Delta Chi Quarterly - Volume 115 Issue 2

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for a Generation of Service

In my time in Delta Chi, one of the few constants has been our permanent professional staff members (Anne, Claudia, and Debra). To these ladies of Delta Chi, I say thank you for helping shape me into the leader I am today. I am forever in your debt and we are a better organization because of your decades of service. ~ Aaron Otto “AA”, Kansas State ’98, International President

Anne began working for the Delta Chi Fraternity in 1995 as a clerical support staff member. Prior to joining the IHQ staff, she worked as a weekend unit clerk part-time at University Hospital. She currently serves as the Accounting Administrator and is responsible for chapter billing and finances, housing loans, and general accounts receivable. Soft spoken, kind, and genuinely good at her job, Schulte reciprocates the sentiments of her colleague Debra Bilskemper and considers her to be her favorite coworker over the years. At a critical time in IHQ’s history, Schulte and Bilskemper were monumental in helping Delta Chi overcome obstacles that arose during a heartbreaking time. Marge Lee, a Delta Chi employee, suffered a heart attack and the loss of her presence in the workplace was a difficult one to fill on a personal and professional level. Schulte, along with Bilskemper, stepped in to do their best to help IHQ continue to operate at a high level. “After the heart attack, we were really in the dark about doing her job,” Schulte recalls. “It had to be done, one way or another. It was kind of crazy, but we would talk to her on the phone and she would provide information, and we muddled through.”

It was Schulte’s ability to listen, apply knowledge, and press on that allowed her to persevere. When asked what advice she would give to members, alumni, and staff, she cited being a good listener, doing your best, and letting everything else fall into place, truly practicing what she preaches. “I’ve enjoyed working here and getting to know the people. Sometimes things get a little crazy, but there is always time to get caught up.” In any successful organization, there are those who work quietly behinds the scenes, ensuring the overall functionality and efficiency stays intact while completing thankless tasks. Schulte has certainly been one of the most pivotal cogs in the machine and has kept Delta Chi running smoothly since her first day. Schulte leaves the Fraternity with a simple message extending her appreciation. “I look forward to doing something new, but I’ve enjoyed the time I spent here.” “Anne has been a tremendous asset to me over the past two years,” Jerod Breit, Executive Director & CEO said. “Not only can she tell you what she did on a Tuesday six years ago at 2:00 p.m., she can tell you why and the impact it had or did not have. This, coupled with her positive attitude, is something others can take from. Willingness to help, to offer help, and to teach are not only character traits, they are the foundation of a strong colleague and healthy organizations, and for this, I thank you.”

Debra, Anne, and Claudia have been the nerve-center of Delta Chi for decades. They offered a sense of consistency for young staff members and undergraduate officers alike.

~ Karl Grindel, Central Missouri ’01, Former Associate Executive Director 4

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