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Volume 112 | Issue 4

IN THIS ISSUE Delta Chi Fraternity Selects Keith Shriver as 9th Executive Director & CEO In Memory of Jimmie “Doc” Underwood, Kansas 1951 • 2016 Award Winners

Delta Chi h


A recap of the 60th International Convention

Inside The Quarterly Volume 112, Issue 4

FEATURES elta Chi’s 9th 4 DExecutive Director

& CEO: Keith Shriver, Florida 1979

Learn a bit more about Keith and what he looks forward to when serving Delta Chi in his new role.

n Memory of 6 IJimmie “Doc” Underwood, Kansas 1951

Without a doubt, Brother Underwood was a part of touching many lives across generations, and shaping the Delta Chi that we know and love today. We thank Doc for his distinguished service to the fraternity.



s we recently finished celebrating our 126th year of existence, please close your eyes and go on a brief journey with me. Picturing your life now, think about: • The great events, road trips and memories you have in Delta Chi; • The future weddings and other, major life events of your brothers that you will be part of; • Your kids playing with the kids of your fraternity brothers in the future; • Growing old hanging around with the old gang of alumni; • All of the new ideas or ways to look at life you have gained from conventions and being around your fraternity brothers; and • The amazing and strong friendships you have made through Delta Chi. That is a pretty sweet world. A reality we would all be very proud to live in. Now, visualize a very different world in which your life exists without Delta Chi.

elta Chi’s 8 D60th International

Start removing all traces of the:

Miss out on Convention this summer? We’ve got you covered with this recap!

• New ideas and beliefs you gained from interacting with your brothers;



2 Letter from the “AA”

3 Upcoming Events

18 Expansion Updates

20 Coast to Coast: RLC Information

22 Keeping in Touch, Farewell and Parting

• Great memories from events and road trips with your brothers;

• Possible future business partners; • Possibilities of growing old together as neighbors; and • Every friendship you have with a fraternity brother, every relationship you made with others because of Delta Chi, and everything you gained from those relationships.

It is amazing how your life would be different if you had not joined Delta Chi. As you can see, the fraternity has already changed your life and you will only continue to notice Delta Chi's impact on you into the future. As a fraternity, we not only impact lives but we are CHANGING lives for the better. This is why the Delta Chi International Fraternity matters. This is why I continue to be involved, dedicating my time and treasure to our beloved fraternity - to ensure we are growing and strengthening a dynamic organization that continues to improve our members' lives. Another way our members have improved the lives of others is through volunteer service in the military. As we honored those who served this past Veterans Day, Delta Chi would especially like to recognize brothers who served in a combat zone by offering them the Delta Chi Men at War Pin. If you have served in a combat zone please do not hesitate to let me know so we can properly recognize your service. Lastly, as we come off of celebrating Founder’s Day, I am pleased to announce, after several decades since it was last produced, the return of the traditional alumni key for sale to Delta Chi alumni. This key charm originally was worn on a chain and could be used to wind a pocket watch. International Headquarters showcases Founder Thomas D. Waktins' alumni key, from which the new key is replicated. Look for further information in the coming weeks about your opportunity to own a piece of history with this traditional alumni key available soon from Delta Chi. As your 53rd “AA”, if there is anything I can do for you please do not hesitate to let me know. In the Bond,

Aaron Otto 53rd “AA” Kansas State 1998 Life Loyal


Delta Chi Quarterly






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DCEF Scholarship Golf Classic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Orlando, FL Appalachian State Alumni Golf Tournament . . Charlotte, NC

Forestry Stewardship Council is a nonprofit organization based in Bonn, Germany that sets global standards for responsible forestry.

JUNE 15 – 18 Emerging Leaders Academy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ithaca, NY

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Q&A with Keith Shriver Florida 1979 Tell us about when you first decided to apply for the role and what made you feel like you would be a good fit for it. I decided to apply almost immediately after learning of Justin’s decision to depart. I was encouraged by some brothers whom I’ve been close to for a number of years. It seemed like a great fit and great decision. Tell us about the interview process and how you prepared for it. The interview process took place over several weeks, in five stages. The search committee selected a nationally-known not-for-profit firm to manage these stages. My first three discussions took place with various members of the firm, including a Skype meeting with the firm’s principal. The last two stages were on-site interviews with the five search committee members. At each stage, all candidates were given specific instructions on what to prepare for the next round, so it was very structured. They asked for certain things to be thought about, gathered and prepared. I utilized many resource items I had in my hard and electronic files, including things from my professional and Delta Chi activities. Tell us a bit about your professional background and how you think it prepared you for this role. My background was a great match for the role. After graduate school, I worked as a Fraternity/Sorority Life advisor at two universities, at the time the drinking age was changing from 19 to 21! The work I’ve done as a Human Resources generalist, manager, director, and later consultant, was excellent preparation. Problem-solving, small group facilitation, writing, presenting, and advising have been part of my professional life for many years.

What do you think are some of the most integral components to successful leadership? Those components must include communication, trust, belief, and action. I must always listen to others and permit them the time to express their thoughts, but also encourage others who may be hesitant to say something. Trust and belief are critical in working with others, and action is what our brotherhood and larger educational community expects of us but will also admire when we truly deliver. Can you share a few fun facts about yourself? I am a classic rocker, and have played music with others for many years. I am a bassist and acoustic guitarist, and own both traditional bass guitars as well as an electric upright. I am hoping to find some type of gig in Iowa City. That will require more effort than the scene in Atlanta. The last project in Atlanta took my out of my classic rock space and into a folk/country/blues fusion thing. I was able to use the upright exclusively for that. It was great. I also support local pet rescue efforts. The IHQ staff has recently reached out to a nearby pet rescue operation north of Iowa City, and we will be working with them on some weekends going forward. This place not only has cats, but has an emu, pythons, giant tortoises, an alligator, and a bear. Alligators in Iowa?!?

What excites you most about serving as the Executive Director & CEO of Delta Chi? It was exciting to return to Iowa City after 34 years, having served previously as an LC and Director of Chapter Services with former Executive Director Ray Galbreth. Those opportunities really propelled my Delta Chi experiences and eventually resulted in my hiring as the ninth Executive Director & CEO. What is most exciting is that I get to work with highly dedicated Delta Chi professionals and administrative staff, many of whom have a significant number of years of collective experience and skill. This was especially critical this year with the Executive Director & CEO transition and our migration to the OmegaFi database and the MyDCHI data environment. What are some of your biggest goals for our organization as you step into this role? The 2021 Strategic Initiatives are our biggest goals, and really, the only goals! It is a detailed roadmap of our commitment to grow and develop over the next five years. It concise and focused and will result in a better Fraternity that makes better use of its tremendous internal resources, primarily its alumni, chapter and colony members. What does being a Delta Chi mean to you? When I think of this question, I am reminded of the first of four principles of the Preamble, which is Friendship. Delta Chi gatherings, formal, informal, large and small, are reunions of best friends. In my 40th year as a Delta Chi, this is even more important to me as an individual. It’s a great way to travel through life!


Delta Chi Quarterly

International Headquarters Staff Members - left to right Back row: Christian Wargo (Director of Communications & Events), Becket Duncan (Director of Fraternity Services), Emily Haworth (Office Administrator), and Keith Shriver (Executive Director & CEO) Front row: Debra Bilskemper (Records & Billing Administrator), Anne Schulte (Accounting Administrator), and Claudia Jansenius (Senior Office Administrator)

In early 2016, 52nd “AA” Miles Washburn and the Fraternity’s Executive Committee were tasked with finding a new Executive Director & CEO to lead Delta Chi after 8th Executive Director Justin Sherman announced that he would be moving on to new opportunities. After a search committee was formed, and several rounds of extensive interviews were conducted, Keith Shriver, Florida 1979 was selected for the role. Keith began his role at Delta Chi International Headquarters on June 30th, 2016. Keith’s career with Delta Chi began in 1976 when he joined the Jacksonville University (FL) colony before transferring to the University of Florida as a sophomore. There he affiliated with the Florida chapter and served as “B”, “C”, AMC, and Region VIII RLC Coordinator. After graduating with a B.S. in Broadcast Journalism, he joined the IHQ staff as a Leadership Consultant and served his second year as Director of Chapter Services. Keith earned a Master’s in Education at Bowling Green State University in 1983, and then went on to serve as a Greek Advisor and Assistant Dean at Emory and Colgate Universities, respectively. Keith has also served Delta Chi in numerous volunteer capacities, as a Vice Regent, Regent, “BB”, ABT President, Housing Corp Board member, “A”s Academy facilitator, and as “CC” from 2012-14. He was inducted into The Order of the White Carnation at the Las Vegas Convention in 2008. Keith also brings more than 25 years of experience in Human Resources to the role, most recently serving as an independent contractor and consultant with Emerson Human Capital Consulting, Inc. When asked about the selection of Keith as the new Executive Director & CEO, 52nd “AA” Miles Washburn emphasized that Delta Chi was in need of the level and length of experience that Keith would be able to bring to the role.

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Delta Chi Quarterly


Jimmie “Doc” Underwood Kansas 1951


t is with heavy hearts that Delta Chis across the globe mourn the passing of Jimmie “Doc” Underwood following the tremendous service he provided to the Fraternity. After 68 years of membership, his work on this earth is complete, and he has moved on to the eternal Higher Court. Without a doubt, Doc provided tremendous service that continuously impacted the course of Delta Chi history. Doc began his lifelong endeavor in 1948 after becoming an associate member at the University of Kansas. He moved into the chapter house immediately, and claimed he, “didn’t leave it for four years.” This holds true to Doc’s involvement throughout his life with Delta Chi, as his commitment to the bond never ceased as time went on. Upon graduating from the University of Kansas in 1951, Doc went on to four years of dental school and two years of serving in the Air Force in Germany. Upon his return to the states, he once again found himself in Lawrence, Kansas – this time opening up his own dental practice. Soon after, Doc would find himself as the “BB” of the Kansas Chapter, a position he would go on to hold for 15 years. He also would attend his first of 26 conventions in the summer of 1960 in Indianapolis. The 1960 convention signaled a large change in governance to Delta Chi. At the time, there was an informal group known as the “XX”. The “XX” was made up of all of the “BB”s from chapters across the nation, meeting during Conventions only. Just two years later at the 1962 Convention, Doc found himself elected the president of the “XX.” Later in the same day, the Fraternity adopted a new governance model, called the Board of Regents, and they dissolved the “XX.” When asked about the experience, Doc claimed “I was half-a-day president of the ‘XX’, and it was probably a good thing.” Following the elimination of the “XX,” the Regent system was adopted, which is the same model still used by the Fraternity today.

Delta Chi Involvement & Recognition Founded the tradition of May Meeting for alumni at the Kansas Chapter Recognized as “BB” Emeritus for 15 years of service in 1977 Served as a Regent three times Attended numerous Regional Leadership Conferences

Just ten years later, Doc Found himself serving as a Regent, and believed that in order to do the job to the best of his ability, he would need some assistance. He requested that the Board of Regents allow him to have a Vice-Regent, and the position was granted, marking the first Vice-Regent position in Delta Chi history. His first Vice-Regent, Nick Gray, Missouri 1956, would become “CC” in 1977, and later be elected “AA.”

Attended 26 International Conventions, having attended his first in 1960

During Doc’s time as an alumnus, he also bared witness to significant financial struggles of the Delta Chi Educational Foundation, including internal struggles for a capital campaign. Becoming involved with the Foundation was not something he had planned on, but after being asked for involvement from Marsh White and George Obear, he did so, claiming, “If those two brothers asked you to do something, you did it, and were glad that they had thought of you.”

Member of the Order of the Shield giving level

During the 1983 Convention in Nashville, Doc was elected President of the Delta Chi Educational Foundation. It was during this service that Doc would go on to lead the Foundation to over $1,000,000 in contributions.

Helped to establish Delta Chi at the University of South Florida in 2000 and served as “BB”

His immense service to Delta Chi earned him the honors of “BB” Emeritus, and membership in the Order of the White Carnation. When asked about his involvement, Doc stated, “I was happy to be involved and happy to have been given opportunities to serve.” Without a doubt, Brother Underwood was a part of touching many lives across generations, and shaping the Delta Chi that we know and love today. We thank Doc for his distinguished service to the fraternity, and hope that his example encourages all members to hold the core values of Delta Chi, and the notion of a lifelong endeavor true in his honor.

Served as president of the Delta Chi Educational Foundation from 1983 to 1992

Took the Foundation to over $1,000,000 in contributions Inducted in to the Order of the White Carnation in 1985

Assisted in establishing a chapter, twice, at Kansas State University Served on numerous ABT and House Corporation Boards Co-authored with Dr. Chris Miller, Kansas 1981, The Kansas Legacy, a history of the Kansas Chapter from 1900 to 1993 Had, with wife Jeanne, son Jeffrey, Kansas 1980, and two grandsons, Patrick, Kansas 2005, and Robert, Kansas 2014

Thank you to Aaron Otto, Kansas State 1998, “AA”, for his contributions to this article. Friendship | Character | Justice | Education


Delta Chi’s


Delta Chi Quarterly


elta Chi’s 60th International Convention kicked off on the evening of Wednesday, July 27th at Louisville Slugger Field, home of the Louisville Bats. Brothers and guests from across the globe gathered at the Hall of Fame Pavilion to reconnect, meet new friends, and get excited for what was to come throughout the rest of the convention. Attendees were welcomed by 52nd “AA”, Miles Washburn, and enjoyed refreshments and a venue that would prepare everyone for an exciting baseball game later that evening. The convention attendees later moved to the main stadium at Slugger Field to watch the Louisville Bats defeat the Charlotte Knights 4-0. The real highlight of the game however, was 52nd “AA”, Miles Washburn throwing out the first pitch. This was surely a night to remember for all convention attendees and set the stage for a fantastic convention to come! Normal convention business kicked off on Thursday morning with regional caucuses where attendees were able to receive updates on the state of each region, learn about delegate voting procedures for the convention, and hear from all candidates running for international office of the Fraternity. Once regional caucuses wrapped up, attendees proceeded to the ballroom for general fraternity business sessions. Fraternity dignitaries and international officers were introduced by 52nd “AA”, Miles Washburn, and the business began shortly after. Visit dxc16recap for updates on all fraternity business voted on at convention.


Aaron Otto, “AA” Kansas State 1998

Tom Carroll, “CC” Hayward 1998

Ron Martin, “DD” New Haven 1987


Tom Horowitz

Michigan State 1987

John Shelby

Sacramento 1986

And a special thank you for the incredible service dedicated by the outgoing Executive Committee, with Miles Washburn, Massachusetts 1987, now serving as the Retiring “AA”, with past “AA” and sitting “CC” RC Damle, Texas 2001, ending his long and successful tenure on the Board of Regents.

Friendship | Character | Justice | Education


2016 Convention Honoree

Father Arthur F. Humphrey Montclair Alumni 1990

Fraternity Dignitaries Present “AA” “CC” “DD” Regent, Region 1 Regent, Region 2 Regent, Region 3 Regent, Region 4 Regent, Region 5 Regent, Region 6 Regent, Region 7 Regent, Region 8 Regent, Region 9 Parliamentarian Executive Director & CEO “FF”

Miles Washburn RC Damle Aaron Otto Shaun Hollenbeck Tom Carroll Kenny Sooter Matt Gorney Jeff Broderick Justin Donnelly Ron Martin Ron Stowers Doug Chananie Donald LaPlante Keith Shriver Fr. Anthony Vinson

Massachusetts 1987 Texas 2001 Kansas State 1998 Washington 2011 Hayward 1998 Texas Tech 2004 Kansas State 2006 Illinois State 1981 Kent State 2002 New Haven 1987 Florida State 1981 E. Carolina 2007 USC Alumni 1981 Florida 1979 NW Missouri 1998

Members of the Order of the White Carnation Present Gregory Francis Hauser, Esq. Richard N. McKaig Michael L. Carroll Monte L. Johnson John G. Tunila Edward Fusco, Jr. Kenneth L. Shepard Steven R. Michels Keith R. Shriver John L. Mica Paul W. Bohlman Donald E. LaPlante Charles A. Mancuso Patrick J. Phelan Hamilton B. Henderson Patrick F. Weber John M. Shelby Thomas S. Horowitz

Michigan State 1975 Ball State 1966 Auburn 1971 Ohio State 1969 Connecticut 1981 Embry-Riddle 1973 Long Beach 1977 Marquette 1987 Florida 1979 Florida 1967 Ohio State 1970 Southern California Alumni 1981 Florida State 1984 Embry-Riddle 1972 Northwest Missouri Alumni 1982 Oklahoma 1987 Sacramento 1986 Michigan State 1987

New Founders Present Roy R. Payne, Jr. Steven R. Michels David Kershner Weber F. Phil Yang Robert D. Hendershot Patrick F. Weber Miles Washburn Michael L. Carroll Lyle E. Sprinkle Edward Fusco, Jr. K. Spence Price John Sevier Ziegler

Cornell 1952 Marquette 1987 Cornell 1968 Abracadabra 1980 Purdue 1972 Oklahoma 1987 Massachusetts 1987 Auburn 1971 Georgia Tech 1996 Embry-Riddle 1973 Embry-Riddle 1971 Louisiana Tech 2001

B”s Present

Past “AA”s Present 42nd “AA” 43rd “AA” 44th “AA” 45th “AA” 46th “AA” 47th “AA” 48th “AA” 49th “AA” 50th “AA” 51st “AA”


Delta Chi Quarterly

Larry P. Audelhelm Gregory F. Hauser Michael L. Carroll Larry K. Nothnagel Paul W. Bohlman William A. Williams Charles A. Mancuso Steven P. Bossart Thomas S. Horowitz Ratheen C. Damle

Iowa 1971 Michigan State 1975 Auburn 1971 Truman State 1979 Ohio State 1970 Gannon 1983 Florida State 1984 Kent State 1990 Michigan State 1987 Texas 2001

Chuck Wade Larry Audlehelm Arthur Sutton Smith Boyd Scott Klinefelter Bill Williams Kevin Pitchford Mark Sluss Charles Cheatham Alan Udell Patrick Alderdice Mark Sexton William Jackson Gregory Otten James Allman Kevin Emery Mark Schramka Suraj Maraboyina Steve Ankeny Aaron Gilbert Nikolaus Kern Cody Schrock Steven Haught Brian Lane Joseph Landisio Louis Hoerrner Steven Tambon Edward Chavez Tyler Craig Cody Schrock

Long Beach 1970 Iowa 1971 Dalton State 1972 Livingston 1974 Northern Iowa 1976 Gannon 1983 West Virginia Tech 1986 Missouri State 1987 Louisiana Tech 1988 Wisconsin 1991 Ball State 1992 Missouri 1992 Mankato 1995 American 1996 Embry-Riddle 1996 California Univ-PA 1999 Northwestern Alumni 1999 Miami 2001 Tri-State 2001 VCU 2002 Southern Illinois 2006 Oregon State 2007 Georgia Southern 2009 California Univ-PA 2007 New Haven 2010 Kennesaw 2010 USP 2012 Case Western Reserve 2012 Florida 2015 Oregon State Alumni

The Following Men Achieved Notable Giving Levels by the 2016 Convention: Jason E. Sisk Craig A. Carp Charles R. Wade Larry K. Nothnagel Justin C. Donnelly Charles A. Cheatham Richard H. Paulsen

New Mexico State Beaufort Long Beach Truman State Kent State Louisiana Tech Embry-Riddle

Founders’ Circle Founders’ Circle Founders’ Circle Kimball’s Club Kimball’s Club Kimball’s Club Sir Edward Coke Club

The Convention continued on Friday after a day full of fraternity business. Several attendees started their day by attending the annual Kimball Classic Golf Tournament at the Seneca Golf Course. Other attendees were excited to attend the first keynote session, “Creating a Rape Culture-Free Brotherhood” by Duane De Four. The day continued with a variety of breakout sessions ranging on topics from chapter finance, to alumni support, and even methods of how to take home what attendees learn at convention and implement it in their chapter. Attendees were also able to celebrate the success of members, chapters, and colonies across the United States and Canada during the annual achievements luncheon, where core competency, individual, and Delta Chi Educational Foundation award and scholarship winners were announced. Later that evening, attendees were present for the “Endeavor” program, where the exciting new components of Delta Chi were announced, including the 2016 Emerging Leaders Academy taking place in Cornell, NY; the winners of various composite and alumni awards; and the number of generous alumni who achieved new giving levels with the Delta Chi Educational Foundation. The evening wrapped up with various receptions to celebrate the accomplishments of all award winners.

Travis J. Covey, Esq. New Mexico State Ronald J. Martin New Haven Andrew R. Haggerty New Mexico State Elliott Shubert Kansas City Jason N. Butler Central Missouri Bobby L. Dewrell Troy State Donald Turk Florida

Sir Edward Coke Club Tie of Brotherhood Tie of Brotherhood Tie of Brotherhood Tie of Brotherhood Leges Leges

The final day of Convention commenced with a keynote session presented by Aeriel and Kyle Ashlee discussing Brave Leadership, and what it truly means to “Lead the Pack.” The day proceeded with more educational sessions, with a break in the middle for the ever popular “Manners Matter” etiquette luncheon, presented by Lori Bossart. The final day of convention wrapped up with the “Lead the Pack Reception” and closing banquet, where several exciting announcements were made. Congressman John Mica also joined the convention delegation for the evening. The banquet kicked off by presenting the biennial check to The V Foundation for Cancer Research for $490,000, bringing the exciting news that since partnering with The V Foundation in 2006, Delta Chi chapters and colonies have raised over $1,000,000 for the cause! The evening concluded with recognition and installation of the Fraternity’s new Executive Committee, “AA” Aaron Otto, “CC” Tom Carroll, and “DD” Ron Martin. Of course, no evening nor convention would be complete without the Bond Song with all brothers and guests involved, and that is just what happened. Thank you to all who attended the 60th International Convention, and we hope you will join us as we “Reach New Heights” in Denver in 2018!

To learn more about the Delta Chi Emerging Leaders Academy, visit

Friendship | Character | Justice | Education



Awards & Recognition


t is the Fraternity’s goal to recognize and promote the achievements of our chapters, colonies, alumni and advisors on a chapter, colony, regional and international level. The awards and recognition program allows chapters and colonies the opportunity to showcase their outstanding or improved performance over the past academic year in each of the Fraternity’s core competencies. Individual awards recognize the brothers and friends of Delta Chi for their outstanding service to the Fraternity in a variety of capacities. To be eligible for awards, chapters or colonies must be current on all bills to the Fraternity as of June 1 and must not be on any level of risk management sanction during the year of awards consideration. Once all applications are received, the Fraternity staff

objectively evaluates each and every application before recognizing the efforts of our chapters and colonies based upon Delta Chi’s eight core competencies for success: • Advising & Governance • Alumni Relations • Financial Management • Housing

• Involvement • Manpower • Membership Education • Scholarship

There are two categories of awards given for each core competency. The Excellence category denotes a complete mastery of that competency; winners in this category fulfill the many components of each area and often go above and beyond to reach new heights of operations. The Achievement category recognizes chapters and colonies that have made significant improvements in this area of operations.

Delta Chi of the Year David Krane, Indiana 1994 David has set himself apart as one of the leading innovators in business in the 21st century. Of note, David was Google employee #84 when he was hired on as the Director of Global Communications and Public Affairs. In this role, Krane oversaw the company’s communications program worldwide, and was a member of the senior leadership team at Google from a small start-up to a global enterprise. In October 2014 David was named as one of Google Ventures’ (GV) managing partners. GV is the venture capital arm of Alphabet, Inc. They have invested in more than 300 companies that push the edge of what is possible in the fields of life science, healthcare, artificial intelligence, robotics, transportation, cyber security, and agriculture. David is the investor responsible for Uber, Nest Labs, Homeaway, and Blue Bottle Coffee. David received his bachelor of arts in journalism from Indiana University-Bloomington where he was a member of the Indiana chapter. He currently serves on the dean’s advisory board for the IU School of Informatics and Computer Science. Each year, he awards the $25,000 Krane Scholars Award - an award that recognizes an outstanding student in the School of Informatics and Computer Science at Indiana University. David is also a trustee of San Francisco’s Contemporary Jewish Museum of Art, a Menlo/Atherton little league baseball coach, and past board member of the Palo Alto Vista Center for the Blind. David resides in the Bay Area with his wife and three children. 12

Delta Chi Quarterly

President’s Cup Red Division: Case Western Reserve, Georgia Southern, Miami Buff Division: Louisiana Tech, Tri-State Raymond D. Galbreth

Award of Excellence

Certificate of Achievement

Red Division: Case Western Reserve, Georgia Southern, Georgia Tech, Miami, Minnesota, Missouri State, Pittsburgh

Red Division: East Carolina, Missouri, Northwestern

Buff Division: Louisiana Tech, Tri-State, USP

Buff Division: Augusta, Ferrum, Appalachian State

Most Improved Chapters Kettering-B, Missouri State

John J. Kuhn Award

Distinguished Delta Chi’s

This award is presented for service to the fraternity movement and is named after former Delta Chi “AA” and NIC Chairman John J. Kuhn Cornell 1898. It is presented to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the Greek movement. This award recognizes individual accomplishments and contributions within the fraternity and sorority world.

The Distinguished Delta Chi award recognizes significant achievement in an alumnus’ profession or outstanding civic service while upholding the values and ideals of the Fraternity.

Dr. Lori Hart, Alpha Omicron Pi An avid participant in the fraternity/sorority community, Dr. Hart has served as an active volunteer for Alpha Omicron Pi Fraternity in a variety of roles and she currently serves as the Director of Prevention Education for Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity. Today Dr. Hart visits close to 70 campuses a year, bringing messages about relationships, alcohol education, and fraternity and sorority life. Campus Activities Magazine has recognized Lori as both “female performer of the year” and “speaker of the year.” She was awarded with the 2013 Alumnae Woman of Leadership Award at the Alpha Omicron Pi International Convention. In 2014, Lori was recognized by the North American Interfraternity Conference with a silver medal for her work in prevention. Dr. Lori Hart has an undergraduate degree in education from Auburn University, a master’s degree in education from the University of Montevallo and a doctorate degree in higher education from Georgia State University. Lori currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her son, newly adopted daughter, and two golden retriever dogs.

Larry Nothnagel, Truman State 1979 Larry earns this award for his outstanding achievement in the field of high school basketball officiating. Brother Nothnagel has been an Illinois High School Association basketball official for 31 years and this past March culminated his career by being chosen to officiate the class 3A and 4A IHSA state finals for the third time, the maximum allowed by IHSA rules. During his career he has had the opportunity to officiate games involving many future NBA and WNBA players such as Michael Finley, Anthony Davis, and Candace Parker.

Dr. Paul Szotek, Indiana 1998 Dr. Paul Szotek, a trauma surgeon in the IU Health System and specialist in hernia repair and abdominal wall reconstruction was one of 12 surgeons in the United States chosen to explore the healthcare application of Google Glass technology. In late 2013/early 2014, brother Szotek became the first surgeon in the United States to use the Google Glass technology to successfully remove a tumor and reconstruct an abdominal wall. He continues to be a leader in the field of medicine and cuttingedge medical technology integration. His skills have saved lives and improved the lives of many others. Friendship | Character | Justice | Education


Humanitarian Award This award is presented to a Delta Chi member (undergraduate or alumnus) who, through his actions, exemplifies the ideals of Delta Chi and promotes the welfare of another person or persons.

Jackson Alvarez, Indiana 2014 Jackson is the driving force behind the creation and current success of the Miss Greek IU Pageant at Indiana University. The pageant began as the Indiana chapter’s cooperative philanthropic event for the V Foundation and has quickly become one of the premiere campus and community philanthropic events each year. While a student and as president of IU Delta Chi Charities, Inc. (2012-2014), Jackson’s vision and hard work led the chapter to raise over $122,000 for the V Foundation for Cancer Research and 19 other campus and community charities. Since the event’s founding in 2012, the Indiana chapter has gone on to raise over $200,000 for the V Foundation and in 2016 alone raised approximately $54,000. The Miss Greek IU Pageant and the Indiana chapter have led all Delta Chi chapters in philanthropic funds raised each year in recent history.

Richard McKaig Outstanding Greek Professional Award The Richard McKaig outstanding Greek professional award is awarded to one campus-based professional per year. Previously known as the Outstanding Greek Professional Award, it was renamed after brother Richard McKaig, often referred to as the “fraternal dean,” in 2009 to coincide with his retirement from Indiana University. To qualify for this award, an individual must be a student affairs professional who has given exceptional service to the Greek community.

Father Sean Hogan, Duquesne University As Executive Vice President for Student Life at Duquesne for more than 28 years, Sean has shaped every aspect of the student experience, including a nationally recognized, student-run orientation program; more than 180 recognized student organizations; and residence halls that house nearly 4,000 students. During that period, university enrollment has increased by nearly 50 percent, and retention and graduation rates have risen dramatically, demonstrating a high level of student satisfaction.

Valor Award with Distinction for Uniformed Military Personnel

This award is applicable to uniformed military personnel of any country. This award applies to those who distinguish themselves conspicuously by gallantry and intrepidity, personal bravery or self-sacrifice so conspicuous as to clearly distinguish them.

Craig Carp, Beaufort 2015 While on a routine mounted patrol conducting military operations in Husaybah, Iraq, CAAT team 1 was involved in an IED explosion. The explosion took out 2 Humvees. Brother Carp demonstrated excellent leadership by ensuring that the proper measures were taken into effect to secure the area from the small arms fire, as well as calling in a CAEVAC to ensure that he wounded personnel were taken out of danger. He is also a Purple Heart recipient.

Valor Award with Merit for Uniformed Military Personnel

Also applicable to uniformed military personnel of any country, this award applies to those who are killed in action or are grievously wounded in combat and suffer debilitating wounds that could take months and years of rehabilitation.

William Schroeder, Iowa State 1999 Brother Schroeder was killed while on duty by a disgruntled student, putting himself in harm’s way to save others. He entered active duty in July 1999 and had earned a Bronze Star, two Joint Service Commendation Medals, two Air Force Commendation Medals, the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, and three Meritorious Service Medals, according to the Air Force.

Executive Director Emeritus Raymond Galbreth, Missouri 1969 Ray graduated from the University of Missouri and relocated to Southeast Missouri State University where he would assist in bringing Delta Chi to the campus. Soon thereafter, he would receive a call that would forever change his life and eventually the existence of Delta Chi. He became the 7th Executive Director of the Fraternity and went on to serve Delta Chi for 33 years in the role. When he started working for Delta Chi in 1979, there was just over 40,000 members. Under his tenure, the Fraternity would experience immense growth. When he retired at the end of 2012, there were a little over 100,000 initiates. Delta Chi has chartered and recolonized 236 chapters since 1890 and during his 33 years of service, Ray oversaw the expansion and chartering of 122 of them. He is the recipient of the NIC gold medal and the Delta Chi of the Year Award.


Delta Chi Quarterly

Core Competency Awards Advising and Governance

Financial Management



Alberta Arizona State Behrend Duquesne Embry-Riddle Ferrum Florida Florida State Fullerton Georgia Southern Georgia Tech Iowa State Kansas State Kennesaw Louisiana Tech Miami Mississippi State Missouri South Dakota State Southeast Missouri Southern California Tarleton Tri-State USP

Appalachian State Case Western Reserve Central Missouri Embry-Riddle Fredonia Georgia Southern Georgia Tech Huntsville Illinois State Kansas State Louisiana Tech Michigan State Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Missouri State Pittsburgh Riverside Rutgers South Dakota State South Florida Southeast Missouri Southern California Tarleton USP Whitewater William & Mary

Achievement Appalachian State Case Western Reserve East Carolina Fredonia George Mason Illinois State Minnesota North Alabama Oklahoma State Pittsburgh Rutgers Sacramento Whitewater William & Mary Washington

Achievement East Carolina Florida State Fullerton Kettering-A Kettering-B Lehigh Mankato Massachusetts Miami Tri-State Truman State Washington




Alumni Relations

Excellence Alberta Appalachian State Arizona State Case Western Reserve Central Missouri Clemson Davis East Carolina Ferrum Florida Fredonia Fullerton George Mason Georgia Southern Georgia Tech Huntsville Illinois State Kansas Kansas State Louisiana Tech LSU Mankato Massachusetts Miami Minnesota Mississippi State Missouri Missouri State North Alabama Northwestern Ohio State Oshkosh Pittsburgh Riverside South Dakota State South Florida Southeast Missouri Syracuse Tarleton Tri-State USP Whitewater William & Mary




Alberta American Appalachian State Case Western Reserve Central Missouri Clemson East Carolina Ferrum Florida State Fredonia George Mason Georgia Southern Georgia Tech Huntsville Illinois State Iowa State Kansas Kennesaw Kettering-A Louisiana Tech LSU Minnesota Missouri Missouri State Pittsburgh Riverside Rutgers South Dakota State South Florida Southeast Missouri Tri-State Troy State Truman State USP Washington Whitewater William & Mary

Beaufort Bowling Green Case Western Reserve Central Missouri Duquesne Eastern Illinois Ferrum Florida Florida State Fredonia Fullerton Georgia Tech Kansas Little Rock Louisiana Tech Miami Minnesota Mississippi State Missouri State North Alabama Northwestern Oshkosh Pittsburgh South Dakota State South Florida Southeast Missouri Tarleton Texas Tri-State Troy State Truman State USP Whitewater William & Mary

Alberta American Embry-Riddle Georgia Tech Kansas State Kennesaw Missouri South Dakota State Southeast Missouri Truman State


Member Education Excellence Alberta American Appalachian State Beaufort Bowling Green Case Western Reserve Central Missouri Davis Duquesne East Carolina Eastern Illinois Ferrum Florida Florida State Fullerton George Mason Georgia Southern Georgia Tech Huntsville Illinois State

Iowa State Kansas Kansas State Kennesaw Kettering-A Kettering-B Louisiana Tech LSU Mankato Miami Michigan State Minnesota Mississippi State Missouri Missouri State North Alabama Northwestern Ohio State Oklahoma State Oshkosh Pittsburgh Purdue Riverside Rutgers

Sacramento South Florida Southeast Missouri Tarleton Tri-State Truman State USP Whitewater William & Mary Wilmington Windsor Achievement Arizona State Behrend Embry-Riddle Lehigh Little Rock South Dakota State Southern California Syracuse Texas Washington

Arizona State Bowling Green Duquesne Florida Fullerton Kansas State Lehigh Miami Michigan State Northwestern Sacramento Syracuse

Achievement Alberta American Appalachian State Behrend East Carolina Embry-Riddle Georgia Southern Huntsville Illinois State Iowa State Kennesaw Kettering-B Lehigh LSU Massachusetts Missouri Ohio State Oklahoma State Riverside Rutgers Sacramento Southern California Washington Wilmington

Achievement Appalachian State Arizona State Bowling Green Central Missouri Davis Duquesne East Carolina Florida Fredonia Huntsville Illinois State Iowa State Kettering-A Lehigh LSU Massachusetts Michigan State Mississippi State Northwestern Sacramento South Florida Syracuse

Housing Excellence Case Western Reserve Florida Florida State Georgia Tech Kennesaw Kettering-A Kettering-B Louisiana Tech Purdue South Florida Whitewater Achievement Behrend Georgia Southern Huntsville Kansas LSU Miami Minnesota Mississippi State Missouri Northwestern Oklahoma State South Dakota State Truman State

Friendship | Character | Justice | Education


Meritorious Service Award

The “E” Key Award

Marquez Brown, Iowa 2001

Ryan Williams, East Stroudsburg

for service to the Board of Regents

Sean Joseph Feick, Lehigh

William Glaser, Lehigh 1989 for service to the Lehigh Chapter Tim Purmort, Tri-State 1972

Jacob Huston Haubner, Truman State

Aaron Glenn Ceckowski, Tri-State

Washburn Scholarship

Stephen Burtzlaff, Miami

Zachary Chapman, Fredonia

Michael Junik, Southern Illinois

Daniel Leehan, USP

for service to the Tri-State Chapter John Weaver, Tri-State 1971 for service to the Tri-State Chapter James Thomas, Central Missouri 1971 for service to the Central Missouri Chapter James M. Edwards, Central Missouri 1984 for service to the Central Missouri Chapter Russell Smith, Central Missouri 1983 for service to the Central Missouri Chapter Thomas Ochs, Central Missouri 1982 for service to the Central Missouri Chapter Vince Marchetti, Central Missouri 1986 for service to the Central Missouri Chapter David Drews, Georgia Tech 1903

Outstanding Chapter Advisor James Duffy, Beaufort 2015 Faculty Advisor, Beaufort

for service to the Georgia Tech Chapter Matthew Mason, Georgia Tech 2001

for service to the Board of Regents

Anthony Bravo, Riverside Kirk Comstock, Southeast Missouri Brandon Crowson, Corpus Christi Robert Fairman, Wilmington

Ronald Stowers, Florida State 1981 “BB”, Florida State Suraj Maraboyina, Miami 2001

Cam Gudmundson, Lake Forest Edgar Martinez, Corpus Christi

“BB” and ABT President, Miami

Borelli Family Leadership Award

Scott Klinefelter, Northern Iowa 1976

Cam Gunderson, Lake Forest

“BB”, Iowa State

Marge Lee Outstanding “C” Award Zachary Janice, Case Western Reserve Christian Lozach, Fredonia Dustin Scott Finch, Northern Arizona Jerry Shaen, William & Mary Brok Sailor, Tri-State Carter Lukes, Eastern Illinois Daniel Ritter, Lehigh Alex Russell Tuck, Southeast Missouri David Wallack, Bowling Green

Delta Chi Quarterly

Dominic Caggiano, Beaufort

ABT President LSU

Kevin Jacob Walls, Truman State


Nathan Anderson, Kansas State

Alexander Czechowski, Fredonia

for service to the Georgia Tech Chapter Chris Kilroy, Huntsville 1999

UIFI Scholarship

Grant Herrin, LSU 2007

for service to the Georgia Tech Chapter Lyle Sprinkle, Georgia Tech 1996

Delta Chi Educational Foundation Recognition

Alumni Chapter Awards Outstanding Website Rio Grande Area Alumni Chapter

Outstanding Communication Connecticut Area Alumni Chapter

Outstanding Program Houston Area Alumni Chapter

Chicago Cup Houston Area Alumni Chapter

Dayton Alan Tenney, North Alabama

Outstanding Chapter Program

Matthew McGlinsey, East Stroudsburg


Louisiana Tech

Igor Bykov, Massachusetts

Arizona State


Kelby Schultz, Iowa State

Cal Poly

North Alabama

Marshall Heitkamp, Minnesota

East Stroudsburg


Sean Donovan, Alberta

Kennesaw Sacramento


Colony Founding Fathers

Texas A&M



elta Chi Fraternity continues to grow as we expanded to two new campuses this semester! The expansion team traveled to Kingsville, Texas this fall to set up a colony at Texas A&M University, Kingsville (TAMUK). Led by the Fraternity’s consultant staff, over 240 leads for potential new members were accumulated within the first two weeks on campus from sorority referrals, faculty/staff referrals, information sessions, and meet and greet opportunities. The staff sought out men who identified with the core values of friendship, character, justice, and education; had a minimum 2.8 grade point average, and were looking to leave a legacy on the TAMUK Campus. After several weeks of recruitment, interviews, and friendship building events, 26 men were offered the opportunity to become Founders of the Kingsville Colony. Already the colony has established themselves on campus by achieving the top grade point average in all of fraternity and sorority life, winning the homecoming float competition with Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority, and having five members inducted into Order of Omega, a Greek Honor Society (Adolfo Enciso, Christopher Charles, Jared Gillam, Oluwatomisin Alagbe, and Pedro Gonzalez). Congratulations to the newly initiated Founders of the Kingsville Colony, we look forward to seeing what you will do for Delta Chi in the future!

Adolfo Enciso Kyle Kendrick Christopher Charles Fernando Velasquez Raymond Snow Alexander Castro Michael Moore Robert Ray Benavides

“A” “B” “C” “D” “E” “F” Associate Member Counselor Recruitment

Alex Vimolseng Cooper Engel Corey Henkhaus Daniel Rojas Ismael Perez Jason Gonzalez Nicholas Bressie Pedro Gonzalez Ted La Bonte

Joshua Krnavek Joshua Garcia Marcos Pompa Irving Avalos Jared Gillam Kenneth Arredondo Oluwatomisin Alagbe Ruben Martinez Tyler Richter

Founding Father Campus Involvement TAMUK Student Government Association (Student Organization Forum Committee Chair, Freshman Senator), Delta Sigma Pi (President), Track Team, ROTC, U.S. Army, Resident Advisors, Orientation Leaders, “Pack Leaders”, Baptist Student Ministries, Undergraduate Research Assistants

Colony GPA: 3.24 Expansion Staff Logan Rivera, Sacramento State 2016: Expansion Consultant Dan Henne, Adelphi University 2016: Expansion Consultant Kevin Smith, Case Western 2016: Leadership Consultant Michael Kennedy, Kansas State 2015: Leadership Consultant

Alumni Board of Trustees Anthony Renteria, Corpus Christi 2011: “BB” – Alumni Advisor Jacob Cortez, Corpus Christi 2015: ABT President Christopher Rabe, Kingsville Alumni 2016: Scholastic Advisor/Faculty Advisor David Flores, Kingsville Alumni 2016: Member Education Advisor Andres Hernandez, Kingsville Alumni 2016: Risk Management Advisor

AT A GLANCE Location: Kingsville, TX Established: 1925 Student Body: 13,000


Delta Chi Quarterly

Colors: Blue and Gold Nickname: Porky the Javelina IFC Fraternities: 6


Colony Executive Board


Colony Chairmen

Luke James Tyler Newman Michael Stillman Daniel Cipolla Edmond Roncone Stephen Kogel Tommy Lynch Thomas Hamilton Sam Kwiatkowski


elta Chi also found great success at the University of Delaware this semester, as consultants Michael Kennedy, Dan Henne, and Nicholas Ohl led the expansion efforts this fall in Newark, DE. As the largest campus Delta Chi has expanded to in the past several years, these men led the Fraternity to Delta Chi’s largest expansion in recent history. Over five weeks the staff members were able to pin and initiate 143 Founders. The Founders include 33 freshmen, 75 sophomores, 32 juniors, and 3 seniors who were all looking to leave their mark on campus and create the Delaware Colony of Delta Chi. The men hold a wide variety of leadership and involvement positions across campus, and are well prepared to make a name for the chapter as the largest fraternity on campus in just their first semester. Leadership Consultant Michael Kennedy led the educational period of the expansion and was in charge of all officer training and educating the men on chapter operations. We look forward to seeing the impact that the Delaware Colony will be able to make on the University of Delaware and Newark communities!

Matt St. Clair Christopher Deely Christian Sullivan Vincent Hebeka Raymond Naughton Christian Silva Jake Jebran Matt Murray

“A” “B” “C” “D” “E” “F” Recruitment Chair Recruitment Chair Associate Member Counselor Kyle Delfini Michael Canizaro Landon Coutros Andrew Holubec Jake Yelin Dylan Lettie Vincent Curatolo Stephen Skaar

Matthew Dell Brandon Cohen Jonathan Rego Robert Frascella Joseph Frascarella James Barnett Eric Birnberg Patrick McGowan

Founding Father Campus Involvement Asain Society, Varsity Athletics, ROTC, Best Buddies Program, World Scholars Program, Delaware Diplomats, Honors Program, Filipino Student Association, Delta Sigma Pi, Student Alumni Ambassadors, ROTC, UDance, Muslim Student Association, and many more.

Colony GPA: 3.3 Expansion Staff Michael Kennedy, Kansas State 2015, Leadership Consultant Dan Henne, Adelphi 2016, Expansion Consultant Nicholas Ohl, Northwestern 2016, Leadership Consultant

Alumni Board of Trustees

Matthew Rolland, Delaware 1992: “BB” Andy Bozanic, Georgia Tech 2003: ABT President Steven Tambon, USP 2012: ABT Secretary Ryan Greenley, USP 2016: New Member Education Advisor John Price, USP 2015: Risk Management Advisor Darren Talbert, Kent State 1991: Recruitment Advisor Michael Johnson, Southern Illinois 1989: Philanthropy Advisor

AT A GLANCE Location: Newark, DE Established: 1743 Student Body: 22,852

Colors: Delaware Blue and Delaware Yellow-Gold Nickname: YoUDee IFC Fraternities: 17

Friendship | Character | Justice | Education



RLC Information The Regional Leadership Conference (RLC) is designed to develop leadership skills; to help attendees realize that Delta Chi is more than their own chapter/colony; and to provide Delta Chi men within the region the opportunity to share ideas, achievements and experiences with other Delta Chi chapters/colonies, officers, Regents, alumni, advisors, and Headquarters staff. See when your region’s RLC is occurring in 2017!

Host Chapter: Oregon State Location: Corvallis, OR Date: February 24-25, 2017 Regent: Shaun Hollenbeck Email:




Host Chapter: Arizona State Location: Tempe, AZ Date: February 24-25, 2017 Regent: Charles Wade Email:





Delta Chi Quarterly

Host Chapter: Bowling Green Location: Bowling Green, OH Date: February 17-18, 2017 Regent: Justin Donnelly Email:



Host Chapter: Truman State Location: Kirksville, MO Date: February 17-18, 2017 Regent: Matt Gorney Email:

Host Chapter: Southern Illinois Location: Carbondale, IL Date: February 24-25, 2017 Regent: Jeff Broderick Email:


Host Chapter: Montclair Location: Montclair, NJ Date: March 3-4, 2017 Regent: David Weber Email:









Host Chapter: Ferrum Location: Ferrum, VA Date: January 27-28, 2017 Regent: Doug Chananie Email:





Host Chapter: Louisiana Tech Location: Ruston, LA Date: February 17-18, 2017 Regent: Kenny Sooter Email:



Host Chapter: Mississippi State Location: Starkville, MS Date: March 3-4, 2017 Regent: Ron Stowers Email:



Friendship | Character | Justice | Education


In order to be a leader you must know who you are.

discover yourself at the



JUNE 15-18, 2017 CORNELL UNIVERSITY The Delta Chi Fraternity and Delta Chi Educational Foundation are committed to developing the strongest leaders throughout one’s membership. The Emerging Leaders Academy is a four-day leadership development experience that helps participants learn more about their leadership styles and strengths. This highly interactive program is geared toward sophomores and juniors and takes place at the founding place of Delta Chi, Cornell University. Participants will have the chance to learn about who they are as a leader as well as reflect upon this history of our founders and how we live out their legacy.

Registration Coming Soon! For more information visit


Those Who Have Passed These men have lived among us for a time, and we have been honored to call them brothers. Now they are gone and we bid them a fond farewell at this parting.


Arthur Quackenbush ’33, February 22, 2014 Joe Blackburn ’60, February 11, 2016 William Guin ’60, November 5, 2014 Richard McLaughlin ’61, June 11, 2016 Morris Michael Pitts Jr. ’63, January 19, 2015 Gary Osborn ’64, April 18, 2015 John Saint ’68, May 3, 2014 William Crawford ’69, October 13, 2014 William Feeney ’69, May 3, 2016 Thomas Lemuel Johns ’49, May 10, 2014 Joseph Lee ’73, March 17, 2015 Larry Gray Warbington ’70, July 1, 2016 Richard C. Wargo ‘78, August 21, 2015


Kevan Khaksarfard ’15, August 26, 2016


Paul DeLuca ’84, October 16, 2015


South Dakota State

Sam Cottrell ’66, November 20, 2015

Assaf Alharbi ’19, July 10, 2016


Southern California

Jimmie Underwood ’51, August 13, 2016

Louisiana Tech Jonathan Canfield ’93, August 12, 2016

Michael McNamee ’61, January 2, 2014 John Rudometkin Jr, ’62, August 4, 2015 Douglas Grant ’67, April 28, 2013

Southern Illinois

Missouri Tyler Romaker ’16, September 2, 2016

Chad Shelton ’11, October 1, 2016

Ohio State


Robert Mouch ’49, July 13, 2016 Thomas K. Jones, Jr. ’56, June 2, 2016

Charles Pearre ’66, November 23, 2015


Chase Etcheverry ’92, July 20, 2016

Texas Tech

Lloyd Aubry ’48, July 9, 2016 William Moran ’55, May 23, 2016 Kenneth Plough ’55, August 6, 2016

Western Carolina Paul Bulot ’92, July 2, 2016


Important Milestones Alberta

New Haven

Born to Brother and Mrs. Guillermo Recinos-Melendez, a son, Oliver Knox, on August 23, 2016.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Ian House ’02, a son, Gaige Jamieson, on August 16, 2016.


Born to Brother and Mrs. Samuel Wasson ’01, a son, Sam Rhys, on July 25, 2016.

Brother Chavis Wilson ’15 married to Danyelle Bozeman on July 22, 2016.

California Univ - PA Born to Brother and Mrs. Kevin Emery ’99, a daughter, Mikaela Rose, on May 13, 2016.

Georgia Tech Born to Brother and Mrs. James Stovall ’01, a son, Luke Taylor, on April 24, 2016.

Illinois State Born to Brother and Mrs. Ryan Davis ’08, a son, Connor Adrian, on September 4, 2016.

Iowa Brother Alex Fairall ’07 married to Lindsay Silas on July 9th, 2016.

New Mexico State


Born to Brother and Mrs. Christopher Luu ’05, a son, Easton Alexander, on September 7, 2016. Born to Brother and Mrs. Paul Giuliano ’08, a daughter, Margaux Ann, on August 24, 2016. Brother Douglas Rieck ’10 married to Erin O’Connell on August 27, 2016.

Donald Bockin O.D. ‘75, receives 40 year membership in the American Optometric Association and his 20th Optometric Recognition Award for Continuing Education.

Southern Illinois

Southeast Missouri

Born to Brother and Mrs. RC Damle ’01, a daughter, Aarissa, on August 28, 2016.

Born to Bother and Mrs. Justin Caputa ‘13, a son, Henry and a daughter, Masyn, on August 22, 2016.

Southern California Born to Brother and Mrs. Stephen Goo ’02, a daughter, Isabella Kathleen, on September 1, 2016.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Lukas Chudyba ’05, a daughter, Lilly Marie, on June 30, 2016.



Born to Brother and Mrs. John Costa ’10, a son, Santino Michael, on August 30, 2016.


Brother James Crawford ’10 married to Lori Corley on October 21, 2016.

Friendship | Character | Justice | Education


Name_________________________________________ Address_______________________________________ City__________________________________________ State __________________ Zip____________________ E-mail_________________________________________ Moving? Send your mailing label with new address to: The Delta Chi Fraternity, International Headquarters PO Box 1817, Iowa City, IA 52244-1817 Phone (319) 337-4811 Fax (319) 337-5529

POSTMASTER - If undeliverable send notice on Form 3579 to The Delta Chi Fraternity International Headquarters P.O. Box 1817 Iowa City, IA 52244-1817

New Address (Please Print) _____ Home ______ Work


NEW HEIGHTS Delta Chi has selected the Mile High City – Denver, Colorado

as the 61st International Convention host city! Join your brothers and strive to Reach New Heights in Denver in 2018!

AUGUST 1-5, 2018

Renaissance Denver Stapleton Hotel Denver, Colorado For more information visit

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