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The President's Dinner • Thursday, August 28, 1969 135th Leadership Conference and Convention




The Fraternity needs a new editor for the

1947 was

the year it all began. Delta Upsi Ion


was looking for a new QUARTERLY Editor. Quite

That position can he filled either by a second Traveling Representative, who

naturally the magazine was the media used . .. on

will dc\'ote pari of llis time to the work, or by a young man living in New York, or suburbs, employed otherwise, who in bis spare time can bandle the job at a 8tipulated 8um.

the left is the advertisement which Brother Read answered.


Will you please inlOrIIl the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Delta Upsilon Fraternity, 271 Madison Avenue, New York, New Yurk, if you are personally interested, or if YOIl can recommend an. other individual.


didn't seem to affect the publication dates for the

QUARTERLY at all. The magazine moved with Editor Read from New Jersey to Missouri and back to New Jersey. One of the issues was edited between stops on a business trip to the Far East.


of fraternity

journals, Brother Read seldom wrote an Editor's comment, and never a column ... but on occasion a bit of his ever-present wit crept into the pages. Following his first two years as editor, he reported: "Having completed two years as editor, and remaining reasonably unbloody and unbowed ... Somehow a tea dance is bigger news to the average chapter correspondent than a party for a group of orphans ... "


but even the most careful check-

ing, sometimes produced errors: "The penalty for manslaughter being what it is, the editor pleads guilty to two flagrant murders and throws himself on the mercy of the court. Two good brothers buried in the obituary column of the QUARTERLY are, we have on good authority, hale and hearty. Consequently, we hereby restore them to life."



A Salute to the Editor Thursday, August 28, 1969

Invocation .. .... .... .. .... ....... ... .... .... .. .... ... ..... .. .... ... .... .. ... ... .. ... .... ..... ... (audien ce standin g) Introduction of Head Table .. ..... .. .. .... ....... .... ... ..... .. .. ........ ... .. .... .. ............... Toastmaster An Appreci ation of Orville Read Dr. James



Vice-President Delta Upsi Ion Fraternity Presentation of the Missouri Chapter Song ....... .. ...... ...... ... .......... .. ... ... .. .. ....... ...... ... .. .... ...... .. ............ ..... " Hail, Delta Upsilon"

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who was

also Chairman of the Board of Directors at the time, did write a magazine article about the

resu Its


restri cted

ru sh i ng

practices, it was reprinted in 52 of the 61 fraternity magazines, by many IFC's . ..

tho~sands of copies of the reprint have been distributed by the Fraternity. A recently approved Statement of Position on the Fundamentals of Rushing by the College Fratern ity Secretaries Associ ation (overleaf) echoes the




Brother Read's article.



issues of the QUARTERLY, a set of bound volumes to fill a shelf, over 4,864 pages, millions of words,

captions for


graphs, headlines ... this is the substantial evidence of Brother Read's devotion and interest in Delta Upsilon. While editing the magazine, Brother Read found time to serve as a Director of Delta .Upsilon twice, as chairman of the Undergraduate Activities, Financial Program, and a member and chairman of several Review Committees; and to be elected Chairman of the Board and President of the I nternational Fraternity .


College Fraternity Secretaries Association



on the Fundamentals of Rushing

On the basis of experience and collected data, The College Fraternity Secretaries Association believes that those systems of rushing are most productive and beneficial which

• Are "open," without restrictive regulations; • Are individual and personal in approach; • Are open to all, without registration or charge; • Minimize inter-fraternity and chapter expenses; • Emphasize useful information; • 'Start at the earliest time and continue throughout the calendar year; • Encourage upperclass, transfer and graduate pledging.

The College Fraternity Secretaries Association will be pleased to provide advisory services to any inter-fraternity organization which wishes to evaluate its current rushing program.


GLEANINGS ...... ......... ......... ..... .. .. .... .. ............... ... ...... from the

President's Column

For two years, as International President, Orville Read wrote the Report of the President column in the QUARTERLY, highlights reflect his thoughts about Delta Upsilon. "For more than 20 years as editor of this august publication, I've steadfastly resisted the temptation to have an editor's page. Every editor in the world is pretty well convinced that he has the answers to all the problems-or at least the important ones-and all he has to do is to commit his ideas to print and everyone will promptly take heed. This, in actual practice can be pretty frustrati ng, because the record indicates clearly that people don't take heed very faithfu Ily . ..


• • • liThe trouble is, it' s easy for a good chapter to get into difficulty by choosing officers from among the 'nice guys' in the house-running a popularity poll rather than picking men because they have the tough qualities of leadership ... It's a lot, lot harder. .. later on ... to dig up strong undergraduate leadership in a badly-weakened chapter, and it' s pretty difficult too, to bring alumni back into a disheartening situation after they've been rebuffed once or twice."

•• •

"There are many good reasons for expansion. The most compelling of them, it seems to me is this: If we accept the premise that membership in Delta Upsilon is a meaningful experience for undergraduates and that all fraternities are a beneficial addition to the campus, then it follows that we should be interested in making membership available to as many qualified young men as we can within our ability to do so without in any way diluting the quality of Delta Upsilon."

• • • lilt's very rare that a chapter with good alumni interest and support has a bad or extended slump. It's almost equally rare for a chapter to remain consistently strong without alumni interest."

• •• "Most students do not want violence, either on the campus or off. But they do very much want change! They believe that a nation that has the skills and money to send men to the moon has the skills and the money to clean up our rivers and lakes and air, and that a nation that has the money and manpower to wage a war halfway around the world has the ability to clear our slums and to make more rapid progress in the peaceful integration of our races. The more I listen to them, the less I am inclined to disagree."


The Delta Upsilon Quarterly is the official voice of the Delta Upsilon International Fraternity.