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January Board of Directors Meeting hat do Disneyland, the Fraternity's Board of Directors, and over 150 DU alumni and their spouses have in common? Answer: An extremely successful and enjoyable reception, held in January at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, California. Sponsored by the Los Angeles County Delta Upsilon Alumni Club, the reception coincided with the International Fraternity's winter Board of Directors meeting. The office of Brother Michael Eisner, Denison '64 (Chairman of the Disney Corporation), provided excellent rates for lodging, and meeting/reception facilities. The program for the reception commenced with a spirited rendition of "Hail Delta Upsilon," after which, Board Chairman Maurice Mandel Executive Director, awards an honorary certificate of Steven J. Gerber appreciation to Mrs. Orville Read, was introduced and wife of the late Orville "Bud" welcomed everyone Read. to the gathering. He extended special greetings to five men with graduation years falling in the 1930's. Newly elected Fraternity President, Gary J. Golden, Rutgers '74, was then introduced and presented Ken Reads, Iowa '53, with the official charter for the Southern California Alumni Club. Next, Fraternity Chairman of the Board, Maurice S. Mandel, Chicago '55, was called upon to introduce the members of the Fraternity's Board of Directors and individuals from DU's professional staff. Brother Mandel then focused attention on some of the excellent publications and programs that the Fraternity has recently



produced. He stressed, however, that the support materials and staff from DU Headquarters cannot match the importance of alumni involvement with our undergraduate chapters. "You and I, as alumni, must reach out to our young brothers. They need our help and guidance," said Brother Mandel. He cited the remarkable turnaround at the Virginia Chapter resulting from strong alumni involvement. In closing his remarks, Brother Mandel outlined the tremendous opportuBroth.ers Craig Franz, Richard . Boddie, Bob Broad and Molly mty each alumnus has Broad in attendance at the to strengthen DU and reception held after the board provide more remeeting. sources for undergraduate brothers. He urged every brother to consider joining the President's Club with a tax-deductible gift of $100 or more to the Delta Upsilon Educational Foundation. The final part of the reception's program, honored Ruth Read, wife of the late Orville "Bud" Read, Missouri '33. Mrs. Read, accompanied by her son, John, accepted a Memorial Certificate Award from the International Fraternity. Brother Read's lifetime of involvement in DU is chronicled in this issue of the Delta Upsilon Quarterly on page 4. The program's closing song, "When'er You Find Two Rivers" was symbolic, for it capped a wonderful afternoon of fellowship and fraternalism, during which new friendships were made and old ones renewed. Best of all, the nonsecret bonds between "brothers-for-alifetime," proved their extraordinary ability to not only be easily forged, but to endure the passage of years.


Brother Will Keim and his daughter, as well as members of the Long Beach Chapter at the Reception held at the Disneyand Hotel following the Saturday board meeting.

" I


1)elta 'Upsilon Q.QartedY~.

~tKata 'Yno811Kl1 DELTA UPSILON FRATERNITY Officers • President·

March 1992


The official magazine of Delta Upsilon Fraternity since 1882 • Vol. 110, No.1

(Vice Chainnan)

Gar)' J. Golden, Rutgers '74

In this issue

4104 Sk-yline Dr. Fa

04 4


Delta Upsilon's Newest Chapter Texas A&M Installation

In Memoriam A Tribute to Orville "Bud" Read

President's Club An Investment In The Leaders of Tomorrow

a 10 11

Undergraduate Highlights Chapter Activities Update

Alumni Bulletin Board Alumni Chapter Updates

Newsmakers Accomplishments of Fellow Brothers

DELTA UPSILON QUARTERLY, a publication of the Delta Upsilon Fraternity, founded in 1834, Incorporated. December 10, 1909, under laws of the State of New York. Delta Upsilon International Fraternity Headquarters, P.O. Box 68942, Indianapolis. Indiana 46268. Headquarters is open from 8:30 to 5:00 p.m., EST., Monday through Friday. Telephone 317-875-8900. DELTA UPSILON QUARTERLY (USPS 152-900) is published in January, April, JUly and October at 8705 Founders Road, Indianapolis, Indiana 46268. The subscription price (checks and money orders should be made payable to Delta Upsilon Fraternity) is $3.00 a year in advance; single copies 75¢. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Delta Upsilon Quarterly, P.O. Box 68942, Indianapolis, IN 46268-0942. Second-class postage paid at Indianapolis, Indiana. ® TJ,,1. Registered U.S. Patent Office.

ON THE COVER: The Doral Country Club and Resort in Miami, Florida. The Doral is the site for the 1992 Leadership Institute and Convention, July 30 - August 2,1992.



Darryl Nelson, Baylor '86, served as Chief Marshal and Dr. Larry J. Ringer, Iowa State '59, served as Chaplain. Representing the International Fraternity was Brother David A. Suplee, Bucknell '90. Brother

elta Upsilon celebrated the installation of its newest chapter this past Fall at Texas A&M University. On November 1 and 2, there were 43 undergraduates and 30 parents and alumni initiated into the new chapter. The ceremony, held at a local church, was one of the largest installations in recent Fraternity history. More than 150 guests, friends, University officials and family members were present at Rite II, the flag raising ceremony, and the installation banquet. Brothers

Suplee served as Examiner and Master of Ceremonies, and gave the installation charge, defining the meaning of Fraternity. The installation banquet and

n October 8, 1991, Delta Upsilon bid farewell to one of its great brothers of the Twentieth Century. The loss of Orville H. "Bud" Read, Missouri '33, holds significance for anyone who has ever read a copy of this magazine, for he was the Quarterly's editor for 22 years (1947-1969). In that time, he made 88 consecutive deadlines, many times by mailing a copy to the printers from Europe, Asia or the Far East - places that his business required him to visit. For 60 years, Brother Read exemplified the true meaning of a lifetime membership in Delta Upsilon. Initiated into the Missouri Chapter in 1931, his extensive record of service to the Fraternity included terms as Chairman of the Undergraduate Activities Committee; a member of the Fraternity's Board of Directors (1948-50 and 1958-60); Chairman of the Board (1962-67 - one of only seven

brothers in DU history to hold the position for five years or more), and President of the Fraternity ('68-'69). Additionally, as author of Delta Upsilon's 150th anniversary history, "Challenge, Conflict and Change," he spent more than six years in researching and writing the book which was published in 1984. His wife of 54 years, Ruth, noted that, "Bud typed the history on an old Royal typewriter ... enjoying every page of it." Brother Read was a World War II veteran and a highly successful businessman as a manager for the A.P. Green Refractories Company. Upon his retirement in 1972, he served his community of La Jolla, California in outstanding fashion

4 • March 1992 • 1Jelta 'Upsilon Q!.1arterly

dance were held at a banquet hall in College Station. Brother Suplee delivered the opening remarks, and officially welcomed the new chapter on behalf of the International Fraternity and its Board of Directors. Brother Steve Patterson, TexasA&M '87, Alumni Chapter President, gave the alumni response, and Brother Derek Tubbs, Texas A&M '92, gave the undergraduate president's address. The Fraternity is proud to welcome Texas A&M as the newest chapter in Delta Upsilon.

with most of his time devoted to leadership and involvement with the Arthritis Foundation on local and national levels. We remember Bud for his friendly, outgoing and forthright manner; one who always held a sincere interest in the welfare of others, and who will forever be missed by those who knew him. Upon his death, Ruth Read sent a gift to the Delta Upsilon Educational Foundation in memory of Bud. Following Mrs. Read's generosity, the Foundation has established the "Read Memorial Challenge" as a means for brothers to make gifts to honor the memory of Brother Read. A complete listing of such gifts, over and above an individual's annual support, will appear in the July Quarterly. Should you wish to make a gift to the Challenge, please fill out the form on Page 7 and make checks payable to : DU Educational Foundation/Read Challenge.

Paul E. Rosenthal, Florida '73 Henry B. Roth, Union '30 The Charles T. and Marion M. Thompson Foundation Robert L. Tyburski, Colgate '74 William Wallace III, Union '48 John T. Weisel, Oregon '48

Since July 1, 1991, the loyal brothers listed below have made taxdeductible gifts of $100 or more to DU, qualifying them for membership in the President's Club. In addition to having their names printed in each issue of the Quarterly, these men receive the Club's newsletter, "DU LEADERSHIP," providing timely information about Fraternity events and issues. Right now, during the current academic year, you have the best opportunity to truly make a difference for our brothers across North America. Return the form on page 7 today, and your name will appear on this list in the July and October issues of the magazine. When you give to DU, it's an investment in the leaders of tomorrow.

Wilford A. Butler, Western Michigan '61 William F. Crawford, Chicago '33, in memory of O.H. Read Steven J. Gerber, Northern Illinois '68 Nicholas T. Giorgianni, Kent State '56 Charles F. Jennings, Marietta '31 Frank C. Long, Ohio State '32 Arthur K. Lund, San Jose '55 Maurice S. Mandel, Chicago '55 J. Paul McNamara, Miami '29 1991 Leadership Institute Participants Mrs. O.H. Read, in memory of Orville H. Read, Missouri '33 Nelson Schaenen, Jr., Cornell '50 Beurt SerVaas, Indiana '41 Ashton M. Tenney, Jr., Chicago '43 Robert V. Wardle, Michigan '52

Robert W. Broad, Syracuse '60 James R. Clark, North Carolina '68 David L. Cole, Wilmington '72 Robert A. Dahlsgaard, Jr., Bradley '63 Robert J. Edgar, Alberta '55 George D. Ferguson, British Columbia '62 W. H. Harwell, Jr., Missouri '51 Richard M. Holland, Syracuse '83 Donald L. Lightfoot, Jr., Western Michigan '56 David C. Lovell, Iowa State '50 Carroll L. Lurding, Ohio State '59 Charles D. Miller, Johns Hopkins '49 John B. Parks, DePauw '63 Arthur L. Rice, Jr., Illinois '36

Robert F. Stuhr, Oregon '41 W. Robert Wilmore, Western Reserve '46

Horace L. Acaster, Pennsylvania '44 Lawrence F. Armstrong, Technology '28 Bruce S. Bailey, Denison '58 Curtiss L. Beebe, Washington '35 John E. Berry, Bradley '87 William W. Boyd, Northwestern '48 Donald R. Buroker, Colorado '72 Anthony B. Cashen, Cornell '57 Edward R. Crater, Ohio State '78 Harry A. Crawford, Ohio State '47 Joseph T. Derry, Pennsylvania '51 Lloyd G. Gillette, Alberta '54 Alan B. Graf, Indiana '51 Robert C. Haugh, Indiana '48 J. Kenneth Higdon, Kansas '47 Thomas R. Jacobs, Arkansas '77 Samuel S. Jones, Jr., North Carolina '63 William L. Julian, Illinois '29 Robert J. Lafortune, Purdue '51 William H. Lawson, Purdue '50 L. Alexander Lovett, Harvard '33 Andrew J. Loyd, Oklahoma '82 Brock M. Lutz, Missouri '58 Dave Maguire, Southern Illinois '73 Richard S. Mann, Cornell '52 Edward C. McCobb, Michigan '23 Charles E. Nelson, Wisconsin '27 Bryant S. Procter, Illinois '44 John W. Rogers, Miami '57 Samuel A. Santandrea, Rochester '56 Neil D. Scott, Washington '24 Wendell A. Smith, Johns Hopkins '54 George E. Snyder, Michigan State '57 Charles J. Steed, Jr., Bradley '50 Bruce C. Taylor, Bucknell '60, in memory of his father, William Peck Taylor, Cornell '25 Robert J. Valdez, Nebraska '66 Ben T. Walkingstick, Oklahoma '52 Paul W. Wilke, Jr., Minnesota '50 Roger W. Wothe, Technology '58 Eugene A. Wright, Washington '34 Robert G. Yingling, Jr., Missouri '62

Frank F. Abercrombie, Rochester '28 Roy F. Allan, Lehigh '68 William N. Banks, Jr., Dartmouth '45 Harold D. Barker, Miami '50 Harvey Bartle, Jr., Pennsylvania '30 Richard N. Brandenburg, Washington State '55 N. L. Cloutier, Syracuse '49 Richard Y. Coulton, Miami '54 Allyn J. Crofts, Jr., Purdue '47 Paul H. Davis, Jr., Chicago '35 Richard L. Delano, Indiana '85 Paul B. Edgerley, Kansas State '78 Herbert P. Evert, Northwestern '56 Henry A. Federa, Louisville '37 John W. Foreman, DePauw '33

Severance W. Gavitt, Northwestern '37 William R. Grant, Union '49 William N. Guthrie, Northwestern '52 Gerald A. Hale, Western Michigan '52 Jay R. Hamann, Minnesota '59 Richard A. Hegeman, Purdue '49 Egerton W. King, Alberta '42 Mark D. Kuchel, Iowa State '76 Eldred D. Kuppinger, Ohio State '33 Lewis A. Maroti, Lehigh '58 Raymond S. Noonan, Middlebury '21 Charles D. Prutzman, Pennsylvania State '18 John J. Reese, Colorado '85 Wendell L. Richards, Oklahoma State '77 Charles W. Roberts, Lehigh '27 Edward A. Rosenfeld, Oregon State '42 Edwin Salisbury, Syracuse '40 J. Curtis Shake, DePauw '40 James C. Shaw, Ohio State '49 William S. Smeltzer, Syracuse '58 Glenn M. Sowa, Northern Illinois '70 Herbert K. Taylor, Jr., Swarthmore '27 Walter A. Thurber, Union '33 Peter A. Tuohy, Washington '53 William K. Ulerich, Pennsylvania State '31 William H. VanVoast, Syracuse '28 Ronald S. Walcisak, Wisconsin '74 Michael G. Wood, Cornell '64 Jack J. Yirak, Iowa State '40 Richard T. Young, Washington '33 James A. Zurbrigen, Technology '53

Robert H. Adler, Wisconsin '46 George A. Blair, Miami '37 Paul J. Bodine, Jr., Northwestern '50 Herbert H. Boswau, Denison '55 Herbert S. Botsford, California '53 Burrill W. Bresemann, Washington State '43 Herbert Brownell, Nebraska '24 Lucien Caruso, Jr., Northwestern '65 Robert J. Casper, Wisconsin '65 Charles V. Cecil, Georgia Tech '64 C. William Christensen, Jr., Syracuse '55 T. Nathan Christi law, Toronto '43 Jack H. Copple, Purdue '36 Thomas W. Darling, Syracuse '81 James F. Davidson, Jr., California '48 Julia~ L. Dawson, Jr., Oklahoma '35 Robert J. DeGange, Michigan '67 Raymond B. Dhue, Michigan State '68 William A. Diament II, Pennsylvania State '31 Jeffrey A. Dickson, Bucknell '90 Ross Dobberteen, Michigan State '52 John J. Douglas, Wisconsin '39 John R. Dytman, Syracuse '71 George P. Edmonds, Technology '26 Charles D. Eldridge III, Michigan '60 John J. Enders, Jr., Washington State '39 John H. Eyler, Jr., Washington '69 James W. Fields, San Jose '66 Joseph E. Fluet, Jr., North Carolina '65 Robert G. Foy, Dension '50 J. William Frank III, Lehigh '68 P. David Franzetta, Michigan State '70 C. Norman Frees, DePauw '36 John M. Gibson, Indiana '42 Robert C. Gimlin, Purdue '42 Gary J. Golden, Rutgers '74 Edward Groth, Jr., Rutgers '48 Thomas D. Hansen, Iowa State '79 Cameron G. Harman, Jr., Ohio State '59 Steven M. Harms, Arlington '81 H. John Hawkinson, Iowa '35 Alan C. Jeveret, Bowling Green '59 Aldie E. Johnson, Jr., Iowa State '47 Richard R. Johnson, Michigan State '54

'.Delta 'Upsilon Qp.arterly • March 1992 • 5

Mark S. Jones, Arlington '75 William G. Kagler, Syracuse '54 John D. Kenlon, Bowling Green '54 Rodney P. Kirsch, North Dakota '78 H. E. Klemp, Kansas '26 Matthew A. Klein, Cornell '71 Jerome G. Kralis, Purdue '51 Richard E. Lemmon, Wichita '62 Robert M. Loch, Nebraska '54 J. Richard Lombardi, Colorado '61 Robert J. Martin, Washington '59 Stephen C. Martinelli, California '52 Raymond E. Mason, Jr., Ohio State '41 Alexander H. McConnell II, DePauw '58 Lee A. McConnell, Indiana '80 Michael A. Menius, North Carolina '68 John E. Meyer, Kansas '50 William C. Moodie, Jr., Lehigh '47 Alfred W. Morris, Jr., Arizona '60 Grayson L. Moss, Purdue '47 John Mott, Toronto '46 Donald J. Moulin, California '53 Philip C. Musgrave, Colgate '34 Ross W. Nager, Texas '75 Victor T. Neff, Missouri '66 W. Peterson Nelson, Texas '59 WaiTen P. Nesbitt, Wisconsin '76 Robert W. Newell, DePauw '34 John Nixon III, Michigan '79 Sylvanus W. Nye, Hamilton '52 C. Esco Obermann, Iowa '26 Reginald B. Oliver, San Jose '61 Harry Pawlik, North Carolina '54 Gary W. Pestello, Minnesota '64 Joe H. Petty, DePauw '36 Neal R. Popham, Purdue '54 James R. Reid, Lehigh '56 John A Riggs, Jr., Missouri '30 Stephen K. Rowley, Ohio '65 Don E. Schlitt, Michigan State '64 Donald E. Seghi, Bradley '51 Harwood Shepard, Jr., Syracuse '64 William E. Sperling III, Rutgers '35 Robert V. Stephens, Indiana '61 Donald W. Strickland, Marietta '66 Robert S. Sundt, Swarthmore '50 Edwin J. Taff, North Carolina '61 Mark C. Taylor, Florida '82 Franklyn H. Tormoen, Minnesota '30 Clyde W. VonGrimmenstein, Purdue '49 Allan A. Warrack, Alberta '61 James W. Westaway, Toronto '34 James V. White, Michigan '50 Richard F. Williams, Louisville '67 James F. Zboyovsky, Pennsylvania State '51

E. Daniel Albrecht, Arizona '59 John M. Alex, Colby '50 Charles L. Allen, Michigan State '55 Edwin M. Allmendinger, Michigan '44 James A Allums, Texas '59 A W. Altorfer, Jr., Illinois '43 Paul R. Altringer, North Dakota State '85 LaiTY W. Amos, Washington State '68 Stephen J. Anderson, Northern Iowa '79 Walter E. Anderson, Jr., South Carolina '84 Allen Andrews, Michigan '39 Anonymous

Thomas W. Arvin, San Jose '53 J. Carter Bacot, Hamilton '55 John M. Ban', Miami '68 William J. Barrett, DePauw '61 R.D. Bartholomew, Bradley '53 Thomas P. Bays, Oregon State '42 Donn R. Bearden, California '55 Halden M. Beers, Carnegie '35 James G. Bell, Calgary '93 Thomas H. Bennett, Middlebury '41, in memory of O.H. Read Charles S. Biggs Ill, Pennsylvania '55 James L. Blackwell, Texas '65 Walter S. Blair, Oklahoma '51 Jerry L. Bobo, Houston '77 Thomas R. Books, Miami '53 Andrew J. Bosman, South Carolina '91 Robert A. Bowen, Western Reserve '48 James R. Boylan, Alberta '66 Michael G. Boylan, Bradley '69 Leo R. Brammer, Jr., Oklahoma '47 John K. Braniff, Bucknell '86 Kelley J. Brennan, Marietta '64 Robert W. Brown, Purdue '46 Earl S. Browning, Iowa '37 William A. Bruck, Arlington '72 Keith B. Bruening, Iowa State '80 Wayne P. Buckmiller, Creighton '71 John C. Buist, Wisconsin '53 Benjamin T. Burson III, Georgia Tech '65 Richard D. Butler, Oklahoma '78 Ralph A. Cann III, Johns Hopkins '65 Paul G. Cantor, Alberta '62 Robert D. Carrell, Washington State '76 John S. Carruthers, Western Ontario '55 Douglas A. Cassens, Kent State '68 Mitch Castor, Kansas State '85 R. Thomas Cawrse, Miami '66 Allen V. Cellars, Oregon '47 Edward G. Chandler, California '26 Clark G. Channing, California '58 Thomas W. Cheney, Nebraska '36 Joseph W. Ciatti, Oregon '64 Brian G. Clark, Toronto '69 Addison B. Clifford, Jr., Washington '35 Raymond O. Clutter, DePauw '39 Clyde S. Coffel, Illinois '28 Clement T. Cole, Carnegie '79 Ward K. Cole, Washington '43 Jan M. Collins, Kansas '61 William J. Connolly, Michigan '51 Philip A. Corey, Ohio State '48 Curtiss E. Crippen, Minnesota '30 Dale Crouter, Toronto '70 H. Richard Crowther, Technology '54 James W. Culpepper, Miss01ll1 '57 Daniel J. Cummings, Kansas '79 Edward H. Cumpston, Jr., Cornell and Technology '44 Bernard A Dahlem, Louisville '51 Alfred W. Dalcher, Kent State '57 J. W. Dalton, Jr., North Carolina '59 Robert H. Damm, Syracuse '58 Ned P. Darling, Oregon State '42 Paul M. Davis, Colorado '91 Raymond S. Davis, Jr., Michigan '47 Anthony P. DeJulius, Pennsylvania St. '56 John A. Delaney, Florida '77 Ralph J. Denton, Missouri '33 in memory of O.H. Read AH. Dickson, Toronto '32 Eldon M. Dixon, Syracuse '40 Roger M. Donlon, California '50 Richard L. Duffield, Colgate '37 Charles F. Dugan II, Miami '60 James H. DuMond, Jr., Pacific '66 John K. Dunlap, Texas '73 Stewart T. Evans, Michigan '56 David R. Eagleson, Miami '44 Mark E. Eberle, Rochester '91 Barry F. Ebert, Wisconsin '63

6 • March 1992 • 'Delta 'Upsilon Q!.1arterly

John R. Ehrlich, Missouri '67 Charles E. Erickson, Nebraska '69 James R. Erlandson, Bradley '69 James R. Filip, Oklahoma State '63 Thomas S. Filip, Oklahoma '69 David S. Fish, Syracuse '80 Daniel E. Fitzgerald, Purdue '49 Gerald F. Fitzgerald, Northwestern '49 Paul E. Flohr, Ohio State '36 John E. Forester, Wisconsin '33 Richard M. Forester, Wisconsin '31 Raymond A. Forsthoffer, Northwestern '70 Donald M. Forsyth, Union '20 John D. Foster, Purdue '65 Don R. Frank, Iowa '45 Charles H. Free, Purdue '31 E. Hartley Freeman, Union '25 P. Noel Freesh, Tennessee '70 Robert D. Gillette, Miami '52 William N. Godfrey, Miami '58 Benjamin A. Goodin, Missouri '39 Robert J. Goodwin, Tennessee '72 William R. Gordon, Kansas State '60 Elmer C. Grage, Chicago '27 Wilbur R. Grant, Iowa State '27 Hugh W. Gray, Nebraska '34 R. Nathan Greene, Kansas State '58 R.S. Greenwood, California '48 Gary W. Gregory, Arlington '77 Richard P. Gregory, British Columbia '69 Russell L. Grundhauser, North Dakota '83 Mrs. Marmaduke V. Grove in memory of Marmaduke V. Grove, Kansas '42 William C. Hall, Indiana '44 Erwin H. Hansen, Nebraska '30 Benjamin L. Harper, Indiana '54 H. Vincent Harsha, Iowa '42 Myron A. Hartwig, Michigan '68 Jay A. Hathaway, Kansas State '80 Raymond G. Haun, Syracuse '27 Robert E. Hayes, Indiana '48 Gregory L. Haymon, Oklahoma '77 Donald R. Heacock, North Carolina '64 Melvin D. Heckt, Iowa '46 Gary A. Hedge, Illinois '68 Donald H. Heile, Purdue '46 Robert E. Henderson, British Columbia '59 William D. Henderson, Tufts '14 George F. Hensel, DePauw '52 Charles J. Herro, Wisconsin '43 Mark P. Hershhorn. Rutgers '72 Brent W. Hillhouse, Pennsylvania State '84 Corwin H. Hinton, Illinois '29 Merle A Hodges, Kansas '55 Garrett B. Hoffmann, DePauw '91 R. DeWayne Holman, San Jose '64 John D. Holschuh, Sr., Miami '48 Dennis A Holt, Brown '65 Randall A. Hoover, Michigan State '88 William W. Howe, Cornell '42 Gene L. Hudson, Indiana '51 Edward A. Hutchinson, Wichita '43 Richard M. Ivey, Western Ontario '47 Richard G. Jacobus, Wisconsin '51 Jamille G. Jamra, Northwestern '38 Nils P. Johnson, Ohio State '43 O. Kepler Johnson, Jr., Kansas '52 Orville E. Johnson, Washington State '39 Clifton C. Jones, Kansas State '77 John M. Kalbfleisch, Oklahoma '52 Keith O. Kaneta, Washington '59 Stephen G. Katsinas, Illinois '78 John S. Kaufman, Lehigh '46 Patrick M. Kenady, Oklahoma '66 Fred L. Kerr, Pennsylvania State '59 Scott W. Killinger, Nebraska '61 Paul A. Klinefelter, North Carolina St. '80 Norman S. Knauss, Miami '53 James H. Knon', Kansas '31 Semon E. Knudsen, Technology '36 George A. Knutsen, Oregon State '31

Gene Koski, New York '43 Martin Krasnitz, Chicago '57 David A. Krebs, Miami '80 William C. Krornmenhoek, Nebraska '57 Edward L. Lach, Jr., North Carolina St. '79 Campbell T. Lamont, Western Ontario '47 Richard W. Lamp, Purdue '49 William G. Landess, Kansas '53 Mitchell W. Legler, North Carolina '64 Jarold R. Lein, Iowa State '62 Thomas S. Leitch, Purdue '36 Bruce T. Lindley, Toronto '35 Owen T. Linton, Toronto '48 W. Harry Lister, Lehigh '26 Ronald J. Litra, Bowling Green '75 John B. Little, San Diego '72 Hans Lund, Washington '36 J. Edward Lundy, Iowa '36 Vernon B. Lussky, Louisville '43 William P. Major, Colgate '26 Wendell E. Mann, Purdue '48 John Marko, Alberta '58 Donald R. Mars, Chicago '68 Ralph L. Mason, Iowa State '33 Lewell N. Mays, Ohio State '31 William M. McCain, California '41 J.W. McClellan, Miami '35 Jeffrey O. McEwen, Carnegie '80 David E. McFarlane, Jr., Syracuse '52 Harold E. McGurk, Jr., Creighton '86 JeffB. Meeker, Florida '65 Robert N. Michels, Purdue '44 Kenneth D. Miller, Iowa '67 Bryan J. Mitchell, Syracuse '83 Fred G. Mitchell, Ripon '62 Arthur H. Mittelstaedt, Jr., Syracuse '58 Paul R. Monsees, Lafayette '78 Thomas J. Morey, San Jose '56 James G. Morford, Washington '51 Richard L. Morrison, Kansas '70 Donald R. Morse, Tufts '42 Raymond R. Moser, Jr., Georgia Tech '84 Bruce A. Muller, Rutgers '66 Adelbert G. Neese, Purdue '36 David S. Nelson, Clarkson '69 Herbert H. Nelson, Colorado '59 Michael A. Nelson, Stanford '59 J.W. Neuner, Oregon '62 Donald F. Newman, Carnegie '54 Reginald B. Newman II, Northwestern '59 George Nicolau, Michigan '48 Thomas F. Novotney, Washington State '74 Keith O. O'Bannon, Nebraska '50

Walter J. Okunski, Colgate '58 James W. Osborn, Iowa State '73 Allan G. Osborne, Washington '45 Jeffrey L. Owens, Oklahoma '78 James R. Oyler, Purdue '48 Robert F. Palmer, Rutgers '40 Jon R. Palmi tier, Michigan State '60 Edward F. Parsons, Illinois '27 H. Sylvester Partridge, Rochester '27 Ronald D. Peyton, Indiana '69 Charles A. Phillips III, Clarkson '64 Ronald A. Pigott, Toronto '52 Dennis L. Pipher, Syracuse '73 Michael A. Pizzuto, Illinois '81 James G. Plewa, Illinois '78 Scott A. Polo, Syracuse '83 Richard R. Popham, Purdue '40 John C. Powers, Oklahoma '58 R. J. Provan, Alberta '71 John W. Puth, Lehigh '52 George F. Putnam, Washington '39 Thomas S. Rakow, Northwestern '65 Donald J. Randa, Chicago '43 Kenneth D. Reeds, Iowa '53 Ren L. Ridolfi, Wisconsin '70 Joel P. Riley, DePauw '91 Larry A. Robertson, Arlington '72 Denis A. Robitaille, Syracuse '82 David D. Ross, Toronto '34 George W. Ross, Jr., Illinois '37 Daniel L. Rothrock, Washington State '69 Mark L. Rupert, Oklahoma '74 Fulton W. Samson, Pennsylvania '21 G. Flint Sawtelle, Lehigh '40 James H. Schreiber, Bowling Green '55 James W. Schrock, San Jose '57 Winston Scott, Washington '30 John S. Shellenberger, Pennsylvania '52 John L. Sherman, San Jose '66 Norman E. Sidler, Bradley '91 Jeffrey Siegel, Maryland '78 Thomas F. Siegel, Jr., Pennsylvania '57 William A. Sigman, Iowa State '50 Donald C. Slawson, Kansas '56 Andy Smallwood, Houston '71 James W. Smith II, Washington & Lee '62 Rodney R. Smith, Cornell '67 Wayne M. Smoak, South Carolina '84 John M. Snead, Jr., Purdue '31 Adrian F. Songer, Indiana '67 Richard T. Spencer III, Michigan '59 Patrick Spooner, San Jose '55 John A. Sprouse, Oregon '30

Harry L. Staley, Bucknell '52 BaITy S. Starkman, Lafayette '78 Albert P. Stauderman, Syracuse '58 William E. Steen, Michigan '44 Joseph C. Stegman, Indiana '74 Burnell R. Stehman, Pennsylvania '55 Donald W. Stewart, British Columbia '53 John S. Stewart, Fresno '84 Rudolph F. Stigberg, New York '25 David A. Suplee, Bucknell '90 Benjamin G. Symon, Missouri '26 John H. Tanton, Michigan State '56 Robert H. Tapp, Pennsylvania State '39 Russel Taylor, Toronto '38 Charles W. Thomas, Wisconsin '59 Richard B. Thompson, Michigan State '67 Robert W. Thompson, Oklahoma '61 Robert M. Thuss, Bradley '79 J. Edward Tippetts, Nebraska '67 James R. Tolonen, Michigan '71 Richard F. Torrey, Syracuse '51 Steven E. Traisman, Wisconsin '69 E. Glenn Tucker, Louisville '65 A. F. Turner, Technology '29 William N. Turner, Alberta '57 Peter V. Ueberroth, San Jose '59 L. Russell Ulrich, Washington '40 Donald W. Underwood, Bradley '88 James M. Underwood, Ohio State '62 Harley J. Urbach, Nebraska '33 Jeffrey A. VanEenenaam, Colorado '79 William H. Vaughn, Missouri '57 Lodi E. Vercelli, Northwestern '78 John H. Vinyard, Jr. Missouri '42 Jay E. Wagner, Ohio State '45 F. Jay Ward, Jr., Johns Hopkins '56 Chester M. Warman, Indiana '39 William F. Waters, Cornell '54 W. D. Watkins, North Carolina '27 M.L. Watt, McGill '35 Donald P. Wefer, Hamilton '54 Robert L. Weitzner, Rutgers '79 Thomas J. Westerheide, Marquette '72 Alan L. Weyhrich, Northwestern '58 Henry J. Wiechman, Kansas State '89 James A. Wiese, Iowa '58 John B. Williams, Oregon '45 William D. Willoughby, Northwestern '38 David H. Wynja, Iowa '67 Eric. C. Yaszemski, Lehigh '80 Harry R. Yeandle, Western Ontario '32 Franklyn K. Zinn, Northwestern '37

Order of Omega Arlington - Michael Lear, Scott Rice Baylor - Mark Campbell, Amar Patel Cal Poly - Brain Woolworth Clarkson - Philip Toia Colorado - Matthew Robinson Florida - Chris Frasier, David Patterson, Steve Schaffer, Sean Schwinghammer Kansas - Chris Andrews, Grant Kaufman Kansas State - Kurt Barrow Michigan - Thomas Richards Northern Illinois - David Furmanek, Chris Princes Northern Iowa - Dean

Eyler, David Williams Northwestern - John Ikenberry Oregon - Eric Larpenteur, Terence Leong, Tim Resch, Jeff Smith, Joe Stupfel Penn State - Jeffrey Miller San Diego State - David Maiolo Santa Barbara - Dan Schatt South Dakota - James Lecky Southwest Missouri Ronald Maher, Brent Twombly Syracuse - Kenneth Berlin, Eric Tecosky Temple - Paul Sierzenski Texas - Stephen Schultis, Michael Tompkins Tufts - Paulo Oliveira

Miami - The Miami Chapter sponsored the 43rd annual DU Puddle Pull, the most popular event during Greek Week. The Tl-man DU team placed sixth in the competition. Arlington - The Arlington Chapter donated $3,000, raised during their 1990 Haunted House, to the Cook's Children's Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas.

8 • March 1992 • 'Delta 'Upsilon Q11arterly

Washington - Greg Boesel, Michael Dahlin, Ryan Kilmer, Max Williams Western Illinois - Robert Baldwin, Jason Christensen, Thomas Darris, Ronald Kalish, Dan Wellman Wisconsin - Steve Bersell, Gregg Bennett, Brian Endres, Jeff Hardacre, Jeff Lee, Matt Leonard, Dave Link, Mark Petersen, Steve Rabach, Raj Thomas, Lowell Winer

Mortar Board South Carolina - Ray Jones Washington - Greg Boesel, Ryan Kilmer, Robert Mumford Wisconsin - Jeff Hardacre

North Carolina State- Clark Park, North Carolina State '92, rolls tar paper across the top of a house. Members of the North Carolina State Chapter participated in a project with Habitat for Humanity, building houses for the less fortunate in the Wake Forest, NC, area.

North Carolina- Jason Burgess, North Carolina '92, was one of two walk-ens to be selected for the University of North Carolina Varsity basketball team. Photo by Ray O'Brien, The Charlotte Observer.

Northwestern - R. Barry Farrell, chapter adviser, was presented with the James c. McLeod Award. The award is given annually to an outstanding faculty member or administrator.

1Jelta Vpsilon Q!.1arterly • March 1992 • 9

Capital Alumni Club (Washington D.C.)

Los Angeles County Alumni Club

On January 16, 1992,62 brothers and guests attended a special program for the Delta Upsilon Captial Alumni Club (DUCAC), sponsored by The White House. The special program, "The Changing Role of the US Military in World Affairs," addressed how recent changes in the USSR, Europe and the Middle East affect our military strategy.

On November 7, 1991, the Los Angeles County Delta Upsilon Alumni Club held its first Annual Founder's Day program. Six "50 Year" certificates, and 32 "25 Year" certificates, were awarded at the event. Present were 20 members and pledges from Long Beach, who sang "Hail Delta Upsilon" for the 15 alumni present. David MacKenzie, president of the chapter, highlighted the accomplishments of the relatively new brotherhood. Certificates will be mailed to those alumni who were not present to receive them.

Twin Cities Alumni Club The Twin Cities Alumni Club is planning the fourth annual Alumni/Undergraduate golf outing in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area on Saturday, June 13, 1992. All alumni in the area are invited to participate in the event. The time and location of the outing will be made available upon the confirmation of your tee times. To reserve tee times, please notify us by May 29, 1992. If you will be in the area and are interested, please call or write: Twin Cities Alumni Club c/o Brent Anderson 5564 Snelling Avenue north Shoreview, MN 55126 (612) 784-5588 or Russ Grundhauser, (612) 483-3990

Wichita State Alumni Chapter Members of the Greater Wichita Chapter of Delta Upsilon gathered at the Wichita Country Club for their Fourth Annual Christmas Stag. Fourty-five alumni were in attendance, as well as six undergraduates of the University of Kansas Chapter, four from the Kansas State Chapter, and nine from the Wichita State Chapter. Brother Rick Holland, Director of Development for the DU Educational Foundation, was in attendance as the guest speaker for the evening.

Milwaukee Delta Upsilon Club The Milwaukee Delta Upsilon Club enjoyed its 68th Annual Dinner on Friday, November 1, 1991, at the Milwaukee Athletic Club. Club President, Charles Munkwitz, Indiana '68, introduced Toastmaster, Gordon "Chip" Day, Jr., Wisconsin 70, who was "pinch hitting" for his father, Gordon Day, Sr. The keynote speaker was Brother Steven J. Gerber, Northern Illinois '68, Executive Director of our International Fraternity. He outlined the progress of Delta Upsilon, which three days later celebrated its 157th Anniversary.

At the close of his talk, Brother Gerber, with an assist from William Piper, Penn State '43, presented our beautifully framed "50 Year" Certificates to Ralph E. Howland, Wisconsin '45, and to Charles J. Herro, Wisconsin '43. The Club has recognized 140 brothers over the past 21 years. A real highlight was the presentation of Foundation Scholarships by Wisconsin Foundation Chairman, Roger C. Minahan, Wisconsin '32. Recipients were Jeffrey Hardacre '92, Brian Endres '93, Matthew Leonard '93, and Lowell Winer '93.

Alberta ~~~Reserve Force Col. Ronald Jacobson '59, has been appointed Colonel Commandant of the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery for a period of three years. The position of Colonel Commandant is a prestigious appointment, given to a retired senior officer or prominent civilian. During more than 30 years of service, Brother Jacobson has served as President of the Royal Canadian Artillery Association and as a Director of the Army Cadet League of Alberta. From 1984 to 1986, he was the Chairman of The Conference of Defence Associations.

---- Bowling Green~~­ C. Dee Clingman '69, Vice President of Quality Control for General Mills restaurants, has been elected to the executive board of the International Association of Milk, Food and Environmental Sanitarians (IAMFES). Brother Clingman assumed the office of Secretary at the IAMFES Annual Meeting in July and he will eventually become the Association's President in 1994. Brother Clingman will be the first elected officer of IAMFES from the food service industry.

Columbia -~

William A. Torrey III '75, a

Peter Lusztig '53, has been appointed Senior Advisor of the Ministry of Development, Trade and Tourism for the Government of the British Columbia Province. Dr. Lusztig taught at the Pacific Coast Banking School at the University of Washington, the Banff School of Advanced Management, The Nestle Company Management School in Switzerland and the CGA Association in British Columbia. Brother Lusztig was also named Dean of Commerce at UBC in 1977. Leo Dooling '59, has been appointed Vice President of Finance and Administration for B.C. Tel., the Government owned telephone utility serving the province of British Columbia.

former member of the DU Board of Directors, has been named Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations at Bowdoin College. In this position he serves as a senior officer of the College and has overall responsibility for Bowdoin's fundraising programs and alumni affairs. Brother Torrey had been acting Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations since July. A member of the Bowdoin development staff since 1988, Brother Torrey formerly served as Director of Development, a capacity in which he directed major gift fundraising for the College.


----Brown Dr. Leonard R. Burgess '42, has been elected to the Board of Trustees of Lincoln University in San Francisco. Dr. Burgess was formerly Professor and Head of the Department of Business Administration and Economics. ---Bucknell-~~­

Jamey Bennett '90, was recently involved with the writing and publishing of Simple Truths. This book is a collection of fictional short stories that illustrate fundamental principles of business, by taking problems often encountered in the workplace and relating them to everyday situations.


Herbert Boswau '55, an Associate Professor of German at the University of North Dakota at Grand Forks, has been named the 1991 Foreign Language Teacher of the Year by the Foreign Language Association of North Dakota (FLAND). Brother Boswau is the president-elect of North Dakota's American Association of Teachers of German, and of the Foreign Language Association of the Red River. Brother Boswau is also actively involved in the Linguistic Circle of Manitoba and North Dakota and in the American Council of Teachers of Foreign Language. He is presently the coordinator of the UND German program.

1Jelta 'Upsilon QIarterly • March 1992 • 11

----Florida---- ----Lehigh---John A. Delaney '77, has been appointed General Counsel for the City of Jacksonville, Florida, by Mayor Ed Austin, and confirmed by the City Council. Brother Delaney will head a staff of approximately 40 attorneys who provide legal counsel to the city and handle most of its legal affairs. Prior to his appointment, Delaney served as Chief Assistant State Attorney for five years, following stints as Director of Circuit Court and Chief of the Public Corruption Unit and the Juvenile and Sexual Assault divisions.

Donald Schoen '41, an independent management consultant and former V.P. of Towers Perrin, has been named to head aNew York area CEO group, The Executive Committee, an international organization of more than 2,400 CEOs. Brother Schoen will develop and lead the new group, which will consist of 12-14 non-competing CEOs who meet monthly to help each other run their businesses more effectively.

---Iowa State - - Thomas D. Hansen '79, has joined Golden Rule Insurance Compnay as a Staff Attorney. Brother Hansen is a past Executive Director of Delta Upsilon Fraternity. Steven Walker '84, has been named Director of Client Services of Don Fitzpatrick Associates, consultants to the broadcastmgnews industry, and specializing in job placement of talent and production personnel. Prior to joining Don Fitzpatrick Associates, Walker was a partner in Walker-Brandt Productions, an independent video production firm based in San Francisco. He has held Anchor, Producer and Reporter positions at WOWT-TV, Omaha; WOI-TV, Des Moines; and WDAF-TV, Kansas City.

12 • March

----Louisville---Frank Howe '64, has been named Personnel Manager of the Denver branch of Pinkerton Security & Investigations, America's oldest and largest contract security and investigative firm. Brother Howe, who has served as Vice-Chairman of the Undergraduate Activities Committee and Province 6 Governor, has been active in the contract security industry since his 1989 retirement from the Air Force.

-----Miami - - - George A. Blair '37, better known as "Banana George," was inducted into the Water Ski Hall of Fame on April 20, 1991. Brother Blair, 76, is recognized around the world for his barefoot water skiing feats.

• 1Jelta 'Upsilon Qp.arterly

Thomas D. Burkle '70, has been promoted to senior vice president of HatTis Bank in Chicago, Illinois. Brother Burkle will I serve as Group Executive of the bank's Special Industries Group, a part of the Corporate Banking Department. In this role he will oversee six divisions. Prior to this appointment, he was Vice President responsible for the group's Agribusiness Division.

--Michigan State-Roger C. Nauert '61, has recently left the Detroit Medical Center to become President of The Baden Group, a Michiganbased healthcare management consulting firm. This firm specializes in strategy, operations and information technology, serving all segments of the healthcare industry.

--Michigan Tech--Matthew W. Joerin '91, has accepted a position with the Washington State Department of Transportation as a Transportation Engineer I.

----Minnesota---Stew Thornley '81, is the author of three books including his most recent publication, Holy Cow! The Life and Times of

Halsey Hall. The book is the culmination of two years of research and interviews with more than 60 of Halsey's former colleagues and friends. The book settles the debate regarding the first announcer to say "Holy Cow!" on a baseball broadcast. While Cubs and Yankess announcers Harry Caray and Phil Rizzuto both claim the honor, it was Halsey Hall who began using the expression on broadcasts of Minneapolis Millers games in 1934. Brother Thornley's previous books are Basketball's Original Dynasty: The History of the Lakers and On to Nicollet: The Glory and Fame of the Minneapolis Millers. ---~


Clarence Castner and Sam Sidner '87, have started their own art and design company in Lincoln, Nebraska. Jeffrey R. Stafford '90, has accepted a position with Merrill Lynch as a Financial Consultant in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Northern Illinois-- dents at San Juan College in Jerry Dykhuisen '68, has been appointed as the new President and CEO of Innovative Rehabilitation Consultants, a full service rehabilitation nursing company specializing in medical and case management. Brother Dykhuisen was formerly the Associate Executive Director of the Florida Roofing, Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors Association (FRSA), IRe's parent company.

Trent W. McKay '81, has been appointed Regional Retail Sales Manager at Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc. In this position, Brother McKay is responsible for Ocean Spray retail product sales in Georgia, Alabama, Nashville and New Orleans. Previously, Brother McKay was General Business Manager at New Era Beverage Company in Dallas, Texas and held positions including Sales Development Manager at Reckit & Colman, Inc.

- - Southwest Texas-Michael R. Piersall '73, has become Director and Vice President of Continental Marble corporation, a Dallas, Texas based affiliate of Marmoles Y Onix of Mexico. Continental specializes in unique marble tiles from Mexico, and markets this product throughout the U.S., Canada and Southeast Asia.

- - - - Oregon----


Mark M. Phelps '72, Adjunct Instructor of Business Law, was awarded the 1990-91 Harry R. Jacobs, Jr. Distinguished Teaching Award. The award is given each year to a faculty member whose teaching promotes an attitude of learning, and who is noted for his or her accomplishments in the classroom. Brother Phelps' specialties include the legal environment of business, business ethics and social responsibility.

Thomas B. McClain '82, has left the Smith County Criminal District Attorney's Office to join the law firm of Roark & Russell, P.C., in Tyler, Texas. The firm practices all areas of civil law.

---Penn State----North Carolina--

Framington, New Mexico.

Brent W. Hillhouse '84, has been named Assistant Vice President of Vanguard Marketing Corporation, a subsidiary of The Vanguard Group of Investment Companies. Brother Hillhouse joined Vanguard in 1985. He is responsible for the staff and operations of Vanguard's Participant Services Group, which provides investment and account information to institutional plan participants.

----Rutgers - - - Gary Golden '74, has taken a new position as Dean of Stu-

---Washington - - The Honorable James A. Noe '54, of the King County Superior Court became a member of the American Bar Association Board of Governors on August 14, 1991. Brother Noe was elected as a judicial member-at-large, representing all members of the ABA Judicial Administration Division on the 33-member board. He is a past chair of the Division, and presently chairs its Long Range Planning Committee. At the annual Washington Judicial Conference in Bellevue, Washington, Brother Noe was also named the Washington State's "jurist of the year."

--Western Ontario-Dr. Allan Lansing '53, was named by President Bush as the nation's 629th "point of light." Brother Lansing's outstanding commitment to providing health

1Jelta 'Upsilon Q!.1arterly • March 1992 • 13

care for the poor, earned him the recognition from The President. Brother Lansing's most visible contribution has been through the Gift of Life program. Under the program, he has performed surgery on many children from Third World countries, and helped train doctors from other countries. The program is also helping health officials in Panama set up their own open-heart-surgery program.

Arkansas '84 - Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Turner of Henderson, Nevada, a daughter, Brittany Nicole, on May 14, 1991. - - - - Wisconsin --~ Arlington '83 - Mr. and Mrs. David Brouillard of League City, Texas, a Mike Lessiter '91, has just son, Joseph Glenn, on May 19, completed his third book, Coun1991. try Chuckles, Arlington '83 - Mr. and Mrs. James Cracks & Mathis of Dallas, Texas, a daughter, KneeErin Paige, on October 7, 1991. Slappers. Arlington '83 - Mr. and Mrs. Terry Brother Moore of Arlington, Texas, a son, Lessiter's Samuell Austin, on September 26, 1991. newest book is Colorado '82 - Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. a hilarious Koch of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a collection of son, Michael George, on jokes from over 50 years of September 8, 1991. Farmer's Digest magazine. Johns Hopkins '76 - Mr. and Mrs. Brother Lessiter is also the Robert 1. Moses of Silver Spring, author of The Names of the Maryland, a son, Joshua Bernard, Games and The Names of The on December 14, 1990. Kansas '84 - Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Hale College Games. of Arlington, Texas, a daughter, The 256-page book sells for $11.95, Taylor MacKenzie, on April 11, but Brother Lessiter would like to offer 1991. it to Quarterly readers for just $9.95, to Kansas State '75 - Dr. and Mrs. John say thanks for all the support and Eplee of Atchison, Kansas, a son, encouragement he has received from John Michael, on August 22, 1991. Delta Upsilon. The book can be ordered Kansas State '77 - Mr. and Mrs. James from: Lessiter Publications, P.O. Box Swenson of Antioch, California, a son, Kyle Barclay, on 624, Brookfield, WI 53008-0624. December 20, 1991. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. Louisville '87 - Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Washington and Lee Burchell of St. Charles, MO, a son, William Fielding, on May 5, 1991. Brother Rupert Latture '15, Norh Dakota '78 - Mr. and Mrs. celebrated his 100th birthday Rodney P. Kirsch of Bloomington, on January 18, 1992. Brother Indiana, a daughter, Kelsey Latture is the last living FoundMichelle, on December 17, 1991 ing Father of Omicron Delta North Dakota State '80 - Mr. and Mrs. Kappa National Leadership Arlan (Skip) Espeseth of Portal, Honor Society, founded at North Dakota, a daughter, Megan Washington and Lee in 1914. Renae, on September 17, 1991.

14 • March 1992 • '1Jelta 'Ups

Northern Illinois '87 - Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kocour of Aurora, Illinois, a boy, Michael Joseph, on May 16, 1991. Oklahoma '84 - Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Richardson of Denton, Texas, a son, Bryce Caleb, born October 3, 1991. Rutgers '72 - Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Moran, of San Francisco, Califor nia, a daughter, Megan Colleen, November 7, 1991. Texas '71- Mr. and Mrs. 1. Mark Gresham of Bellaire, Texas, a daughter, Savannah Jane, on October 25, 1991.

-MarriagesBaylor '91 - Brain Senger and Rebecca Belver in Houston, Texas on June 7, 1991. Bucknell '88 - John Schmerler and Laura Rosenburgh (Kappa Kappa Gamma) on August 10, 1991. Bucknell '89 - Robert S. Follansbee III and Audrey Plescia (Delta Delta Delta) in Lake Ronkonkoma, New York on June 22, 1991. Illinois '85 - Keenan G. Hamm and Dawn M. Pavlik in Rosell, Illinois on May 4, 1991. Indiana '89 - Scott A. Ammerman and Laura K. Watkins in Alamosa, Colorado on August 24, 1991. McGill '90 - David Ranson and Suzanne Parenteau on August 3, 1991. North Dakota '89 - Derek N. Duham and Elizabeth Lunde (Alpha Gamma Delta) in East Lansing, Michigan, on August 24, 1991. San Diego State '82 - Brad Wilson and Diana Alarcon in Westwood, California, on September 21, 1991. Tennessee '86 - Robert D. Blazer, Jr. and Amber A. McAlister in Atlanta, Georgia, on August 31, 1991. Virginia '69 - Richard E. Solli and Ann McNeilly Wooton in Bel Air, Maryland on May 19, 1991. Wisconsin '88 - Scott A. Lingren and Mary Kay Billings in Estes Park, Colorado, on October 5,1991. Wisconsin '88 - Mark H. Lokay and Karen D. Anderson in St. Paul, Minnesota on June 1, 1991.

-ObituariesArlington Earl E. Bradley '71 Bowdoin H.E. Blanchard '32 Charles A. Jordan, Jr. '47 Bowling Green Richard G. Wallace '59 Brown Ira H. Smith '32 John F. Wattles '45 California John T. O'Brien '34 Carnegie A.J. Diefenderfer' 54 Roderick T. Edwards ' 50 Franklin O. Fingles '29 Joseph S. Rutkowski '54 Kenneth Winston ' 56 Chicago Judson B. Jerome '48 Alfred E. Moon '39 Colby Gordon A. Richardson'42 Leon S. Thorsen '28 Columbia John E. Nightingale '32 Hobart S. Weaver' 20 Cornell Mark H. Follmer '26 William Peck Taylor '25 Culver-Stockton W. Brack Collier '88 Dartmouth John R. Burnett '51 John W. Favour '36 DePauw Raymond O. Clutter '39 Edward N.C. Griggs '74 Donald C. Overman' 43 Harvard Richard Morgan IV '36 Illinois Lawrence E. Hill ' 32 James F. McKay '50 Indiana Melville B. Robb '26 Donald E. Shafer '37 William P. Stewart '38 Iowa State Lynn F. Hummel '30 Chester W. Martin '24 Don P. Shafer '49 Ralph F. Shawhan '25 George T. Smith '24 Bill D. Wright '41 Kansas Marmaduke V. Grove '42

Richard A. Marsh ' 49 Charles J. Slawson '20 Don P. Trees '35 Kansas State Richard F. Witt '63 Lafayette Elmer B. Humma '29 Michael J. MacGeachie '72 Lehigh Erik William Bird '92 John Z. Miller '29 Louisville John R. Hobb ' 50 Marvin S. Katzman '55 John W. Renner '66 Robert E. Scott' 50 John H. Stark, Jr. '48 Marietta Furl E. Lightfritz ' 51 Miami William A. Hennekey ,49 Joseph F. Petrich '36 Silas B. Trumbo' 16 Michigan Benjamin C. Bugbee '37 Morgan Ramsay' 50 Middlebury Henry L. Newman '30 Missouri John R. Heitman '27 Charles T. McDaniel '35 Orville H. Read '33 Nebraska Donald M. Young' 43 North Carolina Blair Holliday '34 North Dakota William P. Wescotte '71 Northern Illinois John H. Buesteton '78 Northwestern David F. Corkle '45 Richard W. Thorp '29 Ohio State Richard McClelland ' 49 Oklahoma Donald W. Mackie '41 Oregon James R. Ferguson '34 Nicholas W. Maskal ' 57 Frank B. Price '39 Pennsylvania David A. Grim '52 Henry B. Heston ' 23 Pennsylvania State John Frassinelli '50 Harry K. Werst ' 25 Purdue

Carl J. Carlson '34 M. Wesley Groshans '49 William G. Schwab '33 Rochester W. Kenneth Hovey '36 Joseph L. Noble '34 Rutgers Henry M. Bartlett '23 Blaisdell M. Kull '38 San Jose David W. Vosburgh '65 South Carolina L. Jeffrey Wolfson '86 Stanford John W. Lucas '56 Morgan R. Nickell '28 Swarthmore James H. Clarke '37 Frank W. Fetter '20 George H. Ivins '26 Philip Landeck '53 Syracuse Albert E. Bond' 40 James F. Bond '66 Robert L. Lincoln '27 Technology Robert A. Lytle '30 W. Olmstead Wright '34 Texas L.S.Johnson, Jr. '61 Stephen C. Smith ' 62 Toronto Desmond E. Espley ,66 UCLA Warren H. Crowell '27 Fred C. McPherson '39 Union Everett Davenport '25 George L. Kellner ' 27 C. Donald Schuman '33 Washington Ford Bratcher '33 Chester V. Clifton, Jf. '35 Washington and Lee Robert E. Martin ' 69 Washington State Lawrence D. Fairbairn '24 Western Ontario George W. Bruner '52 G. Malcolm Morton '41 Western Reserve Robert W. Erb '49 M. Eugene Farley' 48 Williams John P. Schoentgen '25 Wisconsin Thomas L. Trunnell ' 56 Edward S. Vinson '28

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