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3 The Stanford Prison Experiment: A Few Reminders About Hazing

A look at the striking similarities between one of the most notorious psychological experiments of all time, and the hazing that plagues organizations today

ew Founder Feature: 6 NJoseph Lacchia Remembering his humble, loyal service to the fraternity

8 Campus Scene

Catch up with Delta Chi across the United States and Canada


2 Letter from the “AA”

20 2016 “A”s’ Academy

24 Convention Preview

26 UNLV Expansion

27 The V Foundation

28 Coast to Coast: Social Media

30 Keeping in Touch, Farewell and Parting

31 Volunteer & Internship Opportunities

hy did you join Delta Chi? There had to be some “benefit” in joining, or you probably would have joined another fraternity or none at all.

marketable skills that a student needs when he is getting ready to graduate and hit the job market. Skills our alumnus members of Delta Chi use every day.

I can only imagine what the reasons were, “the parties”, “to meet girls”, “everyone else was joining one”, etc…

Joining Delta Chi provides our brothers with the benefit of learning to appreciate and be involved in philanthropy. We as brothers of Delta Chi have been working with some sort of philanthropic event, I hope, since we associated. By the upcoming convention in Louisville KY, this summer, we will have raised $1,000,000 for our international philanthropy, the V-Foundation for Cancer Research. Imagine how much more we could contribute, for the V-Foundation for Cancer Research if 100% of our groups, undergraduate and alumni, were participating. We should also be concerned, be active and care about our campuses and communities as well. After all, it is where we live.

Let’s look at some of the greatest reasons to be a Delta Chi, regardless of the fact that it is the best fraternity out there! Joining Delta Chi has provided our brothers with the benefit of life-long friends. The college and university atmosphere is very transient. Students come and go as they transfer, move from dorm to apartment or even flunk out. The fraternity offers stability. Delta Chi offers a relationship of friendship and character through the bond of brotherhood. After graduation, brothers of Delta Chi are more apt to remain in touch with each other, than with their “independent” college friends over time. Joining Delta Chi will and does provide our brothers with the benefit of better academic possibilities. It has been studied and proven that members of Greek organizations have better grades than students not affiliated with a fraternity or sorority. With study hours, study groups, dedicated academic rooms, and the fact we take our GPA ranking amongst the all-men, and all-fraternity average so seriously, I am not surprised by this at all. Joining Delta Chi provides the undergraduate member with the benefit of leadership training and real management skills. As an undergraduate the member has the opportunity to acquire real world leadership and management skills that the “independent” student does not. We learn how to create and manage a real working budget, collect accounts receivables, balance accounts and pay bills on time. We learn how to delegate responsibilities and hold people accountable for their positions, responsibilities and actions. We learn conflict resolution. We learn communication skills and the talent of being able to listen effectively. These are all very

Joining Delta Chi provides the benefit of developing social skills. In today’s “information now” world, with social media, cell phones, texting, computer games and much more I am sure I don’t even know about, it is amazing to me to see how awkward it is for people to communicate face to face with each other. Delta Chi offers, meetings, social events with other organizations, (both Greek and nonGreek), mentoring opportunities and multiple leadership retreats where our undergraduate brothers can learn and grow their social skills and communication skills. At this point you must be wondering why I am writing this as we have all joined Delta Chi and are benefiting from our brotherhood. I have written it for two reasons; 1. I hope an undergraduate takes the time to read this and share it with potential Associate Members. I hope they see some of the benefits to joining other than “the parties”, “to meet girls”, and “because everyone else was joining one”. I hope they see that joining Delta Chi has some lifelong benefits that they can take advantage of as brothers of Delta Chi. 2. I hope an alumnus brother will read this and remember the benefits that Delta Chi provided him, and he didn’t even realize it. I hope that the alumnus brother that has not been engaged or active in Delta Chi, will read this and want to re-engage and help to make our fraternity even better than it is now, for our future brothers. I personally have benefitted from Delta Chi in all the areas above and more. My success is largely because of Delta Chi. I was taught these skills as an undergraduate in Delta Chi, and didn’t even know that I was learning them. Remember…. Being a Delta Chi is not an oath you take once, it is an oath you live everyday. In the Bond,

Miles Washburn 52nd “AA” Massachusetts 1987 New Founder | Life Loyal


Delta Chi Quarterly



First showcased at the Sundance film festival in January 2015, The Stanford Prison Experiment is a film that gives you a closer look at the thought process behind one of the most notorious (and controversial) scientific experiments of the past century.


or any current or former college student who took courses in psychology, the ending to this movie is unlikely to leave much to the imagination. For those of you who have limited knowledge of what happened in the basement of Jordan Hall at Stanford University in 1971, here are key pieces of information: • 18 young men from Stanford were chosen to participate in a paid scientific study • The men were randomly chosen to serve as prisoners and guards (9 each)

Phillip Zombardo (played by Billy Crudup) was the primary psychologist behind the experiment. His aim was to better understand human behavior in prison environments. What he found instead was significant controversy; the kind of controversy analogous to Stanley Milgram’s famous obedience experiment, which led to the development of the IRB, or Institutional Review Board for the practice of ethics in psychology. The experiment also opened the doors in psychology to deeper levels of understanding of authority and obedience in uneven power dynamics.

• A makeshift prison was built in the basement of Jordan Hall in staff offices • The guards were given very specific instructions from the scientific team about how to maintain the prison and both sides knew the “rules” of the contract before signing on

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PUSH-UPS JUMPING JACKS BLINDFOLDS SIT-UPS SIMULATED HOMOSEXUAL ACTS BETWEEN HETEROSEXUAL MEN LINE-UPS EXCESSIVE REPEATED CHANTS COUNT-OFFS MIND GAMES SCREAMING/YELLING GOOFY SONGS DEHUMANIZING PEOPLE PHYSICAL INTIMIDATION ETC. SPOILER ALERT: all of those activities make an appearance in the film. Does any of that sound familiar in a fraternity and sorority context? As I sat back and watched The Stanford Prison Experiment, it became increasingly clear that much of the distress incurred on the inmates is identical to what we unfortunately see in many new member education programs today. The guards and inmates from that study were between the ages of 18-23, which, not surprisingly, is the same age of the undergraduates who partake in this behavior in Greek organizations. The level of creativity by the prison guards is not altogether that much different from some of the things you may or may not see by undergraduate members in unhealthy chapter cultures. With that in mind, it’s important that after watching this film, we remind ourselves of the current realities we face 35 years later after the original experiment:

Absolute power without accountability can be very dangerous What happens when you give an undergraduate full control over the decisions and behavior of others? Well, good people will use that power to attempt positive things while sociopaths will use that power to inflict their will on others. Our challenge in terms of self-governance is that giving complete control to young men and women without fully developed brains can be a serious challenge. Rites of passage start to form by virtue of the will of a few individuals who possess power. As you can see in the film, there are only a few people in each group who take that legitimate power granted by the situation to unhealthy levels. But without adequate oversight by adults, mentors, and alumni, those individuals can


Delta Chi Quarterly

facilitate some really nasty environments for others. Without proper accountability from prison wardens or chapter alumni advisors, certain individuals will take liberties where they otherwise would not have the ability.

The “Nonsense” can cause serious mental health issues Nonsense would be much of what is listed above in terms of activities employed for the prisoners or new members. It’s important to note that this nonsense is not necessarily considered nonsense by those perpetuating it in fraternities, sororities, or this prison experiment. It’s routine stuff they believe ties directly to the goals they are attempting to accomplish. Much of it is about getting your subjects to do two things: conform to the standard/ norm and learn the value of obedience. And a lot of it is just silly. Some of the inmates or new members will laugh it off because they don’t personally object to doing a push-up or singing their issued prisoner number in a high-pitched voice. However, everyone has a breaking point. Some individuals make it their personal goal to identify that breaking point in new members, despite the negative long-term effects (watch the film for a couple vivid examples). Although some of the activities seem harmless in nature, they are designed to humiliate someone rather than build up a prisoner or new member. Unfortunately, new members many times do not recognize that fact until it is too late and their personal values have already been compromised.

Willing participation from the start does not equal willing participation at the end This is a critical concept for understanding The Stanford Prison Experiment. Every young man signed up willingly for the experiment and the originally designed rules of engagement. As time went on and the guards created their own version of the rules, consent from the prisoners was no longer easily identifiable. Although several prisoners experienced significant mental trauma and wanted to be removed, the longer they stuck around, the more obligation they felt to stick through until the end. They became more willing to ignore their defensive impulses and endure more hardship and unnecessary pain because others were already doing it. That situation is almost identical to what you will see in new member education programs. The potential new member is told that new member education will be one thing and it ends up being something different entirely. Many times, the commitments and obligations start off slow, helping them to acclimate to the culture. Over time, expectations become more rigorous and dehumanizing in nature and leaving the program (and their so-called friends) becomes a risky proposition for new members. Activities are introduced to new members as ‘optional,’ but in essence, have no optional components whatsoever. It becomes more and more difficult to leave because you feel tied to the exhaustive nature of the experience; not necessarily the purpose behind the activities. There’s no wonder that the infamous ‘Hell Week’ very rarely induces quitters within the program: by that time, you just put up with the foolishness because you are so close to the finish line. Again, this is where those monitoring the situation need to be trained to understand how participatory consent changes with significant time investment.

Physical, mental, and emotional abuse does not foster a culture of mutual respect In The Stanford Prison Experiment, the men who participated were likely not familiar with one another. By the time the experiment ended, I would venture to guess that the prisoners would not be going out of their way to become BFF’s with some of the more abusive prison guards. In new member education programs, those who haze many times feel that the high standards they set will make the new members respect them. That perception is a logical fallacy. Unless the so-called ‘education’ is clearly tied to the purpose and values of the organization, there will be no respect built. The only friendships built are between the new members who endure collective suffering. Hazing chapters many times are convinced they are building brotherhood/sisterhood, when really they are just building new member solidarity and an ‘Us vs. Them’ mentality. For anyone interested in learning more about the Stanford Prison Experiment, check out the BBC Prison Study that was conducted in 2002. It may give you some insight on the validity (or lack thereof ) of Zimbardo’s study and what social psychologists have continued to uncover within situations of authority and obedience.

By Kyle Hickman, Senior Director of Communications - Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity Kyle Hickman currently works as the Senior Director of Communications for Phi Kappa Psi, is an Interactive Workshops Facilitator for CAMPUSPEAK, and a Workshop Facilitator and Presenter for LaunchPoint Solutions, Inc.

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Joseph Lacchia N early every Delta Chi has fond memories of receiving their Cornerstone. Contained in the appendices in the back is the name Joseph F. Lacchia repeated over and over again: Order of the White Carnation, “AA”, 1958-60; “AA” Emeritus; Convention Honoree, and New Founder. While one may wonder how a person can be recognized for so many different honors and how he accomplished such feats in one lifetime, there is no doubt as to Brother Lacchia’s values and dedication. Brother Lacchia is largely considered part of the second generation of fraternity leaders who picked up the torch from the founders and carried it through much of the 20th Century, ensuring we would have the Delta Chi Fraternity experience of today. Brother Lacchia and other fraternity leaders not only mentored today’s Delta Chi leadership but they fought each day to answer questions such as “what is brotherhood?” or “what does it mean to advance justice?” Throughout his lifetime, Lacchia donated more than $100,000 to the fraternity and educational foundation. Because of this, he was added to the distinguished rolls of serving as a New Founder of the fraternity. He was initiated at New York University in 1925. “Back then we were still very much a legal fraternity. I think I was either the first or second one they let in who wasn’t studying law,” Lacchia said referring to the change in Delta Chi Law that transformed us into a general fraternity from a law-only fraternity. While an undergraduate, he served as the recruitment chair, social chair, Interfraternity Council President, and chapter “B”. Many Delta Chi observers think of Brother Lacchia as an alumnus of Michigan State. This belief originates from the fact that, after graduating from NYU with both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering, Lacchia moved to Lansing, Michigan. In 1934, two local fraternities at Michigan State College, which would later become Michigan State University, merged and petitioned to join Delta Chi as a chapter. In January 1935, the Union Literary Society, founded in 1876 as Michigan State’s first local fraternity, and the Aetheon Society, founded in 1915, had their petition granted with Lacchia as their “BB”. During his time with the Michigan State Chapter, Lacchia served as “BB” for 20 years until 1955, founded their Alumni Control Board (now Alumni Board of Trustees), served as its chair while “BB”, and remained a member of that organization until 1998. In the 1950s,


Delta Chi Quarterly

Michigan State 1915

Lacchia enrolled in a class at Michigan State, allowing him to add a formal affiliation with that Chapter. In 1941, Lacchia organized the Michigan State Delta Chi Building Corporation and served as its president and treasurer until 1956, then continued his service as treasurer for the rest of his life. Under his leadership the house’s mortgage was burned in 1940 and the property has remained mortgage free ever since. “We at Michigan State acquired a reserve fund through efficient and business-like management of the Chapter,” Lacchia said in a 1984 Quarterly article. His strong financial leadership was also applied to the Delta Chi Building Corporation, which purchased the houses for other chapters: Western Michigan and Wayne State. He also served as an ABT member for a number of other chapters, In 1940, Lacchia was called to active duty in the U.S. Army but was released because of his experience to convert industrial presses over to the needs of the military. While at NYU he was ROTC graduate and captain in the Army. He was also a charter member of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church and served more than 50 years as head usher. Additionally, he was involved with the Elks, Lansing Engineers Club, Lansing Area Rotary, and Lansing Country Club. Beginning as early as his time as an undergraduate Interfraternity Council representative, Lacchia’s Greek involvement extended beyond Delta Chi. He later became Delta Chi’s representative to the National Interfraternity Conference from 1954-60. In 1941, he organized Michigan State’s Fraternity Advisors Association and served as its president for three terms, representing Delta Chi with the organization into the 1980s. During his time in Lansing, Lacchia also played a leading role in assisting the initial founding and/or securing chapter houses for Phi Kappa Psi, Delta Tau Delta, Alpha Sigma Phi, Phi Kappa Sigma, Phi Sigma Delta and Alpha Phi Alpha. The irony of his assistance to the latter is that Alpha Phi Alpha was the same organization that, through the actions of its Cornell chapter in 1890, pushed a group of men to found the Delta Chi Fraternity. In 1955 his assistance to the Michigan State Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Phi resulted in that fraternity’s supreme board of governors selecting Lacchia as the first non-member to receive a certificate of merit. In 1990, then NIC President Henry Bauer of Kappa Sigma said, “Joseph Lacchia has given the lion’s share of his spare time to the Greek movement for well over 50 years, living an intensive and extensive commitment to the entire fraternity movement. His greatest involvement in exemplary service has been in the area of finance and housing, the one area where undergraduates have the greatest need for, and benefit the most from alumni involvement.” Beginning in 1935, Lacchia attended every Delta Chi Convention. He served as convention “FF” from 1973 to 1985. In 1958, in the absence of a fraternity Executive Secretary, he coordinated the fraternity’s entire convention in East Lansing, Michigan. He was

“DD” in 1956 and “AA” in 1958. Based on his experience with housing finance, he spearheaded the founding of the “Building Loan Fund” – later known as the Delta Chi Founding Fund, started in 1960. After serving as “AA”, Lacchia served as the Building Loan Fund’s first chairman and continued in that post for the next 20 years.

At the fraternity’s request, Lacchia served a second term as “DD” from 1969-70. He was awarded the title of conspicuous service to the fraternity, and in 1983, was named to the Order of the White Carnation– Delta Chi’s highest honor for inconspicuous service to the fraternity. Lacchia also continued to serve on the Delta Chi Educational Foundation’s Board of Directors for a number of years. Lacchia had a solid, business-minded approach to chapter management and providing housing for Delta Chi.

cramming. It is a positive asset which is acquired slowly, and its full value is not fully appreciated until later years. It is a well-known fact that social polish and poise are acquired from fraternity life. In conclusion, may I very strongly urge upon you, as fraternity men – men of Delta Chi – a full participation, not only the activities of your own college, but in the fraternity world in which you are a part. Be loyal to your colleges and to your Fraternity. Be an enthusiastic and proud fraternity man, and above all, live up to the principles and ideals of the Delta Chi Fraternity – for you will benefit from your fraternity in the same position as you contribute – ‘as ye sow so, shall ye reap.’ Don’t just be a wearer of the pin. Don’t be a negative number. For you and you alone, will be the greater loser. The interested and active fraternity man is compensated for his contributions by a lifetime of close and confiding friendships, and the satisfying knowledge that he has made a similar contribution to the lives of others. There can be no greater reward in this troubled world of ours, where friendships amongst men are very sorely needed; but where greed, avarice, and the selfish desire for power have consumed a split amongst men and nations, which at times seems to threaten our civilization. This situation presents an unavailable challenge which you men must meet. I am sure that your college and fraternity life, in a large measure will adequately prepare and equip you for the task. This is your opportunity. This is your challenge so make the most of your fraternity life, for:

“ No man is born into this world Whose work is not born with him. There is always work and Tools to work withal for those who will And blessed are the hand of toil. The busy world shoves angrily aside, The man who stands with arms akimbo set. And he who waits to have his task marked out Will die and leave his errand unfulfilled.”

In 1984, during an interview with fellow Order of the White Carnation member Gary Monk, Lacchia said, “[W]e have many weak chapters – some numerically and some financially. Our cemetery is overcrowded with the tombstones of decreased chapters. All are the product of finances. Failure to operate on a sound business basis. Each member endeavoring selfishly to get all he can out of the fraternity without carrying his load. Always giving the famous selfish phrase, “where is the brotherhood?” Unfortunately, fraternalism ceases where the dollar signs begin. Pay up or go out and sponge off someone else if you can. You cannot pay the chapter’s operating bills on so-called “fraternalism”. That is the cause of failed chapters. It is continuously a new group, with responsibly changing hands yearly. Therefore, we must treat it as such.”

Lacchia died in 1999. We not only remember his humble, loyal service in the past but are also grateful for how he continues to inspire and enrich our fraternity’s future.

Few men, over the course of a lifetime, had a better understanding and perspective of what “fraternalism” is than Lacchia. At the Arizona State Chapter installation banquet on Oct. 11, 1959, Lacchia gave the following remarks:

Special thanks to former Delta Chi Staff Member Corey Shigematsu for his efforts in pulling together details on Lacchia at the time of his death. Some of the information was reused in this story

“Fraternity life impacts into an individual intangibles which are not found in books nor can they be secured nor disgusted by

By Aaron Otto, “DD” Delta Chi Fraternity

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Campus Scene Abracadabra | Arthur Rietdyk, 2018 “E” The Brothers of the Abracadabra Chapter began our semester with the construction of a new back lot. The construction began at the end of September and finished up towards the end of October. We have already used it to host brotherhood, game day, and alumni events. On October 2nd, we hosted an alumni event that saw around 30 alumni return to the Chapter. Memories were exchanged and actives and alumni reconnected. In November, our philanthropy chairs organized a “Tanksgiving”, which sold Stanford game day shirts in order to acquire donations for the V Foundation for Cancer Research.

time that one of the men who came before us passes. The loss of Jim Calhoun hurts everyone within our community and all our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. I would like to thank the Alumni and everyone who allows our fraternity to continue our success. You have paved the road for us, and you continue to better our Alabama Chapter day by day. Here is to an incredible 125 years that we have had nationally and hopefully countless many more.

Alberta | Hayden Mills, 2017 “E” The Alberta Chapter is once again reaching new membership heights, welcoming 17 associate members into our chapter bringing us to a total of 47. This term, we placed 1st in the annual philanthropy event, Anchor Splash, as well as settled into our new house. We have been redoubling efforts to improve wider community relations with our Greek system. This included hosting a neighborhood cleanup, volunteering at community league events, and continuing our recurring blood drive.

American | Eraklis Diamataris, 2016 “A”

Adelphi | James Taglienti, 2018 “E” On Friday, November 6, the Epsilon Class was initiated into the brotherhood of a lifetime. The chapter gave out 9 bids this semester and all nine gentlemen accepted them. Also, all of them continued the process until it was completed and were all initiated. This is the first time the Adelphi chapter had a perfect acceptance and retention rate. The chapter is excited to welcome these new members and we cannot wait to see the great accomplishments they will achieve!

This quarter, the American chapter has been very active. We held our annual alumni weekend with our active member vs. alumni football game. Off the field, we had a fantastic time connecting with our brothers from different parts of the country. Coinciding with this weekend was our celebration of the 125th anniversary of our brotherhood. We had the pleasure of celebrating with the DC Alumni chapter and the George Mason chapter. Great conversation and a lot of reminiscing were had over some great food. Our philanthropic efforts have also been a focus this quarter. We have continued in our efforts to raise money for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. In addition, we held a clothing drive donating to local homeless shelters here in D.C. We received unwanted clothing from affiliated and nonaffiliated students alike. Though we are proud of our efforts we are ferociously working towards getting even better results this coming quarter with our annual Earthball on the horizon.

Appalachian State | Montana Brown, 2017 “E” The Appalachian State chapter celebrated its 30th year on campus with a banquet that consisted of active members and various generations of alumni. We actively participated in our community with a street clean up, assisting a church with a bazaar/sale, participated in Operation Christmas Child, and donated to a scholarship in honor of David Shannon. Various members helped support other Greek organizations by participating in their philanthropy events. We were also voted best fraternity by the local paper.

Alabama | Jean-Claude Godin, 2018 “E” As we near the end of our fall semester here at the Alabama chapter, it is hard to say this semester has been anything but a great success. Our fundraiser for the semester was very productive for both The V Foundation and the Ronald McDonald House. The fundraiser was one based around puppies from the animal shelter and gave both the dogs and their attendants a chance to relax and raise money for a great cause. With over 1,000 people in attendance and over $3000 raised, we, as a chapter, are more than proud of this accomplishment. We also had the pleasure of welcoming a new class of associate members. On a sadder note this past semester, we experienced the loss of an Alumnus. We pride ourselves in having a great relationship between our Active Members and our Alumni. This great bond makes the chapter extremely saddened every


Delta Chi Quarterly

Arizona State | Max Simpson, 2017 “E”

Behrend | Brandon Ford, 2017 “E”

The previous semester proved to exceed expectations and past goals. The Arizona State Chapter was proud to initiate 31 new members. Multiple times throughout the semester, our chapter was also able to lend a helping hand to Feed My Starving Children, a non-profit organization that assists with providing nutritious meals to malnourished children. In addition to these successes, the chapter is already planning on hosting a new philanthropy during Spring 2016.

This fall we welcomed seven new associate members into our chapter. With them at our side, we continued our chapter’s tradition of volunteering for His Shining Light’s 17th annual Thanksgiving dinner at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center. Brothers worked with student activities to host our first pumpkincarving contest in which all the proceeds went toward the V Foundation. Finally, brothers participated in campus’s annual Cardboard City, in which students camp outside for the night in order to not only raise awareness for homelessness, but also funds that would benefit the Second Harvest Food Bank for the holiday season.

Bowling Green | Zane Borsos, 2017 “E”

Auburn | Arturo King, 2018 “E” Our semester began with welcoming 15 men as new associate members. Our chapter has had a successful year on Auburn’s campus and has participated in many philanthropy events of our sorority counterparts. Some of the current campus involvement of our brothers include members of the pre-med society Alpha Epsilon Delta, Student Government Association, College Republican Federation of Alabama, Student Alumni Association, Relay for Life, Auburn Formula SAE, Auburn University Marching Band, the Southeastern Raptor Center, Tigers for Tigers, Camp War Eagle, a freshman orientation program, Student Recruiters Campus Tour Guide, and the Interfraternity Council. We also achieved first place in the Small Fraternity Soccer League for the second year in a row, and have competed well in intramural basketball, football, and kickball. We look forward to a new year with fresh executive members and a prospective “Knockerball” philanthropy tournament. We made great strides with recruitment these past two semesters, and we hope to carry that same energy into the upcoming year.

Augusta | Venkatasai Devarapalli, 2017 “E” The Augusta chapter had an outstanding semester this fall. We won first place in Greek Week and placed first place in the Greek Show with our partners Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. We had 2 very successful events for the V foundation and raised over $500 this semester through the 3v3 Basketball Tournament and an Air Strike Night. Along with that, we had held an Alumni Barbecue and a Founders Day Dinner which were both extremely successful! Last but not least, we initiated 8 new outstanding brothers into the bond of Delta Chi and we are excited to see them continue the tradition of excellence we have had on our campus for 32 years.

Beaufort Colony | Logan Welliver, 2016 “E” The men of Beaufort have reached the end of their second semester as a colony on campus at University of South Carolina Beaufort. Still standing as the 1st and only Fraternity at Beaufort we introduced four new associate members to Delta Chi for our first rush. We are honored and privileged to be chosen as the Most Spirited organization on campus during Homecoming this fall. With the help from everyone on campus participating we raised over $600 this year for the V Foundation. Our “BB” Kevin Emery and our Academic Adviser, James Duffy have really put in work this semester pushing us to succeed and giving us every resource needed to do so. Moving on, some goals and aspirations we are working on in the up coming year are to build a body of 30 members with every one of those 30 members carrying a GPA of 2.5 or higher. Lastly, as we wind down this semester, the chartering requirements are being sent in in hopes to become a chartered chapter by the Spring semester.

Recruitment was extremely successful for the Bowling Green chapter. We gained 21 new members from the recruitment process this fall, the second most on campus! Brothers participated in numerous community service events with Chamber of Commerce, including a Downtown Trick or Treat event cosponsored with Delta Chi. Adopt-A-Highway was also new for 2015. Brothers came together to clean up a portion of highway dedicated to us. Homecoming began with a State of the Chapter Address and brunch for alumni. After the State of the Chapter, members and alumni toured our new house, a part of the under construction Greek Village. Lastly, we hosted our annual Jimmy V 3v3 Basketball tournament with great success!

Bryant | Taylor Persechini, 2016 “E” The Bryant chapter recently celebrated our 25th anniversary, which was a big success. Brothers who have not been back to campus in years attended and reunited, and both our regent, Ron Martin, and “DD”, Aaron Otto, helped us celebrate the occasion. On campus the fraternity has been busy raising money for St. Jude’s Up Till Dawn Event, helping run a 5k in honor of our alumni Matt Dilorio whose family organizes the event to help raise money for FA research, and helped out at a race for diabetes research. We recently elected Joshua Reynolds as our ABT’s “BB” and Stephan Petropoulos as our Secretary.

Cal Poly | Pascal Purro, 2016 “E” The Cal Poly chapter enjoyed an eventful fall quarter. We volunteered at a local triathlon where 60 members logged over 300 hours collectively. In addition, we volunteered at a horse ranch and cleaned up a local park. We hosted our first annual Carvin’ for Cancer event, where sorority teams competed in a pumpkin carving contest. Our chapter house was transformed into a hay-barn pumpkin patch. With over 150 attendees and $550 raised for the V Foundation, we are looking forward to putting on this event for many years to come. We held several brotherhood events including a Big Sur camping and a golf tournament. Both our IFC football and softball teams will be playing in the championship games this week, and our soccer team won Alpha Fifa, a philanthropy soccer tournament. Our new associate member class of 26 members have been heavily involved through volunteering at a local homeless shelter, reinforcing the structural integrity of the chapter house, and developing their professionalism during our Foundations of Success Week.

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California University of Pennsylvania Zachary Chylinski, 2017 “E”

This Fall Semester, we welcomed in two new associate members and provided them with several social opportunities with our alumni picnic during California University’s homecoming weekend. We also had a cookout with the sisters of Delta Zeta, and a thanksgiving dinner that was as successful as it was with the help of a visiting alumni. As the semester draws to a close, we also remember Mason Reiff, a brother from Tau Kappa Epsilon, who died in a car accident. We gathered right in the heart of campus and had a candlelight vigil. The unity of the Greek and California community had never shined so bright.

Case Western Reserve | Kevin Smith, 2016 “E” Coming back to school in the fall after a rather successful spring semester, the brothers of the Case Western Reserve chapter redoubled their recruitment efforts and as a result, initiated 12 exemplary gentlemen. We enjoyed being able to celebrate our 5th year on campus this October with our new brothers. As always, we made sure to stay active on campus, most notably through our participation in Delta Gamma’s Anchor Splash philanthropy event. This year we had a very strong showing, and we even set a new record for the most pennies donated during a single Penny War event. As we rounded out our semester, we elected our 2015 executive board, all of whom are eager to get started working diligently in their respective positions.

We would like to thank all brothers and alumni nationwide that helped us start this great growth and change in our chapter. We wish everyone the best in the upcoming New Year!

Clemson | Jacob Sarosi, 2017 “E” This fall has been an exciting one for our chapter, as we’ve gotten to support a very successful Tiger football team. We have gained a smaller associate member class of 6 this fall, but are very excited to see what they will contribute to our organization as brothers. This year, we also won the annual Deck the Halls philanthropy event, in which we were paired with Clemson’s Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. The win gave us $400 towards our philanthropy, and is our second year in a row winning. Our proudest accomplishment this semester was when ESPN Gameday came to Clemson and we were able to win backstage passes for the entire day. We donated these passes to the Greenville Children’s Hospital.

Colorado State Colony | Spencer Cox, 2019 “E”

Central Missouri | Adam Doyle, 2016 “E” The Central Missouri Chapter is looking forward to moving into the Fall 2015 semester. Recruitment Week is shaping up quite nicely with committee head Robbie Genau leading the way. Evan Kempker was this years’ Homecoming Candidate and worked hard on multiple ideas with the ladies of Central Missouri’s Alpha Phi chapter candidate to ensure this year’s theme of “Where Your Story Began” was one to remember. Building upon previous years’ ideas, the chapter hosted its annual week-long “Camp for the Cure” philanthropy event while also incorporating multiple smaller events during the week to help promote the V Foundation and its cause with member Josh Brehe at the helm. With the next semester coming soon, the Central Missouri chapter is eager to make both an impact on campus and build their brotherhood of a lifetime to be even stronger than before.

The Colorado State Colony Founding Fathers are both excited and proud to be apart of Delta Chi. We are looking to have one of the highest fraternity GPA’s on campus. We are eager for the challenge of starting a colony and are even more eager for the strong bonds that will be gained. As current associate members of Delta Chi, we look forward to being fully initiated into the fraternity in the upcoming weeks. We plan to have a positive impact on our campus as well as our community. It will be a learning experience for all of us, and we look forward to this opportunity to grow as gentlemen, intellectuals, and leaders. Though this cannot be stated enough, we are truly grateful and excited for the opportunity of a lifetime.

Charlotte | James Baggatta, 2018 “E”

Cornell | Andrew Vickery, 2017 “E”

This fall the Charlotte Chapter was able to welcome by far its largest associate member class into the brotherhood. This semester 17 gentlemen joined our brotherhood. With such an increase in membership the Charlotte Chapter was not only able to have its first Jimmy V Awareness week, but was also able to host many other events, whether they were philanthropy or socially-oriented.

This semester has been one filled with an increase in philanthropy and campus involvement. As leaders in the Cornell community, we were able to be involved with multiple fundraising efforts in support of a broad range of causes. In October we had a group of brothers participate in MS service day, where went to the homes of victims with multiple sclerosis in Tompkins County. We assisted


Delta Chi Quarterly

in chores around the house and property that could no longer be performed by the victims themselves and spent the day with these individuals. We also saw great participation in “Movember,” where the house raised over $1500 by not shaving for the month of November to raise money for men’s health issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health awareness. Our chapter made a team and raised the most money of any team at Cornell. In addition to these efforts, with the holidays approaching we were able to donate to three different causes. Not only did we raise over $400 (or the equivalent to 15 turkeys) to feed families on Thanksgiving, but we also participated in Cornell Elves. This is a program that matches underprivileged children in the Ithaca and Tompkins County area with organizations. The organizations raise money to buy these children Christmas gifts. Children or parents can specify gifts like toys or sweaters, and there is a list of standard items that all kids get that includes mostly winter clothes. We raised $175 for this in under 48 hours so we could get our child, 1 year-old Robert, socks, sweaters and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles themed plush toys. This philanthropy is representative of the conscientious brothers that value being positive contributors to the Tompkins County community, the Ithaca community and the Cornell community. We are happy to see such an increase in our philanthropy and believe it has led to a more engaged brotherhood. Leaders in our fraternity have led to leaders in the Cornell community, with members of executive boards all across campus, with a brother on the executive board of the Interfraternity Council, and the President of the Class of 2018. We look forward to continuing these efforts next semester, with our hallmark philanthropy event, Roll on the Knoll to raise money for the V Foundation. This year we expect to exceed any other year and plan to put together a fun concert for everyone in the area.

Corpus Christi | Nathan Jones, 2018 “E” As a chapter we continue to excel as leaders in our community both on our campus, and off. A major part of our continued success is the men we recruit, we welcome Pi class in which we have initiated 23 new brothers into our bond. This semester our philanthropy chairmen Ulises Avalos went above and beyond to better develop our successful philanthropy event “Don’t Drop the Ball”. We had two brothers Nathan Jones, and Carson Cline volunteer to sit down while holding a ball up for 24 hours straight to raise awareness for cancer research, and collecting charitable donations. We are proud to say we raised just over 6,000 dollars for the V Foundation, our most successful semester by far.

Cortland No submission received at the time of publication.

Dalton State Colony | Christian Roach, 2017 “E” Over the past semester, we have been working tirelessly to build up the Dalton State Delta Chi Colony. We have constantly striven to make impactful decisions that will help us become a reputable group on our campus. We are the third Greek organization at DSC, and we hope to live up to the standards the others have set, as well as blaze our own unique path. We have made significant efforts to improve our relationship with the faculty, and we plan for it to only grow stronger in the coming years. We would like to extend a huge thanks to our Expansion Consultants for helping our colony become such a success over the last few months. Thank you Chris Brady, Jake Tomlin, and Graham Taylor. Born Proud; Raised Proud.

Davis | Amir Beck, 2017 “E” This fall quarter, our chapter felt the need to improve upon our contributions to the community and thus hosted the Arboretum Clean up event. The event had a solid turnout and helped improve the quality of the UC Davis campus. We reached out to campus and sorority representatives to take part in our toy drive for Toys for Tots and have had solid success thus far. We also hosted an Alumni Thanksgiving Potluck which was a success in helping new members connect with alumni. We look forward to expand upon our chapter this upcoming winter quarter and grow stronger as a chapter.

Denison | Charlie Evans, 2016 “E” During this past semester the Denison Chapter of Delta Chi has continued to show its important status as a social organization on Denison University’s campus. The aspect of the Fall 2015 semester that we believed to be one of our most significant accomplishments is our service with the community. On most Sundays we help the Newark community by spending a few hours cleaning and maintaining the T.J. Evans Family Park. The Parks Project Assistant for the Newark Parks and Recreation Office, Chuck Jackson, has recently put up a sign at the T.J. Evans Park that states that the members of Delta Chi maintain the park. We plan on continuing our service to the Newark community in the final weeks of 2015 and throughout the spring semester.

Duquesne No submission received at the time of publication.

East Carolina | William Ball, 2016 “E” The East Carolina chapter is thriving now more than ever. We recruited a fall associate member class 19. It is an exciting year to be a Delta Chi. Earlier this semester we held a philanthropy event called Delta Day. We hosted this event with Kappa Delta and Delta Sigma Phi. We raised around $4500 combined for autism awareness. We will have another philanthropy event at the end of the semester to benefit the V Foundation for Cancer Research. As the semester continues we are working very hard on our grades and staying active on campus. It has been a great semester for the East Carolina chapter.

East Stroudsburg | Ryan Williams, 2017 “E” This semester we welcomed four new members into our chapter. We continued to raise money for the V Foundation, as we held our Shave-a-Delta event. We were fortunate enough to spend homecoming with our alumni where we celebrated our Founder’s Day. Also, we raised money to prevent and raise awareness for gun violence to support our brothers of the Northern Arizona chapter. We also had our first annual pig roast for parent’s day. We had a great time with our brothers and families. We have our goals set high and look forward to another great semester.

Eastern Illinois No submission received at the time of publication.

Eastern Washington | John Cobb, 2019 “E” One of the philanthropies we conducted this year was Trick or Canning. This philanthropy was a food drive for our local Cheney Food Bank, which is a

Friendship | Character | Justice | Education


non-profit community outreach service that provides food to those in need. On Halloween night, we went from house to house asking not for candy, but instead for canned foods. This philanthropy was a success thanks to the outstanding support from our local community and the efforts of our members. Their efforts proved to be worthwhile as we collected nearly 400 cans from different areas of Cheney. The canned foods were then dropped off at the Cheney Food Bank the week before Thanksgiving, in hopes that those who could not afford the luxury of a Thanksgiving meal would have something to eat. The donations were greatly appreciated by the Cheney Food Bank and we look forward to repeating the event next year.

Florida State | Wayne Snyder, 2017 “E” The fall semester was monumental for the Florida State Chapter. We recruited 24 new members, almost doubling the size of our brotherhood. Furthermore, we began our first annual philanthropy for The V Foundation, Delta Chi Carnival for the Cure. The event philanthropy raised over $1,000. Additionally, our chapter won the Award of Excellence for the first time since we were chartered. The future holds nothing but good things. We have great prospects for new members, a great philanthropy planned, and excitement for the upcoming semester.

Embry-Riddle | Eric Bremer, 2016 “E” Major strides have been made to make our dream of a fraternity house become a reality in the near future. With plans to build on the Chanute Residence Hall Complex, only a few final steps need to be made before construction begins. Our capital campaign spearheaded by Ed Fusco, class of 1973, Spence Price, class of 1971, and Kenneth McKoig, class of 2002, is boasting close to $350,000 towards the $2.3 million house. Our Chapter welcomed 8 new brothers into the bond, fall formal was a resounding success, and our chapter continues to support other philanthropies such the Domestic Abuse Council of Volusia County by participating in a 56 hour long teeter-totter event. We look forward to repeat our Greek Week Victory next semester.

Ferrum | Eddy Funes, 2017 “E” The semester started out with the biggest of the bangs through chartering, and things only continued to go up from there. We welcomed four new members who are actively involved on campus in three different sports. We also managed to raise over $1,350 for The V Foundation. We finished as runner up in our intramural football league, and also came in second for a pumpkin carving contest held by Delta Phi Epsilon.

Fredonia | Kyle Callea, 2016 “E” This fall, the Fredonia chapter hosted our 7th annual Miss Delta Chi Beauty Pageant. Nine beautiful contestants competed for the crown with over 130 people in attendance for the event. With such a positive turnout, we were able donate $1,419 towards The V Foundation, breaking last year’s record of $1,100 raised. The tremendous support from both students, as well as faculty and staff here at Fredonia has allowed our chapter to continuously raise the bar each year in our efforts of making Fredonia, as well as Delta Chi proud.

Fullerton No submission received at the time of publication.

Gannon | Bradley Szopo, 2016 “E” Florida | Jacob Peek, 2016 “E” Over the past two years, the Florida Chapter has worked tirelessly with alumni to secure donations for our housing renovation. This Fall, the dream became a reality when we held a ribbon cutting ceremony during Homecoming Week. The expansion included a new chapter room, dining area, living area, and a new back deck. The Florida Chapter thanks everyone who was involved in providing an expansion that will benefit the brothers for decades to come.

As the 2015-16 school year is well underway, The Gannon Chapter is charging through this semester with a purpose. At 13 members strong, and an Associate member class of two we have a lot in store for spring rush. To start off our spring rush the Brothers, with the help of Brother Kevin Caffrey , started a non-Greek affiliated scholarship for young men at Gannon University. Applicants and their applications will be reviewed and interviewed to decide the winner. Finally, in light of the holiday spirit, we have also teamed up with Alpha Gamma Delta for the second year to raise money and collect toys for tots for the less fortunate.

George Mason | Aquiles Cabellos, 2015 “E” As each new semester approaches, we proceed to progress with our never ending strive for improvement. At the George Mason campus, our chapter began a new annual Greek Life tradition called “A Very Greek Christmas.” For this event the participating organizations team up for a huge canned food drive, fundraiser, and dinner. All proceeds went directly to the Federal Homeless Shelter of DC. On December 3rd our chapter will lead a group of 4 organizations in providing a large dinner for those in need. We also hosted the 2nd annual Jimmy V Week and were able to donate over a thousand dollars to our philanthropy. On top of all that, we joined the American University and


Delta Chi Quarterly

DC alumni chapter in celebrating the 125th anniversary of our fraternity’s founding. This celebration also included a raffle in which all the proceeds went to The V Foundation.

band. The 5K brought the community together for a meaningful cause; in the end we raised over $2200 for the Jimmy V Foundation.

Hayward No submission received at the time of publication.

Hobart | David Roberts, 2017 “E” The men of the Hobart chapter have been busy this semester. We had our entire active brotherhood attended Hobart and William Smiths Day of Service helping a local community garden with their winter preparations. Some weeks later we began a fundraising campaign for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. After 2 weeks we had raised over $800. Our volleyball team, captained by Joe Silvia, worked tirelessly all semester and became the school champions.

Hofstra No submission received at the time of publication.

Huntsville | Robert Hicks, 2017 “E” Georgia Southern | Andrew Boatright, 2016 “E” The fall of 2015 pledge class was the largest ever in our history at Southern with 24 associate members. These men were drawn to our tight brotherhood and the lasting impressions it leaves, shown through our ever active alumni base. The tireless work of the brothers that came before manifests itself through our new chapter house. Our chapter has wanted a home to call our own for over a decade, and now it’s a reality. Homecoming this fall brought together over 150 Alumni under the roof of the house we all worked so hard to own. The brotherhood continues to strengthen and looks forward to many more years at beautiful Georgia Southern. If ever you find yourself cruising down I-16, feel free to stop by. We’ll greet every brother at the door with a smile, and a proud, “HAIL SOUTHERN”!

Greetings from the Huntsville Chapter! As we begin preparing for finals, we must look back at some of our highlights from the fall semester. We made strides toward fulfilling our pledge to the V Foundation by raising money as volunteers at a concession stand at the University of Alabama for their home football games. We held an early Thanksgiving dinner, that was cooked by brothers and their families, for brothers, alumni, and guests. It was so successful we nearly ran out of table space with everyone in attendance! Next semester will be a busy one for us as we prepare to host the Region 8 Leadership Conference in Huntsville.

Illinois No submission received at the time of publication.

Georgia Tech | Ruben Cohen, 2017 “E”

Illinois State | Zach Smith, 2017 “E”

We began our fall semester by welcoming 20 new Associate Members to the chapter and 8 new brothers into the bond. Proudly, we accepted our 19th President’s Cup and The Dean Dull Award for the best overall fraternity on campus. With the 125th Anniversary Celebration in Atlanta this year, many brothers were able to attend. There, our own Lyle Sprinkle, class of 1996, was honored as a New Founder. We held our semi-formal in Chattanooga, TN and our annual “Wreck the Deck” party, which fell on Halloween, was a huge success. This fall, the brothers and associate members worked very diligently to bring home yet another Homecoming victory. Fundraising has also gone well this fall; including our annual Pig Roast, we raised close to $2,000 for the V Foundation.

Fall recruitment was a success for the Illinois State chapter. Rush week included a backyard barbeque, house tours, a trip to the driving range, and a steak dinner. In September, brothers from our chapter made a trip to the University of Iowa to watch the Illinois State Redbirds football team play the Hawkeyes. Members from the Iowa chapter were generous enough to host a number of our men at their house. In early November, thirty associate members were initiated into the Delta Chi Fraternity. We look forward to continuing our success as a chapter and striving for greatness.

Indiana | Joshua Schneider, 2018 “E” Hamilton | Jed Kaas, 2016 “A” In keeping with the Halloween spirit, the Hamilton chapter dawned their costumes on the morning of October 31 and led over 200 members of the Hamilton College community in a 5K for The V Foundation. Racers circled the golf course before speeding to the finish line to enjoy a cookout and a live

Delta Chi at Indiana University has had a very successful term. First, we as a fraternity have taken an initiative to improve our grades and become better students. Our chapter GPA is expected to rise from a 2.9 to a 3.1, which is a huge step in the right direction. Next and probably the biggest achievement of the semester was acquiring a brand new house for next year. We will be

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moving back to 720 East Third Street, which is the same house we lived in from 2010-2012. This is all thanks to the great work of our Executive Board and most importantly our fantastic alumni.

Iowa No submission received at the time of publication.

Iowa State | Mohammad Darwish, 2016 “E” This semester marks the first semester our chapter lives on an official house. Living in the new house bolstered our chapter’s friendship, character, and brotherhood through exposure to new experiences. We have organized many events including brotherhood dinners, housework days, and even video gaming tournaments in the house. Our members can all agree that there is nothing better than seeing your brothers every single day of the week.

Jacksonville State | Jared Davis, 2018 “E” Our chapter has experienced a boom of growth the last two years, thanks in large part to the efforts of our dedicated brothers. This growth is unprecedented for this chapter, which struggled a mere four years prior. We are excited to see what our future holds, and are dedicated to keeping this chapter moving in a positive direction.

Johnstown | Adam Hornyak, 2016 “E” This fall, we initiated five new members. We also assisted with the “Light the Night Walk” philanthropy, which spreads awareness and raises money for leukemia and lymphoma research. Our brothers also helped work to set up a walk to raise money and awareness for Alzheimer’s disease, which was hosted by the Phi Sigma Sigma sorority. Finally, a few brothers this November helped out and gave tours of the campus to potential international students.

Kansas | Preston Montgomery, 2018 “E” The Kansas chapter has been very busy this semester. A major focus has been trying to strengthen the turnout for alumni events. This spring, we are having our first annual reunion event for the 10th, 20th, and 30th graduating classes. We hope everyone can attend to honor our alumni from these decades. Along with communicating with our alumni, the Kansas chapter has been working hard to exceed the average on community service and on overall grade point average (currently ranked 3rd!). By emphasizing the four core values and eleven basic expectations, our house is striving to be an important part of society. The Kansas chapter house is approaching a renovation and we have already raised $600,000! The active members of the chapter have also pitched in $50,000! We thank everyone who is helping contribute to our campaign and are hoping to reach $900,000 by January 31 and $1.25 million by March 1! The Kansas chapter received the Award of Excellence this past year and also raised $6,000 for the Jimmy V Foundation! We hope that more people will stop by for the KU basketball season, everyone is always welcome!

Kettering- A | Jordan McMichael, 2018 “E” Way back in early July, our members joined together to renovate 3 of the rooms in our house. Throughout the term, members took time out of their week to do lawn care for an alumnus, whose knee injury was acting up. In addition, we joined the annual soccer league, where we finished semifinalists. At the finish, we achieved an average GPA of 3.3, the second highest among all Greek houses on campus!

Kettering- B | Cristian Little, 2018 “E” Things have been looking up for the Kettering-B chapter in recent months. Before the term even started, renovations were being made to a few of the rooms in the house. Everyone helped out with this large endeavor and it was great to see so much enthusiasm from the brothers. Once the term started, however, all sights were set on recruitment. Our biggest event this year was our chicken wings night. Normally we would go out to a restaurant for this event, but this year we decided to hold it at the house. We made all of our wings and sauces ourselves and the event was a resounding success, drawing a crowd of about 15-20 people, not counting the brothers. All but one of the current members were able to attend retreat this term, and we were even able to get a couple alumni to join us as well. It was great to see some familiar faces again, and we look forward to more introductions and good times in retreats to come. All things considered, this term has been a very successful one. With a host of young members taking office during our elections, we are primed and ready to push for a bigger, better chapter in the coming months.

Lake Forest No submission received at the time of publication.

Lehigh | Sean Feick, 2018 “E” As the University marked the 150th anniversary of its founding, Delta Chi began its first year with a chapter house on campus. Welcoming the opportunity to become residential again, we held several successful alumni events from a housewarming party for older alumni and their families at the start of the semester, to several tailgates and a celebration dinner during our rivalry week with Lafayette College. We also brought in a strong fall class of five new members, and are making a heavy push for freshman recruitment starting in the spring to increase our membership and fill our new chapter house to capacity.

Kansas State | Noah Minshew, 2018 “E” This fall our Chapter welcomed a promising associate member class, initiating 17 men. This fall we also hosted a banquet celebrating our chapter’s second President’s Cup, Delta Chi’s 125th anniversary, and our fifth year being back on campus. We organized the first “Hoops for Hope” philanthropy basketball tournament at the collegiate level, which turned out to be a huge success, raising over $1500 for the V Foundation! As the Holiday season approached, brothers organized our annual Adopt a Child event which provides gifts for over 130 families. We are excited to see what our chapter can accomplish this year!

Kennesaw No submission received at the time of publication.


Delta Chi Quarterly

Little Rock Colony | Macklin Nickes, 2018 “E” This fall, we welcomed ten new members, transitioned into our third semester on campus, and started to become a more established group on campus. We held our second annual Sweetheart Pageant to raise money for

the V Foundation, participated in various service projects, and were deemed best fraternity on campus for the second year in a row. We have also focused more on being involved with IFC as well as the athletic department. Finally, we are working to improve the finances of the fraternity and education of our new members.

of joy, reveling in the accomplishment we had all envisioned and labored over, may or may not have been shed by a few of the brothers. We couldn’t believe the chapter had doubled. Following the feeling of accomplishment was the realization of the implications of such a large chapter. Everything from running chapter meetings to facilitating social events had to account for twice the number of people, half of whom had not yet fully learned the tenets and traditions outlined in the Cornerstone. Thus, we faced the challenge of progression, and we succeeded. Brothers were appointed to committees to organize the infrastructure of the chapter. Older brothers initially skeptical of the large chapter size and how it would affect the strength of our brotherhood were proved wrong as they bonded with the quality men of the new class, making lifelong friends. We look to the future with an air of excitement. Continued growth is not only hoped for, continued growth is intended. Such growth, though, is possible because of an “appreciation that close association may promote friendship, develop character, advance justice and assist in the acquisition of a sound education.”


Marquette | Christopher Steiner, 2017 “E”

No submission received at the time of publication.

We want to hear from any Delta Chi alumni in the Milwaukee or Wisconsin area! We are trying to build up our database of alumni contacts so we can host future events with alumni. Please email us at We look forward to hearing from all of you!

Long Beach | Aaron Smith, 2015 “E” This past semester, the Long Beach chapter held a brand new philanthropy event that we will undoubtedly hold as a staple for years to come – Delta Comedy. Three local comedians and our very own Eli John volunteered to perform at the event in order to raise funds for The V Foundation. The event was held at a local gastropub. The venue required no rental fee and even donated a percentage of the food sales toward The V Foundation. Ticket and food sales allowed us to raise approximately $2,000, nearly doubling the proceeds raised from the annual dance competition we have held for the past several years. Active members, associate members, alumni, friends, and family all had an incredible time at this event. The Long Beach chapter looks forward to an even more successful Delta Comedy next year!

Mankato | Caleb Johnson, 2017 “E” The Mankato chapter has a very unique fundraiser which takes advantage of the “land of 10,000 lakes.” Every semester the chapter installs and removes docks for people with lake houses. We mainly do business on Lake Washington and have been doing this as a source of funds for our chapter basically since the date we were founded. Although this is viewed as the most dreaded event of the year due to the extensive amount of hard labor, all of the brothers enjoy hanging out with each other. This semester we raised over $2,300 by removing docks from local lake houses and we will continue to carry on this tradition.

Louisiana Tech | Jordan Dowouis, 2018 “E” Recently, The Louisiana Tech chapter was able to participate in a service project at the Ruston, Louisiana Animal Shelter. With the help of alumnus Jared Allement and his wife Emily, we were able to construct a new facility for the cats to live in that is a more spacious environment, rather than the main office of the shelter. Both active and associate members participated in this project and the building was nearly completed by the end of the day.

Massachusetts | Aaron Schuster, 2017 “E” This semester, the Massachusetts Chapter has been heavily involved in activities on campus and in our community. One large success was having our members volunteer a day of their time at Six Flags New England in Agawam, MA. Members ran shifts in all aspects of the Six Flags operations. They were set up as line cooks, food runners, cashiers, and gate attendants. In return member’s wages were donated to a charity of our choice, The V Foundation.

LSU | Lyne Manion, 2017 “E”

Miami | Stephen Burtzlaff, 2017 “E”

For the LSU Chapter, this past semester saw overwhelmingly positive transitions. Exponential growth brought both challenges and triumphs, shaping brothers older and younger in the bond that is Delta Chi.

This semester we hosted our Inaugural Toasted Roll Throwdown philanthropy event and raised $2,000 for The V Foundation for Cancer Research. Our members have completed nearly 1,000 hours of community service this semester, by volunteering with the local Garden Club, working at the food pantry on Saturday mornings, and participating in our own “Adopt the Block” program. We are proud to announce that two of our brothers, Zach Myers

Fall recruitment efforts of the chapter resulted in 40 associate members, a milestone since the re-chartering of the chapter in the mid-2000s. Tears

Friendship | Character | Justice | Education


and Cameron Snyders, were elected to Miami University IFC. We also want to thank all of our alumni who have made generous contributions to our new endowment, which has surpassed $10,000 in donations. The chapter is preparing for rush, and we hope to welcome 35-40 new members into our chapter next semester.

Missouri | Drew Boursheski, 2016 “E” This semester, the Missouri chapter of has had a busy semester. The chapter held its annual Alumni Weekend on Homecoming Weekend. We helped fundraise for the Second Chance Animal Shelter by holding a dunk tank booth. This semester, we also recruited a class of over 30 men, bringing our chapter to around 120 members. At the same time as our Alumni Weekend, we placed 2nd overall in Homecoming with Alpha Chi Omega and Tau Kappa Epsilon. Along with placing well overall, the Missouri chapter’s Brother Lawson made Top 5 in Homecoming Royalty. All in all, it has been a fantastic semester of growth, success and charity for the Missouri chapter.

Michigan State | Brad Hacias, 2016 “E” The Michigan State chapter is off to a great school year after a successful rush. We have molded a strong group of 23 men. As a house, we are extremely excited to watch our new members grow. This success was due to our VP of Rush, Elliot Wilens, and the increased enthusiasm that was ordained during rush. This upcoming spring, our chapter will start to execute plans to build a fence surrounding our house. We plan on creating a volleyball court and adding additional alterations to our lawn and the outside of our house. Our Brothers are working hard to improve our overall GPA, and will hold our annual scholarship dinner on March 4th. Our house will get together on this date to acknowledge those who work hard in school and for the house. Many alumni came back for Homecoming to survey Michigan State’s top-tier football team carry a victory over the Purdue Boilermakers. Lastly, our chapter has been participating in virtually every philanthropy event on campus. This semester our chapter won second place overall in Sigma-Olympics. GO GREEN!

Minnesota | Phil Levine, 2017 “E” This year, the Minnesota chapter took first place in two weeklong Greek competitions. In the Spring, Delta Chi, Alpha Omicron Pi, Alpha Epsilon Pi and Tau Kappa Epsilon teamed up to take gold medals in Battle of the Bands and Ballyhoo dance competition helping us win first place for the whole weeklong competition. This past fall, the chapter competed in homecoming events including a house-front competition, lip-sync battle, and a photo scavenger hunt. The chapter took home our second consecutive first place trophy for all-Greek competitions. We look forward to competing and succeeding in more Greek events this spring.

Missouri State | Justin Ferguson, 2019 “E” We’ve secured a house for Fall 2016 after our superb recruitment process, welcoming 21 great men into the bond! One of our brothers has been elected IFC President and we took the crown on Greek Week with Alpha Sigma Alpha, Theta Chi, and Zeta Phi Beta.

Montclair | Tyler Griesbach, 2018 “E” The Montclair chapter has been prosperous and growing. Looking back on Spring 2015, the chapter initiated 14 new members, which was our largest associate member class in years. The younger influence from the new members has urged change and with the older side of the chapter spreading their knowledge to the younger guys, there is a proper balance within the chapter. In November, our previous chapter President, Travis Griesbach was hired to become a Sales Representative at Alphaserve. We currently have 10 new associate members for the Fall term in 2015, and will be looking to have around 34 brothers in the chapter. We held our philanthropy event for The V Foundation, and have already surpassed our goal! Brother Michael Strickland and his restaurant West Shore Inn, in Staten Island won “Best Steak” in the Reader’s Choice Awards. We are looking forward to a great last part of the semester to finish off strong with our last few tasks.

New Haven No submission received at the time of publication.

North Alabama | Robby Blackard, 2017 “E” Recruitment was the big focus for the semester. This was a true test of the brotherhood. However, we prevailed and quite triumphantly. We also have had record breaking community service for this semester with 731 hours! We came together for events such as tailgating, Founders’ Day, and even a window painting competition, in which we won second.

North Georgia | Tony Abramyan, 2018 “E” The Brothers and Associate Members of the North Georgia chapter have had a busy semester. We began the fall term with the highest GPA among UNG


Delta Chi Quarterly

fraternities. Our 18-man associate member class was the largest on campus this fall. We welcomed all 18 men into the Bond in late November. Delta Chi at UNG was very active again this year with Dahlonega’s Gold Rush Days, a celebration of the town’s heritage as well as today’s focus on service and community. We assisted the Dahlonega Jaycees with set-up and logistics for this big regional 4-day October event. The UNG chapter’s annual Date-a-Guy date auction raised funds for our pledge to The V Foundation for Cancer Research. We are looking forward to our big spring rush, the Region VIII conference at Huntsville in February, and the International Convention this summer in Louisville.

Oklahoma State Colony | Willis Cook, 2018 “E” The Fall 2015 Semester has been a very busy on for the Oklahoma State colony. With the help of the Kansas State chapter, we initiated 6 new members to our brotherhood on November 6th, some whom have already taken on leadership positions within our colony. We have made it an initiative to give back to the community after the tragedy that happened in Stillwater on October 24, 2015. Luckily, no brothers were hurt in the accident and stayed out of harms reach. We have given back to the victims of the accident by purchasing shirts and ribbons to help lower the weight of medical bills and also to comfort the families of those who lost their lives. We have attempted to create an optimistic atmosphere in our community by promoting the values of Delta Chi proving that we are Stillwater Strong.

Oregon State | Christopher Turek, 2016 “E” This term has been a big one for our chapter. Renovations will likely be taking place at the house during this upcoming summer, replacing much of the addition. We are pleased to announce our chapter initiated the Phi class this fall. We are proud to welcome our largest class to date with 17 members into our chapter. This term, we had our first alumni and member community service event to help out with a young man’s Eagle Scout project and we had a lot of fun! We plan on having a lot more community service projects like this in the future!

Oshkosh | Chandler Lackey, 2017 “E”

Northern Arizona No submission received at the time of publication.

Northern Colorado No submission received at the time of publication.

Northern Illinois | Patrick McLaughlin, 2016 “E” In the spring of 2015 we paired up with the lovely ladies of Alpha Phi and took first place in Delta Gamma’s Anchor Splash philanthropy. A few weeks later we also conquered in Alpha Sigma Alpha’s “Do it to the Crowd” dance competition with another first place trophy, followed by a second place trophy in Greek Week. Our Annual Earthball tournament was another great success, as we raised $1,200 for The V Foundation. More recently, it was announced during our annual Brosgiving dinner that our very own Gerardo Guadarrama was elected as the IFC President.

Northwestern No submission received at the time of publication.

Ohio State | William Hess, 2017 “E” In November, eight new members were initiated into our chapter. Currently we are in the process of initiating the father of one of our brothers into the chapter as well. For the OSU vs. Penn State Football game we held a very successful car smash event where we raised $700 for The V Foundation. The brothers have been attending a monthly soup kitchen event with the YWCA where they serve food, set up tables for eating, and clean up afterwards. We also held several alumni events such as cookouts on the back porch and breakfast before a noon football game the week of Homecoming. We also held very successful social events such as Homecoming with sororities such as Delta Zeta. One brother, Muhammad who is originally from Pakistan just graduated at the end of this semester and will be returning to his home to pursue a career in politics.

During the Summer, we held our annual “Summer Get Together,” reuniting both active brothers as well as spirited alumni. This event was also visited by our new Chancellor at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh! After such a great Summer event, we were enthusiastic about recruitment and proudly welcomed eight associate members into the brotherhood. Our brothers also actively participated in several campus events, one of these being the annual 2015 Homecoming Competition. We are proud to announce that we took home first place for the second year in a row alongside Alpha Xi Delta! To add to the excitement, three brothers: Zachary Bukowski, Anthony Bianchina, and Kurt Kaufman were accepted into the Greek Leadership Honor Society known as Order of Omega. We are ecstatic looking back at the accomplishments we have achieved and look forward to an even more prosperous semester in the near future!

Penn State | Matt Gerarde, 2017 “E” This autumn we welcomed 18 Associate Members to our chapter. We are proud to report that we have one of the highest GPAs among all Penn State Fraternities. We raised over $130,000 for pediatric cancer research and participated in our 46 hour Dance Marathon, this past February. We hosted our alumni for Homecoming and had a great dinner prepared for us by our cook, Laura. We had success in our intramurals and won several tournaments. We also have made great contributions to our community by going to our local elementary school every Tuesday and having lunch with children with special needs every Monday and Wednesday.

Pittsburgh | Taylor Tear, 2017 “E” This fall the Pittsburgh chapter laid the foundation for a Jimmy V Week in the coming year by hosting its first annual Fall Carnival and Haunted House to benefit The V Foundation, which proved to be very successful. Over 20 brothers attended our annual service retreat in the woods of Pennsylvania. Homecoming brought together many brothers and alumni to celebrate the brotherhood. The 13 member Alpha Alpha class, the largest of any Pitt fraternity this fall, was initiated, and the chapter is prepared for strong recruitment in the Spring. The chapter had a productive Fall and looks forward to a busy Spring.

Purdue No submission received at the time of publication.

Friendship | Character | Justice | Education


Radford No submission received at the time of publication.

Rhode Island | Mark Zingarelli, 2016 “E” Gears are turning here at the Rhode Island chapter. Leaf clean-ups and various fundraising events allowed brothers to expand social circles on campus and in the community. Intramural wiffle ball took home the gold medal this fall and soccer is following the same trend. Shout-out to our new “BB”, Ed Zajac, and ABT president, Mike Reposa for their invaluable support. We wouldn’t have gotten most improved chapter without these two gentlemen, thanks Ed and Mike. The AM’s this semester are talented, motivated, and show tons of promise. In the spring, we will be hosting the second annual Delta Chi Open and a pig roast on campus.


Southeast Missouri | Ayden Carey, 2017 “E”

No submission received at the time of publication.

38 years ago a tradition was started by a few alumni that has grown into one of our chapter’s most proud and exciting traditions. The event mentioned above is our chapter’s alumni float trip. This year we saw the biggest turn out in the trips history as over 80 SEMO Delta Chis showed up at some point in the weekend. The weekend includes many great activities including wiffle ball, karaoke, floating, and the traditional Saturday night campfire dinner. The rich history of this event shows that the bond Delta Chi builds truly stands the test of time.

Rutgers No submission received at the time of publication.

Sacramento | Marco Carrasco, 2016 “E” This semester has been an extremely successful one in many aspects for the Sacramento chapter. We held our first ever annual Hands of Humanity philanthropy started by brother Malik Hill. We had struggled in previous semesters on getting a strong philanthropy going in order to contribute to The V Foundation for Cancer Research, but this semester we are knocking it out of the park! The first day we hosted “Pie a D Chi” and “ASI Food Pantry Drive” in which participants were allowed to pie whichever brother they chose for a small donation, and people could donate food and were given points accordingly. The next day was a kickball tournament as well as a Coin Drive. The last day was the “Lady of Leges” ceremony in which potential sweethearts played a game of jeopardy to see if they knew the history and background of Delta Chi. First place went to Delta Gamma, second place went to Chi Delta, and third placewent to Gamma Phi Beta. Our goal was to raise $2,500 for the V Foundation, and we ended up reeling in $5,204.53 in total.

South Dakota State | Nathaniel Condelli, 2016 “E” As a chapter we have created many traditions. Some of those traditions include world travel, leadership and personal development. We also have strongly focused on Delta Chi’s abolition of hazing. To illustrate this, we decided to start a new tradition for our associate members. The tradition involves decorating a paddle symbolizing our sense of adventure. We decided we wanted to go with a canoe paddle to symbolize our opposition to hazing by giving them a tool to help them in their journey in becoming a member. Each big brother and little brother pair signed the handle and the blade was decorated by the associate member class.

South Florida | Markus Rivera, 2017 “E” We welcomed 16 new members to the chapter increasing our manpower to 65. We became the fraternity league 7-on-7 flag football champion after an undefeated season. We raised $16,000 for The V Foundation with our Lady of the Leges ceremony in spring, and installed 3v3 for Jimmy V Basketball Tournament as our new fall philanthropy. We won first place performance in Delta Gamma’s Anchorsplash and won Best House in “Trick or Treat in Greek” a community service event welcoming children to celebrate Halloween with USF Greeks. Follow us on instagram @usfdx to stay up to date with our chapter!


Delta Chi Quarterly

Southern California | Sean Straw, 2017 “E” The Southern California chapter has continued to grow, initiating 17 new members in the Fall class, Beta Theta. We hosted the parents and siblings of our brothers during this semester’s Parent’s Weekend. Additionally, through our philanthropy 3 on 3 for Jimmy V along with smaller fundraising efforts throughout the semester, we raised and donated $2,875 dollars to The V Foundation. As our chapter moves into the upcoming semester, we look forward to continuing our house’s growth!

Southern Illinois | Tarren Waugh, 2016 “E” The Southern Illinois chapter has made strides not seen in many years, and there is no stopping soon. During this semester we have surpassed all expectations, and are considered one of the fastest growing fraternities on campus. We have acquired a new chapter house, as well as grown to a chapter to 40 members (an improvement from 12 members in the spring of 2013). We were awarded “Best Academic Performance” within our IFC with a 3.025 cumulative G.P.A. We were also awarded “Best Recruitment”, “Most Improved Chapter”, and “Top Fraternity” within our IFC. We executed our inaugural “Delta Dash 5K Color Run”, raising more money for The V Foundation than we have in a long time. We also had our most successful Homecoming in years, and our presence on campus is strong and growing.

Spring Hill | Charles Matranga, 2017 “E” Philanthropy is a priority to our chapter and we look for creative ways to raise awareness for our cause. On December 9-10, we held our philanthropy event “Bike Through the Night”, in which two stationary bikes were placed in the Student Center. From 11 am Wednesday Dec. 9, to 11 am Thursday Dec. 10,

we had a brother ride the bike for each of the 24 hours. In the end, we totaled 370 miles and raised $375 for The V Foundation. This was a well received event and we hope to do it next semester as well.

Syracuse No submission received at the time of publication.

Tarleton | Nolan Beal, 2016 “E” This year the Tarleton chapter has really made some strides on campus. We held our second annual Miss Greek Pageant. This pageant is a philanthropic event, benefiting The V Foundation for Cancer Research. Thanks to the support of this event as well as other events held, we will be sending $500 to the V Foundation, more than our chapter has ever donated before. We placed first in the IFC canned food drive and have made generous donations to other Greek philanthropies. We would also like to congratulate the portion of our chapter that will be graduating this school year.

Texas | Matthew Ngo, 2018 “E” We recently raised our chapter’s minimum GPA to a 2.7. The vast majority of our brothers have succeeded in making this mark. Brothers also camped out one weekend in Ink’s Lake National Park as a brotherhood event. At this location, brothers strengthened their bonds as the weekend brought with it difficulties from the national park and thunderstorms. Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 will be the graduation dates for many of our brothers. They have led the way for our growing chapter and we hope to recruit members of similar quality to these fine Delta Chis in the coming semesters.

Texas Tech | Sean Simmons, 2016 “E” Throughout the duration of the fall semester, the Texas Tech chapter made great strides in a positive direction. The chapter worked together during rush week to try and bring in a great associate member class and we successfully initiated 19 out of 22 associate members. We were able to do this by electing strong leaders to the AMC/AMC Assistant positions, making improvements to our associate member program, and receiving constant support from the active chapter and alumni. As of now, we are looking forward to a great Spring rush and Spring semester overall. Our goals are to continue to improve academically and to initiate a 15 man associate member class in Spring. Over the course of the semester we made efforts to take part in as many local community service events as possible. One example would be when all brothers took part in donating winter clothes to Jose S. Ramirez Elementary school. This was a great opportunity to help our local community.

Tri-State | Aaron Ceckowski, 2016 “E” This past semester, the Tri-State chapter has been working hard on philanthropy and brotherhood. Our major philanthropy event this year was our Jimmy V Dash for a Cure 5K. We had a turnout of 106 runners and we raised close to $3,000 from participants and donors. We continue to use

this event as one of our major philanthropy events through the year and we hope to continue to increase the number of runners in years to come. Our large associate member class (13 members) has also helped greatly promote philanthropy and brotherhood. With our newly initiated members we hope to continue to be a great contributor to our community through service and other philanthropic events.

Troy State No submission received at the time of publication.

Truman State | Jake Haubner, 2017 “E” The Truman State chapter grew more this semester than it has in any semester for the past 20 years. In September we welcomed 17 new associate members. With the help of these ambitious young men, Delta Chi was named the victors in Truman’s 2015 overall Homecoming, and our president, Grant Orr, was awarded homecoming king. Our senior members have also continued to grow and help the chapter and community. In November, one senior, Ryan Gordon, organized the regional Up ‘til Dawn event that raised over $30,000 for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. This level of enthusiasm and involvement is what Delta Chi is known for at Truman and we hope to continue to uphold that reputation in the future.

University of the Sciences in Philadelphia Michael Nocito, 2019 “E”

Brothers Thomas Too, Michael Nocito and Michael West along with newly initiated brothers Nick Field and Paul Fimognari went to Mitchell School at 55th and Kingsessing to help paint the outer and inside walls with vibrant colors. It is a grade school that didn’t stand out so some other organizations, Greek and nonGreek along with Delta Chi did an amazing job updating the appearance!

UNLV | Lyndon Yellowfish, 2017 “E” Greetings from the Founding Fathers at the UNLV colony, we are excited to be back. We have 36 founding fathers that were recently pinned and we are in the beginning stages of becoming a fully functioning colony. The associate members have begun to really get to know each other, and we are in the process of planning some awesome events for 2016. These include our first philanthropy, fall recruitment, and homecoming. We are excited join the Delta Chi community and the UNLV Greek community and look forward to getting to know some more brothers at the 2016 convention in Louisville!

Valdosta No submission received at the time of publication.

Virginia Commonwealth No submission received at the time of publication.

Washington No submission received at the time of publication.

Washington State No submission received at the time of publication.

Friendship | Character | Justice | Education


West Chester No submission received at the time of publication.

Whitewater | Joseph Fasanella, 2018 “E” This semester has been great for the Whitewater chapter. We participated in many philanthropic events such as “Dine with the DZs” and “Sigma Stacks”. Our First annual golf event for The V Foundation was a huge success and raised over $1500. We also initiated fourteen new men into our chapter. We are looking forward for the continuing growth of our chapter in the coming semesters.

William & Mary | Yousif Al- Amin, 2016 “E” The Fall semester has truly been a great one. We welcomed our Psi pledge class of 12 men, each of whom exemplifies the qualities of scholarship, leadership, and brotherhood our chapter looks for each semester. The Psi class was initiated on campus in the Wren Building, oldest collegiate academic building still in use in the nation. Our chapter welcomed dozens of our alumni back for Homecoming in October, and we enjoyed the Homecoming festivities with the lovely ladies of Delta Gamma. The crowd favorite event of the semester was definitely our Mother’s Weekend, and we had a great time getting to know the mothers of our members.

Wilmington | Alexander Kuppler, 2018 “E” This year the Wilmington chapter has accomplished many great things! We have successfully initiated several new gentlemen who will be valuable assets, bringing diverse backgrounds as they begin to contribute to the overall continuing success of our growing chapter. This year we hosted a wiffle-ball philanthropy event, raising money for The V foundation. In addition to our philanthropy event, we also elected a new “BB”, Gene Dorris. Mr. Dorris’ experience has already proved to be an invaluable asset to our chapter, and will undoubtedly prove to be even more so as our chapter continues to grow and strive toward excellence. We were represented in Alpha Gamma Deltas Mr. and Mrs. Greek, as well as worked closely with IFC, earning the highest endowment ever paid out to a fraternity in Wilmington, helping send our representatives to the Delta Chi 125th Anniversary Celebration. In the coming year we have plans to host an alumni golf tournament, strengthening our alumni- active relationship. With the successful year behind us we look forward to continuing the successes in the coming year!

Windsor | Aaron Sahota, 2018 “E” The brothers of the Windsor chapter have been working tirelessly on establishing the best image for our chapter on campus. The brothers of the Windsor chapter have shown support for academic and social groups. The chapter helped Brother R.J Daguilar in winning his election as the Political Science and International Relations second year representative. We also assisted our support in local charity groups such as “Run for Rocky”. The chapter has also assisted in helping brothers Aaron Sahota and Ahmed Murtaza in joining Canada’s biggest student competition, in which both brothers are student ambassadors for. The chapter helped with advertisement and also joined the competition by submitting their 30-90 second sales pitches to show of support. Lastly the chapter has also done their best in strengthening Greek Relations. Vice President Connor Cole was awarded “Delta Alpha Theta Knight” and both active and alumni brothers showed support through attendance at the DAT Formal.


Delta Chi Quarterly

Wisconsin | Carl Gronstedt, 2017 “E” In Delta Chi’s fourth semester back on campus, the colony has continued to grow and is taking large steps forward. Our big news of the semester is that this upcoming March our colony will be chartering! A big part of our chartering was our fall rush class of 19 associate members, which nearly doubled our size, bringing our total to 42 brothers. Of those members, 13 fraternity brothers began living in our new temporary house, which has created a fantastic home base for social and brotherhood events. We have also continued to be active in the UW Greek community with an active social calendar with the UW sororities and fellow fraternities. Overall, it has been a great semester for the brothers and we look forward to continuing to establish ourselves on campus.




JANUARY 15-18, 2016

“A”s’ Academy Lakeview Camp and Retreat Center • Waxahachie, TX


he 2016 “A”s’ Academy was held January 15-18 at Lakeview Camp and Retreat Center in Waxahachie, Texas. Over 100 of Delta Chi’s chapter/colony “A”s and future leaders spent the long weekend partaking in team building exercises, discussing leadership challenges, building action plans for their chapters and colonies, and cultivating new skills.

Our Graduates

The following chapter and colony leaders are graduates of the 2016 Delta Chi “A”s’ Academy: James Truitt, Abracadabra 2018 Christian Barba, Adelphi 2017 Jack Lange, Alabama 2017 Hayden Mills, Alberta 2017 Daniel Sullivan, American 2016 Mason Kinny, Appalachian State 2017 Grant McNaughton, Arizona State 2017 Anthony Bartolomei, Auburn 2018 Dominick Grizzaffi , Augusta 2017 Dominic Caggiano, Beaufort 2017 Wesley Duda, Behrend 2018 Ryan Kennebeck, Bowling Green 2017 Thomas Belger, Bryant 2017 Steven Pollock, Cal Poly 2017 Jacob Garcia, California Univ. – PA 2017 Joseph Broderick, Case Western Reserve 2017 Christopher Johnson, Central Missouri 2018 Alexander Hayes, Charlotte 2018 Gregory Dussault, Cornell 2018 Edgar Martinez, Corpus Christi 2017 Reyluis Gutierrez, Cortland 2017 Paul Herrmann, Cortland 2017 John Box, Dalton 2018 Tanner Wilcox, Dalton 2018


Michael Miller, Davis 2017 Daniel May, Denison 2017 Zachary Galloway, Duquesne 2018 Sean Echeverria, East Carolina 2017 Luke Garner, East Stroudsburg 2017 Rohan Nanda, Eastern Illinois 2017 Conner Valadez, Eastern Washington 2017 Auburn Wherley, Embry-Riddle 2016 Max Harper, Ferrum 2017 Jacob Dube, Florida 2018 Jason Gonzalez, Florida State 2017 Nicholas Ritornato, Florida State 2018 Matthew Donnelly, Fredonia 2017 Jon Comouche, Fullerton 2016 Shahid Hashmi, Gannon 2016 Patrick Nieves, George Mason 2017 Alexander Nelsen, Georgia Southern 2017 Kevin Vinson, Georgia Tech 2017 James Larson, Hamilton 2017 Christian Salemy, Hobart 2017 Jake Schuster, Hofstra 2017 Logan Johnson, Huntsville 2017 Aaron Repholz, Illinois 2018 Stephen Binkowski, Illinois State 2018

Delta Chi Quarterly

Adam Weber, Indiana 2018 Reid Loftsgard, Iowa 2018 Warren Harper, Iowa State 2016 Brennon Gray, Jacksonville State 2017 Garrett Lindsay, Johnstown 2017 Garrett Raibble, Kansas 2016 Chase Bouse, Kansas State 2018 Nicholas Tuz, Kennesaw 2017 Adam Kotlinski, Kettering A 2017 Cristian Little, Kettering B 2018 Cam Gudmundson, Lake Forest 2017 Eric Harrold, Lehigh 2017 Brandon Frederick, Little Rock 2018 Gordon Warner, Livingston 2017 Mario Ayala, Long Beach 2017 Colin McKenzie, Louisiana Tech 2018 Stephen LeBlanc, LSU 2018 Caleb Johnson, Mankato 2017 Austin Lower, Marquette 2017 Glenn Gibson, Massachusetts 2018 Taylor Hawks, Miami 2017 Wyatt Bigley, Michigan 2018 William Magrane, Michigan State 2017 Matthew Corcoran, Minnesota 2018

Zachary Howell, Mississippi State 2016 Matthew Puttin, Missouri 2018 Austin Paxton, Missouri State 2017 Jesse Runyon, Montclair 2017 Justin Copen, North Alabama 2017 Ryan Bassett, North Georgia 2016 Dominic Good, Northern Arizona 2017 Joseph Scherbarth, Northern Colorado 2017 Jesse Melow, Northern Illinois 2018 Matthew Xu, Northwestern 2018 Anthony Oliveras, Ohio State 2017 Martin Gamarra, Oklahoma State 2017 Nicholas Merlino, Oklahoma State 2016 Nicolas Krueger, Oregon State 2017 Anthony Bianchina, Oshkosh 2018 Taylor Tear, Pittsburgh 2017 Stuart Schmeltz, Purdue 2017 Jared Neukirk, Radford 2018 Ryan Sullivan, Rhode Island 2018 Kyle Dansby, Riverside 2017 Christopher Sholy, Rutgers 2017 Justin Corpuz, Sacramento 2017 Riley Larson, South Dakota State 2017 Markus Rivera, South Florida 2017

Kirk Comstock, Southeast Missouri 2017 Justin Dettmann, Southeast Missouri 2018 Jason Hill, Southern California 2018 Jacob Criddle, Southern Illinois 2017 Charles Fink, Spring Hill 2017 Michael Nealon, Syracuse 2017 Clayton Boatman, Tarleton 2017 Matthew Ngo, Texas 2018 Ryan Eubank, Texas Tech 2016 Taylor Breidenbach, Tri-State 2018 Richard Orrell III, Tri-State 20117 Andrew Edwards, Troy State 2018 Jacob Haubner, Truman State 2017 Daniel Leehan, USP 2018 Lowe Louis, Valdosta 2017 Michael Rozynski, VA Commonwealth 2018 Nathan Aberg, Washington 2017 Bryant Sutton, Washington State 2017 Colton Smith, West Chester 2018 Jake Mikolajczyk, Whitewater 2018 Siddhaartha Anche, William & Mary 2017 Robert Fairman, Wilmington 2017 Mitchell Brothers, Windsor 2018 Joseph Keal, Wisconsin 2016

Our Facilitators

We would like to thank our facilitators who volunteered their time to help make the 2016 “A”s’ Academy a success. LEAD FACILITATORS

Alex Brown, Delta Chi Advisor of Student Governance University of Minnesota

Jenni Jones, Alpha Gamma Delta Director of Fraternity Services Alpha Gamma Delta

Keith Shriver, Delta Chi Consultant Emerson Human Capital Consulting

Edward Chavez, Delta Chi Organizational Behavior PhD Student Case Western Reserve University

Antonio-Phillip Lytle, Phi Delta Theta Director of Sorority & Fraternity Life The Ohio State University

Lauren Utley, Kappa Alpha Theta Assistant Director of Student Engagement University of Denver


Allison Commings, Pi Beta Phi Assistant Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life University of Louisville

Suraj Maraboyina, Delta Chi Registered Investment Advisor The Maraboyina Group, LLC

Dennis Wiese, Delta Chi Senior Associate Dean of Students University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Donald Abels, Sigma Pi Coordinator of Fraternity and Sorority Life Middle Tennessee State University

Dan Compo, Delta Chi Academic Advisor University of Rochester

Michael Marino, Delta Chi Advisor of Fraternity & Sorority Affairs University of Memphis

Rusty Williams, Delta Chi Recruiting Manager, Technology The Intersect Group

Felix Alonso, Delta Chi Associate Director of Student Philanthropy The Ohio State University

Nicki Croly, Delta Gamma Associate Director of Student Organizations & Leadership Cal State University, Sacramento

Tait Martin, Theta Chi Chief Research Officer & Managing Partner Taproot Creative

Sue Zarnowski, Alpha Sigma Alpha Assistant Director & FSA Bryant University

Michelle Marchand, Alpha Xi Delta Associate Director of Program Development Delta Upsilon Troy Melendez, Delta Chi Counseling Faculty College Clarity Doctor

Emily Britt, Kappa Kappa Gamma Assistant Director of Fraternity & Sorority Affairs University of Kentucky

Greg Hauser, Delta Chi Partner Wuersch & Gering LLP Tristan Hilpert, Phi Kappa Tau Coordinator of Fraternity & Sorority Life University of Wyoming

Cameron Morrison, Delta Chi IFC Advisor/Chapter Operations Specialist Texas A&M University Gabrielle Rimmaudo, Zeta Tau Alpha Chapter Services & Assessment Coordinator Pi Beta Phi

INTERNS Dan Henne, Adelphi 2016 Kameron Kales, Appalachian State 2016

Friendship | Character | Justice | Education



July 27-31, 2016 Louisville, Kentucky



Delta Chi Quarterly

Register Online

Register by July 15 to avoid surcharges

Registration packages are available for undergraduates, alumni, life loyal alumni, alumni volunteers, families, guests, and children.

Schedule of Events Wednesday, July 27 • Register & Check In • Welcoming Receptions & Kick-off Event Thursday, July 28 • General Business Sessions • Ritual Exemplification & Alumni Ceremony Friday, July 29 • Kimball Classic Golf Outing • Educational Keynote & Breakout Sessions Saturday, July 30 • VK Run/Walk for The V Foundation • Educational Keynote & Breakout Sessions • Closing Banquet & Award Ceremonies A full schedule of events can be found online at

Friendship | Character | Justice | Education



UNLV Colony Founding Fathers



elta Chi Fraternity is thrilled to be back on campus at University of Nevada, Las Vegas! After previously being on campus from 1996-2011, the expansion staff set up shop again in Southern Nevada to form a new colony of the fraternity. Staff members arrived on campus in late January and immediately started meeting men on campus, collecting referrals from sorority women and campus faculty and staff, and marketing the opportunity to leave a legacy on campus by becoming a Founding Father of the UNLV colony. After generating over 400 potential leads, our staff members went to work on finding who would be the best fit the colony, seeking men who: • Identify with the core values of Friendship, Character, Justice, and Education • Excel academically with a minimum 2.8 GPA • Possess the desire to leave a legacy on campus by building something new • Have an appreciation for diversity • Hold themselves and others to a higher standard By the end of the five-week recruitment period, the staff had selected 36 men to make up the Founding Father class. These men have incredibly diverse backgrounds, campus involvement, and aspirations, but they all have one thing in common, and that is they all are enthusiastic and ready to make Delta Chi at UNLV a thriving group. Leadership Consultant Chris Brady, Iowa State 2015, is leading the educational period for all Founding Fathers, where they will partake in a program designed to create a mission and vision for their colony, educate them in fraternity operations, prepare officers to lead the colony, and create a plan that will eventually lead the group to chartering. The group already has tremendous alumni support, and is on track to do great things for Delta Chi. We look forward to seeing all of the incredible things they will do in the future!



Location: Las Vegas, NV Established: 1957 Student Body: 28,515 Academic Staff: 1,000

Delta Chi Quarterly

Colors: Scarlet & Grey Nickname: Rebels IFC Fraternities: 13 Average Chapter Size: 31

“A” – Aaron Gonzalez “B” – David Dennison “C” – Skyler Mena “D” – Nick Previc “E” – Lyndon Yellowfish “F” – Peyton Ware Alexander Choi Andrei Santamaria Austin Watkins Brett Chacon Charles Dougherty Christian Gallardo Clark Coty Cody Anderson Derbi Canderon Gianfranco Rodriguez Howard Hwang Isaiah Cardenas

Jake Bussa Las Vasquez Leo Lyon Mark Lopez Matthew Cowser Matthew Styck Michael Cooper Mike Bozman Myles Lee Nick Thorn Noah Haina Preston Cox Ross Gutierrez Seth Mills Skyler Mena Steven Rodriguez Torrey Barber Tyler Marlow

Founding Father Campus Involvement CSUN Student Government (Director of Campus Life), Rugby Team, ROTC, Resident Advisors, Orientation Leaders, Native American Society (President), Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity (VP of Membership)

Colony GPA 3.13

Expansion Staff Dustin Page Director of Fraternity Growth Jake Tomlin Florida State 2015, Director of Publications Chris Brady Iowa State 2015, Leadership Consultant Zach Stroth Kansas State 2015, Leadership Consultant

Alumni Board of Trustees Dave Weeks UNLV 2011, “BB” Jon Goldman UNLV 2011, ABT President Alfonso Ruiz UNLV 2011, ABT Secretary Kevin Mess Embry-Riddle 1986, Financial Advisor Nick Christiansen UNLV 2005, Member Education Advisor Henry Johnson UNLV 2000, Alumni Relations Advisor Todd Levy Reno 2002, Risk Management Advisor


Team Raiser


elta Chi is excited to announce the launch of our new V Foundation online fundraising platform: Team Raiser. Each chapter and colony will have its own fundraising page to track donations, access new ways to involve your members, and utilize tools to help you easily advertise to your friends, family, and community about your fundraising events. The fundraising platform will direct 100% of donations to directly fund cancer research. Each chapter should have received login information in March. Through your chapter’s page you will be able to select if you would like your event featured on The V Foundation website or use The V Foundation logo along with many other helpful tools. After the 2016 International Convention, all online donations will need to be made directly towards chapters individual Team Raiser pages. Chapters can access their page by logging in at Any questions about the platform should be directed to

Team Raiser Tools • Custom fundraising page for each Delta Chi chapter • Track chapter fundraising towards biennium goal • Email communications – Send thank you’s to donors or event attendees – Email outreach to family and friends • Digital fundraising toolkit – V Foundation quick facts – Informational palm card – Offline donation form – Social media guide – The V Foundation logo – Brand standards and guidelines – Downloadable Delta Chi V Foundation banner – Downloadable Delta Chi V Foundation poster/flyer – Custom support letter for sponsorship need – Access to The V Foundation’s Booster page: You can design and sell custom apparel without cost, risk or inventory. Friendship | Character | Justice | Education




Coast to Coast Social Media







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Delta Chi Quarterly



7 8




9 12

11 11


Friendship | Character | Justice | Education



Those Who Have Passed These men have lived amongst us for a time, and we have been honored to call them brothers. Now they are gone and we bid them a fond farewell at this parting.


Madison O’Kelley 1964, March 2, 2016 Gary Andrasko 1975, December 26, 2015



Northern Illinois

Iowa State

Ohio State

William Shaw 1959, November 14, 2015

James Warren 2010, February 18, 2016

Gaylord Gary 1946, December 20, 2015 Clinton Meeker 1984, November 29, 2015


Kansas State

Anthony Arace 1948, October 10, 2015

Everett Bennett 1968, April 1, 2015


Michigan State

Robert Hodder 1963, June 1, 2015

Richard Natiello 1958, March 14, 2016


Sean Alex 1995, January 1, 2016


Joseph DeMarco 1956, June 26, 2015 Kam Ki 1957, March 12, 2016 Anthony Lee 1988, August 25, 2014


John Mansur 1972, February 18, 2016 Mark Gray 1978, January 5, 2016

Mississippi State

Todd Black 1998, December 15, 2015

Joel Santos 2003, December 17, 2015 Lawrence Bidwell 1953, October 31, 2015 Ronald Prange 1963, January 9, 2016


C J Scott 1959, November 23, 2015

Penn State

Morris Meyer 1958, September 28, 2015



Bennie Fiscus 1952, January 27, 2016

Jack Jaworksi 1982, January 1, 2016

Clyde Lacy 1948, January 24, 2016

Missouri State

Southern Illinois

Richard Sander 1989, February 15, 2016

Robert Gil 1956, September 19, 2015

North Alabama

Western Illinois

Craig Kilby 1981, January 28, 2016

Steven Torbert 2007, January 14, 2016


Anthony May 1994, March 27, 2016


Important Milestones Hayward

Long Beach

North Alabama

Jacksonville State

Born to Brother and Mrs. Milton Arcos 2003, a son, Elias, on December 6, 2015.

Ohio State

Born to Brother and Mrs. Miguel Solis 2006, a son, Andrew Isaiah, on March 19, 2016. Born to Brother and Mrs. Don Killingsworth 1999, a daughter, Collins, on December 19, 2015.

Kansas State

Born to Brother and Mrs. Bryan Wagner 1999, a daughter, Cora, on February 15, 2016. Born to Brother and Mrs. Todd Kohman 2003, a daughter, Cora Ann, on January 18, 2016.


Brother Bryce Elleby 2012 married to Kristina Knecht on December 15, 2015.

Kent State

Born to Brother and Mrs. Nicholas Hohenberger 2000, a son, Owen, on January 15, 2016. Born to Brother and Mrs. Richard Wilson 2004, a son, Benjamin Glenn, on February 29, 2016. Born to Brother and Mrs. Brian Marzi 2008, a son, Treadwell Chester, on January 9, 2016.

Born to Brother and Mrs. John Hurley 1998, a son, Cameron, on February 18, 2016.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Brian Colsell 2006, a son, Henry, on January 19, 2016. Born to Brother and Mrs. Jarret Holdridge 2006, a son, Gavin, on May 3, 2015. Born to Brother and Mrs. Derek Franklin 2009, a son, Bennett, on July 22, 2015. Born to Brother and Mrs. Andrew Veis 2009, a son, Jack Wyatt, on December 21, 2015.


Born to Brother and Mrs. Joseph Burak 1998, a son, Cole Louis, on December 31, 2015.

Delta Chi Quarterly

Born to Brother and Mrs. Ryan Frazee 2003, a son, Luke, on February 18, 2016. Born to Brother and Mrs. Brett Stoll 2004, a daughter, Bryn, on December 21, 2015.

South Dakota State

Born to Brother and Mrs. Andrew Johnson 2003, a daughter, Maci Ann, on March 16, 2016.

Southern California

Born to Brother and Mrs. Troy Remelski 2000, a son, Derek Sawyer, on December 18, 2015. Born to Brother and Mrs. Justin Marchesi 2003, a son, Matthew Grayson, on January 10, 2016.

Missouri State

Western Carolina

Born to Brother and Mrs. Patrick Doran 2004, a son, Thomas, on December 21, 2015.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Kyle Foy 2000, a son, Landen William, on February 17, 2016.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Craig Yodis 2005, a son, Jaxon, on March 12, 2014.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Travis Stallings 2009, a daughter, Gianna Brooklyn, on February 11, 2016.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Corey McClelland 2006, a son, Alexander, on April 16, 2015. Brother Dalton Patterson 2013 married to Dani Hamilton on November 21, 2015.


Born to Brother and Mrs. Jeremy Crown 2010, a son, Liam, on March 7, 2016.



Delta Chi Fraternity is offering INTERNSHIPS to qualified undergraduate members for the Summer of 2016. The purpose of the internship program is to provide an opportunity for undergraduate interaction with the General Fraternity, while exposing interns to the operational aspects of the International Headquarters. Interns with Delta Chi will be provided with valuable experience applicable to many career choices after graduation, as well as networking opportunities with Delta Chi staff members and alumni. In addition, applicants will attend and help logistically with the 60th International Convention to be held July 27 – 31, in Louisville, KY; undertake project development based on individual skills; participate in aspects of our Leadership Consultant training program; and assist in a variety of other staff support areas.

Delta Chi will provide round trip transportation to the Headquarters in Iowa City and to the Convention in Louisville. Living expenses will also be provided by Delta Chi and each intern will receive a $400 general stipend. Applicants should be at least a sophomore and free from other commitments during the intern period. The internship begins July 6, 2016, and continues past the completion of the Convention to August 2, 2016. The selection process will be based upon each individual application, along with letters of recommendation. Those who wish to apply for an internship should apply no later than May 23, 2016 at

Delta Chi currently has several openings for COMMITTEE MEMBERS! Apply today at COMMITTEE ON DELTA CHI LAW (2 undergraduates) All amendments to Delta Chi Law, shall be referred to this Committee for consideration. All amendments to Delta Chi Law shall be put in proper form by the Committee. The Committee may at any time review Delta Chi Law, and prepare such amendments as shall be necessary for proper form, context, grammar, and items of similar import having no substantial effect upon the substance and intent of Delta Chi Law.

HOUSING COMMITTEE (2 undergraduates) The Housing Committee shall recommend to the Board policies for the use of funds provided by the Fraternity from the Housing Fund. It shall be the duty of the Committee to implement these policies and to administer the Housing Fund. In addition, the Committee may recommend to the Board policies and programs regarding housing issues, financial or otherwise. A financial report of the Housing Fund shall be submitted to the chapters with the semi-annual financial report of the Fraternity.

RITUAL COMMITTEE (3 undergraduates) Function – The Ritual Committee shall respond to any questions directed to the Committee regarding the performance of the Ritual or the Associate Member Ceremony and shall review and place in proper form any proposed amendment to the Ritual or Associate Member Ceremony. The Committee shall forward any proposed amendment to the Ritual or Associate Member Ceremony to the Board for consideration with its recommendation. The Committee shall monitor the performance of the Ritual and Associate Member Ceremony by the

chapters and colonies to maintain uniformity throughout the Fraternity. Committee members, insofar as they are capable, shall assist chapter and colonies in the performance of the Ritual and Associate Member Ceremony and exemplifications. The Committee shall administer and supervise any other ceremony of the Fraternity as the Board may establish.

SERVICE COMMITTEE (3 undergraduates) The Service Committee shall promote service to the community, assist in organizing a fraternity-wide annual week of service, organize community service events in conjunction with Fraternity events and provide campus and community service ideas to chapters for regional and campus events.

PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE (no limit) Both undergraduate and alumni Brothers are needed to serve on this committee and provide suggestions on Delta Chi media and create content for fraternity publications. This committee meets via conference call.

QUALIFICATIONS REVIEW COMMITTEE (1 undergraduate) This Committee holds one meeting at the beginning of convention to verify the eligibility of candidates seeking positions on the Delta Chi Executive Committee. Nominees for this committee must attend convention in Louisville.

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“ I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” ~ Mother Teresa We can’t change the world on our own. But, by each of us casting our stones across the water, we have the power to create a series of infinite potential.


Contributing to the Delta Chi Educational Foundation provides vital funding to educational programming and premiere leadership training for our undergraduate brothers.

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For many of our young brothers, some of their most important and powerful learning moments are a result of the ripple potential you help generate with your generous support.

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