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Which Men Will You Choose to Follow?

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ichigan’s New 4 MChapter House Learn about how the Michigan Chapter, with the support of generous alumni, was able to construct a beautiful new housing facility.

8 “A”s’ Academy

Returning to St. Meinrad with updated curriculum based upon the StrengthsQuest philosophy, this year’s “A”s’ Academy prepared chapter presidents for the challenges ahead through the development of new leadership techniques.

10 Campus Scene

Catch up with Delta Chi chapters across the United States and Canada.


2 Letter from the “AA”

3 Upcoming Events

20 Coast to Coast: Social Media

22 Keeping in Touch, Farewell and Parting


ne-hundred twenty-six years ago, after months of discussion, twelve men met on a Monday night in Ithaca, New York and formed The Delta Chi Fraternity. Those present there that night included Cornell alumni Monroe M. Sweetland and Myron M. Crandall, along with undergraduates John M. Gorham, Thomas A. Sullivan, Albert S. Barnes, Thomas D. Watkins, M.J. Flannery, F.K. Stephens, Owen Lincoln Potter, Alphonso D. Stillman, Edward O’Malley, and Fredrick Moore Whitney. These men started our fraternal organization to better both themselves and each other through a close association – the very same reason we continue to exist today. There are many recognizable names on that list and probably a couple that are not. Both Flannery and Stephens were at the Fraternity’s founding, but it is generally believed they did not maintain their interest in the organization for very long and stopped participating. Therefore, they are not considered Founders. Our Constitution’s Preamble outlines Delta Chi’s four basic values: Friendship, Character, Justice, and Education. Each day,

every member – both undergraduate and alumnus – has an important decision to make: will Delta Chi remain a part of his daily life through performance of acts to better himself and others, or will he fade away into his surroundings? Just like those present on the night the Fraternity was born, some choose to be relevant and make a difference in the world around them by remaining involved in Delta Chi; others do not. Now is a perfect time to stop to consider which example you want to follow. Will you be like Potter, Stillman, Whitney and others, who both proudly lived and outwardly demonstrated Delta Chi’s four core values? Or will you follow Stephens’ and Flannery’s example by simply fading into history as an individual who few in Delta Chi remember? If you are one who might have faded, that is not a permanent status. There is no better time than the present to reengage in Delta Chi. Whether you are an undergraduate or alumnus, Delta Chi needs men like you to serve at the chapter, regional and international levels. Had brothers before us not carried that torch, we would not be telling this story today. The choice is yours. Speaking of brothers who have chosen to make a difference in the lives of others, I want to share a new, special recognition for the President position on the Alumni Boards of Trustees. The Fraternity’s Executive Committee has approved an “A”s size badge with a diamond center available for purchase to any alumnus who has or currently serves as an ABT President. These special recognition badges will be available by contacting the Fraternity’s headquarters. As your 53rd “AA”, if there is anything I can do for you, please do not hesitate to let me know.

In the Bond, Aaron Otto 53rd “AA” Kansas State 1998 Life Loyal


Delta Chi Quarterly




Want an event listed on The Quarterly calendar? Submit your events at APRIL 2017 1 Alberta Chapter 20th Anniversary Banquet . . . . Alberta, BC Canada 22

Minnesota Chapter 125th Anniversary . . . . . Minneapolis, MN

MAY 2017 16 Northeast Ohio Alumni Chapter Night at the Ballpark . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Cleveland, OH 20 20

DCEF Scholarship Golf Classic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Orlando, FL Appalachian State Alumni Golf Tournament . . Charlotte, NC

JUNE 2017 15 – 18 Emerging Leaders Academy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ithaca, NY JULY 2017 21 DCEF Annual Membership Meeting . . . . . . Charlotte, NC 22 Illinois State Alumni Golf Outing . . . . . . . . . . . Homer Glen, IL OCTOBER 2017 13 127th Founders’ Day AUGUST 2018 1 – 4 61st International Convention .

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Michigan’s New Chapter House T

he Michigan Chapter honored its 1960s Alumni at its 2009 reunion. Prior to the reunion, Frank Morrey, Michigan 1964, and David Falconer, Michigan 1962, played Michigan’s famous Blue Course, followed

by dinner and autopsies of their respective golf games. Eventually, the two alums began talking about the disgraceful state of the Chapter’s 100-year-old fraternity house, how embarrassed they were to bring their wives into it, and how guilty they felt about asking the actives to live in it. More seriously, Frank and David were convinced that the current house was unsalvageable, that the active Chapter would not survive without a new chapter house, and that time was of the essence in getting a new house financed and built.


Delta Chi Quarterly

David and Frank knew that a new house campaign would require competent leadership. Their thinking settled immediately upon Howard Gandelot, Michigan 1964, because he had earlier expressed interest in the new house project, was a former “A”, and had been a great manager while working for Procter & Gamble. Keith Hellems, Michigan 1962, also a former “A”, had been assembling and distributing pictures and documents about the Michigan Chapter and generating much alumni interest, enthusiasm, and communication. So, David, Frank, and Howard invited Keith to join the fundraising team. That brought the team to four members, which in time became known as the “fundraising quartet.”

Kick-Off Meeting In the spring of 2013, Howard approached John Levinson, Michigan 1973, treasurer of the chapter’s building corporation and manager of the existing chapter house, about the quartet’s plan to take on the fundraising task. John was immediately supportive of the idea and set up a meeting in Ann Arbor on May 31, 2013 with several members of the building corporation to discuss what was needed and what it might cost. He also invited Allan Lutes, CEO of Alpha Management, to discuss what today’s college student wants in terms of campus lodging. As manager of 36 fraternity and sorority houses at midwestern colleges, including the Michigan chapter house, Alpha knew, at the ground level, what works for the current college student. At its Ann Arbor meeting, the building corporation and the fundraising team decided to launch a million dollar campaign for the construction of a new fraternity house at 1705 Hill Street. To support the new initiative, the building corporation agreed to provide $60,000 in upfront money for the fundraising campaign, as well as to retain Affinity Connection for back-office support. The quartet hosted a groundbreaking ceremony at the existing chapter house on May 9, 2015. Justin Donnelly, Kent State 2002, Regent for Region VI of Delta Chi Fraternity, Alex Krupiak, President of Michigan’s InterFraternity Council, and Mary Beth Seiler, Director of Michigan’s Office of Greek Life, attended and spoke at the groundbreaking ceremony. The old house would be demolished in June of 2015.

that the Delta Chi chapters at Alabama, Tri-State, and Louisiana Tech had recently rebuilt or constructed new chapter houses. Rather than reinvent the wheel, the quartet decided to find out how these chapters raised new house funds. They phoned around asking for the names and contact information for the “prime movers” for the fundraising efforts at each of these schools. As it turned out, the TriState brothers were both the most helpful and lived closest to Ann Arbor. To determine what worked for Tri-Sate, David and Howard headed to Angola, Indiana in June of 2013. There, they met with Trent Unterbrink, Tri-State 1998, who kindly spent the whole day with them, first showing them around their new chapter house and then telling them what methods worked (and did not work) in their fundraising effort. During the visit, Trent emphasized again and again the importance of regular communications and periodic get-togethers with the Chapter’s alumni. Toward that end, Trent used postcards, flyers, newsletters, and e-mails to communicate on a bimonthly basis with the chapter’s Alumni. The Tri-State Chapter also hosts three alumni events each year: spring golf tournament, summer fraternity reunion, and fall university homecoming. This information was helpful in establishing a plan of action for the similar project that the Michigan Chapter would be taking on.

Design, Construction, & Financing of New Chapter House

Tri-State Visit

The building corporation and fundraising team considered the near-campus, fraternity-row location of the existing fraternity house an ideal location for the new one. For city and neighborhood approval, they wanted to maintain the turn-of-the century character of the house’s exterior. In regards to the interior, conversations with Alpha Management, as well as the chapter’s actives, indicated today’s college students want individual bedrooms, en-suite bathrooms, large and small study areas, media rooms, gaming consoles, laundry facilities, a full-service kitchen, a formal dining room, and a large multi-purpose room. Safety and security were also important concerns, especially among the parents of the chapter members. So, the fundraising team instructed the project’s architect to respect these requirements.

None of the four members of the fundraising team claimed any special knowledge or experience in raising money for a new fraternity house. But they knew from earlier issues of the Quarterly

The new chapter house comprises 17,200 square feet of living space, almost three times the old house. The upper two levels of the new house offer rooms and suites for up to 34 brothers. To

Friendship | Character | Justice | Education


The new chapter house comprises 17,200 square feet of living space, almost three times the old house. The upper two levels of the new house offer rooms and suites for up to 34 brothers. To accommodate different living preferences, the chapter house offers single rooms, two-man rooms and three-man suites.

accommodate different living preferences, the chapter house offers single rooms, two-man rooms and three-man suites. Separate restrooms for men and women are located on both the main and basement levels. The main floor kitchen and dining room can accommodate all the live-in brothers. On chapter meeting night, the active chapter of approximately 100 brothers can dine in the lowerlevel flex facility. The Library serves as a non-TV study area and also contains the chapter’s memorabilia.

Fundraising Strategy The chapter’s building corporation had talked about building a new fraternity house for several years and had concept drawings prepared and financial statements projected as early as 2007. John Levinson wanted to construct a new chapter house but noted that, as CEO of RheTech Corporation, he was in no position time-wise to raise the necessary funds. Jeffery Schoenherr, Michigan 1991, president of the chapter’s building corporation and a professional fundraiser himself, felt that with some outside help, the building corporation could raise the necessary monies from its alumni. The fundraising quartet round-tabled the Tri-State approach to raising money for a new chapter house, noting the pros and cons. In the end, it was felt that a personalized, brother-to-brother campaign would generate more monetary pledges than a professional-tobrother one. The quartet eventually decided to follow Tri-State’s lead and conduct the fundraising effort on their own. As noted, TriState’s fundraisers solicited donations over some 15 years. However, the nominal age of the four members of Michigan’s fundraising team was early 70s, thus precluding a multi-decade timeline. On the other hand, all four members of the fundraising team were formally retired from their respective professions, and all four committed to a 20hour workweek for the new house campaign. With this in mind, the fundraising quartet set down a much-compressed four-year timeline for the new house project.


Delta Chi Quarterly

With a timeline in place, the quartet needed a game plan for the fundraising effort. Jeffery recommended contacting Affinity Connection for help in defining an appropriate strategy. Affinity helps fraternities and other nonprofits organize and conduct their own fundraising campaigns. Such help includes proven methods for soliciting donations, as well as seminars, charts, and brochures designed to help potential fundraisers get their campaigns started and pointing in the right direction. Affinity also provides backoffice support, including contact-list administration, pledge and donation bookkeeping, website construction and maintenance, e-blasts composition and distribution, and brochure and postcard preparation and mailings. At the advice of Affinity and other professionals, the quartet divided the fundraising campaign into two distinct phases. The first phase dealt with the so-called High Value Donors (HVDs) and the second the more traditional ones. Somewhat arbitrarily, the team defined an HVD as an alum who might pledge $10,000 or more to the new house campaign. They identified the HVDs mostly through personal knowledge of the brother’s professional success and/ or apparent financial status. They also used internet searches to estimate a brother’s financial strength. The goal for the HVD phase of the campaign was to obtain pledges for 50 percent of the required 1 million dollars. Using that achievement for credibility, the quartet planned to approach the traditional donors for the remaining balance of the funds, albeit in smaller amounts. The next, and perhaps most challenging, step was getting the contact list for the Chapter’s alums expanded and updated. Fortunately, one of the four fundraisers, Frank Morrey, had remained in direct contact with the active Fraternity and personally knew nearly every member from 1960 through 1995. His contact list provided an important starting point for the fundraising effort. He also obtained a copy of the International Headquarters contact list, which was later merged with Frank’s list. In addition, the team conducted numerous internet searches for lost alums using

the Intelius website. In time, the team eventually secured phone numbers, street addresses, and e-mail addresses for approximately 90% of the Chapter’s living alumni. With Affinity’s help, an eight-page color brochure was assembled describing the plans for a new chapter house, its anticipated architecture, its estimated cost, and the timeline for financing and building it. This brochure was used both as an opening salvo for the HDV campaign and as a follow-up to telephone contacts with the HVDs. By February of 2014, written pledges for 50% of the necessary 1 million dollars were obtained from the HVDs. Thus began the second phase of the fundraising campaign. In this phase, the team switched to mass mailings, both postal and electronic, and also upgraded the eight-page color brochure to a 12-page one. The team mailed these brochures to the traditional donors. They also prepared, with the help of Affinity, quarterly Michigan Delt newsletters, periodic postcards, and bimonthly email blasts. The Delts carried information about the fundraising campaign, alumni activities, and the active chapter. The emails usually focused on a particular topic but also included personal bios prepared by selected alums. The team also systematically telephoned the traditional donors, asking if they had received the mailings and also asking them for their pledges. This portion of the campaign continued until May 6, 2016, when the project reached the 1 million dollar mark in confirmed pledges. Especially in working the HVDs, tax deductions were an important consideration for potential donors. Dan Maher, Michigan 1976, tax manager for Deloitte’s Chrysler account, explored the options as regards making alumni donations tax deductible. He concluded that working through Delta Chi Educational Foundation (DCEF) was the best approach. Enough of the new chapter house is considered “educational” in the eyes of the IRS to more than cover the 1 million dollars in needed donations. In the end, about 80% of the raised monies qualified for a tax break.

House Dedication & Occupation The Alumni Association dedicated the new chapter house on October 1, 2016, with generous and enthusiastic support of Alan Knaus, Michigan 1966, President of the Chapter’s Alumni Board. It was by far the largest and most successful reunion in the Chapter’s history, with 160 alumni in attendance. As part of the dedication ceremony, John Levinson recounted the six-year process and the ongoing challenges in making the new house initiative a success. Alan Lutes, CEO of Alpha Design+Build, the general building contractor, detailed the construction of the new house, as well as noted that seven other fraternities at Michigan had tried but failed to raise monies needed for a new chapter house. Wyatt Bigley, Michigan 2018, the current “A”, delivered a state-of-the-Chapter speech, noting the growing size of the active Chapter and growing status of Delta Chi on The University of Michigan campus. Aaron Otto, Kansas State 1998, “AA” of the Fraternity, described how the Michigan Chapter, founded in 1892, must remain a leader of the international fraternity. And, Michael Martinez, Michigan State 1982, from the DCEF, noted the organization’s philanthropic goals and fundraising efforts. For more information about the design, financing, and construction of Michigan’s new chapter house, please contact Howard Gandelot (, Frank Morrey (, David Falconer (, and/or Keith Hellems (

Thank you to David Falconer, Michigan 1962, for his contributions to this feature.

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JANUARY 13-16, 2017

“A”s’ Academy Saint Meinrad Archabbey • St. Meinrad, IN


ince its inception, the “A”s’ Academy has created a premier leadership experience for chapter and colony “A”s, and 2017 was no different. Through a newly designed curriculum, each “A” was able to complete the StrengthsQuest assessment to learn more about his top five personal strengths and how he can utilize them to lead his respective chapter or colony.

The StrengthsQuest assessment is a tool that assists individuals in building on their strengths,

While the foundation of the new curriculum was based on the strengths philosophy, the program also focused on leadership, ethics, operations management, and how to use the Ritual as a call to action. Each “A” had the opportunity to interact with other “A”s from across North America and develop the necessary tools to be an efficient and successful leader.

what they do best, and what

Overall, the program was a great success and has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from undergraduate participants, facilitators, and our campus partners. Now comes the chance for our “A”s to put what they learned into action by creating positive change within their chapters or colonies.

behavior patterns that make them

comes most naturally to them as individuals. The assessment helps participants discover and develop

effective, thought patterns that make them efficient, beliefs that empower success, attitudes that sustain efforts toward achievement, and motivations that promote action. The assessment breaks down into 34 strengths, of which a “top five” are commonly denoted as the most prominent strengths an individual possesses.


Delta Chi Quarterly


The following chapter and colony leaders are graduates of the 2017 Delta Chi “A”s’ Academy: John Salica, Adelphi Nicholas Principe, Alabama Nicholas Smith, Alberta John Osterndorf, American Luke Hoffer, Appalachian State Johnathan Schiazzano, Arizona State Chase Brewer, Auburn Edward Bernard, Augusta Chale Kelley, Beaufort Ayden Hanes, Behrend David Wallack, Bowling Green Brendan Nixon, Bryant Thomas McClelland, Cal Poly Nicholas Harvilla, Charlotte Collin Meyers, Colorado State Christopher Miller, Cornell Jacob Yanez, Corpus Christi Ilan Watson, Cortland Tyler Wynn, Dalton Alexander Lewis, Davis Luke James, Delaware

Thomas Stephenson, Denison Benjamin Long, Duquesne Victor Hudson, East Carolina Seth Kardon, East Stroudsburg Carter Lukes, Eastern Illinois Taylor Anzivino, Eastern Washington Mitchell Licht, Embry Riddle Zachary Anderson, Ferrum Connor Waskom, Florida Alec Dougherty, Florida State Christian Lozach, Fredonia Michael Hilliard, Fullerton Richard Marcheleovich, Gannon Mark Yale, George Mason Colton Chenowith, Georgia Southern Ruben Conn, Georgia Tech Christian Landeros, Hayward Michael Mannino, Hofstra Zachary Crosby, Huntsville Daniel Ellingsen, Illinois Zachary Hermann, Indiana

“ Getting the opportunity to go to “A”s’ Academy was a life-changing experience. Not only did it make me a better leader and better president, but it has made my passion for Delta Chi stronger than it has ever been before. I was able to come back to my chapter with this new attitude and new outlook on my leadership abilities; it gave me the confidence I needed to truly make a difference. I love every single one of my brothers in my chapter, and being given this opportunity to learn how to really lead them with the grace, dignity, intelligence, and respect that they deserve was absolutely incredible.” ~ Taylor Anzivino, Eastern Washington

Nathan Breckenridge, Iowa Harrison McCarey, Iowa State Hunter Scott, Jacksonville State Richard Young, Johnstown Matthew Bryan, Kansas State Grayson Traylor, Kennesaw Phillip Moffat, Kettering A Noah Rye, Kettering B Adolfo Enciso, Kingsville Peter Giere, Lake Forest Thomas Hyndman, Lehigh Jordon Thatch, Little Rock Connor Kendrick, Livingston Sopanha Young, Long Beach Matt McDougal, Louisiana Tech Eric Frantz, LSU Charles Fuchsel, Mankato Jason Trovela, Marquette Igor Bykov, Massachusetts Cameron Snyders, Miami Daniel Rosenbaum, Michigan

“ I appreciate the thoughtfulness and intention behind this year’s curriculum. As a facilitator, it was a neat experience to see the light bulbs go off and the ‘a-ha!’ moments that took place. The men felt celebrated learning their strengths with the positive psychology focus, learning about the balconies and basements of their top five, and how to speak strengths to their chapter when they return to campus.” ~ Sue Zarnowski, Facilitator

Paul Soma, Michigan State Marshall Heitkamp, Minnesota Matthew McCall, Mississippi State Matthew Drury, Missouri Tyler Schiller, Missouri State Douglas Arouh, Montclair Charles Blackard, North Alabama Raymond Root, North Georgia Nicholas Pletke, Northern Arizona Pat Fasshauer, Northern Colorado David Benissan, Northern Illinois Ferdinand Pongratz, Oregon State Vaughan Turner, Oshkosh Aaron Wannemacher, Pittsburgh Tim Leemhuis, Purdue Joseph Isquith, Radford Mark Rogers, Rhode Island Anthony Bonales, Riverside Daniel Rivera, Sacramento Matthew Kunerth, South Dakota State Justin Eichler, South Florida

Kirk Comstock, Southeast Missouri Samuel Patula, Southern Illinois Perry Weishaar, Spring Hill Peter Kelemen, Syracuse James Stephenson, Tarleton Noahie Valk, Texas Christian Schneider, Texas Tech Garritt Kuntz, Tri-State Austin Leibach, Troy State Brian Drake, Truman State Daniel Leehan, USP Jack Turrentine, Valdosta Christian Tiernan, Virginia Commonwealth John Nickel, Washington Blake Ozuna, Washington State Kyle Owens, West Chester William Packer, Whitewater Robert Reiley, William & Mary Alexander Kuppler, Wilmington RJ D’Aguilar, Windsor Grant Pierce, Wisconsin

“ This year was an exciting time for “A”s’ Academy with a major update to the existing curriculum. “A”s were able to think about their personal strengths in the context of their chapter and colony leadership. This led to heightened engagement at the Academy and helped us dig deep into some meaningful conversations about chapter leadership.” ~ Michael Marino, Lead Facilitator “ For me, “A”s’ Academy was more than just a leadership conference or retreat. Being a colony in our first full year, the knowledge I gained about how to further our colony was priceless. Also, the ability to be able to network with other “A”s continues to help our colony grow.” ~ Collin Meyers, Colorado State


We would like to thank our facilitators who volunteered their time to help make the 2017 “A”s’ Academy a success. LEAD FACILITATORS Michael Marino, Delta Chi Senior Coordinator for LEAD Programs University of Memphis Jenni Jones, Alpha Gamma Delta Director of Fraternity Services Alpha Gamma Delta International Headquarters


Aliya Beavers, Alpha Kappa Alpha Graduate Student Michigan State University

Greg Fink, Pi Kappa Phi Student Development Specialist Texas A&M University

Suraj Maraboyina, Delta Chi Managing Director The Maraboyina Group, LLC

Emily Britt, Kappa Kappa Gamma Assistant Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life University of Kentucky

Greg Hauser, Delta Chi Partner Wuersch & Gering, LLP

Erin McHale, Gamma Phi Beta Coordinator for Fraternity & Sorority Life Programs University of Iowa

Alex Brown, Delta Chi Student Governance Advsior University of Minnesota

Tyler Havens, Sigma Phi Epsilon Assistant Director of Student Activities for Greek Life Programs Western Illinois University

Mark Sexton, Delta Chi Loan Officer Veterans United Home Loans

Daniel Hernandez, Delta Tau Delta Assistant Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life University of Texas at Dallas

Jake Tomlin, Delta Chi Director of Publications The Delta Chi Fraternity

Felix Alonso, Delta Chi Director of Student Philanthropy The Ohio State University

Whitney Brown, Kappa Delta Assistant Director of Student Leadership & Community Engagement Clemson University

Alana Anderson, Delta Gamma Sr. Assistant Director of Multicultural Programs Babson College

Sarah Butts, Theta Phi Alpha Operations Coordinator & Extension Programming Theta Phi Alpha Fraternity

Tristan Hilpert, Phi Kappa Tau Coordinator for Fraternity & Sorority Life University of Wyoming

Dennis Wiese, Delta Chi Sr. Associate Dean of Students University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Kristopher Banner, Delta Chi Project Manager, ICE District Stantec Consulting Ltd.

Allison Commings, Pi Beta Phi Assistant Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life University of Louisville

Brian Lafond, Delta Chi IT Project Manager ICAP

Sue Zarnowski, Alpha Sigma Alpha Associate Director of Campus Engagement Bryant University

Cameron Barnett, Delta Chi Artist-in-Residence Falk Laboratory School

Dan Compo, Delta Chi Assoc. Director of Advising, Simon School of Business University of Rochester

Evan Lieb, Delta Chi Chapter Services Manager Gamma Phi Beta International Sorority

Friendship | Character | Justice | Education



Campus Scene Adelphi | Calvin Garcia ‘17 “E” The Adelphi Chapter started off this semester strong, welcoming eight associate members in the fall of 2016. These members accepted their bids and were ultimately initiated on the 3rd of November after a sixweek new member process. This class is comprised of gentlemen from different backgrounds, religious beliefs, and even ages, as it includes two seniors. What these men have in common is the experience of the most put together process to-date in the Adelphi Chapter. The associate members learned about all aspects of being a fraternity man, specifically representing Delta Chi. Their in-depth education included various topics ranging from leadership development, both within and outside of the organization, to the planning and carrying out of a philanthropic event. The associate members put on their own event, “Koala Kare,” and managed to bring in about $400 for The V Foundation for Cancer Research. Since our founding, no active or associate member table has raised that amount of money, let alone a raffling event on a Friday afternoon. We hope to see the success and enthusiasm that these members brought to their fundraising table extend to their efforts to Delta Chi as a whole.

Alabama | JC Godin ‘18 “E” The Alabama Chapter came together late in the fall semester to have a day of brotherhood in honor of our late brother Dylan Bernstein. We created shirts and wristbands in remembrance of him, and began preparations to schedule and organize a fundraiser for the next semester. With initiation nearing for our associate members, the Alabama Chapter would like to express how proud we all are of our soon to be brothers and how hard they have worked to meet the GPA requirements for initiation and to learn the values of being a Delta Chi.

Alberta | Nick Smith ‘19 “E” This semester the Alberta Chapter has continued our trend of being one of the strongest fraternities on campus. We started off the year with a great summer retreat where brothers reconnected with each other, prepared for the upcoming year, and welcomed two new members to the executive board. We then jumped into a successful recruitment holding 16 events in 16 days. This resulted in us pinning 13 highly motivated young gentlemen who are very engaged with the Chapter and campus as a whole. This year’s philanthropy efforts have been exceptional. We raised about $1600 for The V Foundation during our Race for Jimmy V; making it the best one yet and donating close to 50 units of blood. We also helped Delta Gamma’s philanthropy efforts by participating in Anchorsplash and became backto-back champions. It has been great to see alumni helping the Chapter in various roles including the ABT and Housing Society, in particular the Alumni who are re-engaging, including Paul McLaughlin (Founding Class) and Krishna Tailor (Gamma Class).

Auburn | Scott Buksa ‘18 “E” The Auburn Chapter came into this fall experiencing many changes, with the implementation of additions to our by-laws and adjustments to our associate member program’s academic requirements being two of the most prominent. Other achievements include several successful intramural teams, significant participation in the brotherhood, and a strong new group of associate members. We successfully initiated sixteen new members to the brotherhood, all of whom we consider to be fantastic additions from whom we expect to see great things. Perhaps one of the most important events of this semester was our brotherhood retreat we had in Gatlinburg from October 14 to October 16. More than thirty members of the Chapter were able to come. Our brotherhood wasn’t restricted to any particular activities, and groups did everything from hiking to spending time at the Gatlinburg Aquarium. By the time we left that Sunday our brotherhood was stronger than ever. War Eagle!

Augusta | Arman Qureshi ‘19 “E” The fall of 2016 brought about great change to the Augusta Chapter. The Augusta chapter initiated four young gentlemen into the bond, producing an active chapter of 30. Sticking to tradition, the Chapter hosted numerous events throughout the semester including the Alumni BBQ, Founders Day, and the 32nd Anniversary of our Alumni White Carnation Formal. In addition, the alumni around the area have made great strides toward getting an active alumni chapter ready for the new year.

Beaufort | Kenneth Qualls ‘18 “C” This semester has been a busy one for us. We are privileged to announce that we celebrated our chartering on November 19, 2016. Our Chartering Banquet was held at the Hampton Inn in Savannah, Georgia. It was a wonderful night, surrounded by many of our brothers from far and wide, and


Delta Chi Quarterly

our friends and family. We would like to thank everyone who celebrated this monumental event with us. It was definitely a night to remember and one we will always cherish as we move forward and prosper as a chapter here at The University of South Carolina Beaufort.

Cal Poly | Rob Rubsamen ‘17 “E” The Cal Poly Chapter celebrated the 27th Anniversary of our founding on November 4th, 2016. We proudly had 36 alumni return to San Luis Obispo and attend founders’ weekend, with the main event hosted at Tooth and Nail Winery in Paso Robles, California. The following day, we hosted an alumni versus actives softball game and had a great day, with the actives winning with a walk off in the park home run. Many alumni expressed how well the weekend went. We look forward to returning to the Tooth and Nail Winery for future founders’ events. We also proudly hosted our Second Annual Carving for Cancer philanthropy event at our chapter house on October 9th. Teams of sororities faced off in a pumpkin carving competition, we also had a “Pie a Delta Chi” side event, and we made pumpkin spiced coffee for everyone to enjoy. We closed the quarter with our second annual Viking Dinner brotherhood event, having ordered turkey legs for brothers to enjoy together. We are looking forward to our winter and spring quarters coming up!

Charlotte | Michael Afocx ‘18 “E” The Charlotte Chapter has reached its new high by initiating the 12 new member Theta class. We would like to congratulate our newly initiated brothers. On top of that, we would like to point out that one of our brothers, Nick Harvilla, was offered an internship at AXA Financial Advisors in Charlotte, NC. We’ve also participated in multiple fundraising or community service events like Adopt-a-Highway, an Insomnia Cookie fundraiser, YES Events, and supporting local businesses, as well as our school as a whole.

Case Western Reserve | Matthew Tavares ‘18 “E” This year, in addition to celebrating our Founders’ Day dinner, we also took the steps to start a Northeast Ohio Alumni Chapter. Brothers young and old from the Case Western Reserve Chapter and beyond came together to celebrate our Fraternity’s founding and celebrate the beginning of the Northeast Ohio Alumni Chapter. It was an amazing sight to see brothers reminisce about their college days in Delta Chi. However, it was even more empowering when the older members would share these experiences, feelings, and wisdom with the younger members.

Central Missouri | Stuart Duncan ‘19 “E” Many exciting events took place during the fall semester. To start, we initiated 19 new members. These new members show tremendous potential and great enthusiasm towards our chapter. For Homecoming, our chapter was paired up with the women of Sigma Kappa. The highlight of the week was our very own candidate, Nicholas Cookinham, winning the title of Homecoming King. Delta Chi also took first in spirit window, fourth in float, and fourth in blood drive. It was a very successful week for our chapter. Camp for the Cure took place the week of October 31st through November 4th outside of the Student Union. The event raised $1300 in total, and Gamma Phi Beta won the bill battle portion during its first year on campus. President Chuck Ambrose even stopped by to participate at the table for a while. The Chapter also participated in Sigma Sigma Sigma’s Robbie Page competition, where our representative Layne Davis won overall and people’s choice. Elections were held at the November 7th meeting. The new Executive board members are: “A” - Ross Dickneite, “B” - Adam Knaebel, “C” - Layne Davis, “D” - Alex Braud, “E” - Stuart Duncan, “F” - Logan Shearer, and the new AMC is Jody Jennings. The Chapter is in great hands and moving in a very positive direction. We look forward to the successes that the spring 2017 semester will bring.

Clemson | Jake Sarosi ‘17 “E” The brothers of the Clemson Chapter had an exceptional semester, initiating our largest class in recent memory, adding 33 new members, and bringing our total to 95 active brothers. Our academic chair did an amazing job, and we have raised our chapter GPA to a 2.95, with our new member GPA at 3.09. Our campus involvement continues to grow, with brothers involved in many organizations including Order of Omega, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Clemson Challengers, Student Government, and Clemson’s Rugby team. We also took home our 3rd straight Deck The Halls philanthropy title.

Colorado State | Spencer Cox ‘20 “E” The Colorado State Colony has had an excellent yet busy semester getting the Colony up and running. This semester has been an exciting semester of “firsts” for all the gentlemen in the Colony. Earlier this semester, the Founding Father class was initiated into the brotherhood of Delta Chi. The gentlemen at CSU would like thank all of the alumni who helped and participated in our initiation. Furthermore, by the end of this fall semester, we will have initiated our Alpha class. This semester we also participated in our first philanthropy event, where we volunteered at a 5k that benefited a local animal shelter. In addition, we also held our first alumni event as well as our first semi-formal event. This semester has been fantastic and we look ahead as we continue to grow and thrive.

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filled with quality young men who have all taken on either key leadership or supportive roles. Fall semester brought on two more associate members who we could not be more thrilled to have. Brother James Daher won the Presidential Election for our University’s Student Government Association. Many other brothers ran and won elections for Student Government, resulting in Delta Chi being a dominant presence in shaping our campus politics. We recently had a very successful crowdfunding campaign, being the first fraternity on campus to reach its goal. We are excited for the spring semester and to see our chapter not only grow but to continue to prosper.

Dalton State | Zachery Brandenburg ‘18 “E” Fall 2016 has been successful for the Dalton State Colony. The Colony still maintains the highest GPA on campus. We had a successful recruitment and initiated four new brothers, including our first alumni initiate. We are working towards submitting our petition to charter, and we hope to become a chapter very soon.

Delaware | Edmond Roncone ‘20 “E” Recruitment for the Delaware Colony was a tremendous success. The leadership consultants blew away their goal of recruiting 55 founding fathers by ultimately initiating 123 members, making Delta Chi the largest fraternity at The University of Delaware. Brothers of the Delaware Colony participated in a philanthropy event with Pi Beta Phi. The event was called “Pi Beta Phi’s Dodge the Arrow,” a dodge ball tournament in which Delta Chi finished in first place. Next semester the Colony plans to focus its efforts on chartering, in addition to a brotherhood retreat and an alumni golf outing.

Denison | Edward Bailey III ‘17 “E” As we approach the New Year, Denison Delta Chi is alive and well. We’ve participated in Delta Gamma’s Anchor Splash to help raise money for sight conservation. We also continue to volunteer at T.J. Evans Park in Newark, Ohio, where we help maintain the park’s cleanliness. The Chapter also just initiated five new members, Brothers Kelly, Neufeld, Johnson, Brisk, and Czarnecki. Overall, the brotherhood has never been stronger. We’re proud to welcome brother Cameron Morrison back on campus as he helps in the Title IX office. Brother Morrison has offered invaluable insight and passion to our chapter meetings. In addition, we’ve had numerous alumni from the Columbus area come back to give presentations on their career fields to the student body and brothers. Lastly, we would like to take this chance to show our sincerest gratitude to two outstanding members of the Fraternity. First, we would like to recognize brother Ken Reeder, class of 1974. Brother Reeder has gone above and beyond for the fraternity and exemplifies the traits intrinsic to Delta Chi. His dedication to the Delta Chi Educational Foundation and the brotherhood is a staple for which we as undergraduate members strive. Secondly, we would like to thank our outgoing “BB”, Aaron Bucco, class of 2003, for all his hard work and dedication. Brother Bucco was instrumental in reestablishing the Denison Chapter and then continued to be the rudder to our ship. Under his guidance we renovated our chapter space, improved our academics, and strengthened our already great brotherhood. We truly appreciate all you have done and wish you well in your new endeavors as we welcome Brother Kriwinksi as our new “BB.”

Duquesne | Kenneth Girty ‘16 “E” Two thousand sixteen was an amazing year for our chapter. Our spring semester resulted in a near record-breaking size associate member class,


Delta Chi Quarterly

East Carolina | Sean Echeverria ‘17 “E” After nearly doubling the size of our chapter last year, we kept the momentum going this fall and brought in 14 outstanding young men to join our Fraternity. Our recent growth in manpower has given us the opportunity to host larger philanthropy events, build more relations on campus, and be more involved in organizations outside of Delta Chi. Sean Mclawhon was recently elected IFC President, along with Johnny Rivas as VP of Finance. We also recently hosted our annual “V-Skate” philanthropy with the ladies of Sigma Sigma Sigma and raised over $2,000 for The V Foundation. We look forward to continuing this momentum as we roll into the spring semester with our newly elected executive board!

East Stroudsburg | Edwin Herrera ‘18 “E” This semester we welcomed four new members into the Chapter. We earned the second highest fraternity GPA on campus. We held a multitude of events to raise money for The V Foundation, including a bean bag toss, and shave a Delta Chi. We spent homecoming bonding with our alumni and hosted our chapter’s second annual pig roast, an event where all of our members’ parents are invited and encouraged to come. The purpose of the event is for our families to get to know the Fraternity and to experience our brotherhood first hand.

Eastern Illinois | Juan Nevarez-Barron ‘18 “E” During the fall semester we did an overhaul on recruitment efforts, and the Chapter drastically increased the number of members initiated. This has led to further development of brotherhood within the Chapter. Every brother has developed close relationships with one another, and we continue to maintain friendship among our brothers. We had a great philanthropy event during Halloween that benefited the community. We have had struggles within the Chapter, but our perseverance and dedication to the Fraternity is forever strong. Our brothers are developing to be the best of the best, and they exemplify what it means to be a Delta Chi. Our next alumni event is titled “Deltiki” and takes place on April 22nd. If you are an alumnus who has lost contact with our chapter or any alumnus within the area of the university who would like to see fellow brothers again, please reach out!

Embry-Riddle | Rollin LeMand ‘18 “E” The Embry-Riddle Chapter is as strong as ever. We were incredibly fortunate to have such a large turnout of esteemed alumni and brothers, including New Founder, Pat Phelan, Order of the White Carnation member, Ed Fusco,

and Region 8 Regent, Ron Stowers, at our 2016 Alumni Dinner. In front of all the undergraduate brothers, alumni, dates, an Assistant Dean from the University, and the Fraternity and Sorority Life Director, another presentation laid out the order of events that will lead to the completion of our new oncampus $2.3 million house, scheduled to open fall 2017. This house will be the first to start Greek Row at Embry-Riddle. Furthermore, at this event, the Greg Nelli/Pat Phelan Scholarship was awarded to four deserving brothers. Stay up-to-date with our housing project with a live construction camera feed at

Ferrum | Eddy Funes ‘17 “E” This semester we initiated five outstanding gentlemen into the brotherhood of a lifetime. We continue to focus on service by helping both our campus and surrounding community. On a regular basis, we help Panther Packs pack lunches for elementary children who are in need. The Ferrum Chapter also celebrated our one-year chartering anniversary!

Florida | Brett Valdes ‘18 “E”

we also managed to successfully partner up with a new sorority on our campus, establishing great relations. Lastly, brotherhood relations have been skyrocketing, as the Chapter’s overall sense of morale has reached new levels. Academics have been up due to the executive board’s newly implemented policies, and large numbers of brotherhood events have been taking place, ultimately strengthening bonds between each and every brother. Fall 2016 at the Georgia Southern Chapter has certainly been one for the books, and we hope for many great semesters to come!

Georgia Tech | Deron Mai ‘17 “E” This semester we added 23 new associate members to our chapter and initiated 11 new brothers into the bond. We are especially excited about this new associate member class, which raised $4000 for The V Foundation. Other happenings included placing 2nd in Homecoming out of all fraternities, a brotherhood retreat at Red Top Mountain State Park, and our Semi-formal in Nashville. We are also beginning to build a new house after we just recently reached our initial pledge goal of $750,000.

This fall, the Florida Chapter welcomed a new member class of 29 men, bringing our overall size to 110 brothers. This past November, the Chapter elected our new executive class, and our outgoing “A”, Jake Dube, was elected the new Executive Vice President of The University of Florida IFC. With his election, he will be the third consecutive Delta Chi President to be elected Executive Vice President. We look forward to improving our chapter in the coming term.

George Mason | Charles Bouharb ‘17 “E” During this semester, the George Mason Chapter took a step forward in helping with the community. We began volunteering with a program called Kids Enjoy Exercise Now (KEEN), where brothers played sports with children with special needs. The Chapter enjoyed volunteering for the KEEN organization and will continue to do so in the coming semesters. Along with KEEN, our chapter put together a multi-organization event called A Very Greek Christmas, where numerous chapters come together to collect donations of money, clothes, toys and other essentials to give to a homeless shelter of over 600 people in Washington, D.C. Lastly, the Chapter was very successful during recruitment this year, as we initiated 18 men, bringing our chapter to 51 members.

Georgia Southern | Ryan Tatusko ‘17 “E” The Georgia Southern Chapter is experiencing vast growth. Over the course of fall 2016, we’ve managed to accomplish several feats. First, we’ve managed to successfully add 15 outstanding new brothers to our roster, all of whom are fine gentlemen who are already envisioning themselves holding leadership roles within the Chapter. Secondly, our community and inter-fraternal involvement has been on the rise. We also held a major charitable event with Chi Omega Sorority, which was a major success. Our chapter’s philanthropy chair set up a karaoke night at a popular restaurant near campus. Not only did we manage to raise $429.60 overall ($236 going to The V Foundation and $193 to Chi Omega’s philanthropy), but

Huntsville | Michael Buford ‘19 “E” With the 40th anniversary of our chapter founding this year, we have doubled our efforts to rally our alumni to the call of brotherhood. Our initiative to reach out via phone call and email to renew our listed alumni personal information has been quite successful. Early in the spring semester, we hosted our second annual corn hole tournament with resounding success. Events are planned for the end of March and in April to finish off a productive semester. We have started volunteering with Making Connections, an organization devoted to assisting children on the autism spectrum, hosted by Faith Presbyterian Church. As volunteers, we are put in charge of a dozen or more children for a few hours while their parents are given a presentation that is put on by the organization. Our chapter prides itself on our academic achievements, and several brothers deserve recognition for their accomplishments in their respective fields. Dalton Hicks received the Outstanding Undergraduate Student for Aerospace Engineering award given by the College of Engineering for 2017, and he will be interning with Blue Origin this summer. James Patton received the

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Outstanding Undergraduate Engineering Student for Systems Engineering award for 2017. Bao Ha was accepted into Tau Beta Pi (General Engineering Honor Society) and Sigma Gamma Tau (Aerospace Engineering Honor Society). Michael Buford was accepted into Psi Chi (Psychology Honor Society). Jonah Estrada was elected to the Director of Policy Implementation position for SGA as well as being accepted into Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science Honor Society). Zach Crosby was invited to join Omega Chi Epsilon (Chemical Engineering Honor Society). Luke Geisen was accepted into Sigma Tau Delta (English Honor Society). And our active brothers aren’t the only ones excelling in academics. One of our associate members, Alexander Ziemecki, received the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Huntsville Chapter 2017 Outstanding Student Award.

Illinois | William McClanahan ‘19 “E” The first semester ended on a very pleasant note for the Illinois Chapter. Following recruitment, we concluded with 33 fantastic new members in our class of 2020, and we are excited to see how they will continue to uphold and shape the culture of Delta Chi. A current member of the 2020 class was even elected to our current executive board as the Secretary. The previous executive board served the Chapter very well during the fall, and the current executive board is off to a strong start after a very smooth transition.

Illinois State | Brendan Fagan ‘17 “E” The Illinois State Chapter had a “lit” holiday season with help from housing manager Sean Monaghan and brothers Michael Mazurek and Bradley Baker. The impressive lighting display has been the talk of the campus. In addition to the beautiful house, our chapter has been greatly involved with new aspects of campus. Our “B”, Zack Maslanka, has led a group to our local Christian campus group, our intramural chairman, Scott Fife, introduced a new soccer team and a floor hockey team, and our very own special events coordinator, Hunter Thoren, was crowned “Mr. PhiSignificant,” which is the philanthropy event hosted by the women of Phi Sigma Sigma. We have high hopes for what spring has in store for us with events like our spring philanthropy, Jimmy V Week, to benefit The V Foundation for Cancer Research.

Iowa State | Anthony Tuel “E” We hosted our first annual fall philanthropy event, titled DChi Cheese Guys. We served grilled cheese, tomato soup, and Insomia Cookies. We had around 150 people in attendance. We awarded prizes to guests, including free subs at Jimmy Johns and gift cards to local pizza places. Our goal is to increase attendance for next fall.

Jacksonville State | Joshua Boadley The brothers of the Jacksonville State Chapter had a terrific fall semester. We started out with an associate member class of 30, initiating 24 men. This is the largest new member class that our chapter has ever had. Our chapter has held numerous events throughout the semester. In October we hosted a cash drawdown fundraiser for our chapter, and it was a huge success. Enough money was raised to allow us to build a basketball court and patio on the side of our house. The Chapter has enjoyed our first semi-formal in four years and hopes to have another one in the spring. We hosted our annual Justin Sollohub Golf Tournament on August 27th in remembrance of brother Justin Sollohub. We also won the Homecoming float competition for the 11th year in a row. Our chapter is looking forward to the promising future that we have and the challenges that come with it.

Iowa | Jesse Dankle ‘18 “E” This fall, the Iowa Chapter saw improvements in many different areas. Our fall recruiting class grew once again, with 44 associate members, thanks to our recruitment chairs and the great effort put forth by the entire Chapter. Our academic chair, as well as the whole Chapter, put a big emphasis on achieving better grades this semester, which paid off. Thanks to the effort of all of our members, the Iowa Chapter saw a large increase in GPA. Our fall philanthropy, Puppies and Pizza, was one of the most successful philanthropies we have held in recent memory, raising $3700 for The V Foundation. Another highlight of the semester was our annual highway cleanup, where the Chapter adopted a local highway by cleaning up the trash from the area. Overall, this fall semester was one of improvement, and we hope to continue that tradition.


Delta Chi Quarterly

Johnstown | Michael Pischke ‘17 “E” This fall the brothers of the Johnstown Chapter have been working diligently to raise money for The V Foundation by completing numerous hours of canning through campus and holding a “Pie a Delta Chi” event. We also took part in an annual Alzheimer’s walk in the Johnstown community and aided a local church in its Thanksgiving food drive to help the less fortunate members of the area. On campus, many of our brothers took part in a campus clean up with other organizations. Finally, we volunteered for a weekend hockey tournament that took place at the Cambria County War Memorial Ice Rink.

Kansas | Preston Montgomery ‘18 “E”

Kettering-B | Cameron Stewart ‘17 “E”

In the past few months the Kansas Chapter has focused on helping the community and fundraising for phase two of our housing renovations. Phase one of the renovations turned out fantastic, and we look forward to finishing the rooms in phase two. We’ve worked hard to raise our average house grade point average by helping members find tutors for any subjects. Our chapter has also helped contribute over 1,000 hours of community service this fall semester and increased the house grade point average to 3.23. Our alumni event will be in the spring. We plan on hosting a golf tournament closer to the Kansas City area, hoping that this will be more convenient for our alumni. We hope that more people will stop by for the KU basketball season. Everyone is always welcome!

Following Convention, Kettering-B is proud and excited to follow up our recruitment term after being recognized with the Most Improved Chapter Award. Our recruitment has been buzzing with our annual wings night, pavilion grill outs, and indoor laser tag. As a result of our efforts, we are proud to have six bid returnees and perhaps more for the future. Our new associate member class was just initiated as well, and we’re glad to have them join the brotherhood! Additionally, with the term closing out, we’d like to say goodbye to our graduating class!

Kingsville | Ramond Snow ‘20 “E” As the founding father class of fall 2016, we are proud to announce that we had a total of 25 brothers initiated. Five members were also invited to join the Greek Leadership Honor Society Order of Omega. In our first event as a colony, we won 1st place with Alpha Sigma Alpha for our float in the Homecoming parade. Another accomplishment we are proud of is that our total GPA is the highest among all fraternities on campus. Our bingo night event at the nursing home was also a huge success! We plan on keeping education a main priority, while also giving back to the community.

Lake Forest | Mateusz Wiechetek ‘19 “E” Kansas State | Chase Bouse ‘18 “E” This past summer, the men of Kansas State brought the second-largest delegation to the 60th Delta Chi International Convention with eight undergraduate members and five alumni in attendance. While there, the members had the privilege of celebrating a victory for alumnus Aaron Otto ’98, as he was voted and sworn in as the 53rd “AA”. After a strong emphasis on summer recruitment, we reached our goal of a 30-man associate member class this fall. It’s the largest class our chapter has seen since coming back to K-State in 2010. This was our second year hosting our fall philanthropy, Hoops for Hope, a four-on-four charity basketball tournament with Alpha Delta Pi. The Chapter received support from Dick Vitale at ESPN, KSU Basketball Coach Bruce Weber, and Sean Lowe from The Bachelor. We raised $1,800 for The V Foundation. After last spring’s retreat, the Chapter refocused its efforts on higher achievements in academics, campus involvement from our members, and greater community service efforts. Since then, the Chapter is on track to rank in the top ten among the fraternities scholastically, about 85% of our members are involved in campus organizations with 25% holding a leadership position within those organizations, and together we have logged nearly 900 community service hours.

This fall semester the Lake Forest Chapter has committed to philanthropy, leadership, and brotherhood. The 9th annual Miss Jimmy V Pageant and Talent Show that serves as our main philanthropy event has already raised a record-breaking $4,800 and counting. The final amount will be tallied on the day of the event. Two of our brothers have also been elected as Student Government’s President and Vice President, further solidifying Delta Chi’s influence on Lake Forest’s campus. On Homecoming day, we had our 12th “Steve” pig roast where actives, alumni, and associate members took part in a brotherhood tradition.

Lehigh | Sean Feick ‘18 “E” Over the summer, we renovated our chapter house with over $25,000 of new furniture and kitchen equipment, replacing our low-quality temporary furnishings with sturdy equipment meant to last for generations of our chapter. We also had a strong recruitment period this fall that brought in an associate member class of three new members, one of the biggest fall classes in our recent history. We had a very successful alumni relations outreach as well, holding three major alumni events this fall that included putting six alumni through the Alumni Rededication Ceremony, our biggest group in almost six years. Looking toward the spring, we are again making a heavy push toward recruitment in order to fill the new chapter house and increase our overall membership.

Kennesaw | Jacob Munson ‘20 “E” The Kennesaw Chapter has had great success lately! We took in the largest recruitment class on campus with a strong 17 members! We also have earned the honor of hosting the next RLC, something that we are extremely proud of. This semester we are looking forward to Greek Week and hope to take home the title. We also plan to invest heavily into upgrading our house until it is the best house on campus!

Kettering-A | Joshua Taylor ‘18 “E”

LSU | Oscar Jaime ‘19 “E”

This term we decided to look inward at our own common room and improve an outdated yet heavily used part of our house. The carpet hadn’t been replaced since the building’s construction (as an apartment building) in the 1970s; the walls needed a fresh coat of paint, and the kitchen used for brotherhood events needed an overhaul. Additionally, we have new furniture on the way to let us enjoy our common area in comfort. Combined with our new projector and sound system, it’s sure to be an area we’ll put to use. We’ll be sure to post some before and after pictures when we’ve finished the renovations.

Over the summer we had some minor renovations to the house. We repainted the entire first and second floors. In addition to that, the meal plan finally kicked off and was a huge success. The food is delicious, and it really livens up the house during lunch and dinner time. We had successful intramural seasons with both soccer and football making deep playoff runs in their respective leagues. Prior to this season we were struggling to win a single game, so that is a huge improvement. Our annual Cookout for Cancer raised more than $4,000 for the The V Foundation for Cancer Research. We

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served BBQ under a huge tent in the front yard with music and tables set up. It was a great time for an even better cause. To top it off, we initiated the 32-man Alpha Alpha associate member class, which pushed us to 87 active members. We have experienced a lot of growth over the past year and a half, and we are working to keep that trend up.

Massachusetts | Matthew Eichorn-Guest ‘18 “E” As the fall semester is coming to an end here at The University of Massachusetts Amherst, we are proud to announce the initiation of the Rho Class. These newly initiated brothers make up the largest associate member class that we have had in many years. The Massachusetts Chapter is looking stronger than ever, and things will only be getting better from here.

Miami | Stephen Burtzlaff ‘17 “B” This semester we hosted our second annual community dinner, which was attended by the university president and many other university and community members. The Chapter has continued strong community relations, completing more than 750 hours of community service this semester by volunteering with the local nursing home, food pantry, and Garden Club. We are proud to announce that our brother, Cameron Snyders, has been elected IFC President for 2017. We also want to thank all of our alumni who attended the Miami University Reunion Weekend. This was a successful event with more than 60 alumni and guests in attendance. We also had 30 alumni attend our inaugural Chicago event at Wrigley Rooftops. We look forward to seeing more alumni at our events next summer.

matches regulated by certified referees and a full medical staff. Between these three events and a few local restaurant-based fundraisers, we were able to raise a total of nearly $14,000 for charities this year. This number does not include the many sums of money individually donated by our active members’ participation in the events of others. Ultimately, we have made many steps in the right direction towards philanthropy improvement and the promotion of the welfare of others. However we understand that we can only be better and have large plans for the future.

Minnesota | Jacob Schoenbeck ‘18 “E” With our new executive board just elected, the Minnesota Chapter of Delta Chi is in full preparation for a busy spring semester. This April, our chapter will turn 125 years old without ever leaving campus. While we are the second chapter of Delta Chi, we are the longest running, something of which we are quite proud. We look forward to hosting alumni of past decades and the International Executive Committee at our 125th Anniversary Celebration in April!

Mississippi State | Austin Watts ‘19 “E” This year, the Mississippi State Chapter has had its biggest recruitment with 33 associate members. The Chapter looks to continue the success in recruitment in the future.

Montclair | Anthony Vitrano ‘18 “E”

Michigan State | Andres Niederstadt ‘17 “E” Over the course of the year, we have worked extremely hard to improve our philanthropic efforts. Starting in the fall of 2016, all of our active members were held to a standard of participation in a minimum of three philanthropy events throughout the semester, including various fundraisers held by other organizations in the community. Not only were our members largely involved in the work of others, but we hosted many events of our own to fundraise for both The V Foundation and other local foundations. A few of our most profitable events include our Car Smash, Thanksgiving Food Drive and Fight Night. The Car Smash was held during the MSU UofM tailgate and gave passersby the opportunity to hit a car for a short time period for a small donation. The Thanksgiving Food Drive was a week-long effort promoted throughout the East Lansing community that invited anybody and everybody to bring canned foods to Delta Chi to be collected. The large stockpile of cans was then donated to a local East Lansing food bank to help feed the hungry throughout the holiday season. Our most recognized and rewarding event of 2016 was Fight Night, a philanthropic boxing event in partnership with the Help a Willing Kid Foundation, an organization that helps to provide the underprivileged youth of Lansing with necessities, opportunities, and programs to help them succeed. The event was hosted off campus at a local athletic center and included eight interfraternity boxing


Delta Chi Quarterly

As another school year begins, a page is turned for graduating brothers as they venture into the world. This path in life begins to alumnus status for brothers Naz Sims, Tim Hoblitzell, Michael Fernandes, Mike Pyne, and Terence Ward. They have influenced the old and young of our Fraternity to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Our accomplishments wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our alumni. We also would like to thank our Alumni Board of Trustees, which continuously donates its time and effort towards enhancing our chapter. We now have twenty-five active members. Among these men are our eight newly initiated brothers from spring 2016. These men have shown exceptional prowess this fall, many taking on crucial positions in the Fraternity. Brother Sam Abbaticola now holds the key position of Interfraternity Council President. Brother Ed Dundon graduated from the Morris County Fire School and now volunteers as a fireman, putting the lives of others ahead of his own. This fall we hosted our most cherished event, The White Carnation Queen Pageant. Fourteen contestants showcased their talents in an effort to be crowned the next White Carnation Queen, with Dana Carl of the Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority taking home the gold. Determined to carry on the legacy of Jimmy Valvano and his Foundation, we raised an astounding $1,329 from the event. We strive to meet our philanthropic goal every day and consider The V Foundation a core part of not only our chapter but of our everyday lives. We will always achieve excellence in promoting friendship, developing character, advancing justice, and assisting in the acquisition of a sound education. The Montclair Chapter will continue to “raise our voices high, and sing to what our hearts lie nearest, the praise of dear old Delta Chi!”

North Alabama | Robby Blackard ‘17 “E”

Penn State | Brendan Carnes ‘19 “E”

The fall 2016 semester has been eventful for the North Alabama Chapter. We were able to recruit eight new associates. With assistance from the Brotherhood Chair, Brother Bradford, we were able to have some really fun events for us all to attend as well as find some potential new members to join in the spring of 2017. We have also have had a good term with community service, with hours averaging between 50 to 75 a week as a chapter. We also had the most successful Founders’ Day dinners I have seen in my two years of being a Delta Chi! We had a great turnout of brothers! With the help of our “BB”, Preston Settle, we had some good food at the Singing River Brewery and Restaurant. All in all, we have had a great semester that was spent with our close friends and brothers. We were able to make some new friends as well and introduce them to this Brotherhood of a Lifetime!

The fall 2016 semester was one of much success for the brothers of the Penn State Chapter. It began with a recruitment process of over 500 individuals, and now we are welcoming 27 outstanding men to our brotherhood, putting our chapter total well over 100 active brothers. Throughout this semester, the brotherhood was actively involved in many charitable and philanthropic events around campus and at our homes. Along with keeping our community safe and clean through actively participating in university events such as Greeks Care and Greek Sweep, we have also donated food to the less fortunate for Thanksgiving, actively have been raising money for The V Foundation, and are well on our way to reaching our goal of one-hundred thousand dollars raised for THON with our pair sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma. We had an excellent Homecoming weekend with numerous alumni visiting throughout, thanks to our previous “E” and now “A”, Tom Tillson. It was a rewarding experience to meet alumni and share stories from associate member classes as far back as 1955. We now look forward to our end-of-semester formal, maintaining our university-high GPA through finals, once again winning the Christmas lights decorating contest, and having an even more excellent spring semester.

North Georgia | Anatoly Abramyan ‘18 “E” The brothers and associate members of the North Georgia Chapter have had a busy semester. We began the fall term with the highest GPA among UNG fraternities. We gave out seven bids this semester and six accepted. We welcomed all six men into the Bond on December 2nd. The North Georgia Chapter was very active again this year with Dahlonega’s Gold Rush Days, a celebration of the town’s heritage, as well as today’s focus on service and community. We assisted the Dahlonega Jaycees with set-up and logistics for this big regional four-day October event. We are looking forward to our big spring recruitment, the Region VIII conference in February, and the Chapter’s annual Date-a-Guy date auction to raise funds for our pledge to The V Foundation for Cancer Research.

Northwestern | Matthew Fulle ‘17 “E” The Northwestern Chapter has been working hard this fall on informal recruitment with Sunday night dinners and this year’s new recruitment event: a night out at a Chicago Wolves hockey game. We had various service trips around Chicago and piloted Delta Chai, our new fall philanthropy with the Evanston Public Library.

Oregon State | Julio Viveros ‘18 Philanthropy Chair This fall, we welcomed 13 outstanding gentlemen into our brotherhood after a very successful recruitment effort. For Dad’s weekend, we had the pleasure of hosting a joint event with the wonderful women of Chi Omega. Our previous Alumni Secretary, Chris Turek, started a Memorial Brick Fundraiser, which resulted in $10,000 in total donations. The project is expected to be completed by February. We are very grateful to be given the opportunity to host the Region I RLC this year. We plan for it to be an excellent opportunity for the attendees to bring back valuable information to their respective chapters.

Purdue | Will Collier ‘19 “E” The Purdue Chapter has made many exciting improvements in just this academic semester alone! Beginning over the summer, numerous improvements were made to our house, including new dining room furniture, a new night kitchen in our basement, the addition of a projection screen for movies and TV, a completely renovated study room used for executive board meetings, and a beautiful apartment-style room for our wonderful new house director, Melody Wolcott. This fall, we initiated 20 new members and hope to welcome even more new brothers in the spring! Our brothers enjoyed volunteering for various works of community service this semester, including De-trash the Wabash, which aimed to clean up West Lafayette’s portion of the Indiana Wabash River. The brothers also enjoyed our yearly brotherhood retreat trip to West Virginia, a great bonding experience over fall break. We also participated in a plethora of Greek philanthropies on campus and are excited to host our annual dodgeball tournament for The V Foundation this spring. Finally, in November we elected a strong new Executive Board which hopes to carry on Delta Chi’s positive impact on Purdue’s campus and become a model chapter for our international brotherhood!

Rhode Island | Patrick Baker ‘18 “E” Our chapter went to alumnus Mike Reposa’s house to help him with his fall clean up. Brothers worked hard all day, and by the end the yard looked great! We then followed this up with another great brotherhood event cooking up a Thanksgiving feast.

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Southern Illinois | Michal Junik ‘17 “E” Rutgers | Kevin Subramanian ‘17 “E” The fall 2016 semester at Rutgers University was a successful one. This semester included top three finishes in four intramural sports, over $500 raised for various philanthropic organizations through sororities, and improved scholarship, Alumni, and brotherhood programs. One highlight of the semester was the First Annual Founders’ Day Banquet in October, a successful luncheon with parents, alumni, faculty, and friends attending as guests of the brothers. The Rutgers Chapter has also started organizing the First Annual Jimmy VK here in New Brunswick, New Jersey to be held in spring 2017. For more information on the happenings at Rutgers University or to sign up for our monthly newsletter, please e-mail DeltaChiRU. and follow them on Twitter @RutgersDeltaChi.

The Southern Illinois Chapter held a successful 2nd Annual Delta Dash Color Run with more participants than last year, helping us continue to raise money and awareness for The V Foundation. In addition, as our alumni bridge continues to improve, we saw alumni who haven’t visited the Chapter in a good number of years come down just to see how much we have improved! The Chapter continuously strives to get better every day and is always building a brotherly bond so that the next associate member may have the opportunity to experience what it means to be a man of Delta Chi.

Tarleton State | Matt Schaefer ‘17 “E” On November 4, 2016 our chapter was invited to help initiate the Texas A&M Kingsville Colony. We were honored to bring in a new colony to our growing brotherhood and hope to continue to see it grow and eventually become a chapter.

Sacramento | Ninos Alkhas ‘18 “E” The Sacramento Chapter has had a successful fall 2016 semester involving our associate member class, philanthropy, and much more. Our recruitment chair, Pedro Cisneros had an incredibly successful season of recruitment. We had about 100 potential new members attend our events throughout the week, which we later narrowed down to 24 individuals who joined our brotherhood as part of the Xi Class. The elections that took place for E-Board had the highest number of brothers running for positions during this semester. The Chapter GPA is at the highest it has ever been, ranking us in second place out of all the fraternities at Sacramento State. Our philanthropy for The V Foundation successfully raised $3,000, due to the endless work of our chairs, Nolan Gabriel and Andrew Vonwal. Our sweetheart competition is also linked into our philanthropy, which an Alpha Phi (Danielle Erickson) ended up winning. Brothers Jesus Encinas and Rusbel Sanchez became sweethearts of the Gamma Phi Beta and Alpha Phi sororities after winning the respective competitions.

South Florida | Jordan Linsday ‘17 “E” Fall 2016 has been a great semester for the gentlemen of the South Florida Chapter. Homecoming was a great success, as we took first place in the float competition. Along with Homecoming, we participated in philanthropies such as Delta Gamma’s Anchor Splash, Zeta Tau Alpha’s Softball Slam, and Alpha Delta Pi’s Family Feud Night. Intramurals have also gone great this semester. We placed first overall in football and made it to the semifinals in soccer. We are proud to have initiated 24 new members into the brotherhood, and we wish congratulations to the Alpha Pi class!


Delta Chi Quarterly

Texas | Matthew Ngo ‘18 “E” We recently sold our chapter house, and for the first time in years we’re houseless. While this might seem frightening, we’ve made huge strides to rebuild our chapter. Our chapter GPA will be the highest it has ever been at a 3.2, our debt to IHQ has been paid off, and our recent fall class was not only the largest in years, but it’s also full of quality members who will take our chapter to even greater heights.

Tri-State | Jayen Remsburg ‘17 “E” At the Louisville Convention, we were awarded our 14th Presidents Cup. We also received our 7th Trine President’s Cup this year. We currently have 41 active members with the recent initiation of the fall 2016 class. These six new members are quality men who we expect to make big contributions going forward. There are more than a dozen potential associate members for the spring 2017 class. We are counting down to our 50th anniversary, which will be in 2019. By then we hope to have the mortgage for our new house completely paid off. One of our big philanthropy events for the spring, the Trine University Dash for a Cure, has been moved to March 25. This is an annual event for The V Foundation that we hope to continue to grow. We also had our annual trip to Camp Arcadia in Michigan and are looking for more and better ways to serve the community.

Troy State | Andrew Brewster ‘19 “E” The Troy Chapter had a great fall 2016 semester. Semi-formal was in Destin, Florida, where we had dinner at the Fort Walton Yacht Club Friday night and then rented out a house on the beach until Sunday. In October the alumni held their annual homecoming reunion where many alumni came together for the first time. This was a great event for the associate members to meet alumni and even meet two of our founding fathers at Troy. On November 5th we hosted our parents’ day. We had food catered at the house, a band, and then went to the football game after. We also had a great year of intramurals: coming in third in football, improving from dead last the year prior. The Chapter also raised $685 for The V Foundation this semester through semiformal, parents’ day and a local spirit night.

Truman State | Garrett Knese ‘18 “E” Upon returning from summer break, Truman State Chapter was asked to host the Region IV RLC in February 2017. With great excitement we accepted and elected Luke Hemmerla as the RLC chair to work with our Regent, Matt Gorney, to organize the event. Recruitment went well, as we welcomed an AM class of ten into the brotherhood. This moved our chapter up to the 3rd largest of 12 fraternities on our campus. Renovations to our Kimball’s building have continued with the addition of a water diversion system and a retaining wall that were put in place on October 15th. Our chapter has continued to have a major presence on our campus with three quarters of our members involved in other organizations.

UNLV | Lydon Yellowfish ‘18 “E” Greetings from The University of Nevada Las Vegas Colony. What a great semester we had! As we come to an end of the fall semester, we have initiated ten new brothers of the Alpha class. Along with closing out the semester we have accomplished many tasks such as building more sorority and campus relations, community service, brotherhood, and more. Even though this was our first semester operating as a colony, it has brought the sacred bond of brotherhood between the Founding fathers and Alpha class together. We look forward to the start of our spring semester.

for The V Foundation for Cancer Research. During the week of November 28th to December 2nd, the Valdosta Chapter held several competitions for the sororities to compete in. These competitions ranged from a can-struction event where the teams were tasked to create sculptures with canned goods, to penny wars that helped raise money for The V Foundation. The winner of our V Week received $200 toward its philanthropy as well. Thanks to the efforts of all of the teams, we were also able to give back to the community of Valdosta. We donated over 450 pounds of canned goods and helped clean up local areas around the city. We hope to continue this V Week tradition and raise even more money next fall.

Whitewater | Joseph Fasanella ‘18 “E” This semester we recruited the biggest associate member class out of any fraternity on campus, and initiated 22 men. We also raised over $5000 for The V Foundation. We also donated time and money to Tri Sigma’s Rocking with Robbie Philanthropy.

William & Mary | Michael McDonagh ‘18 “E” This November, the William & Mary Chapter held a three-day Mothers’ Weekend. The weekend included a meet and greet at the Delta Chi house, exploring Colonial Williamsburg, attending the William & Mary men’s basketball game, and dinner for the mothers cooked by the brothers. The weekend ended with a nice brunch at Astronomical Pancakes. The weekend was filled with fun times and laughter and was a great bonding experience for everyone involved. It allowed us the opportunity to show our families what we truly love about Delta Chi and why the brotherhood is so important to all of us at William & Mary.

USP | Grant Lee ‘18 “E” This semester we initiated the Upsilon class, which includes brothers Kevin Akey, Ryan D’Elia, and Imteaz Rahman. We also helped raise over $750 for The V Foundation. Brothers from our chapter also drove down to The University of Delaware to help initiate their Founding Father class.

Wilmington | John Morales ‘18 “E” This semester, the brothers of the Wilmington Chapter held a volleyball tournament at Captain Bills Backyard BBQ. Teams donated $10 to compete. It was a great success with over $1,000 raised for The V Foundation for Cancer Research.

Windsor | Aryan Memarzadeh ‘18 “E”

Valdosta | Jordan Surat-Jones ‘18 “E” This past semester our brothers teamed up with the women of Alpha Delta Pi, Chi Omega, Kappa Delta, Phi Mu, and Zeta Tau Alpha to raise over $600

Throughout the fall semester, our chapter has been working diligently to bridge the gap between alumni and active members. Our ABT assisted us in this endeavor by hosting an event at an alumnus-owned restaurant called Kurly’s. This event was able to bring out members ranging from our current actives to some of our chapter’s Founding Fathers. The event was a successful gathering, bringing the opportunity for both the young and old to reconnect and bond as brothers.

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Friendship | Character | Justice | Education


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Those Who Have Passed These men have lived among us for a time, and we have been honored to call them Brothers. Now they are gone and we bid them a fond farewell at this parting.


Grover Klemmer ‘43, August 23, 2016


J. Foy Guin ‘47, November 8, 2016


G. Barry Auten ‘65, March 26, 2016

Ball State

Leslie Gumbiner ‘65, September 28, 2015

California University Pennsylvania Carl Novak ‘16, April 19, 2016


William Doyle ‘52, November 27, 2015 John McGregor ‘58, December 12, 2014



Roy Bogen ‘54, December 25, 2013

Ohio State

Georgia Southern

Earnest Harper ‘81, October 27, 2016

Arthur Yerty ‘70, January 2, 2014 Charles Wickert ‘76, April 23, 2014



Christopher E. Walker ‘16, November 12, 2016

Iowa State

Robert Sorensen ‘51, June 12, 2016



Staley Moss ‘75, November 24, 2016

Barclay Fox ‘52, October 28, 2016 George kaschak ‘57, April 26, 2016


Charles Wright ‘41, December 27, 2016 John Ray Perry ‘57, February 20, 2016


James Mabbutt ‘86, June 13, 2016

Lake Forest

Texas Tech

Richard Zander ‘52, May 24, 2016




Wayne Clegern ‘51, April 10, 2015 Walter Hammert ‘84, September 20, 2015


Lynn Schade ‘50, November 17, 2016

Malcolm Newsom ‘53, June 2, 2016 William Wood ‘53, September, 17, 2016 Armand Aguinaldo ‘84, May 1, 2015


Joseph Cappetta ‘70, June 12, 2016 John Palovcak ‘74, June 20, 2015

Bradley Farmer ‘19, November 6, 2016

Western Michigan

George Snow ‘92, November 25, 2016

John Andrews ‘60, November 15, 2016 Ron Petersen ‘60, April 12, 2016 Clifford Jurrjens ‘61, April 22, 2016

Joseph Porowski ‘52, August 12, 2016


Important Milestones Illinois State

New Haven

Born to Brother and Mrs. Lewis Bullock 2008, a daughter, Aubrey Zoraida, on July 26, 2016.

New Mexico State

Born to Brother and Mrs. John Karl 2007, a son, Luke John, on October 14, 2016.


Born to Brother and Mrs. Christopher Kutcher 2000, a son, Dimitri Portwood, on November 30, 2016.

Kansas State

Born to Brother and Mrs. Steven Brandjord, a daughter, Jacqueline Nadine, on October 6, 2016.


Born to Brother and Mrs. Robert Reimsnyder 2007, a son, Joseph Robert, on December 8, 2016.

Louisiana Tech

Born to Brother and Mrs. John Zielger 2001, a daughter, Amelia Jane, on December 26, 2016.


Brother Miles Washburn married to Cindy Jones on February 18, 2017 in Pinehurst, NC.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Charles Ilioff 2004, a son, Maverick James, on October 27, 2016.

South Dakota State

Born to Brother and Mrs. Chris Schaefer 2008, a son, Gavin Christopher, and a daughter, Madelyn Eleanor, on October 9, 2016.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Cory Muller 1998, a daughter, Avery Grace, on December 2, 2016.

Brother Brett Citrowske 2014 married to Leah Bolon on November 12, 2016.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Andrew Abalos 2004, a daughter, Ava Victoriana, on December 11, 2016.

Stephen F. Austin

Ohio State

Born to Brother and Mrs. Patrick McCormick 2004, a son, Declan, on October 12, 2016.


Born to Brother and Mrs. Ryan Sowards 2003, a son, John Allan, on June 27, 2016.

Western Carolina

Born to Brother and Mrs. Victor Riccari 1997, a son, Nathaniel Louis, on November 29, 2016. Brother Julien Bideau 2008 married to Selah Havard on December 17, 2016.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Christopher Renaud 2004, a son, Cole Matthew, on October 13, 2016. Born to Brother and Mrs. Erik Hughes 2007, a son, Brandon Erikson, on May 11, 2016.

Brother Nathan Arledge 2007 married to Molly Carlberg on November 19, 2016.


Born to Brother and Mrs. Arthur Smelyansky 2008, a son, Jordan Noah, on November 10, 2016. Friendship | Character | Justice | Education


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