toward gaining more members, improving our GPA, becoming more involved in campus activities, working on house improvements, and maintaining good relations with the other houses on campus. ALUMNI EVENT: Dakota Days, October 4, homecoming. Initiates: Gregory Freiberg, Patrick Downey, John Dankert, Tad Skoff.

SOUTHWEST MISSOURI John W. Boeding, President 1050 East Walnut Springfield, Missouri 65806-2626 We won first place on our homecoming float and completed three philanthropic projects. We have expanded our social room, added a new refreshment center, added a TV room which now has a big screen. ALUMNI EVENT: summer meeting at the chapter house, July 13-15. Initiates: Gary Ward, Scott Smith, Rick Spree, Mike Tyler, Nick Pitzer, Edward Perez, Mark Tenholder.


SWARTHMORE Mitchell B. Stern, President Swarthmore College Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081 Rush was successful and we have a large pledge class. We continue to achieve in scholastics and athletics and have seen improvements in alumni relations and community relations. Some renovations have been made to the lodge. ALUMNI EVENT: Homecoming, details to be announced . Pledges: Mike Bird, Mark D'Arienzo,Jim Gunshenan, Mark Kenward, Tom Lee, Tim Malarkey, Bob McCann, Pat McCauley, Jay Peichel, Bill Perrello, David Pope, Javier Provencio, Duane Seward, Matt Squire, Rich Winkelmann.

SYRACUSE . Douglas A. Present, President 711 Comstock Avenue Syracuse, New York 13210 We raised over $5,000 in a fund-raiser for paralyzed Brother Scott Elman. We are involved in various types of community service with a local Boys Club, and marathon activities to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy. Renovations have been made to the dining room, living room, and alumni room. With increased advertisement, 180 rushees came through as opposed to 75 in the previous semester. Initiates: Rick Donah, Sean Giancola, Scott Krasnigor, Scott Maney, Mike Miller, Phil Miller, Chris Riddle, Tim Steffan, Larry Sweetwood.

TECHNOLOGY Thomas R. Hoffman, President 526 Beacon Street Boston, Massachusetts 02215 The front entryway was renovated and in late February we hosted the Provinces I, 2 and 3 Regional Leadership Seminar. We are represented in the M.LT. student and departmet:J,tal government, and enjoy housewide participation and representation in M.LT. varsity athletics and intramurals. ALUMNI EVENT: November 4, Founders Day, at the chapter. Cocktails, formal dinner, and directors' meeting. Initiates: Steven D. Barrett, Sean P. Caffee, Robert G. Lohr, John A. Marroquin, Gary M. Rahl, Paul V. Wysocki.


TENNESSEE Theodore N. Valentini, Jr., President 1845 Terrace Avenue Knoxville, Tennessee 37916 For the third consecutive year we have sponsored the J.A. Bowl. Former president Chase Bramwell was elected IFC president and pledge educator John Morss was selected as IFC co-rush director. Acquired over 95% of alumni addresses for the chapter mailings. A Brother/Pledge project was remodelling part of the house. For the third consecutive year, we placed in the top five out of 27 fraternities in GP A. ALUMNI EVENT: summer rush parties, to be announced. Initiates: Steve Peglar, Bryan Coulter, Kevin Winslett.

TEXAS Blake A. Morrison, President 路 2510 Leon Street Austin, Texas 78705 Our spring rush was successful 路as were our preparations for the University's roundup celebration. Improvements have been noted in our kitchen operations, social schedule and rush plans for the fall. ALUMNI EVENT: annual alumni weekend in November. Initiates: James R. Bilta, Casey Cornett, Chad Helms, Gary Smith.

TEXAS TECH Timothy J. Conover, President 3010 Manioca Lubbock, Texas 79413 The new semester has gone quite well for us. Our one year installation;anniversary is this semester. We participated in IFC rush and had our own informal rush for the fall semester. We are in the process of obtaining a larger house for our chapter. DU had the fifth highest GPA among the 27 fraternities on campus. Initiates: Danny Weber, Doug Fields.

TORONTO Kelly D. Matthews, President 182 St. George Street路 ! Toronto, Ontario M5R '2N3 We have had special alumni guests at dinners and meetings and have extensive internal restructuring of alumni lists for better access. Rush and interior house maintenance have received attention this term, as well as charitable organization funding. Initiates: Daniel Nickle, Fred Foti, Chris Houghton, Dave Mousley, Terry Silverman.

TUFTS Daniel J. Doherty III, President 114 Professors Row Medford, Massachusetts 02155 We have held and coordinated numerous fund-raising events for the juvenile diabetes foundation. This has special meaning for us because we lost a Brother to diabetes in the fall of 1985. There have been several major house clean-ups with work being done on the exterior and interior of the house.


The importance of responsibility both to brotherhood and house has been fostered and has led to an increased feeling of brotherhood to an already close fraternity.

TYLER Wayne M. Rodieck, President Tyler Junior. College, Box 210 Tyler, Texas 75701 We are obtaining a higher position on campus, sponsoring all-school social events and obtaining better relationships with other organizations on campus. ALUMNI EVENT: Homecoming in October. Pledges: Kevin Turman, Ricky Cain, Danny Wilhite, Chance Watson, Dale Crawford, Troy Bevil.

Villages. For over two years we have placed in the top ten in athletics. ALUMNI EVENT: Homecoming in October. Initiates: C. Baumler, Mark Brooking, Will Ferrell, Matt Hall, Todd Hana, Richard Kolkman, Frank Miller, Dave Slack, Jack Vega, Steve Wagner, Mike Wulff.

UNION Sean P. Duffy, President 1451 Lenox Avenue Schenectady, New York 12308 We had 12 starters on Union's nationally ranked 9-0 football team. Six Brothers made the Dean's list. ALUMNI EVENT: Homecoming, to be announced. Pledges: Craig Aaron, C\1ristopher Armour, Leonard Bates, Mark Caruso, Williarri Conklin, Thomas Co'rtnolly, Christopher Duffy, Kevin Fiaia, ; William Floor, Michael Fprd, George Fotiadis, Michael Goldstein, Steven Hayes , Blake Henderson, Daniel Klinger, Leopard Lamonica, Timothy McLees, Allen Rappiea, Gregory Secombe, David Wt;bb, William Weidman. ! ;,

VIRGINIA Peter J. Pinto, President 180 Rugby Road Charlottesville, Virginia 22903 At this writing, we rank fourth in 1M's and ninth academically out of 38 fraternities. We raised $750 for the American Cancer Society. We have participated in various community service projects including Big Brothers, dance marathons and a blood drive. New TV room furniture was constructed. ALUMNI EVENT: Homecoming, September 27-28. Pledges: Russ Adams, Jeff Alholm, Jim Ashoo, Chris Bain, Steve Chaplin, Jamie Crittenberger, Dave Grady, Brad Kay ton, Dave McManus, Steve Nally, Ray Pollari, Craig Reid, Jerry Smith, Dan Sutton, Kevin Weisaar, Chris Bonastia.

VIRGINIA TECH James R. Niebanck, President c/o Virginia Polytechnic Institute ..' & State University 224 Squires Student Center Blacksburg, Virginia 24061 Each quarter we've had extremely successful rushes with over 30 rushees, and this occurred even without advertising. In grades, we ranked seventh among the fraternities and our last pledge class ranked third. 'W e have had two very successful fundraisers and our alumni have contributed even more. Contributions are made to The

Washington - The 1985 pledge dance was held at the Olympic Four Seasons Hotel in Seattle.

WASHINGTON R. Allen LaBerge, President 4508 19th Avenue, Northeast Seattle, Washington 98105 Accomplishments of the term include initiation class of 34 men; approval of revised constitution; a fund-raising project is undenvay; revised inspiration week; and creation of judicial branch of house government. ALUMNI EVENT: Founders Day, November 4. Initiates: Robert Bosch, Brian Bruya, Todd Bushee, Tod Ege, Eric Erb, Jeffrey Ferrell, Eric Fillman, Paul Flora, Oscar Franco, Thomas French, Brian Fretwell, William Gouslin, Brett Hanson, Darrin Helfrecht, James Henderson, Michael Jackson, Joseph Jones, Steven Karam, Jeffrey Krueger, Charles Lea, Tadd . Lipscomb, Daniel Mathews, Gregory McBroom, James McDougall, Andrew Munro, Kt::ith Pettyjohn, Daren Riggs, Patrick Ring\vood, Philip Rouse, Scott Smalling, Marc Srpith, Danius Tekorious,J. Michael Walsh,Joseph Yang.

WASHINGTON STATE David A. Martin, President ' North East 815 Ruby S~reet Pullman, Washington 99163 , We were thi'rd in overall grade point for the second consecutive semester. We initiat'e d 24 men in February. The kitchen has undergone remodeling, and a new microwave oven has been purchased. ALUMNI EVENT: alumni golf tournament, to be announced. Initiates: Donald Abbey, Josh Baldi, Matthew Broadus, Mark Buerk, Curtis Carey, Robert Christensen, Tim Cowles, Robert Crist, Shawn Dougherty, Mark Enebrad, Scott Gotham, Colin Green, John Hatcher, Mark Huddleston, Alexander Marler, Tod Martin, Jim Mercer, Dave Niichel, Richard Scott, Todd Sheehan, Chris Shinoda, Robert Snyder, Bryan Wyrsch, Steve Johnson.


WESTERN ILLINOIS Jeffrey A. Schultz, President 526 North Lafayette Macomb, Illinois 61455 At the end of the spring semester, we were making great strides in getting the most improved GPA on campus. With help from area alumni, we again are implementing an effective summer rush program. In the community we are going ahead with many small scale philanthropies and volunteer work. For the alumni, we rejuvenated the momentous Hawaiian luau held in the back yard of the chapter house on April 26. ALUMNI EVENT: july 26, summer BBQ at the chapter house, 1 :00 p.m. Initiates: Mike Brown, Ken Wisaszek, Todd Taylor, Mike White.

WESTERN ONTARIO Mike E. Ciebien, President 294 Central Avenue London, Ontario N6B 2C8 We have the best pledge program in years and an initiation class of 28. Homecoming weekend was excellent with many alumni returning. We are increasing our support of charities, including movie nights with a local Big Brother organization. House improvements are continuing. ALUMNI EVENT: Homecoming weekend, October 24-26; Friday night alumni party; Satllrday night formal ; alumni/undergraduate meeting. Initi,hes: Mike Banicz, Scott Chlopan,jim Foo.r,e, Mark Foris, Rob Gardner, John Gqetz, Rob Grace, jay Greenstein, Brett H<ilna de Frate, Mike Hartman, Andrew H ~ thrington, Greg Howe, Igor Kacir, jim Kenny;johan Landmark, Rich Levisky, Allister Linton, Greg McAndrew, Mike Moffatt, Roger Nice, Steve Ottaway, Paul Pellegrino, Nigel Ravenhill, Mike Scott, jon Taylor, Mike Taylor, Mark Usher, Dave Wallace.

WESTERN RESERVE David C. Stepniak, President 1615 Hazel Drive Cleveland, Ohio 44106 We had a successful fund-raiser for the J-Fund. ALUMNI EVENT: Founders Day, November 26. Initiate: Brian Zrimsek.

WICHITA Brad S. Beets, President 1720 North Vassar Wichita; Kansas 67208 We had the best grades this fall semester. Over $1,800 was raised in the Big Brothers/ Big Sisters bowling classic. House renovations are underway and plans are in the works for a new house. ALUMNI EVENT: alumni picnic in late August. Initiates: Dan Ackerman, Lance Blakely, Kary Cawley, Dale Duckworth,John Ernatt, Doug Evenson, Greg Goodner, Craig Halpern, Mike Harris, Mike Knight,john Lara, Geoff Luerding, Kevin McArthur, Mike


Nelson, Chad Pierpoint, Scott Reid, Bruce Rowley, Terry Sherbondy, Mitch Slape, Pat Squires, Ty Tabing, Watt Thompson, Kurt Urban, Matt Williams.

WISCONSIN David T. Holm, President 644 North Frances Street Madison, Wisconsin 53703 . We are showing growth in our alumni relations. We are succeeding in our philanthropy efforts and hope to win homecoming for the second straight year. We are striving to keep. our traditional house unity despite the rapid increase in membership. ALUMNI EVENT: Homecoming, October 24, after-game cocktails and dance. Initiates: Tom Kwak, Dane Waund, Ken St. Clair, Steve Zinda, Steve Satek, Chad Vonachen, Cannon Koo, Mark Fuhrman, Tim Nauman, David Dedrick, Eric McGary, Tom Falkowski, Scott McGrath, Brent Eckein, Dirk Swarden~ki, John Bishop, Mark Saxenmeyer, R<jndy Lebakken, Phil Heinrich, john Bar'ry, Doug Hipwell, Thad Matzke, John Idler.

attended by College administration, faculty and friends, including College President Dr. Robert Brown. Following the presentation of the 1834 colony flag, the presentation of a Duck background congratulatory banner, and appropriate group photographs, the new colony members were feted at dinner. Colony President Phillip Zezulak presented the first SP-1O report for the fledgling Alpha Delta Upsilon group that set a 15 man rushing objective for the coming year.

ADU, EMPORIA STATE Thomas J. Smith, President 1301 Highland Emporia, Kansas 66801 Five members were elected Gamma Phi Alpha, a scholarship award which represents the top 20% of all fraternities. The house won both the pledge and ov~r足 all scholarship trophies last semester.


Colonies, Petitioners and Reorganizations ADU, BAKERSFIELD Stacey A. Aldred, President Office of Student Programs California State College, Bakersfield 9001 Stockdale Highway Bakersfield, California 93311 We have published our first alumni newsletter. We refurbished a playground boat for the CSB Children's Center. We have established a positive social reputation with our TGs "Duck-a-pitcher" at which we provide live entertainment and sell DU souvenirs. We have strengthened our leadership with our own leadership seminars and participation in numerous committees. ALUMNI EVENT: alumni barbeque at Patrick Vaughn's residence, July 19 at 4:00 p.m. Initiates: Romeo Acedemia, Robert Greene, Surrinder Palskhela, Gregg Moore, Mathew Sherwood, Mike Walters, Dennis Fitzgerald, Mike Fontes, Dwight Lee, Richard Cruise, Quang Hamon.

Chuck Martucci, President c/o Office of Student Affairs 1250 Bellflower Boulevard Long Beach, California 90840 We are now recognized and voted in by the school and the Greek system as an ADU colony. We have mailed letters to 2,200 alumni and are receiving responses. Our colony has participated in one community service event and all IFC sports events. As this is being written, we are planning our first alumni event. Initiates: Chuck Martucci, Danny Bryan, John Haygood, Art Gonzalez, jeff Aal, Steve Farmer, Terry Farmer, Allen Shwarzabach, Mark Iverson, Mike Vandengoorbergh, Mike Burke, Kelvin Solomon, john Foley, Steve Fox.

ADU, NEW MEXICO Richard Stott, President UNM Union, Box 114 University of New ~exico Albuquerque, New Mexico 87131 Areas of emphasis include organization, getting new pledges, getting a house, strengthening officer positions and building communications with the fraternity. Pledges: Tom Kellner, Todd Morata, Conrad DeBaca, Clayton Mollinger.



Phillip Zezulak, President 201 Zenge Hall Culver-Stockton College Canton, Missouri 63435 Institution of the Alpha Delta Upsilon petitioners as the Alpha Delta Upsilon colony at Culver-Stockton College took place on the campus on April 22, 1986. Fraternity Ritualist Dave Maguire, Southern Illinois '73, assisted by Western Illinois Chapter President jeffrey A. Schultz, and Executive Director Wilford A. Butler, Western Michigan '61, conducted the ceremonies that were well

Derek K. Shook, President 456 Lindsey Street San Marcos, Texas 78666 Things are going very well at Southwest Texas State with the .colony and the recruitment. Total membership is numbering in the 30's with 18 of the men being pledges. The colony is stabilizinig well and with the new pledges, the colony as a whole is learning together. We held a successful alumni/parents weekend in the spring and are planning additional events for this next year.



ADU, TEXAS A & M O. Kepler Johnson IV, President Post Office Box L College Station, Texas 77841 We enjoyed a highly productive visit with our Province Governor and have established officer goals and outlines, including goals for installation. Things presently are in preparation for a summer/fall rush program designed to achieve installation. Initiates: Frank Allison, Lawrence Brown, Tony Featherstone, Richard Fowler, David Strickler, Hojun Kim.

ADU, WESTERN MICHIGAN Michael R. Hankerd, President 3103 West Michigan Kalamazoo, Michigan 49007 Western Michigan alumni are gathering for the annual alumni golf outing this summer and have plans for a major chapter alumni anniversary event on Saturday, October 18, to coincide with the WMU Homecoming weekend. For information and details, write Erick D. Perry, President, Western Michigan Alumni Corporation, 6801 Marlow, Portage, Michigan 49081.

A group of Delta Upsilon Brothers fTOm the DePauw Chapter visit with theiT friends at a nearby Villages' home afteT completing some construction projects.

News of The Villages We Get as Much as We Give By Herbert Callison Executive Director The Villages, Inc.

"We get as much as we give when we work with the Villages." This quote from Delta Upsilon freshman Bryce Stewart, DePauw '89, exemplifies the connection between Delta Upsilon Fraternity and The Villages - the child caring organization that is the international philanthropy of Delta Upsilon. In actuality, the mutually satisfying relationship between The Villages, Inc. and Delta Upsilon takes many forms. Some chapters have conducted fund raising projects and other chapters within driving distance of a Villages' home or affiliate have experienced the satisfaction of personally helping familyless children. One Delta Upsilon chapter, located at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana, has formed a very special "connection" with the boys and girls in the Villages' home in their town. During the 1985-'86 school year, in an effort to assist the Villages to pay the costs of operating the home, the DUs have


raised over $400 to help with the day-to-day expenses. The money was earned by men of the DePauw Chapter who performed tasks for people in the community in exchange for donations. In addition, DU members have also helped at the Villages' home in Greencastle by building fences, painting rooms, and mowing grass. DePauw chapter members are proud of their monetary and physical aid to the children in the Greencastle home. However, as philanthropy chairman Matt Miller, DePauw '88, stated, "The thing we are most proud of is what one might call ... well ... the human touch. That is to say the direct interaction of our men with the children and staff of Greencastle's Villages. It is very rewarding for both groups." DU members frequently visit the Villages' home to play tag and foot~all with the children. They take them to university sporting events or swimming in the university pool. DU memb'ers have treated Vil-

lages' children to social events such as a Halloween party held last fall with decorations, costumes, and a haunted house. The chapter has also implemented a study partner system where members of the fraternity visit the Villages weekly and provide assistance to Villages' children with their school work. For chapters separated by miles from Villages' homes, members find other ways of helping Villages' children. DU chapters across the country have raised money to give to The Villages for the costs of operating the homes. Some chapters have sold items such as co-ed calendars and polo shirts. Other chapters have held sporting events - e.g. football or softball tournaments or relay races. Some have hosted parties and requested cover charges. Many have recruited sororities to work hand in hand with them in their efforts. The Board of Directors of Delta Upsilon has created a special philanthropic award to encourage DU chapters to carry out fund raising projects for The Villages. At the Annual Leadership Conference and Convention at Indianapolis last August, the Nebraska Chapter was honored as the first recipient of this award.


Gomment on GFraternity by Wilford A. Butler, CAE

How You Can Help DU ... Your Chapter and the Fraternity The other day I was speaking to an alumnus of another fraternity who had sought out my advice about what could be done to be of help to his ailing chapter. I asked a number of questions, and then asked if he had volunteered his help to the alumni advisors, corporation officers and counselors that were assisting the chapter. He said he had not because he was afraid to interfere with those people who had been appointed to the responsibilities for fear they would be upset that someone was proposing to "interfere." I urged him to call the president of the alumni corporation and offer his help in a number of specific ways. Several days later he called me long distance and told me he'd done just that, and was surprised to find the alumni corporation really needed to have help and assistance and was grateful for his offer to help out. Then I started thinking about our alumni in chapters where there is opportunity for more alumni to get involved. I figured if my friend's reaction was a typical one that perhaps we ought to say frequently to our own good Delta Upsilon alumni who feel they could be of assist-. ance and help to their own chapter

or one nearby that they shouldn't hesitate to offer to be of help. "How can alumni be most helpful," you ask? Certainly, most chapters would benefit from an alumnus who was willing to share his career and life planning experiences with a chapter at their chapter meeting or at a special career weekend organized for the benefit of interested members of the chapter.

Many chapters would appreciate help in collecting alumni news items that you already know for inclusion in the chapter newsletter. Others would really appreciate some help with the alumni list or perhaps someone who could assist the treasurer with the preparation of the budget.

Still others can help by using their expertise and resources in chapter house repair projects or planning for the future. The fraternity system, and particularly all DU chapters, do not suffer from too much alumni help and involvement, they suffer usually from too little. There is hardly a chapter in the fraternity that would not be better and would not benefit from more alumni involvement and help, so this is a special plea to you to pick up the phone and call ~n alumnus working with your own chapter, or one nearby, to offer your help today. Each of us can give something different to the building of the fraternity, and the Talent Bank form that we print in each issue of the magazine has had excellent response with many alumni sending in their offers of help. We're beginning to use that data more and more frequently when we need to find additional alumni assistance so vital to the continuing success of almost every Delta Upsilon chapter for while it is possible to have a good, strong chapter without alumni support, it is certainly easier and much more assured with that kind of involved and meaningful assistance. F ra ternall y,

Wilford A. Butler, CAE




Norman D. Sanders, Ohio '59 Herbert K. Taylor, Jr., Swarthmore '27 Walter N. Thayer, Colgate '31 Arnold Tilden, DePauw '28 William Wallace III, Union '48 John G. Weir, Toronto '43 Robert F. Wernet, Purdue '51 James A. Wiese, Iowa '58 Samuel M. Yates, San Jose '55

The Delta Upsilon President's Club has a goal of 500 members for the 1985-'86 year. Listed below are those who have given $100 or more to the alumni support program from July I to May 1. The complete list of givers for the entire year will be printed in the October 1986 annual giving issue of the magazine. The William H. French Circle Gifts of $500 to $999 F. Lee Baird, Kansas '58 Huntly G. Chapman, British Columbia '68 Robert C. Gimlin, Purdue '42 Richard C. Marx, Pennsylvania '54 Nelson Schaenen, Jr., Cornell '50 The Charles G. Dawes Circle Gifts of $400 to $499 Howard L. McGregor, Jr., Williams '40 Arthur L. Rice , Jr., Illinois '36 Donald C. Slawson, Kansas '56 Ashton M. Tenney, Chicago '43 The Nehemiah Boynton Circle Gifts of $300 to $399 David E. Chambers, Arizona '60 Robert C. Haugh, Indiana '48 Edgar F. Heizer, Jr., Northwestern '51 Thomas R. McConchie, Jr., Virginia '51 Paul C. Steinfurth, Bowling Green & Ohio State '68 The J. Arthur Clark Circle Gifts of $250 to $299 David L. Cole, Wilmington '72 George D. Ferguson, British Columbia '62 Joe Neil Goforth, Jr., North Carolina '66 Phillip E. Hurley, Oklahoma '64 Thomas R. Jacobs, Arkansas '77 Robert J. LaFortune, Purdue '51 Charles D. Miller, Johns Hopkins '49 Brent G. Orcutt, Hamilton '26 C. Earl Schooley, Missouri '28 The Warren C. DuBois Circle Gifts of $200 to $249 Lawrence F. Armstrong, Technology '28 William B. Ayars, Syracuse '56 Thomas P. Bays, Oregon State '42 Richard Y. Coulton, Miami '54 William D. Greenberg, Western Ontario '73 H. Thomas Hallowell, Jr., Swarthmore '29 Mark S. Jones , Arlington '75 John C. Mazzei, New York '26 Edward C. McCobb, Michigan '23 David C. McMahan, Texas '65 J. Paul McNamara, Miami '29 Charles E. Nelson, Wisconsin '27 Herbert H . Nelson, Colorado '59 Paul H. Resch, Carnegie '28 John A. Riggs, Jr., Missouri '30 Paul E. Rosenthal, Florida '73


The Samuel S. Hall Circle Gifts of $150 to $199 Stephen A. Antush, Washington State '83 Richard N. Brandenburg, Washington State '55 James G. Brass, Manitoba '73 Dale W. Brunken, Oregon '52 Chester V. Clifton, Washington '35 Jack H . Copple, Purdue '36 Robert A. Dahlsgaard, Jr., Bradley '63 Leland D. Denard, Arkansas '78 Richard F. Fagan, Washington '52 Henry A. Federa, Louisville '35 Richard M. Forester, Wisconsin '31 R. Bowen Gillespie, Marietta '72 William R. Grant, Union '49 Lewis D. Gregory, Kansas '75 Stewart L. Hayward, Oregon '41 Richard D . Hickman, Johns Hopkins '28 J. Kenneth Higdon, Kansas '47 William S. Holden, Washington '30 C. Earl Ingalls, Brown '25 Alan C. Jeveret, Bowling Green '59 D. Geoffrey John, Arizona '62 Howard Kahlenbeck, Jr., Indiana '52 John S. Kaufman, Lehigh '46 Egerton W. King, Alberta '42 Austin H. Kiplinger, Cornell '39 H. E. Klemp, Kansas '26 James M. Kraebber, Northwestern '58 Eldred D. Kuppinger, Ohio State '33 William H. Lawson, Purdue '50 Brock M. Lutz, Missouri '58 Maurice S. Mandel, Chicago '55 Donald C. Metz, Purdue '30 John E. Meyer, Kansas '50 Donald J. Moulin, California '53 Victor T. Neff, Missouri '66 Raymond S. Noonan, Middlebury '21 John S. Shellenberger, Pennsylvania '52 Thomas E. Shultz, Rutgers '61 Mark C. Taylor, Florida '82 Robert L. Tyburski, Colgate '74 William K. Ulerich, Pennsylvania State '31 John T. Weisel, Oregon '48 Richard F. Williams, Louisville' 67 Robert G. Yingling, Jr., Missouri '62 Robert S. Youpa, Rutgers '55

The George F. Andrews Circle Gifts of $100 to $149 Frank F. Abercrombie, Rochester '28 Harold F. Abrams, Colgate '27 Horace L. Acaster, Pennsylvania '44 Robert J. Ackerman, Nebraska '50 Leland J. Adams, Bucknell '64 Robert H . Adler, Wisconsin '46 E. Daniel Albrecht, Arizona '59 J. Lockwood Albright, Indiana '32 Charles L. Allen, Michigan State '55 Joseph Allen, Jr., Michigan State '60 A. W. Altorfer, Jr., Illinois '43 Clarke Ambrose, Cornell '48 C. B. Anderson, Jr., Indiana '27 Thomas W. Anderson, Michigan State '72 Walter E. Anderson,Jr., South Carolina '84 William S. Armington, Miami '47 David S. Armstrong, California '48 Kyle G. Bach, California '81 Charles V. Bacon, Jr., Purdue '38 Douglas D. Ballou, Kansas '75 James R. Balta, Bucknell '59 William N . Banks, Jr., Dartmouth '45 Fred J. Barbian, Purdue '45 Hugh N. Barnard, Nebraska '56 John M. Barr, Miami '68 Harvey Bartle, Jr., Pennsylvania '30 Louis D. Bauer, Rutgers '65 Richard U . Bayles, Technology '63 Walter J. Beadle, Technology '20 Arnold O . Beckman, Illinois '23 Rodney F. Beckwith, Cornell '57 Curtiss L. Beebe, Washington '35 Halden M. Beers, Carnegie '35 Frank B. Beinhauer, Illinois '28 Charles S. Biggs III, Pennsylvania '55 George Blair, Miami '37 Paul J. Bodine, J r., Northwestern '50 William B. Boone, California '35 Herbert H . Boswau, Denison '55 Herbert S. Botsford, California '53 Gilbert T. Bowen, Washington '31 William W. Boyd, Northwestern '48 Wayne T. Bradfield, Indiana '31 Louis Brennesholtz, Lehigh '32 Herbert Brownell, Nebraska '24 Raymond G. Bruckman, Miami '49 Keith B. Bruening, Iowa State '80 Benjamin C. Bugbee, Michigan '37 John C. Buist, Wisconsin '53 Terry L. Bullock, Kansas State '61 Kerry H. Burg, Washington State '50 Thomas E. Burgess, Miami '61 Robert R. Burridge, Missouri '46 Wilford A. Butler, Western Michigan '61 Brian C. Campbell, San Diego '74 William L. Carter, Florida '71 Lucien Caruso, Jr., Northwestern '65 Ray L. Casterline, Northwestern '41 Richard A. Chambers, Oregon '52 John B. Chandler, Bowdoin '37 Thomas W. Cheney, Nebraska '36 Brian G. Clark, Toronto '69 James R. Clark, North Carolina '68 Addison B. Clifford, Jr., Washington '35 Raymond O. Clutter, DePauw '39 William L. Clymer, Ohio State '35 George C. Coakley, San Jose '53 Clyde S. Coffel, Illinois '28 Clement T. Cole, Carnegie '79 T. H . Conklin, Miami '29 Stephen S. Conway, Purdue '51 Mrs. Marsh Corbitt in memory of Marsh M. Corbitt, Washington ' 1 7 Philip A. Corey, Ohio State '48 DELTA UPSILON QUARTERLyo]uly, 1986

Lloyd W. Courter, Iowa '57 Harry A. Crawford, Ohio State '47 Ira D. Crews, Sr., Oklahoma State '60 Curtiss E. Crippen, Minnesota '30 Allyn J. Crofts, Jr., Purdue '47 Daniel J. Cummings, Kansas '79 James A. Cunningham, Brown '41 Robert H . Damm, Syracuse '58 Paul H. Davis, Jr., Chicago '35 Raymond S. Davis, Jr., Michigan '47 Robert J. Day, Pennsylvania State '47 Charles G. Dean, Oregon State '56 John A. Delaney, Florida '77 Lewis W. Dewey, Jr., Wisconsin '56 William R. Dillon, Kansas '78 Robert C. DiRenzo, Wisconsin '50 John W. Dodge, Marietta '43 John J. Douglas, Wisconsin '39 ThomasJ. Drumheller,Jr., Washington '29 Charles F. Dugan II, Miami '60 James H. DuMond, Jr., Pacific '66 David R. Eagleson, Miami '44 Gordon H. Eberts, McGill '60 Paul B. Edgerley, Kansas State '78 George P. Edmonds, Technology '26 John R. Ehrli,ch, Missouri '67 John J. Enders, Washington State '39 Edwin L. English, Ohio State '22 Douglas B, Eskridge, Missouri '64 Warren p, Eustis, Chicago '51 John H, Eyler, Jr., Washington '69 Mark Falb, Iowa '69 Chester F, Fee, Kansas '47 James R. Filip, Oklahoma State '63 Thomas S. Filip, Oklahoma '69 Daniel E. Fitzgerald, Purdue '49 Thomas J. Fletcher, Rutgers '75 Howard W, Folsom, Wisconsin '30 Robert H. Forney, Kansas '21 Robert G. Foy, Denison '50 William W. Franklin, California '37 p, David Franzetta, Michigan State '70 Charles H. Free, Purdue '31 C. Norman Frees, DePauw '36 Mitchell R. Fulscher, Wisconsin '65 Daniel B. Funk, Purdue '61 James P. Fusscas, Colgate '63 Ronald Gabel, Purdue '52 George L. Gaddie, Louisville '49 Marvin L. Gear, Kansas '17 F. Herbruck Geisler, Brown '29 Donald F, Gerald, Jr., Louisiana State '81 Irving Gersten, Kent State '61. John M, Gibson, Indiana '42 Lloyd G. Gillette, Alberta '54 William N. Godfrey, Miami '58 Gary J. Golden, Rutgers '74 Hugh W. Gray, Nebraska '34 Meryl B. Gray, Miami '32 R, Nathan Greene, Kansas State '58 Karl H. Griesbaum, Purdue '61 Scott D, Hahner, Rutgers '78 Frederick D. Haines, Denison '63 Gerald A. Hale, Western Michigan '52 DELTA UPSILON QUARTERLY "july,

Jay R. Hamann, Minnesota '59 John R. Hammond, Jr., DePauw '50 Loren B, Hanchett, Harvard '29 Thomas D, Hansen, Iowa State '79 Stephen F. Harbison, Stanford '65 Peter B, Harkins, North Carolina '62 Benjamin L. Harper, Indiana '54 H , Vincent Harsha, Iqwa '42 Jay A. Hathaway, Kansas State '80 H. John Hawkinson, Iowa '35 Gregory L. Haymon, Oklahoma '77 Lhoyd T. Hayward, Middlebury '23 Melvin D, Heckt, Iowa '46 Richard J. Heekin, Ohio State '35 Richard A, Hegeman, Purdue '49 James D. Hendryx, Rochester '26 Timothy R. Herbert, Iowa State '82 Benjamin F, Hoffacker, Lehigh '44 Joseph F. Hogan, Miami '48 James D. Hoggard, Massachusetts '71 John D. Holschuh, Sr., Miami '48 Edmund C. Horst, Indiana '61 R. Gregory Hougham, Illinois '72 L. Stanley Hubbard, Missouri '55 Robert C. Hunt, Nebraska '41 Harry K. Huntoon, Illinois '37 Michael W. Hurst, Technology '70 Stanly L. Iezman, Washington '70 Richard G. Jacobus, Wisconsin '51 Jamille G, Jamra, Northwestern '38 Edwin R. Jarmain, Toronto '30 G. Edward Jenison, Jr., Michigan State '56 Aldie E. Johnson, Jr., Iowa State '47 Allen R. Johnson, Pennsylvania '39 Marshall M, Johnson, Rutgers '51 O. Kepler Johnson, Jr., Kansas '52 Orville E. Johnson, Washington State '39 Clifton C, Jones, Kansas State '77 Paul A, Jones, Northern Illinois '76

William E. Jouris, Technology '61 William L. Julian, Illinois '29 William G. Kagler, Syracuse '54 Keith O. Kaneta, Washington '59 Robert D. Kayser, California '46 Stewart B. Kett, California '49 Matthew A. Klein, Cornell '71 James H. Knorr, Kansas '31 Semon E. Knudsen, Technology '36 F, W. Koester, Kansas '18 William Koester, Kansas '41 Gene Koski, New York '43 Frank B. Kreider, Carnegie '38 William C, Krommenhoek, Nebraska '57 Joseph B. Lamb, Kansas '23 Geoffrey C, Lands, Cornell '84 Joseph A, Lane, Pennsylvania State '51 Gary L. Levering, Northwestern '61 James K. Levorsen, Oklahoma '50 Robert S. Lipton , Michigan '64 W. Harry Lister, Lehigh '26 Ronald J. Litra, Bowling Green '75 Robert M, Loch, Nebraska '54 Frank Loeschner, New York '26 Charles R. Longenecker, Pennsylvania State '32


L. Alexander Lovett, Harvard '33

Vernon B. Lussky, Louisville '43 William P. Major, Colgate '26 Richard R. Mahoney, Houston '83 Wendell E. Mann, Purdue '48 Arthur J . Marion, Michigan '42 Robert J. Martin, Washington '59 David O. Mason, Michigan '57 Ralph L. Mason, Iowa State '33 Robert P. McBain, Michigan State '64 John J McCarthy, Northwestern '49 John S. McConnell, DePauw '66 R. Gordon McGovern, Brown '48 Frank C. McGrew, Nebraska '34 Donald C. McInnes, Manitoba '50 Donald L. McKelvey, Missouri '32 L. D. McKinley, Illinois '40 F. Thomas McMahon, Syracuse '52 Robert H. McNulty, Washington '61 Jeff B, Meeker, Florida '65 John W, Meyer, Wichita '77 John P. Miller, Rutgers '60 Raymond F, Miller, Purdue '22 W. Howard Miller, Colgate '27 Charles H. Mistele, Western Michigan '65 William C. Moodie, Jr., Lehigh '47 RobertJ Moore, Kansas '53 James G. Morford, Washington '51 Grayson L. Moss, Purdue '47 George E. Mueller, Jr., Florida '65 James R. Myers, Ohio State '38 Adelbert G, Neese, Purdue '36 David S. Nelson, Clarkson '69 Warren P. Nesbitt, Wisconsin '76 Robert W, Newell, DePauw '34 Donald F. Newman, Carnegie '54 Reginald B, Newman, Nor thwestern '59 George Nicolau, Michigan '48 Allen Eric Norton, South Dakota '83 Keith 0 , O'Bannon, Nebraska '50 C. Esco Obermann, Iowa '26 Paul J. Olscamp, Western Ontario '58 James W. Osborn, Iowa State '73 John R. Palmitier, Michigan State '60 James U. Pattee, Michigan State '70 Sidney W. Patterson, Dartmouth & Oklahoma '42 Harry Pawlik, North Carolina '54 Carl N. Pehlke, Purdue '49 William E. Pelton, Syracuse '63 Theodore H. Perry, Hamilton '30 W. Allen Perry, Iowa State '27 Walter R. Peterson, Washington '22 Charles A. Phillips III, Clarkson '64 Robert D. Poindexter, Oklahoma '40 Richard R. Popham, Purdue '40 William M. Poston, North Carolina '71 R. J . Provan, Alberta '71 Charles D, Prutzman, Pennsylvania State '18 Alan V. Pugh, North Carolina '73 Robert L. Purcell, Chicago '31 John W. Puth, Lehigh '52 Donald C. Rasmussen, Purdue '46 Orville H . Read, Missouri '33 Roland R. Reiche, Northwestern '42 William R. Reusing, Virginia '62 Robert H . Rice, Colgate '34 Donald L. Richardson, Washington & Lee '43 James G, Ricks, Arlington '69 Charles W. Roberts, Lehigh '2~ j.m" S. Rob,,", Flodd. '63



Richard W. Roberts, Western Ontario '55 Kenneth E. Rodgers, Oregon State '32 John W. Rogers, Miami '57 Michael E. Rohde, Texas '68 Henry B. Roth, Union '30 Daniel L. Rothrock, Washington State '69 Edwin Salisbury, Syracuse '40 Donald M. Sampson, Oklahoma '34 Samuel A. Santandrea, Rochester '56 Richard J. Schmidt, Kansas '76 F. Wayne Schooley, Iowa State '22 Neil D. Scott, Washington '24 John A. Seitz, Kansas '31 James C. Shaw, Ohio State '49 William B. Shepard, Cornell '3l William R. Shepherd, Jr., Oregon '55 John L. Sherman, San Jose '66 C. David Siegfried, Houston '79 Cassius C. Sisler, Western Reserve '46 David R. Skiff, Clarkson '69

Charles J. Slawson, Kansas '20 John R. Slothower, Nebraska '45 William S. Smeltzer, Syracuse '58 Everet F. Smith, South Carolina '83 Kirk A. Smith, Indiana '63 Rodney R. Smith , Cornell '67 Wayne C. Sommer, Miami '3l, in memory of Karl and John Nenninger David E. Sponsler, Miami '58 Richard G. Spry, Syracuse '40 J. Wesley St. Clair, Kansas '58 Wayne F. St. John , Ohio State '56 Edward J. Stephens, California '44 R. V. Stephens, Indiana '6l Roger F. Stephenson, Dartmouth '25 William B. Stephenson, Jr., Oklahoma '54 Ezra F. Stevens, Technology '27 Rudolph F. Stigberg, New York '25 William L. Stover, Carnegie '40 Paul M. Stowe, Wisconsin '28 George S. Studle, Washington State '57 Benjamin G. Symon, Missouri '26 Calvin W. Tackett, Jr., Arlington '82 Theodore T. Tanase, Michigan '63 Robert H . Tapp, Pennsylvania State '39 Michel C. Thielen, Iowa '57 Oscar L. Thomas, Ohio State '26 H. Allan Thompson, Oklahoma '65 J. Edward Tippetts, Nebraska '67 Franklyn H. Tormoen, Minnesota '30 Richard F. Torrey, Syracllse '51 Gunard C. Travaglini, Lafayette '72 L. G. Truesdell, J r., Minnesota '27 Peter A. Tuohy, Washington '53

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Peter V. Ueberroth, San Jose '59 L. Russell Ulrich, Washington '40 Harley J. Urbach, Nebraska '33 Robert J. Valdez, Nebraska '66 W. Lloyd Va nKeuren, Rutgers '09 Albert E. Varble, Purdue '50 Anthony Ventresca, Western Reserve '53 John H. Vinyard, Jr., Missouri '42 Clyde W. VonGrimmenstein, Purdue '49 Jay E. Wagner, Ohio State '45 William E. Walker, Ohio State '54 Ben T. Walkingstick, Oklahoma '52 Edward E. Waller, Jr., Oklahoma '51 Martin J. Warden, Western Ontario '50 W. D. Watkins, North Carolina '27 William A. Weir, Alberta '54 Jeffrey M. Wells, Indiana '66 J. Ralston Werum, Ohio State '42 Richard A. West, Lafayette '53 James W. Westaway, Toronto '34 Alan L. Weyhrich, Northwestern '58 Paul W. Wilke, Jr., Minnesota '50 W. Robert Wilmore, Western Reserve '46 Sewell T. Wilson, Jr., Kansas '48 Milo G. Wingard, Jr., Technology '51 Bradley K. Wolf, Kansas State '80 Michael G. Wood, Cornell '64 Samuel E. Woodyard, Washington '34 William S. Woods, U.C.L.A. '50 Harlan S. Yenne, Indiana '16 .I ack J. Yirak, Iowa State '40 John B. Young, Iowa State '28 James F. Zboyovsky, Pennsylvania State '51







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Illinois '80 - Gregory J . Hill and Miss Catherine Davis at Glen Ellyn, Illinois onJune 21, 1986. North Dakota '78 - Jon V. Bittner and Miss Joan L. Ryan at Red Wing, Minnesota on August 10, 1985. Oklahoma State '85 - Steven C. Pool and Miss Lezli Sara Cotherman at Gore, Oklahoma on December 14, 1985.

Births Alberta '76 - Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Fisher of St. Albert, Alberta, a son, Shawn Michael on August 21 , 1985. Bradley '80 - Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Owen of Clearwate r, Florida, a daughter, Stephanie Eve on February 4, 1986. British Columbia '71- Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Munroe of Vancouver, BC, a son, Christopher on February 7, 1986. British Columbia '72 - Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Acton of Vancouver, BC, a son, Keith William on February 5, 1986.


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DL' Neckties - #T200 the Crest tie with navy background and the DU crest in gold is 100% polyester for S8.50. #TlOO the DU repp stripe with black background and blue and gold accent stripes is 100'fr polyester and is $8.50. # T300 is the DUck tie of 100% silk design fea turing the gold outline 'duck on a field of navy for $20.00. Make checks payable to: DUck Wastebasket is 9" in diameter and 13" tall. Background is dark green with mounted duck print. Item #M903 for $22.95.

Eastern Kentucky '68 - Mr. and Mrs. Frederick G. Irtz II of Lexington, Kentucky, a son, Bernard Andrew on April 4, 1986. Illinois '77 - Mr. and Mrs. Fotios M. Burtzos of Denver, Colorado, a son, Alexander Rex on November II, 1985. Indiana '76 - Dr. and Mrs. Thomas O. Burns of Lafayette, Indiana, a daughter, Allison on August 31, 1985. Kansas '75 - Mr. and Mrs. Lewis D. Gregory of Wichita, Kansas, a daughter, Erin Elizabeth on April 20, 1986. Nebraska '77 - Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Hinchcliff of Omaha, Nebraska, a son, Jeffrey William on April 15, 1986. Tyler '79 - Mr. and Mrs . Gt'egg A. Burger of Law ndale, California, a daughter, Amanda Lynn on March 18, 1986.

Obituaries AMHERST James S. Miner '35, Feb. 26, 1986 CALIFORNIA Pierce Works' 18 CHICAGO George E. Watson '45 COLGATE Stephen M. Tucker '27 CORNELL John J. Fleming, Jr. '23 Henry Goebel, Jr. '34 R. Scott Shipley '69, Jan. 18, 1984 John C. Wheeler '09, Nov. 5, 1982 Warren L. Worden '29, Sept. 29, 1984 DE PAUW Elmer E. Bills ' 11, Nov. 28, 1975 Robert J. Kelly '65, Jan. 12, 1982 HARVARD Gordon A. Donaldson '3 1 INDIANA Gene P. Hinchman '40, Dec. 3, 1985 IOWA Henry N. Neuman '28, Oct. 10, 1985


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IOWA STATE George D. Frank '22 LEHIGH Charles E. Barba,Jr. '27, March 15, 1986 MARIETTA Timothy J. ShelTY '51, Jan. 18, 1985 MCGILL John G. Dodd '32,July 28,1974 MIAMI *B. N. West '52 MICHIGAN J. E. Cornelius '38, Jan. 23, 1986 MIDDLEBURY George T. Schauz '34, Feb. 9, 1986 MINNESOTA Philip Wilson '22, Dec. 12, 1985 NEW YORK *Frederick H . McKenna '22 NORTH DAKOTA Dennis E. Palmer '71, May 1985 NORTH DAKOTA STATE Eugene R. Gion '73 NORTHWESTERN Glenn M. Fellman '7 1, Oct. 1985 Willard H. Moon '46 OHIO STATE Gerald A. Donahue '52, April 14, 1986 OREGON STATE *Guy H . Butler '21 PENNSYLVANIA J ack F. Crofoot '28 PENNSYLVANIA STATE Charles F. Preston' II PURDUE Donald B. Porter '35, Dec. 12, 1985 RUTGERS Arthur R. Lord '34, March 23, 1986 Malcolm S. Pitt ' 19, March 5, 1986 SWARTHMORE H. Fenimore Baker, Jr. '19, Feb. 25,1986 Charles M. Eckman '38, April 8, 1986 J. P. Walker '28,June 22,1983 SYRACUSE PaulJ. McMackin '37, Jan. 25, 1986

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TEXAS James H. Peeples '54, April 16, 1985 TUFTS Francis J. Cahill '37 Thomas M. Lee '88, Sept. 8, 1985 UNION Harold C. Schneiderwind '35,Jan. 5, 1986 WASHINGTON Joseph C. Dyke '24, Feb. 19, 1986 Howard J. Perry' 16, Dec. 9, 1985 WASHINGTON & LEE George A. Woolfenden '42, Oct. 30, 1985 WASHINGTON STATE David J. Holms '76 WESTERN RESERVE Grover L. Severs '37, Feb. 6, 1986 WICHITA Ralph L. Cook,Jr. '62, Feb. 28,1986 WILLIAMS Lawrence Moore '20 WISCONSIN Robert S. Glassner '37 Hayden M. Pickering' 15, 1984 Samuel D. Thompson '24 *The Post Office has notified us of the death of these Brothers.

Business and Professional Directory

RESORTS On the Island ofKauai at the top of Waimea Canyon. Elevation - 3,600 ft. Furnished rental cabins $25.00 per day, restaurant, cocktail lounge, gift shop and convenience store. Wm. P. Wrixon, California '60. P. O. Box 1289, Honolulu, HI 96807.


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If order totals less than $25.00 add $1 .50 handling. Make Checks Delta Upsilon Fraternity P.O. Box 401 08 Indianapolis, IN 46240 payable to: Delta Upsilon Fraternity has selected the L.G. Balfour Company, the recognized leader in Greek Insignia, as manufacturer of these exclusive items to honor our members.


The Delta Upsilon Quarterly is the official voice of the Delta Upsilon International Fraternity.


The Delta Upsilon Quarterly is the official voice of the Delta Upsilon International Fraternity.