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Pride Club sees resolution in space dispute By Mark Larks Copy Editor

The posters, games and stuffed animals that once adorned Delta College’s Pride Center are sitting in a storage unit, with Pride Club members awaiting direction as to when the items will be displayed again. A more sterile setting has been in place in recent weeks, after members of the campus club were asked to remove decorations from the center. That’s not the way it should be, said Delta Pride Club Advisor Lisa Perez. “The purpose of the Pride Center is to provide peer support and a safe environment for LGBT students to be their authentic selves,” said Perez. “This is a group

of students who are basically invisible on campus. This is a time in their lives when [they] need each other.” While Delta’s Pride Club has been in existence for nearly a decade, the Pride Center has only been around for roughly five years. After the establishment of “Safe Zones” at Delta — areas staffed by individuals trained to help those in the LGBT community who are in distress—a student-driven plea was made to Delta’s administration to add a permanent “Safe Space” on campus. The original location for the Pride Center was in the Cunningham building. It was relocated to the Holt building when Cunningham was torn down, then briefly to Budd before winding up in its current location in Shima 108. Until recently the center was maintained and run

by the Pride Club. Funding, furnishings and resources were paid for and provided by the club and its executive board. Now, however, the club has been asked to relinquish oversight of the center, ostensibly to Director of Student Activities, Aja Butler. In lieu of an official director of the center, the administration has created the post of Student Support Program Specialist. That position is currently being held by Sam Allen, who reports to Butler. The position is part-time, however, which means that the center closes early in the afternoon on most days.

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Mayoral candidate Michael Tubbs looking more promising as he gains endorsements, traction in community Michael Tubbs addressing crowd at a Bernie Sanders rally in early May. COLLEGIAN FILE PHOTO BY ZACHARIAH MERCES

By Elany Orozco Staff Writer

With the elections on Nov. 8, the Young Democrats of San Joaquin County have endorsed Stockton City Councilman Michael Tubbs for Stockton Mayor. “The Young Dems of San Joaquin is a collective of young democrats who endorse and work with candidates, who partner up with other groups and participate at events and are usually really involved with the community,” said the secretary of the Young Dems Itzel Godinez. For the last six years the Young Dems have been involved with the San Joaquin County community. “As of February of this year we have 20 members,” said vice president Jefferson Leiva. According to the Young Democrats of San Joaquin County website, ydofsj. com, the group came together in 2012 with the “the goal of creating an organization that would promote democratic values and foster political and community involvement for our youth.” The Young Dems haven’t taken any concrete initiatives to demonstrate support for Tubbs but the group knows for certain the actions it will soon take. “When it comes to time what we will do is we will work closer with the cam-

paign office in March Lane and that is when we will start working with Michael Tubbs and other endorse candidates,” said Leiva. Tubbs was also recently endorsed by The Record newspaper. The Stockton Police Officer Association endorsed Tubbs in early August. The Truman Club of San Joaquin endorsed Tubbs around the same time The Young Dems. Current Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva’s website shows no endorsements. Since Silva’s arrest on charges relating to illegally recording an alledged strip poker game during the summer, many Stockton citizens are getting behind Tubbs. When asked why they support Tubbs, Delta College students addressed the controversy with Silva. “I wouldn’t want him to be because of the stories I’ve heard,” said Anthony Owens, a Delta student. One of the main factors that contribute to Tubbs qualifying and receiving the Young Dems endorsement is the claim he returned Stanford to help the Stockton community. “As a district council and as being part of District 6 and the council he was able to bring positive change to South Stockton,” said Leiva. “He is very outgoing to the community and he shows a lot of care for the people of Stockton.”

Forum at Delta nears as mayoral race heats up online By Killian Barnhart Assistant News Editor

On Friday, Oct. 14 at 4:55 p.m. Councilmember Michael Tubbs and Mayor Anthony Silva will face off in a debate hosted by San Joaquin Delta College in the South Forum. The event is hosted by the League of Women Voters of San Joaquin County, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Stockton Branch and Delta College’s Political Science, History and Multimedia departments. Both candidates will be pressed on issues Stockton has to deal with, from a lackluster economy to a high crime rate and they will have to share their ideas on how to successfully tackle these issues. Silva will have to convince Stocktonians that, despite his eccentricities and controversies, including recent charges against him, he is still the best candidate. “I expect the night to go well. Both candidates participated in the May

primary forum at Delta and gave thoughtful and informed answers to the questions posed,” said Kathy Casenave, a representative from the League of Women’s Voters. On Tuesday, Oct. 5, Silva published a Facebook post demanding constituents to imagine Stockton’s problems. The mayor vented over the fact that Stockton has too many problems, and then asked his followers to ask themselves “why people would give so much money to a twenty six year old that lives with his mother and doesn’t pay bills? Why would they want him to manage a six million dollar budget?” Tubbs, however, didn’t take this sitting down. He responded with a more concise comment. “Imagine a city where leadership does more than fear monger but inspires and brings people together to solve the real challenges it faces … that’s the city I plan to lead as your mayor in 34 days,” said Tubbs in a Facebook post on Oct. 5.

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Oct. 7, 2016

When will black lives actually matter? Ongoing issues with law enforcement prompt more questions than answers when it comes to talking about issues central to the problem too much? Consider Officer Betty Shelby, who shot Crutcher, said she feared for her life of errence Crutcher. Keith Lamont Scott. when faved with the 40-year old black community college You know their student. names because they’ve bePolice officers are supposed come the latest hashtags in to protect our communities the American war on police but how can they do that if brutality. The United States they know nothing about the has become a country where people who live in them? it’s legal to kill African AmerHow do you get them to icans. see past color and stereotypes? In fact, 36 unarmed black Officers need to be more inmen and women have died volved in the community not by the hands of police this just watching out for crime. year alone, according to The They should be organizing Guardian. neighborhood activities. Our nation keeps reactDelta College has Coffee ing to these stories. We keep with a Cop. Police officers asking what’s next, what will need meet and greets just to happen and how can we solve understand who lives in the this issue? communities they are But we’re not asking the trying to protect. most important question: But what can When will black lives actually black people matter? do? For starters, police officers “We need to need to stop with the stereoget our black type of an African American men back and man being “a bad dude” as get educatone suggested in the video of Crutcher’s death. We live in a ed. We need society where people feel they to get our acts together,” said should fear people of color. student Dominique Car doors lock when a black Thompson. man walks by. They cross the “They all want street. Sometimes they walk to post on the in opposite direction. FaceHas fear of the black man heightened our sensitivities

By Gloria Gibbs Senior Staff Writer


book about how we need to do something different but they’re not actually getting up and doing it. That’s the hard part, getting up and actually doing it. They [want to] post on Facebook, Twitter put stuff on Instagram but they won’t get up and actually protest.” But is protest the answer? Even with the protesting or athletes taking a knee during the National Anthem the message that African Americans are under attack still hasn’t been taken seriously. Our people are dying. Rallies pop up when another person is shot. The conversation doesn’t last, though. We collectively forget. And then the next one happens. Movements have been started, videos have been released but what real change has been made? What policies have gone into effect since the start of this war in Ferguson, Missouri back in 2014? We have no leader in this movement. Where’s our Martin Luther King Jr.? Where’s the next Rosa Parks? Who is going to be the

voice that breaks through? And how many more people have to die for that voice to be heard? Sure we have body cameras now but they still aren’t giving us the full story. In fact as of Oct. 1 a new state law in North Carolina has put a block on the release of police videos to the public. This is a step back. “I think other states might follow that only because when you release video such as that [Crutcher] it only gets people stirred up and that’s when riots start to happen,” said Thompson. As an African American I fear for my people’s lives. It’s not right that I have to tell my younger brother he can’t wear his coat with the hood on because someone thinks he looks suspicious when it’s cold outside. Or that my nephew can’t play with his toy gun outside because it can be seen as a deadly weapon in his hands. We have been targeted ever since the birth of this nation. This is not new. But it’s becoming the new norm. Will it ever actually end? Will we ever get to the point where we have more answers than we have questions in the face of another black person’s death?


Inhumane make-up testing leaves subjects damaged By Emily Beaton


Staff Writer

hile consumers mostly hear about companies such as Mac or Maybelline making makeup headlines, newly-founded Colourpop Cosmestics is changing the game for companies everywhere. Not only are the company’s prices significantly less expensive than other makeup companies, but it also uses all-natural ingredients and is one of the few companies that refuse to test on animals. In a day and age where we are able to use technology that lets us video chat through mediums such as FaceTime or Skype, why are we still testing on animals despite these scientific breakthroughs? “It’s useless and cruel since there are other ways to test them out without hurting animals,” said Delta Student Miriam Villanuevra. Instead of testing on animals, employees at Colourpop test products on each other at the headquarters in Los Angeles, according to The Humane Society of the United States advocates that cosmetic companies use one of the 50 non-animal tests that have been approved for cosmetic testing. According to Cruetly Free International, almost all every types of human cells and animal cells can be created in laboratories and used for cosmetic testing. Human tissue from both corpses and humans who are alive and well, can be donated and used for cosmetic testing as well.The Internet is filled with photos of this sort of animal testing: including an infamous one of a rabbit missing parts of its fur, where parts of the skin are exposed. The animal clearly looks mistreated. According to pregnant animals are often killed and their fetuses are then used for testing. Two commonly used cosmetic tests that are demonstrated on

animals are skin and eye irritation tests. Animals are shaved and have chemicals tested on their bare skin which can elicit pain. With other countries such as Europe and Israel banning these animal cruelty tests, why can’t we? How can we stop the inhumane use of animals once and for all? We can advocate for our local representatives to pass the Humane Cosmetics Act, which would ban the uses of animal testing with any/all products made and sold in the United States. As for makeup brands that don’t test on animals, those include: Lush Cosmetics, Nyx Cosmetics, Urban Decay, Smashbox, E.L.F. Cosmetics and Wet N Wild. According to there’s unfortunately a longer list of companies that don’t participate in animal free testing. From Avon, to Bobbi Brown, Covergirl, Estée Lauder, L’Oréal, Mac, Mary Kay, Maybelline, Revlon and Stila, all of these companies still test their products out on animals. As for celebrity boycotts of animal testing among cosmetics, comedian Ricky Gervais has taken a strong stance against it. According to, Ricky Gervais encourages consumers to boycott companies that use animal testing and warns consumers that by importing products from China or using their cosmetics products, they are using products tested on animals. In China it is often mandatory for specific products to be tested on animals. Animals shouldn’t undergo unfair and inhumane treatment just so a company can make a new shade of red for their lipstick collection. With quite a few companies that don’t endorse animal testing, why are we still endorsing those that do? By switching to cruelty free makeup brands, we can help end animal testing once and for all.

ELECTION 2016: Hillary nearly falling behind Trump By Zachary Vera


Staff Writer

s the nail-biting reality show we know to be the 2016 Presidential Election rounds into its home stretch towards Election Day, Hillary Clinton fans and supporters alike can’t help but wonder why the beloved Democratic hopeful isn’t leading by larger margins against novice Republican nominee Donald Trump. Clinton herself wonders why she’s not blowing Trump out of the water. On Sept. 21, during an address to a Laborers’ International Union of North America meeting in Las Vegas, Hillary Clinton barked the words: “Why aren’t I 50 points ahead, you might ask!” She spoke to the group via video-conference delivering the statement rather awkwardly and in a berate tone which seemed to be the overall motif for the address. So, Why isn’t Secretary Clinton ahead of Mr. Trump by 50 points? Or even 10 points? Do we really need to ask? In a perfect world Clinton is beating Trump in the polls by monumental strides, her experience makes her the perfect candidate with all the right answers and all the right solutions with an exceptional past in politics and is considered one of the most honest American politicians there ever was rivaling with honest Abe Lincoln. She’s revered and welcomed back into the White House with open arms and is loved and seen as the strong leading matriarch of the United States of America.

In reality, the world isn’t perfect and neither is political puppet Clinton. Her apparent victory in the Sept. 26 debate at Hofstra University against Trump came as no surprise to the world of politics and seems to have helped Hillary move ahead in the polls. But not by much. According to USA Today’s poll tracker, it’s a very close race despite “big feats” with former Secretary Clinton’s performance during the first Presidential Debate. Believe it or not it’s no mystery why Clinton is struggling to barely be able to keep her head above water to hold her lead in the polls. People know her. Let’s start with the millennial generation voters who made a tremendous impact in turnouts at the polls eight years ago for President Barack Obama and against both Clinton and John McCain. Why aren’t the same fired up feelings of the 2008 elections being expressed for Hillary as they were for Barack? It’s because we’re still waiting on the “Change” Obama and the DNC so proudly declared and promised was going to happen once elected into the White House. Unfortunately, Americans were gypped by the sweet nothings of the Obama campaign and will only be fooled yet again by Clinton and the “happy meals” of lies she continues to ostentatiously serve along with her best “sales men” grin. To be 50 points ahead, Clinton would need a substantial amount of support from the Republican side which is very unlikely since referring to GOP voters as the ‘enemy’ during the Democrat debate season, and more recently describing them


The best option for U.S. school system? By Ramon Zuniga Staff Writer


he students of California have once seen the effects of a lack of funding, staff and teachers. Now they might have to relive a sub-par educational system they survived years before. Prop 55 is an extension of prop 30 that, if passed, will keep the original proposition in place. The new prop also includes an incremental funding of children’s health care. The original proposition allocated tax money from wealthy Californians to public schools and children’s healthcare. Delta College’s Board of Trustees unanimously agreed on a resolution to support prop 55 giving reasons, including the fact that California is behind other states and our schools again have to lay off needed teachers and increase average-class size. The board openly said the recession was a “challenge” for public school before Prop 30. This topic was discussed by the Board of Trustees Tuesday, Sept. 13. Proposition 55 is the best for California’s school system, but some still have doubts about the extension. The tax rate for Californians will stay the same as it did prior to the formation of the proposition and has a requirement of transparency and responsibility. Since 2013-14 school year the average high school reported a 1 percent rise in graduation rates every year without excluding any ethnicities and socio-economically disadvantaged groups, according to the California Department of Education. Some argue schools are already well funded but Prop 55 also doubles as a safety net in case of another situation where funding will take

a drastic cut. Prop 55 also prohibits use from other groups. If the governor wants to build new roads, he won’t be able to touch money allocated by Prop 55 or Prop 30 to do so. When Prop 30 was proposed Gov. Jerry Brown said it was “a temporary tax hike.” Now people are accusing him of lying to the public with Prop 55 making it a permanent part of Californian budgeting. O ur public schools are recovering well since the recession; so this growth of education is worth the continuation of the proposition and a small grievance with the governor. The original proposition has done well enough for a need to continue the budgeting to further the advancements and protect against another cut in all around budgeting. Possible complications of the loss of Prop 30 and Prop 55 can be disastrous for the various school districts across California, especially in Los Angeles area and here in Stockton. When the recession hit, many schools could see the effect within the next school year. Teachers that assumed they had a job the next year were left with little planning while students received less personal help from teachers swamped with more students and a bigger workload. Students saw fewer luxuries including sports equipment and programs that let them explore things besides Math and English. Many groups support Prop 55 including the California School Employees Association, California Librar y Association, Dolores Huerta Foundation and countless School boards across California.

as deplorable but considering the miraculous turnaround with her health from having pneumonia to being cured in a week, anything can happen. Furthermore, Clinton’s biggest strength may also lead to her demise. The qualifications of such a powerful position as president doesn’t come without experience and Secretary Clinton’s checkered record and 35+ years of experience is bad experience and only represents the past which is not something she can solely run on. Her globalist policies mixed with “her judgments and decisions in dealing with Syria, Iraq and Libya along with her use of a private email server while Secretary of State” remain the second biggest concern among voters according to a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. Also, The obvious Benghazi attack leading to the deaths of four Americans including Ambassador Stevens remains at the forefront of the bad track record for Clinton which leads many to believe her negligence on the issue will foretell a sign of weak protection strategies for America to terrorist groups such as Isis if she gets elected. Hillary’s weakness with millennials factors in to one of the main reasons she isn’t 50 points ahead. She has a complex to her that forces you to either hate her or just be able to tolerate her. Obama described her best with a back handed compliment during a 2008 debate: She’s likeable enough. But just barely- and only because her opponent continues to put his foot in his mouth every time he opens it. Fortunately for her, Clinton doesn’t need the 50 points she thinks she deserves to become the first female president. She only needs to win by one.

More action needed from our ‘leaders’ By Christopher Donaldson Entertainment Editor


rooked Hillary and Dumb Donald finally went toe-totoe in an all-out, no holds barred, grudge match for the ages. I’m talking about the Presidential Debate don’t get too excited. One of the mostwatched political spectacles in history, many critics are mixed in deciding who won. Was the winning factor Trump’s dominance despite looking like a fool, or, Clinton’s composure despite being harshly attacked? While it’s hard to pick a winner it’s easy to see the loser: the people of America. When I say that I don’t mean we’re doomed to have a terrible president regardless of who wins. America is in trouble because Republicans and Democrats swear one is right and the other is wrong. Democrats v. Republicans: Dawn of Stupidity is the real life anti-action film about two groups of superidiots fighting over the right to control the United States of America, but, in doing this the two groups have allowed the lives of millions to be lost to crimes of hatred and extremism and even more have lost their jobs and money to other countries. This film ends with one group disbanding and the

other taking full control of the nation, but, the nation is left in shambles, the superidiots just stood there, watched and argued about what was best for the people but never made a decision. They never agreed on a single idea. The worst part about this film is that it isn’t a work of fiction, this is the true story of the American political system, this is the result of arguing with no agreement. As previously mentioned, there was a debate between presidential candidates Trump and Clinton, and the media was buzzing with discussions about who “won.” As someone who watched the debate I feel like there was no winner and I don’t understand how you could say so since both candidates want the same things for the country. Listen closely to the two candidates debating and you’ll hear that both want big business to stay on American soil, both want guns out of the hands of identified terrorists and both want the hostility between cops and the black community to end. The two even acknowledged they agree on those things in the debate they only differ in their plans to do that. That should just be the end of the story, everybody wants to bring peace

to America so let’s compromise a deal to make it happen. Nope. The Democrats and Republicans just have to argue about everything. Take, for instance, the argument about keeping terrorists from possessing guns. Recently Democratic members of the House of Representatives proposed a law that would keep people on the no-fly list from getting a gun permit or buying a gun. The Republican run House immediately shot this down. Are these idiots just hating because they’re Republican and they’re not supposed to like each other? “I guess,” was the only thing Delta College student Edith Hernandez could say in response to this. What is there to say about this? If you want the same thing why does there have to be years of bickering before anyone makes progress? “They do that because they’re just trying to make people come over to their party, so it doesn’t really matter what the actual point is,” said Delta student Harrison Peralta. All this political nonsense stems from the two parties wanting dominance. Here’s an idea: shut up and do anything. Maybe we’ll all be satisfied.


4 feature

Oct. 7, 2016

Stockton’s very own ‘African queen’ at Delta Nursing student works as model when not hitting the books By Sathina Flores Staff Writer

When the lights dim, the chattering ceases and excitement fills the air. The first model prepares herself before she struts down the runway. Teresa Joao, 19, is a Delta College student who leads a double life. On campus, she’s studying to be a nurse. Off campus, she’s a model who has appeared in shows throughout California. “Before I walk out I get so nervous,” said Joao. The idea of seeing so many people she doesn’t know makes her nervous — the thoughts of “what if I do good or not or what if I might mess up or trip” go through her head she said, “but once I get out there it’s like ‘I got this.’” Joao wears a radiant outfit generating sparks with every step as she moves in her own energy field. She walks down a long elevated runway that extends through the heart of the room with seats surrounding each side. And all eyes are on her. She's clear, confident and paying attention. She's not drained, distracted, or confused. She's motivated by her own ideals. Her power comes from within. “Modeling is great but you have to be passionate,” said Joao. “You have to be confident because there's a lot of people that'll go and watch you.” The first time she modeled she was 17. Her first experience was modeling for a Sacramento designer, and she's been modeling ever since then. In August, Joao had a show in Dublin. This time she was modeling for her aunts who make African clothing. Teresa Joao poses in African apparel, including a wedding dress made by her mother. PHOTOS Joao’s aunts get fabric from Africa or Europe. It takes weeks for them to COURTESY OF TERESA JOAO design clothes. “and wear something that you feel comfortable in to walk with.” But when all the designing and crafting is done they put on a public Her favorite part about modeling is that she has that model type of body to fashion show, where they go all out. A hall is rented. Makeup artists are employed. express herself. But she also enjoys wearing the African clothing because she’s The models get together the day before to practice how to walk. When they walk they have to look straightforward. Joao described it as main- proud to show others that she’s from Africa. “I call myself African queen because that’s how I represent my continent — taining stability. “For me I can’t smile I have to be really mad,” she said. “It’s hard I’m African and proud to be African,” said Joao. “I feel of myself as beautiful and because you have to stay focused but it’s pretty cool — it’s fun.” Because they walk in heels they “always make sure (their) heels are comfortable fierce.” As much as modeling is fun for Joao, she doesn't want to pursue a career in it. to walk in.” She wants to become a Pediatric nurse. Joao said the models rehearse with the clothes designed for them. “I love helping people and being a part of the medical field,” she said. “The clothes are long so you can always trip but just be confident,” said Joao,

Apple update get good, bad reviews Self lacing shoes to By Moriah Stall soon hit the market as users said it would make their messages look less threatening. “The water gun emoji kinda ruins the The latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 10, caused serious purpose of using the gun emoji,” said Sam“bickering” problems for iPhones and iPad my Rodrigo, Delta student. “They should’ve just left the gun emoji alone, it was fine,” users. Apple users quickly updated their phones he said. The hashtag iOS10 was trending on Twitto see the new features iOS had to offer. New features to the software update in- ter and has been used over 152,000 times. Apple’s iOS 10 update has also received cludes changes to iMessage, fonts, music positive reviews from single parent families and the lock screen. But one of the biggest points of the up- now that the update provides a single parent family emoji. date is to feature the new emojis. The combinations include a mom or dad Users of this update are mourning about the loss of the gun emoji and other emojis with up to two children (boy or girl). Many people seem to appreciate the upthat have changed as well. “I don’t like how it doesn’t go to home like date as a single parent or the child of a sinit used to. Like it goes directly back to the gle parent for being included into the popapp that I previously used,” said Leo Galvan ular communication tool. “I didn’t know that they were there. It who was a previous Delta student. “I also noticed that the camera icon on the lock doesn’t really bother me, I think it’s pretty screen is not there anymore like it used to.” cool for those people who do have single The software update was released world- parents,” said Rodrigo. “I think it’s really wide on September 13, but with a few good, another demographic of families. So I think that’s good,” Leo Galvan said. problems. iOS10 has featured over 70 new emojis Just moments after the update was released, millions of users shared their opin- and includes people emojis that now apions of Apple’s “biggest release ever” on pear more lifelike and also feature multiple skin tones and genders. social media. “I love the multiple skin tones,” said GalApple users also have said that the new updated emojis are similar to the android van. “I think it’s kind cool because it kinda resembles yourself. But I don’t like how you emojis. Delta student Ronalyn Villamor, gave her can’t change the skin color on the family emojis.” iOS10 has had positive and negaopinion about the new look of the emojis. “The new emojis look more 3D and they tive reviews about their new improvements. According to data from a technology kinda remind me of android emojis, which looks a little weird,” she said. “It’s sort of website called Brandwatch, user’s response to the update is more positive than negative the same.”   Galvan also said, “I like them because with 59.8 percent of mentions being posithey put a little more character in the faces tive and 67 percent being negative. Since the iOS update, Apple has been so it looks more life-like. In particular, the water gun that has re- the #1 trend on social media and has also placed the pistol emoji was poorly received, received many buyers for the new iPhone 7. Staff Writer

By Marshal Romo Staff Writer

They’re finally here. The shoes you have dreamed about wearing since you’ve watched “Back to The Future”. The Nike MAGS, the shoes most Nike fanatics have been dying to wear specifically for their self lacing power laces. Yes, that means you no longer need to take the measly 10 seconds out of your day to tie your shoes. The new shoe will be featuring a brand new integrated technology that will lace itself and have you on your way in no time. Nike’s Tinker Hatfield has had this shoe in the works for almost 30 years, making this release one of the biggest in Nike’s history. “Although the project started as science fiction, we’re now proud to turn that fiction into art,” Hatfield wrote in a handwritten letter to Michael J. Fox. This unique innovative shoe will only be raffled off in a lottery. In order to receive a ticket for this lottery, you must make a donation to the Michael J. Fox foundation for Parkinson. The initial price for the shoes was estimated to be above $4,000 but now that the shoe is officially being released, shoe

fanatics are expecting that price to be doubled. So it’s no wonder shoe collectors are willing to pay thousands of dollars on this unique futuristic shoe considering that they may not even be selected to have the chance to even buy it. Many are asking “So how do the power laces work exactly?” Well it’s actually a lot easier than it looks. When putting on the shoes, before enhancing the top strap with the word “NIKE” across it, you reach down and press a green button that will tighten down the laces and comfortably fit around your foot. “I think the self-lacing shoes are pretty cool. It’s amazing how advanced todays technology is. Now, if you ask me if they’re worth getting, personally I would say yes, only because I personally collect shoes,” said Joziah Eugenio, a Delta student who is excited about the release. A red button next to the green button will loosen up the laces, when pressed down. I think the bigger question is, will other brands take the initiative and use this technology to create their own version of their “Back 2 The Future” style shoes? I guess that’s something we’ll all have to wait on and see.

House of Ice Cream offers fun twist on treats By Francina Sanchez Social Media Editor

Fall has officially begun and that means bringing out the big sweaters, boots and drinking your favorite hot drinks while snuggling up in a blanket watching your favorite holiday films. Stockton’s House of Ice cream is changing that this year. After opening in May it has became one of the city’s go-to destinations in the last few months. The House of Ice Cream was started by a local Stockton couple, Roderick and Aminda Tyler, who wanted to share something new with the city of Stockton. “We knew we wanted to start a business and the idea just came to us one day,” said Roderick Tyler. Along with promoting their business, the Tyler’s hope to inspire the youth in the inner city so they too know there is opportunity for success. “If they see me, a young black kid from the inner city being successful, I want them to know that there is more than just the streets out there for them,” said Roderick Tyler. Inspired after taking business courses at San Joaquin Delta College, the young owners are looking forward to expanding their business in Stockton and potentially throughout California in the coming years. “We want to go real fast, we want to open something on the North side of Stockton to balance it out here,” said Roderick. The menu includes a variety of ice cream flavors, donut and waffle ice cream sandwiches and their most famous crazy milkshakes. “I love it there, the milkshakes are so good,” said Makana Shim. The crazy milkshake is the most popular thing on the menu consisting of a “milkshake of any ice cream that you’d like, an extra ice cream scoop on top, a donut on topped with whip cream and

Top, inside the House of Ice Cream shop in downtown Stockton. Bottom left, the “crazy milkshake.” Bottom right, an ice cream filled dough nut sandwich. TOP PHOTO BY FRANCINA SANCHEZ, BOTTOM PHOTOS BY MIDORI MORITA

toppings all in a mason jar that you can take home,” said Tyler. Just recently a “happy hour” was put into place from Monday through Wednesday starting at 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. During these times single ice cream

scoops are $1 and ice cream donuts are $3. The location is open everyday from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. and offers plenty of seating for friends and groups to enjoy desserts together. It also offers options

Stockton Art Week kicks off during October By Evelyn Villalobos Staff Writer

Stockton Arts Week is an annual event that’s overall goal is,“To share with the Stockton residents the vast amount of working artists, arts organizations and arts venues in the city and to give our locals an opportunity to learn, participate and enjoy a variety of new arts experiences,” according to Stockton Arts Week. The event will last two weekends, beginning on Oct. 14 and running through Oct. 23. There are multiple locations where art shows and events will take place. For a full list of participating venues and shows, has an up-to-date schedule. It’s no secret that Delta College students are highly skilled in the Art Department. The L.H. Horton Gallery located on campus is an excellent example of this. The campus gallery’s Social Constructs show runs through Oct. 28. Stockton Arts Week is an opportunity for local artists to have artwork shown, and an opportunity for curious community members to see what young talent the city of Stockton holds. Gabriel Gonzales, a Sociology major at Delta is just starting to venture into the world of art. “I’m really excited to stop by a few events,” said Gonzales. “I don’t know too much about artists here in Stockton so I think stuff like this helps.” One specific event that Delta students may find appealing is “The Upside Down” exhibit being held at Empresso Coffeehouse. The event is free and open to the public. Art Expressions of San Joaquin County is holding an event described as a “Free Art Demonstration &

for catering and take out orders. With the colder months approaching, The House of Ice Cream team finds it motivating to try and find innovative ways to bring the community in and keep its location a destination.

Instruction.” This event will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 19. The show begins with the disappearance of a young boy by the name of Will Byers and the mysterious activity that takes place after he is taken. The setting of the television series is the year 1983 in Indiana. The art exhibit will not only feature “Stranger Things-inspired” art work, but artists are creating art inspired by the 1980’s. This event features artwork inspired by the hit Netflix original show “Stranger The character Eleven from “Stranger Things” enjoying a waffle at Stockton Arts Week. Things.” Melissa Guindon, PHOTO COURTESY OF STOCKTON ARTS WEEK the organizer for “The Upside Down” event Things-inspired art work, but artists are creating art says “I like putting together situations where every- inspired by the 1980s. one can come together regardless of their age or race.. Art work often described as “characterized by a renone of that matters, says Guindon “You can walk turn to figuration in expressive, gestural, and somein with your grandpa, or your daughter, or your best times brashly aggressive works,” according to friend... everybody will have something.” For a full list of participating venues and shows, So the art exhibit will not only feature Stranger has an up-to-date schedule.

6 entertainment


Oct. 7, 2016

Tupac biopic debuts in November By Dylan Loura Feature Co-Editor

Tupac fans should rejoice over the newest trailer for the ‘All Eyez on Me’ movie, or should they? “I think it’ll be a pretty good idea depending on who’s acting in it, who’s producing it, I just feel it has to be really top notch,” said hip hop enthusiast and Delta Student David Lagoc. On Nov. 11, 2016, Open Road Films will release their newest movie ‘All Eyez on Me.’ The movie is a biopic based on one of the most influential rappers ever: Tupac Shakur. Tupac Shakur was a rapper, record producer and actor in the 1990’s. Rolling Stone magazine ranked him 86th on its list of “The 100 Greatest Artists of All Time.” Tupac had numerous family members who were a part of the Black Panther movement, these ideas heavily influenced his music. Demetrius Shipp Jr. will be playing Tupac in the movie, along with Dominic L. Santana as Suge Knight, Jamal Woolard as Biggie and Harold House Moore as Dr. Dre. Based on the newest trailer there are a few glaring holes in the film. First is Demetrius Shipp Jr. looks nothing like Tupac. However, it’s not all about appearance when it comes to his role as Tupac. It’s his attitude in the trailer. Tupac had that swagger and attitude to go along with his ego. Next, their choice of Harold House Moore as Dr. Dre is puzzling considering the motivation to make this movie came after the success of the NWA biopic; ‘Straight Outta Compton.’ Why not use the same actor to at least have some characters look like the original people? However, not all is bad with the trailer since the surrounding cast members seem to be able to match their characters. Dominic L. Santana as Suge Knight is a great choice because he has the intimidating Suge Knight look down. Danai Gurira appears to be portraying Afeni Shakur, Tupac’s mother, perfectly. Danai has Afeni’s motivational tone and inspirational voice. Benny Boom is directing the biopic, however, a music video director is not a good choice for a movie director. He has directed two movies “Next Day Air,” “S.W.A.T.: Firefight,” and now the Tupac biopic. “Next Day Air,” received a rotten tomatoes score of 21 percent and “S.W.A.T.: Firefight,” didn’t even get a score on Rotten Tomatoes. Rotten Tomatoes is a movie ranking site that devotes itself to critiquing movies with their own experts and with the audience’s opinion also. “Hopefully it’s good because... it’ll show everything like Straight Outta Compton, it was a pretty big hit. It got its point/word across and I’m not sure if it’s going to be good or not because a lot of things could go good and wrong,” said Delta

Believe her or convict her? By Francina Sanchez Social Media Editor


n Sept. 30 the highly anticipated Netflix documentary, ‘Amanda Knox,’ was released and brought a new perspective to a nineyear-old murder case. In 2007, Knox was a student from Seattle, Washington studying abroad in Perugia, Italy. Not very long after she arrived she became involved in a relationship with Raffaele Sollecito. When her roommate, British student Meredith Kercher, was murdered in the apartment they shared both Knox and Sollecito became immediate suspects leading to their arrests. In 2009, Knox was sentenced to 26 years in prison and Sollecito 25 years for the murder of Kercher. Lead prosecutor Giuliano Mignini, in the documentary, stated that he was convinced that they were guilty and there was no way that they could escape the Italian justice system. He also insisted that their behavior was abnormal and very suspicious. However, in 2011, both were acquitted of their charges because of potentially contaminated evidence as well as an insufficient amount of evidence that put Knox in the crime scene. Mignini expressed his disbelief as they were also acquitted by the Italian supreme court in 2015. The directors, Rob Blackhurst and Brian Ginn, have expressed that they wanted everyone in the film to speak truly and freely. They told their stories, but, was the film biased?

You could say yes, because the focus was only on Knox, hence the documentary name. In the documentary, British Journalist Nick Pisa, gives his version on how media covered the story and it is hard to not make him the person you want to hate in the film. Pisa makes it clear that being on top of that story was more important than telling the truth. Telling the story was more important to him to beat competing journalists covering the story. Immediately the film focuses on how media shaped the entire case and showed Knox as a bad girl, sexual and untrustworthy. Interesting enough, Pisa says, “we’re journalists, we are reporting what we are told.” Pisa makes it clear that media had a large part in how international the case became but also leaves the viewer siding with Knox and believing in her innocence. “What am I supposed to do, fact check?” said Pisa. Yes, please do fact check. Journalists are supposed to tell the truth. A code of ethics is there for a reason. He is one journalist in this film representing all journalists and media that covered the years following the murder case of Kercher. “Either I’m a psychopath in sheep’s clothing or I am you,” said Knox. She explains that she is finally free to help others in similar situations that she found herself in years ago. The documentary was insightful and was expected to show the other sides of Knox and Sollecito that the public has not seen. The public loves a good story, loves to hate the so-called villain of the story, but, minds were definitely changed after the Netflix documentary was released.


student Mehtab Singh. The consistent disappointments when it comes to hip hop/pop biopics is what leaves fans worried about this new movie. Biopics have the tendency to let fans down and are usually made for TV only. The “Aaliyah,” movie on Lifetime is the awful standard biopics are judged by.

Next gen gaming is here By Joey Boscacci Staff Writer

With this console generation in full swing, Sony and Microsoft are shaking things up in the console gaming space with the announcements of the Playstation 4 Pro and Project Scorpio respectively. The consoles are upgraded versions of the current generation’s consoles, the PS4 and Xbox One, that will feature 4K resolution gaming and streaming, as well as support HDR displays. Although the outcome from both companies seems similar, the philosophies are different. CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, Andrew House said during the PS4 Pro reveal event: “[Sony] named it PS4 Pro to symbolize that it is part of this generation,” and that it “will sit alongside and complement the standard PS4.” This seems to indicate that Sony intends to follow the traditional cycle of console generations, and will eventually release an actual follow up to the PS4. “I don’t think I need one. It would be too expensive and I’m cool with my PS4 right now,” said Delta College student Cesar Ortega. Microsoft seems to think of their console differently, however. During the E3 announcement of Project Scorpio, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer, referred to the world Xbox was creating by designing Project Scorpio as one “beyond generations.” Both the PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio will play the current generation’s games and use the current generations accessories. Although information on the Scorpio’s hardware is slim, there are some

glaring differences. Both consoles will be running on AMD hardware, however the GPU on the Scorpio clocks in at six teraflops, whereas the PS4 only clocks in at four teraflops of power. Basically, Project Scorpio looks like it will be 33 percent more powerful than the PS4 Pro. This may not be a problem for the PS4. According to Richard Leadbetter of Digital Foundry, “Sony is using clever technology to make the Playstation 4 Pro punch above its weight visually,” on Digital Foundry’s Youtube video on the subject. Another large difference is the PS4 Pro’s lack of a 4K UHD Blu-Ray drive. This gives the Scorpio an advantage in terms of it being more than just a gaming device. Broadband speeds in the US often struggle to stream 4K content. On the PS4 Pro streaming is your only way of getting 4K content such as movies and TV shows. Considering that the Xbox hardware runs on Windows 10, developers should have an easy time optimizing games to run on the Scorpio. The PS4 Pro will be released Nov. 10 of this year, giving Sony a substantial head start on Microsoft with their Holiday 2017 release window for Project Scorpio, a window that could possibly be pushed back. Delta student, Eduardo Murillo, doesn’t know much about the two systems, but, doesn’t feel like he needs one. He says, “It’s too early.” Given its $399 price tag and coming release, the PS4 Pro might satiate hardcore gamers and early adopters of 4K for the time being, with Project Scorpio down the line to fulfill the promise of true 4K gaming and video.

7 sports


Oct. 7, 2016

Goalie Amanda Valentine keeping up at practice blocking all shots that come her way. PHOTO BY FRANK ALLEN

Women’s soccer having successful season By Frank Allen Sports Editor

The Delta Mustangs women’s soccer team is currently 8-2-1. The team had won 7 straight games, before losing to Santa Rosa Jr. College, and Folsom Lake College. The soccer team’s game, versus Diablo Valley College, finished in a tie. Diablo Valley is the No. 1 ranked team in the state. “I feel like we shouldn’t have lost or tie, I feel like we need to just make adjustments better,” said Leah Manuleleun center forward for the Mustangs. Manuleleun, a freshman, is captain for

her first year. “I feel really good even though we lost and had some setbacks I feel we can be successful we are a great team, and as long as we do that, we can get really far in this season,” said Manuleleun. Sophomore Captain Ashlyn Sotelo said even with this rocky moment, she is certain that the team will be conference champions this season. “I feel like we’re doing pretty well, I feel we went through a rough patch last week, we can still come and win conference, if we do really well,” said Sotelo, center back for the Mustangs.

The team faced the toughest teams on the schedule immediately this season. “We went through the toughest part of the schedule and thought we played really well this Saturday and we will finish up in the Big 8,” said Head Coach Adrienne Sorenson. The lady Mustangs had shown great defense in the past few years and in this season as well. “I feel like we have a lot more talent this year, we had a lot of talent last year too, we didn’t sub as much, we have a deeper team this year,” said Sotelo. “We been getting better each year, I

came in 2010 where the previous year the team only won two games, and when I came in we won six games, which is pretty good, and we been in the post season ever since. Last year was our best record in program history,” said Sorenson Having a new field to play on is also a plus. “We’re really excited about the new stadium and is a great thing for the community and it’s great for them, they deserve it,” said Sorenson. The next game for the lady Mustangs is against Sacramento City College on Friday, Oct. 7 at 4:30 p.m.,at Delta.

Wrestling looking for female coach to assist Sandler By Frank Allen Sports Editor

For more than two years Delta College has been trying to recruit more women to join the sport of wrestling. “It’s been tough for me with my time constraints to get it done, but we have a female that’s interested in coaching, we’re going to try to get her in gear and get the ball rolling,” said Head Coach Michael Sandler. Delta’s female wrestling program has had difficulties in the past, and looking to advance. “Delta has been trying to find a female coach for years, and even tried to get Andrea Johnson,” said Mike Avina, junior varsity coach from Stagg High School. Johnson is a former female wrestler from Stagg from the 2009 season. Sandler has produced fine woman wrestlers within these past few years. Former Delta wrestlers, Hope Cordorviz and Jas-

mine Hernandez received scholarships for wrestling. Cordorviz is currently at Waldorf University, and Hernandez is at Lindenwood University. Sandler is hoping to advance with the female wrestling program, which is looking brighter every year. “It’s looking good we got four girls, we don’t have the club up and running yet, but we’re still working at it,” said Sandler. The Mustang men are currently 1-1 in dual meets. Delta recently lost against to Modesto Junior College 27-22 on Sept. 20. However, Delta’s first dual, the team beat Santa Rosa, which hasn’t been done in 12 years. “It was awesome I only had beaten Santa Rosa twice since I’ve been coaching here, in 19 years, it was a very close match 30-29, but we wrestled exceptionally well,” said Sandler. Delta’s Vincent Estus at weight class 197 is currently

Fun activites in Stockton for exercise By Katherine Gagne

small bowl, offset steps, half-pipe, rail, EMB, fun box, block, piano, and a star. Helmets and pads are required.

Looking for something fun to do with your family or friends? These local activity centers are great places to have fun while engaging in sports and exercise.

Oak Park Ice Arena: 3545 Alvarado Ave. Stockton Phone: (209) 937-7433 For those with skating experience, a Friday Figure Skating Freestyle session is available from 5:15 p.m. to 6:45 p.m. for $12, with $5 skate rental. Wednesday drop in hockey games are from 9 p.m. to 10:15 p.m. for $12, with $5 skate rental. All protective gear necessary to play. A Friday Night Open Session from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. for $12, including skate rental.

Staff Writer

Sky Zone Trampoline Park: 5358 Pacific Ave., Stockton Phone: (209) 888-0900 Sky Zone offers Sky Jam on Saturdays from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. for college students. Included in the $19 cover are two slices of pizza, ice tea or lemonade and 90 minutes of jump time. Sky socks, which are required, are an additional $2 plus tax the first time. Stockton Skate Park: El Dorado Street, between Swain Road and Benjamin Holt Drive. Admission is free. The facility features a moon,

Basketball Open Gym Seifert Community Center: 128 W. Benjamin Holt Dr., Stockton Ages 18-plus, open gym Tuesday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. for $1.

ranked fifth in state. Ian Morken, 133, is honorble mentioned in state. “I think it’s good, I didn’t know that I was ranked,” said Vincent Estus. Morken, doesn’t think much about how he’s ranked. “It’s good, it’s really the end point that I’m looking for,” said Morken. Morken is having a good year right now, he’s been up in 141’s, and he’s 7-2 on the year. Sandler is expecting much from his other players, and see state contestants for the season. “Marco is wrestling well, my 25 pounder, he’s a returning sophomore, I think he will be attending in state,” said Sandler. The coach is excited for the team, saying he believe the team is better than it has been in a long time. He encourages people to come see the Mustangs wrestle. Stribley Community Center: 1760 E. Sonora St., Stockton Ages 18-plus, open gym Tuesday and Thursday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. for $1. Soul Line Dancing at Stribley Community Center, 1760 E. Sonora St. Have fun learning a variety of soul line dance steps while listening to upbeat, soul music. This class is filled with fun movement and perfect for all ages and levels of dance. Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 p.m. and 6:45 p.m. All ages are free. Stockton Indoor Sports Complex: 3251 North Ad Art Rd., Stockton The Roller skating rink is open to the public. Roller derby, in-line hockey and volleyball team leagues available. Roller skate rental is $10, in-line skate rental is $12. Public skate sessions are 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Friday-Saturday, 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Saturday and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday. Website:


8 news

CLUB: Asked to remove flags continued from PAGE 1

As a result the Pride Club has found itself scrambling for meeting places and having to settle for locations that are not necessarily “Safe Zones,” let alone “Safe Spaces.” According to Alexis Arenz, Assistant Program Director for University of Pacific’s Pride Center, a dedicated Safe Space is a safeguard against unwanted attention. “Just because some place has a ‘Safe Zone’ sticker it doesn’t mean that it’s a ‘Safe Space’,” said Arenz, noting that sensitive conversations can sometimes be overheard by others in a Safe Zone, even unintentionally. This sort of problem has already been an issue at Delta, according to Perez. At a recent Pride Club meeting a student’s decision to “come out” to her fellow members was affected by the fact that she’d be forced to do so in a semi-public setting because the Pride Club was not allowed to hold its meeting in the Pride Center. While room availability for meetings is an issue, those most affected by the recent changes seem most concerned about the center’s lack of student influence. According to Perez, an email from Butler informed Pride Club members that they had to remove their presence from the center. The room was cleared out within days. Considering how one of the Pride Center’s main purposes is to provide literature and materials to those who may need answers to delicate questions, a welcoming atmosphere plays a key role in its existence. The bare walls currently on display are not conducive to such an atmosphere said former Pride Club Vice-President, Isaiah Merriweather. “It doesn’t feel like a Pride Center anymore. It does not feel warm and inviting. It just doesn’t feel right.”

“They can’t do this to the students,” said Perez. “After all the work they did to make it their own they have to do this with the students.” Dr. Lisa Cooper, Delta College’s Vice-President of Student Services, attended the most recent Pride Club meeting and acknowledged the situation at the Pride Center could’ve been handled better. “My hope was that there would’ve been more sensitivity with the transition,” said Cooper. “The school wanted to make a fresh start, but I’m not sure that taking down the Pride Flag should’ve been a part of that.” “Having students involved in discussions would’ve been how I would’ve preferred it,” continued Cooper. Merriweather agreed. “I wish there was more of a collaborative approach,” said Merriweather, lamenting those who were most involved in establishing the center have not been involved in any of the decisions regarding the current transition. “It was a center created by the students, for the students.” Merriweather said he believes Delta has good intentions and believes the resources once offered at the Pride Center will eventually return. “How things are today aren’t forever,” said Cooper, noting that the longterm vision for the center would revolve around, “honoring what the purpose of the center was designed for.” Despite the apparent miscommunication, Cooper confirmed the Pride Club can resume using the center for its weekly meetings. “That was never the intention, for the club to not have access to the center,” said Cooper. As for the continuing evolution of the center, Cooper assured the Pride Club: “Your voice matters in all of this moving forward.”

Oct. 7, 2016

Delivery service helps battle the crimson tide By Midori Morita Editor-in-Chief

Small businesses help cities thrive. Stockton is no exception. You can find a business and a clientele for anything — even feminine products. Toni Valenzuela, 50, Devon Valenzuela, 25, and Samantha Valenzuela, 20, have started a feminine product delivery service called The Dot Spot. The business is a first of its kind for Stockton. “The whole idea started with us being on our period at the same time and wishing there was a service we could call to bring us junk food. So we decided why don’t we start one,” said Samantha Valenzuela. The Dot Spot has a variety of different packages filled with feminine products such as tampons, pads and sanitary wipes. The kits also include candy, water and Advil. Each package is $10 which includes delivery. Customers can add an extra water or a soda for an extra 50 cents. “We get about six calls a week. From high schoolers to college students to boyfriends,” said Samantha. The mother, daughter trio delivers the packages Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Dot Spot has only been open for a month so the business is sticking to the Stockton area, but hopes to expand to different cities. Since they have been open for a short time, they have a small amount of clients, but are quickly gaining traction. “We have a great support system. We hope to help women and girls feel comfortable and confident and that they have someone to call in case of an unexpected visit or accident,” said Samantha. The Dot Spot hopes to incorporate panties and condoms into packages in the future. Small, pink fliers can be found around campus with their information.

EPIC Club inspires leadership skills for students By Analese Najera Staff Writer

There is a new club on campus for Fall. The Empowering Positive Initiatives for Change is also known as EPIC Club. “The club was formed because of the Epic Program offered here at Delta Community College,” said Mercy Bacallan, a member of the club. This club is meant to promote higher education to high school students. This club is meant for Filipino, Pacific

Islander, and Asian American students but is open for all students. “The [Epic] program is a learning community that will help you to become aware of yourself and the influences that have shaped who you are today, giving you the knowledge, tools, and motivation to establish goals that will help you to become the person you want to be” said Bacallan. The club goes to high schools around the Stockton area to inform students on not only the Epic Program but all pro-

The Political Edge

life-long relationships so that students return and give back to the community.” Some things the club do is engaging with community service and networking with students and professionals. They connect students to tutoring services and help with study group opportunities. The club meets every second and fourth Thursday of the month from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. the location is to be announced.

With Killian Barnhart and Zach Merces

national The Presidential election has finally picked up as the debates ended Sept. 26. Donald Trump started the debate off with a decent amount of momentum, nailing Hillary Clinton on trade, and foreign policy. However, soon after whatever momentum he had disappeared and Trump fell on the defensive. Trump, by all accounts made himself look like a fool, for example when the conversation fell onto Trumps tax returns, and Clinton made the point Trump might not even have paid his taxes he interjected embarrassingly

grams that are offered at Delta. “[The] Purpose of the club is to expose students to the possibility of change, giving individuals access to leadership opportunities and to utilize those leadership skills for the betterment of the San Joaquin Delta College Community District,” said Serey Vann, staff member for the club. When asked why someone would want to join the club, Vann said, “Celebrate the diversity within the Asian cultures; build

with the statement: “That makes me smart.” Despite this, the debate was a pyrrhic victory for Hillary, as according to RealClearPolitics Clinton’s average in the polls only went up to 2.6 percent across the country. According to Cristian Acosta, a Delta student, Hillary won the debate “Based off how she reacted to the questions, in terms of temperament, and how prepared she was for the questions. Whereas Trump was constantly interrupting, barely answering the questions and blabbering on.”

local In the local political arena, The Record leaves Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva behind by endorsing Council Member Michael Tubbs for mayor for Stockton. Furthermore Silva has declared Stockton a “war zone” and that he “declared war on” all the gangs and gangsters in Stockton including a plan to work with the police to do enforced gun sweeps over known gang affiliates. Silva and Tubbs will face off in debate at San Joaquin Delta College in the South Forum Oct. 14, 2016. Silva is under pressure as he has not

earned any endorsements and has had a recent slowdown in donations starting June 5, as Silva only raised $1,500 from the local Plumbers and Pipefitters union whereas Tubbs has raised $78,000. Also he is still under investigation for allegedly recording a strip poker game without consent and providing alcohol to minors. “With Silvas obvious issue in the past, also based on his over performance I don’t know if he deserves the chance for an addition term quite honestly,” said Nick Wolters, another Delta student.

The Collegian -- Published Oct. 7, 2016  

Issue 3 of The Collegian, the student newspaper of San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, Calif.

The Collegian -- Published Oct. 7, 2016  

Issue 3 of The Collegian, the student newspaper of San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, Calif.