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QUARTERLY Volume 115 | Issue 2 | Summer 2019

Anne Schulte

Claudia Jansenius

Debra Bilskemper

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Volume 115 | Issue 2 | Summer 2019

FEATURES You for 4 Tahank Generation of Service

With Delta Chi’s International Headquarters relocation to Indianapolis, Indiana, we say thank you to departing staff members who have served the Fraternity for over 20 years.

6 A Point of Pride

Service to others and his community has been a calling throughout Michael Scott Cuskelly’s life.


2 Letter from the “AA”

3 New Alumni Chapters

8 Campus Scene

19 Keeping in Touch, Farewell and Parting

FROM THE “AA” Delta Chi Leads the Fight to Ensure Basic Rights


any of you have heard stories of what has taken place on some college campuses across North America in the last few years. The rights of college students to join single sex organizations are being threatened by organizations such as Harvard University. Harvard recently enacted a rule forcing students to choose between exercising the Constitutional right to freedom of association and engaging with the campus culture on any significant level. Members of single-sex organizations are banned from receiving college-administered fellowships, leading sporting teams or serving in student government. This completely ridiculous choice is being forced on a growing number of college students in one form or another and is simply not necessary when framed as a “this-or-that” decision. Personally, the two organizations I am proudest to be associated with are Delta Chi and Kansas State University. I become quite troubled when I consider what would have happened if I had been forced to choose between these amazing experiences – as some undergraduates today are being compelled to do. I would want to be involved in the wide array of college experiences outside the classroom to build my leadership and soft skills toolbox. Therefore, these artificial and unnecessary choices must stop, and Delta Chi is taking a primary active role in doing so. Organizations, including the North American Interfraternal Conference (NIC), are suing Harvard for denying students’ rights of freedom of association to join a single sex organization. It is expected this effort, which is entitled “Stand Up to Harvard,” will take more than a year in the courts and will cost millions of dollars. You can be proud that Delta Chi, along with peer organizations and private individuals, is contributing $75,000 over the next three years to help return sanity and balance to Harvard by removing the individual sanctions students face by choosing

to join a fraternity of sorority. If this litigation is successful, it will help shape the future narrative on this issue and hopefully discourage other campuses from taking such drastic, misguided actions that are so very threating to the fundamentals of our very existence. Additionally, I was pleased to join Andre McIntyre, former Missouri State “A”, and hundreds of other fraternity and sorority members on Capitol Hill this spring in educating members of Congress and their staffs to include a provision to the Higher Education Reauthorization Act that would protect the single-sex status of fraternities and sororities. Title IX, passed in the 1970s, already contains an exemption for fraternities and sororities to be single sex organizations. This is important for our unique communities where sororities provide a space that allows women to support, encourage, and advocate for each other and develop leaders, and fraternities provide men leadership, friendship, academic, and personal growth opportunities. We are in good company in these efforts to educate leaders in Washington D.C. We have the strong support of the NIC and National Panhellenic Council (NPC) which collectively represent 9,500 chapters on more than 700 campuses with an estimated 800,000 collegiate members. Our organizations have grown more than 60 percent in the last 10 years and there are more than 9 million living alumni. I am grateful for the incredible working relationships Delta Chi enjoys with its partnering organizations on campuses throughout North America. These universities appreciate the values we bring to the table. The time has come to fight those who punish students for joining a single sex organization or unceremoniously strip them of their right to freely associate. The battle starts with Harvard. While joining this stand against one university may seem trivial and far away, I encourage you to remember that the erosion of rights starts this way. Nobody wants to give a foot in this fight, but giving an inch can still lead to drastic deconstruction of other school’s Greek life systems. I hope you will join us in the future in defending the benefits that come from the right of freedom of association to join a single sex organization. The work of promoting the benefits of fraternity life goes on, the cause of living our founding values will endure, the hope of sharing the opportunity to join like organizations still lives, and the dream of Delta Chi shall never die. In the Bond,

Aaron Otto, 53rd “AA” International President, Kansas State ’98 Life Loyal


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for a Generation of Service

In my time in Delta Chi, one of the few constants has been our permanent professional staff members (Anne, Claudia, and Debra). To these ladies of Delta Chi, I say thank you for helping shape me into the leader I am today. I am forever in your debt and we are a better organization because of your decades of service. ~ Aaron Otto “AA”, Kansas State ’98, International President

Anne began working for the Delta Chi Fraternity in 1995 as a clerical support staff member. Prior to joining the IHQ staff, she worked as a weekend unit clerk part-time at University Hospital. She currently serves as the Accounting Administrator and is responsible for chapter billing and finances, housing loans, and general accounts receivable. Soft spoken, kind, and genuinely good at her job, Schulte reciprocates the sentiments of her colleague Debra Bilskemper and considers her to be her favorite coworker over the years. At a critical time in IHQ’s history, Schulte and Bilskemper were monumental in helping Delta Chi overcome obstacles that arose during a heartbreaking time. Marge Lee, a Delta Chi employee, suffered a heart attack and the loss of her presence in the workplace was a difficult one to fill on a personal and professional level. Schulte, along with Bilskemper, stepped in to do their best to help IHQ continue to operate at a high level. “After the heart attack, we were really in the dark about doing her job,” Schulte recalls. “It had to be done, one way or another. It was kind of crazy, but we would talk to her on the phone and she would provide information, and we muddled through.”

It was Schulte’s ability to listen, apply knowledge, and press on that allowed her to persevere. When asked what advice she would give to members, alumni, and staff, she cited being a good listener, doing your best, and letting everything else fall into place, truly practicing what she preaches. “I’ve enjoyed working here and getting to know the people. Sometimes things get a little crazy, but there is always time to get caught up.” In any successful organization, there are those who work quietly behinds the scenes, ensuring the overall functionality and efficiency stays intact while completing thankless tasks. Schulte has certainly been one of the most pivotal cogs in the machine and has kept Delta Chi running smoothly since her first day. Schulte leaves the Fraternity with a simple message extending her appreciation. “I look forward to doing something new, but I’ve enjoyed the time I spent here.” “Anne has been a tremendous asset to me over the past two years,” Jerod Breit, Executive Director & CEO said. “Not only can she tell you what she did on a Tuesday six years ago at 2:00 p.m., she can tell you why and the impact it had or did not have. This, coupled with her positive attitude, is something others can take from. Willingness to help, to offer help, and to teach are not only character traits, they are the foundation of a strong colleague and healthy organizations, and for this, I thank you.”

Debra, Anne, and Claudia have been the nerve-center of Delta Chi for decades. They offered a sense of consistency for young staff members and undergraduate officers alike.

~ Karl Grindel, Central Missouri ’01, Former Associate Executive Director 4

Delta Chi Quarterly

Debra, Anne, and Claudia are like family. They brought humor and understanding to working with a bunch of young men fresh out of college. ~ Steve Bossart, Kent State ’90, Former “AA”

Claudia began working for the Delta Chi Fraternity in February 1997 as a clerk. Prior to her arrival, she worked at a Walmart Pharmacy for three years after relocating to Iowa City, Iowa from Omaha, Nebraska, and spent 18 years working for Paxtion & Vierling Steel. Enthusiastic and warm-hearted, Jansenius currently serves as the Foundation Administrator and completes a variety of tasks daily. When reflecting on her time with Delta Chi, Jansenius remembers fondly the eight Conventions she’s been a part of. “They are long days and a lot of work and stress, but I loved every minute,” Jansenius shared. “I met a lot of amazing people and made a lot of friends. I will really miss working the Conventions.” “Convention 2004 in Washington D.C. was my first Convention. I had really wanted to see the White House at night. Our hotel was within walking distance of the White House, but I didn’t want to go alone. John Ziegler, a former Leadership Consultant, offered to go with me. I really enjoyed the walk and John’s company. I was able to see the White House all lit up at night.” Having been part of staff for over two decades, Jansenius is a veteran of Greek life and knows that no task is ever too large with the right mindset. “To eat an elephant, you take one bite at a time. Meaning, no matter how big or hard a task or job may seem, you will always get through it. It may just take a little extra time. Just take on a little at a time and you will eventually complete that task or job.” In parting words of wisdom, Jansenius reveals a funny story about having the right mindset and knowing that just because you weren’t the first choice doesn’t mean you weren’t the right choice. “When I was hired, I was actually not the first choice. The job was offered to another lady. On her first day of work, she told the staff that she left her curling iron on and had to go home and unplug it. She never returned. The staff discovered a note in the desk drawer saying she wouldn’t be back. The position was then offered to me. I’m grateful for that. And my curling irons have always had the automatic shut off feature.” “Claudia has been a joy to work with through the transition and I am deeply grateful for her tenacity, endurance and ability to adapt when needed,” Jerod Breit, Executive Director & CEO said. “Her long history of deep involvement goes beyond showing up to work every day. Claudia is always the first to volunteer for Convention and any staff meeting assistance - traits that often go unrecognized but are much appreciated. This all shows a true devotion to our beloved Fraternity and for that, I thank you.”

Debra first began her tenure with the Delta Chi Fraternity in February 1986 as a secretary. Prior to her arrival on staff, she was an office manager for a home health agency in Iowa City, Iowa. She serves as the Records and Billing Administrator and has provided support for membership records, reporting through VAULT, Associate Member billing and grade verification, initiation dues, membership dues, and general accounts payable. “There has always been a lot of laughter among the staff and joking around,” Bilskemper said. “I will say, as I’ve gotten older, the men have kept me young at heart.” The one constant she looks forward to is the start of school around August every year, which allows her to assist the chapter officers with membership, questions, and more. When asked about her favorite employees from the past she’s worked with, she knew quickly how she felt. “I would have to say my co-worker Anne. We have shared a small officer for over 20 years. She is like a sister to me without the fighting. We have been there for each other throughout life’s issues, covering family weddings, raising children, birth of grandchildren, and the death of parents. ” “When I started (working) here, I was coming to the end of my unemployment form a previous job and this position was meant to be temporary. Little did I know then that 33 years later, I would still be here. I’ve had the pleasure of working with a lot of dedicated men over the years.” Bilskemper has enjoyed the variety of the work she’s performed and the situations she’s been faced with since joining the staff. “There has been discussion about moving headquarters for many years and it’s hard to believe that it’s actually going to happen. I am going to miss my job and my co-workers. I whole-heartedly wish the staff, current and new, the very best in the future.” “When you are on the same page with someone you work with on a daily basis, you look beyond the tasks and see the commitment,” Jerod Breit, Executive Director & CEO said. “Debra has always approached her job with one thing in mind – helping our members. Regardless of the tone, attitude, or anger from someone, she demonstrates top notch character with a customer service mindset. Her partnership will be missed. For all of this, I thank you.” Friendship | Character | Justice | Education


A P O I N T O F P R I D E This Quarterly’s Point of Pride features MICHAEL SCOTT CUSKELLY, who joined the Lifelong Bond of Delta Chi in 1976 at Gorham State (now the University of Southern Maine). Service to others and his community has been a calling throughout his life.


ike millions of young men, Michael Scott Cuskelly, Gorham State ’76, got involved with scouting at a young age. As a scout, Brother Cuskelly was able to experience the outdoors, develop his skills and interests, and make connections with others. It was through scouting that Cuskelly became friends with a young man named Patrick Constantine, Gorham State ‘73. While visiting his friend at college, Cuskelly decided he wanted to join Delta Chi when he was a sophomore in high school. “I was originally looking for a service fraternity, but that changed for me after the visit,” Cuskelly said. “I ended up becoming the Service Chair for a social fraternity rather than the Social Chair of a service fraternity.” After arriving at Gorham State and joining Delta Chi, Cuskelly wasted no time in getting involved. As an undergraduate, he served in a variety of roles, including time 6

Delta Chi Quarterly

on the Executive Board as the “B” and “E”. There was always something going on that he could get involved in. “We didn’t have a house, but it didn’t matter. If I needed a Brother, I knew where to find them. It was all about the Brotherhood, it was the people that mattered. I don’t know who I would be without some of my Brothers.” However, the position that he gravitated towards was the Service Chair. “To me, whenever there was an opportunity to do community service, it not only helped to sustain our chapter, but also supported the relationship with the school. When the institution was having an event, we were there to lend a hand.” During his time as an undergraduate, Cuskelly worked to coordinate events like blood drives, neighborhood cleanups, and built relationships with the local United Way. While both the Boy Scouts and Delta Chi played an important role

in his life, Cuskelly has long believed there was a strong connection that brought the organizations together for him, and how those lessons still guide him to this day. “I definitely see the relationship between scouting and the Fraternity. One attracted me to the other. You have to embrace the values of the Fraternity and it starts with remembering the oath you’ve taken. When you embrace the lessons you’ve learned and what we’ve been called to do, they are very real things. It’s not about memorizing facts like the Founding Fathers. It’s about remembering that (you) pledged to conduct (yourself ) with honor and respect. We need to go back to those lessons, because that’s what the Fraternity is about. It doesn’t matter how much fun you’ve had if you forgot who we are and who we’re called to be.” Cuskelly’s involvement in Delta Chi continued after his collegiate years. He remains active, getting together regularly with fellow alumni. “Even though we don’t have an active chapter, we have an active alumni base. We just celebrated our 50-year anniversary and we have summer reunions and gatherings. Having over 100 Brothers get together and go camping and renew relationships is the highlight of the summer. I have really benefited from my membership.” Just as he stayed involved with Delta Chi, Cuskelly’s involvement with the Boy Scouts has continued throughout his life. He spent 22 years as an executive within the Boy Scouts. He was also responsible for Camp Roosevelt, a 2,000-acre camp nestled in the mountains where he has mentored hundreds of campers over the years. It is the same camp Cuskelly attended as a young scout. “The scouting lessons from my youth helped me in the Fraternity. But the leadership and networking lessons I learned in Delta Chi were very beneficial in my career in the Scouts, and life in general.” This year, Cuskelly will celebrate his 50th year involved with scouting. When asked about his favorite scouting memory, there was no hesitation. “When my son Max became an Eagle Scout. When you see a young man grow up with good character, it was so wonderful to me. It was my pinnacle moment in scouting. Scouting is about others, and he still makes me proud.” Sadly, just over a year ago, Cuskelly was diagnosed with a brain tumor. This diagnosis has presented numerous challenges, but it didn’t stop Cuskelly from living his life. “When I found out about the tumor, it definitely changed things. But I’m still living my life. When you have a terminal illness, you realize you have a need to rely on folks. I knew I could always count on my Brothers. You start to realize you’re not being a burden, but it is a chance to support someone in need.”

Members of Delta Chi have been there in a variety of ways for Cuskelly. “I needed to drive from Maine to Boston for cancer treatments. I had Brothers I’ve never met before offer to give me rides, helped me move, whatever I needed. The Fraternity has been a true blessing.” Upon hearing the news of Cuskelly’s diagnosis, one Fraternity Brother dropped everything and drove from Rhode Island to Maine to check on him and visit him in the hospital. And lately, he’s been getting words of encouragement and support from members around North America. “I can’t hang my phone up. I keep getting calls from members around the country. In one day, I had over 100 messages. Seeing our Brothers live out our lifelong bond has been truly special to me.” The Scout Oath includes a call, “To help other people at all times.” It’s a call which Cuskelly still answers to this day. His experiences organizing blood drives as an undergraduate led to his continued volunteer work with the Red Cross. He continues to serve as a Rotarian and is involved with his local Knights of Columbus chapter. “Whatever you do in the Fraternity, never forget the role of service. Be a part of your local community. Just follow the Golden Rule and you can be a great Delta Chi and a responsible community member. By doing these things, it helps make the Fraternity strong, and enhances our own experiences.”

As Brother Michael Scott Cuskelly continues his brave fight against his brain tumor, we’re asking for your help. Please take a moment to reach out to Brother Cuskelly and send him a note of support. A handwritten card, text, or call would be greatly appreciated. Let’s showcase the support that the Brotherhood of a Lifetime can provide. Michael Cuskelly 183 Lower Main St Apt 208 Freeport, ME 04032 (207) 299-5114 Friendship | Character | Justice | Education



Campus Scene Abracadabra | Riley Delavari This year Abracadabra hosted a new philanthropy event, “Dunk-a-DChi.” At the event, attendees paid to enjoy Dunkin’ Donuts and take a shot at a dunk tank to dunk a brother. The Chapter is happy to host a fun event and to provide funds for the V Foundation for Cancer Research.

Adelphi | Dan Lee The Adelphi Chapter experienced a very successful spring. First, the Chapter was crowned Greek Week champions for the second year. We competed with other fraternities on campus in a week-long competition with events such as swimming, dodgeball, spelling bee, trivia, and more. This competition was highlighted by winning the annual talent show know as “Greek God” for the second year in-a-row. At the Adelphi University Greek Gala, Delta Chi received many awards of recognition and distinction. These awards included Fraternity Man of the Year, won by our “A” Billy Bird, Outstanding Alumni Relations, won by our “E” Eian Mckeon, and overall Chapter of Excellence, for our philanthropy, brotherhood, and community service work. This was an excellent end to our semester and our chapter is excited to continue the tradition.

organizations and through Penny Wars raised roughly $600 for the V Foundation. We look forward to a relaxing summer full of brotherhood and what may come in the fall.

Alberta | Salmaan Rashiq The Alberta Chapter is proud to report a successful academic year. Since the fall, we achieved many of the goals we set out to accomplish and had many experiences that enabled us to be better leaders and brothers. We began the year by adding nine members to our chapter. These young gentlemen are exemplary members of Delta Chi and with their energy and commitment, we have become a more engaged chapter, externally and internally. We’ve made a concentrated effort to strengthen our brotherhood and community relationships. We spent more time with one another and were a greater presence at local Greek and community events. The work paid off and the Alberta Chapter hosted a very successful Regional Leadership Conference in March. Finally, we took another step towards a sound education and can proudly report a 95% completion rate of our scholarship plan.

American | Michael Kvetenadze Our “BB”, Gregg Otten, American ’93, was awarded American University’s Advisor of the Year. For years, he has guided the Chapter with his wisdom and unparalleled work ethic. He embodies everything a Delta Chi should aim to be. With his tireless dedication to the Chapter and to promoting the values of Delta Chi, he has made a lasting impact on us all. He reinforces the values of the organization and the ideals the Chapter is striving for. Whether it is connecting active brothers with alumni for their future careers, a procedural question, or just personal advice, Gregg is always there to help. He takes pride in seeing each member go through their college experience the right way. He is the spine of the Chapter and we are in his debt. This is not the first award Brother Otten has received nor will it be the last. We are incredibly proud of you.

Appalachian State | Quinn Stamp Alabama | Cameron Carroll During the spring, the Alabama Chapter hosted “V for Valentine’s,” benefiting the V Foundation with a total raised of $4,400. The Chapter also served as the venue for Delta Zeta’s “Ballin’ for Bernstein” and a cornhole tournament for the Tuscaloosa Chapter of Fishing’s Future, whose president is Mike Bennett, a Delta Chi member. Newly initiated member Andrew Crain was elected as a Student Government Association Senator for the College of Engineering. Jacob Eagle was inducted into the Jason’s Society, the oldest honors society at the University of Alabama which recognizes 40 upcoming seniors who not only thrive in their academics, but also are involved and give back. We were proud to have six members of the 2016 fall class initiated into the Order of Omega. Additionally, we were presented with the Most Improved Chapter Award at the University of Alabama by the Order of Omega.

The Appalachian State Chapter has been interacting with the community positively this semester. We raised money at Carolina Pizza Company for the Daymark Mental Health Facility here in Boone. Shortly after that, we held another event titled “Oak Street Cleanup,” where the brothers of our fraternity and the Kappa Alpha Order teamed up and cleaned the streets of Boone. Oak Street is the Main Street many students, teachers, and locals reside.

Auburn | Hudson Harris Our chapter experienced many highs this semester, including five Associate Members. The Chapter currently has 34 active brothers, many of which volunteered at the “Big Event,” Auburn Dance Marathon, and “Our House.” The Associate Member Program has continued to help new members develop into successful men, not only within the Fraternity, but also on campus.

Augusta | Trey Birdsong Alaska Colony | Keon O’Brien This semester, the Alaska Colony focused on its academics and brotherhood, helping brothers find tutoring help and holding regular brotherhood events. Through this, we have become closer as brothers and help each other academically, personally, and professionally. We recruited one member this semester and initiated two Associate Members and two alumni. We enjoyed participating in Greek Week with other


Delta Chi Quarterly

The fall was a semester the Augusta Chapter will never forget. It began with pinning the largest Associate Member class in recent history, doubling last fall’s recruitment. We proceeded to have an excellent semester with hosting another alumni barbecue, excelling in fundraising, and assisting our community through food banks and “CleanUp McDowell,” an event where we clean up a road near Augusta University. We closed the year by introducing a new philanthropy event, “Holes for Hope,” followed by our 35th Anniversary White Carnation. With 13 new men initiated into the bond of

Delta Chi, we were optimistic about what was to come this spring. As the spring has progressed, we had our seventh annual “Jimmy Jog” and raised $4,300 towards the V Foundation. We had the pleasure of hosting the Region VIII Regional Leadership Conference for the very first time this semester. We were honored to have this privilege and hope everyone had a great time.

Central Missouri | Marcus Minnick

Behrend | Trevor Sites Over the past year, the Behrend Chapter has welcomed four new members. Brothers are involved in many different organizations around campus. Brother John Jarecki holds the position of Student Government President, Brother Jesse Beckwith is Vice President of IFC, and Brother Michael Duckett is Vice President of Programming of IFC. The Chapter held its first Town Hall meeting ever, which was open to all alumni and undergraduate members. We discussed ideas to help the Chapter move forward and communicated changes in the Chapter and its operations, as well as changes in the Greek community. The year ended with he celebration of our 29th annual White Carnation Formal.

Bowling Green | Josh Courter This spring has been another excellent semester for the Bowling Green Chapter. We have accomplished many goals and continue to find new ways to benefit our chapter. We are pinning eight new members this spring. The class has shown great potential and dedication to our chapter, continuing to give Delta Chi a great reputation around Bowling Green. At our Regional Leadership Conference, we were proud winners of the Outstanding Philanthropy Award for Region VI. We have had one philanthropy event, “Date-a-DChi,” which was a huge success. We have another upcoming event in our annual “Jimmy V 3-v-3” basketball tournament. We are expecting to raise $1,000 for the V Foundation with our philanthropy events. We had our annual Kimball Classic alumni weekend, which included fun activities like golfing and bowling. The alumni that came enjoyed it and loved seeing how our chapter was doing and the progress that we have made. We will continue to represent Delta Chi well in the Bowling Green community.

The spring has been as busy as ever. Brother Jared Gernetzke helped our chapter place second overall in Greek Week, overcoming several obstacles. We welcomed three new members, Blake Moore, Devin Reeves, and Chase Hunt, into our brotherhood. May they represent us diligently and with pride. We’re proud to announce that we happily witnessed a 50-year-old dream come true. With the outstanding help and support of Barrister Capital and the Alumni Board of Trustees, the Central Missouri Chapter finally has a house. It was a long and tedious process that finally has come to a successful end. Moving out of our current housing hasn’t been easy, but with the hard work and dedication of the Chapter, we are slowly but surely on our way out the door and into a bright and successful future.

Central Oklahoma Colony | Ryan Reece In the spring, the Central Oklahoma Colony had a very successful philanthropy event for March Madness, raising over $250 for the V Foundation. Our colony also participated in Alpha Xi Delta’s Xi Man competition, which raised money for Autism Awareness. One of our colony’s favorite moments from this semester was attending the Regional Leadership Conference for Region III. Our colony was presented with two awards - Outstanding Philanthropic Service Award and Luca Marinoni was awarded Delta Chi of the Year.

Chapel Hill Colony | Ethan Jennette The Chapel Hill Colony had an incredibly productive spring semester. We recruited three new Associate Members, participated in philanthropy events, had two social events, and established ourselves in the Greek community at Chapel Hill. The Colony also sent brothers to the Regional Leadership Conference in Philadelphia, expanding their network within the Fraternity. Progress within the Colony towards chartering was aided by a strong Executive Board, under “A” Yates McConnell and “B” Adam Bailey. The Colony seeks to charter in the fall, cementing itself as a Chapel Hill institution as it continues to recruit and commit itself to excellence in academics and philanthropy.

Cal Poly | Ryan Cavanagh 2019 has been extremely successful thus far. The 134 brothers of the Cal Poly Chapter have raised more than $3,700 for the V Foundation through a successful March Madness bracket tournament as well as donations. We have another upcoming philanthropy event in May, “The Jimmy Vk,” which is a 5k run open to students, parents, and San Luis Obispo County citizens. We’ve continued to build our chapter through our recent Associate Member class, adding nine members in the Beta Xi class.

Case Western Reserve | Vishal Shah The Case Western Reserve Chapter had a packed semester with lots of events and brotherhood. We recruited four energetic and engaged Associate Members. Our brothers participated in the campus-wide Greek Games competition and placed fourth in the annual Variety Show with our skit about game shows. We also successfully made a 15-person pyramid for the Pyramid Competition. Our chapter saw a rise in brotherhood events this semester with multiple game nights, an alumni-sponsored laser tag event, and many impromptu hangouts. In April, we raised over $1,400 at our annual “Shave-a-Life” philanthropy where brothers put their hair on the line to raise money for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. The semester ended with our Formal Date Party at the local Tremont Food Tour and the initiation of our new brothers. As we wrap up the semester, we wish the best of luck to our seven graduating seniors and thank them for the last four years.

Chico Colony | David Gleason Over the course of the past semester, the brothers at Chico State have been keeping busy. We had our first Regional Leadership Conference (RLC), philanthropy, alumni weekend, and formal. For this year’s RLC for Region II in Las Vegas, we were lucky enough to send 10 of our members. We spent the weekend learning valuable skills and incorporated them into our colony. We also took this as an opportunity to network with other chapters and colonies to build bonds. For our first philanthropy, we paired with the local chapter of the Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority and had a cookie bake sale, raising $264. Additionally, we’re having our first “Puppies, Pies, and DChis” and have already raised over $500 in presale tickets. Our first formal was located three hours from us in South Lake Tahoe. Every brother who attended had an amazing time staying at our beach front hotel and enjoyed a nice dinner before the dance. This semester also brought the initiation of 15 members into our Beta Class. We are hopeful to charter within the next two semesters.

Friendship | Character | Justice | Education


Clemson | Patrick Thompson

Delaware | Robert Flynn

This past semester has been successful for the Clemson Chapter. We welcomed five new members this spring and made incredible improvements on the chapter house, including a fence. Many of our brothers participated in philanthropy events on campus, including coming in third place at Chi Omega’s Philanthropy competition. Our intramural basketball team made a deep run in the playoffs. Our chapter brought 12 brothers to the Regional Leadership Conference in Augusta and represented our chapter well in the region. Our brother, Mike McNulty, was elected to the student senate, representing the business school. The Chapter is proud to announce that 14 seniors are graduating this semester and moving onto full-time positions in the professional world. We plan on continued improvements for our chapter and the Clemson campus.

The Delaware Chapter was excited to participate in “UDance,” an all-day dance marathon that benefits the Andrew McDonough B+ (Be Positive) Foundation and Childhood Cancer. This foundation is the largest provider of financial assistance to families of kids battling childhood cancer in the United States. This year, they received a new B+ hero, William, who is a brave nine-year-old boy battling lymphoma. The men at Delaware were excited to add William to their brotherhood as well as to the list of reasons to dance. This list includes William, Von (our previous B+ hero), and all of those affected by cancer. This year, the brothers raised $44,000 which helped contribute to the $2,252,081 raised across the University.

Denver Colony | Erik Frederiksen In a short time, the Denver Colony has become very active on campus. This spring, we’ve added three new Associate Members who have started AM training and will be initiated at the start of June. As a colony, we’ve attended alumni events with the Northern Colorado Chapter and Colorado State Colony. We recently participated in “Big Man on Campus,” a competition between fraternities hosted by the sorority Delta Zeta. Each chapter/colony competes in a series of challenges over the course of a week. We finished second in the event. We worked with Delta Zeta to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for homeless people in our community and followed this event with our first exchange. We have plenty happening this summer, as we plan to participate in many philanthropy events, our first formal, and initiating new Associate Members. We are looking forward to the opportunities that the rest of the quarter brings.

Colorado State Colony | Kyle Johnson It was a great semester for the Colorado State Colony. We made great strides in establishing our campus presence and are quickly making a name for ourselves as a fraternity of gentleman. We hand delivered flowers and cards to sororities on campus in celebration of their founding days. We’re averaging more than 10 hours per member of community service each semester, with some logging more than 20. One activity we participate in regularly is packing meals for underprivileged students so they can have food for the weekend. It was a great experience for the Colony and showed us the joy of giving back. We, along with Phi Mu and Sigma Chi, took second place in the Greek Week Lip Sync contest and third overall in the week-long event. We finished the semester by traveling to the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park during initiation week, the site of the 1929 Convention. We recreated a photo from our Cornerstone with our Associate Member class.

Duquesne | Kevin Stalker We recently initiated 10 new members from the Beta Theta Associate Member class. While it may not be a large class in quantity, it is quality that these individuals bring to our chapter. We have had another successful year with philanthropy, as we hosted “Get Snagged for Jimmy V” and participated in countless community service activities. “Waste is Whack” and “Spring Clean Up” are just a couple of service activities we enjoyed the most. Our former “A”, Charlie Megginson IV, was recently elected Student Government President, with goals to improve the student experience at Duquesne University. Brothers James Cody and Dylan Braun, two recent graduates, are pursuing their PA degrees in their fifth year at Duquesne. We are now back-toback champions in our Greek Week and Greek Sing competitions. Most importantly, we have done various brotherhood events that have continued to strengthen our bond as brothers in Delta Chi. We recently had trips to Top Golf, cook outs, bowling days, and a memorable “Mountain Weekend ’19.”

Cornell | Aneesh Agrawal Our chapter introduced a new, exciting, and diverse Associate Member class this spring. With 19 members, the class included a range of majors, backgrounds, and interests. This class quickly contributed to events and the Executive Board. This semester, we enjoyed several events in art and music. Many of our members are Fine Arts, Architecture, and Fashion majors, so this was a welcome deviation from our heavy emphasis on athletics in the fall. The members love showing support and coming out to art shows, Dragon Day, and the annual fashion show. One of our members recently released a rap album which has received high praise on Spotify and Apple Music. We’ve had a great semester and are looking forward to our spring formal and brotherhood alumni dinner.


Delta Chi Quarterly

Eastern Illinois | Corey Clark This semester, the Eastern Illinois Chapter has been making small but substantial strides. We initiated two members - Dalton Piercey and Yianni Chronopoulous. We look forward to having them continue to grow with us. Our brothers have been doing a lot of reviewing and planning to help us meet goals we set for ourselves. We have been setting some new traditions, reviewing some old, and are always looking to improve. We were very proud to accept an award during Greek Week for “Excellence in Campus Relations and Involvement.” Our Chapter is working to get back on campus and we are very proud to announce that we are moving into our own house in the Greek Court we have at Eastern Illinois University.

Eastern Washington | Kadin Stinardo This year, our chapter doubled in size thanks to our various recruitment events and our members reaching out to new guys on campus. We had the pleasure of welcoming ten new brothers to our chapter this year and are ready to see how they grow throughout their new brotherhood experience. Our chapter recently held elections and are very excited to see how this new executive team will shape our future here at Eastern Washington. We held our spring recruitment week and are excited for the five new gentlemen that started their journey to the brotherhood of a lifetime and to the many more that are excited to begin their journey next year. We recently hosted our alumni weekend and it turned out to be a great success. It was great to see the old faces of Delta Chi and introduce the newer brothers to the history of Delta Chi at Eastern Washington.

East Stroudsburg | Tommy Heim This was a great semester for our chapter. We initiated seven new members and we had our annual “Dye-a-Chi” event as well as having a kickball tournament with the sisters of Alpha Omnicron Pi for our philanthropy. With those events, we raised our year-long total to $2,100 raised for the V Foundation. Our chapter also had other fundraising events, such as selling Yankee Candles and a fundraiser at a local restaurant. Our chapter also placed second in Greek Week. We took part in this year’s “Relay for Life,” which raised over $40,000. We have two new members of IFC - Spencer Root will be President and Nick Podolek will be Vice President. We are confident in these two individuals to bring our Greek community to new heights.

Edwardsville - Paul Giganti This past fall, our membership nearly doubled after the initiation of the Delta and Epsilon Associate Member classes, totaling 26 members. The SIUE Colony held its annual “Puppies, Pies & Delta Chis” philanthropic event, raising over $2,500 for the V Foundation. In the spring, the Chapter celebrated its official chartering, restoring Delta Chi’s presence on campus for the first time in over three decades. The night before the chartering, we initiated five Associate Members of the Zeta class along with four alumni initiates, all fathers of current active members. The Chapter also volunteered in a charity walk on campus benefitting Multiple Sclerosis patients, contributing 100 hours of community service. The Chapter is more determined than ever to build off its recent successes by adding a new Executive Board, planning for fall recruitment, philanthropic success, and higher community involvement.

Embry Riddle | Brett Krzynski Over the past semester, the Embry-Riddle Chapter has made numerous steps to better our brotherhood, chapter, the University, and Delta Chi as a whole. We had two new members join us this semester, bringing us to a total of 24 active brothers. We had three brothers graduate this semester - Robert Dye III, Edward Lewis, and Mark Hetrick Jr. A total of six brothers made it to the Regional Leadership Conference in Augusta and learned valuable skills to help the Chapter succeed. We are all looking forward to next semester’s recruitment and are getting a head start on the planning. Lastly, we would like to recognize David Cloutier for reaching the New Founder giving level and for helping our chapter immensely when needed.

Leadership Conference, we were ecstatic to win the award for recruitment excellence. For our spring philanthropy, “Deltiki,” we raised over $5,000 for the V Foundation. Continuing with this momentum, we raised $3,520 for Relay for Life, a new record for our chapter. This year for Dance Marathon, we also raised $15,089 to support children in Miracle Network Hospitals, reaching another new record for our chapter. We also participated in the Gift of Life Marrow Registry, an international public bone marrow and blood stem cell registry. Gift of Life helps facilitate transplants for children and adults that suffer from life threatening diseases, such as leukemia and lymphoma. We hope we can help save a few lives.

Fullerton | Brendan MacMillan This semester, the Fullerton Chapter enjoyed success in philanthropy, recruitment, and growing with our school and community. The Fullerton Chapter, now at 62 members, was able to help raise $18,000 towards “Camp Titan,” a summer camp for underprivileged children. The Chapter also led a successful philanthropy week for the V Foundation. Our recruitment team led the Chapter to the highest bid acceptance rate (100%) of all IFC fraternities on campus, initiating seven new members into the bond. The Chapter also made major renovations to our chapter house, including a new kitchen, chapter room, and courtyard.

Fredonia | Derek Hall We had an extremely productive semester at Fredonia. At the beginning of the semester, we set a goal that we wanted to have 800 community service hours. Currently, we have 530 hours and are on track to complete this goal. With this milestone we will be the top group on campus for community service hours. The Fredonia Chapter also came in first place for our university’s annual Greek Week. Greek Week is an event where all six Greek life organizations come together and compete for the title of best Greek organization on campus. Our chapter brought home the trophy, making it the eighth time we have won in the last 10 years.

Gannon | Owen Means This spring, the Gannon Chapter has been involved in multiple community service events, including volunteering with Erie Contemporary Dance, cleaning up our West Bayfront area, and volunteering at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center. We welcomed four members in our spring Associate Member class - Matthew Szparaga, Jamie Alloway, Ryan Alloway, and Caleb Filson. The six brothers living in the house will continue to live there throughout the summer. Feel free to contact any of the brothers on our Facebook page if you are in town this summer.

George Mason | Jaron Moore The George Mason Chapter had a group day at the Washington Nationals game on April 13, raising money and reconnecting with alumni. Several alumni were on hand for the event, with over 40 total attendees and more than $300 raised for the Chapter. Together, we celebrated our 10-year anniversary of our chartering. Our Associate Member class this semester saw 10 additions to the brotherhood of a lifetime, our largest spring class ever. These men will continue the legacy of our seven graduating members this semester.

Georgia Southern | Cole Chambless

Ferrum | Carl Schwabenton The spring was a very eventful semester for the Ferrum Chapter. We were involved with lots of community service, fundraisers, and held an alumni retreat. We prepared Panther Packs at the Ferrum Emergency Squad House, which included making lunches for kids of the county. We also helped the college clean up the hiking trail around campus. The Chapter raised funds for one of the member’s good friends who has been battling cancer, for the V Foundation, and for the Chapter through a “Piea-Dchi” event. At the end of the semester, we had an alumni retreat at the beach, allowing undergraduate members to meet those that came before us.

The spring semester saw our chapter make great strides. We proudly hosted four separate percentage night events at local restaurants, raising the most money for the V Foundation in recent history. In athletics, we made the playoffs, including the semifinals in both football and soccer, in every sport for the first time in over a decade. Another emphasis this semester was getting parents involved with the Chapter. During the weekend of April 12, we treated parents to a tailgate and baseball game against Texas State. At the beginning of April, Region VIII Regional Leadership Conference was hosted at the Augusta Chapter and they were amazing hosts. We sent 12 men to represent our chapter, the most of any chapter attending the event. Through this, our members learned how to improve individually as well as how to run aspects of the Chapter better. We also had many brotherhood events which brought us all closer as members. The most notable brotherhood event was a cabin retreat in Gatlinburg, Tennessee in March. We initiated two great young men who we expect great things from in their time here. Overall, this semester was one of our most successful yet, putting us on a path to continue and grown upon the success in the fall.

Florida State | Ethan Hoffer We have had a very eventful and successful spring semester. Between philanthropy, house improvements, our studies, and other miscellaneous activities, we have stayed active to better ourselves and our community. During this school year, we were thrilled to win first place in the homecoming parade. We are still maintaining the second highest overall grade point average on campus per IFC. At the Regional

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Georgia Tech | Trevor Beachboard This semester, the Georgia Tech Chapter had another successful spring with 13 Associate Members. In addition to becoming leaders of on-campus organizations, the Associate Members have been involved in the Chapter by hosting a chapter sports evening and building benches for our outdoor patio. The Chapter focused on community service and philanthropy this semester by hosting a community service event with Alpha Delta Pi sorority to help provide blankets to children at the Ronald McDonald House in Atlanta and philanthropic events such as our third annual “Casino Night,” which pushed the Chapter to $10,000 in giving to the V Foundation this academic year. The chapter would like to congratulate our 15 members graduating this semester and wish them success in their professional endeavors.

Hamilton | Peter Schavee This semester for the Hamilton Chapter has been one of the best. Most junior students are abroad, exploring amazing places such as studying at Oxford, attending university in Prague, and exploring the down-under in New Zealand. While their presence on campus is missed, the sophomore and senior classes have been achieving great things. For spring break, two sophomore members traveled to Nepal and navigated from Kathmandu to the Annapurna region, climbing on the 10th highest mountain in the world, Annapurna. Senior Henry Shuldiner won a Fulbright scholarship and will spend next year teaching at Columbia.

Huntsville | Jared Sheldon The Hunstville Chapter has made great strides in service over the last year by taking part in community service events with heightened frequency. Under the stewardship of our current Service Chairman Mason Butler, the Chapter was acknowledged by the city of Huntsville with the 2018 Huntsville Development Award for community service. This award, received by our volunteers, strengthened our belief that we as a chapter can truly make a difference in our community.

Hayward | Adrian Florida This has been another year of growth for the Hayward Chapter. We have almost doubled our numbers since last year and raised tens of thousands of dollars for ourselves working at Levi’s Stadium and will continue to do so. We also held fun and exciting philanthropy events such as beating up a car for cancer, “Martlet Madness 3-on-3” with a 50/50 raffle, and shirt designs for the upcoming year. This upcoming year, our membership will be in the 40’s and hopefully this time next year, even more. Born Proud, Raised Proud.

Hobart | Chris Fronsaglia This spring will certainly be remembered as a successful one for the Hobart Chapter. Combined with our outstanding efforts in the fall, the brothers were excited to be awarded the Dr. Christopher Howard Most Evolved Greek Organization by the Hobart’s IFC. With our focus continuing to be on philanthropy and community service, we are happy to say we were able to raise $500 for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. This semester, a group of brothers traveled to a nearby bike trail to help prepare it for the busy spring and summer season. In addition to welcoming seven new Associate Members to our growing brotherhood, the Chapter also received multiple visits from alumni who were excited to see improvements to the house such as new pillars on the porch and lighting in the parlor. The brothers also hosted our annual Greek Week “Grill-Off,” which was enjoyed by all. We are looking forward to the summer and excited to come back in the fall and build off a successful 2018-19 academic year.

Illinois | Jake Guth This spring was an exciting one for the Illinois Chapter. We initiated 11 Associate Members and are thrilled to see how they can continue to contribute to the chapter. The annual “Mom’s Weekend” celebration was a blast. Our chef Sarah made a delicious meal for the Chapter and our families. We contributed $784 to the V Foundation through our March Madness Bracket Challenge fundraiser that many members, family, and friends were able to get involved with. This summer, we anticipate a great showing at our second annual golf outing to gather alumni from all across the country. The Chapter is doing great and we look forward to improving our philanthropy events and campus presence.

Kansas State | Mark Buckwalter Brother Tyler Kirkart had the opportunity this semester to travel to Washington D.C. for a week and met with Kansas representatives and other legislative members about what it is like to be an American affected by multiple sclerosis (MS) and legislation that will help people living with MS.

Kennesaw | Kyle Baker Hofstra | Alec Aronson During the fall semester, we had success raising awareness and support for the V Foundation by hosting our philanthropy event, Miss Hofstra USA, featuring a contestant from each of the sororities on campus. Our chapter also participated in the community cleanup event “Shake-A-Rake,” which included our brothers clearing the yards of local seniors and disabled residents. The Hofstra Chapter also welcomed our new Executive Board, including our “A” Dante Ameo, “B” Richard Corbet, “C” Nathaniel Perez, “D” Tyler Macisco, “E” Alec Aronson, and “F” Trevor Feit. We look forward to building and growing our chapter and can’t wait to see what 2019 brings.


Delta Chi Quarterly

This past academic year, the Kennesaw Chapter introduced 13 new members into the brotherhood, bringing our total to 50. We accomplished getting more involved with the school and found more efficient ways to operate our chapter while emphasizing community service and finding Associate Members that understand what it means to be a part of this organization and strive to uphold our values. We wanted to get more involved with other Greek organizations outside of IFC and NPC, so we held a study hall with Omega Psi Phi and Lambda Theta Alpha. We have one member serving on the IFC Executive Board as the Director of Diversity and Inclusion. We raised over $500 for the V Foundation. Our chapter had our annual brotherhood camping trip that brought our brothers closer. We have many exciting rush events planned for this summer and for the fall. We would like to thank the alumni that have helped us grow this past year and look forward to growing alumni involvement.

Lehigh | PJ Walsh

Kent State Colony | Jacob Howell

This spring, we welcomed 13 new brothers to our chapter. We also had the privilege of Aaron Otto “AA”, International President, visit our chapter for the first time and meet the brothers over a buffet brunch. Additionally, we put on a philanthropy event for the V Foundation, selling tacos from a local food truck and donating 100% of the proceeds. The brotherhood is very much looking forward to finishing exams and heading home for the summer.

The last weekend in April, the brothers of the Kent State Colony had the pleasure of attending our very first formal in Nancy, Kentucky. After a successful year of philanthropy and service, we thought there would be nothing more rewarding than a weekend getaway full of fun, laughs and brotherhood. During our trip, brothers and their dates enjoyed kayaking, hiking and great food. We are excited to continue this tradition and even more excited to see what the future has in store for us as we near our biggest accomplishment yet – chartering.

Little Rock | Turner Hudson The spring semester has been an exciting one for the Little Rock Chapter of Delta Chi. We had the privilege of winning men’s intramurals this year and raised over $700 for the V Foundation. We’re honored to have the highest grade point average (GPA) of any Greek organization on campus and also very honored to have won Greek Week. We’re pleased to announce we received the Philanthropy and GPA Award this year at the Regional Leadership Conference. Go Trojans!

Kettering – A | Chris Paruch During our last term, the Kettering-A Chapter was busy revamping positions within our chapter. We created an Award Community for the first time that developed awards for members, such as “Brother of the Month,” “Strongest Brother,” and “Strongest Trainer.” “Brother of the Month” is an award given to a member who has gone above and beyond to help the Chapter and/or others in the area. With the help of the Athletic Chairman, the “Strongest Brother” and “Strongest Trainer” awards were created to increase the health and wellness of the Chapter. One is for brothers who continually improve at the gym and the other for trainers who are actively encouraging and helping others. Our Philanthropy Committee recently decided to help a child in Vietnam named Mung through the Feed the Children Foundation. We have also begun to write a chapter lore book, filling it with memories of current members and alumni. Our chapter has been continuing to improve alumni relations with an increase in communications of emails and soon-to-be newsletter. It has been a couple of years since we have had an alumni event. In mid-June, that will change with our first alumni barbecue, a cookout the Chapter is putting on for the alumni. We recently welcomed seven Associate Members to our chapter, increasing our size to 31. Kettering-A and Kettering-B were both excited to see new and old alumni at our 20th anniversary.

Kingsville | Pablo Carrillo The Kingsville Chapter volunteered at “Bigger Event,” a large community service event to help the environment and the Kingsville community. Our chapter was given the task of cleaning up highways. We walked six miles along the access roads of a nearby highway, picking up trash and other objects. The event was important not just for service, but for continued growth through the bond of Delta Chi. “Bigger Event” is a way for us to say “thank you” to our community and show that when people come together for a great cause, great things happen.

Livingston | LaChristopher Burton During the fall, the Livingston Chapter initiated 12 new brothers, a significant sized Associate Member class for our chapter and school. We also started off our outstanding year with a strong philanthropy week. That week held amazing events which were capped off by our first “Walk-a-Thon.” The walk consisted of a 25-mile walk where donors committed a dollar to each mile each member walked. In the spring, we became official partners to UWA Baseball. The Delta Chi Grounds Crew volunteered hundreds of hours for our Tiger baseball team. We welcomed one more member into our illustrious brotherhood in the spring. In total, we gathered over 1,500 community service hours and raised more than $1,600 towards philanthropic causes. To top it all off, we finished the year by winning the James P. Homer Award for the best overall fraternity on campus.

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Marquette | Thomas O’Sullivan The Marquette Chapter has successfully bounced back by recruiting 22 new members in the spring. Numbers had dwindled to under 30 members in the fall, but strength has been restored as we re-establish ourselves on campus. This year, the Chapter celebrates its 42nd anniversary. We’re currently in contention for Most Improved Chapter at Marquette University.

Long Beach | Amin Hakem Having had numerous quiet semesters, the men of the Long Beach Chapter had an eventful spring. With 24 new members, the Chapter doubled its recruiting efforts and put together a solid class. We raised $3,000 for the V Foundation and further developed a presence on campus with our “Pie-a-DChi” event and CrowdChange fundraiser. We made strides in sorority relations, executing more social events than ever in recent years.

Louisiana Tech | Mason Bamburg

Massachusetts | Ian Choo The Massachusetts Chapter has experienced a fantastic year of fun and fulfillment. This past semester, we celebrated our 10th anniversary since our re-chartering in 2008 with a grand banquet. Our brothers had the unique opportunity to meet alumni and hear their stories. It was a historical event for our chapter and we hope to do it again 10 years down the road. We participated in events such as our annual Six Flags Day, where members worked for a day’s wage to go to the V Foundation, partnered up with Alpha Chi Omega for our “Pie-a-Chi” event, and more. Overall, we are proud to have raised $1,500 for the V Foundation. Additionally, we also took part in our campus’ annual Greek Week with Alpha Epsilon Phi and managed to raise a little over $3,000 for Baystate Children’s Hospital. We have initiated 15 driven young men into our brotherhood and are proud of how they have been involved and striving to improve our chapter. With their diligence, the future of our chapter looks brighter than ever and we hope to continue growing and exemplifying excellence within our community.

The Louisiana Tech Chapter is as good as ever. This quarter, we did a fundraiser with a local animal shelter and raised over $200. At the Regional Leadership Conference, we were presented with the Regents Cup and one of our members, Mason Andrews, was presented with the “Outstanding Philanthropic Service” award for raising over $30,000 for MedCamps of Louisiana when he circumnavigated the globe this past summer. The town of Ruston was recently hit by an F-3 tornado that destroyed most of the town. No major damage was done to our house, but we did not sit around during the town’s time of need. We helped our community in addition to participating in the “Big Event” that Louisiana Tech University SGA hosted. The Chapter is proud of our town and was happy to be a part of the recovery process.

Miami | McClain Brown The Miami Chapter has had yet another successful spring. We have completed over 1,000 hours of community service as a chapter, doing a variety of projects in the greater Oxford community. The chapter ranked first in grade point average (GPA) with a 3.41 cumulatively. Additionally, we welcomed 30 new brothers into our spring class with an average GPA of 3.43, demonstrating our chapter’s strong commitment to education. We look forward to all the chapter house improvements this summer and for our alumni to visit in the fall.

Michigan | Eric Durudogan LSU | Eric Napier We made positive impacts this semester on campus with two philanthropy events and raised over $950 for the V Foundation. These events included a kickball tournament and “Puppies, Pies, and Delta Chis.” We welcomed three new Associate Members in the Alpha Zeta class. Our chapter also hosted two crawfish boil exchanges at our house this spring. The Phi Mu and Zeta Tau Alpha Chapters gave us positive reviews about the exchanges. We welcomed three new executive officers: Harrison Landry as “C”, Eric Napier as “E”, and Owen Riggs as Recruitment Chairman. We are also excited to welcome three new alumni to our Alumni Board of Trustees (ABT) - Cleve Franklin, Donny Gutierrez, and Milton Westmore. We would also like to welcome the new ABT President, Dr. Phillip Allen, who was the undergraduate “A” in the late 1980s. With the new leadership and the strong brotherhood of our chapter, we were able to have a problem-free semester and are looking forward to a full social calendar in the fall.


Delta Chi Quarterly

On April 13, the Michigan Chapter ran its premiere annual philanthropy event for the fourth year. The event, titled “Marco Madness,” is a basketball tournament at the home court of the Wolverines basketball teams. “Marco Madness” honors one of our brothers, Marco Gutierrez, who defeated cancer in high school and again during his freshman year at Michigan. The proceeds of the event go to the Children’s National Medical Center where Marco was treated. We are extremely thankful that Marco has been cancer free for over two years now. This year, we raised $23,054 for the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington D.C. where Marco was treated. Elections for the Executive Board of the Ann Arbor Interfraterity Council (AAIFC) resulted in four members elected. We would like to congratulate Matthew Plonskier, Borna Shoa, Micah Krakoff, and Griffin Darcey for their election as President, Vice President, VP of Internal Affairs and VP of Finance, respectively. These elections are amazing achievements for our brothers and shows their commitment to the AAIFC and its values.

Minnesota | Johnny Puntillo This semester, the Minnesota Chapter unfortunately had to see our outstanding senior class graduate. Although they will become fantastic additions to our already impressive alumni group, it will be sad to see these guys leave the house. They helped our chapter house grow in so many ways throughout their four years as undergraduate members and the Chapter would like to say thank you for being one of the best classes to come through Minnesota.

North Alabama | Noah Thornton This year has been a productive one for the North Alabama Chapter. The Chapter has been running a successful campaign to improve campus and community involvement. This has come in many forms of philanthropy, education and on-campus groups. For the second year, we have reached our goal for the V Foundation. We continued volunteering at American Family Day as an effort to bring families and work places together, which also served as a fundraising event for the chapter. This year we had nine brothers attend a Regional Leadership Conference along with three alumni. With the closing of this academic year, the North Alabama Chapter continues its involvement in IFC, Freshman Forum, and will see three brothers graduate.

Mississippi State | Ethan Hester The Mississippi State Chapter has a very good relationship with the West Point Animal Shelter. We try to visit monthly to help the volunteer workers clean and love every animal in its care. They want all the help they can get, so we enjoy taking the time to help in any way they need. Summer is just around the corner and recruitment for the fall will be in full swing soon.

Missouri | Alexander Lakin This semester, we welcomed eight new members into the brotherhood. These newly initiated brothers have already shown great effort in their goals with the Chapter. Our entire chapter has shown an improved dedication for excellence this semester. We are currently in the midst our annual Jimmy V Week, which includes raising money through donations, t-shirt sales, and ticket sales to our Jimmy V Gala. On the first day of the week, we raised more money for the V Foundation than the entire week of the previous year. We look forward to exceeding our goal and supporting this amazing foundation with the efforts of our entire chapter and the campus as a whole.

Missouri State | Andrew Fowler This semester, we celebrated our former “A” and now alumnus, Andre McIntyre, for making a difference for our fraternity and all of Greek life. Brother McIntyre traveled to the capital with our “AA” Aaron Otto to lobby congressional leaders about the value of fraternity life, standing up to Harvard, and advocated for anti-hazing legislation. When he returned to Springfield, he was asked to be interviewed on the evening news to share his experience and promote a positive image of our fraternity. In addition, our own Brendan Willie has just gained the honor of serving as a Leadership Consultant in the upcoming year. We are extremely proud of the work of our brothers and continue to strive to make our chapter the very best it can be.

Northeast Ohio Alumni | C.J. Costas The Northeast Ohio Alumni Chapter has been busy reacquainting old brothers and forging new bonds. Over the past few months, we’ve been busy hosting several events. Our alumni events included a social gathering, a Regional Leadership Conference, and a baseball game. The social event kicked off the holiday season in November and December with members coming from all over to enjoy food, laughs, and camaraderie. We had an “Ugly Christmas Sweater” social gathering in December which saw even more participants. In February, the Chapter was the first alumni chapter to host a Regional Leadership Conference. As the hosts of Region VI, we had many alumni participate in set-up, check-in, alumni roundtables, and performance of the ritual. It was truly an honor to host. The most recent event we hosted was our third annual Cleveland Indians baseball game outing that took place on Wednesday, May 8. We had a fantastic turnout and bonded over America’s pastime. Our alumni chapter continues to grow and the larger we get, the more fun we have and the better the networking opportunities become. Check out for chapter updates.

Montclair | Derek Radzik The Montclair Chapter had another eventful spring semester. Our “A”, Jimmy Perez, and the rest of the Executive Board worked diligently in leading our chapter and setting us on the path to success. This semester, we raised money for the V Foundation through numerous fundraising events, initiated 21 Associate Members (the largest class our chapter has ever produced), and won Greek Week for the fourthstraight year. We incorporated new fundraising techniques this semester as well, hosting “Pie-a-DChi,” as well as raising money through Krispy Kreme and Chipotle fundraising events. Additionally, our chapter has a 3.2 grade point average (GPA), one of the highest on campus. As a whole, our chapter continues to uphold the values of Delta Chi and we feel that our bond as brothers has never been stronger. We will use that as a tool to help us achieve big things in the near future.

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Northern Arizona | Brandon Koltiska

Ohio State | Yonatan Wechsler

The Northern Arizona Chapter believes that community involvement is highly important. We have demonstrated great success within the Greek community and the University. On April 23, 2019, NAU hosted their Greek Awards Banquet, where our chapter received two awards - IFC Chapter of the Year and Greek Leader of the Year. Our “B”, Justin Harris, received the Greek Leader award for his commitment to academic achievement and involvement as IFC’s Secretary for the Fall 2018 semester. On March 29, 2019, we hosted a joint-philanthropy event with Alpha Phi where we raised $3,000 for the cause. Pending an incoming grant, we are in a position to donate up to $6,000.

This semester, we raised a total of $9,000 for “Buckeyethon,” a dance marathon at Ohio State which benefits pediatric cancer patients. This past year, we raised over $2,000 for the V Foundation through a series of philanthropy events, such as a “Dunk-a-DChi” and our yearly car smash. This past fall semester, we completed a combined total of over 400 hours of community service throughout the city of Columbus, and we expect to beat that amount this semester.

Omaha Colony | Jaydon Casillas North Georgia | Michael Cash The North Georgia Chapter focused much of its efforts on recruitment this spring. We were able to bring in 10 Associate Members, bringing our chapter size to 22. We have a few summer recruitment events in the early planning stages with the Atlanta Area Alumni Chapter. We are hoping that these joint efforts will increase interest among non-affiliated students and strengthen our bond with brothers from across Georgia. The Chapter is also increasing time spent with members in a casual setting, planning events such as barbecues, movie nights, gift exchanges, and date nights. This is vital to promoting friendship throughout the Chapter.

As the newest fraternity on campus, we are slowly making a positive name for ourselves. We have participated in many events such as sorority exchanges, intramural sports, and fundraising events. As a colony, we are working hard to get chartering prerequisites done so we can become a full chapter. Our Executive Board has been working together to get philanthropic events set up as well as our by-laws in place and recruiting events for next fall. We are excited to say we’ve hit the ground running this year.

Oregon State | Terren Cravens Throughout the 2018-19 academic year, the Oregon State Chapter increased alumni involvement, mitigated waste through our first recycling system, increased membership with our largest spring recruitment class, and increased our campus presence through community service events and philanthropic events. Many accomplishments have been made this school year, so we look eagerly to the next year to keep the momentum moving forward.

Oshkosh | Zach Herriges

Northwestern | Ryan Farley This has been a great year for the Northwestern Chapter. We have been enjoying our new and larger house, located in the heart of campus. Our chapter partnered with two other Greek organizations to form our largest team to date for the Northwestern Dance Marathon, raising over $1.3 million for Chicago public schools. We have maintained our position as having one of the top-three GPA’s on campus amongst Greek organizations, finishing last quarter with a 3.6 grade point average. This past quarter, we partnered with nearby organizations such as the Evanston Public Library and the Chicago Special Olympics for philanthropic events and we will be participating in Relay for Life in the upcoming weeks. To end the year, we will be hosting our annual Delta Chi Movers philanthropy event, where we assist fellow students move out of their dorms and into their summer housing, with the proceeds going to the V Foundation.


Delta Chi Quarterly

We’re happy to announce that the Oshkosh Chapter, with help from the Barrister Corporation, has finally received a lettered house on campus. We will have it in the fall of next year. It will hopefully be a place for future members to grow and become better people and revisit long after they graduate. It will be a place to foster friendship and the life long bonds of brotherhood that this fraternity so heartily supports and promotes. Our recruitment has been our most successful spring semester in years. We equaled a quarter of our chapter in Associate Members this fall, making it the most successful spring recruitment for the Chapter in years. The Service Chairman and “E” went to the volunteer fair and talked to 18 different charities, nonprofits, and volunteer organizations about possible opportunities to volunteer. We also were lucky to get a great fundraising opportunity with Miller Park, to work concessions at several games to raise money for our chapter. We are expected to earn over $3,000. The members of the Chapter went to Regional Leadership Conference at Trine State in Indiana, where they met fellow brothers from other chapters and learned many new ideas to bring back to Oshkosh. Many said the experience totally changed their view of Delta Chi by realizing how immense the bond of brotherhood truly is. Our “B” Derek Rademacher received an award for Emerging New Leader of Region V, a well-deserved honor for his hard work, sweat, and tears he put into the Chapter. He was only a freshman when he achieved this, which makes us excited to see where this great brother will lead and guide us to in the future. We received most improved grade point average (GPA) at the Greek Awards, as well as our “C” Chase Lowen receiving the award for Emerging Greek Leader. Our new scholarship program has helped with improving our GPAs, priding Delta Chis in the honor of acquiring a sound education.

Penn State | Nick Rosaschi THON is a 46-hour dance marathon to raise money for the Four Diamonds Children’s Hospital and is the largest student-run philanthropy event committed to raising money for childhood cancer treatment and research. Every year, the Penn State Chapter is paired with the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority and we work together to support and represent our THON child, Owen Bonn. This year, we raised over $80,000 and we were in the top-10 for fundraising in Greek life. We’d like to thank everyone who participated and was generous enough to donate. It was greatly appreciated. It was another successful THON weekend and the brotherhood is already starting to make plans for next year.

Pittsburgh | Matthew Jankowitz It was a great semester for the Pittsburgh Chapter. We began with an amazing Associate Member class of 22 men. This class is one of our biggest classes in years and is already taking on leadership positions and making their mark on the Chapter. We raised over $5,000 for Children’s Miracle Network through the Pitt Dance Marathon, making us the highest contributing fraternity. We also made great renovations to our house, including new flooring, improved living conditions, and a new pool table. We’re all excited for a great fall after enjoying a successful spring.

Purdue | Will Kretzer This spring, the Purdue Chapter initiated 15 Associate Members. Our brother Aaron Lai raised over $29,000 for the Tyler Trent Cancer Research Endowment by walking from West Lafayette to Bloomington, Indiana (a 100-mile trip). Our members came together during this time and supported him during this challenge. It was a big deal for the entire Purdue community as it brought recognition to a great cause and the Delta Chi Fraternity. We continue to emphasize community service through volunteering in our annual highway cleanup. The chapter strengthened its bond by having bowling nights and watching the Purdue basketball team make a run in the NCAA Tournament. Our newly elected Executive Board is full of new faces and is ready and excited to bring new ideas to help us improve this upcoming semester.

Riverside | Alex Nguyen During the winter quarter, the brothers of the Riverside Chapter went on a retreat to the beautiful peaks of Big Bear. The Executive Board hosted a retreat and rigorous workshops to re-invigorate the Chapter’s drive to do more. In one of these workshops, the brothers were taught to explore other organizations and make strong connections outside of the Chapter. In doing so, our brothers were able to spread their knowledge. Along with the business, our brothers enjoyed skiing in the mountains and relaxing in the snow. As we are looking towards the fall, our chapter aims to use what we have learned to recruit Associate Members that will further our influence on campus.

San Antonio Colony | Lawrence Summers The men of the San Antonio Colony were hard at work these past few months while making a positive impact on the campus and community. Before Christmas, the group paid a visit to a local nursing home, visiting and singing carols for the residents. For Easter, the group returned to help the residents plant their own Easter flowers. To celebrate social justice, the Colony partook in the Martin Luther King Jr. and the Cesar Chavez marches in San Antonio, the largest of their respective marches in the nation. During the spring, the Colony held a successful boba tea fundraiser and did well selling authentic soda from Mexico at the annual “Festival de Cascarones” event held on campus. The group would like to thank ABT members Patrick Jue, Geoff Stow, Geoff Rach, Cody Wittman, Shawn Johnson, Robert Cortez, Jon Miller, Thomas Noonan, and Jim Anderson. The Colony added one new member during the spring, Isaac Rodriguez, and would like to congratulate brothers Paul Trevino and Joshua Kyllingstad. Brother Kyllingstad is receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology Exercise Science/Pre Physical Therapy, while Brother Trevino is receiving a BBA in Management with a concentration in Human Resources. Good luck, men.

San Bernardino Colony | Freddy Alonso The San Bernardino Colony began the fall quarter strong with a recruitment class of 11, our biggest class so far. In the winter quarter, our brother Justin Zakkour had the honor of running for Kappa Delta’s philanthropy. Through his hard work and effort, as well as the help of his fellow brothers, we won the Nautilus game. In the spring quarter, we are focusing on hosting our sexual assault awareness workshop alongside six other sororities and are hoping that we spread awareness.

South Dakota State | Nicholas Petersen After losing nearly half of our active members over a two-year period, the South Dakota State Chapter is focusing on recruitment, brotherhood, and member involvement. Of the six newest members, five are taking on large responsibilities in the Chapter, such as Philanthropy, Recruitment, and Social Chairs for the next academic year. We’ve held several brotherhood events over the semester, including sleeping bag wrestling, traveling together to a neighboring city to play laser tag, and Delta Chi trivia. The Chapter is looking forward to working as a team to plan for both formal recruitment in the first few weeks of the semester and rolling recruitment throughout the semester.

Southeast Missouri State | Nolan Drake

Rutgers | Philip Abundo Throughout the semester, the Rutgers Chapter went above and beyond for recruitment, brotherhood, and philanthropy. The Chapter represented our letters proudly at “Embrace the Kids’ Dance Marathon” and “Relay for Life.” While many members will be graduating, the legacy they’ve created will live on. The values of each of my brothers are good and true and I know that no matter where we go in life, we’ll never be alone. Born Proud, Raised Proud.

The Southeast Missouri State Chapter of Delta Chi had a prosperous spring. The Chapter had the honor of initiating seven members into the brotherhood of a lifetime. We look forward to what these new members bring to the Chapter in the coming years. The Chapter also participated in a successful Greek Week, along with our two pairings Delta Delta Delta and Phi Delta Theta. The pairing supported the Honorable Young Men Club. This organization is led by mentors from the Cape Girardeau area who have dedicated themselves to teaching at-risk youth integrity. The Chapter is also hosting a charity basketball game against Pi Kappa Alpha at the end of the school semester. The two chapters will be supporting their respective charities, The V Foundation and the Frank the Fighter Foundation.

Southern Illinois | Joshua Sommer The Southern Illinois Chapter held its formal at the Lake of the Ozarks and it was a great weekend getaway. We initiated four new men into our chapter who are excellent representatives of the Fraternity. The additions raised our chapter total to 28. We hosted our second philanthropy event with Quatro’s (a restaurant), selling pizza gift

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certificates and raising approximately $600, based on 20% of the profits from sales. We had an average of 15 community service hours per man, which is an improvement from our previous average of 10. We hosted our 14th annual Kimball Classic Golf Outing for the V Foundation, raising $350. The outing included alumni who were in town. We were able to hang up our new letters in the chapter house that the Young Family built for the chapter. They are the only letters that light up and change colors on campus in Carbondale, Illinois, so a big thanks to the Young Family.

Syracuse | Jackson Duffy

in addition to his responsibilities with the Chapter. The Chapter Luminary award, presented to a graduating senior who has left their mark on the Chapter and made positive contributions, was given to Brandon Bethel. Brother Bethel is a graduate student in Accounting who chose to stay active while in grad school for the betterment of the Chapter. He puts his heart and soul into everything he is a part of and represented our chapter as a Greek Week Director. During his tenure, he’s served as Treasurer, House Manager, Formal Chair (three times), Philanthropy Chair (he broke the Chapter record for money raised in a semester), and Social Chair. Brother Bethel has affected the Chapter positively every day he has been here and is irreplaceable. We cannot replace any graduating member from this semester and we appreciate all they have given to us.

The Syracuse Chapter had a very productive spring. We improved our community and brotherhood, holding many events. We held an event for our philanthropy focus, supporting the V Foundation for Cancer Research, by hosting a fun jousting competition. Our brotherhood events included the annual Syracuse Hockey Crunch game, in which we take friends and prospective members to enjoy a game of hockey in a fun environment. We also attended Syracuse basketball and football games. We did our part in community service by volunteering to work at the Red Cross Blood Drive, signing people in and donating blood.

Tarleton | Patrick Topel The Tarleton Chapter had a successful spring. We initiated six new brothers, bringing the chapter to 30 active members. Throughout the semester we raised over $700 for the V Foundation with our first annual “Pie-a-DChi” event. A newly initiated alumnus, Paul Jones, created a scholarship named the “Endowed Delta Chi Scholarship” in memory of his late son, Daniel Jones, who was a Delta Chi at Tarleton State University. Overall, it was a great semester and we look forward to the fall.

Texas Tech | Mitchell Ryan It was a productive semester for the Texas Tech Chapter. We focused on improving grades and are happy to report that we’re expecting to end the semester with one of the highest grade point averages of all IFC fraternities on campus. We put in a lot of effort towards philanthropy, hosting our semi-annual barbecue and had a local country music artist perform. The Texas Tech men’s basketball team had an incredible season and some of our brothers made the 17-hour drive to Minnesota and had a blast watching the national championship game with brothers from the Minnesota Chapter.

UNLV | David Becker This semester at UNLV, we won one of the largest philanthropy events on campus, the Summer Kamp event. We also won the Most Philanthropic award at the “Remembering the Refugees” Banquet. We also hosted our third annual Jimmy V Jamboree on May 2.

USP | Ryan Martin The USP Chapter members, organized by Andrew Campbell, gathered and cooked food for the needy at the University Lutheran Church. Food prepared included beef chili, coleslaw, cornbread, peaches, crackerjacks and iced tea. We helped serve the food this past April.

Tri-State | Adam McHenry This semester, our brothers have been dedicated to making a great impression on Trine’s campus. Our main philanthropy event this semester was a bowling tournament called the “Bowl-a-Thon,” in which teams of students competed to raise money for the V Foundation. This semester will also be our 50th year as a chapter on campus. We celebrated and hosted an event for alumni to come and see our chapter and what we have done since they graduated. We also hosted the Regional Leadership Conference for Region V and won awards in both Innovative Programming and Campus Involvement. We will be graduating 14 seniors this semester and currently have eight driven Associate Members. This is a monumental semester for us and we are ecstatic to share it with you.

Virginia Tech Colony | Abubakr Tahir The Virginia Tech Colony had a great Spring Semester. We initiated 19 men to bring our member count to 80. We hosted a spring alumni tailgate to get some of the members from the previous chapter involved. We hosted our inaugural philanthropy “Delta Chi Kicks Cancer” and raised around $5,200 for the V Foundation. The Colony has been busy fulfilling chartering requirements to ensure we are on track for chartering. We hope to keep the ball rolling into the fall semester and look to grow and learn even more.

West Virginia Alumni | Matthew Richardson Troy State | Kiefer Quick In the fall, the University started a participation race at various athletic events called the “Greek Life Challenge,” in which the Troy State Chapter was awarded first place in the spring. Other than succeeding in campus participation, the annual philanthropy week held on campus is called “Luau Week.” With hard work put in by members, the Troy State raised over $4,000, our highest amount in years. The Chapter members are putting more time, thought, and effort into recruitment than ever. With planning recruitment events for the summer and fall, the Chapter has planned several trips such as kayaking, golfing, and cookouts to encourage interest from potential students. With the alumni chapter repurchasing the original Delta Chi house in downtown Troy, active members are currently and will be helping turn the house back into its original beautiful state.

Truman State | Nolan Bright Every spring, the Truman State Chapter honors two members with the Brother of the Year award and the Chapter Luminary award. Hunter Lambert was selected by the chapter for his hard work as both Treasurer and Associate Member Councilor. Brother Lambert is very active on campus, serving as the Funds Allotment Council’s Treasurer


Delta Chi Quarterly

The West Virginia Alumni Chapter held a reception for members at a West Virginia Football game. Brothers celebrated with a bonfire and tailgate. Future plans for the Chapter include fundraising events for the West Virginia University Children’s Hospital and a West Virginia Pepperoni Roll sale with proceeds benefitting the V Foundation for Cancer Research.

Whitewater | Edward Parzygnat The members of the Whitewater Chapter have had a very busy and successful spring. We are excited to keep moving forward with our Executive Board and newly initiated members, who are highly motivated to constantly better the Chapter. While attending the 2019 Region V Regional Leadership Conference, the Chapter was awarded five awards, including Chapter of the Year for Region V, Outstanding Chapter President of the Region, Innovative Program of the Year, Outstanding Campus Involvement, and Alumni Advisor of the Year. We would once again like to thank our “BB” Mark Schramka for the hard work and dedication that he continues to give and for being a true example of brotherhood. We are making numerous improvements to the chapter house, including new kitchen appliances, flooring, painting the walls and ceilings of the bedrooms, completely remodeling the bathrooms and back porch, and extending our parking lot. It is a very bittersweet feeling as we have 17 outstanding seniors graduating this spring and we appreciate all they have done for the Chapter. We cannot wait to see what they accomplish in the world.

Windsor | Kwaku Poku This semester, our chapter aimed to improve our members and community. Our chapter held a barbecue fundraiser with proceeds benefitting the Chapter and the V Foundation. Our Associate Member class helped with “Coat for Kids” and their contribution was greatly appreciated. Our chapter raised funds for our local charity “Relay for Life,” benefitting cancer research. We hosted an Italian cuisine event, bringing together active members and alumni. We would like to congratulate our “A” Aaron Sahota, “E” Kwaku Poku, and Sami Bashir on graduating at the end of the semester. Our chapter appreciates their contributions.

Wisconsin | Michael Hatch William & Mary | Samuel McIntyre The William & Mary Chapter raised $6,377 for the V Foundation for Cancer Research through our first-ever Delta Chi Night on April 13. The event included food, live music, a silent auction, and an online fundraising campaign. The event total has made our chapter the top raising chapter for the spring semester, with our yearly total now exceeding $11,000. We continue to be the top fundraising chapter for all IFC fraternities on campus. A special thank you to our philanthropy chair, our event donors/sponsors, and the entire brotherhood for all their hard work this year.

For the first time in our short history on campus, the Wisconsin Chapter has emerged victorious in the state of Wisconsin’s largest philanthropic competition. The Chapter partnered with other Greek organizations to raise over $82,000 dollars for The Badger Childhood Cancer Network (BCCN). BCCN is a non-profit that assists families struggling with the logistical and financial demands of fighting pediatric cancer. While our chapter’s contribution was great, the organization (partnered with the Greek community of Wisconsin) wrote a check worth $405,000 for this fantastic cause.

Wilmington | Michael Contaxis The Wilmington Chapter is proud to announce our “A”, Ivan Browning, was awarded special recognition for exceptional service and commitment to the values and brotherhood of the Delta Chi Fraternity at the Region IX Regional Leadership Conference. The Chapter contributed to the “Dean’s Day of Service” by helping clean up a historical cemetery that was severely damaged during Hurricane Florence last fall. We’re happy to announce the initiation of six new members – Ben Bousmaha, Sebastian Cardenas, Matthew Kelly, Garrett Shermer, Carlos Uribe, and Connor Van Deman.


Those Who Have Passed

Important Milestones

These men have lived among us for a time, and we have been honored to call them brothers. Now they are gone and we bid them a fond farewell at this parting.



New Haven

Corpus Christi

Ball State

Northern Arizona

Central Missouri





Penn State

Born to Brother Joshua Hayen ’12, a daughter, Blair Elizabeth, on March 19, 2019.



Brother Ben Ruggeberg ’14 married to Ivonne Figueroa on March 16, 2019.

East Texas


Alan G. George ’63, April 14, 2019 George L. Bultman, Sr. ’63, N/A Prescott O. Stoner ’00, May 2019 Julian A. Miller ’04, April 17, 2019 Gerald N. Kline ’51, March 3, 2019 Stephen M. Winning ’68, December 5, 2018 Carroll W. Glover ’75, April 17, 2019


Paul E. Johnson ’51, May 26, 2018


Christopher K. Slutman ’98, April 4, 2019 Nicholas H. G. Acevedo ’17, March 5, 2019 Col. Charles R. Foster ’73, April 10, 2018

Richard J. Chura, Sr. ’64, May 2, 2019 Albert F. Olivares ’88, November 2, 2018 Craig Laker, December 6, 2018 Robert T. Pettit ’88, December 4, 2018 Timothy L. Purmort ’72, December 29, 2018

Troy State

Michael R. Shane ’82, April 28, 2019




Western Michigan

Kamron A. Mason ’87, October 27, 2017


Born to Brother Dan Compo ’07, a daughter, Kinsley Rose, on October 2, 2018.

South Dakota State

Mark S. Heinrichs ’73, 2014

Jeffery R. McDurmont ’11, March 20, 2019 Charles C. Mueller ’13, March 20, 2019

Donald H. Abbott, Jr. ’70, September 11, 2018

Born to Brother and Mrs. Derek Gisriel ’13, a son, Ray Grayson, on December 5, 2018.

Edward S. Langholz ’57, October 1, 2018 James A. Cousins ‘61, December 1, 2018


Born to Brother Brandon Nothnagel ’13, a son, Lincoln, on February 13, 2019.


Brother Joshua Maples ’10 was hired as Assistant Director of Residential Life at Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Western Carolina

Born to Brother and Mrs. Jason Falowski ’01, a son, Aiden Jack, on March 20, 2019.

Friendship | Character | Justice | Education


YOU’RE INVITED! Join us in brotherhood for a standing reception in honor of Delta Chi’s lifelong endeavor of promoting friendship, developing character, advancing justice, and assisting in the acquisition of a sound education. Hosted, with hors d’oeuvres for our alumni and their guests, by the Delta Chi Fraternity.

RSVP AT DELTACHI.ORG/STLOUIS19 Saturday, July 20, 2019 • 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM Hyatt Regency St. Louis at the Arch • 315 Chestnut St., St. Louis, MO 63102