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Issue 10 • Friday, March 4, 2016 •


Chancellor visits Delta campus BY MEGAN MAXEY

DEAR MR. OBAMA Eight year old Nylah Missouri sends a letter to the president and receives a response.

On Wednesday, Feb. 24 the Chancellor of California Community Colleges, Dr. Brice Harris visited Delta’s campus as part of a Chancellor’s Circle event. Harris was given a tour of the campus that highlighted the many different programs students are involved in at Delta, including the MESA Student Center, the


heavy equipment program and the L. H. Horton Gallery. The Chancellor then joined President Dr. Kathy Hart, members of the board of trustees and other distinguished guests for a lunch served on campus by the Student Chef. “I believe this should be their college of choice. I think this is the best deal, it’s the best value, it’s the best education,” said president of Delta College, Kathy Hart. Later, the Chancellor outlined the cur-



rent state of California community college statistics. These analyzed the growth of diversity in community college students over the past ten years. “What we have to do is remain focused on the driving challenges facing our system, the driving opportunities that we have,” said Harris while addressing the crowd. According to Harris’ Student Success Scorecard, the number of Associate degrees

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Downtown group seeking artists BY FRANCINA SANCHEZ

delegates and GOP require 1,237. To put the outcome of the votes simply, Donald Trump won for the GOP and Hilary Clinton won in the Democrat race. Trump took seven states, Cruz took three and Rubio took a surprising first state out of 15 in Minnesota. Clinton locked in seven states while Sanders secured four. However, the important numbers are the Delegates awarded from those states. Clinton received 486 (1,034 total) to Sanders’ 321 (408 total). Trump Received 237 (319 total) while Cruz received 209 (226 total) Rubio 94 (110). There are two other candidates in the GOP race by the names of Ben Carson received 3 (8 total) and John Kasich received 19 (25 total).

The Downtown Stockton Alliance (DSA) is making a call to any experienced artists to help make a mural postcard trail in the downtown area of Stockton. “This is a serious project and we are very excited about it. We believe it is a great idea to have art in a format reminiscent of a postcard that could be displayed on blank walls where people and visitors to the city could take pictures,” said Cynthia Fargo, DSA chief executive officer. In the recent years Stockton’s downtown area has seen new art that incorporates much of what is in the city or what the city has to offer. If you drive through downtown Stockton you could see utility boxes at many corners of the streets with painted murals made by professional and student artists. So what makes this project different? “This more of a legacy project to leave for the community interpreting key points of Stockton’s culture and history. Eventually we want to see a murals set up in a trail to guide people in the city through the city’s history,” said Fargo. The DSA suggests themes to consider are greetings from Stockton, agriculture around Stockton, famous Stocktonians and important Stockton history. “It’s nice to know that Stockton’s community is given the opportunity to show their talent and make their city look good ...We don’t get to do that often,” said Andrea Perez, a local Stockton artist and former volunteer for the DSA. There are specific guidelines for any artist who wishes to participate in this upcoming project. “An artist must submit an art piece of the intended artwork that would go on the wall. The first two artists that fit the guidelines will be chosen to participate in the project,” said Fargo. Artists have until March 15 to submit proposals. The first two artists with eligible designs will

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BASEBALL SWEEPS Delta’s baseball team sweeps Napa Valley in week-long series.









Gary Carlos and Shenny Cruces were featured on the Feb. 25 opening.



March is Women’s History Month

March 8 National Pancake Day March 18 Last day to drop with a “W.”

Results set stage for 2016 general election BY ZACHARIAH MERCES

March 1st, also known as Super Tuesday, marked the biggest day for the presidential primaries. Ten out of 11 participating states were the same for Democratic Party and Republican Party: Arkansas, Massachusetts, Texas, Vermont, Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Virginia and Minnesota. Colorado in for Democrats and Alaska for Republican were the difference. The point of the primaries is to accumulate delegates. These delegates represent the votes necessary to nominate a presidential candidate for either party. The Democratic party requires 2,383

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Student loan debt affecting the nations youth The cost of college has risen these last few years is a backlog of processing applications. and has impacted students across the nation while Colleges have been more competitive in recent continuing to be a problem for many people – and years, raising tuition to help students have the best could result in a less educated nation. learning experience versus other colleges. This affects the middle class the most because they Raising tuition doesn’t just affect the students aren’t rich enough to afford full tuition of a univerbut also the professors wanting better pay and more sity or private college benefits. and not poor enough to The cost of college has JOSE qualify for subsidies. also impacted immigrant The total cost of tufamilies and first generation VELAZQUEZ ition, including fees for Americans, making college an in-state student, is esunaffordable and making timated around $39,000. children face significant For out-of-state that would be double the amount. barriers. For some students that are intellectually gifted or Approximately a quarter of the nation are immithose who are skilled in sports, scholarships are an grants, and those children make up 30 percent of the option depending on overall activities. low-income U.S. children, according to Princeton. Some join the military and attend college after edu article “Higher education and children in imserving, the military can help pay for college with the migrant families.” G.I. Bill. For others, a loan is the only option to take. Is college worth the price? Many people ask. The There have been issues with the G.I. Bill since majority says yes. A small percentage say no. 2009.It has affected many veterans to where they had The cost of college can impact the student dependto dip into their savings, facing eviction, and ing on where the college is located, the cost of educataking out loans to get by. tion, living expenses, books, food and other school College administrators, materials. lawyers and government Many students have found ways to save money officials say the problem and attend college with financial aid, scholarships and

grants. One of the best options to save money is attend community college. According to, attending community college will cost around $3,400 per year, while for a public four-year college (in-state students) will estimate around $9,000 per year. For out-of-state students attending public four-year colleges would estimate up to $23,000 per year. Education inflation has rose 5.2 percent and continues to grow slowly. According to Forbes Magazine’s article “on the cost of college” If the inflation keeps maintaining its 5.2 percent average then future students will not be able to afford college. The inflation of education means that future in-state (public) students would be paying around $60,000 per year, while students attending private colleges would be paying around $200,000. While the cost of education keeps rising, having no education would be the worst situation in the scenario and having to work for a low wage job. Less education in the United States would hurt its reputation and lose its ability to compete globally. If we continue down this path of education, the economy will suffer significantly and the future children of America will have to suffer the consequences of not being able to afford college.

MUSTANG VOICE: “Is social media good or harmful?”

Solaris Bow Stock “It can be used for bad and good things. I found that when I’m texting someone… there’s not so many factors of communication present. It’s easier to talk smack… if you’re gonna talk smack at least do it to someone’s face. You can easily get away with that kind of stuff.”

William Beauchamp “I think it’s 50/50. You’re able to text someone and communicate with them but it’s kinda hard to meet people with everyone staring at their phones.”

Daysi Diaz “I think social media can help but at the same time it can hurt. I think people are more “out there” on social media but in person they are more quiet.”

Arooj Ricvi “It’s making the world a global village. I think it’s a good thing. I know people from different countries and it helps me keep in touch with them.”

Steve Reaves “It makes people more socially awkward because they feel they can be themselves online and make a fake persona. People don’t talk to each other anymore. If you go out on any campus to say hello people will look at you strange and give you dirty looks.”

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‘Juice’ still sour regardless of not guilty verdict “We the people find the defendant, Orenthal James Of course L.A. was just getting over the Rodney Simpson, not guilty of first degree murder”. King riots two years before and may have not wanted a With one simple sentence on October 3, 1995, 12 repeat while the city is recovering. members of a jury ended the trial that encapsulated the However, how can a race riot break out over a man world, but left a national auwho is acting in every dience asking, “How did one which way guilty of man get away with murder?” murder? RICHARD With Hollywood runThe Los Angeles REYES ning out of original ideas for Police Department’s entertainment, people’s lives (LAPD) main excuse for are now the focus for televia 32-minute interrogasion or movies. tion is that it’s O.J. Simpson, he could not have done it The FX channel has recently released its look on or that they could not do their job out of fear of being what people call the “Trial of The Century,” in “The called racist? People Vs. O.J. Simpson.” I guess that is the consequences of employing so The show reenacts the aftermath of the double mur- many racist cops in one department. ders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. As the investigation goes on with the LAPD’s finScott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski developed est, they collect blood evidence, discover a glove, a ski the mini-series, based off the book, “The Run of His mask and footprints running away from Brown’s home. Life: The People v. O. J. Simpson.” Now all they have to do is secure the scene to find FX planned for a 10-show miniseries shown at 9 the other glove and match the blood to victim’s and p.m. on Tuesdays. murderer. Open and shut case. While the anticipated show delivered in every aspect Or is it? of covering the events, the show continuously shows a As police stop by to notify Simpson of his wife beguilty man that was given the Hollywood treatment. ing murdered, blood is discovered in his car. From the moment Simpson, who is played by AcadSo instead of calling it in to headquarters, detective emy Award winning actor Cuba Gooding Jr, is picked Mark Furhman, climbs a gated wall, private property I up for questioning by the police, he fumbles with his may add, to enter Simpson’s residence. whereabouts on the night of the murders. With Simpson away in Chicago, he just so hapThis leaves lead Prosecutor Marcia Clark, played pened to leave a couple hours after the murders, the by Sarah Paulson, astonished how the police treat boys in blue find the other glove behind his guestSimpson by not going for the jugular and trapping his house. answers, leaving him able to change his story later. To add insult to injury, Brown and Goldman’s blood

is also discovered on Simpson’s property. Light up the cigars, case closed, lets move on to another case. It should have been that easy right? Nope. It just so happens Furhman wall jumping skills gives Simpson’s lawyers a stronger defense that most likely would have been used anyway, the color of skin. Yes, believe it or not the man who finds the most damaging evidence turns out to be a racist. What are the chances of that? Of course the greed of LA’s great citizens also comes out. Some people tell police that they saw O.J.’s white Bronco driving wildly away from Brown’s residence with the alleged murderer screaming explicitly to get out of the way, well they decide to cash in by selling their story for $5,000 and five minutes of fame. So now the blood, the glove, the interrogation and the fact people would rather get paid than to put a murderer behind bars. While Simpson may have walked away from this trial and out of jail without ever meeting a new love, he could not stay out of trouble. In 2008, Simpson was charged and Convicted of robbery and kidnapping, receiving a 33-year prison sentence. While many people will say they finally got him for what he did, the fact is he still got a away with murder, allegedly, while all parties involved, from the police, to the lawyers cashed in on two people’s mishandled justice.

Kesha’s lost lawsuit brings attention to women’s rights


y now many have heard about the lawsuit involving pop singer Kesha, and her producer Lukasz Gottwald, or Dr. Luke. The lawsuit involves Kesha terminating her contract with Sony Music so she can be free to work with other labels. Kesha also claims Gottwald sexually, mentally and emotionally abused her shortly after MIDORI she agreed to join him in Los Angeles 10 years ago. MORITA Now the case involving Kesha is not only making headlines, it’s also inciting accusations among other celebrities in the social media sphere. Last month, a New York Supreme Court ruled Kesha can’t leave her contract with Sony and must fulfill the remaining time on her contract. When news broke of the court ruling, many fans were upset and started the hashtag “FreeKesha”. Celebrities such as Lorde, Kelly Clarkson and Miley Cyrus posted support on social media. Lady Gaga is among the artist’s biggest supporters. Lady Gaga dedicated her entire Oscar performance to not only Kesha, but to sexual assault victims everywhere. While everyone on social media was giving love to Kesha, Taylor Swift announced her new single. Demi Lovato wasn’t happy with Swift. Lovato released a series of tweets saying you can’t be feminist when you feel like it. These tweets weren’t directly tweeted towards Swift, but fans knew whom she was implying the tweets toward. In the mix of this tweeting chaos, the issue basically turned into a “who’s a better

feminist” competition. Many were asking if Swift was only using feminism to make her look good when she needed it. Although Lovato was coming from a good place when she was sticking up for Kesha, it was distasteful of Lovato to “call out” Swift when she may not have seen the news yet. Swift later donated $250,000 to Sebert to help with any further legal issues. Lovato has since apologized for her Twitter rant. In recent news, Gottwald said Sebert is lying about her allegations. But it’s kind of hard to think that Kesha is lying. She doesn’t care if Gottwald is sent to prison, she just wants out of her contract. She’s not exploiting this news; she is using her experience to build a platform for other sexual abuse victims. Last week Kesha released a statement on Facebook where she thanked everyone for support. “Unfortunately I don’t think that my case is giving people who have been abused confidence that they can speak out, and that’s a problem. But I just want to say that if you have been abused, please don’t be afraid to speak out. I for one, will stand beside you and behind you,” stated Kesha. I have been a Kesha advocate since the beginning in 2010. I have been following this lawsuit since it has been filed in 2014. To see her life gradually fall apart is heartbreaking, but I’m proud she is using her situation to help others. If you or someone you know has been sexually abused or is in a domestic violence relationship do not be afraid to speak up and call The San Joaquin County Women’s Center. The center has a 24-hour helpline for sexual assault (209) 465-4997 and domestic violence victims (209) 465-4878.


‘Red car person’ turns horrible day around, offers a life-affirming lesson Some days are worse than others but then when a “worse” day turns out to be a life-affirming day, the situation requires thank you’s and sharing. My asthma was worse than it had ever been; my allergies were kicking in especially strong. When I went out to the parking lot for my car, it wasn’t there. I circled the lot many times and then the best thing happened. A student in a red sports utility type vehicle asked if he could look for the car by driving up and down the rows.

He ascertained that the car was not there; I hadn’t just overlooked it. This act of kindness and support is what I see each day with students caring for each other and students helping out faculty members. Thank you red car person. I truly appreciated your kindness and concern. I did find my car in another lot but I was very touched by this student’s willingness to help.


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MIDORI MORITA, FEATURE EDITOR or (209) 954-5156 ISSUE 10 • MARCH 4, 2016 •

NEW REWARDS PROGRAM NOT VERY REWARDING Starbucks said it will have monthly events for customers to earn stars faster so rewards are earned sooner. “They’re making things a lot better because now we can get more stars in one transaction compare to before where you only you got one star per transaction,” said long-time loyal customer Beaney Guizar, as she was picking up her morning coffee at her local Starbucks in Tracy. Not everyone was angry about the new changes because the program mainly affects the lower spending customers. “[I’m] a little disappointed with the new changes, but I’m still staying with Starbucks,” said I’la Wylie, another loyal Starbucks customer. On the old program customers could spend $2 dollars on a cup of coffee and after 12 visits and spending 24 dollars they could get a free item. Now customers will have to spend about $62 dollars just to get a free item and it will take them around 31 visits. “It sucks. I feel like I’m being robbed from my money,” said Matt Penman.


On Feb. 22 Starbucks announced changes to its loyalty rewards program beginning in April. According to the new program for every $1 spent, patrons will earn two stars. It will now take 300 stars to reach the “gold level” and to receive a free reward you will need 125 stars. Compared to old program where patrons earned a star for each transaction no matter the amount of money spent. It only took 30 stars to reach the gold level and 12 stars to get a free reward. The announcement caused a Twitter and Facebook frenzy because loyal customers were angry by the new changes of the program. “Great now I have to spend more money just to get a free reward,” said Starbucks customer Lavina Boulom. The company responded to the negative feedback by saying the new changes to the loyalty program were made due to the demand of customers.


Pathway to law is clear for hopeful students at Delta BY MEGAN MAXEY

Bar Association,” said Bacallan. The program also provides as a networking link between students and those working in On campus, we see certain groups and orthe field. ganizations that students flock to. The Path“We’ve met with public officials here in the way to Law School Program is among these. San Joaquin area. This helps in knowing who “I feel like law is one of the better ways to to talk to and networking goes a long way if make change,” said Jessica Lafrentz, a you want to intern in the future … kind of Delta student involved in the progives you a lot of access and you could gram. possibly get a job. It’s a really great proFor students who feel passiongram for those who want to become a ate about their future careers in judge or attorney,” said Bacallan. law, the Pathway to Law School The program puts value on netProgram offers support and working as well as mentorship. direction. “Visiting the courts, and “The pathway to law ICO watching Sonya SotomayNB school program is kind of YF or, doing all these differlike a pipeline. It works LA TIC ent events has actually ON from high school to com.CO been helpful because munity college to four M when you meet people year colleges,” said you are going to get these Mercy Bacallan, anothconnections and you can have a mener member of the program. tor,” said Lafrentz. Students interested in studying law, beLafrentz expressed her appreciation for coming attorneys or judges can join the proher advisor, Joel Blank. Having an intensive gram if they meet requirements. “I joined because if it’s on my application background in law and politics, Blank serves when I apply to UC Davis, which is one of as a mentor to his students involved in the the schools [the program correlates with] program. “From the advice professor Blank is givthey’ll see that I did want to go to their law ing me is helping me transition into what I school beforehand,” said Lafrentz. want to do and knowing my exact path,” said The Pathway to Law School Program at Lafrentz. Delta participates with six different four year Programs such as these give ambitious stuuniversity law programs: University of San dents the direction they are searching for. Francisco, University of Santa Clara, UC Da“I think [having programs like these] vis, USC, Loyola University, UC Irvine. shows the board is interested in building stu“It allows you to receive mentorship. It gives you insight on what you need to do dents up to their potential and honestly, if you to prepare for law school. We talk about the know what you want to do now you should LSATs. We meet with attorneys in San Joa- have these kinds of programs instilled,” said quin area. It’s associated with the San Joaquin Lafrentz.

Delta Fashion Club holds annual art fair


Are you interested in majoring in fashion or looking for a fun club to be in? The fashion club might be the perfect fit for you. The fashion club is open to any Delta student taking a fashion class or who have completed at least three units in a fashion class “The club is great to have more opportunities for students to meet other’s and to travel but they have to fundraise first. We also do marketing online. About five years ago, students got the opportunity to travel to France to meet professional fashion industries and professional fashion experts as well,” said Leslie Asfour, fashion professor and club adviser. The Fashion major students get internships according to David Flores, fashion major and club member. The Spring Fair offers an opportunity for independent and branded vendors to sell their merchandise and promote their business. “Events such as the ‘Nearly

New Sale,’ take place every spring at Delta. Fashion shows only happen if students fundraise for one. Right now, we are currently trying to raise money to attend the Oscar De La Renta event in San Francisco that will take place during Spring break, somewhere in March 2016. Not sure what exact date yet,” said Flores. The money fundraised from these events not only goes to traveling, but to their fashion shows as well. The events vary, but it usually happens every Spring and Fall semester. Whether you are apart of the club or not, you can volunteer to help. “We are currently looking for any volunteers to volunteer to help set up during events,” said Flores For more information about the club or about volunteering, contact Asfour or Flores You may contact Flores through email at davidflores@ The Fashion Club meets every Monday at 4 p.m. in Shima 306.

Amazon raises costs for free shipping, leaving students with few cheap options for books BY GLORIA GIBBS



An eight-year-old invited the busiest man in the world to her house for dinner. A few months later she got a surprise in the mail. Nylah Missouri wrote a letter inviting the presidential family, including the two dogs, to her home. She even knew their names. “Dear President Obama, Can you and your whole family come to dinner your dogs can come to if you like I even know your dogs names Bo and Sunny you can put them in the back yard I am in the second grade I live with my mom and my dad and my little Brother, there names are Traniel and Bernard the 2nd and Bernard the 3rd and dogs Peckham and Theo so hope you guys can come! Love, Nylah,” said Missouri’s letter. Missouri anxiously waited months, going to the mailbox

everyday to check for a letter back. She knew that there was a slim chance of a response back. “I felt like it would be cool to see him up close … and to talk about his job,” said Missouri. It wasn’t a surprise hearing her say that, said her mother. “Nylah does all kinds of things. I handed her a pen and paper and she sent the letter. I explained to her he’s very busy,” said mother Traniel Missouri. Missouri’s wait came to an end when she finally received a letter back from the white house in the mail a few months later. “Dear Nylah: Thank you for writing. Stories from young people like you inspire me every day, and I’m glad you took the time to tell me a little about your life. In the years ahead, always remember that nothing is beyond your reach as long as you are willing to dream big and


work hard. If you stay focused on your education, I know there are no limits to what you can achieve. Thank you, again, for sharing your story with me. I wish you all the best. Sincerely, Barack Obama.” Missouri also received a signed portrait of President Obama and his family, their two dogs and a map of the White House. Filled with over excitement, Missouri told her parents she didn’t need anything for her birthday because this was big enough. Meanwhile, in honor of Leap Day, Obama hosted a reception celebrating Black History Month with no word yet on whether he will be stopping by Missouri’s home for dinner. Missouri encouraged others to write to the President of the United States. “Go for it, because nothing is impossible,” said Missouri.

For Amazon shoppers there’s a new plan of action when it comes to free shipping. The price for patrons to receive free shipping made a 40 percent jump from the last increase that took place in 2013, which had it go from $25 dollars to $35 dollars. Amazon shoppers now have to spend at least $49 dollars on eligible items just to get free shipping. However, the books free shipping starts at $25 dollars only on books that qualify. The $49 dollar increase does not affect the Amazon Prime and Amazon student members. With textbook costs already high, the increase takes even more money out of students’ pockets. “All my books cost about $100 dollars,” said Delta student Rebekka Smith who uses Amazon. She considers the jump “reasonable.” Amazon wants to continue to grow its Prime membership, which could be one of the main reasons for a price increase. While the increase of shipping does not apply to prime members, they are still speaking out their concerns. “I feel like that’s a rip off,” said Ytzel Gonzalez, a student

who is also a prime member. Prime members spend $99 dollars a year on a membership allowing them to have two-day shipping and free same day delivery in eligible ZIP codes and all the other benefits of being a prime member. According to the Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP), Amazon Prime members spend an average of $1,100 dollars while non-members spend $600 dollars on products. When asked if the shipping increase would stop them from using Amazon both Gonzalez and Smith said no. There’s a mixed reaction on the price increase here at Delta College. Students often find textbooks are only offered at the Delta bookstore for a higher price than the online distributors offer. With this jump in shipping cost from Amazon, students now have fewer cheap options. Delivery costs for online distributors have increased, which could be another reason for the new cost in free shipping. says Amazon’s net shipping cost have passed more than $5 billion dollars for 2015. This is a reflection on what Amazon charges customers and what it cost to pay to send the items to outside carriers.

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The L.H. Horton Jr. Art Gallery in the Shima building has opened its doors with a new exhibit running from February 25 to March 17, open at eleven every day except Sunday. This time the gallery features work from two of Delta's visual arts professors: Gary Carlos, Professor of Sculpture and 3D Design, and Shenny Cruces, Associate Professor of Art and Ceramics. The exhibit features two artists rather than the customary one to feature Carlos, a veteran Delta professor who’s returned from a sabbatical taken to learn the use of 3D printing and Cruces, the newly appointed professor of ceramics. Both artists have earned recognition for their work. Carlos’ work has been featured in national exhibits, and featured in publications such as “Confrontational Ceramics” by Judith Schwartz, according to the exhibit pamphlet. Cruces’ work has won a Murphy Cadogan Fellowship and a Kiln God Award Residency in Maine’s Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts. The works differ vastly in style. Pro-


Positive ‘Damn Daniel’ meme goes viral BY MIDORI MORITA & MEGAN MAXEY

By now you have probably heard the phrase “Damn Daniel.” This is yet another viral meme taking the social media world by storm. The two friends, Josh Holtz and Daniel Lara from Riverside California, put up a series of Snapchat videos featuring Josh walking up to Daniel and complimenting him by saying “Damn Daniel” in a humorous voice. Josh shows his love for Daniel by complimenting his apparel including his white vans. The original viral video includes nine clips of the Snapchat videos. After the video took off, Josh and Daniel started to get recognized in the public and even received marriage proposals over social media. The teens were recently guests on Ellen and received a custom surfboard as well as a lifetime supply of white slip-on Vans. This year finally has its first

fessor Carlos makes use of 3D printed replicas of an aerial view of the San Joaquin area to bring his contributions to the exhibit to life. Visitors can participate in Professor Carlos’ project by looking at an aerial map of the San Joaquin region and copying the image on a slip of paper to be deposited into a clear nearby box to be later used to create a much larger image. According to the artists statement, the work is intended to examine the landscapes we shape and how they reflect the modern outlook towards the world and nature. Cruces makes use of objects she finds and purchases in thrift stores and china shops. Professor Cruces stated she was interested and inspired by “active collecting. When we start collecting certain things and everyone around us; parents, siblings, etc. start buying us those things. Sooner or later those objects and those people fade away, and you start to collect those items again and keep them not for your love of those items, but because they remind you of those loved ones, so it’s kind of a detritus of one’s life,” Cruces said. The gallery is open to the public. Admission is free.


ART WORK IN HORTON GALLERY: Art work by Gary Carlos and Shenny Cruces in the Horton Art gallery in Shima.

Hip hop revived by innovative artists BY DYLAN LOURA

Hip Hop, like other genres at one point, has experienced a dip in substance. But over the past few years, that substance is coming back. “Rap was becoming more like R&B and Pop. There were very few artists actually making rap music than in the past few years,” said Jonny Arevalo, a student internet-breaking meme. of Delta college. For those of us who love to share a Hip hop over the past 10-12 years has good laugh with fellow social media-ites, suffered a dip in quality. It became more this is our bread and butter. For those of us named Daniel, not so about the chorus than the lyrics. Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp A Buttermuch. fly” swept the rap category with incredWhile Holz has received fame from ible substance and soul. Also, “Complex” his viral video with his friend, there are has Lamar’s album number one on their those who aren’t very happy with his top albums of 2015. J. Cole was also in fame. this same category for his outstanding AlIn recent news Holz’s Twitter acbum “2014 Forest Hills Drive”. count was hacked sometime on Sunday. The rapper Logic released a very lyrical The hackers went and deleted the second album titled “the Incredible True original video that Holz had posted. Story.” Logic has dominated the underBut they didn’t stop there. ground for a good amount of time. LogThe hackers also posted white suic’s album will definitely be in the next premacy videos and photos. chase for “Rap album of the Year”. Holz later regained control of his Hip hop was always intended to be account and apologized. about substance. It was supposed to be Holz also fell victim to “swatting”. a way for any person to be able to talk An unknown caller contacted the about their struggles in life, in a very lyripolice and said that there was a shootcal and poetic way. ing at his home.

That’s why Hip Hop legends like Nas came out and judged the new school and their lack of talent. Nas was the one who basically started the whole movement towards bringing back quality. Nas named his 2006 album “Hip Hop is Dead” to try to jump-start that movement. Now, having young artists like J. Cole, which in way was the first one through the proverbial Hip Hop Isn’t Dead wall. Cole’s consistency has propelled him to the top of the game with a revolutionary tactic, when it comes to hip hop, of not using any “features”. In an age that is dominated with who can get the most artists on one song. He brought the idea of I don’t need anyone else. Coming into 2016 the hype was surrounding Kanye West and his return to his “old school” hip hop roots. Although it is only available on “Tidal”, reviews say it is the Kanye of old. Having a giant in the game make his return to the top to join the new talented young artists is big for Hip Hop. “It’s always been this way, just key artists always stood out. The 90s had the Biggie and 2pac, 2000s had Eminem and the 2010s has Kendrick and Cole. it will always be dominated by artists who just make hits but there will also be those select few who have substance,” said Jonny.

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RICHARD REYES, SPORTS EDITOR or (209) 954-5156 ISSUE 10 • MARCH 4, 2016 • BOMBS AWAY: Delta third baseman Joe Montes swings for the fences during the eighth inning of the Mustangs 2-1 victory. PHOTO BY ROBERT JUAREZ

Baseball team brings out the broom BY ROBERT JUAREZ

On Feb. 27, the Mustangs (12-1, Big 8) finished a three-game sweep of Napa Valley to keep pace in a competitive division. “We’re a good hitting team, there’s nobody that can beat us,” strong words from Delta Pitcher Lucas Vaughn. The Big 8 has four teams atop the division within two games of each other in the standings. Delta completed the sweep by scoring a late run in a 2-1 victory. “We have a really strong team, it was one to one going into the eighth inning, and everyone pulled together as a team and did it,” said Mustangs’ Infielder, Carlos Moseley. “I’m just trying to go up there and put a good swing on the ball every time,

do it for the team, it’s all that matters, it’s not about yourself, it’s about the team and it’s about winning ball games and getting the job done.” Moseley has been Delta’s most productive player on offense leading the team in Runs Batted In (20) and Batting Average (.429). While Moseley’s RBI double eventually won the game, it also awoke a crowd waiting eight innings for someone to crack. Starting pitchers Lucas Vaughn and Napa’s Austin Fitzpatrick stole the show by matching each other in a classic pitching duel that kept both team’s offenses quiet. “He did a good job, (Fritzpatrick) threw strikes, I thought we let him off the hook a couple times by swinging at his pitch and not getting our pitch to hit,” said Mus-

tangs’ Head Coach Reed Peters. Going into Saturday’s game, the Mustangs had scored double digit runs in six of 10 wins, including a 21-3 victory against Solano College on Feb.11. Fitzpatrick finished his day with eight innings pitched, five hits allowed and two earned runs . However, Mustang’s pitcher Vaughn one upped Fitzpatrick for seven innings with two hits allowed, zero earned runs and five strikeouts. “I’m totally just happy about my performance, I was in my zone, I really just went out there and did everything possible that I could, I had a lot of confidence in myself, so I thought I did really good today,” said Vaughn. While Vaugn picked up the no decision, Mikey Wright pitched two innings and finished off the game in picking up his second win on the year.

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Students ready to cheer in fall BY RICHARD REYES

If you’ve been to a Delta College sports games, you would have noticed how quiet it’s been. Not to say the Mustang fans don’t get rowdy, but what’s missing is the sound of a cheer group bringing the crowd to life for the home team. In Fall 2016 the extra cheer from the sidelines will be coming as the Delta plans on reviving the Cheer Club. Former Pop Warner and East Union High School cheerleader Christina Arcos has helped with the progress of rebuilding the club. “In 2010 that’s the last time (Delta) had a cheer club here, and I really love cheer, I’ve cheered for eight years now,” Arcos. “ I cheered for Modesto Jr college last semester, but I live a lot closer to Delta, so I thought, Why not start one here?” It’s not as easy as it sounds. Arcos started by contacting the student activities, which told her to get a hold of a faculty member. This led to unreturned emails. Arcos then went to school President/Superintendent Dr. Kathy Hart. Hart told her to go to Athletic

Dean Steve Graham. “ (Christina) had conversation with me, and everything she said was right. We really need a Delta spirit squad,” said Steve Graham.” I said I would be the interim advisor while we try to go out and find an advisor who PHOTO BY RICHARD REYES can do this.” BRINGING IT ON TO DELTA: Christina Arcos Arcos plans on hands out information fliers about Delta’s having the club out in the community as Cheer Club on Feb. 29. well. Whether it’s a little event or big, she games a week ahead. To have believes that this club is cheering a pep rally in the quad during on for the whole school, not just students break, to advertise the for the athletics teams. game for more people to come “The the reason I agreed to be because I know a lot of people the advisor because of her pas- don’t know the times and days sion, her dedication, her will- of the game,” said Arcos. ingness,” adds Graham. While Arcos said cheer club Information meetings are hopes to have the club ready for scheduled for Thursday, March the upcoming season, she also 17 at 12:30 p.m. in Budd 319. wants others to know that there Follow up meetings are are other ways to cheer in the club. scheduled for April 29 and May “It’s a club so everyone is wel13 both at 4:30 p.m. with a lo- come. You don’t have to be a cation to be announced later. cheerleader you don’t want to perThe team has also set up an form, you can be a crowd encouremail account at deltacolleg- ager. You can have signs in the crowd. Just to get the crowd more ”I really want to promote the spirited at the games,” she said.

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MEGAN MAXEY, NEWS EDITOR or (209) 954-5156 ISSUE 10 • MARCH 4, 2016 •



Men who keep cell phones close to their bodies are “cooking their sperm,” according to a new study in Israel. The study, conducted by professors from the Technion University in Haifa, monitored the sperm levels of more than a 100 men attending a fertility clinic for one year. While the sample size was deemed too small to draw definitive conclusions, the evidence was compelling enough to warrant further study, as the researchers found reduced sperm quality in 47 percent of the men who carried their cell phones close to their testicles during the day. Ellie Marks, director of the San Francisco based, California Brain Tumor Association, is not surprised by the report. “In the United States the FCC requires warnings concerning these risks,” said Marks. “But the warnings are in the back of the user manuals in fine print that nobody ever reads.” The warnings Marks refers to state that cell phones should be kept between 5 and 25 millimeters away from the body at all times due to unsafe levels of radiation exposure. Marks, who has testified before Congress in 2008 regarding the potential dangers of cell phones, said men aren’t the only demographic affected by the radiation emitted by cell phones.

Marks cites a study conducted in 2013 suggesting that young women who kept their cell phones in their bras had a higher risk of developing breast cancer regardless of family health history. Most studies attempting to establish a link between cell phones and cancer have been inconclusive. Fertility, however, is another issue. One of the authors of the study, Professor Martha Derfeld, theorizes the noted effects are caused by heating of the sperm due to electromagnetic activity. The findings, published in the journal Reproductive Bioscience, lend support to the long-suspected correlation between the increased use of cell phones and the decrease in male fertility rates. While no long-term studies have been conducted on a possible link between cell phone use and female fertility, the Technion University study is the latest of many in recent years to examine the effects of cell phone radiation and sperm health. In 2008 by the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio concluded its research on an increase in cell phone usage corresponded to a decrease in the quality of their subjects’ sperm, as did a similar study conducted in 2014 by the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom. “I keep (my cell phone) in my pocket,” said Delta College student Jeremy Menchaca, “But I think if the doctors are saying there’s a chance it causes sperm issues, then it probably causes other issues as well, so it’s something to think about.”

VISIT: Harris address state of system continued from PAGE 1

for transfer awarded has increased by almost 10,000 in the past academic year. “We unfortunately had to turn more than half a million Californians out of the system between ’08, ’09 and when we bottomed out in ’12, ’13 and that was a tragedy for all of us who believe in open access and the concept of community colleges in America being the place anyone can go to get an education. We’re proud of saying that we have the responsibility of taking one hundred percent of every graduating class in this state and everyone else who didn’t graduate as well,” said Harris. Editor’s Note: News Editor Megan Maxey and Collegian Adviser Tara Cuslidge-Staiano were invited guests to the luncheon.

ART: Selections start soon continued from PAGE 1

be selected on March 22 and will start working with the DSA to start the plans of the project. “The artists will be given $5,000 stipends per mural for preparation, supplies and cooperation with property owners,” added Fargo. The specific walls of where the murals will be painted are still not decided and the DSA is still working with property owners to make that decision. Fargo urges anyone who is interested in participating in the postcard mural trail proj-

ect to go online to the downtown Stockton Alliance website,, for further details on requirements and guidelines to have a chance in being selected for this upcoming project. Over time the DSA wants to expand on the project and possibly provide more opportunities for the community to participate in. For more information and questions call the Downtown Stockton Alliance at (209) 8888621.

The Collegian -- Published March 4, 2016  

Issue 10 of The Collegian, the student newspaper for the 2015-16 school year at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, Calif.

The Collegian -- Published March 4, 2016  

Issue 10 of The Collegian, the student newspaper for the 2015-16 school year at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, Calif.