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January 17-20, 2014

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Perception is Reality… Image. What is the image of Delta Chi and the Greek Community where you live and go to school? Perception is reality, whether we like it or not. We are our own stereotypes, and only we can change them. What are we doing for the local community and campus? Sure we raise funds for The V Foundation for Cancer Research. In fact we have raised over $650,000, to date, for this important charity. It is safe to say that we are getting better at fundraising for our International Philanthropy. Imagine the funds Delta Chi could raise if every chapter, colony and alumni chapter participated by holding events that benefitted The V Foundation. It would be very impressive if we could hit the $1,000,000 mark for the 2016 convention. In order for us to achieve this, everyone will need to participate. But that didn’t answer the question I just asked. What are we doing for our local community and campus? Several chapters participate in events for local charities, but how are we impacting our local communities? Are we simply meeting the requirements to win awards, or are we truly upholding our obligation as Delta Chi brothers to make the campus and community a better place to live? Remember, perception is reality. If we are doing these actions for the wrong reasons, it will show. Imagine if people in our respective communities saw Delta Chi brothers working

to make the community better, perhaps at a street cleanup, food drive, senior center or homeless shelter. Your campus is part of your larger community. It is where you live nine months each year. We should want to make the community we live in better. We should want to help others who are less fortunate. The image of Delta Chi and the Greek community as a whole would be improved if we would get more involved in our communities and campus. Partner with another Greek organization, or better yet, a non-Greek organization. Show the public that we are not different from them. Show the public that we care about the campus and community and want to be involved. Show the public that your Greek community is not what is portrayed in the movies, television and the media. When your chapter, undergraduate or alumnus, organizes or participates in a campus or community service event, notify the local media. Ask them to cover the event so that more people see the impact your members are making. The positive media coverage will help change the image or perception of Delta Chi and the Greek Community in the public eye. Wear your letters when you are working in the community or on campus. When you wear your letters you must remember that no matter what you do, your actions will reflect not only on yourself, but on all of Delta Chi and the Greek community as a whole. You single-handedly can make Delta Chi look great, or not so great, through your actions, language, and appearance. Again, perception is reality, whether you like it or not. Let’s spend some time focusing on our campus and community in the future. Let’s continue to work hard to reach the $1,000,000 mark for funds raised for our International Philanthropy, The V Foundation for Cancer Research. Let’s continue to work on the image of the Greek community and Delta Chi. Let’s live like we are wearing our letters every day no matter what we are doing.

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Miles Washburn, “AA” Massachusetts ’87 52nd “AA” New Founder Life Loyal Member

Dave Zuchowski

President/CEO at Hyundai Motor America

DAVE ZUCHOWSKI When Dave Zuchowski arrived at The University of Washington and moved his belongings into the Delta Chi house his freshman year, he couldn’t imagine that approximately 30 years later he’d serve as CEO of one of the largest automobile companies in North America. In fact, his brother was the car guy growing up. As a freshman, Zuchowski quickly realized that being successful in life would require learning balance, something Delta Chi, and living in the house, taught him. “Like most incoming freshmen, I had a great time and was enjoying the freedom of being away from home for the first time,” Zuchowski shared. However, my grades suffered.” Zuchowski credits Delta Chi in greatly assisting him with is maturation process, helping him learn the importance of balance. “I didn’t want to squander my time there. My second quarter was so different. I didn’t skip class; I didn’t try to just get by with as little effort as possible. I quickly realized that it wasn’t about being the smartest person in the room. Rather, it was about being the one who applies themselves most and works the hardest. Very early on, Delta Chi probably helped me more than anything else in learning that there is no time to be wasted. Life is short, and you really have to take advantage of it and not waste a moment.” “[Delta Chi] was my first real involvement in an organized structure of living together and working closely with peers,” said Zuchowski. “What you learn as a freshman in college really lives with you for the rest of your life. You get a bunch of guys together, and you have to figure out a way to work together and collaborate. Whether it’s family, business, school, or fraternity, it’s all about relationships. The fraternity experience helped me understand that, and it helped me develop the skills required to manage relationships throughout my career.” Zuchowski grew as a student in the University of Washington’s School of Communications, and soon found himself interviewing for jobs after graduation.

Washington ’80

“Everybody thinks you go to school and know exactly what you want to do. Then, you just follow that path. I think that applies to maybe five percent of people. Most people don’t know, and I sure didn’t know,” Zuchowski admitted. Zuchowski’s brother called and asked him if he had considered sending his resumé to Ford. “I didn’t have an automotive background. While I was out participating in sports, my brother was working on cars in the garage,” shared Zuchowski. When he expressed hesitation, his brother interjected, “It’s just selling. You can sell. Whether you’re selling laundry detergent, soap, or cars, it doesn’t much matter. You’d be good at it.” Zuchowski sent his resumé, and Ford was his first interview after graduation. He got the job as a Sales Associate within the manufacturing side of the Ford Motor Company, and he began his career in the automotive industry amid a hiring freeze and difficult economic times. “It’s been very interesting, and I can honestly say that in 34 years I have never once been bored with the business,” Zuchowski shared. Zuchowski’s first job with Ford meant that he was responsible for making sure dealerships were well-run, well-capitalized, advertised credibly, and carried appropriate inventory levels. “I dealt with very independent thinkers, which was great,” Zuchowski reflected. “I learned over time that every coin has three sides: your side, my side, and somewhere in between is the right side. Fraternity life also helped me develop this art of compromise.” Zuchowski remained with Ford for 23 years, as he made a name for himself as a hard working, dynamic leader. “I always said that with any position I was ever assigned to, I wanted the job to be materially better on the day I moved on than it was when I arrived,” Zuchowski shared. “And I want anybody who worked for me in



Cover Story that position to say, ‘Boy, I’d work for that guy again in a heartbeat.’ If you’ve done that - and it doesn’t matter which company you’re in - you would have been successful. You would have built an army of loyal folks who respect you because you take the time to teach them what to do. You delegate authority, and you hold them responsible, but you also provide them with the resources needed to be accountable.” Zuchowski made the jump to Mazda North America, based out of Irvine, CA, in 2003 to serve as Vice President Sales. There he gained valuable experience leading the sales arm of the major automobile manufacturer. In 2007, Zuchowski made another critical move and accepted a role as Vice President of Sales for Hyundai Motor America. Then, in 2010, he was promoted to Executive Vice President of Sales. In this role, Zuchowski oversaw all sales, sales operations, market representation, field operations, and overall dealer operations. “Dave has consistently distinguished himself as a results-oriented and motivational leader in our industry,” said Im Tak Un, Chief Operating Officer of the Hyundai Motor Company. “During his time at Hyundai, Dave has been instrumental in our growth, especially among our dealers. He exhibits a rare combination of passion, intelligence, creativity and diligence, and we are confident that he is the right choice to build on John’s momentum and take Hyundai to new and greater heights.” On December 27, 2013, Hyundai Motor America announced that Zuchowski would assume the position of President of CEO effective January 1, 2014. Under CEO John Krafcik’s tenure with the automaker, Hyundai Motor America experienced dramatic increases in sales volume and market share, while garnering numerous prestigious industry awards. “It’s been a sincere privilege and honor to lead Hyundai Motor America over the past five years, and I am confident that with Dave’s succession, our brand will continue to expand and thrive for years to come,” said Krafcik in the company’s official press release. “We have many of the best and brightest employees in the business coupled with a committed and talented dealer network that will continue to pay dividends.” “My first reaction was ‘Wow,’” shared Zuchowski. “It happened so quickly. Obviously, when you attain something you’ve work for your entire life, there is definitely a feeling of accomplishment. I received a lot of very positive reactions from employees and dealers about my ability to take Hyundai to the next level, and that’s very nice to hear. But there’s also a tremendous responsibility and pressure with people counting on me that goes along with that.” Zuchowski knew that it would be critical to make an impact in his new role within the first three months. “The very first thing I did after Christmas 4


vacation was to hold a town hall meeting with all of our employees, including all remote regional locations,” recalled Zuchowski. “I stood in front of everyone, unscripted, and explained who I was, what was important to me, and my vision of where we needed to take Hyundai. After this, I wanted to make sure I was visible in all functional areas. I spent a lot of time having lunches and face-to-face time with different departments, and I’ve also spent a lot of time traveling, getting to know the key players in our organization who, previously, I might not have spent a lot of time with.” Hyundai Group, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, is a global, vertically integrated company. This means that Hyundai Group owns companies in each aspect of the car manufacturing business: manufacturing, logistics, finance, parts, technology, and sales/marketing, which Zuchowski leads. Because of this, Zuchowski also needed to build relationships with the Presidents of each other subsidiary company. “I spent a lot of time making sure these affiliate companies shared our same goals and objectives. Hyundai is a huge company, and we need to make sure we aren’t working against one another in trying to reach our common goals,” Zuchowski explained. When The Quarterly spoke with Zuchowski, he was nearing the end of his first 90 days as CEO. “I set a goal that at 90 days, I needed to develop these relationships externally that I didn’t have before. Then, I needed to make sure that everybody within my direct organization had a clear understanding of what I wanted, what we needed to do this year, and how we needed to get there. Communication was key. If you don’t do that right away, it just never gets done. So, while it’s difficult - it requires constant travel and meetings - it’s very important to establish that foundation.” As an incoming CEO, Zuchowski was also cognizant of not interrupting the success Hyundai Motor America currently enjoys as one of the top companies in its industry.

“One thing that’s very dangerous is change for the sake of change,” warned Zuchowski. “It can be counterproductive, particularly when you have an effective and highly-functioning group. It really comes down to how different I am from my predecessor, how that affects our [team in their lives], and how we can collectively take this company to the next level.”

What’s It Like? Zuchowski’s work ethic and daily schedule is what has allowed him to accomplish his initial goals while also staying on top of routine aspects of his job. “I’ve always been, ever since day one, a very early riser. So, I’m usually in the office by about 6:00 am. I’ve found that I can get about four hours of work done in two hours before the phone starts ringing. I usually spend those two hours going through email and mail, catching up on phone calls for the East Coast, and planning my day. I get a minimum of 250 emails each day, 20-30 voicemails, and 30 text messages on average. We have a dealer network with about 825 dealers across the country, and a lot of my time is also spent on the phone with them. I also get 10-15 customer letters each day. Some are complimentary, but most are final recourse when customers aren’t happy with their dealer experience. I try to be personally involved in that as much as I can, and that’s very time consuming. Overall, the volume is overwhelming. I try to touch as much of it as I can, but once it gets to be 8:00 or 8:30 am, I’m in meetings more often than not. I try to leave the office by 6:30 pm, so I typically have a 12-hour day.” Zuchowski brought with him a strategy to improve the effectiveness of the company’s meetings, one of the biggest areas in which he spends his time. “There’s a lot of meetings. I’d like to say we can fix that, but it’s a big company and sometimes the only way to accomplish something is to

Very early on, Delta Chi probably helped me more than anything else in learning that there is no time

to be wasted. Life is short, and you really have to take advantage of it and not waste a moment.

Dave Zuchowski bring a lot of people together. I’ve tried to eliminate meetings for the sake of meetings. I try to make sure we have a clear objective for each meeting - What are we here for? What decision do we need to make before the end of the meeting?

to do before bed is to clear out my email from the day, but I will wake up with 35 emails that came in overnight from Korea. So, it starts right away.”

“Another thing that happens is that people tend to stream into meetings late. If we have a 9:00 meeting and I show up at 9:05, what message does that send to everyone else. If I’m there at 9:00 and people are stumbling in after me, that also sends a bad message. So, our meetings start right on time, and I try to be religious about it.”

When Zuchowski isn’t in a meeting or on the phone, he’s not just sitting back with his feet up.

Many of Zuchowski’s daily meetings are problemsolving in nature, with various division heads seeking help and collaboration with issues they’re facing. “A couple of times each week, we’ll go over to our design center near the office to do product reviews. We’ll also run over to our ad agency to provide input on what we like, what we don’t like, and what we need to change or scrap. We have to make production decisions - do we add overtime and weekend production? Is there enough demand to meet production, or do we need to cut back on production? We have weekly meetings on that. We also have financial reviews. It’s a pretty complex business, and there’s necessarily an awful lot of meetings.” Zuchowski also tackled the issue of technology serving as a distraction during meetings. “A personal pet peeve of mine was when you’d go into meetings and people would be looking at their tablets or smartphones. People were only half paying attention as they caught up on their email. I put a stop to it and said ‘We’re in this meeting to discuss something and reach an outcome, and we can’t have that if you guys are only paying half attention. So, either don’t bring them in with you, or don’t look at them when we’re in here. We have to stay focused.’” “At the end of each day, you wonder ‘Did I get anything done?’ It just flies by, and you move on. There’s always fresh issues coming up every day. There’s crises, manufacturing problems, sales problems, marketing issues, and product decisions to be made over and over.” Zuchowski notes that, at the end of the day, the goal is to cut through tasks and activities that aren’t value-added. “When we finish an hour meeting and add up the collective salary of the people in that meeting, that’s a pretty significant investment of the company’s resources. Did we get anything out of it? If we didn’t, can we do better next time? We have to try to cut down on all the paperwork and all the bureaucracy that just seemingly continues to increase. And, technology hasn’t helped that. It’s actually made it worse. Since Korea is 17 hours ahead of us, I’ve got emails accumulating in my inbox when I’m at home in bed. The last thing I try


“I spend a lot of my time practicing management by walking around. It’s one of the great principles of good leaders. You stick your head into offices. You walk by cubicles and ask people what’s going on. You stay engaged with them that way, and the benefits from that are just absolutely incredible. You can’t understand the barriers to success without understanding operationally how the business runs, so you really need to stay fully involved in it.” On the topic of management, Zuchowski shares the absolute necessity of learning to steer projects and manage individuals, as opposed to taking on projects, when at the CEO level. “I need to give [my team] direction and the tools to get us where we want to go, but they need to execute it. I spend more of my time massaging and tweaking as opposed to actually ‘doing stuff’. That’s been difficult for me, because my instinct is to jump in, roll up my sleeves, and just get it done. You learn very quickly that there are not enough hours in the day to do that. Also, when a President or CEO jumps in too quickly, he tends to step on peoples’ toes. So I’ve consciously had to hold myself back from doing that, and I’ve made a very conscious effort to walk around, stay visible, delegate, and continually deliver a consistent, clear vision. The most important thing you can do in any organization - really at any level, but particularly at my level - is to have a very, very clear vision that is easily understandable at the lowest common denominator. Then, be consistent with the communication of that message so that when you speak with anyone in the organization, you’re talking about what’s key to the business plan this year and how we intend to get there. You want to be able to boil it down to a brief ‘water cooler chat.’ When everyone shares the vision, it’s easy to have a dialogue about the vision - and communication is everything.

GOLF, GREAT BOOKS & WHEELS Q: When you’re not in the office and you do find yourself with free time, what do you like to do? “I always thought golf was for old people. What nobody tells you when you’re young is that you can’t play baseball, basketball, and football all your life. Golf is a lifetime sport, and it’s a great way to develop business relationships. It’s also a great way to judge the character of people. When I can, I carry my bag and walk the course - it’s great exercise.”

Q: What other hobbies do you enjoy? “I’m a big reader. Generally, I’m a book-aweek type of guy, and I’ll go back and forth between historical and fiction. Lately, I’ve been reading Alex Berenson, David McCollough, Michael Connelly, and Bill O’Reilly.” “I’m also a fair-weather Harley guy. I’ll ride it not in the rain, and generally not at night, but it’s a nice way for me to just get a release. I’ve got a couple pals, and we’ll go out on the weekend for a ride.”

Q: What are you driving? “Obviously, I’m driving Hyundais. I drive an Equus, our top-of-the-line flagship sedan, and it’s really a phenomenal vehicle. My wife drives a Hyundai Santa Fe, and my kids are all driving Hyundais. Right now is a great time for anybody to buy a vehicle. The quality is really high, and the designs have been really, really attractive lately.

In most poorly functioning organizations, there is poor, ineffective communication. People don’t know what is expected of them or understand what the objectives of the business are. Therefore, they don’t understand what they’re working towards. If you can get people aligned and get integration across all different functions, then you’re able to make a lot of progress. I’ve been successful in doing that throughout my career, and it’s even more important now when it’s my vision.” SPRING / SUMMER 2014


Darrell McTague XXX


Darrell McTague, Massachusetts ’11

There’s no denying it – health and physical fitness are a challenge for many today. It’s easy to see why when one considers just how much of an impact “dollar menus” and the rise of the digital age have had on our culture. On the whole, we simply just don’t eat as healthily or get as much physical activity as we should. As a result, the obesity epidemic in the United States is a real issue in so many of our members’ and their families’ lives. One brother chose to fight back, and his story is inspiring.

This time, however, Darrell rejected the notion that he was destined to be a ‘big guy.’ “I was fed up, and I reached a breaking point. I couldn’t deal with it anymore. I was just so unhappy and embarrassed with myself. I hated how I looked in the mirror and had fat chipmunk cheeks. One day I even noticed my face was so fat my cheeks were beginning to bulge in towards my mouth…I couldn’t take it anymore.” While unfortunate that he had to reach a breaking point, it was the stressor that was necessary for Brother McTague to take the plunge and commit to making

BEFORE 300 lbs



175 lbs

“When this all started, I was a big guy, and I had been a big guy for as long as I could remember. I had resigned myself to my fate – forever remaining a big guy. I wasn’t happy about it but I didn’t think I could really do anything about it,” said McTague. During his senior year of high school, Darrell first realized that his actions directly affected his personal health. Darrell lost 75 lbs through a combination of team sports and proper diet. “I wasn’t completely happy even then. I was 210 lbs and I told people I was 205. When you’re lying about your weight like that, you know you’re not happy. I had made such strides - I thought I’d reached the mountaintop. So, I decided to just try to be happy with where I’d gotten.” Unfortunately, Darrell was unable to find the balance needed to maintain his healthy weight within a year of graduating high school. He gained it all back and more - reaching just over 300 lbs. “I was really successful with Weight Watchers before attending UMass. But once I got there, I couldn’t translate dining hall food to ‘points,’ and I couldn’t find a Weight Watcher meeting that fit my schedule. I fell off. All my old habits came back! I ate like a pig; I ordered pizza and wings late night; I didn’t exercise. It was a recipe for disaster.”



a change, once and for all. He and his fiancée, Megan, had a discussion and made a decision. After getting home from the 2012 International Convention in Pittsburgh, they began P90X, an at-home DVD workout program. At the time, he had no idea that this seemingly simple decision would lead to a chain of events that would change his life forever. “Every day during the first week’s workouts, we’d look at each other and highfive. It was another success. When we finished the last workout of the first week we knew that if we could do week one, we could do the whole program. It wasn’t going to get any harder.” And so they did. They completed P90X 3 months later, and Darrell lost 45 lbs and inches off his waist. “I felt great, but I knew I could go farther…do more…better. I was ready for the next step.” Darrell and Megan began INSANITY, another popular DVD at-home workout program from the same company responsible for P90X. They experienced similar results. “We knew we could keep going. We knew we had a lot of ground to cover and years of unhealthy decisions to make up for. Together, we were up for the challenge.”

Massachusetts ’11 Along the way, something unexpected happened. On March 23rd, 2013 he and Megan decided to do something they had never done before…go for a run. “We ended up running 3.2 miles that day. Our first time ever ‘going for a run’, and it was a 5K! Afterwards, I went and found an actual 5K to register for – I knew I could do it.” Darrell did indeed find a 5K to register for and performed better than he could have expected. He went on to run his first 10K that July, and his first halfmarathon just three months later. “I wanted to see just how far I could go. I had always thought running just wasn’t in the cards - I couldn’t do it. After the half-marathon, I knew the game had changed.” Darrell gained a new perspective from his experience running – one that would stick with him throughout the rest of his journey. “The human body is an incredible thing. I now firmly believe that given time and training, anything is possible. Your body will do whatever you ask it as long as you reciprocate and give it the fuel, training, and the rest it requires.”

and body fat percentage. I’m even a sponsored athlete now! I can’t believe how far I’ve come, and now I want to help others achieve the same thing especially those who were in my shoes: people who just don’t think it’s ever going to happen.” As a sponsored athlete, Darrell competes in over 35 races each year. “I’m running 5K’s, 10K’s, half-marathons and obstacle course races of different lengths. Some weekends I have one, even two, events. Some are spaced apart and some are very close. I want to show people that it can be done. I hope it inspires anyone to get out there and try one for themselves.” Brother McTague went a step further – he became a BeachBody coach. “I became a BeachBody Coach to help people work through the same programs that brought me my own success. I saw it as a way to have a direct impact on peoples’ health and fitness rather than just inspiring others to do it on their own. It’s so rewarding to know you played a part in helping people reach goals they thought were never possible.“ The complete story of Darrell’s journey from ‘big brother’ to a ‘fit brother’ is

I felt great, but I knew I could go farther…do

more…better. I was ready for the next step.

The most rewarding part of the journey came at a major milestone. After ten months of his new fitness routine, Darrell had lost a staggering 100 lbs. “I had been posting my before and after pictures after every program we completed. Once I broke 100 lbs, people started messaging me.” Unbeknownst to him, many had been quietly following Darrell’s progress. At the culmination of this major milestone, a number of people reached out to him to express how impressed and inspired they were. Many were so moved that they had gained the confidence necessary to begin their own fitness journey. “It was inspiring and motivating to think that my progress and hard work made an impact and encouraged others to do the same thing. I had to keep going.” Darrell’s goal quickly changed focus. “After a year and a half I’ve reached a point where I’m truly happy. I’m floating between 175 lbs and 180 lbs. I’ve gone from a 48 inch waist to a 30.5 inch waist, and my doctors are classifying me as an athlete based on my heart rate

chronicled on his website – www.SoTHISIsFitness.com. His website also hosts before/after photos from each of the fitness programs he’s completed, recap articles of the races he runs, product reviews designed to help guide others to helpful tools for their journey as well as articles on a range of topics. “All of the content of my site is designed to help others reach their goals. When I created the site, I wanted it to be everything I had wished someone had told me when I was first starting out. I’m very fortunate that it has turned into so much more.” You can also find Darrell on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/SoTHISIsFitness as well as Twitter and Instagram at @SnuffyDX. He can be reached via email at Darrell@SoTHISIsFitness.com. Darrell currently serves Delta Chi as the “BB’ of the Massachusetts Chapter, “A” of the Boston Area Alumni Chapter and Vice-Regent of Region VII. We look forward to seeing what Brother McTague will tackle next.



XXX Academy “A”s’

2014 “A”S’ ACADEMY January 17 − 20, 2014 • St. Meinrad, IN Our Graduates

The following chapter and colony leaders are graduates of the 2014 Delta Chi “A”s’ Academy: Cody Kermanian, Abracadabra ’15 Nicholas Hogan, Alabama ’14 Zachary Jansen, Alberta ’13 Greg Caplin, American ’14 Adam Murr, Appalachian State ’15 Gino Ferrario, Arizona ’15 Sean Thompson, Arizona State ’15 Michael Hobensack, Auburn ’15 Daniel Rice, Augusta ’14 Derek Krzysiak, Behrend ’14 Jason Comroe, Binghamton ’15 Cody Kern, Bowling Green ’15 Andrew Passias, Bryant ’14 Justin Maroldi, Cal Poly ’13 Daniel Dechant, California Univ-PA ’15 Zachary Galliger, Case Western Reserve ’14 Andrew Clark, Central Michigan ’13 Dalton Schroeder, Central Missouri ’15 Aaron Speas, Charlotte ’14 Logan Howell, Cincinnati ’14 Conrad Gorman, Clemson ’15 Christopher McCormack, Coastal Carolina ’15 Juan Diaz, Corpus Christi ’13 Timothy Melendez, Cortland ’14

Jared Friedman, Davis ’13 Eric Barnes, Denison ’14 Attila Mihalik, Duquesne ’14 Mikhail McCalla, East Stroudsburg ’14 Nicholas Almanza, Eastern Illinois ’15 Donovan Kay, Eastern Illinois ’13 Chris Lulay, Eastern Washington ’14 Selwyn Hunt, Embry-Riddle ’14 John Rausch, Florida ’13 Matthew Weaver, Florida State ’13 Greggory Jacobs, Florida State ’14 Jesse Duane, Fredonia ’14 Jonathan Janiec, Fullerton ’14 Lake Smith, George Mason ’14 Evan Dressler, Georgia Southern ’14 Michael Gilkenson, Georgia Tech ’14 Brennan Parker, Gorham State ’13 Edwin Alarid, Hayward ’14 Javonne Morrison, Hofstra ’14 Ross Edwards, Huntsville ’14 Edilberto Chevere, Illinois ’15 Ross Miller, Illinois ’15 Michael Bovino, Illinois State ’14

Ian Weber, Indiana ’14 Landon Loftsgard, Iowa ’15 John Lieser, Iowa State ’14 Jeffrey Adkins, Iowa State ’14 Robert Culp, Jacksonville State ’15 Michael Deasy, Johnstown ’14 Kyle Crane, Kansas ’14 Scott Whittle, Kansas State ’14 Drew Hundertmark, Kennesaw ’14 Alan Turner, Kettering-A ’16 Joseph May, Kettering-B ’14 Jonathan Ramirez, Lake Forest ’14 Quincy Barnhill, Livingston ’14 Ryder Brown, Long Beach ’14 Matthew Kelly, Louisiana Tech ’14 Corey Spraberry, LSU ’14 Phil Welke, Mankato ’14 Christian Logan, Marquette ’15 Brandon Alexander, Marshall ’14 Kevin Madura, Maryland ’14– James Petroskey, Massachusetts ’14 Taylor Freking, Miami ’14 Bryan Glesmann, Michigan ’15 Michael Nixon, Michigan State ’14

Ryan Betz, Minnesota ’15 Frank Chandler, Mississippi State ’15 Christopher Fulton, Missouri ’15 Robert Bolstad, Missouri State ’15 Kyle Pukenas, Montclair ’15 Daniel Hostomsky, New Haven ’14 William Nash, North Alabama ’14 Austin Gemmell, Northern Arizona ’13 Mason Green, Northern Colorado ’14 Richard Balauag, Northern Illinois ’13 Caleb Watson, Northwest Missouri ’14 Alexander Bronder, Northwestern ’15 Anthony Rustad, Oklahoma ’14 Dustin Willett, Oregon State ’14 Panagiotis Liapes, Penn State ’15 Mark Rickabaugh, Purdue ’15 James Nolan, Radford ’15 Jacob Poirier, Rhode Island ’17 David Cheng Cote, Riverside ’13 Kenneth Critchlow, Rutgers ’14 Daniel Wallace, Sacramento ’14 Ben Ruggeberg, South Dakota State ’14

Victor Monteith, South Florida ’14 David Aguilar, Southern California ’14 Alexander Myers, Spring Hill ’14 Joshua Henneman, Syracuse ’14 Devan Lobue, Tarleton ’15 Cody Wittman, Texas ’15 Andrew Wallace, Texas Tech ’14 Zachary Tunberg, Tri-State ’14 Joshua Price, Troy State ’14 Andrew Ogle, Truman State ’14 John Price, USP ’16 Austin Cobb, Valdosta ’13 Matthew Klein, Virginia Commonwealth ’14 Ivan Moya, Washburn ’14 Dillon Delabarre, Washington ’14 Samuel Schardt, Washington State ’15 Philip Hagstotz, West Chester ’14 Connor Stewart, West Georgia ’13 George Whiteman, West Virginia Tech ’14 Jacob Williams, Western Michigan ’14 Ricky Conti, Whitewater ’13 John Woo, William & Mary ’14 Maxwell Moody, Wilmington ’14 David Bacho, Windsor ’14

Our Facilitators

We would like to thank our facilitators who volunteered their time to help make the 2014 “A”s’ Academy a success. Felix Alonso, Ohio State ’95 Associate Director, Student Philanthropy The Ohio State University

Jason Enser, Fredonia ’99 Dean for Student Affairs SUNY – Adirondack

Michelle Marchand, Alpha Xi Delta Associate Director of Education and Leadership Alpha Xi Delta

Ben Pendry, Sigma Chi Development Officer Sigma Chi Foundation

Stephanie Baldwin, Alpha Phi Coordinator for Greek Life and Leadership Programs University of Colorado – Boulder

Gretchen Foran, Pi Beta Phi Director of Membership Growth Alpha Sigma Tau

Tait Martin, Theta Chi Speaker CAMPUSPEAK

Matthew Richardson, Duquesne ’09 Coordinator for Fraternity and Sorority Life University of Pittsburgh

Alex Brown, South Dakota State ’08 Fraternity and Sorority Life and Student Association Advisor University of Wisconsin – La Crosse

Kristen Fouts, Kappa Kappa Gamma Director, Coalition Assessment Project North-American Interfraternity Conference

Jessi McPherrin, Alpha Gamma Delta Associate Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life Lehigh University

Amber Shaverdi Huston, Alpha Sigma Alpha Director of Chapter Advancement Delta Sigma Phi

Danny Catalano, Cortland ’08 Assistant Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life Miami University (Ohio)

Michelle Guobadia, Zeta Phi Beta Director for Fraternity and Sorority Life UNC Charlotte

Troy Melendez Psychologist/Coach College Clarity Doctor

Mindy Sopher, Kappa Delta Faculty – Communication Dept. & Academic Advisor, First Year College NC State University

Krystal Clark, Delta Delta Delta Associate Director of Student Leadership Development Vanderbilt University

Emily Just, Alpha Sigma Alpha Manager, National Program Services The Leadership Institute, Women With Purpose

Kim Monteaux De Frietas, Phi Sigma Sigma Fraternity & Sorority Life Director University of Vermont

Dave Westol, Theta Chi Principal & Owner Limberlost Consulting

Dan Compo, Fredonia ’07 Program Director Florida Gulf Coast University

Antonio-Phillip Lytle, Phi Delta Theta Coordinator for Fraternity and Sorority Life The Ohio State University

Kim Novak, Delta Gamma CEO Novak Talks

Dennis Wiese, Illinois State ’94 Senior Associate, Dean of Students UNC Charlotte



“A”s’ Academy

The 2014 “A”s’ Academy was held January 17-20, 2014 at the Saint Meinrad Archabbey in St. Meinrad, IN. Over 100 of Delta Chi’s current and future leaders spent a three-day weekend discussing leadership challenges, building a personalized plan for their chapter, and cultivating new skills through discussion and hands-on activities.




Delta Chi


show SUPPORT getRECOGNIZED Your undergraduate support helps provide chapter and colony scholarships, housing initiatives, “A”s’ Academy, and other regional and international educational initiatives.

The undergraduate chapter with the highest percentage of annual participation receives a trophy and will be recognized at regional and international events.

Give as little as $18.90 and receive a decal to show that you’re behind Delta Chi’s educational programs.

Donate four consecutive years and you’ll receive a special gift.

The Delta Chi Educational Foundation would like to thank the following individuals for their sponsorship of the 1890 Society in 2014 (on or before 11/15/2014). Chad M. Wolett, Arizona State ’94 Jason Michael Walker, Arizona State ’00 Michael L. Carroll, Auburn ’71 Evan Gregory Dietsch, Bowling Green ’12 Kevin M. Emery, California Univ-PA ’99 Christian A. Wargo, Case Western Reserve ’13 Douglas A. Chananie, East Carolina ’07 Patrick J. Phelan, Embry-Riddle ’72 Waldemar D. Tiedemann, Embry-Riddle ’77

Kori Dominic Padron, Florida ’10 Charles A. Mancuso, Florida State ’84 Dennis E. Wiese, Illinois State ’94 Marquez L. Brown, Iowa ’01 Russell J. P. Gunther, Iowa State ’89 L. Elliot Shubert, Kansas City ’66 Aaron A. Otto, Kansas State ’98 Justin C. Donnelly, Kent State ’02 Richard A. Wilson, Kent State ’04

Brian Lafond, Lehigh ’11 Smith D. Boyd, Livingston ’74 William B. Baker, Louisiana Tech ’10 C. Edward Beavers, Louisville ’85 Gary Robert Coleman, Marquette Alumnus Frank C. Washburn, Maryland Alumnus Daniel J. McTague, Massachusetts Alumnus Josh C. Klein, Massachusetts ’11 Joshua Patrick Evans, Massachusetts ’10

Miles C. Washburn, Massachusetts ’87 Miguel A. Martinez, Michigan State ’82 Ronald J. Martin, New Haven ’87 Thomas F. Viola, New Haven ’82 Andrew R. Haggerty, New Mexico State ’03 Jason E. Sisk, New Mexico State ’03 Travis J. Covey, New Mexico State ’03 William A. Kennedy, New Mexico State ’03 Shad L. Andrews, Oregon State ’05

Benjamin D. Dundas, South Florida ’09 Mark Andrew Fifer, South Florida ’09 Todd W. St Clair, Texas State ’95 Keenan B. Weiss, Texas Tech ’12 Alexander B. Croll, Tri-State ’12 Steven D. Ankeny, Tri-State ’03 Paul D. Linderman, Jr., West Chester ’00 Max Moody, Wilmington ’14 Paul C. Hoeffer, Wisconsin ’90


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Campus Scene 000 Manpower, average membership during 2013-14 school year



0.00 Chapter/Colony GPA from Spring 2014 term


Andrew Turk ’16 “E” We held a great brotherhood retreat at the Cal Lodge in Lake Tahoe where brothers were able to get away from the books and hit the slopes for a weekend. Our annual “World Cup” philanthropy soccer event saw participation from every sorority on campus. Over 75 brothers and alumni gathered at a restaurant in San Francisco for our semi-annual alumni event. We are looking forward to seeing more alumni return for our fall alumni event, October 10-12, when California takes on the Washington Huskies in football.




Matthew Pitre ’15 “E” Brothers pose for a photo after winning Songfest 2014.




Arran Cooper ’14 “E”

Brothers pose for a photo after the Greek Sing competition.

With the initiation of our Beta associate member class, our manpower increased by six. During Greek week, our brothers participated in Greek Sing and based our performance on the music of Bon Jovi. Brothers Bartolotti and Murray choreographed the dance routines for the performance. Kenneth Murray ’15 also won Greek God during the Greek God and Goddess event.




Brothers during their annual Earthball philanthropy event.

Joshua Box ’14 “A” Our chapter has experienced considerable growth; we added 14 new members to our ranks. In March, we hosted Region IX’s RLC, bringing together chapters all across our region. Our annual Earth Ball philanthropy event was an outstanding success. The event continues to increase in size, and this year we raised over $5,000 for The V Foundation. As our brotherhood continues to grow, we hope to expand upon these successes this upcoming fall semester.

Appalachian State



Addison Folcher ’16 “E” Brothers participated in the Warrior River Cleanup Project.

Our chapter experienced a year filled with change. Our brothers spent the 2013-14 school year in a temporary house while our chapter house underwent a major renovation/expansion project. We’ve seen continued recruitment success, with 40 men recruited this year, and we anticipate additional momentum as we begin fall recruitment. Brothers have already filled all 34 bedrooms for the 2014-15 school year. Our chapter also received the Regent’s Cup at Region VIII’s RLC this spring. Brothers also participated in a Black Warrior River cleanup and several philanthropy events. We’d like to invite our alumni and fellow brothers to stop by and tour our newly renovated house this fall.




We’d like to thank our alumni and ABT members for their guidance and commitment to our chapter. Without their assistance, our chapter would be non-existent. Today, our chapter is one of the largest on campus, and we strive to be number one after next fall’s recruitment effort. This spring, we brought home second place during Greek Games, and we raised over $2,000 for The V Foundation during our “Delta Chi Donuts” philanthropy event. Our brothers are working to be more involved on campus and in our community.

Arizona State



Tyler Johnson ’16 “B” We placed third overall during Greek Week with the help of Sigma Kappa. Our brothers also brought home the Greek Cup for the second year in a row. Many brothers volunteered at the Arizona Special Olympics. Finally, we’re looking forward to a successful recruitment effort next fall.

Hayden Mills ’17 “E”


We initiated seven extremely active men who’ve already taken on key roles within our chapter. During Greek Week, our brothers on Songfest 2014 with renditions of “Delta Chi Sweetheart” and “Look Down” from Les Misérables. During our annual “We Want Your Pants” clothing drive, we collected 90 bags of clothing for the Mustard Seed Foundation. This surpassed last year’s effort by 8 bags. Additionally, we raised over $1,900 for The V Foundation in December during a head-shave event.

In February, we hosted a “Valentines for Valvano” philanthropy, and this event saw a large turnout. We also held our annual casino night for our parents and active brothers. This year, we organized the event to allow for more alumni participation, and this was a fantastic decision. Brothers were able to get to know our alumni in a more laid back atmosphere. We hope to grow participation in this event in the future.



Alex Townsley ’17 “E”



XXX Campus Scene Augusta


Case Western Reserve


Philip Austin ’16 “E”

Brothers pose for a photo.



Our Greek Week Pyramid Team poses for a photo.

When the ice storms this past winter ripped through the southeast, over three inches of ice fell upon our, generally, mild-wintered southern state. In response to the debris and power outages, our brothers joined the campus clean-up crew. We received a letter of commendation from the maintenance crew to thank us for our hard work. Our brothers also raised $3,000 for The V Foundation.



Joshua Osborne ’16 “E”


Dalton Beatty ’16 “E” This spring, we focused on working together, striving for greatness, and overcoming obstacles to improve our chapter. In doing so, we worked on improving our associate member program and our reputation on campus. From our efforts, we received several campus awards: Most Improved Chapter, Outstanding Chapter Advisor - Bill Williams ’83, Outstanding New Member Program, Emerging Leader Award - Lucas Mandella ’16, and the Cody Brown Interfraternity Award - Derek Kryziak. Our brothers also participated in Relay for Life, and we assisted Phi Sigma Rho, a new sorority on campus. Our 24th formal saw an excellent alumni turnout, and we’re already planning for our 25th formal to be held next year. We’re also planning for a new roof for our house and several repairs.

Bowling Green



Conor O’Brien ’15 “E” Our spring semester included philanthropy, community service, a growth in manpower, and a considerable boost in alumni outreach. One highlight was our ongoing support of The V Foundation. Through efforts on campus and in the community, we raised almost $1,000. “A” Andrew Seibt ’16 was nominated for Chapter President of the Year at the Bowling Green Fraternity and Sorority Life’s Greek Weekend award ceremony. Our chapter also received the Outstanding Recruitment Award for our sixteen associate members in the fall and eight in the spring. We’re also looking forward to the future, as current Greek housing is being torn down in preparation for a new Greek Village. Our current active members have raised nearly $10,000 towards this opportunity, and we’re excited about the investment we’re making for our future brothers.

After a mid-semester recruitment effort, we’re looking forward to initiating our newest associate members. We’re also excited to initiate our Faculty Advisor Dean of Undergraduate Studies Jeffrey Wolcowitz. Our philanthropy committee exceeded our two-year goal of fundraising for The V Foundation, and we’re looking forward to more ambitious goals in the future. Our Greek Week team raised the bar this year, besting many past teams and bringing home second in Rope Pull. Our executive board is focused this summer on a plan for the upcoming semester to find new ways to strengthen our brotherhood.

Central Michigan



Alexander Winquist ’16 “E” Through our recruitment efforts, we have initiated 12 men into our brotherhood this year. This spring, we held two successful philanthropy event: a can drive and our second annual “Top Dog” hotdog eating contest. Many alumni and family members attended our Kimball Classic golf outing this spring. This fall, our brothers are looking forward to traveling to Grand Haven for our first formal in four years.




Joseph DelVescio ’16 “E” We initiated six men this spring, and we raised nearly $200 for The Collins Home during their annual mud run. Fifteen brothers also volunteered to help organize the event. In April, we traveled to Myrtle Beach, SC for our Beach Weekend where we said goodbye to our seniors. Later that month, we hosted an alumni event in conjunction with Clemson’s spring football game. We’re looking forward to celebrating our chapter’s 25th anniversary next fall, and we hope many alumni will be able to join us!

Corpus Christi



Rodrigo Abascal ’16 “E”

In April, we hosted a BBQ at the Chapter House and invited local Fire, Police, Emergency Service Personnel, University Administration, and City and County Officials. The BBQ was a great opportunity for our brothers to interact with campus and community leaders. It was also an opportunity for the Chapter to showcase its many successes and show that the Chapter is an integral part of the San Luis Obispo community. Numerous individuals from departments in the city and county stopped by the house, and on-duty personnel had food delivered to their house. The event was a success and was enjoyed by all.

We recruited and initiated five men as part of our Nu associate member class. Homecoming 2014 was very successful. We built a float with the women of Zeta Tau Alpha, and two brothers received recognition during halftime at the football game. David Norris ’14 won ‘King,’ and Chuck Saunders ’15 won ‘Duke.’ During Greek Week, we won first place in volleyball, Greek trivia, and penny ways. We also won second place in dodgeball. These victories led to our brothers bringing home first place overall during Greek Week. We raised over $2,800 for The V Foundation during our 3rd annual “Ducking Out Cancer” and 12th bi-annual “Don’t Drop The Ball” events. The “Buff” team took the victory for the third straight year at our infamous “Braveheart” brotherhood event. Also, the “red” team defeated the “turquoise” team at our “Paint Wars” mixer with Zeta Tau Alpha. Brothers also organized several other events, including a kickball game, dinner at Peter Piper Pizza, BIG Edge event, a movie date party, and a traditional brotherhood retreat.

California University - PA


Cal Poly

106 2.91

Jordan Lippincott ’14 “E”



Jacob Garcia AM “E”

We initiated six men into our brotherhood who each possess our core values of friendship, character, justice, and education. These men also oversaw the creation of a junior IFC. Our brothers also began the spring semester boasting the highest GPA among fraternities. Throughout the semester, we promoted The V Foundation in our student union. We also worked closely with Veteran Affairs to plan an event where students, faculty, and staff were able to send letters to our servicemen. Our brothers also brought home second place during Greek Week and third place at Greek Sing. 12




Brendan Myers ’14 “E” This spring, we initiated 19 associate members into our brotherhood. Our brothers have been focused on our goals, and community service has been our focus. Many of our brothers are consistently participating in or attending in events on and off campus, including Chillibration, Relay for Life, Take Back the Night, volunteering at the Alumni House, Red Cross blood drives, and cleanups with sororities. We hosted another 3-vs-3 basketball tournament to benefit The V Foundation. Brothers also sold bracelets in support of cancer research, and they’ve been a big hit on campus.

Campus Scene XXX





Every spring, we take great pride in inviting our parents and family members to the historic Knoll for our annual Parents Weekend. This year over fifty parents, siblings, grandparents and other family members joined the brotherhood for a weekend packed with events. On Friday, we hosted a reception at the house to welcome our family members to Ithaca. Everyone had a great time getting to know their friends’ parents, sharing stories, and discussing the weekend ahead. Festivities continued Saturday with an outdoor barbecue overlooking beautiful Cayuga Lake on the chapter house’s porch. On Saturday night everybody donned formal attire for the 8th Annual Parents Weekend Red & Buff dinner catered by a Culinary Institute of America grad and current Cornell student. A number of brothers made toasts, which were followed by loud renditions of the classic Delta Chi songs, and parents bid on items in our annual silent auction to raise money to improve our outdoor space.





Andrew Giacini ’15 “E”

Noah Tulsky ’16 “E”

We spent a large portion of the semester focusing on our community. We started the spring by participating in UF’s annual Project Makeover, where we helped renovate the Sidney Lanier Elementary school. Brothers participated in the All-Greek Service Day, brought home first place during Pi Phi’s Down and Dirty to benefit First Books, and took home the gold at Alpha Epsilon Phi’s “Phi Hoops”, which benefitted the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Alpha Chi Omega’s team was crowned champions of our annual Earth Ball event, which raised funds for The V Foundation. Our brothers also played a large role in Dance Marathon; Delta Chi had ten participants, ten staff members, and eight captains. Our chapter collectively raised over $25,000 for the event, and our team with the women of Delta Delta Delta won first place in our category. Andrew Giacini ’15 will serve in an executive role, External Communications Overall, for next year’s Dance Marathon. Giancini, along with Wes Dickerson ’14, were also initiated into Florida Blue Key. Brandon Chavez ’14 accepted a position as a Leadership Consultant for the upcoming school year. We’d also like to thank and wish good luck to our long-time Faculty Advisor, John Denny, as he prepares to open his own brewery, First Magnitude Brewing, in Gainesville. Finally, we’re actively preparing for Homecoming - November 15, 2014 - and we’d like to extend an invitation to our alumni and parents to attend. Go gators!


Pierre Morris ’16 “E” We celebrated Mother’s Day by preparing breakfast for our mothers and families. Our brothers increased their community service hours by 50 percent. We’re currently focused on strengthening our academics, implementing new recruitment practices, and creating more philanthropy events to raise funds for cancer research.




Cody Lewis ’18 “E” Peter Samson ’15 currently serves as SGA President, and Attila Mihalik ’14 serves as Vice President. Our brothers raised over $7,000 for The V Foundation this year. We would like to congratulate our graduating seniors and wish them the best in their future endeavors.

East Carolina


Brothers and associate members volunteered during the University of Florida’s Project Makeover.

Ferrum Colony

N/A 2.73

Max Harper ’17 “E”


Alec Glenn ’15 “E”

We welcomed nine men into our chapter after a successful recruitment effort. Our alumni assembled a working ABT, and we’re in the process of forming a new House Corporation. Our brothers teamed up with other organizations, and we sent care packages to troops overseas. Our spring formal was also a success.

East Stroudsburg



Robert Rinehart ’15 “E”

Our 24 Founding Fathers pose for a photo after initiation.

On March 23, 2014, the Founding Fathers of Delta Chi at Ferrum College were initiated. It was a huge move for our campus, as we are the first international fraternity on campus. Even before our initiation, we’ve been hard at work to establish ourselves within the campus community. We hosted a DJ battle to benefit United Way, hosted a cornhole tournament to benefit The V Foundation, and we raised over $700 for a brother’s friend who had been recently diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome. We’re looking forward to building our presence on campus even more in the coming semesters. Brothers pose for a photo with our Faculty Advisor and some alumni.

Florida State



Jake Tomlin ’15 “E” Our brothers are focused on making our chapter the best it can be. We improved our GPA, recruited new members in the spring, participated in more campus programs, and increased our community service hours.

Spring 2014 was a busy semester for our chapter. We placed a heavy focus on campus involvement, academics, and philanthropy, all leading up to our chartering banquet at the end of the semester. SPRING / SUMMER 2014


XXX Campus Scene Spencer Plotnick ’15 was inducted into the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, and Jason Gonzalez ’17 was inducted into the Phi Sigma Theta Honor Society and the National Society for Collegiate Scholars. Try Lovera was inducted into Order of Omega, where Jake Tomlin ’15 currently serves as the Vice President of Public Relations. Brothers participated in Alpha Omicron Pi’s “Strike Out Arthritis” and Alpha Gamma Delta’s “Water Wars,” where we won the overall spirit award. Our team raised over $3,000 for the Children’s Miracle Network during Dance Marathon. We also implemented a new scholarship program, and, as a result, our overall GPA improved significantly. Also, our intramural bowling team finished in the top four. Finally, we welcomed members of Delta Chi’s Executive Committee, alumni, and our families to Tallahassee on April 11, 2014 for our chartering banquet, held at Mission San Luis. We also continued the festivities at the Garnet and Gold football game the following day.

Eastern Illinois



Corey Gatschenberg ’15 “E” Our annual house challenge was a success among brothers, and we also participated in events to raise funds for St. Jude, Prevent Child Abuse of America, and The V Foundation. During Greek Week, we participated in Air Band, and we brought home third place in the trivia competition. Also, two brothers were recognized as fraternal scholars for earning a 3.5 GPA or above.

Eastern Washington



Aaron Jones ’14 “E”

We began the spring quarter by learning that eight brothers made the Dean’s List the previous quarter. Because of this and efforts by John Gundersen, our scholarship chair, we increased our GPA from 2.1 to 2.6. We initiated three men, and our brothers raised $750 for The V Foundation through participation in a drag show, “Laughing for a Cure” improv event, and a Playstation 4 raffle.




Ryan Averill ’14 “E” We welcomed four men into our associate member program this spring, led by AMC Greg Smith ’15. Delta Chi finished second in Greek week. Our intramural basketball team finished undefeated. Two brothers serve as SGA representatives. Our third annual Earth Ball philanthropy raised over $1,500 for The V Foundation. Brothers also participated in other philanthropy events, including Relay for Life and Autism Speaks.




Brandon Washburn ’15 “E” Our fourth annual Spring Egg Hunt saw nearly 300 children participate in many arts and crafts projects, such as rubber band looms, bag making, gardening, bracelet making, and face painting. Children were also able to enjoy a petting zoo prior to the egg hunt, complete with a mini-horse, rabbits, a turkey, baby chicks, and a goat. For the hunt, brothers planted over 1800 eggs across the President’s lawn. Two lucky children won bicycles, and four others left with gift baskets. This year, we also gave away gift certificates from Applebee’s, Lena’s Pizza Wing City Grille, and DeJohn’s. At Delta Phi Epsilon’s sixth annual Deepher Dude competition, which raises money for cystic fibrosis research, Carl Raffa ’15, the 2013 Deepher Dude, served as a judge for this year’s participants. Mike McMasters ’13 and Brandon Washburn ’15 represented Delta Chi in this year’s event. McMasters won best dressed, and Washburn was named 2014 Deepher Dude, meaning our chapter has now won the competition five out of six years! The Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority held its sixth annual Deepher Dude competition this past March. The competition is a male beauty pageant that raises money for cystic fibrosis. Prior to this year our Fraternity has had a brother win the competition in four out of the competition’s five years of existence. As the 2013 Deepher dude, Carl Raffa participated as a judge for this years contestants. Mike Mcmasters and Brandon Washburn represented Delta Chi in the event. McMasters was awarded best dressed and Brandon Washburn was named the 2014 Deepher dude. Our Chapter has now won the competition five out of six years! Our campus newspaper, The Leader, also printed an article about our brothers entitled “The Gentlemen of Delta Chi.” The article discussed our professional image and our leadership impact on campus. William Dean Kay ’16 served as our community service chairman, and our chapter set a record for the most community service hours in a semester by any campus group - 973 this fall! Justin Borrelli ’15 is working to maintain our commitment to service throughout the spring. Finally, our brothers brought home another first place during Greek Week, and we placed first in every event except one during the competition.

We ended our year by hosting an alumni and faculty dinner. John Mazur ’76, Kirk S. Price ’17, and OWC member Ed Fusco ’73 spoke during the event, and outstanding faculty members received recognition from our chapter. “A” Alex Santini ’15 and Kyle Dean ’15 both received the Neili/Phelan Scholarship for their academic achievement. With plans for an on-campus house near Chanute residence hall, our future is bright.




Bradley Szopo ’15 “E” Our brothers hosted several fundraising events, and we worked on building our public image this semester. We also volunteered to help with organizing a walk for autism again this year. Brothers earned the second highest GPA among fraternities on campus, and we brought home second place during Greek Week. In fact, Greg Incardona ’17 won Greek God, and “A” Zachary Hitchcock ’15 won Greek Man of the Year.

George Mason



Konnor Fulk ’17 “E”

We raised $1300 for The V Foundation during our first ever “Race 2K Cancer” event. Our brothers continue to strive for everything Delta Chi teaches: promoting friendship, developing character, advancing justice, and assisting in the acquisition of a sound education. Our GPA continues to rise, and our chapter received two-star recognition on campus.

Georgia Southern



Mitchell Castanet ’17 “E” We initiated five men this spring, and we’re excited to have them join our brotherhood. Our chapter also saw an excellent turnout for two philanthropy events at local restaurants to raise money for The V Foundation.


“The Gentlemen of Delta Chi,” as featured in our campus newspaper.


Georgia Tech



Tyler McCrary ’15 “E” We began the spring semester by recruiting 16 associate members. Our brothers hosted a Dr. Seuss Reading Fair for elementary school children, our annual faculty dinner, and our 23rd anniversary banquet. Our chapter also received the NIC Award of Distinction and IFC’s Dean Dull Scholarship and Leadership Awards. Overall, it has been a great semester, and we hope to continue this into the coming school year.

Gorham State



Jarrid Barlow AM “E” We’ve welcomed ten new faces into the Chapter this year, seven in the fall and three in the spring. We’re a cohesive group, and this year was full of experiences that will assist us as we prepare for fall 2014. Brothers volunteered at the Preble Street Soup Kitchen and Mission Possible Teen Center. Several brothers also participated in this year’s Polar Plunge. We also co-hosted a bone marrow drive on campus with the help of nursing students on campus. Our brothers also assisted the Gorham Events Board with providing a name, theme, setting up, supervising, cleaning up, and DJing for a dance on campus that benefited The V Foundation. This spring, we also celebrated the 45th

Campus Scene XXX anniversary of our chartering, and alumni dating back from 1970 attended the event. Our chapter house also saw several renovation projects, including new flooring, stairs, and an update to our kitchen.




Cameron Benoit ’16 “E” Our brothers organized several brotherhood events, including trips, dinners, and service events. In February, we hosted a Super Bowl gathering, poker night, pool tournament, trivia night, and a trip to Turning Stone. In April, we held a charity golf tournament, participated in Brother D’Alberto’s ’13 cancer fundraiser, and the first ever HWS mixer with the Women’s Collective. Also, Paul McInnis ’15 currently services as Class President.




James DeBlase ’15 “E”

Brothers at the conclusion of the 2014 Miss Greek IU with this years winner, Alpha Phi’s Natalia Lorenzano.




Ryan Phillips ’15 “E”

Brothers and Regent Ron Martin, New Haven ’87, pose for a photo after our annual 5k Jimmy V Walk. “A” Steve Sanburn ’16 and “BB” Larry Audlehelm ’71 show off two of the Chapter’s recent awards.

We welcomed seven men this spring who have really helped us achieve our goals. Our brothers hosted several philanthropy events to raise funds for The V Foundation, including a “Slime Time” game show event, a 5k walk around campus, and our annual Miss Hofstra Pageant. All together, we raised over $2,500 for The V Foundation through these events. A handful of brothers also joined CAPS, Child Abuse Prevention Services, and they talked to elementary school children about bullying.




Joseph Brasher ’17 “E” Our chapter has grown dramatically. Brothers from our fall associate member class currently serve as “D”, Scholarship Chairman, and Brotherhood Chairman. Brothers from our spring associate member class currently serve as Recruitment Chairman, Philanthropy Chairman, and Social Chairman. We met our pledge of raising $4500 for The V Foundation before Convention by hosting our first annual dodge ball tournament this spring. We received an award for “Best Mixer” with our murder mystery”-themed event with the women of Delta Zeta. We have also implemented a reward system to reward brothers for their continued participation in philanthropy, fundraising, intramurals, study hours, University-sponsored events, and chapter house improvement. At the end of the semester, the top brothers are rewarded, and a raffle is also held for everyone.



This year, our chapter earned the most improved GPA among fraternities on campus. We’re continually working to improve our brothers’ academic performance. We’ve also been had at work to improve our chapter house. A gym is being assembled with the money raised during our Spring Parent’s Weekend. Dan Cuprill ’85 and many other alumni are leading an initiative to renovate our dining hall as a tribute to Rachel Tripkosh. Rachel was critical to our chapter, and she was well respected by brothers of all ages.

Iowa State



Tyler Coder ’15 “E”


Vincent Davis ’16 “E” Our second annual Miss Greek Illinois was a great success. The event was hosted by Mallory Hagan, Miss America 2013, and Jim Wall ’11, and we raised over $12,000 for The V Foundation. A big thanks goes to Ryan Brander ’16 for his work in organizing the event.




Tyler Napier ’15 “E” Our annual Miss Greek IU pageant raised over $37,000 for The V Foundation and $4735 for the contestants’ philanthropies. We also received the Civic Engagement Award at the 2014 Greek Assessment & Awards Program. Finally, our letters will once again proudly hang on our house next fall, located at 1400 North Jordan Ave.

“DD” Aaron Otto, Kansas State ’98, presents Iowa State brothers with the Chapter’s charter.

Delta Chi is officially back at Iowa State University. On Saturday, February 8, 2014, a charter for the Iowa State Chapter returned to campus. At the banquet honoring the occasion, Tyler Coder ’15 delivered the invocation after brothers and guests socialized in the lobby. Speakers during the banquet included ABT President Wayne Christ, Iowa State ’79, “BB” Scott Klinefelter, Northern Iowa ’76, Regent Matthew Gorney, Kansas State ’06, “DD” Aaron Otto, Kansas State ’98, Justin Larsen, Northern Illinois ’12, and “A” Chris Brady ’15. Following dinner and speeches, all in attendance danced and socialized for the rest of the evening. We’re all excited to see what the next semester will bring. SPRING / SUMMER 2014


XXX Campus Scene Johnstown



Eric Hirschfeld ’17 “E”




Christian Pavokvich ’17 “E”

James Bortz ’90 was paralyzed from the neck down after a tragic car accident last fall. Our brothers raised over $800 to assist James and his family. Brothers also participated in the annual Laurel Highlands Polar Plunge. The event raises funds for Special Olympics, and through our work assisting with ticket sales, registration, and food/t-shirt sales, the event raised over $75,000.

We welcomed seven fine men into our chapter this winter. Our annual LAN Party was a huge success, despite the winter weather. Through our “Pie A Delta Chi” and “Linking Together” philanthropy events, our chapter raised approximately $2,000 for The V Foundation. We also saw more alumni than ever before attend our semi-formal this winter.





Luke Reber ’16 “E” We’ve updated our website and created a new twitter account (https://twitter. com/KansasDeltaChi). Our new associate member program, implemented last year, has helped our youngest members stay on a path to success. The program emphasizes Delta Chi’s four core values and the eleven basic expectations of Delta Chi. We understand that a healthy relationship with our alumni is essential to our chapter’s long term success. Therefore, we’ve emphasized welcoming back alumni to KU home football games. We’re working very hard to strive for success in the years to come. We hope to see more alumni around the house in the near future!

Kansas State



Tony Lux ’16 “E”



Zachary Stroth ’15 “E”

Six men joined our chapter last fall, and, this May, we will be hosting a dodge ball tournament to benefit The V Foundation. Our brothers also have plans to get more involved with several new school-sponsored clubs in the upcoming term.

Lake Forest



Ed Shivers ’16 “E” We welcomed several new altruistic and diverse members into our chapter this spring. With our combined winter and spring philanthropy events, we raised over $3500 for The V Foundation. We also sponsored a “Feed My Starving Children” event in conjunction with a club on campus. During the Student Leadership Awards Ceremony on campus, Jyothis James ’16 received the Social Justice Award. Pulkit Diwan ’16 received the Community Builder Award, and Ayden Lopez ’15 received recognition as one of the top 25 rising seniors on campus. Vaughn Olson ’14 was inducted into Omicron Delta Kappa, and Ayden Lopez ’14 was one of the organization’s founding members. Charles Toth ’14 received recognition for his membership in Phi Beta Kappa and Order of Omega. Additionally, Robert Barker ’16 currently serves as Student Body Vice President, and Diwan serves as Student Body Treasurer. Toth also serves as IFC President. Ed Shivers ’16 also represented our chapter at Alpha Phi’s “King of Hearts” event, and he won the titles of “Mr. Personality” and “Mr. Moneybags.” In all, over 70% of our brothers represent Delta Chi in various sports teams, clubs, and organizations on campus. We’re proud of our accomplishments and our newest members.

Brothers pose for a photo to show their support for PROUD, a student-funded philanthropy to help keep at-risk students on campus.




Alex Valentino ’16 “E” Kansas State Delta Chi bought a house! Though not a typical fraternity house, the property best suits our needs at the time. The house has four bedrooms with a large fifth room for meeting space. Our “F”, Recruitment Chairman, and two active members currently live in the house, and we now have a place to hold all of our awards and our composite. Our plan is to use this house for recruitment events and house tours until a traditional fraternity house, or space to build, opens up. Zach Stroth ’15 currently serves as the Mortar Board National Senior Honorary President, and Kyle Mayer ’16 was selected to join the Chimes Junior Honorary Society. Additionally, Michael Kennedy ’14, Carl Bowden ’14, Andrew Woolley ’15, and Mike Stanton all serve as SGA Senators. Our brothers hosted our first successful joint philanthropy event, a fish fry during lent, where we raised over $1,000 for The V Foundation and $1,000 for the MS Society. While we were excited to initiate thirteen men in our largest spring recruitment effort since returning to campus, we also had to say goodbye to all but two of our Founding Fathers. We cannot thank them enough for the groundwork that has been laid, and our brothers are eager to continuing a path of excellence.




Kyle Scott ’14 “E” With the first new member initiations since 2012, the Kennesaw Chapter has spent this past spring semester gaining a substantial amount of momentum. After the initiation of six associate members, ten recent graduates went through the Alumni Ceremony. We also welcomed “AA” Miles Washburn, Massachusetts ’87, and “CC” Keith Shriver, Florida ’79, to campus for a formal dinner with brothers and parents. Shortly after, we welcomed “DD” Aaron Otto, Kansas State ’98, for a tour of campus. We concluded the semester by winning Greek Week, receiving the Alumni Engagement Award, and earning the second highest GPA on campus. After finals, our brothers traveled to Myrtle Beach for our annual formal. 16


During two spring recruitment initiatives, we welcomed six men into our brotherhood. In March, we organized a large brotherhood trip to New York City to reconnect with alumni, both young and old.




Charles Caudle ’14 “E” During the University’s “Spring Fest,” our Wing Fest event raised money for The V Foundation and also received recognition as the most active event during the week. We also hosted a luau for The V Foundation, and we held our first formal outside of Livingston, in Tuscaloosa. We’re also proud to announce that our brothers earned the highest GPA among Greek organizations.

Long Beach



Pronit Dutta ’15 “E” We focused our efforts on giving as much as we could to our community and The V Foundation. Brothers volunteered at the Long Beach Organic Garden throughout the semester, which earned the attention of the local newspaper. Thus far, we have raised $2500 for The V Foundation towards our $3,000 goal, and we have one more event left before Convention. We’ve also been busy logging over 500 hours assisting Robert Garcia ’01 in his mayoral campaign. We’re excited to report that our hard work has paid off, and Garcia is the first CSULB alumnus to be elected Mayor of Long Beach.




Jon Kloor ’16 “E” We co-hosted our formal in Gulfport, MS with the brothers from the Mississippi State Chapter. We also held our annual Alumni Crawfish Boil on April 6th, where we boiled 250 lbs. of crawfish. We also received several awards this semester, including the Most Outstanding Brotherhood Award at the Region III RLC and Best Website Award from IFC. Our brothers also participated in LSU’s Greek Week community service project, where the Greek community

Campus Scene XXX built two houses for Habitat for Humanity. We’re looking forward to taking on more community service projects in the near future.

Louisiana Tech



Danny Niccum ’16 “E” Our brothers participated in The Big Event, a campus-wide community service event. At the Region III RLC, our chapter received the Regent’s Cup and Campus Leadership Award. Also, Tim Parker ’89 received the Alumnus of the Year Award. Seth Poynter ’16 currently serves as IFC President, and Madison Bottoms ’16 and Brayden Decker ’15 will serve as Orientation Leaders this summer.



house. As we say ‘goodbye’, we look forward to securing our legacy for the next century with the construction of a state-of-the-art chapter house that will double our live-in capacity.

Michigan State



JT Kahr ’16 “E”


Jeremy Poppe ’15 “E” Our manpower continues to grow to an all-time high; we had 64 active members during the spring semester. Our brothers raised over $200 for the Humane Society, and we’re planning a basketball tournament to benefit The V Foundation. We’ve also volunteered at a local school in Milwaukee, and we look forward to continuing this in the fall.




Johnny Midkiff ’17 “E” This spring, we increased our recruiting efforts, and we initiated more man than any other fraternity on campus. Cory Gibbs, Mason McClaugherty, Luke Braunlich, Keith Schemmel, Kyle Coates, Joseph Argabrite, Justin Burke and Christopher Eddy are all great examples of Delta Chi men.



Quinn Miller ’16, Todd Williams ’84, Max Williams ’16, and Marshall Williams ’16 during our annual alumni golf outing.


Brendan Canese ’15 “E” We welcomed 16 new members this semester. We held Last fall, we won homecoming with the women of Alpha Phi. We also held an alumni golf outing at the University of Maryland Golf Course.




Anthony Accavallo ’14 “E”

Alumni enjoyed a round of golf with our brothers while sharing stories during our annual alumni golf outing. We also hosted a date party at a Red Wings vs. Penguins game at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. We also hosted our annual Mom’s Day in April, which featured a brunch and raffle. Finally, brothers received scholarships from alumni at our annual Scholarship Dinner. We’re looking forward to the fall semester and our new philanthropy event, a basketball tournament at the Breslin Center.




Anthony Pirkl ’15 “E” Our manpower is the highest it has ever been, and we had a strong year to match. Our chapter received the Chapter of Excellence Award at our campus’ Greek Awards. Brothers also brought home first place during Spring Jam, which is a week-long competition among Greek organizations. Our alumni group, The Historical Housing Foundation, began their Brick By Brick Campaign, which aims to restore the brick and mortar of the house. We’d like to thank our alumni for their involvement, and we look forward to another exciting year.

Mississippi State



James Weems ’17 “E”

Our brothers focused on becoming more involved on campus. During Super Bulldog Weekend, the biggest weekend of the spring semester, we hosted a crawfish boil at our house. Approximately 200 brothers, alumni, friends, family, and potential new members attended the event. We have plans to improve our backyard, including expanding the deck, installing a sound system, and adding a permanent basketball court.

Missouri State

Brothers pose for a photo.

Having just completed a successful chartering banquet in November and winning the President’s Most Improved Trophy, we returned to campus fired up and recruited our biggest associate member class since 2008. Over the course of the semester, brothers completed weekly street cleanups on Saturdays, gained a faculty advisor, elected a new “BB”, and held an extravagant spring formal.




Erik Hansen ’16 “E” We completed the interior renovations on our chapter house. This, combined with a great recruiting effort by Blake Wilder ’16, enabled us to welcome one of the largest associate member classes on campus, with 33 new members. Our brothers have also participated in numerous community service events, including highway cleanups, nursing home visits, and other events within our community.





Aaron Reichwein ’15 “E” Our brothers took over the sponsorship of the biannual American Red Cross Blood Drive, which exceeded donation goals. We also held our 10th anniversary White Carnation Banquet, with over 90 brothers, alumni, dates, and families in attendance. In order to meet the remainder of our $4,000 fundraising goal for The V Foundation, we hosted a volleyball tournament.




Mark Tait ’15 “E”


Bryan Glesmann ’15 “E” This spring, we welcomed twelve outstanding men into our chapter. Our third annual March Madness Tournament raised $4500 for The V Foundation. Brothers have also participated in the Polar Plunge, Relay for Life, and Wing Fling. Our fall associate members also earned a 3.40 GPA, the second highest GPA among fraternity new member classes. We’re also looking forward to welcoming alumni back this fall to our last reunion at the current chapter

Brothers and alumni during our second annual alumni luncheon at the West Shore Inn in Staten Island, NY.



XXX Campus Scene Our six brothers of our spring associate member class earned a 3.0 GPA. Our brothers have worked to improve Greek Relations with many co-sponsorships. We held our second annual Alumni Luncheon, where we constructed the upcoming year’s ABT. Our chapter was also recognized by the University for our hard work over the past year.

New Haven



Thomas Mililli ’15 “E” We held multiple events to raise funds for The V Foundation, including our fifth annual Pudding Tug Of War event. Teams of five competed to remain clean, as the losers in each match were pulled into pudding pits. We also raffled off a bunch of prizes at the conclusion of the event. Our brothers also hosted an American Red Cross Blood Drive that saw over 80 donors. Because of our hard work, our chapter received the Outstanding Community Service Program of the Year Award.


Our newly initiated brothers pose for a photo.

Northern Illinois



Kevin Pfaller ’13 “E”

109 3.14

Gian Wessel ’16 “E” After receiving the Overall IFC Excellence Award last fall, our chapter followed it up with a semester full of events and accomplishments. We brought home first place overall at Rockin’ Against Multiple Sclerosis. Brothers spent a week raising money during various events throughout the week before clinching the victory during the “Rock It” skit competition. Our success continued when the chapter placed fourth overall in Greek Week along with Phi Gamma Delta, Delta Delta Delta, and the National Pan-Hellenic Council. It was an exciting week all around, with the chapter taking second place in both sports and Fling. Sports took home a victory in volleyball, and Fling thrilled the crowd by combining a love story and zombie apocalypse into one fantastic skit. Brothers Austin Lewis ’15, Brian Strohm ’16, and Brian Reamer ’17 also won first place for their IBA performance on the first night of Fling. Other accomplishments included earning an Academic Banner for maintaining a chapter GPA above the all-university average, as well as championship in Greek league basketball. We also hosted a spring alumni weekend, which included a golf outing and a gathering at the annual Mizzou Black & Gold spring football game. Alumni in attendance were able to reconnect with old friends and meet most of the Chapter’s 105 active brothers. To wrap up the semester, the chapter hosted a week of events to support The V Foundation. The week began with a show by Comedy Wars, a wildly popular act at Mizzou. Other fundraising events included barbeque and shirt sales, profit share nights at local businesses, and a late-night bonfire with s’mores at the end the week. Our chapter looks forward to a bright future as one of the top fraternities on the University of Missouri campus.

Brothers pose for a photo during the “Tugs” event on campus.

This spring, we hosted our third annual Earth Ball tournament, in which all the sororities on campus competed in. Through a raffle, penny voting, t-shirt sales, and generous donations from individuals, we were able to raise more than $1,000 for The V Foundation. This year was the second year our brothers competed in IFC Tugs, and the first year that we tugged by ourselves. We finished sixth in the competition. Our brothers also brought home third place during Greek Week, second place at Alpha Epsilon Pi’s volleyball tournament, third place at Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s softball tournament, and first place in Alpha Delta Pi’s pop tab wars. Our chapter also received recognition on campus, including the Greek Unity Award and highest GPA on campus. We’re proud of our strong semester, and we hope to build off of it moving forward.




Evan Froham ’16 “E” We welcomed 19 brothers into our chapter this winter, and we followed that up with a strong showing at Dance Marathon. We’re proud to announce that two brothers will serve on the executive board of Dance Marathon, the largest philanthropy event on campus. We are currently working with Gamma Phi Beta to raise money for Relay for Life, and we hope to make this an annual partnership.

Ohio State



Anthony Oliveras ’17 “E” This spring, we hosted events to raise money and awareness for Special Olympics and The V Foundation. Our brothers’ resolve was tested as staff at the Columbus Zoo pulled out ice from the water before the Polar Plunge began this winter. As the weather warmed, we hosted our Mini-Masters event, which lasted two days and included a hole-in-one challenge on campus and a putt-putt course in our house. In all, the event raised over $600 for The V Foundation. We also initiated seven men this spring.

Oregon State Brothers rush the field after Mizzou defeated Texas A&M to claim the SEC East Championship.

North Georgia Colony


N/A 3.33

Austin Holloway ’15 “E”

It has been over ten years since the University of North Georgia has seen a new fraternity on campus. After a year of voting and awaiting approval, 34 men were initiated as Founding Fathers of the North Georgia Colony. We’re looking forward to the work and challenges that lie ahead. 18



Nicholas Krueger ’16 “E”

Brothers during their Sing performance

Campus Scene XXX SING is a 78 year old tradition on our campus where 50 members from each fraternity and sorority sing and dance their way through a three song performance during Mom’s Weekend. We teamed up with the women of Chi Omega to perform three classic rock hits, placed fourth overall, and received the “Most Improved” award. Our brothers also hosted a “I Spy Delta Chi” event, and we partnered with a local hot dog stand to help us raise additional money during the event. All proceeds from the event benefited The V Foundation.

Oshkosh Colony

N/A 2.70

Chandler Lackey ’17 “E” We held our White Carnation Formal on April 11th, where brothers, friends, family and sorority members mingled and enjoyed each other’s company. That same night, we learned that our hard work earlier had paid off - we won Greek Week.

Penn State




Kyle McDonald ’16 “E” This spring, we initiated 17 men, bringing our total recruitment effort to 45 for the year. We’ve focused on improving our risk management efforts, and this has already yielded positive results within the Chapter. We were also able to raise over $1,000 for The V Foundation, and our brothers remain highly competitive in intramural sports, winning multiple championships. We’d like to thank our 18 graduating seniors and wish them the very best in their endeavors.




Nathan Thomson ’16 “E”

102 3.41

Adam Zucker ’16 “E”

Brothers during the Annual State Day of Service.

We welcomed seven men into our brotherhood this spring. Throughout the semester, we hosted several events to raise funds for both The V Foundation and THON, including a date auction that raised over $2500 for The V Foundation. Nolan Cavanaugh ’16 and AJ Mancini ’16 organized our Parents’ Weekend, which proved to be one of the best weekends of the semester. We’re looking forward to future successes, including maintaining one of Penn State’s top GPAs among fraternities.




Eric Bucklen ’16 “E” Seventeen men signed bids to join our brotherhood as part of our Phi associate member class, and our manpower now approaches 100. As such, we were able to increase our philanthropic and community service work, and our brothers completed over 660 hours. Brothers volunteered for the Boys and Girls Club, Adopt-a-Block cleanups, and the Western Pennsylvania School for the Blind. Our brothers raised over $8,000 combined for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and The V Foundation, topping last semester’s philanthropy total by over $3,000. Brothers brought home first place at both Greek Sing and Greek Week. Our chapter also received numerous awards as part of the University’s Cathedral Awards program. We received the Award of Excellence in Academics, and Pat O’Donnel ’14 was recognized as President of the Year. Eric Weston ’15 was recognized as IFC Councilman of the Year, and our advisor, Cheryl Paul, received the Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award. Most notably, our chapter received the Cathedral Cup, the top award given to the overall best fraternity on campus, for the 8th straight year. We’d like to thank all those who’ve supported us in our work to further or positive influence on campus and in the city of Pittsburgh, and we look forward to achieving even higher goals this fall.

Brothers with members of Delta Zeta during a can food drive on campus.

Our brothers placed second in the Greek Intramural Cup, raised over $300 for The V Foundation, and hosted our Founding Father for an exclusive alumni gathering. Our brothers also again traveled to Carova Beach, NC for our Banquet, which provided much needed rest and relaxation before finals.

South Dakota State



Nathaniel Cacy ’16 “E”

This past semester for Delta Chi has been one that will go down in our philanthropic record books. We have multiple men involved in community service and fundraising events, and we’re extremely proud of all that they’re doing! Riley Larson ’17, a freshman Environmental Studies major, undertook a project that would bring healthy trees to the boulevards of Brookings. This project drew matching funds from a local community organization and raised enough money to purchase 60 trees. After all 60 trees were ordered, a large group of Delta Chi brothers set off early one weekend morning to plant a portion of the trees. The Brookings Boulevard Project required the assistance of many organizations, including the South Dakota State College of Agriculture and Biology, Delta Chi, and city officials. We’re also extremely proud to see 5 of our brothers, Mike Amen ’14, Brett Citrowski ’14, Benjamin Ruggeberg ’14, Shaheed Shihan ’14, and Chris Gould ’15 participate in ‘The Great 48’. They will bike all continental 48 states on two tandems, and one single to raise funds for building a college and technical school in Honduras. Their plan is to bike 60 miles a day, 6 days a week, with an overall trip well over 10,000 miles. If anyone would like to learn about them, please look them up online at: http://thegreat48.us.




Eric Valencia ’16 “E” Our brothers’ hard work yielded our most successful recruitment effort yet. We tied for most bids accepted by all of the IFC fraternities on campus. Our Eta associate members mark a key moment in our young chapter’s history.

Rutgers Brothers during our third annual golf tournament for The V Foundation.



Eric Spiller ’14 “E” We hosted our first annual three-point shootout philanthropy event, which raised over $400 for The V Foundation. Also, eleven brothers participated in this year’s Dance Marathon and raised over $4000 for cancer and sickle cell research. SPRING / SUMMER 2014


XXX Campus Scene Beautiful, and Habitat for Humanity. During Greek Awards, we received the Most Improved Chapter Award, Gold in campus involvement, and silver in both chapter operations and philanthropy. We were honored to receive these awards, and we’d like to thank our alumni for their support.

Southern California



Timothy Sorrells ’16 “E”

We initiated ten men this spring, the largest group of spring initiates in recent history. Our seventh annual active-alumni football match saw an alumni victory over this year’s active member team. Brothers pose for a photo after our three-point shootout philanthropy competition.




Dennis Mathew ’14 “E”

In February, the University of Southern California honored Delta Chi alumnus Rod Dedeaux ’35 with a life-sized statue in front of the campus stadium bearing his name. Dedeaux was named the college baseball coach of the century in 2000. Coaching the USC Trojans for 45 seasons, Dedeaux won an unprecedented 11 national titles, and he also coached baseball legends Randy Johnson and Mark McGwire. The chapter is also making plans to host alumni on Saturday, October 18th for Homecoming when the Trojan football team plays the Colorado Buffalos.

Brothers and friends during the Crescent Classic soccer tournament. Rod Dedeaux ’35 is honored with a life-sized statue outside the baseball stadium on campus.

We initiated twelve men this spring. We hosted a kickball tournament and BBQ with several alumni in the greater Sacramento area. Brothers also competed in Greek Week this spring. We’re very proud of our five graduating seniors.

South Florida



Spring Hill

Alex Monteith ’14 “E” Our fifth annual “Lady of the Leges” philanthropy event raised $10,300 for The V Foundation, which brings our five year total to $43,000. The chapter also won second place in Zeta Tau Alpha’s Step For a Cure and made it to both the basketball and soccer intramural championship games. Brothers also participated in a campus-wide “Stampede of Service” event, held in conjunction with Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. We welcomed fifteen men into our bond as part of our spring associate member class. The chapter and local alumni also started an initiative to create a scholarship fund in the memory of Order of the White Carnation and longtime ABT member, Russ Driscoll, Florida ’57. With the creation of this fund, Driscoll’s memory and dedication to the betterment of our chapter will continue to be felt for many generations of Delta Chis to come.

Southeast Missouri


We welcomed two men into the brotherhood this spring. Five graduating seniors participated in the Alumni Ceremony, and we initiated eight fathers as alumni. During Greek Week, we collected over 900 cans of food, and we also raised $550 for the BackStoppers organization, which benefits the families of police officers injured in the line of duty. A.J. Collins ’15 received the Junior of the Year Award at SEMO’s All Greek Chapter, and Austin Cordell ’16 received the Sophomore of the Year Award. Several brothers have also participated in Read to Succeed, in which our brothers work one-on-one to help children learn to read. 13


Brothers pose for a photo during their Earthball event.


Kyle Loraine ’16 “E”

Southern Illinois


Juan Soto ’16 “E”


We initiated fifteen men this spring. This was the second-most on campus, and we doubled our manpower. Our newest brothers have already taken on several leadership roles within the Chapter. We also organized several cookouts, two “I Pie Delta Chi” events, and our very first Jimmy V Week.

Stephen F Austin



Jake Roth ’17 “E”

Greek Week this spring allowed us to unite as a chapter. We also hosted an alumni golf outing to benefit The V Foundation. The event was well attended, and it was a great day of hanging out with old friends.

Adam Borges ’17 “E”


This semester, we resurrected the Kimball Classic, a golf tournament for alumni at the Crab Orchard Golf Course during our alumni weekend. We opened the event to the public in order to raise more money for The V Foundation. We raised over $300 for The V Foundation through this golf outing and our March Madness bracket challenge. Our brothers also participated in several community service projects, including blood drives, Adopt-A-Spot, Keep Carbondale

We were recently featured in the university newspaper, The Daily Orange, for helping organize and run Syracuse University’s largest donation drive for the second semester in a row. Additionally, the chapter and ABT have been working together to establish a House Corporation and a formal housing fund to help invest in the Chapter’s future. We would like to congratulate Stephen





Nikolay Rodionov ’16 “E”

Campus Scene XXX Terzolo ’08 on being elected the new ABT president, and thank alumni for their generous donations throughout the semester. We’d also like to welcome alumni back for Homecoming, the weekend of October 11th, to celebrate Founders’ Day and the tenth anniversary of our chartering.

Week, and we raised over $1,000 during Up ‘Til Dawn, the most raised of any participating group. Our past “A” Andrew Ogle ’14 won Greek Week King, Greek Chapter President of the Year, and IFC Greek Man of the Year for the 2013-14 school year. Grant Orr ’16 received the Emerging Greek Leader Award due to his work in coordinating various philanthropy events. In March, we hosted Larry Nothnagel ’79, Jeff Menz ’84, Greg Davenport ’85, Les Dunseith ’80, Terry Dunseith ’85, and Craig Behne ’83. It was great to see Delta Chi brothers come back for a weekend. We plan on hosting an alumni work weekend this summer in order to help continue construction on our property and build better relationships with our alumni. The door is always open to our alumni here at the Truman State Chapter.

Brothers and dates before Spring Formal.




Nolan Beal ’16 “E” Our “D”, Alex Pierce ’15, has been working hard to eliminate our chapter’s debt. Kyle Richardson ’15 returned to Tarleton from the Navy and served as Botherhood Chair this spring. He organized a brotherhood dinner every Monday night, at a different location each week. We’re looking forward to our upcoming alumni golf tournament to be held in Benbrook, TX at the White Stone Golf Club.




Tho Dao ’16 “E” Brothers and associate members pose for a photo after the pinning ceremony.




Eric Jones ’18 “E” We placed second during Greek Week, and we also raised $450 for The V Foundation. Ryan Greenley ’14 received the Greek Man of the Year Award for his work as IGC President. Eric Jones ’18 received the Outstanding New Member Award. Ryan Burkhardt ’17 was crowned champion at the Mr. & Mrs. Greek contest. Yosef Nissim ’18 and Joey Falbo ’19 will serve on SGA, as a representative and Chairman of Student Services respectively. Nissim also received a scholarship to attend UIFI this summer from the Delta Chi Educational Foundation. We initiated two members this spring, and three of our fall initiates have already assumed executive board roles within the Chapter. At the Region III RLC, our brothers brought home the Most Improved Chapter Award and the Outstanding Recruitment Award. Our brothers also placed first at Alpha Delta Pi’s kickball tournament, which benefited the Ronald McDonald House. Brothers also competed in intramural basketball and softball, and several members participated in the IFC annual golf tournament. To end our semester, we held our first formal in three years.

Texas Tech



Chase Yull ’15 “E” Our brothers participated in Raiderthon and Adopt-a-Highway, and we spent much time focusing on our grades. Our brothers and guests danced the night away at our White Carnation Formal. At the Region III RLC, Jeremy Jones ’15 received the Brother of the Year Award. We’d like to thank our House Corporation and ABT members for their hard work in fixing up and purchasing our house.

Troy State



Josh Gordon AM “E” We hosted our three day luau, which raises money and awareness for The V Foundation. Many brothers also participated in Relay For Life, and we enjoyed getting together and barbecuing for a good cause. Gilberto Hernandez ’17 was nominated for the Freshman of the Year Award. Eight brothers were also invited to the Order of Omega banquet to honor their hard work in the classroom.

Truman State



Joe Murphy-Baum ’14 “E” We welcomed seven associate members this spring. Currently, two brothers serve on the IFC Executive Board. Our brothers finished second during Greek




Austin Harris ’14 “E” We held our annual Joshua Dykes Memorial Softball Tournament, where we raised $2,500 for Joshua’s family’s foundation. By teaming up with Zeta Tau Alpha and Kappa Sigma, we collected the most donations of any team during Relay For Life. In addition, our brothers earned the highest GPA among fraternities on campus. We received four distinguished awards on campus, including the Student Organization of Excellence. Delta Chi was the only fraternity to receive this award.

Virginia Commonwealth



Steven Williams ’15 “E”

We welcomed eight men into our chapter as part of our Beta Beta associate member class. We also held our second annual parents’ cookout on April 27th, which was a huge success. Our alumni versus actives basketball series was also a success. The alumni won two out of three games, and the MVP was Juan-Pablo Veizaga ’04, who shot 68% from downtown.




Patrick Harrod ’16 “E” After welcoming 23 new members in the fall, we now have 53 brothers living in. Throughout the year, we have made the house more environmentally friendly, improved our study program, and added brotherhood events. One of our brothers played on the UW basketball team, and two brothers play on the club lacrosse team. Brothers also hold several key leadership positions on campus, including Sales Club President, Executive Board member of the Latin Business Club, Freshman Orientation Coordinator, and Vice President of Recruitment for IFC. We’re also expanding our alumni email list, so please send your contact information to uwdeltachi@gmail.com. SPRING / SUMMER 2014


XXX Campus Scene Washington State



Max Miranda ’15 ”E”

During our annual Mom’s Weekend, which consisted of an auction and brunch, we raised over $2,000 towards our summer recruitment effort. We also teamed up with a local restaurant to sell food outside our chapter house on weekends, and all funds raised will benefit The V Foundation.

West Chester



Our chapter was recognized as a ‘five-star’ chapter, and we received the Fraternity of the Year Award. We shared this news at our alumni reunion, held at the Landmark Americana on May 1st. We saw 25 alumni, including six founding fathers and Ryan Tuma, Central Michigan ’06, attend this event. Our six graduating seniors also attended the event as a transition to each’s alumni involvement. Phil Hagstotz ’14 will also be serving as a Leadership Consultant at Delta Chi Headquarters. 43




Eric Byun ’14 “E”

Patrick Schoenberger ’16 “E”

West Georgia

also traveled to the Outer Banks in North Carolina for a weekend away from campus and a brotherhood retreat. Our Delta Chi Pepper Challenge raised $3,000 for The V Foundation as well. After placing in the top five among fraternities on campus, we placed additional emphasis on our academics this year and revamped our incentives program again.

Our brothers volunteered with Feast Down East for their “Raise the Barn” event, which raised local produce awareness, by assisting with planning, catering, and cleaning. In addition, Paul Flowe ’14 received the Fraternity Man of the Year Award on campus.

Wisconsin Colony

N/A 3.07

Jonathan Barsness ’16 “E”


Pete Cortese ’14 “E” Our spring semester was filled with awards and achievements. Our advisor, Rick Sears, received the Advisor of the Year Award. John Crossley ’14 received the IFC Man of the Year Award. Nathan Davies ’15 will also server on the IFC Executive Council. Dean Lowery ’14, Dawlon Cole ’14, and Phillip Floor ’14 graduated on April 26th, and we wish them well as they work to achieve their goals. We also hosted “Cheeseburgers in Paradise,” a cookout to raise money for The V Foundation. During the event, we raised nearly $500, and the event helped us end the semester on a good note. We’re looking forward to holding a recruitment workshop and several events over the summer.




Alex VanDeurzen ’15 “E” Our brothers organized our third annual water pong tournament, which raised $850 for The V Foundation. Brothers also participated in Delta Zeta’s Hoops for Hearing philanthropy event, and we won first place in Alpha Sigma Phi’s dodge-ball tournament to benefit the Ronald McDonald House. During Lambda Theta Phi’s “Lambda Week,” our brothers also won first place in one of their events. In addition, we volunteered during numerous community service events at a local elementary and high school. Lastly, Dylan Liebert ’16 will serve as IFC Vice President for the upcoming school year.

William & Mary



Spencer Pigg ’15 “E”

Brothers from the Illinois State Chapter helped in welcoming our Spring 2014 initiates.

Our colony’s 23 Founding Fathers hit the ground running on Halloween by assisting with the Boys and Girls Club of Madison’s “Trick or Treat with the Greeks,” which provides a fun and safe experience for the children of Madison, WI. A few weeks later, we held a successful overnight retreat at the Wilderness Resort in the Wisconsin Dells. This spring, we planned two events to benefit The V Foundation: a fundraising night at Buffalo Wild Wings and our first Earth Ball event. We raised over $1,000 through both events. Our brothers also placed fourth overall during Greek Week. We also hosted our first annual alumni golf outing in May to show our appreciation for our alumni, especially ABT President Dave Gault ’81, Mike Covey ’92, and Alan Udell ’91. With our colony moving into a house on ‘Fraternity Row’ next fall, we couldn’t be more excited to see what the future has in store for Delta Chi at UW-Madison.

In March, our fathers flew in from all across the country for our Fathers’ Weekend, and our chapter initiated five of our brothers’ fathers. Our brothers

Farewell & Parting These men have lived amongst us for a time, and we have been honored to call them brothers. Now they are gone and we bid them a fond farewell at this parting. Alabama

Florida State

Joe Langston ’54, June 20, 2014 Lauren Sechriest ’61, July 20, 2014

Angelo Caparelli Alumnus, March 21, 2014


Georgia Southern

David Turner ’60, August 30, 2013

Ross Stephens ’80, May 31, 2014

Arizona State


Robert Dodds ’50, August 24, 2013

Auburn John Condon ’62, May 9, 2012 Henry Hartsfield ’54, July 17, 2014

Ball State Jerry Dodson ’65, October 21, 2013

Florida Charles DeBats ’56, April 11, 2013 Barry Eddins ’59, July 16, 2013 Robert Merrell ’54, September 30, 2014


Walter Henry ’49, December 25, 2013 Vincent Wolf ’81, March 1, 2014


Roger Brodt ’64, November 26, 2013 Charles Henness ’62, July 3, 2014 Alexander Hrechko ’64, December 8, 2013 Gerry Nelson ’63, February 1, 2014


Harry Bolton ’65, August 3, 2014 Robert Brookshire ’64, January 19, 2014


Iowa State


Jan Shoemaker ’67, August 20, 2013 Chris Wegmann ’80, February 13, 2013

Ronald Bogener ’66, December 10, 2013

Ohio State

Jacksonville State

Coleman Menyhert ’49, July 23, 2013

William Kelly ’42, April 20, 2013 Ernest McCullough ’59, September 11, 2013


Southern California

Allan Kyzer ’82, September 19, 2013

Kansas Harry Reitz ’37, June 19, 2014

Lehigh William Sutton ’66, May 30, 2014

Miami Gordon Braam ’57, June 16, 2014


James Dodson ’58, January 25, 2014 Hal Hefner ’49, November 21, 2013 Earl Patterson ’44, April 1, 2012 J. Patrick Reirdon ’90, August 24, 2014

Lawrence Graven ’56, January 5, 2014


Michael VanDoren ’08, January 7, 2014

Brian Teasdale ’02, June 22, 2014

Oregon State


J. Douglas Bays ’05, August 29, 2014



D. Dick De Line ’50, September 30, 2013


Jeffrey McCarthy ’92, June 19, 2014

Donald Ballew ’51, January 19, 2014 Samuel Denniston ’51, April 3, 2013 Robert B. Helland ’57, June 23, 2013 Alfred Schlicker ’51, January 29, 2013

Mississippi State

Rhode Island

Western Michigan


Ralph Cash ’66, June 23, 2014

Henry Bahrs ’51, February 25, 2014

Thomas Ebrahimi ’14, June 24, 2014

Robert Wathen ’56, August 22, 2012

Keeping in Touch Abracadabra

Born to Brother and Mrs. Erik Fuehrer ’04, a daughter, Nora Sakura, on February 20, 2014.

Appalachian State

daughter Celia, on March 25, 2014. Brother Charles Freeman ’00 received the New Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award at Mississippi State University.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Jason Gardner ’05, a son, Logan Thomas, on February 18, 2014. Born to Brother and Mrs. John MacPherson ’91, a daughter, Laura OliviaMae, on July 19, 2014.



Born to Brother and Mrs. Ryan LaCosse ’06, a son, Cruz Robert, on June 10, 2014.

Brother Alex Casado ’12 married to Amber Colquitt on September 13, 2014.

California Univ-PA

Brother Joshua Shallenberger ’09 married to Laura Ann Temprine on May 25, 2014.

Central Michigan

Born to Brother and Mrs. Jacob Blind ’07, a son, Easton Tucker, on June 23, 2014. Born to Brother and Mrs. Aaron Holy ’09, a son, Abram Michael, on July 9, 2014. Brother Adam Militello ’10 married to Laura Hamilton on June 21, 2014. Brother Tanner Smoker ’11 married to Kelsey Sinke on August 24, 2013.

East Stroudsburg

Brother Jason Doniloski ’09 married to Nicole Russinia on June 27, 2014. Brother August Meyer ’08 married to Maggie Herzong on July 18, 2014.

Eastern Illinois

Brother Russell Griffin ’67 married to Robert Cipponeri on August 14, 2008, marriage recognized in Illinois on June 1, 2014.

Ferris State

Brother KoeKen Ong ’99, married to Jamie Lyne Cartwright-Huss on June 8, 2014.

Florida State

Brother Richard Bynum ’92 named Executive Vice President and Head of PNC Bank’s small business banking division. Born to Brother and Mrs. Charles Freeman ’00, a

Born to Brother and Mrs. Michael Solis ’03, a son, Logan, on May 11, 2014.

Illinois State

Kansas State

Born to Brother and Mrs. Andy Garcia ’99, a son, Graeme Eoghan, on March 22, 2014. Born to Brother and Mrs. Russell Giesen ’06, a daughter, Harper James, on February 26, 2014. Brother Brian Lindstrom ’96 has achieved level of Principal at Burns & McDonnell Engineering Firm. Born to Brother and Mrs. Aaron Marshall ’99, a daughter, Mallory, on April 29, 2014.


Born to Brother and Mrs. Justin Ittmann ’06, a son, James Thomas, on June 14, 2014. Born to Brother and Mrs. Blake Winchell ’06, a son, Brennan Beatty, on September 24, 2013.

Long Beach

Born to Brother and Mrs. Milton Arcos ’03, a son, Mateo, on February 12, 2014. Born to Brother and Mrs. Javier Enriquez ’03, a son, Bryce, on March 22, 2014. Brother Roberto Garcia ’01 elected Mayor of Long Beach on June 3, 2014.

Louisiana Tech

Born to Brother and Mrs. Justin Woodman ’94, a son, Wellington James, on February 24, 2014.


Brother Darrell McTague ’11 married to Megan Boselli on August 15, 2014.


Born to Brother and Mrs. Lee Jacobsen ’99, a son, Benjamin on June 20, 2014..

Brother Lance Anderson ’01 married to Tracy Haus on June 6, 2014. Born to Brother and Mrs. Jonathan Heinz ’02, a daughter, Kennedy Margaret, on June 2, 2014.

Mallmann on November 9, 2013. Born to Brother and Mrs. Cory Nadler ’11, a son, Elijah John, on October 20, 2012. Born to Brother and Mrs. John Howell ’09, a son, Heston Robert Reis, on May 19, 2012.

New Haven

Southern California

Born to Brother and Mrs. Scott Gleason ’06, a son, Logan Gunnar, on May 28, 2014. Brother Sean Moriarty ’11 married to Meagan Rowe on August 31, 2014. Born to Brother and Mrs. Brian Smith ’99, a son, Jack, on March 26, 2014.

New Mexico State

Born to Brother and Mrs. Ben Baldwin ’02, a daughter, Elliot Grace Kealani, on March 30, 2014 Born to Brother and Mrs. Brian Kelley ’02, a son, Jack, on March 1, 2014. Born to Brother and Mrs. Brian Norquist ’00, a daughter, Carolina Bray and a son, Hudson Collins, on June 7, 2014. Born to Brother and Mrs. Gregory Sand ’98, a son, Luca Anthony, on June 29, 2014.

Brother Christopher Siciliano ’10 married to April Freeman on August 15, 2014.

Southern Illinois

Born to Brother and Mrs. Ryan Garth ’96, a son, Easton Ryan, on March 25, 2014.


Born to Brother and Mrs. RC Damle ’01, a daughter, Aariane, on July 30, 2014.

Truman State

Born to Brother and Mrs. Thomas Clark ’08, a son, James Thomas, on February 14, 2014. Brother Matthew Decker ’07 married to Alison Schulteis on June 21, 2014. Brother Nick Gross ’13 married to Laura Schroeder on August 23, 2014.

Virginia Commonwealth

Northern Illinois

Born to Brother and Mrs. Brian Ricker ’97, a son, Nathaniel George, on March 25, 2014.

Ohio State

Brother William Harris ’81 married to Angela Ainsworth on June 13, 2014. Born to Brother and Mrs. Christopher Petrola ’03, a daughter, Vittoria Elizabeth, on May 18, 2014. Brother Scott Plunkett ’10, married to Lizzie Leigh on August 2, 2014. Born to Brother and Mrs. Brett Stoll ’04, a daughter, Harper Ann, on August 11, 2014.


Brother John Gaunt ’13 married to Kate Rubino on September 26, 2013. Born to Brother and Mrs. Justin Witmer ’08, a son, Calvin Douglas, on February 12, 2014.

Southeast Missouri

Brother Mark Breihan ’12 married to Kelley

Brother Shaun Miller ’02 married Margo VanderBurg on March 22, 2014. Brother Matthew Braydich ’03 married to Rachel Cort on March 28, 2014. Brother Travis Page ’00 married to Corbin Dunlap on January 11, 2014.


Brother Clayton Freeman ’10 married to Lauren Greer on June 25, 2014.

Western Carolina

Born to Brother and Mrs. James Caron ’09, a son, Luke Harrison, on August 29, 2014. Born to Brother and Mrs. Lamar Hicks ’94, a son, Parker Lamar, on March 20, 2014. Brother James Holt ’94 married to Miranda Motley on July 27, 2014. Born to Brother and Mrs. Chad Smith ’02, a daughter, Grace Elizabeth, on August 19, 2014.

Farewell & Parting Oklahoma




James D. Dodson ’58 Nov. 29, 1936 - Jan. 25, 2014 Excerpt from the Santa Barbara News-Press:

Jim was born in Ray City, Oklahoma and spent most of his childhood in northeastern Oklahoma. Jim met his wife Jeannie while attending the University of Oklahoma. They were happily married for 56 years until Jeannie’s passing in October 2012. Jim’s extensive success in business included chief executive positions at several large public and private companies. Upon his retirement from the corporate world at 47, Jim pursued his entrepreneurial passions as a private equity investor stewarding promising companies and young executives. Jim and Jeannie had searched the country for their ideal place to live out their golden years and chose the Santa Ynez Valley. While living in the Santa Ynez Valley Jim and Jeannie had the opportunity to share their success and fully engage their passion for philanthropic causes both directly and through the Dodson Foundation within the local community, educational institutions and student scholarships.

Henry Hartsfield ’54 Nov. 21, 1933 - Jul. 17, 2014 NASA Astronaut and proud Delta Chi brother Henry “Hank” Hartsfield, who in 1984 commanded the maiden mission of the space shuttle Discovery, died on July 17, 2014 at the age of 80. Hartsfield’s death came as a result of complications from back surgery he had several months prior. Hartsfield is survived by his wife Judy Frances Massey, daughter Judy, and two grandchildren. Additionally, Hartsfield’s photograph sits proudly on display at Delta Chi’s International Headquarters along with a badge that was flown in space.

Our Brothers Who Serve. We Salute You! James Madison: Brother G. Nicholas Perkinson ’05 is currently stationed at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri as an active duty Army Captain. He has been deployed twice to Afghanistan.



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Thomas J. Clark, Alberta ’15 Johnathan Harris Nelson, American ’16 Kameron Steven Simmons, American ’16 Alexander Hayden Lipe, Appalachian State ’15 Joseph A. Martin, Arizona State ’17 Nile Gregorio, Arizona State ’13 Revy Nicholson, Arizona State ’15 Sebastian Alfonso Lopez Pineros, III, Arizona State ’17 Taylor Preston, Arizona State ’15 Jake Schwartz, Auburn ’16 Caleb Amason, Auburn AM Alexander Townsley, Auburn ’17 Cody Alexander Bonds, Auburn ’17 Norman Chen, Auburn ’15 Zachary Donovan St. Clair, Auburn ’16 Lin Ming Chen, Augusta ’15 Cody Allen Woods, Augusta ’16 Devin L. Chesser, Augusta ’17 Ian Chandler Blair Smith, Augusta ’17 Marcos Gabriel Casado, Augusta ’14 Phillip Michael Austin, Augusta ’16 Dominick Aaron Grizzaffi, Augusta ’17 Lucas Andrew Mandella, Behrend ’16 Brandon Joseph Esser, Behrend ’16 Robert Eric Gorka, Behrend ’17 William Bryce, Bryant ’15 Dean Nichols, Bryant ’16 Alexander James Campbell, Cal Poly ’15 Brodie Christopher Martin, Cal Poly ’17 Jordan Michael Lippincott, Cal Poly ’14 Justin Parker Rajah, Cal Poly ’17 Kellyn Posten, Cal Poly ’15 Ryan Lee Murphy, Cal Poly ’15 Roger Antonio Vigliotti, California Univ-PA ’16 Myles Douglas McCauley, California Univ-PA ’16 Andrew Ritosa, Case Western Reserve ’15 Diego Waxemberg, Case Western Reserve ’15 Jonathan William Onorato, Case Western Reserve ’14 Manoj Ranganathan, Case Western Reserve ’16 Neal Driscoll, Case Western Reserve ’16 Connor Toomey, Case Western Reserve ’15 Kevin Wang, Case Western Reserve ’17 Timothy Allen Watkins, Case Western Reserve ’17 Christopher Michael Koziara, Central Michigan ’15 Zachary P. Ernat, Central Michigan ’14 Dalton Jeffrey Culler, Charlotte ’16 Jared Kutay Tollerson, Charlotte ’16 Steven Reiss, Clemson ’15 Demond K. King, Corpus Christi ’15 Ulises Israel Avalos, Corpus Christi ’15 Alexander Kegels, Davis ’14 Andrew Oeth, Davis ’15 Jett Lewis, Davis ’16 Michael Miller, Davis ’17 Phillip Thomas Gleason, Davis ’13 Stephen Schiller, Davis ’17 Nathan Andrew Stoecklein, Duquesne ’14 William Chappell Whitley, East Carolina ’15 Abraham Gonzalez, East Carolina ’15 John Hauth, East Stroudsburg ’14 Phuong Le, East Stroudsburg ’16 Tom Carvagno, East Stroudsburg ’14 Riley Corpac, East Stroudsburg ’15 Christopher Joseph West, Eastern Illinois ’17 Nicholas Evans, Eastern Illinois ’16 Joahny Montalvo, Eastern Illinois ’14 Alexander P. Santini, Embry-Riddle ’15 Dane Berger, Embry-Riddle ’17 Michael Lemonie, Embry-Riddle ’16 Tony Khoury, Embry-Riddle ’16 Christopher Peltier, Ferrum ’14 James Gresham Carleton, Ferrum ’14 Wesley Franklin, Ferrum ’15 Andrew F. Giacini, Florida ’15 A.J. Tucker, Florida ’14

Adam Joseph Silver, Florida ’14 Adam Joyce, Florida ’15 Adam Palmer Wexler, Florida ’17 Alex Polidan, Florida ’17 Alexander Penniman, Florida ’17 Andres Schwarz, Florida ’16 Andrew Jaramillo, Florida ’16 Andrew Kenneth Reich, Florida ’15 Andrew Michael Phillips, Florida ’15 Andrew Simpson, Florida ’14 Anthony Ryan Smith, Florida ’15 Armani Abreu, Florida ’16 Beau Doerr, Florida ’17 Ben Vance, Florida ’16 Blake Harris, Florida ’16 Blake Pfeifer, Florida ’16 Brandon Joseph Chavez, Florida ’14 Brendan James Nicholson, Florida ’17 Brian Bell, Florida ’16 Bryan Padron, Florida ’16 Burgay Staley, Florida ’17 Cameron Spencer, Florida ’16 Casey Foote, Florida ’16 Casey Robert Kracht, Florida ’15 Charles Lewandowski, Florida ’16 Charlie Jordan, Florida ’17 Chris Cerreta, Florida ’17 Christian Armand Endrigian, Florida ’17 Christopher Cannizzaro, Florida ’17 Christopher Dela Cruz, Florida ’15 Christopher Olson, Florida ’16 Clayton Colt Mamele, Florida ’16 Corey S. Harpe, Florida ’18 Daniel R. Hodgkins, Florida ’17 Daniel Schwartz, Florida ’15 Darin Jagnarine, Florida ’16 David A. Mussat, Florida ’14 Davis Michael Beasley, Florida ’15 Devin Bostwick, Florida ’15 Dylan Pete, Florida ’14 Edward Tischler, Florida ’17 Eric Douglas Warner, Florida ’15 Evan Wilder, Florida ’17 Harish Tummala, Florida ’15 Ian Bellard, Florida ’15 Ian MacCallum, Florida ’17 Ian Ross Gardner, Florida ’14 Jackson Hunter, Florida ’17 Jacob R. Peek, Florida ’17 Jake R. de Leon, Florida ’17 Jake Woodbury, Florida ’17 James Keithahn, Florida ’17 Jared Coldiron, Florida ’15 Joe Wagner, Florida ’16 Joel Rivera, Florida ’17 Jonathan Battle, Florida ’14 Jorge Escarpita, Florida ’15 Joseph Garfunkel, Florida ’17 Joshua Jalal Gashti, Florida ’15 Julian Ginori, Florida ’16 Kevin Conley, Florida ’14 Kyle Carr, Florida ’14 Kyle Pestano, Florida ’14 Logan Riley Goede, Florida ’17 Matt Fuchs, Florida ’13 Matthew Girello, Florida ’16 Matthew McCastlain, Florida ’14 Matthew Riordan, Florida ’16 Matthew Thalhamer, Florida ’14 Michael Healy, Florida ’14 Michael Kracht, Florida ’17 Michael R. Bennett, Florida ’16 Michael Raffaelli, Florida ’15 Nico Angel Tuckfield, Florida ’17 Rahsaan Simon, Florida ’16

Ramon Pena, Florida ’17 Richie Gallione, Florida ’15 Robert A. Weil, III, Florida ’14 Roberto Manuel Mercado, Florida ’15 Samuel Austin Maruniak, Florida ’16 Samuel C. Scudder, Florida ’14 Samuel Richards, Florida ’15 Sean McKenna, Florida ’17 Shane M. McCann, Florida ’13 Shane McCartin, Florida ’17 Sorrel Thomson, Florida ’17 Stephen Goldie, Florida ’17 Steven Cutler, Florida ’17 Taylor Stofft, Florida ’14 Teg Uppal, Florida ’15 Thomas Murphy, Florida ’17 Tsuyoshi Ikura, Florida ’16 Tyler Craig, Florida ’15 Tyler David Emmons, Florida ’14 Tyler Mosley, Florida ’17 Zachary Tyler Stanley, Florida ’14 Jason Gonzalez, Florida State ’17 Mark Daugherty, Florida State ’15 Tyler Vaal, Florida State ’17 Brian Marquez, Florida State ’16 Michael D. McMasters, Fredonia ’13 Abdul Mohammad, Fredonia ’16 Brandon James Bunch, Fredonia ’17 Christopher Murphy, Fredonia ’14 Carl Raffa, Fredonia ’15 Devin Nimhan Salgado, Fullerton ’17 Dominik Daniel Dobrowolski, Fullerton ’16 Tri-Tinh Nguyen, Fullerton ’17 Zachary Hitchcock, Gannon ’15 Christopher Andrew Jones, George Mason ’11 Rittik Guha, George Mason ’13 James Kinney, George Mason ’14 Rittik Guha, George Mason ’13 Andrew Hunter Burt, Georgia Southern ’15 Will Bright, Georgia Southern ’16 Robert Coleman Beall, Georgia Southern ’14 Chris Purdy, Georgia Southern ’16 Greg Schroeder, Georgia Southern ’14 Guerry Cason Sherwood, Georgia Southern ’15 Andrew Robert McCarthy Hoeft, Georgia Tech ’17 Michael Andrew McLaughlin, Gorham State ’16 Aarion Cuffee, Gorham State ’15 Christopher B. Morrill, Gorham State ’15 Christopher David Cookson, Gorham State ’15 Dylan Trott, Gorham State ’15 Ian Dalton Shaw, Gorham State ’17 John Marshall, Hayward ’13 Patrick Feltz, Hayward ’17 Edgar Tolentino, Hayward ’14 Edwin Alarid, Hayward ’14 Hidetomo Joel Komorita, Hayward ’16 James Dixon, Hayward ’14 Dominic Michael Carazza, Hobart ’15 Unricka Jenkins Jr., Huntsville ’14 Freddie Alvarado, Illinois State ’15 Jason Swift, Illinois State ’16 Adam Jachimowicz, Illinois State ’15 Cody Walker, Illinois State ’15 Jack Elliot Van Marter, Illinois State ’16 Jacob Reid Weiss, Illinois State ’15 Ryan Geary, Illinois State ’17 Kevin Mallen, Indiana ’15 Matthew Daniel Mayes, Indiana ’17 Tyler Napier, Indiana ’14 Greg Adkins, Iowa State ’16 Jason Alexander Katz, Jacksonville State ’16 Jacob J. Bearden, Jacksonville State ’15 Christopher Ryan Regula, Johnstown ’16 Zachary Logan Flesher, Johnstown ’16 Zachary Logan Flesher, Johnstown ’16

Luke A. Trotz, Johnstown ’14 Tyler Andrew Kowalski, Johnstown ’15 Rhett A. Jones, Kansas State ’13 Andrew William Woolley, Kansas State ’15 Zachary Stroth, Kansas State ’15 Trevor Broz, Kansas State ’16 Joel Carne, Kettering-A ’15 Phillip Daniel Moffat, Kettering-A ’18 Arsh Ketan Shah, Lake Forest ’16 Ayden Anthony Lopez, Lake Forest ’15 Charlie Toth, Lake Forest ’14 Tyler Alexander Haberman, Lake Forest ’14 Luke Darling, Lehigh ’14 Quincy J. Barnhill, Livingston ’14 Curtis L. Witherington, Livingston ’14 Bob Nguyen, Long Beach ’16 Eric Sanchez, Long Beach ’15 Mario Paul Ayala, Long Beach ’15 Conner Maloney, Louisiana Tech ’15 Madison Wayne Bottoms, Louisiana Tech ’16 Nelson Duran, Louisiana Tech ’15 Bradley Guin, LSU ’16 Dominick Patrick Ranallo, Marquette ’16 Mitch Powers, Marquette ’15 Jeffrey Dickerson, Marshall ’15 Jordan Harris, Marshall ’15 Johnny Layne Midkiff, Marshall ’17 Tyler Jerome Schepers, Maryland ’16 Thomas Foscue Beard, Massachusetts ’17 Raymond John Pedrick, Massachusetts ’15 Benjamin O’Brien, Massachusetts ’15 David Jonathon Findlay, Massachusetts ’15 Nicholas Daniel Rivelli, Massachusetts ’16 Raymond John Pedrick, Massachusetts ’15 Thomas Foscue Beard, Massachusetts ’17 Gage Fuller, Massachusetts ’16 Joseph Anthony Capobianco, Massachusetts ’17 Matthew John Cronican, Massachusetts ’14 Matthew Scott Knobloch, Massachusetts ’16 Sebastian Geoffroy, Michigan State ’16 Anthony Wozniak, Michigan State ’16 Kyle Griffiths, Michigan State ’14 Quinn Miller, Michigan State ’16 Theodore Charles File, Michigan State ’15 Alexander Kenneth Buerck, Minnesota ’16 Gregory Paul Dryke, Minnesota ’14 Henry Madden, Minnesota ’14 Connor Scott Johnson, Minnesota ’16 Justin Roux, Missouri State ’16 Nico Barrios, Montclair ’14 Christopher Kevin Sang, New Haven ’16 Christopher Spillane, New Haven ’15 Andrew Len Jones, North Alabama ’13 Brennan Cypher, North Alabama ’17 Timothy LeVan, North Alabama ’14 Michael S. P. Cole, North Alabama ’15 Dustin Lee Harrison, North Alabama ’15 Austin Bullock, North Alabama ’17 Dillon Daigneault, North Georgia ’15 Jeremy Michael LaBranche, North Georgia ’15 Cody Christopher Holwell, North Georgia ’15 Cody Robert Waits, North Georgia ’16 Jerry Bradley, North Georgia ’16 Mason Brauzer, North Georgia ’14 Jackson Lee Henry, North Georgia ’14 Calvin David Martin, Northern Arizona ’16 Conner James Flood, Northern Arizona ’17 Dustin Scott Rich, Northern Arizona ’17 Kenton Kong, Northern Arizona ’14 Kevin Watson, Northern Arizona ’15 Zachary Richard Volpo, Northern Arizona ’17 Jason Anthony Rodriguez, Northern Arizona ’17 Alexander Wojick, Northern Colorado ’15 Christopher Mihovilovich, Northern Illinois ’16 Christian Thomas League, Northern Illinois ’15

Gerardo Guadarrama, Northern Illinois ’17 Jesus Vargas, Northern Illinois ’15 Christopher Mihovilovich, Northern Illinois ’16 Erik Charles Williams, Northwest Missouri ’14 Joshua Victor Zeilmann, Northwest Missouri ’16 Robert Edward Bennett, Northwest Missouri ’17 Frank John Tamburello, Northwest Missouri ’15 Jules Cantor, Northwestern ’15 Nicholas James Ohl, Northwestern ’16 Alexander Sebastian Bronder, Northwestern ’15 Andrew McLaughlin, NW Missouri AM Bryan Adams, Ohio State ’14 Anthony Louis Oliveras, Ohio State ’17 Nicholas Ray Evans, Ohio State ’14 Raymond J. Arnold, Ohio State ’17 Will Hess, Ohio State ’17 Zachary Reyes, Ohio State ’14 Brian Alexander Brown, Ohio State ’14 Drew Triplett, Ohio State ’14 Marc Salisbury, Ohio State ’15 Tyler Kooser, Ohio State ’16 Jake I. Greenberg, Oklahoma ’15 Brent Morgan LaCrone, Oklahoma ’15 Jayson Reese Mitchell, Oklahoma ’16 Stephen Merrick Butts, Oklahoma ’17 Eli Wittman, Oregon State AM Chandler Lackey, Oshkosh ’17 Cody D. Yelk, Oshkosh ’14 Joseph Michael Molisani, Pittsburgh ’15 John Tobias, Purdue ’15 Ryan Alexander Frew, Purdue ’17 Spencer Henry Arnsberg, Purdue ’16 Omid Jaafari, Radford ’15 Mark Zingarelli, Rhode Island ’15 Anthony Asfour, Riverside ’14 Dan Baran, Rutgers ’16 Kenneth Thompson, Rutgers ’16 Luis Castillo, Sacarmento ’16 Prestley Ateh, Sacramento ’14 Joshua Sunder McHenry, Sacramento ’13 Kyle Jackson, Sacramento ’16 Lawrence Ramiro, Sacramento ’15 Logan Anthony Rivera, Sacramento ’16 Shawyan Moosavi, Sacramento ’14 Steven Gomez, Sacramento ’15 Kevin Labao, Sacramento ’17 Bryce Kummer, South Dakota State ’14 Nathaniel Lee Condelli, South Dakota State ’16 Jacob Sutton, South Dakota State ’16 Jacob Sutton, South Dakota State ’16 Kishan Patel, South Florida ’14 Mikhail Ivanovskiy, South Florida ’16 Thomas Joseph Freeman, South Florida ’16 Alexander Eaton, Southeast Missouri ’14 Jon Murphy, Southeast Missouri ’16 Jonathan Heiland, Southeast Missouri ’15 Justin Robert Greene, Southeast Missouri ’15 Marc N. Torbit, Southeast Missouri ’15 Matthew Garret Heitkamp, Southeast Missouri ’16 Tony Rushing, Southeast Missouri ’16 Zachary D. Mank, Southern California ’15 Evan Wendon Kort, Southern California ’16 James E. Luttrull, Southern California ’17 Kevin C. Fennell, Southern California ’16 Adam Q. Borges, Southern Illinois ’17 Christopher David Borges, Southern Illinois ’14 David Lotsof, Southern Illinois ’16 Gerard A. Dudzinski, Southern Illinois ’17 Raleigh Caldwell, Southern Illinois AM David Curkin, Southern Illinois AM Josue Dominguez, Southern Illinois AM Ryan Gallagher, Southern Illinois AM Joshua Junger, Southern Illinois AM Keegan O’Leary, Southern Illinois AM Luke Poruba, Southern Illinois AM

Aaron Tungol, Southern Illinois ’15 Christopher Jenkins, Southern Illinois ’13 Cody Gonterman, Southern Illinois ’16 David James Schau, Southern Illinois ’14 Dejon Marquis Hill, Southern Illinois ’16 Eric Rusnak, Southern Illinois ’17 Erik D. Graves, Southern Illinois ’14 Jakub Jan Rusek, Southern Illinois ’14 Luke Whitaker, Southern Illinois ’15 Michal P. Junik, Southern Illinois ’17 Patrick Lugowski, Southern Illinois ’15 Shane P. Newman, Southern Illinois ’15 Tarren K. Waugh, Southern Illinois ’16 M. P. Hayes, Spring Hill ’16 Sebastian Arias, Spring Hill ’16 James Kizziah, Spring Hill ’15 Matthew Rohloff, Stephen F. Austin ’16 Malachi A. Kirkpatrick, Stephen F. Austin ’14 Perry Matthew Dornbush, Syracuse ’16 Brandon Michael Ralston, Tarleton ’15 Charles Nolan Beal, Tarleton ’16 Collin Parsons, Tarleton ’15 Connor Max Wagner, Tarleton ’16 Dustin Levi Mitcham, Tarleton ’16 Lance Harris, Tarleton ’16 James Alexander Sparks, Tarleton ’15 Aaron McAughan, Texas ’17 Jeffrey Davis, Texas ’16 Nathaniel Aleczander Andersen, Texas ’16 Tho Phu Dao, Texas ’16 William Barfield, Texas ’15 Jeremy Jones, Texas Tech ’15 Adrian Rodriguez, Texas Tech ’16 Damian Castillo, Texas Tech ’17 Jeremy Jones, Texas Tech ’15 Jeremy Jones, Texas Tech ’15 Andrew Joseph Humansky, Tri-State ’14 Andrew Wong, Tri-State ’15 Daniel Burns, Tri-State ’15 Hayden LeCount, Tri-State ’15 Jeffrey L. Schnipke, Tri-State ’14 Michael Thomas Stabler, Tri-State ’15 Scott Evans, Tri-State ’15 Taylor Wisler, Tri-State ’15 Xavier Alan Colter-Mosiman, Tri-State ’16 Daniel Aaron Schelinski, Tri-State ’16 David Roach, Tri-State ’15 Robert Hock, Troy State ’16 Tyler Grogan, Troy State ’14 David Wagg Cannon, Troy State ’15 Ryan Thomas Burkhardt, USP ’17 Yosef Chaim Nissim, USP ’18 Bryce Anthony Korf, Washburn ’15 Connor England, Washburn ’16 Ivan Moya, Washburn ’14 Mackenzie C. Sloan, Washburn ’15 Timothy James Lake, Washburn ’14 Steven T. McCutcheon, Washington State ’15 Brian L. Schwabenland, West Chester ’16 Jordan Theodore Stenroos, West Chester ’15 Maxwell W. Tamm, West Chester ’15 Joshua Blake Jones, West Georgia ’17 Andrew W. Johnson, Whitewater ’14 Christian Avitia, Whitewater ’15 Joseph Scimeca, Whitewater ’16 Nicholas Stark, Whitewater ’17 Dustin Craig Syrjanen, Whitewater ’16 Hunter James Kunz, Wilmington ’14 Mitchell Brothers, Windsor ’17 Colin Matthew Flynn, Wisconsin ’16 Wesley Carter, Wisconsin ’17

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