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UNDER THE WATCHFUL EYE OBSERVING: A Student Services Officer walks through the quad area during a normal campus patrol route on Sept. 2.

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On Aug. 18, a Delta College student was making her way toward campus when she was violently attacked by two female suspects on Precissi Lane. The suspects punched, kicked and dragged the victim while attempting to steal her backpack and cell phone as released to the public by Delta College Police through TipSoft. “Both were arrested and booked for attempted robbery, conspiracy to commit felony robbery and battery likely to cause great bodily harm” said Officer Jim Bock of Delta College Police. With crimes such as this attack, the Campus Police remain in a constant state of readiness to protect students and citizens


who utilize this institution year-round. Campus police use a variety of ways for students, faculty and civilians to remain safe while at Delta. From patrolling the streets within and around campus to hitting the quad with uniformed officers, the campus police ensure safety needs are met. In an effort to keep those who work and attend Delta safe, campus police acquired a text message based notification system called TipSoft. When a crime occurs or if an alert needs to be sent out to the masses, campus police can utilize TipSoft to get word out in a

Watching Calif.’s drought BY MEGAN MAXEY

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moments notice. Students can sign up for TipSoft alerts by visiting the Delta College website and scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on “Emergency Info.” Along with TipSoft, Community Service Officer Susan McAnelly, who serves as the Crime Prevention Officer for the department, has blanketed campus walls, doors and halls with red and white stickers listing the top 10 ways to remain safe on campus in bold print. “Be aware, be alert,” said McAnelly. There are special blue lighted phones located throughout campus. The phones can be used to report a crime, to ask for directions, or to request a ride to wherever the student may need to go.

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It’s no secret California is suffering from a drought. Conversations about El Nino, Global Warming and the future of California are ever-present. Delta College Geography Professor Robin Lyons answered questions to help students gain insight on the matter. “This is the fourth year of the drought and… droughts occur periodically so this is not the first time in history that this has happened… but with global warming it seems as if scientists are concerned that the droughts are getting more severe and longer,” said Lyons. “[The drought is] especially affecting agriculture… there’s a number of the agricultural crops

that really depend on irrigation and they don’t have the water … Some of those orchards have been left and the trees are dying. In other cases they are drawing up ground water to replace irrigation systems, and the ground water draw out means that the land is sinking… and [the land has] been sinking several inches just in this past year because the ground water’s being used up,” added Lyons. California counties and cities have implemented water use restrictions. People can no longer water lawns or wash cars at home. People are hoping that conservation and the upcoming El Nino will help ease the drought. “Normally during an El Nino

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Candidates gaining traction in run for 2016 presidency BY ZACHARIAH MERCES-SPINDLER

BERNIE SANDERS Pros: He gets the youth. He has ideas for the Democratic side. He draws crowds of thousands to his rally’s everywhere he goes. He’s running a strong campaign built on policies. He’s

held office as a two-term senator of Vermont. He’s leading in Iowa and gaining traction in New Hampshire, key democratic states. Cons: He’s older than other ma-

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Issue 1 • Sept. 4, 2015 •


YOUNG VOICES Ashley Madison hack NOWHERE TO BE HEARD brings issues to light


ith all of the attention being put on the presidential race, we should question how today’s younger generation will vote in the post Barack Obama era. Today’s 18-24 year old demographic is the most apathetic generation America has ever seen. In California’s last MEGAN election only 8.2 MAXEY percent of elligble voters ages 18-24 participated according to KQED News. Could this be because of the technological revolution? Young Americans now seem to have a large breadth of knowledge but lack a deeper knowledge. This may be because of the dependency on the Internet and social media. When people solely rely on outlets like Twitter, BuzzFeed or Facebook for information they cannot expect it to be unbiased or even correct all the time. A possible solution could entail social media sites promoting the election and enticing young Americans to participate. Maybe Facebook and Twitter could implement more promtoted links to unbiased sources or websites that outline current issues. If Americans, young or old, want to learn about the presidential race or just politics in general they must learn how to find reliable and unbiased sources. Unfortunately, our young generation

isn’t doing that. Most Internet users seek immediate satisfaction, which means they click the first link or only skim the beginning of a story. Another concern regarding Internet users is click baiting. Social media users click viral web content the purpose of which is to generate advertising money at the expense of the quality of the information. This is how incorrect and biased information circulates and becomes so accessible to the average American. We have to train ourselves to search for a deeper understanding. The younger generation has a huge opportunity to use their voice in the next major election. Voting is such an important democratic right that Americans are taking for granted. Our nation has a history of young people speaking their minds. When we think of the younger generations from the past, decades such as the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s come to mind. These young adults had passion behind their causes. Todays young adults don’t even seem to know any causes to be passionate about. Whether it is for Clinton, Trump, Bush, or Rubio, the young vote can and will play a large role in an election that will affect all of our futures.

Right to privacy trumps feelings about behavior


hose job is it to police the hack attack has to be recognised (sic) private affairs of Internet for what it is: a gross invasion of priusers? vacy. Whatever is discussed by whoevThe answer is simple. It is no one’s job. er is on that site, the personal content Issues surrounding online prinow in the possession of the hackers vacy have always been hotly debated, is the consented sexual conversations though. of adults to which no one else was Most recently, it has become a invited, and mocking their situation popular discussion after news broke amounts to victim-blaming.” of an intrusion on Ashley Madison, Let me say it again: it is no one’s a dating website that paired users business what other people do in their who were private already in lives. relationI’ve JESSICA ships. heard Hackers arguments MICHELSEN gained that account since the informawebsite tion of more than 30 million of the was publically available, after you’ve website’s users. purchased a subscription that is, the The hackers who identified themusers put themselves in the position to selves as the “Impact Team,” according be exposed. to USA Today, released the informaThis isn’t true, though. Ashley tion publically. Madison members didn’t consent to Who exactly is in the wrong here having their information on public though? display. The hackers or the account holders? This was “doxing” at its worst. Both groups in this instance are Doxing, as defined by gohacking. wrong but for different reasons. com is “the act of using the Internet It is never okay to cheat on your to search for personal details about a spouse or significant other. But the person.” greater offense here is the hackers As satisfying as it may be to see thinking it was appropriate in any way cheaters exposed, we can’t lose sight of to essentially tattle on the website’s the fact all of the affected users were users. consenting adults. Van Badham, who posted on Adults are allowed to lie. Adults on July 21 about this are allowed to cheat. And no matter topic, summarized my feelings on this how anyone feels about cheaters being matter best. exposed, the right to privacy trumps “But as enjoyable as schadenfreude anyone’s feelings about dishonest is to the scorned, the mass scale of the behavior.

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Issue 1 • Sept. 4, 2015 •

Playing the



here’s been a lot of talk about well-known businessman Donald Trump running for president. There’s the good, the bad and the indifferent – from his views on illegal immigrants to conversations about his abilities and how he’ll interact with our country’s allies if elected. Trump’s campaign so far has been vulgar and racist. He’s already labeled people of Mexican decent as “criminals” and has mocked Japanese and Chinese accents, squinting his eyes while making comments. I don’t agree with his plans to try and end birthright citizenship. I think whoever is born in the United States should be a citizen because it’s unethical to say you were born here but you’re not a citizen. Also, Trump wants to build a wall between the United States and Mexico, but he wants Mexico to pay for the wall. He said if the country doesn’t, he would hold all assets. I believe he is playing with the welfare of people and could cause an economic crisis both Mexico and America. He claims his success in the business world and his connections fit him as a perfect candidate for president.


It’s undeniable ALEXIS Trump has had success BUSTAMANTE in the business world, but it could cally means the business can’t pay be argued his success has been people in the immediate future, built upon decades of work, and but is also trying to keep the busiit is unclear how many of his skills nesses alive. and connections will transfer over I also think Trump has an to the beast that is the executive isolationist approach to foreign office. economic policies as well. It’s also unclear how much “I want the enemy to know change he could really accomplish what I’m doing,” Trump said in an in an ideal setting of eight years in interview with Vanity Fair. the office. In the same article, he calls I think if Trump wins the upPresident Barack Obama “one of coming election in 2016 there’s a the worst things that’s ever hapgood chance he’ll serve the 8-year pened to Israel,” and blames him term. for deteriorating U. S.-Israeli relaEven when reviewing his busitions. ness accolades, there are some Trump said Russian-backed points that leave much to be separatists are acting aggressively in desired. Ukraine because the United States Though Trump hasn’t physically is “not a respected country and we filed for bankruptcy, many of the don’t have respected leadership at business that his name was tied to this moment,” but says America’s have filed for Chapter 11 bankEuropean allies should confront ruptcy. Russia,” according to The New In 1991 Trump’s Taj Mahal in York Times. Atlantic City filed for bankruptcy, I just don’t think it’s our best followed by the Plaza Hotel in approach to punch the tiger right 1992, Trump’s Hotels and Casinos in the face. in 2004 and the Trump EntrainIn conclusion I do think Trump ment Resorts in 2009, according has a very good chance at winning, to a Vanity Fair article. despite his vulgar ways people like A chapter 11 bankruptcy basiwhat they’re hearing.



resent day society’s outlook on the LGBT community has been going through an obvious transition over the past few years. Much has changed, though, with the coming out of former collegiate standout Michael Sam and the transition of Caitlyn Jenner, former Olympic decathlon champion. These topics are no longer taboo. Athletes are coming out of the proverbial closet – either with sexual orientation or declarations of being transgender – and are being rewarded and congratulated for it. It’s amazing to see how far this country has come along in just a few years. Non-supporters of past generations are being supROBERT planted by a new generaJUAREZ tion of teens and young adults who push everyone to have pride in what they believe in. This new outlook on equality has given members of the LGBT community the comfort to open up about their private lifestyle. Recently, 20-year old David Denson, a baseball player in the Milwaukee Brewers farm-system risked the judgment of others and the well being of his baseball career by coming out to his teammates. “They said to him, ‘You’re still our teammate. You’re


still our brother,” according to an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. If this happened a decade ago, Denson would probably be looking for a new career path right now. The table of discrimination has begun to turn. The discriminators have become those discriminated against. People are beginning to frown upon those who wish to shun gay people. Brian Burke, President of Hockey Operations for the Calgary Flames and supporter of gay rights, launched, a website that intends to promote the well being of gay athletes in their profession. The website has received partnerships with multiple professional sport leagues such as the NHL and MLS, among others. America is beginning to live up to its equality for everyone motto. The fact that people with different sexual orientations no longer have to feel ashamed to be who they are is a step in the right direction for this country. Personally, I don’t have deep connections to the gay community or anyone in it. It’s unlikely I’ll ever attend a pride festival. However, I’ll never be seen discriminating either. Discrimination is in the past, and acceptance has taken over.

You’re better than the people in your life dragging you down ZACHARIAH MERCES-SPINDLER


ach person here is currently taking a step to better themselves by pursuing a higher education. Planning for the future and not settling with less. But this path isn’t always easy. Often there are distractions that deter you from maintaining a path of success. Major distractions, such as friends and family. It’s okay to cut them off, in fact, you probably should learn how to. You have to ensure you’re taking care of priority No. 1 – yourself. How are you supposed to help anyone if you can’t handle your own ordeals? Also, loyalty is overrated. You’re supposed to have those close persons backs on all occasions. But sometimes they can weigh you down, and hold you back with their problems. It’s a heavy burden for most, to constantly care to their friends’ and family’s needs. Let’s face it, people like to start drama. Be responsible by avoiding drama. If you’re like most, then people come you to with their problems, to either vent or seek help and advice. They’ll try to drag you into it like it’s your problem, and too often you get sunk unable to keep your head above water. Learn to say no. They also like to plan events and go places you often can’t partake in due to scheduling with school and work. Don’t be the fool who says “yes” and skips important priorities for fun, there’s plenty of time for that. If a friend tells you, “cut class let’s go hang out” cut them off immediately. They’re definitely not good for you. It’s hard to look those you love in the eyes when you’re about to disappoint them but it must be done if they’re interfering with what you know needs to be done. Life is short and second chances don’t come often, so show up where you need to regardless of those around you who might attempt to sway you from it.



Issue 1 • Sept. 4, 2015 •


Gabriela Soto is a 29-year-old, part-time student with two children and one interesting hobby – roller derby. Roller derby is a team competition on roller skates that is popular among women, but can be a co-ed sport. Soto, whose chosen derby name is Roxy Fem Fatale, is a part of Stockton’s Port City Roller Girls, founded in 2006 by Lisa Anderson, or “2 Quik.” The Port City Roller Girls is made up of women ages 14 to 50. Port City is one of the many teams that invite men to join as well. Soto heard about the team through a friend and has been a member since Jan. 2015. Since then she has worked hard to show the team what she’s made of. Soto was able to scrimmage by March and make it onto the team’s official roster in May. She is currently working on becoming a jammer for the team. Many of the women on the team, like Soto, are mothers and/or work full time. For a few, this relieves stress from their lives outside of the track. “My life was get up, get my son up, go to work, go

home, feed my son dinner, give him a shower, feed myself, get him in bed, get me in bed and get up and do it again,” said Jaime Cardoza. “I needed something else. Like I got lost. There was no Jaime.” Anderson lets the women who have children bring them to practice so they can still watch over them. “It relieves stress and you get to hit girls. Pretty much when you are on the track you don’t think about anything else, because you’re focused on what you’re doing. I mean, if you’re not focused you’re going to get hurt,” said Soto Cardoza and Soto both said the team is one big family. “These women have quickly become my sisters. I trust them as much as they trust me and, I mean, without that I don’t think we can really function very well,” said Soto. Cardoza agreed as well. “The girls here are amazing,” stated Cardoza When Soto isn’t on the track she is attending Delta College for 20 hours a week in hope of getting her administrative assistant certificate. Once she’s done, she hopes to transfer and become a dental hygienist.





HIGHLIGHTING DELTA: Associate Degree Nursing Program brings opportunity to hard-working students BY KRISTEN RIEDEL

The Associate Degree Nursing Program at Delta time and try to stay ahead, so I’m feeling okay College isn’t for the faint of heart, nor the weak of now.” will. Despite the fast pace, they have maintained The first hurdle for a hopeful nurse is to coma first-time pass rate of the National Council plete the prerequisite courses in anatomy, physiolLicensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) beogy, microbiology, nutrition, algebra, and reading tween 85 and 92 percent for the last five years, and composition. according to the Board of Registered Nursing “It took me about 1 ½ years to do the science, website. because I did them one at a time so I could re“The instructors are invested in their stually focus on one. Altogether, it took me 2 ½ years dent’s success,” said Kautz. “They are willing to to do everything, all the GE,” said Haley Clem, a dedicate their time to you if you need to clarify first-semester nursing student. information or practice skills.” Many students complete their general education Part of the program’s success can also be atrequirements for the associate degree before applytributed to the cohort format. ing to the program because it increases their chance “Our class is like a gigantic family,” said of selection, and it prevents them from having to Kautz. “We are always willing to study with one take those classes over the summer break. another, and I am friends with a couple of my “I had the intention that I had to get an A or I’m classmates outside of school.” done, I’m not going to get into the program. Then The Registered Nurses who graduate from Professor [Donna] LeBaron came in and spoke to Delta usually stay in the area, working as they us in my last prerequisite class and said ‘that’s not take the final year of classes to complete their PHOTO BY KRISTEN RIEDEL true, do not focus on that aspect, just focus on getbachelor’s degree at local universities or online. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT: Above, Noella Erichson practices ting through it,’” said Clem. However, there are those with aspirations that The admission process is competitive, using a sticking a syringe into a patient dummy. will take them around the world. complex ranking system that awards points based Some plan to work with religious organizaMarisa Kautz, a third-semester student. on previous education and work experience, military tions. Because this is an accelerated program, students status, second language proficiency, pre-admission complete the equivalent of two semesters each semes“I’d like to be able to go and do missions to other testing and cumulative GPA in the science and math ter, shortening a four-year program to two years. countries,” said Katalina Gomez, first-semester stuclasses. “The first week of class, I thought maybe I can’t do dent. Each semester, 40 students are granted entry to the this, with working, with family,” said Jennifer Votaw, While others seek employment with secular charities. program where the work gets harder and more intense. first-semester student. “The first night I had five hours “I have plans to try travel nursing, and I have been “I am the type of person who likes school anyway, of homework … I just tackle it one assignment at a interested in working with Doctors Without Borders,” but the nursing program is definitely a challenge,” said said Kautz.



Issue 1 • Sept. 4, 2015 •



Maybe it’s your first semester at Delta College and you are a little worried about what to do with your education. Or maybe it’s your fifth semester at Delta and you are struggling to continue your education. Whatever the case, students often need some encouragement to get through the semester without breaking down.

“Don’t give up. Definitely don’t. I had a moment where I just didn’t want to come [to Delta] anymore, because I had been here for so long. I felt like I was going to take classes forever. But now I only have a few semesters left and I’m really, really happy.” — Steph Miller, six-semester Delta student

“I think new students should always keep track of what they’re doing with homework. Because due dates are extremely important. Not just for homework, also for other schools if you want to transfer. Just keep track of what you’re doing. Another thing, be open. You never know if you’re gonna find something you never knew that you’ll like or want to pursue a career in.”


Sometimes all we need is a new perspective or some helpful encouragment to keep our spirits up. A few students wanted to share their own advice for new and returning students to help get through their time here at Delta.

“I would say that you need to stick with your studies. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, a lot of the professors really do want to help you. Don’t get lazy. It’s really hard but you just have to keep going if you want to make it out in a short amount of time. If a student is just coming out of high school, it’s probably hard to watch some of their friends go off to four-years and they are like stuck at Delta. It happened to me but just keep up with your work, it’s not hard to pass your classes.” — Dave Jones, three-semester Delta student “For older students, they should probably keep doing what they’re doing, ya know? It takes a little more time, but you finish when you finish. I been in and out of [Delta] for the past couple of years, but I’m going to really finish up over the next semesters. Slow and steady wins the race right?” — Jacob Munoz, starting his sixth semester

— Luis Alberto Orozco Orejel, starting his fourth semester

Markets offer secret treasures



Flea markets have taken off recently around the area. Stockton alone has five different flea markets happening around the city. Just what exactly can you find at each market? The Stockton Open Air Mall located on North Wilson Way is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. This market includes clothing, antiques, fresh produce and handmade goods. “It’s a good place to find things you need. The people who sell give a good discount, to,” said Mari Mendoza, a local flea market enthusiast. There is free parking, but it can become a hassle later in the day. The Market at Delta College is open on Satur-

days and Sunday from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. This market includes, but is not limited to, tools, antiques, fresh produce and home goods. Parking is free, as well. The San Joaquin Fairgrounds Flea Market is located on Charter and Airport and is open on Wednesday and Thursday from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. One can find new and used goods, collectibles and fresh produce. There are a variety of food to eat while you browse, and both parking and admission are free. The Stockmarket is Stockton’s newest market and is located on East Weber Ave. The Stockmarket isn’t weekly like the other local flea markets, but is an event that happens once

a month or every other month. This market includes handmade jewelry, home décor, vintage clothing and art. There are also food trucks and live music. The next Stockmarket happens on Sept. 12 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Stockton Flea Market is located on South El Dorado Street and is open on Saturday and Sunday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Patrons can find almost anything they need, including fresh produce and food to snack on while browsing. “My mother loves shopping here. She gets her fruits here. And she buys furniture here,” stated Mendoza.



Issue 1 • Sept. 4, 2015 •

Sports facilities renovated over summer

RENOVATED SPACE: Left, a student works out with new weights. Below, left, A detail of the new basketball floor. Below, students spot another student during class.


The Delta College athletic department did some renovating to Joe Blanchard, Marcopulos Gym and the weight training room during the summer intersession. The biggest changes people will notice are the gym floors. “What you generally do every year with basketball courts, is you light sand them,” said Athletic Director Daryl Arroyo. “Every 8-10 years you’re supposed to take it down to the wood and that gives you an opportunity to add new logos and those type of things.” Student athletes have already noticed a difference in playing environment. “I like the new floors, they’re not slippery,” said returning Sophomore (Basketball) Natalie Delgado.” It’s not as dark in the gym and the floor is lighter. “Our (floors) have not been done in 30 to 40 years,” said Arroyo. “I love it,” said Mens Basketball Head Coach Rich Ressa. “I think it’s a real quality job and a class act.” The sound system has also been improved. “We didn’t get a new system in Blanchard. What we did do was upgrade the old system. We were using the wrong equalizer, the wrong cables. So we worked with I.T. and now we have the correct equipment. It was not a big expense, but it will make a big difference,” said Arroyo. The changes mean that Marcopulos officially became a volleyball gym for the Lady Mustangs team, transitioning the basketball teams to Blanchard full time. The school put the new lines down over the summer along with the new floor. Past championship banners will be moved over to join the renovated gym soon.


Delta students, athletes revel in new weight room BY RICHARD REYES

The Delta College weight room was renovated thanks to a $200,000 bond. “That weight room is a big, big plus for our program,” said Athletic Director Daryl Arroyo. “To our academic program, to preparing our athletes to perform better. And it will have a huge impact on recruiting.”

The new room brings in new weights with the Mustangs logo embedded and a brand new floor. “It’s great. It’s like a high level division one quality weight room,” said Women’s Head Basketball Coach Gina Johnson. “It’s very small, but high quality equipment, so our girls love it.” The floor also has green mats that resemble grass the students are appreciating. “It’s a whole lot cleaner, the mats

are better, and I use the grass to do situps,” said fourth-year student Francesco Tomayo. Even though there is still some branding around the walls that needs to be done, athletes and students will appreciate the commitment to Delta College’s weight training program. “Sports brings people in the community together,” said Assistant Head Football Coach Doug Murray.

SaberCats roar to championship at Stockton Arena BY RICHARD REYES

for two touchdowns. SaberCats wide receiver Reggie Gray finished with nine catches for 95 yards. The San Jose SaberCats captured its “At one time in my career, I wanted to first championship, since 2007 by de- go down as one of the best,” said Gray. feating the Jacksonville Sharks, 68-47 “You can’t do that without winning that in Arena Bowl XXXVIII at ultimate goal, a championship.” Stockton Arena on Aug. 29. SaberCats Defense back David The Sharks (12-9) led the SaHyland helped the defense out by berCats (20-1) 33-27 at the half, intercepting two passes returning yet weren’t able to take control in both for scores. the second half. The highlight of the night was from San Jose took advantage of Sharks wide receiver Tiger Jones, who three turnovers that turned into VIEW VIDEO AT made a 15-yard touchdown catch touchdowns. PULSE209.COM while flipping over the boards. “We knew we had to stay the San Jose is now the first team to course,” said SaberCats quarterhave a 20-game win season in Arena Football. back Erick Meyer. “Coach [Darren] ArArbet moved into sole possession of secbet said you guys are hyped up a little bit. ond place on the Arena Football all-time’s We’ve done that all year.” list with postseason victories, while capturMeyer completed 17-29 passes for 204 ing his fourth Arena Bowl title. yards and four touchdowns. He also he ran


GAME ON: The San Jose SaberCats prepare to kickoff against the Jacksonville Sharks in Arena Bowl XXXVIII at Stockton Arena on Aug. 29.



Issue 1 • Sept. 4, 2015 •

Bag searches at Regal Cinema







A new era of transportation has dawned. The “hoverboard” has rapidly made an impact on the way people get from place to place. There are many brands of hoverboards available to chose from. These “hoverboards” are actually two wheeled self-balance smart drifting scooters, or a Segway, so they dont actually hover. So you can’t get all Marty McFly just yet. These Segways range from $200 to $700. The prices may seem high but they’re in high demand. The first time the hoverboard gained attention was through popular YouTubers. The younger generation uses YouTubers as representatives or spokespeople for pop culture. Get your product in the hands of a big name YouTuber and the youth will respond. Lexus has created a working magnitized hoverboard, but is not available commercially quite yet.

New signs are greeting Stockton moviegoers entering the city’s two Regal Entertainment Group locations – City Centre Cinema 16 and Holiday Cinema 8 – alerting patrons to bag inspections. Regal, a movie theater chai n with hundreds of theaters all across the nation, recently amended its admission policies to include checking all purses and other bags upon entrance into the chain’s theaters. “To ensure the safety of our guests and employees, backpacks and bags of any kind are subject to inspection prior to admis-


sion,” the company announced as part of the Attendance Procedures section on its corporate website, Checks are happening locally. “We check for usual contraband, like alcohol and weapons,” and for “consistency’s sake” all bags are checked by the ticket takers at the door, said Aaron Kumar, a manager at Stockton’s City Centre Cinema 16. Kumar added the inspections are mainly visual inspections. “I don’t personally touch the bags,” he said. Theaters have always reserved the right to check bags for incoming food and drinks, but this updated policy is aimed at discouraging patrons from

bringing in weapons. This change comes after several recent shootings that have taken place in national theaters. The most recent shooting took place on July 23 in Lafayette, LA and left three people dead, including the shooter John Russell Houser, age 59, and injured nine others. The new, stricter policy is drawing some criticism. “We acknowledge that this procedure can cause some inconvenience and that it is not without flaws, but hope these are minor in comparison to increased safety,” according to Regal’s website. It’s not clear if this will be an effective policy.

Stewart’s shoes might be too big to fill by one man BY ZACHARIAH MERCES-SPINDLER



PLEASANTON EXPERIENCE. 160 years in San Francisco 3O years in the Tri Valley

DEGREE PROGRAMS IN: Management • Education • Nursing for the RN Classes conveniently held evenings, online, and some Saturdays Financial aid and scholarships available Call to schedule an advising appointment


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he forefather of modern political satire has relinquished his seat. Jon Stewart sustained a perennial voice for and of the people the past 16 years. A major void has been left in his departure. The question is if anyone can echo his voice, because replacing it will be near impossible. There are plenty of candidates who appear as likely contenders for the throne. Bill Maher has been an outspoken renegade. But most of his views are of the Baby Boomer generation and angry liberals. Maher doesn’t make the massive amount of information simpler. He leaves it complicated, mostly because it is, but the masses require simplicity to stay up to date. Stephen Colbert was presumed to be the next coming. He held court directly following Stewart for nine long years. However, Colbert left Comedy Central, ditched his alter ego and headed to CBS

to replace the legendary David Letterman. The Nightly Show host Larry Wilmore, who took over the slot of Colbert, followed Stewart every night in 2015. Wilmore is energetically smooth and aims for everyone to always keep it “100,” or “real.” But the departure of Stewart is hurting the ratings of Wilmore’s Nightly Show, perhaps incapable of standing as tall on his own. John Oliver from England, with an excitably sarcastic personality, is also another one of Stewart’s legendary correspondents. He once guest hosted The Daily Show to positive reviews when Stewart took a temporary break for filming a movie. Oliver is currently hosting Last Week Tonight on HBO, wherein lies the problem. First, Oliver’s on HBO. So his audience is limited. And second, Last Week Tonight only airs once a week during certain seasons and runs alongside Bill Maher.

The HBO airing has been to his favor, allowing him to pull no punches and freely express his attitude. He may be the best contender, but he requires more work and a larger audience. There is an Internet representative by the name of The Young Turks who took this platform and used YouTube to crank it up. The Young Turks are brash and heavily liberal, but keeps their audience up to date with all stories and political tomfoolery. The Young Turks have unprecedented potential due to very little restrictions for finding an audience to see and hear them. It’s just up to the audience to follow and believe. Finally there’s Stewart’s direct replacement, South African comedian Trevor Noah. Little is known of Noah’s potential, other than a few stand-up specials and some great appearances on the Daily Show with Stewart. The 2016 election is approaching and it feels silent. America can use some jokes and guidance like elections before.

news DROUGHT: State in need of rainy fall, winter 8

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event we get lots of warmer rain. It may mean we don’t get quite as much snow, the last time we had a big El Nino… we had heavy snow in October or November and then the winter rains came… it melted a lot of the snow but it did cause severe flooding. So it could add a lot more rain and water although some of it goes off, this flooding overland flow, rather than really replenishing but hopefully a lot of it will get to our reservoirs,” said Lyons. “But just one year, if we go back to drought again after [El Nino], it may not be enough in one year to solve it. It

Issue 1 • Sept. 4, 2015 •

could solve it temporarily but the problem is that Northern California… the El Nino increased rain usually hits Southern California for sure. When you get further north… it’s usually dryer than normal. But we may be a little bit in between but hopefully we’ll get more rain. We could have some severe flooding as a result to.” There are scary predictions regarding the future of California’s water. Some say we might suffer for generations. Others say we’ll recover. “In the long term we need to be prepared for more droughts and longer droughts and I would look at not just conservation but other sources,” said Lyons.

Can you identify Delta’s campus safety officers apart? BY KRISTEN RIEDEL

with people who walk into the police department. The three types of officers described below are all responsible for issuing parking citations, patrolling the campus as a crime deterrent and watching for suspicious activity. Any of the officers may perform escort duty when requested by a student or faculty, and they carry keys to open gates, buildings and rooms.

Being aware of all services provided at Delta College is an important part of being an active member of the college community. Campus security is provided 24 hours a day, every day of the year by a cadre of professionals, including dispatchers who answer calls and interact SWORN OFFICERS In the dark blue shirts are the sworn officers of the San Joaquin Delta Community College District Police Department. Police officers carry handcuffs, Tasers and guns. There are 11 officers, including a chief and two sergeants, authorized to enforce federal, state and local law both on and off campus. They respond to all calls of a crime in progress and reports of weapons on campus. “They are regular officers of the state of California who are employed by Delta College,” said Susan McAnelly CSO and Crime Prevention Officer.


CAMPUS SAFETY OFFICER Campus Safety Officers wear light blue shirts and file reports of incidents such as traffic accidents and theft when there are no suspects present. CSOs carry handcuffs, pepper spray and Tasers. They control and direct traffic during special events and monitor the parking permit machines. There are 12 CSOs who patrol the Stockton, Manteca and Mountain House campuses at all times. CSO S. PUENTES

STUDENT SERVICE OFFICERS Student Service Officers wear grey shirts and receive training that allows them to carry handcuffs and pepper spray. They are students who are enrolled in at least nine units per semester. SSOs assist with traffic control during special events, such as the flea market, and at accident scenes. They, along with CSOs can book found property. There are 11 SSOs and they patrol only the Stockton campus.


CAMPAIGN: Look at how 2016 is shaping up continued from PAGE 1

jor candidates at 73. He’s a virtual unknown. The media discounts him at every step. HILLARY CLINTON Pros: Clinton doesn’t lack experience holding office as a senator and Secretary of State, and we assume her role as First Lady gave her a direct line to the White House for eight years. The Democratic Party has been a major backer of her since 2008. Cons: She’s been in this race before. Distractions about emails and foreign policies are now present. As strong as she is, she’s still a woman. The presumption it’d be business as usual, and there hasn’t been positive changes coming from the White House since her husband has left

DONALD TRUMP Pros: He says things the Republican Party wants to hear. He lacks the fear of most politicians to speak openly. He bears an appealingly unapologetic attitude not seen before in politics. Trump also possess the ability to say ridiculous things that would destroy the polling of any other candidate but continue to rise in favoritism. It might be his lack of ties to any company’s money other than his own as he speaks to take money out of politics. Cons: He lacks policies. It’s words and ideas with trump up to this point. There’s been no real plans projected from Trump as of yet, so there’s a major doubt in his ability to get his agenda done if elected.

The Collegian -- Published Sept. 4, 2015  

Issue 1 of The Collegian, the student newspaper for the 2015-16 school year at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, Calif.

The Collegian -- Published Sept. 4, 2015  

Issue 1 of The Collegian, the student newspaper for the 2015-16 school year at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, Calif.