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2 Tempo • Howards Grove Progress 2016 • Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Turning Ideas into Reality since 1984, the ConceptWorks Family of Businesses: 920-693-8163 920-565-3099 920-693-8163

Tempo • Howards Grove Progress 2016 • Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Harvest Home serving community for 10 years We interviewed Beth Pahmeier, owner and administrator of Harvest Home Assisted Living in Howards Grove. Pahmeier is proud to share that she and her husband Fred Pahmeier opened Harvest Home in the summer of 2006 and have been serving Howards Grove and the surrounding community ever since, celebrating 10 years in the business. Beth has been working in senior long term care for over 25 years as a dietitian and administrator for large corporations and loves the opportunity to better serve the senior population as a small business owner. Harvest Home began in Howards Grove as an eight bed CBRF (community based residential facility) in 2006 and has since moved its location to 2003 Appletree Road in Howards Grove in 2012 and expanded to two eight bed CBRF homes that serve seniors and those with memory loss/dementia. Each building is home to eight residents who have private bedrooms with private bathrooms. Now by 2017, we will be adding two more eight bed homes specializing in dementia care. Harvest Home is staffed with experienced caregivers, well-trained in the latest interventions of dementia care. The administrative team consists of Beth, the administrator/owner/dietitian; Rachael Valukas – LPN/daily operations manager; Ken Schmitz – RN, Rick Videkovich (also on-call LPN) and along with Fred Pahmeier – buildings and grounds; Jane Duchow – on-call LPN;

and Wendi Eagan, Activities/Marketing Coordinator. Beth, Rachael, Wendi and Rick are all certified dementia practitioners. Most of our caregivers have been with us for years. We have very little turn over in staff. Harvest Home provides 24/7 care and assistance with bathing, medication management, nurse monitoring, therapies, podiatry, in-house beauty salon, visits from local clergy and other meaningful activities and outings, and of course, home-cooked meals made from scratch. Pahmeier said, “At Harvest Home, we recognize that we may not be able to cure diseases or fix all for the problems that come with ‘old age’, but we strongly believe that we can help people better manage them. Our tag line states: Where the Aging live with Purpose and Grace. We stand behind this mission and daily promote this goal by planning activities designed with each resident’s interests and abilities in mind. We are committed to making ‘old age’ better.” As for the two new eight bed homes coming in January of 2017, they will specialize further in the moderate and end-stage dementia, with secured doors and enclosed courtyards. All staff will be experienced and trained in dementia care. Pahmeier says they are working closely with the building contractors to have the latest home design for dementia care. Turn to harvest home/page 5

A happy Harvest Home resident enjoys a laugh with a Harvest Home caretaker while enjoying nice weather.

An upcoming event for Harvest Home Assisted Living is the Walk to End Alzheimer’s scheduled for Sept. 10 at Evergreen Park.

What’s everyone barking about? 2800 sq. ft. • Wheelchair accessible Boarding Cats & Dogs of all sizes 22 kennels, 14 large and 2 multi-dog Small dog kennel area Separate cat boarding area 40 x 70 ft. play area with tree Grooming

Thank you for a successful 6 years!

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Drop-off & pick-up between 6am and 6pm

Awarded 2016 Reader’s Choice Awards for Pet Grooming and Pet Boarding/ Day Care

Animals are out of kennel every 2 hours for bathroom break or playtime Special needs services included Local vet on call 24/7 Reasonable rates Multiple pet discounts available

36x40 addition, 28x28 indoor training area, 4 – 8x8 indoor/ outdoor kennels

Happy Tails Pet Grooming & Boarding

New & Ready for Spring 2017!

N7894 Hwy. 42 Sheboygan • 920-912-6066 Just off I43 near Howards Grove High School Convenient to airport

Now offering dog training with Ruff Academy. Call for details 920-277-7473.


Tempo • Howards Grove Progress 2016 • Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Development destination

Hillcrest Builders dots HG area with home opportunities By Mark Sherry Anyone looking to build a home, buy an existing home, sell a home, or remodel a home in the greater Howards Grove area would be wise to begin that process with Hillcrest Builders. Not only does Hillcrest do all the above, it also offers numerous community developments throughout the area to offer customers a tremendous choice of where they can live. Just a short drive south of Howards Grove via STH 32 at the intersection of CTH O is Pigeon Creek, a community dotted with Hillcrest’s usual top-quality homes along with some remaining lots ready for the next home to be constructed. Pigeon Creek offers an exceptional location as it provides the feel of rural/ suburban living but is a very short drive away from connecting to STH 23 and I-43 as well as the amenities of Howards Grove, Sheboygan Falls, and Sheboygan. Pigeon Creek is just one of six Hillcrest communities in the Sheboygan area. Also in Sheboygan Falls are Highland Hills Estates and Willow Creek, and in Sheboygan are Green Meadows, Mueller Fields, and Windmor Estates. A person does not have to drive much further to check out additional Hillcrest communities in cities such as Plymouth, Kiel, and New Holstein. Gaining momentum Hillcrest Builders owner Oyvind Solvang said he has found that the success of residential developments can be equated to the proverbial snowball rolling down a hill. The snowball starts small, but as it goes it gains speed and size until it has become all that it can be. Solvang said more area homeowners are now finding they can sell their existing homes for much closer to a fair market price, enabling them to have more equity to put toward constructing a new home—perhaps the home of their dreams. A great advantage of Hillcrest Builders is that they are more than a construction company—they also have in-house realtors who can sell that existing home and help arrange everything for a smooth transition into the family’s next home. Also helping the home market to bounce back is the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s loan program. Do not be distracted by the name of the sponsoring federal agency—those homes do not have to be out in the country. Rather, the program is designed to assist smaller communities with development. The USDA loan program offers zero down payment and provides home ownership as a real alternative for people who are currently renting. It is one of the best zero down payment 30-year fixed rate loans which exists for first-time home buyers. The guidelines are flexible, but they may change in the coming year so USDA officials are encouraging people to take advantage of this program now before it is too late. Also, there are no loan limits but income limitations do apply based on the county in which the family is going to purchase the home in and their family size. Solvang said those limits in this area are in the range of $80,000 to $120,000, so people should not assume the income limits are so low that they will not qualify. Minimum credit scores also apply but they are reasonably set. Finally, the USDA program offers a low annual fee which is less than mort-

The lot next to the Hillcrest home pictured above is for sale, while finishing touches are put on another home (below).

gage insurance on a Federal Housing Administration loan so people are able to put zero down and obtain a lower payment than a FHA loan with a down payment. “I would say it’s a great starting point,” Solvang said of the USDA program. “The financing market is back, but not in a crazy way like it was before the crash. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re wondering if you’re in the ballpark,” he stated. Hillcrest Builders has also bolstered its standard feature offerings between its Value Line and its Premium Line. This includes standard 2x6 construction with OSB sheeting and excellent insulation, Solvang said. Solvang has a degree in mechanical engineering, and has found this to be a great asset when evaluating the best energy features and soundest construction while choosing the best value for Hillcrest’s customers. Hillcrest Builders now offers almost 50 standard building plans, but the company’s longtime willingness to customize plans—giving customers exactly what they want—really provides infinite

possibilities. Plans which offer multigenerational living options—such as an area in the residence for an elderly parent to live—are becoming more popular. Hillcrest Builders also has new ranch home plans with the popular open concepts which home owners seem to like these days. All about land and plans Solvang said Hillcrest’s success in development has been relatively simple. “Land and plans, plans and land,” he said. “Number one, have the right location, and then have the right plans—and we have both.” Beyond those plans, Hillcrest Builders also stays on top of the latest offerings when it comes to how to build those homes and what to put inside them. From premium line quartz counter tops to laminate flooring, new energy efficient walls, and so much more, Hillcrest Builders has it included. An interesting trend Solvang has noted is empty nester couples building new homes. There are several reasons for

that—available equity, the ability to live at home longer these days, and the desire and ability to build a home which is ready for a person’s older years. Solvang said he sees empty nesters wanting simpler homes with features such as zero steps from the garage to the home and easy access throughout it, including a spacious master bath with no-curb walkin showers made with no-grout tile replacement materials for no maintenance. He said it is good to have such things in place even before they are needed. “It’s like bringing the umbrella so it doesn’t rain,” he said. “We often bring it up even if the customer hasn’t thought about it. It’s just good, solid planning.” Good, solid plans and good, solid homes is a great way to describe Hillcrest Builders. Whether it is the young, first-time home buyer or the couple heading into retirement, now is a great time to get into a great home in a great location such as Pigeon Creek or any of Hillcrest’s other communities. “It’s very, very attainable for someone to get into a good home now,” Solvang said.

Tempo • Howards Grove Progress 2016 • Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Harvest Home Some techniques that Harvest Home uses currently and will continue to use are aroma therapy, music therapy, validation technique and separate sensory stimulation rooms along with simplified activities, just to name a few. Harvest Home is involved in the Dementia Care Network and Continuum of Care Coalition for Sheboygan County. “We are committed to providing dementia education and awareness for the community in which we serve,” says Pahmeier. Upcoming events include the Walk to End Alzheimer’s on Sept. 10 at Evergreen Park, a senior fall event in October

continued from page 3 hosted by Harvest Home at the Howards Grove Village Senior Center, and open houses scheduled at Harvest Home when the new buildings are complete. We invite you to join our team for the Alzheimer’s Walk, check out our Web site ( and look for us on Facebook. We are looking for caring staff for our new buildings as well. As for availability and room reservations either now or in the future, you can call Beth anytime at (920) 901-9482 for a personal tour or for more information. You can also stop in at 2003 and 2005 Appletree Rd. in Howards Grove.

Harvest Home Assisted Living has two eight-bed homes in Howards Grove and will add two additional eight-bed homes by January 2017. Faye Burg photo

Howards Grove Progress briefs 2016

Schmidts get pet tails wagging

Diana and Randy Schmidt started Happy Tails Pet Grooming from their basement in May 2008. With the expansion of their business in 2010, they built a 2,800 square foot state-of-the-art grooming and boarding facility which offers boarding for cats and dogs of all sizes, 22 kennels, 14 large and two multi-dog, small dog kennel area, separate cat boarding area, 40x70 foot outdoor play area, and an indoor play area. Ready for spring 2017 will be an additional training area and indoor/outdoor

kennels. Happy Tails has been awarded the 2016 Readers Choice Award for pet grooming and pet boarding/day care. Animals are out of the kennel every two hours for a bathroom break and playtime. Special needs services include a local vet on-call 24/7 and wheelchair accessibility. Happy Tails Pet Grooming has reasonable rates and multiple pet discounts. Grooming hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Boarding hours for drop-off and pick-up are 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. or by appointment. There is limited pick-ups on Sundays and holidays. Happy Tails Pet Grooming is located at N7894 STH 42, Sheboygan. Call (920) 912-6066 for more information.

A resident at Harvest Home Assisted Living in Howards Grove enjoys the homelike atmosphere. Faye Burg photo

Rewards for Good Choices Step-Up Checking now offers young adults rewards for making good financial choices. Learn more -

Howards Grove | 920.565.3351 | 211 N Wisconsin Drive Member FDIC


Tempo • Howards Grove Progress 2016 • Tuesday, August 23, 2016

ConceptWorks hunts for new ideas By Mike Mathes Innovative thinking is being paired with manufacturing know-how to open new product lines at ConceptWorks. Known for its unique ability to produce creative solutions for customers, ConceptWorks blends its talents in working with wood-based solutions, along with the advantages of fiberglassreinforced plastic fabrications learned through the acquisition of Mekco to broaden its productivity. Adam Schneider, ConceptWorks president/CEO said Mekco’s affinity for working with fiberglass has helped the newly acquired company make inroads to markets where materials must be anticorrosive, lightweight, and robust. Originally headquartered out of Cleveland, Mekco has created fiberglass components for items such as small sand and salt boxes, to calf hutches, silo caps and eventually growing into buildings used to house wastewater treatment equipment, nuclear power structures and instrument landing systems at airports. Mekco has constructed weather observatory shelters in Alaska, as well as radar sheltering devices for NASA. “Mekco had learned to utilize the advantages of fiberglass to develop high quality products in niche markets. Mekco had a great attention to detail and a high level of skills, and that’s what we thrive on at ConceptWorks,” Schneider said. The acquisition has enabled crossover of skill sets and employees, as well as product lines and potential new product. Additionally, the acquisition ties into growth marked by a continuing bump in the work force team—now 42 employees a six-fold increase in just seven years. Manufacturing facilities at the Sheboygan County location have expanded with the additional of 7,200 square feet of working space added last October. New product lines ConceptWorks’ ever-searching vision for new products has begun to churn out unique product lines fed by new diversity of fiberglass fabrication. “We started asking ourselves how we could use the Mekco advantages to produce more and more unique product lines,” Schneider reflected. “The innovation engine is always churning here, and it didn’t take long to come up with 40 or so new product ideas.” Since the ConceptWorks team has a lot of people with a passion for the outdoors, a new potential market and new products began to surface in the idea-shaping process. “We spun off a sub-set brand that became the hybrid of ConceptWorks and Mekco capabilities, known as Mekco Outdoors.” The Hunt Locker was the first such product, a Mekco Outdoors-produced fiberglass containment vessel with 75 gallons of storage capacity. Outdoor enthusiasts can situate and secure these lockers in their favorite outdoor sports location to store all their gear near where they will use it in the woods. Forget about rust, corrosion or water problems. Gear is stored safely in the lockable container. “Why should hunters lug all their gear out to the woods and back. They can just store items like seats, backpacks, decoys and such in the Hunt Locker, and it’s there for you every time you go back,” Schneider said. Gardeners might be able to store tools, seeds and bulbs. For those that camp, firewood and charcoal can be kept safe and dry. For areas where hunters are allowed to

The Timber Locker is the newest innovation from Mekco Outdoors, a subsidiary of ConceptWorks. Demonstrated by company president/CEO Adam Schneider, the Timber Locker is designed to help outdoor sporstmen and women carry their necessities into the woods or onto the ice in organized, efficient and quiet fashion, helping to optimize their hunting and fishing experiences.

use bait, the Hunt Locker works as an inthe-field storage solution to avoid hauling bait into the woods on a daily basis. What’s more, the fiberglass product can painted or hydro-dipping to match surrounding environments. Timber Locker added The newest Mekco Outdoors product offering is known as the Timber Locker. Geared for the sportsman or woman, the Timber Locker provides storage that is resistant to weather, scents or UV impact. Made from a hydro-dipped fiberglass shell, the Timber Locker offers great storage options for archers going up a tree, or for those venturing onto the ice for some winter fishing action. “The whole concept is about saving outdoorsmen time by making them more efficient. The Timber Locker has an integrated MOLLE system for strapping things on. “It gives the owner a place to strap on accessories, as well as putting things in places where they best fit,” Schneider said. “It can be used in an infinite amount of combinations,” he added. The Timber Locker can be carried into the woods as a backpack, or it is engineered to be mounted on to an all-terrain vehicle. However, the Timber Locker is stay in the woods attached to tree for the entire, unlike a traditional backpack. Carry it by the handle, a back strap, hoist it on your back, or haul it like a suitcase. Schneider said the Timber Locker is designed to make hunters more efficient, more organized and a lot quieter as they move in and out of the woods. In addition, the Timber Locker can be strapped to a tree, to make it easily accessible for the tree stand hunter. Design-to-market The Timber Locker symbolizes the ability of Concept Works to take ideas to reality in a short time frame. In just three short months, the product was taken from the idea stage to a consumer ready piece that was a big hit at Deer Fest, held at the Washington

County Fairgrounds. “We worked from sketches on May 10, then created the tooling to take out to Osman to create our fiberglass molds,” Schneider said. Along the way, Mekco Outdoors also obtained the patent applications for the new product and put it into production in time for the product’s unveiling. The camouflaged Timber Locker was a huge hit. “We had so many people come up and tell us, how cool the product is. We had great feedback. Schneider said his company has hopes that the Timber Locker’s success will spill over into the ice fishing season. It’s the ideal sturdy, dependable replacement for those 5 gallon buckets, without the breaking and spilling of gear. “The Timber Locker is a really robust piece of equipment. We make a video driving a Jeep over one of the models. The nine-pound fiberglass shell was able to withstand the weight of a two-ton Jeep,” he said. “For many years, we have been helping our customers design and make their own products,” he said. “Now, it’s fun to be developing products of our own, too. But, it can be a humbling experience.” Other fiberglass products Mekco Outdoors also produces complete hunting blinds made with fiberglass components. “They offer great creature comfort for the hunter and archer in the field, complete with windows that fold up and down,” Schneider said. “You could almost take it camping if you wished.” Several other products are in development mode. All products will carry the common theme of providing a robust product for the outdoor enthusiast. Mekco Outdoors focus is on a long-lasting product-line – capable of being passed down like an heirloom. Mekco Outdoors’ tag-line is: built for the next generation. Lasting quality “We want to produce durable goods that will last 30, 40 or 50 years, and the fiberglass components allow us to do just that,” Schneider added.

This spring, the company launched a new website to serve this new product line. New life is continually being added to that site, with options for customers to purchase and pick up outdoor products from the Osman location. “It’s our first real true product line, our first effort to put a product out there with a price tag on it,” Schneider said. “And it’s all possible because of the great, talented staff we have here in Sheboygan and Manitowoc County.” Like the Marine Corps, ConceptWorks embraces the philosophy that they will improvise, adapt and overcome. It’s a philsophy that has helped Schneider earn recent honors from the Sheboygan County Chamber of Commerce as Entrepreneur of the Year. For ConceptWorks, the results are stunning new opportunities for an evergrowing business.

Howards Grove Progress briefs

Quality work for over 45 years

Damrow Construction Co., Inc. has been known for quality home construction, remodeling, additions, siding and windows for over 40 years. Tom’s Cabinet Corner (a division of Damrow Construction Co., Inc.) is known for its beautiful custom kitchens and all types of custom cabinetry. They work with the customer throughout the project, from the idea stage to preparing estimates at no charge, to rough construction, to finish work with the finest details. No job is too big or too small. Tom F. Damrow Sr. is the president of the company. The business is located at 308 N. Wisconsin Dr. in Howards Grove. Call 565-2426 or e-mail for more information.

Tempo • Howards Grove Progress 2016 • Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Taking a step up

National Exchange Bank account aids young adults

The National Exchange Bank StepUp Checking account is a step towards financial independence for young adults; with this account young adults are rewarded for making good financial choices. “Step-Up Checking is perfect for me,” said Olivia Graham, a sophomore at St. Norbert College in De Pere. Graham heard of the new product in development last summer when she was asked to be a part of the test group. Prior to the product’s release in October, Graham enrolled and provided bank decision makers with her feedback. “I was especially excited about the ATM Fee Refunds. When I am away at school, it’s super convenient for me to use any ATM I come across, and I get e-mail notifications sent directly to my phone, so I know when I meet the qualifications.” With Step-Up Checking, young adults under age 26 earn ATM fee refunds and interest bonuses for meeting certain qualifications. To qualify for rewards, account holders need to enroll in eStatements for all their accounts and then follow one of two paths—maintain a balance of $200 in a combination of accounts of go electronic by having a direct deposit or Remote Check Deposit of more than $25, using their debit card four or more times and limiting checks to less than three in a month. “Meeting the qualifications has not been an issue for me,” Graham said. “Enrolling in eStatements meant I no longer had to deal with the paper state-

The staff at the Howards Grove location of National Exchange Bank & Trust is comprised of (from left) Sierra Birr, Cheryl Klauck, Tracy Kracht, Lori Korlesky, Carol Knoener, Diane Sabrowksy, and Timothy Stielow. Not pictured is Sharleen Meinnert. Mark Sherry photo

ment that contained information I was already reviewing online.” Step-Up Checking customers can track their qualification progress and their rewards in Exchange OnLine, Internet Banking, which inspires young people to start a healthy habit of moni-

toring their finances. “It’s exciting to see the rewards I’ve earned and I remember to look at my accounts on a regular basis now,” she said. Statistics show that teens with a checking account are better prepared to handle their finances than ones with access to

plastic. To learn more, visit National Exchange Bank & Trust at or stop in any of the 27 offices throughout southeast Wisconsin. National Exchange Bank & Trust is a locally owned, independent bank.


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Ask Us about our Trenchless technology – Less Mess!


Tempo • Howards Grove Progress 2016 • Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Cleveland State Bank uses ‘Lending Tag Team’ The core of Cleveland State Bank’s value statement is to “Make a difference in someone’s life.� Recent additions to the CSB staff effortlessly live this statement and are eager to work with area businesses in the community who share the same values. Cari Sabel and Brad Dassler are CSB’s “Lending Tag Team.� Their ultimate goal is to promote financial growth for area businesses, on both a commercial and personal level, while sustaining the growth of Cleveland State Bank. Cari and Brad both bring to the team an essence of pride for the community and respect for the people they serve.

2008 with a bachelor’s degree in finance, he decided to return to his roots and create a home in Cleveland with his wife, Anna. To further his lending knowledge, Brad is continuing his education with Wisconsin Banker’s Association.

“Lending Tag Team� focus Although Cari’s expertise is distinctly developed in the agricultural lending field, she has experience working with businesses of all types—production agriculture as well as small business. She thrives to understand your specific operation and find the best solution to allow you to be successful and prosperous. The definitive goal is minimizing interest rate risk coupled with appropriate loan structuring to allow for positive cash flow and proper balance sheet growth. One of Cari’s many resources include her working knowledge of the USDA-FSA direct and guarantee loan program. Brad will review your options so your personal finance needs match your business needs. He will walk you through the pre-qualification process and review your lending portfolio in order to obtain a long-term, fixed-rate loan, to diversify your risks as the market changes. There are many loan options available for your specific needs including bridge and construction loans. For more than 100 years, Cleveland State Bank has been providing financial solutions for the neighboring communities. Cleveland State Bank has two convenient locations, Cleveland and Howards Grove; however, for even more convenience, CSB’s “Lending Tag Team� has no geographic boundaries and will travel directly to you.

About the “Lending Tag Team� Lending and finances have been Cari’s focus for over 30 years throughout the surrounding counties and continues to be her focus as part of the Agriculture & Business Services team at Cleveland State Bank. She currently serves on the Ag Advisory Committee for Fox Valley Technical College and is an active member of the Chilton FFA Alumni. Her involvement in the community, and the relationship she has with the people in the community, is a vital quality for which she continually strives. Cari resides in Calumet County with her husband Gerald and has four grown daughters. Brad grew up with small community values that convey in his position as a consumer and mortgage lender. Growing up and working with his father at the family business in Cleveland provided him the opportunity to create a connection to the village and the people who reside there. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh in

Ready. Set. Save on Kubota’s BX Series Sub-Compact Tractors.


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Cari Sabel and Brad Dassler form the “Lending Tag Team� at Cleveland State Bank, which has locations in Cleveland and Howards Grove. Sabel and Dassler are always willing to travel to the customer to provide lending assistance.

Cari and Brad are proud to be part of Cleveland State Bank’s history and look forward to continuing Cleveland State Bank’s tradition to “Make a difference in

Thanks for making the Tempo your favorite advertising source between the lakes! Place a classified ad by calling 894-2828.

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Offers end 9/30/16.

Feldmann Sales & Service, Inc. 1014 S. Wisconsin Drive Howards Grove,WI 53083 (920) 565-3939

someone’s life� by fulfilling the client’s financial needs with their best interest in mind.

Veneers Dentures Endodontics TMJ Treatment

n Crowns and Bridges n General Dental Procedures STEVEN R. LINDSTROM DDS, SC HENRY D. ROSSI III DDS General Dentistry


Š Kubota Tractor Corporation, 2016

617 Ethan Allen Drive • Howards Grove, WI 920-565-3369 • Open Mon-Thu 8am-5pm


Tempo • Howards Grove Progress 2016 • Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Howards Grove Progress briefs 2016

Lincoln Street offers relaxation

Lincoln Street Sports Bar and Grill, owned and operated by Tim Petrie, opened in June 2007. The establishment has continued to maintain its goal of a feel good, relaxing atmosphere to watch sports and visit with friends over a cocktail or beer. The food has become a staple for many of the locals who have come to know the daily specials by heart and praise the wings and hand-pattied burgers as the best in the area. Petrie said, “Changes of course eventually happen and we try to listen to our customers. Recently we have introduced new pastas on Thursday nights and a BBQ rib plate on Saturdays that have both been a hit. Friday night fish has always been a hit but our grilled salmon has given customers something new and healthy to try.” He added, “We plan on continuing with our league activities as our washer toss league is going on six years now and look forward to expanding our teams in pool leagues or starting dart or bean bag teams to anyone out there who is interested. “Our outdoor patio is available so people can enjoy food or a cocktail outside and view race cars from Road America.” Lincoln Street continues to host more and more benefits for clubs, social groups and for individuals or families facing unfortunate medical or financial circumstances. “We believe in trying to help make a difference, and having a place to go and friendly staff to help make their event and day easier is worth

it,” Petrie said. Hours of operation are Mondays through Wednesdays, 4 p.m. to close; and Thursdays through Sundays, 11:30 a.m. to close.

Inside Out offers interior design

Based in Howards Grove, Inside Out Designs LLC offers window treatments and home decorating designs and products. In the area of window treatments, Inside Out Designs offers customers a variety of custom options to bring more color and personality into the home. They also offer a variety of drapes and shades to keep rooms as light or dark as people want them. Window treatments—created on site in Inside Out Designs’ own workroom—include draperies, valances, cornices, swags, vertical blinds, mini blinds, shades, B & W natural, grass, and arched. In the area of home decorating, Inside Out Designs offers all the products people need for their home. Turn a living room into a functional room for parties, or make the bedroom an oasis to which to escape. In addition to interior design services, Inside Out also offers help with lamps, lighting, bed ensembles, and specialty items. Inside Out Designs is located at 1113 Millersville Ave. in Howards Grove. Call (920) 565-3411 for more information. Business hours are Mondays to Fridays, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; or Saturdays by appointment.

Visit our store in Howards Grove

21 Century st


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• Largest Selection of Bird Seed & Feeders in Sheboygan County • Large Selection of Dog, Cat & Companion Animal Feeds • And Much More

Badger Hatchery Inc. 1412 S. Wisconsin Drive, Howards Grove 920-565-3371 • Monday - Friday 8am-5pm • Saturday 8am-Noon



Tempo • Howards Grove Progress 2016 • Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Meiselwitz offers quality furnishings By Faye Burg In business since 1898, family owned Meiselwitz Furniture continues to offer new and exciting fine home furnishings to their customers. Operated for the last 35 years by Mike and Bill Curry, Meiselwitz Furniture is located at 328 Fremont Street in Kiel; the same location the business began in when founded by C.J. Meiselwitz in 1898. Meiselwitz Furniture has recently worked to upgrade their website to offer increased web services and information to customers. “We are excited about our new website from Delta Publications,” Mike Curry said. “Mike Mathes and Pam Mathes have done an outstanding job, and we have received many compliments on our new site located at” Fourth generation owners Bill and Mike are also excited to be celebrating their 118th year with a new mattress gallery opening within the next several weeks. “We feature Restonic mattresses,” Bill said. “The best two sided mattress construction in the U.S.A. and the winner of the 2011-2016 Women’s Choice Award.” Consumer best buy awards The Women’s Choice standards rated Restonic excellent in several areas including the likelihood that women consumers would recommend a Restonic mattress to their family and friends. More than 96 percent of the women polled said they would. Other standards included the salesperson’s knowledge, women-friendly customer service, high

level of product satisfaction, and other aspects that women value and trust in a brand. Restonic has received more Consumer Digest Best Buy awards than any other company, Bill added. “For the consumer looking for an alternative from one sided backs that sink, sag and get too soft, our new gallery will offer over 25 different comfort levels.” “All Restonic beds from our Midwest franchise use components made in Wisconsin,” Bill said. “Only two sided beds have the marvelous middle support system to prevent sinking and sagging.” A new Restonic Reality App is available for Apple and Android services where customers can find more information on Restonic products. New Flexsteel furniture Currently featured in the Meiselwitz show window is the new Flexsteel furniture introductions from the 2016 Las Vegas Furniture market. “Flexsteel actually is 10 different furniture companies in one,” Bill explained. “Flexsteel Home New World headquarters is located in Dubuque, Iowa. They offer a lifetime warranty on the seat, frame, and seat cushion core.” Flexsteel products include sofas, sectionals, accent chairs, occasional, motion, reclining, bedroom, dining, and home office furniture. The furniture is beautifully tailored and crafted using lifetime-guaranteed, blue steel seat spring construction. Custom orders on over 1,200 styles with thousands of fabrics and hundreds of leathers are available by visiting

Flexsteel furniture and Restonic mattresses are just a few of the popular fine furnishings offered at Meiselwitz Furniture in Kiel. Faye Burg photo

Flexsteel began in 1893, and Meiselwitz Furniture has been an authorized dealer of Flexsteel for over 75 years. “The power reclining sofa, loveseat, and recliner are very popular and are offered in fabric, leather and the new Nuvo leather,” Bill said. “We have over 15 different styles of Flexsteel lift reclining chairs in stock.” Meiselwitz Furniture has furnished homes for the Sheboygan County Parade of Homes held during September for the last 25 years and enjoys participating in the annual event.

Meiselwitz Furniture is located on the corner of Fourth and Fremont streets and can be reached at (920) 894-2250. Open seven days a week, they invite you to visit their showroom. “We offer free delivery and interior design services are available.” “We look forward to assisting you with all your home furnishing needs. From bedding to dining room to living room selections, C. J. Meiselwitz proudly offers the finest brands and the most intriguing design selections.”


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2004 Dodge Dakota


Text 36BZto 27414. Stk. #916006.

Text 3HEUto 27414. Stk. #915017.



$5,500 1999 GMC Suburban Stk. #14125B. Text 3.00E+98 TO 27414..................................... $5,900 2004 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Stk. #14024A. Text 2ZZB TO 27414 ............................................. $5,900 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe Stk. #15046B. Text 3BOZ TO 27414............................................. $9,900 Stk. #14044A. Text 2KXX TO 27414 ............................................




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2005 Chevrolet Tahoe


$11,900 2009 GMC Sierra 1500 Stk. #15137A. Text 5A48 TO 27414 ..........................................$19,500 2010 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Stk. #16107A. Text 4BVT TO 27414.........................................$20,900 2011 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Stk. #16125A. Text 35RL TO 27414.......................................... $21,500 Stk. #16101A. Text DVC3 TO 27414 .........................................

Serving you for 3 Generations! SALES DEPARTMENT HOURS:

Mon & Thu 8-7 • Tue, Wed & Fri 8-5:30 • Sat 8-1


(866) 439-8641


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2014 Chevrolet Equinox

$21,900 2009 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Stk. #16132A. Text 2ZXT TO 27414..........................................$21,900 2013 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Stk. #16128A. Text 37US TO 27414.........................................$22,500 2010 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Stk. #16040A. Text 4BQH TO 27414 ......................................$22,500 2007 Cadillac Escalade Stk. #15183A. Text 35VV TO 27414.........................................$22,500 2011 GMC Sierra 1500 Stk. #16113A. Text 39VV TO 27414 .........................................$25,900 2013 GMC Sierra 1500 Stk. #15189A. Text 6X0W TO 27414 .......................................$32,900 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe Stk. #15129A. Text 3BDH TO 27414........................................$38,900 Stk. #16112A. Text 52TX TO 27414...........................................


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Howards Grove Progress briefs 2016

Badger Hatchery serves since 1930

Badger Hatchery, Inc. is a family owned and run business that has been serving Wisconsin agriculture since

1930. “This is an independent, family business focused on serving our community and industry as best we can,” said owner Greg Grube. Grube’s parents had owned the business since 1963 and operated it until 2008, when he and his wife Gail bought

KLEMME’S WAGON WHEEL A Family Owned & Operated Restaurant Since 1972

Howards Grove • 920-565-2325

it from them. Together, they continue to offer a variety of agricultural supplies and services for their customers at Badger Hatchery. “We will custom make feed for anyone, anywhere,” Grube said. A feed consultant is available to assist in creating solutions for customers. Forage testing and computerized rationing is provided to make sure proportions are met while staying efficient. Most importantly, Badger Hatchery will mix custom



feeds to meet the needs of customers. Badger Hatchery often provides feed for pigs, deer, alpaca, horses, cows, chickens, and pets as well. At the store, customers can find Doboy Feeds and Purina Chows. The feed store at Badger Hatchery provides a wealth of products to fulfill almost any need including health aids, hardware, pond/landscaping supplies, and pet feeds. To contact them call (920) 565-3371.

Ask About Financing Options

Known for broasted chicken, fish fry, steaks, homemade soups and desserts! Banquet space available.

CUB CADET PRO Z 160L Zero Turn

ons CongratuMelaat ti Market

• 27hp Kohler Twin EFI • 60” Fabricated Deck • Suspension Seat


Sale P



Cub Cadet LX46 • 24hp Kohler Twin • Hydrostatic Drive • 46” Mower Deck

Howards Grove

The State of Wisconsin, offi ficce of the Governor,, honors the


Sale P

Howards Grovve Meat Market


on theiir 125th Anniversaryy Jeff and Ross Gumiieny, prroprietors




Sale P


1,+9ta9x 9

Cub Cadet Z Force SX54

• 24hp Kawasaki Twin • Steering Wheel Controlled Zero Turn • 54” Fabricated Mower Deck

Madson’s Service, Inc.

211 1 S. Wis scon nsin n Drive, Howa ards Grovve

920-565-2 2215

5,7ta9x 9

114 S. 2nd Ave., St. Nazianz • (920) 773-2661 •

est. 1891





electrical water systems plumbing

Owners Left - Right: Andy Schueler, VP; Scott Sixel, Secretary/Treasurer; Mike Milbrath, President; Michael Baumann, VP

In 1957, Ralph Sixel started his own electrical and plumbing business and named it R.L. Sixel Electric. Ralph worked on his own out of his garage on Dairyland Drive. As his business grew, his sons, Gary Sixel and Jeffrey Sixel, along with Leonard Schwinn came on board. After many years of work they were able to expand into a larger shop. After 28 years in business Ralph retired on December 31, 1985. Gary, Jeffrey & Leonard purchased R. L. Sixel Electric and renamed it Sixel & Schwinn, Inc. In 2001, Scott Sixel and Mike Milbrath became partners with Gary, Jeffrey & Leonard. Soon after, as the business continued to grow, land was purchased to build a new shop located at N7677 Rangeline Road, Sheboygan, which is our workplace today.

Sheboygan, WI 53083


Call us today! 920-565-2131


In 2012, Gary relinquished his ownership with Sixel & Schwinn, Inc. but remains a part-time employee. On January 1, 2016, both Jeffrey and Leonard relinquished their ownership. Leonard has retired and Jeffrey remains as an employee through December 2016. On January 1, 2016, Andrew Schueler and Michael Baumann joined Scott and Mike to become the current owners of Sixel & Schwinn, Inc. In the past 50 years our highly qualified employees and the commitment to our customers has made Sixel and Schwinn, Inc. the dedicated business that we are today. For all your electrical, plumbing, water system & sump pump needs, call us at (920) 565-2131. We provide service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Andy Schueler Electrical

Mike Milbrath Water Systems

Scott Sixel Electrical

Michael Baumann Plumbing


Tempo • Howards Grove Progress 2016 • Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Howards Grove Progress briefs 2016

Edgewood Pools founded in 1979

Edgewood Pools & Spas of Howards Grove was founded in 1979 on the principles of hard work, exceptional customer service and a focused attitude. It is these qualities that keep customers satisfied. The company has built many pools in the area and has a list of references available upon request. Summer hours are Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Edgewood Pools & Spas is located at 1003 N. Wisconsin Dr. Call (920) 5652606 for more information.

Franklin Haus celebrates history

tomers in eastern Wisconsin. Sixel & Schwinn has served customers with electrical, plumbing, water system, and sump pump needs since 1986. Whether it is a new venture or maintaining existing systems, their experienced and licensed employees will walk customers through each step of the way. They will recommend energy saving options for long-term efficiency. Sixel & Schwinn brings technology and experience to projects. More specifically, Sixel & Schwinn provides services in new construction, remodeling, plumbing design, pump repair and installation, excavation of underground water and drain lines, water conditioning, faucet repair and installation, water heater repair and replacement, RP valve testing, and garbage disposal installation, repair and replacement. For more information call (920) 5652131. Emergency service is provided 24 hours per day.

Established in 1857, Franklin Haus Village Hall, Tavern & Market is complemented by a scenic Sheboygan River view. From the “spring” dance floor hall with original lighted German immigrant well, to the smoke-free gilded tavern with 10 local brews on tap, and a large selection of Wisconsin wines to sip, people can relax and slow their pace. Family, business and community events are welcome in the historic setting. In addition to featuring Wisconsin food products, Franklin Haus offers locally made artisan goods. A growing selection of hand-crafted products includes caramel corn, honey, sorghum, CDs, candles, ethnic and local history books, cards, gift bags, and much more. Recently introduced are Franklin Haus brats which are 85 percent lean. With special spices and no preservatives, these brats are prepared and packaged by Miesfelds. Franklin Haus is nestled between Howards Grove and Elkhart Lake in Sheboygan County at the Sheboygan River in the village of Franklin. The address is N8133 Franklin Rd., Plymouth. C. A. Rittenhouse is the proprietor of Franklin Haus. For more information call (920) 565-2565; e-mail wicar@tds. net; or check out Franklin Haus is open Fridays through Sundays from 3 p.m. to close. Call to book meetings, parties, weddings, etc. Tour buses and groups are invited. The dance hall can accommodate up to 200 people.

thank you! FOR VOTING US


Advertise in the Delta Publications, Inc. classifieds! Ads automatically go in the Tempo and Tri-County News. Call 894-2828 before 3 p.m. Fridays.

Lulloff Hardware

If you can’t find it here, you probably don’t need it!

Sixel & Schwinn serves wide area

Sixel & Schwinn, Inc. is located between Howards Grove and Sheboygan just off STH 42. This location allows it to serve cus-

Logo can not be smaller than 1 1/2” wide and must have “A” height all the way around the Harman word clearance


All New Hardware, Electrical & Tool Display Aisles

W4024 State Hwy. 32 in the Village of Ada Between Howards Grove & Kiel 920-565-2319 Visit us on Vintage of Ada

Open May-November 1st & 3rd Weekends


Kiel • 920-894-3236

OPEN: Mon.-Fri. 6-6 • Sat. 7-5 • Sun. 9-2

We service what we sell & all others!


Complete design & decorating services inside and out.

One Smooth Ride! 2011 Chevrolet Malibu LS


Auto, 2.4 Liter 4 CYL w\ 6-speed automatic, 34k mi.

2013 Ford Fusion SE



Auto, 2.5 Liter 4 CYL w\ 6-speed automatic, 28k mi.

2013 Ford Taurus Limited

• Custom window treatments designed especially for you in our in-house drapery workroom.


Auto, 3.5 Liter V6 w\ 6-speed automatic, 69k mi.

• Complete interior design services including color consultation.

2014 Chevrolet Cruze LT RS


Auto, 1.4 ECOTEC VVT DOHC 4 CYL, 15k mi.

2013 Chevrolet Malibu LT


Auto, 2.5 Liter 4 CYL w\ 6-speed automatic, 23k mi.

• Complete design showroom.




2015 Hyundai Sonata Sport


Auto, 2.4 Liter GDI 4 CYL w\ 6-speed automatic, 35k mi.



2014 Ford Focus SE Sedan

Auto, 2.0 Liter 4 CYL w\ 6-speed automatic, 30k mi.



2015 Chevrolet Cruze RS LTZ Auto, EcoTec Turbo 1.4L w\ 6-speed automatic, 24k mi.



2015 Chevrolet Cruze 2LT RS Auto, EcoTec Turbo 1.4L w\ 6-speed automatic, 1k mi.



• Service & install everything ourselves.


NSIDE OUT DESIGN Local Personal Service



2014 Buick Verano Turbo Premium Auto, 2.0 Liter Turbo 250 HP w\ 6-speed automatic, 21k mi.


2015 Chevrolet Equinox 2LT FWD


Auto, 2.4 Liter 4 CYL w\ 6-speed automatic, 23k mi.



2013 GMC Terrain SLT FWD


Auto, 2.4 Liter 4 CYL w\ 6-speed automatic, 23k mi.


1113 Millersville Avenue, Howards Grove

920-565-3411 • Website:

SUMMER HOURS NOW THRU LABOR DAY: Mon., Tues., Thurs. 10am-5pm • Wed. 10am-4pm • Closed Fri., Sat & Sun.

Enjoy your golden years.

Auto, 2.0 Liter Ecoboost 4 CYL & z6-speed automatic, 22k mi.



Auto, 5.3L Vortec V8 & 6-speed automatic, 52k mi.


2013 Ford Edge Limited FWD

The Gardens at Felician Village offers independent living in our beautiful garden condos. At The Gardens, you can enjoy all the comforts of home without the inconveniences. No more lawn mowing, leaf raking or snow shoveling. Plus, no condo fees! Anyone 55 years or better is eligible to live here. Let us help make your golden years truly golden.

Call today for a tour!

2010 Chevrolet Silverado Crew-Cab 4WD

2014 Ford Escape Titanium Escape All-Wheel-Drive


Auto, 3.5 Liter V6 w\ 6-speed automatic, 27k mi.


Auto, 3.6 Liter V6 w\ 6-speed automatic, 22k mi.







2015 Ford Escape Titanium All-Wheel-Drive

2013 Ford F150 Short Crew-Cab 4WD XLT

2012 Chevrolet Silverado Crew-Cab 4WD Z-71

Auto, 5.0 Lite V8 & 6-speed automatic, 39k mi.



26,990 29,990

2014 Chevrolet Silverado 2014 Chevrolet Silverado Crew-Cab Z-71 4WD Crew-Cab 4WD Auto, 5.3 Liter V8 ECOTEC3 w\ 6-speed automatic 32k mi.

Auto, 5.3 Liter V8 w\ active fuel management w\ 6-speed automatic, 41k mi.

2015 Chevrolet Impala LTZ

Auto, 3.6 Liter V6 w\ 6-speed automatic, 22k mi.

2015 Buick Lacrosse Premium 2


2012 Chevrolet Silverado Ex-cab 4WD Z-71

Auto, 5.3 Liter V8 ECOTEC3 w\ 6-speed automatic, 11k mi.



Proudly Serving Howards Grove & the surrounding community for 19 years!

Auto, 2.0 Liter 4 CYL w\ 6-speed automatic, 9k mi.

Auto, 5.3 Liter V8 w\ active fuel management w\ 6-speed automatic, 28k mi.



26,990 30,990

All cars are 1 owner cars. Perfect vehicle history reports.

S & T Motors Inc. 920-565-7218

Roselle Holschbach,

Independent Living Manager

(920) 684-7171, ext. 409

Quality Used Vehicles at Great Prices!

The Gardens at Felician Village 1700 S. 18th Street Manitowoc, WI 54220


Higher Standards

Steve and Tammy Gerber • N7940 Hwy. 42 • Howards Grove

Remember…You can buy a used car anywhere. It’s the people you work with that make the difference.


Tempo • Howards Grove Progress 2016 • Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Lulloff’s expanding, refreshing displays By Faye Burg Lulloff’s True Value Hardware has been a source of a wide variety of tools, products, services and expert advice for every project need for over 95 years. The business originally began in St. Nazianz in the 1880’s with Herman Lulloff selling hardware, tractors, oil pulls, and cars. “The railroad was crucial for us to get our big inventory, so eventually when the old Stoelting building became available we came to Kiel in 1920,” current owner Joel Lulloff explained. “So rather than hauling thrashers miles we only needed to bring them five blocks to the new and current location.” Joel said he has enjoyed learning from previous generations and passing it along to the future generations during his years in the business. Working side by side with daughter Aly and son Jason, Joel said the goal at Lulloff’s has always been and always will be satisfied customers. “We like to think that our customer service and years of experience is what sets us apart from the big box stores.” Refreshing store “We are currently in the middle of refreshing the store,” Aly said. “Some of our crucial departments didn’t have to opportunity to expand without some rearranging. Our hope is to better develop our product offerings.” Departments that will see an expansion in size as well as products include hardware, paint, plumbing, and electrical. “We will be adding new merchandise, a new line of paint, and new displays,” Aly added. “The changes began

Aly, Jason, and Joel Lulloff said they are excited for the improvements and expansions under way in several popular departments of Lulloff’s Hardware in Kiel. Faye Burg photo

in November and we hope to be finished with the renovations by summer. It is quite the overhaul.” “It was time for a change,” Aly said. “We wanted to freshen things up.” Aly noted the last upgrades done in the store were in the 1990s. “Many people joke that we are doing it to just to confuse them, however, I am just as confused as

they are with all the changes.” “We hope to make it easier to find things and have more of what our customers need,” Aly said. “The end result will be easier access, more products, and still maintain what people come here for. We tend to luck out with having the obscure items and we still want that to be our niche along with having the popular

essentials. We still want to maintain our unofficial maxim, ‘If Lulloff’s doesn’t have it, you don’t need it’.” Lulloff’s is located at 203 Fremont St., in Kiel and can be reached at 894-3236. Additional information can be found on their Web site, lulloff.

Design. Create. Inspire.

Unique decor and gifts for every reason and season.


Jillayne’s Boutique

102 SOUTHSIDE SHOPPING CENTER CHILTON • 9208498499 Next to Chilton Furniture, HWY 151 & 57

Summer Hours: Mo-Th 10-5 • Fr 9-5 • Sa 9-3 • Su Closed

2605 FORD DRIVE NEW HOLSTEIN • 920-898-9081 Behind Gruetts on Hwy. 57 across from Honeymoon Acres on Ford Dr.

Summer Hours: Mo-Th 10-5 • Fr 9-4 • Sa 9-3 • Su Closed

Tempo • Howards Grove Progress 2016 • Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Howards Grove Progress briefs 2016

Falls Glass offers many products

Falls Glass offers a wide array of products, many of which are on display in their showroom. When you visit their showroom it becomes abundantly clear that Falls Glass Service supplies windows and doors, mirrors, shower doors, gas and wood fireplace inserts, awnings and railings, as well as three season rooms or under deck roofing systems. When building a new home or new commercial building, or when remodeling an existing home

or business, it will surprise people how many products Falls Glass Service offers. Their motto—“We’re more than glass”—makes it clear as glass that they sell, manufacture, install, repair and replace a number of essential and useful products that enhance home and business life. They can install everything they sell. Falls Glass is located at 433 Monroe St. in Sheboygan Falls. Call 1-800-2423192 for more information. It is open six days per week, Mondays to Fridays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturdays 8 a.m. to noon. Check out

The Tempo is your weekly business progress report! ~ FRANKLIN HAUS ~

Historic Gathering Hall, Tavern & Market

920-565-2565 •


37 Years

N8133 Franklin Rd, Village of Franklin

Four miles west of Howards Grove

Open Thurs-Sat 11am-5pm

Other Times by Appointment

Cherries • Peaches Blueberries Apples & More

Ada Orchard


f Used Vehicles – All Makes & Models f Service – All Types of Vehicles f Full & Self Serve Gas f Cooper Uniroyal Tires f Goodyear Multi-Mile Tires

WALLO WALLO’S AUTO S SERVICE 804 S S. Wiscons Wisconsin Drive • Howards Grove LLC

Dance Classes for All Ages Tap • Ballet • Jazz • Hip Hop • Poms • Pre-Ballet/Creative Movement Contemporary • Pointe • Zumba • Ballroom

Classes begin sept 6 Register any time at or at the Studio on Aug. 29 & 30 from 3-6pm

Now offering Competitive Dance Team Opportunities!

Join our dance adventure... make new friends! We take great pleasure in providing a comprehensive dance curriculum for our community. The dance program is carefully planned so every dancer has an opportunity to succeed. Our studio offers a variety of classes to meet each dancer’s needs. We recognize each dancer as an individual and focus on improving their natural talents and abilities in a fun and encouraging environment. Our studio provides a friendly atmosphere Nutcracker 2016 for physical development December 3 & 4 where our students receive the Stefanie H. Weill Center personal attention they deserve. Watch for Ticket Sales!

See you on the dance floor! since 1981

300 E Mill St., Ste 202, Plymouth



W4048 Primrose Lane, Elkhart Lake

(920) 565-2336

Call to schedule your own personal tour.

Great Dementia Activity Programs


Harvest Home is committed to providing seniors individualized and dignied care in a Christian, family setting where they can be strengthened and encouraged to live purpose-lled lives.

“Where all are safely gathered in.” Coming in 2017: Two more eight-bed buildings with memory care units that are secured. Our small and home-like facilities make it Beth Pahmeier RD, CD, Owner/Operator easy for those with dementia to feel comfortable and without being overwhelmed. 2003 & 2005 Appletree Road • Howards Grove • 920-901-9482


10 <($56 serving the Howards Grove Community



Tempo â&#x20AC;˘ Howards Grove Progress 2016 â&#x20AC;˘ Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Howards Grove Progress briefs 2016


work boots, dress shoes, doctorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s prescriptions filled, Beekos, and Bogs, New Balance, Red Wing, SAS, Hush Puppies, Aravon, Ros Homerson, Spring Step, Fly Flot Aetrex, Alegria, P.W. Minor, Drew, Minnetonka, Dunham, Old Friend, Trotters, Comfort-Rite, and Smartwool. Arch support products carried are Lynco, Power Step and Spenco. Depke Shoe Store is located at 105 Pine St. Call (920) 467-4181. The store is open Mondays to Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Fridays from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon.

Depke has shoes for entire family

Depke Shoe Store in Sheboygan Falls offers shoes for the whole family in all widths and sizes. They have a wide selection of quality brands from which people can choose. They measure feet and are dedicated to fitting people properly. Depke Shoe Store has been in the family since 1966. It offers shoes from 4a to 6e, men, women and childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s shoes,

at Affi A nity Medical Gro Group-Kiel Clinic. You donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t d have to go far for p personalized care. With special spe interests in womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s health, d diabetes, weight loss and ma management, wellness, hype hypertension and tobacco cessa cessation, Mary Reszcynski, nurs nurse practitioner, offers comp comprehensive primary care

Four Seasons Comfort LLC â&#x20AC;&#x153;Quality Service with Your Comfort in Mindâ&#x20AC;?

Mary Reszcynski, APNP

Heating â&#x20AC;˘ Air Conditioning Infloor Heating â&#x20AC;˘ Sales & Service

at Affinity Medical Group-Kiel Clinic. To learn more about Mary or to schedule an appointment, please call 920.894.3322 or visit

Mike Pelzel â&#x20AC;˘ Jeremy Lensmire

W2074 Garton Rd., Sheboygan â&#x20AC;˘ 920-565-2095 633 Eastern Ave., Plymouth â&#x20AC;˘ 920-893-8900 Licensed/Insured Cooling and Heating Solutions


New 2 sided flippable mattress system to prevent the 1 sided too soft, sinking, sagging mattress.

Ends Soon!

Save 30-60% Off In-Stock Inventory

FREE Delivery

Sofas $697

Queen 2 Sided Sets FROM $499

All components from Wisconsin.

2011 - 2016


1898 > >


Hwy. 57 â&#x20AC;˘ Kiel â&#x20AC;˘ 894-2250 HOURS: MON. - WED. 9-5:30 THURS. - FRI. 9- 7 â&#x20AC;˘ SAT. 9-3 â&#x20AC;˘ SUN. 11-3 Low Price Guarantee in North Eastern Wisconsin ÂŽ

OPEN 7 days a week!

> > 19 0 8 > > 192 8 > > 194 8 > > 196 8 > > 19 98 > > 2 016 w w w . m e i s e l w i t z f u r n i t u r e . c o m


Tempo • Howards Grove Progress 2016 • Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Shopping fun doubled at Seasons by Design By Mark Sherry Double the locations means double the awesomeness for northeast Wisconsin gift shoppers when it comes to Seasons by Design. Owner Jillayne Bertram now has two locations from which to pleasantly surprise first-time visitors and thoroughly please her many repeat customers. Bertram makes one thing immediately clear—the Seasons by Design store in New Holstein located near Honeymoon Acres is still open and will stay that way. That is great news for area shoppers, just as it is great news that Bertram has now accomplished a longtime goal and opened her most prominent location to date—next to Chilton Furniture in Chilton’s Southside Shopping Center. “I just want people to know we didn’t leave New Holstein,” Bertram said. Look at it as just the most recent transformation of a business which has undergone location changes in the past. She started Seasons by Design in her garage, then moved it to her home, then to a former church, then to the current New Holstein location behind the Gruett’s implement dealership on the city’s north side. It was no secret that Seasons by Design is a bit of a secret in New Holstein based on its location, but a secret which is well worth finding out for the many customers who have. “The majority of my customers didn’t know we were there or came from a long distance,” Bertram said. “I wanted to open the second store just a few miles up the road in Chilton to give those shoppers another opportunity.” Location is not a challenge in Chilton’s Southside Shopping Center located along STH 32/57. “We’ve received a wonderful welcoming,” Bertram said. “The support has been incredible.” She said being surrounded by a number of other retail and service establishments in the shopping center is helping more and more people come to know what Seasons by Design has to offer. They might decide to stop in after renewing their driver’s license next door, shopping for furniture, doing some banking, or getting their hair done, but just about every first-timer who does stop is amazed at the quality, quantity, and value which Seasons by Design has to offer. As they have in the New Holstein store, people stopping in the new Chilton store are saying they feel like they are in Door County. Bertram said each of her two stores will have their own unique offerings and lines, although there will be some overlap as well. As some examples, the New Holstein store will have a discount area which customers will not find in Chilton. The New Holstein store will have more lawn and garden and concrete items to take advantage of the adjacent Honeymoon Acres traffic in the spring and summer. Green Bay Packers and other Wisconsin sports items can be found at both stores. One area which clearly sets the Chilton store apart is Jillayne’s Boutique at the rear of the store. Customers walk up a small ramp to the elevated area where pharmacists once dispensed drugs in the former drug store. Now it is dresses instead of drugs found in that spot, but also a lot more. Seasons by Design has women’s fashions from literally head to toe, both for special occasions and everyday, on-trend items. Clothing lines include Coco & Carmen, Simply Noelle, and Charlie Paige. A large dressing room is available to try on clothing, and even that is done in typical Seasons by Design uniqueness— chalkboard paint on the door to enter the dressing room so that sayings and notes can be written on it, and more inspira-

Among the women assisting Seasons by Design owner Jillayne Bertram (seated) at her new Chilton store are (from left) Jane Loose, Mary Jaschob, and Brenda Mueller. Not pictured are Hailey Tasch, Terri Mader, and Cathy Dreiling.

Toni Rodriguez, Jane Loose, and owner Jillayne Bertram continue to serve customers at Seasons by Design’s store in New Holstein. Not pictured are Tina Gozdziewski, Lori Binversie, and Hailey Tasch. Mark Sherry photos

tional messages on the walls inside the dressing room. “I want to encourage and uplift,” Bertram said. Clothing sizes up to XXL can be found in the store, and special orders can be made. Free layaway is offered. There also is an area for “tweens” in the boutique. Strolling around the Chilton store, customers find that Bertram has the unusual, unique, and practical, all at reasonable prices—just as she has for years at the New Holstein store. There is Caren lotion made in the U.S., Ginger Snaps interchangeable jewelry (buy 10 and get the 11th free), Duke Cannon men’s hand soaps with a portion of profits going to veterans, Sassafras interchangeable floor mats, interchangeable light boxes, For Tea’s Sake teas, Insignia gifts, and a seemingly endless number of other examples.

One of the front corners of the Chilton store will change seasonally, but anyone who has shopped Seasons by Design knows things are always changing as Bertram works to make her stores the best they can be and to continually bring in the latest for her customers. As an example, she said she hopes to add a selection of wine to her Chilton store to go along with an already broad selection of wine accessories. Wine and/or tea samplings certainly pair well with Ladies Day every Thursday from noon to 7 p.m. Ladies Day includes unadvertised specials, a free gift with every purchase, and other specials. “Special” is a good word to describe the shopping experience at either Seasons by Design store. “I certainly have plenty of staff in both stores,” Bertram said. “It’s still that one-on-one service.”

Hours vary between the two stores and change seasonally. Presently the Chilton store is open every day except Sundays, while New Holstein is open Thursdays through Saturdays in the winter. Bertram asks that customers pardon their progress as they spring clean and enlarge their discount area. Seasons by Design is in the process of making that area much larger as they mark down more product. The goal is to make the majority of that entire room in New Holstein their discount and clearance room. Bertram said she plans to split her time between the two stores as much as possible, allowing her to see the looks on customers’ faces in both locations when they find that special item they never would have guessed could be found in a small town gift shop.


Tempo • Howards Grove Progress 2016 • Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Vogel Chev experienced in every area By Mark Sherry When it comes to getting full service from an experienced, easy-to-work-with team in the new and used vehicle business, it doesn’t get any better than Vogel Chevrolet in Kiel. From some of the hottest selling new vehicles in America to quality used vehicles, Vogel Chevrolet has them for sale with assistance offered by a knowledgeable but no-pressure sales team. Need service for a vehicle whether or not it was purchased at Vogel Chevrolet and whether or not it is even a General Motors product? The service department at Vogel Chevrolet works on all makes and models and has an experienced crew doing that work. Perhaps the service needed is more cosmetic in nature—such as fixing the dents and missing pieces caused by a deer, a snow bank, or another vehicle. Vogel’s on-premises body shop also can handle all makes and models with the most up-to-date equipment and a staff which has seen just about everything in their many years on the job. All those departments work together to provide solutions for whatever best serves the customer at Vogel Chevrolet. Customers easy to work with That atmosphere of teamwork certainly includes the customers as well. Service Manager Joel Noordyk has observed that as a relative newcomer at Vogel Chevrolet. He has worked there for three years, including the last year as Vogel’s service manager. Prior to that he worked for 15 years in the Fox Valley and said, “The customers here are easier to deal with than at a larger dealership.” The fact that many of those customers have been getting their service work done at Vogel Chevrolet for decades if not generations—not to mention having bought their vehicle there—helps them feel right at home. Noordyk started working at a GM dealership when he was a 16-year-old high school student doing oil changes. Now that he has a year under his belt as a service manager, he said, “It’s been what I expected. It’s been good. I got to work with Wayne (Miller) for two years and learned a lot.” Now Noordyk is the one passing along experience and knowledge to others as the Service Department at Vogel Chevrolet is making use of an internship program. Hunter Grunow, an 18-yearold recent graduate of Plymouth High School, is getting GM service training in Appleton while he works at Vogel. “It’s a GM-only program,” Noordyk said. “He gets to learn on their latest and greatest.” Noordyk added that the hope is Grunow someday soon becomes a full-time service technician at Vogel Chevrolet. If he does he will join a team which services all makes and models of cars and trucks at an hourly rate lower than most new car dealerships. A heavier duty truck hoist makes it possible for Vogel Chevrolet technicians to also work on vehicles such as delivery trucks and mini-school buses. Wrecker, loaner service offered Vogel Chevrolet also offers another service which not every repair shop does. Noordyk said, “We pick up vehicles right at your work or home, service them, and then bring them back.” Free loaner vehicles are also available. Across a parking lot from the Service Department, Gene Buchmann and his body shop staff have been bringing vehicles back for years—back from various stages of destruction.

Plymouth High School graduate Hunter Grunow is working as an intern at Vogel Chevrolet in Kiel while receiving General Motors training in Appleton, hoping to join the team of experienced technicians at Vogel. Mark Sherry photo

Similar to the Service Department, the body shop can handle all makes and models. Buchmann said Vogel Chevrolet has many resources to supply quality replacement parts quickly. Buchmann has been with Vogel Chevrolet for 46 years and said the speed with which they can get parts is one of many improvements he has seen over the years. “As things change, technology changes, of course,” he said. “For example, years ago you didn’t repair bumper covers, but these days you do. That saves a lot of money if you can repair and not replace.” Other trends Buchmann said he is seeing in the body shop is the use of more aluminum and high-strength steel, making vehicles lighter and subsequently improving fuel efficiency. That also necessitates changes in the equipment the body shop uses to repair vehicles, but GM and Vogel Chevrolet keep the shop up to date with what it needs and what works best. That includes such things as waterbased paint technology which Vogel Chevrolet added a couple years ago. Buchmann provided an update by saying the paint system is working great and providing good color matching. “We get very good help from BASF, our topnotch paint company,” he said. A hometown trust Buchmann spoke after just finishing up a quote for a customer from Kaukauna. The man previously resided in Kiel but drove down with his grandson’s vehicle which had collided with a snow bank. That is just one of many examples of people wanting to do business with a full-service dealership which has been doing business in a small town for a long time. “There’s a hometown trust here,” Buchmann said. “You treat people fairly. That’s the bottom line.” That last phrase holds true over on the sales side, where veteran salesmen Kelly Johnson and Ed Hartmann have a wide range of quality new and used vehicles for sale. Hartmann sees a positive difference in what Vogel Chevrolet has to of-

fer, and he is also part of that difference. “I find that small town atmosphere is here,” Hartmann said. He and Johnson know their vehicles inside and out, yet they are anything but the classic pushy car salesmen. They will provide their expertise to try to help a customer get in the right car for him or her, but in the end they know the decision belongs to the customer. Facelift for 1500 series There are plenty of good choices out there right now from Chevrolet, according to Hartmann. The 1500 series of trucks got a face-lift for 2016, including single-stack headlamps. The restyled Malibu for 2016 is getting a lot of good press, Hartmann said, as it

offers a bigger, better ride compared to some other passenger vehicles. For even more style there is the Camaro which also will have some new features for 2016. Hartmann said pickup truck sales continue to be phenomenal in this area, but the Traverse and Equinox continue to do well too. The Traverse features three rows of seats, while the ever-popular Equinox is being freshened up for 2016. There are always new features being introduced in today’s cars and trucks. A new one Hartmann mentioned is wireless phone chargers built into armrests. Vogel Chevrolet stays on top of the latest offerings throughout all its departments while maintaining that smalltown, hometown dealership advantage.

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Tempo • Howards Grove Progress 2016 • Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Keeping people informed

Delta Publications ‘gets the word out’ in many forms Delta Publications, Inc. owner Mike Mathes has used the phrase for years that the company is not a newspaper business, it is an information business. That is as true as ever as Delta Publications, Inc. seeks to bring information to people in a wide variety of ways. One of those ways is iwantthenews. com, the Web site of the Tri-County News. A redesigned was launched in the fall of 2015, bringing new and improved features to its audience. Mathes said the redesign process is still ongoing and, in some ways, that is always true of good Web sites—they are ever changing with new information. That is true of as new information is added on a daily basis. That can sometimes be breaking news, with a recent example being a photo and information from a New Holstein fire scene while firefighters were still there.

Popular posts News, sports, and letters to the editor continue to be among the information posted at From its inception years ago, one of the most popular features has been the obituaries section. The Delta Publications, Inc. staff works to post local obituaries as soon as they become available, including nights, weekends, and holidays. Mark Sherry, editor of the Tri-County News, said, “With our weekly newspaper, if a person passes away on a Thursday and the funeral is going to be Monday, we can’t get that information in the printed newspaper—but it is there online so that people can know about it in time to attend the funeral services.” Special sections—such as this Kiel Progress edition—are posted on and can be seen in their entirety there. The Web site also offers the continuing opportunity for people to do keyword searches for past information by using that feature on the site. The new and improved iwantthenews. com has brought sharper photos to viewers as well as improved calendar listings. In the past year Delta Publications, Inc. also has started offering BizPost listings on its Web site which offers specials from local companies such as Weber BP, Lulloff’s Hardware, Parker John’s, and Millhome Supper Club, among others. While Delta Publications, Inc. continues to deliver information in high-tech ways, words and images printed on newsprint continue to be a huge part of the company. The Tempo continues to be the premier free-distribution “shopper” publication for the area between Lake Winnebago and Lake Michigan. Distributed to approximately 20,000 homes in that area, the Tempo comes out each Tuesday and includes advertising for everything from local fundraisers to local grocery store specials to inserts for major area and regional retailers. The Tri-County News continues to be the respected source for information in the area. The news focuses on coverage of a geographic area which includes the Kiel, New Holstein, and Chilton school districts. Sherry said, “We’re extremely pleased with how the Tri-County News continues to be accepted in all our communities as the place people look to first to get their news and information. There has been a lot of talk in recent years about the supposed plight of newspapers, but

While the Delta Publications, Inc. staff does much of its work out and about in area communities and well beyond, home base is this office at 606 Fremont St. in Kiel.

local newspapers still play a critical role in communities.” Technology has even changed the way much of the news come to a newspaper office. Sherry said that, on average, he receives about 50 news items e-mailed to him each week for the Tri-County News, and one recent week saw that number approach 70. “I take that as a great sign that people want to get their information in the Tri-County News because they realize it is the best single source of information in this area,” Sherry said. Not all the news, of course, comes to the Tri-County News electronically. Comments are often heard by editorial staff members that they “just seem to be everywhere.” Mathes and Sherry each have more than 30 years of experience covering the news of the area. In the past year, Faye Burg joined the full-time editorial staff after several years of working for the News as a correspondent. Fulltime sports editor Craig Hoffman is a mainstay in the gyms and at the athletic fields of the area. A recent sign of progress at the TriCounty News is the addition of a monthly Seniority section. Appearing on some of the first few pages of the News on the last Thursday of each month, Seniority will focus on features and information about senior citizens and programs, events, and activities which are available to them in the area. The printed word also continues to be important to Delta Publications, Inc. in other ways as well. Special sections such as this and other Progress editions are important to the company and include two auto editions and two home improvement editions each year, along with June Dairy Month, Guardians, Calumet County Fair, and others. Delta Publications, Inc. also publishes Verve women’s magazine four times per year, and it produces the Depot Dispatch for the Elkhart Lake Chamber of Commerce. Web site development is done for other businesses, organizations, and municipalities.

These are just some of the ways Delta distributes information.

Thanks for reading the Tempo each week!

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Tempo • Howards Grove Progress 2016 • Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Geothermal gets even more efficient By Mark Sherry Geothermal heating/cooling systems have always seemed relatively “hightech” to begin with, but new technology is making improvements to even these cutting edge systems. Led by owners Dan Walsdorf and Sean Steffes, Advanced Custom Geothermal in Kiel has been installing and maintaining geothermal systems throughout northeast Wisconsin for more than a decade. One key factor in its success has been their ability to stay on the lead edge of changes in both geothermal and conventional heating/cooling systems, and the two men said they are intrigued by a couple new developments in their industry. One of those is a new high temperature heat pump for geothermal systems. A geothermal heat pump is a central heating and/or cooling system that transfers heat to or from the ground. It uses the earth as a heat source (in the winter) or a heat sink (in the summer). This design takes advantage of the moderate temperatures in the ground to boost efficiency and reduce the operational costs of heating and cooling systems. Steffes and Walsdorf explained that previous heat pumps could maintain the temperature of the liquid in the radiant system at around 120 F, but the new pump can get the temperature close to 150 F making it more efficient for heating homes and businesses. The men said they also are excited to be able to install or convert systems to take advantage of the new Symphony system from WaterFurnace. Symphony is a technology platform which can provide detailed feedback of a comfort system in real time and also provides the tools to control it all from any webenabled smart phone, tablet, or computer. Symphony is a Wi-Fi based comfort platform that ACG’s owners say is unsurpassed in its ease of use, feature set, and the level of information it provides. Symphony marries the Aurora controls of a WaterFurnace geothermal system with a WebLink router, giving the homeowner access to the comfort system

from practically anywhere. Symphony is cloud-based so there is no software to install and provides control over the entire geothermal system, not just the temperature as in other “smart thermostat” systems. A number of other potential features attached to Symphony add to its attractiveness. People can now have flushmounted temperature sensors in their homes instead of thermostats. Symphony can sound an alarm if equipment such as a sump pump fails. People can zone and control up to six areas of their home. In addition, a personalized dashboard provides quick access to the system’s settings, operational status and history, alert history, energy usage, and zone temperatures as well as local weather. Yet another new feature in the geothermal area has not even been tried yet by Advanced Custom Geothermal, although Walsdorf plans to serve as his own guinea pig soon. It is the new direct exchange or DX ground loop heat pump which buries the refrigerant lines. That used to be a no-no as the effects of moisture and being underground would eventually eat away at those lines, but a new material is now being used which allows those lines to stand up over time. Walsdorf and Steffes said the company which sells the system has been around for quite a few years and that they have seen it done but have never done it themselves. Walsdorf, however, said he will embark on building a new home for his family this spring and he will install the system as a way to test it. The system promises to be more efficient and take up less land, so the men said they are looking forward to working with it and seeing how it performs. In addition to these advancements in geothermal systems, Advanced Custom Geothermal is also keeping up with improvements in conventional gas, electric, oil, and boiler systems as ACG sells and services all those systems as well. They said it is interesting that manufacturers of conventional systems continue to try to make improvements to keep up with what geothermal has to offer. Modulat-

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Dan Walsdorf (left) and Sean Steffes of Advanced Custom Geothermal recently received an award from WaterFurnace “for outstanding achievements in sustainability and environmental stewardship, installing systems valued at $2 million.”

ing gas furnaces are one example of that. A modulating furnace will operate in a range from 40 to 100 percent depending on demand. Fuel prices are down right now which causes consumers to hold off on upgrading heating/cooling systems, especially geothermal systems. But ACG is still there to service all makes and models of existing furnaces, and they are ready to discuss geothermal systems anytime someone wants to—including the an-

ticipated time when fuel prices begin to go back up. Tax incentives remain in place this year for installing geothermal systems. Some people are making that decision now because they also do not like the thought of having combustible gases or liquids pumped into their residences to heat them. To learn more about geothermal systems or to schedule service or installation of conventional systems, call ACG at 894-3999.





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Tempo • Howards Grove Progress 2016 • Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Howards Grove Progress briefs 2016

Schneider offers cleaning service

As the owner of Maid Perfect, Melissa Schneider’s cleaning services include rental properties, residential, commercial and construction, both new and remodeled. Foreclosure properties are also cleaned by Maid Perfect. Area real estate agents know of her services, understanding that a home or commercial building will sell if its appearance is neat and clean. When the job requires it, Schneider calls upon a well-trained sub-contracted support staff to assist her in the work. Schneider, who has performed cleaning tasks most of her life, prides herself on being flexible and open to client needs. She employs hands-on cleaning methods—on hands and knees scrubbing floors—and gives attention to detail. She lives with the conviction that everything has a place. She will assist clients who wish that she organize things in a household or office. Cleaning assignments with Maid Perfect are routine or they could be a onetime thing only. Some clients call upon her to tidy up the house before a holiday,


or perhaps clean the house before a party and return afterward. Some people call upon her services to do spring and fall cleaning. Other clients might need the assistance of a cleaning person aiding them in getting the job done. Such clients might be an elderly person, a stroke victim, or wheelchair-bound person. Or, they might simply be that busy person whose job and child care are for them first priorities. Schneider will do carpet cleaning. Smaller carpet sections can be steam cleaned or if necessary rented equipment can be used. She will make arrangements to have a professional carpet cleaning firm perform the work if a client so desires. If the client wishes, Schneider will use her own supplies and equipment. Cleaning a residence might include walls, ceilings, blinds and windows. It might also include the garage. It might include organizing book shelves, getting spring things out of storage and putting winter items back in place. Schneider is fully insured and bonded. Her business is based in New Holstein where she can be reached at (920) 3750208 or e-mail Visit her Web site: www.

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Tempo • Howards Grove Progress 2016 • Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Honoring Howards Grove’s GUARDIANS: Firefighters, first responders

Chiefs of the Howards Grove Fire Department are Assistant Chief Tom Lefeber, Chief Joel Bertram, and Assistant Chief Scott Weber. Fire Department members not pictured are Christopher Burgin, Jacob Clappes, Benjamin Davidson, Thomas De Troye, John Flesch, Roy Gadicke, Daniel Murray, Edward Pahl, Matt Russart, Dave Wright, and Mike Wynveen.

Howards Grove firefighters are Kevin Kellner, Cody Starr, Ryan Duening, Eric Kuhfuss, Glenn Grunwald, Jerry Wehrmann, Darin Christains, Jamie Noel, Jim Justinger, Bret Nikisch, Trevor Wehrmann, Nick Moths, Matt Osladil, Cody Fuller, Brian Nienhaus, Jeff Salzman, Logan Nonnemacher, Jack Johnson, Tom Weber, Derric Wilkinson, Dave Klinzing, Jeff Everett, Ethan Schelk, Tyler Wuestenhagen, Dan Sohn, Mark Eichhorst, Jeff Meyer, Assistant Chief Tom Lefeber, Chief Joel Bertram, and Assistant Chief Scott Weber.

Fire Corps members are Trista Nienhaus, Kristen Kuether, Margie Lindekugel, Miranda Boll, Lavern Weber, Debbie Webber, Linda Lefeber, Jodi Stange, Ashley Reinertson, Paula Owen, Mary Ann Korpi, Assistant Chief Tom Lefeber, Chief Joel Bertram, and Assistant Chief Scott Weber. Howards Grove First Responders are (starting in back, from left) Bruce Mcfarlane, Tyler Wuestenhagen, Mike Christian, Jim Justinger, Darin Christians, Amanda Rabe, Jo Anne Gadicke, Trista Nienhaus, Brian Nienhaus, Matt Osladil, Kelly Bertram, Katie Steiger, Jeff Meyer, Chief Joel Bertram, Jessica Wuestenhagen, and Assistant Chief Scott Weber.

Everyone at Bill’s Piggly Wiggly would like to thank all the remen

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Heating Air Conditioning Infloor Heating Sales & Service

Howards Grove Grovee Chiropractic Chi C o actic a 516 S. Wisconsin Dr., Howards Grove • 565-3922 •

KLEMME’S WAGON WHEEL A Family Owned & Operated Restaurant Since 1972

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Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Remodeling 1114 Millersville Ave. Howards Grove • 565-3345

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…in Howards Grove for your service. You make our community safe for our families. Thank you, Bill & Mary

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Tempo • Howards Grove Progress 2016 • Tuesday, August 23, 2016

HG Progress briefs 2016

Comfort in all seasons

Four Seasons Comfort LLC does what its name says—providing cooling and heating comfort to area residents in all four seasons of the year. From its locations at W2074 Garton Rd., Sheboygan and 633 Eastern Ave., Plymouth, Four Seasons Comfort provides a wide variety of services in the heating and cooling areas. There is still a little bit of hot weather left in this season, so perhaps the need is air conditioning. An air conditioning system consists of a unit that cools the air, and some means to deliver that air. Cooling methods depend on the type of unit. Some units also remove moisture (dehumidify) and dust from the air. The airmoving system could be a simple fan within the unit (as with a self-contained window unit), or it could be the same system of air ducts the furnace uses for heating

Residential, Commercial, Industrial, & Remodeling • Plumbing, Heating, & Air Conditioning • Water Heaters • Water Softeners & Conditioning Equipment • Sewer Cleaning & Inspection • Residential Maintenance Program • Full Service Department • Free Estimates • 24 Hour Service

the home. Four Seasons Comfort LLC is thoroughly familiar with all types of air conditioning systems. Heating season is right around the corner. The furnace is the heart of a home’s forced-air central heating system. It heats air, but that air must then be distributed throughout the home. That job is done by fans pushing the heated air through the system’s ducts. The air comes out of registers, usually located in the floor or low on the wall. Four Seasons Comfort LLC is thoroughly familiar with all components and operations of forced-air heating systems.

The company also is experienced in boiler systems. Whether it is a brand new boiler system, maintenance, or repair, Four Seasons Comfort LLC can help with boiler needs. When a breakdown happens, Four Seasons has the equipment, spare parts, and expertise to address the problem and it is ready to roll at any hour. For installation, maintenance, or repair needs, or if you just have a question about your system, call (920) 565-2095 or e-mail

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Tempo • Howards Grove Progress 2016 • Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Howards Grove Progress edition 2016  

Enjoy reading the Howards Grove area progress edition for 2016, including a salute to the Howards Grove Fire Department.

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