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Renaissance '75 is Theme for Convention Special Fold-Out Rushing Poster Alumni Honor Roll Sets New Record of Loyalty

July, 1975

GJ)ELTA G[jPSIWl'{ - - - QUARTERLY =:::::=::::::::::

PRES DE T'S REPORT after-hours sessions providing the real spark needed to start many chaptots off in the right direction this fall. Year-Round Rush Successful Some DU chapters are doing so well with year-round rushing that they have completed their rush activities and secured their pledge class for fall by the end of the spring term. Others will be making good use of summer rushing periods, and we are encouraging that approach. Alumni can be very helpful in providing their homes :lnd cottages for rushing activities and many are doing just that. Pledgings Show Increase At the end of the school year there are several notable and encouraging developments to be shared with you on the progress and activities of YOUir fraternity. Now that colleges have closed their spring terms, the efforts of the staff and officers are occupied with the plans for the leadership conference and convention. Leadership Conference Continuing last year's trend, early registrations for the leadership conference and convention indicate that there will be more chapter officers from a larger number of DU chapters in attendance. Recently there have been more officers and directors from the International Fraternity who have participated in this vital educational and legislative experience as well. Delta Upsilon is one of a very few fraternities that provides both transpmtation reimbursement and on-site expenses for chapter delegates on an annual basis for this kind of leadership seminar. The most valuable part of the leadership conference will be the opportunity for undergraduates and alumni from all over North America to exchange ideas. Even with a very tight schedule, there will be many

While we do not have final yearend figures as this report is being written, the increase in the number of men pledged by our chapters is most encouraging. Delta Upsilon's income is derived basically from pledge and initiation fees, alumni ~iupport contributions, and our rather meagre endowment, the trust fund. Strong rushing and initiation efforts of our undergraduate chapters have increased the amount of income we receive from fees, alumni support has been steady; but it is noticeable that our endowment trust fund has not been (Trowing as a result of alumni gifts and bequests.


Alumni Bequests Important i\l1 of our members have benefitted from the efficiency produced by the permanent headquarters building in Indianapolis. This building was erected entirely from the proceeds of a residual bequest from Brother Lester E. Cox, Pennsylvania '98. Weare all the beneficiaries of his feeling and interest in Delta Upsilon. While not all members are financially able to leave such a substantial bequest to advance the leadership development activities of the fraternity, there are many who,

if reminded of the need have the interest and financial ability to leave something to Delta Upsilon, either through a direct or residual bequest. All members are urged to keep this in mind. An appropriate form of bequest would be: "I hereby give, devise and bequeath to Delta Upsilon Fraternity, a corporation, with International Headquarters at Post Office Box 40108, Indianapolis, Indiana 46240, the sum of $. . . . . . . . .. or the following descn'b ed property: ...... .. .... ." Any of the officers, directors, staff, or the fraternity legal counsel, Brother Howard Kahlenbeck, will be pleased to provide you with information on fraternity bequests. More alumni should also consider giving to the annual alumni support program. The honor roll of contributors is listed in this issue, and our new appeal will be in the mails next month to coincide with the start of the school year. Conditions for Growth Current economic conditions bring some conceJrn about the implications for fraternities and their members. The undergraduate committee is continuing to carefully review the growth program of the fraternity in an attempt to select only those sites where there is enrollment growth or stability. While the development of new chapters and colonies always brings some problems, the assimilation of those chapters into the fraternity benefits Delta Upsilon in every way. Both the older established chapters and the new ones benefit from their association with each other and the development of program reflecting our four founding principles. Yours fraternally,


July, 1975

Volume 93

Number 3 . ,

PRESIDENT-W. D. Watkins, North Carolina '27, (Vice-Chairman) Bo,. 355, Libertl/, North Carolina 27298 CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD-O. Edward Pollock, Virginia '51, Vice-President and Director of Student Services, Wright State Universitl/, Colonel GI.n.. Highway, Dal/ton, Ohio 45431 VICE-PRESIDENTSBertel W. Antell, Co .....11 '28, On. Pi.rr.pont Street, Brooklyn, New York 11201 S. Ross Johnson, British Columbia '52, 1312 Cleav.r Drive, Oakville, Ontario L6J 1W4 J. Paul McNamara, Miami '29, 88 E. Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215 SECRETARY-Howard Kahlenbeck, Jr., Indiana '52, Krieg DeVault Ale,.ander & Capehart, 2860 Indiana National Bank Tower. One Indiana Square, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204 TREASURER-Dennis H. Cheatham, Indiana '65, Pendleton Banking Company, 100 State Street, Pendleton, Indiana 46064 ASSISTANT T REA SUR ER-Donald C. Rasmussen, Purdue '46, F. S. Moseley, Estabrook Inc., Suite 2830, One Indiana Square, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

DIRECTORS Terry L. Bullock, Kansas State '61, Cosgrove, Webb and Oman, Suite 1100, First National Ban/, Tower, Topeka, Kansas 66603 (1975) Frederick R. Ford, Purdue '58, 2729 Covington, West Lafayette, Indiana 47906 (1976) Craig J. Franz, Bucknell' '75, Delta Upsilon Fraternity, Buclcnell University, Let{Jisburg, Pennsylvania 17837 (1975)


GflELTAG[fPSIWl{ QUARTERLY In this action-packed issue you will find all but three chapters reporting in a section which begins on page 52; our record-breaking honor roll of alumni supporting brothers on page 61; a striking supergraphics interpretation of the Delta Upsilon experience for summer rushing in pull-out poster format by DU artist J. L. LeMaster on pages 63 and 64; Convention and Leadership Conference story which joins the books' section on p路a ge 50; the directory and. report on our alumni recruitment and involvement efforts on page 75. Regular features this issue are: President's Report on the inside front cover; Comment on Fraternity on page 51; and vital statistics on page 74. In the next issue: alumni newsmakers feature will return; we'll have a report on Convention awards; the fraternity financial highlights; and a look at the school year ahead. ON THE COVER: William R. Gray, Bucknell '68, pauses on his journey along the Pacific Crest Trail to gather huckleberries beneath Lichtenberg Mountain in central Washington. Gray describes his experiences in hiking the trail in California, Oregon and WasMngton in the new National Geographic Society book, "The Pacific Crest Trail" which is featured in the books' column in this issue.

DEADLINE FOR OCTOBER ISSUE: Articles and news items are due August 1, 1975. Chapter letters and photographs for January 1976 are due October 1, 1975.

David Nelson, Northwestern '63, IBM Corporation, One IBM Plaza, #10-088 . Chicago, Illinois 60611 (1976)

PAST PRESIDENTS J. Arthur Clark, Q. C., Esq., Toronto '06 Horace G. Nichol, Carnegie '21 Marsh M. Corbitt, Wa.hington '17 William F. Jones, Nebra.ka '27 Arad Riggs, DePauw '26 Charles D. Prutzman, Pen... State '18 Henry A. Federa, Louis1JiUe '37 Harry W. McCobb, Michigan '25 Orville H. Read, Missouri '33

QUARTERLY EDITOR: W . A. Butler, Jr., CAE, Western Michigan '61

Charles F. Jennings, Marietta '31 James C. McLeod, Middlebury '26


QUARTERLY ASSISTANT EDITOR: J 0 Ellen Walden DELTA UPSILON QUARTERLY a publication of the Delta Upsilon Fraternity, founded 1834, Incorporated, December 10, 1909, under the laws of the State of New York.

Executive Secretary Wilford A. Butler, Jr., CAE Assistant to the E~ecuti1Je Secretary David N. Novelli

Delta Upsilon International Fraternity Headquarters, Post Office Box 40108, Indianapolis, Indiana 46240.

Leadership Consultants Gary J. Golden Lewis D. Gregory Robert L. Tyburski

Headquarters is open from 9 :00 to 5 :00 p.m., E.S.T., Monday through Friday. Message service operates when Headquarters is closed and on weekends. Telephone: 317-293-8926.

DELTA UPSILON QUARTERLY is publi shed in January, April; July, and October at 100 North Pine Street. Seymour, Indiana 47274 . The subscription price (check s and money orders should be made payable to Delta Upsilon Fraternity) is l拢3.00 a year in advance; single copies 75c. Send changes of address and correspondence of a business or e ditorial nature to Delta UvsiJon Fraternity, P.O. Box 40108, Indianapolis , Indiana 46240. Second-class postage paid at Seymour. Indiana, <!!I T .M. Registered U.S. Patent Office.




* AUGUST 21-23, 1975

Taking as its theme "Renai路s sance '75, You Can Make It Happen," the 141st Leadership Conference and Convention of the fraternity opens in Indianapolis on August 21st. An extensive series of pre-conference and special chapter interviews is scheduled for the opening day of the educational conference for chapter lead2rs. Reporting on the state of the fratelrnity will be Brothers O. Edward Pollock, Chairman of the BOiard; W. D. Watkins, President; Dennis H . Cheatham, Treasurer; and Executive Secretary Butler. Members of the Undergraduate Activities Committee, chaired by Terry L. Bullack have been at wark since the last Leadership Conference ended, to make the program rewarding and useful to each chapter in attendance. The undergraduate legislative body, the Canvention, will meet on Friday evening, and the flexible schedule provides ample time for the necessary business to come befare the fraternity. Concluding activities on Saturday will include a variety of mini-seminars on practical, chapter operating problems, a time management presentatian, and the cancluding awards luncheon. The -tentative schedule of events is inclu(ied below. Undergraduate delegates and alternates have recehed registration information and will receive additional mailings throughout the summer. Alumni needing registration OIl' information on housing are asked to write the fraternity headquarters on or before July 15, 1975, as space is limited. 141st International Leadership Conference and Canvention Stouffer's Indianapolis Inn/August 21-23, 1975

Tours of DU Headquarters begin-8705 Founders Road Mini-Seminar Highlights-Rushing, 3 :30 - 4 :30 p.m. Membership Development, Mini-Seminar II Finances 4 :30 - 5 :30 p.m. 4 :00 - 5 :30 p.m. *Program Discussion for Chapters Without Houses ':'Committee on Standards Mooting 6 :15 p.m. 8:00-10:45 p.m. Opening Convention ConvocationWindsor Ballroom Committees Meeting-10:45-11:45 p.m. Convention Windsor Ballroom 2 :30 - 4 :00 p.m.

Friday, August 2.'3, 1975 7 :30 - 8 :30 a.m. Buffet Breakfast 7 :30 - 8 :30 a.m. ':'Leadership Cansultant's Interest Breakfast. (See any staff member if you wish to attend) 9:00-11:00 a.m. Leadership Seminars begin 11 :00 -11 :15 a.m. Coffee break 11:15 -12:15 p.m. Leadership Seminars continue Career Seminar Luncheon 12 :30 -1 :45 p.m. Career Seminar 2:00 - 3 :40 p.m. Leadership Seminars continue 3 :45 - 5 :45 p.m. Optional Province Meetings (Prov5:45-6:45 p.m. inces meeting to be announced) Pool break 5 :45 - 6 :45 p .m. Buffet Dinner 7:00-8:30 p.m. Opening Canvention Session 8:30 p.m. 8 :30 - 10.45 p.m. Colony /Petitioners Seminar Immediately following the Conventionsessian there will be a brief meeting for hast chapters for the 1976 Regional Leadership Seminars at the front of the Canvention hall.

(* Asterisk indicates invitational events)

Thursday, August 21, '1975 11 :00 a.m. ':'Early Registration for Canadian Conference 11 :45 - 2:30 p.m. ':'Canadian Conference 2:0.0 - 5 :00 p.m. *Province Governors Seminar 11:30 - 5:00 p.m. Chapter Interviews-by appointment 1 :30 p.m. Registration begins-Windsor Foyer Orchard af Ideas opens-Windsor Foyer

Delta Upsilon Bookshelf books by and about brothers The Pacific Crest Trail, William R. Gray, Bucknell '68, photographed by Sam Abell, National Geographic Society, 1975. During seven months of hiking, from the Mexican border to Canada, Will Gray, Bucknell '68, traversed 1,6路00 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail. The trail winds 2,400 miles through Oalifornia, Oregon and Washington; though seCltions of it are nat yet complete. Less than fifty people have hiked the entire length of the Pacific Crest. Along with Will's descriptions of his experiences during the 7-month hike, he relates stories of days gone by about the areas thraugh which he passes. He alsa tells af the many interesting people he meets on the trail and of the things he learns about the 00untry from the people.


Saturday, August 7:00 - 8:00 a.m. 8 :30 - 9 :20 a.m. 9 :25 - 11 :00 a.m. 9 :25 - 11 :00 a.m. 11:00-12:00 noon 12:00-2:00 p.m. 2:15-2:30 p.m.

He talks with a rancher disturbed that hiking trails may bring in too many people and upset his cattle grazing areas; he attends a wilderness wedding where guests either hike in or ride horseback several miles to the ceremony; he watche-s a demons路tration on netting salmon by a Karok Indian; and gets lessons on exploring the wilderness in winter from Gunar Vatvedt, a cross-country skier. Many times as he was hiking along the trail, Will and his companions wauld meet other hiliers who would then travel with them for several days before going their own way. He tells of the sharing of experiences that makes these strangers inta fast friends, never to be forgotten. The author describes the diversity of the country through which he passes an his hike, fram the deserts af Southern California to the snowcavered mountains of Washington. His descriptive narrative af adventure is illustrated by pages of vivid color photagraphs taken by his hiking companion, Sam Abell. Stories and pictures leave the images of the trail in the reader's mind.

23, 1975

Continental Breakfast The Time of Y oiirLife Leadership Seminars conclude Colony /Petitioners Seminar conclude Checkout Concluding Awards Luncheon Reimbursement Checks Distributed to Chapter Delegates Other -books briefly mentioned A Generation of Peace, W. D. Ehrhart, Swarthmore '73, -New Voices Publishing Campany, $5.00. A Gene7'ation of Peace is a collection of poems by ex-Marine Ehrhart and many of the poems deal with his experience.s in Vietnam. Brother Ehrhart, who has served as a seaman 011 Irish and American merchant ships and war ked in construction, is currently a legal assistant far the Pennsylvania Department af Justice. Part II of his boak afpoems broadens his viewpoint to encompass a wide range af emotional experiences. Ab7'aham Lincoln: Port7'ait of a Speaker, Earl W. Wiley, Unian '08, Vintage Press, $7.50. Abraham Lincoln's speaking career has been comprehensively analyzed by Brather Wiley, who taught speech and English at Ohio State University for more than forty years. His biogTaphy is devoted to Lincoln's genius with the spoken word, and shows the evalution from the course and awkward language af his early political gatherings to the excellent debater he became.


July, 1975

Comment on Fraternity

Some Very Important Brothers They came to the fraternity headquarters in Indianapolis on a Saturday morning not so long ago, five dejected undergraduates from a struggling, .dying chapter. They were bringing back the chapter charter because they couldn't seem to make a "good fraternity." Two of us spent seven hours with them, listening mostly, encouraging them to tell us what kind of a DU chapter they wanted. They wanted a chapter with a reputation for excellence, with brothers they would be proud to introduce to their parents and friends. They wanted more feeling of responsibility and brotherhood. When we finished, they returned to their campus, having defined some goals for the first time. They put up a sign over the fireplace listing their five objectives for chapter improvement. Not too surprisingly, there was a new spirit of determination which replaced the aimless feeling of apathy and indifference. With some help from a handful of alumni, the field staff, and lots . of hard work, they began to recover. You may think that this is an unusual story, but it isn't. A dozen times a year we are able to save a Delta Upsilon chapter from disaster, and it may be your chapter next. No, we don't have a perfect batting average, and there are some chapters so far gone that nothing can save them, but we keep trying new approaches. A rather considerable section of this issue of the Quarte1-ly is devoted to recognizing the importance of the generosity of Brothers who have given to the alumni support appeal this year. We know there are many others who could and should consider this vital means of helping their chapter and the fraternity. Did you realize that alumni support this year equaled the cost of producing and mailing this magazine? Without that help we would have been forced to a limited subscription policy, newspaper format, or fewer pages. There would be no field staff help for many chapters, no annual leadership conference or regional seminar program without alumni ~upport dollars. Some months ago, an undergraduate-graduate planning committee completed the first phase of a long-range study about the future of fraternities and Delta Upsilon's role in that future. Now, another future directions group is studying some of the alternatives we must consider if we are to maintain a legacy of leadership. Almost all of their recommendations are certain to require new infusions of cash in order to make them a reality. Many of the things we would like to accomplish and have already identified as important to the well being of the fraternity are stalled for lack of funds. Alumni support really does bridge the gap between our budget limitations (undergraduate fees and endowment) and some of your expectations about what Delta Upsilon is and should be ... now and in the future. That's why I think that our honor roll of alumni support members contains the names of some very important brothers. Won't you join them and me today by writing your check for next year's alumni support (1975-'76 school year) now, and mailing it to give us a head start on what looks like a great and challenging year. Fraternally yours,


July, 1975



~ "".;"








Alberta With this university year and the 40th anniversary year of Ddta Upsilon on campus quickly coming to a close, the Alberta Chapter of Delta Upsilon looks back on the year with satisfaction and looks forward to 1975-'76 with great anticipation. W e initiated 14 m en to our chapter in January and we have great pledge expections for n ext year. In March we installed our n ew exeClltive, comprised of two former executiv>~ members Mike Spelliscy, president; Greg Lefebre, vice-president; and three enthusiatic new members Brent P erry, treasurer; Brian Allen , secretary; and Bill Fowlis, chapter relations secretary. The D .U.'s maintained their high standards in athletics again this year. In intramurals Owe were the number one fraternity on campus, >a ttaining more points than all other fraternities. Among all 33 intramural units, we finished in eighth position. In I.F.C. sports, for the second year in a row, we won the football crown. On January 19, we held an alumni homecoming to celebrate the Alberta Chapter's 40th anniversary. Our 40th Annual Fonnal Dinner and Dance was held on March 15. W e would like to thank our alumni who attended all these events for their support. As always our house will be open all summer and anyone in the Edmonton area is invited to drop by and stay awhile. ''''e would enjoy having vistors.

Bill Fowlis

Arlington The Arlington Chapter has experienced a most productive spring semester. The brothers put forth an excellent effort ea rly in the semester, and found 21 new men as pledges. This turned out to be the largest pledge class taken by a fraternity on campus. Our intramural teams have made a good showing, as the basketball team won the fraternity title, and came in second in the university playoffs. With track and softball results yet to come D .U . Arlington >is in close running for first place.


'\,\ ,')t




The Chapter remains well diversified throughout the campus. Several of the brothers compete on university teams ranging from football to track. Brothel> Jeff Garner has just been elected Mr. U.T.A., and Jim Plog is now president of our I . F. C. Also two of the brothers are cheerleaders for U.T.A. In scholarship, the Chapter missed the trophy by a fraction of a point. Spring activities included the annual canoe trip, held this year on the Guadalupe river; the Spring Festival h eld each year to sum up Greek vVeek on campus; the Awards Banquet, the Sam Dick Golf Classic with alumni and undergraduate competition; and to sum up the Spring Semester a party the last day of finals.

BRADLEY-Brothers Parks, Leonard, Ambmsch, Harczak, Lee, Tague, and Kotlick team up for some fun at a chapter skating party.

Andy Broker

Bradley Bowling Green As the fa 11 quarter came to a close, the D.U.'s came out on top by winning their league of hockey and finishing strong in soccer and football. The winter quarter also looks promising with our winning the first two curling matches as well as handball. Our Homecoming turned out to be a huge success with a good turnout of >a lumni. It was a catered affair with dancing and live entertainment. During the festivities and as part of our 25th year celebration, we made two presentations of awards; one for Most Outstanding> Alumnus to Jeffery May and Most Active Alumnus to Al Noaker. We would like to extend our thanks to them for their support and interest. So far this academic year we have acquired 13 new pledges of which three have been initiated already: Pete Sinewe, Andy Jones, and Kevin Cooper, This, our 25th year, is fast maturing as one of the best years we have had and mu ch more is yet to come with spring and the onset of our Rooeformal, spor ts activities, and Bike Race. The D. U. Bike Race, which is the oldest and biggest greek event on campus, was held this spring on April 26th. All alumni and members enjoyed both the race and the party afterwards. Donald M. Goga

The DU's at>Bradley have been builtling another good semester. Starting the semester with the largest house on campus, the brothers have been contributing greatly to the total campus community. In athletics, Rob Loomis, captain of the Bradley swim team, has >completed an extraordinary school career. Rick Popillo, Glenn Giesel, Frank Leonard, Tony Brocato, Steve Chernick, and Steve Page are a necessity to a successful Bradley track effort. Don Patton and Tom Ambrosch also hope to continue their golfing excellence. Veteran varsity tennis players Jay Morgan and Alan Goeppinger look forward to another fme season. Along with Bradley's sports efforts, the chapter has accomplished much in interfraternity sports. DU was fourth in both IFC basketball and IFC bowling. Besides athletics, we are also developing better faculty and community relations. We plan to have regular faculty guests at dinner and teas. This will be highlighted by an all-faculty tea in honor of our faculty advisor, Dr. Brune. Although the Bradley Chapter is contributing to campus and the community, we have also been strengthening the brotherhood within . All in all, the Bradley chapter appears to be on the threshold to the fulfillment of all > the high standards of Delta Upsilon.

Michael }. Tague


July, 1975

Bucknell The Demosthenean Chapter of Bucknell began its spring semester with the complete renovation if its living room _ The brotherhood did a great deal of the work themselves to help save money for the much needed paint and furniture_ Contributions were made by a number of alumni.

this opportunity to acquaint them with our recent developments and to assure them that we are growing larger, better, and more fraternal with every group of new initiates. We are hoping that we wiII gradually renew contact with many alumni who have felt somewhat alienated from us through the years. ''''e are continuously receiving letters of encouragement. We are also very happy that many a'l umni have been able to attend Spring Carnival-helping us to celebrate the occasion as 'IV-ell as enabling us to meet some of our chapter's almost one thou sand brothers. Claire Lee

Central Missouri BUCKNELL-The livingroom is shown after an extensive renovation project reported in the January issue ot the Quarterly. The Demies are keeping up their fine .tradition of high scholastic and a.thletic achievement. Doug Deal, a senior, has been elected to the Business Honorary society and the house maintained a high overall G.P.A. With the house already high in intl'amural standing, the bowling, basketball, and volleyball teams put up good battles for first place. No year can be without the Demie Play. For our 60th anniversary the brotherhood put on that great classic "The Wizard of Oz." With excellent direction and great performances by the brothers, it turned out to be one of our best. The Demies were able to donate some $300 to the March of Dimes from contributions made at the door. The pledge program has proved successful in its revised form, allowing for more class participation in service projects. We are proud to admit the addition of 2 new pledges to the already large pledge class taken in the fall. They are Bob Ackerman and Joe McLaughlin. Ray Fen'i

California No letter received_

Carnegie With an increase of over one hundred percent in membership since last year, the Carnegie Chapter has a greater sense of identity as a living and true fraternal soci\!ty. We are striving daily to better om' governmental organization, to increase our campus visibility and activeness; and most importantly, to develop closer fratel'nal ties within our own chapter. With the combined efforts of 13 brothers and 3 pledges, the chapter has made itself a notable part of Spring Carnival-with both our individua'l booth and buggy. As a part of the festival prepal'ations we have sent newsletters al1d invitations to our alumni in the U.S. and throughout the world. We have taken , DELTA UPSILON QUARTERLY'

The 1974-'75 school year has been quite prosperous in all fields of activities for the men of Delta Upsilon of the Central Missouri State chapter. The brothers have proven that fraternitv life can enhance their scholastic ability and it appears quite evident in the ratings of the "Winter Term" grade points. Delta Upsilon rated second highest of the fifteen greek organizations on campus, This year our annual money-making project which has been our softball tournament, has been named in honor of Tom White, a founding father of our chapter ,who passed away last year. All proceeds were directed towards a Music Scholarship Fund which was reinforced bv our alumni association. . In order to maintain a complete tran-' sition of knowledge between both facuIty and brothers, we have developed a condensed monthly summary ,of events and meetings and present this report to the Dean of Men on campus. It is a unique method of keeping a close contact. \Vith the year coming to a close, there are many arrangements for the upcoming year to be made especially in the field of rush . Jerry Lawo

Chicago The Chicago Chapter of DU is once again looking forward to a busy and eventful year. In a joint effort made by alumni and current house members, we redid the inside of the building - painting, sanding, etc., and cleaned out the basement thoroughly in order to give us more party space. We have an enthusiastic and closely knit pledge class, adding much to the fraternal atmosphere of the house. Our president, S. Honigfeld, is doing a gqod job of maintaining alumni relations. We are looking forward to the upcoming Intra-Fraternity Sing as a good means by which we can further the alumni/current member cohesion. Our members are active in a wide range of areas, from biological research to theater, making us a well-rounded group. Although the Sunday dinners of previous years are becoming less fre quent, we have 'high hopes of reviving this popular custom.

July, 1975

We of the Chicago Chapter are thus looking forward to a very good year and would like to wish our Brothers the best of luck for a happy and meaningful year. Steve Honigfeld

Clarkson As another school term ends, the brothers of the Clarkson Chapter can look back with satisfaction and forward with confidence. The acceptance of twenty-one pledges this spring a~sures us that Delta Upsilon wiII remain one of the strongest houses on campus. . Many accomplishments, both large and small, have ch<tracterized the brotherhood this year. One of our hardest ,e fforts was rewarded with first place in men's overall competition for Ice Carnival this year. Also, our charity hockey game realized over two hundred dollars which was donated to the Potsdam Neighborhood Center. Recently numerous brothers were inducted into scholastic honorary fraternities bringing the number of brothers in honoraries to an impressive total. This is evidence that here at Clarkson }Ve stress education as our foremost goal. Improvements to the house continue with a steady pace as brothers are constantly working to better its appearance. Over Christmas break the living room was redecorated with new curtains, fresh paint, and minor reconstruction to the fireplace . RobeTt J. Gan-ett

Colby Since the last issue of the QUal'te1'ly, Colby's D.U. has accomplished several things of merit. Under the direction of Brother Nate Winstanley, the house pulled together and erected a 14' Mickey Mouse backed by a giant Magic Kingdom, and entered the beast in the SnOII' Sculpture Contest during the first Winter Carnival at Colby in eight years. Although Mickey only placed third in the contest, he far and away captured the popular vote of the students on campus. The brothers of the house also participated in intramural skiing and toboggan events that occurred during the Winter Carnival weekend. Another admirable feat took place, as the Colby Chapter placed number one in academic standings between all fraternities on campus for the first semester. This is the first time this has occurred in our history. Our intramural basketball and hockey teams also finished their respective seasons in the top standings. The basketball team reached the quarter finals of the playoffs, while the hockey team finished first in their overall finals Philip T. Gledhill

Colgate This spring, the Colgate pledged a class of 30. The extremely pleased with this enthusiasm and devotion to evident.

Chapter has Brothers are class as their the house is


The physical plant of the fraternity is sound, and due to a weekend in which all the brothers contributed extra time to repairing both the inside and outside, the house was ready for our three consecutive social weekends, Spring P'!rty, Parents and Alumni. Our financial situati"on was good enough to completely reupholster our livingroom furniture. The Colgate Chapter has maintained its dominance in spring sports as we have brothers who are starting on all the tearils. Jeff Grossman, the Tennis 'Team Captain, set a Colgate record for, total number of wins, the previous record being 49. Jim Gregory, a junior, has been named co-captain of the Raiders Football Team next year. The Colgate D.U. has more starters on the team than any other living unit. Academically, our fraternity has maintained its excellance as many brothers were selected this semester for the Dean's List. Victor Nannini

Colorado No letter received.

Cornell Recent elections at DU produced an entirely new executive group. The new officers are as follows: President-Frank Tataseo, Vice President - Don Sussman, Treasurer-Mike Slovak, Steward-John Reyelt, Rush Chairmen-Tim LaBeau and Scott Semple, House Manager-Mike Liepke, and Social Chairman, Scott Keenum. The retiring officers deserve commendation for their work in maintaining DU's high standing. Pledge Master J 9hn Halloran is presently directing the new pledges through their pre-initiation functions. The hearty crop of twenty-six pledges will be initiated on Sunday April 13. The parents of the brothers, as well as those of the pledges, have been invited to DU for the initiation as part of Parents Weekend . The weekend will be highlighted by Casino Night on Saturday April 12 and the initiation ceremonies on Sunday. D .U. maintained its high scholastic standing in the fall semester for 1974. The cumulative average for all the

brothers was 2.82_ High honors went to George Dentes and Pete Donofrio with 3.69 and 3,68 averages respectively. Our chapter is currently undergoing some major house improvements. We have purchased a new rug for the Great Hall and the stairway is also newly carpeted. The pledge class will soon repaint the halls, foyer, and recreation room, We extend our sincere thanks to the alumni for their support in these Duane Phillips

Creighton The Creighton Chapter has been very busy this past semester. We still have the highest grade point average of all Creighton fraternities and sororities. ·In intramural basketball the ou team had its best season ever, placing seventh in the fraternity league. Due to Creighton's "delayed rush system" a big emphasis was put on rush this semester. During the seventeen-day rush period we held seven parties. More than four hpndred people attended each of our majar rush parties. We also had two smokers to get to know the rushees. We ended up with the third largest pledge class among the Creighton fraternities. Fifteen of our twenty-four pledges were initiated in April. The ceremony was open to administrators, parents, sororities, fraternities, and friends. Brothers Bob Tyburski, Colgate '74, and Paul Tresleau, Kansas '60, gave charges. Those who were initiated were Camilo Alba, John Amick, Terry Cudahy, Larry Donovan, Dan Kelly, Joh Kennedy, Bill Kunkel, Terry Moore, Paul Verdi, and Pete Verdi. John Amick was chosen hy the undergraduate brothers as the best pledge. The Chapter is looking forward to an even better year next year and we are already planning our entire calendar. Steve Palmer

Dayton The ' Day ton Chapter started the spring semester ,with the .e lection of new officers. They are, Ray Atkin, President; Kevin Rickert, Vice-President; Jack Corrigan, ' Treasurer; Tom Radzaminski, Recording Secretary; and Chuck Calhoun,

Corresponding Secretary. Our Chapter will be assured .of continued growth and prosperity under the leadership of these young men. Our spring pledge class was samewhat small despite the well coordinated rush program organized by Chairman Joe Luke. Congratulations to our newest brothers Jim Meston, Bob Scarzella and R , J. Schnell. A large number of alumni returned to Dayton for the Sth 'Annual Greek Ball. It was a pleasure to' have some of the 'older' brothers back for the event. As the school year draws to a close, the brothers reflect on the past year with many fand memories and accomplishments but we anticipate many more in the future. Chuck Calhoun

Delaware The Delaware Chapter started 1975 with the installation of its newly elected officers. Gary Levy took over the presidency and Mike Reinhold filled the vicepresident's position. The secretary's duties were taken .over by Mike Stiers, Glenn Christman was re-elected treasurer, arid Dave Garfield filled the chapter rela tions secretary posi tion . Renewed alumni support has be~n prevalent throughout the year. Jim Slack, Fran Strazzela, and Stan Wozniak have worked hard to increase the number of active alumni. This resulted in renewed spirit and vigor in the brotherhood. D.U . Delaware's social life is definitely an the rise. The alumni party was a big success. Other events included our Founders' Day celebration, Spring Weekend, a picnic, and a road rally. D. U. Delaware has continued to maintain its good scholastic record, having one of the highest overall grade point averages of all campus organizations_ Delaware Chapter encourages all alumni to visit our house and attend our functions. Recent alumni support has helped the chapter immensely. In the future cantinued alumni support will be of great impartance for the grawth of D. U. Delaware. David Garfield



COLBY-A 14-[oot snow sculpt·ure Of Mickey Mouse and his Magic Kingdom won the Chapter third place in the Winter Carnival contest.


The Denisan Chapter of Delta Upsilon enjoyed a banner year during the 1974-'75 school year. Highlighted by personal achievement as well as house unity unmatched in previous years, the Denison Chapter was definitely the place to be on ' campus. As far as athletits were concerned, the senior class of D.U. was tap-rated. Brother Rith Simeone captained the foothall -team and led the team in rushing and scoring. Greg Lamb led the soccer team to' an impressive season while ~'eceiving All-State laurels in the process. Off the field activities were by no means ignored either as Dave Stafford and B'o b Runek were involved in variaus community activities.


July, 1975

The house has traditionally been known for its outstanding formal parties and this year was no exception. One of the highlights of the year was Pledge Formal.

GelTy Martinko

DePauw The DePauw Chapter began the 19741975 campaign with a pledge class of 22 . This was the largest pledge class taken , in the last five years. A special tlianks should be extended to the rush chairmen: Brother Bruce Sampson, Brother Tom Sheasby, and Brother Ben Campbell. The chapter was blessed with vars}ty athletes' in every season: Tom Sheasby, soccer; Greg Conner, cross country and track; Mike Luegars, basketball; Dan Marotz, baseball; and Rusty Wells, golf. Although the year was plagued with difficulties and internal strife, things are working out thanks to the leadership of President Ben Campbell, Vice-Presidfnt Greg Greenwood, and others. We have high hopes that the DePauw Chapter will be another DU success story. Our officers for next year will be President-~'en Campbell, Vice-President-Tom Sheasby, Secretary-Peter Zukoski, Treasurer-Bruce Sampson, and House Manager-John Da,;:is. We urge all alumni to contact: ' J. Benjamin Campbell, II, President, at his home address, 1104 South Third Street, Boonville, Indiana 47601. Your interest and support is both desired and needed. We are planning an alumni day for some time early next fall. I

Kim Stewart

Eastern Kentucky The brothers of Eastern Kentucky University are experiencing our strongest year ever. The D. U.'s were right at the top this spring semester with eight inspired pledges bringing the total number of pledges this year to twenty-one. T):J.e new pledges include: David Smith, Gary Bullen, Dwight Justice, Tim Dixon, Doug Anderson, Bill Simpkins, Elbert Dale Blackburn, and Kevin McAnallen. In athletics the D.U.'s topped off an exciting basketball season defeating a powerful first place team. Brother Kevin Duke aIso won the inter-fraternity weight lifting competition. We will be strong in softball and soccer as the spring' sports season rolls around. In December we held the election of officers: David Csonka, president; Jack Burgess, vice-president; Dan Harney, treasurer; Richard Spille, recording secretary; Ja'y White, corresponding secr,etary; Randy Zombiel, rush chairman. . We are preparing for a large turnout for our annual spring formal in April. In closing, we would like to wish all the brothers the best of luck in the remaining school year and a very enjoyable summer.


Florida "Action packed" are the two best words to describe the Spring Quarter for the Florida Chapter. The Florida Chapter will have two initiations, a camping trip, beach party, lake party, two neophyte weekends, and finally the annual D.U. weekend. Weekend this year will be at the White Hall Inn - in Daytona Beach. But Spring Quarter isn't the only thing that's happened' to the Florida Chapter. This Winter Quarter we saw one of the best initiations in years. Robert Moore, '61, was awarded Alumnus of the Year and Mark Moreno, ,from Tampa, was unanimously voted by the brothers and pledges as best brother. February 22 former Province Four Governor Jay Gilchrist attended his last function as governor when he attended a Sunday banquet in his honor. He was awarded a plaque for his services. Winter Quarter grades are going to be very high; high enough to put us back in the top five fraternities academically.

Fresno With the coming of spring, the Fresno Chapter of Delta Upsilon is actively seeking improvement in all aspects of fraternity living. A tremendous amount of enthusiasm and persona:l involvement has started a new spirit among our brothers by the obtainment of a house after two and a half years. Though many delays and postponements have been encountered, we have finally moved into our house. 'oVe our proud to be in our new house and extend an open invitation to all brothers visiting in the area to drop in, take a look, and stay awhile. This semester looks like a strong one with the elections of a top rate group of officers. They are: Sam Chavez, president; J. R. Ruelas, vice-president; Larry Schmidt, secretary; Dale Carlson, treasurer; Chuck Niehus, pledge educator; and Mitch Nakashima, chapter relations secretary. The main events for the spring are the Annual Alumn'i Golf Tournament, Baseball Trip, Little Sister Day, Little Sister Shanghai, Sweetheart Formal, Installation Dinner, and Initiation. Again we would like to extend an invitation to all brothers to visit our new house and we are looking forward to seeing everyone at our events.

Mitchell Nakashima

Georgia Tech Winter 1975 was an eventful quarter for the Georgia Tech Chapter. Rush efforts saw: four new men pledged, bringing the initiation class for spring to a total of six' men. January was the previous initiation of brothers , and those in that class were: Abraham Martinez, Roy J. Fehlandt; Samuel A. Flax, Timothy C. Brasel, and Robert E. Whidby. Alumnus Dennis, P. Merton was recognized by the chapter as Alumnus of

July, 1975

the Year 1975 at the annual Winter Formal. Undergraduates were also recognized for their contributions to the chapter with a series of awards. The sports scene for Winter '75 was highlighted by the capture of the Yellow Jacket League Championship by the DU intramural bowling team. Rush is first on the list for spring and thanks to the generous donations of several alumni and the Alumni Club, the chapter has been able to establish a Rush Fund. The Alumni Club of Georgia is again giving generously of their time and money to support an Officers' Retreat for the officers elected in April.

Ronald F. Lavie

Hamilton Springtime and somewhat warmer weather has finally come to the hill, and the brothers have been busy in all kinds of activities. Brother Pat O'Brien is a member of the Judiciary Board, Brother Phil Montalvo has been elected Student Senate President, and Brother Steve Milford was elected to the Student Senate. DU's were well represented in winter sports, comprising a large majority of the swim team. The swim team was highly successful this year, capturing second place in the annual state meet. Twelve swimmers went to the national swim championships, eight of them DU's and - they all received all-American honors. Brothers Dave Greenhalgh, Jack 'Widman, John Murphy, Gary Karl, Jeff Carlberg, Paul Edick and pledges Brian Hogen and Robert Strehlow are to be congratulated for their fine performances. Special mention should be given to Brother Carlberg who made the all-American squad for the third year in a row and won an individual championship for the second time. The condition of the hohse has been improved and some credit should be given to House Manager Barron for that. As a final note 1 want to wish graduating seniors Karl, Carlberg, McKibben, Mengel, Pacilio, Winter, Percy, Spena, Johnson, Jones and Wallace success in their fu ture endeavors. James L. LePorte

Houston The past few months have seen much change in the Houston Chapter of Delta U. Officers have changed, counselors have been added, our "senior citizens" are preparing to enter the real world, younger brothers are taking the places of our graduates. Above all else, the character of the chapter has changed. Under the leadership of President Vince Roznovsky, areas of potential growth and development are being explored. VicePresident Terry Cunningham is currently engaged in a massive study of chapter operation. Recording Secretary Kim Carr is directing reVlSlon of our by-laws. Chapter Relations Secretary Randy Fairbanks is currently masterminding a coordinated rush and chap~er relations


effort which has already caught the 'attention of student and administrative leaders on campus. In the area of future events, the Houston Chapter is looking fonvard to a half-way party with the LSU colony in early August. Also, in celebration of our second anniversary on April 27, we will be sponsoring :' an :alumni-chapter barbecue, the -highlight"10f which is bound to be 'ouralumni-active softball game. Randy Fairbanhs

Looking back over the past semester we see many worthwhile involvements. Next year we hope to continue these efforts and also strive 'for higher goals. Rip_ Prqiilt -

Illinois During the , first weeks of the- spring semester, the men of the Illinois chapter have been busy increasing Delta Upsilon's involvement on campus and in the community. We have also been working to establish directions for the future of our house. During one of the first weeks of the semester, the Illinois chapter sponsored the Fourth 33rd Annual Charity Hoop Tournament. Thirty houses on campus participated, and all proceeds went to Volunteer Illini Projects. The brothers all worked as referees and scorekeepers for the tournament. To increase our involvement in the community, the house worked on a service project with the local Boy's Club. One of the brothers supplied a truck, and a day was spent in painting, cleaning, the building, and hauling away several truck loads of junk. After the work was done, it was decided that the Boy's Club would 'become a regular house project in the future. The members of Delta Upsilon are pleased to announce the initiation of our class of '78: Bill Whitmer, Walker Geyer, Steve 'Katsinas, Mike Konen, John Buist, Dan Blount, Gary Rugel, Kent Morris, Al Steffeter, and Joe Lateer. Our informal rush program is going well, and the Illinois Chapter has six new pledges: Dan McKee, Kim Cox, Bill Flathers, Paul Hummel, Phil Wagner, and Kevin Spear.

Indiana The spring semester' at the Indiana Chapter was filled with highlights. Certainly the high point was being the host for our Regional Leadership Seminar. Eighty-two brothers representing twentyfive different chapters were on hand for a successful weekend which was well organized by Skip Elliott. An initiation ceremony was held on February 8, 1975 for our fall pledge class. We were proud to add eleven men to our Chapter. Tom Burns and Dean Fleischauer led the way in a great' improvement in house scholastiCs (one half the house made a 3.0 or better) by recording perfect 4.0's. As always, the Little 500 bike race was the big event on ca'm pus spring semester. The DU 't eam was the strongest in several years and we were very happy about finishing in the top ten.


Smith , social chairman; Jeff Arnold, chapter relations, and Tom Hansen, _membership development. The chapter is seeking a major loan f<:>r house improvements. The central physical plant will be renewed, with plans for landscaping and new television and recreation rooms undenvay. . Intramurals were highlighted by the Class C water polo crown and a second place finish in Class C hockey. Two DU teams met for the all-university Class B basketball title. And, a group of DU's played a pickup game with the Iowa State junior varsity squad-and only lost 140-49. Tom Hansen

Johns Hopkins

ILLINOIS-Spring was the time for painting and cleaning by the members of the chapter.

Iowa Under the leadership of president David Knuepfer, the men of the Iowa Chapter had a very productive spring. Seventeen new initiates have bolstered the chapter's attack on their scholastic and social endeavors. These new initiates are: Ken Bell, Paul Krueger, Rocky Greene, Robert VonLehmden, Scott North, Douglas Wells; 路 Robert Chabal, Douglas HaaSe-, SteVen 'Grone; Keith Weigel, -' Robert- - New-maSter, _Robert Shepro, Craig Clark, Jerry Kramer, --Ter'ry Drake, and Jeff Braden. The annual Boxer Rebellion and the Mother's Day Weekend were the social highlights of the spring. The Mothers were treated to dinner and dancing with the weekend being topped off wLth Sunday brunch. Also, the brother's took their annual Chicago Cubs excursion. An excellent time was had by all. Now, with fall coming upon us, our improved rush program has, promised an encouraging year. The D.U.'s at Im"a are awaiting a bright future. Wayne Guinee

Iowa State As Delta Upsilon at Iowa State moves into spring quarter, the future looks more promising than in several years. An enthusiastic and dedicated 25-man pledge class was initiated February 14, with Jami Larson, Iowa State '72, delivering the charges. The entire chapter has been motivated by the spirit this class has shown. Norm Giertz was named outstanding pledge and Tom Hansen receiyed the scholarship award. Mark Kuchel as president, heads up an . energetic slate of officers, who are completely reyamping their positions. Others are Kevin White, vice president; BOD Carter, treasurer; John Jeffries, rush chairman and house manager, Doug

Once more, as the lacrosse balls begin to fly, it's spring, and time again to review the accomplishments of the Johns Hopkins , brotherhood in their neverending quest to brighten the infamously dreary Baltimore winter. Seniors Greg DeLong and Paul Spence, j]lnior Drew Fender and sophomore Dean ' Uhler comprised eighty percent of the starting basketball team which became yet another varsity sport to be dominated hy DU. DeLong and Spence were cocaptains while Uhler was voted "most improved"; however, the big news was that Fender was named to the Baltimore Sun ' All-Maryland squad. Sophomores Al Kaplan and Mark Zimmerman added depth to the hoops squad while juniors Jimmy Spiering and Kip South both _ended their ~wimming season as conference fimilists. New officers Bob Moses, President; John FInston, Vice-President; Willy Lauerman, Treasurer; and Dean Uhler, Steward would like to report that this year's rush was enormously successful, with eleven men forming a small but highly spirited pledge class. The chapter is extremely proud of the gratifying way in which the alumni have _ taken an active interest over the past months. One alumnus serv~ as our lawyer and spiritual advisor, while another called the chapter house from Beverly Hills to .express his support. And ' there are many more like these. That's dedication to DU1 Kip South

Kansas The Kansas DU's are currently setting their sights toward the end of another successful and highly productive year. Scholastics continue to be a constant concern, and in conjunction with hard class work we intend to initiate sollie new programs which should aid every - member in his scholastic endeavors and will hopefully allow the chapter to climb even higher in its total grade point average. _ Our chapter was pleased and proud to initiate 30 new members into its brotherhood. With these new members our chapter is in the midst of some of the best and most exciting times it has


July> 1975

ever known. ,"With the lea.dership of our rush · 'chairmen Bart Duckworth . and Ton y Be~';oglio, we are currently inv~lved in the best rush program and total rush effort seen here in recent years. Our athletic endeavors have been fruitful indeed. Members Tony Bertoglio, Mike. Pettit, David Mathews, Bill Geis, Mike . Sanner, Bill Kline, Richard Davis anq' Tom 'F itch comprised our numberone basketball team. We seem to be leaving a good year behind us, but we are looking fonvard positively and constructively for better things in the futur·e. James McLean

at the of Winter -Quarter.. has hurt the chaptel' as a' whole a'n d -indiVidually. Len taught us all unity and the 'meaning of BrotherIibod throughout one's lifetime. Elections wel:~ held the first ,~eek of Spring Quarter. Michael Cesa 'was elected president. Tim May wis elected vicepresident~pd social chairman. Ted Clif· ton was elected treasurer arid Dennis Duke was elected as secretary. Greek W~ek was held on campus recently anc~ was highly successful. The affair was kicked , off with a solidarity . dance that ' was packed to fire regulations. Next came the Greek games followed by an. enormous cookout. The Greeks also pulled an old-fashioned bath tub on wheels over a 24-mile route collecting money for The American Cancer Society. The Awards Banquet was the finale of the week for Kent Greeks. Brother Phil Gruber was given awards for outstanding service to the Greek system in the past year and outstanding publicity work. Dennis D, Duke

The social chairmen have kept us, well entertained this semester with the high, light being our annual Casino , Night; this year the most succesSful, and fun, in our history. Proceeds support Parents Weekend, and our party for underprivileged children. Now most of the brothers are working hard to get ready for finals. As the school year comes to a close, on behalf of the brothers, I'd like to wish everyone a good summer. . Craig Meier

Lafayette KANSAS-The chapter's intramural basketball team starts another game on their way to the cliampionship.

[(ansas State The K.S.U, D.U.'s have enjoyed an allaround successful and rewarding year. Brother Bill Butler, Executive Secretary of D.U., was our honored guest at the February 16 initiation of twenty-four. He spoke· WOl"ds of stimulation and encouragement to an already involved and enthusiastic group of men. More recently, the entire house w'!s honored by the dinner appearance of retiring K.S.U. President James McCain as part of our Membership Development program. A grand championship of University Sing (mixed division with Gamma phi Beta sorority) was one of the many memorable highlights of this year. On the SPOl"ts scene, basketball seemed to be the word this year. With four starters returning from a fine team last year there were optimistic visions of a fraternity championship. Making it to final play before suffering a very disappointing loss we finished fourth out of twenty-six fraternities. A healthy 3.00 G.P.A. ranked us third scholastically among fra ternities. House President John Eplee and seniors Dale Gillian, Don Kodras, and Kevin Wall are congratulated for their acceptance t.o Kansas University Medical School. Brother Keith Tucker is to also be congratulated for his acceptance into Blue Key scholastic and involvement honorary. Danny Bryan

[(ent State The heart breaking death of our adviser and dose friend, Brother Len Snider, DELTA UPSILON QUARTERLY·

The Lafayette Chapter of Delta Upsilon has been successful this semester socially, academically, and athletically. We began the semester by selecting ' new officers. The elected brothers and their respective offices are Craig Blanton, president; Hank Corigliano, vice president; Mark Holben, secretary; and Bob Weinstein, treasurer. Also, a fine rush program provided us with thirteen pledges, The brothers provided a great service to the school by ushering at all ·the home games of our NIT-bound basketball team, In spring athletics, DU has representatives on lacrosse -and rugby. Mike Blaine and Rick Malloy ale playing lacrosse, while Bill Cilmo, Jim Fisher, Lou Desi, and Neil Kravitz are members of the rugby team. Currently, ' the brothers are making plans for our annual Dinner Party, which is always the highlight of the semester. In addition, we will celebrate Spring I.F. Weekend with a Saturday aftemoon barbecue and a band party at night. Bob Stewm·t

Lehigh The Lehigh Chapter of Delta Upsilon is enjoying a fine year. Eighteen pledges are learning the traditions of Delta Upsilon, Athletically we have five brothers playing football, all with excellent chances of starting on next year's varsity squad. Brother Jim Hetherington won the Lehigh boxing title as well as the Eastern Crown at 178. Three brothers were in the finals of the school wrestling tournament with one, brother Dave Nickel, emerging victorious. Basketball and baseball were equally successful. D. U. also supplies much of the strength for Lehigh's rugby team.

July, 1975

LOUISVILLE-A sketch by Gerald T. McKieman, Louisville '76, shows the Louisville Chapter house.

Louisville The Louisville Chapter -remains number one on campus. House improvements are high on our list of activities. The interior of the house has .been freshly painted and new furnishings for the livingroom a~d common areas have been promised by alumnus, Grant Embry. After a disappointing spring rush we are now engaged in redesigning our rush and pledge programs with the help of Bill Bittner, Delta Upsilon leadership consultant. Hopes are high that our first heavy summer rush will yield many new pledges. On the intramural scene DU placed second in basketball in the fraternity division and ninth out of 88 teams over all. However, victol'ies in volleyball and softball are expected to boost our intramural point standing. Our first alumni newsletter in many years was well received and response from it has been enormous. An alumni-brother dinner has been scheduled at a local restaurant and prospects for other activities this summer are good. With help from our alumni we 'hope, by fall, to have initiated a shift in direction toward ' increasing self improvement. Larry Basham


Maine The spring semester at Maine was eventful, including such things as the 1975 Miss UMO Scholarship Pageant, third place in Greek-Weekend, Senior Banquet and Awards Night, and possible procurement of a house_ On May 4, we held our Senior Banquet and Awards Night. Our guest speaker was Terry Bullock, Kansas State '6\. There were several alumni present along with parents and friends. The following awards were given: Brother of the Year, Clay Hoak '76; Athlete of the Year, Brian Scott '75; and Big-Little Brother Award, Brian Scott and Tim Dunne '78. The following weekend we held our Spring Outing at the Jordan Pond House in Acadia National Park. The outstanding event of the spring was something that all Maine DU's have been working for the last five years since our foundIng. The chances are very good that Maine will be in a house starting next fall. Although we are still negotiating with the owners, it looks very positive. For more information on the house, write in care of the Memorial Union UMO. The Summer Reunion is scheduled for the weekend of August 2. The location is not positive yet, but notices will be sent out by the Social Committee. Kevin Dunham Deven McCarron

Manitoba With elections just ended the foIlowing ' men have been elected to the new Executive: President-Rob Siddall; Vice President-Gary Senft; Secretary-Charles Peatman; Chapter Relations-Bob Hards; Social-John Kelly and Charles Roblin; Junior Treasurer-Joachin Meister. The University of Manitoba's Greek Week ended with DU's placing first in the Tug-o-war and Javelin Throwing, second in the Chariot Race and an overall standing of second. Initiation cermonies took place on January 25th with the initiation of 13 men into the Chapter. We had the honor of having our Province Governor speak at the formal service and attend the formal dinner. and dance. We greatly appreciate the time that Dr. Ralph E. Stucky was able to spend with uS and especially at such an important time of the Fraternity year. Bruce Hanson

past springs. The new pledges came right on the heels of eleven new Brothers we initiated in February. Alumni relations are building all the time. With the help of Alumni Deputy Harold Reynolds '56, things are really beginning to move. Our bi-semesterly newsletter is becoming more and more popular and we have received some very favorable feedback from several alumni. Our alumni rerords are being updated all the time, and the result is that our channels of con tact are open like never before! We have big plans for Homeconiing '75 and hopefully we'll see many of you there. The brothers spent one weekend last month painting and making improvements in and around the upstairs of the chapter house. Our physical plant seems to be in exceIlent shape. Chan Reis

Maryland The brothers of the Maryland Chapter look towards the future with great optimism. We have finally signed a iease with the university for our chapter house and repairs are well underway. As all work is scheduled for completion by the fall semester, we plan to have a model house by then. Our newly elected officers are: AI Czerski, President; Zoltan Ambrus, 1st Vice-President; Dave Kuykendall, 2nd Vice-President; John Rutledge, Treasurer; Don Dietrick, Chapter Relations Secretary; Rich Kane, House Manager; Mike Polidulis, Assistant Treasurer; and Robb Mapou, Recording Secretary. This school year, we were very pleased to initiate over twenty brothers into the fraternity. Intramural athletics look very promising for our chapter. During the spring semester we have continued to move upwards in the rankings. Under the leadership of President Tom Chicca, our alumni corporation is making great strides. In addition to organizing their own social program, they .have been extremely helpful in providing advice and guidance to the undergraduates. Don Dietrick

Marietta By the time you read this letter school will be out- but we will have definitely made progress in the areas of rush and alumni relations. Spring rush, traditionally, is slower than fall rush; but this spring, for the first time in several years, We have two new pledges and we expect more. Certainly this is not a devastatingly large pledge class, but some improvement over


This winter also saw the election of new officers. They were: Dave Vind '76, President; Dana Canter '77, Vice-President; Tom Heinkle '77, Treasurer; Bill RiCh '76, Secretary; Tom Meeker '76, Social Chairman. We are looking forward to a rewarding year under their leadel'ship. Special recognition is due for Brothers Dave Vind and Clayton Vind. Over Miami's spring break they participated in a. Tae Kwon Do tournament (a type of martial art) at Cleveland State University with fourteen other universitieS competing. Miami's team placed third in the competition and Clayton Vind took home a first place trophy in the "form" competition. Also, Brother J. Paul McNamara '29 was honored by the university for his forty years of service as a trustee of Miami. Bill Rich

MIAMI-Chapter members are lined up and ready to begin the Puddle Pull.

Miami Our Miami Chapter has enjoyed a very successful winter this year. The rush effort yielded thirteen quality candidates.

MARYLAND-Fall semester will find the chapter in this house.

Michigan These early months of 1975 have been crucial to the continued good health of the undergraduate chapter here in Ann Arbor. With our rush efforts and the adept leadership of President Juergen Renger, Vice-president Phil Johnson, and rush-chairman Tim Spurr, we gained twenty sophomore and freshmen pledges, making a total of twenty-six for the year. This Was extremely important as nearly twenty current members will graduate next spring_ As always, the scholastic and athletic achievements of Delta Upsilon at U_ of M. are high. Several brothers have been accepted to medical; dental, .a nd law schools around the nation. The house GPA is among the highest on campus. In recognition of. these achievements the Alumni Association established a $1,000 scholarship awarded annuaIly to the DU with the best academic record. Relations with our alumni have always been strong. They have agreed to perform the 1937 version of the initiation rites, on April 19, for the induction of our pledges. Steve Krieger has been appointed as house photographer to record the events. The U. of M. chapter .is also proud to announce the celebration of its 100th anniversary, April 10, 1976. With the support of the international, other chapters and our alumni, we hope to make it


July, 1975

an anniversary to remember. Please keep the week of April 10, 1976 in mind and plan to attend. Adrian B. Horton

Middlebury Fine participation ) in extracurricular activities, a standing trademark of the Middlebury chapter, is again strong this year. A number of our brothers have given time and effort to the Big-Brother program, as well as the Presidential search committee, the Community Council, the Student Forum, and the MCAB. Thirteen brothers were members of the successful varsity hockey team, including All-American goalie Jim Brimsek '76 and captain Fred Erdman '75. The basketball team was helped by four brothers of D.U., as well. The chapter is again leading .the way in quest of the Trophy of Trophies, symbolic of excellence in the realm of intramurals. Through publication of the chapter's newspaper, "The Circle", alumni relations have become stronger. Continued alumni support has_helped immensely ill llClations with the college administration . The transition of house officers has been very smooth. New president Dave Nelson, '76, and the incoming officers have been .a ided greatly by the efforts of past president Gary Bleakley. J err)' Quinn

Minnesota Anticipation and preparation have become the watchwords of the Minnesota Chapter this last quarter - anticipation on the part of our ten graduating seniors, and preparation in rush activities to assure that the chapter keeps functioning at its present, excellent level. A special effort has been made this quarter to emphasize and facilitate better communication between the brothers. The result has been that our house has drawn much closer together, and has adopted a new outward-oriented attitude in the community. It has also resulted in a few innovative house maintenance projects, which makes things much more comfortable for us. This trend will hopefully continue. Activities which we are looking forward to are the annual spring Campus Carnival, a charity weekend, in which we will be participating for the first time i.n several years; a house retreat in May; and our main spring event, the Dakaia formal dinner and dance.

Missouri Entering our fifty-first year, the brothers at Missouri extend cordial invitations to all alumni-return to the chapter-reminisce, get to know us and let us get to know you. Installation of new officers include : Pat Peters, President; Mike Conway, Vice President; Mark Yehlen, House Manager; and Kevin Mahoney and Scott Robirds, Rush Chairmen. The initation of twentyDELTA UPSILON QUARTERLY •

two men in the fall pledge class adds momentum as does ten spring pledges. The alumni-chapter retreat was attended by over ninety percent of the house. Missouri hosted .the . Regional Leadership Seminar for Provinces Eight and Nine with over fifty delegates from fourteen midwestern chapters attending. Alumni participation_ in both events . was solid. Alumni Corporation capital improvements include a new refrigeration system for the kitchen, 'new . flooring throughout downstairs, and plans for remodeling the foyer. . And we are looking forward-fonvarrl to the next fifty years, solutions to problems, progress, and continued, strengthened alumni support. Rich Miller

Nebraska Rush Chairman Jim Young is seeking alumni help and recommendations in his efforts to attract a pledge class which will continue the Nebraska DU tradition. The sununer rush program emphasizes smaller parties and personal contact, much like last year's highly successful one. The twenty-five newly initiated brothers hom the '74- '75 .pledge class compiled the highest grade point average for any such class in recent years, nearly 3.1 on the 4.0 scale. The newly initiated brothers include: Dan Belford, Ken Christensen, Pat DiBiase, Dale Delezal, Cliff Fischer, Tom Gangel, Steve Hanika, Jay Hodges, Barry Howsden, Mark James, Mike James, Ray Janssen, Jim Kohler, John Krause, Tom Lannin, Ed May, Steve Monson, Chuck Richardson, Jim Schendt, Rex Seline, Mark Sibbernsen, Roger Stewart, Tom VanHousen, Pete Wegman ' and Gregg Wells. Alumni had the opportunity to make rush recommendations and meet the undergraduates again at the annual Alumni Banquet this spring in Omaha. Chapter officers, elected last spring include President Bob Jensen, Vioe President Tom Craren, Treasurer Kurt Limbo and Secretary Randy Wright. Rex Seline

North Carolina Spring semester has brought new faces and new ideas to the North Carolina Chapter. We began our semester with a strong emphasis on rush and won top honors for the most spring semester pledges on campus. At present we are making plans for an extensive summer rush program to recruit incoming freshmen. A long range planning committee has been established, composed of alumni and undergraduates, to investigate the feasibility of building a new addition to the chapter house. This committee has made tremendous strides over the past month and will hopefully have some finalized plans by the end of this semester. Any ideas regarding construction of a new facility from alumni would be greatly appreciated.

July> 1975

Elections were held in January with the following brothers elected: Randy Fluharty president; Alan Avera, vice president; Jody Joyner, secretary; Glen Peterson, treasurer; Tom Rabon, chapter relations; Mark Klapper, pledgemaster; Phil Dorton, rush chairman; and Bill Ripley, social chairman. Last month the brotherhood took special pride in honoring outgoing Province Governor Jay Gilchrist ,w ith a plaque for outstanding service rendered to the chapter. We encourage all alumni to visit the house whenever possible. Have a good summer! Tom Rabon

North Dakota The initiation ceremonies for our first semester pledge class were held in January with ' sixteen new brothers added to our chapter. For the 31st consecutive semester, -the chapter retained its "number one" standing in scholarship among fraternities. The house hockey team placed allcampus third for the first time and a look at future teams indicates that this shouldn't be the last. Brother Jim O'Connell repeated as general chairman of the Dance Marathon for Muscular Dystrophy which again was a ·Success. He and Mark Moret were also selected for Phi Beta Kappa. New officers elected included: Doug Goulding, President; Bob Kingsbury, Vice-President; Blake Strehlow, Secretary; Greg Johnson, Treasurer; Jim Forseth, Chapter Relations; and Rick Olschlager, Rush Chairman. The· new house is now pretty weJI furnished with only a few projects pending, such as library furniture and dining room tables. Also as spring approaches, we are looking fonvard to working on our lot such as landscaping and lawn seeding. If ever you're driving through Grand Forks, stop by and see us at 505 Princeton Stre,et. Jim Forseth

North Dakota State The winter quarter has passed by fast this year for us. With broom ball our major sport in intramurals, we didn't have any losses this year until the final playoff, which gave us second place again. We also took part in basketbalI and bowling this winter. We picked up two pledges this winter, Ross Espeseth and John Dhugvetter. We're looking for a good spring rush. We'll also be having little sister rush this spring. 'W e're all looking fonvard to our Province VIII softball tournament which is always lots of fun in the spring Dan Boostrom

Northern Illinois The Northern Illinois Chapter continues in a highly successful year in aJI areas of chapter operations. The number-


one positIOn on campus academically for the fall term was supplemented with strong athletic showings. Our spring pledge class won the pledge basketball tournament and our members' basketball teams ' won their respective divisi9n championships. Remodeling of the recreation area of the house together with extensive landscaping helped the chapter's physical appearance. In cooperation with local Counsel on Exceptional Children, the chapter hosted the nationally known Gizz Kids, a wheelchair basketball team. The pledging of eleven top men has highlighted the semester. They are: Kent Hallgren, Craig Munch, Dave Mills, Buster Nickols, Paul Cotton, Al Elste, Bill Conrad, John Pienetto, Marty Draths, Steve HaHris, and Tom Langan. The chapter house is filled and an exceptional fall pledge class is already beginning to take shape. Recently, the Northern Chapter enjoyed hosting the Western Illinois spring pledge class for a weekend of good times and brotherhood . The brothers of the Northern Illinois Chapter hope that' this report finds all D.U. chapters enjoying a prosperous and successful year.

Northern Iowa Greetings from Northern Iowa Chapter! Hard work and dedication during rush has earned us 12 outstanding young men to pledge Delta Upsilon. At the onset of favorable weather, we will be involved with several roofing projects, which proved to be a great project for fundraising last fall. We are proud ~o announce that we are presently sponsoring a Christian Childrens Fund Child. She is lO-year old Buwapat Duwwong, from Bangkok, Thailand. We are all enjoying the correspondence with her as she relates to us her life-style in the country of Thailand. Athletically, we are currently in first place, over-all, in the Fraternity League. We have just captured the volleyball championship and several are looking forward to participating in individual events that will be taking place shortly. We have ten members to be initiated this semester: Mike Clabby, Mike Schafer, Jeff Baker, Steve Bilby, Scott Broshar, Gary Leeper, Peter Kennedy, . Mike Anderson, Steve Little, and Steve Roskens. Parent's Day was also held in conjunction with the Initiation Ceremony, with a buffet dinner following_ Steven H. Roskens

teams did not fare so well but they were respected throughout their respective leagues. There are nine seniors who will be graduating this spring: Rob Mason, Jeff Drinan, Mike D'Angelo, Tom Gelling, Don Holm, Stan Ferguson, Jim Osborne, Matt Mager and Joel Potter. Six out of the nine are planning on going to graduate school. vVe are proud to claim that one of the "brothers", Gary Knight, helped represent Northwestern University at the 52-hour Dance Marathon for the National Association for , Retarded Citizens and the Epilepsy Foundation of America which was held at the University of Illinois. We picked up one pledge this last quarter, Paul Horner, a native of Hawaii. Delta Upsilon is proud to have him .

Ohio This spring quarter, as well as winter quarter, have gone very well for the chapter at Ohio University. Our numbers are once again building up with five pledges being initiated from their winter qual'ter pledge period. These new brothers, along with the ten new memo bel'S from fall quarter, will establish a sound foundation for the Ohio Chapter for the next few years. The election of officers was also an important event this past winter quarter. Paul Thompson was elected president, Dean Boeh as treasurer and William Jackson was elected chapter relations dire~tor.

We've seen an outstanding year in sports and activities. W'e've captured the top titles and trophies in all-fraternity football, basketball, wrestling, ping-pong, archery, and horseshoes. J-Prom at O.U. is approaching and we are currently working hard with the women of Pi Beta Phi sorority to put on it skit for the annual festival. Last fall, we won second place in Oktoberfest, but next year it'll be first place I We have also been raising funds for the American Cancer Society.

As you can see, even though we are comparatively small in number, the Ohio Chapter continues to be a very strong and successful organization on campus. Glenn J. Benins

Ohio State We had elections for our new officers at the end of last quarter, and we would like to congratulate Bob Lewis, President; Jim Bodrock, Vice President; Joe Roman, Rush Vice President; Terry Kenl'in, Treasurer; and Mark Corey, Secretary. We stai:ted the quarter off with a very successful initiation retreat to southern Ohio. After a long afternoon of hiking and fun, we initiated nine new brothers: Don Veverka, John Duvall, Rob Grindl, Mark Weingold, Jon Cermak, Doug Behnke, Jon MCCurdy, Howard Shrimpton, and Don Marti. We are looking forward to a gre<lJt spring retreat along the Mohican River on a canoe trip. Our 'brothers are trying to get us involved in campus activities and so far they are doing great. Mark Corey was elected to the IFC Executive Board, and Mark Weingold was named to IFC's Junior Executive Board. We would like to extend thanks to our Mother's Club for making it possible for us to get draperies for our house. Also we want to thank the brothers who painted and helped fix up the house during spring break. Mark ,Corey

Oklahoma vV,e are proud to announce our new initiates: Joel Betow, Richard Butler, David Clay, Boyd Fouse!, Ran Hibbard, Tom Hudiburgh, Sid Long, John Meek, Barry Oyler, Tim Patterson, Jimmie Tail, Jim Tresemer. The Oklahoma Chapter of Delta Upsilon has buckled down this semestel' to initiate new program5 and reinforce , those existing now. Our cultural program has brought fine speakers to the house.

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Northwestern The Northwestern Chapter of Delta Upsilon carried on its fine tradition this last winter quarter by winning the intramural basketball tournament. Going into t.he tournament with two losses, the team was not given much of a chance. But the brothers rallied and upset both teams that had beaten them before and walked away with the title. The Intramural floor hockey team was undefeated also. OUf Intramural bowling and soccer


OKLAHOMA-Chapter membel's are photogratJhed fmm the air sta~ding in formation of the Delta and the Upsilon . DELTA UPSILON QUARTERLY'

July, 1975





Barzelay, W. '70 Betters, P. '69 Boland, C. '53 Boylan, M.. '69 Gustafson, J. 'b4 Morse, O. '51 palia,tka, E. '56 Welch, D. '50

Bidwell, R. '50 Cochran, D. '27 Davidson, M. '16 Evans, S. '47 Frentz, A. '25 Fuller, G. '08 Gill, B. '10 Hartle, J. '32 Holinger, P. '28 Holtsberg, C. '34 Mandel, M. '55 McGraw, D. '29 Noble, M. '20 Redding, W. '31 Rolleston, R. '24 Thomann, D. '39

British Columbia Crosby, R. ' 6 1 Ferguson, G. '62 Mitten, D. '45

Bucknell " We present with pride this special alumni sup路 port seetion of the Quarterly representing the largest single listing of loyal Delta Upsilon alumni who have' contributed to the past year's alumni siIpport program. The listings are accurate with the addItional roster found on page 67, through the end of May, 1975. Alumni support this year approximated the cost of publishing the Quarterly, a,nd the new appeal, which cOincides with the start of the new fiscal year of the fraternity July 1, 1975, has just begun. Gifts in any amount are important to the well路 being and continued success of Delta , Upsilon. Listed separately are alumni who have given during the year to the President's Century Club, head'ld by W. D. Watkins, North Carolina '27, Delta Upsilon presidenJt. Century Club members receive the "Conversations with the President" bulletin, a special membership card and a hand. ' some crested marble cube penholder. In the top giving statistics by chapters, the top twenty has twenty-six chapters compiling record alumni support this year because of ties.

The President's Century Club 1974路'75 Members Bertel W. Antell, Cornell '28 EU&,ene S. Bennett, DePauw '25 Wilford A. Butler, Jr., Western Mlchi&,an '61 Charles E. Cayot, Kansas '25 D. Bruce Decker, Western Ontario '51 Edwin L. En&,Ush, Ohio State '22 James R. Erlandson, Bradley '69 H. Thomas Hallowell, Jr., Swarthmore '29 Ernest S. Hansber&,er III, Auburn '72 Edwin L. Harbach, California ' 25 Louis W. Ineram, Dartmouth '26 William H. Lawson, Purdue '50 Carroll L. Lurding, Ohio State '59 Raymond E. Mason, Jr., Ohio State '41 Harry W. McCobb, Michigan '25 Howard L. McGre&,or, Jr., Williams '40 J. Paul McNamara, Miami '29 Herbert H. Nelaon, Colorado '59 Donald F. Newman, Carne&,ie '54 Raymond S. Noonan, Middlebury '21 Brent G. Orcutt, Hamilton '26 Harold D. Paddock III, Ohio State '70 Geor&,e E . Starr, Washin&,ton '08 Ralph E. Stuc'ky, Western Reserve '31 Gullard C. Trava&,lini, Lafayette '72 Allen J . Walters III, Geor&'ia Tech '69 W . b . Watkins, North Carolina '27


July, 1975

TOP 20


Adams, L. '64 Barish, [>1. '66 Carter, R. '56 Christensen, A. '60 Ernst, C. '60 Kaercher, T. '57 MacDonald, R. '57 Slocum, W. '20 S prout, J. '48 Staff o r d , D. '62 Stein hauer, W. '36




1974-'75 1.

2. 3.

Purdue Indiana


Northwestern Witlconsin

5. 6. 7. 8.

Illinois Ohio State Rut&,ers Cornell

9. 9.

Kansas Western Reserve

10. 11. 12. 12. 13. 13. 13. '14.

15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 19. 20. 20.

Miami Washin&,ton Nebraska Pennsylvania State Carnegie Mlchi&,an Technolo&,y Iowa State Missouri Colgate Cali fornia Syracuse Johns Hopkins Lafayette Lehigh Swarthmore

Arizona Chambers, D. '60 John, D. '62 Shore, G. '62 Walker, H. '69

Bowling Green Gethin, B. '54 Stedman, J. '69 stephan, E. '66

Clarkson Baker, C. '71 Baker, G. '27 Fitzgerald, J. '27 McCann, W. '69 Phillips, C. '64 Richardson, D. '63 Rowley, W. '48 Wichmann, G. '26

Colhy Bell, R. '18 Bias, R. '30 Bishop, R. '68 Botsford, H. '53 Brigham, C. '36 Carr, R. '21 Chandler, E. '26 Fleischman, T. '46 Flo, M. '67 i>1agnani, H. '59 Martinelli, S. '52 McGuire, R. '25 McLeod, D. '5 1 Merrick, R. '54 Murray, N. '64 Partridge Ret, S. '14 Porter, C. '24 Rose, C. '24 Sherman, R. '51 Simpson, J. '13 Whelden, C. '32

Carnegie Auten, P. '33 Beers, H.. '35 Blyler; P. '32 Brumbaugh, j. 'j7 Clark, J. '35 Conroe, D. '62 Cross, R. '48 Cutting, R. '24 Elliott, S. '33 Ewing, D. '63 Fingles, F. '28 Hanson, G. '52 Jacobson, L. '17 Kubiak, R. '51 Kunkel, W. '29 Markl, T. '70 McCall, E. '42 Milne, K. '23 Nichol, H. '21 Smith, H. , ' 44 Stover, W. '40 Sturges, F. '31 Vassil, J. '52

Hurley, W. '49 Joyce Ret, T. '17 Richardson, G. '42 Ryder, A. '46

Colgate Anderson, D. '39 Annitto, J. '33 camp, R. '63 Coppolo, B. '39 Duryea, P. '42 Gow, N. '46 Hale, D. '69 Helman, D. '41 Hughes, A. '1 1 Ingle, R. '48 Kessler, R. '52 Klika, W. '67 Madsen, G. '48 Mawhinney, W. '42 Mayer, E. '28 Morris, R. '28 Nast, T. '37 Neill, E. '40 Okunski, W. '58 Skripak, R. '62 Sommer, W. '36 Staurovsky, R. '59 Van Orden, E. '40 Walton, E. '34

Colorado Bean, D. '61 crosby, R. '64 Oliver, W. '61 Poust, S. '72 Sloan, J. '61 Vaughan, B. '68 wisland, H. '71

Columhia Hardenbergh, W. '18 Mahoney, J. '39 Wormser, F. '16


Anderson, K. '20 , Beckwith, R. '57 Bird, J. '21 Bradley, J. '21 Carley, T. '65 Cashen, A. '57 Clark, P. '23 DeVore, J. '68 Dillon, W. '43 Gilchrist, J. '39 Gilchrist, R. '40 Haldeman, S. '24 Kennedy, D. '50 Kiplinger, A. '39 Mikulina, T. '62 Pasquale, D. '57 Paxton, J. ' 73 Penrose, J. '59 Perkins, R. '61 Pfeiffer, K. i12 Rodewig, J. '55 Safford, R. '56 Schaenen, L. '27 Schaenen, N. '23 Schaenen, N. '50 Smith, R. '67 Talley, T. '65 Tharp, B. '58 Vawter, H. '42 Witt, M. '71 Wood, M. '64

Creighton Lane, R.


Dat·tmoll th Banks, W. '45 Ensinger, S. '27 Gross, F. '20 Herget, J. '30 Howe, E. '24 Tanner, T. '46

Haines, F. '03 Hoeft, W. '58 Langhorst, E. '71

Raho, J. '48 Wefer, D. '54



Bowman, W. '30 clutter, R. '39 Fischer, C. '62 Kerr, J. '32 Lewellen, W. '52 Magan, T. '64 Reeds, W. '23 Shake, J. '40 Shoup, D. '26 Stewart, A. '32

Morse, R.. Spang, W.

Eastern Kentucky Anderson, C.

Florida Baumgardner, P. '62 Forrest, P. '58 Johnson, E. '65 Marinelli, J. '65 Roberts, J. '63

Fresno Holpuch, M.


Georgia Tech Abbott, J. '69 Cecil, C. '64 Fariss, D. '59 Lawson, C. '64 Monfort, C. '68 Moody, D. '67

Hamilton Driscoll, W. '58 Ferguson, L. '19 Ludlow, F. '18 Perry, R. '22 pugsley, P. '39

Dayton Lyons, W.



Delawat·c Reifschneider, D.


Denison Bailey, B. : '58 Boswau, H. '55 Fleming, R. '50

Delta Upsilon, Symbol of Brotherhood is an original supergraphic expression of the fraternity experience created by Brother J. L. LeMaster, Oregon State '48, and will appear m the Fraternity's summer rush efforts. 62

' 35 '38

Illinois Allen, L. '47 Brunson, R. '58 Clements, E. , '71 Coffel, c. '27 Cordis, G. '65 Cox, C. '34 Crowley, R. '69 Donohoe, 1\.;' , 55 Erb, G. '32 Giffin, D. '62 Gilbert, L. '26 Howard, ,H. '33 Jarvis, W. '15 ' Julian, W. '29 Kinney, D. '65 Kirchner, L. '25 Kirkpatrick, W. '14 Knezovich, J. '68 Lehmann, S. '34, Lewis, C. '24 Lindsey, T. '74 t1acNeal, R. ' 43 Mason, A. ' 16 McEnery, J. '51 McQuiston, W. '40 Mooney, R. '16 t1osetick, F. '56 Pa rsons, E. '27 Stellner, F. '28 Thomas, L. '72 Trelease, S. '17 Trimble, S. '58 Trotter, S. '58 Waggoner, W. '36

Indiana Beer, W. '55 Black, R. '68 campbell, J. '37 Caylor, H. '16 Cheatham, D. '65 Cochran, D. '50 Curry, J. '74 De Bolt, R. '49 Downing, D. '55 Endwright, D. '56 Fant, J. '38 Fleetwood, R. '29 Gordon, V. '12 Hall, W. '44 Hallett, B. '42 Harper, B. '54 Hayes, R. '48 Henricks, R. '57 Hutchison, C. '74 Kahlenbeck, H. '52 Kovener, R. '55 Lett, E. '13 Massey, D. '61 McReynolds, O. '15 Michener, R. '38 Moore, R. '52 Moss, L. '49 Muehlhausen, D. '60 Palash, R. '72 Peak, P. '55 Robb, M. '23 Rosenberger, H. '22 Scott, D. '60 Shreiner, S. '57 Smith, H. '52

Stephens, X. '28 Stork, ' R. '72 ' Styles, R. '49 Swank, T. '68 Swayze, R. '41 wallace, W. '17 Wear, G. '17 Wells, J. '65 Yenne, H. '16 Yoder, A. '35 Yoder, P. '70

Iowa Allen, R. '32 Ashline, J. '58 Childs, H. '33 Fisher, R. '50 Fletcher, J. '35 Harsha, H. '42 Hawkinson, H. '35 Hynes, M. '67 Obermann, C. '27 Petersen, W. '45 Sellers, C. '25 Wiese, J. '58

Iowa State Calderwood, E. '14 Clark, C. '36 Clark, L. '33 Cronk, J. '60 Donahey, W. '32 Farr, R. '61 John, E. '16 Johnson, A. '47 Kinnamon, B. '69 Me'ister, C. '18 Morse, D. '52 Neil, R. '30 Schoolev, F. '22 Sigman, W. '50 Ske:i,e" L. '64 Soldwedel, F. '31 Spears, R. '41 Voggenthaler, A. '24 Warren, A. '22 Webster, V. '25 Williamson, R. ' '28 Wolfe, J. '12 wood, w. '55

Jolms Hopkin!! Brimer, T. '57 Budni tz, E. '53 Edel, D. '46 Gilbert, J. '57 Hayes, Eo '16 Hickman, R. '28 Hopkins, o. '09 Laubach, G. '58 Lausch, S. '29 Levy, K. '26 Lord, R. '54 Miller, C. '49 Norris, J. '29 Palumbo, A. '67 Skolochenko, M. '66 Smith, D. '29 Smith, F. '50 Weyforth, W. '12

Kansas Adams, 11. '20 Avery, W. '33 Belt, C. '57 Berkley, K. '61 Bertoglio, J. '58

Burket, 1. '16 Butler, A.. '31 Cayot, C. '25 Cramer, W. '33 Dietrich, R. '33 Etherington, S. '71 Fairchild, 1.. '64 Fee, C. '47 Forney, R.. '21 Gear, G. '15 Gear, M. '17 Grove, M. '42 Hiebsch, V. '42 Hinshaw, C. '54 Irwin, J. '49 Knorr, J. '31 Light, M. '49 McCann, G. '40 McGill, U. '28 Reese, J. '57 seitz Ret, J. '31 Slawson, C. '20 Slawson, D. '55 Smith, N. "38 Warner, H. '25

Kansas Slate Brining, D. '68 Greene, R. '58 Haughey, C. '56 Jubelt, B. '68 Kennedy, W. '70 Musil, E. '71 Reinhardt, N. '69

Kent State Farinacci, A. '65 Gersten, I. '61 Hall, P. '49 Lal~mia, D. " 56

Lafayette Alexander Iv, c. '5~ Conklin, H. '15 Culver, W. '19 Freney, J. '56 Harkins, H. '34 Helps, W. '25 Hindenach, L. '40 Long, J. '30 Longo, R. '63 Mader, C. '63 McGlynn, w. '38 Noreika, R. '67 pilgrim, C. ''33 Pilgrim, w. '30 Rossheim, R. '54 Smith, P. '17 Townsend, C. '34 west, R. '53

_Lehigh Barba, C• • 27 Conchar, B. '41 Day, C. '30 Forstall, E. '20 Hayes, W. '43 Kurtz, J. '52 Lentz, R. '30 Lister, W. '26 Maroti, L. '58 McKenna, C. '68 Purdy, R. '28 Ramsay, J. '58 Rand, S. '38 Roberts, J. '26 Ryder, F. '16


July, 1975


Platteville Kotrba, J. '7 1 Lundeen, T. '52

Purdue Arnold, H. , ' 18 Banas, s. '50 Beacham, J. '54 Beals, J. '30 Bowler, L. '71 Bugh, O. '22 Byers, J. '50 Christensen, P. '23 Clarke, W. '39 Coler, C. '51 crawford, J. '40 Egeler, C. '13 Fowle, A. '47 Funk, D. '61 Gabel, R. '52 Gard, G. '43 Gimlin, R. '42 Glezen, B. '49 Griesbaum, K. '61 Grismore, O. '27 Hallman, R. '54 Humphreys, H. '38 Klamm, L. '34 Knopfmeier, H. '69 Kralis, J. '51 Kroehle, T. '53 Kroh, J. '55 La Fortune, R. ' LaRocque, D. '62 McClain, K. '71 McGaughey, W. '68 HcKirnan, D. '44 Metz, D. '30 ~Iiller, W. '39 Moss, G. '47 Oyle~, J. '48 Oyler, R. '39 Popham, R. '40 Rasmussen, D. '49 Richardson, W. '25 Schreiber, R. '39 Sheckell, R. '40 Smelser, C. '11 Smith, J. '52 Snead, J. '31 Stallings, J. '45 Stanback, H. '39 Steiger, A. '48 Tafel, R. '15 Todd, M. '63 VanArsdale, P. '62 Von Grimmenstein, C. Weber, B. '46 White, N. '23 williams, T. '34

Ripon Wachholtz, R.


Rochester wurfbain. M.

Greene, R. '60 Hoagland, W. '48 Hollerieth, C. '68 Kelly, R. '65 Krieg, R. '64 Liniak, P. '69 Marley, J. '32 Mccabe, D. '44 McDowell, A. '34 Miller, D. '68 Novelli ', D. '73 orrizzi, J. '70 Reimann, R. '63 Sahloff, W. '30 Schaenen, D. '50 Schaffer, J. '67 Schoonmak~r, E. /20 Schoonmaker, H. '23 Schreihofer, A. '59 Titchenell, R. '73 Truscott, M. '18 Tucker, F. ' 31 Van Keuren, W. '09 Van WickIe, G. '47 Voorhees, A. '26 wenczel, T. '43 . Williamson, R. '34

San Jose Boothe, S. '52 Fuller, R. '49 Lund, A. '55 Marks, J., '56 Stepovich M. '56 Straub, D. '54 Swander, J. '63

Simpson Foster, H. '13 Gould, J. '60 Grant, G. ' '17 Howsare, P. '29 Koser, H- '20 Larson, H. '28 Lilly, J. '59 McGee, R. '20 scott, J. '24

South Dalwta Harrington, H.


Stanford Allen; R. '54 cutter, D. '51 Faries, J. '55 Ferguson, W. '30 Forbes, W. '15 Graves, J. '35 , McLellan, D. '51 Nelson, M. '59 osthaus, F. '27 Smith, R. '59 Townsend, A. '21 Vermeil, P. '66 Wray, P. '37


Ritter, A.. '23 Shaffner, R. '51 Sharples, P. '10 Sundt, R. '50 Taylor, H. '27 Taylor, T. '24 Thomsen, F. '30 Tomlinson, W. '17

Syracuse , Bachman, C. '37 Cleveland, C. '30 Cooney, E. '13 Cooper, S. '14 Dixon, E. '40 Hughes, R. '29 Lent, K. '54 MacFarland, W. '28 McFarlane, D. '52 McLaughlin, B. '58 11unger, G. '19 Obenhoff, J. '33 Osborn, H. '21 Palmer, D. ' 51 Rekstis, W. '38 Schlegel, L. '67 Sherman, R. '51 Sherman, T. '48 Tinker, G. '17 Vosburgh, F. '25 Walker, J. ' 1.,27

Technology Allen, L. '34 Armstrong, L. '28 Baker, J. '38 Beadle, W. '20 Beaman, D. '38 Edmonds, G. '26 Ehrlich, E. '55 Frazier, R. '50 Hall, R. '22 Hitchcock, M. '37 Jakobson, I . '21 Jouris, W. '61 Machen, C. '31 Martin,W. '46 Miller, F. '23 Powley, 11- '29 Russell, P. '14 , Stevens, E. '27 Thayer, C. '32 Tripp, 'E. ' '67 Williams, R. '41 Woodward, W. '40

Tennessee Freesh, P. Pippin, B.

'70 '70

Texas Cleveland, H. '60 Earp, R, '63 Mitchell, M. '65 Polser, A. '65 Wiley, R. '49

Swarthmore Rutgers Bagley,H. '32 Brandes, R. '26 Campbell, P. ,~O Collett, R. '35 Colsey, W. '31 crowell, J. '21 Dickerson, D. '34 Golden. G. '74


Toronto Arsht, E. '51 clarke, J. '37 Coles, C. '21 Gillam, C. '20 Longshore, M. '30 McCabe, T. '49 MCCabe, T. '15 :1cGuire, H. '29 Palmer, s. '27

Anderson, R. '39 Boddy, A. '13 Campbell, A. '11 Dickson, A. '32 Howland, w. '36 Jarmain, E. '30 O'Brien, 11. '42 White, J. '31


Washingtoll nnd LeI'

Avery, F. '31 Bailey, R. '51 Bennett, R. '23 'B unker, D. '56 Cross, R. '16 Hall, G. '11 MacKay, G. '50 McKinneYi W. '26 Morse, D. '42 Rand, J. '58 Samson, D. '39 Taylor, H. '21

Fenner, H. '37 Horine, G. '28 Neuner, J. '33 Poindexter, E.' '20 Wade, T. '23

U.C.L.A. carter, E. Henkle, T. O'Neal, R.

'32 '50 '34

Union Bower, R. ' '56 Brown, M. '28 ca'r bone, M. '71 De Michele, R. '66 Evans, C. '62 Gardeski, J. '51 Grant', W. '49 Hand, I. '12 Hanle, C. '62 Lange," S. '63 O'Meara, M. '50 Olson, C. '36 Putman, T. '52 ROt,h, H. '30


Burg, ,K. '50 Coombs, D. '68 Enders, J. ' ,3"9 Hyslop, V. '47 Johnson, O. '39 Morris, H. '24 scougile, G. '70

Wesleyan ' Bridges, P. '37 Sine, E. '15 '

Western Michigan Cisler, J. '50 Farnworth, G. '53 Gebhardt" W. '61 Habenicht, H. '61 Hale, G. '52 Harden, G. '60 Kanemori, D. '66 Lightfoot, D. '56 Lotero, R. '68 Ruiter, H. '61 Samczyk, J. '56 Vander Beek, L. '56 Wirqau, E. '62

Western Reserve

Ashbury, M. '54 carper, A. '70 Farwell, W. '55 Garrison, S. '63 Laubscher, H. '50 Leigh, R. '67 Maull, K. '63 Norris, T. '50 Reusing, W." '62 Saufley, A. '54 Shelton, G. '38 Straton, F. '55 Winthrop, J. '39

Washingtoll Beebe, C~ '35 Bibb, R. '44 Bonebrake, A. '14 Bowen, G. '35 Byles, c. '25 Clifton, C. '35 Corbitt, 11.. '17 Corbitt, W. '20 Cor'e y, J. '34 Hill, H. '17 Huffine, C. '29 Johnson, J. '48 Jones, E. '50 Kaneta, i,- '59 Koch, A. '32 Lowry, L. '27 Harshall, J. '42 Martin, R. '59 :1eii,r, R. '73 Patten, H. '19 Peterson, W..

Washingtull " State

Beard, C. '24 Blair, J." '40 Bobey, M. '35 Bricker, J. '35 Buckingham, L. '17 Cookson, C. '51 Doyle, J. '42 . Fa,lsgraf, W. '26 Griffiths, C. '40 Handyside, J. '07 Harris, H. '18 Heintz, J. '39 Katzenmeyer, W. '36 Koehler, F.'14 Nicholl, R. '35 North, J. '34 Pauley, C. '21 Ries, J. '41 Slivka, A. '64 Sweeny, H. '21 Tench, W. '39 Ulrich, M. '34 Wilmore, W. '46 Ziegler, , H. '22 Zito, A. '64

Wichita Bottenfield, J. '29 Brown, G. I 61 Brown, J. '52 Forster, R. '33 Grauel, T. '62 Hedden, K. ' 66 Hinkle, W. '50


P\ltnam, G. '39 Scott, N. '24 Ulrich, L. '40 Winters, J. '52

Williams Tyler, D.



July, 1975

z o


en a. ::> ÂŤ I-








(Ca: ~w



O w Ia: f-OJ LL


Louisville.' Alt, L. '62 Bomar, H. '49 Federa, H. '35 Gaddie, G. '49 Hall, H. '62 Howe, F. '64 Ishmael, S. '66 Miller, E. '52 Poland, A. '64 Setlof f, B. '71 Von wicklen, F. '22 Weber, W. '54

I\laine Forbes, R.


Marietta Hall; W. '53 Hanson, L. '62 Hunter, C. '62 Huthman, w. '69 Lord, G. '08 Snediker, L. '50 weinstock, A. '12

Marylanfl Dorland, W. '32 Rendine, P. '65 Soellers, ·C. '66

Me'GiII McGill, F. '15 Ross, s. '09 wood, 1\. '64

Miami Brickman, R. '4 .1 . Cawrse, }.<. '66 Conklin, T. '29 Eagleson, D. '44 Ehrich, ,J. '42 Fulton, D. '61 Gillette, R. '52 Godfrey, w. '58 Goldman, M. '16 Hamilton, D. '51 Harper, H. '23 Iserman, J. '50 Knauss, N. '53 Kranstuber, D. '68 Leen, E. '50 Lewis, D. '40 Little, S. '43 May, J. '45 t1cNabb, H. '49 Miller, P. '20 Moore, H. '21 Orebaugh, L. '24 Petrich, J. '36 Pults, w. '11 Ranallo, J. '30. . Reebel, A. '27 Shane, M. '52 Sollars, H. '12 Sponsler, D. '58 Thesken, E. '30

Adams, R. "40 Croxton, M. '23 Evans, S. '56 Grunder, R. ' .44 Hellwarth, G. '55 Joachim, G. '63 Johnson, L • . , 22

Kaptain, S. '48 Klein, h. '27 Kohler, A. '14 La Chance, L. '66 May, R. '.38 Mccobb, H. '25 Meyer, R. '61 Moore, C. '29 Mortensen, M. '35 Perkins, M. '51 Poole, F. '46 Slater, R. '52 Spencer, R. '59 Suelthaus, K. '66 Sutter, D. '26 Tapp, K. '48 White, J. '50 Wilson, W. '38 Yerkes, R. '20

Michigan State . Allen, C. '55 Bopf, w. '58 Cavell, W. '65 MCBain, R. '64 Ryan, J. '55 Tanton, ' J. '56 Thompson, R. '67 Wyllie, G. '54

Serviss, D. '63 Tennant, F. '62 Vinyard, J. '42 Webb, R. '31 Weber, W. '55 Witt, T. '22 Yingling, R. '62

Nf'braska Borchman, C. 'b~ Christenson, A. '45 Day, W. '06 Deterding, D. '57 Gray, H. 134 Harris, J. '36 Hummel, P. '31 Johnson, W. '42 Jones, W. '27 Krommenl'i.oek,. W. '51 Lewis, K. , ' 49 Lohr, E. '32 McMannama, J. '14 Muff, H. '30 Pankonin, L. '37 Sage, G. '10 schick, L. " 29 Slothower, J. ' 4'5 Smith, H. '65 Straka, E. '53 Swenson, s. '38

Middlehm'Y Allen, C. '29 Brown, R. '29 Ferrari, E. '34 Hill, P. '37 Kelley, W. '29 Lee, M. '21 Leiby, A. '25 McLeod, J. '26 Ricker, J. '06 Riley, D. '24 Walker, J. '28


Adams, B. '55 Akemann, E. '62 Baker, D. '28 Blackwell, W. '32 Bodine, P. '50 Bridgford, P. '56 Calhoun, E. '22 Conway, J. '49 Coyle, R. '52 Curtis, A. '21 Curtis, N. '32 Davis, j . '65 Dingwall, D. '34 Dorn, J. '54 Fish, w. '39 Heideman, E. '32 Heizer, E. '51 Jamra, J. '38 Levering, G. '61 Mackey, R. '43 Mansfield, R. '20 Maylahn, D. '40 McKenzie, H. '23 Nel's on, J '. '63 Nollman, J. '66 Rakow, T. '65 Schneider, R. '68 Seehause~, H. '30 Shannon, J. '49 Spanjer, R. '49 Tatham, A. '29 Thorp, H. · '25 Thorp, R. '29 Vits, H. '54 Waskow, F. '31 White, H. '33 Williams, L. '34 Williams, W. '39' Willison, S. '26 Zinn, F. '37

Anderson, R. '46 Eckart, R. '41 Goldfield, R. '67 Hodges, P. '63 Kalbfleisch, J. '52 Massad, P. '60 Massad, W. '55 Poole, J. '64 Rutherford I F. '50 Thompson, H. '65 Walkingstick, B. '52 Wells, J. '66

Hamister, F. '71 Loomis, H. '56

Braasch, W. Campbell, H. ' 15 Cary, E. ' '18 Craig, J. , '~J crippen, C. '30 Dale, C. ' , 5 Flaig, J. '40 Hemme, G. '67 Hunner, J. ' 3 1 Lagerlof, S. '36 Ritchie, J. '1.6 Tormoen, F. '30 wegner, w. '51 wilke, P. '50 Willems, E. '49


North Carolina Ayres, R. '66 Bailey; J. '24 Downton, C. '66 Heacock, D. '61 Jones, R. '68 Jones, S. '63 McPherson, H•. '2,8 Myrick, D. '6'5 Poston, W. '1 ·1 Thompson, E. '28 Wa't kins, W. '27

North Dakota Gehrke, R. '64 Lerfald, .1,1. '63

Missouri Anderson, R. '63 Beimdiek, G. '35 Capps, J. '67 Chaney, M. '29 Gantz, D. '27 Gibson, W. '38 Hodge, W. '25 Hughes, L. ' 31 Lewis, D. '68 Lusk, E. '22 Marbery, C. '59 Moore, B- '63 Ochs, H. '33 Peacock, R. '32 Pearman, 'R. '29 Schmidt. R. '30

July, 1975

Oklahoma State Waller, . G. Wilson, R.

'60 '66

Oregon cellars, A. '47 Howard, J. '41 Mattson, T. '63 Weisel, J. '48

Oregon State Butler, G. '21 Darling, N. '42 Hulbert, J. '44 Klein, K. '43 Knutsen, G. '31 Woodhead, O. '26

Pacific Rarisome, J. '58 Stark, E. '29





North Dakota State Kasprick, W.


Northern Illinois' Alongi, P. '44 Anderson, R. '26 Ayres, R. '61 Gerber, S. '68 Maibach, rI. '13 Rembusch, J. '62

Northern Iowa Fey, R. '67 Whisenand, J.


Bates,,o. '59 Boyer, R. '112 Buchsieb, W. '51 Carlson, R. '37 Clymer, W. ' '35 Cooper, W~ '63 Corey, P. '115 Crawford, H. '117 DeWitt, L. '30 Dewees, H. '22 Elliott, R. '48 English, E. '22 Ernst, J. '33 Griesinger, F. '13 Habib, T. '36 Harman, C. '59 Hoover, R. '36 Kuppinger, E. '33 Langhurst, E. ' 41 Leshy, G. '68 Lininger. J. '32 Lurding, C. '59 Mason, R. '41 Mays, L. '31 McClure, K. '44 Metcalf, R. '46 Miller, W. '32 Morrison, R. '39 Myers, J~ ,38 Rhodes ', F. '39 Tibbetts, K. '29 Townsend, G. '64 Wagner, J. '45 Walz, J. '70 Watts, R. '25 Winans, P. '61

Pennsylvania Coffey, E. '21 Elseroad, A. '53 Kennedy, J. '47 Noble, A. '51 Pippitt, S. '25 Riggs, G. '34 Wallace, J. '18 Ziebell, O. '27

Pennsylvania State Arison, H.

'41 P. '68 Atkinson, T. '35 Brooks, R. '42 Brutzman, F. '35 cooper, C. '22 Dawsey, W. '55 De Julius, A. '56 Drazenovich, J. '50 Edwards, K. '11 Fitch, R. '24 Flickinger, R. '31 Hersh, W. "07 Hilner, H. '59 Johnston, J. '58 Kurtz, R. '48 Miller, J. '13 Miller, R. '56 Oerman, R. '63 olli ver, G. '56 Prutzman, J. '34 weaver, W. '22 Wharton, A. '24 Zboyovsky, J. '51 Astl~ford,



Cornell Spelman, R. '28 Wallace, A. '20 Aring, c. '47 Wood, R. '67 Black, R. '24 Dartmouth Watts, H. '50 Byrns, J. '38 Denison Compton, D. '21 Kuhlman, D. '61 Davenport, J. ~'40 DePauw Bennett, E. '25 Desnoyers, P. '16 Cox, J. '24 Di Renzo, R. '50 McCarty, 'f. '28 Douglas, J. '39 Scheidt, A. '30 Folsom, H. '30 Hamilton Mosher, W. '31 Forester, R. '31 Illinois Frawley, S. '25 Cox, C. '34 Godfrey, D. '49 Gerometta, R. '44 Giffin, D. '62 Herro, C. '43 Grandone, E. '70 Herzer, D. '54 Nidzieko, W. '73 Jacobus, R. '51 Toothill, J. '66 Wood, C. '26 Knudsen, B. '15 Indiana Kribben, B. '31 Br"o wn, J. '39 Lammer.s, A. '21 Musser, K. '65 Summers, T. '51 Laper, P. '68 Iowa MCGehee, J. '38 Filseth, H. '58 Miller, s. '70 Iowa State Hale, P. '42 Morris, C. '22 Joslin, R. '47 Mueller, R. '65 Marvin, K. '23 Nelson, C. '27 Schindler, Jr. '66 Young, J. '28 Reynolds, D. '21 Johns Hopkins Seator, D. '29 Geigle, C. '35 Spickard, L. '20 Utterback, P. '48 Spindler, J. '43 Kansas Evans, E. '56 Stavrum, S. '39 Gilberts, R. '23 Steinhauer, F. '50 Warner, H. '25 Stone, C. '30 Kansas State Stouthamer, T. '50 Dyke, T. '66 Morgan, S. '69 Trachsel, W. '59 Svaty, R. '64 Traisman, S. '69 Kent State Cardinal, K. '51 Ullrich, J. '37 Sprague, D. '56 Voss, J. '72 Lafayette Weinke, D. '59~ Kaye, A. '23 Lehigh Wittig, R. '62 Bishop, B. '26 Zarling, R. '72 Carey, P. '70 Deemer, W. '35 Gerber, I. 't9 McGill Hughes, R. '57 Marietta Hall, R. '32 Leininger, J. '43 Miami Joseph, W. '53 Michigan Correll, C. '63 Crawford, N. '17 Schoff, J. '22 Middlebury The wu UII 01 I n. llon (;onsr.'srnolithananylhlngQr" Axinn, D. '51 mt" Bennett, T. '41 ~~i:,~:t':::~ Kelley, S. '29 Palmstrom, D. '45 ALUMNI Willey, R. '20 Minnesota SUPPORT Bloomberg, R. '51 Forster, R. '25 to May 31, 1975 Opdahl, O. '41 Missouri Arizona Briggs, H. '51 Johnson, E. '62 Browne, W. '33 Bowling Green Mueller, G. '67 Grande, R. '57 Roster, C. '17 Bradley Nebraska Bittner, W. '74 Adams, R. '45 Bremer, J. '66 Ashby, C. '39 Karl, R. '69 Cheney, T. '36 Wade, W. '65 Goodwin, F. '50 Brown Kitts, L. '34 Cunningham, J. '41 Bucknell Lawler, J. '56 O'Bannon, K. '50 Thieke, R. '60 California Sorensen, C. '34 Thompson, K. '14 Bishop, ,R. '68 North Carolina Eubanks, M. '48 Marshall, J . '29 Carnegie Elliott, W. '34 Schumacher, C. '73 Northern Iowa Keller, L. '26 KeIiey, J. '73 Mielke, H. '51 Polles, J. '67 Northwestern Seible, C. '41 Beaubien, M. '64 Chicago Cal路uso, L. '65 Crawford, W. '33 Shinn, L. '58 Colby Tomlinson, J. '25 Anderson, R. '54 Williams, L. '34 Colgate Ob;o Beckman, C. '19 French, H. '69 Tyburski, R. '74 Opperman, H. '65 Inth8n~mbl'Oreduelrt'd


Ohio State Dewees, H. '22 Rein, E. '52 Johnson, N. '43 Pickett, R. '路10 Oklahoma Gist, J. '60 Jones, F. '65 Kenady, P. '66 Oregon Smith, G. '39 Oregon State Powell, S. '68 Pennsylvania Acaster, H. '44 Wells, C. '31 Pennsylvania State Ebersole, J. '70 Fleck; G. '16 Fogarty, R. '66 Prutzman, C. '18 Shade, W. '50 Yocum, E. '22 Purdue Beall, K. '19 Fitzgerald, D. '49 Poppleton, R. '46 Rich, W. '53 Smith, A . '19 Wahl, J. '45 Rutgers Crowell, J. '21 Hale, D. '44 Moran, R. '72 San Fernando Valley Waite, E. '66 San Jose Frusetta, C. '49 Simpson Crabbe, E. '18 Dunbar, K. '69 Grant, L. '49 Job, T. '12 Stewart, L. '24 Southern lIIinois Jesse, R. '73 McKillip, T. '71 Southwest Texas Keller, J . '73 Stanford Black, W. '23 Coonan, T. '43 Stanley, J. '50 Twist, G. '30 White, G. '33 Swarthmore Roger, A. '23 Syracuse Mittelstaedt, A. '58 Technology Cross, R. '33 Deacon, E. '19 Dodge, J. '39 Gove, K . '26 Myers, J. '41 Perry, D. '28 Rumsey, J. '40 Toronto Martin, W. '44 Tufts Silvestri, A. '69 UCLA Moore, R. '41 Union Gardesld, J. '51 Robinson, T. '42 Wies e, R. '44 Virginia Beman, R. '40 Buckingham, R. '51 Copenhaver, J . '50 Pollock, O. '51 Washington and Lee Perry, J : '41 Washington Bauernfeind, B . '70 Claussen, A. '49 Cook, G. '65 Lowe, H. '50 Waggoner, D. '66 Washington State Studle, G. '57 Western Reserve Holliday, C. '13 Lord, E. '45 McNamara, F. '26 Phillips, E. '28 Sisler, C. '48 Stearns, F. '30 Thompson, K. '27 Wichita Hutchinson, E. '43 Wisconsin Habighorst, D. '65 Nickolai, D. '42 Silverman, R. '69 Simonds, M. '15

July, 1975

The New Alumni Support Campaign Begins This Month With The Start Of The New Fiscal Year Be Among The First To Join The Givers Honor Roll By Sending Your Check Today ....

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Your Fraternity Will Be Better For Your Help 67

Our scholarship committee arranged for and conducted a study .s eminar. Many such programs are successfully under way. For recreation we have had full partici路 pation 路in the intramural program as well as the parties, functions, and even road rallies we've held. Spirits were high and enthusiasm was everywhere during a retreat this semester. Top off our fine programs and our high intramural standings with one of the best scholarship standings on campus, and you will see why the O.U. chapter is consistently strong. Page Heller

Oklahoma State This is the year of Delta Upsilon at Oklahoma State. 'Ve initiated sixteen .e nthusiastic new members. We have also elected our new Executive Council for the fall semester of 1975. These new officers are: President-Wendell Richards, Vice-President-Kent Powers, Recording Secretary-Darrell Beavers, Chapter Relations Secretary-Jim Propp, Treasurer-Mike Nevins. All of these men . are really working hard to make Delta Upsilon a top-notch fraternity at Oklahoma State University. During Greek Week, our chapter recently took first place at fun and games night which will aid in our campus and greek relations. Earlier in the semester, the O.S.U. chapter of Delta Upsilon also had the honor of hosting the Regional Seminar for Province X. We were honored with the presence of such devoted DU's as Terry Bullock of International Fraternity Board of Directors, Dr. Francis M. RichProvince Governor, and William BittnerLeadership Consultant. All of us greatly benefitted from their words of advice. This has been a great year for the Oklahoma State DU's and next year will be even better. Jim Prop!)

Oregon State This past term was a busy and successful one for the Oregon State Chapter of Delta Upsilon. At the beginning of the term, 'we initiated 12 new members. They are: Rick Baldwin, John Baxter, Ron Branham, Al Dulwick, Bill Gosson, Doug Jones; Don Main, Lance Marshall, Steve. Schuster, Lyle Smith, John Van Burgher, and Scott Whipple. We also held elections for offices. Starting next term, they will be: Brad Van Allen, President; Al Dulwick, VicePresident; Tom Wittfoth, Chapter Re. lations Secretary; Bob Crosby, Rush Chairman; Gregg Williams, Treasurel'; John Baxter, Secretary; and Rick Baldwin, House Manager. With this slate of officers, we hope to start innovative pro. grams and carryon traditional activities. Intramural athletics went fairly well this term, with our A and B basketball teams achieving relative success . The highlight of our athletic program came


when our water polo team went through an undefeated regular season, and won their division . Our concentration for the next few months is focused almost entirely on rush. "Ve have a fairly full house at this time; however, we need to maintain our present strength, and, if possible, add to it. David Kean

Oshkosh The spring semester for the Oshkosh Chapter has led us down a difficult road, but the brothers are consolidating their efforts to make this semester one of purpose_ First of all, we are endeavoring to acquire a house this chapter can be very proud in owning. Through the efforts of our House Committee, our new president, Adison Hendree, and our newly founded Alumni Association, we have every hope of acquiring a large house, close to campus and elegant enollgh to fulfill our expectations. We at Oshkosh have welcomed into our ranks Brothers Dave Coats, Mark Ellis, Jef Gehrke, Adison Hendree, Rohert La Fave, Mike Purdue, and Gary Huycke. Our new Brothers made a fine pledge class and will add extensively to the future of Delta Upsilon on campus. In Winter Carnival the DU's placed fourth out of almost forty organizations in the ice sculpture. Our excellent effort in ice were very lifelike sculptures of Rocket J. Squirrel and Bullwinkel the Moose. Our newly elected officers for this semester are: Adison Hendree, president; .Tei Gehrke, vice-president; Randy Bragdon, treasurer; David Zimmerman, corresponding secretary; and William Burke, recording secretary. David Zimmerman

Pennsylvania State Reorganization is the key word at the Penn State Chapter of Delta Upsilon. The alumni have reorganized under the guidance of Alumni President Ben Amato and they met at the D.U. house to elect new officers. We congratulate Ben Amato, president; Mark Beldon, vicepresident; Warren Haffl~er, Secretary; and Floyd Howell, treasurer. The house has also reorganized the house offices to take the load off the office of house president by making two house presiden ts- one to take care of alumni and chapter relations and the other to run the internal路 affairs of the house. After a beneficial visit with Leadel'ship Consultant GaD' Golden, we have reorganized our rush program under the guidance of Brothers Steve Howell and Wayne Squires. Already accepted as pledges at the beginning of spring term art! Scott Reynolds, '77 and Dwight Decker, '77. We plan to have 10 to 15 mOl'e pledges at the end of the term. The brothers also congratulate Brother John Nessel, '75, who was selected on the Walter Camp All-American football team and was drafted in the fourth round of

the NFL draft by the Atlanta Falcons. Also completing fine varsity seasons in other sports were Ciro Baldino, soccer: and Bruce Balderston, swimming. Ralph E. PetTi

Platteville Dear Brothers, This year has been a very poor year for us here at Platteville. Our rush was hampered by lack of funds and the loss of three of our officers including our president, vice president, and chapter rela tions secretary. We hope that next year will bring a resurgence of our fraternity on campus. To make us again one of the best fraternities on the campus we need your support. We have gotten little response from our alumni letters, which may be due in part to out-of-date addresses. Any mail to the fraternity should be mailed to 290 Southwest Road, Platteville, addressed to Dan Wolf. To help us next year, we plan on giving up the chapter house and moving our fraternity into a dormitory. This has worked well for another fraternity on campus and at soine of our chapters elsewhere. Douglas Johnson

Purdue Summer is here and we have made a lot of progress at the Purdue Chapter. We have continued to gain campus support and more importantly we have continued to regain our alumni support. Our progress has been centered around the help of all the brothers and the leadership of our newly elected officers. They are: Dave Noble, president; Rich Leemis, vice president; Doug DeMent, treasurer; Gerald Pullen, secretary; and Tom Bates, chapter relations secretary. The spring semester was filled with many activities. Once again we serenaded the sororities for Valentines Day. We also were warmly accepted by the President of the University, Dr. Arthur G. Hansen and his wife_ They both said they really enjoyed the serenade and afterwards Dr. Hansen treated us all to pizzas at a local pizza parlor. We are very proud and grateful to .have their friendship. Moments like that night make our hard work en joyable and worthwhile. We have come a long way since our reorganization. We have increased ollr number from seven to 37 with strong competition from the other 38 fraternities on campus. W.e didn't have a big beautiful house to show them or the well established social events offered by the other fraternities. "Ve had to rely on our sincerity and friendship . Our progress says something for our chapter and more importantly it says something about D.V. Tom Bates

Ripon The Ripon Chapter of Delta Upsilon would like to extend its apologies to all of our brothers for our negligence in


July, 1975

submitting reports to the Quarterly. The Ripon Chapter had hit upon some hard times in the past year, but thanks to alumni support, and some hard work on the part of the brothers those hard times are at an end. The new pledges have also been a valuable asset to the house. At this time we would like to express our special thanks to the following alumni who have helped out above and beyond the call of duty: Mr. James Hess, Dr. Donald Thomann, Dr. David Brittain, and Rev. R. Brown. The year ahead promises to be a good one, especially when one considers the ac· complishments of this year. The Chapter has doubled in size. Alumni relations have greatly improved, and will continue to do so. The house administration is back to being a smooth running organi· zation . Considering these accomplish. ments, and our future plans, we believe that we can say in all honesty that, the Ripon Chapter of Delta Upsilon is back on its feet. Andrew MacLeod

Rutgers The Rutgers Chapter of D.U. is alive and well. For the second consecutive year we have won "the battle of the pledges." This semester alone we ini,tiated 24 pledges, that brought the year's total to 36 new brothers. The brotherhood was also successful in other areas of campus life as well. We placed 15 brothers on the Dean's list and as usual we made up a large part of Rutgers nationall}, ranked lacrosse team. Despite the hectic spring pace we found time to co·sponsor a blood drive to aid the Hemophilia cause and elect a crew of officers. The new officers for this year are: President, Rich Mira· bito; Vice President, Jerry Gugliemo; Treasurer, Wilbur Hughes; Secretary, Bruce Balbach; Chapter Relations Secre. tary, Joe Sheridan. The brothers have a lot of faith in these men and are looking forward to a truly great year. In spite of inflationary spirals, the Chapter is also the leader in social activities. Because of a fantastic group of men, our alumni, we have emerged as strong and solid as ever. Due to the close cooperation between the alumni and undergraduates DU is again the most prominent house on campus. , , Joe Sheridan

SAN DIEGO-Presenting a check and books to Kidney Foundation Director Ray Rhodes are chapter treasurer John Utley and president Scott Tanner, with little sister Melanie Hawkins. DELTA UPSILON QUARTERLY'

San Diego The D.U.'s at San Diego State began the year on the right track by rushing 15 pledges. This is only a beginning toward what looks to be a great year for us. Elections have brought new leaders to continue last year's upswing: Officers include; Scott Tanner-president, Eric Haikara-vice-president, John UtleytreasU1;er, Mike Carl-secretary, Marsh Moore and Steve Baffoni-social chairmen. In at.hletics the D.U.'s started by taking the surfing title. Our winning ways continued with the basketball team which took us to the all-campus finals where we lost a one-point overtime thriller. Along the line of community relations, the D.U:s raised over 250 books and $100 towards the Kidney Foundation Book Drive-Fund Raiser. Plans are in the making for a similar project before the semester comes to an end. Our main difficulty still lies with our lack of alumni communication and su pport. However events have been planned and a newsletter started to hopefully bridge the gap between D.U:spast and present. Thanks go to Phil Hoffman for his continued and devoted support in this respect. A special thanks also goes out to leadership consultant Bob Tyburski for his helpful advice. John Utle)'

Simpson No letter received.

In closing there is small reminder and invitation. On July 19 the chapter shall have a get together in Vermillion. All brothers, alumni, Li ttle Sisters, and friends are invited and urged to attend . Reunion and plans for next fall will be the main items of discussion. With this get together we plan and look forward to another great year. Charles Estee

Southern Illinois This has been a good year for ' the Southern Illinois Chapter, perhaps the bestl Our chapter has gone from a nonexisting organization to one of the top chapters here at SIU. We have increased our membership 600% with quality members rather than with warm bodies. Spirit and brotherhood have played a major role in our success. This past fall we made the play-offs in football and are currently in first place in bowling. Recently our chapter put on a seminar for all of the fraternities and sororities at SID r egarding 'all aspects of fraternal life. It was a big success. Also our rush chairmen, Al Jacobson and John Azoo, put a Rush Seminar on for colonies and petitioning organizations here at SIU. Our main goals this semester were to win the chapter of the year award at SIU, build up our membership, and 'get our house ready for re-opening in the fall. We have been working diligently towards them all. We at the Southern Illinois Chapter wish the best of luck to all the chapters and colonie~ of Delta Upsilon. Tom Syrstad

South Dakota As the school year closes, the South Dakota Chapter of Delta Upsilon looks forward to a summer filled with weddings of brothers, and also looks fonvard to yet another growing year. We can also look back upon a fun and prosperous year. A new administration contributed greatly to the fulfilling year. Officers were President Dave Keeler, Vice-President Scott Boyd, Treasurer Dave John ston, Secretary Paul Hanson, and Chapter Relations Secretary Charles Estee. The year was good to the South Dakota Chapter for onoe again we held the highest grade point average on campus, competing with eight other national fraternities. For the third consecutive year we are defending the College Bowl Championship and are confident of another victory. We are also proud to an· nounce that two more of our brothers have been selected to join Phi Beta Kappa, Philip Chrisiansen and Charles Estee. In April the chapter again had its tetter-totter marathon. This year we raised money for the new Senior Citizen Center being constructed in Vermillion . Also in April the chapter had Parent's Day, which enabled the parents of members to see the House, have dinner, and to meet all of the brothers.

July, 1975

SOUTHWEST TEXAS-Members Dudley Cole, and Mike Kirkland - along with Central Texas DeMo lay Sweetheart Diana Beefier Wilsford, daughter of Brother Don Wilsford, present $2,200 in contributions to Jerry Lewis muscular dystrophy telethon in Austin. BeITY, Jody

Southwest Texas Spring comes early to Texas and as we thaw out from our short winter, our attention has turned to organizing our pledge class. Our rush theme for this past semester was "each one bring one", that is every member bring at least one rushee to be rush ed. For the fall semester, we have a list of potential leaders from each members' high school that we will rush. In this way we hope to get some of the best people into D.U.


On Labor Day weekend last semester we manned the phones in San Marcos for the Jerry Lewis muscular dystrophy telethon_ Another community project that we are undertaking has to do with the Schibe Community Center. The Schibe Center is the only center in the San Marcos area that provides help for the retarded and they operate on a very limited budget. The help we provide is in the line of handyman type work where we do a little fixing up here and there. In closing, the brothers remind the alumni that they are welcome at all times. We extend an invitation to them to come down and share in the good times. Jerry Haecker

Stanford In response to the undergraduate housing shortage here at Stanford, university officials have decreed that fraternities must pledge 25% more members each year to fulfill their proportionate shar'e of the shortage. The university also proposes that if the fraternity sys' tern as a whole does not pledge its quota that the individual houses failing to meet their obligation be assimilMed into th e university-wide housing system, hence losing their identity as fraternities. After a year without a lawn, volleyball court or barbecue, and with preliminary renovations completed on the house, the university has announced plans to landscape the new site before the r路eturn of the DU's this fall. Recent elections have found that the executive committee for the '75-76 year will consist of Tom . Gordon, president; Bruce Dines, vice-president; Mark Kasselik, financial manager, and Jack Ames as house manager. We would like to thank . those alumni who have dropped by the house during the past year and encourage those who will be traveling through the area this year to also drop by.

Swarthmore Once again in 1975, the brothers of the 'S warthmore Chapter of D.U. have continued to maintain their top spot among the fraternities on campus. The addition of nine new members initiated in April has boosted our membership to 41 brothers. New to our chapter this spring were: Jay Clark, Andy D'Amico, Bill deGrouchy, Bruce Ganey, Peter Harmeling, Frank Lioi, Dave Raymond, Robert Rosen and Dave Stone. Two of our major objectives for the spring semester were to improve relations with alumni and the surrounding community and to make necessary improvements on various parts of the house. A group of about ten enthusiastic brothers picked up scrapers, brushes and rollers and gave the entire interior of the house a fresh coat of paint. A new tile floor was installed in the downstairs area and the pool -table was releveled, rebumpered and recovered. Most of the improvements were completed in time for the May 7th Alumni Dinner - an event looked for-


ward to with ,1Ilticipation by both brothers and alumni. Two issues of the T1'iangle, our chapter's own news magazine, were sent out and the response each time was most favorable. We are vety . grateful for the support and , guidance we have received this year from our alumni. . While maintaining the high level of academic standing expected at Swarthmore, D.U. 'remains strong in athletics - our chapter being represented in virtually every sport with varsity captains in football, basketball, baseball, and lacrosse. Michael Faust

Technology The spring term at the Technolog~ DU house brought several activities which maintained the chapter's high standards in the key areas of fraternity life. Academically, the Brothers achieved a 4.5 G. P. A. out of a possible 5.0, with the senior class leading the way with a 4.9. The leadership <;>f DU in the college community was also evidenced by the election of Mark Suchon to the I.F.C. Chairmanship and of John .Thain to the I.F.C. Judicial Committee, which he also chairs. Plans for the continuance of the Sunday Speaker Program as well as The DU Beacon and the DU Car Smash add to the community relations program . Socially, the DU's are also campus leadel路s., The recent Ski Weekend in New Hampshire was one of the finest events in recent years, with thanks to Social Chairman Rusty Saunders. Also slated for the spring term are the usual band parties, a trip to an amusement park, a hiking and canoe trip, Celtics and Red Sox games, as well as our annual Cape Cod paI"ty. In athletics, the chapter boasts participation in several varsity sports. , The Brothers of the Technology Chapter encourage all alumni in the Boston area to drop by for a visit and the usual Del ta Upsilon hospi tali ty. , Ge01'ge G. Hays

Tennessee Once again the Tennessee Chapter is going all out in preparation for spring rush under the guidance of the new chapter officers who are: President, Davie! MOUl'on; Vice-President Samuel Delay; Secre tary, Karl Zimmerman; Treasurer, W'arren Newbern; and Rush Chairman, John Martin. The chapter house is being renovated with additions of an executive committee meeting room and a library and study room. Also much work is being done on the house including general cleaning up and painting. During winter quarter, in addition to our work on the house, we also had several social events. Among these were a casino party and a weekend trip to the Cumberland Mountains. As a result of winter rush we have a new pledge, David Harris. vVe are proud to have him with us and know he will help us to grow and prosper in the future. Under our n ew officers many activities have been planned for the coming quarter. Included in these

al'e a community project and the initiation of a speakers program as well as our annual spring formal. Looking ahead, thiS next quarter is sure to be one ' of the best for ' the Tennessee Chapter and all the brothers are working hard to attain this goal. Karl Zimmerman

Texas Delta Upsilon at the "University of Texas is once again having a great spring semester. The semester started off with a party in early February, and the annual Spring FOlmal was held on the first day, in March . April is the biggest month of the year with the annual U.T. Round-Up the second week in the month. We are cosponsoring a Round-Up Carnival Booth with Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority. A Country and Western Party starts off the Round-Up Weekend. Saturday there is a lake party on Lake Travis. Saturday night climaxes Round-Up with a semiformal party. Two weeks later, we will have our final party of the year. D.U. is once again a leader in intramura:" Our "B" basketball team reached the finalS before being eliminated. Our "A" waterbask<.tball team has reached the University final s. Softball is well represented as the "B" team has reached the leagu e playoffs. Our rush program is well underway under the capable leadership of Bob Avent. Over 600 invitations were sent out to high school smiors for the Round Up celebration. Officers this semester are Terrv Mitchell,; Charlie Miller, Vice-President; Davie1 Eargle, Secretary; and Ross Nager, Treasurer. Steve Wolf is Treasurer-elect.

Toronto The Toronto Chapter is experiencing serious financial difficulties as a result of some major unscheduled renovations which must be done to bring our chapter house up to meet the new building code standards now required by City Hall. This involves the installation of a fire alarm system and possibly a water sprinkler system as well, replacement of flammable wall board with fireproof gyprock and miscellaneou's other improvements to the house. Also needed is an exterior paint job and some eavestroughing work. Charles Scott is to be complimented on his excellent craftsmanship on Phase' One repairs. The costs involved for this quarter alone could easily exceed $5,000. Seeing that the house cannot absorb this sum entirely, we must, in the near future, establish a Building Fund. We encourage our alumni to help us out in this regard when we make our plea. The spring elections decreed Chris Trow to be our President with Fred Pember as his cohort. Treasurer will be Brian Roth, Social ChaiIman will be Paul Joannou, and Secretary for another term, Howard Searle.


july) 1975

The Toronto Chapter is always happy to have alumni from this and other chapters drop by for a chat on passing. Some of the Brothers will be residing at the house all summer; our welcome mat is out.

Howard Searle

Tufts Delta U at Tufts is proud to announce the 12 members of our fall pledge class. They are William J. Anderson, William J. Casazza, Rashesh M. Choksi, Peter R. Dolan, Christopher R. Gannon, Michael J. Gill, Edmund F. Ingalls XI, David Kelly, Steven M. O'Brien, Robert E. Peterson, William C. Rudow, and Mark A. Slaven. With the all-campus intramural foot ball championship under our belts, DU is very much in the running for the over-all intramural crown, competing in basketball, track, bowling, baseball, and tennis. Under the leadership of our newlyelected President, Peter Matthews, DU continues to move forward here at Tufts. Other new officers are Chip Nielsen, vice president; Peter Clinton, treasurer; Mark Ohanian, steward; Bill Hancock, housing chairman; Dave Joseph, recording secretary; AI Butzer, chapter relations secretary; Tony Norris arid Steve O'Brien, -rush chairmen; and Peter Bizinkauskas and Bob Phelan, social chairmen. Conscious of the physical plant of our chapter, we have created a House Improvement Committee to determine those areas of our house needing attention, both now and in the future. The brotherhood plans to do the majority . of the work, including painting, wallpapering and putting down carpet.

Albe,-t Butzer



This year at Tyler our chapter led all fraternities with the most pledges. We had 17 fall semester and eight spring. We have participated i,n both the heart fund drive and the - cancer drive. We helped with the Special Olympics Retarded track meet and won the canned food drive while also winning our college's annual blood drive. We also had many participants in the dance marathon. - We received local recognition here at Tyler giving a $100.00 schOlarship award to a man 'credited with saving our basketball coach's life. We are also in the running for the all-sports trophy, New officers for the next year are Sabin Warrick, President; Tim Ratcliff, Vice President; Larry Mathews, Secretary; Doug Hamblin, Treasurer; Mark Newton, Chapter Relations Secretary. We are looking forward to a truly great year this coming fall.

Jack Tittle

) Union

Fellow D.U.'s, The past few months have seen many changes in our chapter as we move into DELTA UPSILON QUARTERLY .

the category of the superior chapter. Elections were held recently with these results: Edwin Parisi '76, President; James Thompson '76, vice president; Dave Papa '76, Secretary; Terry Trembath '77, Treasurer; Armon Benny '76, Chapter Relations; Gl'eg ,.valker '76, Social Chairman; Tom Pastore 76, Steward; Mike Gaynor '78, House Manager. The new officers pIal). to move fonvard in all spheres towards the goal of becoming a superior chapter. Parents Weekend saw the chapter initiate ten new brothers. These new brothers will provide the chapter with l-esponsible leadership in the years to come. Scholastically the chapter is improving steadily. So far this year all the brothers were led by Brother Hoskinson who had two straight 4.00's with the final term grades not in yet. We have been 'at work on community project ideas and beginning in the fall we hope to do one project per term for the Schenectady community. Our relations with our alumni are improving greatly. Almost all area alumni are in constant contact with the chapter. We have been receiving huge responses to our Open-Visor. The brothers of Delta Upsilon'S oldest acti ve chapter would like to wish all members of this illustrious brotherhood a' most enjoyable and prosperous summer. F.ra ternall y,

Armon R. Benny

Virginia The Virginia Chapter of Delta Upsilon has continued to be one of the top houses on the grounds. We have upheld this high ' standing through several activities. First of all, rush was a success and we pledged fifteen, having since initiated three of the upperclassmen, with ,the remainder to be initiated later in the spring. The chapter has participated in community activities. A large proportion of the brothers have donated blood to the Red Cross. Later on this spring, the brotherhood will conduct its annual cancer drive, an activity which has had much success in the past. The Regional Leadership Conference was held at the Virginia chapter this year. It was very successful and we were honored to have Brother W. D. vVatkins attend. The house is currently in the top' three out of thirty-three houses in intramural sports. A good spring effort in some of our stronger sports should move us up in the ranking'S. pur friendly rivalry with most of the houses on the , grounds has not diminished in '-the past year.

Thomas J. Gmnville

Washington Spring found the brothers of the Washington Chapter playing golf, skiing, fishing, sailing, hiking, camping, and participating in intramural softball, track, and soccer.

July, 1975

New officers elected in February were: President-Ron Muffett, Vice President Rick 'Wagg, Secretary-Dave Mescher, House Manager-Eric Reece, Chapter Relations-Paul Johnson, Rush ChainnanThor Thorsen, and Assistant Rush Chairman-Dan Romain. Initiation ceremonies were held April 13 at the chapter house_ Our sixteen new brothers are: Dan Bloom, Russ Byerly, John Cacabelas, Bruce Fiander, Mark Hagemann, Steve Hamerslag, Len Hummels, Steve Johnson, Daryl Okada, Jack Robinson, Dan Romain, Doug Seto, Rick Shattuck, Hobart Stebbins, John Thorsness, and Rolando Valdez. The chapter participated in the March of Dimes ,.valk-a-Iot and raised well over $1,000 for this worthy organization. A spring retreat was held and it produced several good ideas for summer rush. Our chapter house operates all summer, so stop by for a visit if you're in the Sea ttle area, Fraternally,

Bmthen of the Washington Chapter

Washin.gton State First, we would like to give our regards to all of our brothers where ever you may be. We here at the Washington State University chapter are doing fine and looking forward to seeing you at the International Convention. We are proud to announce the addition of five new spring pledges: Tom Callahan, Chan St. - Clair, Maurice Therian, Steve Smith and Brian Replinger. We would also like to announce our new officers: Robert Gannon, President; Mike Hansen, Vice President; Kip Phelps, Secretary; Mike Plymale, Treasurer and Ken Brutzman, Alumni Relations. This spring we will be sponsoring a Walkathon for charity in hopes of raising money for the National Associatio):l of Cancer Research. Also, we are skipping a meal a month so that we can give $35 a month to community service projects like the Big Brother program. Other plans for the semester include an all-Greek Jraternity clean-up which we wlll sponsor. We are proud to annou nce the selection of a new House Advisor. He is Officer Wayne R. Smith, police officer for the City Police Department. We here at the House are proud to have him join us. We hosted the Regional Leadership Conference last February and would like to thank all of the other chapters wWch helped make it the success it was. Finally. we wish a successful year to all the DU路s.

Kevin R. Phelps

Western Illinois On April 27, our chapter celebrates its first anniversary of our chartering here at Western. Activities for the brothers- and their families, Little Sisters and their families, alumni, town officials, and uni versity faculty include house dedication, open house, cocktail hour, dinner and a dance. The year has been great and we


have learned a great deal in Our first year. We hope to use this knowledge to get our fraternity more well known on campus. New officers were recen tl y elected for our second year. They' are Curt Miller, president; Mark Newman, vice-president; Scott Nickels, secretary; John Romano, treasurer; Bill Fleming, rush chairman; Mike Srblj<i.n, membership education director; Keith Nester~ social chairman; and Jon Scharfenberg, chapter relations secretary. We are organizing a Walk-a-thon for Muscular Dystrophy in May with all town and university organizations. A huge amount of time and effort will be used in order to reach our goal of $10,000 so that one of our brothers can go to Las Vegas and present the check to Jerry Lewis on his telethon. In closing the brothers here at West· ern wish to thank all who made our fhst year a very exciting and memorable one. Jon . Scharfenberg

Western Michigan Th.e Western Michigan chapter has started upon a long, hard pull towards restoring Delta Upsilon to the number 'one position on Western's campus. With the aid of Brother Wm. Bittner of the International Headquarters, we have established a firm plan of action for the remainder of this year, and on into the next. Our President, Brother James Norburg, has begun a successful campaign to put our new house in order. Our primary areas of concern are: conducting an illJtensive year-round rush program to strengthen our membership, renovate and remodel our . chapter house, recover our sense of tradition, engage in community activities, expand our interests in cultural and academic affairs, and last, but certainly not the least, to restore alumni relations and secure their advice in conducting a successful rush, running the house, conducting meetings and so on. Brother Bittner instilled a new found pride in Delta Upsilon that you really must see and experience in order 10 believe. 'Our officers and members cordially invite you to stop by our new' chapter house and see the "Spirit of '76" as we have revived it. Robert E. L. Wright

Western Ontario This has been a banner year for the Western Ontario Chapter of Delta Upsilon in every sense of the term. We have increased our membership to become the largest on campus, and have enjoyed success in other areas besides rush. An inter-fraternity Dance Marathon, which we organized, brought in pledges of over $5,000 towards the Multiple Sclerosis Fund. In sports, the chances are excellen t for our retaining the Sports Cup, which is awarded for best performance in all interfraternity competitions. The elections saw the selection of a solid core of officers, who are as follows:


Stephen B. Mann-President; Brian W. Decker-Vice President; Phillip RaceSecretary; Charles Gray-Rush; Paul Snack-Social-Sport; 3'Ild BIil1 HUftigChapter Relations. President Steve Mann was also elected President of the Interfraternity Council. As the summer draws near, we at Western Ontario are continuing in full gear, planning for and anticipating another fine year. Two years ago we ranked fourth in size on campus, now we are first in size and spirit and intend to maintain and strengthen our position. Thanks to leadership consultants Bill Bittner and Gary Golden for their helpful suggestions, and best wishes to everyone· for a great summer. Bill Hurtig

Western Reserve An all-out rush effort by the entire fraternity this spring semester has netted the Western Reserve chapter eight new pledges. The eight include: Igor Korneitchouk, Mike Konstan, Terry Butler, Craig Callen, Craig Preis, Tom Slagle, Andy Slaven, and' Brad Doi. Our intensive rush program coupled with our new pledge education program will un· doubtedly produce a great pledge class. February brought the annual house elections. The new officers are: Bill Cotton, president; Mike Young, v~ce­ president; Steve Williams, treasurer; Tad Armbruster, secretary; Jim Tsevdos, rush chairman; Dave Habert, pledge education; and Kevin Sitaller, chapter relations. A recent compiling of the house's academic average shows a very high 3.23. This average is tops on campus. Along with studies, sports play a big part at Western Reserve. The varsity swimming season ended with . Dave Hab· ert being elected honorary captain, Bill Cotton elected outstanding swimmer, ind Jim Tsevdos was a school record breaker in the 1,650 freestyle. In spring varsity sports Steve Williams and Tom Slagle are both on the track team, while Terrv Butler is on the baseball team. . William H. Cotton

plaster, and ceilings have made the D.U. house a showplace on campus. Thanks to Brothers Jim Wilson, Jim Townley, Allen Conine, and Dave Donohoo, the work on the chapter house is rapidly nearing completion. Another boost to our efforts came with the formation of the Mother's Club by 15 interested mothers. Projects so far have included the planning and sewing of 'new curtains for all of the downstairs room, as well as some interior decoration.

Wilmington The WiQrrington Chapter 9f Delta Upsilon is looking fonvard to a very productive rush in the coming summer and fall. Officers for the next term were recently elected and all are very enthu.siastic about the important task awaiting them. Elected were: President-Zack Sessions, Vice-President-Charles Leu u wen burg, Treasurer-David Purser, Secretary-Terry Cone, Chapter Relations Secretary-Alan Shenemin. Also elected was Wil Hebden to succeed David Cole as Chapter Counselor. New Brothers recently initiated are Tom Whitfield, Sonny Millard, and Alan Shenemin. Tom is also serving as an IFC representative. DU again holds the Presidency of the Student Government Association of U.N.C. Wilmington. Steve Hobbs was elected to succeed Rocky Moore, also a DU. Zack Sessions

Wichita With the initiation of 18 men from the fall pledge class, the pledging of 10 men for the spring semester, and a goal of 40 men during our summer rush program, the Wichita Chapter of Delta Upsilon has changed in both spirit and in involvement among both the brothers and the university. Tentatively planned for this summer is a Member/Alumnus picnic, the main goal of which is to reunite the Brothers of the Wichita Chapter, to renew friendships, and to promote the "new" D.U. on the campus of Wichita State. Information on this event has been mailed and any alumnus who has not received it . and wishes details is urged to write the chapter at 1720 N. Vassar. Recent house improvements have drastically changed the appearance of the house. New carpeting, paneling, paint,

WISCONSIN-Andy Weber and Warren Nesbitt toss a TV off the top of the fire escape while pledges watch from below.

Wisconsin The Wisc.onsin Chapter is looking forward to a prosperous year with the addition of seven pledges following second semester rush. The new pledges are: Brad Bloom, Bob O'Neal, Jeff Case, Kim Creuziger, Charlie Enroth, Dudley Godfrey, and Lynn Sarka. We also have another addition to the house, a one and a half year old Dalmatian named Dexter Upsilon. Dexter has added much excitement to the house.


July, 1975

The DU's at Wisconsin, in continuing to seek community involvement in order to promote the Greek system, had Madison Mayor Paul Soglin and Police Chief Dave C. Couper here for dinner this semester. Later in the evening we had an informal discussion with them on current issues of their administrations. In Interfraternity League sports the DU's won first place in the swimming meet, adding another first to our previous football championship. This places the DU's in a very respectable pos\tion in the IF athletic standings. Andrew L. Muehlenbein

Colonies and Petitioning Groups

and much of the progress that the Colony has made would have taken longer and would have been much tougher had it not been for the efforts of these men . Bl'ian Beaird

Louisiana State The initiation of four pledges launched the spring semester activities of the Louisiana State Colony. Joining the ranks of ADU-LSU were: Robert Bogan, Robert Gay, Stephen Pastorek, and John Tammami. Soon afterward, the Colony cele, bra ted the installa tion of officers. Providing the leadership for the Delta U's at LSU are: David Howson , president; Steven Smith, vice-president; Robert Gay, recording secretary; and Robert Bogan, treasurer. Under the direction of these en'thusiastic men the Colony continues to grow in size and strength. Hard work and a 'h igh level of interest by all Colony mem'bers has awarded ADU at LSU with nine new pledges at midsemester: Ralph Stephens, Pat Bella, Tom Winchel!, Jeff Singleton, Bob Anthony, John Jones, Barry Sanders, Bruce Bondurant and George Shell. The spirit and capabilities of the brotherhood increase as these men step in and assume new positions and responsibilities. One of the recent highlights for the LSU Colony was our meeting four Delta U alumni from the New Orleans area. These brothers include: Otis Felger, Colgate '20; Jim Greene, Purdue '63, Wayne Updike, Virginia '63, and Craig Ethier, Depauw '73. The brothers are pleased to have met these fine men and lQOk forward to a close friendship . Dennis L. Alonzo

ARKANSAS-Colony members and pledges gather behind the chapter ,house tor theil' group picture tor the Fayetteville yearbook.

Carnival held on campus. We're planning on having a rummage sale at the house to go towards improvements on the house. Other projects we are involved with are a raft made out of inner tubes to be entered in the annual R5 to be held ori the Blue Earth river. ''''ith ' best of wishes from your brothers at Mankato State. Dan'el Olson

Oregon Mindful of growth and looking to the future, ADU at the University of Oregon in Eugene started off 1975 with renewed spirit and a reserved but optimistic attitude. Election of new officers late fall term brought with it a complete administrative reorganization for the Colony. Those elected for 1975 at ADU include: James Spivak, President; Shane Walls, Vice-President; David McFetridge, Treasurer; James Russell, Chapter Relations; Thomas Prior, Secretary; Phillip Kalevitch, Rush; with Richard Schoonover and Jeff Goldenberg, Co-Social. Winter initiation was held in January. Our concerted, informal ADU rush program, which received some much appreciated monetary assistance from local alumni, raised the ADU roster to 20 by early February. A visit from International Leadership Consultant Bob Tyburski in mid-February added to Chapter concentration towards rush, administrative and brotherhood reorganization. The Colony also celebrated its one-year anniversary, February 21, when the local alumni visited the chapter house for lunch in a sort of undergraduate-alumni retreat for a talk about future ,of Delta Upsilon at the University. .lames Russell

Arkansas Our first full year at the University of Arkansas has been a busy one and the ADU Colony here is growing ' at a fast pace. Elections were held last February and the officers selected to lead us for the next year are: Ed Crane, President; Joel Hamilton, Vice President; Bob Kolf, Treasurer; Ron Siebenmorgan, Secretary; Brian Beaird, Chapter Relations; Tom Jacobs, Rush Chairman; Fred Calvert, Social Chairman; and Bill Freeman, Pledge Trainer. Since our founding a year ago last February, we have initiated ten fine men into the Colony. Our academic standing improved last semester and the Colony is ,mong the top seven fraternities scholastically. House leaders last fall' were Tom Jacobs with a 3.7 GPA and Scott Campbell, with a perfect 4.0 GPA. In closing, the Colony would like to express its sincere gratitude to the Alumni Association in Tulsa, Oklahoma. These men have come through for us when we needed advice and assistance DELTA UPSILON QUARTERLY路

Missed Your Chapter Report? MANKATO-The Executive Committee meets with Leadership Consultant following elections. Left to right, back 1'OW, are: .lim Schadl and Mike Meaden; front row : William Bittner, Leadership Consultant, Tmcy Williams, and Darrel Olson.

Mankato The colony here at Mankato, having just finished a successful winter semester, is looking forward to spring. During winter we completed many improvements to the house, repainting and carpeting the living and dining rooms. The past semester we have had three new pledges and expect an even hett,e r rush in the spring. F'or the spring semester we have many activities planned. We will participate in the annual Spring Olympics and Charity

July, 1975

There were just three chapters that didn't get reports in by the extended deadline for this issue. We hope that their alumni will write the chapter president instead of 'the editor. The deadline for the next issue to carry chapter reports is: OCTOBER 1, 1975 The missing chapters are: California, Berkeley Colorado Simpson


"ital Statistics Obituaries It is with regret tha t the Quarterly announces the death of the following brothers: AMHERST Arthur W . Reid '23, Nov. 27, 1974 Edward D. Steinbrugge '38, Nov. 6, 1974 BOWDOIN Franklin J. Harris '24 BRITISH COLUMBIA G. C. Bell '61 BROWN Elmer S. King '20, April 22, 1975 Philip S. Knauer, Jr. '30, May 22, 1974 CLARKSON Charles H. Kenyon '45 COLBY G. S. Por,ter '19, Feb. 8, 1975 Albert R. Willard '16, March 17, 1975 COLGATE H. Allan Jenkins '41 Jacque H . MacKinnon '61, March 6, 1975 John E. McKay, Jr. '41 , March 4, 1975 COLUMBIA A. W . Ackerman '27, July 7, 1970 James J. Brick '28 Howard E. Greenwell '42, August 1974 W. K. Gregory '00, Dec. 29, 1970 CORNELL Richard E. Bishop '09 DARTMOUTH Charles E. Darling '29, Dec: 14, 1974 DEPAUW Wendell G. Lewellen '18, March 13, 1975 GEORGIA TECH Delton H. Harden, Jr. '60, April 1974 HAMILTON R. H. Ritterbtish '20, May I, 1973 HARVARD F. R. Downey '32, Aug. 16, 1974 William D . Haviland '02, Feb. 6, 1967 Carl Lawson '05, Sept. 26, 1967 James P. Leake '04, Feb. 21, 1973 ILLINOIS Thomas E. McCann '23, March 23, 1975 Milton W. Nosek '33, Jan. 14, 1975 INDIANA O. E. Klink '22, Jan. 10, 1974 IOWA Donald R. Jordan '39, Aug. I, 1974 Allen E. Matthews '47 IOWA STATE D. J. Batchelder '13 GeOl'ge P . Moburg '32, March ro, 1975 KANSAS Ralph E . Brown '33, Oct. 30, 1974 KENT STATE John Laurenson '48, Nov. 5, 1971 Leonard M. Snider '49, March 20; 1975 LAFAYETTE Oscar E. Ketchledge '17 LOUISVILLE Edw.ard H. Carleton '32, April 19, 1975 DavId H. Corson '54, Oct. I, 1973 MARIETTA Lucian M. Dawson '66 Allan C. Hall '11 James P . Jones '33 Lawrence W . Smith '23 MCGILL Gordon D. Campbell '25, Jan. 28, 1974 W. E. Dunton '17, Oct. 27, 1955 William A. Fraser '23, May 24, 1973


Chilion Heward '53, Aug. 2, 1959 T . A. Langstaff '31, March 13, 1970 MICHIGAN Edward L. Moloney '20, Jan. 5, 1975 MIDDLEBURY James P. Donnelly '51, April 6, 1973 William T . Hall, Jr. '27, Sept. 2, 1969 Dexter H. Mead '20, April 21, 1975 ' MINNESOTA Frank V. Moulton '24, March I, 1975 W . C. Walsh '23, Feb. 27, 1974 NEW YORK' Louis Campagnoli '16, February 1974 NORTH CAROLINA Jay L. Curtis '38, Dec. 7, 1974 M. George Henry '31, March 19, 1975 NORTHWESTERN William J. Blackwell '32, April 8, 1975 OHIO STATE Arthur F. Cecil '63 Robert W. Edwards '56, March 8, 1975 Clifford L. Rowley '32, Sept. 13, 1974 OREGON E. W. H aberman '36, Dec. 24, 1966 OREGON STATE Mertroe W. Hollinger '23, Jan . 29, 1971 PACIFIC . Fred H. Busher '56 PENNSYLVANIA Edgar A. Dixon '22, Jan. 25, 1970 J. A. Fitzsimons III '21, Nov. 21, 1973 PENNSYLVANIA STATE Allan J. Collins '27, June 19, 1974 Eugene T . Gramley '19, Feb. 25, 1975 PURDUE Eugene F. Reasor '17, April 8, 1975 ROCHESTER Kenneth B. K~ating '19, May 1975 STANFORD W. A. Green '16, March 15, 1975 Richard H. Watters '37, Nov. 14, 1974 SYRACUSE Donald W. Brown '15, Aug. 24, 1974 TECHNOLOGY Stafford A. Francis '11, Feb . 20, 1975 Harold A. Robinson '12 Lawrence Winant '20 TUFTS , Frederic E. Brinnick '39, Nov. 20, 1974 Robert C. Clifford '12, Jan. 8, 1973 ' : NiChols J. Wallace '27, November 1974 UNION ' Robert C. Wallace '28, Dec. 5, 1974 : WASHINGTON David R. Seibel '48 WILLIAMS Adam M. Jacobs, Jr. '28, April 5, 1969 Thomas S. Johnston '29, March 8, 1970

Births Georgia Tech '71-Mr. and Mrs. John T. Youngblood HI of Rome, Georgia, a son, John Thomas IV, on January 27 1975. ' Nebraska '68-Mr. and Mrs. John Wells King of Laurel, Maryland, a son, Andrew Chistopher on April 15, 1975 .. Northern Iowa '70-Mr. and Mrs. Scott P Wille of ~Ienwood, Illinois, a daughter: Sarah Jean on December 28, 1974. Northwestern '63-Mr. and Mrs. J. David Nels~n of Chicago, Illinois, a son, Mark Parnsh on April 27, 1975. Oklahoma '68-Mr. and Mrs. James I. Montgomery of Oakhurst; New Jersey, a son, James Frederick on May I, 1975.

Marriages Houston '76-William K. Carr III and ' Miss Mary Wesley at Houston, Texas on January 11, 1975. North Dakota '74- Clark M. Firestone and Miss Joan Sands at Detroit Lakes Minnesota on March 23, 1975. ' Ohio '74-Daniel E. Schilling and Miss Ka~hy Battiato at University Heights, OhIO, June 21, 1975. Ohi~ '74-Leonard J. Zangardi, Jr. and MISS Sheryl Sands at Gahanna, Ohio on April 26, 1975. Rutgers '7I-William S. Kerestes and Miss Marsha Rogers at Coral Gables, Florida on April 5, 1975. Southwest T exas '72-Lawrence C. Borchers and Miss Elizabeth Ann Lummus at Kerrville, Texas on December 31 1974. '

You Are

Invited To Join The Century Club

W. D. Watkins DU International President cordially invites you to consider member;hip in the DU President's Century . Club. New Century Club members are receiving this handsome custom ' desk set with two inch solid marble cube, the Coat of Arms, and Parker Desk Ball Pen. Your check for $100 or more entitles you to charter membership.


July, 1975

The President's Deputy Program

( We st Vil"ginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Alabama. Mississippi and Virginia)



RICHARD C. DABROWSKI, North Carolina '70


45 Church Street W路lnchester. Massachusetts 01890 (Maritime Provinces, Maine. New Hampshire, Mas sachu setts, Vermont, Eastern New York, Rhode Island, N ew Jersey and Connecticut)



(Eastern Ontario, Quebec and Westtern New York)


LELAND J. ADAMS, JR. Bucknell "64


DAVE MAGUIRE, Southern Illinois '73

JAMES R. BROOKS, Kansas '62 2510 Alabama Street Lawren ce, Kansas 66044 (Colorado, Kansas, Missouri Nebraska)



DR. FRANCIS M. RICH, II, Johns Hopkins '42 Chairm an, Government Department Southwest T exas State University San Marcos, Texas 78666 (Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico. Okl a homa and Texas)


JOHN L. ETTNER, Fresno '69 4213 North Bengston Apartment #A Fresno, California 93705 (Arizona, California, Ne vada Utah)

554 Wes t Murray Macomb, Illinois 61455 (Illinois and Wis consin)

2608 Ross Road Chevy Chase, Maryland 20015 (Maryland, Pennsylvania and Dela路 ware) Central Region

T. F. GRIMES, Eastern Kentucky '71


P . O. Box 830 Ri chmond, Kentucky 40475 (Western Ontario, Michigan, Indiana, K entucky)



W. D. WATKINS, International President


Western Region


ALLEN J. WALTERS, III, Georgia Tech '69

DR. RALPH E. STUCKY, Western Re~rve '31


1818 Douglas Avenue Ames, Iowa 50010 (Manitoba, North Dako ta, South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota)

1 332 Northview Avenue, N.E. Atlanta. Georgia 30306

C. Walter Huffine, Washington '29 6014 Ann Arbor Seattle, Washington 98115 (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan , Oregon, Was hin gton , Idaho, Montana and Wyoming)

BOX SCORE ON ALUMNI RESPONSE TO OUR APPEAL FOR HELP In the April issue of the Qua1'te?"iy, the Graduate Activities Committee made a special appeal to all Delta Upsilon alumn~ to volunteer their time to help at the chapter, province and International Fraternity level. If you missed responding to that sectIOn, but would like to help, there is time to do so now. Check this directory section to make certain that yOul' chapter or the chapter nearest you has a full complement of counselors a,n d a trustee. If it does not, let us know if you can help. Trustees needed for new chapters recently installed as they do not have alumni living in the New York City area where the meeting will take place October 4, 1975. If your chapter is without, a Deputy and you would like to offer help, by all means write the President, W. D. Watkins,. Delta Upsilon Fraternity, Post Office Box 40108, Indianapolis, Indiana 46240. We've had encouraging response so far, and III the October issue hope to give a complete report on the new additions to our vital chapter alumni advising-counseling team. CHAPTER




'76 Stephen F. Oakie, '69 '77 Gary S . Killips, '71 '78

ALBERTA (1935) XII 11020 - 86th Avenue Edmonton, Alberta T6G OX2 Sam F. Dick, '70 5024 S.E. Loop 820 Fort Worth, Texas 76119

'76 Donald W. Livesay, '71 '77 Joseph D. Willard Ill, '73 '78 Thomas F. Donaldson, '71

ARLINGTON (1969) X 719 West Abram Arlington, Texas 76013

Frank Sandford, OKLA '42 (76) 803 Red Oak Lane Arlington, Texas 76012

BOWLING GREEN (1949) V Bowling Green State University Bowling Green, Ohio 43402

Stephen J. Petercsak, Jr., '67 (77) 44 West Main Street, Apt. A. Westerville. Ohio 43081

BRADLEY (1951) VII 1318 West 路Fredonia Peoria, Illinois 61606

Joseph C. D'Errico, '70 (77) Princeton Arm3 E, Apt. 31 Cranbury, New Jersey 08512

Fred L . Robert, Jr., '70 G021 N. Imperial Dr., Apt. 120 Peoria, Illinois 61614

'76 John J. Schad, Jr., '66 '77 Dalias D'Hondt, '55 '78 Galen J. Reser, '72

BUCKNELL (1950) III Buckneli University Lewisburg, Pennsylvania 17 83 7

Milton H . Barish, '66 (76) 68 E. Hartsdale Avenue Hartsdale, New York 10530

,J ohn F. Zeller Ill, '41 1 Anlyn Drive Lewisburg, Pennsylvania 17837

'76 John F. Zeller III, '41 '77 Richard G. McGinnis, '68 '7 8 L aw rence P. Lawson , ' 48

CALIFORNIA (1896) XI 2425 Warring Street Berkeley, California 94704

John A. Holt, '57 (78) 82 Sawmill Lane Greenwich, Connecticut 06830

CARJEGIE (1917) III 5031 Forbes Street Pittsburgh , PennSYlvania 15213

John C. Vassil, '02 (77) 345 Park Avenue New York, New York 10022

'76 Eugene A. Zappitelii '69 '77 Alan L . Noaker, '73 '78

'76 William H. Booth, '69 '77 Samuel W. Dolman, '64 '78 Thomas R. Allen, Jr., '58 Scaife Road , Box 495 Sewickley, Pennsylvania 15143

'76 Philip A. Billings, '71 '77 John G. Bell, Jr., '73 '78 Edward A. Schneider, '70 '76 Ronald E. Ledgerwood, '71 '77 Gerald A. Beeler. '70 '78

CENTRAL MISSOURI (1970) IX Diemer Hali 310R Central Missouri State Warrensburg, Missouri 64093 CHICAGO (1901) VII 5714 Woodlawn Avenue Chicago, !Iinois 60637

Maurice S. Mandel, '55 (78) 14 Hillside Avenue Pt. Washington, New York 11050

Georgie J. Krafcisin, '65 62 J Green Oak Drive Crystal Lake, Illinois 60014

'76 '77 '78

CLARKSON (1961) II 30 Elm Street Potsdam, New York 13676

Philip J . Garda, '67 (78) 21 Farmington Lane Melville, N ew York 11746

F. William Fiesinger, '37 70 Main Street Potsdam , New York 13676

'76 '77 Robe rt J. McGill, '35 '78

COLBY (1852) I Colby Coliege Waterville, Maine 04901

Philip H. DeFord, ' 74 (77) 200 Central Park Scuth New York, New York 10019

Cyril M. Joly, Jr., '46 222 Main Street Waterville, Maine 04901

'76 Mark S. McGlynn, '73 '7 7 Mark R. Serdjenian, '73 '78 James C. Dickinson, '71

COLGATE (1865) II Colgate University Hamilton, N e w York 13346

Harry. W . Laubscher, VIRG'50 (77) 220 Columbia He:ghts Brooklyn, New Yorl; 11201

Richard L . Lowenberg, '59 122 Shady Lane Fayetteville, New York 13066

'76 Charles S. Fox, '70 '77 Joseph L. Slater, '37 '78 Robert J. Duffy, '62

COLORADO (1953) IX 1012 Univers ity Avenue Boulder, Colorado 80302

Charles B . Ulrich III, '69 (78) P. O. Box 597 Jamestown, New York 14701

Glen E. Keller, Jr., '60 108 U. S. Court House Denver, Colorado 80202

'76 John W. Kinkade, '68 '77 Richard K. Humphries , Jr., '69 '78 Charies B. Ulrich III, '69

CORNELL (1869) II 6 South Avenue Ithaca, New York 14850

Harry M. Vawter, Jr., '42 (76) 25 Franklin Street Cedar Grove, New Jersey 07009

Frederick M. Devlin, '67 Charcoal Road Norwalk, Connecticut 06854

'76 Clayton M. Axtell, '70 '77 Mark A. Clemente, '73 '78 John C. Moresko , '72


July, 1975




John D. Wells, OKLA '66 (76) Suite 401 1629 K Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20006

CREIGHTON (1969) IX 2210 California Street Omaha, Nebraska 68102 DAYTON (1971) V 110 Woodland Dayton, Ohio 45409



John W . Pester, '路71 10468 W Street Omaha, Nebraska 6812,

'76 John W. Pester, '71 '77 James L. Datko, '73 '78 Thomas S . McShane, '73

David G. Sunderland, OHIO '62 117 S. Dixie Drive, Suite 1 Vandalia, Ohio 45377

'76 Terrence P. Brennan, '77 John J. Quinn, '74 '78 Cletus M. Diener, '71

Francis J. Strazzella, '73 224 S. Ford Avenue Wilmington ,

'76 Peter J. Pizzolongo, '72 '77 James L. Slack, '71 '78 Stanley A. Wozniak, '71


DELAWARE (1970) III 400 Wollaston Building A, Apt. A-8 Newark, Delaware 19711

John Wells King, NEBR '68 (78) 11402 Laurelwalk Drive Laurel, Maryland 20810

DENISON (1949) V Denison University Granville, Ohio 43023

Michael D. Eisner, '64 (76) 1357 Belfast Drive Los Anr;elcs, California 90069

'76 John A. Krebs, '64 '77 Steven C. Shimp, '70 '78 Robert R. Brinker, '69

DEPAUW (1887) VI 626 East Seminary Street Greencastle, Indiana 46135

Arad Riggs, '26 (77) 50 East 42nd Street New York, New York 10017

'76 B. Frank Lehman, '67 '7 7 Jack H .. Gans, ' 43

EASTERN KENTUCKY (1970) VI Eastern Kentucky University Box 244, Todd Hall Richmond, Kentucky 40475

Bernard E. Hrubala, '73 (78) 28 Vernon Avenue Rockville Center, New York 11570

Terrence F. Grimes, '71 P . O. Box 830 Riehmond, Kentucky 4 )47 5

'76 '77 '78

FLORIDA (1957) IV -vv-. University Avenue Gainesville, Florida 32601

Joseph .J. Marinelli, Jr., '65 (76) 251 S . Reynolds St .. Apt. M-408 Alexandria, Virginia 22304

C. W . Shanks, Jr .. '67 2'05 S .E. 16th Ave., Apt. 2IF Gainesville, Florida 32601

' 76 Paul E. Rosenthal, '73 '77 '78

Michel C. Thielen, IOWA '56 4490 N . VanNess F'resno, California 93704

'76 Ropald Y. Mikuni, '72 '77 Donald R. Jordan PURD '66 '78 Richard C. Machado, '69

Monroe S. Edwards, '58 1167 Lynmoor Drive, N.E. Atlanta, Georgia 30319

'76 Allen J. Walters III, '69 '77 Michael S. Long, WMIC '67 '78 David L. Smith, Jr., '74


FRESNO (1968) XI ,1950 East Butler Fresno, California 93727 GEORGIA TECH (1957) IV 154 Fifth Street, N.W. Atlanta, Georgia 30313

Howard W . Watts, DART '50 (78) 135 Brava(;o Lane Palm Beach Shores, Florida 33404


'76 Jonathan V . Cohn, '72 '77 Philip L . Evans, '50 '78

HAMILTON (1847) II Hamilton College Clinton, New York 13323 HOUSTON (1972) X Box 109, Student Activities Center University of Houston Houston, Texas 77004

D. Smith Freeman, NCAR '68 (77) 40 W . 72nd Street, Apt. 65 New York, New York 10023

William L . Mosher, Jr., ARLT ' 69 5314 Dana Leigh Drive Houston, Texas 77066

'76 Robert R. EYans, '74 '77 Ramon L. Laughter, '74 '78 Luther D. Henderson III, '74

ILLINOIS (1905) VII 312 E. Armory Avenue Champaign, Illinois 61820

Richard P. Donohoe, '55 (77) Leach Hollow Road Sherman, Connecticut 06784

Henry W. Lang, '59 12247 Oak Park Avenue Palos Height, Illinois 60463

'76 Gary A. Spirduso, '72 '77 Fred C. Pampel, Jr., '73 '78 Craig M. Johnson. '75

INDIANA (1915) VI 1200 East Third Street Bloomington, Indiana 47401

Robert S. Palash, '72 (78) 51-11 Browvale Lane Little Neck, New York 11362

IOWA (1925) VIII 320 Ellis Avenue Iowa City, Iowa 52240

Jack T. Bunn, '55 (77) Smith, Sternau Company. Inc . 1.775 Broadway, Suite 427-8 New York, New York 10010

Gary R. Kurdelmeier, '58 2923 Stanford Iowa City, Iowa 52240

'76 James K. Marvel, '70 '77 Stephen S. Rusk, '72 '78 Carl T. Ostrem, '23

IOWA STATE (1913) VIII 117 Ash Avenue Ames, Iowa 50010

C. D. Prutzman, PSTA '18 (78) 166 Greenway, N . Forest Hills, New York 11375

James R. Larson II, '74 4301 Lincoln Swing Ames, Iowa 50010

'76 Larry J. Skeie, '64 '77 Michael D. Bowman, '65 '78 J. R. Castner, NEBR '50'

JOHNS HOPKINS (1928) III 4220 N . Charles Street Baltimore, Maryland 21218

Richard D. Bosse, '69 (78) 53 West 731"f1 Stree,t , #3A New York, New York 10023

John W. Peach, '31 ~ 1 0 Ridgemede Baltimore, Maryland 21210

'76 Richard J. Little, '67 '77 Valentine M. Perry, Jr ., '61 '78 William M. Levy, '54

KANSAS (1920) IX 1025 Emery Road Lawrence, Kansas 66044

Dale M. Flanagan, '58 (77) Antell, Wright and Nagel 230 Park Avenue New York, New York 10017

Terry L. Bullock, KSTA '61 Suite 1100 First National Bank Tower Topeka, Kansas 66603

'76 James R. Brooks, '62 '77 Jerry M . Nossaman, '60 '78 Lloyd H . Houston, WIMS '01

KANSAS STATE (1956) IX 1425 University Drive Manhattan, Kansas 66502

Terry L. Bullock, '61 (78) Suite 1100 First National Bank Tower Topeka, Kansas 66603

Terry L. Bullock, '61 Suite 1100 First National Bank Towel' Topeka, Kansas 66603

'76 '77 David O. Johnson, '75 '78 Paul E . Miller, '69

KENT STATE (1948) V 312 East Main Street Kent, Ohio 44240

Robert .T. Casey '48 (76) 206 Valley Court Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania 15237

David W. Baldwin, '60 1428 Jefferson Akron, Ohio 44313


LAFAYETTE (1885) III Lafayette College Easton, Pennsylvania 18042

Alan M. Augustine, '52 (78) 1972 Wood Road Scotch Plains, New Jersey 07076

LEHIGH (1885) III Lehigh University Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Scott H. C"agle, '72 (76) 840 Ward Street, Apt. 3 Allentown, Pennsylvania 18013


LOUISVILLE (1949) VI BeHcnap Campus University of Louisville Louisville, Kentucky 40208

'76 J . Terry Clapacs, '65 '77 Michael L. Schwartzkopf, '68 '78

William F . Sullivan, Jr. , '47

'78 William U . Reeves, OHST '66 '76 Olav B . KollevoIl, COLG '45 '77 Nick J. Azzolina. '67 '78 Dav;d S. Crocket, COLB ' 52

Mark Parseghian, Jr., '48 20 S. Main Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania 18064

Robert ,1. Fratangelo, '65 (76) 4332 Kissena Boulevard Flushing, New York 11355

'76 Kenneth D . McGray, '65 '77 Mark Parseghian, Jr., '48 '78 Stanley J. Jakubowski, '55 '76 Lawrence T. Smith, '68 '77 Grant F. Embry, ' 73 '78 H . Douglas Mann, '71

MAINE (1970) I Memorial Union University of Maine Orono, Maine 04473

'76 Russell Banton, '70 '77 ?ruce W. Lewis, '72 ' 78

MANITOBA (1929) VIII 112 Wilmot Place Winnipeg, Manitoba R3L 2Kl

Donald C. McInnes, '50 (78) 680 Wellington Crescent Winnipeg, Manitoba R3M OC2

Ralph A. Prygrocki, '71 1107 - 1111 Beach Avenue Vancouver. British Columbia

' 76 Grant W . Fletcher, '73 '77 H. Dennis Blackburn, '74 '78 Peter G. Brass. ' 73

MARIETTA (1870) V 223 Fourth Street Marietta, Ohio 45750

Charles F. Jennings, '31 (76) 50 Walthery Avenue Ridgewood, New Jersey 07450

Harold H. Reynolds, '57 rio Westrans Petroleum Company Box 4276 Parkersburg, West Virginia 26101

'76 ' 77 James 1\1. Clark, '34

MARYLAND (1972) III 6 Fraternity Row College Park, Maryland 20740

William D. Kirkpatrick, '68 (76) 6 Freedom Circle Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03801

Russell L. Fleury, BUCK '68 10618 Montrose Avenue, Apt. 203 Bethesda, Maryland 20014

'76 Donald R. Heacock, NCAR '64 '77 Thomas M. Chicca, '73 '78 John W. Smith III, '73




July, 1975




MIAMI (1868) V. 400 East Vine Street Oxford, Ohio 45056

J. Paul McNamara, '29 88 East Broad Street Columbus, Ohio 43215


MICHIGAN (1876) VI 1331 Hill Street Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

Richard E. Meyer, '61 (77) 2650 Lakevie,':;, #710 Chicago, Illinois 60614

MIDDLEBURY (1856) I 136 S . Main Street Middlebury, Vermont 05753

J . Peter Nestler, '72 (77) 56 Whittridge Road Summit, New 'J ersey 07901

MINNESOTA (1890) VIII 1112 Sixth Street, S .E. Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414


Everett Lykins, '59 Warfield Hall Miami University Oxford, Ohio 45056

'76 Don S. Snyder, '70 '77 William C. Brodie, '73 '78 Donald A. Kelley . '69

John Feldkamp, '61 3011 S A B University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

' 76 '77 Robert M. Bl'imacombe, '63 '78 '76 Eric G. Peterson, ' 63 '77 Michael G. Furlong, '73 '78

Michael F . Chrissie, WICH '65 281 Sylvan Lane Fridley, Minnesota 55421

'76 Michael Chrissie, WICH '65 '77 David A . Barstad, NDAK '75 '78 Richard L. Bennett, '71

MISSOURI (1924) IX 711 Maryland Avenue Columbia, Missouri 65201

Ted A. Murray, '71 (77) 6720 Cherry Kansas City, Missouri 64131

Ralph L. Schmitt, '29 3 LaDue Hills St. Louis, M.issouri 63132

'76 Timothy S. Taylor, '71 '77 Charles R. George III, '72 '78 Michael S. Proctor, '65

NEBRASKA (1898) IX '.548 Vine Street Lincoln, Nebraska 68508

William F. Jones, '27 (77) 769-D Heritage Village Southbury, Cqnnecticut 06488

Oscar Sandberg, '59 2453 Sewell Lincoln, Nebraska 68502

'76 JoseIJh L. Krause, '56 '77 Roger W. Hirsch, '66 '78 Richard E. Kohler, '74

NORTH CAROLINA (1953) IV 407 East Rosemary Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514

W. D. Wat!<ins, ' 27 (77) Box 355 Liberty, North Carolina 27298

W . D. Watkins, '27 Box 355 Liberty, North Carolina 27298

'76 Alan V. Pugh , '73 '77 J. Samuel Gentry, Jr . '75 ' 78 Charles L. Reve,1le III, '74

NORTH DAKOTA (1961) VIII 505 Princeton Street Grand Forks, North Dakota 58201

Wayne A. Drugan, Jr., '69 (77) 16 LinnQe a n Street Cambridge. Massachusetts 02138

L. D . William Luckow, '71 Box 8051, University Station Grand Forks, North Dahota 58201

' 76 Charles W. LaGrave, '69 '77 John E . Jacobson, '69 '78 Brur.e A. Meidinger, '71

NORTH DAKOTA STATE (1970) VIII 1420 12th Avenue N . Fargo, North Dakota 58102

Dennis H. Chetham, INDI '65 (77) Pendleton Banking Company Pendletcn, Indiana 46064

Donald E. Larew, lAST '63 724 North River Road Fargo, North Dakota 58102

'76 Kurt J. Eichmeier, '72 '77 Dean A . Whited, '62 '78 Ronald C. Keel, '71

NORTHERN ILLINOIS (1966) VII 1114 Blackhawk Road DeKalb, Illinois 60115

Steven J. Gerber, '68 (77) 636 Godwin Avenue, Apt . 3-B Midland Park, New Jersey 07432

Joseph J. Rembusch, '62 1611 Suburban Apartments Annie Glidden Road DeKalb, Illinois 60115

'76 William O. Otten, '72 '77 Richard L. Warner, '73 '78 William E. Feithen, '75

NORTHERN IOWA (1968) 1927 College Avenue Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613


NORTHWESTERN (1880) VII 2307 Sheridan Road Evanston, Illinois 60201

Martin G. Cory, '72 (77) Lakeside Manor, Apt. 3807 Iowa City, Iowa 52240 Edgar F. Hei"er, Jr., '52 (76) 1551 01:1 Mill 'Road Lake Forest, Illinois 60045

'76 James D . Whisenand, '70 '77 Gary L. Sharp, '71 '78 Mark L . Buhrow, '72 William T. Bean, '37 400 C South Boulevard Evanston, Illinois 60202

OHIO (1955) V 32 North College Street Athens, Ohio 45701

'76 Daniel E. Budinger, '56 '77 Robert L. Grottke, '52 ' 78 Thomas E. Lifka, '67 '76 Thomas O. Pierson, '71 '77 W'illiam S. Cads on, '69 '78 L. Alan Goldsberry, '66

OHIO STATE (1904) V 240 East 15th Avenue Columbus, Ohio 43201

Bruce G. Setloff, '71 (78) 631 Shore Road Long Beach, New York 11561

OKLAHOMA (i927) X 603 West Brooks Norman, Oklahoma 73069

H . Allan Thompson, '65 (78) 114 Lenape Drive Berwyn, Pennsylvania 19312

OKLAHOMA STATE (1960) X 311 South Hester Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074

H. Allan Thompson, OKLA ' 65 (78) 114 Lenape Drive Berwyn, Pennsylvania 19312

' 76 Teddy H. Sanford, ' 36 '77 Robert T. Hickman, '69 '78 Ira D. Crews, Jr., OKLA '45

OREGON STATE (1922) XII 235 North 25th Street Corvallis, Oregon 路97330

J. L. LeMaster, '48 (77) 160 East 48th Street, Apt. 11K New York, New York 10017

'76 Allan J . Vendetti, '64 '77 Fred P. Osborn, '23 '78 William L. Bryant, '58


Richard A. Wittkopf, '70 (77) 71 Schaefer Circle, #22 Appleton, Wisconsin 54911

PENNSYLVANIA STATE (1911) III P. O. Box 738 State College, Pennsylvania 16801

Charles D. Prutzman, '18 (78) 166 Greenway, N. Forest Hills, New York 11375

'76 Warren R. Haffner, '54 '77 Rob'ert C. Baldwin, '57 '78 Richard H. Smedley, '72

PLATTEVILLE (1969) VII 560 Southwest Road Platteville, Wisconsin 53818

Lawrence F. Miller, '72 (77) RFD #5 Penn Yan, New York 14527

' 76 Clifford S. Johnson, '26 '77 Thomas B. Lundeen, '52 '78

'76 Thomas R. Atkinson, '69 '77 William R . Anders, '70 '78 Paul A. Bokros, '70 John C. Powers, '58 4514 East 39th Tulsa, Oklahoma 74135

David R. Ellis, '72 915 Riverlawn Neenah, Wisconsin 54956

'76 Ernest L. Lippert, Sr., '24 '77 Paul D. Massad, '60 '78 James M. Robinson, '61

'76 S. David Moles, Jr., '71 '77 Rob'ert J. Bolda, '71 '78 Dennis A. Resch, '72

PURDUE (1914) VI 1290 State Street West Lafayette, Indiana 47906

George W. Gard, '43 3325 Melbourne Rd ., S . Drive Indianapolis, Indiana 46208

'76 William E. Allen, '64 '77 Byron T . Fox, '68 '78 Frank C. Arganbright, '49

RIPON (1959) VII Ripon College Ripon, Wisconsin 54971

Don F . Thomann , CHIC '39 Department of Education Ripon College R ipon, Wisconsin 54971

'76 David B . Brittain, DEPW '49 '77 G. Jeffry Paton, HAM I '73 '78 James G. Hess, '67

Ronald Becker, '57 567 Country Club Road Somerville, New Jersey 08876

'76 Roy D. Kempf, '35 '77 Richard K . Greene, '60 '78

SAN DIEGO (1968) XI 5606 Hardy Avenue San Diego, California 92115

Phillip W. Hofmann, '71 7200 Saranac, Apt. 33 LaMesa, California 92441

'76 Bernard J . Nydam, '70 '77 '78

SIMPSON (1964) VIII 800 North Buxton Street Indianola, Iowa 50125

Luther L . Hill, Jr., WIMS '45 Box 1635 Des Moines, Iowa 50306

'76 '77 '78

RUTGERS (1858) I 66 College Avenue New Brunswick. New Jersey 08903

Marshall M. Johnson, '51 (77) 21 Appleton Road Glen Ridge, New Jersey 07028

SOUTH DAKOTA (1,971) VIII 204 N. University Street Vermillion, South Dakota 57069

James T. Reimer, '73 (78) 65 Roger Williams Green Providence, Rhode Island 02904

Timothy W. Shuminsky, IOWA '67 3715 Summit Sioux City, Iowa 51104

'76 Robert L. Levell, Jr., '73 '77 Robert R. Rex, '72 '78 William G. Peterson, '73

SOUTHERN ILLINOIS (1971) VII 70,5 West Main Street Carbondale, Illinois 62901

J . David Nelson, NWST '63 (77) 2241 North Fremont Street Chicago, Illinois 60614

Richard E. Jesse, '73 1030 c.ourt Street Pekin, Illinois 61554

'76 John Kurtz, SYRA '48 '77 Ronald E . Krupa, '74 '78 Rick D. Murray, '72


July, 1975






SOUTHWEST TEXAS (1972) X Box .ttl047 San Marcos, Texas 78666

O. Edward Pollock, VrRG '51 (78) Wright State Unh'ersit"y Colonel Glenn Highway Dayton. Ohio 45431

Francis M. Rich II, JHNP '42 Goyernment Department Southwest Texas State University San Marcos, Texas 78666

'76 William L. Brewer, . TEXA '70 '77 Lawrence C. Borchers, '72 '78 David D. Ginger, ' 74

STANFORD (1896) XI :")53 Mayfield Avenue Stanford, California 94305

George E . Brinkerhoff, '72 (76) Fairmont Road _ Pottersville, New Jersey 07979

James F . Coonan, '38 800 Welch Road Palo Alto , California 94305

'76 Bruce W . Hart, '73 '77 Graeme L. MacDonald, '73 '78 O'Malley M. Miller, '73

SWARTHMORE (1894) III Swarthmore College Swarthmore, Pennsylvan ia 19081

,Joel S . Mindel, '60 (76) 45 East 89th Street New York, New York 10026

William F. Lee, Jr., '60 10 Ogden Avenue Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081

'76 Charles E. Newitt, '47 '77 Benjamin- Kalkstein, '72 '78 Charles R . Lansberry, '67

William G. Thilly, '67 450 Memorial Drive Cambridge, Massachuse'; ts 02139

'76 Thaddeus S. Nowak, Jr., '71 ' 77 Douglas T. Breeden, '72 '78 Ezra F. Stevens, '27

SYRACUSE (1873) II C. B. Laidlaw, Jr. 202 N. Townsend Street Syracuse, New York 13203


TECHNOLOGY (1891) .,)26 Beacon Street Boston, Massachusetts 02215

Charles A . Morton, Jr., '45 SpringwQod Path Laurel Hollow Syosset, New York 11791

TENNESSEE (1969) IV 1845 Terrace Avenue Knoxville, Tennessee 37916

Albert R. Diehl, '68 (76) 9047 Watchlight Court Columbia, Maryland 21043

TEXAS (1949) X 2510 Leon Street Austin, Texas 78705

Henry L. Baccus, '50 (78) 2186 High Ridge Road Stamford, Connecticut 06903

Forrest C. Roan, Jr., J€6 P . O . Box 896 Austin, Texas 78767

'76 Leland W. Waters, '73 '77 David J. Pittman, '69 '78 H. Allen Hill, Jr., '64

TORONTO (1899) II 182 St. George Street Toronto, Ontario M5R 2N3

Brian G . Clark, '69 (78) 17 Deerfield Terrace Mahway, New Jersey 07430

John W. Peace , '67 149 Old Yonge Willowdale, Ontario M2P 1P8

'76 John J. Maver, '69 '77 '78

TUFTS (1886) I 114 Professors Row Medford, Massachusetts 02155

James H. Vineburgh, '66 (78) 46 Sycam·o re Road West Hut'ord, Connecticut 06117

Albert S . Feinberg, '61 38 Rambling Road Sudbury, Massachusetts 01776

'76 Paul D. Delphia, '64 '77 Albert S. Feinberg, '61 '78 Douglas G. Moxham, '64

TYLER (1971) X 123 South Horace Tyler, Texas 75701

Henry L. Baccus, TEXA '50 (78) 2186 Hi'J'h Ridge Road Stamford, Connecticut 06903

J. Alan Haynes, TEXA '61 1317 East E lm Tyler, Texas 75701

'76 J. Jerome Howard, '64 '77 '78

:UNION (1838) I IUnian College Schenectady, New York 12308

Robert W. Benjamin, '67 (78) 412 N . Broadway, Unit 19 Yonkel'~J New York 10701

Michael A . Martin, ' 73 10 Georgian 'Terrace, #8 Troy, New York 12180

'76 Thomas F. Anacker, '73 '77 David J . Gestwick, '72 '78 Kinzie L. Weimer, '73

VIRGINIA (1922) IV 180 Rughy Road Charlottesville, Virginia 22903

George G. Shelton, '38 (78) 49 Valley Road Old We3tbury, New York 11568

Norman B. Hancock, '67 105 -B An tionette Court Charlottesville, Virginia 22903

'76 Stephen S . McNerney, '74 '77 Charles W. Binford, Jr., '72 '78 Norman B. Hancock, '67

WASHINGTON (1910) XII 4508 19th Avenue, N.E. Seattle, Washington 98105

Frederick T. VanDyk, '55 (76) 8918 Belmont Road Potomac, Maryland 28054

'76 Bradford C. Davis, '69 '77 Walter R. Smith, Jl'., '70 '78 Byron L . Richards, '71

WASHINGTON STATE (1933) XII NE 815 Ruby Street Pullman, Washington 99163

Douglas J. Forseth, '71 (76) 914 Gaskins Road Richmond, Virginia 23233

'76 Ronald H . Miller, '73 '77 Michael W. Miller, '70 '78 Steven D . Bertholf, '74

WESTERN ILLINOIS (1,974) VII 526 North Lafayette Macomb, Illinois 61455

Richard C . Dabrowski, NCAR'70 (78) 45 Church Street Winchester, Massachusetts 01890

Dave Maquire, SILL '73 554 West Murray Macomb, Illinois 61455

WESTERN MICHIGAN (1956) VI 420 Ranney Street Kalamazoo, Michigan 49001

Robert E. L. Wright, '75 (78) 634 S. Drake, Apt. 2 Kalamazoo, Michigan 49007

Leo C. VanderBeek, '56 102 Cherry Hill Kalamazoo, Michigan 49007

WESTERN ONTARIO (1931) VI 294 Central Avenue London, Ontario N6B 2C8

D. Bruce Decker, '51 (77) 6040 Shore Drive North Madison, Ohio 44057


'76 Michael Betz, ' 69 '77 Eyvind Thor, '69 '78 Albert R. Diehl,' '68

' 76 Robert G. Williams, Jr.,

'77Mf'o~;;~9p. Tenerelli, Jr. '74 '18 Michael J. Young, '74 ' 76 Tim E. Mariner, '74 '77 James L. Schueler, Jr., '67 '.78 Thomas W. Malkasian, '74 '76 C . Greig Clark, '74 '77 J. Douglas Illman, '75 '78 Bruce C. Burgess, '68

WESTERN RESERVE (1847) V 10923 Magnolia Drive Cleveland, Ohio 44106

George S. Baldwin, '15 1552 Burlington Road Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44i18

'76 Vijay Aggarwal, '70 '77 Gerald S. Powers, '54 '78 Peter D. Taflan, '70

WICHITA (1959) IX 1720 North Vassar Wichita, Kansas 67028

Lynn E . Ambler, ' 68 (77)

Stephen M. Joseph, '68 County Court House 525 North Main Wichita, Kansas 67203

'76 W. Kent Kruske, '68 '77 Brandford K. Brandes, '69 '78

WILMINGTON (1974) IV 5223 Market Street Wilmington, North Cal'olina 28401

John A. Karanik , BUCK '65 (78) Richard Somers Road Granite Springs, New York 10527

John P. Munroe III, '71 201 Willanda Drive Wilmington, North Carolina 28401

'76 W illiam D. Chapman, '70 '77 Robert J . McLeod, '73 '78 Wilfred C. Hebden , '70

WISCONSIN (1885) VII 644 North Frances Street i\ladison , Wisconsin 53703

Bruce H . Fellows, '50 (77) 120 Huntington Road Port Washing-ton, New York 11050

Paul D. Johnson, '50 5301 Fairway Drive Madison, Wisconsin 53705

'76 Thomas C. O'Sheridan, '56 '77 John G. Holland, '71 '78 Edward Pas, '73

) indicates year of founding

indicates term expiration

COLONIES 6' PETITIONERS ADU, Arkansas X (University of Arkansas) 10 North Garland Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701

DEPUTY Jeffrey A . Cook, ILL! '71 ~/~ Athletic Department University of Arkansas Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701

COUNSELORS '7G Richard D. Nordstrom, KANS '54 '" Jeffrey A. Cook, ILLI '71

ADU, Louisiana State X (Louisiana State University) University Station P . O. Box .17121 Baton ROll .g '€, Louisiana 70803

COUNSELORS 'i6 Thomas H. Matuschka, MIAM '65 'i7 James B . Kessel, CARN '50 ',8 William R. Elliott, LOUS '49

ADU, Mankato VIII (Mankato State College) 026 South Fifth Street Mankato, Minnesota 56001

COUNSELORS '76 Theo W. Charles, '32 '77 Otto F . Vonderheit, '34 '78 Paul E. Price, '30

ADU , Oregon XII (University of Oregon) 17i4 Alder Eugene, Oregon 97403 .

DEPUTY David Y . Sorenson, '71 ' 1669 Elanco Lane Eugene, Oregon 97401


Jll ly, 1975



Robert B. Hughes, C.L.V., Michigan State '59. Estate Planning, Business Insurance, Employee Benefits. 501 S. Capitol Ave., Suite 645, Lansing, Mich . 48933. Phone: (517) 372-5148. Life Member of Million Dollar Round Table.

Bahia Lodge. Right on Everglades National Park (our front yard) and Pennekamp Underwater Reef State Park (our back yard). Skindiving . Sport Fishing . Birdwatching . Shelling . Sailing and Boating. Swimming. Loafing _ Sunsetwatching . Cottages with screened porches in a palm grove facing Florida Bay. Write for brochure: Bahia Lodge, Box 537, Tavernier, Florida 33070. Phone: 305-852-2361. Special 10% Discount for DUs and Their Families! Johnny Price, Western Reserve '42.

S. Ross Johnson, CLU, British Columbia '52. R esident Vice President, 443 University Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M5G lT9, and W. Grant Fail'ley, CLU, Alberta '56, Life Member of Million Dollar Round Table, Suite 1300, Royal Bank Building, Edmonton, Alberta, T5J lX5. New York Life Insurance Company.

H. C. Rranichfeld, Inc. Builders-Engineers. 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza, New York 10005. H. C. Rranichfeld, N. Y. '17, W. H. Rranichfeld, Colgate '44. Design and Construction Associates, Inc. Turnkey Building Construction. Sites Available. Box 368, Somerville, New Jersey. (201) 725-3528. Dick Greene, Rutgers '60 & Jim Redington, PE, Cornell '63.

Our New DU Tie


sure to

please Immediate delivery New for


1975 ...

Hospital Baby Photographer, Worldwide. George Blair, Miami '37, Managing Partner. Hospital Picture Service Company, Box 700, Red Bank, New Jersey. (201) 741-1123. Also, complete Microfilming Service.

our handsome crest tie,


100% polyester, dark blue field. Custom made for Delta

Gerard D. Snover, Union .'56. Snover & Co., Inc., Realtors. Residential; Commercial and Industrial Real Estate. Appraisals, Mortgage Loans. 193 E. Main Street, Babylon, L. I., N. Y. 516 MOhawk 1-2500 -01 -02 ..



i an(l




!buy a s!,!,!t! ! the new Delta Upsilon T-shirts, with the supergraphic design on the front. Sizes M, L, ExL only. Postpaid $5.00_ Sorry, no COD orders. Make checks payable to Delta Upsilon Fraternity and. mail your order to POB 40108, Indianapolis, Indiana 46240 Name ..........................................




~~~~~.~~ . :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I .State/Province .......................... I Postal code .. ....... ............. .......... Enclosed is $ ............... -.........

blue design on gold

Sizes: .......... ................................


ORDER EXTRA FOR GIFTS Clip and Mail Order Blank Delta





Box 40108, I ndianapolis, Indiana 46240 Please send me _........... DU ties @

$6.00 each, post paid

My check is enclosed for $ .................... . PLEASE PRINT

Your Name

Your address


dududududeitaupsiioninlernolionaifralernilYfounded18311dududud~ dududevelopingcharaderduduspreodingcullureduduadvoncingjuslkedudupromolingfriendshipdudu


Zip Code L State _______________ _

A Handsome DU Gift Threesome The Official Delta U Monogram Ring

Our Beautiful Crest

This striking Delta Upsilon coat of arms in genuine gold bullion thread is a fitting addition for your favorite blazer. The dark blue patch measures a generous 2 3/4" x 3 1/2" and is the work of the Swiftsure Arms craftsmen. Postpaid only $9.50 each. A great gift for your favorite DU.

Blue Enamel Monogram On Florentine Finish Ring

New DU Medallion Official Chair

This handsome copyrighted design ring bears the registered ~trademark monogram of the Delta and Upsilon of blue fired enamel on the oval top, and florentined shanks. Our ring is made of solid Regaladium tm an extraordinary alloy of silver, palladium nickel, chrome and other elements. It is harder and more durable than white gold and has a brilliant white non tarnishable color. Yours for only $38.95. Design

© by Delta Upsilon Fraternity

--------------------, Clip and Mail Order Blank Delta Upsilon Fraternity, Post Office Box 40108, Indianapolis, Indiana 46240 Please send me .................................... DU Chairs @ $89.95 each Please send me ................................ .. .... DU Rings @ $38.95 each

This elegant chair with exclusive struck bronze Delta Upsilon medallion crest is an excellent value. It is priced below similar chairs with only a screened emblem.

My ring size is: .............................. .. ........................ .. Please send me ............ embroidered blazer crests :ii) $9.50 each. My Check is enclosed for $.................................. ..

$89.95 shipped to you from workrooms in Braintree, Massachusetts. express collect. Allow at least ten weeks for delivery.

Sorry, No C.O.D. orders D Rocker D Armchair ..................................................... ....... ..... .


Please Print ...................... ........................................... .

YOUR HNGER FOR RINGS Ring Size For Measuring Finger

Your Name

." .. .s


Take a band of firm paper same size' as ring chart. Wrap it around the largest part of the finger if the joints are not prominent. Lay it on the finger size chart above to get your exact size.



e •

10 "

I Your address I ...........................................................................................

I City

II .. .. ..................................................................................... . Zip Code I State


* AUGUST 21-23, 1975


-+ -. CD





iil III 1/1


The Delta Upsilon Quarterly is the official voice of the Delta Upsilon International Fraternity.

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