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2008 Leadership Institute 6 Undergraduate News 14 Alumni News 20 Treasurer’s Annual Report 26 Justice

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9/29/08 10:17:00 AM

CARPE DIEM Our fraternity has a very challenging motto: “Building Better Men.” At the Leadership Institute, I presented the theme, “CARPE DIEM,” translated in English to mean “SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY”. I wonder how many of you have given deep thought to your future. Carpe Diem has been a strong motivation for some who have passed through this fraternity. It is said that success in life comes when preparation meets opportunity. My question to you is how do you see your future and how do you see your fraternity? How are you preparing yourself to seize the opportunity and be a success? All of your alumni Brothers encourage you to create a vision, which will compel you to prepare to seize the opportunity Delta Upsilon is offering you. We want you to learn to believe in yourself and your vision, and to come to see yourselves as solutions and not burdens to society. Dream and create a vision for yourself today. Have a reason for your existence, a vision for your being initiated into this Fraternity. Vision ignites the law of possession and through vision we behold God’s plan for our life. Have a mental picture of what you want to be tomorrow. If you can see it, you can have it. Vision makes a star and stars shine. Vision generates inner motivation. With vision you never get tired until you have achieved what you intend. With vision you are self-motivated and self-moving, unlike wheelbarrows that will always have to be pushed along. And vision encourages you to make good use of your time effectively. Remember time is the only asset everybody has. We all have 24 hours a day and if you do not know the value of your time, others will take advantage of you. Your new brothers should move you forward. They should challenge the potential in you to come out, otherwise do not let them waste your time. Time is an essential ingredient of life and the proper use of it determines your placement in life. There is no savings bank for time and lost time cannot be regained nor replenished. Lose control over your time now and you lose control over the events of your life. Your altitude can only be determined by your attitude. Never accept mediocrity. Do not choose to be in the valley. It is always crowded. Struggle to get to the top for there is enough room there for you. Press on, push yourself. For people who know where they are going are never depressed by where they are presently. Delta Upsilon has produced men who have learned to seize the opportunity by making judicious use of their time and holding themselves in preparation. Today, many of your alumni brothers have become icons of success both in Canada, the U.S. and abroad. These men, who were just like you yesterday, extend their support with the cherished wish above all things that you have a great and profitable experience and that you excel in ways you could never imagine.

spr2008_CVR1-4_2jb.indd CVR2

9/29/08 10:17:54 AM

Delta Upsilon International Fraternity North America’s Oldest Non-Secret Fraternity: Founded 1834

The Principles of Delta Upsilon The Promotion of Friendship The Development of Character The Diffusion of Liberal Culture The Advancement of Justice

The Motto of Delta Upsilon Dikaia Upotheke - Justice Our Foundation Officers President E. Bernard Franklin, Ph.D., Kansas State ‘76 Chairman of the Board William L. Messick, Lafayette ‘68 Secretary Charles E. “Chuck” Downton III, North Carolina ‘66 Treasurer Bradford S. Grabow, DePauw ‘85 Directors Malcolm P. Branch, Wisconsin ‘69 Timothy C. Dowd, Oklahoma ‘75 Robert D. Fisher, Alberta ‘76 Joseph R. Heerens, DePauw ‘84 E. Bruce McKinney, Missouri ‘74 Matthew C. Nance, DePauw ‘10 Adam M. Sessa, San Jose ‘10 Richard X. Taylor, North Carolina State ‘82 K. Brad Valentine, Ph.D.Tufts ‘67

Copyright 2008 Delta Upsilon International Fraternity Inc.

Past Presidents Terry L. Bullock, Kansas State ‘61 Samuel M. Yates, San Jose ‘55 Bruce S. Bailey, Denison ‘58 James D. McQuaid, Chicago ‘60 Alvan E. (Ed) Porter, Oklahoma ‘65 International Headquarters Staff Executive Director, Delta Upsilon Fraternity Justin Kirk Executive Director, Delta Upsilon Educational Foundation David R. Schumacher Executive Assistant Barbara A. Harness Director of Operations Brandylin J. Cole Accounts Administrator Tamara Ault Director of Alumni Development, Delta Upsilon Educational Foundation Craig S. Sowell, Houston ‘92 Director of Volunteer Development Eric Chamberlain Director of Leadership Development Andy Bergman Director of Communications Jean Gileno Lloyd Director of Chapter Services Ian M. Areces, Rochester ‘06 Chapter Development Coordinator Drew Lurker Expansion Consultant Byron Gilbert, Central Florida ‘08 Leadership Consultant Gordon Bothun, Carthage ‘08 Administrative Assistant Jana Cole Membership Records Clerk Roslyn Riall

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The Official Magazine of the

Delta Upsilon International Fraternity Since 1882

Volume 16, № 1&2 — Spring-Summer 

Delta Upsilon International Headquarters PO Box 68942, 8705 Founders Rd, Indianapolis Indiana 46268, U.S.A.


Office hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday Office: 317-875-8900 / FAX: 317-876-1629 Email: / web site: DU Circle Online Community: Delta Upsilon Quarterly is published quarterly in the spring, summer, fall and winter at 8705 Founders Road, Indianapolis, Indiana 46268, U.S.A., ® TM Registered U.S. Patent Office POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Delta Upsilon Quarterly, P.O. Box 68942, Indianapolis, IN 46268-0942.

North-American Interfraternity Conference

Fraternity Communications Association


9/29/08 11:53:02 AM


Dynamic Recruitment system Dynamic: continuous change, activity or progress Recruitment: enrollment or enlisting, suggesting year-round capability System: method or set of procedures arranged in a repeatable pattern A dynamic recruitment system is a year-round, valuesbased strategy that will increase the quality of nearly any chapter. The centerpiece of this advanced approach is the use of a matrix or spreadsheet for managing the names of prospective new members, called a names list.

Two results-producing activities simplify this entire model: 1) Get as many names as possible ON the names list; 2) Get those names OFF the names list as quickly as possible. The chapter’s ability to grow and manage a large number of prospects is the key to having both the quantity and quality of brothers desired by the members. Dynamic recruitment is not about recruiting 50 new members (although that’s often possible). The goal is to maximize the number of men who are exposed to Delta Upsilon. The chapter is then responsible for deciding the right number of those men to

accept for membership. Remember, quantity drives quality. As fraternity members, we often talk about how “Recruitment is the lifeblood of the organization,” and “We have to recruit 24/7,” but when it comes down to doing the work of recruitment, we often fall short. Doing year-round recruitment is a hard task and sounds exhausting for those of us who have planned recruitment events before. So, here are a few tips to make year-round recruitment a much more manageable task.

Tip #1 Cure Your Disease. Many fraternity chapters have a nasty disease that can be hard to cure, and that often prevents them from doing effective year-round recruitment. The name of that disease: Event-itis. Event-itis is a disease that has spread to almost every chapter. It makes all the members believe that they have to spend a lot of money and time on planning a big


spr2008_01-05_5jgl.indd 2

9/29/08 9:23:27 AM

Getting Names on the List Referrals Ask for referrals of top undergraduates from sorority leaders, faculty members, administrators, alumni brothers and other organization leaders. Also, consider using social networking sites to link with friends of friends. Summer Recruitment Each campus is a bit different, but all have some potential for summer recruitment. Consider leveraging incoming freshman lists from the admissions department. Tap into freshman prospects through guidance counselors at targeted schools. Member Positioning

event in order to make friends. The thought of having to put on big events every week to keep recruitment going year-round is daunting. There is good news though – the cure for Event-itis is doing small activities. Normal people (non-Greeks) make friends by doing simple, small activities together (e.g. lunch, coffee, work out, hang out, etc.). Recruit people by doing normal people activities, and don’t put so much pressure on yourself to have big events all the time.

Copyright 2008 Delta Upsilon International Fraternity Inc.

Tip #2 People Don’t Join Organizations. It’s true. People don’t join organizations. People join people. Be honest, did you join a set of ideals, a calendar of activities, and a bunch of great t-shirts? Or did you join a group of men based on your relationships with one or two of the brothers? Most DUs can pinpoint the one person who recruited them into the Fraternity. If we know this, we can focus our time on building one-on-one relationships and not “selling the Fraternity.” Men are going to join Delta Upsilon because of their personal relationship with you, so don’t spend your time, energy and money on cool t-shirts, barbecues, parties or events. Go out and make as many acquaintances and friends as possible, and watch them turn into brothers.

Every member of the chapter should be involved in multiple campus organizations and leadership roles. Encourage members to get involved in residence life, admissions work, orientation programs, campus tours, and so forth. Use rosters and contact sheets from these activities to build your names list.


Membership Drives The formal recruitment week is not the only time to have a membership drive. Consider making a postrecruitment push, mid-semester drive, or end of the semester clean up. Marketing for Names Market your chapter in ways that will put names on your names list. Consider promoting academic scholarships, hosting a banquet, sports league involvement, or soliciting for involvement in a community service project. Recruitment Traditional campus-based recruitment or “rush” is the most commonly used method for gathering names. Participate in the programming and maximize its potential, but realize you may only be reaching a small percentage of the campus population.


spr2008_01-05_5jgl.indd 3

9/29/08 9:23:38 AM

Getting Names off the List The names list will continue to grow, but nothing happens until those names come OFF the list. This means creating an expectation that chapter members reach out to those on the list quickly and regularly with invitations to spend time together.

Invitations A prospect added to your names list should receive an invitation within no more than 72 hours to join brothers of the chapter in a small activity. Every name on the list should be contacted/invited at least every two weeks. If possible, allow the brother who put the name on the list to do the inviting. If not, have a member of the recruitment coordinator’s team make the invitation.

Small Activities


Big events are fun, but they aren’t great for getting to know someone new. Inviting a prospect to join you and a few of your friends at a small activity is more likely to produce a comfortable environment and a meaningful friendship. Tip #3

Small Group Activity Ideas

You Can’t Recruit Who You Don’t Know.

Invite them to join you for:

It is a simple concept. You really can’t recruit who you don’t know. So, if you want to build a successful year-round recruitment process, the first step is NOT to hold big events, make t-shirts or plan for house rotations. The first step is to get to know (just meet) as many people as you possibly can. With that in mind, build your year-round recruitment plan so your members are constantly collecting names and putting them on a names list.

Service or


philanthropy events


Video games


Intramural teams

Computer Lab

Pick up sports games


Social events

Card games


Board games

Student Union

Campus activities


Study groups


Yard games


Just “hanging out”

For many chapters, the quality of their members is as important as the quantity of members they have. Tip #3 suggests that Quantity drives Quality. In other words, the more names you have on your names list, the more people you’ll have to choose from, and the more likely you are to get high quality members. Reference: Mattson, M. & Orendi J. (2006). Good Guys: The Eight Steps to Limitless Possibility for Fraternity Recruitment; Phired Up Productions, LLC, Naperville, Ill.


spr2008_01-05_5jgl.indd 4

9/29/08 9:23:48 AM


2007-2008 Top 10 Recruitment Chapters Rank

Recruitment Season in High Gear The time is now. It’s time for Delta Upsilon to show the true value of membership in our Fraternity. It’s time to reach out and have an exceptional year of growth. DU will track the results from our top recruiting groups on the DU web site, The DU Recruitment Top 10 will feature chapters that have recruited the most men. Where does your chapter rank?




Central Florida












San Jose




















Kansas State











North Florida




























New Colonies





Northern Illinois (22)





Webster University (22)


Pan American



















University of Texas at San Antonio (19)


Honorable Mention 11

Visit for weekly updates.

Copyright 2008 Delta Upsilon International Fraternity Inc.



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9/29/08 9:23:58 AM


2008 Leadership Institute Southern hospitality, DU Brotherhood, Texas BBQ, the 174th Convention, Houston Astros baseball and much more. The blue and gold was rolled out in grand fashion “Deep in the Heart of Texas,” as more than 360 Delta Upsilon brothers, faculty and guests converged upon the nation’s fourth largest city July 31 – August 3 for the 2008 Leadership Institute in Houston. Brother Mark Hernandez, Houston ‘92, president of the Houston Alumni of Delta Upsilon, kicked off the weekend by welcoming the Delta Upsilon attendees, from all over the United States and Canada to Texas on behalf of the Houston Chapter, Province 11, and the entire Houston DU alumni base, who proved to be wonderful hosts throughout the weekend. Master of Ceremonies, Nate Kuester, Washington State ‘05, then invited the current longest-standing A.S.C. conventioneer, Brother Dave Maguire, Southern Illinois ‘73, to install the newest members of the A.S.C. The A.S.C. was unveiled in 2007 to promote continued attendance of Delta Upsilon’s annual Leadership Institute. Those who are eligible must have attended a minimum of seven Leadership Institutes. Brother Maguire has been part of 34 consecutive

Conventions, though Col. Frederick Crosset, New York 1884, who attended 51 DU conventions in a row, holds the all-time record. Executive Director, Justin Kirk, recognized the chapters that scored 100 percent on individual categories in their Chapter Excellence Plan. Kirk also introduced the current DU staff and invited all former DU staff to join them on the stage. Former staff members, Lewis Gregory, Kansas ‘75, and Jordan Lotsoff, Northern Illinois ‘88, spoke about their experiences having worked for Delta Upsilon. Delta Upsilon Board Chairman, William Messick, Lafayette ‘68 then presented Brother Gregory with the Delta Upsilon Distinguished Alumni Award. The highest honor in Delta Upsilon, the award recognizes brothers who have shown their dedication by giving of their “time, talent and treasure” to the fraternity. Thursday evening was also Model Initiation time, with Brother Maguire acting in his usual role as Master. Maguire was assisted by Brothers Jeff Fuhrman, Northern Iowa ‘94, Clint Dworshak, North Dakota State ‘00, and Matthew Nance, DePauw ‘10, who acted as Examiner, Chief Marshal and Chaplain, respectively. An annual highlight occurred


spr2008_06-13_5jgl.indd 6

9/29/08 10:01:06 AM

7 President Franklin congratulates Scott McCain, Houston ‘10 and Sam Canchola, San Jose ’11 after their initiation while Brother Maguire looks on.

Copyright 2008 Delta Upsilon International Fraternity Inc.

when more than 350 DU brothers rose to thunderous applause when the title of “Brother” was bestowed upon the newest DU initiates, Brothers Scott McCain, Houston ‘10, and Sam Canchola, San Jose ‘11. Fraternity President, Bernard Franklin, Kansas State ‘75, delivered an inspiring charge, addressing developments in today’s world and their implications for college men. He concluded by introducing a direction for the Leadership Institute. “Our fraternity has a very challenging motto,” Franklin said, “Building Better Men.” My theme for this Leadership Institute is “Carpe Diem,” translated in English to mean “Seize the opportunity.” Following the banquet, undergraduate representatives met in a formal business session to conduct the annual business of DU’s undergraduate chapters at the 174th Anniversary Convention. No formal legislation was presented this year, which made for an easy business session, led by the newly elected Chairman of the 2008 Undergraduate Convention, Brother Douglas Massengill, North Carolina State ‘10. Friday’s educational sessions were highlighted by Dynamic Recruitment 201 presented by Josh Orendi of Phired Up. The effective presentation energized a number of our chapter delegates in attendance to “hit the ground running” in recruitment this fall.

During the General Awards Luncheon, President Franklin unveiled the DU Awards of Merit with the very first presentation of these awards. Built around eight different professional categories, including business, education, entertainment, human service, literature, justice and law, public service and science, the Awards of Merit are a prestigious honor given to notable and high profile individuals who bring honor to Delta Upsilon through their actions or professions. The very first Award of Merit in Education was presented to DU’s special interfraternal sister, Mindy Sopher. She has helped nurture scores of DU brothers, especially those who she advises at North Carolina State. Her heartfelt acceptance made the afternoon a time to remember. Chairman Messick then presented Outstanding Alumni Chapter awards. Runners up included the Purdue Chapter Alumni, Missouri Chapter Alumni and Cornell Chapter Alumni, with the top honor going to San Jose Chapter Alumni as 2007-08 Alumni Chapter of the Year. That afternoon 150 undergraduates volunteered with Boys & Girls Clubs in the Houston area while the rest of the undergraduates participated in additional Dynamic Recruitment programming.


spr2008_06-13_5jgl.indd 7

9/29/08 10:01:28 AM

8 DU Award of Merit for Education Recipient, Mindy Sopher, with brothers from the Sweepstakes-winning Bradley Chapter.

On Friday evening, all attendees joined more than 50 local alumni for a private reception and reserved seating at Minute Maid Park where the Houston Astros took on the New York Mets. The exciting game, and post game fireworks were certainly overshadowed by the outpouring of DU Brotherhood and camaraderie. The election of Fraternity Board members was conducted at the 99th Alumni Assembly. Brother Bernard Franklin, Kansas State ‘75, was re-elected as president and Bradford S. Grabow, DePauw ‘85, was elected as treasurer of the fraternity. Directors Malcolm Branch, Wisconsin ‘69, Timothy C. Dowd, Oklahoma ‘75, and Joseph R. Heerens, DePauw ‘84, were re-elected and Matthew C. Nance, DePauw ‘10, and Adam M. Sessa, San Jose ‘10, were elected as undergraduate directors. The Leadership Institute morning sessions were focused on the personal development of Delta Upsilon’s leaders. Undergraduate members were immersed in a curriculum developed around the message of Fraternity President, Bernard Franklin, Kansas State ‘75, from his Dare to Lead article from the last issue of the The Quarterly. During the Delta Upsilon Educational Foundation Luncheon, chapters that made significant contributions to the Foundation were recognized as members of the Oak

Circle and Dave McKeag, Minnesota ’04, presented the 2008 McKeag Oak Circle Donor Award to the North Dakota Chapter. Foundation Trustee and Chairman of the Planned Giving Committee, Lewis Gregory, Kansas ‘75, introduced a new initiative of “Better Leaders, Better Legacies.” Director of Development, Craig Sowell, Houston ‘92, announced the completion of Phase One the Founder’s Memorial Courtyard and presented the Oak Circle Scholarships. Details of the Oak Circle Scholarships, as well as the McQuaid Scholarships can be viewed online at www.duef. org and will be recapped in the Foundation’s annual report in the next issue of The Quarterly. The Leadership Institute afternoon sessions focused on undergraduate members gaining operational knowledge about the Fraternity and allowed them to develop an action plan for the coming academic year. The Grand Awards Banquet kicked off with an announcement of the Sweepstakes Award finalists for 2007-08: Bradley, Cornell, Kansas State, Missouri, North Carolina State, Rochester and Wisconsin. On behalf of President Franklin, Former DU Fraternity President, Bruce Bailey, Denison ‘58, presented the President’s Award for DU Undergraduate of the Year to John Simpson, Bradley ‘08.


spr2008_06-13_5jgl.indd 8

9/29/08 10:01:49 AM

Sweepstakes Winner: Bradley Sweepstakes Finalists Cornell Kansas Missouri North Carolina State Rochester Wisconsin Outstanding Alumni Chapter San Jose Chairman's Award David Herzer, Wisconsin '54 Alumnus of the Year President's Award John Simpson, Bradley '08 Undergraduate of the Year

9 Jack Jenkins, Wisconsin ‘10 with Tom Durein, Oregon State ‘92.

Copyright 2008 Delta Upsilon International Fraternity Inc.

Chairman Messick then took the stage to present the Chairman’s Award for Alumni Volunteer of the Year to David Herzer, Wisconsin ‘54. The Fraternity’s outgoing treasurer, Brother Herzer served ably for the past four years as treasurer, but helped the Fraternity make enormous strides in the past year in the area of finance administration. Chairman Messick also presented the first DU Award of Merit to be presented to a Delta Upsilon brother. Judge Mauricio Rondon, Houston ‘92, who presides over the 234th District Court of Texas, was honored with the Charles Evans Hughes Award of Merit in Justice. Brother Rondon gave an inspiring acceptance, attributing many of his life’s lessons to DU, and extolling the defining impact that DU has had on his life and career. Chairman Messick then completely surprised two DU alumni by bestowing them with the high honor of the DU Founders Medal, which is the highest recognition for service to an individual chapter. The two brothers honored on this special evening were Jerry Bobo, Houston ‘77, and Bruce McKinney, Missouri ’74, who were honored for their long-standing and inspirational service to the Houston and Missouri Chapters, respectively.

The plans for next year’s 175th Anniversary were then unveiled by Brother Sowell, acting in his capacity as Fraternity Historian. The presentation was highlighted by a fantastic video produced by Brother Michael Guiliano, Central Florida ‘11. The evening celebration was capped off with the presentation of the 2007 – 2008 DU Sweepstakes Trophy to the Bradley Chapter, as Delta Upsilon’s “Chapter of the Year.” Delta Upsilon’s next Leadership Institute takes place in the Fraternity’s 175th year. This special anniversary celebration will be conducted as part of the 2009 Leadership Institute and is scheduled for July 23 to July 26, 2009 in Albany, New York. The celebration events at next year’s Institute will be a unique opportunity to celebrate the Fraternity and should not be missed. The highlight of the weekend will undoubtedly be an organized visit to the site of DU’s Founding at Williams College. Those interested in attending next year’s festivities should stay tuned for information to be released this fall.


spr2008_06-13_5jgl.indd 9

9/29/08 10:02:11 AM

10 Chairman Messick with David Herzer, Wisconsin ‘54, who was honored with the Chairman’s Award for alumni volunteer of the year.

Delta Upsilon Brothers spent time volunteering with the Boys and Girls Club in Houston.

Undergraduates volunteered at several Boys and Girls Club locations and then discussed the importance of service.

Dynamic Recruitment 201 was a key session during the 2008 Leadership Institute.

Leadership Institute sessions focused on the personal development of Delta Upsilon’s leaders.


spr2008_06-13_5jgl.indd 10

9/29/08 10:02:34 AM

Chapter Excellence Plan 100% Scores Excellence in Chapter Administration Bradley, Cornell, North Dakota State, Washington

Excellence in Membership Education Cal Poly, Cornell, Kansas, Kansas State, Miami, Missouri, North Dakota State, Oklahoma, Western Reserve

State, North Dakota, North Dakota State, Oregon State, Pennsylvania, Purdue, Rochester, Tufts, San Jose, Wisconsin

Excellence in Facility Management Alberta, Bradley, Bucknell, Cal Poly, Cornell, DePauw, Florida, Kansas, Kansas State, Miami, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota State, Oklahoma, Oregon State, Pacific, Pennsylvania, Washington, Wisconsin

Excellence in Membership Recruitment Bradley, Cal Poly, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Washington

Excellence in Financial Management

Excellence Fraternity Ritual

Alberta, Arizona State, Bradley, Bucknell, Central Florida, Kansas, Kansas State, Michigan Tech, Missouri, North Carolina State, North Dakota, Rochester, South Carolina, Washington State

Alberta, Bradley, Cal Poly, California, Carthage, Central Florida, Cornell, DePauw, Georgia Tech, Houston, Illinois, Kansas, Kansas State, Lafayette, Manitoba, Michigan Tech, Missouri, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Oregon State, Pennsylvania, Purdue, Rochester, Tufts, Washington, Wisconsin

Copyright 2008 Delta Upsilon International Fraternity Inc.

Excellence in Academic Performance Programming Bradley, Cal Poly, Chicago, Cornell, Indiana, Kansas, Kansas State, Manitoba, Miami, Missouri, Michigan Tech, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Carolina State, North Dakota, North Dakota State, Pennsylvania, Rochester, Washington State

Excellence in Alumni Relations Alberta, Cal Poly, Central Florida, Cornell, Florida, Kansas, Miami, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Washington, Western Reserve, Wisconsin

Excellence in Associate Member Education Arlington, Arizona State, Bradley, Cal Poly, Central Florida, Chicago, Cornell, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Kansas State, Miami, North Carolina, North Carolina

11 Excellence in Public Relations Alberta, Arlington, Bradley, Bucknell, Central Florida, Cornell, Culver Stockton, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina State, North Dakota, Washington, Wisconsin

Excellence in Human Service Alberta, Arizona State, Bradley, Bucknell, Carthage, Central Florida, Cornell, DePauw, Illinois, Iona, Kansas, Kansas State, Lafayette, Missouri, Michigan Tech, Nebraska, North Dakota State, Northwestern, Oklahoma, Pacific, Washington, Washington State

Excellence in Loss Prevention Arlington, Bradley, Bucknell, California, Cal Poly, Carthage, Central Florida, Cornell, DePauw, Georgia Tech, Houston, Illinois, Lafayette, Manitoba, Miami, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina State, North Dakota, North Dakota State, Oregon, Pacific, Pennsylvania, Rochester, South Carolina, Tufts, Virginia, Washington State, Western Reserve, Wisconsin


spr2008_06-13_5jgl.indd 11

9/29/08 10:03:32 AM

Fraternity’s Highest honor awarded to Lewis Gregory


As an undergraduate Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient, Lewis Gregory, Kansas ‘75, served his chapter as president and rush chairman, and was in charge of the entire recruitment program for the University of Kansas fraternity system. After graduation, he was part of DU’s field staff and he is a former province governor and past member of the Fraternity’s Board of Directors. Currently he Delta Upsilon Educational Foundation Trustee, Robert L. Tyburski, Colgate ‘74, congratulates as a Lewis Gregory, Kansas ‘75, on the Distinguished serves Alumni Service Award. trustee of the Kansas University Endowment Association and he is president of the DU KU Educational Foundation. He has also served as president of the KU Alumni House Board. In 2002, he joined the Board of Trustees of the DU Educational Foundation currently serves as secretary. Founders Medal Presented to Jerry Bobo and Bruce McKinney The Founders Medal recognizes brothers who have devoted an extraordinary amount of time and inspirational service to a Delta Upsilon chapter. Two actively engaged

alumni brothers who have had a profound impact on DU chapters were honored this year. Both embody the spirit of Delta Upsilon’s ideals, exemplify the qualities of a true DU man and follow the example set by Delta Upsilon’s Founders. Jerry Bobo, Houston ‘77, has been a steady force and an integral part of the Houston Chapter serving with a levelhead and a wise voice of reason. Brother Bobo has been an extremely active alumnus and served for many years on the chapter’s alumni board. Whether he was guiding the undergraduate chapter, counseling an undergraduate brother or organizing an alumni event, Brother Bobo always kept Delta Upsilon and its interests at the forefront. He has a keen sense of always doing what is right for Delta Upsilon, and for the Houston Chapter. Nobody can doubt his affection for DU, and the loyal and dedicated leadership that he has given. Bruce McKinney, Missouri ‘74, has been actively involved with DU since the day he accepted his bid. He was a leader as an undergraduate, serving as chapter president. He then served on his alumni board for many years and has almost always been visible as an advisor, mentor, Fraternity Board Chairman, William L. Messick, Lafayette ‘68 with Founders Medal recipient, counselor and Bruce McKinney, Missouri ‘74. leader to the undergraduate members of his chapter. His love for DU and its members doesn’t stop at his own chapter. For the past several years he has been a consistent and dedicated volunteer for the Fraternity currently serving as an alumni director. His continued involvement and service to DU is proof that membership in DU never ends. His involvement and dedication to excellence is an integral part of Delta Upsilon’s commitment to Build Better Men.

Founders Medal recipient Jerry Bobo, Houston ‘77, with Sweepstakes Finalists from Kansas State.


spr2008_06-13_5jgl.indd 12

9/29/08 10:03:42 AM

DU Awards of Merit Unveiled The DU Awards of Merit are named for the Fraternity’s historical tie to the Founders’ description in the preamble of the original Constitution: “The only superiority that we acknowledge is the superiority of merit.” The DU Awards of Merit are presented to esteemed members and friends of the Fraternity who have exhibited excellence or notoriety in any of the following eight professional categories:

Sloan-Kettering Award of Merit in Business

James Conant Award of Merit in Education

Edgar Bergen Award of Merit in Entertainment

Charles Evans Hughes Award of Merit in Justice

Stephen Crane Award of Merit in Literature

Lester Pearson Award of Merit in Human Service

Linus Pauling Award of Merit in Science

James Garfield Award of Merit in Public Service

Fraternity Board President, Bernard Franklin, Kansas State ‘75 presents Mindy Sopher with Delta Upsilon’s James B. Conant Award of Merit in Education.

The first-ever recipient of the Charles Evans Hughes Award of Merit in Justice is Brother Mauricio Rondon, Houston ‘92. Brother Rondon was first appointed to the judicial bench by Texas Governor Rick Perry in October 2003, where he now presides over the 234th District Court


of Texas.

Copyright 2008 Delta Upsilon International Fraternity Inc.

The James B. Conant Award of Merit in Education is named after one of the premier educators of the 20th Century, Brother James B. Conant, Harvard 1914. He was a chemist and government official, but was primarily known as a 20-year president of Harvard University. The first-ever recipient of the James B. Conant Award of Merit for Education is DU’s fraternal friend, Melinda B. Sopher. Sopher, a lecturer in communication at North Carolina State, is a longtime volunteer, a facilitator of DU educational programs and chapter advisor to the North Carolina State Chapter. The Charles Evans Hughes Award of Merit in Justice is named after a man who has been regarded as one of the finest US Chief Justices of all time, and certainly one of the finest of DU men, Brother Charles Evans Hughes, Colgate & Brown 1881.

Fraternity Board Chairman, William L. Messick, Lafayette ‘68 presents the Charles Evans Hughes Award of Merit in Justice to Mauricio Rondon, Houston ‘92


spr2008_06-13_5jgl.indd 13

9/29/08 10:04:39 AM

undergraduate News Arizona State Chapter

Cal Poly Chapter

The Arizona State Chapter of Delta Upsilon hosted their first ever Teeter-a-Thon to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Arizona.

As a high school senior, Colin Malcolm, Cal Poly ‘11, who is majoring in biology, made local news in a story about how he successfully balances his volunteer work and school involvement while working his way to win the NCS Championship title in wrestling in the 140 lbs weight class.

Arlington Chapter

Carthage Chapter In January, ten undergraduate members took a six day road trip highlighting the historical background of Delta Upsilon. In addition to visiting DU’s birthplace in Williamstown, Mass. and the Delta Upsilon International Headquarters in Indianapolis the brothers visited the following DU chapters; Northwestern, Western Reserve, Hamilton, Penn State and Indiana.

Ground-breaking for the new Arlington Chapter house.


After selling the former off-campus house in 2006, the Arlington Chapter broke ground for a new house on Greek Row on April 26. The 4,600 square foot facility will house 12 members and will be the focal point for the chapter’s activities. The local chapter joined forces with their alumni and their housing corporation to make this happen. Bradley Chapter After taking a new approach to a fundraiser by getting more of the campus involved, the Bradley Chapter reached their goal of raising $35,000 for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. The news came in March after the end of their letter writing campaign in November. By raising this amount of money, Delta Upsilon’s event became the largest fundraiser on campus, yet the chapter was not finished. They held two additional events in the spring semester.

In May brothers of the Carthage Chapter participated in a Suess-a-thon at the campus library. Brothers read “Yertle the Turtle” to eager children. During the event, campus food service provided green eggs and ham for the visitors. The money raised at the event was donated to the Book for Every Child Foundation. Central Florida Chapter The Central Florida Chapter joined the Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce and began attending business meetings. Brothers gained the opportunity to network with local businesses and the relationship gives brothers the ability to network beyond the University of Central Florida community. Through the Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce, the chapter is looking to obtain internships,

California Chapter While studying in Florence, Italy, Charles Friedemann, California ‘09 was traveling through Europe where he met Phillip Schuepbach, Rochester ‘07 who lives and works in Germany. They spent a weekend at the Nürburgring, a famous racetrack in Germany. The two originally met when Schuepbach studied at Berkeley last summer and visited the DU house where Friedemann was the summer house manager. Both are self-proclaimed “car guys” and discovered much common ground beyond their DU brotherhood. Charles Friedeman, California ‘09 and Phillip Schuepbach, Rochester ‘07 in Germany.


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9/29/08 10:07:33 AM

volunteering opportunities, and to help the next generation of business leaders have a voice in today’s business world. In February, the chapter attended a board of trustees luncheon with keynote speaker Steve Kohler who is president of Space Florida. Brothers had an opportunity to network with more than 150 business executives at the meeting. To better network and obtain an understanding of the business world, brothers broke up into pairs and sat at different tables. Some of the companies that the brothers were able to network with included but were not limited to: Habitat for Humanity Seminole County, United Negro Fund and M&I Bank. Colgate Chapter Lucius Johnson IV, Colgate ‘08, Benjamin Kuhns, Colgate ‘09, Montek Mayal, Colgate ‘09, Joshua R. Rurka, Colgate ‘08, and Philip J. Wasicek, Colgate ‘09 were initiated into Gamma Sigma Alpha National Greek Academic Honorary Society in 2008. The Delta Upsilon Society of Colgate Foundation conducted their second annual Spring Scholarship Awards Celebration. Guests from the University included Provost and Dean of the Faculty, Lyle Roelofs, Director of Athletics, David Roach and Richard Matte, Director of Campus Safety. The event Master of Ceremonies was Chapter President, James Gallagher assisted by Chapter Treasurer Ben Kuhns and Chapter Scholarship Chair Scott Herling. Alumni guests included Robert “Tybo” Tyburski, Colgate ’74, Lee Woltman, Colgate ’65 and Mike Tone, Colgate ’07.

The Delta Upsilon Society of Colgate Foundation Spring Scholarship Awards Celebration

The Delta Upsilon Society of Colgate Foundation scholarship recipient, Justin Snyder, Colgate ‘09.

Brother Tyburski commented on the commitment of the Foundation in the support of the chapter. He mentioned his alumni friends and colleagues, Chase Carey, Colgate ‘76, Foundation President and his pledge father, Tom Dempsey, Colgate ‘72, as examples of this dynamic bond of support.


Brother Tyburski introduced Lee Woltman as one of his strongest mentors while he was an undergraduate brother at DU and a continuing force of local leadership and guidance within the Alumni Corporation and now with the Foundation. Woltman outlined the three categories of scholarships, academic, leadership and the Tom Dempsey Character Award. He then invited Mike Tone, a scholarship recipient from last year who is now employed as a Colgate development officer, to assist in the award presentation process. Tone and Woltman presented a total of 26 scholarship awards to chapter members that totaled $23,000. Ben Kuhns presented the Tom Dempsey Character Award and the Frank Speno House Award. Kuhns stated, “The Tom Dempsey Character Award is presented to the brother who has gone above and beyond his responsibilities and demonstrated leadership and responsibility through his actions, this award goes to Past President Brian Walkowski. Ben then announced that” the Frank Speno House Award goes to the brother who has always made certain that DU was more than just a residence hall. His actions ensured that we all appreciated this house as a special place, a place filled with history, a place to be proud of, The Frank Speno House


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9/29/08 10:07:59 AM

award winner is Mike Buck.” James Gallagher then led all in a round of DU Cheer for all the award recipients and for Mark Cotton, caterer and DU cook. Cornell Chapter This year when campus emptied for spring break, DU was proud to send five undergraduates to New Orleans to help rebuild in the wake of hurricane Katrina. With a generous donation from Tony Cashen, Cornell ‘57, brothers Josh Barvin, Cornell ‘09, Ben Wagner, Cornell ‘10, Joe Stevens, Cornell ‘10, Matt Schmohl, Cornell ‘10, and Matt Schapiro, Cornell ‘10 were able to spend five days working with Habitat for Humanity’s Gulf Coast initiative. Upon arriving in Louisiana, they were immediately struck by the devastation communities are still struggling with, three years after the catastrophe. Vacant lots cover what were once thriving neighborhoods and debris still lines the highways. They also found a positive, can-do attitude among residents who are rebuilding their homes. In the course of volunteering they helped restore a flooded


Illinois Chapter On March 30, Delta Upsilon Fraternity hosted its first annual Easter Egg Hunt to raise awareness of St. Jude Children’s Medical Research Hospital, a research and treatment center for catastrophic diseases in children. They raised $800 for St. Jude. Iowa State Chapter The Iowa State Chapter hosted the first Annual DU Duck Hunt, to raise money for GRIP Mentoring, a local mentor program. Kansas State Chapter Chapter President, Robby Flack, Kansas State ‘09, was elected as Student Ambassador of Kansas State University. On October 29, 2007, Flack became the third DU to hold this position in three years. He joins brothers Andrew Ellis, Kansas State ‘08 and Ryan Flickner, Kansas State ‘07 in this honor. Ambassadors receive a $1,500 scholarship and spend their term representing the student body and university by attending events in the community and across the state. Kent State Chapter The Kent State Chapter won the 2008 Kent State University Greek Week competition. Events included Relay for Life participation and team challenges. Mike Hammond, Kent State ‘08 was named Kent State Greek Man of the Year A DU has won for three consecutive years. Previous year’s winners include Brothers Ross Miltner, Kent State ‘07, and William Ross, Kent State ‘06. Lafayette Chapter

Cornell Class of 2010 DUs in New Orleans: Matt Schapiro, Mathew Schmohl, Ben Wagner, Joe Stevens

church, primed and painted in a rebuilt home, prepared a nature trail through a washed out preserve, and helped with odd-jobs around a newly reopened middle school. They received gratitude and praise from everyone they met and were invited to a Friday night block party in one of the rebuilt communities. In exploring the city the brothers also experienced a diverse range of local cultures, from Creole to Cajun to Jazz. Florida chapter Undergraduates and alumni of the Florida Chapter joined together to renovate the chapter house. The alumni provided new wood floors and an interior paint job while the undergraduates cleaned and re-landscaped the exterior.

Dedication to civic engagement earned Nathan Parker, Lafayette ‘08 recognition with Lafayette’s George Wharton Pepper Prize winner. The prize was established in 1923 by George Wharton Pepper, a U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania, attorney, and founding member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association. In his gift, Pepper noted that the “ideal” Lafayette student combines a “sound academic record” with “noteworthy participation in college activities and student life.” The 77 brothers of the Lafayette Chapter defended the title of intramural champions against Kappa Delta Rho and won the 2007-2008 trophy. Lehigh Chapter The Lehigh Chapter won Lehigh University’s first ever Stewardship Award recognizing the chapter’s


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9/29/08 10:08:14 AM

Louisville Chapter initiates.


management of their house, the work that the house manager has done, and the way the chapter cares about their living unit. Louisville Chapter In the spring 2008 the Louisville Chapter went through another reorganization. Starting with only five committed men, the chapter was able to initiate 15 new members in April. The brothers look forward to growing the chapter even more and hope to be a strong member of the Greek Community at Louisville and the community that surrounds the chapter. The Louisville Delta Upsilon spring formal was held in April commemorating the 87th anniversary of the local Louisville Chapter. More than 60 alumni and undergraduates attended. Hosted by the undergraduate chapter and local DU Alumni Association, the event was highlighted by the alumni initiation of Roger Neal and reinstatement of Dr. James Barr into the chapter, as well as the presentation of annual chapter awards. One week earlier undergraduates were initiated, capping a very successful first stage of the local chapter’s reorganization effort. The chapter will remain in reorganization until it has more than 55 members. The next major alumni event is homecoming in October.

Missouri Chapter The fourth annual Randal J. Farmer Academic Scholarship Award was presented to Nicholas Park, Missouri ‘11, during the parent orientation/pledge pinning ceremony in February. The award was established in memory of Randal J. Farmer, Missouri ‘79, who passed away in 2003. Scholarship organizer, Chuck Hatley, Missouri ‘80, was on hand to present the award along with Brother Farmer’s parents, Shirley and Jay Farmer. Two initiation ceremonies were held in the 2007-2008

Chuck Hatley, Missouri ‘80, joined Shirley and Jay Farmer to present the Randal J. Farmer Academic Scholarship Award to Nicholas Park, Missouri ‘11.


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Missouri Chapter initiates.

academic year with 33 brothers welcomed in December and eight additional brothers initiated in April. North Dakota Chapter The University of North Dakota Chapter teamed with the Circle of Friends Humane Society to create a fun volunteering program where campus and community groups strive to complete the most volunteer service. Brothers started by volunteering at the local humane society.


Last fall, the North Dakota Chapter raised $1,300 for the Boys and Girls Club of America by creating and operating a haunted house. Northern Illinois Colony On April 27, three musical groups and the Invisible Children’s Road Crew came together under the organization of the Invisible Children’s Group at NIU and the Northern Illinois Colony of Delta Upsilon. Though the main goal was to promote awareness of problems in Uganda, the colony raised more than $500 by selling tickets and raffling off a custom mountain bike that Ryan Bong, Northern Illinois ‘09 designed with the Invisible Children’s logo. In addition, attendees wrote letters to state senators and representatives asking them to take action to find a solution to the Ugandan Crisis. President Sean Trausch, Northern Illinois ‘11 and Treasurer Karan Dave, Northern Illinois ‘11 received two of Northern Illinois University’s ten Freshman Leadership Awards presented by the faculty and administration. In May, Greg Flynn, Northern Illinois ‘08, became the first colony member to graduate. He received a B.S. in finance with college and university honors. Flynn, has been appointed to the Chapter’s Alumni Board of Directors.

The Honorable Lewis Blanton, Missouri ‘61 was the alumni speaker for Missouri’s initiation last fall. Blanton serves as a United States Magistrate Judge for the Eastern District of Missouri in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Gamma Sigma Alpha National Greek Academic Honorary Society in 2008. On May 9, the Northwestern chapter of Delta Upsilon hosted a charity concert and raised more than $550 for Northwestern’s Relay for Life. Oklahoma Chapter The Oklahoma Chapter participated in the 2008 Big Event, a campus-wide community service event sponsored by the University of Oklahoma. Brothers were divided into several groups and sent to various locations around Norman and Oklahoma City where they painted a housing center and did yard work.

We need your news for the Quarterly Quarterly! Delta Upsilon International Headquarters PO Box 68942 8705 Founders Rd Indianapolis, Indiana 46268, U.S.A.

Northwestern Chapter

Email: web site:

Zachary Fleitman, Northwestern ‘09 was initiated into


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9/29/08 10:08:38 AM

Pace Chapter Delta Upsilon was named Fraternity of the Year at the Pace Greek Awards Banquet. The chapter was also the top fundraising team, raising more than $6,700 dollars for Relay For Life, which is sponsored by the American Cancer Society. Rochester Chapter The Chapter continued a focus on programming and the semester opened with a presentation by a local house DJ. Co-sponsored with UR Hip-Hop, the program helped educate the campus community on the local house music scene and the state of the music business. The DJ followed his lecture and musical demonstration with a Q&A. Sixty students attended. The Chapter teamed up with the university’s Debate Union for the second straight year to co-sponsor their annual Public Debate. The event featured students from The Debate Union, College Democrats, College, Republicans, Grass roots, SALSA, and Students for Barack Obama. The students debated issues that included energy, immigration, and foreign policy. The Chapter also partnered with No Jackets Required, a student group whose aim is to promote the performance, discussion, and appreciation of contemporary popular music at the University of Rochester, to present “The 90s Show.” Featuring vocalists from the Midnight Ramblers, Vocal Point, and OBOC, the students performed a total of 35 hits from the 90s. The concert consisted of two rock groups: one with only core rock instruments and the other with core instrumentation and a string and horn section. Three DU brothers and two associate members participated in the event that sold more than 200 tickets. Perhaps the most successful program this semester was bringing famous scientist Bill Nye the Science Guy to the university. Nye spoke on global warming issues, shared personal stories and humorously entertained the audience. Co-sponsored with the Student Activities Board, the event sold out the 1400-seat Strong Auditorium and overflowed to Lower Strong Auditorium, where a simulcast was displayed. Another chapter program honored Black History Month and the life of Malcolm X. Civil rights expert postdoctoral fellow Julia Rabig spoke in the chapter living room to share her insight on the life of Malcolm X and his influence on

the black freedom struggle. A screening of Spike Lee’s 1992 biographical film “Malcolm X,” followed Rabig’s brief lecture. Forty brothers and guests attended the program which was covered in the Campus Times as a program that ”enlightened the undergraduate population about times in history that are misunderstood and underappreciated.” Brothers joined 10 student groups for Art Awake, a community cultural event that combined artistic displays and live local music. Washington State Chapter Matt Mullennix, Washington State ‘07, was granted a sixth year of eligibility by the NCAA. The defensive end from Spangle, Washington missed the entire 2006 season after suffering a knee injury prior to the school’s football opener. He also suffered a season-ending injury early in the 2004 season. Following a medical appeal process to receive an additional year, the NCAA approved the request, clearing the way for Mullennix’s return. “I am very excited to get another opportunity to return to the field for WSU,” said Mullennix, who earned bachelors degrees in both management and operations and psychology, and will pursue another degree this fall. “I have been very impressed with the new coaching staff and look forward to spending another year in a Cougar uniform.”


Western Illinois Chapter The Western Illinois Chapter of Delta Upsilon was crowned overall champions of Greek Week 2008 at the Annual Greek Awards Ceremony. The team competed in activities including a variety show and Relay For Life. Western Ontario Chapter After months of hard work by the Alumni Board, the Chapter secured a mortgage to begin necessary renovations to the historic Western Ontario Chapter house. Brothers invite all alumni to attend the annual Homecoming barbecue after the Mustangs football game on October 4, 2008. Wisconsin In July two Brothers Eric Flanagan, Wisconsin ‘09 and Michael Steward, Wisconsin ‘10 set off on a ride for charity, cycling from Vancouver to San Francisco. With the two week trip the pair expected to average 80 miles each day and raise $4,000 for Irish charity, Aidlink, which builds houses in Africa.


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9/29/08 10:08:47 AM

Alumni News Bucknell


Art Saunders, Bucknell ‘57 competed in the Lancaster Senior Games again this year in the 70-74 age bracket. Last year he placed first in the 1600 meters and second in the 3000. He was third in the 25-yard freestyle swim. This year he placed second in the 1600 and first in the 3000. His time dropped dramatically in this year’s freestyle and he won a gold medal. He won a silver medal in the 50-yard freestyle. Although Brother Saunders ran for Bucknell while he was an undergraduate, he never competed in swimming before.

While in his last semester at Cornell, Lance Polivy, Cornell ‘08, started—a web site that helps students work together in groups. Built by a team of Cornell students and faculty members, Wiggio was designed to alleviate the daily frustrations of not having the tools they need to collaborate on different projects.

British Columbia


Clare Drake, British Columbia ‘50 is the most notable hockey coach in Canada. He has coached the University of Alberta Golden Bears for many years, and he also coached the Edmonton Oilers and Winnipeg Jets. Brother Drake’s biography, “Clare Drake: The Coaches’ Coach,” is a great read for hockey fans, and especially for coaches. “Coach” Drake accomplished something that seems impossible to match. He coached the University of Alberta football team to the Canadian National Championship, then coached the hockey team to the Canadian National Championship in the same year. He was noted in Sports Illustrated for this feat in December 1985.

The Cornell Chapter has been using the site to coordinate philanthropy projects, the Chapter Excellence Plan, and chapter events. Many Greek chapters at Cornell quickly picked up Wiggio as a beneficial organizational tool and the Wiggio team won a Cornell business idea competition in April. Polivy is working on the web site full-time this fall and he encourages chapters and alumni to try Wiggio to organize their groups online. Visit Denison Bruce Bailey, Denison ‘58 was honored with the Silver Antelope Award. The Silver Antelope Award is conferred by the National Court of Honor of the Boy Scouts of America upon nomination by the Regional Executive Committee for distinguished service to youth. The award is made for noteworthy service of exceptional character to youth by registered Scouters. Bailey, enjoyed a successful and rewarding career in the banking world for more than 40 years. From 1969 through the present he served scouting

In 2008 Clare Drake was honored with an Alberta Order of Excellence Award. In May 2008 “Coach” was the guest speaker at the University of Alberta Wall of Fame sports dinner attended by 900 former players, fans and other supporters. Drake always has been an avid supporter and participant in Delta Upsilon Fraternity. Cal Poly Rodney M. Blaco, Cal Poly ‘96/San Jose ‘05 established a blog to recount his August 2006 trip to China where he worked with a group of U.S. students to alleviate educational poverty in rural China. He has maintained contact with the students on his team and the teachers in rural China communicating the earthquake and the Olympics. His blog is: Great Trails Council Scouting Executive, Mike Jones with Bruce Bailey, Denison ‘58 (right) and his wife Sandra. Bailey was honored with the Boy Scouts of America’s Silver Antelope Award.


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in five different Councils as an active committee chair, officer and board member. He served Area 4 as president from 2005 to 2007. In 1989 Brother Bailey was presented the William H. Spurgeon III Award for his dedication to exploring. Outside of the Boy Scouts he has served as president or chairman in nearly half of the more than 30 organizations he has been a part of in the past.

at Johnson started networkText in his parents’ basement and quickly grew the company to handle more than 4,000 groups, 400,000 members and 4 million text messages per month. The company goal is to build the greatest group text-messaging web site on the web and Johnson believes that with the launch of Tatango, they have met that goal.

Within the last 40 years, he has served Delta Upsilon in some official capacity. He served on the DU Educational Foundation’s Board of Trustees even before he was named the Fraternity treasurer in 1972. Delta Upsilon was fortunate when on August 2, 1992 Brother Bailey was elected to serve not only as its president, but to date, he is the only man to serve DU as president and chairman of the Board at the same time. Before, during and since that time, he has faithfully served as a member of the DU Educational Foundation’s Board of Trustees. In 2004 he was honored with Delta Upsilon’s Distinguished Alumni Award.


DePauw David Bohmer, DePauw ‘69, director of DePauw University’s Pulliam Center for Contemporary Media and Media Fellows Program, made a presentation at the 20th Cooperstown Symposium on Baseball and American Culture in Cooperstown, New York. A story on notes that Bohmer, “…contended during his presentation, a reassessment of [former baseball commissioner Ford] Frick’s years in office (1951-65), that it is easier to become President of the United States than attain baseball’s highest position.” He also presented “Marvin Miller and Free Agency: How Events in 1969 Led to Ballplayers’ Ultimate Freedom in 1976” at the annual convention of the Society for American Baseball Research in Cleveland.

Andy Bonior, Illinois ‘62 published his first book, “Baseball’s Fallen Heroes” about the many tragedies which have befallen active baseball players that have ended or shortened their careers. Included are short biographies of players such as Roy Campanella (auto accident), Thurman Munson (plane crash), Ray Chapman (the only major league player ever killed on the field). It has a chapter on front office people who died while still closely associated with the game, and coaches, managers, and scouts whose lives were ended before their time, and even a chapter relating mishaps which have ended umpires lives.


Indiana The Indiana University Alumni Association (IUAA) presented a President’s Award, the highest honor the association bestows upon alumni volunteers, to Lindy G. Moss, Indiana ‘49. Moss, a life member of the IUAA, earned three bachelors degrees from IU, in business in 1949, in government in 1950, and in law in 1952. A supporter of IU and the Alumni Association for more than 50 years, Moss served as president of the School of Law, Bloomington Alumni Association from 1967-69 and was awarded its Distinguished Service Award in 1997. In 1998, he was elected

Florida Joseph J. Marinelli, Florida ‘65, and his wife Rebekah, received the 2008 Distinguished Citizen Awards by the Finger Lakes Council Boy Scouts of America for exemplifying outstanding citizenship and serving as excellent role models. Marinelli’s award was for educational and civic leadership in the region. He is the District Superintendent of Wayne-Finger Lakes Board of Cooperative Educational Services. Houston Derek Johnson, Houston ‘06 announced the re-birth of the web site networkText, under its new name and design

The Delta Upsilon Alumni Club of Indianapolis sponsored a Golf Scramble on Saturday, May 17.


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9/29/08 10:09:12 AM

Kansas State Christian Smith, Kansas State ‘06, made the U.S. Olympic team in the 800 meter run by placing third at the Olympic Trials in Eugene, Oregon, with a spectacular diving finish. Smith, one of the greatest middle distance runners in Kansas State history, was the 2006 national champion in the NCAA indoor mile and was a five time All American and four time Big 12 champion. He holds the national record for the indoor 1,000 meter run at 2:19.57 and the Kansas State records in the 800 meters (1:44.86) and 1,500 meters (3:28.10). His fastest mile is 3:59.6. The Honorable Bob Doumar, Virginia ‘51, Senior Judge, Federal District Court, Norfolk, and The Honorable Bill Whitehurst, Washington & Lee ‘50, former Member of Congress from Virginia, were honorary co-hosts of Delta Upsilon’s Hampton Road Alumni reception in April.


to the board of the John Whittenberger Society and became the society’s president in 2003. The Northeast Chapter of the IUAA awarded him its Distinguished Alumnus Award in 2001. In addition, Moss belongs to the Varsity Club and the Woodburn Guild and is a life member of the Friends of Music as well as the IUAA. Moss has remained active with Delta Upsilon, and currently serves as president of its Wrangler Foundation. He has served as president of the Fort Wayne Rotary Club and Fort Wayne Quest Club and has served on the board of directors of the Parkview Memorial Hospital and the Allen County Bar Association. He and his wife, Jeanne, live in Fort Wayne, Ind., where he has practiced law since 1956. Iowa State The St. Louis Rams filled their vacancy for an offensive line mentor by hiring league veteran assistant coach Steve Loney, Iowa State ‘74. Loney served as the interim head coach at Drake University last season, leading the Bulldogs to a 6-5 record. Most recently in the NFL, Loney served as offensive line coach for the Arizona Cardinals in 2006, his second stint with the franchise. He had previously worked with the Cardinals in the early 1990s. He also served as the Minnesota Vikings’ offensive line coach for three seasons (2002-04) and was offensive coordinator for one year (2005). During Loney’s tenure as line coach in Minnesota, the Vikings led the league in rushing offense in 2002 and in total offense in 2003 and set a franchise record for total yards in 2004. He is highly regarded for his emphasis on technique work and for his design of the running game.

To make the U.S. Olympic team, Christian needed to place in the top three at the trials. His spectacular diving finish in 1:45.47 gave him the edge over more highly favored runners. Kent State At ceremonies on April 19, the Kent State Greek Alumni Council presented Stuart Thom, Kent State ‘97 the 2008 Young Alumnus Award and faculty advisor Donna Carlton the 2008 Chapter Advisor Award. Ten undergraduates and four alumni attended. Brother Thom, a commercial account executive with ADT Security Systems, was named Student Leader of the Semester as an undergraduate and received a Leadership Excellence Award. As an alumnus, he has been active in the Kent State Alumni Chapter since 1998, and served as alumni house manager for four years, and has served as president for the past three years. Donna Carlton has served as faculty chapter advisor for the better part of 17 years. She has been, a “mother away from home” to many brothers, offering support, advice, and encouragement. She also serves as the advisor to the Undergraduate Student Senate. Her son, Dylan, died from complications of heart disease and a joint DU-Kent State University scholarship is funded in his name. Former University of Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz, Kent State ‘58 who coached the 1988 Notre Dame national championship team and won 100 games in 11 seasons as Irish head coach, was named to the National Football Foundation’s College Football Hall of Fame. The 2008 College Football Hall of Fame class will be inducted at the 51st annual awards dinner in December, at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City. The players and coaches will be enshrined at the Hall of Fame in South Bend in July 2009. Holtz established himself as one of the most successful


spr2008_14-25_5jgl.indd 22

9/29/08 10:09:23 AM

college football coaches of all time. He is the only coach in the history of college football to take five different teams to a bowl game (his `85 Minnesota team actually qualified as a sixth, except Holtz did not coach in the bowl game since he had accepted the Notre Dame job), win four bowl games with different teams–and have four different college teams ranked in the final top 20 poll. Holtz’s 249-132-7 career record for 33 seasons ranked him third in victories among active coaches at the time of his retirement and eighth in winning percentage. His 12 career post-season bowl victories rank him fourth on the all-time list. Currently, Holtz serves as a college football studio analyst on ESPN and also is an on-site analyst for college football games. Lafayette Larry Morris, Lafayette ‘67 teaches advanced placement American history and world history at Worcester Prep School in Berlin, Maryland. In 2006, Worcester Prep nominated him for the Maryland American History Teacher of the Year Award, which he won. Outside the classroom, Morris remains active in athletics. He was inducted into the Carbon County (Penn.) Sports Hall of Fame in 2006. Morris also has had success in the Maryland Senior Olympics. He won a silver medal in mixed doubles tennis and a bronze medal in the basketball shooting competition. He credits his father, who was a teacher and coach, his high school basketball coach, and Lafayette’s former head basketball coach, with his success.

On their chapter’s 115th anniversary in 2000, the alumni of the Lafayette Chapter of Delta Upsilon established the Delta Upsilon Distinguished Mentoring and Teaching award. It recognizes members of the faculty for distinctive and extraordinary teaching through mentoring, which may include advising, undergraduate research, independent study, or any of the many one-on-one mentoring activities that take place in a student-centered learning environment. During Lafayette’s pre-commencement awards dinner in May Robert Kurt, associate professor of biology, was honored as a recipient of the Delta Upsilon Distinguished Mentoring and Teaching Award Marietta Andrew Bolton, Marietta ‘02, was an alternate on the U.S. Olympic Rowing Team competing in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Minnesota Stewart Thornley, Minnesota ‘81 made headlines as a baseball fan who has visited the graves of 205 baseball hall of famers. Thornley told the Palm Beach Post, “Some people collect baseball cards. This is my form of collecting.”


North Dakota Brett Wysocki, North Dakota ‘08 is a graphic design intern for Alerus Financial. Wysocki was a web master for Minot State University–Bottineau for seven years. He recently earned a bachelor of science degree in graphic design technology with a minor in computer science and

Delta Upsilon brothers from all chapters were invited to the 2008 NorCal Golf Tournament at the Cinnabar Hills Golf Club in San Jose, California.


spr2008_14-25_5jgl.indd 23

9/29/08 10:09:32 AM

entrepreneurship from UND. Wysocki received North Dakota’s Outstanding Student Leader award in 2006.

power of a dream bridled by a call to action and well executed plan.”



J. David Nelson, Northwestern ‘63 was elected to the national board of directors of AARP and was presented an alumni service award by the dean of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern. Penn State Steven D. Seidel, Penn State ‘00 performed in “A Body Without a Head,” influenced and backed by Calvin Klein, written by George Carr at Manhattan Theater Source. He also completed his first documentary.

Washington State

South Carolina


Tom Neale, Virginia ‘74 has joined Patriot Capital. Previously, Brother Neale was the Mid-Atlantic Regional Commercial Banking Executive for HSBC Bank, USA. HSBC Group is the world’s largest diversified financial institution, headquartered in London. Patriot Capital is a Baltimore-based, leading source of growth capital for middlemarket companies seeking to finance business expansion, acquisitions, management buyouts or balance sheet recapitalizations. Patriot Capital II and its predecessor Funds, Allegiance Capital and Patriot Capital have more than $270 million of capital under management.

After watching relatives and friends whose lives were impacted by cancer, Matt Washburn, South Carolina ‘91 joined The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training and decided to do a triathlon. The program provides training to run or walk marathons and half marathons or participate in triathlons and century (100-mile) bike rides. Since 1988, more than 360,000 volunteer participants have helped raise more than $850 million.

L-R: Matthew Washburn, South Carolina ‘91, David Mitchell (neighbor) and Lee Amlicke (assistant coach).

“The experience changed my life,” Washburn said. “In the beginning, I did not have faith in the program or faith in myself that I could complete an Olympic Distance, but as race day approached, I knew I was getting stronger. Our coaches were constantly providing tips, tidbits and pointers.” Washburn encourages as many DUs as are able to find a local chapter of Team in Training and meet him in Chattanooga in July 2009. He reminds brothers to, “Never underestimate the

Nate Kuester, Washington State ‘05 recently placed second in the Idaho Press Club Awards for Best Weather Anchor and Best Sports Anchor. His show “FOX 12 This Morning” was nominated for an Emmy. Western Ontario Alan Thicke, Western Ontario ’67 has a new parenting/ humor book called “How to Raise Kids Who Won’t Hate You.”

Jimmy Ball, Arlington ‘90 met Alan Thicke, Western Ontario ‘67 at Book Expo America in Los Angeles. Alan was launching his new book published by Sterling and Ross.

Wilmington The University of North Carolina Wilmington recently honored David Cole, Wilmington ‘72 as an Outstanding Alumnus of the Cameron Business School. Brother Cole was also appointed to the UNCW board of visitors.


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9/29/08 10:09:47 AM

A memorable visit by Bernard Franklin to Cornell University Delta Upsilon International president, Bernard Franklin, Kansas State ‘75, was the keynote speaker at Cornell University for its A.D. White Leadership Conference on February 16, 2008. The annual conference, named after Cornell’s first president, is a day-long program for the leaders of Cornell’s 70 fraternities and sororities. More than 400 participants attended the 18 training seminars facilitated by experts in the Cornell community. During his keynote address, Brother Franklin said, “I am here because I believe in fraternities, I believe in sororities. I am here because I have a great passion around this subject of building leadership through the Greek system. We have a journey to go. I want to inspire you to make sure your Greek system is relevant for the generation of students who follow you. The landscape of America appears to be on the verge of change; the world is changing; so when we look at fraternities and sororities it is important that we talk about change. Why is it important? Those who lead our country and our corporations come from two basic student involvement activities–student government and Greek communities. The stakes are high, and the challenges are greater for the Greek system than at any other time in memory. Let’s end the game of mediocrity, think big, and lead. Baby steps and incremental changes will be a poor excuse for progress. We need to take fraternities and sororities to a whole different level. What happens here at Cornell can spread to other systems.” Franklin also shared his personal story as an example how DU can make an impact. He had a seminal experience at Kansas State University, where he became head of the black student union and then joined DU, an all-white fraternity whose members he respected as men of distinction. With the support of DU brothers, Franklin became president of the student council (as a write-in candidate), which was broadcast by the national media. Franklin stressed that being a brother of Delta Upsilon changed his life, as it can for DU brothers everywhere. Franklin

passionately embraces DU’s values and principles and “to be a better man.” Franklin challenged the students to “dare to lead.” Brother Franklin defined ten areas that fraternities should manage in order to remain relevant and strong for a changing campus culture: embrace change, tackle hazing, address alcohol misuse and abuse, hold people accountable, engage others, assess performance and outcomes, monitor technology’s role, incorporate diversity, serve the community, and challenge members to live their mission and values. He concluded his remarks with the words of Marianne Williamson: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you NOT to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us, it is in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” Later in the afternoon, Brother Franklin met with the entire Cornell Chapter and repeated his challenge to pursue excellence, high ideals, virtues, and creativity in all areas of fraternity life. He took a tour of the Cornell campus and enjoyed exchanging ideas, particularly about the importance of alumni support, at dinner meetings with DU leaders. Franklin said he was impressed with the support of Cornell’s administration for the Greek system and encouraged by the dedication of Cornell’s alumni. This was his first visit to an east coast DU campus, and he pledged to stay in touch with Cornell as he continues his mission to inspire all North American chapters to achieve their full potential.

“I believe we can move past just social consciousness and having fun to really making a difference.”



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9/29/08 10:10:02 AM

Delta Upsilon International Fraternity Treasurer’s Annual Report 2006-2007 We concluded the year on the high note of naming Justin J. Kirk as Delta Upsilon Executive Director, and his firm hand and cool judgment has been seen everywhere we look ever since. Delta Upsilon completed the 2006-07 fiscal year in a strong financial position with net assets of $2.6 million, increased by approximately $200,000 from the prior year. Fraternity Operations – The core purpose of Delta Upsilon is Building Better Men. In support of this purpose our professional staff continues to execute exciting programming that meets the challenge of developing leaders within Delta Upsilon.


Delta Upsilon International operations fund this programming cost by chapter fees and membership dues. In addition the Fraternity received grants from Delta Upsilon Educational Foundation that amounted to $89,403. Some of those grants provide scholarships for additional attendees at our conferences. Our fiscal operations were budgeted for an operating deficit (before Trust Fund transfer) and the remaining $52,000 operating loss was exceeded by $326,331 of investment gains from the investment funds. Revenue growth has come from undergraduate fee increases and support from Delta Upsilon Educational Foundation. Future revenue growth is anticipated from internal chapter expansion and by adding new chapters.

The Fraternity investment funds are divided into the Permanent Trust Fund and the Loss Prevention Fund. Permanent Trust Fund – is a Board designated fund supporting the Fraternity with an annual transfer of investment revenue and principal to support Fraternity activities. $99,394 was transferred this fiscal period and nevertheless the Fund grew $140,000 to $1,552,122 at year end. Loss Prevention Fund – is the other designated fund within our Fraternity and it supports efforts to maintain reasonable insurance rates for our members. Insurance operations, our largest category of cash flow netted $24,971; the LP Fund grew further with $94,326 of investment returns, reaching a yearend balance of $897,477. Loss prevention training and management is a major component of our chapter member education and conference programs. Your support, whether financial through gifts to the Delta Upsilon Educational Foundation, or personal through volunteer service and gifts to a local chapter, is essential to Delta Upsilon’s success. The Fraternity owes a debt of gratitude to our staff for their effective management of the Fraternity, and for the many long hours worked throughout the year to ensure that a DU man is “the best man he can be.” We thank all staff and alumni for the gifts, good work and effort put forth for your Fraternity, Delta Upsilon.

Asset Growth – The increase in net assets was due to improved investment returns resulting from both sage management and an improved marketplace. Gains and losses were realized as a by-product of changing investment management and thankfully there were more gains than losses. We will forever owe a debt of gratitude to retiring brother Maury Mandel, for his many years of thoughtful guidance and management of our valued investment funds.


spr2008_26-32_5jgl.indd 26

9/29/08 11:55:12 AM

Delta Upsilon International Fraternity, Inc. Condensed Statement of Financial Condition - June 30th 2007


Assets Cash & Cash Equivalents Accounts Receivable & Accrued Income Inventories & Prepaid Expenses Investments in Marketable Securities at Market Value Property & Equipment Net of Depreciation Total Assets

$ 271,584 $ 110,807 $ 39,583 $2,248,872 $ 43,996 $2,714,842

$ 149,677 $ 256,891 $ 31,398 $ 2,028,607 $ 52,272 $ 2,518,845

Liabilities Accounts Payable & Accrued Expenses Deferred Revenue Accrued Loss Prevention Claims Total Liabilities

$ $ $ $

66,253 29,118 3,632 99,003

$ 74,791 $ 21,938 $ 4,986 $ 101,715

General Fraternity Net Assets Permanent Trust Fund Loss Prevention Fund Total Net Assets Total Liabilities & Net Assets

$ 166,240 $ 1,552,122 $ 897,477 $2,615,839 $2,714,842

$ 219,031 $ 1,419,919 $ 778,180 $ 2,417,130 $ 2,518,845

REVENUE Membership Fees Loss Prevention Fees Conference Fees & Chapter Fees Delta Upsilon Educational Foundation Grant Investment & Interest Income Net Realized Gain(loss) on Sale of Securities Net Unrealized Gain(loss) on Securities Other Revenue Total Revenue

$ 712,755 $ 498,764 $ 173,274 $ 89,403 $ 81,269 $ 400,120 $ (132,899) $ 29,550 $1,852,236

$ 664,960 $ 459,582 $ 233,877 $ 99,850 $ 69,033 $ 22,217 $ 106,149 $ 38,372 $ 1,694,040

EXPENSES Chapter Services Alumni Services Loss Prevention Programming & Expenses Publications & Communications Conferences & Leadership Management & General Total Expenses

$ 231,541 $ 39,814 $ 474,483 $ 55,647 $ 250,894 $ 601,149 $1,653,527

$ 225,001 $ 36,064 $ 416,297 $ 46,203 $ 278,613 $ 595,595 $ 1,597,773

Change in Net Assets

$ 198,709



Copyright 2008 Delta Upsilon International Fraternity Inc.

Condensed Statement of Activities - June 30, 2007



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9/29/08 10:13:19 AM

Delta Upsilon Board of Directors

The executive and administrative authority of the Fraternity shall be vested in the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall manage the affairs of the Fraternity and shall report to and be under the direction and control of the Assembly of Trustees. All power and authority exercised by the Board of Directors or any Officer or Director shall be in accordance with the Fraternity’s Constitution and By-laws.

E. Bernard Franklin, Ph.D. Kansas State ‘75 President

William L. Messick Lafayette ‘68 Chairman

Charles E. Downton III North Carolina ‘66 Secretary

Bradford S. Grabow DePauw ‘85 Treasurer

Malcolm P. Branch Wisconsin ‘69 Alumni Director

Timothy C. Dowd Oklahoma ‘75 Alumni Director

Robert D. Fisher Alberta ‘76 Alumni Director

Joseph R. Heerens DePauw ‘84 Alumni Director

E. Bruce McKinney Missouri ‘74 Alumni Director

Richard X. Taylor North Carolina State ‘82 Alumni Director

K. Brad Valentine, Ph.D. Tufts ‘67 Alumni Director

Adam M. Sessa San Jose ‘10 Undergraduate Director

Matthew C. Nance DePauw ‘10 Undergraduate Director



spr2008_26-32_5jgl.indd 28

9/29/08 10:13:38 AM

Delta Upsilon Fraternity Staff Ian M. Areces, Rochester ‘06 Director of Chapter Services 317-875-8900 ext. 215

Jana Cole Administrative Assistant 317-875-8900 ext. 200

Tamara Ault Accounts Administrator 317-875-8900 ext. 207

Byron Sean Gilbert, Central Florida ‘08 Expansion Consultant 317-875-8900 ext. 216

Andy Bergman Director of Leadership Development 317-875-8900 ext. 206

Barbara A. Harness Executive Assistant to the Board of Directors 317-875-8900 ext. 214

Gordon Bothun, Carthage ‘08 Leadership Consultant 317-875-8900 ext. 204

Justin Kirk Executive Director 317-875-8900 ext. 213

Eric Chamberlain Director of Volunteer Development 317-875-8900 ext. 208

Jean Gileno Lloyd Director of Communications 317-875-8900 ext. 211

Brandylin J. Cole Operations Manager 317-875-8900 ext. 205

Drew Lurker Chapter Development Coordinator 317-875-8900 ext. 223

Roslyn Riall Membership Records Clerk 317-875-8900 ext. 202 Mary Ellen Watts Senior Staff Accountant 317-875-8900 ext. 210

Delta Upsilon Foundation Staff David R. Schumacher Executive Director 317-875-8900 ext. 212 Craig S. Sowell, Houston ‘92 Director of Alumni Development 317-875-8900 ext. 225 Brandylin Cole Operations Manager 317-875-8900 ext. 205

Copyright 2008 Delta Upsilon International Fraternity Inc.

Who to Contact Accounts Receivable........................................................Tammy Ault Address Updates, Lists, Labels.......................................Roslyn Riall Alumni Association Information..........................Eric Chamberlain Annual Giving..................................................................Craig Sowell Awards..............................................................................Craig Sowell Brick Orders.....................................................................Craig Sowell CEA statements................................................................ Brandy Cole Chapter Emergency/Crisis...............................................Justin Kirk Chapter Excellence Plan.....................................................Ian Areces Chapter Services..................................................................Ian Areces Colonies................................................................................Ian Areces DU Archives/History/Memorabilia.............................Craig Sowell Delta Upsilon Educational Foundation...............Dave Schumacher Delta Upsilon Quarterly........................................Jean Gileno Lloyd Donations to DUEF........................................................Craig Sowell DU Circle................................................................Jean Gileno Lloyd Endowment or Estate Gifts, Major Gifts............Dave Schumacher Giving history....................................................................Brandy Cole Incidents...............................................................................Ian Areces

Educational Programs/Materials...............................Andy Bergman Expansion.............................................................................Justin Kirk Housing..................................................................................Ian Areces Leadership Institute................................................................Jana Cole Liability Insurance Billing................................................Tammy Ault Loss Prevention.....................................................................Ian Areces Membership Records, Badges, Certificates ....................Roslyn Riall Oak Circle..........................................................................Craig Sowell Pledge Pins .............................................................................Jana Cole Public Relations.......................................................Jean Gileno Lloyd Publications..............................................................Jean Gileno Lloyd Presidents Club Gifts.......................................................Craig Sowell Scholarships.......................................................................Craig Sowell Stock transfers...................................................................Brandy Cole Taxes, Tax Forms, Form 990, etc.....................................Brandy Cole Volunteers.................................................................Eric Chamberlain Web site.....................................................................Jean Gileno Lloyd Winter Educational Conference.................................Andy Bergman


Leadership Profile Keith Menezes, Georgia Tech ‘08 undergraduate advisory board (2007-2008)

How have you changed since high school and how has Delta Upsilon played a role in that?

What is your field of study and what are your future goals? Industrial and systems engineering. I would like to get into project management/consulting and eventually into business.


How did you first learn about Delta Upsilon and why did the Fraternity appeal to you? I initially rushed at Georgia Tech as a way to meet people. I did not intend to join a fraternity. I ended up spending a considerable amount of time at Delta Upsilon and getting to know the brothers there. Initially I formed a strong connection with a couple of brothers in the Fraternity and I decided in order to ease the stresses of Georgia Tech I would join a fraternity. The more I learned about Delta Upsilon the more I grew to love and understand our history and what we stand for. How has Delta Upsilon enriched your collegiate experience? Delta Upsilon has enriched my collegiate experience in so many ways. Delta Upsilon has made Georgia Tech bearable; it is a great feeling knowing that you have brothers that you can turn to in your time of need. My brothers have truly supported me year after year at Georgia Tech. I have had the opportunity to hold many leadership positions and test myself. I have learned how to handle both success and more importantly, failure. I helped plan the 50th anniversary celebration at Georgia Tech and through my involvement at Delta Upsilon, I have had the privilege of working with DU alumni from all over the country and I have been able to understand how to deal with people that will not always agree with you. This skill is invaluable in the workplace and I have been in a number of interviews where I have drawn on my leadership experience at DU.

I would like to think that I was always a leader, but looking back on it, I would say that Delta Upsilon has made me a stronger, more competent and more confident leader. Delta Upsilon has challenged me to become a better man by preparing me to deal with conflicts and teaching the way to cater to different brothers’ needs while still holding our four founding principles in high regard. Who in Delta Upsilon do you look to as a mentor? In Delta Upsilon, I look to Paul and Rick Taylor at NC State as mentors. These men live the founding principles every day of their lives and are proud to be DU brothers. Paul and Rick do not sugar coat anything; if something isn’t right they will tell you. They will challenge your views on DU and on life not to prove their point, but simply to challenge your way of thinking and to see if you can really defend your stance. Every DU should have the opportunity to talk to Paul and Rick. I cannot tell you of the number of times I have called the Taylor brothers for advice and they have helped me out. Who outside of Delta Upsilon do you look to as a mentor? I definitely look to my parents as mentors and role models. I was born in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and lived there for 10 years. My parents moved to the United States in 1996 in order to give their children the opportunity for a better educational experience. I am forever indebted to them for that. My parents have worked very hard to instill a sense of hard work and values such as honesty and perseverance. They have picked me up when I have made mistakes and praised me when I succeeded. What do you feel is most important for the future of the Fraternity? I think that our fraternity must focus in three very crucial areas: membership education, alumni involvement and conveying Delta Upsilon’s Four Founding Principles, Friendship, Character, Culture and Justice.


spr2008_26-32_5jgl.indd 30

9/29/08 10:14:56 AM

Leadership Profile Douglas R. Massengil, North Carolina State ‘10 undergraduate advisory board Chairman even one day. It isn’t always easy, as with most things one is passionate about, but I am learning valuable life lessons that are helping me be a better man in the continual pursuit of a just society based upon the values that I have come to represent. What are you studying and what are you involved in? I am studying political science education and I am a campaign manager for the North Carolina Superintendent of Public Instruction. What are your future career/education goals? I plan to be a teacher and school administrator. I will pursue a Masters of Arts in Teaching, Masters of School Administration, and Doctorate in Educational Leadership. How did you first learn about Delta Upsilon and why did the Fraternity appeal to you? I used to work at a law firm with the then Fraternity president who asked me to go to a recruitment information session. After attending the session and seeing the quality of the undergraduate and alumni men, I knew that it was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up.

Copyright 2008 Delta Upsilon International Fraternity Inc.

How has Delta Upsilon enriched your collegiate experience? My fraternal life helps to ground me upon a set of values that I organize my life around. Upon arriving at NC State, I had no desire to join a fraternity. Then, I met one of my soon-to-be brothers who I looked up to because of the way that he carried himself in his daily life. I felt like he was well balanced and had a more complete sense of identity than I did and I longed to personify the example that he set. Joining Delta Upsilon far surpassed my expectations, the Greek community has provided me with a firm foundation, friends for a lifetime, and afforded me the opportunity to meet caring and passionate people that represent the values that I want to model my life around. My Greek life experience has afforded me the opportunity to be more comfortable in my university environment and has provided me with a plethora of resources to achieve academically and socially. I have yet to regret my decision to become Greek for

What community service have you been involved with and how has that influenced you? Interacting with the Boys and Girls Clubs has helped me realize how lucky I have it. In spending time with these young men and women, I have the opportunity to see what it is like to truly “build a better man.” What has been your fondest memory of your Fraternity experience so far?


Attending RLS, LI, & WEC. The opportunity to meet other brothers and distinguished alumni has meant a lot and supplemented my growth in the Fraternity. Who in Delta Upsilon do you look to as a mentor? Two of our alumni, Rick and Paul Taylor. The Taylors exhibit the qualities of DU men in every facet of their life and spend more time helping the chapter than many of the undergraduates. Their commitment to their families, jobs, and DU has shown me what it means to be a lifelong member of our brotherhood. Who outside of Delta Upsilon do you look to as a mentor? Mindy Sopher, a close interfraternal friend and academic advisor. A three time survivor of breast cancer, who is again battling cancer, she inspires me to do more for the world around me. Her can-do attitude is truly inspiring and you can always count on her for a smile. What do you feel is most important for the future of the Fraternity? I believe that our Fraternity is faced with a rather large identity crises. The movement for fraternal values congruence is underway and we must join that movement. However, I feel that we must first remember who we are, why we were founded, and why our existence is relevant in today’s ever changing global society. Only then can we unite in an united front for values congruence.


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9/29/08 10:15:16 AM

jobs, career advice, networking... join your brothers online - it’s easy, free and fast. 32

Do you have a question for IHQ? Send an instant message to DUIHQ on AOL Instant Messenger during office hours, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday.

Hazing Hotline (1-888-NOT-HAZE)

As part of the ongoing attempt to end hazing on college campuses and particularly within Greek organizations, Delta Upsilon is one of 20 international fraternities and sororities that joined together to establish a Greek Anti-Hazing Hotline. The toll free number is 1-888-NOT-HAZE (1-888-668-4293). The line is available to those who think they or students they know, have been or may become victims of hazing. Callers may remain anonymous or they can provide personal information so that their concerns can be responded to directly. The Hotline connects to a dedicated voice mailbox at the Cincinnati law firm of Manley Burke, the publisher of Fraternal Law. Manley Burke will monitor the Hotline on a daily basis and will forward all messages to the appropriate fraternal organization, along with the hazing laws from the relevant jurisdictions. In states in which the law requires notification of other authorities, this will be done. A hazing alert for an organization not a sponsor will be handled as though that organization were a sponsor. A voluntary invoice will be sent to cover costs. The Hotline is a crucial new tool for Greek organizations to use to fight hazing. The 20 founding sponsors, representing approximately 35 percent of all fraternity and sorority members, have invited other fraternities and sororities to join as official sponsors of the Greek Anti-Hazing Hotline.


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9/29/08 11:19:20 AM

Alpha & Omega Alberta Peter William Hodgson ‘58 Stephen F. Oakie ‘69 Arie H. Van Der Lee ‘47 Amherst Joseph H. Firman ‘40 William Denforth Hayes ‘31 James Patrick Murphy ‘66 Arkansas Mark N. Thornburg ‘81 Bowling Green Raymond Maselli ‘57 Bradley Kenneth Norman Blackburn ‘60 British Columbia E. D. Jones ‘41 Attrill Lyttleton ‘40 Brown Arthur E. Carlson ‘34 William L. Colbert ‘33 Harold A. Stege ‘41 Bucknell Charles R. Pollock ‘70 C. Dale Steinmetz ‘55 Central Florida Gary Leroy Hartsock 2004 Clarkson Robert W. Brooker ‘33 Colby Harold M. Salisbury ‘35 Colorado Edward M. Dunne ‘71 James E. Hoden ‘74 Columbia William Wentworth Quast ‘42 Dartmouth Louis John Fortuna ‘38 Charles S. Fowler ‘37 R. F. Heidner ‘44

Delaware Thomas W. Weber ‘78 Denison Orville Thomas Evans ‘58 Thomas G. Hawley ‘58 DePauw Wayne S. Hieber ‘44 Stephen A. Rapp ‘73 Richard S. Shepard ‘42 Carl L. West ‘52 Harvard David W. Childs ‘39 Illinois Louis E. Bergren ‘46 Indiana Donald Sinclair Farquharson ‘40 Lawrence F. Reinking ‘56 Robert J. Stock ‘50 Iowa Dale H. Anderson ‘49 Robert F. Gray ‘34 Arthur B. Halverson ‘43 Thomas W. Kehr ‘41 Iowa State Larue C. Bentz ‘49 Johns Hopkins Zenas Sears ‘36 Kent State Costas J. Biris ‘56 Eugene V. Mekler ‘51 Miami Louis A. Apwisch ‘43 Richard S. Holmes ‘56 Michigan Theodore J. Pletcher ‘59 Michigan State Robert Victor Gay ‘52 James Phillip Wilson ‘62 Middlebury Eugene Westover Robinson ‘46

Edward Charles Roller ‘34 Henry F. Spinney ‘37 Minnesota Henry (Heine) P. Albrecht ‘34 Keith K. Knopp ‘31 Darrel F. Olson ‘78 Missouri Robert E. Crowson ‘47 Robert A. Graham ‘38 William E. Jetter ‘36 Ralph W. Metzinger ‘44 Andrew H. Paschall ‘90 Nebraska Philip C. Brownell ‘33 Gilbert Gerard Duling ‘47 Robert Olin Ferguson ‘44 Robert N. Kaff ‘61 Donald L. Nabity ‘38 Daniel A. Nye ‘37 Jerry Lee Swanson ‘50 New York Richard R. Robinson ‘44 North Dakota Timothy F. Frederick ‘72 Robert M. Krasicki ‘80 Northern Iowa Michael D. Siepmann ‘73 Northwestern Melvin J. DeLaval ‘53 Robert Q. Soffel ‘49 Ohio Neal W. Canter ‘69 Ohio State William Edgar Herron ‘43 Oklahoma Thomas Victor Evilsizer ‘52 Robert E. Goldfield ‘67 Fred Parcher Myers ‘33 Arthur John Swanson ‘52

Pennsylvania State John M. Pepe ‘57 Platteville Arthur T. Virtue ‘45 Purdue Stanley R. Banas ‘50 Robert Allen Paulson ‘72 Richard Joseph Poppleton ‘46 Harold Skadberg ‘58 Rutgers William Thomas Archibald ‘41 Willard A. Gardner ‘37 Thomas A. Kalapos ‘80 Robert W. Keilt ‘45 Dennis M. Martinez ‘67 Salvatore A. Mennuti ‘65 Vincent A. Scamell ‘42 San Jose Charles R. Kemple ‘61 South Carolina Joel Andrew Frier ‘88 Southwest Missouri Wayne James Hoelting ‘88 Stanford Douglas B. McLellan ‘51 Technology Robert W. Tripp ‘33 Toronto W. Laird Jennings ‘40 Arthur Elmer McCrea ‘36 Tufts Paul S. Arthur ‘69 Guy C. Clifford ‘51 A. Nicholas Del Pesco ‘45 Rodney Cole Dresser ‘38 Owen L. Eagan ‘53 Richard T. Fiske ‘36 Patrick J. Meany ‘48 Charles Raymond Roberts ‘66 Norman O. Rockwood ‘40

UCLA Otis P. Yost ‘42 Washington Richard A. Satterberg ‘54 Washington & Lee Eugene W. Heatwole ‘38 John Edmonds Neill ‘38 Wesleyan Henry R. Gilbert ‘50 John Herbert Moseley ‘32 Western Michigan George F. Kalmbach ‘52 William E. Ten Eyck ‘69 Western Ontario E. C. Collins ‘56 Harold A. Kester ‘39 Western Reserve Peter E. Pasqualone ‘70 Wichita Edward A. Hutchinson ‘43 Williams George Bergen Turner ‘32 Wisconsin James Lawrence Bloor ‘50 John E. Forester ‘33 Robert M. Hawkinson ‘40 This list reflects notices received at DU Headquarters between May 11, 2008 and August 15, 2008. Please notify the Fraternity of deceased brothers or any errors at PO Box 68942, Indianapolis, Indiana 46268, phone 317-875-8900, FAX 317-876-1629, or email ihq@ Memorial gifts may be directed to the Delta Upsilon Educational Foundation at the same address.

Parting Quote “It is the high privilege and sacred duty of those now living to educate their successors and fit them, by intelligence and virtue, for the inheritance, which awaits them.” James A. Garfield, Williams 1856 President of the United States of America


spr2008_CVR1-4_2jb.indd CVR3

9/29/08 10:18:29 AM

Leave your mark on Delta Upsilon

Etch your name, or the name of a beloved friend, brother or family member on the pathways of the Founders Memorial Courtyard and have the satisfaction of knowing you’ve made a solid investment in the future of your fraternity.

Each brick supports the Foundation’s ability to provide educational support for the Fraternity. For more information, visit the Delta Upsilon Educational Foundation web site or call 317-875-8900.

Change of Address Mail form to Delta Upsilon International Headquarters or email information to: Parents: Your son’s magazine is sent to his home address while he is in college. We encourage you to review it. If he is not in college and is not living at home, please send his new permanent address to:

Delta Upsilon International Fraternity Inc. 8705 Founders Road Indianapolis IN 46268

Name: _____________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________ City: ____________________________ State: _________ZIP_________ Phone: _______________________ Email: ________________________ Chapter: ______________________ Graduation Year: _______________

Nonprofit Organization U.S. POSTAGE PAID Midland, MI Permit No. 111


spr2008_CVR1-4_2jb.indd CVR4

9/29/08 10:17:33 AM

DU Quarterly: Volume 126, No. 1, 2  

The Delta Upsilon Quarterly is the official voice of the Delta Upsilon International Fraternity.

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