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Issue 4 • Friday, Oct. 21, 2016 •



By Mikael Honzell Opinion Editor

Delta College’s Multimedia, History and Political Science departments were co-sponsors in a series of campus candidate forums Oct. 13-14. The event, also sponsored by the League of Women Voters of San Joaquin County and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People – Stockton Branch, featured San Joaquin County Supervisor candidates Moses Zapien and Tom Patti and Congressional candidates Jerry McNerney and Tony Amador the first night. On Oct. 14 both Mayor Anthony Silva and Councilmember Michael Tubbs were asked questions by the panelist in the last of all the forums. This round brought in a bigger audience, filling all 200 seats in the South Forum, leaving some people to

sit and watch the forum by the entrance. Audience member Bettina Engelman felt the forum between the two was civil. “They focused on issues and had similarities in ideas,” Engleman said. Rachel Lopez, a Bear Creek High School student, expected a “clash” between Silva and Tubbs, given the comments Silva and Tubbs exchanged on a Facebook post made by Silva on Oct. 5. “They are just two very different people,” Lopez said, “But I think the debates went well. Didn’t learn anything new.” The candidates said they weren’t given enough time to say what they wanted in the forum, due to their limited time to answer questions. Silva spoke to the Collegian after the Forum. “It was too fast and too rushed,” he said before sharing what he wanted to say during the Forum.

The forum was capped at 30 minutes. “What I wanted to say is that I proposed a hundred unit homeless complex with $400,000. It would have gotten a hundred people off the streets. I had the city manager take a look at my plan and he denied it, saying it was a waste of time. It’s bullsh*t,” said Silva. “Now, those people won’t have anywhere to go once Caltrans gates off underneath the freeways where all those tents are.” Tubb’s was also given a chance by the Collegian to expand on points he wanted to make. “I wanted to touch more on violent crime,” he said. “We can’t stop these crimes by sending cops after gangs in troubled areas. We need to go be smart and go to these red spots with resources for these people, rather than just cops. A better relationship needs to be built between our cops and citizens.” Politics can be a dirty game, where allegations are

See MAYOR, page 8

New decisions for the future of California

Propositions including firearms, education funding and death penalty up for vote By Katherine Gagne Staff Writer

In the Nov. 8 election, California voters will be asked to weigh in on a number of important issues. We asked students what they knew of the propositions and initiatives that

were on the ballot this year. Students surveyed at Delta College were mostly familiar with Prop 64, the legalization of hemp and marijuana. “It’s a plant that has so many uses, both for medicine and so many other things. It’s crazy that it has been illegal for so long. Hopefully, we’ll legal-


51 54 57


A yes vote on this initiative would create $9 billion in school bonds. The money would be used for both construction and modernization projects at K-12 schools and community colleges.

ize it like Colorado and Oregon have done,” said John Shields. When asked about the death penalty proposals, the reactions were mixed. “I am in favor of the death penalty. Why should taxpayers take care of a murderer for the rest of their life?”

said student Dianna Sullivan. Student Yibin Gu said, “I don’t think people should be put to death, I’m voting to repeal the death penalty.” Here is a guide to 6 of the 16 Initiatives and Propositions being decided on Election Day.


58 62 63

A yes vote would allow schools to teach students for whom English is not their first language through programs including bilingual education where students learn from teachers who speak both their native language and English.





A yes vote would prohibit Legislature from passing any bill unless it is published on the Internet for 72 hours before a vote. It also would require the Legislature to record its proceedings and post them on the Internet.


A yes vote would allow prisoners sentenced for a nonviolent crime to become eligible for early release based on efforts to earn credits for education and good behavior. It would allow judges to sentence offenders of non-violent crimes to parole rather than jail time. The initiative would eliminate the existing law that sends a juvenile offender immediately to an adult court hearing.

If passed, death row sentences would be changed to life without parole. The measure also would send more money earned by working prisoners to victim restitution efforts.

A yes vote would ban the sale and possession of large-capacity ammunition magazines in California. It also would impose background checks for purchasing ammunition, new felony charges for gun thefts and rules for keeping guns out of the hands of felons and others disqualified from possessing firearms.

Find the full list of propositions on

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2 opinion THE COLLEGIAN FALL 2016


Last look at frontrunners before Nov. 8 By Ramon Zuniga

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Oct. 21, 2016

Staff Writer

By Devin Wickstorm

Immigration Secretary Clinton supports a stance of immigration and citizenship towards foreigners. President Obama’s executive action on immigration is fully supported by her and she intends on keeping it in place “if congress won’t act.” Secretary Clinton’s views on immigration reflect on the respect and appreciation that she and President Obama have. She also says that she will stop the separation of families being deported from the U.S. and close deportation detention centers along the south border across the southern states. Crime The plan for Secretary Clinton is put aim resources at criminals who show more chances of causing danger.Crime in the U.S. is projected to rise 1.3% in 2016 according to Security Magazine. Placing body cameras will place accountability on individuals able to use excessive force while ending mass incarceration and aiding education and job creation. Secretary Clinton believes that the American Justice system is unbalanced and unfair to multiple groups. As president she plans to bring the balance to the court system and strengthen the bonds between communities and Police forces across many cities. Women’s Rights The pay gap between men and women’s general rights is one of the main topics Hillary talks about. “I am a proud lifelong fighter for women’s issues,” she said in her september 5, 2015 rally while still in the primary election. She will work towards better paid maternity leave and equal rights for women as president. Along with women’s rights Secretary Clinton plans to help families in the same matter she plans to help women. Social Issues Privacy and Information rights will be protected by Secretary Clinton as President against government agencies and law enforcement. Clinton believes that the government has no business in something private like abortion. She has gone as far as to say not to fly the Confederate flag because it’s a symbol of racism.

Immigration Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump disagree the most when it comes to immigration. Trump wants to stop illegal immigration into the United States, partly by building a wall along our southern border but also by shifting more focus on enforcing the current laws and making sure criminal immigrants are sent back to their native country. The Republican presidential nominee has talked a little bit too much about particular races when it comes to this issue, which forced him to lose much of the minority population. This includes the Hispanic population as well as Muslims, and his policy towards these particular groups caused the most controversy. Crime and Safety Donald Trump ultimately believes that the Obama administration has ‘reversed’ progress against crime in the U.S. The only real information about his plan to fight crime is that he wants to work with police officers to ensure that what is needed to be done is in progress. . He also implied that police officers are not above the law and that in order to discourage criminal activity completely the administration must start by ridding the police departments of corrupt officers. Women’s Rights This isn’t a topic Trump discusses often, and the latest allegations of him groping and kissing women without their permission isn’t helping his campaign either. When it comes to women’s rights, he believes in equal pay for all genders. With that being said, he wants to completely ban abortion except for cases of rape, incest, and when the life of a woman is on the line. So in this particular area of the political arena, Trump argues on paper that he is for gender equality in the workplace, however he is pro-life up to a certain extent. Social Issues Trump argues that the Obama administration has only worsened the racial divide within the United States, and he also believes that there could be more done to help the black community. This topic is where the Republican presidential candidate causes the most dispute with his lack of political correctness; his most controversial statements include placing a ban on Muslim immigrants and placing surveillance teams near mosques. Although he was against same-sex marriage in 2011, Trump has accepted the reality that gay marriage is legal. Finally, on the issue of affirmative action he said that he will allow it as president but he also implied that it may not be around forever.



What created Donald Trump? By Killian Barnhart


Assistant News Editor

onald Trump is going down in American history in the same way Nero went down in Rome. Trump fiddles while his campaign burns and, disturbingly enough, he still has a chance at becoming president. As I watched Trump’s first debate performance spiral into a delusional rant about Sean Hannity, the mind numbing and infuriating questions of what made Donald Trump? What the hell is the core of his popularity?” began repeating in my brain. While the overpaid talking heads on television continue to espouse the line that Trump has only been picked up by a resurgence of racism, I find the argument disturbingly lacking. Yes, the Klan endorsed him, but the Klan is basically a backwoods group of inbreeding knuckle draggers at this point. President Barack Obama has recently blamed Republicans. “They stood by and they didn’t say anything, because it was a way to rile up their base ... Over time, because a lot of the hardcore Republican partisan voters were just hearing this stuff over and over again, they started to believe it,” While that’s certainly a perfect summarization of the Republican fault, he failed to mention continuing the birther crap, the Iraq war, the failure of trickle down, demanding insane tax cuts for the wealthy, demanding cuts for programs that help the lower class, and of course, duping voters, a fact the voting base is all too aware of now. Under the auspices of limiting government, cutting spending and balancing the deficit, the Republicans, (especially the Tea Party,) used the chance they were given to simply annoy the Obama administration, hold the country hostage over the debt

ceiling and, even going so far as to shut down the government a few times. Obama failed to mention something. The Democratic Party is equally guilty of this trash heap. Democrats have done a fair share of damage to the middle and lower classes. President Bill Clinton signed North American Free Trade Agrrement (NAFTA) which crushed the middle classe’s staple factory work by allowing outsourcing on a scale so grand most major companies from Nike to Ford have abandoned states in the rust belt for a factory in China and Mexico, Trump isn’t lying when he says that, even if he made use of said trade deals himself. It’s the second sign of the apocalypse I know. According to Lori Wallach in her Huffington Post article “NAFTA: At 20: One Million U.S. Jobs Lost, Higher Income Inequality,”, America has lost more than one million jobs to the trade deal when Clinton promised the American people it’d create 200,000 jobs. NAFTA isn’t alone, as it currently sits with thirteen siblings from countries ranging from Israel to Panama, which was recently this year’s ground zero of the Panama Papers. Obama is pushing for the next trade agreement the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which is already regarded with suspicion. Long story short, there’s a very real anger behind Trump. A good deal of it is indeed racist chest thumping at excessively unconstitutional, and unrealistic ideas, such as a ban on Muslims and building a wall respectively. But most of it is the pain of having lost the decent life lived in the pre-recession world, and the slow, bogged down recovery. Vote for whoever you will, or don’t vote at all. This is just my theory on why Trump became so popular.

Trump behind closed doors By Midori Morita



onald Trump: the blonde hair, orange skinned enemy to women everywhere. I just want to remind everyone that we did this to ourselves. We’ve all seen the video by now from 2005 when Trump and Billy Bush had a private conversation on a bus. Seems innocent enough right? Well behind those closed doors, Trump gloated that he can basically do what he wants to women because he is a superstar. The main argument supporting Trump and Bush was that their conversation was private and they didn’t know that they were being recorded. Trump called his conversation ‘locker room talk’, explaining that men talk like that to their friends all the time. Well, if that’s true, then I’m horrified. What kind of man tells their friend that they are going to ‘grab her by the pussy’ when they are referring to a female? His supporters are right; it was a private conversation. But the conversations you have when you think

no one is listening shows who you really are. Another argument is that his conversation was from 2005 and no one should care what was said and done over 10 years ago. Well, Kim Kardashian-West’s sex tape was leaked 13 years ago and people can’t seem to let that go. The double standard is very real here. But what baffles me even more than Trump’s comments is the fact that women are still supporting him. Women supporters are wearing shirts saying ‘Trump can grab my—‘ well, you get the idea. Trump’s comments and his supporters are perpetuating rape culture. Imagine if your mother, wife, sister, daughter or any other woman in your life were to be groped? Would you still be defending Trump? Honestly, I shouldn’t even have use other women as an example. Humans should have enough respect for one another to know that groping and forcing yourself on someone without their consent is wrong. I am legitimately worried that a man thinks it’s okay to grope me because he thinks he’s dominant.

Mental illness not talked about By Analese Najera Staff Writer


epression. Anxiety. Paranoia. These are things many people have felt at least once in their lives. Yet no one really talks about it. It’s easy to talk about physical pain, because it is obvious. When you break your arm, you tell someone. Yet, no one wants to tell another person they are depressed, or anxious, because somehow, feeling this way, is embarrassing, or shameful. Why? I believe mental illness is something a lot of people misunderstand. It’s hard for people to grasp the concept of someone having no control over their mind. I wish there was more education about it.” said Jeanette Vuong, a second year student at Los positas. “I believe there is a negative stigma around those with mental illness. A lot of people don’t go and seek help because they wish to avoid having that label depend on them. no one wants to be considered crazy or broken. There’s a possibility that being considered mentally ill will discredit the person completely.” Vuong said. Students may not want to talk to people because Mental illnesses are mostly shed in a negative light. Other people may not even know they have a mental illness because of the lack of awareness. People are not informing students enough on mental health. By spreading awareness you are shedding light on the importance of mental health, and breaking the

stigma. Because the reality is people try to downplay it, by saying things such as “just don’t stress out,” or “you’re fine.” when in reality, they may not be fine. “I believe media plays a huge part on how mental illness is depicted. Very often do we see those that are mentally ill in a negative light. They’re always the serial killers of the crazy homeless guy. It makes a lot of people think only “scary people” are mentally ill,” Vuong said. It is easy to become anxious, especially at school. Students get piles of homework with grades they must maintain outside of their social life and maybe their work life. “I started struggling with school related anxiety during my junior year of high school. I was so afraid to talk about my anxiety with my friends and family and it only got worse and started affecting other areas of my life by the time I got to college. I still struggle with it, but now I have a solid support system that sees me through those difficult times.” said Camille McDaniel, a second year student at Boston University. Mental health is just as important as physical health. Our mind is one of the keys not only to successful academics, but just for arguably, for a happier lifestyle. Seeking help, is not something to be embarrassed about, it’s actually a very brave thing to do. Depression and anxiety are nothing to be ashamed about. These are common things, however, many people don’t talk about it. If you or someone you know is feeling this way, it is strongly encouraged to seek help, from maybe a friend. Teacher, or guidance counselor.

MUSTANG VOICE ‘With recent sightings of clowns, will it affect your Halloween plans? Do you think it will impact anyone elses?’ “For me not necessarily, people are having fun out there and it’s scary what can happen with these people scaring other people. I would kind of be scared but not in a sense where it’ll affect my plans. Kids especially, clowns generally are pretty scary.”


“No it doesn’t affect my plans. I haven’t seen any, but I’ve seen them on twitter and there’s a backlash. I mean it ruins the reputation for real clowns that are out there to spread joy and happiness. On the flip side if I were to encounter a clown and it had a knife, that would be very threatening, I’d feel threatened, fight or flight mode would be in full effect, I’d be ready at any moment.”


“Yes, it actually does affect my Halloween plans. It kind of affects me with trusting people like when they open the door, for candy and stuff, if I see that I’m just going to close the door. It could affect people, because with people dressing up you don’t know who it is. So it could be somebody like dressed up as a clown and you won’t even know anything.”


Citizens un-interested, uneducated in politics By Analese Najera


Staff Writer

f you confess to not being into politics in college, (or: People will likely think less of you, asking “don’t you care about your future).”then you’re used to the weird looks followed by the most asked question of “don’t you care about your future?” However, what people aren’t aware of is that this question becomes immune question to non political college students, and loses its effect. Yes, politics is important; everyone talks about it. But besides the weird looks and judgemental tones of adults towards millennials for not educating them-

selves in the world of politics, it seems like no one wants to ask the basic question: Why should they? Because College is the time where we are now considered adults, so educating ourselves on politics is a must. Non-political college students don’t go out of their way to educate themselves, they don’t watch CNN, or read articles or even watch the debate. Some people don’t bother to educate themselves on politics, mainly because it seems as if something beyond one person’s control. “I have never been particularly interested in politics because I have never really seen how it affects me,” said Rebecca Fellows, a second-year student at Delta. How can one college student’s vote

change change who becomes president? (I’d expand on how students feel that their vote doesn’t matter, and is insignificant.) Sticking to a label of Republican or Democrat is such a tricky, blurred line. “I don’t take an interest because if I align myself one way I’ll be saying that I agree with all the negatives that come with it. I’d rather be an outsider looking in that way I have the freedom to feel the way I want to feel,” said Joseph Gudino, a first-year student. Being a non political college student doesn’t mean you know absolutely nothing about the election. Yes, we know that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are our two candidates, and yes be know of “the wall”

and of Hillary’s emails. We know of these things, however, if a person were to stop us on the street and want to talk about Clinton or Trump’s view on pretty much anything, we wouldn’t be able to tell you. Non-political college students don’t go out of their way to educate themselves because it is hard to see how having knowledge on politics affects the outcome of our nation. “I’m almost nervous for the election, but I’m mostly in anticipation see which one is going to win. I think ultimately not going to come down to who is the best it’s going to be who’s the ‘not the worst,’” said Gudino. Yasmeen, a second year student said, “Politicmatter at the end of the day.”


4 feature

Oct. 21, 2016

IMPOSING HAUNT Ione’s Preston Castle opens for tours to explore ghostly history of location

the haunt as early as Sept. 16. “This year the music was more reformed and we Staff Writer tried to stay true to the building,” said Munoz. While driving through Amador county or visIn the spirit of staying true to the building the iting the town of Ione, you might wonder what a costumes and decorations have been chosen in Romanesque style castle is doing there. hopes of reflecting that. Preston School of Industry, also known as PresThe ending of the haunt also resembles an escape ton Castle, was originally used as a reform school route, so that the participants feel as if they have for boys during the late 1800s and early 1900s. escaped as inmates of Preston School of Industry. It was later closed down in 1960 due to various San Joaquin Delta fire and earthquake College student Kelsey PRESTON CASTLE HALLOWEEN HAUNT hazards. Churchill attended the Although the The event continues on Oct. 21-22 and Oct. 28-29. haunt due to having a school has been Tickets are $10 for high school and under with identipersonal connection to closed for more fication and $20 for adults. the history of Preston than 50 years, the Each tickets grants admission to the haunted house Castle. Preston Castle once. Fast passes and VIP packages are also available, “My great grandpa Foundation has which can be purchased at the gate or online. The event was a pharmacist here in made it very acces- runs from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Attend if you dare. the 1920’s so I felt like I sible to the public should visit the castle. I by hosting various was very impressed with events, which also help restore it. the haunt and all of its special effects. While exiting One particular event that Preston Castle is the haunt I even heard some girl say that she had known for is its annual Halloween Haunt. peed her pants,” said Churchill. Halloween Haunt Chairman Victor Munoz said, Sonia Toledo, a Delta College communications “the Haunt’s 150 volunteers started planning for professor, also previously visited Preston Castle. this event as early as march of this past year.” “My husband and I attended the Halloween The volunteers began decorating the castle for Haunt last year and it was great,” said Toledo.

By Emily Beaton

Opening up about pregnancy loss Trull explained that she went to the doctors later that day and said Editor-in-Chief that they had cleared her and every When we think about pregnancy, thing was fine. we think of such a joyous and loving A month later it happened again. time in a woman’s life. This time, there was more blood For Linzi Trull, a 22 year-old than before, therefore she was rushed mother of one, and Faith Lewin, a to the E.R. where she would stay for 21 year-old mother of one, pregnan- two days before going home. cy has a different side to it. “I remember looking out the [car] Infant loss is something that most window and thinking “I’m going to women seem to forget when we die for sure,” said Trull think of pregnancies. Lewin experienced her infant loss According to, ap- more recently. proximately one in four pregnancies “I didn’t even know I was pregnant end in miscarriage. at the time, I was maybe six weeks,” “No one ever really tells you what said Lewin. it feels like. Because I was so conLewin said she was out to lunch fused like there’s no way, you know, with her son and his father when she I’ve already had one normal baby, so felt lightheaded and sick. there’s no way that would happen to She went to the restroom where me,” said Trull. she found out. Trull knew she was pregnant and Since then, she has lost the infant was only seven to eight weeks along one other time. when one day she was feeding her “It’s scary to realize that your body five-month old son and sat down in can get rid of a child for whatever a chair and felt like she sat on a water reason,” said Lewin. balloon. After something like this happens, “I just panicked and thought women often need support and reassomething was wrong, but never as- surance. sumed [miscarriage] was the case,” Trull turned to writing out her said Trull. experience and then created a blog

By Midori Morita

where she talks about being a young mother as well as other struggles. Lewin has only told her son’s father and Trull about her recent loss. “You’d be surprised at the amount of people who try to sympathize with you and the way they go about it is almost inappropriate,” said Trull. She said that for the most part people were kind and understanding, but there were people who said that it wasn’t their time. Which becomes insensitive. Having something go wrong with a pregnancy can often leave a woman feeling ashamed or vulnerable, especially since society tells women that they are supposed to be reproducing. Going any route but the traditional route for pregnancy and motherhood is often looked down upon. Lewin stated that she felt partially ashamed of her miscarriage for this reason. Trull said she saw a photo on Facebook that criticized women who have had C-sections. After her miscarriage, Trull said that others reached out to her and shared their stories. “I didn’t feel, like, totally isolated,” said Trull.

Anu Yadav’s Dream By Elany Orozco Staff Writer

In 2013 theater artist Anu Yadav first performed “Meena’s Dream.” Anu Yadav is a writer, actress and theater-based educator who has perform in a countless number of well-known theaters located both nationally and internationally. “Yadav has performed with the Shakespeare Theatre Company, Imagination Stage, Theatre Alliance, and African Continuum Theatre, as well as at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, Strathmore Mansion and the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts in Beijing,” according to her biography on her website. “Meena’s Dream” is a solo play about a nineyear old girl who’s biggest desire is for her mother to be able to afford the medicine she needs. It is written and performed by Yadav. “It is the story of a young girl whose mother can’t afford the medicine that she needs and who has this dreams that are her way to wrestle with the reality of her mother’s illness, basically the play is about a young dreamer who is visited by Hindu God Lord Krishna in her dreams and who tells her that the Worry Machine is going to destroy the universe and he needs her help,” said Yadav. Extended story on

‘HELLA GOOD’ Restaurant brings new lunch option to downtown Stockton

By Francina Sanchez Social Media Editor

What started off as a one-night pop up restaurant making gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches led to an instant hit, and is now is a storefront located at 114 N. San Joaquin Street. (The Cast Iron Trading Co. opened Wed., Oct. 19. ) “After many catering gigs we were given the opportunity to be a part of this space here,” said Eric Lee, one of the owners of Cast Iron Trading Co. On Oct. 13, Lee and co-owner, Tommy Mogan, held a soft opening in the morning to give the public a taste of what to expect. “Our immediate focus is serving people within a two block radius because lunch is so important downtown,” said Lee. Aside from the immediate downtown people, Mogan and Lee expect to see 20 and 30 somethings come in, looking to enjoy something different from the typical fast food and corporate business. “Stockton does have a university and a pretty large community college that brings kids from all over San Joaquin County and they don’t really have somewhere to go sometimes,” said Garrett Daniells. So what should the public look forward

to that is so different? “Being in the Central Valley, using fresh local produce and good is important,” said Daniells. Cast Iron Trading Co. will serve breakfast, brunch and lunch with foods that are local and provide healthy options as well. The menu will be seasonally inspired as well with rotating food items. There will be pour-over coffee serving a custom Cast Iron blend from the local Trail Coffee Roasters Company, also located downtown. Baked goods, a selection of craft beer, wine and take out foods will also be available. Located in a historic building more than 100 years old, Mogan and Lee were inspired to  keep that overall feel and environment going. Both   of them decided to make decor and ask for local help. Table tops and furniture were handmade by Mogan and Lee and the art throughout the location was painted by local artists. Above the counter on   a large black board with their name on it, you will see a custom neon sign displaying “Hella good(s)” created by Daniells. “There’s something kind of romantic about the idea of revitalizing downtown.

It’s historic and there’s s o m e thing kind of cool about the grittiness and underground nature here,” said Lee. The goal is to bring something different to the people of the city. In the future they plan to have event nights on weekends, from live music to art shows. “Be on the lookout. We’re going to be doing some fun things and some different things for downtown Stockton, things that they haven’t seen in a long time... pushing it to be a cool downtown again,” said Mogan. 
 Business hours aren’t set in stone as of now, but will be open Monday through Friday.

Tommy Mogan (left) and Eric Lee (right) owners of Cast Iron Trading Co. With a view inside the restaurant. PHOTOS BY FRANCINA SANCHEZ

Local indie artist curates event at cafe By Zachary Vera

recently settled in Stockton and is now working with Pavement band member, Gary Young is nothing short of On Nov. 3, local indie artist Eddie Angel aims to con- a divine intervention he said. “I’ve got a lot a love for Stockton, and there’s lots of tribute to the revitalization of Stockton’s downtown culture. rich things, lots good stuff here in Stockton but a lot of “Where are you at, music lovers?” asks Angel, founder people don’t know how to channel it. Many want to just and owner of Big Heart Recording, who said he has had get it out. This city has a lot of potential,” said Eddie, adda passion for music and a personal affection for Stockton ing that he’s witnessed greatness within the city. since he was a teenager. The upcoming show at Blackwater Republic will be an Angel is assisting in hosting an event showcasing muexample of what needs to happen more often for musisicians to jam together for the love of music, all at the cians to express their love for music and the fact it has Blackwater Republic café on 912 North Yosemite Street an underground vibe makes it even more intriguing for in Stockton. those seeking live entertainment. The show begins at 7:30 pm. Angel will perform his “I do this to connect people with hope, and I believe original songs. the limits need to be broken here, we need to break the This lineup will include Stockton-based Operocia, San mold. We shouldn’t close the door on potential,” said AnFrancisco music collective psychedelic rock band The gel, who writes and produces his own music. Love Dimension and Los Angeles based singer/songLos Angeles-born Angel is an advocate of supporting writer Vanessa Silberman founder of “A Diamond Heart.” local musicians and getting their music heard. Being in Los Angeles as a teenager Angel knew StockWith dreams of opening a studio and rehearsal spot of ton was a great town for music because his favorite band his own for up and coming artists. Angels always ready to Pavement originated from San Joaquin county. Angel collaborate with anyone. knew there must be something intriguing about the area. “Let’s credit musicians who play their own stuff,” AnCall it fate or a coincidence but the fact that Angel gel said. Staff Writer


6 entertainment


Oct. 21, 2016

‘Shin Godzilla’ brings the monster back By Christopher Donaldson


Entertainment Editor

ilm company Toho recently decided to return to the monster movie business and the classic Godzilla franchise with 2016’s “Shin Godzilla.” The film, translated to English by Funimation Films, played in American theaters October 11-18. The film is a reboot of the original “Godzilla” from 1954 with some changes, such as being set in modern-day Japan and changing Godzilla’s origins and design. It was made as a response to the worldwide success of the 2014 film “Godzilla” produced by Legendary Pictures, but isn’t a continuation of Legendary’s ongoing Godzilla-King Kong film series. Funimation did an excellent job translating the film’s dialogue, however, it’s possible the company didn’t have the time or resources to get a full American voice cast to dub over the Japanese actors because the film only has English subtitles. This and many other choices in the film have brought the ratings in America down a few points ranging from a high 81 percent from Rotten Tomatoes to a low 68 percent from Metacritic. This is extremely unfair to the film as a whole because it truly deserves to be praised like a god. The pivotal aspect of any monster movie is the design of its monster and Toho went all out in creating the most menacing creature in film history… at least in its final form. The biggest change Toho made to Godzilla’s origin is that he didn’t start out as the 300-foot tall city destroyer you might be used to. Throughout the film, Godzilla evolves and takes a more powerful form after his first appearance. Godzilla’s first form is a derp. He only has two legs forcing him to crawl hunched over when he walks, he has no eyelids so he has giant discs with pupils where normal eyes would be, there are giant gills running down the side of his giraffe neck which are even more gross when they spew blood out of them and he has chicken wings for arms. Luckily, you don’t have to see this form after the 30-minute mark of the film. When Godzilla resurfaces in Tokyo he is truly a god incarnate. He’s more reminiscent of the famous 1990s design, but with some tweaks that really drive home how evil he is. Godzilla’s black armored skin is tearing and melting in patches on his body because of the concentration of nuclear power in him, there are blood red streaks of flesh running up and down his body as well as all the way down his back in between his dorsal spikes, his tail is longer than his entire body and can fire its own radiation beam out of the tip and his teeth are jagged and crooked as if they’re just shards of bone ripping through his jaw. Critics have criticized the film saying it’s very slow paced and spends a lot of time on political jargon instead of action shots of the military vs. Godzilla. This is somewhat true, as roughly half or more of the movie’s two-hour run time is spent on the conflict the Japanese government has in trying to decide how to fight Godzilla while protecting their country.


But these discussions are a part of the drama and add to the story, progressing it towards the climactic final stand as well as revealing some political distrust in real world Japan and portraying America as trigger happy nuke freaks. Yes, the United States takes action in antagonizing Godzilla with bombs and asking the United Nations for permission to nuke Japan again. Japan fights this decision saying it was on the verge of creating a freezing chemical to stop Godzilla without harming the country. The climax of the film results in Japan finishing the chemical and making a final stand against Godzilla. Without spoiling the film, the climax ends abruptly, leaving the viewer wanting more from the final battle. Overall “Shin Godzilla” is a masterpiece of modern film making and design. The scenes where Godzilla is destroying the city are well shot and dramatic, especially the first scene where he blasts his radioactive beam letting out a belch of hot air which evolves into a plume of roaring fire that sets Tokyo ablaze, turning into a stream of pure energy slicing through the airborne bombers and many buildings in Tokyo. If you’re a fan of genius directing and perfect design take a look at “Shin Godzilla,” a film that’s worthy of the name “The New God Incarnate.”

‘The Birth of a Nation’ tells a new side of the story By Gloria Gibbs


Senior Staff Writer

he Birth of a Nation co-written, co-produced, directed by and starring Nate Parker tells the story of Nat Turner, a slave preacher from a Virginia plantation, who led the slave rebellion in 1831. The film made a big splash at its opening Jan. 25 this year during the Sundance film festival where Fox Searchlight bought the rights to the film at a record-crushing $17.5 million. “The Birth of a Nation” was released in theaters everywhere Oct. 7, 2016, opening at No. 6 in the box-office and bringing in $7 million in the first three days of national release, according to You’d think with the huge buyout made by Fox Searchlight the film would have done better. Why did the film not open up at No. 1? Before “The Birth of a Nation” became Nat Turner’s story it was the movie adaptation of the novel and play “Clansman” a story told during the Civil War about how the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) came to be by Thomas Dixon Jr.

The movie was released in 1915 and faced controversy over its portrayal of black men and even included blackface, a racist stereotype of black people. The 1915 “Birth of a Nation” has been credited as a driving force in the second coming of the KKK. On top of that, Millennials don’t know who Turner was. Turner’s story is one our high school and middle school history classes missed every Black History Month. Moviegoers such as Joshua Mayorca, a millennial who saw the film twice, admitted, “No I never knew he existed.” A lot of people have turned away from the movie due to Parker’s 1999 rape case involving him and his roommate. Both were acquitted. Parker is an actor, producer, father and a man on a mission to launch a conversation on Turner’s part in our American history. When I heard that a movie on Nat Turner was being released I was thrilled because this film shows a new side to the slave stories constantly told by Hollywood. It didn’t matter to me about the director’s past. He isn’t telling his story, he’s telling Turner’s.

Finally, a movie where the slaves fought back. The movie begins with a young ARTWORK FROM EPK.TV Nat Turner. Early on it’s obvious that the film circles solely on the character development of Nat. A big focal point of the movie was allowing viewers to see how Nat’s mind was driven to the violent slave rebellion. The film’s portrayal on how slave owners used the Bible against the slaves was also unsettling, how they picked certain passages and scriptures to justify the degrading treatment of slaves. I felt the story was told very well. The ending was one that sat with me the rest of the night after seeing it.

ignorance,” Eggers said on the website. The artists so far include Death Cab for Cutie, who kicked off the album with their song ‘Million Dollar Loan’ and Aimee Mann, whose song is titled ‘Can’t You Tell.’ According to, Death Cab front man Ben Gibbard stated: “While campaigning in New Hampshire last year, he[Trump] attempted to cast himself as a self-made man by claiming he built his fortune with just a small loan of a million dollars from his father. Not only has this statement been proven to be wildly untrue, he was so flippant about it. It truly disgusted me.” Most students who have heard the song didn’t know the song was directed at Trump. “From listening to the song [Million Dollar Loan] it seems like in the beginning it’s kind of like a self-reflection,

like he [the artist] was influenced by something,” said Delta student Mercy Bacallan. After being told that the song was about Trump, she added, “Oh. I didn’t get Trump at all. I didn’t see the correlation.” Even though the album’s purpose is to spread negative messages about Donald Trump, there are some people who will not change their opinion and will continue to support Trump. “What he supports and doesn’t support is similar to my feelings,” said Delta student, Andrea Platt, who is proTrump, “I do think he’s a dick and some of the things he says is uncalled for but at the same time what he’s for, that’s what matters to me.” Jim James, R.E.M. More, Thao Nguyen, Clipping and Bhi Bhiman also appear in the project.

‘30 Songs, 30 Days’ revives the political song By Chanelle Muerong Feature Co-Editor

With 30 days left until Election Day, certain artists are showing a way of “celebrating,” with a collaboration album titled, “30 Songs, 30 Days,” an album dedicated to hating presidential candidate Donald Trump. Dave Eggers founded the project after attending a Trump rally in Sacramento, which according to the 30 Songs, 30 Days website, is “written and recorded by artists for a Trump-free America.” According to Entertainment Weekly, Eggers wanted to “resurrect the political song.” “From Woody Guthrie to Public Enemy, we know that songs can change minds, and particularly now, we need to motivate voters to stand against bigotry, sexism, hatred and


7 sports

Oct. 21, 2016

Delta celebrates opening of $3.8 million field By Frank Allen Sports Editor

On Oct. 11 Delta College held a ceremony celebrating the opening of the school’s news soccer complex. The ceremony followed two soccer games. The first game was the Lady Mustangs against Cosumnes River Community College. The team won 1-0. The second game was a 0-3 loss for the men’s team to West Hills Community College. Dr. Daryl Arroyo athletic director for Delta College spoke at the ceremony giving thanks to the people who helped in making the field. “I feel it went really well, I was really excited the way it went we had good attendants all the VIP’s were there, so to speak,” said Arroyo. Delta fans were excited for the field. “The field was great, I liked that the bleachers were convenient to sit

at and did not have the sun hitting our eyes,” said student Andrea Hernandez. Why the new $3.8 million field? The previous soccer field was being shared with the track team, who participated in javelin throwing and damage from the hammer, which put holes in the grass, which was dangerous for the players. The grass on the old field was Bermuda grass, which is the best grass to play soccer. However, Bermuda grass is difficult to maintain in the valley and requires a lot of water.   The grass field was not working. It also had a lot of issues. Facilitators covered the holes in the field, but the field still wasn’t working, said Arroyo. The turf used for the soccer field is Cork and Sand. The reason for this is the grass is it plays similar to Bermuda grass, and

Soccer Head Coaches Adrienne Sorenson and Josh Bradley, along with Dr. Kathy Hart cutting the ribbon for the new soccer complex. PHOTO BY FRANK ALLEN

also doesn’t require as much water as Bermuda grass or other well soccer playing turf. The complex is also enhanced with 300 seats and equipped with video

platforms, 12 water cannons to keep the grass at well. “Now we are going to be getting players because of our facility,” said Arroyo.

Brady returns after four-game suspension By Dylan Loura Feature Co-Editor

The National Football League has been put on notice with the return of New England Patriot Tom Brady from his four-game suspension. “I think he’s coming out this year, after all the drama and stuff they’ve been giving him about the whole inflated balls thing,” said Patriots fan and Delta student Xavier Surgical. “I think he’s going to use all that to shut it out and show that he is really about it, without having to cheat. He’s going to ignore all that and just show em’ what he’s really about.” Tom Brady was suspended for the first four games of the 2016 season. Now in his first two weeks since suspension, “Tom Terrific” has thrown 782 yards and six touchdowns.

Brady has looked far from rusty, not throwing a single interception. In Brady’s first game back from suspension he threw for 406 yards and three touchdowns, all to Martellus Bennett, in a win against the Cleveland Browns. The following week the Patriots went up against the Cincinnati Bengals. Brady went 29/35 and threw for 376 yards with three touchdowns. Brady was suspended because of potentially having his equipment managers, John Jastremski and Jim McNally, deflate footballs below the legal mark during the 2015 AFC Championship game. There was a video of the New England Patriots equipment managers taking a bag of footballs into a bathroom after referees measured the PSI (pounds per square inch) levels. Before every NFL game, referees are required to test both teams’ footballs.

When the footballs were measured during halftime, 11 of the 12 footballs were underinflated therefore giving an advantage for the Patriots. What the NFL is learning again, is that the last time Brady was accused of cheating he put up one of the best statistical seasons any quarterback has ever had, according to After the accusations came out following the 2015 AFC Championship game, Brady gave a less-than-convincing media conference defending his innocence in the fiasco. Brady then used “Deflategate” as motivation to beat the Seattle Seahawks 28-24 in Super Bowl XLIX. He led the Patriots back from being down 24-14 in the fourth quarter. He played angry and inspired to come back and beat the Seahawks. Brady completed 13 of 15 passes for 124

yards and two touchdowns. The only evidence to go off of was Brady’s lack of cooperation by denying access to his phone, which Brady had destroyed his cell phone. The NFL handed down a ruling: Brady was to be suspended for the first four games, without pay, of the 2015 season. Naysayers then mounted on Roger Goodell when Brady took the NFL to District Court, which ruled in favor of Brady and cleared the suspension. The NFL would appeal in the U.S. Court of Appeals and win the appeal, reinstating the suspension. Brady and the NFLPA then had an opportunity to appeal. Brady declined. Now the suspension has been lifted for over two weeks and Brady is poised to have another all-time great season. “I think it’s another Super Bowl this year,” said Surgical.

Chicago Cubs looking to reject curse By Evelyn Villalobos Staff Writer

and stop it. Baseball is, like, full of curses, I think we got this this year though.” Sanchez parent’s met in Chicago, and their whole family are Cubs fans. “The team has had a Greek priest try to exorcise the field. Another time, Dusty Baker (former professional baseball player) and Cubs manager put Holy Water from the Vatican over the field,” according to ESPN. During the strike-shortned 1994 season, the Cubs attempted to reverse the curse by having William Sianis’ son walk the field with a goat, before the season began. The effort didn’t seem to help. The Cubs ended their season with 49 wins and 64 losses. This year, the Billy Goat Tavern, originally under the ownership of William Sianis, brought in a new goat to Wrigley Field in hopes that maybe this year the curse will finally be broken.



As October moves on, the baseball universe gets closer to crowning it’s 2016 World Series champions. The odds of a specific team winning fluctuate from person to person. Statistically speaking, the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs are more likely to win the title than the Los Angeles Dodgers or Toronto Blue Jays. The Indians last won the title over 50 years ago, while the Cubs have been waiting over 108 years to hold the championship trophy. Chicago’s other baseball team, the White Sox ended their fan base’s wait for a title in 2005. So why has it been so long since the Chicago Cubs have won the World Series? Some could argue that the team just isn’t as skilled. Others could argue that it must be the curse.

The legend began with a man named William Sianis and his goat, trying to get into Game Four of the 1945 World Series. According to USA Today Sports, “the goat and Billy were upset, so then Billy threw up his arms and exclaimed, ‘The Cubs ain’t gonna win no more. The Cubs will never win a World Series so long as the goat is not allowed in Wrigley Field.’ ” Following William’s announcement, the Cubs lost game four and lost the remaining games of the series. Fans and non-Cubs fans believe that team was cursed from ever winning the Fall Classic again. Delta College student and loyal Cubs fan, Jose Sanchez, believes in the curse completely. “The Cubs are my team. Always have been, always will be,” said Sanchez. “That curse is the worst thing that has happened to them ever. It’s kind of crazy how much they did to try

University of San Francisco

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6120 Stoneridge Mall Rd., Ste. 150, Pleasanton, CA CHANGE THE WORLD FROM HE RE

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Delta to adopt genderless bathrooms By Mark Larks Copy Editor

Delta College will soon be joining the growing ranks of colleges that are designating gender-neutral restrooms on campus. A location for the restrooms has not been officially determined as of yet, though it appears that restrooms located in the Forum building are the most likely candidates to undergo transformation. “It takes time for this,” said Isaiah Merriweather, former vice-president of Delta’s Pride Club. “But we really are moving forward with this.” According to Merriweather, the campaign for the unisex restrooms began years ago, but a combination of budgetary concerns and logistics have slowed the process. Now, however, there appears to be a “timeline for a timeline” for the project’s commencement. Merriweather said there have been promising discussions with Delta College Vice-President of Operations, Gerardo Calderon, though Calderon was not available for comment at the time this article went to press. Delta student Kathryn Simon believes that the change is overdue. “You see other schools around the country doing stuff like this, so it makes you wonder what’s taken so long for something like this to happen here,” she said. “You figure this is a pretty tolerant place, so why not?” California is the first state to have a law stipulating that all single-occupancy restrooms in businesses, government buildings and other public venues be open to all genders. A number of colleges and universities in the state, including the entire University of California system, had a similar policy in place before Assembly Bill 1732, signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown earlier this year, made it mandatory. One goal of AB 1732 was to provide safety for those in the LGBT community who may face harassment when using gender-specific restrooms. Merriweather acknowledged that even with gender-neutral restrooms those types of concerns will remain. As a result, Merriweather has proposed safety measures such as working locks, security cameras and increased patrolling by cam-

pus police. In addition to safety measures, location should be a paramount focus, according to Merriweather. In Merriweather’s opinion, the Forum building would be superior to the other proposed location for the new facilities, the fourth floor of the Shima building. “One should not have to go to the fourth floor just to go to the bathroom,” said Merriweather. One hurdle that seems to have been recently overcome is the language used to describe the new facilities. Typical terms for such restrooms include unisex, gender-neutral and gender-inclusive. However, tentative plans to refer to Delta’s new washrooms as “family restrooms” had raised some eyebrows. “The term ‘family restroom’ is a welcoming name but not to the LGBT community,” said Merriweather. Delta College Dean of Student Services, Dr. Lisa Cooper, assured Delta’s Pride Club on October 11th that the terminology used for the new facilities’ signage would reflect the sensitivity that the administration has for the campus’ LGBT community. While most discussions concerning single-occupancy bathrooms revolve around the LGBT community, it’s not the only demographic eager to use the new restrooms when they open. While conducting interviews for this article, some female members of Delta’s student body described similar accounts of unwelcome interactions with male students in Shima’s second floor woman’s restroom. “I was at the sink and this guy just came walking in like he (expletive) owned the place,” said student Lynn Rudd. “I said, ‘Hey, this is the ladies room! You know that, right?’, and he didn’t even respond. Just started [urinating].” Student Josephina Reichert, who was in the restroom with Rudd at the time, added, “The same thing happened to me about a week later, except the guy turned and walked out when he saw me. I think he was embarrassed. He looked, like, ashamed.” “The sooner they get bathrooms that lock, the better,” said Rudd.

Oct. 21, 2016

Mayor: Battle for Stockton CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 made and controversies follow. Tubb’s and Silva have their fair share of controversies. Tubbs was arrested and pleaded no contest to a DUI charge in 2014. A gun stolen from Silva took the life of a minor and there are recent allegations against him for playing strip poker and providing alcohol to minors at a youth camp. Silva told the Collegian these allegations are false. “The allegations are com-

pletely false and were basically designed just to embarrass me and steal an election just weeks before people vote. I am confident the charges will be proven not true.” Despite that fact Silva and Tubb’s aren’t currently on the best of terms, Silva had some nice things to say about his opponent. “I rooted for Tubbs,” he said. “I got sucked into his story. But everyone has a story. Michael Tubbs is good, but not yet. Not today.”

Samsung phone causes panic, fire hazards By Joey Boscacci Staff Writer

The smartphone industry has been a mixed bag this year. Although Google’s Pixel phone was released to underwhelming responses and the iPhone 7 from Apple left many consumers wondering how to listen to music and charge the phone at the same time, no one has been struggling like Samsung has since the first reports emerged about their Galaxy Note 7 spontaneously combusting in users hands and pockets. As of Oct. 11, 2016, Samsung has suspended the production and sale of all Galaxy Note 7 devices. On, there is a post outlining the safety recall and the ways consumers can contact retailers for a refund. Samsung urges users with the Galaxy Note 7 users to power it down immediately and send the devices back to get their compensation.


On the heels of Samsung announcing the suspension of production on the Note 7, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), announced on Oct. 14 that the Galaxy Note 7 is banned from all air transportation in the United States, effective the next day. Both original and replacement models pose a threat to its users. The question that remains is what is the lasting repercussions of this fiasco will be for Samsung. Although the company claims they have incentives in place to keep users on Samsung devices, will the public start to distance itself from Samsung products? Some smartphone users are already expecting this to have an effect on public perception and have seen it themselves.

Read full story on

Stockton hospital unable to treat trauma patients By Andres Aguirre Staff Writer

The county’s only trauma center hospital can’t accept major trauma patients. Staffing issues causing the San Joaquin General Hospital to turn patients away. The hospital can’t treat victims of shootings, stabbings and crash injuries. The two hospitals that major trauma patients will now be transported to are the Doctors Medical Center in Modesto and the Memorial Medical Center in Sacramento. Craig Younnel a marketing coordinator for the hospital responded through email, “Our trauma center is open and fully functional, but due to the unexpected amount of local trauma cases coming to our door, we have had to divert many cases to other hospital trauma centers outside our county.” Younnel added, “We will  have a public response next week on the designation status of our SJGH Trauma Center.” “It’s horrible,” said Jennifer Evans, a Delta College student. “Hospitals are supposed to help and treat

people and now that they can’t help certain patients, it’s scary.” This has raised a lot of questions throughout the county and it has one Stockton family looking for answers. Jose Nunez Jr., 32 died on Oct. 4 due to a gunshot to the head. Nunez would have been transported to the closest trauma center, the San Joaquin General Hospital which was 13 minutes away but they cannot treat victims of shootings.   Instead Nunez was taken to the Doctors Medical Center in Modesto which is 27 miles away, about a 33-minute drive. “I just hope they can solve the problem as soon as possible,” said Christian Medina, a Stockton resident. “It’s not right that they are not able to

help some people. People in the area have to be concerned.” Stockton has some of the highest crime rates in the country.   According to, the Stockton crime rates are 84 percent higher than the California mean and 96 percent higher than the nation’s mean. The typical number of daily violent crimes in Stockton is 3.17 times the California average and it is 3.63 times more than the daily national average. The hospital has not been treating patients of major trauma since the beginning of this month and with the high crime rate in the city, the people need the hospital to solve the staffing issue quickly before this happens again. “I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else because no family should have to go through that.  Hopefully the problem can be solved sooner rather than later,” said Evans. ILLUSTRATION BY FREEPIK.COM

The Collegian -- Published Oct. 21, 2016  

Issue 4 of The Collegian, the student newspaper of San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, Calif.

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