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Volume 118 | Issue 2 | Summer 2022



CONVENTION St. Louis, Missouri • July 27 - July 31, 2022

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Volume 118 | Issue 2 | Summer 2022



The 62nd International Convention

Convention is the ultimate governing body of the Fraternity, a catalyst for strengthening the bonds of brotherhood, and a singular opportunity for self-improvement. Delta Chi members and their guests are invited to participate in our 62nd International Convention and together see the bright future of the Fraternity.


Brotherhood of a

Lifetime: Opportunities of a Lifetime

Scott Leigh, Missouri State ’90’, Trice Alford, Kansas State ’96, and Ryan Parshall, Missouri State ’90, are three Delta Chi members who work for Ronawk, a biotech startup company with a 3D solution that promises to supply cells in the considerably large quantities needed for rapid scientific development.

10 The Last Lecture

Justin Lee, Oshkosh ’22, was selected as the undergraduate keynote speaker at the seventh annual Oshkosh Last Lecture program on April 25, 2022. He delivered a moving speech about the value of his Delta Chi experience that was warmly received and exemplified living the values of Delta Chi.


Letter from the “AA”

12 Campus Scene 23 Keeping in Touch Farewell and Parting 24

International Committees


Viva La Delta Chi!


or the past six years on a nearquarterly basis, I have enjoyed sharing thoughts about past successes and future challenges for our beloved Delta Chi. As this is my last column as “AA”, it has truly proven to be the most difficult to write. At the 1929 Estes Park Convention, when Delta Chi was the first fraternity to ban Hell Week, “AA” Billie Bride wrote, “Twenty-five years is a long time. It out-distances the ages of most of those who will hear me today. For years before most of you were born, I was at the oars for Delta Chi and with a brief period of two years alone excepted, I have been an officer of the Fraternity.” Oh, how I can relate to the experiences of Brother Bride. The privilege of serving as a member of the Board of Regents and being at the oar for Delta Chi has been mine for the last 19 years, with the exception of just over a year during that time. I am pleased to have interacted with and learned from 17 past “AA”s, including two who have now transitioned to that higher court. Overall, 53 brothers have had the opportunity over the last 132 years to serve in this position; 10 of them served more than two years and only four served more than four years. “AA” Dean Thompson served during the Great Depression and World War II from 1935 to 1952. The other three, including myself, served six years each during times of global challenges such as world wars or pandemics. Later this summer, I will be done with this season of service. As Brother Bride said, “I appreciate, more than I can tell you, the great honor which being the head of our great fraternity has brought to me. I have long been a devoted soldier in


Delta Chi Quarterly

its ranks and I shall always remember and count among the greatest things that have come to me, the fact that my fraternity - my beloved fraternity - called me to its head. My work as “AA” has been hard. I have not always found myself in agreement with my associates, but when we disagreed, I am sure both sides believed they were doing right and doing the best thing for our fraternity. Personalities should never enter a discussion; they

breed only more trouble. We must all be good soldiers in the cause of Delta Chi. Happy in our victories, generous in our defeats, united when decisions are made, whether we be winner or loser, for Delta Chi.” During the majority of my life, I have been a member of the Fraternity and I have gained innumerable lessons, rewards, gifts, friendships, knowledge and understandings. Over my 28 years as a Delta Chi, I have racked up a large debt for which the efforts throughout the rest of my lifetime will not be able to repay. The biggest gift I have received from my continued involvement in the Fraternity is lifelong friendships with brothers from all ages and who hail from all parts of North America and around the world. I am pleased to be departing this position with many closer friends in Delta Chi than I had when entering

the position. When you cut through all the fancy titles, pretty badges, great houses, and nice t-shirts, we are fundamentally an organization of relationships made up of people.

always be – as long as I live – a real, interested, devoted Delta Chi and my heart will be just as much in the game as if it was I who was carrying the ball down the field.”

Recently, a member told me that life is made up of a series of happy memories and that is certainly true for me as it relates to my interactions in the Fraternity. While I have been proud to play a role in many milestone events for Delta Chi during my tenure, many more of my happy memories are the Zoom visits with chapters, meeting new Associate Member classes in my chats, bragging on social media about our chapters doing fraternity right (even during COVID), helping chapter officers and alumni advisors, or mentoring fellow brothers. I remain a firm believer that when fraternity is done correctly, we are a very powerful and positive force for change in an individual’s life. Over the past 132 years, we have impacted more than 125,000 lives in a significant way. It is because of this that we call each other brothers, for Delta Chi is the family of brothers you get to choose.

I have been called a great many things in my lifetime. The one thing that you have to call me, other than “Otto”, is a “Delta Chi.”

While we are building lifelong friendships, we are simultaneously building organizations on the local level with each having the goal of being the best chapter on their campus. As former Secretary of State and threetime presidential candidate Williams Jennings Bryan, a Georgetown Chapter initiate, once said, “Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, but a thing to be achieved.” I encourage each and every chapter leader and advisor to find common ground through our shared values and help expand the opportunities for more individuals to receive the benefits that being a member of Delta Chi has to offer. In looking to the future, I recall “AA” John Harshman saying at the 40th anniversary of our founding, “Groomed by experience, encouraged by success, and sustained by the loyalty and devotion of her sons, Delta Chi looks forward with confidence while the future draws aside the curtain, releasing one-byone the years from which her destiny must be carved.”

As someone who may have more yesterdays behind me than tomorrows ahead, I will continue to be available and dedicated to do whatever I can in service to Delta Chi. As Founder Peter Schermerhorn Johnson said, “Delta Chi was my first love and it shall be my last.” If Delta Chi is to call, I will respond. I am forever grateful to have you as my brothers. Viva La Delta Chi. The Ship of State may shattered be, The stars fall from the sky, The mighty oak a fallen tree, But ever – DELTA CHI.

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Therefore, as Bride said, “I shall

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July 27-31, 2022 • St. Louis, Missouri


Convention is the ultimate governing body of the Fraternity, a catalyst for strengthening the bonds of brotherhood, and a singular opportunity for selfimprovement. Delta Chi members and their guests are invited to participate in our 62nd International Convention and together see the bright future of the Fraternity. Register today at




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brotherhood of a lifetime opportunities of a lifetime What role does Delta Chi play in life?


ikely contingent on the phase of life, the value of the fraternal experience is dictated by what the individual is willing to put in. Regardless of the reasons for joining Delta Chi, every member saw something worth the investment when they took the Oath. Delta Chi members are taught, from their earliest days as Associate Members, that membership is not relegated to the time spent pursuing a degree. Rather, as Peter Schermerhorn Johnson notably proclaimed, “The fraternity man never graduates … he belongs to the family for life.” It takes but a quick glance at the Campus Scene to see how undergraduate members are leading values-based lives. Academics, service, and philanthropy are all integral parts of the collegiate Delta Chi experience. Deductive reasoning suggests that these positive experiences lead to positive personal and professional development. But how else, and when else, will Delta Chi be of value? How is it the Brotherhood of a Lifetime? It could simply lead to an event invitation every once in a while. Or, perhaps … it could pull you into something world-changing. “The world is tomorrow and we’re going to be there,” Scott Leigh, Missouri State ’90, said. Leigh is one of three Delta Chi members currently working for Ronawk, a biotech company with a 3D solution that enables easy growth of large quantities of cells of a consistent phenotype. Ronawk’s solution is catching the attention of the scientific community and industry because it promises to be able to supply cells in the considerably large quantities needed for rapid scientific development. “All biology starts with cells. Plants, animals, humans, you and I, we’re all 6

Delta Chi Quarterly

made of 35 trillion cells. You cannot eat, drink, or consume anything in the United States that has not been approved by scientists, unless you go out and shoot it in a field. Even that is being tested. Scientists are testing the fields and streams to make sure what you’re eating, what you’re consuming, is good for you.” Cells are considered the smallest form of life. They provide structure and function for all living things. Therefore, understanding cells through testing and controlling variables is significant. It is the fundamental process by which scientific innovation can occur. As Leigh points out, the capabilities of modern scientists are extremely robust. However, they’re all limited by the same thing. “Everything starts with cells. Every scientist in the world, if they could get 100 times the production of cells, they would. Every pharmaceutical company, every contract development and manufacturing company, every contract research organization needs to get cells faster. That is what (Ronawk does). We will accelerate every research project’s potential ... In biology, this is the equivalent of Microsoft or Apple products; simple to use, but very complex.” To understand just how tremendous the 3D solution introduced by Ronawk could be for science, Leigh offers insights into how it could’ve potentially accelerated development during COVID-19. “I just talked to the (A.J. Mellott, Founder of Ronawk) and, this is off the cuff and it’s hard to quantify, but I asked him, ‘If the CDC and the NIH had our product before COVID, how do you think we could’ve limited the time from getting the DNA of the virus to having a vaccine? Now, remember, this is lightning speed. Polio (vaccines) took decades

(to develop). The NIH went from January to September and had a vaccine (for COVID-19). He said, ‘Three to six months, we could’ve cut that time.’ Think about that for a second. You have the DNA of the virus in January. Three to six months puts us from March to June. We would’ve accelerated cell growth that much so that we would’ve barely shut down anything. Think about that possibility.” Really, think about that possibility.

industrial revolution; “weWehadhadthethetechnology revolution.

The next revolution is a biological revolution. We need to feed the world… we need to stop pandemic viruses. We have that potential. The scientists of this world have that potential. We just need to accelerate them to get there. And by God, I’m going to move mountains to do it.”

It’s easy to recognize how exciting and potentially groundbreaking the innovation behind Ronawk is not just for science, but on a global scale. As he humbly admits, “We are not the solution of this; all we’ve done is give (scientists) the greatest wrench, the greatest hammer ever. It’s what the scientists do with it that will light the world on fire.” And working behind the scenes, actively bringing this scientific innovation to the world, three Delta Chis leveraged their friendship to assemble a tight knit staff connected through the Brotherhood of a Lifetime.

Leigh serves as Ronawk’s Chief Revenue Officer and is assisted by Trice Alford, Kansas State ’96, the fractional Chief Marketing Officer, and Ryan Parshall, Missouri State ’90, who serves as a consultant for the emerging startup. Leigh has been involved in biotech sales, marketing, branding, and management for 25 years. His first professional opportunity came from Delta Chi many years prior to his introduction to Ronawk. And it was that opportunity that would connect him with Alford and Parshall, eventually putting them on the path to working together on a potentially world-changing project.

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“I was initiated at what is now Missouri State, it was my second semester of freshman year … and I had no clue, really, what fraternity was. I joined Delta Chi and all of a sudden, I always had something to do.” Leigh recalls that his initial introduction to working for Delta Chi came during his last semester of school, when a leadership consultant from the International Headquarters (IHQ) came for a chapter visit. “I was frantic and looking for a job and I asked him, ‘How do you do (your job)?’ He said, ‘You apply.’ I shipped a resume and application off to (Former Executive Director) Ray Galbreth. I got a rejection letter, so I actually called Ray and told him I was going to be in Iowa City around Thanksgiving.” It was this opportunity to connect and show initiative that helped Leigh. Around that time, a new-hire decided to forego their position, creating an opportunity at IHQ. “(Ray) gave me a call and I went up to Iowa City and got the job in December, right before graduation. I had to go buy a car and figure out all these things. I started at Delta Chi in January and for two years, I traveled to around 90 campuses across the U.S.” While working with executive leadership to identify new campuses for expansion, Leigh offered a suggestion that would eventually become one of Delta Chi’s premier chapters. “I said (Kansas State) for a couple reasons. I had a high school friend and fraternity brother that was going to K-State for architecture. It just seemed like a hole in Region IV.” In the summer of 1992, Leigh began expansion work for Kansas State, dispatching to Manhattan, Kansas with the anticipation of generating interest in a new fraternity on campus. After sending out invitations en masse to potential new members, Leigh would spend time using his calling card at pay phones and fraternity houses contacting everyone that responded to the mailer. He encouraged them to invite their friends and showed up for the first expansion event hopeful that someone, or just anyone, would be there. “We had somewhere around 80 guys (show up), and one of them was Trice (Alford).” Alford recalls the recruitment process with great fondness, remembering an experience from the last night that solidified his place in Delta Chi. “The very last night of the recruitment process at K-State was an activity,” Alford recalls. “(We were told) to see someone we hadn’t talked to that night and talk to them.


Delta Chi Quarterly

I saw a guy that I hadn’t talked to that evening on the other side of the room and I walked over to him and we chatted a bit. The group started to break up, people were starting to go on their way, but he and I were still chatting and this group of people started to surround us. It turned out there were three or four small pockets of friends from the dorms who had come together and each of those groups knew each other. I hadn’t met any of them that night. To this day, those groups of people are the ones I’m closest to now. The reason I talked to this guy for so long was because he was totally different from me … I was accepted by people that I never thought would accept me because I came from a different kind of background … Delta Chi has been a part of my life at every stage.” One of those stages would come many years down the road, well after his collegiate days. And it was set up by connections not only Alford made during his time at Kansas State, but by a connection made between Leigh and Parshall, his chapter brother, earlier on. “I happened to connect with Ryan on LinkedIn,” Leigh said. “We went to lunch and he told me he sold his company and started doing consulting. I was interested in a career shift and I was curious about that, so I was asking (him about consulting). And then I found out Trice was doing a little consulting. I ended up connecting to the two guys and they hit it off very well.” Having taken very different professional paths in arriving at that moment, Leigh, Alford, and Parshall didn’t convene based on prospects of professional opportunity. Rather, it was the Bond of Delta Chi that brought them together. “When we first started talking, our commonality was our Delta Chi experience,” Alford said. “We had a great conversation about how our undergraduate experience impacted our lives and that has given us, along with our sales and marketing backgrounds, leadership, and consulting, so much context for how we’re friends. It’s not one dimensional. It’s multifaceted and it keeps it interesting.” “I think it’s interesting that when (Scott and I) got together for lunch that one day, we actually did not have this idea that we’d all be working together,” Parshall said. “It was in that conversation that we were really listening to each other intently and we were learning that each one of us had those different skillsets that the other didn’t have.” “If I look back at my career and how many networking organizations I joined, you don’t know anyone … You have no tie, no bond, other than being in the same geographical area and that’s not enough, to be honest. It’s a really harsh way of going about finding new people to network with.”

Thankfully, Delta Chi was a connecting point. And this connecting point matured into bigger, better things for them. It was later on that Leigh was presented with a unique and exciting opportunity, one that he identified as a chance to incorporate his fraternity brothers. “This opportunity fell in my lap a year ago and I’m like, ‘I can do a lot, but the three of us collectively, we all know something a little different about sales and marketing.’” Leigh said. “So when we started talking about this biotech (company), it was kind of a match made in heaven.” “It was very serendipitous that the three of us came together and then connected with (Ronawk),” Alford said, “Because they were just hitting the point where they wanted to have conversations about ‘Who are we?’ and ‘How do we go to market?’ and that’s where we came in.” “I liked the opportunity because it was a challenge for me,” Parshall added. “I worked mostly with non-startups; mostly well-established companies. I saw it as a fresh challenge. As a branding/marketing expert, I love the challenge of taking a look at the DNA of a company, mostly what they’re doing and who their target audience was, and figuring out how they were going to present themselves and go to market. Most companies that I deal with don’t have anything innovative. Even companies that have innovation in their core values, there can be nothing innovative about them. In this case, Ronawk, and what they bring to the table, it is so innovative and revolutionary. It is changing the environment for scientists and I couldn’t wait to be a part of it. This is something that can change nearly everyone in the world, in some form or another.” It didn’t take long before the trio began to see a massive amount of success. Media outlets began reporting on the innovation introduced by Ronawk. United States Representative Sharice Davids of Kansas visited Ronawk in February 2022. Kansas State hosted the company’s co-founder for a seminar. Other companies started establishing relationships with the once small-name startup and a brighter, robust future began to unfold. “The things we’ve seen happen in 120 days are insane,” Alford said. “If you said that a startup company would have relationships with 10 of the top-25 (companies) in the market – nobody does that. It just doesn’t happen. You’re lucky to have one. That’s what makes it such an incredible opportunity. It’s happened so fast, yet there’s a

tremendous amount still to come.” And while the incredible path and potential of Ronawk is still coming into fruition, it is the Bond of Delta Chi that made it possible for Leigh, Alford, and Parshall. “Without that Delta Chi connection, I don’t think that this would have happened,” Parshall said. “Not just the meeting, but the trust that it takes for you to have a three-legged consultant situation. Usually, consultants block each other out. In this case, we recognized the benefits and we trusted each other because of that background. In meeting Trice for the first time, we never missed a beat. It’s amazing in Delta Chi how, from one chapter to another, you could never meet (as undergraduates) and have this chemistry … It was like we’d known each other for years and I think that was the really neat thing.” “Quite honestly, without Delta Chi, there’s no reason I should know Ryan or Trice at all,” Leigh added. “It’s just a great touch point throughout your life.” “It all goes back to college and understanding what it was like to be social with 100 guys and have 100 best friends that I could rely on, anytime and anywhere at any point in my life,” Parshall said. “I actually have more engagement with that group today than I have at any point in my life.” “The Fraternity changed my life,” Alford said. “I tell people pretty openly all the time that it gave me the opportunity to be the person I am today. It put me on the path. For me, the Fraternity gave me a platform to create friendships with people that were much deeper and broader with different types of people than I had ever experienced … it really is the Brotherhood of a Lifetime. It’s not a catch phrase to me, it really is a real thing.” While the Bond of Delta Chi creating unique opportunities for individuals is certainly not unprecedented, it’s exciting to see that the connections created are intertwined with ground-breaking innovation. And while the trio is decades removed from their time spent as undergraduate members, their dedication to the Bond and fraternal values remains just as strong, if not stronger, than when they took the Oath. It’s a demonstration of the value of Delta Chi well after graduation, and truly “belong(ing) to the family for life.” “For young people today, who get the opportunity to experience something like this … with as expensive as it is to go to school, you do not go to just get a degree and sit behind a desk. You go to school to learn to be a leader. Delta Chi gives you ample opportunities to do that. If you do not take advantage of it, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice. It’s somewhere that you can get into the grind of what leadership means and learn to apply it in ways you never thought of once you get out of school. We’re all three examples of people who’ve done that. We’re successful in our careers in all different ways and I think Delta Chi gave us that path.”

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n September 2007, a professor at Carnegie Mellon, Randy Pausch, delivered a one-of-a-king lecture that seemingly made the world stop and pay attention. As part of a series dubbed “The Last Lecture,” in which speakers are presented with the challenge of composing a speech as if it were the last time they’d ever talk, Professor Pausch captivated audiences with a speech that received millions of views online. The humorous and moving talk resonated with audiences because Pausch was, in fact, delivering his last lecture; he was diagnosed with metastasized pancreatic cancer and given five months to live. His speech made him a Lou Gehrig-like symbol, delivering advice and guidance to living a good life. The Last Lecture series has grown since then, with other universities and organizations adopting the concept as a result. The University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh held its seventh annual Last Lecture program on April 25, 2022. Hosted by the Fraternity & Sorority Life office, the event featured a student speaker from the Oshkosh Chapter of Delta Chi, Justin Lee ’22, the Chapter’s “B” and interim president. Tasked with the challenge of speaking as if it were his last chance ever, Brother Lee, a former “D”, philanthropy chair, service chair, public relations chair, recruitment chair, and IFC delegate, used the opportunity to talk about the impact Delta Chi had in his life. The moving keynote speech was warmly received and is a perfect exemplification of living the values of Delta Chi.


Delta Chi Quarterly

For my speech, I decided I would like to talk about an event that changed my life for the better, how it impacted my life, and what I learned. The event I am referring to was joining The Delta Chi Fraternity Oshkosh Chapter. There are many reasons why joining Delta Chi has made a positive impact in my life … I found my lifelong best friends and Delta Chi has given me the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than myself. I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s very true. I believe anyone and everyone in Greek life can and will say the same thing as me. When I first came to Oshkosh three years ago, I didn’t really know anyone, but I decided to join Greek life in fall 2019. During the process, I was able to find where I felt most at home this was with Delta Chi. I was able to connect with everyone on a very personal level and everyone made me feel welcome. It impacted my life for the better because I found a home away from home, made lifelong friends that will be at my wedding one day, and allowed me to take on leadership positions in the Chapter, which led to growth as a member of the Fraternity and as a person … When I first joined, I did not know how much being in a fraternity would change my life. Every job, internship, career, and professional opportunity, I attained through my fraternal experience. If I didn’t join Delta Chi my freshman year of college, I wouldn’t be standing here today and I wouldn’t be serving as the interim chapter president either. If I didn’t take that initial leap in joining the Fraternity,

I know my college experience would be completely different from what it has been. I probably would have transferred schools and ultimately left the Fox Valley…. I know at the end of the day, I made the right decision. You can’t really explain the impact of being in a fraternity until you live it. I can attest to this because I know it is true …. One of the greatest things I have experienced from joining is being able to grow as a person, a member of the community, and as a scholar. The most impactful development is my personal growth. I can proudly say that I have grown immensely from the person I was a few years ago. I was a scared freshman, eager to find friends on campus and in a city where I didn’t know very many people. The amount of personal growth I have sustained is immeasurable. If you are the current president or executive board member of your chapter, I believe you understand what I mean by this. I use the skills that I have attained from being a leader in my personal life. I am able to transfer my developed skills into the real. People often ask me, “What have you learned from these experiences?” I give an array of answers, but one of the most important things that I learned is to believe in myself and everything will fall into place. I hold this near and dear to my heart. During my time in the Fraternity, I faced many challenges; among them, campus shutting down during the coronavirus lockdown in March 2020. This was a life-changing experience for me and I am sure

for everyone. I was sent home from college where I was having the time of my life, where I was making friends each and every day, and where I was serving as the recruitment chairman on the executive board for the first time. This was a difficult change, having to recruit virtually and having to recruit during COVID restrictions on campus and in our community. This was not easy by any means. I struggled to socialize, maintain my commitments, and still attend school full time. The reason I was able to get through these difficult times is that I believed in myself. I refused to give up because I knew what I was capable of. I believed that we could have a successful semester with recruitment and that is exactly what happened. Believing in myself allowed me to face the challenges that were put in front of me. We had one of the best recruitment seasons in fall 2020, which was ultimately the most challenging semester because of the environmental change as well as social changes on campus and around the world. I refused to give up and I kept believing in myself because your mindset determines your outcome. Believing is the first of many keys to success. If you believe in yourself, then you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. If I were to vanish or disappear tomorrow and there was one last thing that I would say to everyone if given the opportunity, it would be to believe in yourself and you’re already headed on the path to success. It will allow you to accomplish whatever you set your mind to.

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Campus Scene Adelphi – Shamar Ridley This semester, our chapter was able to accomplish a number of things on campus through events, tables, and more. We had a few fundraising events for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. We sold roses with notes of motivation and kind words and also had a de-stress table where we helped students with mental health awareness and sold stress toys in time for finals. Brothers also brought their dogs to campus and were able to gather donations. We supported the Trevor Foundation during our social media anti-bullying campaign. We had an overall fall GPA of a 3.30 and a cumulative GPA of 3.40. The student development chair set up bi-weekly meetings with those needing academic support to discuss struggles during the semester, due dates, assignments, and mental well-being. At our chapter meetings, the student development chair and vice president continuously emphasized academics and resources provided by the University to ensure that brothers were aware of everything they needed to succeed academically. Building better Greek relationships and increasing our presence on campus, social media, and the community are very important to us. We recognize the importance of building friendships inside and outside the Fraternity, especially with other Greek organizations. As an advocate of strong mental health, the relationships I have made inside and outside of Delta Chi have definitely helped me get through some tough times and have overall made me a stronger person. Improving our presence on campus has always been a focus and we had brothers participating in other organizations’ events such as Anchor Bowl, Anchor Idol, Phi-Set-Spike, Deepher Dude, and many more.

Alberta – Brendan McDonald-Field The Alberta Chapter focused on philanthropy this semester, raising upwards of $2,500 for the Canadian Cancer Society through our efforts in Dry February. We also got to host our first formal since the pandemic, celebrating our achievements from the past two years as well as reconnecting with alumni. Moving on from the pandemic and getting back to normalcy has been challenging, however the Chapter has been taking strides by innovating new ideas and events to kickstart and prepare for the new school year in September. Throughout the summer, we will be looking for ways to improve brotherhood and alumni relations while also preparing a strong recruitment for the coming school year. We are looking forward to attending convention in July with our new members excited to learn more about Delta Chi and what it has to offer. Overall, we are excited to get back to a normal full school year after navigating through the changing COVID-19 restrictions for the past two years.

Member class) where they learned valuable skills to be used in their future roles. In March, our brothers and their dates had a great time at formal in Myrtle Beach. As the school year comes to a close and we start looking ahead to next fall, the brothers are excited and eager to initiate a new class into the Brotherhood.

Arizona – Troy Cornell As of spring 2022, Delta Chi has created a new colony at the University of Arizona. Last on campus in 2012, we are back and ready to restore the trust and good reputation that Delta Chi held with the people of Tucson. We have a lot to prove and a lot of people are watching to see if we really have changed. Our goal is not to meet these expectations, but to go above and beyond. We would also like to pay homage to the amazing group of alumni running the ABT and everyone else rooting for our success. Thanks to the immense support of the alumni, we have been able to establish contacts and create relationships with people in numerous fields that will help with reestablishing the fraternity. The ABT worked tirelessly with our executive board to ensure that we have everything set up and in place for fall recruitment and they have made extensive efforts to get to know each of us on a personal level. Our founding fathers are a group of 25 tight-knit guys who will not accept the status quo. Each of us wants this colony to thrive and every member has taken on extra responsibilities to ensure we keep up our momentum. We have managed to hold a successful T-shirt fundraiser, surpassing all of our sales goals and further cultivating friendship with sororities on campus. We made sure to have a strong member presence at nearly every event and philanthropy fraternities and sororities have thrown. We began participating in intramural sports and our team is doing really well in softball. This extra effort has not been in vain. We have already created a new name for ourselves and a few fraternities and sororities have wanted to share events with us. The Colony is grateful for all the opportunities we have been afforded. We will not squander our blessings and will continue our efforts to expand and redeem ourselves for mistakes made in the past. We thank the University and headquarters for giving us the ability to be members of Delta Chi and we look forward to what the future brings.

Anchorage – Chase Miller The spring 2021 semester has been an exciting one for the Anchorage Colony. We added a new member and have been creating tight knit bonds not only as brothers, but with the Anchorage campus community as well. We’ve hosted a plethora of fun events including sledding, bowling, study nights, and a dodgeball tournament which had multiple alumni attend. In this year’s Greek Week, we took third place overall, but we handily won the Greek Olympics. The Colony is looking forward to future semesters with high hopes as we continue to grow and continue our path to chartering.

Appalachian State – Lachlan Jeffs The brothers of the Appalachian State Chapter had a productive semester on all fronts. We hosted multiple percentage nights for the V Foundation for Cancer Research and successfully fundraised for a new tent. Seven of our brothers attended the Regional Leadership Conference in Atlanta (four from our most recent Associate


Delta Chi Quarterly

Auburn – Tommy White The Auburn Chapter had another successful semester of intramurals. The Chapter’s intramural softball team took home the small fraternity championship trophy in a convincing 17-7 victory over Phi Sigma Kappa. The win concluded an excellent undefeated season for the team. Clean-up hitter and new member, Kyle Yeatter, also took home third-place in the first annual Batting Practice with Butch Thompson. This was a philanthropy home run derby that raised $5,000 for the Hudson Family Foundation where Auburn Baseball Head Coach, Butch Thompson, pitched for the

final round. Away from the diamond, the Chapter had an unprecedented spring recruitment. The Chapter brought in 15 new members which was the biggest on campus and the largest spring class the Chapter has had in quite a while. The Chapter also continued to make an impact in the community. We recorded over 200 community service hours yet again through weekly volunteer events. Brothers volunteered at local sites such as the Food Bank of East Alabama and Kreher Nature preserve where the help was greatly appreciated. Eight brothers participated in the Fly High Max 5k to support the end of hazing. It is to be noted that five of these brothers selflessly participated virtually at Santa Rosa Beach while on spring break. Through all of the Chapter’s accomplishments in intramurals, philanthropy, and recruitment, it is evident the Auburn Chapter of Delta Chi thrived this spring.

Augusta – Matthew Metty The Augusta Chapter achieved various accomplishments this semester despite facing several challenges. Shortly after the pinning of our Associate Members, we held our bi-annual alumni barbecue, where several generations of brothers rekindled their relationships and reminisced on fond memories. Later in the semester, the brothers made a trip to Nashville, Tennessee, where we hosted the Black Martlet Semi-Formal. While this was going on, our chapter made it a primary focus to look towards raising money for philanthropy. So far this semester, we have raised over $1,500 for the V Foundation for Cancer Research, not including our “Clippers for Cancer” event, which has the potential to more than double our current contribution. Outside of philanthropy, our chapter held our annual Date Auction event and raised over $1,700. In total, the Augusta Chapter has raised over $2,500 this semester. Multiple brothers were nominated for a few leadership awards on campus and Brother Jimmy Bentley won Graduating Student of the Year. In addition to winning an individual award, our chapter won the Social Organization of the Year. Our chapter has seen many successes this year and after successfully pinning and initiating two brothers into the Bond, our chapter’s brotherhood has grown even stronger. Our chapter has high expectations going into fall recruitment and we are looking forward to a great semester filled with many more outstanding achievements.

Behrend – Kevin Lee Our chapter has grown 133% in the past year and I could not be prouder of the work each officer and member did to achieve this growth. Our best recruitment event was our Gaming Night. With COVID restrictions being lifted, we are now able to host all of the events that we had not been able to hold in the years prior such as our Chipotle fundraisers for the V Foundation for Cancer Research, Luau, and alumni nights. Our brothers helped with Welcome Week tours, Brother Bosek and Brother Ruiz presented academic research at the Undergraduate Research Conference, and Brother Bosek became Chief of Staff of our school’s student government. Our chapter also has the highest Greek Life GPA on campus.

Case Western Reserve – Jared Heller This semester, we were able to nearly reach full pre-pandemic operations, as we created a fully in-person recruitment experience and held chapter meetings and mixers with other Greek organizations. We started off with a packed recruitment schedule and were able to enjoy get-togethers almost every week in our chapter suite. Five of our executive board members attended the Regional Leadership Conference in February in Indianapolis where they had a great time learning and exploring the International Headquarters. We had successful mixers with Sigma Psi, Phi Kappa Theta, and Delta Upsilon in which we played card games, video games and dodgeball. Over spring break, some brothers went to explore Chicago together and later in the semester we had a joint philanthropy 5k to raise money for cancer research. We were able to bring in two Associate Members this semester and had our first composite photos made in over two years. We had a meaningful recruitment discussion and are excited to start off next semester strong!

Central Missouri – Payton Christensen The Central Missouri Chapter did a ton of incredible things this semester. We initiated 7 Associate Members into the Brotherhood of a Lifetime. Some of the things we did as a chapter were brotherhood events like a Super Bowl watch party, axe throwing, pool games and much more. We did some community service this semester by cleaning up litter and debris from the highway. We have three members graduating and we couldn’t be more grateful for these astonishing men. We paired up with the ladies of Sigma Kappa for Greek Week and competed in a multitude of events. We took first place in Guitar Hero and third in bowling. Our greatest accomplishment this semester was our annual car wash. Cars could come to the front of our house and for $5 could get their cars cleaned. As a chapter, we raised $855 to the V Foundation. Overall, the Central Missouri has been doing some extraordinary things and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for our bright young men.

Bryant – Declan Croston The Bryant Chapter is extremely proud of our accomplishments this semester. We welcomed 11 great men into our chapter and are very proud of their achievements. We welcomed back many alumni for the initiation of our spring class and were pleased to introduce them to the next generation of Delta Chi men. We hosted a slew of very successful philanthropy events for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. We had the Panhellenic vice president at our chapter meeting on sexual assault awareness and how we can be more proactive and better bystanders, expanding our ability to protect the dignity and self-worth of all human beings. We supported and donated to many other Greek life organization’s philanthropy events around campus, further improving our commitment to our community. Many of our brothers went on a trip together to Puerto Rico for spring break and enjoyed navigating the island and immersing themselves in the culture. We had brothers inducted to various honor societies, including the Lambda Pi Eta Communication, Phi Sigma Iota International Foreign Language, and Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science honor societies. We have a couple brothers abroad this semester and they have motivated many of our younger members to pursue this once in a lifetime opportunity next semester. Looking ahead, we have begun planning our annual charity golf outing next semester. We are looking forward to next semester and continuing to improve our chapter and community.

Cal Poly – Cole Korchek From philanthropic events to recent initiated Associate Member classes, 2022 has been a great success for the Cal Poly Chapter. Last quarter, we introduced the Beta Taus, our winter Associate Member class, to our brotherhood. We are excited to see these brothers hold chair positions and become leaders. Recently, we wrapped up Dad’s Weekend, where we had over 70 fathers attend. From golf tournaments to a house dinner, it was awesome to show our dads’ what this brotherhood is made of. We look forward to wrapping up the school year and to our future endeavors. We wish our graduating seniors the best of luck - see you at the top.

Chapel Hill – Shane Nadj The Chapel Hill Chapter came into the spring newly chartered with a dedicated team going full steam ahead. We were lucky enough to welcome eight wonderful new members into the Fraternity. To continue our momentum and growing impact on campus, we plan to continue our search for individuals in the fall who share the values of our chapter. We worked on multiple participation-focused goals over the semester, such as putting together a table-tennis table and installing a basketball hoop on our patio. In the February, we sent five members to attend the Regional Leadership Conference in Blacksburg, Virginia to learn about their upcoming roles in the Fraternity. Over the summer, we will be sending multiple brothers to the National Convention in St. Louis to represent our Chapter. This May, we are celebrating the graduation of long-time brothers William Hatcher III and Jack Ryan Twaronite. We look forward to the fall semester under the leadership of a new executive committee and a desire to grow to new heights, for the good of our brothers, alumni, region, and posterity.

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Chico – Joshua Flores This semester alone, we raised over $2,500 for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. We achieved this by doing many philanthropy events, such as Puppies, Pies and DChi’s, Dare-a-DChi, car washes, and others. We also had fundraising events to pay for new improvements for our chapter house. Another great achievement we had this year was an undefeated record in intramural softball, going 6-0 against other fraternities on campus. Our current president had the pleasure of meeting with state lawmakers to help consult about new bills that will affect college students. April 2224 marked our annual alumni weekend. We had a great turnout this year, as over 40 alumni came out to. It was a great time for alumni to come back and see how much our chapter house has changed and improved. It also gave them an opportunity to meet new brothers and connect. This is one of my personal favorite events we have because it allows our chapter to meet the men who paved the way for us. Overall, it has been a great year and I can’t wait to see what is to come in the future.

Clemson – Ben Axelsen The Clemson Chapter’s welcomed 11 proud young men during spring recruitment and plan on continuing recruitment success during the fall semester. The highlight of the spring has certainly been our chapter’s involvement in philanthropy both on and off campus. I’d be honored to give a shout out to our philanthropy chair, Ian Sevillano ’24, for both leading our own events and facilitating our involvement with other fraternity and sorority organizations. As a chapter, we volunteered 66 hours at PAWS Anderson, a local animal shelter, who appreciated our help in giving dozens of dogs a much-needed break from the shelter. Our largest event of the semester was the Delta Chi Bracket Challenge. Through many generous donations, the Clemson Chapter was able to place second in the competition by raising $3,270, only losing to the Whitewater Chapter (we’ll get you next year). Our brothers have also been very active outside of the fraternity. We congratulate brother Noah Mazzatenta on making the Clemson men’s soccer team, the reigning national champions - we know you’ll make us proud. Aside from that, our members have founded two clubs including the Clemson Pickleball Association and a Clemson chapter of Operation Smile, an organization dedicated to offering free dental care and surgery in lower income areas. Our chapter has done a great deal of positive work this semester and we can’t wait to see how we can beat it!

Colorado – Michael Noack This semester, the Colorado Colony hit some significant milestones. We initiated another member, our first since the founding father class. We continue to build brotherhood through our on-campus events, from our bowling event at CUs bowling alley to a movie screening of The Batman. At the bowling event, we successfully connected with Delta Upsilon and enjoyed free nachos provided by the University. Several brothers got scores above 100 and some even created new personal records. The Delta Upsilon guys were really cool and we enjoyed the opportunity to connect with other Greek organizations. We were paired with Phi Beta Pi for Greek week. We organized a dance choreography for the song fest and coached them in the powderpuff game. A couple of our members were able to make it to the CSU chapter chartering banquet where we reconnected with them and got a glimpse into our own future as we will one day charter ourselves. I would like to extend a big congratulations to them and to all the people from the International Headquarters that were there. Finally, we held our first chapter retreat. Being the weekend before the last week of classes, the timing could have been better but it was a great way to build brotherhood and relax before finals. From soaking in a hot tub to the Mario Kart tournament, there was plenty of fun to be had. However, towards the end, we all got down to business. We set goals for next semester, planned for future events, discussed finances, and built our five-year plan for what we want to be as a chapter.

Colorado State – Maxwell Setzer Our semester started with lingering excitement from our charter request getting accepted and we were all in high spirits. We were able to initiate one new brother, a kindhearted and determined gentleman. After the conclusion of our requirement

season, we began preparing for our chartering banquet. We hosted the event on campus on April 1st. We were honored to host Aaron Otto “AA”, Executive Director Jerod Breit, and Region IV Regent Mark Sexton as guests. The banquet was fantastic and it was amazing to meet so many of our alumni. After the banquet, we shifted our efforts to planning our long awaited formal. The formal was a great sendoff for our three graduating seniors, Andrew Moore (“A”), Connor McHugh (“C”), and Hervey NaJera. We are incredibly excited to continue our work over the summer with our newly elected executive members.

Cornell – Ben Polson The Cornell Chapter had a great spring semester. We are recovering from a very difficult year-and-a-half due to the pandemic. The recruitment committee did an excellent job finding 20 incredible new members, our biggest recruitment class since 2019. We were able to bring back Parents’ Weekend for the first time since 2018 and the parents had a great time meeting the brotherhood. We will be donating $1,000 to aide Ukrainian refugees and while we weren’t able to plan our annual philanthropy event, Roll on the Knoll, it will happen early next semester. We thank brother Braeden Thomson for spending time helping people in Ukraine this semester and for introducing the opportunity for us to donate. The house is very much looking forward to next semester with COVID-19 restrictions continuing to wane and some of the new class stepping up for executive board.

Creighton – Brian Martin This semester was a great one for the Creighton Chapter. As a developing fraternity on campus, we knew this recruitment cycle would be incredibly important for us to continue to grow. Our recruitment class was full of some of the best new members we could ask for. Not only did we get a fantastic class, but our freshmen have already begun to take on leadership roles through working on our committees and some even being committee heads. We held our first formal in Kansas City at the college basketball hall of fame, which was a resounding success and will hopefully be a tradition that we continue in the future. We held our first out-of-state semi-formal in Okoboji, Iowa, which was also a lot of fun and a great chance for our brothers to bond with each other and celebrate our success as a growing colony. This semester, we say goodbye to many of our founding father class which is bitter sweet. These young men are truly proud of what they have built here at Creighton and are confident that they are leaving it in good hands moving forward.

Denison – Colson Stutz One of the many things our chapter shares a love for is live music. Over the past couple semesters, we had many student performances at our outdoor lodge space on campus. Denison University is fortunately full of many amazing musicians and artists and we were lucky enough to have a lot of them perform. However, our chapter really wanted to have an event that could showcase all these beautiful artists at the same time. We ended up deciding on a battle of the bands-type event. This event featured four different groups and musicians with folk and bluegrass music, performed by Blythe Dahlem, some classic rock, performed by two student bands, The Cuties and The Roster, and even some electronic dance music performed by student DJs. As a chapter, we were very proud of the event and all the great tunes showcased and two of our members performing, Mick Smith and Harrison Copeland, who are the drummer and bass guitarist in the Cuties. One of the beautiful parts of being a part of an organization such as Delta Chi is the diverse and incredible talents of the chapter members and these were certainly on display for all to see. We had a great turnout of Denison students and it is very refreshing to see live music back on campus.

Denver – Jack Saroni In March 2022, the Denver Chapter finally celebrated the hard work of brother Marshall Marrs and others who made it possible for Denver to go from a colony to an official chapter. Attending the chartering banquet were several members of the International Headquarters, EC, and Board of Regents, including Aaron Otto, “AA”. While we achieved chapter status in the fall 2021, we had been unable to celebrate in-person until now. Also postponed due to COVID is our much-anticipated formal in Telluride, which is to set for May 7th. Planned since 2019, the brothers of Delta Chi are excited to celebrate our first true formal. The Chapter has also performed well in the annual “Big Man” charity event, raising our exposure on campus and getting DU talking about Delta Chi. We have completed several community service projects in the winter and spring, including helping the City of Denver maintain our local Washington Park. We look forward to performing more service going forward.

Duquesne – Justin Graham Spring 2022 was a successful semester for the Duquesne Chapter. Early in the semester, we hosted an on-campus basketball tournament to raise money for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. We had an incredible turnout for the tournament


Delta Chi Quarterly

and everyone had a great time while raising money for a great cause. This semester, we initiated a pledge class of 18 young men eager to join the brotherhood of of a lifetime. This was one of the largest recruitment classes we’ve had at Duquesne, as we continue to be the largest fraternity on campus. Our chapter participated in a clean-up of the streets of Pittsburgh’s southside to assist our community in keeping the campus and surrounding residential area clean. The amazing people who organized the service were very excited about the number of brothers who showed up to help out and we were happy to help keep our community upstanding. We partnered with the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority to host a Pie-a-DChi x Zeta event to raise money for both the V Foundation and Zeta Tau Alpha’s breast cancer awareness and education philanthropy. We asked students to donate a few dollars to throw a tin of whipped cream in the face of our fraternity brothers and the Zeta Tau Alpha sisters. Once again, we were very pleased with the turnout and appreciated the support of the students at Duquesne in helping us raise money.

Valdez as Treasurer. The Chapter had its 50/55th chartering celebration in March. Many collegiate and alumni members gathered in Daytona Beach for a three-day celebration, comprised of an alumni initiation ceremony, an alumni rededication ceremony, a banquet, a barbecue social, a farewell breakfast, and much laughter. At this event, Brothers Vores and Christopher Haak were announced as winners of the Nelli/Phelan Scholarship, with each one rewarded for their merit and involvement. Brother Matthew Gorenstein, the “E”, was awarded the first Ed & Phylann Fusco Fellowship grant to attend June’s Emerging Leaders Academy in Indianapolis. The Chapter continues to further its relationship with the city of Daytona Beach from the past semester after being recognized by Mayor Derrick Henry for our involvement. This semester, the brothers partnered with the city to clean a major section of Beville Road to keep our city beautiful. Brother Tyler Carbo led the Chapter to its first annual chili cook-off event. To finish the semester, brothers and their respective dates enjoyed a beautiful day outside in Cocoa Beach, Florida and a dinner to cap spring formal ’22.

Eastern Washington – Cameron Zamora

Florida – John Moricle

Hello from the Eastern Washington Chapter. Our Chapter has experienced unprecedented growth these past two quarters, initiating five men in the winter quarter and gaining five associate members in the spring quarter. We focused on community service, participating in many service events and opportunities. We are excited to see what the future holds for the Chapter and hope to see even more growth going into the 2022-2023 school year.

The Florida Chapter is happy to announce a semester of growth and development. In addition to house improvements, expanding philanthropy efforts, and getting involved on campus, we built a great brotherhood and strong bonds. We welcomed 10 new brothers into our chapter during spring recruitment, bringing our total number to 38 brothers. This growth has been a continuation of the rapid expansion we experienced in the fall semester. The Chapter is now nearly double the size it was this time last year. We debuted our signature philanthropy, a field day event named the “Delta Chiathalon.” This event was the first main event philanthropy hosted by the Florida Chapter in over four years. In addition to raising funds for the V Foundation for Cancer Research, the Chapter continued to grow its leadership in Dance Marathon, the largest student-run philanthropy on campus. We raised over $5,000 and had three brothers serve as captains for the organization. On top of fundraising, the Chapter has held a canned food drive for UF’s food pantry, participated in two beautification projects, and volunteered to make dog toys and walk shelter dogs with Alachua County Animal Services. Around campus, Delta Chi has been getting involved in every facet of student life. Jason Andreacchio, our chapter “A,” was inducted into Florida Blue Key, Florida’s oldest and most prestigious honor society. Brother Owen Lekebusch was initiated as a Campus Diplomat and Brother Andrew Taramykin founded a student public policy organization named the Sunshine Forum. We look forward to many more semesters of promoting friendship, developing character, advancing justice, and assisting in the acquisition of a sound education.

East Stroudsburg – Jacob Kraus After spending the past year and a half in a rebuilding stage for our chapter, we were ready to get the spring 2022 semester rolling. We brought on a new faculty advisor who’s the head of student engagement on campus, allowing us to be more involved within the campus. Our chapter helped host movie nights, casino nights, and an event called “Color Me, Warrior”. We set our chapter personal goals, pushing to beat fundraising goals and community service goals that we haven’t in the past. Our sixth annual Dye-A-Chi event went without a hitch and we continued to support our local community partners, Big Brother Big Sister, with a fundraiser and helped them with their telethon. We filled our roster up with eight Associate Members, leaving our chapter at 33 active members at the end of the semester.

Edwardsville – Charles Drake The Edwardsville Chapter wanted to improve on three things that are usually lacking during the springtime for the chapter; get better recruitment numbers, have more philanthropy events, and have more social events. The brothers of the Edwardsville Chapter have been working diligently and I am happy to say that those three things improved dramatically. During recruitment week, there was a snowstorm that forced us to cancel some of our in-person events. Despite that, the Chapter pinned over 10 Associate Members during interview night, the biggest Associate Member class during the spring semester in recent years. It pushes our chapter to 60+ collegiate members. That made Delta Chi one of the biggest fraternities at SIUE. Instead of having only one Jimmy-V Week every year, the Edwardsville brothers decided to have a Jimmy-V Week for the second time this year. It was a first for us to host this event during the spring but we still had fantastic results. The Chapter raised over $3,000 throughout the week from all the events we held. Now that almost all the COVID guidelines have ceased to exist at SIUE, it was time for normalcy to come back to Greek life. The Chapter had several social events on and off campus, including a multitude of mixers with sororities throughout the semester and even a Dad’s Day to show appreciation to our fathers. The Edwardsville Chapter had one of the best spring semesters since pre-COVID, and we will continue to strive to be the best for the years to come. Born Proud Raised Proud.

Embry-Riddle – Matthew Gorenstein I’d like to begin by highlighting significant accomplishments by various brothers in the Embry-Riddle Chapter. Brother Nolan Vores serves as our “A” and was elected Student Government Association Vice President alongside Brother Harley

Florida State – Caedon Parrish The Florida State Chapter had a well-rounded spring semester, as we initiated 18 new members into our brotherhood and sustained an active presence across multiple campus organizations and philanthropies. We were among the top fundraising organizations for several campus philanthropies, raising over $12,000 for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals through Dance Marathon and more than $2,300 for the American Cancer Society through Relay for Life. We raised more than $4,300 for Line Dance at FSU, which supports foundations including The Collegiate Veteran’s Association and the Unconquered Scholars Program, and almost $11,000 for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital during a joint fundraiser with Tri Delta sorority. We have raised over $5,000 for the V Foundation for Cancer Research and are not finished adding all of our contributions. To support the V Foundation and to bring awareness to the cause, we held our first annual Jimmy V Volleyball Classic. The turnout was incredible and we anticipate our next event to be even more successful. In addition to our own charitable events, we competed in several different sorority competitions, winning Alpha Delta Pi’s “Pi’s and Powderpuffs,” Alpha Chi Omega’s “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes,” and Pi Beta Phi’s “Arrow Spike.” These three victories include donations to the V Foundation from each sorority ranging from $250-$500. We can’t wait for next semester and for even greater achievements.

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Fredonia – Austin D’Amico The brothers of Fredonia have been working very hard to both better ourselves and our community. We focused on excelling at community service, as we would have groups of five help out at the Friendly Kitchen three times a week. The Friendly Kitchen has a goal of providing everyone with a warm, sit-down meal and is open on holidays as well. We clean, wash dishes, and serve food to those in need. As the weather has improved, we’ve been able to resume volunteering at the Greystone Nature Preserve, a 75-acre nature preserve in Fredonia that is home to serene natural beauty. We help out with many things at the preserve, including removing invasive plant species, like the huckleberry bush, mulching, and whatever else is needed. Our chapter has had numerous Krispy Kreme fundraising sales which have been excellent in terms of raising money for our chapter. Our brotherhood has been increasing exponentially throughout this semester with brothers becoming more motivated by the day to improve our chapter.

Gannon – Luke MacKenzie This past semester, the Gannon Chapter was able to participate in service events such as the Gannon Day of Caring, as well as smaller events. At the Gannon Day of Caring, we were able to help out by gardening and doing yard work around a local community. Another event was gardening and moving soil for the Soldiers and Sailors home in Erie. I am proud of our brothers for engaging in our local community and showing what the men of Delta Chi are all about. This semester, we were successful as a chapter by increasing our numbers with a big Associate Member class. We are proud of them as they show the values of Delta Chi and are all bound to be great for our local and school communities. Another accomplishment of our chapter was raising a substantial amount of money for the V Foundation for Cancer Research and giving back to a good cause. We had almost every member participate in donating and generating awareness. As the school year comes to a close, I am proud to say that the Gannon Chapter was successful in fulfilling our goals and aspirations of giving back to our community and showing what we are all about.

George Mason – Javier Varela This semester, we continued to prioritize our brother’s mental health. After the strategies of last semester, we have grown together. We started to make sure we have frequent brotherhood events that allow us to spend quality time, check up on each other, and bond. We also had monthly group meetings that are open to any brother to come and talk about their feelings and emotions. Through this, we have been able to show support for each other and we are actively promoting the growth of our mental health. During the semester, we were able to recruit nine Associate Members. The COVID-19 pandemic affected us all in different ways and as we progress out of it, we are able to see patterns going back to some semblance of normal. We were able to experience our campus and community in its full way, making it feel like this pandemic can be put behind us. Our chapter was able to raise over $1,500 for our chapter and philanthropy with multiple creative ideas. Our highest fundraising event was “Pie-a-DChi”, which is typically our biggest one. We also did bake sales and other events to raise money.

Georgia Southern – Clay Werntz Our chapter had a very productive and entertaining year. We initiated 14 new members which put us at our largest active brother count ever. With our new chaplain, we’ve organized numerous community service events and racked up many service hours. We participated in many sorority philanthropy events and even placed second for Chi-O’s Alpha Male! While we were busy doing these events, we were still able to raise the most money we ever have for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. Currently, we have a great standing with hopes of knocking recruitment out of the park next semester.

Georgia Tech – Hrydesh Patel This semester, the Georgia Tech Chapter excelled in philanthropy, community service, and campus involvement efforts. It started the semester with six amazing Associate Members joining the Chapter. The Chapter held multiple philanthropic events, such as Fried Oreo Fridays and Karaoke Night, and raised over $1,600 for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. Brothers are also improving the local Atlanta community through a multitude of efforts like volunteering at animal shelters and the local Boys & Girls Club, accumulating over 50 service hours. Every member of the Chapter has additional campus involvement, with 15 members in leadership positions in other organizations. We held a successful brotherhood retreat in south Tennessee, where the Chapter reflected on the previous semester and set goals for the coming year. This semester, the Chapter hosted the Regional Leadership Conference for Region VIII, welcoming multiple chapters from the southeast. The Chapter would like to extend their congratulation to the 12 brothers who will be graduating at the end of this semester.


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Hamilton – Huzair Latif At the Hamilton Chapter, we’ve been going strong. We brought in new members and are finishing up our recruitment process, seeking out potential brothers. In the fall, we mostly focused on recruitment and initiation. In the spring, we spent most of our time on recruitment, meeting new people and seeing who we would like to invite to be a part of our brotherhood. As the semester comes to an end, we’ve whittled down the recruitment process and have been able to do more activities, such as various social events and an all-Greek life charity event. The event was held on the April 30th and members of all Greek organizations on campus showed up for a walk to raise money for The Center in Utica, an organization that assists refugees with resettlement in the Mohawk Valley region.

High Point – Elijah Spies We’re experiencing extraordinary growth. Delta Chi ranked first for growth among fraternities on our campus and we are not done. This past semester, we added 10 Associate Members for a total of over 60 members - our largest total membership ever. We’re expanding our commitment to the community, partnering with Second Harvest Food Bank. In two years, our annual hours of service have soared from 300 to more than 600. This upcoming semester, we’re moving into our home in Greek Village. This truly first-class facility includes a large lounge, kitchen, study area, and outdoor patio. If this past semester is any indication of what comes next, the best is yet to come.

Hobart – Charles March Our chapter had many successes this semester. Our biggest was an initiation ceremony just last week that welcomed four members into the brotherhood. We saw a huge improvement with managing finances. Last semester, we were in debt but we’ve since eliminated that and have a good amount of money left over to spend on needs at the house. Our chapter meetings have improved since last semester with more conversation, flow, discussion, and completion. The brothers are currently preparing for finals and I have seen a lot of hard work put in to finish our semester with strong grades. Wish us luck!

Huntsville – Robert Zecher Over the past semester, the Huntsville Chapter accomplished many great things. Many of our newly initiated brothers from the fall class took positions within our chapter. These new committee chairmen hit the ground running and began participating in many events for the Chapter and community. Of the events organized by the Huntsville Chapter, the most notable was our philanthropy, spearheaded by Caleb Blair. Caleb is a passionate and driven man and this comes across very clearly in his position. Since his appointment as the philanthropy chair, he organized three considerable events. Two of these events benefitted the V Foundation for Cancer Research, while the third was a campus-wide event which Caleb largely helped to

create and coordinate with the University and other organizations on campus. The first philanthropy event held this semester was a car smash event that raised a total of $537 and was an absolute blast for the brothers who both helped and supported the event. The second event was a dunk tank, dubbed “Dunk a Delta Chi,” which was put on by our Associate Member class. The dunk tank raised $700 for the V Foundation and we could not be prouder of our Associate Member class this spring. The third event was a campus wide suicide awareness walk to benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Awareness. The event raised $8,900 total, $907 of which was raised by our chapter. Our chapter also had the privilege of attending the Region VIII RLC and brought home seven awards. These included best leadership, fundraising, philanthropy, academics, outstanding chapter member, and advisor award. This was a fantastic experience for our new executive board and we returned to our chapter filled with the pride of the brotherhood we are a part of.

Illinois – Ryan Way This past semester has been a busy one for our chapter. We held a couple fundraisers at the house and virtually for Moms’ Weekend and for the Delta Chi Bracket Challenge. We were able to raise just over $3,000 for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. Through our mom’s weekend fundraiser/basket raffle, we raised over $2,700 for house improvements. Chris Stefani, a legacy member, created a virtual fundraiser for improvements to “Dungeon”, our house gym. Chris was able to raise over $7,500 by sending out emails and we are going to start buying new equipment next semester. This past weekend, we were able to have our initiation ceremony and welcome 11 Associate Members to the Brotherhood of a Lifetime. At the beginning of the semester, we received generous donation over $2,400 from a group of alumni to update our chapter room. We took the donation and put it to very good use, adding a study table, new seating, a new couch, a pool table, and a house printer. Everyone in the house enjoys the new chapter room and it makes the weekly chapter meetings feel classier. Our executive board feels that we had a very good semester and are looking forward to next year and all the new brothers joining us!

clean as can be. We’ve had great opportunities to work with different sororities and fraternities on campus through philanthropy and mixer events like volleyball and we hope to continue making genuine connections with the rest of Greek life at K-State. Our semesterly alumni event was in Kansas City. It was a great opportunity for brothers who graduated and moved on to get together and revisit old memories. We hope to have even more attendees at alumni events in the future. While the semester starts to wind down, we look forward to hosting the mothers of Delta Chi here in Manhattan for a weekend full of fun.

Kennesaw State – Philip Corrao In our 12th year, we initiated eight men into the Brotherhood of a Lifetime. With COVID restricting us from celebrating our 10-year chartering anniversary, we planned to make for it with an alumni event at Governor’s Gun Club. Accompanied by many new and old faces and testing our range skills, it was the perfect way to celebrate such an accomplishment. Our chartering wasn’t the only thing we celebrated at this event, as it also gave us the opportunity to say warm goodbye to our ABT President Tom Edmunds. Thanks so much for all that you have done and continue to do for our chapter, Tom! Throughout the semester, brothers participated in various study nights hosted by different councils to enhance academic integrity and hold each other to higher standards. Brothers attended many percentage nights to grow our recognition throughout the Panhellenic council.

Iowa State – Tim Nichols As the 2022 school year comes to its last few weeks, we feel that the state of our chapter is in a great place. We have now lived in the chapter house at 203 Ash Ave for a year. The house has been amazing and has brought the brotherhood closer than I have ever seen it. We had a great social with Sigma Kappa earlier this semester and it was a blast. We finished Greek Week with them and Kappa Sigma which was a great pairing. We brought home trophies for first in karaoke, second overall spirit, third in tournaments, and best main character in lip sync. The Chapter had its Mom’s Weekend on April 23rd, which we had not had in years. We are also excited to have our first formal in four years at the end of April.

Kansas – Joey Hellen On April 2nd, we hosted our annual Mom’s Weekend filled with fun activities and great memories. We hosted brunch at the chapter house, had events going on such as a raffle, silent auction, and activities set up on the front lawn. Before we prepared to eat brunch, members said a few words to the moms’ club to thank them for all the hard work they have done and effort they put into our house. Later that evening, we went to the Double Tree hotel where we ate together and watched our Jayhawks win and advance to the National Championship game. On April 20th, we hosted a Dunk-aDChi event to raise money for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. We encouraged people to donate money and in return they chose which member they wanted to dunk. In total, we raised $600 dollars and hope to do an event like this again once the weather is a little nicer. As the semester wraps up, we look to enjoy our last few weeks together and show our seniors our appreciation for all they have done. The moms’ club will come up during finals week to bring us some food and snacks while we are busy hitting the books and finishing off the semester strong.

Kent State – Kenneth Strait On April 22, 2022, the men of the Kent State Chapter of Delta Chi hosted a car smash philanthropic event to raise funds for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. We were sponsored by Interstate Auto and Truck Salvage who graciously provided us with two cars at no cost. Students all around campus were invited to participate for a nominal fee. By the end of the event, the cars were unrecognizable and everyone who participated had an amazing time.

Kettering-A – Thomas Vengachuvattil During the semester, we initiated eight Associate Members. We had plenty of events and classes for the AMs to help bond with the Chapter and learn more about what they can do. After all the AM classes were over, we had all eight AMs initiated. Our biggest event was Semi-Formal, which was a great success. Many alumni came to the event, we did “The Alligator Dance”, and had many memories and stories together. In the upcoming term, we look forward to the alumni barbecue, which is a more relaxed event with the alumni. With fairly inexperienced members on the new executive board, we utilized the Member-at-Large position by having an experienced senior member of the Fraternity help advise the members and E-board. He has also assisted with helping maintain the mental health of the Chapter. We had members make goals for the term and try our best to be our brother’s keeper and help each other reach their goals. We hope this new tradition of goal-setting continues with new members to make a better version of themselves.

Kansas City Area Alumni – Evan Follmer

Kettering-B – Hunter Thompson

Our chapter officially restarted with a newly elected executive board earlier this year after a seven-year hiatus. Our initial return social event was held in November with nearly 30 brothers from nine chapters represented. We now have a full calendar of monthly social events and are in email contact with over 550 alumni living in a 90mile radius of Kansas City.

This term, Kettering-B is proud to have raised $1,333.33 for the V Foundation for Cancer Research through philanthropic events on campus. Our new members are taking active roles in the Chapter, with 100% of newly initiated members holding an executive board or committee head position. Our treasurer dedicated himself to collecting debt from alumni and has contacted every alumnus of the chapter with debt remaining. Thanks to his efforts and commitment, we have decreased alumni AR by 75%. We have also recently had a brother volunteer his time to chair the philanthropy committee for IFC.

Kansas State – Chase Erickson During the spring semester, the Kansas State Chapter initiated its second largest spring class in the last 10 years. Academics are one of our most important aspects, as we achieved a GPA higher than the IFC and university averages for the sixth semester in-a-row. We’ve been thankful to use our apartment complex to host new member, brotherhood, and formal recruitment events, as well as live sport watch parties. Chapter-wide cleanups for the apartments help keep our wonderful new home as

Kingsville – Justin Cappadona The Kingsville Chapter increased productivity this semester. Starting in January, our new executive board went on a retreat led by our “BB”. One of the Chapter’s highest priorities was recruitment, adding five new members which is tremendous for a spring

Friendship | Character | Justice | Education


recruitment on our compact campus. In February, the e-board ventured to Ruston, Louisiana for the Region III Regional Leadership Conference to create and set higher goals for our executive positions. The Chapter had the pleasure of meeting other Delta Chis from around Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas. Towards the end of the month, we held a parents day celebration to enhance the bond between the chapter, our alumni, and parents who support us constantly. The day featured multiple sporting events that all ages could enjoy followed by lunch. In March, we held two brotherhood events; a volleyball tournament and a brunch/sporting event. We opened April with our first alumni crawfish boil. We held a social with the Theta Phi Alpha Women’s Fraternity where we played volleyball, giving newer members a chance to socialize with Greek life on campus. The IFC board and CPC board organized a casino themed semi-formal social for Greek organizations. It was a nice way to end the spring semester. For community service, we started off with a fun run in Brownsville, Texas supporting kids with autism. The Chapter attended “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes”, which was a sexual assault awareness walk. The men who attended had to walk in heels for a mile in an aim to spread awareness of sexual violence. The Chapter helped with the annual “Dance Marathon”, raising money for kids with severe illnesses. In total, the event raised $12,399. In contributing to this, the Chapter raffled off an Oculus Quest 2, raising $900 for the cause. As of the end of April, the Chapter jumped form eight active members to 22 following the completion of delayed initiations.

Lehigh – Philip DeLise The 2022 spring semester has been a great one. Recruiting the largest new member class of 24 at Lehigh set the bar high for the rest of the semester, but we didn’t stop there. In the fall, we boasted a 3.41 GPA, first out of all fraternities on the Hill and we kept our noses in the books this spring. Several of our brothers competed in intramural and club sports across campus. We are proud to say we took home the intramural soccer championship and our club lacrosse team finished top-15 in the nation, beating rivals Lafayette, Bucknell, and Villanova. We also have 20 brothers in the Association of Student Alumni Club (ASA) who were able to successfully plan alumni events for the entire university. Our community service and engagement involved numerous events this semester, most successful being our Homework Club Snack Bag program and the Relay for Life fundraiser organized by Colleges against Cancer, hosted by Lehigh OFSA. We were able to provide children in partner schools across South Bethlehem with snack bags during homework help sessions and we raised $3,000 for cancer research, eighth-highest out of the 30 Greek Houses and other organizations. This past weekend we had our first annual Spring Send-Off Barbeque where we caught up with our parents and alumni over some great food and a live band. Overall, it was a great semester for the Lehigh Chapter and was filled with many accomplishments and memories!

Livingston – Alex Dollar The Livingston Chapter started the semester with some fundraisers. We raised money for one of our alumni’s grandsons, Axel. Axel was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Events consisted of a coin drive, Pie-a-Chi, and a cookout. We ended up raising $1,500 during Axel Week. We had a fundraiser for one of the professors on campus that was recently diagnosed with cancer as well. She is always helping us out so we wanted to return the favor. The fundraiser week was called “Dr. Burnes’ Week.” We had similar events including a coin drive, Pelt-a-Delta, and a bake sale. We ended up raising $1,000 for her. Collectively, we raised the most money in fundraising than we have in a few years. We finished off this semester by winning the Homer, an award given to the best fraternity on campus. This is our fourth year in-a-row winning it.

Long Beach – Maximillian Tommey The Long Beach Chapter had a very successful spring semester. We were able to further grow our chapter by welcoming 15 Associate Members at the beginning of the semester and adding an additional 12 at the end of April. For our philanthropy week, we raised $3,300 for the V Foundation for Cancer Research, almost doubling what we raised the previous semester. We had two successful community service events; a joint beach clean-up event with the Alpha Phi Sorority and a car wash event for our campus police department. As the semester wraps up, we look forward to having our brotherhood retreat and our spring formal early in the summer. Next semester, we are excited to celebrate the 55th anniversary of our chapter and are planning a banquet dinner. Born proud, raised proud.

Louisiana Tech – Brenden McGee The Louisiana Tech Chapter continued to thrive going into 2022. Our presence on campus remains strong through our philanthropy events hosted with other sororities. We took part in “Pie the Chis” and “Desserts with Deltas”, which both raised money for V Foundation for Cancer Research. We currently have the most members we’ve ever had in notable campus organizations. Seven members are student recruiters, four members are involved in Order of Omega, two are Orientation Student Leaders, one is in Union Board and Interfraternity Council, and other members are in their respective major-related clubs. Within our town of Ruston, Louisiana, our chapter has


Delta Chi Quarterly

continued to give back. Active members and the Associate Member class visited the Boys and Girls Club of Ruston for an Easter Event. In addition, we hosted a clothing drive where we received donations from friends and family of the Chapter to send to a local organization. Our campus holds a large community service event called “Big Event”, in which our members cleaned up various neighborhoods in the city. As our chapter has grown, we tried to expand our focus on brotherhood. Groups of active members recently took trips to Talladega, Colorado, and to hockey games with alumni. At the end of May, we had our largest brotherhood event, a trip to Panama City Beach to celebrate the end of a great year. We are looking forward to the end of 2022 and we plan to use our presence on campus to start the next academic year with a great recruitment.

LSU – Jon Leleux After an extremely successful recruitment in the fall, our chapter took on nine new members this spring. Along with working to educate these new members, we have been working to improve brotherhood, alumni relations, and most philanthropy. Under our new philanthropy chair, William Bartle, we have been able to raise over $1,000 for the V Foundation for Cancer Research and over $5,000 for local charities through IFC. We look forward to the fall and all of the new opportunities it may bring.

Marquette – Donovan Ahern The Marquette Chapter enjoyed a successful wrap to the semester. Our brothers showcased their dance moves in April to win the annual Marquette Fraternity AirBand competition. The victory allowed us to raise funds for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. Not only did our chapter meet the philanthropic goal for the semester, but we also received school-wide recognition when brothers Nick Orihuela and Arek Alexanian were recognized with the Contemplative in Action Leadership award. Nick was also honored with a “Lifetime Achievement” award and Arek was recognized as “Fraternity Member of the Year” for their contributions to Greek life at Marquette. We eagerly anticipate the fall semester and look forward to continued success.

Massachusetts – Jefferson Wermuth This past semester, we initiated the Alpha Beta class, totaling five new members. Among them, Dan Redgate is already serving the Chapter as Recruitment Chair. We had 13 brothers make the Dean’s List, demonstrating academic excellence. Our chapter GPA last semester was 3.42. In addition to performing well academically, our chapter showed out for Greek Week, taking first-place with our paired sorority, Sigma Sigma Sigma. We volunteered at the UMass student farm, the Amherst Town Halloween parade, and the Amherst Survival Center. This semester, we’re looking to repeat as champions of Greek Week, welcome the Alpha Gamma class, uphold our academic standard, and continue to serve our local community through philanthropy and community service.

Michigan – Jackson Mackey The Michigan Chapter had another outstanding semester. We completed winter recruitment and have added nine more brothers, filling the entire chapter house yet again. We continue to support Marco Madness, a basketball tournament that our chapter holds to raise money for pediatric leukemia. We are excited to announce that our donations this year were remarkable and the tournament itself was extremely fun. We will to continue to support this amazing cause and contribute more to the $100,000 total that our chapter raised over the past six years. We are also very happy that our chapter continues to represent the majority of executive board positions in “Go Blue, Wear Pink”, a club that raises lots money for breast cancer research and we are very proud of our brothers involved. We continue to eat buffet style meals together while watching sports in the kitchen, as we love camaraderie. We selected a new E-board for the upcoming semester in the fall and are very pleased. The new E-board is Niko Papaioannou (“A”), Max Schrader (“B”), Isaac Turofsky (“C”), Aidan Neidoff (“D”), Ethan Josefsberg (“E”, and Ethan Lulkin (“F”). The brothers and past E-board have no doubts this group will better the Fraternity next year. Their main focus will be to increase brotherhood retention through events and boding activities. We began planning for recruitment next semester and plan on bringing in a larger number of brothers in the fall. We are very excited for the future of the Fraternity and believe it is in the greatest of hands.

Minnesota – Chase Hodkiewicz After being unable to host a Founders Day celebration for two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the house held the 1601 Centennial this past April. This Centennial celebrated the 100-year anniversary of the Minnesota Chapter moving into our chapter house at 1601 University Avenue. Today, our house stands prominently on the lead corner of the only remaining all-Greek block on campus. While our house

was technically completed in 1921 and we planned to celebrate in 2021, financial delays slowed the full opening and operation until 1922, so the COVID-delayed celebration in 2022 fits well with our history. Over 30 alumni attended, including “AA” Arron Otto. Once again, these brothers were able to meet and reconnect with their fellow brothers through the common experience every living Minnesota Delta Chi share; time together in our glorious chapter house. At this event, our scholarship foundation was able to give out $7,000 in scholarships to active members. One notable winner was Jake Straub who won the largest scholarship for having, in general, overachieving characteristics in all fields of the scholarship’s interests. Another important recipient was Evan Schaffner who was voted by the actives of the house to be our Luminary. This Luminary Scholarship was the first of its kind here and will be a new tradition for our house in memory of Mike Tompkins ’81, one of the three members who had a huge part in keeping the house alive during the Vietnam War. Without Brother Tompkins, the house would have not have survived through those hard times. At this moment, the house has 30 active members as well as two Associate Members and six graduating seniors. The house’s number one priority is growth. Led by our recruitment chair Will Szot and Michael Karacic, we are planning recruitment events for the summer and fall to return the house to the dominant position it once held on fraternity row.

a testament to our chapter’s growth and development, this banquet hosted several of our chapter leaders as speakers to highlight the progress that had been made and the strategic plans of the Fraternity for the future. As I am sure every Delta Chi knows, the white carnation’s symbolism is “True Love”. This event was aptly named after our fraternity’s flower. The men of the Missouri State Chapter host an alumnus/ family event of this caliber every spring semester to show our “true love” for our fraternity. In the speeches made at White Carnation, we reaffirm what it means to be a Delta Chi, a man of friendship, character, justice, and education.

Montclair State – Dominic Ciocca We hosted many events throughout the semester such as our White Carnation Queen pageant to raise money for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. This semester alone, we raised around $6,000 and had and an amazing time doing so. We competed at our school’s Greek Week event, where all Greek organizations come together to compete against each other while donating food to local food banks and drives as well as compete in different sports and activities. We are proud to announce that we were declared the champions of Greek Week and have been the champions of this event for the past six years in-a-row. We also participated in different community service opportunities, such as helping and assisting campus events on Earth Day and well assisting the campus’s fire safety department by co-hosting and sponsoring the event. This semester alone has been a huge step in the right direction, especially as the impact of COVID-19 is slowly starting to come to an end and activities are returning to normal. Greater things are to come from the Montclair State Chapter and the brothers are excited and ready to face whatever challenges appear.

Northern Arizona – Jack Cowen

Missouri – Joshua Shuman In the fall 2021, the Missouri Chapter welcomed 29 Associate Members (Beta Phi Class) to the Bond. In October, we celebrated a first-place finish in Mizzou’s homecoming celebrations with the women of Alpha Delta Pi. That was our secondconsecutive year winning the event. We actively participated in other external philanthropy events, such as taking first-place in Delta Gamma’s annual Anchor Splash. A portion of their proceeds were contributed to our total for Jimmy V Week. In the spring, we welcomed 17 additional Associate Members (Beta Chi Class) to the Chapter. Members participated in the external philanthropy event “R.A.M.S”, highlighted by a 5k marathon benefitting multiple sclerosis awareness. We participated with the women of Zeta Tau Alpha and the men of Beta Sigma Psi in Mizzou’s annual “Greek Week,” which generated $105,000 amongst participating Greek chapters. The Chapter traveled to Nashville for formal. Later in the spring, we held our Jimmy V Week festivities. This year, we raised $7,200 for the cause. As this Spring comes to a close, we are thanking our 21 graduating seniors for their contributions over the years. Member highlights consist of Thom Molen being elected IFC President and Cole Stringer retaining VP of Inclusion and Brotherhood.

Missouri State – Mitchem Smith-Miller The men of the Missouri State Chapter are proud of our accomplishments this term. Over the past year, we improved our academics, brotherhood, philanthropy, community service, and many aspects of the modern fraternity. During this academic year, we donated almost $6,800 dollars to the V Foundation for Cancer Research. In the fall semester, we had 30 representatives of the Chapter make our university’s dean’s list. We are well on our way to showing our campus and those around us what it truly means to be a man of Delta Chi. The men of our chapter have committed 831 hours to serving the beautiful community of Springfield, Missouri. This spring, the Chapter held a very successful banquet called the White Carnation Banquet. In

This semester was a successful one for the Northern Arizona Chapter. We initiated a recruitment class of six outstanding gentlemen that uphold our values and will contribute to the Chapter in the future. Our executive board had the pleasure of going down to Tucson, Arizona to initiate the founding fathers of the new Delta Chi chapter at the University of Arizona. We held our first annual alumni golf tournament in Phoenix with 50 Delta Chi alumni members and were able to rekindle a lot of relationships lost over the years. We held five social events with different sororities on campus and ran multiple community service events, including the finalization of the adoption of mile markers 317-319 on the I-17, outside of Munds Park, Arizona. We couldn’t be prouder of the work accomplished and are looking forward to this upcoming semester.

Omaha – John Voner The 2021-2022 school year has been a year of change and improvement for the Omaha Chapter. Everyone from Associate Members to active members have been doing their part to strengthen the name and reputation of Delta Chi. During the fall semester, we had the pleasure of welcoming 17 new members into the Fraternity. We also had the honor of welcoming a large spring class of 14 new members into the Zeta class. The future of the Omaha Chapter looks bright and the we owe a lot of gratitude to our recruitment chairmen, Grant Kowalski, Coven Miller, and Noah Grot. This year has also been very productive in terms of serving the community and raising money for our philanthropic partners. The Chapter raised $2,400 for Dance Marathon, $1,200 for the V Foundation for Cancer Research, and $700 with the Chapter’s signature “Dare a Delta” event. We continued a service relationship with Hanscom Park by hosting clean-up events and the men of the Omaha chapter have partnered with Kountze Memorial Lutheran Church to serve refugee families. The lifting COVID-19 restrictions have also afforded us the chance to become more involved with other Greek life organizations and our social chairmen, Samy Sharif and Will Ekborg, put together some stellar events. With the help of staff from UNO and fellow Greek organizations, our formal chairman, Grant Kowalski, and the Omaha Chapter finally had the chance to celebrate the achievement of becoming the fastest colony to charter. This year has truly personified the idea of perseverance and we would like to thank everyone who helped to make this year special!

Friendship | Character | Justice | Education


Oregon State – Charles Lindemann This was the Chapter’s first in-person spring term since the pandemic. We started off with a community service event, as our entire chapter volunteered for the Corvallis annual 5k run. We had six Associate Members join our brotherhood. We recently celebrated our family weekend and hosted all of the members’ families. During the weekend, we had an auction where we had families donating gift baskets that were auctioned off, with all of the proceeds going towards repairs for the chapter house. We were able to raise over $2,200. This was a huge success for our chapter and will allow us to fund some larger remodeling projects in the house that are in dire need. Overall, we had a successful term as our chapter is returning to more normal activities since the pandemic and we are very excited to finish the year strongly and achieve all the goals that we set out to accomplish.

a couple of fundraising events, including a March Madness Bracket Challenge and we are hosting a Pie-a-DChi event this semester as well. Next year, we are planning to host our first philanthropy event for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. We are super excited for the future and are glad to be a part of Delta Chi.

Rutgers – Sahil Patel

Oshkosh – Zach Herriges The past few years have been difficult due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our university’s Greek life went fully virtual, which made recruitment nearly impossible. With our school being mostly online from spring 2020 to spring 2021, most of the people we recruited ended up dropping out or going inactive. Not only did we have a terrible recruitment season in fall 2021 to spring 2022, but we also lost our house. Most chapters would be demoralized, but the Oshkosh Chapter is determined not to quit. On the door of the house, there is a sign with a quote one of our alumni used to say; “Delta Chis don’t quit”. We are looking forward to the future, to rebuild, and learn from our mistakes and press on. The resolve of the Chapter is astounding. Even in the most difficult times, Delta Chis don’t quit. On a positive note, our interim “A”, Justin Lee, was chosen to be the keynote speaker and give the Last Lecture Speech for UW-Oshkosh.

Throughout the spring semester, the Rutgers Chapter held every brother accountable for their responsibilities and duties as a member of the Fraternity. The community Delta Chi developed in the past year expanded its connections. We consistently stay in contact with our alumni to preserve Delta Chi’s values and expand our outreach and connections to assist in the acquisition of a sound education. Delta Chi provides active brothers with opportunities for internships, co-ops, and work via networking and outreach. An event our organization has been working on is a local career program where every active member is introduced to alumni that share a similar major or attended the same program at Rutgers. By providing an outlet for members to connect with alumni, the Fraternity is expanding its possibility of members finding a co-op, internship or job opportunities. Each alumnus was contacted and sent a Google form that identifies the major they graduated with and where they work. Every collegiate member could be matched up with like-minded alumnus as a resource and a form of guidance for future career opportunities. Our alumni relations are not solely career-based, as we do our best to involve alumni in brotherhood events. Delta Chi is built on the foundation of the alumni and founding fathers, which makes it important to celebrate those who preceded us, as we would not be in the position we are today without them.

Penn State – Dom Capaldi The brothers of the Penn State Chapter are very proud of the many achievements we accomplished this semester. Through a stellar fall and spring recruitment, we managed to attract some of the largest Associate Member classes that our house has seen in years. We also hosted a wonderful parents’ weekend where parents enjoyed a day of music, yard games, and time with their sons at our house. Far and away, our greatest accomplishment this semester was our robust fundraising effort for THON, the largest student philanthropy event in the world, which raises money for pediatric cancer research and treatment. Through various fundraising events like bingo boards, a dunk tank, a skiing trip, pieing a brother, and having members dance for 46 hours straight with no break to sit or sleep, we managed to raise over $90,500 along with our partnered sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma. All of the donations from these fundraisers went directly to the Four Diamonds Fund for our sponsored THON child, Owen Bonn. Owen is currently eight years old and was diagnosed with retinoblastoma on his third birthday. Through many Zoom meetings and an in-person Christmas themed event, the brothers of our chapter have come to know Owen and developed meaningful relationships with him. Thanks to our fundraising efforts, Owen’s family did not have to pay a single dollar for any of his medical bills this year. As a chapter, we exceeded our philanthropic expectations for the semester and are grateful for the privilege to contribute to such an amazing cause. Our chapter will continue to prosper and uphold the traditions that make Delta Chi so great.

Quinnipiac – Jack Hernandez This past spring was our second semester on campus. We recruited an Associate Member class of 10 and excited to surpass this in the future. After initiating this second class of brothers and performing our first ritual on our own, we participated in Greek Week, which is a competition where all Greek organizations compete in activities from lip sync to lawn games. In our first-ever Greek Week, we placed second. Our chapter participated in the Big Event where we volunteered to clean up a park for community service. Finally, we had various brotherhood events and participated in other organizations’ philanthropic events. Our chapter has organized


Delta Chi Quarterly

San Diego – Hayden Bost The San Diego Chapter has been successful since it became a chapter last fall. Among our successes has been a philanthropy event called Dunk-a-DChi. In this event, we had over 100 sorority members participate and another 100 students, as well as some of our alumni. We raised over $2,600 for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. Almost 20% of the contributions raised were from Mikael Stewart, a very prominent alumnus. Our next event was the Regional Leadership Conference in Las Vegas. At this meeting, we were awarded Most Improved Chapter, Campus Leadership Award, Academic Excellence Award, Outstanding Service Award, Outstanding Brotherhood Award, Alumni of the Year, and Alumni Chapter of the Year.

South Dakota State – Joseph Daly The South Dakota State Chapter celebrated its 20th anniversary this semester with its wonderful alumni and brothers. Hosting our 20-year reunion, further increasing our recruitment efforts, and working hard to increase our chapter’s quality and brotherhood has kept us very busy. With three of our brothers graduating and six new initiates, our chapter continues to grow. Our 20-year anniversary was a huge success, with many brothers meeting some new alumni, enjoying delicious food, and bonding over laughs and stories. We are truly blessed to call you all brothers!

Southern Arkansas – Noah Wallingsford On behalf of our chapter, I would like to thank Southern Arkansas University and Delta Chi for allowing us to be a part of Greek life and reap the benefits of this Brotherhood of a Lifetime. This semester definitely had its ups and downs with some of our members not being able to be initiated and our numbers dropping, but we made the best of the situation and still kept doing our best to meet the standards that Delta Chi set for us. We had success through volunteering and attending other Greek organizations’ events. We tried to put our name out there as a fraternity that can be called upon to help with something or provide support to anyone who needs it. There was a Special Olympics that many of our brothers went and participated in, helping and cleaning up afterwards. Magnolia Specialized Services even stated that our president, Trent Smith, attended every volunteer event and thinks very highly of him. We hosted a fundraiser called Pie-a-Chi. Each member learned many fulfilling lessons through success or even the hardships we have been through.

Syracuse – Jacob King

Texas Tech – Braden Clark The Texas Tech Chapter had a fantastic spring semester. We were able to recruit our biggest spring member class in years with 14 Associate Members. The brothers also have won multiple campus events throughout the semester. We won the IFC tailgate cook off and won $500 for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. Brother Garrison Garza tied for first-place in Zeta’s Big Man on Campus competition. A team of brothers competed in Delta Gamma’s Anchor Splash competition, bringing home second-place. The brothers took a trip down to South Padre Island and had a fantastic time. The Chapter has also done well in philanthropic work this semester with “Pie-aChi”, which raised $800 for the V Foundation. We were able to raise funds for much needed bathroom renovations in the lodge which have long been talked about and will be happening this summer.

Our chapter was very successful this semester. As the campus climate began its return to normalcy following strict COVID-related restrictions, our chapter enjoyed a renewed sense of duty towards the Delta Chi Fraternity. Between the Delta Chi Bracket Challenge and our 3v3 Basketball Tournament philanthropy event, we are proud to have raised over $1,000 for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. We are also proud to have raised money for relief efforts in Ukraine, as well as find other ways to serve our community. Our brotherhood enjoyed multiple bonding opportunities, including a trip to Niagara Falls at the end of this past semester. On the backs of the members initiated this year, we are looking forward to what the future has in store.

Towson – Sam Basham

Tarleton – Hatcher Heavyside

Tri-State – John Rodriguez

The Tarleton State Chapter of Delta Chi has had a lot of success this past semester. At this year’s Regional Leadership Conference for Region III, we came home with two awards. Hatcher Heavyside, our “E”, won the Fred Hammert Delta Chi of the Year Award and the Chapter as a whole won the Outstanding Brotherhood Award. We had an amazing time and made new friends with other chapters, which was an amazing experience all-around. The Chapter also participated in a trash pickup for our local community in Stephenville, Texas. Overall, the Tarleton State Chapter hopes to continue to shine in the eyes of others and live out the core values and expectations of Delta Chi.

Temple – Alex Clarke The Temple Colony had an exceptional semester in community service, personal development, and brotherhood. Specifically, each brother of the Colony achieved an average of 10 community service hours through fundraising for the V Foundation for Cancer Research, Miracle League, and other events. We worked tirelessly to develop the strength of our new but thriving brotherhood through bonding events and socials. We’re happy to welcome the third Associate Member class, Gamma, to the brotherhood in the past few weeks. We’re continuing to push towards chartering and expect to do so by fall 2022.

Texas – Shrayen Patel Delta Chi is breaking ground at the University of Texas! Our current executive board is working hard to increase membership, brotherhood, and establish a foundation for Delta Chi on campus. This semester we built our brotherhood, extensively planned for the future, and promoted the Delta Chi experience on campus. Notable items from this semester include taking a trip down to San Antonio to visit our fellow brothers at Texas A&M San Antonio, as well as taking the initiative to spend hours cleaning up trash at Zilker Park, upholding a clean, natural environment for all to enjoy. We are proud of our social media presence and are starting to build up clout, engaging potential new members. Our goals for next semester include becoming a fully recognized student organization on campus, increasing membership to a minimum of ten men, and creating a stronger presence on campus while living Delta Chi values. While we might be a small founding father class of three right now, we’re making headway in creating our legacy on campus!

This semester, the Towson Colony made great strides to leave our mark on campus. From our new and motivated leadership to our seniors planning for the next stages of their lives, everyone is advancing forward. New events and managing our chapter established an environment where ideas are made and come to life. As we plan for the coming summer and fall semester, we look forward to making great progress in our chartering efforts. With plans of unique recruitment events and brotherhood activities in the near future, chartering is within reach.

During this semester, the Tri-State Chapter, in keeping with our four pillars, created a mission statement that reads, “The Tri-State Chapter of the Delta Chi Fraternity strives to be a community of individuals who work together, taking collaborative measures to ensure safety and progress for our organization and ideals.” Every semester has its own challenges but we continue to move forward. In promoting friendship, we strengthened ties with other sororities and fraternities across campus. We developed character by welcoming nine Associate Members who helped us strengthen the Bond of Delta Chi. We advanced justice with one of our members creating and utilizing our university’s version of the IFC judicial process. In assisting in the acquisition of a sound education, our scholastic chair held study tables from 4pm to 7pm every Sunday, which led to a top-three GPA across Greek Life on campus.

Truman State – Jacob Edwards The brothers at the Truman State Chapter had an exciting and busy spring. Just two weeks ago, we won four leadership recognition awards: Brotherhood of the Year, Academic Excellence, Excellence in Risk Management, and Outstanding Community Relations. Additionally, our Lip Sync team won Best Boys Dance during Truman’s Greek Week. In April, we hosted alumni for our 44th reunion and enjoyed connecting with them and getting to see old friends. We also won an intramural championship this semester, beating out several other fraternities in volleyball. Our chapter received recognition for academic excellence, earning the distinction of having the highest overall IFC GPA with a 3.60 and a new member GPA of 3.50, well above the IFC cumulative GPA of 3.18. We partnered with another fraternity and hosted a philanthropy concert, raising over $1,100 for different charities, including the V Foundation for Cancer Research. Our members have been very dedicated to service this semester, as they volunteered several hours for organizations such as the Pantry for Adair County, the Adair County YMCA, the Salvation Army, AM Housing, and Highway Cleanup. This semester, our members have been more involved than ever with over half of our members holding leadership positions in other organizations, including Blue Key Honors Society, Pi Alpha Delta, Pi Sigma Alpha, Beta Alpha Psi, Student Ambassadors, the Student Activities Board, Student Government, and the Funds Allotment Council. We also established a new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion position that works to ensure the Chapter is being inclusive, educated, and that all our members feel a sincere sense of belonging. The Truman State Chapter is looking forward to attending Convention in St. Louis this summer and finishing out the semester strong!

Friendship | Character | Justice | Education


UNLV – Sebastian Shaber Our chapter succeeded in three areas throughout the spring 2022 semester; brotherhood, hosting Region II’s Regional Leadership Conference, and philanthropy. We strengthened brotherhood by having awesome brotherhood events such as attending UNLV basketball games and attending the 2022 NFL Draft in Las Vegas. Our chapter held the Region II Regional Leadership Conference on our campus at UNLV in early March. Many chapters from California and Arizona came to our campus and city to learn valuable information, have fun, and grow as men of Delta Chi. It was an awesome weekend, to say the least. Finally, we created a new philanthropy event. It was something we rolled out this semester called “Delta Chi Dance Off.” It was a dance-off competition between sororities on our campus. Through this event, we raised a total of $500 for charity. Overall, this was a very successful semester and we are looking forward to another great semester.

USP – Michael Thompson This semester, our chapter has been very active on campus. Through fundraising and philanthropy, we have seen great involvement with our campus and are looking forward to seeing even more momentum next semester. Our fundraising chair gave each brother a fundraising goal of $50, which gave us all a strong incentive to be very involved in fundraising events. By the end of the semester, we managed to raise $736, which went to lowering dues and improving the Chapter. Some knockout fundraising events we had this semester included a basket raffle, awesome t-shirts, and selling 5050 tickets. Philanthropy was also another strong suit, with “Pie-a-DChi” and “Tie Dye with Delta Chi” being some of our notable events this semester. Our PR chair also had the pleasure of distributing roses to all of the sororities on campus for Valentine’s Day and making Easter baskets for the other Greek organizations on campus. Our school is merging with St. Joseph’s University next semester and our chapter is very excited about integrating with a new campus and meeting all of the members of their Greek Community. We know this joint campus community will offer us new opportunities in recruitment, philanthropy, and Greek relations.

service this semester. Most hours came from mass participation in service events such as Greeks Giving Back, Meals on Main, and Virginia Tech’s Big Event. In April, we had our philanthropy for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. We held a joint “Pie-a-Chi” event with Chi Omega where anyone passing could donate to pie us. Our main event was the Amazing Race, where participating organizations raced through challenges to a finish line. We participated in six other philanthropies and even ended victorious in two organization’s events: Sigma Kappa and Sigma Tau Beta. This granted us a percentage of their earnings that we could further contribute to cancer research. In the end, our men of action raised over $6,200 for the V Foundation. With the end of the school year and the start of a new normal, the Virginia Tech Chapter is excited for the summer and another in-person semester to expand our organization and prove our excellence.

West Chester – Riley Englehart This year was one of growth for the West Chester Chapter. Starting in the fall, we had 14 members. We have now almost doubled our chapter size and are sitting at 27 active members. With COVID restrictions easing up on campus, it was an important year for us to push in-person recruitment and grow as a chapter. We had a successful fall recruitment, bringing in an Associate Member class of five and an even more successful spring recruitment, bringing in a class of 10. We held multiple events such as wing night and 76ers watch parties. In the fall, we had many successful fundraisers, such as cornhole tournaments and donut sales, as well as philanthropy events like Pie-a-Chi. We held a very successful alumni/family barbecue in the spring at one of our local parks and it was a great bonding experience for active members and alumni as well as their respective families. We’ve had great social events like bowling and spike ball in the quad. Some of our executive board members were able to go to in-person RLC at Virginia Tech and had an amazing time learning how to better ourselves in our positions as well as networking with other chapters. We look forward to another year of growth and brotherhood in this upcoming year.

Villanova – Derek Gemar The Villanova Colony was officially created and initiated this spring. We had an amazing recruitment season with 61 members joining the founding father class. Our founding fathers span freshmen to juniors and have a cumulative GPA of 3.67. Our members are from all across the country, from Arizona to New York, and even the Virgin Islands. We come from a wide range of backgrounds and have several differing majors, interests, and expertise. Our chapter has already made an immediate impact on Villanova’s campus. Our colony placed first in Villanova’s Greek Week and our first philanthropy event “Delta Chi Dogs” raised over $1,000 in four hours. Our chapter partnered with Brandywine Valley SPCA, a local non-kill animal shelter, and brought dogs to campus for students to pet and play with. Erick Valdes, a freshmen member of the Colony, won Alpha Phi’s philanthropy event “Mr. Heartthrob” with his lip sync dance. His dance even went viral on TikTok, with over 4 million views. A big shoutout to the chapters at Temple, East Stroudsburg, West Chester, and USP for helping us with our initiation ceremony in March. The Villanova Colony is ready to make a prolonged impact on campus for years to come.

Virginia Tech – Ryan Wilson For the first time in two years, the Virginia Tech Chapter returned to an entirely inperson campus with a recent release of mask mandates. Only chartered for two years, this signaled the opportunity to publicize our letters and principles to the University. Our chapter began this semester by hosting Region IX’s Regional Leadership Conference in Blacksburg. We would like to thank all those who participated and we hope you enjoyed your time with us. We successfully recruited 16 gentlemen into Delta Chi through both Virginia Tech’s formal recruitment and our first-ever informal recruitment. Every AM from each process underwent an eight-week Associate Member Program and are now fully initiated brothers. Our alumni event occurred on April 16th which featured golf, paintball, hiking, and a parent/alumni tailgate before Virginia Tech’s spring football game. The Chapter totaled 955.5 hours of community


Delta Chi Quarterly

Whitewater – Max Servais The Whitewater Chapter saw tremendous success this semester. Arguably our chapter’s greatest success was the $4,000 raised for the V Foundation for Cancer Research, most of which was from our chapter’s biannual golf outing and selling Jimmy V wristbands. Another accomplishment was several members being elected to leadership positions on campus, including Student Body Vice President, IFC E-board, and Student Government Senators. The Chapter also has a team participating in a RedBull Flugtag event. The team is sponsored by KwikTrip and the event will be on national television. In the fall, we initiated 14 brothers into our fraternity. In October our chapter house had our siding and trim torn off and replaced. Another big event we have had is Family Day, with over 100 family members showing up. We played games and catered food. We have been active in our community, completing just over 1,700 hours of community service. Many of these hours come from community cleanups, food drives, and cleaning up our adopted highway. Lastly, we strengthened our sorority relations by having a social with every organization on campus.

Wisconsin – Bobby Stephenson Over the course of this semester, our chapter has experienced many small victories. We had a recruitment class of seven quality gentlemen who value our fraternity and work to advance the values of Delta Chi and will soon be initiated as members. We were just announced as the highest GPA on campus within the Interfraternity Council with an average GPA of 3.538, which lands us as the only fraternity on campus with a grade point average above the overall campus average of 3.46. This demonstrates the hard work our brothers commit to maintaining a strong mind and bond. While we still have room to grow, we appreciate the results that show we’re hard-working young. Another highlight would include our fraternity’s involvement with a philanthropic organization known as Humorology, which raises money for displaced and impoverished children. We had a musical play put together by our fraternity and a paired sorority, raising a grand total of $39,111. Our chapter is getting ready to send off a core group of seniors along with our house that we have been renting for an overall upgrade for a better footprint within our campus. Closing out the year on a high note with much excitement to roll into the next! Proud to be a Delta Chi!


These men have lived among us for a time, and we have been honored to call them brothers. Now they are gone and we bid them a fond farewell at this parting.

Those Who Have Passed Arizona

Kansas State

Oregon State

Carl Berra ’41, May 10, 2005

William P. Young ’68, March 10, 2022

Alfred L. Leavitt ’57, January 18, 2022



John G. Walker, Jr. ’55, January 30, 2022

Osgoode Hall

Walter P. Carr, Jr. ’43, October 5, 2010 Norris J. Millet ’94, January 21, 2022

James P. Agar ’34, 1983

Columbia Dr. Leonard J. Nicoletti ’43, March 24, 2015 Roy P. Nebiker ’47, May 13, 2021




Benjamin L. Hope, Jr. ’57, October 5, 2012

DePauw Harry W. Armstrong ’33, November 5, 2000

Florida State James Carpenter ’63, March 17, 2022

Fullerton Mark J. Hepp, Sr. ’89, February 11, 2022 Donald A. Terry ’70, April 29, 2022

Gorham State

Pennsylvania George Puderbaugh ’41, January 5, 1999 Robert L. Jarrard ’42, March 23, 2003 Robert R. Wuest ’41, February 22, 2010 Maurice Z. Price ’46, December 25, 2019

Mark C. Smith ’91, December 28, 2021 Neal Reichelt ’66, March 11, 2022

Penn State


Donald W. Blasche ’53, March 15, 2022

Jay P. Bunker ’49, May 19, 2001


Michigan State Mark J. Ciolfi ’89, September 6, 2021 Andrew R. Jamo ’89, December 19, 2021

Missouri Benjamin F. Pyle ’52, December 30, 2020 Brandon D. Burkhart ’07, February 14, 2002

Christopher J. Smith ’84, February 18, 2022


Idaho Austin D. Brabant ’55, June 2, 2003 Winfred B. Moorer, Jr. ’77, March 25, 2022

Duis W. Meador ’39, September 14, 1947 Whitford J. Dolson ’37, October 20, 1971 Edward T. Krumeich, DPM ’45, Jan. 12, 2013

Iowa State

Ohio State

Eugene W. Bailey ’40, March 10, 2012

Stanford Dr. Len H. Andrus ’42, October 4, 2010 Dr. Rush M. Blodget, Jr. ’39, January 26, 2017

Union Townsend F. MacCoun ’50, August 30, 2018

Washington Allan D. Cornett ’50, July 12, 2018 Dominic A. Soriano ’51, April 17, 2020

Washington State

John A. Danielson ’48, October 11, 2021 Bruce P. Wold ’74, February 23, 2022

Dr. Don K. Adams ’50, May 8, 2018 Peter Polites ’59, September 28, 2021


Oklahoma State

Western Michigan

Joseph K. Plubell ’79, March 21, 2022

Harold Younger ’60, May 9, 2022

James H. Snell, Jr. ’62, February 12, 2022

Joseph Coombs ’60, February 9, 2022


Important Milestones Case Western Reserve

Illinois State

Southern California

Born to Brother Jonathan W. Onorato ’15 and wife Stephanie, a daughter, Rowan Olivia, on March 26, 2022.

Born to Brother Nicholas M. Hevesy ’14 and wife Michelle, a daughter, Cecilia Belle, on February 18, 2022.

East Carolina

Penn State

Born to Brother Douglas A. Chananie ’07, a daughter, Saylor Kate, on March 27, 2022.

Brother Dave Hartman ’86 was named the IFC Advisor of the Year by the Colorado State Fraternity & Sorority Life office. He has served as the “BB” for the Colorado State Chapter since 2017, which included the Chapter’s chartering in November 2021.

Brother Brendan Shields-Shimizu ’07 was promoted to President & COO at creative agency Observatory on January 20, 2022. ShieldsShimizu most recently served as managing director and head of the brand team which included leading work for brands like Chipotle, Marriott, AB InBev, Bonobos, Netflix, and Nike.

Gorham State Brother Sean Conrad ’97 was named the Housing Corp Member of the Year at the Georgia Tech Fraternal Excellence Awards Ceremony in April 2022.

San Antonio Brother Ramon Orendain ’22 was awarded a 2022 UIFI scholarship in April 2022 by the Educational Foundation, representing Delta Chi at the summer event in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Whitewater Brother Max Servais ’23 was awarded the James R. Connor Leadership Grant, Greek Man of the Year, and the Lucy Baker Student Involvement Award by the University of WisconsinWhitewater for his on and off-campus involvement in May 2022.

Friendship | Character | Justice | Education


International Committee Seats Available

Applications due by July 3, 2022

Opportunities are available for undergraduate and alumni members to apply for an open seat on a standing committee of Delta Chi. Committees span several operational focuses and assist the Fraternity with reviewing and recommending changes where applicable. Committees include Delta Chi Law, Housing, Investment Advisory, Ritual, Government Affairs, Qualifications Review, Service, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

To learn more and apply for an open seat, visit:

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