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MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT Dear Brothers in Delta Upsilon, Delta Upsilon is the most attractive fraternity to college men. DU’s principles of Justice, Character, Culture and Friendship have not been duplicated by any other student organization. DU’s admission standard of “merit alone” is singular among all fraternities. DU is completely nonsecret, an enviable condition for any organization. DU’s mission of Building Better Men is a creed by which we live. No other fraternity can claim a higher set of standards. DUs are leaders in business, education, law, theology, science, medicine, politics and many other fields. DU is the only fraternity with the distinction of having members that have served as President of the United States and Ed Porter, Oklahoma ’65 Prime Minister of Canada. One of our brothers is the only man to receive the Nobel Prize in two different fields. Another of our brothers is a 2005 recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economics. The list of distinguished DU Brothers covers many pages. Recently at DU alumni events at the Harvard Club in Boston and the National Press Club in Washington, DC, a number of our members who have greatly contributed to creating a better world were recognized. Augustus White, M.D., PhD., Brown ’51, received the Charles Evans Hughes Award for the Advancement of Justice. Dr. White is a world famous and often honored orthopedic surgeon and professor of medicine at the Harvard Medical School. Dr. White was the first African-American fraternity man, serving as chapter president as an undergraduate. Paul D. Edgerley, Kansas State ’78, received the Alfred Sloan Award for Excellence in Business. Brother Edgerley is managing director of Bain Capital Corporation. He is a generous contributor to numerous charitable organizations including Kansas State University, the Boys & Girls Clubs, and Delta Upsilon. David W. Latham, PhD., Technology ’61, received the James Conant Award for contributions to the field of education. Dr. Latham is a highly honored professor of astronomy at Harvard and has served as chapter advisor at the Technology Chapter for many years. Richard H. Bailey, M.D., Tufts ’57, received the Augustus White Award for contributions to the field of medicine. Dr. Bailey became a General in the U.S. Army and has served as a respected physician for many years. G. William Whitehurst, Ph.D., Washington and Lee ’50, received the James Garfield Award for contributions to the field of public policy and government. He is a former six-term U.S. Congressman from Virgina, is currently a distinguished professor at Old Dominion University and is the author of several books. These and many other DU men have made the world a better place. DUs are men of character. All DUs should be proud of our heritage and our principles. Unfortunately, sometimes we fall short. Recently a group of DUs from one of our chapters appeared in a posed photograph in Playboy magazine. The photo does not reflect the standards, the mission or the principles of Delta Upsilon. All DUs should enjoy the fruits of responsible fun and friendship, however our principles require that we act with strong character and respect for all men and women. Let us focus on the good, correct the not-so-good, and work hard to Build Better Men. Dikaia Upotheke Justice our Foundation,

Ed Porter, Oklahoma ’65 President 2

Delta Upsilon - The Men’s Non-Secret Fraternity


North America’s Oldest Non-Secret Fraternity; Founded 1834

The Principles of Delta Upsilon The Promotion of Friendship The Development of Character The Diffusion of Liberal Culture The Advancement of Justice

The Motto of Delta Upsilon International Fraternity

Dikaia Upotheke Justice Our Foundation

OFFICERS President Alvan E. (Ed) Porter, Oklahoma ’65 Chairman of the Board William L. Messick, Lafayette ’68 Secretary Gary S. Killips, Alberta ’71 Treasurer David G. Herzer, Wisconsin ’54 Assistant Treasurer Mark E. Callihan, Pennsylvania State ’87

DIRECTORS Malcolm P. Branch, Wisconsin ’69 Ronald E. Dowhaniuk, Oregon State ’86 Charles E. Downton III, North Carolina ’66 Patrick L. Mangold, Central Florida ’07 E. Bruce McKinney, Missouri ’74 Richard X. Taylor, North Carolina State ’82 Donald E. Weaver, Indiana ’60 Robert M. Williams, Pace ’06 PAST PRESIDENTS Terry L. Bullock, Kansas State ’61 Samuel M. Yates, San Jose ’55 Bruce S. Bailey, Denison ’58 James D. McQuaid, Chicago ’60

INTERNATIONAL HEADQUARTERS STAFF Executive Director Dave Maguire, Southern Illinois ’73 Director of Chapter Operations Jonathan R. Custis, Bradley ’02 Director of Chapter Development Jason H. Clark, Washington State ’01 Director of Finance William E. Humphrey Director of Alumni Services Michael A. Valentine, DePauw ’04 Leadership Consultants Colin P. Finn, Iowa State ’05 Ryan T. Kiernan, Iowa ’05 Andrew D. Martin, Washington State ’05 Office Manager Jo Ellen Walden Membership Records Clerk Sheila DeJarnette Accounts Administrator Rosemary Brady Chapter Services Administrative Assistant Brandylin Cole Executive Assistant Barbara Harness Educational Foundation Executive Director David R. Schumacher Director of Alumni Development Craig S. Sowell, Houston ’92

Delta Upsilon Quarterly


T H E O F F I C I A L M AG A Z I N E O F T H E D E LTA U P S I L O N I N T E R N AT I O N A L F R AT E R N I T Y S I N C E 1 8 8 2 VOL. 124, NO. 1 - SPRING 2006


IN THIS ISSUE... 4 FRATERNITY NEWS 9 EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION 10 ALUMNI NEWS 11 UNDERGRADUATE NEWS 15 DECEASED BROTHERS The educational conferences of the Fraternity would not be possible without the dedication and hard work of volunteers and staff members. Matthew M.Thompson, Indiana ’01 (l) is shown at the 2006 Winter Educational Conference with Director of Chapter Operations, Jonathan R. Custis, Bradley ’02. Matt is a former Director of Chapter Services with the Fraternity and is now a wrestling coach and educator with the River Valley Middle School in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Check page 8 for more photos from this year’s winter meeting.

ATTENTION! Make sure your undergraduate chapter and your alumni chapter are registered for the 2006 Leadership Institute to be held in Kansas City, Missouri, August 3-6. See the insert in the middle of this Quarterly for registration information. Call the Fraternity Headquarters at 317-875-8900 ext. 200 or email Brandylin Cole at with questions or assistance in registering.

See you in Kansas City in August.

Delta Upsilon International Headquarters, PO Box 68942, 8705 Founders Road, Indianapolis, Indiana 46268, U.S.A. Open from 8:30 to 5:00 p.m. EST., Monday through Friday. Office-317.875.8900 Fax-317.876.1629 Delta Upsilon Quarterly is published quarterly in the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter at 8705 Founders Road, Indianapolis, Indiana 46268, U.S.A. ® T.M. Registered U. S. Patent Office POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Delta Upsilon Quarterly, P. O. Box 68942, Indianapolis, IN 46268-0942.

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Delta Upsilon - The Men’s Non-Secret Fraternity





ovember 21, 2005, will go down as the second most important day in the history of Delta Upsilon at the University of North Carolina. On that day, in a fantastic homecoming for 158 alumni, the alumni and 22 undergraduate brothers dedicated a brand new chapter house and “refounded” DU on the campus of UNC. Delta Upsilon was founded at UNC in 1953. In 1956, DU purchased a home at 407 E. Rosemary Street, which served as their chapter house for 45 years and saw over 1,100 men pass through its doors. The property has, without a doubt, the best location of any fraternity on campus; well away from the zoo called “Fraternity Court,” yet within easy walking distance of campus, and surrounded by four sororities! The house served the brothers well, but it was old when it was purchased and it certainly was not designed or built to house fraternity men. On May 12, 1996, Mothers’ Day, and graduation day, a tragic fire at the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity house took the lives of five students. Shortly thereafter, the Town of Chapel Hill passed an ordinance requiring all Greek houses to install sprinklers and fire alarms by the fall of 2001. At that time, Mark Prakke ’87, Jeff Manning ’86 and Mike Hoffer ’81 were (and still are) the officers of the NC Delta Upsilon Foundation (NCDUF). The NCDUF had been struggling to keep the house in decent repair and make it a safe place to live. A small group of local alumni, who until that time had not been active in Fraternity affairs, met with Mark and Mike to determine a course of action regarding the town’s mandate. Several members of the group had experience in the construction trades and they determined that it would cost at least $100,000 to install a sprinkler system. Based on this information, the NCDUF felt that it would be unwise


Delta Upsilon - The Men’s Non-Secret Fraternity

and fiscally irresponsible to invest that amount of money into a worn out structure. After considering several alternatives, the decision was made to tear down the old facility and build a new state-of-the-art house. Local alumni rallied and formed several important committees, the most important of which was Fund Raising. Over a three year period, 238 alumni pledged $670,000 for the project, in amounts ranging from $25 to $60,000. In addition, the Foundation sold a parcel of land valued at $250,000. Also, the Foundation was able to generate additional funding through bank financing. Although the original goal was to construct a “dream house” to accommodate 40 men, the realities of financing such a residence in the modern real estate market caused the alumni to adopt a smaller “lodge” concept that would house 11 men in 5 bedrooms. During the fundraising, alumni made it quite clear that they wanted the exterior of the house to be identical to the original house, with its Southern plantation look. Architect John Ramsay ’70, took that mandate to heart and DU’s new house does indeed look just like the original. Sadly, with the demise of the house itself, so too did DU’s membership decline. By town ordinance, DU had to close the house in the fall of 2001. Without a physical house serving as the traditional heart and soul of the Fraternity, many brothers went inactive and no new pledges were recruited. In the fall of 2004, when it became evident that a new house would be built, Delta Upsilon International sent a recruiter on campus to recolonize the Fraternity. The recruiter found and pledged eight freshmen and sophomores who were eager to rebuild Delta Upsilon. During the following two rushes, an additional 17 men joined DU and they now have 25 undergraduate brothers who are enthusiastically restoring DU to its rightful place on the campus at UNC. In fact, after only three semesters back on campus, on Monday night, February 20, DU was awarded the prestigious Dr. Henry T. Clark Award for the best IFC fraternity on campus. This award considers all facets of fraternity life and campus involvement and is extremely competitive. In addition, DU also won the Bettie Ann Everett Award for Community Service. DU’s new house is named the “Watkins House,” for founding brother and long-time mentor, W. D. Watkins ’27, past President and Board Chairman of the International Fraternity. The realization of this dream is the result of the hard work and financial support of men too numerous to mention, who obviously feel that DU is an important part of their lives. By their generous support, their legacy is a new DU heart and soul for many generations of young men to come.


WELCOME BACK ARIZONA STATE DU is proud to announce the addition of its newest initiates and welcome back to the Chapter Roll Arizona State University! The Arizona State Chapter was installed after much hard work and determination by the Colony with Rite One being conducted Friday, February 24 at the Pointe Hilton, Tapatio Cliffs Resort in Phoenix, Arizona by Director of Alumni Services, Craig Sowell, Houston ’92, and Director of Chapter Development Jason Clark, Washington State ’01. Rite One was followed by a reception and presentation attended by members of the Delta Upsilon Educational Foundation Board of Trustees, and special friends and guests including the most recent DU Nobel Peace Prize winner, Brother Ed Prescott, Swarthmore ’62. Twenty-six undergraduates and 10 alumni and fathers were initiated into the Delta U brotherhood! Rite Two of the Initiation and the Installation Ceremony was conducted Saturday, February 25 at The Newman Center on the Arizona State University campus with family and friends attending DU’s, as always, Non-Secret Ritual. The ceremony was conducted by Chief Marshal Matt Redding, Arizona State ’94, Chaplain Bill Gordon, Kansas State ’60, Examiner Jason Clark, Washington State ’01, and Master Dave Maguire, Southern Illinois ’73, Executive Director for Delta Upsilon International Fraternity. Chapter President Cory Sanchez accepted a brand new gavel for the chapter as well as the old ASU chapter gavel from chapter brother Matt Redding. All of the new chapter officers were officially sworn in during the ceremony. Letters of congratulations can be sent to 923 E. Wesleyan Street, Tempe, AZ 85282 or emailed to

Shown (l to r) Brothers E. Porter, White, Messick, Whitehurst, Rowe, Bailey, Motta, Latham, and J. Porter.



he “Blue and Gold Carpet” was kicked up a notch in Boston with an awards dinner on April 1st. The evening was intended for brotherhood and fellowship, but also to recognize some outstanding alumni in the Boston area. The event was organized and hosted by Brother Justin Porter, Harvard ’99 and undergraduates from the Tufts, Massachusetts and Technology Chapters. The Technology Chapter was on spring break, but the event was well attended by Tufts undergraduates and Massachusetts undergraduates who chartered a bus from Amherst. The event was kicked off with a welcome by Chairman of the Board, Bill Messick, Lafayette ’68 who followed the opening remarks with a brief state of the Fraternity address. Brother Messick then presented DU Milestone certificates to all DUs in attendance with more than 40 years of membership in DU. Ten certificates in all were handed out, including two for 70-plus years of membership in DU to Brothers William F. Spang, Harvard ’38 and Robert Hormell, Harvard ’35. DUIF Executive Director Brother Dave Maguire, Southern Illinois ’73, then presented the first award of the evening, The Alfred B. Sloan Award for Excellence in Business to Brother Paul B. Edgerley, Kansas State ’78 who has been with Bain Capital since 1988. After a wonderful dinner, held in the Massachusetts Room at the Harvard Club of Boston, Fraternity President Ed Porter, Oklahoma ’65, presented the next award. The Charles Evans Hughes Award for Justice was given to Brother Augustus White, III, Brown ’57, who has overcome many adversities to become a highly skilled surgeon in Boston and Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at the Harvard Medical School. It was only fitting then, that the next award to be presented was the Augustus A. White Award for Excellence in Medicine which was presented by Brother Justin Motta, Massachusetts ’08, President of the Massachusetts Chapter, to Brother Richard H. Bailey, Tufts ’51. The evening continued with the final two award presentations. Brother Justin Porter, Harvard ’99, presented the James B. Conant Award for Excellence in Education to Brother David Latham, Technology ’61 who has served as a Professor at Harvard University for more than 40 years and continues to serve as Alumni President for the Technology Chapter. Brother Brian Rowe, Tufts ’08, President of the Tufts Chapter, rounded out the evening by presenting the James B. Garfield Award for Excellence in Public Service to Brother G. William Whitehurst, Washington & Lee ’50 who served for eight years in the United States Congress as a Representative from Virginia. The evening ended with Brothers Justin Porter and Bill Messick leading the congregation in a rousing rendition of Hail, Delta Upsilon with further conversation, brotherhood and photo taking carrying on well into the evening. The event was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. The success of the event certainly sets the stage for more DU banquets and Blue and Gold Carpet events in other cities across North America. Be sure to be in attendance for the next one! Delta Upsilon - The Men’s Non-Secret Fraternity



WE’RE ROLLING OUT THE BLUE AND GOLD CARPET ALUMNI EVENTS CALENDAR The Fraternity invites all local alumni to join them for an evening of brotherhood at events and receptions all over North America. Aside from simple fraternal fellowship, Blue and Gold Carpet receptions typically include an International Fraternity update, local alumni award recognition and an opportunity for both business and fraternal networking. If you would like to see an event scheduled in your area, contact Director of Alumni Services, Brother Michael A. Valentine, DePauw ’04, at 317-875-8900 ext. 208, Valentine@DeltaU.Org. The goodwill of Delta Upsilon is coming soon to an area near you! Join International Fraternity, local alumni and undergraduate leadership as we roll out the Blue and Gold Carpet.

FRATERNITY BLUE & GOLD CARPET ALUMNI EVENTS For more detailed information on these planned events, visit August 2 Kansas City, MO DU Reception - Hyatt Regency Crown Center August 4 Kansas City, MO DU International Golf Classic August 5 Kansas City, MO DU Leadership Institute Grand Banquet September 14 Minneapolis, MN DU Reception - Elsie’s - Twin City Metro Area October (TBA) Jacksonville, FL DU Reception - Location TBA November (TBA) Baltimore, MD DU Reception – Johns Hopkins University December (TBA) Atlanta, GA DU Reception – Location TBA

Washington State Alumni Celebrate 87th

Alumni and undergraduate brothers from the Washington State Chapter celebrated their 87th anniversary with a gathering at Rory’s, a local restaurant in Edmonds, Washington owned by Brother Rick Colgan, Washington State ’78. The event, organized by Jim Simpkins, Washington State ’81, was attended by about 60 brothers who gathered for good times, good food and an evening of brotherhood. The Washington State alumni chapter is very consistent with this annual event, which is always well done and well attended. The alumni are already anticipating the celebration of their 88th next year! 6

Delta Upsilon - The Men’s Non-Secret Fraternity

DELTA UPSILON CHAPTER EVENTS The following chapter events are scheduled and open to all alumni in the area. For further information, or to have your alumni event put on the master calendar, contact Brother Mike Valentine, DePauw ’04, Director of Alumni Services or visit Need help finding a speaker? Would you like a DU International Representative to attend? Need help getting the word out? Need planning ideas? Contact Mike Valentine today…the possibilities are endless. June 10 Northern Iowa Chapter Alumni Golf Event, Cedar Rapids, IA July 15 Carthage Chapter Golf Outing, Kenosha, WI October 8-15 DU Cruise - Depart - October 8 Miami, Florida November 4 Kansas State Chapter’s 50th Anniversary


BLUE AND GOLD CARPET ROLLED OUT IN PHOENIX In an ongoing effort to spread the goodwill of Delta Upsilon, the Blue and Gold Carpet was rolled out in Phoenix, Arizona at a successful reception held in conjunction with the triumphant return of the Arizona State Chapter! On Friday, February 24, 2006 over 70 people attended a brotherhood reception at the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort in Phoenix, which included the chapter Initiation Candidates, several local alumni and parents, as well as members of the DU Educational Foundation Board of Trustees and the Fraternity and Foundation staff. Local alumni gathered to welcome the return of the Arizona State Chapter and to share good fellowship in DU, renew old friendships and make new ones. The evening included a program in which Fraternity Chairman, Bill Messick, Lafayette ’68 provided an update to the attendees as to the State of the Fraternity, with DUEF Executive Director Dave Schumacher providing the same for the Foundation. Several local alumni were also publicly recognized for their DU membership milestones in a special presentation. Those honored were: 35 Years 40 Years 45 Years

Steve Kirk, Eastern Kentucky ’73 Don Fendon, Missouri ’65 Michael Dillon,Toronto ’69 Bill Gordon, Kansas State ’60 Ed Prescott, Swarthmore ’62

The DU Educational Foundation hosted a reception on February 24, 2006 in Phoenix, Arizona. Among those in attendance were (l to r) Nobel Prize Winner Edward C. Prescott, Swarthmore ’62, William L. Messick, Lafayette ’68, William R. Gordon, Kansas State ’60, and Stephen R. Kirk, Eastern Kentucky ’73.

NEW DIRECTOR OF ALUMNI SERVICES NAMED FOR DU HEADQUARTERS STAFF The Fraternity is pleased to announce the promotion of Brother Michael A.Valentine, DePauw ’04 as the new Director of Alumni Services for the Fraternity. The position furthers the Fraternity’s ongoing efforts to provide more focus and emphasis on the support for the Fraternity’s alumni membership. Mike’s new duties include support for alumni chapters, alumni programming at the annual Alumni Volunteer Conference, business and resource development and alumni event planning. Expanding Delta Upsilon’s alumni services is crucial to the Fraternity’s success. Brother Valentine graduated from DePauw University in 2004 with a bachelor’s degree in History. He has spent the last two years traveling as a Leadership Consultant for the Fraternity before his promotion to this new position. In accepting his new assignment, Brother Valentine stated, “I am thankful that DU has given me the opportunity to travel and work with our undergraduate brothers and I look forward to utilizing my skills in working with my fellow alumni.” Brother Valentine brings with him a genuine excitement for Delta Upsilon and looks forward to the challenges and tasks before him. Mike can be contacted at the Fraternity Headquarters at 317-875-8900 ext. 208 or email He invites your inquiries and suggestions as he embarks on this far-reaching project of spreading the goodwill of Delta Upsilon throughout North America. Delta Upsilon - The Men’s Non-Secret Fraternity





Each January the Fraternity, with the considerable underwriting and support of the DU Educational Foundation, provides educational sessions geared for the specific positions of chapter president and recruitment chairmen.


This January saw another class of DU Emerging Leaders (DUEL) join the Winter Educational Conference (WEC) graduates.

PHOTO 2 The members of the 2005-06 Undergraduate Advisory Board.At the 2006 WEC these men planned the 2006 season of Regional Leadership Seminars and consequently facilitated these important chapter province meetings.


Some of the DU brothers attending the Presidents Academy portion of the 2006 WEC.These men learn valuable skills and interface with other chapter presidents and thus are better equipped to lead their chapters and transition their experiences to their successors.

PHOTO 4 The Delta Force in action...the Province

Governors attended the January 2006 meeting to encourage and advise the undergraduate chapter leaders, and learn themselves how they can help move DU forward in the future.

PHOTO 5 Dr.Will S. Keim, Pacific ’75 (l) with Alex Droske, North Dakota ’07. Besides being the Fraternity’s Chaplain, Dr. Keim is a frequent participant in DU conferences, serving as keynote speaker, session leader, and enthusiastic brother in DU.


Delta Upsilon - The Men’s Non-Secret Fraternity


HOUSTON CHAPTER ESTABLISHES SCHOLARSHIP THROUGH THE DU EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION Neal was just one of those guys…….the one you called friend, counselor, brother. He was the type of guy who wanted nothing but the best for his chapter, and for his Fraternity as a whole. He engaged himself as an active and interested alumni advisor for the undergraduate chapter, and was a confidant for any brother who needed a sympathetic ear. He served on his chapter’s alumni board, and involved himself in every way, from planning events as large as a chapter’s 25th Anniversary, to being the guy who simply helped wash the dishes after an alumni Christmas party. Regardless of his task, he did so happily and with a smile. To Neal, service and support of Delta Upsilon and his brothers was not so much of a passion as it was a privilege. He enjoyed being involved as a volunteer with the International Fraternity, serving on committees and attending the annual DU Leadership Institute as an alumnus. From the day he graduated, Neal Roper became an engaged and involved alumnus. He remained so until his untimely passing in March of 2005 at the age of 41. To honor Brother Roper’s memory, his alumni brothers established a scholarship in his honor, a scholarship that makes it possible for undergraduates to take advantage of Delta Upsilon’s leadership programming. Once the scholarship is fully endowed, the chapter will forever be able to send one additional undergraduate brother to the annual DU Leadership Institute, with all registration fees fully paid. Once selected by an application and selection process, the

recipient of the Neal Roper Memorial Scholarship will take advantage of the ultimate DU experience, free of charge. Neal would have wanted it that way, given his support of the Leadership Institute over the years. The scholarship is possible largely through the help and service of the DU Educational Foundation and the “A New Chapter in Leadership: The Campaign for Delta Upsilon.” The DUEF provides a tax-deductible medium for chapters who have set up a Chapter Educational Account (CEA) and allows donors for a specific chapter account to realize tax benefits when gifts are made. The Foundation is also available to manage the scholarship accounts, or gives the chapter alumni a wide array of flexibility in managing the scholarship themselves. Currently there are many ways to set up an account, as well as many benefits for setting up a CEA or scholarship account through the DUEF. The DUEF is able to do many things to help service the scholarship needs of our chapters, and assist alumni chapters in their fundraising needs. Now is the time to set up a scholarship, just like the Houston alumni have done. Contact the DUEF today to find out how it can be done for your chapter. For more information, contact DUEF Executive Director David R. Schumacher at or via phone at 317-875-8900 ext. 212. Let’s help DU to Build Better Men and support our undergraduate brothers today. Do not delay. Call the DUEF to find out how you can help.

EDGERLEY RECEIVES DU DISTINGUISHED ALUMNI AWARD Brother Paul B. Edgerley, Kansas State ’78 was awarded March 31, 2006 with the Delta Upsilon Distinguished Alumni Award, the Fraternity’s highest honor, at a dinner in his honor at the Hampshire House in Boston.The award was presented by DU Educational Foundation Chairman, Steve Rowley, Ohio ’65 at the dinner attended by the Fraternity’s Board of Directors, Foundation staff and a handful of his Kansas State alumni brothers. Brother Edgerley served as Chapter President before moving on to graduate studies at the Harvard Business School. He joined Bain Capital in 1988 and has served as Managing Director since 1990. He served on the DU Educational Foundation from 1997 to 2002, and continues to remain interested and involved in the goings on of the Fraternity, Foundation and his local chapter. Paul and his wife, Sandy, have been influential in their involvement with local organizations in the Boston area, including the Boys & Girls Club of Boston, as well as for their generous support of the DU Educational Foundation, the Kansas State Chapter and Kansas State University. Their involvement, and certainly the personal success that Brother Edgerley has

Honoree Paul B. Edgerley, Kansas State ’78 (center) with his Kansas State Brothers at the presentation dinner: (l to r) Ray Faucher ’79, Bernard Franklin ’75, John Eplee ’75, and Ron Kutter ’77. realized, serves as a model of business, philanthropy and community service for all DU brothers. It is only fitting, that Brother Edgerley would be selected as a natural choice for the Fraternity’s highest honor. Delta Upsilon - The Men’s Non-Secret Fraternity


ALUMNI NEWS RE-DISCOVERED: Alberta Charter Member, D r. A l b e rt L. Aiello, Alberta ’36. In preparation for the Alberta Chapter’s 70th anniversary celebration, charter members were pursued to learn whether any were still living. A retired Medical Doctor, Brother Aiello was discovered living in the small city of Drumheller, Alberta. In March 2006, Alberta brothers Dick French ’62 and Allan Warrack ’61 travelled to meet Dr. Aiello, 95 years young and playing golf each day in the summer. Old DU acquaintances and stories soon began to be told. Pictured are (l to r) Allan Warrack ’61, Brother Aiello wearing the traditional Alberta DU scarf, vividly showing the DU colours of Old Gold and Sapphire Blue, and Dick French ’62. FOUND - on the Derrick Club golf course in Edmonton! Joe T h o m p s o n, Clarkson ’56! A Canadian, Joe was recruited to Clarkson College (now University) to play hockey, and take engineering. Joe was initiated into the local fraternity Lambda Iota (1919); he graduated and went back to Canada to work on civil engineering projects. Meanwhile, his local joined Delta Upsilon Fraternity in March 1961. Brother Thompson has enjoyed a most successful engineering and business career, becoming President and CEO of Poole Construction Limited (PCL), one of the largest construction companies in Canada, also doing international work (especially in the USA). He now chairs the PCL Board. Several awards have been established in his name, both in the company, the engineering profession, and in the construction industry. Joe has discovered several Alberta DUs in the construction sector and the Edmonton community. The Alberta DU chapter conducted an affiliation and recognition ceremony for Brother Joe Thompson on February 27, 2006. Pictured (l to r) are former DUIF Board member Allan Warrack ’61, DUIF Board member Gary Killips ’71, Brother Thompson, Alberta Past President and former DUIF undergraduate Board member Jason Tobias ’05, and Alberta Chapter President Chris Laver ’06. R o b e rt L. Ty b u r s k i, Colgate ’74, sent this photo taken during the recent 10day trip to China with the Colgate University President Rebecca Chopp and her husband Fred. With the Great Wall in the background, shown (l to r) are Fred Chopp, Brother Tyburski, and Colgate University President Rebecca Chopp. President Chopp spoke at Peking University and the University of Hong Kong about the liberal arts model of higher education, discussing new partnerships, and exploring Chinese culture. Stephan G. Kouzomis, Illinois ’68, former member of the Fraternity’s Board Directors, chairman of various Fraternity committees, and faculty member for DU’s many educational conferences, has been selected by the University of Louisville to instruct the University’s first brand management course. Wayne B. Goldberg, Louisville ’86, has recently been named President and CEO of La Quinta, one of the largest owner/operators of limitedservice hotels in the United States. Brother Goldberg will direct the company on a day-to-day basis and have responsibility for all companyowned assets and corporate support departments.


Delta Upsilon - The Men’s Non-Secret Fraternity


Central Florida Chicago Chapter


After eight years as the head alumni advisor for the University of Central Florida Chapter of Delta Upsilon, Brother Aaron Clevenger ’97 will be stepping down from this position in June.The alumni board is currently searching for a successor who can work with Aaron over the next few weeks. This position is vital to the health of the chapter and creates consistency for the undergraduate executive boards that change at least once a year. Aaron’s commitment to the chapter has allowed it to grow these past years. A big thank you to Aaron from everyone.

CornellChapter The DU Brotherhood improved its combined spring 2005 semester GPA to 3.116.Thirty-four brothers attained a 3.0 or higher GPA. Scholarships of $500 each were awarded to Dave Binder ’07, Mark Levendorf ’08,Tyson Stutz ’06, and C. G. McClure ’08. The chapter also distinguished itself with its philanthropy program. DU’s commitment to philanthropy is one of the most important aspects of the Cornell Chapter Brotherhood. In recognition of their continued hard work and accomplishments the Interfraternity Council (IFC) presented Delta Upsilon with the Award for Outstanding Service to the Community at the annual Greek System recognition event.


DePauwChapter Philip R. Mooney ’07 is the recipient of an Ernest F. Hollings Undergraduate Scholarship from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). He will receive up to $8,000 per school year to support his full time study during his junior and senior years. He will also participate next summer in a ten week paid internship at an NOAA approved facility.

The Chicago Chapter of Delta Upsilon has been thriving of late, both holding an excellent reputation on campus and growing their numbers with strong pledge classes of young men.The chapter is entering its 76th year in the current house, but it is still filled with DU men whose presence belie the house’s great age. Attendance was at an all-time high at the chapter’s annual brotherhood retreat, hosted this year at a brother’s home on Lake Michigan.The pledges have come to know the brotherhood and to appreciate and uphold DU’s founding principles.With each new pledge class, the future looks brighter for DU Chicago. Last year’s graduates garnered honors including a full scholarship to pursue an M.D. and a Ph.D. and an appointment to study Japanese culture and teach English at an institute in Kyoto. Brothers have also been active in philanthropic pursuits, both on campus and in Mississippi and Louisiana in the

wake of Hurricane Katrina. Members of the chapter are active campus-wide. Apart from dedicated teaching assistants, DU Chicago can count actors, accomplished musicians, singers, very successful athletes, talented writers, a very promising young filmmaker, the editor of a progressive thought journal, the program director of the campus radio station, and the president of the student government among their ranks. Delta Upsilon Chicago has certainly been prosperous and a promising future lies ahead. Shown at the 2005 Leadership Institute are (l to r) Alex Walsh ’08, Maury Mandel ’55, Adam Brunk ’08, Marty Krasnitz ’57,Tim Splain ’06, and Jim McQuaid ’60.

Culver-Stockton Chapter

Delta Upsilon at Culver-Stockton helps the homeless year-round and holds an annual homeless rally that takes place in the fall. During this rally they collect clothes, money, and non-perishable foods to donate to the Salvation Army.This is one of the two big philanthropies in which DU participates. But they do not stop there.This school year DU is putting its best foot forward to break records. Not only did DU have the record donation to the Salvation Army in the fall of 2005 but they gathered one half of a 12 foot trailer full of clothes to donate on January 19,

Florida Chapter

With the help of power hitters Shane Simpson ’06 and Rick Merola ’09, DU placed second in Phi Mu’s annual Home Run Derby to support the Children’s Miracle Network. Phi Mu hosts this

2006. If you have clothes that you would like to donate you may contact Kennedy Moore at or Mat Holt at anytime. Delta Upsilon is a fraternity that stands for building better men and at CulverStockton that is exactly what is happening. fundraising event every spring and it’s always a big hit on campus. Lawrence Marraffino ’81 visited the chapter and spoke to everyone about legal issues ranging from sound ordinances to traffic violations. Keeping new members up-to-date on Gainesville laws should help reduce accidents.

Delta Upsilon - The Men’s Non-Secret Fraternity



IndianaChapter Kansas State Fall 2005 was an exciting semester for the Indiana Chapter.Twenty-six men were initiated in a well attended ceremony as well as the reception that followed.The chapter was also highly successful in intramurals placing 3rd overall out of 25 fraternities and more than 100 independent teams. Among the highlights were the volleyball team’s second straight 2nd place finish and the football team’s run to the Elite Eight. Alumni support is also on the rise as efforts to complete a major renovation of the fraternity house finalize.The Brothers are extremely eager to see this happen within the next year. Additionally, three alumni brothers have endowed a new scholarship for the members, which is now the largest of the three awarded annually. One of these brothers, Ron Yenerich ’57, was also the source of a beautiful new grand piano for the chapter’s Great Room. It is a wonderful addition to the already spectacular formal area of the house. Looking ahead, it is difficult not to get excited over the Fraternity’s cycling team as they are hoping to improve on last year’s 3rd place finish and take the checkered flag for the first time ever in this year’s 56th Annual Little 500.



The Brothers of the Miami Chapter are delighted to announce the beginning of the next phase of their Justice Our Foundation project: actual construction. Beginning in mid to late April, work will start in Oxford to renovate the chapter house at 400 East Vine Street, home of the Miami Delta Upsilon Chapter since February of 1931.That’s right! We’re celebrating 75 years at 400 East Vine Street. The $1.3 million project is the most sweeping renovation the chapter house has ever seen, even surpassing the addition of the dining room and kitchen in 1960.The most noticeable part of the renovation will be the one story addition on top of the dining room, adding 2,000 square feet, and increasing the housing capacity to 35 members.Along with the roomy addition, the remainder of the 12


Brother Christian Smith ’07, won the Men's Mile at the 2006 NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championships. Smith is Kansas State's first national champion since the 1993 season and 11th in school history. Smith's time of 4:12.75 seconds was good enough to break out of the pack and pull away with the victory.With the win, Smith also became a four-time All-American, only the third Wildcat to ever accomplish such a feat. “I knew someone was going to break out from our pack. I had been blocking for the entire race and felt I was in a good position,” said Smith about the early stages of the race. “I saw the opening and went for it.” Earlier in the season, Smith broke a 20-year old national indoor record in the

LehighChapter Brothers from the Lehigh DU Chapter regularly participate in the Aspire After School program at Calypso Elementary School. During the program, the men assist the students with homework and/or house will be getting much needed attention as well. Every room in the house will get a face lift, along with new windows, doors and other upgrades. Members will also be happy to know that the whole building will be air conditioned. Handicap restrooms, a lift elevator allowing access to the rest of the chapter house, along with brand new electrical and plumbing, and a brand new automatic sprinkler system are all part of the renovation project. The construction will run throughout the summer, so unfortunately the building will be closed to visitors to Oxford during the summer break. Please mark your calendars, though, for the rededication weekend, slated for the 13-15th of October, 2006. Invitations and details to follow, but please plan to be with the Miami DUs that weekend as they celebrate DU’s 75 year history at 400 East Vine Street and the work done to ensure the next 75 years.

Delta Upsilon - The Men’s Non-Secret Fraternity

Men's 1000-meter run with a time of 2:19.57, while also garnering the Big XII title with a time of 2:21.28. Smith attempted to qualify for the U.S. Olympic team at the 2004 U.S.Track and Field Trials in July 2004. He finished 11th in the 800meter semifinals with a time of 1:48.18. Also in 2004, Smith placed 1st in the USATF Club Championship with a then personal best time of 1:46.74. “I have been thinking about this race for quite a while now,” stated Smith. “I was just so excited when I crossed the line. All of this (the 2006 indoor season) is just beginning to sink in for me now.” Congratulations to Brother Smith on all of his outstanding accomplishments! other issues that they would like to discuss. In response to Hurricane Katrina, the chapter hosted a food drive.The food collected during the drive was given to two families who were moving to the Lehigh Valley from the Gulf Coast region. The food was distributed under the supervision of the Shiloh Baptist Church.

Michigan Tech Chapter

Shown is the Money Bin from Duck Tales ice statue the Michigan Tech Brothers built for Winter Carnival.The chapter also gained 12 pledges this school year and have the second highest GPA of all fraternities on campus.The chapter is striving to become number one in grades and be above the All-Men’s Average.




Twenty-seven out of DU’s fall 30 associate members were initiated January 28, 2006.The 90% retention rate is the highest in recent memory. These new initiates had a combined GPA of 3.03.This performance significantly exceeded the All-Men’s (2.86) and All-First Year Freshman (2.75) averages. Six of the new initiates had a GPA of 3.500 or greater.

On February 25, the Missouri Chapter hosted the Province 10 Regional Leadership Seminar. All chapters in the province sent representatives, totaling about 25 DU Brothers focusing on public relations, recruitment, loss prevention, campus involvement, and leadership (see photo).

PacificChapter Pennsylvania The Pacific Chapter of Delta Upsilon is looking for a graduate live-in advisor. The chapter is seeking a DU interested in attending graduate school at the University of the Pacific.The position would begin fall 2006.The position will include free room and board and a stipend for tuition.This is a great opportunity to gain valuable leadership experience, stay active in the Fraternity, and help make a difference. For more information please contact the Director of Chapter Development Jason Clark at Clark@DeltaU.Org.



The beginning of the academic year was a great one for the Washington Chapter. The men rushed 25 diverse and dedicated pledges, once again one of the largest pledge classes in the Greek community.The new pledges represent many regions across the nation with majors ranging from pre-medicine to comparative history.They are excited to officially join the brotherhood this January and the active members have been pleased with their dedicated and loyalty to the Fraternity. The chapter house has also undergone many structural changes.The corporate board generously supplied the chapter house with new flooring on both




The Oklahoma Chapter of Delta Upsilon won first place in grades from the Interfraternity Council of the University of Oklahoma. Member average was 3.23 and over half of the chapter were above 3.0.They have been working very hard to establish Delta Upsilon as the number one ranked fraternity on campus. Right now the study hall is under construction thanks to the hard work and generous donations of our alumni.The Brothers are trying to represent Delta Upsilon with continuous good grades and positive campus participation.The study hall is going to be a great asset to the future success of the chapter.The Oklahoma DUs continue to strive to achieve the respected reputation demanded by the example set forth from DU’s International Headquarters.

This winter was a successful one on all fronts for the Pennsylvania Chapter. First and foremost, Brothers spent significant time in December and January improving various parts of the house common spaces. Brother Ben Winter ’07 painted the firstfloor hallways, Brother Joe Lackman ’06 installed new wall paneling and Brother Schuyler Thompson ’07 tiled the floor in the entryway. New coat racks and Delta Upsilon trademarks were also installed throughout the house.Thanks to this hard work, the house was in great shape as rush began this year. Further, DU had the second-highest GPA of any Greek organization on campus for the fall 2005 semester, according to the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs.The Class of 2006 continues its good fortune, as various seniors received acceptances to top 15 law

schools and job offers at investment banks and Hollywood studios. To celebrate these accomplishments, the Brotherhood organized Spring Break trips to destinations like Hawaii and Colorado. Pictured are Brother Lackman and Professor of Classics Peter Struck (left) who dined with the Brotherhood and discussed Western misconceptions of classical literature.

living decks and in the main dining room. The alumni have also supplied new windows in the bedrooms and dining room, and new sliding glass windows in the basement. Chapter officer elections were held in December and the chapter is very pleased

with its newly elected executive council as well as the enthusiasm and dedication of the new officers.The Washington Chapter continues to increase its membership and looks forward to both the rewards and challenges of 2006.

Delta Upsilon - The Men’s Non-Secret Fraternity



Regional Leadership Seminars 2006 Season

This year’s Province 3 and Province 5 Regional Leadership Seminars (RLS) were both well attended.The Province Governors and the Undergraduate Advisory Board (UGAB) representatives put together great educational sessions for the undergraduates of the provinces, including sessions on leadership, resumé writing, philanthropy, loss prevention, and recruitment.The RLS program is an all-day seminar on province-specific topics and the UGAB, chapter presidents, and Province Governors are responsible for coordinating, leading, and scheduling the program.

Fraternity Board Chairman Bill Messick, Lafayette ’68, shown leading a topic discussion at the Province 3 RLS.

UGAB rep Brandon Wilkins, Kent State ’06 (l) with his dad and Province Governor Ron Wilkins, Bowling Green ’72 at the Province 5 RLS.

A Brotherhood of Caring

Delta Upsilon has long been known as Brothers Helping Others. Many DU Chapters are involved with our service partner, Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Canada.This partnership began in 2001 and remains a viable and an exciting part of the undergraduate chapters’ philanthropy programs.

Many chapters are, and have been historically, involved with other charitable efforts. One such is the Washington State Chapter involvement with the Franklin Elementary School in Pullman,Washington. Shown here is a photo of the project by Mrs. Lippay’s class, taken during the April 12 event during which the Washington State DUs helped set up the school-wide education project.

All chapters are invited to send in news of their philanthropic projects with photos. Help maintain DU’s image as Brothers Helping Others. 14

Delta Upsilon - The Men’s Non-Secret Fraternity

Deceased Brothers in Delta Upsilon Alberta Ralph E. Carlyle ’35 Ian W. Duncan ’51 Garth C. Evans ’45 James B. Gee ’49 Gordon V. Greenwood ’48 Earl K. Hansen ’52 William G. Hardy ’34 Wm. K. B. Harkness ’59 Francis B. Jordan ’37 C. L. Lambertson ’36 Alan F. MacDonald ’37 Bruce F. MacDonald ’40 H. J. MacDonald ’38 James A. MacRae ’50 Paul Malone ’36 George R. Manson ’49 James E. McIntosh ’33 Rodney L. Miciak ’75 Ronald K. Muirhead ’65 Ronald A. Parsons ’37 Robert D. Reikie ’45 Charles J. Richardson ’62 J. S. Roper ’41 Robert G. Simonton ’44 John J. Stewart ’38 Roy S. Trussler ’49 Alexander W. Weber ’47 B. C. Whittaker ’36 Kenneth G. Young ’61 Amherst Wilburn C. Campbell ’32 Richard S. Cochran ’48 Palmer Congdon ’32 John F. Edgell ’34 Martin C. Lindem, Jr. ’55 Robert K. Massey ’37 Harold F. Still, Jr. ’44 Dean H. Swift ’39 Jack E. Wallace ’48 Alan R. Wentzel ’60 Bowdoin Robert W. Coombs ’40 P. H. Crowell, Jr. ’39 Edward C. Uehlein ’34 Brown Alvah S. Tolivaisa ’47 California Douglas G. Allen ’37 Roger M. Donlon ’50 Colby Wilson C. Piper ’39 Colgate Ernest C. Benmore ’34 Robert J. Collins ’40 Ralph Emery Dalton ’ 31 Edwin G. Hodgkiss ’45 Columbia E. W. Deming, Jr. ’33 Thomas D. Neier ’33 Richard H. Tunstead ’33

Cornell James R. Farrell ’50 David E. Krino ’68 Harry M. Vawter ’42 Dartmouth Darwin S. Bates ’33 Alexander B. Blair ’32 Peter Elston Costich ’49 Denison Douglas G. Austin ’65 DePauw George W. Dague ’35 David G. Mountcastle ’54 Robert S. Welty ’35 Hamilton Lockett Ford Ballard ’34 Gifford M. Lloyd ’33 Wm. B. Mason, Sr. ’33 Robert S. Snyder ’35 Harvard David Leveau Babson ’32 R. N. Clattenburg ’35 Jon S. England ’35 Lewis L. Filstrup ’33 James N. Kidder ’37 Robert C. Laughlin ’31 Philip Hosmer Lord ’33 Laurance H. Lougee ’32 John Wyeth Norris ’34 Elwood Kimball Salls ’34 Wm. A. Schroeder, Jr. ’33 Robert W. Stoughton ’35 John T. Trefry, Jr.’ 35 Howard Ulfelder ’32 John Adan Waldo, Jr. ’40 Lawrence G. Walters ’32 Albert Noyes Webster ’31 William H.Wright, Jr. ’38 Illinois Abner H. Barr ’33 William G. Budinger ’32 Ralph Eigil Fadum ’35 Robert K. Gerometta ’44 Ralph Brower Reid ’33 Malcolm K. Twichell ’34 Indiana Donald E. Kneipple ’34 Byron W. Lodwick ’48 James Wm. Meek ’32 James F. Nicolai ’34 Iowa Herbert P. Appel ’70 Henry C. Filseth ’58 Gus M. Fuhrman ’32 James McCollister ’32 Donald N. Merryfield ’33 Bertrand W. Meyer ’33 Iowa State Joseph H. Buchanan ’33 Fred Delos Gugeler ’32 Paul R. Posakony ’41 Richard W. Selby ’42 Maurice E. Taylor ’31

Johns Hopkins T. R. C. Reutter, Jr. ’61 Kansas Bernerd Carlson ’32 Philip G. Fee ’45 Hugh W. Hammond ’32 Carroll W. Thompson ’31 Kansas State Lane E. Turner ’90 Kent State H. Everett Johnson ’31 Harley Seiss ’32 Harland M. Sickman ’31 Lehigh Wm. B. Breyley, Jr. ’33 Herman A. Moorhead ’32 G. D. Romberger ’44 Benjamin M. Root ’35 Charles E. Schaub ’34 Aubrey B. Sine, Jr. ’35 Manitoba David M. Reykdal ’79 Marietta Paul H. Chapman ’39 McGill A. D. Hamilton ’39 Miami William W. Reynolds ’45 Middlebury Edward F. Cooke ’45 Nebraska Charles E. Erickson ’69 Burton A. Johnson ’56 Roger J. Miller ’51 Northern Illinois Franklin J. Bradach ’66 C. F. Hendershot ’70 Robert J. Machek ’67 Robert H. O'Connell ’68 James A. Truc ’67 Northwestern Emerson N. Matthias ’29 George Pagels, Jr. ’34 Ohio State Richard W. Lane ’54 Oklahoma Don C. Allred ’36 Walter S. Blair ’51 B. H. Clanton, Jr. ’42 Ralph Tilford Cox ’45 William S. Day ’41 David S. Harris ’35 Luther J. Holcomb ’34 Roy Robert Huff ’46 Alvin M. Iverson, Jr. ’50 Glynn O. Lane ’60 John J. Lovell, Jr. ’42 T. H. Pointer IV ’40 Sidney B. Richards ’38 Robert D. Sheehan ’43 Harry B. Skinner ’48 Darwin C. Smith ’37 Ralph L. Triplett ’39

Oregon Bruce Kirkpatrick ’45 Oregon State Orman O. Gildow ’51 Pennsylvania G. R. Constable ’42 Paul J. Davidow ’55 Pennsylvania State George E. Kline ’49 Ronald R. Williams ’42 Platteville James A. Huehne ’67 Purdue Herbert J. Baker ’50 Robert G. Risk ’31 James W. Stallings ’45 Rutgers Donald L. Wheeler ’36 Swarthmore Jack I. Osbourn ’36 Technology Fletcher Gleason ’42 Tufts Gilbert T. Andrews ’38 Paul T. Bowen ’45 James J. O’Sullivan ’45 Frank R. Pote ’42 Harold R. Sheehan ’52 David O. Wardwell ’41 Union S. E. Armstrong, Jr. ’55 John H. Pape ’53 Washington Ward K. Cole ’43 Hans Lund ’36 Washington & Lee Robert C. Dyer ’35 C. H. Muller, Jr. ’41 Edward H. Pringle ’34 Richard B. Sale, Jr.’34 Washington State Walter R. Bachtold ’35 John O. Booth ’35 Harry E. Broadwell ’33 Clarence A. Littler ’32 Julius L. Riseland ’31 Lowell W. Yeend ’34

Wesleyan John H. Gibbud ’33 Parker Mead Morrell ’34 Western Reserve Daniel J. Bray ’50 Frederick S. Gardiner ’35 Wichita R. R. Robertson ’32 Williams William H. Baldwin ’38 John R. A.Beatty ’33 William T. Holmes ’34 R. G. Humphreys, Jr. ’44 Henry L. McCorkle ’45 R. W. McKinnon, Jr. ’35 Harold C. Moore , Jr.’43 Robert T. Reynolds’49 William L. Sawin ’54 Charles H. Shaw, Jr. ’55 H. L. Thompson, Jr. ’37 Dudley S. Tyler ’41 Atherton C. Vose ’35 Wisconsin John J. Douglas ’39 Charles Grelle ’52 Clark R. Hibbard ’49 James S. Lesniak ’59 Paul R. Martin ’50 Phillip B. Smith ’34 Miles E. Standish ’42 Robert A. Teckemeyer ’42 Homer S. Trebilcox ’39 John F. Trowbridge ’34 Gilbert L. Wright ’37

This listing reflects notices received at DU Headquarters through March 27, 2006. Please notify the Fraternity Headquarters of deceased members, or any errors, at Post Office Box 68942, Indianapolis, IN 46268, phone – 317.875.8900, fax – 317.876.1629, or e-mail – Memorial gifts also may be directed to the DU Educational Foundation at this same address.

Delta Upsilon - The Men’s Non-Secret Fraternity


Into the Future……

Watch your mail for an alumni event or chapter event in an area near you…

Send your alumni or chapter news to the Quarterly to share with your Brothers…

Contact the DU Educational Foundation to learn how you can assist the next generation of Delta Upsilon members… Contact the Fraternity’s International Headquarters with any questions or comments… Yours for Building Better Men! Phone: 317-875-8900 Fax: 317-876-1629 Email: IHQ@DeltaU.Org

The place to be August 3-6 is Kansas City with your DU Brothers!

Details and registration information are included in the center of this issue of the Quarterly. Additional information and assistance with registration is yours for a phone call or email to the Fraternity Headquarters. Make your plans now to attend and register early. Phone or email Brandylin Cole at: 317-875-8900 ext 200 LI@DeltaU.Org

DU Quarterly: Volume 124, No. 1  

The Delta Upsilon Quarterly is the official voice of the Delta Upsilon International Fraternity.

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