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Library roof to be replaced after leaks Books moved for fear of possible water damage

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UPCOMING Pre-Thanksgiving feeding for needy students at 11:30 a.m. Nov. 25, Hilliard Chapel Dance workshop at 8:15 a.m. on Nov. 8, Atherton Auditorium


By Vorani Khoonsrivong

The Delta College campus is undergoing yet another renovation, but this time in an unlikely place. The Irving Goleman Library will receive a new roof after complaints of cracks and leaks in the current one. The library was previously renovated in 2010, when 7,000 additional square feet was added, which brought more space for usage and the addition of 66 computers. “The roof on the second floor of the library has water damage,” said Delta College Facilities Planning & Environmental Compliance Manager Stacy Pinola. The current roof came from a manufacturer called Geoflex, according to Pinola. “The material used for the current roof was a bad batch and had a 25-year

warranty. Unfortunately, [Geoflex] went out of business,” said Pinola. She said the new product being installed has been researched and has a 20-plus-year track record. Students, staff and faculty have reported no complaints of injury. “We knew about the leakage from the get-go,” said Principal Librarian Dr. Jun Wang. According to Wang, the main areas affected by the leak are towards the women’s restroom and the Computer ‘B’ station on the second floor, which clearly has a water-damaged tile above it. “We had to use a dumpster to collect the water leaking from the roof [by the women’s restroom]. The computers and books were not damaged,” said Wang.

See LIBRARY, Page 8

Recent school shooting brings topic to forefront By Megan Maxey

Last week, a school shooting in Washington made its way to every news station in the United States. A 15-year-old student named Jaylen Fryberg allegedly killed two of his classmates and injured five. Recent updates reported that four students have now died, according to MSN. This shooting has many people talking about the dangers of school shootings and is causing worry. Our local high school Bear Creek had a threat of active violence recently. A parent threatened, “…

[that he’s] coming down tomorrow and it’s going to be like a Columbine situation.” The principal of Bear Creek called neighborhoods surrounding the area to alert parents of the threat. California leads the nation in school shootings by more than 40 accounts, including the 1989 shooting at Cleveland Elementary School in Stockton that killed six children. Ever since the 1999 massacre at Columbine High School in Colorado, it seems as if school shooting have become more deadly and more frequent throughout the country. We all know how dangerous Stockton can be.

Does that mean we should be more cautious when it comes to preventing and preparing for an event like this? Going to school in a city like Stockton, some Delta students may be concerned with the possibility of violent crimes such as these. Delta does have a policy regarding loose criminals on campus. Delta’s Active Shooter policy states: “If suspect is in close proximity... lie motionless and pretend to be unconscious.” The policy also states that students or staff should call campus police immediately and stay indoors if possible. There is a copy of the policy

in each classroom, but many professors don’t acknowledge it. “I think it’s very important to know what you’re supposed to do in situations like that,” said Kirsten Sanchez, a Delta Student. Even though Delta is in a city perceived as dangerous, it is relatively safe. There’s campus security and police always on campus. If students regularly check Delta email, they will see that every time there is a crime, campus police send an email. It is more likely a student will get injured on a car ride to school than to be affected by a possible criminal offense on Delta’s campus.



Issue 5 • Nov. 7, 2014 •

Is Walmart a good fit for the community? By Jaime Garcia


almart is a business that offers great deals for almost everything you need and want for your home or life. The company’s motto: “Save money. Live better.” The saying is designed to show you that the store’s business is better for you so go and shop there. Walmart has helped people, but hasn’t been beneficial for some local businesses. The super store has damaged small businesses when it comes to consumers, taking them away from their business, with them spending money there and not at local, smaller businesses. “They’re usually always located near grocery

stores and they have lower prices,” said Juilo Nicaragua, a Delta student and Walmart shopper. Walmart has it’s own grocery store, specifically for food with its lower prices on food competing with local stores. “They sell almost everything and it is easier to go to Walmart then go to multiple mom and pop shops,” said Adam Torres, another Delta student and Walmart shopper. I agree with Torres because it’s easier to go to one location instead of going all over town just for a few things. This is a way Walmart has benefited people, saving time and gas. But it’s not good news for these local mom and pop shops open for a long time that have been serving the area before Walmart.

“They have 20 registers but only three are open, in all cases I’ve been in,” said Nicaragua. One of the frustrating things about Walmart is no one likes standing in a long line for amounts of time. “I don’t like how they treat some of their employees and how there items are poor quality,” said Torres. Some items purchased at Walmart are poor quality but that’s what you get when you do pay less. Not all of what the store sells is crap. It depends on what you buy and how much you pay. The store is a good place for local students to go and shop on a budget. “I go there because everything is accessible and cheaper as a student it’s easier for me,” Torres added.

So this is how this market has helped one college student save money and stay in his budget rate, but it could help many more students not just Torres. One Walmart employee enjoys her job working at the front of the store seeing people. “Meeting new people and a lot of new faces,” said Audrey Mendoza, a Walmart greeter, of why she likes her job but it’s not always enjoyable, she said. “Sometimes there are some mean and rude people,” said Mendoza. Walmart has helped a lot in the community and benefited people but also can’t be so helpful for local businesses. It’s your choice to decide if Walmart is good or a bad place to shop for you and your needs.

When trolling, cyber bullying goes wrong By Kathryn Krider


yber trolling and bullying is wrong. You can’t harass others online or else you won’t make new friends. And you can be reported and sued for harassment. Recent Cases of Cyber bullying includes a fifteen year old girl from Saratoga, Ca. who committed suicide after being bullied online. On some websites, users can be blocked due to cyber bullying. A report can be written up to administration, resulting in either a suspended account or banned from a specific website. However, in most cases site mod-

erators don’t do anything to prevent it. Cyber bullying and trolling can hurt and scare people. You need to think twice before you post a comment. When you write something terrible in a comment but haven’t posted it online yet, pause for at least five seconds before you post it. Don’t bash a person online for any reason at all. It will become more of a problem for you. I’ve had the experience of both being bullied and trolling others online. It hurt me a lot and I got so angry that I wrote something terrible I didn’t mean to write. Earlier this year in February, I told

an 18 year old girl online who had cancer that I didn't care if she died after she told me I could help out. I was trying to help her, but after that I was bashed on my profile. If something like that happens, step away from the computer for a while and let things cool down. Trolling or stalking someone is normally permitted, but to them, it can be really annoying and make them not like you. We can prevent Cyber bullying and trolling by doing nice things like leaving good comments on other people’s profiles such as Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram. Don’t hurt someone with electronics or you’ll get hurt yourself. Stay positive.

LATEST TREND: Getting married younger By Aidet Ulloa


he U.S. census data has shown that young people are marrying less and less nowadays. “Young people have so much to experience and I think they should spend their youth doing what they truly want without the complications of trying to maintain and uphold a marriage,” said Delta student Josephine Fuentes.

Getting married young has many more benefits to it as opposed to getting married later in life. Youth is a gift. With youth come’s health, energy, endurance, and vitality. These are good things; they give us purpose and promise in our younger years. People should really start thinking about marriage and kids when they’re still young and energetic. “I personally wouldn't get married at a young age

because you don't really get the opportunity to truly know who that person is, and it's difficult to learn who a person is when you're still trying to figure out who you are, and what you want in life,” said Fuentes. Let’s be real — aren’t we always “finding ourselves”? In case you think on waiting for “the right time,” or for everything to be “perfect” in your life in order to get married, the reality is that life will never

be perfect. All of the reasons why we say young people shouldn’t get married are the precise reasons why they should. “If you and your partner feel ready for marriage then you should go on right ahead and get married,” said Delta student Roxanna Guzman. ... Read the rest of the story at

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Issue 5 • Nov. 7, 2014 •

There’s no need to fear Feminism

Women from all walks of life are demanding respect By Midori Morita


t seems the idea of Feminism has a stigma attached to it. Most men and even women think feminists are a group of man-hating she-beasts that want to take over the world. This is not true in most cases. Feminism is the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social and economic equality to men. I didn’t think women wanting to go out and have fun, and not being told to “go back to the kitchen” was a bad thing. Though feminism has been a hot topic around social media, the feminism and Women’s Rights movement has been around since the 1800s. That’s right. This isn’t some random group of people that decided the world was unfair. A big problem that still has

feminists mad is the wage gap. Most people today think the wage gap has been solved, yet this gap is still a problem in the United States. As of 2013, a full-time, yearround working-woman still made $10,876 less than a man working the same job. Since the Equal Pay Act was passed in 1963, the gap has only moved slightly. Feminism has entered our social media, our television and our magazines. It has become more relevant. More and more, people are starting to realize there are still issues women face today. Celebrities including Emma Watson, Amy Poehler and Patrick Stewart are feminists and are speaking out about why it’s okay to call yourself a feminist. But of course, there are people who refuse to be labeled as a feminist. Thinking that we are just here to burn our bras and throw

them at you. I think the stigma of feminism revolves around two things. First, most women forget men don’t always have the advantages women do. Therefore, women will think men never have to suffer in such a way as they do. Second, the fact that women are realizing they don’t need a man to do things for them. We are capable of doing everyday things on our own. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hold a door open or try to pay for dinner. You should still have some common sense and still be polite to human beings. 
There are some extreme feminists out there who do hate men. Those types are very rare and most feminists just want people to understand what’s happening to men and women in our society.

Men’s eternal fear of feelings, never seems to go unnoticed By Zachariah Merces-Spindler


he past twenty years of observation and conversations as a male have allowed me to arrive at this conclusion: Relationships are tricky, and gender roles exponentially complicate relationships. Depending on who’s being asked, the blame is placed on both sides with common trends of generalizations. “Men are pigs.” “All girls are crazy.” These are all false, of course. But with the current climate of the male mind it’s difficult to arrive at different conclusions. Men today, as in the past, are constantly seeking out some type of relations. Males will leave you to believe the relations they seek are of purely sexual orientation, and to at all costs, “Catch no feelings.” With this agenda, a disregard for females is a constant theme. Men quickly judge women purely on appearance or choice of attire. Some often create scales of one through 10 to judge and

determine what females they’d approach. Sometimes men are even dwelling into the obscene, claiming certain facial and body characteristics are common in different personality traits. For example, one male claimed, “all short chubby faced girls are clingy and crazy.” Technology has propelled the behavior and approach to easier lows with apps for chatting with random member of opposite sex at an all-time high that promote “sexting.” This push for technology has led to a disturbing trend of conversing with a girl merely for pictures, which are then shown and bragged about to their friends or “bros.” None of this is probably new to anyone of course, and that’s the point. Males are continuing these trends and altering them constantly in effort to achieve such shallow goals. But to what end? Most of these males seem to catch feelings they fight so diligently to avoid. They’ll meet a girl who

changes them, and keeps them in a seemingly monogamous relationship for some time. Age isn’t likely the cause in most cases because the ranges vary at which time this can occur. Meanwhile in such relationships attitudes don’t change around other members of the male gender, perhaps because of the ridicule some males receive for spending time with their “girlfriend” at the time. Men are often identifying females with a litany of fallacious words and referrals to vague generalizations of scenarios with women. These scenarios range from constant texts from a female, or the believed controlling behavior of a female towards them. This is faulty advice that promotes head scratching. One would assume being in a relationship with a female would enhance an understanding towards the female mind and promote a greater intellect into the dating world, but the truth is far from that. Far too many males seem to be running from the love and family goals many have grown up in, and rather act as if they just want to get laid.

PILLOW TALK 101 With Jermaine Davis

Finding a date via the Internet Can you have success meeting new people this way?


oday, if you’re not a social person who can express feelings towards someone you find attractive, the Internet has made life much easier. Various outlets exist for people to connect and re-connect with those who share their same outlook on life and views on relationships. Currently on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, millions of Americans are using these apps to meet new people. These individuals are seeking some sort of friendship that can potentially become long term. Does this way of making a connection have good results? FACEBOOK The social media king creates the opportunity for users to rekindle past relationships, along with starting new ones with someone from your days in school, but never got around to actually dating. TWITTER It’s a great way to connect with people from local sounding areas, all the way across the globe to people you’ve never meet in London. On this platform, users are dealing with people you don’t see often or never see at all, until the two of you decide who’s flying out who. INSTAGRAM This is probably the worst place to meet new people from the Internet. The “Gram” (when used for dating purposes) is merely a platform for men and women to display their lust/thirst toward the opposite sex. However, your chances of making a real connection on Instagram are slim to none, due to the multiple likes and comments that your crush might receive. Viewing pictures and comments attached can ruin one’s eyesight for good. If he or she is averaging 100-400 likes on pictures, you’re in for stiff competition. If your luck on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, runs out there are other websites and mobile apps for you to try for a chance at love. Perhaps you’re not the relationship type, and just prefer a casual hook up. TINDER & PLENTY OF FISH These are two of the most popular official dating sites right now. These sites allow users more depth into each other for the sole purpose of making a short-term connection, usually with no strings attached. No matter how you slice it, meeting new people strictly via the Internet can have a seesaw affect. Things might go good for a while but then all of a sudden fizzles out, or the person you’ve been communicating with back and forth is a Catfish — looks nothing like how they appear online. The scary part about dating someone you’ve met via the Internet is that you never really know whom you’re dealing with. Suppose your new friend is a mentally unstable, criminal with a hatred for hearing the word NO… You might be the next person in line filing for a restraining order. If things really go south, you could be the next one seen on the evening news with firefighters and police officers removing a stalker from your chimney.



Issue 5 • Nov. 7, 2014 •


Epilepsy Awareness spreads during month By Eleanor Mafi

If you see purple ribbons around in November, it’s to mark Epilepsy Awareness Month. Some people do not know what epilepsy is or have never even heard of it. Epilepsy is one of the first brain disorders to be describe, according to the Mayo Clinic. It’s a disorder of seizures, not a disease. The cause of epilepsy is unknown; some people have developed the


THROUGH EMAIL: Advocate Caitie Shaw is shown in the hospital for a procedure.

disorder by brain tumor, stroke, Alzheimer’s or are born with it. One-in-26 adults will be diagnosed with epilepsy in their lifetime or one-in-twenty in children will be affected, according to the Epilepsy Foundation. When a person has two or more unprovoked seizures, they have epilepsy, which affects more than 2 million people in the United States and 65 million people worldwide, according to the foundation. This year, another 150,000 people in our country will be diagnosed with epilepsy, according to the foundation. “Did you know that more people in the US die of Epilepsy each year than breast cancer? Horrible stats for both - awareness is the key #Epilepsyfacts,” said Caitie Shaw, co-founder of Epilepsy Awareness & Youth Empowerment Project, through her Twitter account @SandpaperSmiles. Shaw is a Canadian resident, but uses the Internet to spread awareness worldwide. Even though epilepsy can’t be cured, for some people it does go away. There is hope out to find a cure for epilepsy, especially now. “It is difficult, people who has epilepsy are on medication. People who has this go through a lot,” said Josh Gehman, a Delta College student who lives with epilepsy. Many high-profile individuals have epilepsy, including musicians Prince and Susan Boyle and actor Hugo Weaving. The Minnesota Gophers will be supporting Epilepsy awareness month by wearing a purple sticker for Head Coach Jerry Kill on Nov. 29.


Kill leads the University of Minnesota football team. There are different kind of seizures that people with Epilepsy can suffer from, but the most common are Absence and Tonic Seizures, according to the Epilepsy Foundation. This month will be filled with events for epilepsy. This week at Disneyland the park is having an Epilepsy Awareness Day hosted by different foundations. San Francisco has an Epilepsy foundation of Northern California and there are many more events around the world for Epilepsy go to cureepil e p s y. o r g , the website for Citizens United to Cure Epilepsy, to find events in the area.

EPILEPSY RESOURCES • • • • • Twitter: @epilepsyfdn and @epilepsyforhope

By Ryan Quijalvo,



Issue 5 • Nov. 7, 2014 •

PUZZLE: November fun facts

Beehive Design Collective comes to tell stories

By Alexis Bustamante


ACROSS 4. Which state became the 40th state on Nov. 2, 1889? 5. What is the birthstone for the month of November? 7. United States forces landed where on Nov. 19, 1943? 8. Who signed the ending of World War I on Nov. 11, 1918? 9. The United States and Panama signed a treaty providing for? 10. Abraham Lincoln delivered what on Nov. 19,1863?

DOWN 1. What is the birth flower of November? 2. Which state became the 39th state on Nov. 2, 1889? 3. Who and his crew were the first to fly over the South Pole on Nov. 22, 1929? 6. What was first celebrated in the United States on Nov. 11, 1954 11. Which United States President was assassinated on Nov. 22, 1963?

RESULTS: Results for the puzzle will be avaliable at


EXAMINING THE DROUGHT: Ryan Camero, a former Delta College student, is traveling around with the Beehive Design Collective, based in Maine, and Restore the Delta to tell stories. He spoke at Delta, top, and Reality Stockton on Pacific Avenue, bottom.

Volunteers needed for Stockton event aimed at providing presents By Eleanor Mafi

Operation DreamKeeper, is an organization that raises money to provide gifts for needy children. Operation DreamKeeper is hosting a fundraiser dinner at 6 p.m. at the Valley Banquet Room, 4368 N. Sutter Street, on Nov. 15. Tickets to the event can be purchased at the door for $16 dollars. All proceeds go to purchase children’s gifts for, Dec. 20 distribution event. Operation DreamKeeper has put on the largest Christmas celebration in Stockton for children in recent years. This December event is for boys and girls, five through 10-years old, living in the Stockton area who are in need of a helping hand. The average price of toys donated is $15 to $20, according to organizers. “This is one of the only non-

profits that 100 percent of all donation go straight to the program. Operation Dreamkeeper serves 800 to 1,000 children each year,” said Antoinette Foutz-Contreras, Director of Operation DreamKeeper. There are many families in need now in the city of Stockton. Some family members have lost jobs, some have lost homes and others are just getting by. “So it is our goal to provide the Christmas spirit to both the parents and the children. At our Christmas event we have the Lodi Choir, C.L.C. College performing Christmas carols, a live puppet show along with animated characters, to tell the story of Hope for tomorrow, Love for today, and Joy for the season. Each child receives Christmas snacks, a new Christmas gift, and receives smiles and kindness from all of Stockton’s community volunteers,” said Foutz-Contreras Operation DreamKeeper also

needs 150 volunteers this year. Volunteers are needed to escort children to their seats, deliver presents and make sure there is always a safe and happy environment. Volunteers are needed from 11:20 a.m. until 2 p.m. Volunteers must be 18-years old or older. There will be a sign up in advance for the volunteers. “I am an alumni of Delta College and it has been such a blessing to have the student, staff, and faculty be involved with our program. It is an honor to know not only are you interested in higher education, but our community as well. As you make your way through life you will find that one of the most rewarding thing that you do is to help those in need,” said FoutzContreras. This distribution event will be held at the San Joaquin County Fair Grounds on Saturday, Dec. 20 at 12:30 p.m. Monetary donations can also be made by sending a check to


PRESENTING PRESENTS: Children enjoy themselves at the Christmas presents distribution event at the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds.

Good Samaritan Training Center/ Operation DreamKeeper, 1957 Rosecrans Way, Stockton, 95207. The organization also accepts donations on Delta Campus. Contact Marvin Jackson at (209) 954-5188 or mjackson@

For more information on volunteering or questions, contact one of the following representatives: Christina Colman at (209) 271-2474, Rosie Robles at (209) 942-3751 or Antoinette Foutz-Contreras at (209) 981-8250.



Issue 5 • Nov. 7, 2014 •



n recent years, the gled,” “Wreck-It Ralph,” Walt Disney Com“Frozen,” and today’s prepany has benefited miere of “Big Hero 6.” from a new, older demoAfter the success of the new graphic of fans. Computer-Generated Imagery Men and women of all (CGI) animated movies, it has ages have become huge fans become mainstream or “cool” of the brand. to love Disney movies. The Walt Disney ComEven though these movpany has a proven track reies are classified as children’s cord of producing hit movies. movies, people of all ages enDisney’s first ever fulljoy them. length animated feature “Snow “I think many people have White and The Seven Dwarfs” become invested in Disney bejump-started the brand that evencause there is still innocence behind tually grew into the Disney we it. The world we live in today has a know today. more cruel nature, and I think Disney PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY Recently, the Disney brand has provides an escape from reality for many,” ROBERT JUAREZ changed to modern look. said Angela Garcia, 19. Disney had great success in their renaissance Most college students are just starting to become era, the late 1980s and 1990s, with movies such as “The adults. Little Mermaid,” “Mulan,” “The Lion King” and more. Paying bills, moving out, getting student loans or In the early 2000s, we began to see less Walt Disney simply having more responsibilities can overwhelm movies and more Disney-Pixar collaboration movies in. many young adults. It wasn't until 2009 when the Walt Disney Company They are just starting to learn how to take care of began to see success on its own again. themselves while being practical and responsible. Disney’s revival era began in 2009 with “The Princess Disney movies offer comfort and escapism to the evand the Frog.” er-changing world around us. Since then, the Walt Disney Company has produced To feel like a child again, even for just 90 minutes, new and advanced animated movies including “Tan- helps us momentarily forget about our problems.

DC VS. MARVEL: War for cinematic supremacy By Jake Souza

The Marvel and DC Universe are locked in a battle for comic book supremacy, and it has leaked into a battle for the silver screen. Both Marvel and DC Comics have shown the companies are in play for years to come. 20th Century Fox is washing its hands of what “X2” through “The Wolverine” did to its “X-Men” franchise with “Days of Futures Past” and rebooting “Fantastic Four.” Both “X-Men” and “Fantastic Four” are two of Marvels most important players, and with the news of “Dead Pool” getting its own movie, 20th Century Fox is giving the fans something to look forward to. The real success has been Marvel Studios setting up for “The Avengers” to meet. We are two years past “The Avengers,” and all people are doing is waiting for “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” This lead-up also includes the

recently leaked Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet which will be comprised in the two part “The Avengers: Infinity War.” Marvel Studios has shown its plans on expanding “The Avengers” with Ant Man, Dr. Strange and more getting movies. Big news is the next addition to the “Captain America” films: “Captain America: Civil War.” It sounds as if it’s bringing the Marvel Civil War to life in theaters that will make comic book enthusiasts lose their mind. Sony Pictures has done to your hopes of a good “Spiderman” movie what George R. R. Martin has done to your favorite “Game of Thrones” characters, and killed them off. “Spiderman” is arguably Marvels most popular hero and fans are waiting to see him finally come to life as the witty hero/nerdy persona. Fans have high hopes for two of Spiderman’s most infamous villains Carnage and Venom getting their movie. Something could be getting setup

for a big splash in Spiderman’s realm. DC has had huge success with “The Dark Knight” trilogy, but has also produced huge flops in the likes of “Green Lantern.” DC entertainment has shown it is ready to bring the “Justice League” to life. DC is eager to complete the “Justice League” movie to compete with “The Avengers.” Having “Man of Steel” setting the path, DC is bringing the next installment “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice,” which will include Wonder Woman, Cyborg and Aquaman. Still DC will do its characters justice with their own films. Wonder Woman, Shazam, Aquaman, Green Lantern and Cyborg are all getting their own film, while Flash is rumored to share his movie with Green Lantern. DC is showing a lot of promise and can start becoming a challenge to Marvel’s dominance. But for now, Marvel remains on top. becoming hot spot for passionate gamers By Sven Jacobson

T sold to Amazon for $970 million on Aug. 25. This acquisition is the second largest by Amazon, after the 2009 purchase. If you’re not a gamer this won’t make any sense to you, but allow me to broaden your horizons. Video games today aren’t like 20-years ago. Most people have memories as a child of sitting at home playing on consoles alone, or with a friend. Today’s games are no longer played in isolation. Gaming has grown into a social activity. Fifty-nine percent of Americans play video games and the average gamer is 31-years old, according to the Entertainment Software Association. Twitch is an online platform that allows gamers to stream their play sessions to viewers who want to watch. It serves as a community hub for gamers to interact with each other, and grow communities based around video games. Twitch is just one part of a video game industry that grossed over $21.53 billion in 2013. It generates the fourth-highest Internet traffic a day behind Netflix, Google and Apple. Two-percent of the Internet’s total traffic daily, according to analytics company Deepfield, comes from Twitch. Livestreamers on Twitch can apply for partnership with Twitch which allows them to receive monetary compensation through ad revenue and a subscription program. Viewers can subscribe to live streamers for $4.99 a month, $2.50 of which goes directly to the streamer. Reports of live stream income have been varied. Many of the most popular streamers on Twitch can make enough money off of Twitch’s partnership program to live independently. “Imaqtpie [Michael Santana] earned about $8,000 in streaming money in a recent month,” said Michael O’Dell, owner of Team Dignitas, a professional gaming organization, in an article with GQ in Feb. 2014. Many professional Esports (electronic sports) leagues broadcast tournaments on Twitch to record-setting numbers. The Wall Street Journal reported more than 32 million people watched the championship for a video gamed called League of Legends. That’s more people than the finale of “The Sopranos,” “24” and “Breaking Bad” combined.



Issue 5 • Nov. 7, 2014 •


On Oct. 31, Halloween celebrations took a back seat for the World Champion San Francisco Giants and the team’s fan base. The Giants took the day to celebrate a third World Series Championship in just a fiveyear period. Not even a downpour of rain could spoil the excitement that crammed the streets of San Francisco. “I was really excited because it was number three in five years and I was just so proud of my team for winning,” said Delta student and Giants fan Natalie Bautista. Giants’ fans were once again

awarded the chance to exhale all the tension built from a stressful season and postseason. “I really enjoyed the parade, I had a blast. It was a little cold and it was raining a bit but it was so worth it,” said Bautista. The Giants were thought of as a team barely able to sneak into the playoffs, The team did nothing to erase that opinion as it did, indeed, squeak into the playoffs by earning the last wild card spot and faced off against the Pittsburgh Pirates in a do or die wild-card game. “It’s unreal, advancing to the playoffs via wild card and defeating three teams that were all in favor of beating the Giants is crazy,” said by Giants die hard

fan Jose Hernandez. “Each player being able to produce for the team, getting that hit in clutch situations. Everyone being on the same page. And each player having great chemistry with each other. I think that goes a long way for a team in the playoffs,” said Hernandez, explaining the synergy. As parade floats made way to the Civic Center of San Francisco, “MVP” chants roared when League Championship Series and World Series Most Valuable Player Madison Bumgarner appeared. Bumgarner’s historical postseason performance lowered his World Series ERA to an all-time best .25 and his performance is


Player is not your average safety By Gaby Muro

Delta College football safety Ian Montazem is the Mustang Spotlight for this issue of The Collegian. He attended McNair High School. Montazem is one of four captains on the team. He has recorded two interceptions, 40 tackles with five tackles per game, according to the California Community College Athletics Association (CCCAA). “My whole team, no matter what the record we all strive for greatness and go out fighting every game,” said Montazem in an email interview. He said some of his favorite quotes from Head Coach Gary Barlow are: “Palms up

is not a good look Montazem” or “Get Up,” he said. Montazem wants to transfer to continue his education and play football. Montazem’s game rituals are: “Wake up two hours before and tell my family goodbye and I love them. Head to the school and get some food in my system and listen to some music and talk about the game ahead of us. During that I put out all my gear for the game then go get taped up and ready for our meeting then game.” Montazem said he needs to improve some things in his game. “… my man to man coverage and finishing plays to give us an edge for our next game,” he said. Assistant Head Coach De-

fensive Coordinator Doug Murray added: “Ian continues to work on all needed skill sets, including man to man technique.” Montazem played his last home game at Lawrence A. DeRicco Field against Fresno City College. “Even though we did not get the win I still feel good about suiting up with these guys and knowing that this brotherhood will last a lifetime,” he said. “It was nice going out there and giving it my all for my family, friends and team. I have some things to improve on so these last two games I hope to perfect them and get myself and my teammates prepared and on the right track so we can come out on top,” Montazem said.


PARTY TIME: Top, confetti falls on Giants players as they celebrate the team’s third championship. Above, fans celebrate on Market Street in San Francisco.

considered to be one of the best in postseason history. Six years ago, the Giants were hopeful of having a team that

can win a World Championship for the first time in 54 years. Five years later, fans can call the club a dynasty.

Seeking a coach for employment By Alexis Bustamante

former Cleveland Brown Head Coach Romeo Crennel. So the big question is whose FL coaches are in the fault is it, the coaches or players? news a lot lately, mostly Situations like this in parbecause of being fired. ticular show coaches have to The latest coach to be axed was work with what they are given Raiders Head Coach Dennis Al- in terms of player talent. len. Around the Delta College The Raiders replaced him campus students seem to have a with Tony Sparano as interim different opinion on this matter. head coach on Sept. 30. An unscientific poll of stuIt seems the coaches have dents said it’s the coaches fault, more to prove this season in or- while some believe it’s the teams der not to be next in the hot seat.
 fault. A smaller group believe it’s Twenty-three coaches have the organization/owners fault. had either resigned or been fired since 2000, according to the THE COACHING Bleacher Report. In Dennis Allen case, he The Bleacher Report goes had back-to-back 4-12 seasons on to say, only one of the 23 (2012-2013) and after the Raidreplacement coaches from the ers spent a lot of money to reteams posted a winning record build the defense, the team got more than 2-1. off to a 0-4 start and the cherry In 2013, the Texans fired on the cake of 24-point loss to Gary Kubiak who had a 5-8 the Dolphins on Sept. 28 ... record and replaced him with


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Issue 5 • Nov. 7, 2014 •


Area 4 seat close with only small percentage separating candidates By Alexis Bustamante

The Area 4 trustee seat is still undecided days after the election because the candidates are only separated by 101 votes, according to unofficial election results. Incumbent and Board President Taj Khan wouldn’t speculate or announce victory on Wednesday morning, despite a very narrow lead over challenger Richard Vasquez. Vasquez said the Lodi News-Sentinel declared him the winner with just over 50 percent of the votes. “The count is very close but I spoke voting registers and they said it could take (two) to finalize it,” said Vasquez in a text-message interview. Unofficial results from the San Joaquin County Registrar of Voters, however, reported both candidates just below 50 percent of the vote each. San Joaquin County Registrar of Voters Austin Erdman said “that not all of the votes are accounted for and there is still about 10,000 mail in ballots.” He also stated he does not declare winners that’s usually left to the media. Erdman said it would take up to two weeks before official results are issued. Vasquez has been associated with different committees including Measure L, President Counci and the Lodi Art Commission.

Earlier this semester, he said those experiences lead him into politics. Vasquez is currently a Delta College student. Khan is a long-time Lodi resident and retired engineer. He has held the Area 4 trustee seat for the past six years. AREA 7 TRUSTEE SEAT Catherine Mathis received more than 58 percent of votes for the Area 7 trustee seat, which includes the Manteca area. Mathis ran against Willie Anderson who earned 41.17 percent of the vote. The seat was vacated earlier this year when Lisa Turner was found ineligible to represent the area because of a move. STOCKTON CITY COUNCIL Elbert H. Holman Jr. received 55.49 percent in votes for District 1 over A.S. “Rick” Grewal with 44.51 percent. District 1 covers the area by Eight Mile Road. Susan Lofthus trounced with over 65 percent of the votes over Gene Acevedo with 34.58 percent for the running of Area 3, which covers the March Lane/Pacific area. Christina Fugazi won the election with a little over 53 percent of the votes in her favor for the Area 5 that covers south Stockton. Dyane Burgos Medina received 46.29 percent. There have been 24,409 votes counted.

Transfer to Success Scholarship


Taj Khan Richard Vasquez

32,069 (49.8%) 31,968 (49.64%)


DELTA COLLEGE AREA 7 Catherine Mathis Willie Anderson

37,257 (58.37%) 26,282 (41.17%)


Extended library hours for students with no home accessibility By Jermaine Davis Beginning Oct. 6, Delta College’s Goleman Library will extend its hours of operation to close out the remainder of the Fall 2014 semester. With this new extension the library is now open Monday through Thursday from 7:30

a.m. to 8:30 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Friday. “With the longer hours, I can use the books for my classes longer, and get all my work done without any more excuses,” said Delta student Gregg Thomas. Note: All materials must be checked out 15 minutes before the library closes.

LIBRARY: Repair dates still in the air

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Richard Vasquez

Taj Khan © 2014 National University_1393

She said the current shelves near the women’s restrooms are now used for temporary placing books. The roof repairs will cost $82,780 and will be funded by Measure L, a $250 million bond measure, passed in March 2004, said Pinola. The bond provides funding to improve the district’s educational facilities. Pinola said the employees noticed the water during a recent rainstorm. “The repairs were done immediately with little disruptions (since) it was in the (men’s) restroom ceiling area. We were able to close the area and make the repairs,” she said. As mentioned, this isn’t the first time Delta College had to remodel an already-renovated facility. In August, the DeRicco Student Services Building flood displaced students for months. The building opened in 2009. In September, Delta officials approved a $3.7 million relocation of the soccer field, which was built in 2007. Plans for the library and tentative date of completion are currently not known.

The Collegian -- Published Nov. 7, 2014  

Issue 5 of The Collegian, the student newspaper for the 2014-15 school year at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, Calif.

The Collegian -- Published Nov. 7, 2014  

Issue 5 of The Collegian, the student newspaper for the 2014-15 school year at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, Calif.