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2018 Guide news All-new 2019 Kia Forte puts Safety first: emphasis on technologies TRI-COUNTY

Thursday, November 1, 2018 • 8 PAGE PULL-OUT SECTION

By Mark Sherry The 2019 Kia Forte does not drive itself—although those days may not be far away—but it does as much as any vehicle on the road today to keep its occupants and everyone around them safe. The next-generation Forte—available at Dick Brantmeier Ford Lincoln Kia in Sheboygan—seems to put a lot of focus on the driver assistance technologies which are available today. As Kia officials say in their guidebook for the 2019 Forte, “Even the best drivers can’t be perfect 100 percent of the time.” It has happened to every driver. Try as we might to remain focused at all times, either through our fault or the fault of another driver potentially dangerous situations can occur out on the road. That is why Kia has created Kia Drive Wise, a suite of available technologies which are designed to keep the driver alert, aware of surrounding traffic, and even intervene in certain situations to help avoid collisions. For starters, Kia vehicles equipped with Drive Wise offer these protective technologies: n Lane Departure Warning—If the system detects the driver drifting too close to lane markers without signaling, it can sound a warning beep. n Lane Keeping Assist—If the system detects the vehicle getting close to lane markers, it can apply corrective steering to help prevent the driver from drifting into another lane. n Blind Spot Collision Warning— Radar works to detect vehicles in the driver’s blind spot and gives visual and audible alerts to help avoid some hazardous lane change decisions. n Lane Change Assist—When the driver puts his or her blinker on to change lanes, the system warns them of vehicles that it detects in adjacent lanes approaching from behind. Those four features are a great start, but Kia goes way beyond those with this menu of available advanced features: n Forward Collision Warning—This system is designed to help detect slowing or stopped traffic ahead and alerts the driver if it detects them getting too close. n Forward Collision Avoidance Assist with Pedestrian Detection—The system helps detect and alert the driver of a collision risk or pedestrian approaching and even automatically applies the brakes in some cases. n Smart Cruise Control—This system automatically adjusts driving speed to help maintain a predeter-

The 2019 Kia Forte mined distance from the vehicle ahead. n Driver Attention Warning—A warning signal tells the driver to take a break if it detects them becoming drowsy or fatigued. n Brake Assist System—If the driver suddenly slams on their brakes, the system senses the urgency and applies full braking power which can help shorten braking distance. n Electronic Brake-Force Distribution—Based on the vehicle’s weight distribution, this helps adjust the balance of braking power accordingly. n Rear Cross Traffic Collision Warning—Visual and audible alerts can help warn of traffic the system detects coming from either side when the vehicle is in reverse. n Parking Distance Warning-Reverse—An audible warning sounds when it detects certain objects close to the vehicle while parking. A rear camera displayed on the eight-inch monitor in the vehicle also helps with safety and ease of use, as do yellow and red grid lines on the screen which help the driver know how much space they have left. I have probably already overdone the safety report on the Forte so I won’t get into things like its traction and stability control systems and its advanced

airbag systems. Oh, and by the way, did I mention that on top of all that the 2019 Kia Forte provides a great ride at an extremely reasonable price? The folks at Dick Brantmeier Lincoln Ford Kia set me up with a Ex Launch Edition, the exterior color being Snow White Pearl. It was the Sofino seat trim—a soft, leather-like material—inside the vehicle which really made a great first impression. The red and black interior colors added to the high-end sports car feel of a sedan which carried a sticker price of just $23,180. As I took the Forte out onto STH 23 to get it up to highway speeds I noted it had plenty of get-up-and-go for only having a 2.0L four-cylinder engine. The best news is that engines provides a very economical 30 mpg city, 40 highway, and 34 combined. There were plenty of other features to help a person feel like they were riding in a luxury sedan, including that eight-inch touch screen with MP3 and Apple CarPlay capabilities (the latter allows a person to sync their smartphone with the vehicle to make calls and send texts via voice command), a great audio system, heated and vented front seats, and two device chargers

accessible from the front seats. I didn’t realize it at the time of the test drive but the 2019 Forte also has a wireless charger—set your phone on top of the small shelf just past the gear shift and it automatically starts charging. The list of standard and/or available features in the 2019 Forte could go on and on, and they all come wrapped in Kia’s industry leading warranty program which includes a 10-year, 100,000-mile limited powertrain warranty. When it comes to a lot of features for not a lot of money, the 2019 Kia Forte would be hard to beat. Check one out at Dick Brantmeier Lincoln Ford Kia.

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Tri-County news • Serving Chilton, Kiel & New Holstein • Thursday, November 1, 2018

Silverado new from ground up for 2019 By Mark Sherry With sales topping 500,000 trucks each year from 2014 to 2017, Chevrolet could have stood pat with its popular Silverado—but they did not. The 2019 Silverado is all new from the ground up, and drivers are finding that Chevrolet has made a great pickup truck even better. As a former/longtime Silverado owner and having driven a 2019 model at Vogel Chevrolet in Kiel, I can attest to the previous paragraph being true. Vogel salesman Ed Hartmann highlighted some of the changes found in the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado, and some of the more significant changes have to do with size and weight. The 2019 model has a wheel base which is four inches wider and an overall length which is 1-1/2 inches longer. That might not sound like a lot but it provides more leg and head room in the front seat and three inches more of leg room in the rear in crew cab models, and those inches make a big difference when it comes to comfort. While the Silverado has grown in 2019, it also has been on a diet of sorts. The extensive use of new, mixed materials has allowed the new Silverado to drop 450 pounds, yet Hartmann said the Silverado remains dependable, durable, and safe. The lighter vehicle helps fuel economy tick up to 16 mpg city, 22 highway, and 18 combined city/ highway in the Silverado I drove which had the 5.3L Ecotec3 V8. Less weight is not the only factor affecting fuel economy as the all-new fluid design of the vehicle provides enchaned aerodynamics—a 7 percent increase in aerodynamic efficiency, to be exact. That contributes to another noticeable feature of the 2019 Silverado—a quieter cabin and smoother ride. Today’s pick-up trucks have been known for providing a much more “car-like” ride than the trucks of 20 years ago, yet the 2019 Silverado takes that to another level. Also at a crazy new level are the number of configurations in which a person can get a 2019 Silverado, given the eight distinct trim packages and six powertrain options, including the allnew 3.0 Duramax six-cylinder turbo diesel engine. I took a test drive at Vogel Chevrolet of the Silverado 1500 LT crew cab with the Z71 trim package. It might sound like a minor point, but one of the first things I noticed was the soft, comfortable feel of the fabric on the

The 2019 Chevrolet Silverado middle console arm rest. It turns out that console caught my eye a couple other times during my test drive as it pulls up to reveal another seat, and that seat is also a lockable storage box. The oil, temperature, fuel, and battery gauges are all in a row at the top of the instrument panel, which I found to be a nice look. Some of the other features which stood out included the electronic device charging plug, the push button tailgate release, a dashboard storage box for the front passenger (two glove boxes, in essence),

National Teen Driver Safety Week was held in late October and Ivan Lawler, director of operations with the Russ Darrow Group, used the occasion to provide safe driving tips to teenagers. Congress established National Teen Driver Safety Week in 2007 to help raise awareness of the gravity of sitting in the driver’s seat and encourage teenagers to always engage in safe driving habits. According to the National Highway Traf-


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things that consumers have come to expect in today’s vehicles, including remote keyless entry, an infotainment center with an eight-inch color touchscreen, a wi-fi hotspot, heated steering wheel, and so much more. With those options this vehicle had a sticker price of $51,370 but, again, multiple configurations are available which will impact price in either direction. With everything the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado has to offer, there is little doubt this newest version again will blow past the 500,000 mark in sales.

Special week focuses on teen safety

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and the lighted cargo area. Hartmann said an electrical outlet in the bed is an available option as well. The option of a power assisted lift gate makes opening and closing the lift gate a breeze. There is nothing lightweight about the truck’s bed, however, as it is still made out of steel, Hartmann said, adding that the quarter step in the rear bumper is now larger in the 2019 Silverado to make it safer and easier to step up into the bed. This Silverado also featured as standard or optional equipment all the

fic Safety Administration, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for U.S. adolescents. “One of the most crucial steps parents can take to encourage their teen to drive safely is to have a conversation with them,” Lawler said. “During your talk, be sure to emphasize safe driving procedures, the significance of limiting the number of passengers in the vehicle, the dangers of inattentive driving or sleep-deprived driving, and

the legality and safety of obeying the speed limit as well as all other posted traffic signs.” It is imperative for teenagers—and all drivers for that matter—to adhere to safe driving procedures, including wearing a seat belt at all times when driving. “The driver should ensure that all passengers buckle up as well,” Lawler said. Turn to teens/page 16B




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Newborn to 13

Car safety tips offered to protect children of all ages For many parents, you buckle up your kids and off you go to day care, school or the park. You trust their car seat or booster seat will keep your child safe should something happen, but are you sure the seat you installed months or years ago is truly secure? “I am deeply concerned that nearly half of all car seats are not used correctly,” said Heidi King, deputy administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). “You don’t have to be a parent to play a part in protecting children. I urge everyone to follow these simple tips to ensure kids stay safe in the car at every age.” The right car seat Every 33 seconds, a child under 13 years old is involved in a car crash, according to NHTSA data. Even more startling: Car crashes are a leading cause of death for children ages 1 to 13. One of the most common mistakes parents and caregivers make is moving children to the next car seat too soon. No matter their age, you need to make sure that the car seat you use is the right one for your child’s age, as well as their size (based on their weight and height). Newborn to 3 years The youngest passengers should remain in a rear-facing car seat until they reach the maximum weight or height of their seat. This positioning better absorbs the force of an impact, making it a better option for small passengers whose necks and spines are still developing. In fact, car seats have been shown to reduce fatal injury by 71 percent for infants (under 1 year old) in passenger cars. Keep in mind, even if your child’s feet touch the back of the vehicle seat, that does not necessarily mean they are ready for a forward-facing seat. Parents should not move their toddlers into a forward-facing car seat until they have hit the maximum height or weight limit of their current car seat.

4-7 years old At this age your child will likely use a forward-facing car seat with a harness. One critical step for installing this car seat correctly is making sure to secure it with its tether, not just a seat belt. The tether is an adjustable strap with a hook that can be found at the top of most forward-facing car seats. When you secure the tether to the tether anchor in your vehicle, it keeps the car seat from moving forward in a crash, helping protect your child from head and neck injuries. Additionally, always make sure the chest clip is secured across the chest rather than on the belly. These clips have a tendency to move down, so it is up to caregivers to align it properly. Make it a habit to always slide the clip up to the appropriate place after buckling your child in to their seat. 8-12 years old (booster seat) After a child exceeds the age and size limits of their forward-facing seat, they can transition to a booster seat. A booster seat lifts a child up and helps their body properly align with the vehicle’s existing seat belt. Kids should stay in a booster seat until they are big enough to sit properly with the lap and shoulder belt securely buckled. That means the lap belt is snug across their upper thighs, not their stomach, and the shoulder belt is snug across their shoulder and chest, not their neck or face. “Tweens” and preteens (seat belt) Once your child is big enough to ride safely without needing a car seat or booster seat, keep in mind the back seat is still the safest place. All kids 13 and under should ride in the back, even if they try to convince you the front is the “cool” place to be. For more advice and to find a car seat check location near you, visit NHTSA. gov/TheRightSeat.

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Fall good time to perform tire safety check With the final days of summer gone, now is the time to spend a few extra minutes performing a tire safety check. Here are three easy steps to ensure your tires will be ready to handle the season change and keep you and your family safe year-round. Stay on top of your tire pressure. Many drivers enjoy road trips from early summer through October and both under-inflation and over-inflation can affect your ride. Overinflated tires can degrade ride comfort, reduce traction, cause fast centerline wear and result in increased susceptibility to tire/suspension damage due to harder impacts with pot holes and road hazards. Similarly, Underinflated tires are prone to uneven wear, heat buildup leading to structural damage, and reduced impact resistance. Underinflation can sub-optimize stopping and cornering power and result in poor fuel economy. Checking inflation pressure is most accurate when the vehicle has been at rest and out of direct sunshine for several hours. Check your tire tread depth. After a long summer of family road trips, you will need to determine if your summer tires have worn out. While obvious signs of damage such as cracks, splits and punctures can help drivers identify a problem, it’s also important to check tire tread depth on a monthly basis. Tread depth plays an important role in how well your tires maintain steering control and traction when the road is wet, slushy, snowy, icy, muddy or gravelly. An easy way to check your tire tread is to insert a penny into the tires’ tread grooves with Lincoln’s head upside down. If Lincoln’s head is fully visible, you have 2/32-inch or less tread remaining and it’s time to replace the tire. Remember that tires depend on their treads to grip, so the

Perform a tire safety check now before winter sets in for peace of mind while driving in challenging conditions.

deeper the tread, the better the tire will be in both rain and snow. Know what questions to ask when buying new tires. Once you decide it’s time to invest in new tires, you should know the right questions to ask. The answers will vary depending on the region and the type of weather you live in. In many places driving on summer tires into the fall and winter will be unsafe. All-season tires are created to handle a

wide variety of road conditions, while winter tires are better geared toward deep snows. If you are interested in the ability to drive both on- and off-road regularly, all-terrain tires may be the best option for your vehicle. Additionally, asking how the tires are rated and what that rating means will tell you how long the tire tread is expected to last. The traction grade communicates the ability of the tire to halt within

Teens “Wearing a safety belt is not only a law, but it can save your life.” In addition to wearing a seat belt, teen drivers should check that both their seat and mirrors are properly adjusted before starting their journey. When driving, teens should also be mindful to turn their headlights on, not only during nightfall, but in the early morning evening as well. “Otherwise, you take a chance of other drivers not being able to see you, which can quickly lead to negative consequences,” he said. For increased safety, it is important to limit the number of passengers in a vehicle at one time when a teen driver takes the wheel. According to DMV. ORG, the risk of causing an auto accident doubles from having a single teenage passenger in the vehicle, and the risk of an accident steadily increases for every teen passenger that’s added to the equation. Therefore, it is strongly advised to limit passengers to parents if you are a teenager and it is your first year behind

continued from page 12B the wheel. Plausibly, a majority of teenage driving accidents are the direct result of inexperience. “So, in order for your teen to gain positive driving experience, it’s paramount for them to minimize any and all distractions,” said Lawler. Undeniably, one of the largest teen driving distractions is cellphone use. According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, it is against the law for any Wisconsin driver with a probationary license or instruction permit to use a hand-held or hands-free cellphone while driving, aside from reporting an emergency. Moreover, texting while driving is illegal for all Wisconsin drivers. “If necessary, turn your phone off or activate the silent mode before you drive

to remove the temptation to check your phone,” Lawler said. Driving while drowsy falls in line with distracted driving, as both impede the driver’s attention and can cause similar catastrophic outcomes. It’s especially important for teens to get the recommended minimum of eight hours of nightly sleep so that they can function at their best and avoid cognitive impairment while operating a vehicle. “Keep in mind, driving while sleep deprived can impair the human brain as much as alcohol can,” said Lawler. Speeding is also a primary factor in fatal teen driver accidents. This holds particularly true when driving on unfamiliar roadways or encountering heavy

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traffic. Maintaining a safe speed is far more critical than keeping up with the flow of traffic. “Complying with the posted speed limit ensures the safety of yourself and other drivers on the road, while eliminating the risk of an expensive speeding ticket,” said Lawler. Besides speed, you also want to follow all other posted traffic signs, including coming to a complete stop and looking both ways at a stop sign before proceeding through the intersection, carefully scanning the road and sidewalks when approaching pedestrian crosswalks (especially those in and around school zones), and heeding to all yield signs.



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a shorter distance and the temperature grade lets you know how the tire will resist heat. No matter what type of tire you choose, changing weather and road conditions means your tires need to be at their top performance to keep you and your family safe. Now is the time to inspect your tires and invest in new ones before challenging weather strikes and tire inventories start to dwindle.

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Mobile man cave tips provided

It is football time, and many Americans are making the annual pilgrimage to man caves forged in living rooms, basements or garages. There, fans hunker down for hours in the extreme comforts of recliners, snacks and drinks, and of course, mega-sized TV screens. Yet for others, the football experience is superior outside the stadium at tailgating gatherings with family and friends. After all, tailgating is an American tradition with roots dating back to the Civil War and the First Battle of Bull Run, according to the American Tailgaters Association. The tailgate party has evolved significantly since then, and now football fans can further power-up their tailgating experience to create a “mobile man cave” that rivals the comforts of home. An offensive line—of vehicles A big tailgate party does not require a big vehicle. While a hatchback or pick-up truck is certainly a plus, most important is to have the wheels that can deliver the goods. Tailgaters can team up by lining up a caravan of cars for a multi-stationed tailgate. This game plan can help tailgaters distribute the load of goods and equipment needed to make the mobile man cave a fan cave that is comfortable for all. Put in the QB of TVs A TV is vital for the tailgating entertainment. There are many options for outdoor TVs that provide great pictures even in the sun’s glare and in extreme temperatures. Tailgaters also have plenty of choices for receiving a great picture,

Generators, outdoor TVs, and deep fryers are just a few of the unusual suggestions to spice up a tailgate party.

from portable satellite dishes or services to digital streaming or even oldfashioned rabbit ear antennas. Be sure to test out the picture in advance so it is ready to go come kick-off. The cook’s playbook Great food makes for great tailgates. Beyond the staples of chips and burgers and beers, tailgaters can step outside the regular playbook and bring new recipes. Look for inventive recipes easy to make in crockpots—mozzarella-stuffed meatballs, anyone?—or bring along a deep fryer for a new take on deviled eggs. No place like dome When it comes to football season, the

Road salt necessary for safety Each winter, drivers from Maine to Texas are reminded just how dependent we are on our cars, and what happens when snow and ice get in the way. More than 116,000 Americans are injured and over 1,300 are killed on snowy, slushy or icy pavement every winter. Snowfighters tasked with the job of keeping travelers safe know that road salt is the most effective way to treat road surfaces. A Marquette University study examined highway accidents in

Linebacker-like power The most critical factor of all in mak-

ing a powered-up tailgate is the power source itself. That’s where a generator like the Powerhorse Portable Inverter Generator from Northern Tool + Equipment comes in. This generator serves as a quiet, mobile, linebacker-strong and safe power source that can plug in all the tailgating needs to make sure the TV, food, heat and more are running to the 20, the 15, the 10, the 5 ... Touchdown!

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snow and found that road salt reduced crashes by up to 88 percent, and injuries and accident costs were reduced by as much as 85 percent. Another study from the University of Waterloo on the safety impacts of using deicing salt before and after a snow event on four-lane highways found that it reduced accidents by up to 93 percent. Untreated roads also carry a significant economic cost as a snowstorm can cause a state $300 to $700 million in costs.

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weather is always a factor—but tailgaters should not let a little inclement weather derail the event. Primarily, be prepared with the right gear to make the experience comfortable and enjoyable. A canopy is always recommended to provide a “dome-like” feel, while cooling fans and portable heaters will be welcomed for climate control.


If you’re looking for prompt and reliable auto repair service, contact the experts at Kiel Auto Repair. Our shop provides excellent auto repair services in Manitowoc, Sheboygan, and Calumet counties. Our professional auto mechanics offer the best service at reasonable rates.

• General mechanics • Brakes • Tune-ups • Oil changes • Exhaust - Custom Exhaust Bending 1 1/2” - 3” • Tires - Hankook, Goodyear, Kelly, Firestone Michelin and many more

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Fall Auto Guide 2018  

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Fall Auto Guide 2018  

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